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17 - 19 February, Fourth International

Renewable Energy Conference (IREC),

UNFCCC SNEC Wind New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, India
Pre- Power
Expo Shanghai 31 May - 11 June, UNFCCC Meeting of
Negotiations Subsidiary Bodies
Bonn 8th Conference on Sports
and Environment, Vancouver
8 - 19 November, Sixteenth Conference of
the Parties to the UNFCCC and Sixth
Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto

G-20 Meetings, World Health Meeting of the ad hoc Expert Group Major Economies Forum on 28 November - 9 December,
London Day on Biodiversity and Climate Change, Helsinki, Finland Energy and Climate - Preparatory
Seventeenth Conference of ohe Parties to
Talks, Washington
The UNFCCC and Seventh Meeting of the
Parties to the Kyoto Protocol
30th Session of the Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change (IPPC), Africa Green Business Summit,
Nairobi Kenya
Antalya, Turkey

3 - 14 June, UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies

Inaugural Green The Athens Summit: World Economic Forum on the Europe And Central Asia Network Meeting, Yerevan, Armenia (Talks on Refrigeration) Eighth Meeting of the Asia Forest Partnership -
World 17th Session of the Commission on Climate Migratory Bird Day 11 - 22 November, Conference of the
Press Star Awards, On the Road to Copenhagen Middle East. Dead Sea, Jordan REDD and Combating Illegal Logging, Bali, Indonesia
Change, New York Parties to the UNFCCC
Freedom (Focus on Africa, Agriculture, Drought Brussels International Seoul Climate Change Expo
Day and Desertification) World Environmental Education Congress, Montreal, Canada C40 Large Cities Climate Summit
Day of Families UN
Conference of Parties to the Stockholm Convention on POPS, Geneva Climate Investment Funds meetings, Washington European Solar Days AMCEN Special Session on Climate Change Peacekeepers'
All Energy Fair, UK ASEAN and Korea Summit
UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD17), New York

G8 Science and 1st Asia-Europe Ministerial Conference

World Land World Economic Forum on Refugee Global Environment Facility (GEF) Council Meeting, Washington 5th Urban Research Symposium on Cities.
Local Government Climate Change Leadership Summit, World Oceans Technology Ministers
Environment Day Africa, Cape Town, South Africa on Energy Security, Brussels, Belgium Day Climate Change Focus, Marseille, France
Copenhagen Day Meeting, Lucca, Italy and
Day Desertification World Economic Forum on Green Week, Brussels 17th European Biomass Conference,
G8 Preparatory Meeting East Asia, Seoul, Korea Hamborg, Germany
and Drought Day G8 Foreign
for Finance Ministers,
High Level Meeting on the Financial Crisis, New York Meeting of the Mediterranean Commission for Royal Meteological Conference,
Venice, Italy Asian Development Bank, High Level Events on Energy and Climate Change, Philippines Ministers
Sustainable Development, Cairo, Egypt Reading, UK (Predicting Hazards,
Water Cycle, Atmospheric
Thirtieth Sessions of the UNFCCC Convention, Subsidiary Bodies, Bonn ICLEI World Congress, Canada (Connecting Leaders and Advancing Local Action ) International Energy Conference, Vienna, Austria Meeting, Composition)
Trieste, Italy

Launch of 2009 MDGs Report

G8 Summit, La Maddalena, Italy World Twenty-Ninth Open-Ended Working Group of the Parties to the GRID-Arendal
Popula- Montreal Protocol (OEWG-29) Geneva, Swirtzerland 20th
Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate, Italy tion Day Anniversary
Radiation and Climate Conference, New Hampshire, USA
29th June – 3rd July
7th Conference on Urban Climate –ICUC – 7, Yokohama, Japan UN Economic and Social Council, Geneva

Indigen- Youth Day Tunza International Children and Youth Conference, Daejeon, Korea World
eous Food
People's Day
Nairobi Work Programme: Technical Workshop on Adaptation Planning and Practices Day Global Debate on
Climate Change World Climate
(UNFCCC) UNFCCC Preliminary Talks, Bonn Germany 5th Australia-New-Zealand Climate Change and
August - September 2009 (TBC) and Global Business Conference, Melbourne, Australia
Bright Green Youth, Copenhagen, Sonderborg, Denmark

Seal the
Workshop on Forest Biodiversity UNESCO Broadcast Media South Asia Climate Change Meeting, International Conference, on Green Industry in Asia, UN Secretary 64th General CCGW Conference on Climate Change and
and Climate Change, Singapore and Climate Change Kathmandu, Nepal -General’s High Assembly, Global Warming, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Manila Climate
(REDD and other Climate Change Conference, Paris New York
Action Level Climate
Response Activities will be World Economic Forum, New Champions World Bioenergy for Vehicles and Fuels Conference Week Change Forum
Meeting, Dalian, China UNFCCC Meetings, Bangkok, Thailand
Discussed) Co2penhagen Festival Stockholm, Sweden 2nd Int. Biohydrology Conference, Bratislava, Slovakia (9th session of the AWG-KP-9 and 7th session
of the AWG-LCA)
International Energy Conference, Roskilde, Denmark 9th session of the conference of the Parties to the UNCCD, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nordic Wind Power Conference
Future Climate Conference, Copenhagen Offshore Wind Conference, Stockholm, Sweeden

Climate Change

World World Teachers' Youth Climate Change From Copenhagen Main Launch of the 2010 World UN Day
16th Lecture on Development Report on Climate European Parliament Session 43rd Meeting
Space Day 4th International Scientific and (Scouts)
Launch of World Youth Report 2009 Climate Change of the Implementation
Week Business Congress on Protecting Change, Geneva Day of
by Prof. D. Committee Under the
World Habitat Climate Change, San Paulo, Brazil 7th World Forum Of Sustainable Development, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Climate Non-compliance
Liverman, Action Sports and Youth
Day Procedure for the
Oxford University International Teachers’ Conference on Teaching (
Global Renewable Energy Forum, Leon, Mexico Climate Change and Ancient Societies Montreal Protocol
Climate Change, Denmark Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Conference, Copenhagen University

Sustainable Development

5th International Scientific and UNICEF

Business Congress on Protecting Global Environment Facility (GEF) Consultations and Council Meeting, Washington 3rd European Renewable Energy Launch of State
the Climate, Pretoria, South Africa Policy Conference, Brussels of the World 7th World Forum Of Sustainable Climate Change
Population Development, Paris, France
Conference for Intergrating Sustainable Forum,
Report 2009 Copenhagen
Montreal Protocol (MOP 21), Agriculture and Rural Development in the Green Economy
Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt Context of Climate Change and the Energy Crisis District Energy - Leading the Way to Copenhagen
Resumed Talks from the UNFCCC Sessions on 28th September in Bangkok Agadir, Marocco (DBDH)

6th International UN Events

Copenhagen Bright Green Expo South
Copenhagen Climate Exchange 2009 Scientific and Human Rights
Business day (Art, Architecture South Deadline for
Business Congress Day
on Protecting the and Trade) Co- 7 Billion Trees
Climate, Dubai operation to be Planted

Copenhagen Conference (COP15/MOP5) Special Events