Hearing From God | Prophecy | Truth

The gift of prophecy is for those who need to know My will for them in a more specific way than

I have already laid down in My Word. Once your “boat is in motion,” and you are moving in My direction, you will find situations in which you will need more specific and personal advice and counsel and direction from Me, and I will not hesitate to give it to you. Those who are faithful students of My written Word will also eventually hear My living Word, as I have promised, but first you’ve got to do your part and what you can do make sure that My Words dwell in you (see John 14:23). Before you can receive My Words, you have to create a space for Me to fill, and you have to prove with your actions that you want to go My way, because prophecy is for those who want to go My way, follow Me and do things to further My Kingdom. You have to become familiar with My voice through reading My written Word, and eventually you’ll also hear My voice speaking to you personally. I should always be your first & foremost focus point of communication! Without Me you could make a mess of things. Only I’m way out there & know what’s ahead, where the dangers lie & I can show you ‘things thou knowest not’ (Jer.33:3). Try to imagine how I feel about so few being willing to listen to Me. This is a pain I feel everyday when I look down upon the children of men & suffer from their neglect. Don’t do anything without Me! Don’t move until you hear My voice or get My sign, ‘This is the way, walk ye in it!’ Ask Me about the things that are going on in your life. There is so much to learn from all you’re going through. If you really want to serve Me, then start by sitting down at My feet & listening to Me daily. Hear! Hearken for the sound of My voice, My whispers, the Words from My lips, throughout the day! Keep an open ear for the checks & whispers your helpers would like to give you. And always check in with Me & them before you start doing something new. When you can’t look anywhere but up, lying flat on your backs, I can get through to you the best & reveal My will to you. Every individual situation is different & has its individual solution. Seek Me for the specific answer. Be a sample of a God-follower! You don’t have to know anything except how to call on Me & receive My answers. If you do this faithfully, they’ll see that it works, & they’ll follow your sample! I can answer every question if you’ll but ask. Your primary responsibility is to make sure you get a hold of Me & My perfect will for you & find My perfect path for you. Everything depends on learning to get My counsel & direction & be more desperate about it! I can only answer you with the same intensity with which you seek Me! Seek Me even harder & more diligently! Get down to more serious business with Me in seeking My guidance! Few people on this Earth come to Me for counsel when they’re having a problem. Lots of people pray, but few wait for the answer. As soon as you come to Me, I will give the answers that will make the mountains just melt away. The worst thing in the world you can do when you don’t know what to do is to keep going... It’s a time of great transition & upheaval, & there will be even greater upheaval in the future, so, it behooves you to pray as if everything depended on prayer, which it does, and to hear from Me & seek My face as if everything depended on getting a hold of My instructions & revelations, which it does. I want you to start receiving messages for the ones you minister to. Neglect not this gift of prophecy, nor use it solely for yourselves... Lift up your heart to Me, don’t dwell down there in the muddle of your own mind! Come up here, where the air is clean! Come up to My holy mountain! Receive My precepts & write them on the tablets of your heart.

In order to have a good, clean & strong channel with Me, a person needs to have good, strong & clean faith, which is built by faithful study of My Word, they need a good, strong & clean spirit, and you should be free of strong emotions & personal involvement in the situation you’re trying to hear from Me about, if you want pure, clean & untainted prophecies. There is almost always a certain trace of the vessel in the messages you’re receiving from Me, but it’s a difference whether the vessel has been burned in the oven of many fires or whether it’s still a relatively young, weak, soft & brittle vessel, which might even occasionally lose entire crumbs & lumps of clay which spill over into the message. There are conditions to the contract, which you, the user, have to keep in order for this equipment & this line of communication to work properly. Take time with Me to counsel about the affairs of your life! The more you tune in to Me, the more My thoughts will become your thoughts, & the more natural it will become to you to hear from Me. You’ll hear My words right in your mind & heart! Wherever you are, we can be connected & together... even if your hands are busy doing something else... "According to your faith be it unto you" also applies with prophecy: if you have the faith for supernatural, absolutely out-of-this-World revelations of "great & mighty things which thou knowest not", then they shall be given you. And otherwise My Spirit has to work with what you've got the faith for & use the reservoir of Word you've got stored up in your heart & in the back of your mind. If I'd be revealing to you EVERYTHING you need to know, there wouldn't be any need for you to read the printed Word anymore, nor for turning to other sources for learning. The gift of prophecy is not meant to take the place of the printed Word, as long as the printed Word is still available! There might come a day when prophecy will be all you'll have to rely on, & I'm preparing you for that day, but in the meantime, enjoy the feast & the variety of means to hear & learn from Me that's available. Faithfully keep your daily appointments with Me, & faithfully keep loving Me, sitting at My feet & keep drinking in My Words of Life, which will quicken you, keep you alive & in My Spirit. Only I can give you the solutions for each individual situation, & it’s essential that you remain in close, personal contact with Me & don’t lose the connection! Whenever something happens, you should seek the purpose & lesson I have in this for you. There are many lessons involved in the things I'm allowing to happen around you, if you ask Me & care enough to find out! The question you should always ask first of all is: "Lord, what do You want to show & teach me through this?" Whenever anything happens that seems to be making your burden unbearable, get on your knees & ask Me what I want to show you by that! Ask what I want you to do about it! Take it to Me, bathe it in prayer, know & trust that I have brought it along for a specific purpose, to bring about a specific lesson in your life, and it's your job to find out from Me, what exactly it is, & then to learn it, get the point & get on with it, so we can cover the next step. Whatever will happen, just follow Me! I'm training you to follow My voice, and that training often involves "zigzag" movements, as is so often appropriate in a war. I'm teaching you not to "zig" when you should "zag" & vice versa, which happens when someone follows their own leadings, intuitions or carnal wisdom & they often wind up getting hit by the enemy. So many find themselves wounded on the battle field & when asked what happened, they can only reply, as the soldier in that story, "Well, I guess I must have zigged when I ought to have zagged!" And I'm teaching you how to avoid that by listening to Me daily, and I will tell you in an instant when to zig or zag, when to turn left or when to turn right, when to move forward or backward or stop. You & I must become one, and you can only become one with Me by letting Me implant My seeds in you. You have to consume Me to become a part of Me. Nobody's interested in their Creator, nor in finding out what He's got to say, they're all too enwrapped & busy with creation, trying to keep it functioning. They need to get back to their Maker & refer to the Manual or call the service hotline, but it won't even occur to them. You don't just eat every once in a while. Likewise, you shouldn't just hear from Me every once in a while. Keep consuming Me, eating Me, drinking Me in & becoming filled with Me. What counts is the instructions I'm giving you for today.

It's not an exclusive thing to have Me as a chatting partner, Advisor, Helper and Counselor, it's something available to anyone who would only dare to give Me a chance. Come to Me afresh every morning, to find Me, get ahold of Me, be filled with My strength & find guidance from My hand, and confirmation of the path before you from My mouth. I'm teaching you to look before you leap, which means that even in a case where I give a general "okay," you need to keep looking for signs of confirmation along the way. I'm trying to teach you to read My signs. They are all over the place, and often people don't register them. If they would stop to notice them and ask Me, "Lord, what does this mean?" I could show them so much more & teach them so much more, and their path would become clearer. Sometimes you have to start from scratch & take that first step of faith... Just launch out there in blind trust & write the first few lines, knowing that if you ask, I will answer, even if you don't "feel" like there's anything coming. Sometimes you can feel it coming, other times, you have to prime the pump & only a few drops will come at first, then a trickle, & finally it flows... This is to help you not to take this gift for granted, and to help you appreciate these Words of Mine, and to treasure them. Sometimes I don't feel much like "spoon feeding" you when there's so much food around that you haven't touched yet... I will speak to you anytime, regardless of the way you feel, and regardless of what you've done or not done. There are times when My children don't have a clue. But I can give you a clue. I'm the Clue-Giver! Haven't got a clue? Ask Me what to do! You must fine-tune your instrument! Close your eyes & really make an effort & zoom in on the details. You have to be able to read the fine print & hear even the faintest whisper of My Spirit! We're training your ears. Take Me with you! Don't let our communication go under in all the stress & the distractions! Take the time to hear from Me for your sheep. It's part of your healing ministry to them, to heal them with My Words of life, to heal their bodies, souls and spirits. When you come before Me, you must lay aside your own opinions, your own background information as much as possible, and any preconceived ideas & bias, otherwise a message can very easily become tainted by what you "know." Look hard to find My perfect path for you each day. It's not enough to just get your major directions or encouragement from Me for the day and then close your eyes & ears to what else I might have to show and tell you. You've got to stay alert & keep your spiritual radio on! In the desperation of not wanting anything false, there is great safety! When all you really want is the truth and nothing but the truth, no matter how ugly it is, then you're faring a safer road than one who easily settles for something that "sounds good." When you're out for beauty, more than the absolute, naked, and sometimes ugly truth, then you run the risk of accepting fake gold, which may appear shiny on the outside, but will not stand the tests of time. It requires great desperation, sincerity and humility, honesty with yourself to the point where it hurts, willingness to break with your own romantic image you may have of yourself, in order to truly receive nothing but the real, naked and raw truth - a consistently flowing plan that slowly but surely moves you along to My perfect will. The veracity of a prophecy is not determined by how outstanding it is, but rather, by how applicable, how helpful. Is it good for others? Does it minister good fruit? Are the hearers edified by it? For My Endtime prophets it's expedient that they become as pure as possible and as free as possible from any element of self, which contaminates My gold. The real & natural taste of life isn't always sweet, but heartier. Even so it is with your spiritual intake: for a healthy diet, you won't only listen for or read My sweet words of love to you, but also the words of correction & instruction; the stuff that's naturally a little bit harder for you to chew on, but essential for your spiritual health. It's expedient for you that we continue communicating throughout the whole day. P&P time should be like priming the pump, stirring up a flow that should continue steadily throughout the day, so that you can always

stay in tune with Me, and not get distracted onto other wavelengths, which are not Mine. As long as you're listening, there's hope, because My Word will not return unto Me void. Of course, the more you remember it, the more you help Me to fulfil that promise & really make it happen & have My Word bear fruit in your life. Let Me teach you what you have to know in order to walk your specific and individual path that is destined for you. If you pick up input that is not what I know is best for you, it can serve as a distraction. Listen to Me, your Coach, in order to avoid any mean knock-outs by the Enemy. You can always come back to Me for another shower of My golden Words to you, another snack of manna, My heavenly bread, My water of life, which is better than wine. In order not to stumble, you have to keep your spiritual ears open! And have your antenna tuned in My direction! Turn on & tune in to the music of My Spirit! It's always available! And much more rewarding than worldly input. Why feed on crumbs, when I could serve you a whole delicious meal? There are many reasons why it pays to get your directions & instructions, counsel & guidance from Me. "Come now & let us reason together..." I like to communicate with you! There is hardly anything more important to Me than achieving that My children learn to walk the right path, in the right direction, based on the right instructions from Me; that they become liberated from the confusion that's a result of the Devil's lies they've often grown up with; that they can see instead of wandering around groping through the darkness. There's scarcely anything more important for Me than ensuring that each of you find the center of My perfect will for you, that you take time to learn to hit the mark instead of missing it, and I'm a very patient teacher. My capacity to teach is only limited by your attention span, your capacity to learn, to receive, to listen, to tune in, to let go of your own ideas long enough I've got so much to share, so much to give, and yet there are so few really willing to listen and to receive it. There are a lot of things going on in your life that you're not aware of, mistakes that you're making you're not aware of, forces affecting your life, etc. So it pays to tune in to the Spirit World to find out what they are, because I and your spirit helpers are aware of them and can reveal them to you, if you're only interested enough & care enough to find out & listen. You must study & investigate at times in order to really find out what happened, what's been going on here. "Why are we stuck in a rut & don't seem to be making progress?" And that's exactly what We're here for: to let you know. You don't have to grope around blindly in the dark, clueless to the machinations of the Devil & what he's been up to in your life in order to sabotage My plans for you. You can find out. That's what prophecy is for. You don't have to be ignorant of the Devil's devices, plans & schemes, in fact you shouldn't and must not! The only hope you have is to stick close to Me and get your instructions from Me about what I want you to give to those around you, how I want you to manifest My love to them and My idea of love. That's one big advantage about the time you spend listening to Me: you can't listen to Me and the Devil at the same time! So if you want to get rid of the Devil and his lies & you want to get his doubts out of your head, just come to Me, listen to Me and dig into My Word! Don't act like Joe the mechanic who thought he was too smart to consult the boss when he ran into trouble, but do consult Me, check in with Me regularly whether the way you're going and doing it is where it's at as far as I'm concerned. That's why I enjoy talking to you in prophecy! It's one thing you can't do in the flesh! For every Word you've got to suck on My Spirit & you're utterly dependent on Me for it to work! You can't do it in the flesh or pretend you're hearing from Me! You need the real thing, and what's of Me, and so it should be when you do other things as well. When you talk, when you work... My Spirit is like a broadcasting station that's broadcasting all the time, with the same constant intensity as ever, and the only thing that changes is the intensity of your own receptivity. You have to keep your channel clean & fresh & well lubricated, that's the work you've got to do, that I cannot do for you. If you're more interested in other things than My voice, then I can't help it, if your vacuum for Me simply isn't that strong.

The things I've told you are for a purpose, they're a means to an end, not an end in itself. They're not the ultimate desired result, but only messages to help you to get there, like sign posts. Don't get into the habit of collecting sign posts, or get so busy creating sign posts that you fail to follow the direction in which they're supposed to guide you. I will always speak to you, whenever you ask Me. It's just that sometimes you have more faith to receive My Words than at other times. It depends on your vacuum, your desperation, your perseverance, & sometimes you're simply too easily distracted by the affairs of this life to hold out & wait for Me to talk to you. But it's seldom ever because of something on My end that you don't hear My voice, but rather some condition or factor on your end. Sometimes it's also the Devil's lies, telling you I'm upset with you or whatever, that's why I won't speak to you. On the other hand, there might not be any new special revelations coming every day. Yet whenever you ask Me and expect Me to answer with a vacuum, I will fill it. You're going to have to get used to it, that in this war, today's instructions may contradict those of yesterday. So many things are going on that you don't know about, which determine the urgency of a matter, and while yesterday was yesterday, and certain circumstances may have given leeway for certain things, it may all look different today, just as it may all look yet completely different tomorrow. That's why it's so important you get your instructions afresh everyday. You can't rely on the practical things I've told you yesterday. While the general and spiritual counsel of My Words to you from the past may still be applicable, when it comes to the practical things, related to the situation, they may vary & differ from day to day. I want you to be open for My new input, possible changes & opportunities! There are unlimited riches, but you need to absorb them. I can't pour any faster than you absorb. It's not that I withhold, but that you have to increase the intensity with which you absorb My Word. It has to really sink in before it can yield the desired fruit & results. The strength, courage & faith you need to develop an attacking initiative comes from your times spent with Me, so by neglecting Me you go the opposite way. If you want to be like Me, you're going to have to be with Me. If you want to learn from Me, you have to spend time at My feet, listening to Me. Things have become a lot more complex & complicated in your times, there are more factors that play into the picture, which makes it harder to recognize what's there to do, which is precisely the reason why you've got to spend sufficient time with Me to help you analyze the situation, figure out exactly what's going on & what's happening here, so that I can help you find the right solution, and what to do. Even if you have found the truth, you should always stay hungry for more, and that's what prophecy is all about: you get more everyday, fresh from the heavens, like Manna. - There's always more! Are you ready for it? Do you want it? Can you handle that much? Or are you already satisfied with what you've got? I'm looking for vessels who always want & seek Me for more! Keep flowing. Keep growing. Cause there's always more! What's important is that everyone's in tune with their own, personal instructions from Me, the pillar and connection of My personal will for them, and when that's the case, everything will flow in harmony. Come to Me, and I'll give and show you solutions that will exceed the quality of the solutions the brilliant minds in the world of science come up with. If you pray over a matter and you don't receive anything about it in prophecy, then chances are that I want you to find out My will for you concerning it by some other means, such as talking about it or using the ideas I put in your head & then counselling about it, etc. When there's no vacuum, then there's nothing I can fill. You need to create a vacuum first. There doesn't always have to be a question spelled out in words, but a vacuum. Hear from Me first about everything. The Devil's going to try to cause you to doubt your directions from Me or tempt you with irresistible offers that will look like "obviously the right thing to do." Or, he'll make nothing happen at all, just to "show" you, "See, all this listening to the Lord business isn't getting you anywhere!" My "nothing" is better than his something! That which he and the world consider nothing is in reality greater and more lasting riches than anything he and his temporary world have to offer. So, keep at peace & just doing your - what they consider to be - "nothing." Nothing but hearing from Me,

communicating with God Almighty and doing your best to pass on what you're learning to those around you. I guarantee you that it will take you further than all of their feverish activity combined is going to take them! Don't just do something or anything, no matter what, just to keep busy! Get your instructions from Me first & then you'll know what to do! When you're at the top, everything's euphoria, and "we're indeed the people... so happy together... etc." Then the first doubts start coming, later the substantial doubts, & finally you're near despair, at the bottom of the curve, which is where you call on Me again, get ahold of Me in the way that you should, and I send you back on your way up again, strengthened by the input you receive from Me, which you can hold on to: the renewed vision; My way of looking at things, & My Word, fresh from My lips, to boost your faith again. If you're hearing from Me but aren't doing the things I say, then what good is it? If you're not really taking them to heart, but just complacently think & feel, "Oh, well, I've had my daily talk from the Lord again today, so, I must be doing alright, now let's do whatever I feel like..." Do you really think that's the end of it? Is that the kind of religion or faith-life you want? A daily chat with God & then walk off & do your own thing? You can make an idol out of anything. And if you're making an idol out of My time with you, and you're just trying to keep it in that neat little box of "Oh, yeah, God talks to me everyday, & we're really close & comfy cozy...," don't you think I'm going to smash that image & shatter that idol? If you don't acknowledge Me in all your ways, in other words, if you don't ask Me about it, if you don't check in to confirm that something is My will, then how can I direct your paths? Committing your way unto Me means to check in with Me beforehand to make sure that it's the direction I want you to take, & then you can trust Me for it, that it's going to work out alright. Don’t be surprised if things go haywire if you don't check in with Me! I can't allow & tolerate you ignoring Me. You've got to hear from Me everyday about where you should go and what you should do! Ask Me about everything! No exceptions! Listen to My Spirit yourself first, before you set out to pass anything on from Me! Listen more deeply to the Spirit. The Spirit has got new things to say today, the wind bloweth where it listeth, and it pays to find out where, and which tune She's singing today. That’s why I've got so much to say: there IS so much to say that mankind is totally unaware of. Not because I wouldn't have been willing to tell them, but mostly because there were so few willing to listen. All is forgiven and forgotten when you come to Me to be cleansed. Every time you come to Me, I, the living Word, will cleanse you, and you are able to apply to yourself what I've told My disciples, "Now ye are clean through the Word which I have spoken unto you" (John 15:3). You've got to be ready & receptive to receive My instructions of what I want to emphasize on teaching you every day, every moment, every hour. Sometimes I've got to work on your ability to work together as a team in unity. Other times, I need to draw you each closer to Me again, and to My heart, almost in seclusion. Then maybe I want you to reach out to others, and you've got to be in tune with Me to find out exactly where I want you to go & who I want you to minister to. Sometimes you're too full of preset subjects & you expect Me to say something on one of them, but I might not have anything particular to say about them. Sometimes I like it when there's nothing there... just you & Me, and you let Me fill the emptiness. I'd prefer it if you'd come before Me more often with nothing else on your mind and heart but an openness and a space for Me to fill, nothing but your receptivity. Like this I can fill into you whatever I like, whatever I see and know you need most. Like this I can lead, guide & direct you totally in any direction I like, like a blind man, who simply has to trust fully in his guide, as opposed to someone who sees and has their own goals & destinations in mind. It's perfectly okay when you have specific questions on your heart to ask Me. But when you don't, don't feel as if you must make something up, in order to have a "legitimate" reason to come before Me & hear from Me. All the reason you need is that you love Me and want Me. That's all the reason I need! It's a living relationship I want, where you have to stay attuned to My Spirit, keep your spiritual antenna up & listen to what the latest move is, what's the direction the wind is blowing from today? What is there to be revealed? Just be a blank for Me to fill! Be ready and open for Me for whatever I've got to give at any given moment! One of your greatest abilities is availability. Are you available for Me? I've nearly always got something to say, the question is only whether you're willing or able to hear it! As long as you've got a listening ear and a proper functioning receiver, I'll have something to say.

It's not because of My capacity to give that the flow ever stops, but only because of your limited capacity to receive. Faith means nothing more than the extent of your capacity to receive. I have given you the weapon of prophecy, now you must use it. Just open the faucet! All you've got to do is turn it, open it & let it pour, according to your desire, according to your thirst. When you come to the end of your wit, that’s usually the point where you let Me do the talking. Come before Me to lead and guide you step by step, day by day. I lead you gently. I'm not telling you bluntly, "This is it you should do," or "that is it," but I teach you to look. "Look! Look ahead - what do you see? What is there before you today? When you look at the day ahead of you, what do you see? In what way does My plan for you seem to be manifested today?" It's a little bit like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, and each day is a small puzzle that only presents another piece of the great picture puzzle of your life, which again is only another piece of the Big Picture. I always have new counsel to give you, even when you don't feel deserving, or in tune. I'll still be there as close as ever, no matter how undeserving you may feel, I still love you as unconditionally as ever. Listening to Me is the one sure way to make certain you're on the right track & that everything's going to be alright! Communication with Me is more important right now than communication with anybody else, because of the great impending changes in the world and the approaching darkness! You've got to stay in tune with Me! The real sheep won't be satisfied with anything less than the communion with a living God Who can speak to them everyday and gives them relevant answers to the problems of their lives everyday. They can't be satisfied with answers I gave thousands of years ago, they need answers to their problems today. I can always set your view straight & show you which things to focus on, and what tricks the Enemy is up to, just getting you through life, clearly seeing the truth and the path ahead, in today's dark and confusing world. I've got to show you what's really happening. If you don't spend this time with Me, you just don't see it. You've got to pick up your daily portion of manna! I am the Bread of Life. Come, taste & see that I am good. Let Me fill and satisfy your spiritual hunger every morning, before you get into anything else. You'll have My Spirit, My plan and My viewpoint of things, and you'll be much better equipped for whatever the day may bring! If it costs you some effort to find Me and to be able to hear My voice and receive My personal words, then you will appreciate them more and won't run the risk of taking them for granted. I'm the One Who's got the plan, and the only way you can be in on it is by following Me closely. There is always only a very small minority of those who really get the point, who really let Me talk to them. The majority will always follow their own impulses. Just keep following My whispers, My still, small voice that you can hear in the wilderness, leading you slowly, step by step, lesson by lesson - on Home. You've got to be savvy to My plan, you've got to be in on it, and get a clue of what I'm up to. And that's basically what you're doing in prophecy: you're getting a clue. Before you were clueless, but now you're getting a clue of what I'm going to do, and what I want you to. And everything all of a sudden obtains rhyme and reason. My still small voice can best be heard in the silence. Let Me teach you! I expect you to come to Me, to make an effort! As you move toward Me, I move toward you. With the intensity you seek Me, I will come and give you the answer and allow you to find Me. "Prophecies shall cease..." One day, all this exchange of words won't be necessary anymore between us. We're headed for a higher level of communication!

There is nothing that could be anywhere near as important as My time with you, My communications with you. It can mean the difference between spending the rest of your day or life in Eden or out in the wilderness... It can mean the difference between life and death. Turn on receiving mode. Welcome on the heavenly wavelength. Sometimes I keep you on CQ for a little while. Sometimes I need to know that you really want it. I want to make sure it's not just becoming another lifeless habit for you, the way some folks turn on their radios in the morning and let it run all day sort of for background noise because they can't stand the silence. My station requires silence. It requires turning off all other background noises, thoughts and distractions that would throw you off. It's not something you can take for granted. Although you can be sure of My Presence and of the fact that I like and want to talk to you, it's a bit more than just flipping a switch. You've got to want it and have a vacuum for it. Indifference is a killer that will make it nearly impossible to receive My words. It's more than entertainment. It's more than a ritual to ensure you that you're "okay with God." Sometimes you have to work at it a bit, even if it's a gift. It's a gift for you to work with. It's a weapon you have to practice and train with, and the more you do, the more skilled you will become in using it. It’s not just a gift for your own enjoyment and gratification, but it's primarily destined to help you be a blessing to others. You could hear from Me about what you could do to "make their day." As long as you've got plenty of time, it's relatively easy to take time to hear from Me. But the real test & crunch comes when you're busy and occupied with many ongoing projects. This is where you're going to have to prove and show just how important My time with you really is for you, whether it really ranks top priority. You've got to continue spending your time with Me, no matter how many projects there are to tackle, or how much responsibility rests on your shoulders. Only once you call on Me and seek My face can you be sure that the option chosen will be My option and preference, and only thus can you advance and move full steam ahead in My direction and in My power. "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man," but only finding out for sure which is My preferred way for you to take, and which is My particular highest will for this situation will lead you to the desired results. Here with Me is where you find the true diamonds. Those earthly diamonds that people shed all that blood over are only an illustration of My beautiful and everlasting gems, My truths which I reveal unto you, which last forever. The Enemy fights very hard in order to stop them from ever getting into the hands of the people. He doesn't want them to be rich or profit from them, he wants them to remain paupers. Poor people are easier to enslave and govern, you know. The times you fail to spend with Me and to hook up with Me in the spirit drive home the importance and the need for doing it. People who don't know about stopping everything to hear from Me just go on & on & on in their feverish activities, beating the air without ever really hitting the mark. Missing the mark is sin. That's why there's so much sin in the world: they never take time to listen and focus on Me, Who could prevent them from missing the mark over & over again. The spirit of prophecy is the true testimony that gives witness of Me in the right spirit and in the right way, and is thus the factor of truth that makes the Enemy really mad at you and declares you as his real and true enemies (see Rev.12:17, 19:10). The spirit of prophecy is My living testimony in you that marks you as the few who are a real potential danger and threat to him. You are his opponents for real. All the others don't really know what they're doing, don't even really know for sure who's side they're on sometimes, much less how to fight properly. The spirit of prophecy is what paints the true picture for you. Only by spending time with Me and having Me explain to you what's happening, can you really let anyone else know what's happening, too. The spirit of prophecy is the true pulse of things. It enables you to read the signals properly. The spirit of prophecy enables you to bear My true testimony. You become My living Word by receiving My living Word. You become prophets, mouth pieces of God and of the truth in this world. You tell and show the world where it's really at, because you're seeing things the way I show you they are, without allowing your views to be tainted by worldly and carnal opinions. As long as you use that gift, it can always pull you back to the ground of My true Reality, away from the delusion the Enemy tries to create in your minds. When you don't know whether an idea is from Me or whether it's good or not, that's when you can ask Me &

find out! That's what the weapon of prophecy is for. I don't leave you clueless. You may be clueless up until the point you ask Me about it, but once you do, everything can change. In that "New York Minute" when you come to ask Me anything, everything can change! This life-line with Me is the thing that's keeping you alive spiritually, that keeps your faith alive and that keeps you from dying. That's why coming to Me is not merely a pretty good thing to do, it's what you must do, if you're intending to stay alive! Prophecy is as vulnerable as its vessel. Your gift of prophecy is a vulnerable thing which you need to protect from the negative influences of the Enemy. You can't just take for granted that it will always work flawlessly, just as you can't expect your equipment to always work flawlessly. That would mean it were perfect, but as Paul said, "Prophecies shall fail... for now we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect shall come, then that which is in part shall be done away" (1Cor.13:8-10). The Real Thing is Me, the whole of Me, not just that part of Me called prophecy. You cannot just cling to any part of the elephant as the whole thing... Listening is one of the greatest services you can render, both listening to Me and listening to others. One of the greatest services you can render to each other is to give each other space and room and silence and time to listen to Me. You must allow each other to live, by allowing each other to listen to Me. The amount you receive is determined by your spiritual hunger, which is diminished by the amount of other input you feed your mind with... The less you snack on those other "goodies," the more you will hunger for My pure milk and proper meat. The more of a conscious effort you make to really focus and stay focused on Me, the clearer My messages to you will become, the more strength and energy they'll give you, the more faith you'll develop, and the more your doubts will disappear. The more you disallow your mind to become distracted, the more clearly you will hear My voice throughout the day. When listening to Me becomes more than a chore, more than just one more thing to do on your schedule of routines, but when it becomes all that matters to you, all you live for, the most important thing, then you realize what it means, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word which proceedeth out of the mouth of God," and you'll know what I meant by telling My disciples, "I have meat that ye know not of... to do the will of My Father in Heaven" (John 4:32,34). When all you care about is My will and if there's anything else I might have to say to you, then I can really use you. The quality and quantity of My resources don't diminish, but they improve, gain and progress with your increasing ability to absorb and process what I'm giving you. Not only do you become clean through the outpouring of My Words to you, but you grow through them, your spiritual equipment and "pipes" are improved and enhanced, and it's truly a noticeable development. That "little strength" you have is your receptivity to My signal, which is relatively weak and quiet, compared to all the blaring noisy signals the Enemy is sending out into the world, and it does require a certain skill to stay tuned to My signal. You may have to dig a little deeper in order to find more precious gold & jewels from My mines and from My mind at times. Just because you've learned to mine them, doesn't necessarily mean that it's always going to be equally easy, or that the flow is constant. Even the mighty river has periods of more or less water. Sometimes you've got to show a greater desire and show just how much you really want it, and that you want Me and My input above anything else, which isn't the case all of the time. Sometimes you're simply more interested in other things... There's still much for Me to show and teach you and reveal to you, but the question is, are you ready for it? Do you really want it? Are you hungry for it? I'm not interested in becoming a habit or ritual for you. I like to satisfy you and fulfill and make you happy, but there's got to be a certain hunger and vacuum. Most of My children aren't interested in communicating with Me, and at times that's the reason why I'm not about to say much to them, either. I am not the Author of confusion, but am always willing and able to bring back some light into the misty and dark confusion the Enemy is trying to create. Even if you can't see clearly, at least you can hear My comforting voice, letting you know that I'm right beside you and with you and that everything's going to be alright.

A lot of churches don't seek Me for My new and living words, but they're building their lives on the writings of a man (Paul) - however divinely inspired they may have been - who lived 2000 years ago, oblivious to the fact that the same God who inspired him 2000 years ago is still alive and talking today. They aren't ware of the fact that I'm still speaking today, but feeding nearly entirely off the food I gave millennia ago. My heavenly guidance and input is the only thing that can keep your vision clear and pure of any of that dark and negative input from the Enemy about each other, the world, and just about everything. Only I can give you the input you need to help you be grateful for life in spite of the black, gloomy picture the Enemy likes to draw of everything. I'm giving you My positive input and incentive for the day, and then it will be up to you whether you will allow the Enemy to steal that positive view and outlook on things from your minds, whether you'll allow him to get you to doubt it or forget it altogether, or whether you manage to stick to it, cling to it, believe it, act on it and remember it. I ignite the flame. It's your job to keep the fire burning and keep it warm and hot so its radiance will fill My whole house. I need you to listen to Me. I need you to get things clear, to get My vision for the future clearly and make it your own. I need you to take heed. I can't have you running around being really busy with little projects here and there while I'm wrestling for your attention in order to convey to you My latest battle instructions. Something new is happening, and I want you to pay attention. I'd like to get your full attention, and the kind of reverence that shows Me that nothing else matters to you than what I want from you. First you need to listen to My instructions, and find out what exactly I want you to do, before you can obey. You need to agree with Me first, and with My will for you, before you can say "Yes Sir" and go out and do it. You need to comprehend fully what it is I want you to do. Don't worry about whatever little things here & there you could be accomplishing right now. First I want you to listen wholeheartedly. It's time to pause from your actions and activities to pay special attention to what I want from you next. You’ve got to be firm about what you want, and keep insisting that you will receive. I do want to speak to you, communicate with you. You can’t be passive about it. The drawing is your action, the part that you do. You’ve got to be determined about it, take it by faith that I always love to communicate with you, and then act on that faith. You’ve got to make it happen; start typing and believe… take that first step into the unknown. It’s not that I am tired or don’t “feel” like talking, nor are My mood or My state in any way affected by circumstances. You’ve got to make the initial effort of the drawing first! You draw on My Spirit, and it initiates the process of getting My heavenly machinery and engines to work for you. Have a little faith in Me! Have a little trust in Me, that I won’t give you a snake or a rock for an egg or bread… I give you good food. Hearing from Me does not only consist of the actual receiving of My words, but it should also include a time of prayer, of digesting the spiritual food and input I’ve given you… of praising Me, and thanking Me for it, and asking Me to show you ways to implement what I’ve given you! Nothing’s going to cheer you up or light up your view on things as much and as effectively as My voice, My Word, and My glimpses of Heaven that I show you. Get organized in My Spirit, bathing issues and matters before you in prayer, meditating about them, listening for the whispers of My Spirit about them to fill in the blanks and give you any warnings and nudges when you’re about to forget something important, or you’re heading in a wrong direction. Find out where it’s at by tuning in to Me and following the trail of My Spirit. Come, dig for My heavenly jewels & treasures… for what I have to give to you! Come and seek Me so that I may let you find Me! You may not consider what you’ve got a treasure right now, but when all things shall be revealed, it will fall like scales off your eyes as to what it really is you’ve got, and you’ll feel ashamed for your tendencies to take for granted this gift I have given you. If you were not to receive those glimpses of how I see things, then you would never fulfill your destiny that I have in store for you. You would continue to look down at the hole, at the circumstances, at everything that seems to stop you from ever achieving anything.

Your authority and anointing lie in My words to you, not in anything you may have done. The true power and proof of divine authority was not in young David’s voice, harp skills, nor any of his other skills – although his boldness to defy lions, bears and giants were certainly a manifestation of My Spirit in Him and a result of his strong faith – but it lay in his gift of prophecy as evident in the Psalms. It’s not the gift that matters, nor the one to whom it is given, it is only My Word, and the fact that I have spoken it, and the extent to which you believe in it and put your faith in it and act on it and obey it that counts. The secret still lies in the whispers, that still small voice that the majority of the world doesn’t pay attention to. It’s not a big and obviously miraculous thing, it’s not a big sensation that attracts everyone’s attention, it’s just My quiet voice you carry with you. David had a much greater impact on the world through the lyrics of his Psalms than he had through any other feats of his. It was the still, small, quiet voice of the whispers of My Spirit and truth, that echoed throughout history in a more lasting, persisting and powerful way than any of his great an mighty feats. I may be guiding another person in a different direction, to do what they ought to, but you have to go by what I lay on your heart, personally. There’s really only one right answer to the problem, one correct solution to the riddle and the equation, and that is to come to Me about it and ask Me what you should do. By this I am honored, and I will honor your faith in return by helping you out and showing you what to do and how to fix the situation; whether the fault really lies with the other person, or to what degree it lies with you, what kind of an attitude to take on accordingly, etc. I have created life as a complicated series of riddles the answers to which you won’t find so easily without Me. Try and solve them without Me, and you’ll have problems. Ask Me to help you, and you’ll fare well. I’m your No.1 Communication Partner, your Central Exchange Point of Communication. I am the Broadcasting Station that makes all good and true communication possible in the first place, and without using Me as the Central Exchange, the Main Pivot and Axis on which all your other communication hinges and turns, it isn’t really much more than a bunch of hot air. If people wanted communion with Me, they could have it. You get what you ask for and have the faith for. The world is in such a mess because they lack the truth and love that a healthy connection with Me would give them. So, by showing folks how they can connect with Me, you may not be erasing all problems instantaneously, but you’re giving each one of them a cure and a remedy that won’t let them down, once they learn how to avail themselves of it. It’s like supplying folks with generators, an unlimited source of free energy. The only chance of success you’ve got is becoming so skilled in the art of using this weapon yourself, that they’ll be impressed and convinced that indeed it may be worth a try. All your doubts and all the Enemy’s negative energy can be blown away with that invisible, light-weight perpetual power generator you carry with you at all times. And the more you use it, the more enthusiastic about it you’ll get, and pretty soon you won’t be able to stop yourself from convincing others to try it out, too. If you avail yourself of it, they’ll see its effects in your life, and soon enough, they’ll want it, too. Remember to come to Me when you don’t know what to do. Don’t just keep going through the motions. Don’t let your life be directed by whims. Allow Me to give you a steady and clear vision for each day to pass on and convey to others. The trick is in remembering what I’m telling you. If you don’t know what to do, don’t keep going, but stop and ask Me. Take more time to be still to know that I am God, and what kind of a God I am, and what kind of desires I have and what I would like from you, what I would like for you to do, and how I would like you to do it. Take the time to check in with Me in order to avoid disappointments. Take the time to get the specifics. One factor that determines what you receive from Me, or how much, is your desperation, the strength of the vacuum you create in your heart for Me, in other words, how much you really want and need to hear from Me. When you truly need Me, I’ll always be there for you. Nothing is going to change about that. Turn your spiritual sight and hearing toward My voice, and away from all those noisy voices of the world. It takes a special effort and skill to be able to make out My voices and input from among all the System’s

roars. It is an art, something you decide you want to learn because of its utter importance, the way anybody pursues their career seriously and responsibly, because they know the survival of their family depends on it. Your job is listening to Me, and even if that job seems to be more difficult than ever with the noises of the world trying to drown Me out with more impulses and frequencies than ever, you just know you’ve got to do it, because your life depends on it. Sometimes you’ve just got to try and reach out your hands for whatever there might be there, even if you don’t feel a special vacuum inside, or an explicit desire to hear from Me. Sometimes it’s okay if all that drives you into My arms and into the position to hear from Me is the knowledge that you ought to do it, and that it’s the best you can do regardless of what you feel like. You’ve got to make a little effort and stretch out your hands of faith to receive. You’ve got to do a little bit of pumping and drawing. The decisive factor still remains your hunger and desire for My input, and if it’s not there, then that doesn’t mean that I have forsaken you, but is probably an indication that you have tried to satiate that hunger with other things, or you’re simply tired of drawing input from Me. Whatever happens to be most important to you, you manage to make time for, and if you really want to hear My voice, you will. The Enemy is trying to convey to you that spirit of resignation and “What’s the use?” Your vessel seems a little cracked, and you don’t seem to be able to hold the water I would pour into you as well as you used to, and so you figure, “Well, why should I make an effort then at all, to receive any?” But a true spirit of refusing to give up would be to continue to draw down My input into your vessel, even if there’s only a fraction left of it, knowing that even a little bit of My life-giving water is better than none at all… Some things time will resolve, as long as you keep your spiritual eyes & ears open for My input. I may not always show you everything you need to know immediately, but “Time will do the talking.” You’re not supposed to know the answer to everything from scratch. Folks are supposed to know you’re in the same boat with them, the only difference being that you have that hot wire with Me by which I can reveal to you answers to certain problems. You’ve got that magic lamp of My living words, which can solve problems for you as they arise. It doesn’t create a problem-free path for you, but solves them as you go and as you confront them.

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