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UVA Applied Linguistics Task 1. What am I talking about?

? It refers to the process or result of learning a particular aspect of a language, and ultimately the language as a whole. A term used in the grammatical classification of words to refer to a heterogeneous group of items whose most frequent function is to specify the mode of action of the verb. An application of the general sense of this term in Linguistics,and especially in Sociolinguistics and Stylistics,to refer to a linguistic variety or form which is considered suitable or possible in a given social situation. The collective term for the types of formative that can be usd only when added to another morpheme (the root or stem). In Linguistics,the influence of this school of psychology (the study of observable and measurable behavior)has been most marked in the work of the American linguist Leonard Bloomfield.It can be sen in the Bloomfieldian insistence on rigorous discovery procedures,and most notably in his behaviourist account of meaning in terms of observable stimuli and responses made by participants in specify situations. Refers to an approach to grammatical analysis devise by the American linguist Charles Fillmore in the late 1960s,within the general orientation of Generative grammar. ... A branch of Linguistics where the primary concern is the application of linguistic theories,methods and findings to elucidation of language problems which have arisen in other areas of experience. Complete these definitions correctly. DIRECT METHOD Teaching an additional language refernce to or use of the students first or other languages,in particular without translation. COLLOCATION A frequent .of words,for example, provide assistance. GRAMMAR-TRANSLATION The teaching of an additional language through the learning of . and vocabulary lists,and the written translation of graded invented sentences. LINGUISTICS The academic discipline concerned with the study of language in ...... . NATURAL APPROACH Language teaching without explanation, grading or correction of . ,but only presentation of meaningful input. SECOND-LANGUAGE ACQUISITION (SLA) How people acquire an additional language,often studied by means of an ..of errors they make. ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES (ESP). English teaching which focuses upon the language and skills needed for particular jobs (English for Occupational Purposes (EOP) )or for particular fields of study (English for Academic Purposes (EAP)).