Case Study: PPC

One of the most trusted names in nancial services recruitment, handling hundreds of nancial services jobs every day.

1 Used demographic options and
workplace targeting on Facebook to target speci c, relevant users.

Recruiting Facebook targeting in candidate search gives great results
Having successfully worked with bigmouthmedia‘s SEO and PPC teams since 2005, in midsummer 2008 Joslin Rowe tasked their bigmouthmedia management team to allow them to target a smaller but far more relevant audience at a low cost in order to: 1 Maximise exposure to relevant candidates 2 Assist the company in reaching its low cost candidate acquisition targets 3 Achieve a candidate CPA of less than that achieved via Google PPC advertising 4 Increase brand awareness within the nancial sector

2 Once in place clicks increased while the
average CPC decreased.

3 Improved performance on Facebook led
Joslin Rowe to increase their spend on this marketing channel by 200%.

“ After working with

Our solution
Joslin Rowe was aware that it had to increase brand recognition with candidates working in, or wishing to work in, the nancial sector. In order to address this bigmouthmedia recommended a unique course of action – speci cally targeting Facebook users based on demographic options and workplace targeting. This proved to be extremely successful, with CPA costs dropping to less than half of that seen when targeting candidates via Google. This unique concept allowed Joslin Rowe to speak directly to people working in the nancial services industry.

. . . . .

In order to achieve this, bigmouthmedia recommended that the campaign focus on several distinct demographics: age status education interests workplaces

bigmouthmedia for over 4 years on both PPC & SEO, we decided to explore the avenue of social network advertising and decided upon Facebook. We have liaised together to setup highly targeted advertising that displays our adverts to the most relevant candidates. Using this approach has seen our visitor numbers increase greatly whilst dropping the cost-per-registration dramatically.”

Sarah Burman, Events Manager & Online Marketing, Joslin Rowe

Case Study: PPC
Our solution - continued

Bigmouthmedia and Joslin Rowe worked together to compile a list of workplaces they wished to target along with other relevant alternatives which, combined with the additional criteria above, whittled the relevant UK audience down from 11 million to tens of thousands. One of the main issues was that many users are still wary of listing their speci c workplace on Facebook. In order to combat this bigmouthmedia expanded the workplace list to incorporate more generic terms in order to cover a wider section of the Facebook database – i.e. ‘barclays’ which then brought employees of several di erent sections of the Barclay’s banking institution into the frame including Barclays Personal Finance, Barclay’s Global Investors etc.


Initially the Facebook campaign was set up to target age and education to give baseline results against which to compare the more complex workplace targeting aspect of the programme. The baseline age/education targeting campaign showed very little success – as expected it was not able to adequately target potential candidates within the nancial sector speci cally. Bigmouthmedia then put the workplace demographic targeting into place in June 2008, and almost immediately clicks increased, while the average cost per click decreased.

Average cost per click and number of clicks
1.2 1,200



Average PPC spend per click (Dollars)

Average number of clicks



















Average PPC spend per click Average number of clicks

Due to the improved performance on Facebook Joslin Rowe have increased their spend on this marketing channel by 200%.

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