November 4th 2013 To All Trident Employees, Last December we announced that Joe Bundrant would be leading Trident

Seafoods following the retirement of Paul Padgett who has been serving as President since January 2008. Paul has been an outstanding leader throughout his career, and he is leaving us in good shape. His dedication and hard work are greatly appreciated. Paul will remain as a strategic advisor to the new management team through the end of Pollock A Season, 2014. While his day-to-day presence will be missed, many of the disciplines that Paul instilled in the organization will serve us well going forward. I am confident that Joe is prepared to take on the task of leading Trident Seafoods, that he will carry on the great traditions and successes that the company has enjoyed, and that he will help Trident improve and grow for generations to come. Effective November 4, 2013 Joe Bundrant will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and will report directly to me and the rest of the Board of Directors. Joe has chosen an exceptional group of senior managers to support his vision for Trident: Vic Scheibert, President, Alaska Operations John Matelich, President, Domestic Value Added Operations Randy Furtner, Chief Financial Officer Allen Kimball, Executive Vice President, International Sales John Garner, Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives Joe Plesha, Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer Larry Dutton, Executive Vice President, Quality Brant Rigby, Vice President, Human Resources Please join me in supporting the new Executive Team as they continue to move Trident into our next 40 years. Additional information regarding the organizational structure of each of these functional areas of the company will be communicated in the coming weeks as details are finalized. This 40th anniversary year of Trident has been a very challenging one for the seafood industry with surimi, block and pollock roe prices declining worldwide, while costs and regulations are increasing. Trident Seafoods is not immune to these pressures, but we are blessed to be diversified and financially stable during a time when much of our industry is struggling. Despite the challenges, this is an exciting time in our history. We have tremendous assets, including a strong and committed fleet of fishermen, great supplier partnerships, and numerous long-term customers who value our products and our culture of service. But most importantly,

we have a dedicated team of skilled people who are proud and committed to delivering quality seafood . . . from the source to the plate®. On behalf of my family and the Board of Directors, I would like to thank each of you personally for all that you do, as I ask for your full support in assisting our new management team.
All the Best,

Chuck Bundrant Chairman & Founder

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