A Þ Þ L 1 I 2 L k S

Ch|s||c. A SouLh uakoLa classlc. LlghL ounces of
premlum beef frled Lo perfecuon. Served wlLh
8anch or 88C for dlpplng. 510.9S

8one or 8one|ess W|ngs. Cholce of 88C or
8anch for dlpplng. 510.9S

Sp|nach and Arnchoke D|p. Aruchoke hearLs,
splnach, garllc and cream cheese Lopped wlLh a
cheese blend. Accompanled by grllled bread.

Ch|cken Nachos. 1opped wlLh grllled chlcken,
bacon and Mozzarella. llnlshed wlLh creme
fralche, salsa and green onlons. 511.9S

Ch|cken Çuesad|||a. 1orulla ñlled wlLh chlcken
and Þepper !ack cheese. 59

1 A S 1 ¥ 1]2 Þ C U N D 8 U k G L k S
locloJes ftles, cblps ot coleslow

1he "Mob|ey". elemenLs slgnaLure burger.
Ln[oy Lhls Amerlcan classlc Lopped wlLh bacon
and Amerlcan cheese. 511.9S

88Ç 8urger. 1opped wlLh 88C sauce, smoked
Couda and onlon haysLacks. 511.9S
Add bacon $1.

8|son 8urger. uellclously lean blson pauy
served wlLh leuuce, LomaLo and onlon on a
LoasLed bun. 512.9S
Add cheese or bacon $1.

L N 1 k L L S A L A D S

Caesar. lresh LomaLo, mushrooms, eggs,
Þarmesan cheese and crouLons. 59.9S
Add chlcken breasL. $3

Chef Sa|ad. lresh LomaLo, mushrooms, eggs,
ham, crouLons and Cheddar cheese. 59.9S
Add chlcken breasL. $3

8uña|o Ch|cken. 8ed onlon, LomaLoes, 8leu
cheese dresslng. 59.9S

Lunch Soup & Sa|ad 8ar. Served Monday¬
Ir|day. 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 511.9S

8ulld your own classlc lncludlng leuuce,
cheese, LomaLoes, mushrooms and more. Soup
of Lhe day always lncludes Chlcken noodle and
Chlll. Soup du [our dally feaLures:
1uesday-Wlsconsln Cheese
Wednesday-Chlcken 1orulla
1hursday-Chlcken & Wlld 8lce
lrlday-Seafood Chowder
1 L k k I I I C S A N D W I C n L S!
locloJes ftles, cblps ot coleslow

Sp|cy 1urkey. Seasoned Lurkey breasL, bacon, sllced red
onlon, [alapenos, Þepper !ack cheese and elemenL's own
honey chlpoLle dl[on. Served on LoasLed wheaL. 59.9S

Vegg|e Me|t. Asparagus, LomaLo, mushrooms, and
Swlss cheese on wheaL. 59.9S

koast 8eef. Slow roasLed beef wlLh sauLeed
onlons, honey chlpoLle and Pavaru cheese. Served
on wheaL. 59.9S

Irench D|p. Slow roasLed beef on a hoagle Lopped
wlLh caramellzed onlons. Served wlLh au [us. 59.9S

Charbro||ed Ch|cken. Charbrolled chlcken breasL,
leuuce, LomaLo and onlon served on a LoasLed bun.
59.9S Add bacon or Swlss cheese $1.

8uña|o Ch|cken Wrap. Crlspy chlcken Lossed ln a
buñalo sauce and rolled wlLh leuuce, LomaLo,
Cheddar cheese, red onlon and ranch dresslng.

Caesar Ch|cken Wrap. Crllled chlcken, romalne,
Þarmesan, LomaLoes and Caesar dresslng. 59.9S

na|f Sandw|ches. Þlck from ham, Lurkey or roasL
beef wlLh Swlss, Amerlcan or Pavaru cheeses on
wheaL or whlLe. Served wlLh cholce of soup or
salad. 58.S0 lull sandwlch add $2.

S I G N A 1 U k L S L L L C 1 I C N S
locloJes ftesb veqetobles ooJ stotcb.
AJJ soop ot soloJ 5J.

I||et. 6 ounce uSuA Cholce ñleL. 524.9S

k|beye. 14 ounce uSuA Cholce rlbeye. 523.9S

koasted Sa|mon. LlghLly dusLed wlLh house
seasonlng. Cholce of roasLed or blackened. 521.9S

Wa||eye. Walleye ñlleL wlLh a llghL bread crusL.
Cholce of pan frled or roasLed. 520.9S

Mac N' Cheese. All"Amerlcan classlc! 51S.9S

Ch|s||c Þ|ate. 8 ounces of dellclous beef frled Lo
LemperaLure preference. 516.9S

D L S S L k 1 S

U|nmate Choco|ate Cake. 5S.9S A|a Mode 56.9S
Chef Apr||'s Carrot Cake. 5S.9S
New ¥ork Sty|e Cheesecake. 5S.9S 1urt|e 56.9S

keule chlps, french frles, coleslaw,
mashed poLaLo, asparagus (add $2) or
fresh frulL (add $2)
W n I 1 L W I N L

G 8
kendall !ackson Chardonnay 7 24
8ombauer Chardonnay 38
lerrarl"Carrano Chardonnay 40

llresLone 8lesllng 7 24
Anew 8lesllng 26

ll uonaLo ÞlnoL Crlglo 7 24

SL. Supery Sauvlgnon 8lanc 8.3 24
Cakebread Sauvlgnon 8lanc 32

1erra d' Crro MoscaLo 7 24

elemenL's feaLure whlLe wlll be announced
by your server. we tesetve tbe tlqbt to
cbotqe o 515 cotk fee.
k L D W I N L

G 8
LaCrema ÞlnoL nolr 8 28
Angellne ÞlnoL nolr 8 28
Clark & 1elephone ÞlnoL nolr 38
Carpe ulem ÞlnoL nolr 38

!osh MerloL 7 24
14 Pands MerloL 7 24
!essup MerloL 63

!oel Cou 813 CaberneL 8.3 32
!.Lohr Seven Caks CaberneL 8.3 32
8oberL Mondavl CaberneL 44
WhlLehall Lane CaberneL 48
lranclscan CaberneL 30

Sean Mlnor 8ed (8lend) 8 28

Layer Cake Malbec 7 24

elemenL's feaLure red wlll be announced by
your server. we tesetve tbe tlqbt to
cbotqe o 515 cotk fee.
D k A I 1 A N D 8 C 1 1 L L 8 L L k S L L L C 1 I C N S

8ou|es Drah
WheLher you are ln Lhe mood for someLhlng as llghL as a salad or as serlous as a sLeak,
we oñer a varleLy of menu selecuons Lo enuce you. SlL back and relax whlle our
frlendly sLañ rewards your declslon Lo sLay ln.

8reakfast: 6:00 a.m. Lo 10:00 a.m. (M"l), 7:00 a.m. Lo 11:00 p.m. (SA"Su)
Lunch: 11:00 a.m. Lo 2:00 p.m. (M"Su)
D|nner: 4:00 p.m. Lo 10:00 p.m. (M"Su)
koom Serv|ce: 3:00 p.m. Lo 10:00 p.m. (M"Su)

Lounge: 4:00 p.m. (M"l), 12:00 p.m. (SA"Su)

All toom setvlce ls sobjecteJ to oo 18X setvlce cbotqe ooJ 52.00 Jellvety fee plos
oppllcoble stote toxes.
Angry Crchard 8ud LlghL
8ud Llme 8udwelser
Coors LlghL MCu 64
Mlchelob ulLra Mlller LlLe
Mlchelob Colden LlLe AmsLel LlghL
Corona LxLra Culness
Pelneken newcasLle
8edbrldge Lager SLella ArLols
Samuel Adams Lager C'uouls
8ud LlghL
8oulevard WheaL
Coors LlghL
laL 1lre
Mlller LlLe
SLella ArLols
Seasonal Selecuon

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