V1) In my opinion, this is one of the most comforting verses in the Bible.

God, who knows the end from the beginning(see Isaiah !"1#), who already knew abo$t the e%istence of sin in the $niverse even before it e%isted and provided a way to deal with it(&ee 'omans 1!"()), still decided to create the world in which we live. Is not this $nmistakable evidence that God loves h$manity* +ven the death of ,is own &on -es$s co$ld not hold ,im back from creating the world in which h$mans live. V() .rom what it looks like, the earth was some type of mass in which there was no light, b$t in which there was water. /he &pirit of God was said to move $pon the face of the waters. &o at this point, it is seen that there are at least two members of the Godhead. 0ne 1erson is God, and the other 1erson is the &pirit of God. .rom -ohn 1"123, we know that there are three, the third being the 4reator -es$s, even tho$gh it may not be e%plicitly mentioned in this chapter. V32)) /he first day, God called light into e%istence and light e%isted. /hen, God separated the light from the darkness and declared the light to be day and the darkness to be night. /his is what God created on the first day. V!25) 0n the second day, God created the firmament, which he also called heaven, or in other words, God created the sky and separated it from the water. 6eep in mind that God never creates anything witho$t a definite p$rpose. V721#) 0n the third day, God created the dry land. ,e separated the waters from the dry land which ,e named earth. ,e also gave the name 8&eas9 to the waters. .or these three creation days, God spoke something into e%istence, separated it from something that was already there, and gave the creation a specific name. /o me, this is an indication that God is a God of order, classification, and organi:ation, and not conf$sion(1 4orinthians 1 "33). /h$s, God cannot be responsible for the complicated, terribly inacc$rate and conf$sing theory of evol$tion. V11213) God set the earth apart from the water, knowing that certain kinds of vegetation wo$ld not do well in s$ch an environment where there is water all the time. By far, it seems that God creates and organi:es the inanimate environment first before creating the creat$re that can thrive in that environment. /his is simply a testimony to the love of God. /his shows that God wo$ld not even create the plants witho$t providing them with an appropriate environment in which they can live and thrive. V1 217) 0n the fo$rth day of creation, God created the lights in the firmament so that ,is creation may disting$ish between night and day, and so that the earth wo$ld have definite periods of light and darkness. /hey were also to be indicators for the days of the week and the seasons of the year. God desired the s$n, or the greater light, to r$le d$ring what we know as the day time, while the lesser light, or what we know as the moon, was to r$le d$ring what we know as the night time. God also created stars to help with providing light d$ring the night. If I $nderstand correctly, when God created these lights for the firmament, they were not a$tomatically in the firmament where ,e wanted them. I say this beca$se verse 1; says that God set the lights in the firmament. 4ontin$ing on with the idea that God creates an ideal environment before creating creat$res to live in the environment, one can anticipate what type of creat$res wo$ld come ne%t within the creation process. /he creat$res wo$ld have to be the kind that f$nction best with a day2night cycle in which there is a distinct contrast between the intensity of light d$ring a twenty2fo$r ho$r period. /he creat$res wo$ld also be able to benefit from the e%istence of the vegetation that was created on the third day.

V(#2(3) 0n day five of the creation, God decides to create animals that live in the sea as well as animals that can fly in the sky. If yo$ have st$died biology, yo$ sho$ld know that there are certain creat$res, both in the sea and those that fly in the sky, which have a daily cycle by which they f$nction. 4ertain birds are active d$ring the day and rest at night while other birds are active d$ring the night and rest while it is day time. /he same is tr$e of certain sea creat$res. I wo$ld vent$re to g$ess that God waited $ntil day five and onward to create animals beca$se ,e knew that those creat$res wo$ld need an environment by which they can tell when it was appropriate for them to rest(&ee Genesis 1"1 ). <ccording to verse (1, it is seen that God did not want a scanty amo$nt of creat$res to e%ist. /his can be seen thro$gh two observations. /he first observation comes from verse (1 in which the word 8ab$ndantly9 is $sed to describe the amo$nt of birds and sea creat$res which God created. /his fact makes it obvio$s that God did not want only a few animals to e%ist. 0n top of this, God desired the bodies of water to be filled with sea creat$res and for the earth to contain more birds. /herefore, instead of creating more animals, God prono$nced a blessing $pon the creat$res which allowed them to have the ability to se%$ally reprod$ce and thereby allow more creat$res of their kind to share the wonderf$l environment that their loving 4reator provided for them. By far, I can tell that God is a God of love. ,e creates the best environment for ,is creat$res to live in before ,e makes them. /his environment incl$des food, shelter, water, and indicators in the sky which can alert them as to when it is time for them to rest. In addition to this, God loves ,is creat$res to have a$tonomy. ,e gives them the ability to se%$ally reprod$ce at their own free will. /h$s, ,e provides for the environment of ,is creat$res as well as the ability for the creat$res to hold companionship in an intimate way with one another. God loves to provide ,is creat$res with both their physical and social needs. ,e also delights in giving ,is own creat$res freedom to do as they please. V( 2(!) 0n day si%, God brings land creat$res, insects, reptiles and other s$ch animals into e%istence. It is ass$med that God also gives to this class of creat$res the ability to reprod$ce beca$se some of them are still in e%istence today. God also creates man on day si% and the way that ,e creates man is different from the way ,e has created ,is other creation. God creates man in ,is image and likeness so that man resembles God. 0n top of this, God makes man in a way that is similar to ,imself in that ,e gives man a world to have dominion over, =$st like God has dominion over everything ,e has made(&ee 1salm 1#3"((). By this I can see that God is an $nselfish and impartial giver. ,e gives both male and female creation dominion over the earth. It does not seem that God has a favorite gender amongst h$mans. ,e gives both male and the female the d$ty to have dominion over the earth. God also blesses the co$ple and gives them instr$ctions to do other things than se%$ally reprod$ce. /his lets me know something abo$t the character of God. &ince God made man in ,is image, man m$st have similar character traits to the character traits that God has. /herefore, since man does not have the task of procreating only, I know that God has more interests and d$ties than creation alone. God does not have an indifferent attit$de when it comes to ,is creation. It is not like God created the creat$res made in ,is image =$st so they can procreate. ,e desires $s to make more h$mans. ,e wants $s to fill the earth with more reso$rces thro$gh gardening and taking care of the environment. God also wants $s to take care of the other creat$res so that all of ,is creation may thrive. .rom this I learn that God delights in taking care of ,is creat$res and providing for them. God ordained $sef$l labor so that ministering to the environment wo$ld be a reg$lar part of man>s life.

V(;) ?an is e@$al with woman. Both man and woman were created in the image of God. /herefore, one se% of the h$man race is an incomplete representation of the image of God. God has masc$line characteristics(&ee ( &am$el ;"1 ) as well as feminine characteristics(&ee ?atthew (3"3;). /h$s, a holy and healthy marriage is a representation of God>s character. v(5) God prono$nces a blessing on both the man and the woman and tells them to reprod$ce. ,e also instr$cted them to take care of the land and animals. /h$s God gave the man and the woman a way to satisfy their physical and social needs thro$gh $sef$l labor and companionship with one another. V(7) /his verse indicates the diet chosen by the 4reator for the h$mans ,e has made. /herefore, with the condition that the earth was c$rrently in at that point, one can tell that fr$it2bearing trees and seed2 prod$cing plants s$pplied all of the n$trients that man re@$ires to provide for the needs of his body. God tells both the man and the woman that they are at liberty to eat every fr$it2bearing tree and every seed2prod$cing plant. God never creates something that wo$ld harm man or degrade man. In God>s original plan, God saw that man needed a wide variety of food choices, water, companionship, healthy air, s$nlight, $sef$l labor, and an indicator that wo$ld let him know when he sho$ld rest. /herefore, for man to f$nction at his ma%im$m potential, he needs a balance of those seven recently listed things in their most healthf$l form. V3#) It is interesting to note that God intended for all animals to eat any green plant that does not bear seeds or fr$its. .rom this I gather that before sin there was no s$ch thing as poisono$s or to%ic vegetation. V31) <s God looked $pon everything that ,e created, ,e was very satisfied with what ,e saw. By far, every single thing that ,e created was perfect in that it was the e%act way that ,e wanted it to be. /here was nothing wrong with the way that God created this world. <ll life on this earth had been provided to satisfy each creat$re physically and socially. In concl$sion, Genesis chapter one is not =$st a boring and repetitive acco$nt of the origin of this world. /his chapter contains information that reveals to h$manity that God loves all of ,is creat$res and desires them to be happy and satisfied. God is portrayed as the 4reator who was not willing to make ,is creation that has life before ,e provided for their habitation, comfort, and needs. ,e is a 4reator who is organi:ed and delights in classification. God is 0ne who desires ,is creat$res to have optimal health physically, socially, and even spirit$ally(&ee Genesis ("123). In short, God is a 4reator who loves ,is creat$res and delights to see their needs satisfied thro$gh both a relationship with ,im and the wonders that ,is hand have wro$ght.

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