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G.K. QUIZ – 16
1. The projected world population in 2050 is (A) 9.2 billion 2. (B) 8.2 billion (C) 8.5 billion (D) 10.10 billion

The punchline of JK tyres is (A) Never tires (B) Total control (C) Born Tuff (D) Grip the road


The adline “Flying the kids on a vacation to Goa Rs. 38,000 ________ an album full of memories: priceless. Fill in the blank from the given credit card options. (A) Visa Credit Card (B) Master Card (C) American Express (D) Citibank Card


Fortune, Warrior, Windsor, Perfect, are famous brands from (A) Grasim (B) Raymonds (C) Liberty (D) action


“Nobody delivers Kerala Better” is a catchline of (A) Kerela Tourism (B) Malyala Manorma (C) Sagar Ratna (D) Dasaprakash


IPTV is (A) Indo-Pak Television (C) Interent Protocol Television

(B) Internet Producer Television (D) Internet Pad for Transmission Variables


Which Fortnightly magazine is celebrating its 15 year? (A) India Today (B) Business World

(C) Business Today

(D) Fortune


When claimed his 700 wicket, Shane Warne dismissed (A) Yuvraj Singh (B) Inzman-ul-Haq (C) Shaun Pollock (D) Andrew Strauss


Joseph Barbara, the creater of cartoons, passed away on Dec. 18-2006. He was well known for his creation of (A) Micky Mouse (B) Tom & Jerry (C) Pluto (D) Popayee


After the Ambanis which another business group is now heading for a split (A) Birlas (B) Modi (C) Bajaj (D) Tata


“Success keeps you away from home” is an adline of a product from the UB group, identify (A) Kingfisher (C) McDowell No. 1 (B) Kalyani Black Label (D) Signature


Which Indian automobile company is planning to equip its cars with “immobilizing chip” (to prevent theft) before they roll out for sales (A) Maruti (B) Ford (C) Mahindra & Mahindra (D) Tata


Renowned B-School IIM has recently started a program PMP i.e. Public Management and Policy, we are talking of (A) IIM-A (B) IIM-B (C) IIM-C (D) IIM-K


Fill the correct option: She is a Sikh religious leader and now ________ Ambassador to India. (A) Philippines’ (B) Canada’s (C) New Mexico’s (D) Tanzania’s

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Top Careers & You


From the given options, identify the bank which is seeking qualified full banking status in Singapore. This is for mobilising retail deposits and setting up ATMs. (A) Bank of Baroda (C) Syndicate Bank (B) Canara Bank (D) State Bank of India


Which Australian bowler surpassed Wasim Akram’s record of 55 wickets in the 2007 World Cup? (A) Glen McGrath (B) Jenson Gillispie (C) Bret Lee (D) Bracken


How many runs did Jaysurya make in the first match that Lanka played against the Aussies in 2007 the World? (A) 116 (B) 115 (C) 117 (D) 114


In Nepal, who is the chairman of Nepalese Maoist? (A) Madhav Kumar (B) Prachanda (C) G.P. Koirala (D) None of these


Find the odd one out (A) Saab (B) Elentra (C) Pontiac (D) Tavera


A foreign travel card, “Vishwa Yatra” was launched by (A) SBI (C) ICICI Bank (B) Bank of Baroda (D) Kotak Mahindra Bank


Famous personality, Amulya Reddy passed away in 2006. He was a (A) Film Actor (B) Dress Designer (C) Scientist (D) CEO of a Bank


The name Adlabs is associated with (A) Lintas (B) O&M (C) Reliance Industries (D) Nexus


Al-Naay a vertical flute is employed in (A) Western music (C) Arabian music (B) Indian Classical Music (D) Chinese music


Kushagra Bajaj is the CEO of (A) Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd (C) Fortune Hotels (B) Bajaj Hindustan (D) Bharat Hotels


The Birla group was initially formed by (A) Ghanshyam Das Birla (C) Kumarmanglam Birla (B) Aditya Birla (D) Shiv Narain Birla


Spice Systems Ltd has decided to sell its 48.28 per cent stake to which of the following company. (A) IBM (B) HCL (C) Mcorp global (D) Hewlett Packard


Recently, the Bombay High Court has ruled an important judgement regarding insurance policies. From the given options, find the correct statement (A) Insurance policies cannot be traded (B) Insurance polices can be traded and assigned (C) Insurance policies can be discontinued only with the permission of High Court. (D) Insurance policy cannot be discontinued once you buy them.


Recently, a country has decided to launch a private bank exclusively for millionaires, which country it is

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Top Careers & You
(A) United States of America (C) UAE 29. ‘Thinking Ahead” is a punchline of (A) ICICI Securities (C) HDFC Children’s Plan 30. Who’s quote is this,


(B) Italy (C) China

(B) ICICI Discover (D) LIC Gold

“The apex court’s stay on OBC quota is a legal matter which would be decided by experts. HRD Ministry does not have any opinion different from the quota law passed by the parliament” (A) Arjun Singh (C) L.K. Advani (B) Ram Vilas Paswan (D) Prakash Karat

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Top Careers & You


1. 9. 17. 25. (A) (B) (B) (D) 2. 10. 18. 26. (B) (C) (B) (C) 3. 11. 19. 27. (B) (D) (B) (B) 4. 12. 20. 28. (C) (A) (A) (D) 5. 13. 21. 29. (B) (A) (C) (A) 6. 14. 22. 30. (C) (C) (C) (A) 7. 15. 23. (C) (D) (C) 8. 16. 24. (D) (A) (B)

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