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DAFTAR PUSTAKA 1. Haris JB, et al. Cholera. Division of Infectious Diseases, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA. Lancet vol !

" #$%1$&' % #(&' $)((*$)! . $. +laniran A+, et al. ,o-i.enic /scherichia coli an0 1i2rio cholerae3 Classification, 4atho.enesis an0 1irulence Deter5inants. Discipline of Micro2iolo.6, School of Bioche5istr6, Genetics an0 Micro2iolo.6, 7acult6 of Science an0 A.riculture, Universit6 of 89a:ulu*;atal #<estville Ca5pus&, Dur2an, =epu2lic of South Africa. Biotechnolo.6 an0 Molecular Biolo.6 =evie9 1ol. ( #$%11&' #)&' ")*1%%. . ;elson /J, et al. Anti2iotics for Both Mo0erate an0 Severe Cholera. Lucile 4ac>ar0 Chil0ren?s Hospital, Stan0for0 Universit6, 4alo Alto, CA. ,he ;e9 /n.lan0 Journal Me0icine () #$%11&' ( #1&' @*(. ). Bueris 1, et al. ADetection of Diarrhea.enic /scherichia coli fro5 hil0ren 9ith an0 9ithout 0iarrhea in Salva0or, Bahia, BraBil?, Me5 Inst +s9al0o CruB, =io 0e Janeiro, 1ol. 1%$ #$%%!&' hh. C "*C)) @. ;unes, et al. A/nteroto-i.enic /scherichia coli in chil0ren 9ith acute 0iarrhoea an0 controls in ,eresina D 4I, BraBil3 0istri2ution of enteroto-in an0 coloniBation factor .enes?, Journal of Applie0 Micro2iolo.6, vol. 111 #$%11&' hh. $$)*$ $. (. Behir6, et al. A/nteropatho.enic /scherichia coli Associate0 9ith Diarrhea in Chil0ren in Cairo, /.6pt?, the scientific 9orl0 J+U=;AL, vol. 11 #$%11&' hh. $(1 E$(1". !. Hernan0es ,=, et al. AAn overvie9ofat6pical enteropatho.enic/scherichia coli?, /uropean Micro2iolo.ical Societies 4u2lishe0 26 Blac>9ell 4u2lishin., vol. $"! #$%%"&' hh.1 !*1)". C. Collins, et al. A=evie9 of the 4athoph6siolo.6 an0 ,reat5ent of Shi.a ,o-in 4ro0ucin. /. Coli Infection? , 4ractical Gastroentrolo.6, $%1%' hh. )1*@% ". Bo0hi0atta, et al. Case*Control Stu06 of Diarrheal Disease /tiolo.6 in =e5te =ural Area in <estern ,hailan0. ,hailan03 ,he A5erican Societ6 of ,ropical Me0icine an0 H6.iene. $%1%3 C #@&311%(*%C.

Infective 0isor0ers of the . 4atho. et al. A=. IBBo. IAccese0 $! +>to2er $%1$J.6 +r. Depart5ent of 4atholo. 11. +la6in>a A.e5ent. Ger5an63 John <ile6 F Sons AGS. 1 . La5ps L<. Ca5p6lo2acter HeHuni Infections3 Up0ate on 4resentation.Molecular Insi.ens. an0 Mana. $%113 C"#@&31(!*(C. Kersinia enterocolitica 3 /pi0e5iolo. Sa2ina K. $%%C. et al. 1@. $%11. pseu0otu2erculosis in Hu5an Kersiniosis. Universit6 of Ar>ansas for Me0ical Sciences.0o53 <G+. an0 . virulence an0 anti5icro2ial resistance.enesis of K. $%%C. Jantch.hts of 1irulence.6 Universit6 of Barcelona 3 /lsevier /spaMna.6. 1(. 1!.1%. USA..ens. 1C. $%11. 4p3 (*". $%113 $)%31C@.enesis of Infection. =ah5an A. 7L2re.ical =evie9s3 Cellular aspects of i5unit6 to intracellular Sal5onella enteric. 1".a A. Aero5onas spp. et al. Journal of 4atho. et al. Hospital 4h6sician3 Burlin. et al.astrointestinal tract. Galin0o CL. $%.aniBation. $%11. an0 4atho. 1$. Unite0 8in. enterocolitica an0 K. 1ila J. Acute 0iarrhea. 4revalence of MaHor enteric patho. et al..raveler?s Diarrhea3 Clinical 7eatures an0 Anti5icro2ial =esistance.rans5ission. $%113 C"#1%&3)%$* %).ens in Australian 0air6 calves 9ith 0iarrhea3 Australia3 Australian 1eternit6 Journal. IBBo. $%11. Journal of 4atho. et al. $%%!. Little =oc>.ens. I55unolo.ton. et al. Dia. 1).enesis. Kersinia enterocolitica 3Mo0e of . <orl0 Gastroenterolo. Journal of 4atho. IAccese0 $C +cto2er $%1$J. . Depart5ent of Micro2iolo.ical Stu0ies an0 +ut2rea>s. ". 1ol.nosis. Anti5icro2ial suscepti2ilit6 of Sal5onella isolates recovere0 fro5 calves 9ith 0iarrhea in Australia3 Australia3 Australian 1eternit6 Journal. Kersinia enterocolitica3 4atho.

Shiel. $ . $). Listeria Infection. Asha . Iaccesse0 $" +cto2er $%1$J 26. <.co5GarticleG"(@C)1*overvie9. /nviron. $@. aureus on s>in of hospitaliBe0 patients. $%1$. Availa2le at . Journal +f Clinical Micro2iolo. $%1$.e . Clostri0iu5 perfrin. $%%(. Au. IAccese0 $! +>to2er $%1$J.5e0icinenet.ht5Q9hatPisPthePtreat5entPforPst aphPinfections. Micro2iol.6. Bhalla A.J.erence :ach. /nteroto-in . Lee0s . et al.ata 8. .$1. . $%1$. $!C@E"1. Co5parative Anal6sis of 4revalence.ens. Appl.5e0scape. Staph6lococcus aureus intestinal coloniBation is associate0 9ith increase0 freNuenc6 of S. an0 Staph6lococcus aureus. Hospitals F Universit6 of Lee0s. !31%@. BMC Infectious Diseases $%%!. Availa2le at 3 http3GGe5e0icine.ene content inStaph6lococcus aureus fro5the hu5an intestinal tract. http3GG999.6 of Anti2iotic*Associate0 Diarrhea Due to Clostri0iu5 0ifOcile.6. Lis /. et al. Staph6lococcus Infection. !C#C&3$!"!. =is> 7actors. Depart5ent of Micro2iolo.co5GstaphPinfectionGpa. p. et al. $$. Co55erciall6 Distri2ute0 Meat as a 4otential 1ehicle for Co55unit6* AcNuire0 Methicillin*=esistant Staph6lococcus aureus. 7/MS Micro2iol Lett $"( #$%%"& !$E!!. +..eachin. et al. an0 Molecular /pi0e5iolo.