At Intaglio 2014 - IIM CALCUTTA
“The only place where poverty should be is in museums”
- Muhammad Yunus
The world today is progressing at a tremendous pace, in leaps and bounds. Every country is traveling on a highway, on the highway to success, one that would take us all to a better tomorrow. But just like on a highway, where there are small vehicles as well as giant trucks, some countries are weak developing economies while others are advanced economies, the economic super-powers of today. Yes, while in the last decade, the reins of world economic growth have moved from the developed countries to the developing countries, the growth story is only half-told. A significant majority of people in the developing countries still live under abject poverty. There indeed is increased focus on technology and innovation, but the fruits of economic development have reached only to a select few, thereby increasing the chasm between the rich and the poor day by day. It is only unfair that so many people in this world are forced to live an under-privileged life. Several Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) across the world have been working tirelessly to develop solutions to address the most important problems faced by humanity in

whose experience in the field could provide valuable insights to the participants. Rural/Semi-Urban Development (Includes whole gamut of sectors such as 2. a Pan-Asian competition. for the purpose of his/her project. 7. the event provides the participants with a platform to showcase their endeavor to a larger audience comprising of Corporates . 6. 4.with an ability to shape decisions made at the grassroots level and Academicians . . Entry into the event is open only to individuals. as one human race. 5. Inclusive growth and alternative development models are becoming increasingly popular and are capturing the imagination of the young generation. Post-graduate or PhD programs. About Antyodaya “Antyodaya”. A team cannot apply. It ensures a cooperative rather than a competitive environment for the finalists during their stint at IIM Calcutta. Applicants from all over the world are encouraged to apply with the only restriction that their work SHOULD be based out of Asian countries. should have undergone first-hand experience of working in one of the following focus areas: 1.this century. so that our world can progress as one entity. The applicant. The need of the hour is to unite and come together for a concerted effort on eradicating poverty. who have graduated within the last 2 years (not before 2011). The applicant should have actively worked with an organization working in one of the focus areas described above. The event boasts of a rich legacy of participants who have gone on to provide truly innovative solutions addressing some of the key challenges faced by developing countries. In its 4th edition. Experts in the field .capable of taking the efforts to the next level as a part of their CSR initiatives. The vision of the event is to promote solutions for those at the Bottom of Pyramid. Education/Healthcare/Sanitation/Livelihood opportunities) Women Empowerment Projects targeted towards the under-privileged segments of the society Rehabilitation Programs Renewable Energy Waste Management Environmental Issues Sustainable Urban Planning 8. 3. is a unique event which aims to reward Indian and foreign students who have been working in the social sector in Asia. Eligibility The event is open to students as well as alumni of Graduate.

financial analysis. The template for the final presentation will be shared with the shortlisted candidates. covering all aspects of the project. (expected) impact/achievement) 5.iimcal. 4. experts from the social sector and academicians. The project should fall under one of the focus areas described above. 3. Each of the participants would be required to make a comprehensive presentation. The file should be named as “Antyodaya_Participant’s Name”. methodology and time required to complete the modules. Concept Feasibility Innovativeness / Originality of Idea Social Impact Depth of Analysis (implementation plan. The submissions have to be sent to antyodaya@email. The submission should adhere to the following guidelines: 1. It should be in PowerPoint format.Rules The event comprises 2 rounds as detailed below. with the subject line as “Antyodaya_Participant’s Name”. 2. 4. There should be a maximum of 10 slides excluding the cover slide and one slide with the participant’s the participants would be assigned mentors from among Experts in social sector who can be contacted for review purposes. Round 2 (On-campus Final Round) 1. . 3. The presentations will be evaluated on the following criteria: 1. methodology and impact of the work along with tentative timelines. The finalists will present to an eminent panel comprising of corporates. Financials analysis may also be discussed. 4. Clarity and Communication Once shortlisted for Round 2. 3. 2. The presentation should clearly outline the objectives. Round 1 The participants need to send details of a current project they are working on. IIM Calcutta will verify the proofs/credentials of the project undertaken by the applicant.

Important Dates • • • Submission of project presentations for Round 1: EOD Nov POCs 1. All the finalists who appear for Round 2 will be reimbursed with travel fare and accommodation will be Participants are encouraged to contact the POCs for the please feel free to contact us on our email: antyodaya@email.Prizes • • • Best two entries will be eligible for the prizes. Padmavathy Dhillon (padmavathyd11@email. +91-9748704014) 2.000 for the runner up. Ankit Godiyal (ankitg2014@email. Vivek Kumar ( 2014 (During Intaglio 2014) Contact For any queries. +91-9163099257) The 1st prize is INR 2013 Declaration of Finalists for Round 2: Nov 30th.iimcal.000 and INR 25. +91-9804629307) 2013 Final Campus Round: Jan 3rd/4th.

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