What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21st Century about… …the Big Picture

“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. ” – 1Corinthians 13:12
Every day is an intricate new creation of Mine, full of many planned & coordinated processes, innumerable activities behind the scenes... a brand-new work of art. It’s a continual work of art that never stops, for you have to sleep, but I don’t. We’re all constantly working behind the scenes for you & all of My children and those who are yet to become My children for each new day to become just that step in time to bring them closer to Me in the way that’s needed to bring about the optimal result in the Big Picture… Another great scene in the movie of life. Each person has their own scintillating beauty, their own particular sparkle or shine to contribute to the Big Picture of My creation & plan. Be that yielded contact somewhere in the vast intricacy of the Big Picture of the universe & eternity, the relay that says ”yes” to God at the right time & place. The great plan is that everything and everybody will lovingly interact, teamwork & co-operate in one heavenly, ecstatic & climactic symphony... Everybody has an important part & role to play... everybody matters, everybody makes a difference, everybody can contribute, and we all need each other. Keep learning to see Me and My hand and My purpose behind the things that I allow to happen in your life, keep asking Me about them, and about their deeper purpose. Keep trusting that My ways are higher than yours, & that as hard to believe as it may seem right now, every little detail will fall into place & wind up making perfect sense in its contribution to the Big Picture. You've got a general view of the Big Picture, but there are still many, many details to discover, and since My Big Picture is multi-dimensional, there will always be new angles, depths & glimpses to discover in it. In fact, the Big Picture is a living picture that's still growing & evolving, not by itself, but by My design, as everything is, so, you discover as you go & while it continues to grow. View life as an expedition with many things to observe & study, with tons of details to glean & learn from. Each person perceives as reality only a fraction of the grand picture. Only I can reveal the whole picture, and in due time, I will. There are many different shades of grey, & I will use all of them to make a perfect picture. Even though the Book of Revelation talks about all the suffering and death that's going to befall the world toward its end, there is incessant praise in heaven at the same time. They continue to praise Me in spite of all the suffering they see happening on earth because they see something you can't. There is a perfect plan, and a perfect picture and sense in it all! No matter what all the bad in your life amounts to, you've got to get ahold of that glimpse of My perfect picture, My perfect sense in it all! You've got to see Me and My hand in it! Growing & maturing is not just increasing your knowledge; it's increasing the bandwidth of the spectrum of what you can actually see of the Big Picture. It's exciting, when even the most mundane & seemingly loathsome experiences in life seem to make perfect sense in view of the Big Picture. When everything makes sense & seems obviously conducive to the great plan of God Almighty. When you're aware of those trials & tests just serving to bring you yet another step closer to Me. If your faith and life-style, your attitude and everything about you is the real thing, then even the eventual crisis, of which all the others were only shadows, will only be another part of your life of faith, My plan for you, My Big Picture & everything. If your faith is the real thing, then you'll also be able to deal with the ugly parts of the Big Picture, you won't have to seek comfort in the Devil's dream world anymore. Everybody has their role & part to play, & it’s one of the biggest tasks of the director or producers of a play, movie or TV series, to find the perfect cast. I chose each player, each actor for their perfect role, including yours. In order to make sure you play your part the best you can, live! Enjoy it. Don't take it too seriously, but

don't neglect to take it serious enough, either. You don't have to have a clue about everything that's going on. You just have to play your part the best you know how. As far as you're concerned, there's only one role & one part that matters most, & that's the one I've given you to play. Concentrate & focus on it with your whole heart! Meditate on it so you will get the supernatural anointing for it! Don't let less than ideal "set conditions" distract you. It's rough sometimes, but everything has its price. The play is multi-dimensional, taking place on all & various levels & platforms at the same time! Enjoy acting out the part of your life, even with all the little, seemingly insignificant side-scenes & side roles you're having to play. Those who are willing to play those seemingly dumb little roles are the greatest stars Up Here. We're working on a show that might not attract the fast-food entertainment consumers, but one that will endure the tests of time. Play your part with the dignity of one who knows that he's heir of a heritage that lasts. Every day of your life is like a picture, which in itself is a piece of the puzzle of the big picture of your life, which again is a piece of My Big Picture of everything. My pictures are living, spiritual pictures, and they always represent the truth. When you look at the day ahead of you, what do you see? In what way does My plan for you seem to be manifested today?" It's a little bit like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, and each day is a small puzzle that only presents another piece of the great picture puzzle of your life, which again is only another piece of the Big Picture of all of history. The important thing is finding the right pieces & fitting them together, and often it's not so much in what you do - although sometimes it is - as in what you can learn. It's a slow progress, because sometimes, instead of teaching you a new lesson, I have to make sure you solidify your gains, I make sure that you've really learned the lesson you've just been taught. Many of the little things that are going on in your life are connected, so let's try to put those pieces together. All things that I have brought about in your life, every stream of input, every influence, every contact, every friendship... they all work together toward My grander plan. Everything will make sense someday, even the apparently senseless. Anything the Devil can do is only fuel for My motor. Just like it turns out that oil is being produced in the earth by the centrifugal forces released through the earth's rotations. All the Devil accomplishes through his rantings and ravings is to produce more fuel to keep My machine moving toward the completion of My plan and Big Picture. Victory is to be able to grab hold of My peace & heavenly Big Picture of My organized structure of everything in spite of the temporary chaos the Devil tries to create. You've got to see My heavenly landscape & beauty of what's going to be & what really is in the heavenly Realm. Don't seek to shun or avoid the pain. It's part of it all, the big picture of life... the dark shades, that make for beautiful contrast. Allow some room for disasters, for head-shaking events, stupidities and atrocities to learn from, to laugh at... It's all part of the big picture. It's not all tragedy & drama. There's also some comedy. There's even a place for cases you might not be able to figure out what sort of purpose there might be for a walking chaos like them... There's a purpose for everything and everybody. Often you can do no other but stand back and let Me do, let Me show and let it be. The whole thing grows, slowly, like a gigantic puzzle, bit by bit (information by information), revealing My Big Picture, in which you're participants. The whole thing grows, that's the plan. While that snowball still looks the same old white, as you roll it through the snow, and it's still made out of the same basic stuff, namely snow, it keeps growing and growing, though, and eventually becomes quite a substantial weight to reckon with... It changes. It progresses. It's never exactly the same old thing. There are new varieties and slants to discover all the time, about those good old fundamental truths. It always takes you back to the same simple but monumental truth and foundation. The moment you think you've got it all figured out, a new door will open that will lead you into a whole new dimension you never even assumed existed. Everybody's got their own personal note, their own personal contribution to make to My Big Picture. I like to include everybody I can and allow them to participate in the work on the Big Picture. You may be sincerely convinced that you would have known better than Me, or a better way to do it, but please, bear with Me for a little while longer and give Me a chance to bring this to an end. The picture isn't done yet, and of course it doesn't make any sense to you yet. You're just going to have to wait until the picture is finished.

How speechless you're all going to be when you'll see the perfection of the final outcome. In the meantime, bear with Me. When it comes to the end of the road, you'll see that there would have been no other, no better, no more beautiful way to bring home the point, make the message loud and clear, and engrave the lesson on every man, woman and child's heart. You constantly discover new facets, new aspects, new details and angles, factors and clues to new secrets, mysteries and revelations; things you weren't aware of before. The Big Picture is moving and growing; it is alive. You cannot just stick it into any closed container and say, "Here, this is it: the whole truth and everything there is to know." There's always more to it, always more. You may think now you've got it, and you've reached the bottom line, end of story, and then a new chapter or whole new story begins. The experience every human being gleans from their choices is what makes it all so special, and what makes this "Big Picture" so exciting. I don't only see the Big Picture more clearly than you do, but also the tiny little details, that are too microscopic for your view to catch... all the processes taking place beneath the surface. Often that which is conducive to immediate "happiness," or fulfilling of a temporary craving, will take one in the opposite direction as far as their eternal happiness is concerned... their outcome in the Big Picture. The biggest enemy and handicap and obstacle in the way of the Big Picture is the immediate "little" picture, that which appears to be so big right in front of your noses, like the carrot on a string on a stick held in front of the donkey's nose... That which you immediately want and makes you run blindly into a certain direction: "I want it, I want it..." Learning to decline, and not yield to the immediate temptation of what one wants in the present, is one of the major contributors of beauty to the outcome of the Big Picture; the rare exception of those who did not give in to the urges of the here and now. We don't need any parallel universes, because the other options have already all happened in My mind. If you're really that curious, some day I could share them with you, but it's not actually anything you need to try out in real life. This reality, and this life, as paradox and irrational as it may seem, with all its contradictions and things that don't seem to make any sense, is, after all, the one real thing. This is it! You can and ought to really put your whole heart into it, because this is it. No use wondering what could have been or might have been in some other life or parallel world or universe or some other reality... No need to look for anything better somewhere out there. This is it, right here, the one and only, the best. You won't find anything better anywhere else. I know, it sounds hard to believe because there's so much about this world that doesn't make any sense. But most of that is inflicted by man on himself or his fellowman, and mostly due to all the screwed up mindsets the Enemy has planted in him, and the consequent lack of love and trust in Me. If you can fully trust that I'm only allowing the best possible option for you right now, here in this life, then who needs an endless amount of other variables and options to try out? There's a definite effort happening on My part and all those working alongside Me, both in the Spirit World and in the physical, including you, to make the best possible out of this. It's supposed to become a masterpiece, and not just one more random result of innumerable other trials and errors... It doesn't mean, either, that everything is preset and predestined, but that we're putting our best into helping man to make the right choices, or save him out of his mess when he made the wrong ones. We're not just standing by idly and let the wheel of fortune spin its tale. After all, mankind wouldn't stand a chance if we just left this world over to the Devil completely. We have to give him certain leeway, access and entrance and even power over this world, according to the degree that man's choices enable him to, but always and only "thus far and not further." There's a lot of planning and strategy involved, and it's anything but random. It all grows and grows into one. It’s not just an exclusive little relationship between Me and thee and none other, but a growing thing… the Big Picture. My Picture primarily consists of living souls, tangible human beings like you – and Me, since I’ve become a Human Being for your sakes, and as some have begun to realize, that event changed everything. Perfection is not the absence of imperfection, but the ability to integrate imperfection. I’m integrating your imperfection in My perfect picture. Of course, I’m also transforming you in the process, and through your integration and melting into My Big Picture and becoming one with it all, you actually become perfect, not of yourself, but by absorbing My essence. I have an individual plan for everyone, not just one big plan for all. In the end, each plan will work together perfectly and weave into one perfect Big Picture that will reveal itself as a Master Plan for the universe. “In the Beginning was the Word.” So, let’s have some exchange of words so that I can create My world, My part of the Big Picture in you

today. This world is still in its diapers! The Big Picture is still in its imperfect, relative beginning stages, and there’s lots of room for improvement. Sooner or later you’re going to marvel at how everything is wonderfully connected and intertwined in My Big Picture… Even the Judases and the ones who need our forgiveness the most are an essential part of the Big Picture, and you are connected to them within that picture. There is a relation, and their destiny and fate is dependent on your capacity to forgive them. The more you flow with My flow, the more My power in you will grow… It’s like a river. What started out as a little trickle somewhere in some remote mountainous region, is being filled and fed by another trickle here and there, each growing into bigger brooks and rivers, gradually, and they connect at some point, only to make My main instrument and major channel even bigger, wider, larger, and an even greater source and bringer of life than before… Sometimes it takes a while until one river flows into another, but eventually, they all wind up in the same big pool, the sea… Only those who dig a little deeper, who care to cast more than just a superficial glance at what is happening, they catch a glimpse of the mystery and magic that’s really happening, the mystery of the paradox, and unexpected, as opposed to the usual, obvious humdrum, like so many of those Hollywood movie plots that make you foresee what’s going to happen next. I want My story to turn out a bit better than the average. I want My picture to be the best. I may allow it to look less than promising for a while to give the competitors a chance, but in the end, it will turn out just like with that river: all those resources will flow into the same great Source of everything, and will contribute to one common good. Oh, the credits will be handed to each individual involved, and even the Devil will be accredited with his part of the greatest culprit of all times, but just like some of those participants in those film or TV productions, a lot of those folks know to whom credit is due, and that when it all comes down to it, nothing would have happened without the Director. Sometimes folks may be prematurely tempted to wonder, “Why does He allow this to happen now?” or that turn of events, and they figure they wouldn’t have done it that way, they would have done it better. It’s not like I won’t listen to your suggestions and petitions, and that I won’t change My mind about things if I definitely am convinced and persuaded that you had a better idea, or even to give it a try, but most of the times you’ll find that My original choices are usually the best. Life is like a great, interactive motion picture, and I allow My actors to change the script somewhat as they go, just like some highly respected and well-known actors are able to build in their little spontaneous changes into the script. My prophets and “stars” have the power to change My mind on certain issues, they just have to have the faith and the courage to try it – and, of course, a good alternative plan. I like constructive criticism with good, constructive and productive alternative suggestions. They’re always welcome among the flood of the usual complaints. We have our little “suggestions box” called prayer, and if there’s anything you’d like to change, just let Me know! You can alter the final outcome of the Big Picture by your personal input. If there’s anything you’d like to change or try out, say so. I work in teamwork, and I’m open to constructive suggestions from those whom I can trust to come forth with such, who are mature and well enough on My wavelength that I can trust that they genuinely seek the interest of the best possible outcome of the Picture, not just a more glamorous role or position for themselves… I grant and distribute My Power and authority to My servants and handmaidens. You can each become partakers of My Power, wielders of that power, and, after all, it is through you that I do My visible work on earth; through you, the actors, that I convey My ideas and My mind to the people, the audience, who each become participants in the Big Picture, according to their choices… Remember not to make the frame more fancy than the picture itself. Allow the Big Picture to steal the show, and don’t allow your little frame to try to run the whole show by itself, okay? You like the spiritual puzzle of putting all the pieces of the Big Picture together into one comprehensible frame. Try to not over-employ your head in search for the missing pieces, but let Me guide you intuitively. Learn how to hear and listen with your spiritual senses, and think deeper than just with the mind. The instant, temporary results may not always be exactly what you wished and hoped for, but it’s the final result, the outcome of the Big Picture, that matters, and that’s where you’ve got to keep your vision.