Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción English Pedagogy Teaching Practice

School: Date of lesson: Time of lesson: Length of lesson: Preservice Teacher’s name: Isamar Toledo C.

Class: 8º grade Number of SS: 25

Main Aim: At the end of the lesson students will be able to name and identify different food in a daily context. Orally. Type: is a checking activity.

Learning outcome:  Students will show and name different food like tuna salad, onion soup, etc. 

Reference to Planes y Programas (Obj. Fundamentales, Contenidos Mínimos Obligatorio, Aprendizaje Esperado): ……………………………………………………………… Exponent(s) : “………………………..” “ He’s my father/ brother/ grandfather ” “She’s my mother/ sister/ grandmother”

Assumed Knowledge: He/ she

Target Language: ( Linguistics items use, meaning, form) PR+ vb to be + posesive adj+ family name Personal pronouns: he/ she Verb to be simple present singular form Posesive adj :my Family vocab: father, mother, sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother

etc LEAD-IN (max 5 min) Introduce lesson topic( video. etc) “He’s my father” Meaning: he’s my father associado a una representacion de un hombre como parte de uina familia .Ss-Ss. el progenitor de un niño/niña USE ( function) Name /introduce family members FORM: grammar. Feedback. realia. etc) PRESENTATION (meaning +use+ form) (max 10 min) Teach. cancion. picture. realia. CCQs. flashcards.Anticipated Linguistic Problems Aids Th father He’s Adapted from University of Sussex Stages Procedure What I am going to do What Students are going to do What I am going to say Instructions. pronunciation . Contractiions. structure. modelling. gestures.etc Skill Time (min) Interaction T-Ss. show the language to be learnt ( video.

from controlled to freer practice) (15-20 min) PRODUCTION (demonstration of learning) Students show family poicture and say He’s my father / she’s my mother” (10 min) POST LESSON COMMENTS: Did the Ss learn what you taught them? How did the planning turn out? What happened ? why? If you had to teach this lesson again.PRACTICE Minimum 3 graded activities. what would you change? Why? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ gsj/2013 .

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