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What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21st Century about…

…Action, Initiative and Diligence

“If you know these things, happy are you if you do them.” – John 13:17

“Be doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” – James

Focus on the immediate little steps of love to take, right in front of you – as opposed to far-off goals of
grandeur & splendor.
It’s the tiny little faithful actions & deeds of love that make Love the greatest thing in the universe.
If you just stick to the tiny little actions, deeds & steps of love, you’ll be doing just what’s necessary to
bring about the triumph of good over evil, and you’ll be doing just fine.
How can you assume that you’ll be ready to lay down your life for another someday, by some grand
endowment from on high, if you’re not willing to take the little steps each day to show others that you
care for them, that you consider their happiness and satisfaction and care more important than your
The World knows enough big mouths. What it needs is to see action.
Whatever you may say: tiny deeds of love will always speak louder than words. What convinced people
that I was the Christ were not only My Words, but ultimately My actions: the miracles I and My disciples
performed. And through My Words I want to give you the faith to do miracles yourselves. Just remember,
the way to get to those big miracles of love is via tiny little stepping stones of faithful deeds &
manifestations of love toward Me and your fellowmen everyday.

Action in the spirit will ultimately also result in the kind of physical action that will reap spiritual and
eternal results: fruit that remains, the bull's eye of My plan for you.

Sometimes you have read My Word all your life, and yet you have never really lived it, never really gotten
the point of that passage you memorized or read or heard a thousand times. "Yes, I know all that," you
say. But, have you ever really tried to live it and to experience it, to put it into action and to the test? Have
you found out how happy you can be if you don't only know these things but actually do them?

"Forward, march!" is the motto of the day! Time to attack! Testing & training time is over. All further
training will happen right on the field, where you will see and experience it much more intensified, much
more real.
I've been preparing you, and it's time to take the theory & put it into practice.

"As they went, they were healed. You've got to do the wenting. Once you get in motion, each will find their
calling, their strength & personal ministry. What matters is that you get going. Sometimes, in order to get
a car started or a boat off shore, all hands on deck have to get out & push, even the driver, or the captain,
& once the vehicle or vessel is underway, each one can assume the position they're best at.
To get your boat going, you might have to make a sacrifice & do what you don't feel to be your calling so
strongly, even if it's something you don't like to do or you have trials doing.
Because there's such a need right now to save the lost souls which are otherwise going to be lost to Me
for this age, I'm calling all hands on deck. It's an emergency situation, a red alert kind of situation, where
even the captains have to pitch in and row the life boats in order to get them saved.

An attack is definitely a change, isn't it? It may be a passive attack, as in when you're being attacked by
the Enemy, or it can be an active one, when you take the initiative, but in both cases, it signifies change.
In the first scenario, change is inflicted on you, and you must take it passively. In the second, you
determine what impact the change is going to have. You take the initiative, leave your camp and go out to
"change the world!"
If you make changes instead of merely taking and accepting them as they come, then you take the
initiative, and you call the shots, you're on the offensive, and not on the defensive.

You've got to partake in the battle in order to really feel part of My army! You've got to do the job in order
to get paid. You've got to obey to be blessed, do the "wenting" to get healed... You've got to do your part
in order for Me to be able to do Mine.

It's taking spiritual action concerning the matter that counts. There isn't much you can do about it in the
physical, & getting upset won't help any! But you can command Me whatever you want Me to do
concerning the situation, and trust & believe that it will make a difference, and it will.
I can get you places, but you've got to "rub the lamp" or say the magic words that are going to make your
carpet fly, so to speak!
You can't just passively expect Me to do something about it. You've got to tell Me what you want done &
how you want Me to take care of a situation!

The notion that things are just going to fix themselves under the right conditions is wishful thinking at
best. It requires some attention and elbow grease to fix problems, not avoiding, but confronting them,
dealing with them, working on them.
You can't ignore even the smallest problems & simply build over them. If you have a faulty basements or
foundation, the whole building is going to collapse sooner or later, and I'd rather have you rebuild the
foundation from scratch over & over again until you've got it right, than risk a whole bunch of people
getting hurt by a carelessly built house collapsing around their ears.
No team can work with only one party giving their all & the other giving as little as possible, just in case it
might all collapse. You've got to have faith in Me, that everything in your life truly does come from My
hand, and whatever thy hand findeth to do, whatever the situation or task before you, it was meant for
you to do it with all your might.
I put a project or challenge before you to roll up your sleeves & show what you can with it!
Employ your elbow grease in it and give it all you got in order to make it work.

What's stopping you from giving them the love that they need? What's stopping you from obeying My
counsel, from putting it into action and from doing more than just merely "being there" passively, waiting
for lightning to strike you in order to bring you back to life?
Life is in your hands, you've got the key of life, you've got the power to give, to love, to create, there's
nothing you can't do!
Is My power all just theory in your head or do you actually believe it, act on it, use it?
You've got to put it into action! You've got to make it happen & just do it!
It's time for you to quit being a hearer only & start being a doer. Quit deceiving your own self! How do you
deceive yourself by just being a hearer of the Word instead of being a doer? By believing the Devil's lies
that it won't work for you! That it's all good & nice & may work for others, but not for you, for whatever
reason... You're not good enough, you're not worthy, you don't have enough faith... to hell with all that
rubbish! It's irrelevant, just like all the other baloney the Devil concocts in order to get your focus off your
goal & off your task.
Believe it, act on it, do it & send the Enemy back to hell where he belongs!
To love does not just mean to passively & reluctantly tolerate. To love is reaching out, actively going on
the attack & doing something to alter your "neighbor’s" state, not blaming them, but taking the
responsibility to do something about it!

The little things you can accomplish by striving for the gifts of humility and faithfully doing whatever you
can to really unselfishly be of help to others for them to make it on their way, that's what I consider
mighty works.
"Come on down, walk on the ground with Jesus!" You're not going to do anybody much good up there,
floating high above everybody else... You'd be much more of a help right down there in the nitty-gritty,
pitching in with all the little things that need to be done & that are necessary in order to make life smooth
& workable for everyone.

Obedient action will get you places! You're better off knowing a little less and doing a little more than vice
versa. It's better to do than to know, and, of course, best of all, to know these things and do them...

It's not time for any more words, it's time for action. Get your mind set on the task at hand. The task is
winning and warning the world, spreading My message, My Gospel.

It's time to get serious about your work. Determine what your goals are, focus on them & pursue them &
work at them until you will have achieved them!
It's no longer time to haphazardly do whatever you feel like doing, but focus & concentrate on the sheep,
and the best possible way in which you can do your part to reach them!
When you've accomplished something, don't rest on your laurels & feel self-satisfied, but realize that
whatever you happened to accomplish is only a small beginning & a tiny step towards a larger goal, &
you shouldn't stop then, but use the momentum to look around what you could do next.
There's no more time for coasting along in "idle." In order to fulfill your destiny, you're going to have to
apply some elbow grease!

While My Words can give you the faith and some incentive to take the initiative and the vision, when it
comes down to it, the decision and final choice to actually do something about it is all up to you and
needs to come from you.
I've poured out & supplied you with the counsel you needed, the necessary assurance of all you need to
know to get going. Now you just need to put it into action and actually do it. The doin' it is your part!
I'm sayin' it, you're doin' it. That's the way it usually works when you're working for or serving somebody.
So, I've done My part, now it's time to let Me see you do your part. It's time to get working. Now comes the
obeying part. The being-doers-of-the-Word-part, not hearers only.
It's the difference between just thinking that something is merely a good idea or something nice to do
eventually, and actually doing it.
A lot of times I'm actually having to repeat Myself, and that is a sign that it's time for you to do something
about what I've already said. It's your turn.
I've done My part, now it's time for you to do yours. I've done the speaking, now you move to action.
The emphasis now is on putting into practice what you've heard. It's time to make hay while the sun
"The boat has to be in motion before the rudder can take effect," and that's what it's all about right now:
getting the boat moving.

Consider this school of life an apprenticeship where you don't only learn the theories, but also how to
apply them in practical ways! It's time to apply your hands & put some feet to the things you've learned.
Life isn't only theory! It's important you grasp the theory, but the practical part is what will get you
You've been receiving it, now it's time to start giving it.
We've moved from receiving mode to application mode.
You've received all the initial software, now you need to get going & get your machine operating. You'll
still receive more information and occasional updates, but basically, your Operating System is installed
now, and you can just work away!

We're going to have to be making some progress & move the things I've told you to the application level
& put them into action.
The things I've told you are for a purpose, they're a means to an end, not an end in itself. They're not the
ultimate desired result, but only messages to help you to get there, like sign posts. Don't get into the
habit of collecting sign posts, or get so busy creating sign posts that you fail to read what they say or fail
to follow the direction in which they're supposed to guide you.

Recognize when there is a needy situation that requires rolling up your sleeves & pitching in and show
the world (or sometimes just a single lonely person) what it really means to be a Christian!
More than anything you say or tell people, it's your actions that will reap the greatest benefits &
repercussions & rewards. What you do speaks so much louder than words. So, be a doer & find out what
you can do to help others! Just look around! Once you're through helping them, they'll often be much
more willing to listen to what you have to say!
You've got to live it for them to see, first, before they're going to buy it! Give them a sample that's going to
be worthwhile imitating and following! That's what counts, more than any words you can say!

If you just coast along, thinking, "oh, well, yeah, the Lord's gonna pull me through somehow," I might do
it, but there will be consequences to pay for your lack of actively doing your part.
Do what soldiers do, prepare for battle, and not act as if life was a permanent vacation.

Sometimes it's just not enough anymore to be preaching the good stuff without ever really living and
doing it yourself! Sometimes there is a point where it's enough words, and now it's gotta be action, where
they can't take anymore preaching, they gotta see you living it, or else they're just gonna boo you out!
It's gotta be the real thing, made real by your actions!
your life is only a farce unless and until you're taking up that cross; there's just no way around it!

If you're hearing from Me but aren't doing the things I say, then what good is it?
"What matters is the things you do." Your actions are what make you what you are, not your intentions,
not even your belief or religion, if they never go any further than your head or your mouth. Your faith has
got to determine your actions, otherwise, what good is it; what is it worth? (James 2:17,26).
When I'm telling you it's no use for you to do anything except by My Spirit & Power, that doesn't mean
that your part is to do nothing. But I'm expecting you then to take the initiative to pray desperately for Me
to make it happen. That's the kind of action I want and need you to take.
When you do something good, don't immediately rest on your laurels, but let it be only the beginning.
There's lots more to go on to from there. Don't stop already when you've hardly yet begun!

All the counsel in the world will do you no good if you don't put it into practice.
All of this will merely remain in the realm of the theoretical, if you never put any of it into practice.
You're going to have to develop more initiative & get on the ball, if you're going to find and fulfill your
dream and vision!

I need you to do all you can to bring in the harvest before the storm.
Look for opportunities, ways & possibilities in which you could be of help in order to further My cause.
It doesn't come natural to most to be helpful, so that's something you've got to strive for & make a
conscious effort to work toward.

Time is short, as far as those are concerned who ought to have been reached yesterday, as far as those
are concerned who are ripe & ready for the message today. There is always a certain amount of time
pressure involved in the task of getting in the harvest - ask any farmer - and the timing is crucial with
some things. It takes a lot of work & action to respond to the opportunity. My spiritual matters need to
have that urgency for you, they need to become as pressing & important to you as your own physical
Learn to see those needs, recognize those opportunities & then obey instantly & go to work on them!

If you've got the obedient kind of faith with an attitude of "ready to go, ready to stay, ready my place to
fill...," then I will give you the kind of inspiration, power and gifts to spur you into action.

You have to make an effort in order to reap a harvest; you can't just expect the fruit to fall into your lap!

You've got to keep pressing in. Don't quit seeking progress, ways to improve & how you can do more
than yesterday!
There are things for you to do here, and your job is to find them. Your job is to make the best out of the
situation I've put you in!
What earns you rewards with Me is pitching in with and for others, sacrificing of your own comfort in
order to make it easier for them.
Happiness does not equal finding ways around hard work! Often, the way to find happiness is by heading
straight for the pile of hard work right before you.
Happiness is not found in making things as easy as possible on yourself. Happiness is not found in
avoiding the chores of life.
Good old fashioned hard work would be the answer to many of the world's problems.

Taking for granted what you have, and wanting something different, the "grass on the other side"
syndrome, prevents you from ever putting your whole heart into the situation you're in, from applying any
elbow grease to it, and instead of being enthusiastic and on fire, you just passively wait for the day when
things will change for the better, which might never happen, because I'm waiting for you to take the
initiative to change things yourself!
Take the initiative and spread some love & affection the best you can. If you wait for it to happen, it might
never come; you've got to make it happen!
Be a thermostat instead of a mere thermometer.
You've got to have the initiative to be the first to try & give love to someone else. You can't allow your
love to be passive! You've got to give it away, which is an active deed, and action you perform, not just a
passive waiting for all the right circumstances to come up!
A lot depends on you, and the initiative you come up with to get out of yourself and show love to others.
What will be depends on your initiative, your courage, your faith and your vision to determine that it's
worth it to show love to someone else. You've got to do it, you can't expect everybody else to. If you want
to change the world, you've got to be the one to start.
Use that power you've been given to make a difference. You can make the difference between what is and
what could be!

Don't live to be served, but walk in My footsteps & learn to serve others!
If I'm not opening a far away, glorious door elsewhere, look around; there must be something to do right
where you are! And there is plenty to be done.
Why not invest energy and effort into this ordinary day? You'll see, the more you put into it, the more
you're going to get out of it.

"Try - just a little bit harder!" That's just about one of the basic themes in life. I can give you all the
clues, show you all the tricks & tell you all the secrets, but you've got to do the "wenting," you've got to
try them out & put them into practice. What I tell you always works. Sometimes you just got to try a little
bit harder.
If something doesn't work out right away, keep trying a little harder until at last you succeed.

It's the heart that moves one to action, which then actually makes the difference. The mind alone doesn't
really have creative power. It's the heart that moves the rest of your body along to really get something
going. You need inspiration, not just mere brain-power & intellect.
If it all just remains in the realm of thought, it can so often be and remain nothing but hot air. You can
think things up & down until it hurts & you can talk about them for ages, but usually the simple people
will have simply done it long before you ever got around to stop talking about it.
It's the difference between intellect & initiative. If you had a choice between the two, I would recommend
the latter. Neither intellect nor intelligence are on the list of things needed to make a pioneer, but initiative
Only those who can see further than the confines of their minds can break out & dare to go where no one
else dared to go, do what no one else dared to try. Their minds simply don't know that it can't be done.

Love edifies, it builds up that which is essential. The heart. The inner knowledge, and more than
knowledge; the urge and compassion to do something about the things you know are right.

You can't just leave things to themselves and let things have their "natural" course. The natural course of
things won't turn out to bring any improvement at all, but rather decay and a deterioration of the situation,
of the condition of things.
You can't just let the Enemy have the world & passively stand by as he wrecks it. You've got to do
something about it! You've got to counteract, you've got to oppose him. Otherwise, if you don't oppose
him, it's almost as if you're siding with him. You've got to oppose the Enemy in order to really be on My
side. There's no such thing as not choosing sides or passively acting as a neutral, because that act of not
doing anything to even attempt to stop evil is an act of evil in itself (James 4:17).

When things are wrong, you've got to address and face them, deal with them, you can't just ignore them,
or they'll get worse.
Wounds, as ugly as they may be, have to be attended to! Problems need to be dealt with. Evil has to be
Whenever you see a need, take care of it! Attack!

St. Francis said toward the end of his life, "We haven't done anything yet." You can always do more.
There's always more you could accomplish, some more progress to be made, some ground to be won.
You've just got to do something for those blessings. What you do is what makes the difference.

"Let your light so shine". What the world needs is a sample of the living words, being lived and enacted
by you, a "Bible in shoe leather."
Pass it on in processed form, via the life it creates in you, not the raw material of more mere words. What
is really needed is someone who takes it and puts it into action - really lives it.
The flak you're getting is the acid test of whether you're really capable of applying and putting into
practice that which you've been reading, of seeing Me where you wouldn't want to see Me, of loving even
your enemies, etc. It's the proof of the pudding, of whether it just goes in one ear and out the other, or
whether it really makes a difference.

Sometimes you don't even have to say all that much; just doing it will make all the difference it takes.

It’s never too late to become a doer of the Word.

I keep hoping for folks to hop on the bandwagon of the doers of My will, and sometimes it’s those folks
you would least expect to fulfill that hope, who come to surprise the whole world.
It’s like an apprenticeship: you learn as you go and put the things you have learned in theory into

You need to seek ways to make My counsel & input work for you in practical ways. You Look around for
ways to implement & apply it... to live it.
Stand by My side and help Me by doing what you can.

Seek opportunities to do good the way a blind man would desire sight! Make a whole-hearted effort. You
cannot just be passive about it. You ought to be desperate about making sure you did just what it took
each day to make a difference in someone's life.
The world isn't going to come knocking on your door to ask for the Gospel! You've got to seek, urge,
beckon and charge them to come in!

It's your job to find out what you can do in order to improve the situation, and not just assume that
everything is going to get better all by itself. You need to contribute your part in order for everything to
get better and every day to get better.
You can contribute your part in making it nicer and better for someone else and be Jesus for them in
some ways, to be a manifestation of My love for them.
Ask yourself, "What can I do in order to make this day a little bit better than the day before for this

People can be overly optimistic at times and expect to find whole chests full of diamonds and jewels,
already cut and polished, as they go down into the mine, but that's not reality! The reality is that you go
down there with your pick and shovel, and it's cold, uncomfortable and dirty, and for every ton of dirt you
move, you might find a diamond. That's the reality of life in the mines! Everything else is a result of the
elusive television mentality where everything comes easy, without you ever having to do much of
anything except press a button on your remote control.
You cannot expect things to get better all by themselves, but you're going to have to do something in
order to make it better! You'll have to work hard on becoming a better person and making a difference,
and not just take the lack of love of others as an excuse for never doing anything!

It doesn't matter what you call yourself or pretend to be, but what you do. Your actions will prove whether
you're truly one of Mine or not. You can call yourself what ever you like, you can be part of whatever
church or movement you like, and hide behind the backs of others, but when it comes down to it, what
will determine whether you're really doing things according to My way and My will or not, is your actions.
You can say whatever you want, but it won't make any difference until you do what you say.

Diligence is an important part of love.

Once you've got the spiritual side straight in your life, and there's no question about that anymore, then
it's time to focus on how you can best and most efficiently put all that spiritual input into practice.
If you have the spiritual down pat, then it's time to prove it by your works.

It's time to get stirred up, and really get some movement and action in the spirit going in order to get the
desired results.

Make sure that love is the prevalent spirit in your actions.

Action is not the only thing it's all about. It's certainly very important, but what's most important is that
I'm in it.
You don't have to hide behind what you're doing. You can be free to just be who you are in Me.

The essential thing is not what you do, or that you do something. But what is more important to Me is
what you are, as you do them. In what spirit are you when you do them? What do you convey as you do
them? Are you acting in My love? Is My love recognizable in what you do?
By just fulfilling your duty and hiding behind your job or position, the purpose of what you're doing it all
for in the first place is getting lost, not to be found under the rubble of accomplishment, meaningless
action and going through the motion.

As long as you're taking Me with you in the things you do it doesn't even matter so much what you do, for
I'll be in it, and I'll be with you, and I'll see you through and will help you to see it through, whatever it is...
You don't have to wait until you've got everything perfect. You learn as you go and you acquire valuable
know-how as you work with what little you've got and try to make the best out of it, and when new tools
become available, you just switch to using these...
In the meantime, keep working with what you've got.

The real art of living lies in recognizing each challenge and task set before you as your special and
individual, tailor-made destiny that only you can fulfill. Of course, that requires a good portion of faith and
vision when that "glorious destiny" is a pile of dishes, a load of laundry or taking the garbage out.
It's relatively easy to do some glorious job that's going to be noticed by a bunch of people. But those who
can keep doing those little, menial jobs with that same vision are My greatest and truest heroes.
Those "little" jobs they're doing are in reality the greatest service rendered to Me of all, because they
require the greatest portion of faith, vision and perseverance, and that's why they will also receive the
greatest rewards.
"What thine hand findeth to do, do it with thy might!" (Ecc.9:10).

Many people are too much into their gear of ever doing things and accomplishing things, instead of just
letting go and letting Me... They feel that in order to be needed by others, they've got to do things that
make them indispensable. Their self-worth is determined by their actions, so they feel that if they're not
capable of doing anything, then they're also not worth much, they don't amount to anything if they can't
do anything.

Some things you've got to make happen, and one of the surest ways to make them happen is to start off
by praying for them to happen. Once you've prayed for something, I can then help you to crystallize it and
manifest that prayer, showing you what you can most effectively do to put feet to your prayers.

Your actions speak louder than your opinions of yourself.

If faith without works is dead, then it doesn't really matter how much more Word you know in theory. What
counts is the extent to which you put your faith into practice, how much you are actually living your faith.

Sometimes the problem is that you already know what you should do, and you've learned the lesson in
theory, but simply aren't putting it into practice yet. You "know these things," but you're not happy yet
because you don't do them yet (Jn.13:17).
It's a matter of finally putting into practice what you know in theory.
A relative novice with a larger amount of initiative can sometimes outscore and "old professor" of My
laws and Words, if they simply live more what the others preach.
I was living and practicing all the Scribes and Pharisees had known and been studying about in theory for
all those years, having come to the conclusion that it probably couldn't be done at all, and here I came
along and proved them wrong by simply doing it.

Give people the benefit of the doubt, that even if they did something you wouldn't have done, the end
result might still be better than having done nothing at all.

Life isn't all about constantly collecting new little revelations and bits of wisdom, but about learning to
apply them.

Whatever it is that costs you the most and that feels like the hardest to do, you can assume that that's
precisely what the Enemy is trying to stop you from doing!
You will have to take care of things in order for them to continue to develop in a positive, favorable and
progressive way. If you neglect them, there'll be chaos, no order, and things will fall apart.
Energy plus matter plus information makes life possible. You've got the matter, but then you've got to
invest some energy in a well-planned, organized, intelligent way, otherwise there will be no new life, just a
slow decay of the old.
You can make the difference by rolling up your sleeves and pitching in and making it happen!

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and pitch in with the gigantic job of winning and feeding the world that's
there to reach.
It’s action time, and time to gain some stature by going out there & being on the move. I'm mobilizing My
forces. It's time to show what you've got, show all you've learned, and what My training has done for you!

In order to be a pioneer, you’ve got to take the first step.

It always takes one man (or woman) of faith to get the stone rolling and to initiate the process.
You can either sit and wait for the right circumstances to happen, and for the harvest to come by itself, or
you can make it happen.

I’m serious about what I’m telling you, and I’d appreciate it, if you would believe Me for it, and take My
Word for it, and if you’d act on what I tell you.
Hearing from Me should also include asking Me to show you ways to implement what I’ve given you!

There’s always a part that you can do, a part I’m expecting you to do, in order for Me to do Mine.

Once you’ve learned a new lesson from Me in theory, you’ve got to look around for opportunities to put it
into action, how to apply it in real life…
Take it from the dormant domain of your thoughts and your interior into the lucid and awake realm of your
actions, the things you actually do.
Spirit does not resemble inactivity.
The Spirit will spur you on to godly action. Overcome the inactivity and stagnation of the flesh by godly
powerful action of the Spirit!

Changing the world starts with recognizing the void and the need, the places that lack and where errors
have been committed, and then taking the initiative to do what it takes to replenish and refill them again,
even if may look like a senseless waste of time to others, because you may not be reaping immediate
benefits from your work or sacrifice.

The gifts of My Spirit are for those who want to put My Word into practice, who want to put My will into
action, and live it, they’re for My “Action People.”