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M/S. Green Build Concre !A"" #INDIA$ P%&.

import I/Industrial

"&d. ' 3 '()/*/C/2'+ Ground Floor+ Ne,r Po-& G,nd/i N,0,r+ H1der,2,d 344 454.
production activity undertaken by the firm/company and with reference to their endorsement in

requirement for the Capital Good(s) with respect to their nexus with the pre production/production/post !icense/I"# as mentioned in $%ayaat &iryaat 'orm and I hereby certify that the Capital Good(s) proposed to be imported under "(CG havin) I"C number cheme by

M/S. Green Build Concre !A"" #INDIA$ P%&. "&d.

is/are required for use at

0911022503 and (%& number AAECG5049G FT001

the pre production/production/post production sta)e for manufacture of the export product(s)/renderin) service(s) as per the details )iven below*+ '. N,6e+ Model Nu62er ,nd Tec/nic,l De-cri7&ion o. &/e C,7i&,l Good #-$

Wire Straightening Machine 04mm-L =6000mm; Welding Mesh Machine; Feeding Bench for Wires 02mm to 4mm; Stacker Mesh Machine; Welding & ssem!ling "anels Machine; #$tting Mesh Machine L=4000mm; Bending Mesh Machine L=4000mm; %lectronic S&ot Welder; B$tt Welder Machine; "ol'st'rene #$tting Machine; ssem!ling( #ommissioning( %)*+& S,F-W .%/ 0no1ho12( M )3 LS( # BL%S & S M"L% W4.% F,. M%S5
2. 9u,n&i&1 re:uired ;i&/ <u-&i.ic,&ion &/ereo. 8 , set of teel &et -alls #akin) machines 8 * .his unit will (roduce ,/00 m/ of teel &et -all (anels per shift of 1 hours 8 8 8 'or the manufacture of teel &et -alls : with latest technolo)y for export purpose. 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 In the construction of speciali2ed Green 3uild structures demandin) "arth 4uake resistance5 fire retardant5 sound proof5 time savin)5 easy installation5 li)ht wei)ht6

. 3. E=7or& 7roduc&- /Ser%ice-8 rendered &o ;/ic/ Capital: Good(s) is/are related *. End u-e o. C,7i&,l Good-#-$ .or e=7or&$8 7roduc&#- ,nd &/e 8 -&,0e ;/ere ,nd /o; &o 2e u-ed 3. S&e7;i-e Proce--/Flo; C/,r&

Straightening of Hot dipped, gal ani!ed, "in# #oated Steel $ire

C%tting the $ire to desired si!es

Feeding the $ires thro%gh &en#hes s%pported '( Tra(s

Aligning for for)ation of )esh and $elding

Rearrange for t$o la(ers of )esh d%l( $elded indi id%all(

C%t the *+panded ,ol(st(rene (*,S) &lo#-s to desired si!e

.nsert the #%t to si!e *+panded ,ol(st(rene (*,S) &lo#-s 'et$een the t$o )eshes

/se a%to)ated $elding )a#hine to #onne#t at 01 2oints of the panels thro%gh *,S Sheets there '( )a-ing one single panel3 Re#onne#t s%#h single panels for )a-ing Load 'earing 4o%'le ,anels

,anels are read( to 'e transported/shipped to desired destinations for on $ard Green &%ild Constr%#tion pro2e#ts3

About Steel Net Wall:

The system is composed of a factory produced panel of undulated (wave shaped) expanded polystyrene (EPS) covered both sides by a electro welded, zinc coated (galvanised hot dipped) s!uare mesh, which in turn connected by "# connectors per m$ realizing, a % dimensional hyper static reinforcement steel& S'()E*T +E'T,-ES '*. S/STE0 PE-+1-0'*2E 1+ Steelnet 3'((S4 ()56T 0'TE-)'( $&E'S/ T1 )*ST'(( 7+'ST 21*ST-,2T)1* %&+)-E -ES)ST'*T "&E*E-5/ E++)2)E*T 8&(13E- ,T)()T/ 21STS 9&E'-T6:,';E -ES)ST'*T <&=E-S'T)(E >+(E?)@(E .ES)5* A&ST1-0S -ES)ST'*T B&S,PE-)1- ST-E*5T6 ,*):,E STEE(*ET 3'(( (21*2-E3'(() 5-EE* @,)(. >-E.,2ES @,)(.)*5 T)0E @/ 8# C Steel net wall (concrewall), is an industrial system for the construction of structural walls of reinforced concrete for buildings in single panel up to four stories, 5D%, and theoretically unlimited stories in double panel 7 eventual limitation derived solely after verification in accordance with the @uilding 2odes& 'ssembling 7The panels are assembled on site and in situ poured concrete (double panel, floors, stairs) and shot created concrete (single panel) to realise the different elements of the systemE =ertical structural wallsF 6orizontal structural elementsF 2ladding elementF )nternal walls&