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Graph results of questionnaire As a part of my research and analysis into documentaries and into making my own documentary I created

a questionnaire with relevant questions in it which will help the making of my documentary and what is included in the documentary. I randomly asked 33 people to fill in my questionnaire and the answers are graphed below.

What Gender are you

Male Female

The graph above shows 55% of the people asked were male and 45% of the people asked were female. This is a fairly even ratio of male to female however there is more males by 10% which could have an effect on my results however due to the way I did my questionnaire which was randomly selective then this couldnt have been helped.

What age are you?

16-19 20-24 25-29 30-39 40+

The graph above shows the age ranges which I asked as a part of my research it is clear that the majority of people I asked are in the 16-19 age range. Over half the people asked fell into the 16-19 bracket (58%) which is due to the environment I was in when asking and distributing the questionnaire.

What genre of music are you interested in?

House Music Techno Deep House Trance Funky House Dubstep

The graph above shows out of the people I asked which genre of music they was most interested in. The two most popular ones are house music whereby 40% people said this was their favourite genre and deep house whereby 30% of people said this was their favourite so 70% of people who were asked were most interested in house type of music. It was important to ask people what genre of music they was most interested in due to the nature of my documentary and what it is going to be based on.

How often do you watch live music?

Weekly Monthly Anually Never

The graph above shows the answers in which were given to support the question on how often people watch live music. Shockingly 34% of people actually never watch live music which means when planning and doing the documentary I need to consider whether I need to include a lot of live music in or not as a lot of people dont relate to watching live music. The most common answer to watching live music was 38% of people saying they watch live music annually meaning once a year which isnt that often. 0% of the people we asked said they have watched live music on a weekly basis.

What time do you usually watch TV?

Morning Daytime Primetime Night time Anytime

Above shows the collected results of what time the people who were asked usually watch TV. It was important that we included this question into the questionnaire as a part of the planning it is important to be able to say when and what time the documentary would be scheduled at which links with the target audience. From the graph above the two most popular times to watch TV are during primetime (39%) and night time (36%) which is the most expensive time to have a programme on as it is the most watched period. 0% of people asked watched TV during the morning.

what would you like to see in a music documentary?

Live music Inside Clubs Interviews with DJ's Interviews with producers 0 5 10 15 what would you like to see in a music documentary?

The graph above shows the results of what people actually want to see within and throughout a music documentary. The two most common answers were live music and an interview with DJs which people wanted to see in the music documentary. This will give me a good idea on what content to include in the documentary and help me with my overall planning of the documentary.

Which type of narration do you prefare?

20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Voice of god Participatory Which type of narration do you prefare?

The graph above shows what people chose as their favourite type of narration within a documentary. The overall results are not far off being the same and similar result. The most popular type of narration fell in participatory which shows that this is what people tend to want to see more of within a documentary.

Do you regulary watch music documentaries?

Yes No

From the graph above we can see that the people asked dont really watch music documentaries. Only 34% of people said that they actually do watch music documentaries which mean I need to focus on making the documentary interesting and successful in order for people to become interested in watching one. What are your favourite dance hits and DJs that have been in the charts? When asking this question I had a mixture of artists and DJs which people were including however there was a running trend of particular artists and DJs. 1. 2. 3. 4. Swedish house mafia Bingo player Calvin Harris MK Dub (storm queen)