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commerce and many of the members of this nation had settled in America. As we have noted, Abu Bakari the elder Brother of Mansa Musa took 400 ships to America in the early 1 00!s1". The Atlantic Ocean was not a barrier for our people. We were and are Indigenous to both landmasses. #t was the Black #ndi$enous %opulations of Moors in the &est that suffered a death Blow from coloni'in$ (uropeans. Throu$hout the 1)th and 1*th centuries, while +panish, ,utch, -rench, British, and %ortu$uese .hristians were con/uerin$ indi$enous populations across the %acific and Atlantic 0ceans, #slamic Military power pushed the 0ttomans and their 1orth African +atellites 2the re$encies of Tunisia, Tripoli 34ibya5 and Al$eria6 alon$ with the 7(mpire8 of Morocco beyond the Mediterranean and as far as the walls of 9ienna and into the (n$lish .hannels 1:. This is the detailed history that has not been known by most and is at the root of the rise of (uropeans in the &estern ;emisphere. #slam was on the rise in the east in (urope and as the coloni'ers left for <Freedom of Religion, the freedom that they wanted was freedom from the oppression of .hristianity. They found this in the west throu$h interaction with the Ancient Moorish (mpire in America. Their e=pansion into the west 3(uropeans5 has buried the knowled$e of the Ancient #ndi$enous Moorish (mpire in America. 0f course history proves that some of our people were brou$ht over as slaves, however most of them were not. &e have also never considered as a people that most of the prisoners of war 2slaves6 were taken from $eo$raphical areas of the Moorish (mpire and the action of enslavin$ Moors>Muslims by the white Americans and British was and is a violation of #nternational 4aw and Treaties. Sylviane Diouf in his book er!ants of Allah" points out that nearly 60% of the captured peoples during what we call slavery were Muslims. Most of ?s have not taken in this knowled$e and perspective on the history of slavery. This is in part due to the defeatist curriculums that have been $iven to us by whites and even by some black scholars. There is much proof of the settlin$ of Black %eople from ($ypt and other empires in America prior to (uropean coloni'ation.

The Treaty of Marrakash of 1*") made between Khalif Muhammad I n ! dullah, #slamic 4eader of Moorish (mpire 2Ma$hrib6 and the ?nited +tates of America. This first pa$e contains the +eal and introductory articles of the Treaty made in @une of 1*") and later translated in 1*"*. The Arabic ori$inal A (n$lish translation protects all Muslims> Moors from enslavement. Most of the 3B)CB* D C accordin$ to +ylviane ,iouf <s book E7+ervants of Allah85 Blacks captured in the slave trade were citi'ens of #slamic 1ations>Moorish 1ations that reco$ni'ed the Fhalif of the Moorish (mpire. The enslavement of these Moors>Muslims was a violation of 1ational A #nternational law.

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