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Topics ====== Health Environment and sustainability Education Essays ====== I will hold a lecture at ISWI 2013 no Statement

!!!!!!!!! Health" environment and sustainability" and also education are the topics o# my interest$ %y interest in choosin& those topics stems #rom several reasons$ 'irst" I have done some activities related with it over the past #ew years$ Second" I #eel that I have passion on these three topics$ 'urthermore I also believe that i# I as a youth can seriously concern to do some actions with those three topics" then the better chan&e #or the better li#e will be come true$ (n health area" actually this is one o# I love the most$ I have loved everythin& about health since I studied in elementary school$ When I was a child" I had a dream that all the people must be in the health condition$ Then nowadays" I ima&ine how per#ect this world i# there is no disease" no illness" or no in)uries$ 'ortunately" the hi&her education which I ta*e on +ublic Health 'aculty o# ,niversity o# Indonesia is really supportin& me to reali-e my dream" which is ma*in& all the people healthy$ 'or appro.imately two and hal# years I have studied on +ublic Health" I have tau&ht how to ma*e people healthy by relyin& more on the prevention and health promotion$ In colle&e" not only I &ot the theories" but also I have to do some practices to apply the theories that I have &otten$ So" I actually have done some activities in promotin& health to the society #or the past #ew years$ (n the other hand" I love to campai&n the environmental issues to the others because I want to ma*e them aware with the environment$ /urin& I study in colle&e" I also ta*e a part in two or&ani-ations that en&a&ed with the environment$ (n both or&ani-ations" I and my #riends have done some pro&rams that can support in ma*in& the better environment$ We also try to hold those pro&rams sustainably$ Some o# the pro&rams are earth hour campai&n" water resources campai&n" campai&n about the environmental issues to students and residents at the critical area and also invited them to plant the tree seedlin&s to&ether$ %oreover" I personally thin* that education is the tools to chan&e the world$ The education which I mean is not only about #ormal education but also non #ormal$ 0ccordin& to me" education is not #or everyone but it is #or all$ The education is #or all the people without seein& their &ender" economical status" race" or even reli&ion$ So is the health" in my thou&ht" the education is the basic human ri&ht$ 1ased on it" I do en)oy spendin& my time in teachin& others$ In my opinion" my e.periences in promotin& health and campai&n about environmental issues are the part o# educatin& others$ So" I #eel there is an interconnection between health" environment

and education$ In short" I believe that the movement related with those three topics can brin& the chan&e #or a better li#e$

%otivation !!!!!!!!!! %y passion in health" environment" and education brin&s me to be one o# 3rd year student ma)orin& environmental health 'aculty o# +ublic Health ,niversity o# Indonesia$ I was actively involved in or&ani-ations and some events related with my passion$ I was deputy o# environmental department o# Student E.ecutive 1oard o# ,niversity o# Indonesia and also sta## o# research and education o# Environmental Health Student 0ssociation 2E34IHS05 o# +ublic Health 'aculty$ (n this year" I am o##icially trusted to be a head o# research division o# E34IHS0 o# +ublic Health 'aculty$ Since I studied in )unior hi&h school" I spent my spare times to attend some activities o# intra!school student or&ani-ation$ I #eel that I love bein& an or&ani-ational one$ 'urthermore" I thin* that my involvement in several or&ani-ations teaches me about some values I don6t &et in my #ormal education$ The or&ani-ation #or me is li*e my non #ormal education a#ter the #amily$ 1esides that" throu&h )oinin& those or&ani-ations &ive me some ideas about how to ma*e youth movement ri&ht on the tar&et$ In my thou&ht" we can start the youth movement #rom the simple thin&s$ Those simple thin&s mi&ht be considered usual" but later it will brin& the bi& chan&e #or a better li#e$ %oreover" I believe this movement will be wor* out i# many youn& people to&ether ma*e it happen by doin& the concrete action in the community$ So" in the case o# solvin& many problems either about health" environment" education" or even the problems in other #ields" I thin* the youth can be considered as a &roup that plays important role to overcome it$ The youths are also considered as a&ent o# chan&e$ They have a lot o# curiosity and coura&e to do some actions in order to ma*e the si&ni#icant impact and brin& the chan&e$ 1ein& invited in International Student o# Ilmenau 2ISWI5 2013 would be a very &reat e.perience #or me$ 1y )oinin& ISWI 2013" I wish I can &et the opportunity to share my ideas in ma*in& the ri&ht youth movement to solve recent problems and also &et innovation in movin& youth #rom other participants around the world$