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Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman

Be As You Are

The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

Edited by David Godman


Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman


Pub!ished by "he Pen#uin Grou$ Pen#uin Boo%s &"d' () "rand' &ondon *+,R OR&' En#!and Pen#uin Pu"nam In-.' /01 2udson "ree"' Ne3 Yor%' Ne3 Yor% 1))14' U A Pen#uin Boo%s Aus"ra!ia &"d' ,1) +amber3e!! Road' +amber3e!!' 5i-"oria /1,4' Aus"ra!ia Pen#uin Boo%s +anada &"d' 1) A!-orn Avenue' 6oron"o' On"ario' +anada M45 /B, Pen#uin Boo%s India 78I9: &"d' 11 +ommuni"y +en"re' Pan-hshee! Par%' Ne3 De!hi – 11) )10' India Pen#uin Boo%s 7N;: &"d' +nr Roseda!e and Airborne Roads' A!bany' Au-%!and' Ne3 ;ea!and Pen#uin Boo%s 7 ou"h A<ri-a: 7P"y: &"d' ,4 "urdee Avenue' Roseban% ,1=>' ou"h A<ri-a Pen#uin Boo%s &"d' Re#is"ered O<<i-es? () "rand' &ondon *+,R OR&' En#!and 333.$en#uin.-om

@irs" $ub!ished by Ar%ana 1=(1 1/ +o$yri#h"A ri Ramanasramam' 1=(1 A!! ri#h"s reserved Prin"ed in En#!and by +!ays &"d' " Ives $!-

EB-e$" in "he Uni"ed "a"es o< Ameri-a' "his boo% is so!d subCe-" "o "he -ondi"ion "ha" i" sha!! no"' by 3ay o< "rade or o"her3ise' be !en"' reDso!d' hired ou"' or o"her3ise -ir-u!a"ed 3i"hou" "he $ub!isher9s $rior -onsen" in any <orm o< bindin# or -over o"her "han "ha" in 3hi-h i" is $ub!ished and 3i"hou" a simi!ar -ondi"ion in-!udin# "his -ondi"ion bein# im$osed on "he subseEuen" $ur-haser


Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman

Be As You Are........................................................................................................................................... 1 In"rodu-"ion................................................................................................................................................ 4 PAR6 ONE D 6he e!<............................................................................................................................... 0 +ha$"er 1 D 6he na"ure o< "he e!<......................................................................................................... 0 +ha$"er , D e!<Da3areness and e!<Di#noran-e.................................................................................. 1/ +ha$"er / D 6he Cnani...........................................................................................................................,, PAR6 6*O D EnEuiry and surrender...................................................................................................... ,( +ha$"er 4 D e!<DenEuiry F "heory......................................................................................................,= +ha$"er 1 D e!<DenEuiry – $ra-"i-e..................................................................................................... /4 +ha$"er > D e!<DenEuiry F mis-on-e$"ions....................................................................................... 4, +ha$"er 0 D urrender.......................................................................................................................... 4= PAR6 62REE D 6he Guru.......................................................................................................................11 +ha$"er ( D 6he Guru...........................................................................................................................1> +ha$"er = D i!en-e and sa"Dsan#a........................................................................................................>/ PAR6 @OUR D Medi"a"ion and yo#a....................................................................................................... >( +ha$"er 1) D Medi"a"ion and -on-en"ra"ion......................................................................................... >= +ha$"er 11 Man"ras and Ca$a...............................................................................................................04 +ha$"er 1, D &i<e in "he 3or!d............................................................................................................. 0= +ha$"er 1/ D Yo#a............................................................................................................................... (1 PAR6 @I5E D EB$erien-e........................................................................................................................ =1 +ha$"er 14 D amadhi.......................................................................................................................... =, +ha$"er 11 D 5isions and $sy-hi- $o3ers........................................................................................... =0 +ha$"er 1> D Prob!ems and eB$erien-es............................................................................................ 1)1 PAR6 IG D 6heory............................................................................................................................... 1)> +ha$"er 10 D +rea"ion "heories and "he rea!i"y o< "he 3or!d.............................................................. 1)0 +ha$"er 1( D Rein-arna"ion................................................................................................................114 +ha$"er 1= D 6he na"ure o< God.........................................................................................................11( +ha$"er ,) D u<<erin# and mora!i"y..................................................................................................1,/ +ha$"er ,1 D Karma' des"iny and <ree 3i!!........................................................................................ 1,=

Ackno !edgments 6o ri Ramanasramam <or $ermission "o re$rin" eB"ra-"s <rom mos" o< "he boo%s !is"ed in "he bib!io#ra$hy. 6o Rider and +o.' &ondon' <or $ermission "o re$rin" an eB"ra-" <rom A ear-h in e-re" India. 6o adhu Om' <or $ermission "o re$rin" ma"eria! <rom 6he Pa"h o< ri Ramana and <or $ermission "o use and ada$" his un$ub!ished "rans!a"ions o< "he 3ri"in#s o< ri Ramana Maharshi and Guru 5a-ha%a Kovai. 6o Mi-hae! Hames <or assis"an-e in ada$"in# verses <rom Guru 5a-ha%a Kovai and <or o<<erin# -ons"ru-"ive advi-e "hrou#hou" "he $re$ara"ion o< "he boo%.


2o3ever' he <ound i" an in-reasin#!y di<<i-u!" $os"ure "o main"ain and a" "he end o< "his siB 3ee% $eriod he abandoned his <ami!y and 3en" dire-"!y "o "he ho!y moun"ain o< Aruna-ha!a. 5en%a"araman "o!d no one abou" his eB$erien-e and <or siB 3ee%s he %e$" u$ "he a$$earan-e o< bein# an ordinary s-hoo!boy. In 2indu $ar!an-e he had 8rea!ised "he e!<9I "ha" is "o say' he had rea!ised by dire-" eB$erien-e "ha" no"hin# eBis"ed a$ar" <rom an indivisib!e and universa! -ons-iousness 3hi-h 3as eB$erien-ed in i"s unmani<es" <orm as bein#ness or a3areness and in i"s mani<es" <orm as "he a$$earan-e o< "he universe. 6he moun"ain i"se!< had !on# been re#arded by 2indus as a mani<es"a"ion o< iva' a 2indu God' and in !a"er years 5en%a"araman o<"en said "ha" i" 3as "he s$iri"ua! $o3er o< Aruna-ha!a 3hi-h had brou#h" abou" his e!<Drea!isa"ion. On his arriva! he "hre3 a3ay a!! his money and $ossessions and abandoned himse!< "o a ne3!yDdis-overed a3areness "ha" his rea! na"ure 3as <orm!ess' immanen" -ons-iousness. In "he <o!!o3in# <e3 minu"es he 3en" "hrou#h a simu!a"ed dea"h eB$erien-e durin# 3hi-h he be-ame -ons-ious!y a3are <or "he <irs" "ime "ha" his rea! na"ure 3as im$erishab!e and "ha" i" 3as unre!a"ed "o "he body' "he mind or "he $ersona!i"y. 6hrou#hou" his !i<e ri Ramana insis"ed "ha" "his si!en" <!o3 o< $o3er re$resen"ed his "ea-hin#s in "heir mos" dire-" and -on-en"ra"ed <orm. 6he name <ound <avour 3i"h his o"her <o!!o3ers and i" soon be-ame "he "i"!e by 3hi-h he be-ame %no3n "o "he 3or!d. @rom "ha" "ime on his -ons-iousness o< bein# an individua! $erson -eased "o eBis" and i" never <un-"ioned in him a#ain. As "he years $assed he be-ame more and more <amous. 5en%a"araman' "he siB"eenDyearDo!d s-hoo!boy' 3as a!one in an u$s"airs room o< his un-!e9s house in Madurai 7near "he sou"hern "i$ o< India: 3hen he 3as sudden!y #ri$$ed by an in"ense <ear o< dea"h. A" "his s"a#e o< his !i<e ri Ramana 3as s$ea%in# very !i""!e and so his "ea-hin#s 3ere "ransmi""ed in an unusua! <ashion. 6he im$or"an-e he a""a-hed "o "his is indi-a"ed by his <reEuen" s"a"emen"s "o "he e<<e-" "ha" his verba! "ea-hin#s 3ere on!y #iven ou" "o "hose 3ho 3ere unab!e "o unders"and his si!en-e. A<"er "3o or "hree years in "his s"a"e he be#an a s!o3 re"urn "o $hysi-a! norma!i"y' a $ro-ess "ha" 3as no" <ina!!y -om$!e"ed <or severa! years. 2is a3areness o< himse!< as -ons-iousness 3as una<<e-"ed by "his $hysi-a! "ransi"ion and i" remained -on"inuous and undimmed <or "he res" o< his !i<e. A<"er a <e3 years o< !ivin# on i"s s!o$es his inner a3areness be#an "o mani<es" as an ou"er s$iri"ua! radian-e. Many $eo$!e have re$or"ed simi!ar uneB$e-"ed eB$erien-es bu" "hey are a!mos" invariab!y "em$orary. One o< his ear!ies" <o!!o3ers' im$ressed by "he eviden" sain"!iness and 3isdom o< "he youn# man' de-ided "o rename him Bha#avan ri Ramana Maharshi – Bha#avan means &ord or God' ri is an Indian honori<i"i"!e' Ramana is a -on"ra-"ion o< 5en%a"araman and Maharshi means 8#rea" seer9 in ans%ri". Norma!!y "his a3areness is on!y #enera"ed a<"er a !on# and arduous $eriod o< s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-e bu" in "his -ase i" ha$$ened s$on"aneous!y' 3i"hou" $rior e<<or" or desire. In 5en%a"araman9s -ase "he eB$erien-e 3as $ermanen" and irreversib!e. 6his radian-e a""ra-"ed a sma!! -ir-!e o< <o!!o3ers and' a!"hou#h he remained si!en" <or mos" o< "he "ime' he embar%ed u$on a "ea-hin# -areer. 2is !ove <or "he moun"ain 3as so #rea" "ha" <rom "he day he arrived in 1(=> un"i! his dea"h in 1=1) he -ou!d never be $ersuaded "o #o more "han "3o mi!es a3ay <rom i"s base.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman "ntroduction In 1(=> a siB"eenDyearDo!d s-hoo!boy 3a!%ed ou" on his <ami!y and' driven by an inner -om$u!sion' s!o3!y made his 3ay "o Aruna-ha!a' a ho!y moun"ain and $i!#rima#e -en"re in ou"h India. In !a"er years he be-ame more 3i!!in# "o #ive ou" verba! "ea-hin#s' bu" even "hen' "he si!en" "ea-hin#s 3ere a!3ays avai!ab!e "o "hose 3ho 3ere ab!e "o ma%e #ood use o< "hem. 2is absor$"ion in "his a3areness 3as so in"ense "ha" he 3as -om$!e"e!y ob!ivious o< his body and "he 3or!dI inse-"s -he3ed a3ay $or"ions o< his !e#s' his body 3as"ed a3ay be-ause he 3as rare!y -ons-ious enou#h "o ea" and his hair and <in#ernai!s #re3 "o unmana#eab!e !en#"hs. 6he -hoi-e o< Aruna-ha!a 3as <ar <rom random. Ins"ead o< #ivin# ou" verba! ins"ru-"ions he -ons"an"!y emana"ed a si!en" <or-e or $o3er 3hi-h s"i!!ed "he minds o< "hose 3ho 3ere a""uned "o i" and o--asiona!!y even #ave "hem a dire-" eB$erien-e o< "he s"a"e "ha" he himse!< 3as $er$e"ua!!y immersed in. 6hrou#hou" his brie< !i<e he had a!3ays asso-ia"ed "he name o< Aruna-ha!a 3i"h God and i" 3as a maCor reve!a"ion "o him 3hen he dis-overed "ha" i" 3as no" some heaven!y rea!m bu" a "an#ib!e ear"h!y en"i"y. A -ommuni"y #re3 u$ around him' "housands o< visi"ors <!o-%ed "o see him and <or "he !as" "3en"y years o< his !i<e he 3as 3ide!y re#arded as India9s mos" $o$u!ar and revered 4 .

2e s$en" mos" o< his day si""in# in one -orner radia"in# his si!en" $o3er and simu!"aneous!y <ie!din# Eues"ions <rom "he -ons"an" <!o3 o< visi"ors 3ho des-ended on him <rom every -orner o< "he #!obe. Be-ause o< "his "enden-y i" is $ossib!e "o dis"in#uish many di<<eren" !eve!s o< his "ea-hin#s. 2e made himse!< avai!ab!e "o visi"ors "3en"yD<our hours a day by !ivin# and s!ee$in# in a -ommuna! ha!! 3hi-h 3as a!3ays a--essib!e "o everyone' and his on!y $riva"e $ossessions 3ere a !oinD-!o"h' a 3a"erD $o" and a 3a!%in#Ds"i-%. Even "hen' many $eo$!e 3ere no" sa"is<ied and "hey 3ou!d -on"inue "o as% <or advi-e abou" o"her me"hods or "ry "o en#a#e him in "heore"i-a! $hi!oso$hi-a! dis-ussions. 6o 3ha"ever eB"en" his o"her s"a"emen"s devia"e <rom "his i" may be assumed "ha" "o "ha" eB"en" "hey are di!u"ions o< "he "ru"h.1D1): "he -en"re o< ashram !i<e 3as "he sma!! ha!! 3here ri Ramana !ived' s!e$" and he!d -our". +onseEuen"!y' a!! his eB$!ana"ions and ins"ru-"ions 3ere #eared "o -onvin-in# his <o!!o3ers "ha" "his 3as "heir "rue and na"ura! s"a"e. I< "his 3as re-eived 3i"h s%e$"i-ism he 3ou!d say "ha" a3areness o< "his "ru"h is obs-ured by "he se!<D !imi"in# ideas o< "he mind and "ha" i< "hese ideas 3ere abandoned "hen "he rea!i"y o< -ons-iousness 3ou!d be revea!ed. Bearin# "his in mind I have "ried "o arran#e "he ma"eria! in "his boo% in su-h a 3ay "ha" his hi#hes" "ea-hin#s -ome 1 .m. 6his s"and$oin"' summarised by his s"a"emen" "ha" -ons-iousness a!one eBis"s' is u!"ima"e!y "he on!y yards"i-% by 3hi-h one -an rea!is"i-a!!y assess "he re!a"ive "ru"h o< his 3ide!y di<<erin# and -on"radi-"ory s"a"emen"s. I" is $ossib!e <or an observer "o say "ha" su-h o$$osin# s"a"emen"s may bo"h be "rue 3hen seen <rom di<<eren" s"and$oin"s' bu" "he <ormer s"a"emen" -!ear!y has more va!idi"y 3hen i" is vie3ed <rom "he abso!u"e s"and$oin" o< ri Ramana9s o3n eB$erien-e. ome o< "hese "housands 3ere a""ra-"ed by "he $ea-e "hey <e!" in his $resen-e' o"hers by "he au"hori"a"ive 3ay in 3hi-h he #uided s$iri"ua! see%ers and in"er$re"ed re!i#ious "ea-hin#s' and some mere!y -ame "o "e!! him "heir $rob!ems. 2is sense o< eEua!i"y 3as !e#endary. 2e shared in "he -ommuna! 3or% and <or many years he rose a" / a. 2e mi#h"' <or eBam$!e' "e!! one $erson "ha" "he individua! se!< is nonDeBis"en" and "hen "urn "o ano"her $erson and #ive a de"ai!ed des-ri$"ion o< ho3 "he individua! se!< <un-"ions' a--umu!a"es %arma and rein-arna"es. *i"h su-h $eo$!e ri Ramana 3ou!d "em$orari!y abandon his abso!u"e s"and$oin" and #ive a$$ro$ria"e advi-e on 3ha"ever !eve! i" 3as as%ed. 6o sa"is<y su-h $eo$!e ri Ramana $res-ribed an innova"ive me"hod o< se!<Da""en"ion 3hi-h he -a!!ed se!<DenEuiry. 6hese verba! "ea-hin#s <!o3ed au"hori"a"ive!y <rom his dire-" %no3!ed#e "ha" -ons-iousness 3as "he on!y eBis"in# rea!i"y. Inevi"ab!y' "his $o!i-y o< modi<yin# his "ea-hin#s "o mee" "he needs o< di<<eren" $eo$!e !ed "o many -on"radi-"ions. Mos" o< his <o!!o3ers <ound "his hi#hD!eve! a$$roa-h a !i""!e "oo "heore"i-a! D"hey 3ere so immersed in "he se!<D!imi"in# ideas "ha" ri Ramana 3as en-oura#in# "hem "o dro$ "ha" "hey <e!" "ha" "he "ru"h abou" -ons-iousness 3ou!d on!y be revea!ed "o "hem i< "hey under3en" a !on# $eriod o< s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-e. *hen visi"ors -ame "o see him – i" made no di<<eren-e 3he"her "hey 3ere 5IPs' $easan"s or anima!s – "hey 3ou!d a!! be "rea"ed 3i"h eEua! res$e-" and -onsidera"ion. 6hrou#hou" "his $eriod 71=.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman ho!y man. I< he a$$eared on "hese o--asions "o a--e$" and endorse many o< "he mis-on-e$"ions 3hi-h his visi"ors had abou" "hemse!ves i" 3as on!y "o dra3 "heir a""en"ion "o some as$e-" o< his "ea-hin#s "ha" he <e!" 3ou!d he!$ "hem "o be""er unders"and his rea! vie3s. 2is e#a!i"arian -on-ern even eB"ended "o "he !o-a! "reesI he dis-oura#ed his <o!!o3ers <rom $i-%in# <!o3ers or !eaves o<< "hem and he "ried "o ensure "ha" 3henever <rui" 3as "a%en <rom "he ashram "rees i" 3as a!3ays done in su-h a 3ay "ha" "he "ree on!y su<<ered a minimum amoun" o< $ain. *ha"ever "heir reasons <or -omin# a!mos" everyone 3ho -ame in"o -on"a-" 3i"h him 3as im$ressed by his sim$!i-i"y and his humb!eness. 2e rare!y -ommi""ed his ideas "o $a$er and so "he verba! re$!ies #iven ou" durin# "his $eriod 7by <ar "he mos" 3e!!Ddo-umen"ed o< his !i<e: re$resen" "he !ar#es" survivin# sour-e o< his "ea-hin#s. A!"hou#h he 3as 3orshi$$ed by "housands as a !ivin# God' he re<used "o a!!o3 anyone "o "rea" him as a s$e-ia! $erson and he a!3ays re<used "o a--e$" any"hin# 3hi-h -ou!d no" be shared eEua!!y by everyone in his ashram. A" "he hi#hes" !eve! "ha" -ou!d be eB$ressed in 3ords he 3ou!d say "ha" -ons-iousness a!one eBis"s. 2e re-ommended "his "e-hniEue so o<"en and so vi#orous!y "ha" i" 3as re#arded by many $eo$!e as "he mos" dis"in-"ive mo"i< in his "ea-hin#s. @e3 o< his <o!!o3ers 3ere -a$ab!e o< assimi!a"in# "his "ru"h in i"s hi#hes" and mos" undi!u"ed <orm and so he o<"en ada$"ed his "ea-hin#s "o -on<orm "o "he !imi"ed unders"andin# o< "he $eo$!e 3ho -ame "o him <or advi-e. In order "o $re$are <ood <or "he residen"s o< "he ashram.

@or "hose 3ho are in"eres"ed' "he sour-es o< "he Euo"a"ions 3hi-h ma%e u$ "he -onversa"ions are a!! !is"ed a" "he end o< "he boo%. I have devia"ed <rom "he $ub!ished "eB"s by -orre-"in# a <e3 o< "he 3ors" eBam$!es o< "his %indI in su-h -ases "he meanin# has no" been "am$ered 3i"h' on!y "he mode o< eB$ression. I have a!so -on"ra-"ed some o< "he Eues"ions and ans3ers in order "o e!imina"e ma"eria! 3hi-h di#ressed "oo <ar <rom "he subCe-" under dis-ussion. 6he same #!ossary a!so in-!udes brie< des-ri$"ions o< un<ami!iar $eo$!e' $!a-es and s-ri$"ura! 3or%s 3hi-h are men"ioned in "he "eB". Be-ause some o< "he in"er$re"ers 3ere no" -om$!e"e!y <!uen" in En#!ish some o< "he "rans-ri$"ions 3ere ei"her un#ramma"i-a! or 3ri""en in a %ind o< s"i!"ed En#!ish 3hi-h o--asiona!!y ma%es ri Ramana sound !i%e a $om$ous 5i-"orian. ri Ramana usua!!y ans3ered Eues"ions in one o< "he "hree verna-u!ar !an#ua#es o< ou"h India? 6ami!' 6e!u#u and Ma!ayDa!am. Ea-h -ha$"er is devo"ed "o a di<<eren" "o$i. I de-ided on "his overa!! s"ru-"ure <or "3o reasons. I" ou#h" "o be some3here near "he be#innin# bu" I <ound i" more eB$edien" <or a varie"y o< reasons "o <i" i" in"o a se-"ion abou" ha!<D3ay "hrou#h "he boo%. On "he <e3 o--asions "ha" he does so in "his boo% I have i#nored "he s"andard di-"ionary de<ini"ions and have ins"ead #iven a de<ini"ion 3hi-h more a--ura"e!y re<!e-"s "he in"ended meanin#. I 3as <or-ed "o ado$" "his me"hod be-ause "here are no -on"inuous !en#"hy -onversa"ions avai!ab!e 3hi-h -over "he <u!! s$e-"rum o< his vie3s on any $ar"i-u!ar subCe-". > . *hen visi"ors -ame "o see him he 3ou!d a!3ays "ry "o -onvin-e "hem o< "he "ru"h o< his hi#her "ea-hin#s and on!y i< "hey seemed un3i!!in# "o a--e$" "hem 3ou!d he "one do3n his ans3ers and s$ea% <rom a more re!a"ive !eve!.is $re<a-ed by a <e3 in"rodu-"ory or eB$!ana"ory remar%s. 6he on!y eB-e$"ion is a -ha$"er in 3hi-h he "a!%s abou" his si!en" "ea-hin#s. ri Ramana o<"en used "hese "erms as synonyms <or -ons-iousness and 3herever "his meanin# is im$!ied I have re"ained "he -a$i"a!isa"ion "o avoid -on<usion. 6he ori#ina! "eB"s <rom 3hi-h "hese -onversa"ions are "a%en are -hara-"erised by a !uBurian" $ro<usion o< -a$i"a! !e""ers. ri Ramana o--asiona!!y used ans%ri" "erms in un-onven"iona! 3ays. I have e!imina"ed mos" o< "hem' !eavin# on!y "hree "erms' Guru' e!< and 2ear"' -onsis"en"!y -a$i"a!ised. No "a$eDre-ordin#s 3ere ever made and mos" o< his ans3ers 3ere hurried!y 3ri""en do3n in En#!ish by his o<<i-ia! in"er$re"ers. 6he Eues"ions and ans3ers 3hi-h <orm "he bu!% o< ea-h -ha$"er have been "a%en <rom many sour-es and assemb!ed in su-h a 3ay "ha" "hey #ive "he a$$earan-e o< bein# a -on"inuous -onversa"ion. 6he "ea-hin#s have been $resen"ed in "he <orm o< a series o< Eues"ions and ans3ers in 3hi-h ri Ramana ou"!ines his vie3s on various subCe-"s. @irs"!y i" #ives "he reader a -han-e "o #au#e "he re!a"ive im$or"an-e o< "he various ideas $resen"ed' and se-ond!y' and more im$or"an"!y' i" 3as ri Ramana9s o3n $re<erred me"hod o< "ea-hin#. 6hrou#hou" "he boo% "he Eues"ions are $re<a-ed by a 8#$9 and ri Ramana9s ans3ers by an 8A$9.and ea-h "o$i. A -om$!e"e #!ossary o< ans%ri" 3ords 3hi-h are no" "rans!a"ed in "he "eB" -an be <ound a" "he end o< "he boo%.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman <irs" and his !eas" im$or"an" or mos" di!u"ed ones !as".

I" is usua!!y "rans!a"ed as 8"he 2ear"9 bu" a more !i"era! "rans!a"ion 3ou!d be 8"his is "he -en"re9. 2e de<ined i" by sayin# "ha" "he rea! e!< or rea! 8I9 is' -on"rary "o $er-e$"ib!e eB$erien-e' no" an eB$erien-e o< individua!i"y bu" a nonD$ersona!' a!!Din-!usive a3areness. 6hese "hree as$e-"s' bein#' -ons-iousness and b!iss' are eB$erien-ed as a uni"ary 3ho!e and no" as se$ara"e a""ribu"es o< "he e!<. in-e "heis"s norma!!y a""ribu"e "his $o3er "o God he o<"en used "he 3ord God as a synonym <or "he e!<. 6he dire-" eB$erien-e o< "his -ons-iousness is' a--ordin# "o ri Ramana' a s"a"e o< unbro%en ha$$iness and so "he "erm ananda or b!iss is a!so used "o des-ribe i". &e" us -herish "ha" e!<' 3hi-h is "he rea!i"y' in "he 2ear". + God ri Ramana main"ained "ha" "he universe is sus"ained by "he $o3er o< "he e!<. 0 . I" is no" "o be -on<used 3i"h "he individua! se!< 3hi-h he said 3as essen"ia!!y nonDeBis"en"' bein# a <abri-a"ion o< "he mind 3hi-h obs-ures "he "rue eB$erien-e o< "he rea! e!<. The -eart ri Ramana <reEuen"!y used "he ans%ri" 3ord hridayam 3hen he 3as "a!%in# abou" "he e!<.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman %ART &'E ( The Se!f 6ha" in 3hi-h a!! "hese 3or!ds seem "o eBis" s"eadi!y' "ha" o< 3hi-h a!! "hese 3or!ds are a $ossession' "ha" <rom 3hi-h a!! "hese 3or!ds rise' "ha" <or 3hi-h a!! "hese eBis"' "ha" by 3hi-h a!! "hese 3or!ds -ome in"o eBis"en-e and "ha" 3hi-h is indeed a!! "hese – "ha" a!one is "he eBis"in# rea!i"y. Chapter 1 . . Permanen" and -on"inuous e!<D a3areness is %no3n as e!<Drea!isa"ion. ri Ramana9s God is no" a $ersona! God' he is "he <orm!ess bein# 3hi-h sus"ains "he universe. In usin# "his $ar"i-u!ar "erm he 3as no" im$!yin# "ha" "here 3as a $ar"i-u!ar !o-a"ion or -en"re <or "he e!<' he 3as mere!y indi-a"in# "ha" "he e!< 3as "he sour-e <rom 3hi-h a!! a$$earan-es mani<es"ed. Be-ause "his a3areness is -ons-ious i" is a!so %no3n as -ons-iousness. ri Ramana "au#h" "ha" "he e!< is $ure bein#' a subCe-"ive a3areness o< 8I am9 3hi-h is -om$!e"e!y devoid o< "he <ee!in# 8I am "his9 or 8I am "ha"9. 2e main"ained "ha" "he rea! e!< is a!3ays $resen" and a!3ays eB$erien-ed bu" he em$hasiJed "ha" one is on!y -ons-ious!y a3are o< i" as i" rea!!y is 3hen "he se!<D !imi"in# "enden-ies o< "he mind have -eased. 6here are no subCe-"s or obCe-"s in "he e!<' "here is on!y an a3areness o< bein#. 2e is no" "he -rea"or o< "he universe' "he universe is mere!y a mani<es"a"ion o< his inheren" $o3erI he is inse$arab!e <rom i"' bu" he is no" a<<e-"ed by i"s a$$earan-e or i"s disa$$earan-e. 6hey are inse$arab!e in "he same 3ay "ha" 3e"ness' "rans$aren-y and !iEuidi"y are inse$arab!e $ro$er"ies o< 3a"er. 2e #ave i" number o< di<<eren" names' ea-h one si#ni<yin# a di<<eren" as$e-" o< "he same indivisib!e rea!i"y. * Sat(chit(ananda 6his is a ans%ri" "erm 3hi-h "rans!a"es as bein#D-ons-iousnessDb!iss.The nature of the Se!f 6he essen-e o< ri Ramana9s "ea-hin#s is -onveyed in his <reEuen" asser"ions "ha" "here is a sin#!e immanen" rea!i"y' dire-"!y eB$erien-ed by everyone' 3hi-h is simu!"aneous!y "he sour-e' "he subs"an-e and "he rea! na"ure o< every"hin# "ha" eBis"s. 6he <o!!o3in# -!assi<i-a"ion in-!udes a!! o< his more -ommon synonyms and eB$!ains "he im$!i-a"ions o< "he various "erms used. 2e a!so used "he 3ords Brahman' "he su$reme bein# o< 2induism' and iva' a 2indu name <or God' in "he same 3ay. ) The Se!f 6his is "he "erm "ha" he used "he mos" <reEuen"!y.

I" is no" 3i"h <orms and names. One 3ho is es"ab!ished in "his s"a"e is %no3n as a Cnani. I" "rans-ends s$ee-h. ri Ramana s"a"ed "ha" "he e!< 3as "he under!yin# rea!i"y 3hi-h su$$or"ed "he a$$earan-e o< "he o"her "hree "em$orary s"a"es. 2e a!so o--asiona!!y used "he 3ord "uriya"i"a' meanin# 8"rans-endin# "he <our"h9' "o indi-a"e "ha" "here are no" rea!!y <our s"a"es bu" on!y one rea! "rans-enden"a! s"a"e' 1 &ther terms 6hree o"her "erms <or "he e!< are 3or"h no"in#. in-e you are a3areness "here is no need "o a""ain or -u!"iva"e i". #$ *ha" is rea!i"yK A$ Rea!i"y mus" be a!3ays rea!. I" is beyond "he eB$ressions 8eBis"en-e' nonDeBis"en-e9' e"-. In "ha" BrahmaDs3aru$a Lrea! <orm o< BrahmanM' 3hi-h is abundan" e!<Da3areness' "here is no" "he !eas" i#noran-e. I" is no" bound. I"s <orm is si!en-e and i" is de-!ared by Cnanis "o be "he <ina! and unobs"ru-"ab!e s"a"e o< "rue %no3!ed#e LCnanaM. #$ *ha" is "his a3areness and ho3 -an one ob"ain and -u!"iva"e i"K A$ You are a3areness. 6he rea!i"y 3hi-h shines <u!!y' 3i"hou" misery and 3i"hou" a body' no" on!y 3hen "he 3or!d is %no3n bu" a!so 3hen "he 3or!d is no" %no3n' is your rea! <orm LniCaDs3aru$aM. /nana 6he eB$erien-e o< "he e!< is some"imes -a!!ed Cnana or %no3!ed#e. I" is as i" is. #$ I< "he e!< is i"se!< a3are' 3hy am I no" a3are o< i" even no3K A$ 6here is no dua!i"y. 6rue %no3!ed#e' or Cnana' is no" an obCe-" o< eB$erien-e' nor is i" an unders"andin# o< a s"a"e 3hi-h is di<<eren" and a$ar" <rom "he subCe-" %no3erI i" is a dire-" and %no3in# a3areness o< "he one rea!i"y in 3hi-h subCe-"s and obCe-"s have -eased "o eBis". Remembran-e a!so is simi!ar!y re!a"ive' reEuirin# an obCe-" "o be remembered and a subCe-" "o remember. I" under!ies unrea!i"ies' i"se!< bein# rea!. 6ha" 3hi-h under!ies "hese is "he rea!i"y. Kno3 "ha" Cnana a!one is nonDa""a-hmen"I Cnana a!one is $uri"yI Cnana is "he a""ainmen" o< GodI Cnana 3hi-h is devoid o< <or#e"<u!ness o< e!< a!one is immor"a!i"yI Cnana a!one is every"hin#. Rea!i"y is "ha" 3hi-h is.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman . *hen "here ( . 6his "erm shou!d no" be "a%en "o mean "ha" "here is a $erson 3ho has %no3!ed#e o< "he e!<' be-ause in "he s"a"e o< e!<Da3areness "here is no !o-a!ised %no3er and "here is no"hin# "ha" is se$ara"e <rom "he e!< "ha" -an be %no3n. I" under!ies !imi"a"ions' bein# i"se!< !imi"!ess. 6he rea!i"y 3hi-h is "he mere -ons-iousness "ha" remains 3hen i#noran-e is des"royed a!on# 3i"h %no3!ed#e o< obCe-"s' a!one is "he e!< La"maM. Your $resen" %no3!ed#e is due "o "he e#o and is on!y re!a"ive. 6he radian-e o< -ons-iousnessDb!iss' in "he <orm o< one a3areness shinin# eEua!!y 3i"hin and 3i"hou"' is "he su$reme and b!iss<u! $rima! rea!i"y. Re!a"ive %no3!ed#e reEuires a subCe-" and an obCe-"' 3hereas "he a3areness o< "he e!< is abso!u"e and reEuires no obCe-". ri Ramana o<"en em$hasiJed "ha" "he e!< 3as one9s rea! and na"ura! s"a"e o< bein#' and <or "his reason' he o--asiona!!y em$!oyed "he "erms sahaCa s"hi"i' meanin# "he na"ura! s"a"e' and s3aru$a' meanin# rea! <orm or rea! na"ure. A!! "ha" you have "o do is "o #ive u$ bein# a3are o< o"her "hin#s' "ha" is o< "he no"D e!<. 2e a!so used "he 3ord 8si!en-e9 "o indi-a"e "ha" "he e!< 3as a si!en" "hou#h"D<ree s"a"e o< undis"urbed $ea-e and "o"a! s"i!!ness. Be-ause o< "his he some"imes -a!!ed "he e!< "uriya avas"ha or "he <our"h s"a"e. I< one #ives u$ bein# a3are o< "hem "hen $ure a3areness a!one remains' and "ha" is "he e!<. A3areness is ano"her name <or you. 0 Turiya and turyatita 2indu $hi!oso$hy $os"u!a"es "hree a!"erna"in# !eve!s o< re!a"ive -ons-iousness – 3a%in#' dream and dee$ s!ee$.

6hen 3e sha!! rea!ise "he e!< as "he e!<I in o"her 3ords' 8Be "he e!<. 6ha" 3hi-h shou!d be adhered "o is on!y "he eB$erien-e o< si!en-e' be-ause in "ha" su$reme s"a"e no"hin# eBis"s "o be a""ained o"her "han onese!<. 6he sru"is Ls-ri$"uresM s$ea% o< "he e!< as bein# "he siJe o< one9s "humb' "he "i$ o< "he hair' an e!e-"ri. A" one s"a#e you 3i!! !au#h a" yourse!< <or "ryin# "o dis-over "he e!< 3hi-h is so se!<Deviden". *ha" %ind o< he!$ does one reEuire "o %no3 onese!<K Peo$!e 3an" "o see "he e!< as some"hin# ne3. I" -anno" be de<ined. 2o3 -an mouna be eB$!ained in 3ordsK a#es say "ha" "he s"a"e in 3hi-h "he "hou#h" 8I9 L"he e#oM does no" rise even in "he !eas"' a!one is e!< Ls3aru$aM 3hi-h is si!en-e LmounaM. 6hey have no <ounda"ion in <a-". 6he seer 3ho is seein# a!! "his no3 -eases "o eBis" and "he e!< a!one remains. *hy is "hisK A$ @or "hose 3ho !ive in e!< as "he beau"y devoid o< "hou#h"' "here is no"hin# 3hi-h shou!d be "hou#h" o<. I" is on!y as i" is. = . I< one has rea!ised' one is "ha" 3hi-h a!one is and 3hi-h a!one has a!3ays been. 6ha" si!en" e!< a!one is GodI e!< a!one is "he Civa Lindividua! sou!M. eein# is on!y bein#. e!< a!one is "his an-ien" 3or!d. *e have on!y "o #ive u$ "his $ra-"i-e on our $ar". 2o3 -an i" be de<ined a" a!!K I" is sim$!y bein#. O< -ourse' 3e !oose!y "a!% o< e!<Drea!isa"ion' <or 3an" o< a be""er "erm. 6he s"a"e o< e!<Drea!isa"ion' as 3e -a!! i"' is no" a""ainin# some"hin# ne3 or rea-hin# some #oa! 3hi-h is <ar a3ay' bu" sim$!y bein# "ha" 3hi-h you a!3ays are and 3hi-h you a!3ays have been. o' 3ha" -an 3e say "o "his Eues"ionK 6ha" s"a#e "rans-ends "he seer and "he seen. 2o3 -an i" be soK I" is no" !i#h"' no" dar%ness. 6ha" 3hi-h is' is mouna. #$ *ha" is mouna Lsi!en-eMK A$ 6ha" s"a"e 3hi-h "rans-ends s$ee-h and "hou#h" is mouna. One -anno" des-ribe "ha" s"a"e. 6he s"a"e 3e -a!! rea!isa"ion is sim$!y bein# onese!<' no" %no3in# any"hin# or be-omin# any"hin#. #$ As "he bodies and "he se!ves anima"in# "hem are every3here a-"ua!!y observed "o be innumerab!e ho3 -an i" be said "ha" "he e!< is on!y oneK A$ I< "he idea 8I am "he body9 is a--e$"ed' "he se!ves are mu!"i$!e. in-e "he body i"se!< does no" eBis" in "he na"ura! ou"!oo% o< "he rea! e!<' bu" on!y in "he eB"rover"ed ou"!oo% o< "he mind 3hi-h is de!uded by "he $o3er o< i!!usion' "o -a!! e!<' "he s$a-e o< -ons-iousness' dehi L"he $ossessor o< "he bodyM is 3ron#. I" is <or "his reason "ha" "he e!< is re#arded as one on!y. #$ *hen a man rea!ises "he e!<' 3ha" 3i!! he seeK A$ 6here is no seein#. 6hey desire "o see i" as a b!aJin# !i#h" e"-. 6here is no seer "here "o see any"hin#. #$ 2o3 "o %no3 "his by dire-" eB$erien-eK A$ I< 3e "a!% o< %no3in# "he e!<' "here mus" be "3o se!ves' one a %no3in# se!<' ano"her "he se!< 3hi-h is %no3n' and "he $ro-ess o< %no3in#. A!! o"her %no3!ed#es are on!y $e""y and "rivia! %no3!ed#esI "he eB$erien-e o< si!en-e a!one is "he rea! and $er<e-" %no3!ed#e.s$ar%' vas"' sub"!er "han "he sub"!es"' e"-. 6he 3or!d does no" eBis" 3i"hou" "he body' "he body never eBis"s 3i"hou" "he mind' "he mind never eBis"s 3i"hou" -ons-iousness and -ons-iousness never eBis"s 3i"hou" "he rea!i"y. A!! "ha" is needed is "ha" you #ive u$ your rea!isa"ion o< "he no"D"rue as "rue. 6he bes" de<ini"ion is 8I am "ha" I am9. I" is on!y bein#' bu" di<<eren" <rom "he rea! and "he unrea!I i" is %no3!ed#e' bu" di<<eren" <rom %no3!ed#e and i#noran-e. 2o3 "o 8rea!ise9 or ma%e rea! "ha" 3hi-h a!one is rea!K #$ You some"imes say "he e!< is si!en-e. One -an on!y be "ha". 6he s"a"e in 3hi-h "his idea vanishes is "he e!< sin-e in "ha" s"a"e "here are no o"her obCe-"s. Ea-h one 3an"s "o %no3 "he e!<. Kno3 "ha" "he many obCe-"ive di<<eren-es are no" rea! bu" are mere su$erim$osi"ions on e!<' 3hi-h is "he <orm o< "rue %no3!ed#e.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman is no dua!i"y' 3ho is "o remember 3homK 6he e!< is everD$resen". Bu" i" is e"erna! and remains "he same a!! a!on#. A!! o< us are re#ardin# as rea! "ha" 3hi-h is no" rea!.

I" is !i%e a -inema. *e di# a 3e!! and -rea"e a hu#e $i". 6he s-reen is "here on bo"h o--asions. *hen a drama is bein# $!ayed' "he !i#h" is "here' 3hi-h i!!umina"es' 3i"hou" any dis"in-"ion' a!! "he a-"ors' 3he"her "hey be %in#s or servan"s or dan-ers' and a!so a!! "he audien-e. A-"ua!!y' "he idea o< "he e!< bein# "he 3i"ness is on!y in "he mindI i" is no" "he abso!u"e "ru"h o< "he e!<. 6he s$a-e in "he $i" or 3e!! has no" been -rea"ed by us. 6ha" !i#h" 3i!! be "here be<ore "he drama be#ins' durin# "he $er<orman-e and a!so a<"er "he $er<orman-e is over. *hen 3e a-hieve "ha"' "here 3i!! be no desire or "hou#h" o< any sor". *hen a!! o< "hem have been #iven u$' "he e!< 3i!! shine a!one. o !on# as one desires !ibera"ion' so !on#' you may "a%e i"' one is in bonda#e. 6he s-reen is a!3ays "here bu" severa! "y$es o< $i-"ures a$$ear on "he s-reen and "hen disa$$ear. #$ Does "ha" mean "ha" su-h a $erson 3i!! be in "his 3or!d mere!y as a 3i"nessK A$ 6ha" is soI <or "his very "hin#' 5idyaranya' in "he "en"h -ha$"er o< "he Pan-hadasi' #ives as eBam$!e "he !i#h" "ha" is %e$" on "he s"a#e o< a "hea"re. 6he Cnani Lone 3ho has rea!ised "he e!<M %no3s he is "he e!< and "ha" no"hin#' nei"her his body nor any"hin# e!se' eBis"s bu" "he e!<. I< you %no3 "ha"' "he "hree s"a"es 3i!! no" "roub!e you' Cus" as "he $i-"ures 3hi-h a$$ear on "he s-reen do no" s"i-% "o i". *e are "ha". I" is no" "o be <resh!y a-Euired. *hyK Be-ause sin-e "he e#o 3hi-h iden"i<ies "he <orm o< a body as 8I9 has $erished' he L"he 3ise oneM is "he <orm!ess eBis"en-eD-ons-iousness. imi!ar!y 3e have sim$!y "o "hro3 ou" a!! "he a#eD !on# sams%aras Linna"e "enden-iesM 3hi-h are inside us.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman @or "he 3ise one 3ho has %no3n e!< by divin# 3i"hin himse!<' "here is no"hin# o"her "han e!< "o be %no3n. 1) . 6he s$a-e 3as "here "hen and is a!so "here no3. A!"hou#h durin# dee$ s!ee$ and o"her s"a"es "here is no <ee!in# o< "he e#o' "ha" e!< remains a""ribu"e!ess' and -on"inues "o shine o< i"se!<. 6he "hree s"a"es -ome and #o' bu" you are a!3ays "here. 6ha" ma%es i" -!ear "ha" you 3ere "here a!! "he "ime. No"hin# s"i-%s "o "he s-reen' i" remains a s-reen. #$ @or one 3ho has rea!iJed his e!<' i" is said "ha" he 3i!! no" have "he "hree s"a"es o< 3a%e<u!ness' dream and dee$ s!ee$. *e have Cus" removed "he ear"h 3hi-h 3as <i!!in# "he s$a-e "here. *i"nessin# is re!a"ive "o obCe-"s 3i"nessed. *ha" is "here "o rea!iseK 6he rea! is as i" is a!3ays. On "he s-reen' you some"imes see a hu#e o-ean 3i"h end!ess 3avesI "ha" disa$$ears. 6he e!< is no" bo"heredI i" has on!y one s"a"e. 6he i!!us"ra"ion #iven in boo%s is "his. I< you remain as you are no3' you are in "he 3a%e<u! s"a"eI "his be-omes hidden in "he dream s"a"eI and "he dream s"a"e disa$$ears 3hen you are in dee$ s!ee$. Bo"h "he 3i"ness and his obCe-" are men"a! -rea"ions. You 3ere "here "hen' you are "here no3' and you are "here a" a!! "imes. #$ Does "ha" mean "ha"' a!"hou#h $eo$!e have a!! "hree s"a"es' 3a%e<u!ness' dream and dee$ s!ee$' "hese do no" a<<e-" "hemK A$ Yes' "ha" is i". 6he very <a-" "ha" 3e 3ish <or !ibera"ion sho3s "ha" <reedom <rom a!! bonda#e is our rea! na"ure. Did "he s-reen #e" 3e" 3i"h "he 3a"er or did i" #e" burned by "he <ireK No"hin# a<<e-"ed "he s-reen. A!! "hese s"a"es -ome and #o. Ano"her "ime' you see <ire s$readin# a!! aroundI "ha" "oo disa$$ears. *e are no" -rea"in# any"hin# ne3 or a-hievin# some"hin# 3hi-h 3e did no" have be<ore. A!! "ha" is ne-essary is "o #e" rid o< "he <a!se no"ion "ha" 3e are bound. #$ Bu" ho3 "o do "his and a""ain !ibera"ionK A$ &ibera"ion is our very na"ure. imi!ar!y' "he !i#h" 3i"hin' "ha" is' "he e!<' #ives !i#h" "o "he e#o' "he in"e!!e-"' "he memory and "he mind 3i"hou" i"se!< bein# subCe-" "o $ro-esses o< #ro3"h and de-ay. In "he same 3ay' "he "hin#s "ha" ha$$en durin# "he 3a%e<u!' dream and s!ee$ s"a"es do no" a<<e-" you a" a!!I you remain your o3n e!<. Is "ha" a <a-"K A$ *ha" ma%es you say "ha" "hey do no" have "he "hree s"a"esK In sayin# 8I had a dreamI I 3as in dee$ s!ee$I I am a3a%e9' you mus" admi" "ha" you 3ere "here in a!! "he "hree s"a"es. imi!ar!y' you remain your o3n e!< in a!! "he "hree s"a"es. 6o su-h a one 3ha" di<<eren-e -ou!d "he $resen-e or absen-e o< a body ma%eK I" is <a!se "o s$ea% o< rea!isa"ion.

Go!d made in"o various ornamen"s' 3e -a!! by various names.9 6he e!< a!one remains as i" ever is. 6hese are no" di<<eren" <rom sa". A!! "he "hree "o#e"her are %no3n as sa"D -hi"Dananda. 6ha" is -a!!ed Brahman. 6he mind "urned in3ards is "he e!<I "urned ou"3ards' i" be-omes "he e#o and a!! "he 3or!d. Be-ause "he 3a%in# s"a"e is !on#' 3e ima#ine "ha" i" is our rea! s"a"e. Be-ause 3e -a!! "hese "hree avas"has Ls"a"esM 3e -a!! "he <our"h s"a"e a!so "uriya avas"ha. *hen "his is rea!ised' 3e %no3 i" is no" a "uriya or <our"h s"a"e' <or a <our"h s"a"e is on!y re!a"ive' bu" "uriya"i"a' "he "rans-enden" s"a"e. 6he "hree s"a"es o< 3a%in#' dream and s!ee$ -anno" be rea!. a"D-hi"Dananda is said "o indi-a"e "ha" "he su$reme is no" asa" Ldi<<eren" <rom bein#M' no" a-hi" Ldi<<eren" <rom -ons-iousnessM and no" an anananda Ldi<<eren" <rom ha$$inessM. Be-ause by !on# habi" 3e have been re#ardin# "hese "hree s"a"es as rea!' 3e -a!! "he s"a"e o< mere a3areness or -ons-iousness "he <our"h. +o""on made in"o various -!o"hes 3e -a!! by various names. *ha" does "ha" meanK A$ Yes. Be-ause 3e are in "he $henomena! 3or!d 3e s$ea% o< "he e!< as sa"D-hi"Dananda. +ons-iousness is "he s-reen on 3hi-h a!! "he $i-"ures -ome and #o. 6hey sim$!y -ome and #o. 6ha" is so. +ons-iousness $!us s!ee$' 3e -a!! s!ee$. 6he s-reen is rea!' "he $i-"ures are mere shado3s on i".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ 2o3 are "he "hree s"a"es o< -ons-iousness in<erior in de#ree o< rea!i"y "o "he <our"h L"uriyaMK *ha" is "he a-"ua! re!a"ion be"3een "hese "hree s"a"es and "he <our"hK A$ 6here is on!y one s"a"e' "ha" o< -ons-iousness or a3areness or eBis"en-e. *e may rou#h!y $u" i" !i%e "his. 6he seer and "he seen "o#e"her -ons"i"u"e "he mind. +ons-iousness $!us 3a%in#' 3e -a!! 3a%in#. #$ In 3ha" sense is ha$$iness or b!iss LanandaM our rea! na"ureK 11 . +ons-iousness $!us dream' 3e -a!! dream. 6he 8I9 or eBis"en-e "ha" a!one $ersis"s in a!! "he "hree s"a"es is rea!. 6he !us"re o< sa" is -hi" and i"s na"ure is ananda. ee i< "here is su-h a "hin# as "he mind. 6here is ho3ever no <our"h s"a"e' bu" on!y one s"a"e. 6he "hree s"a"es o3e "heir eBis"en-e "o nonDenEuiry and enEuiry $u"s an end "o "hem. Bu"' as a ma""er o< <a-"' our rea! s"a"e is "uriya or "he <our"h s"a"e 3hi-h is a!3ays as i" is and %no3s no"hin# o< "he "hree s"a"es o< 3a%in#' dream or s!ee$. 6he one is rea!' "he many are mere names and <orms. 6he o"her "hree are no" rea! and so i" is no" $ossib!e "o say "hey have su-h and su-h a de#ree o< rea!i"y. 6ha" 3hi-h is' is on!y sa". 6hen' "he mind mer#es in "he e!<' and "here is nei"her "he seer nor "he seen. 2o3ever mu-h one may eB$!ain' "he <a-" 3i!! no" be-ome -!ear "i!! one a""ains e!<Drea!isa"ion and 3onders ho3 one 3as b!ind "o "he se!<Deviden" and on!y eBis"en-e so !on#. EBis"en-e or -ons-iousness is "he on!y rea!i"y. Bo"h are "he resu!" o< "he mind. 6here<ore i" is said "o be di<<eren" <rom "he rea! and "he unrea!. #$ Bu" 3hy shou!d "hese "hree s"a"es -ome and #o on "he rea! s"a"e or "he s-reen o< "he e!<K A$ *ho $u"s "his Eues"ionK Does "he e!< say "hese s"a"es -ome and #oK I" is "he seer 3ho says "hese -ome and #o. 6he e!< eBis"s 3i"hou" "he mind' never "he mind 3i"hou" "he e!<. imi!ar!y' even "hou#h i" is -ons-iousness' sin-e "here is no"hin# <or i" "o %no3 or "o ma%e i"se!< %no3n "o' i" is said "o be di<<eren" <rom "he sen"ien" and "he insen"ien". 6here is no di<<eren-e be"3een dream and "he 3a%in# s"a"e eB-e$" "ha" "he dream is shor" and "he 3a%in# !on#. Bu" "he mind does no" eBis" a$ar" <rom "he e!<' "ha" is' i" has no inde$enden" eBis"en-e. #$ *ha" is "he di<<eren-e be"3een "he mind and "he e!<K A$ 6here is no di<<eren-e. #$ Brahman is said "o be sa"D-hi"Dananda. 6he rea! 3i!! a!3ays eBis". Bu" a!! "he -!o"hes are -o""on and a!! "he ornamen"s #o!d. o "he rea! ans3er "o your Eues"ion is' 86hey nei"her -ome nor #o. Bu" is i" no" an avas"ha' bu" "he rea! and na"ura! s"a"e o< "he e!<. #$ As "he e!< is eBis"en-e Lsa"M and -ons-iousness L-hi"M 3ha" is "he reason <or des-ribin# i" as di<<eren" <rom "he eBis"en" and "he nonDeBis"en"' "he sen"ien" and "he insen"ien"K A$ A!"hou#h "he e!< is rea!' as i" -om$rises every"hin#' i" does no" #ive room <or Eues"ions invo!vin# dua!i"y abou" i"s rea!i"y or unrea!i"y.

Everyone desires "o s!ee$ sound!y. One mus" rea!ise "he e!< in order "o o$en "he s"ore o< una!!oyed ha$$iness. #$ 2o3 "o rea!ise "he 2ear"K A$ 6here is no one 3ho even <or a momen" <ai!s "o eB$erien-e "he e!<. in-e "he "ru"h o< e!< is %no3n on!y "o "ha" -ons-iousness' 3hi-h is devoid o< a-"ivi"y' "ha" -ons-iousness 3hi-h a!3ays remains a""endin# "o e!< a!one is "he shinin# o< -!ear %no3!ed#e. .Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ Per<e-" b!iss is Brahman. 6ha" is "he 2ear". 6ha" 3hi-h is -a!!ed ha$$iness is on!y "he na"ure o< e!<I e!< is no" o"her "han $er<e-" ha$$iness. I" is "ha" <rom 3hi-h "hou#h"s arise' on 3hi-h "hey subsis" and 3here "hey are reso!ved. I< a man "hin%s "ha" his ha$$iness is due "o eB"erna! -auses and his $ossessions' i" is reasonab!e "o -on-!ude "ha" his ha$$iness mus" in-rease 3i"h "he in-rease o< $ossessions and diminish in $ro$or"ion "o "heir diminu"ion. 6he $oin" "o be #ras$ed is "his' "ha" 2ear" means "he very -ore o< one9s bein#' "he -en"re' 3i"hou" 3hi-h "here is no"hin# 3ha"ever. 1. 2e is "he e!<. 6here is no"hin# e!se a$ar" <rom i". *ha" is "he rea! eB$erien-e o< manK Does i" -on<orm "o "his vie3K In dee$ s!ee$ man is devoid o< $ossessions' in-!udin# his o3n body. Kno3in# "ha" <a-" and abidin# in "he s"a"e o< e!<' enCoy b!iss e"erna!!y. Brahman is "he 2ear". #$ ri Bha#avan s$ea%s o< "he 2ear" as "he sea" o< -ons-iousness and as iden"i-a! 3i"h "he e!<. *ha" does "he 2ear" eBa-"!y si#ni<yK A$ +a!! i" by any name' God' e!<' "he 2ear" or "he sea" o< -ons-iousness' i" is a!! "he same. Be-ause you see "he 3or!d' "he body and so on' i" is said "ha" "here is a -en"re <or "hese' 3hi-h is -a!!ed "he 2ear". *hen you are in "he 2ear"' "he 2ear" is %no3n "o be nei"her "he -en"re nor "he -ir-um<eren-e. Per<e-" $ea-e is o< "he e!<. 6he 2ear" is "he -en"re <rom 3hi-h every"hin# s$rin#s. 6he -on-!usion is "ha" ha$$iness is inheren" in man and is no" due "o eB"erna! -auses. 6he -ons-iousness 3hi-h is "he rea! eBis"en-e and 3hi-h does no" #o ou" "o %no3 "hose "hin#s 3hi-h are o"her "han e!<' a!one is "he 2ear". Ins"ead o< bein# unha$$y he is Eui"e ha$$y. 6ha" a!one eBis"s and is -ons-iousness. 6ha" 3hi-h is -a!!ed ha$$iness a!one eBis"s. 6he 2ear" is no" $hysi-a!' i" is s$iri"ua!. 6he e!< is "he 2ear". 6he 2ear" is "he -en"re o< a!!. 6ha" <rom 3hi-h bein#s -ome in"o eBis"en-e is said "o be Brahman in "he U$anishads. 6he "hou#h"s are "he -on"en" o< "he mind and "hey sha$e "he universe. 6here<ore i< he is devoid o< $ossessions' his ha$$iness shou!d be ni!. @or no one admi"s "ha" he ever s"ands a$ar" <rom "he e!<. 2ridayam eEua!s hri" $!us ayamI i" means 8"his is "he -en"re9.

6hose in "he "hird -a"e#ory are !ess <or"una"e sin-e "hey usua!!y need many years o< in"ensive s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-e "o a-hieve "he #oa! o< e!<Drea!isa"ion. Room is no" brou#h" in <rom e!se3here. You are "he e!<' you are a!ready "ha". 6he mos" advan-ed rea!ise "he e!< as soon as "hey are "o!d abou" i"s rea! na"ure. 6o ma%e room' i" is enou#h "ha" obCe-"s be removed. @or "he bene<i" o< "hose in "he "o$ "3o -a"e#ories ri Ramana "au#h" "ha" "he e!< a!one eBis"s and "ha" i" -an be dire-"!y and -ons-ious!y eB$erien-ed mere!y by -easin# "o $ay a""en"ion "o "he 3ron# ideas 3e have abou" ourse!ves. ri Ramana some"imes used a me"a$hor o< -ombus"ion "o des-ribe "he "hree !eve!s? #un$o3der i#ni"es 3i"h a sin#!e s$ar%' -har-oa! needs "he a$$!i-a"ion o< hea" <or a shor" "ime' and 3e" -oa! needs "o dry ou" and hea" u$ over a !on# $eriod o< "ime be<ore i" 3i!! be#in "o burn. A" "his !eve! o< "he "ea-hin# "here is no Eues"ion o< e<<or" or $ra-"i-e. 6hose in "he se-ond -!ass need "o re<!e-" on i" <or some "ime be<ore e!<Da3areness be-omes <irm!y es"ab!ished. 6he <a-" is' you are i#noran" o< your b!iss<u! s"a"e. 6hey are due "o "he iden"i<i-a"ion o< "he e!< 3i"h "he no"D e!<. o i" 3i!! be im$ermanen". *hen "he no"D e!< disa$$ears' "he e!< a!one remains. 6here is no momen" 3hen "he e!< is no". "i!!ness or $ea-e is rea!iJa"ion. A""em$"s are dire-"ed on!y "o remove "his vei! o< i#noran-e 3hi-h is mere!y 3ron# %no3!ed#e. *ha" is no" $ermanen" is no" 3or"h s"rivin# <or. A!! "ha" is ne-essary is "o #e" rid o< "he "hou#h" 8I have no" rea!ised99. #$ 2o3 sha!! I rea-h "he e!<K A$ 6here is no rea-hin# "he e!<. 6his very doub"' 3he"her you -an rea!iJe' and "he no"ion 8IDhaveDno"Drea!iJed9 are "hemse!ves "he obs"a-!es. 6he 3ron# %no3!ed#e is "he <a!se iden"i<i-a"ion o< "he e!< 3i"h "he body and "he mind. 6he $rin-i$a! mis$er-e$"ion is "he idea "ha" "he e!< is !imi"ed "o "he body and "he mind. 6hese 3ron# ideas he -o!!e-"ive!y -a!!ed "he 8no"D e!<9 sin-e "hey are an ima#inary a--re"ion o< 3ron# no"ions and mis$er-e$"ions 3hi-h e<<e-"ive!y vei! "he "rue eB$erien-e o< "he rea! e!<. *ha" is #o" a<resh 3i!! a!so be !os". 6here<ore rea!iJa"ion is <or everyoneI rea!iJa"ion ma%es no di<<eren-e be"3een "he as$iran"s. #$ 2o3 -an I a""ain e!<Drea!isa"ionK A$ Rea!isa"ion is no"hin# "o be #ained a<reshI i" is a!ready "here. Be <ree 1/ . I< e!< 3ere "o be rea-hed' i" 3ou!d mean "ha" "he e!< is no" here and no3 and "ha" i" is ye" "o be ob"ained. #$ in-e rea!iJa"ion is no" $ossib!e 3i"hou" vasanaD%shaya Ldes"ru-"ion o< men"a! "enden-iesM' ho3 am I "o rea!iJe "ha" s"a"e in 3hi-h "he "enden-ies are e<<e-"ive!y des"royedK A$ You are in "ha" s"a"e no3. o !on# as "here is doub" or "he <ee!in# o< nonDrea!iJa"ion' "he a""em$" shou!d be made "o rid onese!< o< "hese "hou#h"s.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 2 . As soon as one -eases "o ima#ine "ha" one is an individua! $erson' inhabi"in# a $ar"i-u!ar body' "he 3ho!e su$ers"ru-"ure o< 3ron# ideas -o!!a$ses and is re$!a-ed by a -ons-ious and $ermanen" a3areness o< "he rea! e!<. o I say "he e!< is no" rea-hed. I#noran-e su$ervenes and dra3s a vei! over "he $ure e!< 3hi-h is b!iss. 6his <a!se iden"i<i-a"ion mus" #o' and "hen "he e!< a!one remains. #$ Does i" mean "ha" by ho!din# on "o "he e!<' "he vasanas Lmen"a! "enden-iesM shou!d be des"royed as and 3hen "hey emer#eK A$ 6hey 3i!! "hemse!ves be des"royed i< you remain as you are.Se!f(a areness and Se!f(ignorance ri Ramana o--asiona!!y indi-a"ed "ha" "here 3ere "hree -!asses o< s$iri"ua! as$iran"s. A!! "ha" is reEuired is an unders"andin# "ha" "he e!< is no" a #oa! "o be a""ained' i" is mere!y "he a3areness "ha" $revai!s 3hen a!! "he !imi"in# ideas abou" "he no"D e!< have been dis-arded.

#$ Is i" no" o<"en said "ha" one is nearer $ure -ons-iousness in dee$ s!ee$ "han in "he 3a%in# s"a"eK A$ 6he Eues"ion may as 3e!! be 8Am I nearer "o myse!< in my s!ee$ "han in my 3a%in# s"a"eK9 6he e!< is $ure -ons-iousness. 6he same $erson s!ee$s' dreams and 3a%es u$. +ons-iousness is indeed a!3ays 3i"h us. A$ On!y remove i#noran-e. I" never a$$ears ane3 and disa$$ears a#ain. 6he 3ord mu%"i is so $rovo%in#. In "he 3a%e<u! s"a"e he is a3are o< his body and so "here is bodyD -ons-iousness. In dee$ s!ee$ he 3as no" a3are o< his body and so "here 3as no bodyD-ons-iousness. I" is on!y remova! o< a!! -amou<!a#e. On!y 3hen "he everD$resen" -ons-iousness is rea!iJed 3i!! i" be $ermanen". No one -an ever be a3ay <rom "he e!<. 6he 3a%in# s"a"e is -onsidered "o be <u!! o< beau"i<u! and in"eres"in# 14 . A$ 6he eB$erien-e is here and no3. Bu" "he <a-" is "ha" "here is no bonda#e bu" on!y !ibera"ion. 6his <a!se sense o< 8I9 mus" #o. 6ha" 3hi-h a$$ears ane3 3i!! a!so be !os". I" is here and no3. I" is a!so a s"a"e o< sim$!e a3areness. I" is "here <or ever' here and no3. 6ha" 3hi-h is mus" a!so $ersis" <or ever. No one -an deny his o3n bein#. 6here is no one 3ho does no" say 8I am9. #$ Is one nearer "o $ure -ons-iousness in dee$ s!ee$ "han in "he 3a%in# s"a"eK A$ 6he s!ee$' dream and 3a%in# s"a"es are mere $henomena a$$earin# on "he e!< 3hi-h is i"se!< s"a"ionary. #$ 6ha" means eBis"en-e and no" ha$$iness. 6he u!"ima"e "ru"h is so sim$!e. #$ I a#ree' bu" I do no" eB$erien-e i". Everyone %no3s 8I am9. One -anno" deny one9s o3n e!<. A!! Eues"ions re!a"in# "o mu%"i are inadmissib!e.-ons-iousnessK A$ I" -ame as a <!ash and disa$$eared as su-h. A!! "his amoun"s "o sayin# "ha" "here are no !imi"a"ions in dee$ s!ee$' 3hereas "here are !imi"a"ions in "he 3a%in# s"a"e. 6ha" is rea!iJa"ion. 6he body and bodyD-ons-iousness arise "o#e"her and sin% "o#e"her. 6hese !imi"a"ions are "he bonda#e. 6here is no bonda#e and "here<ore no mu%"i ei"her. *hy -a!! i" by a name and see% i"K #$ 6rue – bu" 3e are i#noran". I" is no"hin# more "han bein# in "he $ris"ine s"a"e. 6here<ore "he body 3i!! be !os". 6here is no -han#e in "he one 3ho s!e$" and "he one 3ho is no3 a3a%e. 6his 3ron# %no3!ed#e mus" #o. 6he body a$$ears in one s"a"e bu" no" in "he o"her. Rea!iJa"ion is no" a-Euisi"ion o< any"hin# ne3 nor is i" a ne3 <a-u!"y. 6ha" is a!! "here is "o be done. 6his is a!! "ha" need be said. 6he Eues"ion is $ossib!e on!y i< "here is dua!i"y. 6ha" 3hi-h has a be#innin# mus" a!so end. *hy shou!d one see% i"K One be!ieves "ha" "here is bonda#e and "here<ore see%s !ibera"ion. #$ 2o3 !on# does i" "a%e "o rea-h mu%"i L!ibera"ionMK A$ Mu%"i is no" "o be #ained in "he <u"ure. Mu%"i means re!ease <rom bonda#e 3hi-h im$!ies "he $resen" eBis"en-e o< bonda#e. +om$are dee$ s!ee$ and 3a%in#. 6here<ore "he di<<eren-e !ies in "he emer#en-e o< bodyD-ons-iousness and no" in any -han#e in "he rea! -ons-iousness. 6he -ons-iousness 3as $reDeBis"en" and 3i!! survive "he body. 6he <ee!in# 86he body is I9 is "he error. Bu" "here is no dua!i"y in "he s"a"e o< $ure -ons-iousness. 6he 3ron# %no3!ed#e o< 8I am "he body9 is "he -ause o< a!! "he mis-hie<. +an anyone remain a3ay <rom "he e!< a" any momen"K 6his Eues"ion -an arise on!y i< "ha" 3ere $ossib!e. #$ O< 3ha" na"ure is "he rea!iJa"ion o< 3es"erners 3ho re!a"e "ha" "hey have had <!ashes o< -osmi. Bu" i" is "he same $erson. 6he rea! 8I9 is a!3ays "here.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman <rom "hese obs"a-!es a!so. 6he man in dee$ s!ee$ is no" a3areI 3hi!e a3a%e he seems "o be a3are. A$ EBis"en-e is "he same as ha$$iness and ha$$iness is "he same as bein#.

A$ o "here is a -on"inui"y in "he s!ee$ and "he 3a%in# s"a"es. *ha" is "ha" di<<eren-eK 6he in-iden"s' name!y' "he body' "he 3or!d and obCe-"s a$$ear in "he 3a%in# s"a"e bu" "hey disa$$ear in s!ee$. Be<ore 3e $ro-eed <ur"her !e" us ma%e "his $oin" -!ear. A$ You are "he same $erson "ha" is no3 a3a%e. 6hen "hou#h"s arise and "he <un-"ions o< "he body -ome in"o o$era"ion. Bu" he "oo -oun"ed on!y nine. A!"hou#h nearer "o $ure -ons-iousness' i" is no" <i" <or e<<or"s "o rea!iJe "he e!<. 8I see on!y nineI sure enou#h' 3e have !os" one. One a<"er "he o"her ea-h o< "he "en -oun"ed on!y 11 . #$ Yes. #$ Yes. 6he s!ee$ s"a"e a$$ears du!! be-ause you 3ere no" "here as an individua! and "here<ore "hese "hin#s 3ere no". A$ 6here<ore "he s"a"e o< bein# is $ermanen" and "he body and "he 3or!d are no". 6here is a di<<eren-e in "he "3o s"a"es. Bu" one shou!d no" "here<ore desire "o be a!3ays in s!ee$. Be-ause you iden"i<y yourse!< 3i"h "he body' you see "he 3or!d around you and say "ha" "he 3a%in# s"a"e is <i!!ed 3i"h beau"i<u! and in"eres"in# "hin#s. *ha" is "ha" -on"inui"yK I" is on!y "he s"a"e o< $ure bein#. One o< "he "en be#an "o -oun"' bu" 3hi!e -oun"in# "he o"hers !e<" himse!< ou". 6he e!< you see% "o %no3 is "ru!y yourse!<. Your su$$osed i#noran-e -auses you need!ess #rie< !i%e "ha" o< "he "en <oo!ish men 3ho #rieved a" "he !oss o< "he "en"h man 3ho 3as never !os". "i!! more' "he s!ee$ s"a"e is <ree <rom "hou#h"s and "heir im$ression on "he individua!. #$ Bu" I am no" a3are in my s!ee$. A!! "hese "o#e"her ma%e us say "ha" 3e are a3a%e. 6ha" 3hi-h is dis-on"inuous is "ransi"ory. *ho says so no3K I" is "he 3a%e<u! $erson. Do you no" admi" "ha" you eBis" in your s!ee$K #$ Yes' I do. Is i" no" soK #$ Yes. Moreover' "he s!ee$ s"a"e is no" re-o#niJed "o be one o< a3areness by $eo$!e' bu" "he sa#e is a!3ays a3are. 6ha" is "o say' "he individua! 3ho is no3 iden"i<yin# "he e!< 3i"h "he body says "ha" su-h a3areness did no" eBis" in s!ee$. Bu" 3ha" is "he <a-"K 6here is "he -on"inui"y o< bein# in a!! "he "hree s"a"es' bu" no -on"inui"y o< "he individua! and "he obCe-"s. A$ 6ha" 3hi-h is -on"inuous is a!so endurin#' "ha" is $ermanen".o< s!ee$ and "here<ore i" is nearer "o $ure -ons-iousness "han "he 3a%in# s"a"e. *ho -an i" beK9 he said. I" -anno" be a!"ered by one9s 3i!! be-ause e<<or" is im$ossib!e in "ha" -ondi"ion.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman "hin#s. #$ Re!a"ive!y s$ea%in#' is no" "he s!ee$ s"a"e nearer "o $ure -ons-iousness "han "he 3a%in# s"a"eK A$ Yes' in "his sense? 3hen $assin# <rom s!ee$ "o 3a%in# "he 8I9D"hou#h" Lindividua! se!<M mus" s"ar" and "he mind mus" -ome in"o $!ay. A$ 6rue' "here is no a3areness o< "he body or o< "he 3or!d. In "he <irs" $!a-e i" is im$ossib!e' <or i" 3i!! ne-essari!y a!"erna"e 3i"h "he o"her s"a"es. Bu" you mus" eBis" in your s!ee$ in order "o say no3 8I 3as no" a3are in my s!ee$9. 6he s!ee$er -anno" say so. 8Did you -oun" -orre-"!yK9 as%ed ano"her' and did "he -oun"in# himse!<. I" is one9s i#noran" ou"!oo% "ha" one shou!d #ive u$. 6hey are <!ee"in# $henomena $assin# on "he s-reen o< bein#D-ons-iousness 3hi-h is e"erna! and s"a"ionary. 6he absen-e o< su-h eB$erien-e ma%es one say "ha" "he s!ee$ s"a"e is du!!. 6hus "he s!ee$ s"a"e di<<ers <rom "he s"a"e in 3hi-h "he sa#e is es"ab!ished. #$ Is no" "he rea!iJa"ion o< one9s abso!u"e bein#' "ha" is' BrahmaDCnana' some"hin# Eui"e una""ainab!e <or a !ayman !i%e meK A$ BrahmaDCnana is no" a %no3!ed#e "o be a-Euired' so "ha" a-Euirin# i" one may ob"ain ha$$iness. 6he "en <oo!ish men in "he $arab!e <orded a s"ream and on rea-hin# "he o"her shore 3an"ed "o ma%e sure "ha" a!! o< "hem had in <a-" sa<e!y -rossed "he s"ream. 6he absen-e o< a!! "his evo!u"ion is "he -hara-"eris"i. e-ond!y i" -anno" be "he s"a"e o< b!iss in 3hi-h "he Cnani is' <or his s"a"e is $ermanen" and no" a!"erna"in#.

6here<ore' you -an never be rea!!y i#noran" o< "he e!<. 6ru!y "here is no -ause <or you "o be miserab!e and unha$$y. eein# is bein#. u-h is "he -ase 3i"h you. B!iss is no" added "o your na"ure' i" is mere!y revea!ed as your "rue na"ura! s"a"e' e"erna! and im$erishab!e. You are "he e!<. 86en'9 said "he !as" man as he #o" "he !as" b!o3 in his "urn. Every e<<or" "hey made "o dis-over "he 8missin#9 individua! <ai!ed. 1> . #$ *ha" is "he e#oDse!<K 2o3 is i" re!a"ed "o "he rea! e!<K A$ 6he e#oD e!< a$$ears and disa$$ears and is "ransi"ory' 3hereas "he rea! e!< is $ermanen". eein# "hem 3ee$in# on "he river ban%' a sym$a"he"i. 6he on!y 3ay "o be rid o< your #rie< is "o %no3 and be "he e!<.3ay<arer enEuired abou" "he -ause. A$ Peo$!e say "ha" "hey are no" ab!e "o %no3 "he e!< "ha" is a!! $ervadin#. 6ha" is "he $arab!e. On hearin# "he s"ory' bu" seein# a!! "he "en be<ore him' "he 3ay<arer #uessed 3ha" had ha$$ened. You' bein# "he e!<' 3an" "o %no3 ho3 "o a""ain "he e!<. @rom 3here 3as "he "en"h man brou#h" inK *as he ever !os"K By %no3in# "ha" he had been "here a!! "he 3hi!e' did "hey !earn any"hin# ne3K 6he -ause o< "heir #rie< 3as no" "he rea! !oss o< anyone' i" 3as "heir o3n i#noran-e' or ra"her' "heir mere su$$osi"ion "ha" one o< "hem 3as !os". 6here is no"hin# "o be a""ained. A!! "ha" is reEuired o< you is "o #ive u$ "he "hou#h" "ha" you are "his body and "o #ive u$ a!! "hou#h"s o< "he eB"erna! "hin#s or "he no"D e!<.9 #$ Bu" ho3 is one "o rea-h "his s"a"eK A$ 6here is no #oa! "o be rea-hed. *ha" -an I doK Even "he sma!!es" -hi!d says' 8I eBis"I I doI "his is mine. I" is "his i#noran-e "ha" -aused "hem #rie<. I" is some"hin# !i%e a man bein# a" Ramanasramam as%in# ho3 many 3ays "here are "o rea-h Ramanasramam and 3hi-h is "he bes" 3ay <or him. 6o %no3 "ha" "he one "ha" is a!3ays visib!e is one9s o3n e!<' is i" ne-essary "o sear-h 3i"h a -and!eK 6o say "ha" 3e do no" %no3 "he a"ma s3aru$a L"he rea! na"ure o< "he e!<M 3hi-h is no" di<<eren" bu" 3hi-h is in one9s o3n e!< is !i%e sayin#' 8I do no" %no3 myse!<. 6hou#h you are a-"ua!!y "he "rue e!< you 3ron#!y iden"i<y "he rea! e!< 3i"h "he e#oDse!<.9 2earin# "his "hey reCoi-ed a" "he $ros$e-" o< <indin# "heir 8!os"9 -omrade and a--e$"ed "he me"hod su##es"ed by "he 3ay<arer. 2o3 -an "his be una""ainab!eK #$ 2o3ever o<"en Bha#avan "ea-hes us' 3e are no" ab!e "o unders"and. Kno3 "hen "ha" "rue %no3!ed#e does no" -rea"e a ne3 bein# <or you' i" on!y removes your i#noran" i#noran-e. You are a!3ays "ha" e!< and no"hin# bu" "ha" e!<.9 o' everyone unders"ands "ha" "he "hin# 8I9 is a!3ays eBis"en". 8*e are on!y nine9' "hey a!! a#reed' 8bu" 3ho is "he missin# oneK9 "hey as%ed "hemse!ves. No"hin# more -an be $redi-a"ed o< "he e!< "han "ha" i" eBis"s. I" is on!y 3hen "ha" 8I9 is "here "ha" "here is "he <ee!in# "ha" you are "he body' he is 5en%anna' "his is Ramanna and so on. *hi!e "he %ind 3ay<arer #ave a b!o3 "o ea-h o< "he "en in "urn' he "ha" #o" "he b!o3 -oun"ed himse!< a!oud.9 o sayin# he burs" in"o "ears' and "he o"hers <o!!o3ed sui". Bu" i< your s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-e i"se!< assumes "he eBis"en-e o< "he !imi"a"ions' ho3 -an i" he!$ you "o "rans-end "hemK 2en-e I say %no3 "ha" you are rea!!y "he in<ini"e $ure bein#' "he e!<. 8*hoever he is "ha" is dro3ned9' said "he mos" sen"imen"a! o< "he "en <oo!s' 83e have !os" him. 6he "en"h missin# man 3i!! "hen be <ound. You yourse!< im$ose !imi"a"ions on your "rue na"ure o< in<ini"e bein#' and "hen 3ee$ "ha" you are bu" a <ini"e -rea"ure. Your i#noran-e is mere!y an ima#inary i#noran-e' !i%e "he i#noran-e o< "he "en <oo!s abou" "he !os" "en"h man. In order "o ma%e "hem %no3 <or "hemse!ves "hey 3ere rea!!y "en' "ha" a!! o< "hem had survived "he -rossin#' he "o!d "hem' 8&e" ea-h o< you -oun" <or himse!< bu" one a<"er "he o"her seria!!y' one' "3o' "hree and so on' 3hi!e I sha!! #ive you ea-h a b!o3 so "ha" a!! o< you may be sure o< havin# been in-!uded in "he -oun"' and in-!uded on!y on-e. eein# God or "he e!< is on!y bein# "he e!< or yourse!<. Be3i!dered "hey !oo%ed a" one ano"her' 8*e are "en'9 "hey said 3i"h one voi-e and "han%ed "he 3ay<arer <or havin# removed "heir #rie<. 6hen you "a%e u$ "his or "ha" s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-e "o "rans-end "he nonDeBis"en" !imi"a"ions. You eBis" a!3ays. 6hey re!a"ed 3ha" had ha$$ened and said "ha" even a<"er -oun"in# "hemse!ves severa! "imes "hey -ou!d <ind no more "han nine.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman nine' missin# himse!<.

ee "he sun and "here is no dar%ness. imi!ar!y' see "he e!< and avidya 3i!! be <ound no" "o eBis". 2o3ever "he 3or!d!y !i<e reEuires "he hy$o"hesis o< avidya. &e" "he 3or!d "a%e -are o< i"se!<. A$ Yes' <or "he e#o. 6he e#o $ro<essin# avidya is no" "o be seen. I< you are s$iri" a!! is s$iri" a!one. O"her3ise do you admi" o< "3o se!vesK 2o3 -an "here be avidya in "he absen-e o< "he e#oK I< you be#in "o enEuire' "he avidya' 3hi-h is a!ready nonDeBis"en"' 3i!! be <ound no" "o be' or you 3i!! say i" has <!ed a3ay. 6here is no su-h "hin# as "he unrea!' <rom ano"her s"and$oin".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ 2o3 does "he mis"a%e -ome abou"K A$ ee i< i" has -ome abou". No one denies one9s eBis"en-e any more "han one denies one9s eyes' a!"hou#h one -anno" see "hem. 6he "roub!e !ies 3i"h your desire "o obCe-"i<y "he e!<' in "he same 3ay as you obCe-"i<y your eyes 3hen you $!a-e a mirror be<ore "hem. Remove "he e#o and avidya is #one. *hen you "ry "o "ra-e "he e#o' 3hi-h is "he basis o< "he $er-e$"ion o< "he 3or!d and every"hin# e!se' you <ind "he e#o does no" eBis" a" a!! and nei"her does a!! "his -rea"ion "ha" you see. #$ Is "here avidya Li#noran-eMK A$ @or 3hom is i"K #$ @or "he e#oDse!<. #$ I" 3i!! ho!d #ood <or "he individua!' bu" 3ha" o< "he res"K A$ Do i" <irs" and "hen see i< "he Eues"ion arises a<"er3ards. &oo% <or i"' "he e#o vanishes and "he rea! e!< a!one remains. #$ *hy is "he 3or!d so 3ra$$ed u$ in i#noran-eK A$ 6a%e -are o< yourse!<. 6here is no avidya in rea!i"y. *ho is "o %no3 "he e!<K +an "he insen"ien" body %no3 i"K A!! "he "ime you s$ea% and "hin% o< your 8I9' ye" 3hen Eues"ioned you deny %no3!ed#e o< i". A$ 6he e#oDse!< does no" eBis" a" a!!. A$ Kno3in# "he e!< is bein# "he e!<' and bein# means eBis"en-e' one9s o3n eBis"en-e. 6he e!< a!one eBis"s. I< you are "he body "here is "he #ross 3or!d a!so. *hy do you "hin% o< "he e#o and a!so su<<erK *ha" is i#noran-e a#ainK I" is "ha" 3hi-h is noneBis"en". Dar%ness never -omes nor #oes. You have been so a--us"omed "o obCe-"ivi"y "ha" you have !os" "he %no3!ed#e o< yourse!<' sim$!y be-ause "he e!< -anno" be obCe-"i<ied. +an "here be dar%ness be<ore "he sunK imi!ar!y' -an "here be i#noran-e be<ore "he se!<Deviden" and se!<D !uminous e!<K I< you %no3 "he e!< "here 3i!! be no dar%ness' no i#noran-e and no misery. 10 . #$ *hy does i" #ive us "roub!eK A$ 6o 3hom is "he "roub!eK 6he "roub!e a!so is ima#ined. I" is i#noran-e or <or#e"<u!ness o< "he e!<. ee your e!<. #$ I" is -rue! o< God9s !ee!a L$!ayM "o ma%e "he %no3!ed#e o< "he e!< so hard. You are "he e!<' ye" you as% ho3 "o %no3 "he e!<. Avidya is on!y our i#noran-e and no"hin# more. #$ One has "o sub!ima"e "he e#oDse!< in"o "he "rue e!<. *here "hen is God9s !ee!a and 3here is i"s -rue!"yK Be-ause o< "his denia! o< "he e!< by $eo$!e "he sas"ras s$ea% o< maya' !ee!a' e"-. I" is "he mind 3hi-h <ee!s "he "roub!e and "he misery. #$ 2o3 did "he e#o ariseK A$ E#o is no". 6roub!e and $!easure are on!y <or "he e#o. I#noran-e $er"ains "o "he e#o. #$ 2o3 has "he unrea! -omeK +an "he unrea! s$rin# <rom "he rea!K A$ ee i< i" has s$run#. A!! sas"ras Ls-ri$"uresM are mean" "o dis$rove "he eBis"en-e o< avidya.

Bu" "hey are s"i!! "here. No"hin# bu" "he e!< eBis"s. I< i" is as%ed' 8*hy bein# <ree do 3e ima#ine "ha" 3e are boundK9 I ans3er' 8*hy bein# in "he ha!! did you ima#ine you 3ere on a 3or!d adven"ure' -rossin# hi!! and da!e' deser" and seaK I" is a!! mind or maya Li!!usionM. *hyK Be-ause his mind is eB"rover"ed and has never sou#h" i"s sour-e. Bu" "here are no o"hers "o be he!$ed. O< "he 2ear" i"se!< he is i#noran". #$ Is i" so 3i"h $!an"s' "rees' e"-. I" is !i%e a -inemaDsho3. Ye" "he ans3ers are sim$!e' beau"i<u! and -onvin-in#. An i!!us"ra"ion 3i!! ma%e "his -!ear. *e 3i!! be sur$rised "ha" 3e 3ere <ran"i-a!!y "ryin# "o a""ain some"hin# 3hi-h 3e have a!3ays been and are. #$ Yes' I s"i!! unders"and on!y "heore"i-a!!y. #$ I unders"and "heore"i-a!!y. #$ 6his is a vi-ious -ir-!e. 2e has no" re"urned a<"er #rea" e<<or" "o "his ha!!' bu" is and a!3ays has been in "he ha!!. #$ 2o3 "o over-ome "he men"a! habi"s LvasanasMK A$ By rea!isin# "he e!<. A man #oes "o s!ee$ in "his ha!!. I" is "he bes" he!$ $ossib!e. I" is eBa-"!y !i%e "ha". 6hou#h"s 3i!! -ease "o rise and "he e!< a!one 3i!! remain. Hus" a" "ha" momen" he 3a%es u$ and <inds he has no" moved an in-h bu" 3as s!ee$in# 3here he !ay do3n. 6his 3i!! be unders"ood on!y 3hen 3e rea-h "ha" s"a#e. A$ Even "he "hou#h" 8I do no" rea!iJe9 is a hindran-e. *hen you iden"i<y yourse!< 3i"h "he body "hen on!y "he <orms and sha$es are "here. 2e dreams he has #one on a 3or!d "our' is roamin# over hi!! and da!e' <ores" and -oun"ry' deser" and sea' a-ross various -on"inen"s and a<"er many years o< 3eary and s"renuous "rave!' re"urns "o "his -oun"ry' rea-hes 6iruvannama!ai' en"ers "he ashram and 3a!%s in"o "he ha!!. In rea!i"y' a!! "hese are no"hin# bu" "he e!<. Our rea! na"ure is mu%"i. A$ Yes. Bu" 3e are ima#inin# 3e are bound and are ma%in# various' s"renuous a""em$"s "o be-ome <ree' 3hi!e 3e are a!! "he 3hi!e <ree. 6he <orm o< "his re<!e-"ion is "he $henomenon -a!!ed "he mind. 6here is "he !i#h" on "he s-reen and "he shado3s <!i""in# a-ross i" im$ress "he audien-e as "he ena-"men" o< some $ie-e. 6he "hou#h" is $roCe-"ed ou" <rom "he e!<. 1( . @or a rea!iJed bein# sees on!y "he e!<' Cus" !i%e a #o!dsmi"h es"ima"in# "he #o!d in various i"ems o< Ce3e!!ery sees on!y #o!d.9 #$ 2o3 "hen does i#noran-e o< "his one and on!y rea!i"y unha$$i!y arise in "he -ase o< "he aCnani Lone 3ho has no" rea!iJed "he e!<MK A$ 6he aCnani sees on!y "he mind 3hi-h is a mere re<!e-"ion o< "he !i#h" o< $ure -ons-iousness arisin# <rom "he 2ear". Bu" 3hen you "rans-end your body "he o"hers disa$$ear a!on# 3i"h your bodyD-ons-iousness.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ Does my rea!iJa"ion he!$ o"hersK A$ Yes' -er"ain!y. You "hin% "ha" you see "hem.K A$ Do "hey eBis" a" a!! a$ar" <rom "he e!<K @ind i" ou". eein# on!y "his re<!e-"ion' "he aCnani is de!uded in"o "he be!ie< "ha" he is a <ini"e bein#' "he Civa' "he individua! se!<. I< in "he same $!ay an audien-e a!so is sho3n on "he s-reen as $ar" o< "he $er<orman-e' "he seer and "he seen 3i!! "hen bo"h be on "he s-reen. In <a-"' "he e!< a!one is. You are "he s-reen' "he e!< has -rea"ed "he e#o' "he e#o has i"s a--re"ions o< "hou#h"s 3hi-h are dis$!ayed as "he 3or!d' "he "rees and "he $!an"s o< 3hi-h you are as%in#. #$ *ha" $reven"s "he in<ini"e' undi<<eren"ia"ed !i#h" o< -ons-iousness arisin# <rom "he 2ear" <rom revea!in# i"se!< "o "he aCnaniK A$ Hus" as 3a"er in a $o" re<!e-"s "he enormous sun 3i"hin "he narro3 !imi"s o< "he $o"' even so "he vasanas or !a"en" "enden-ies o< "he mind o< "he individua!' a-"in# as "he re<!e-"in# medium' -a"-h "he a!!D$ervadin#' in<ini"e !i#h" o< -ons-iousness arisin# <rom "he 2ear". @ind ou" <rom 3here i" rises. A$$!y i" "o yourse!<. I< you see "he e!<' "he same 3i!! be <ound "o be a!!' every3here and a!3ays. #$ *ha" are "he obs"a-!es 3hi-h hinder rea!iJa"ion o< "he e!<K A$ 6hey are habi"s o< mind LvasanasM.

#$ *hy "hen do I no" rea!iJe i"K A$ Be-ause o< "he sams%aras. #$ *hy is "his men"a! bonda#e so $ersis"en"K A$ 6he na"ure o< bonda#e is mere!y "he risin#' ruinous "hou#h" 8I am di<<eren" <rom "he rea!i"y9. +an anyone s"o$ "he sha%in# o< "he shado3K I< i" 3ou!d -ease "o sha%e you 3ou!d no" no"i-e "he 3a"er bu" on!y "he !i#h". 6hese "3o $ro-esses s-or-h "he seeds o< sams%aras so "ha" "hey are rendered ine<<e-"ive. ome eB"raordinary $eo$!e #e" unsha%ab!e Cnana a<"er hearin# "he "ru"h on!y on-e. Memory or ob!ivion mus" be de$enden" on some"hin#. A$ Rea!iJa"ion is a!ready "here. 6ha" some"hin# mus" be <orei#n "o "he e!< as 3e!!' o"her3ise "here 3ou!d no" be ob!ivion. #$ 2avin# heard "his "ru"h' 3hy does no" one remain -on"en"K A$ Be-ause sams%aras Linna"e men"a! "enden-iesM have no" been des"royed. 6heir roo"s are "he sams%aras. 6o %no3 "ha" "here never 3as i#noran-e is "he #oa! o< a!! "he s$iri"ua! "ea-hin#s. Ob!ivion and memory are on!y "hou#h"D<orms. 6he s"a"e <ree <rom "hou#h"s is "he on!y rea! s"a"e. I" is "he "hou#h" 3hi-h bui!ds u$ shea"hs in so many 3ays. 6hen i" 3i!! be -!ear "ha" "here is no avidyaK #$ o' i" is 3ron# "o be#in 3i"h a #oa!' is i"K A$ I< "here is a #oa! "o be rea-hed i" -anno" be $ermanen". 2en-e "his 8I9 is synonymous 3i"h i!!usion or i#noran-e 7maya' avidya or aCnanaM. I#noran-e mus" be o< one 3ho is a3are. 6hese are rendered ine<<e-"ive by $ra-"i-e as $res-ribed by "he Guru. 6he "rue 8I9 is "he e!<. *e see% "o rea-h "he #oa! 3i"h "he e#o' bu" "he #oa! eBis"s be<ore "he e#o. 6hese are "he advan-ed see%ers. 6ha" 3hi-h is' is on!y vidya L%no3!ed#eM. Be#inners "a%e !on#er "o #ain i". Hnana is e"erna! and na"ura!' aCnana is unna"ura! and unrea!. 6he Guru !eaves i" "o "he see%er "o do "his mu-h so "ha" he mi#h" himse!< <ind ou" "ha" "here is no i#noran-e. *hen one !oo%s <or i"' "his individua! 8I9 is no" <ound be-ause i" is no" rea!. 6he shado3 on "he 3a"er is <ound "o be sha%in#. #$ *hy do I never remember "ha" I am "he e!<K A$ Peo$!e s$ea% o< memory and ob!ivion o< "he <u!!ness o< "he e!<. *ha" is in "he #oa! is even $rior "o our bir"h' "ha" is' "o "he bir"h o< "he e#o. Un!ess "he sams%aras -ease "o eBis"' "here 3i!! a!3ays be doub" and -on<usion. #$ I< i" is Cus" a Eues"ion o< #ivin# u$ ideas "hen i" is on!y one s"e$ "o rea!iJa"ion.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ I" is "he e#o 3hi-h raises su-h di<<i-u!"ies' -rea"in# obs"a-!es and "hen su<<erin# <rom "he $er$!eBi"y o< a$$aren" $aradoBes. 6he #oa! mus" a!ready be "here. @ind ou" 3ho ma%es "he enEuiries and "he e!< 3i!! be <ound. Be-ause 3e eBis" "he e#o a$$ears "o eBis" "oo. A!! e<<or"s are dire-"ed "o des"royin# doub" and -on<usion. 6here is no su-h a-"ion as 1= . 2o3ever' <ind ou" 3ho does no" rea!iJe and 3ha" he does no" rea!iJe. 6o do so "heir roo"s mus" be -u". I" has no rea! bein#. in-e one sure!y -anno" remain se$ara"e <rom "he rea!i"y' reCe-" "ha" "hou#h" 3henever i" rises. 6hey 3i!! a!"erna"e so !on# as "here are "hou#h"s. Bu" rea!i"y !ies beyond "hese. I< 3e !oo% on "he e!< as "he e#o "hen 3e be-ome "he e#o' i< as "he mind 3e be-ome "he mind' i< as "he body 3e be-ome "he body. #$ 2o3 did i#noran-e LavidyaM arise a" a!!K A$ I#noran-e never arose. A3areness is Cnana. 6he e#o is "he "hou#h" 8I9. I< "he unders"andin# is no" <irm one has "o $ra-"i-e re<!e-"ion LmananaM and unin"erru$"ed -on"em$!a"ion LnididhyasanaM on i". imi!ar!y "a%e no no"i-e o< "he e#o and i"s a-"ivi"ies' bu" see on!y "he !i#h" behind. 2earin# "he "ru"h LsravanaM is "he <irs" s"a#e. 6ha" u$on 3hi-h memory and ob!ivion de$end is "he idea o< "he individua! se!<.

6ha" is 3ha" you are. #$ 6ha" 3i!! "a%e some years. . #$ I" is dar%ness and I am i#noran". 2o3 do 3e %no3 "ha" 3e eBis"K I< you say be-ause o< "he 3or!d around us' "hen ho3 do you %no3 "ha" you eBis"ed in dee$ s!ee$K #$ 2o3 "o #e" rid o< "he mindK A$ Is i" "he mind "ha" 3an"s "o %i!! i"se!<K 6he mind -anno" %i!! i"se!<. A$ 6his i#noran-e mus" #o. A$ *hy yearsK 6he idea o< "ime is on!y in your mind.) . I 3as readin# ri Bha#ava"a. I" is no" in "he e!<. 6here<ore you -anno" <ind b!iss in $!a-es and in $eriods o< "ime. Bu" you are "he e!< beyond "ime and s$a-e. I" says "ha" b!iss -an be had on!y by "he dus" o< "he mas"er9s <ee". 6here<ore "he e<<or" "o rea!iJe resu!"s on!y in your rea!isin# your $resen" mis"a%e – "ha" you have no" rea!iJed your e!<. o-ra"es said' 8I %no3 "ha" I do no" %no3. 6he e!< is a!3ays rea!iJed. o your business is "o <ind "he rea! na"ure o< "he mind. Is "here anyone 3ho is no" rea!isin# "he e!<K Does anyone deny his o3n eBis"en-eK $ea%in# o< rea!iJa"ion' i" im$!ies "3o se!ves – "he one "o rea!iJe' "he o"her "o be rea!iJed. 6here is no <resh rea!iJa"ion. 6hen you 3i!! %no3 "ha" "here is no mind. You are a!3ays "ha". 6ime arises as an idea a<"er "he e#o arises. I" is your o3n bein# 3hi-h is $ermanen". *hy ima#ine or -rea"e bheda bhava and "hen des"roy i"K #$ 6his -an be rea!iJed on!y by "he #ra-e o< "he mas"er. Abidin# in "he e!<' one need no" 3orry abou" "he mind. I" is a!ready rea!iJed. *e ima#ine 3e are di<<eren"' "ha" is 3e -rea"e "he bheda bhava L"he <ee!in# o< di<<eren-eM and "hen under#o #rea" sadhana Ls$iri"ua! $ra-"i-esM "o #e" rid o< "he bheda bhava and rea!iJe "he oneness. You are no3 "hin%in# "ha" you are "he mind or "he body 3hi-h are bo"h -han#in# and "ransien". A$ *ha" is b!iss bu" your o3n bein#K You are no" a$ar" <rom bein# 3hi-h is "he same as b!iss. Un!ess you eBis" you -anno" as% Eues"ions. #$ *hy "hen do I <ee! unha$$y 3hen I am in 5e!!ore and <ee! $ea-e in your $resen-eK A$ +an "he <ee!in# in "his $!a-e be b!issK *hen you !eave "his $!a-e you say you are unha$$y. A$ Nui"e so. *hen "he e!< is sou#h"' "he mind is no3here. I" is "he mind "ha" vei!s our ha$$iness. I" is no" ne-essary "o see% "o rea!iJe 3ha" is a!ready and a!3ays rea!iJed. *ha" is no" a!ready rea!iJed is sou#h" "o be rea!iJed. I" mus" be $ermanen" in order "ha" i" may be use<u!.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman rea!iJa"ion. @or you -anno" deny your o3n eBis"en-e. I" is ano"her name <or us. 6ha" eBis"en-e is -ons-iousness' "he e!<. 6here<ore "his $ea-e is no" $ermanen"' i" is miBed 3i"h unha$$iness 3hi-h is <e!" in ano"her $!a-e. o you mus" admi" your o3n eBis"en-e. A#ain' 3ho says 8I am i#noran"9K 2e mus" be "he 3i"ness o< i#noran-e. 6here is no "ime <or "he e!<. I" is !i%e a man 3ho is in "he shade' vo!un"ari!y !eavin# "he shade' #oin# in"o "he sun' <ee!in# "he severi"y o< "he hea" "here' ma%in# #rea" e<<or"s "o #e" ba-% in"o "he shade and "hen reCoi-in#' 82o3 s3ee" is "he shadeO I have rea-hed "he shade a" !as"O9 *e are a!! doin# eBa-"!y "he same.9 +an i" be i#noran-eK I" is 3isdom. 6ha" eBis"en-e is "he e!<. Bu" you are un-han#in# and e"erna!. Be "he e!< and "ha" is b!iss. 6ha" is 3ha" you shou!d %no3. #$ Is mu%"i "he same as rea!iJa"ionK A$ Mu%"i or !ibera"ion is our na"ure. 6he e!< be-omes revea!ed. Our 3an"in# mu%"i is a very <unny "hin#. *e are no" di<<eren" <rom "he rea!i"y. On-e 3e admi" our eBis"en-e' ho3 is i" "ha" 3e do no" %no3 our e!<K #$ Be-ause o< "he "hou#h"s' "he mind. I $ray <or #ra-e.

Bein# in i"' 3hy sear-h <or i"K 6he an-ien"s say? 8Ma%in# "he vision absorbed in Cnana one sees "he 3or!d as Brahman. he 3as as ha$$y as i< she had re-overed a !os" Ce3e!. o a!so a!! "ha" you see around you is in you. he as%ed her <riends and nei#hbours i< "hey %ne3 any"hin# abou" "he ne-%!a-e. I" is im$ossib!e <or anyone "o #e" 3ha" he has no" #o" a!ready. 6hey are in you. 6he e!< $ro-!aims i"se!< a" a!! "imes as 8I' I9. #$ A!! boo%s say "ha" "he #uidan-e o< a Guru is ne-essary.1 . In "he same 3ay' every"hin# 3i!! be na"ura! "o "hose 3ho have a""ained Cnana drish"i. he <ound "ha" i" had a!! a!on# been round her ne-% and she 3as ha$$y. I" is "he "rue e"erna! s"a"e 3hi-h -anno" -han#e. *e #o round and round in sear-h o< a"ma L e!<M sayin#' 8*here is a"maK *here is i"K9 "i!! a" !as" "he da3n o< Cnana drish"i Lvision o< %no3!ed#eM is rea-hed' and 3e say' 86his is a"ma "his is me. *hen o"hers as%ed her !a"er i< she had <ound "he ne-%!a-e 3hi-h 3as !os"' she said' 8Yes' I have <ound i". *ha" is "here a$ar" <rom one9s o3n e!<K #$ 6he na"ura! s"a"e -an be %no3n on!y a<"er a!! "his 3or!d!y vision subsides. 6he Guru -anno" #ive you any"hin# ne3' 3hi-h you don9" have a!ready. 6hey did no".9 he s"i!! <e!" "ha" she had re-overed a !os" Ce3e!. A!! "his is "ha". A$ 6he -on-e$"ion "ha" "here is a #oa! and a $a"h "o i" is 3ron#. imi!ar!y 3i"h us' 3e ima#ine "ha" 3e 3i!! rea!iJe "ha" e!< some "ime' 3hereas 3e are never any"hin# bu" "he e!<. I" is se!<D!uminous. A$ 6he Guru 3i!! say on!y 3ha" I am sayin# no3. Remova! o< "he no"ion "ha" 3e have no" rea!iJed "he e!< is a!! "ha" is reEuired. I" is here.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman You eBis" even in "he absen-e o< "ime and s$a-e. *ere i" "rue "ha" you rea!iJe i" !a"er i" means "ha" you are no" rea!iJed no3. 6ime and s$a-e -anno" a<<e-" "he e!<. *hen on-e "ha" vision is rea-hed' "here 3i!! be no a""a-hmen"s even i< one miBes 3i"h "he 3or!d and moves abou" in i". *hen on-e you $u" on shoes your <ee" do no" <ee! "he $ain o< 3a!%in# on any number o< s"ones or "horns on "he 3ay. *e are "he #oa! or $ea-e a!3ays. A" !as" a %ind <riend o< hers "o!d her "o <ee! "he ne-%!a-e round her ne-%. *e are in "ha" on!y. *ha" a!3ays is 3i!! a!one remain. Mind is "he -ause o< a!! "his. 6here is a s"ory "o i!!us"ra"e "his $oin". Bu" Cud#e her <ee!in#s. A !ady had a $re-ious ne-%!a-e round her ne-%. 6o #e" rid o< "he no"ion "ha" 3e are no" $ea-e is a!! "ha" is reEuired. #$ 6here mus" be some"hin# "ha" I -an do "o rea-h "his s"a"e. Even i< he #e"s any su-h "hin#' i" 3i!! #o as i" -ame. he be-ame anBious and !oo%ed <or i" in her home bu" -ou!d no" <ind i". #$ Yes' I sha!! unders"and i" in -ourse o< "ime. *e are a!3ays "he e!< on!y 3e don9" rea!iJe i". I" is 3ron# "o -onsider rea!iJa"ion "o be im$ermanen". A$ You are a!ready "ha". 2e 3i!! no" #ive you any"hin# you have no" a!ready #o". o "oo' su-h rea!iJa"ion is im$ermanen". You 3a!% abou" 3i"hou" <ear or -are' even i< "here are moun"ains on "he 3ay. I< "ha" subsides' "he na"ura! s"a"e $resen"s i"se!<. Bu" ho3 is i" "o subsideK A$ I< "he mind subsides' "he 3ho!e 3or!d subsides.99 . No3 did she !ose i" a" a!!K I" 3as a!! a!on# round her ne-%. On-e in her eB-i"emen" she <or#o" i" and "hou#h" "ha" "he ne-%!a-e 3as !os". Absen-e o< rea!iJa"ion in "he $resen" momen" may be re$ea"ed a" any momen" in "he <u"ure' <or "ime is in<ini"e. *ha" -omes 3i!! a!so #o. Bu" "ha" is no" "rue.9 *e shou!d a-Euire "ha" vision.

I" is mere!y a men"a! -ons"ru-" devised by "hose 3ho have no" rea!iJed "he e!< 7aCnanis: "o ma%e sense o< "he Cnani9s eB$erien-e. By i"se!< i" is -om$!e"e!y $ure LsuddhaDsa""vaM in -hara-"er. I" is in "his <orm o< $ris"ine $uri"y LsuddhaD sa""vaDs3aru$aM' un-on"amina"ed by raCas and "amas La-"ivi"y and iner"iaM' "ha" "he 8I9 a$$ears "o subsis" in "he Cnani. In <a-"' he is a3are o< "he one' as "he rea!' "he e!< in a!! se!ves' in a!! "hin#s' e"erna! and immu"ab!e' in a!! "ha" is im$ermanen" and mu"ab!e. #$ *ha" abou" "he ordinary manK A$ I have Cus" said "ha" he sees "hin#s ou"side himse!<. #$ In "he Cnani "he e#o subsis"s in "he $ure <orm and "here<ore i" a$$ears as some"hin# rea!. 2o3 -an he say "ha" he 8does no"hin#9 7a s"a"emen" 3hi-h ri Ramana o<"en made: 3hen o"hers see him a-"ive in "he 3or!dK / 2o3 does he $er-eive "he 3or!dK Does he $er-eive "he 3or!d a" a!!K 4 2o3 does "he Cnani9s a3areness o< $ure -ons-iousness re!a"e "o "he a!"erna"in# s"a"es o< body and mind -ons-iousness eB$erien-ed in 3a%in#' dreamin# and s!ee$in#K 6he hidden $remise behind a!! su-h Eues"ions is "he be!ie< "ha" "here is a $erson 7"he Cnani: 3ho eB$erien-es a s"a"e he -a!!s "he e!<. Am I ri#h"K A$ 6he a$$earan-e o< "he e#o in any <orm' ei"her in "he Cnani or aCnani' is i"se!< an eB$erien-e. 2e is se$ara"e <rom "he 3or!d' <rom his o3n dee$er "ru"h' <rom "he "ru"h "ha" su$$or"s him and 3ha" he sees. Bu" "o "he aCnani 3ho is de!uded in"o "hin%in# "ha" "he 3a%in# s"a"e and "he 3or!d are rea!' "he e#o a!so a$$ears "o be rea!. Even "he use o< "he 3ord Cnani is indi-a"ive o< "his erroneous be!ie< sin-e i" !i"era!!y means a %no3er o< Cnana' "he rea!i"y. ri Ramana $oin"ed "his ou" bo"h dire-"!y and indire-"!y on many o--asions' bu" <e3 o< his Eues"ioners 3ere ab!e "o #ras$' even -on-e$"ua!!y' "he im$!i-a"ions o< su-h a s"a"emen". 6he aCnani uses "his "erm be-ause he ima#ines "ha" "he 3or!d is made u$ o< see%ers o< rea!i"y and %no3ers o< rea!i"yI "he "ru"h o< "he e!< is "ha" "here are nei"her Cnanis nor aCnanis' "here is on!y Cnana..Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 3 . 6he Cnana siddha LCnaniM !ives in "he 2ear". 6he man 3ho has rea!iJed "he su$reme "ru"h o< his o3n eBis"en-e rea!ises "ha" i" is "he one su$reme rea!i"y "ha" is "here behind him' behind "he 3or!d. In mos" o< "he -onversa"ions in "his -ha$"er he a--e$"s "ha" his Eues"ioners $er-eive a dis"in-"ion be"3een "he Cnani and "he aCnani' and' 3i"hou" -ha!!en#in# "he basis o< "ha" assum$"ion' he assumes "he ro!e o< "he Cnani and a""em$"s "o eB$!ain "he im$!i-a"ions o< bein# in "ha" s"a"e. @rom "he 2ear" arises "he 8I am9Dness as "he $rimary da"um o< one9s eB$erien-e. 6his assum$"ion is no" "rue. #$ *ha" is "he re!a"ion be"3een "he $ure -ons-iousness rea!iJed by "he Cnani and "he 8I am9D ness 3hi-h is a--e$"ed as "he $rimary da"um o< eB$erien-eK A$ 6he undi<<eren"ia"ed -ons-iousness o< $ure bein# is "he 2ear" or hridayam' 3hi-h is 3ha" you rea!!y are. *hen he moves abou" and dea!s 3i"h men and "hin#s' he %no3s "ha" 3ha" he sees is no" se$ara"e <rom "he one su$reme rea!i"y' "he Brahman 3hi-h he rea!iJed in "he 2ear" as his o3n e!<' "he rea!.The jnani Many o< "he ri Ramana9s visi"ors a$$eared "o have an insa"iab!e -uriosi"y abou" "he s"a"e o< e!<Drea!iJa"ion and "hey 3ere $ar"i-u!ar!y in"eres"ed "o %no3 ho3 a Cnani eB$erien-ed himse!< and "he 3or!d around him. in-e he sees "he Cnani a-" !i%e o"her individua!s' he <ee!s -ons"rained "o $osi" some no"ion o< individua!i"y 3i"h . Be-ause o< "his he usua!!y ada$"ed his ideas in su-h a 3ay "ha" "hey -on<ormed "o "he $reCudi-es o< his !is"eners. #$ 6hen 3ha" is "he di<<eren-e be"3een "he baddha and "he mu%"a' "he bound man and "he one !ibera"edK A$ 6he ordinary man !ives in "he brain una3are o< himse!< in "he 2ear". ome o< "he Eues"ions he 3as as%ed on "he subCe-" re<!e-"ed "he biJarre no"ions "ha" many $eo$!e had abou" "his s"a"e' bu" mos" o< "hem "ended "o be varia"ions o< one o< "he <our <o!!o3in# Eues"ions? 1 2o3 -an a Cnani <un-"ion 3i"hou" any individua! a3areness o< -ons-iousnessK . .

*i"h "he $i-"ures "he e!< is in i"s mani<es" <ormI 3i"hou" "he $i-"ures i" remains in "he unmani<es" <orm. #$ 2o3 "hen does "he ahamDvri""i L8I9D"hou#h"' "he sense o< individua!i"yM <un-"ion in "he CnaniK A$ I" does no" <un-"ion in him a" a!!. 6a%e "he ins"an-e o< movin# $i-"ures on "he s-reen in "he -inemaDsho3. 6o "he Cnani i" is Eui"e imma"eria! i< "he e!< is in "he one <orm or "he o"her. 6he 3or!d is no" ano"her e!< simi!ar "o "he e!<. Bu" "he aCnani seein# "he Cnani a-"ive #e"s -on<ounded. #$ I< "he Cnani and "he aCnani $er-eive "he 3or!d in !i%e manner' 3here is "he di<<eren-e be"3een "hemK A$ eein# "he 3or!d' "he Cnani sees "he e!< 3hi-h is "he subs"ra"um o< a!! "ha" is seenI "he aCnani' 3he"her he sees "he 3or!d or no"' is i#noran" o< his "rue bein#' "he e!<. A<"er "he $!ay' 3hen "he $i-"ures disa$$ear' 3ha" remainsK 6he s-reen a#ain. I" is seen by bo"h' bu" "heir vie3D$oin"s di<<er. PraCnana is "ru!y Brahman' "he abso!u"e' and "here is no Brahman o"her "han $raCnana./ . *ha" does i" ma""er i< "he 3or!d is $er-eived or no"K Do you #ain any"hin# "o he!$ you in your Eues" by "he nonD$er-e$"ion o< "he 3or!d durin# s!ee$K +onverse!y' 3ha" 3ou!d you !ose no3 by "he $er-e$"ion o< "he 3or!dK I" is Eui"e imma"eria! "o "he Cnani or aCnani i< he $er-eives "he 3or!d or no".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman re<eren-e "o "he Cnani a!so. Bu" "he e!< does no" admi" o< "hese di<<eren-es. I#norin# "he e!< "he aCnani "hin%s "he 3or!d is rea!' Cus" as i#norin# "he s-reen he sees mere!y "he $i-"ures' as i< "hey eBis"ed a$ar" <rom i". 6he Cnani bein# es"ab!ished in "he <our"h s"a"e – "uriya' "he su$reme . 2o3ever' i" is di<<eren"ia"ed o3in# "o i#noran-e. *ha" is "here in <ron" o< you be<ore "he $!ay be#insK Mere!y "he s-reen. Nor does i" ma""er a" a!! i< "he $i-"ures a$$ear or disa$$ear. #$ I am "ryin# "o unders"and "he Cnani9s $oin" o< vie3 abou" "he 3or!d. 6ha" a!one eBis"s' "he $i-"ures -ome and #o. I< one %no3s "ha" 3i"hou" "he seer "here is no"hin# "o be seen' Cus" as "here are no $i-"ures 3i"hou" "he s-reen' one is no" de!uded. #$ Does Bha#avan see "he 3or!d as $ar" and $ar-e! o< himse!<K 2o3 does he see "he 3or!dK A$ 6he e!< a!one is and no"hin# e!se. You may -a!! "hem dream no. 2is desires are "here<ore a!so $ure. 6he Cnani %no3s "ha" "he s-reen and "he $i-"ures are on!y "he e!<.. On "ha" s-reen you see "he en"ire sho3' and <or a!! a$$earan-es "he $i-"ures are rea!. Is "he 3or!d $er-eived a<"er e!<Drea!iJa"ionK A$ *hy 3orry yourse!< abou" "he 3or!d and 3ha" ha$$ens "o i" a<"er e!<Drea!iJa"ionK @irs" rea!iJe "he e!<. I" is no" di<<eren" <rom "he e!<I nor is i" $ar" o< "he e!<. Di<<eren"ia"ion is "hree<o!d? 71: o< "he same %indI 7. 2e is a!3ays "he e!<. #$ Does a Cnani have san%a!$as LdesiresMK A$ 6he main Eua!i"ies o< "he ordinary mind are "amas and raCas Ls!o"h and eB-i"emen"MI hen-e i" is <u!! o< e#ois"idesires and 3ea%nesses. #$ Is no" "he 3or!d re<!e-"ed on "he e!<K A$ @or re<!e-"ion "here mus" be an obCe-" and an ima#e.. o 3i"h "he e!<. 6he Cnani9s rea! na"ure is "he 2ear" i"se!<' be-ause he is one and iden"i-a! 3i"h "he undi<<eren"ia"ed' $ure -ons-iousness re<erred "o by "he U$anishads as "he $raCnana L<u!! -ons-iousnessM. Bu" #o and "ry "o "a%e ho!d o< "hem. *ha" do you "a%e ho!d o<K Mere!y "he s-reen on 3hi-h "he $i-"ures a$$eared.1 and dream no. I< you ho!d on "o "he e!<' you 3i!! no" be de-eived by "he a$$earan-e o< "he $i-"ures. Bu" "he Cnani9s mind is suddhaDsa""va L$ure harmonyM and <orm!ess' <un-"ionin# in "he sub"!e viCnanamaya%osha L"he shea"h o< %no3!ed#eM' "hrou#h 3hi-h he %ee$s -on"a-" 3i"h "he 3or!d.: o< a di<<eren" %indI and 7/: as $ar"s in i"se!<. #$ Does a Cnani have dreamsK A$ Yes' he does dream' bu" he %no3s i" "o be a dream' in "he same 3ay as he %no3s "he 3a%in# s"a"e "o be a dream.

I< a man mus" a" on-e !eave his body 3hen he rea!ises "he e!<' I 3onder ho3 any %no3!ed#e o< "he e!< or "he s"a"e o< rea!iJa"ion -an -ome do3n "o o"her men. 6hey $u" <or3ard a!! sor"s o< <unny no"ions. In "he absen-e o< "ha" idea "here -anno" be ei"her %ar"ri"va Ldoershi$M or %ar"a LdoerM. 6ha" is his eB$erien-e. I" has "o be remembered "ha" a!! "hese eB$!ana"ions are no" <or "he Cnani. 6he i!!us"ra"ion #enera!!y #iven is "ha" "he Cnani $er<orms a-"ions in some su-h 3ay as a -hi!d "ha" is roused <rom s!ee$ "o ea" ea"s bu" does no" remember neB" mornin# "ha" i" a"e. O"her3ise he is no" a Cnani. o a Cnani has no %arma L"ha" is' a Cnani $er<orms no a-"ionsM. 6he $rarabdha L$redes"ined %armaM 3hi-h -rea"ed "he body 3i!! ma%e i" #o "hrou#h 3ha"ever a-"ivi"ies i" 3as mean" <or.4 . 6he $o""er9s 3hee! #oes on "urnin# round even a<"er "he $o""er has -eased "o "urn i" be-ause "he $o" is <inished. I" is a!so $ar" o< "he e!<. And i< i" is he!d "ha" a man -anno" be -onsidered a Cnani so !on# as he $er<orms a-"ions in "he 3or!d 7and a-"ion is im$ossib!e 3i"hou" "he mind:' "hen no" on!y "he #rea" sa#es 3ho -arried on various . Bu" sin-e "ha" "uriya a!one eBis"s and sin-e "he seemin# "hree s"a"es do no" eBis"' %no3 <or -er"ain "ha" "uriya is i"se!< "uriya"i"a L"ha" 3hi-h "rans-ends "he <our"hM. #$ Is "here no deha"ma buddhi LIDamD"heDbody ideaM <or "he CnaniK I<' <or ins"an-e' ri Bha#avan is bi""en by an inse-"' is "here no sensa"ionK A$ 6here is "he sensa"ion and "here is a!so "he deha"ma buddhi. 2e %no3s and has no doub"s. @or "hose 3ho eB$erien-e 3a%in#' dream and s!ee$' "he s"a"e o< 3a%e<u! s!ee$' 3hi-h is beyond "hose "hree s"a"es' is named "uriya L"he <our"hM. #$ @or "he Cnani "hen' "here is no dis"in-"ion be"3een "he "hree s"a"es o< mindK A$ 2o3 -an "here be' 3hen "he mind i"se!< is disso!ved and !os" in "he !i#h" o< -ons-iousnessK @or "he Cnani a!! "he "hree s"a"es are eEua!!y unrea!. And "ha" 3ou!d mean "ha" a!! "hose 3ho have #iven us "he <rui"s o< "heir e!<Drea!iJa"ion in boo%s -anno" be -onsidered Cnanis be-ause "hey 3en" on !ivin# a<"er rea!iJa"ion. #$ I see you doin# "hin#s. A<"er "rans-endin# deha"ma buddhi one be-omes a Cnani. #$ I" is said "ha" "he sho-% o< rea!iJa"ion is so #rea" "ha" "he body -anno" survive i". +ou!d you $!ease e!abora"e on "hisK A$ 5arious i!!us"ra"ions are #iven in boo%s "o enab!e us "o unders"and ho3 "he Cnani -an !ive and a-" 3i"hou" "he mind' a!"hou#h !ivin# and a-"in# reEuire "he use o< "he mind. ome ho!d "ha" one 3ho dies -anno" be a Cnani be-ause his body mus" vanish in"o air' or some su-h "hin#.<an #oes on revo!vin# <or some minu"es a<"er 3e s3i"-h o<< "he -urren". 2o3 -an you say "ha" you never $er<orm a-"ionsK A$ 6he radio sin#s and s$ea%s' bu" i< you o$en i" you 3i!! <ind no one inside. A$ 6here are various -on"roversies or s-hoo!s o< "hou#h" as "o 3he"her a Cnani -an -on"inue "o !ive in his $hysi-a! body a<"er rea!iJa"ion. #$ I <ind "his hard "o unders"and. 6o him 3ho is one 3i"h "ha" rea!i"y "here is nei"her "he mind nor i"s "hree s"a"es and' "here<ore' nei"her in"roversion nor eB"roversion. Bu" "he Cnani #oes "hrou#h a!! "hese a-"ivi"ies 3i"hou" "he no"ion "ha" he is "he doer o< "hem. I" is hard "o unders"and ho3 "his is $ossib!e. 2e %no3s "ha" he is no" "he body and he %no3s "ha" he is no" doin# any"hin# even "hou#h his body may be en#a#ed in some a-"ivi"y. In "he same 3ay' "he e!e-"ri. Bu" "he aCnani is unab!e "o -om$rehend "his' be-ause <or him "he s"andard o< rea!i"y is "he 3a%in# s"a"e' 3hereas <or "he Cnani "he s"andard o< rea!i"y is rea!i"y i"se!<.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman rea!i"y – he de"a-hed!y 3i"nesses "he "hree o"her s"a"es' 3a%in#' dreamin# and dream!ess s!ee$' as $i-"ures su$erim$osed on i". 6he e!< is $oorna L$er<e-"M. 6his rea!i"y o< $ure -ons-iousness is e"erna! by i"s na"ure and "here<ore subsis"s eEua!!y durin# 3ha" you -a!! 3a%in#' dreamin# and s!ee$. imi!ar!y' my eBis"en-e is !i%e "he s$a-eI "hou#h "his body s$ea%s !i%e "he radio' "here is no one inside as a doer. I< "here be $ain !e" i" be. 2o3ever "he aCnani iden"i<ies "he Cnani 3i"h his body' 3hi-h "he Cnani does no" do. 6hese eB$!ana"ions are <or "he on!oo%ers 3ho "hin% o< "he Cnani as one 3i"h a body and -anno" he!$ iden"i<yin# him 3i"h his body. 2is is "he everD3a%in# s"a"e' be-ause he is a3a%e "o "he e"erna! e!<I his is "he everDdreamin# s"a"e' be-ause "o him "he 3or!d is no be""er "han a re$ea"ed!y $resen"ed dream $henomenonI his is "he everDs!ee$in# s"a"e' be-ause he is a" a!! "imes 3i"hou" "he 8bodyDamDI9 -ons-iousness. 6he !a""er is -ommon "o bo"h Cnani and aCnani 3i"h "his di<<eren-e' "ha" "he aCnani "hin%s on!y "he body is myse!<' 3hereas "he Cnani %no3s a!! is o< "he e!<' or a!! "his is Brahman.

I have no doub" abou" i" no3. 6he s"a"e o< a Cnani -anno" be de"ermined by "he aCnani and "here<ore "he Eues"ion "roub!es on!y "he aCnani and never arises <or "he Cnani. 6here is an i!!us"ra"ion <or "his %ind o< i!!usion or su$erim$osi"ion. 63o <riends 3en" "o s!ee$ side by side.' are "he same "o him as "hey are "o o"hers. 2e has no"hin# a$ar" <rom "he one su$reme "ru"h. #$ Is a Cnani -a$ab!e o< or !i%e!y "o -ommi" sinsK A$ An aCnani sees someone as a Cnani and iden"i<ies him 3i"h "he body. 6ha" I -a!! uni"y. I" is a uni"y "ha" "he Cnani $er-eives in a!! di<<eren-es' 3hi-h I -a!! eEua!i"y. I< su#ar is s3ee" and 3orm3ood is bi""er "o me' he "oo seems "o rea!iJe i" so. @ind ou" 3ho is "he doer and "he e!< is revea!ed. In <a-"' a!! <orms' a!! sounds' a!! "as"es' e"-. 6rue "he Cnani a$$re-ia"es "he dis"in-"ions' bu" he a!3ays $er-eives and eB$erien-es "he one rea!i"y in a!! o< "hem. A#ain sin-e "he aCnani' "hou#h he is no" "he doer' ima#ines himse!< "o be "he doer and -onsiders "he a-"ions o< "he body his o3n' he "hin%s "he Cnani "o be simi!ar!y a-"in# 3hen "he body is a-"ive. #$ o i" amoun"s "o "his. #$ 6hey say "ha" "he Cnani -ondu-"s himse!< 3i"h abso!u"e eEua!i"y "o3ards a!!K A$ Yes. ome $o3er a-"s "hrou#h his body and uses his body "o #e" "he 3or% done. #$ 6he Cnani seems "o be more a--ura"e in his eB$ressions' he a$$re-ia"es "he di<<eren-es be""er "han "he ordinary man. You re<erred "o sound' "as"e' <orm' sme!!' e"-. #$ You have said "ha" "he Cnani -an be and is a-"ive' and dea!s 3i"h men and "hin#s. o "here is no aCnana in his si#h".1 . 6he very "erm eEua!i"y im$!ies "he eBis"en-e o< di<<eren-es. 6he e!< -anno" be "he doer. Bu" "he Cnani himse!< %no3s "he "ru"h and is no" -on<ounded. 6he Cnani is "here<ore -onsidered "o be "he $hysi-a! <rame. Be-ause he does no" %no3 "he e!< and mis"a%es his body <or "he e!<' he eB"ends "he same mis"a%e "o "he s"a"e o< "he Cnani. *he"her he moves abou"' or "a!%s' or a-"s' i" is a!! "he one rea!i"y in 3hi-h he a-"s or moves or "a!%s. o i" is 3i"h "he aCnani 3ho su$erim$oses his i!!usory ideas on o"hers. *hen you have "he rea!iJa"ion you -an see "ha" "hese di<<eren-es are very su$er<i-ia!' "ha" "hey are no" a" a!! subs"an"ia! or $ermanen"' and 3ha" is essen"ia! in a!! "hese a$$earan-es is "he one "ru"h' "he rea!. I< so' ho3 -an i" be said "ha" "hese are mere a$$earan-esK Do "hey no" <orm $ar" o< his !i<eDeB$erien-eK A$ I have said "ha" eEua!i"y is "he "rue si#n o< Cnana. 6he <a-" is "ha" any amoun" o< a-"ion -an be $er<ormed' and $er<ormed Eui"e 3e!!' by "he Cnani' 3i"hou" his iden"i<yin# himse!< 3i"h i" in any 3ay or ever ima#inin# "ha" he is "he doer. 6he o"her one sim$!y ridi-u!ed him sayin# "ha" i" 3as on!y his dream and -ou!d no" a<<e-" "he o"her. 6ha" is 3hy he has no $re<eren-es. EEua!i"y does no" mean i#noran-e o< dis"in-"ions. I< he is a doer he mus" de"ermine "he na"ure o< "he a-"ions. @riendshi$' %indness' ha$$iness and su-h o"her bhavas La""i"udesM be-ome na"ura! "o "hem. 6he e!< is a!! shinin# and on!y $ure Cnana. I< so' ho3 does he dea! 3i"h di<<eren-es' 3i"h men' 3i"h "hin#s 3hi-h are sure!y di<<eren"K A$ 2e sees "hese di<<eren-es as bu" a$$earan-es' he sees "hem as no" se$ara"e <rom "he "rue' "he rea!' 3i"h 3hi-h he is one. A!! are on!y Cnanis in his si#h". . Bu" you say a" "he same "ime "ha" he sees no di<<eren-esI "o him a!! is one' he is a!3ays in "he -ons-iousness.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman %inds o< 3or% a<"er a""ainin# Cnana mus" be -onsidered aCnanis bu" "he #ods a!so' and Is3ara L"he su$reme $ersona! God o< 2induismM himse!<' sin-e he -on"inues !oo%in# a<"er "he 3or!d. You see "he Cnani9s body and no" his Cnana. In "he s"a"e o< Cnana' "he Cnani sees no"hin# se$ara"e <rom "he e!<. 6o see a Cnani is no" "o unders"and him. In "he i#noran" s"a"e one su$erim$oses one9s i#noran-e on a Cnani and mis"a%es him <or a doer. One o< "hem dream" "ha" bo"h o< "hem had #one on a !on# Courney and "ha" "hey had had s"ran#e eB$erien-es. On 3a%in# u$ he re-a$i"u!a"ed "hem and as%ed his <riend i< i" 3as no" so. One mus" "here<ore be a Cnani "o %no3 a Cnani. A$ 6he Cnani sees no one as an aCnani.

You as% abou" Cnanis? "hey are "he same in any s"a"e or -ondi"ion' as "hey %no3 "he rea!i"y' "he "ru"h. In "heir dai!y rou"ine o< "a%in# <ood' movin# abou" and a!! "he res"' "hey' "he Cnanis' a-" on!y <or o"hers. Is i" ne-essary "ha" "o see "he mirror 3e shou!d -ease "o see "he re<!e-"ion in i"K . 6here is on!y mu%"i and no"hin# e!se. 2o3 -an a mirror' or "he s"and on 3hi-h i" is moun"ed' be a<<e-"ed by "he re<!e-"ionsK No"hin# a<<e-"s "hem as "hey are mere su$$or"s. I" is no" as i< he does no" see "hem. Bu" "he Cnani' 3ho is on!y a mirror' is una<<e-"ed by a-"ions. I have a!ready "o!d you many "imes "ha" Cus" as "here are $eo$!e 3hose $ro<ession is "o mourn <or a <ee' so a!so "he Cnanis do "hin#s <or "he sa%e o< o"hers 3i"h de"a-hmen"' 3i"hou" "hemse!ves bein# a<<e-"ed by "hem. I" re<!e-"s "he ima#e eBa-"!y as i" is. #$ 2o3 -an 3e say "he Cnani is no" in "3o $!anesK 2e moves abou" 3i"h us in "he 3or!d and sees "he various obCe-"s 3e see. A$ 6here is no !ibera"ion' and 3here are mu%"asK #$ Do no" 2indu sas"ras s$ea% o< mu%"iK A$ Mu%"i is synonymous 3i"h "he e!<. No" a sin#!e a-"ion is done <or "hemse!ves. &ibera"ion is abso!u"e and irrevo-ab!e. In 3hose eyeDsi#h" is a!! "his' in "he Cnani9s or yoursK 2e sees on!y "he e!< and a!! in "he e!<. In verse 1>> o< 5iveD%a-hudamani he says "ha" a<"er "he disso!u"ion o< "he $hysi-a! shea"h "he !ibera"ed man be-omes !i%e 83a"er $oured in"o 3a"er and oi! in"o oi!9. @or ins"an-e you see a re<!e-"ion in "he mirror and "he mirror.> . 6a%in# ano"her body means "hro3in# a vei!' ho3ever sub"!e' u$on rea!i"y' 3hi-h is bonda#e. Is "here any desire !e<" in him "o -hooseK A$ No' "ha" 3as no" my in"en"ion. *ha" does he !oseK 2is $resen-e is !i%e a $ure' "rans$aren" mirror. @or ins"an-e he 3a!%s a!on#. I" is a s"a"e in 3hi-h "here is nei"her bonda#e nor !ibera"ion.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A<<e-"ion "o3ards "he #ood' %indness "o3ards "he he!$!ess' ha$$iness in doin# #ood deeds' <or#iveness "o3ards "he 3i-%ed' a!! su-h "hin#s are na"ura! -hara-"eris"i-s o< "he Cnani 7Pa"anCa!i' Yo#a u"ras' 1?/0:. A$ 6ha" -anno" be an%ara9s vie3.9 6his s"a"emen" #ives "he im$ression "ha" a!"hou#h "he Cnani "a%es no bir"h a#ain on "his $!ane' he may -on"inue "o 3or% on sub"!er $!anes' i< he so -hooses. #$ Are "here no" i!!us"ra"ions #iven in our boo%s "o eB$!ain "his sahaCa Lna"ura!M s"a"e -!ear!y "o usK A$ 6here are. Hivan mu%"i L!ibera"ed 3hi!e s"i!! in "he bodyM and videha mu%"i are a!! <or "he i#noran". #$ @ur"her' an Indian $hi!oso$her' in one o< his boo%s' in"er$re"in# an%ara' says "ha" "here is no su-h "hin# as videha mu%"i' <or a<"er his dea"h' "he mu%"a "a%es a body o< !i#h" in 3hi-h he remains "i!! "he 3ho!e o< humani"y be-omes !ibera"ed. Bu" 3ha" abou" usK A$ 6he di<<eren-e 8he9 and 8I9 are "he obs"a-!es "o Cnana. #$ 6here are said "o be sadeha mu%"a L!ibera"ed 3hi!e s"i!! in "he bodyM and videha mu%"a L!ibera"ed a" "he "ime o< dea"hM. 2e sees "he $a"h he is "readin#. On "he o"her hand' "he a-"ors in "he 3or!d – "he doers o< a!! a-"s' "he aCnanis – mus" de-ide <or "hemse!ves 3ha" son# and 3ha" a-"ion is <or "he 3e!<are o< "he 3or!d' 3ha" is in a--ordan-e 3i"h "he sas"ras' and 3ha" is $ra-"i-ab!e. u$$ose "here is a -hair or "ab!e $!a-ed a-ross "ha" $a"hI he sees i"' avoids i" and #oes round. o' have 3e no" "o admi" he sees "he 3or!d and "he obCe-"s "here' 3hi!e o< -ourse he sees "he e!<K A$ You say "he Cnani sees "he $a"h' "reads i"' -omes a-ross obs"a-!es' avoids "hem' e"-. 6he Cnani 3ee$s 3i"h "he 3ee$in#' !au#hs 3i"h "he !au#hin#' $!ays 3i"h "he $!ay<u!' sin#s 3i"h "hose 3ho sin#' %ee$in# "ime "o "he son#. #$ I" is a!! ri#h" <rom "he s"and$oin" o< Bha#avan. 6he Cnani is no" -ons-ious o< mu%"i or bandha Lbonda#eM. You %no3 "he mirror "o be "he rea!i"y and "he $i-"ure in i" a mere re<!e-"ion. #$ You on-e said? 86he !ibera"ed man is <ree indeed "o a-" as he $!eases' and 3hen he !eaves "he mor"a! -oi!' he a""ains abso!u"ion' bu" re"urns no" "o "his bir"h 3hi-h is a-"ua!!y dea"h. Bonda#e' !ibera"ion and orders o< mu%"i are a!! said <or an aCnani in order "ha" i#noran-e mi#h" be sha%en o<<.

I" -eases "o "hin% o< "hem a<"er "hey have $assed a3ay. I< o"her3ise' I am as #ood as you are and %no3 as mu-h as yourse!<. #$ You are Bha#avan. +omin# here' some $eo$!e do no" as% abou" "hemse!ves. Ei"her 3ay I -anno" ans3er your Eues"ion. o i" is 3i"h a Cnani.0 . 6e!! me 3hen I sha!! be a Cnani. One mus" be a Cnani onese!< in order "o unders"and ano"her Cnani. o "hen' i" is a$$aren" "ha" "hey do no" !eave any im$ression on "he -hi!d and i" is no" a<<e-"ed by "hem men"a!!y. Is "here bonda#eK Kno3 "his. In-iden"s in"eres" a -hi!d on!y so !on# as "hey !as".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ *ha" are "he <undamen"a! "es"s <or dis-overin# men o< #rea" s$iri"ua!i"y' sin-e some are re$or"ed "o behave !i%e insane $eo$!eK A$ 6he Cnani9s mind is %no3n on!y "o "he Cnani. o you shou!d %no3 3hen I sha!! #e" Cnana. 2o3ever "he $ea-e o< mind 3hi-h $ermea"es "he sain"9s a"mos$here is "he on!y means by 3hi-h "he see%er unders"ands "he #rea"ness o< "he sain". 2is 3ords or a-"ions or a$$earan-e are no indi-a"ion o< his #rea"ness' <or "hey are ordinari!y beyond "he -om$rehension o< -ommon $eo$!e. *hy 3orry onese!< in so many 3aysK Does !ibera"ion -onsis" in %no3in# "hese "hin#sK 6here<ore I say "o "hem' 8&eave !ibera"ion a!one. 6hey as%? 8Does "he Civan mu%"a see "he 3or!dK Is he a<<e-"ed by %armaK *ha" is !ibera"ion a<"er bein# disembodiedK Is one !ibera"ed on!y a<"er bein# disembodied or even 3hi!e a!ive in "he bodyK hou!d "he body o< "he sa#e reso!ve i"se!< in !i#h" or disa$$ear <rom vie3 in any o"her mannerK +an he be !ibera"ed "hou#h "he body is !e<" behind as a -or$seK9 6heir Eues"ions are end!ess. ee yourse!< <irs" and <oremos". A$ I< I am Bha#avan "here is no one besides "he e!< – "here<ore no Cnani or aCnani. #$ *hy is i" said in s-ri$"ures "ha" "he sa#e is !i%e a -hi!dK A$ A -hi!d and a Cnani are simi!ar in a 3ay.9 .

On s-ru"iny' su$reme devo"ion and Cnana are in na"ure one and "he same. @o!!o3 "hese inse$arab!e "3o $a"hs 3i"hou" dividin# one <rom "he o"her. 6o say "ha" one o< "hese "3o is a means "o "he o"her is due "o no" %no3in# "he na"ure o< ei"her o< "hem. I am "his or "ha" is unrea!. Devo"ion is no"hin# more "han %no3in# onese!<. *ha" $eo$!e -a!! se!<Deviden"' "ha" is' "he eB$erien-e "hey #e" "hrou#h "he senses' is <ar <rom se!<Deviden". o "o do se!<DenEuiry and be "ha" 8I am9 is "he on!y "hin# "o do. Kno3 "ha" "he $a"h o< Cnana and "he $a"h o< devo"ion are in"erre!a"ed. 8I am9 is rea!i"y. 6he e!< a!one is "ha".En2uiry and surrender 8I eBis"9 is "he on!y $ermanen" se!<Deviden" eB$erien-e o< everyone. No"hin# e!se is so se!<D eviden" as 8I am9.( .Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman PART TWO . . 8I am9 is "ru"h' ano"her name <or e!<.

in-e he eEua"ed individua!i"y 3i"h "he mind and "he mind 3i"h "he 8I9D"hou#h" i" <o!!o3s "ha" "he disa$$earan-e o< "he sense o< individua!i"y 7i.= . 2e mi#h" say 8"ra-e "he 8I9D"hou#h" ba-% "o i"s sour-e9' or 8<ind ou" 3here "he 8I9 rises <rom9' bu" "he im$!i-a"ion 3as a!3ays "he same. e!<Drea!iJa"ion: im$!ies "he disa$$earan-e o< bo"h "he mind and "he 8I9D"hou#h". 6his $ra-"i-e 3as "he -orners"one o< his $ra-"i-a! $hi!oso$hy and "he neB" "hree -ha$"ers 3i!! be devo"ed "o a de"ai!ed $resen"a"ion o< a!! i"s as$e-"s. *hen "hou#h"s arise "he 8I9D "hou#h" -!aims o3nershi$ o< "hem D 8I "hin%9' 8I be!ieve9' 8I 3an"9' 8I am a-"in#9 D bu" "here is no se$ara"e 8I9D"hou#h" "ha" eBis"s inde$enden"!y o< "he obCe-"s "ha" i" is iden"i<yin# 3i"h.e. A!mos" a!! o< "hese iden"i<i-a"ions -an be "ra-ed ba-% "o an ini"ia! assum$"ion "ha" "he 8I9 is !imi"ed "o "he body' ei"her as an o3nerDo--u$an" or -oDeB"ensive 3i"h i"s $hysi-a! <orm. 6he -ommon <a-"or in 8I "hin%9' 8I remember9' 8I am a-"in#9 is "he 8I9 3ho assumes "ha" i" is res$onsib!e <or a!! "hese a-"ivi"ies.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 4 . Be-ause o< "his he o<"en "ai!ored his advi-e "o -on<orm "o "his ima#e o< a risin# and subsidin# 8I9. Be<ore embar%in# on a des-ri$"ion o< "he "e-hniEue i"se!< i" 3i!! be ne-essary "o eB$!ain ri Ramana9s vie3s on "he na"ure o< "he mind sin-e "he aim o< se!<DenEuiry is "o dis-over' by dire-" eB$erien-e' "ha" "he mind is nonDeBis"en". in-e he u$he!d "he no"ion "ha" "he e!< is "he on!y eBis"in# rea!i"y he re#arded "he 8I9D"hou#h" as a mis"a%en assum$"ion 3hi-h has no rea! eBis"en-e o< i"s o3n. Ins"ead o< re#ardin# "he di<<eren" a-"ivi"ies o< "he mind 7su-h as e#o' in"e!!e-" and memory: as se$ara"e <un-"ions he $re<erred "o vie3 "hem a!! as di<<eren" <orms o< "he 8I9D"hou#h". A <e3 o< his advan-ed devo"ees 3ere ab!e "o do "his Eui-%!y and easi!y' bu" "he o"hers <ound i" vir"ua!!y im$ossib!e "o dis-ard "he in#rained habi"s o< a !i<e"ime 3i"hou" under"a%in# some <orm o< s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-e. In ri Ramana9s "ermino!o#y "he 8I9D"hou#h" rises <rom "he e!< or "he 2ear" and subsides ba-% in"o "he e!< 3hen i"s "enden-y "o iden"i<y i"se!< 3i"h "hou#h" obCe-"s -eases. *ha"ever "he !an#ua#e used he 3as advisin# his devo"ees "o main"ain a3areness o< "he 8I9D"hou#h" un"i! i" disso!ved in "he sour-e <rom 3hi-h i" -ame. in-e "his is a ra"her -umbersome "rans!a"ion o< ahamDvri""i i" is usua!!y "rans!a"ed as 8I9D"hou#h". ri Ramana u$he!d "he vie3 "ha" "he no"ion o< individua!i"y is on!y "he 8I9D"hou#h" mani<es"in# i"se!< in di<<eren" 3ays. 2e eB$!ained i"s a$$earan-e by sayin# "ha" i" -an on!y a$$ear "o eBis" by iden"i<yin# 3i"h an obCe-". ri Ramana sym$a"hised 3i"h "heir $redi-amen" and 3henever he 3as as%ed "o $res-ribe a s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-e 3hi-h 3ou!d <a-i!i"a"e e!<Da3areness he 3ou!d re-ommend a "e-hniEue he -a!!ed se!<DenEuiry. I< "his a3areness o< 8I9 is sus"ained' "he individua! 8I9 7"he 8I9D"hou#h": 3i!! disa$$ear and in i"s $!a-e "here 3i!! be a dire-" eB$erien-e o< "he e!<.Self-enquiry — theory I" 3i!! be remembered "ha" in "he -ha$"er on e!<Da3areness and e!<Di#noran-e ri Ramana main"ained "ha" e!<D rea!iJa"ion -ou!d be brou#h" abou" mere!y by #ivin# u$ "he idea "ha" "here is an individua! se!< 3hi-h <un-"ions "hrou#h "he body and "he mind. 6his 8I am "he body9 idea is "he $rimary sour-e o< a!! subseEuen" 3ron# iden"i<i-a"ions and i"s disso!u"ion is "he $rin-i$a! aim o< se!<D enEuiry. 6he e!< or rea! 8I9 never ima#ines "ha" i" is doin# or "hin%in# any"hin#I "he 8I9 "ha" ima#ines a!! "his is a men"a! <i-"ion and so i" is -a!!ed a men"a! modi<i-a"ion o< "he e!<. &i"era!!y ahamDvri""i means 8men"a! modi<i-a"ion o< I9. 6his -ons"an" a""en"ion "o "he inner a3areness o< 8I9 or 8I am9 3as -a!!ed se!<DenEuiry 7vi-hara: by ri Ramana and he -ons"an"!y re-ommended i" as "he mos" e<<i-ien" and dire-" 3ay o< dis-overin# "he unrea!i"y o< "he 8I9D"hou#h". I" on!y a$$ears "o eBis" as a rea! -on"inuous en"i"y be-ause o< "he in-essan" <!o3 o< iden"i<i-a"ions 3hi-h are -on"inua!!y "a%in# $!a-e. ri Ramana -a!!ed "his -ommon <a-"or "he 8I9D"hou#h" 7ahamDvri""i:. in-e "he individua! 8I9D"hou#h" -anno" eBis" 3i"hou" an obCe-"' i< a""en"ion is <o-used on "he subCe-"ive <ee!in# o< 8I9 or 8I am9 3i"h su-h in"ensi"y "ha" "he "hou#h"s 8I am "his9 or 8I am "ha"9 do no" arise' "hen "he individua! 8I9 3i!! be unab!e "o -onne-" 3i"h obCe-"s. 6his is -on<irmed by his <reEuen" s"a"emen"s "o "he e<<e-" "ha" a<"er e!<Drea!iJa"ion "here is no "hin%er o< "hou#h"s' no $er<ormer o< a-"ions and no a3areness o< individua! eBis"en-e. A--ordin# "o ri Ramana' every -ons-ious a-"ivi"y o< "he mind or body revo!ves around "he "a-i" assum$"ion "ha" "here is an 8I9 3ho is doin# some"hin#. . ri Ramana main"ained "ha" "his "enden-y "o3ards se!<D!imi"in# iden"i<i-a"ions -ou!d be -he-%ed by "ryin# "o se$ara"e "he subCe-" 8I9 <rom "he obCe-"s o< "hou#h" 3hi-h i" iden"i<ied 3i"h.

6he re$e"i"ion o< 8I9 s"i!! invo!ves a subCe-" 7"he 8I9D"hou#h": havin# a $er-e$"ion o< an obCe-" 7"he "hou#h"s 8I' I9: and 3hi!e su-h dua!i"y eBis"s "he 8I9D"hou#h" 3i!! -on"inue "o "hrive. Yo#a 5asish"ha and o"her an-ien" "eB"s des-ribe "he e#o as havin# a "hree<o!d <orm. 6he o"her men"a! <a-u!"ies su-h as "he in"e!!e-" and "he memory are on!y "his. 6he mind and "he e#o are one and "he same. In his vie3 su-h $ra-"i-es may e<<e-"ive!y Euie"en "he mind' and "hey may even $rodu-e b!iss<u! eB$erien-es' bu" "hey 3i!! never -u!mina"e in e!<Drea!iJa"ion be-ause "he 8I9D"hou#h" is no" bein# iso!a"ed and de$rived o< i"s iden"i"y. Ge" rid o< "he 8I9D"hou#h". A<"er "he 8I9D "hou#h" has arisen' "he 3ron# iden"i"y 3i"h "he body arises. A$ I" is so. 6ra-e' "hen' "he u!"ima"e -ause o< 8I9 or $ersona!i"y. 6his is no" brou#h" abou" by bein# a3are o< an 8I9' bu" on!y by bein# "he 8I9. Persona!i"yDidea or "hou#h" is a!so "he roo" or "he s"em o< a!! o"her "hou#h"s' sin-e ea-h idea or "hou#h" arises on!y as someone9s "hou#h" and is no" %no3n "o eBis" inde$enden"!y o< "he e#o. #$ *ha" is "he na"ure o< "he mindK A$ 6he mind is no"hin# o"her "han "he 8I9D"hou#h". o !on# as 8I9 is a!ive "here is #rie<. #$ 2o3 sha!! 3e dis-over "he na"ure o< "he mind' "ha" is' i"s u!"ima"e -ause' or "he noumenon o< 3hi-h i" is a mani<es"a"ionK A$ Arran#in# "hou#h"s in "he order o< va!ue' "he 8I9D"hou#h" is "he a!!Dim$or"an" "hou#h". I" on!y <ina!!y disa$$ears 3hen "he $er-e$"ion o< a!! obCe-"s' bo"h $hysi-a! and men"a!' -eases. 6he -onversa"ions 3hi-h -om$rise "his -ha$"er mos"!y dea! 3i"h ri Ramana9s vie3s on "he "heore"i-a! ba-%#round o< se!<DenEuiry. 6hey have "heir roo" in "he sin#!e 8I9D "hou#h". O< a!! "hou#h"s "he "hou#h" 8I9 is "he roo". 6hey 3i!! vanish. 6he e#o is des-ribed as havin# "hree bodies' "he #ross' "he sub"!e and "he -ausa!' bu" "ha" is on!y <or "he /) . 6his is "he dire-" $a"h <or a!!. 6he se-ond and "he "hird $ersons Lhe' you' "ha"' e"-. 6here<ore "hey arise on!y a<"er "he <irs" $erson a$$ears' so a!! "he "hree $ersons seem "o rise and sin% "o#e"her. #$ Yes' bu" 3hen I "a%e "o "he 8I9D"hou#h"' o"her "hou#h"s arise and dis"urb me. 6his s"a#e o< eB$erien-in# "he subCe-" ra"her "han bein# a3are o< an obCe-" is "he -u!mina"in# $hase o< se!<DenEuiry and i" 3i!! be eB$!ained in #rea"er de"ai! in "he <o!!o3in# -ha$"er. 6he bir"h o< "he 8I9D"hou#h" is one9s o3n bir"h' i"s dea"h is "he $erson9s dea"h. Mind L"nanasM' in"e!!e-" LbuddhiM' "he s"orehouse o< men"a! "enden-ies L-hi""amM' and e#o Laham%araMI a!! "hese are on!y "he one mind i"se!<. 6here<ore "he mind is on!y "he "hou#h" 8I9. 2o!d i" and "hey 3i!! disa$$ear. #$ 2o3 -an any enEuiry ini"ia"ed by "he e#o revea! i"s o3n unrea!i"yK A$ 6he e#o9s $henomena! eBis"en-e is "rans-ended 3hen you dive in"o "he sour-e <rom 3here "he 8I9D"hou#h" rises. *hen "he mind un-easin#!y inves"i#a"es i"s o3n na"ure' i" "rans$ires "ha" "here is no su-h "hin# as mind.M do no" a$$ear eB-e$" "o "he <irs" $erson LIM. @rom 3here does "his 8I9 ariseK ee% <or i" 3i"hinI i" "hen vanishes. *hen 8I9 -eases "o eBis" "here is no #rie<. 6he individua! sou! LCivaM is no"hin# bu" "his sou! or e#o. 6his is "he $ursui" o< 3isdom. 6his im$or"an" dis"in-"ion is "he %ey e!emen" 3hi-h dis"in#uishes se!<DenEuiry <rom near!y a!! o"her s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-es and i" eB$!ains 3hy ri Ramana -onsis"en"!y main"ained "ha" mos" o"her $ra-"i-es 3ere ine<<e-"ive. A$ ee 3hose "hou#h"s "hey are. 6his is !i%e di<<eren" names bein# #iven "o a man a--ordin# "o his di<<eren" <un-"ions. 6he $ra-"i-a! as$e-"s o< "he "e-hniEue 3i!! be eB$!ained in #rea"er de"ai! in -ha$"er 1. #$ Bu" is no" "he ahamDvri""i on!y one o< "he "hree <orms in 3hi-h "he e#o mani<es"s i"se!<.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman 2e some"imes men"ioned "ha" "hin%in# or re$ea"in# 8I9 men"a!!y 3ou!d a!so !ead one in "he ri#h" dire-"ion bu" i" is im$or"an" "o no"e "ha" "his is on!y a $re!iminary s"a#e o< "he $ra-"i-e. 2e o<"en $oin"ed ou" "ha" "radi"iona! medi"a"ions and yo#a $ra-"i-es ne-essi"a"e "he eBis"en-e o< a subCe-" 3ho medi"a"es on an obCe-" and he 3ou!d usua!!y add "ha" su-h a re!a"ionshi$ sus"ained "he 8I9D"hou#h" ins"ead o< e!imina"in# i". 6he e#o "here<ore eBhibi"s "hou#h"Da-"ivi"y. 6he mind is mere!y "hou#h"s.

6he mas"er9s s-en" is an in<a!!ib!e -!ue <or "he anima!' and no"hin# e!se' su-h as "he dress he 3ears' or his bui!d and s"a"ure' e"-. 6rans-endin# 3ha"' and by 3homK You a!one eBis". *i"hou" "he ahamDvri""i "here -an be no o"her vri""i' bu" "he ahamDvri""i -an subsis" by i"se!< 3i"hou" de$endin# on any o"her vri""i o< "he mind. In your inves"i#a"ion in"o "he sour-e o< ahamDvri""i' you "a%e "he essen"ia! -hi" L-ons-iousnessM as$e-" o< "he e#o. #$ 6he Eues"ion s"i!! remains 3hy "he Eues" <or "he sour-e o< ahamDvri""i' as dis"in#uished <rom o"her vri""is Lmodi<i-a"ions o< "he mindM' shou!d be -onsidered "he dire-" means "o e!<Drea!iJa"ion. 6here<ore "he sub"!e"y o< "he e#o9s <orm is no" a ma"eria! -onsidera"ion. 6he e#o is "here<ore -a!!ed "he -hi"DCadaD#ran"hi L"he %no" be"3een -ons-iousness and "he iner" bodyM. 6he e#o <un-"ions as "he %no" be"3een "he e!< 3hi-h is $ure -ons-iousness and "he $hysi-a! body 3hi-h is iner" and insen"ien". @or "his reason "he enEuiry mus" !ead "o "he rea!iJa"ion o< $ure -ons-iousness o< "he e!<. 6he enEuiry in"o "he sour-e o< ahamDvri""i "ou-hes "he very eBis"en-e o< "he e#o. 6here<ore' <or "he $ur$oses o< se!<DenEuiry you have "o $ro-eed on "he basis "ha" "he e#o has bu" one <orm' name!y "ha" o< ahamDvri""i. Be-ause un!i%e "he o"her vri""is 3hi-h have no essen"ia! in"erre!a"ion' "he ahamDvri""i is eEua!!y and essen"ia!!y re!a"ed "o ea-h and every vri""i o< "he mind. 6o "ha" s-en" "he do# ho!ds on undis"ra-"ed!y 3hi!e sear-hin# <or him' and <ina!!y i" su--eeds in "ra-in# him. In o"her 3ords' "he Eues" <or and "he rea!iJa"ion o< "he sour-e o< "he e#o in "he <orm o< ahamDvri""i ne-essari!y im$!ies "he "rans-enden-e o< "he e#o in every one o< i"s $ossib!e <orms. I< "he me"hod o< enEuiry 3ere "o de$end on "he e#o9s <orm' you may "a%e i" "ha" any enEuiry 3ou!d be-ome a!"o#e"her im$ossib!e' be-ause "he <orms "he e#o may assume are !e#ion. #$ Bu" is no" "he e#o in i"s sub"!e and -ausa! <orms "oo in"an#ib!e "o be "a-%!ed "hrou#h "he enEuiry in"o "he sour-e o< ahamDvri""i -ondu-"ed 3hi!e "he mind is a3a%eK A$ No. You mus" dis"in#uish be"3een "he 8I9' $ure in i"se!<' and "he 8I9D"hou#h". A$ e!<DenEuiry by <o!!o3in# "he -!ue o< ahamDvri""i is Cus" !i%e "he do# "ra-in# his mas"er by his s-en". Bu" 3hen a!! "he !i#h"s are s3i"-hed on' "he $i-"ures disa$$ear. #$ +on-edin# "ha" "he ahamDvri""i essen"ia!!y -om$rises a!! "he <orms o< "he e#o' 3hy shou!d "ha" vri""i a!one be -hosen as "he means <or se!<DenEuiryK A$ Be-ause i" is "he one irredu-ib!e da"um o< your eB$erien-e and be-ause see%in# i"s sour-e is "he on!y $ra-"i-ab!e -ourse you -an ado$" "o rea!iJe "he e!<. 6he mas"er may be a" some dis"an" un%no3n $!a-e' bu" "ha" does no" s"and in "he 3ay o< "he do# "ra-in# him. o a!so in "he <!ood!i#h" o< "he su$reme a"man a!! obCe-"s disa$$ear. 6he e#o is said "o have a -ausa! body L"he s"a"e o< "he 8I9 durin# s!ee$M' bu" ho3 -an you ma%e i" "he subCe-" o< your inves"i#a"ionK *hen "he e#o ado$"s "ha" <orm' you are immersed in "he dar%ness o< s!ee$. Bu" "he $ure 8I9 is "he $ure bein#' e"erna! eBis"en-e' <ree <rom i#noran-e and "hou#h"Di!!usion. #$ *hi!e "he one aim is "o rea!iJe "he un-ondi"ioned' $ure bein# o< "he e!<' 3hi-h is in no 3ay de$enden" on "he e#o' ho3 -an enEuiry $er"ainin# "o "he e#o in "he <orm o< ahamDvri""i be o< any useK A$ @rom "he <un-"iona! $oin" o< vie3 "he e#o has one and on!y one -hara-"eris"i-. A$ A!"hou#h "he -on-e$" o< 8I9Dness or 8I am9Dness is by usa#e %no3n as ahamDvri""i i" is no" rea!!y a vri""i Lmodi<i-a"ionM !i%e o"her vri""is o< "he mind. In a -inemaDsho3 you -an see $i-"ures on!y in a very dim !i#h" or in dar%ness. #$ 6ha" is "he "rans-enden"a! s"a"e.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman $ur$ose o< ana!y"i-a! eB$osi"ion. /1 .' -oun"s. 6he !a""er' bein# mere!y a "hou#h"' sees subCe-" and obCe-"' s!ee$s' 3a%es u$' ea"s and "hin%s' dies and is reborn. o "hen' "he sear-h <or "he sour-e o< "he ahamDvri""i is no" mere!y "he sear-h <or "he basis o< one o< "he <orms o< "he e#o bu" <or "he very sour-e i"se!< <rom 3hi-h arises "he 8I am9Dness. I< you s"ay as "he 8I9' your bein# a!one' 3i"hou" "hou#h"' "he 8I9D"hou#h" 3i!! disa$$ear and "he de!usion 3i!! vanish <or ever. 6he ahamD vri""i is "here<ore <undamen"a!!y di<<eren" <rom o"her vri""is. #$ Bu" i" may $rove inadeEua"e <or rea!isin# Cnana. A$ No.

6hen mind !oses i"se!< and 2ear" shines <or"h. 6he rea! 8I9 in 3hi-h "he a-"ivi"y o< "hin%in# and <or#e""in# has $erished' a!one is "he $ure !ibera"ion. 6he s$ar% is -a!!ed "he e#o. . I" is devoid o< $ramada L<or#e"<u!ness o< e!<M 3hi-h is "he -ause o< bir"h and dea"h. 6he 8I9 in i"s $uri"y is eB$erien-ed in in"erva!s be"3een "he "3o s"a"es or "3o "hou#h"s. On!y i< "ha" <irs" $erson' "he e#o' in "he <orm 8I am "he body9' eBis"s 3i!! "he se-ond and "hird $ersons Lyou' he' "hey' e"-. 6ha" is "he 3ay "o des"roy i". I" -anno" remain inde$enden" o< su-h asso-ia"ion 3i"h obCe-"s. 6his Eues"ion is a sure 3ay "o -herish "he e#o and no" "o %i!! i". #$ *hen I read ri Bha#avan9s 3or%s I <ind "ha" inves"i#a"ion is said "o be "he one me"hod <or rea!iJa"ion.M eBis". 6he asso-ia"ion is aCnana or i#noran-e and i"s des"ru-"ion is "he obCe-" o< our e<<or"s. I" is no" as "he subCe-" $er-eivin# an obCe-". 6o see "he 2ear" i" is enou#h "ha" "he mind is "urned "o3ards i".mind' bein# no" !imi"ed by "he e#o' has no"hin# se$ara"e <rom i"se!< and is "here<ore on!y a3are. 6here<ore' i< 3e "urn in3ards enEuirin# 8*here is "his IK9 a!! "hou#h"s 7in-!udin# "he 8I9D"hou#h": 3i!! -ome "o an end and e!<D%no3!ed#e 3i!! "hen s$on"aneous!y shine <or"h. E#o is !i%e "ha" -a"er$i!!ar 3hi-h !eaves i"s ho!d on!y a<"er -a"-hin# ano"her. Bu" 3hen "he sun has risen "here is no need o< a !am$ "o see obCe-"s. 6his mus" #o be<ore #ood resu!"s <o!!o3. 6he "hou#h" 8I am "his body o< <!esh and b!ood9 is "he one "hread on 3hi-h are s"run# "he various o"her "hou#h"s. #$ 2o3 is "ha" "o be doneK /. #$ 2o3 is rea!iJa"ion made $ossib!eK A$ 6here is an abso!u"e e!< <rom 3hi-h a s$ar% $ro-eeds as <rom a <ire. 6he -osmi. #$ 2o3 is "he e#o "o be des"royedK A$ 2o!d "he e#o <irs" and "hen as% ho3 i" is "o be des"royed. *hen "he room is dar% a !am$ is ne-essary "o i!!umine and eyes "o -o#nise obCe-"s. 6he im$ure mind 3hi-h <un-"ions as "hin%in# and <or#e""in#' a!one is samsara' 3hi-h is "he -y-!e o< bir"h and dea"h. In "he -ase o< an i#noran" man i" iden"i<ies i"se!< 3i"h an obCe-" simu!"aneous!y 3i"h i"s rise. A$ Yes' "ha" is vi-hara Lse!<DenEuiryM. 6his #hos"!y e#o 3hi-h is devoid o< <orm -omes in"o eBis"en-e by #ras$in# a <ormI #ras$in# a <orm i" enduresI <eedin# u$on <orms 3hi-h i" #ras$s i" 3aBes moreI !eavin# one <orm i" #ras$s ano"her <orm' bu" 3hen sou#h" <or i" "a%es "o <!i#h". *hen "he e#o' ho3ever' domina"es i"' i" <un-"ions as "he reasonin#' "hin%in# or sensin# <a-u!"y. 6he essen-e o< mind is on!y a3areness or -ons-iousness. 6his is 3ha" "he Bib!e means by 8I am "ha" I am9. 6hen "he mind sees i"s o3n sour-e and be-omes "ha" L"he e!<M. 6o see obCe-"s "he re<!e-"ed !i#h" o< "he mind is ne-essary. imi!ar!y 3i"h "he mind. I< i"s obCe-"i<yin# "enden-y is %i!!ed i" remains $ure' and a!so mer#es in"o "he sour-e.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ I" is said "ha" "he e!< is beyond "he mind and ye" "he rea!iJa"ion is 3i"h "he mind. I" -anno" be "hou#h" o< by "he mind and "he mind a!one -an rea!iJe i". 6he 3ron# iden"i<i-a"ion 3i"h "he body is deha"ma buddhi L8I am "he body9 ideaM. I< by one9s s-ru"inisin# "he "ru"h o< "he <irs" $erson "he <irs" $erson is des"royed' "he se-ond and "hird $ersons 3i!! -ease "o eBis" and one9s o3n na"ure 3hi-h 3i!! "hen shine as one 3i!! "ru!y be "he s"a"e o< e!<. I< you see% "he e#o you 3i!! <ind "ha" i" does no" eBis". 86he mind -anno" "hin% i". I"s "rue na"ure -an be <ound 3hen i" is ou" o< -on"a-" 3i"h obCe-"s or "hou#h"s. *hen "he mind $erishes in "he su$reme -ons-iousness o< one9s o3n e!<' %no3 "ha" a!! "he various $o3ers be#innin# 3i"h "he $o3er o< !i%in# Land in-!udin# "he $o3er o< doin# and "he $o3er o< %no3in#M 3i!! en"ire!y disa$$ear' bein# <ound "o be an unrea! ima#ina"ion a$$earin# in one9s o3n <orm o< -ons-iousness.9 2o3 are "hese -on"radi-"ions "o be re-on-i!edK A$ A"man is rea!iJed 3i"h mru"a manas Ldead mindM' "ha" is' mind devoid o< "hou#h"s and "urned in3ard. *ho as%s "he Eues"ionK I" is "he e#o. 6o see "he sun no !am$ is ne-essary' i" is enou#h "ha" you "urn your eyes "o3ards "he se!<D!uminous sun.

A$ 6he a""em$" "o des"roy "he e#o or "he mind "hrou#h sadhanas o"her "han a"maDvi-hara is Cus" !i%e "he "hie< $re"endin# "o be a $o!i-eman "o -a"-h "he "hie<' "ha" is' himse!<. Be-ause "he e#o is no en"i"y i" 3i!! au"oma"i-a!!y vanish and rea!i"y 3i!! shine <or"h by i"se!<. 6his is "he dire-" me"hod' 3hereas a!! o"her me"hods are done on!y by re"ainin# "he e#o. Bu" in "his me"hod "he <ina! Eues"ion is "he on!y one and i" is raised <rom "he be#innin#. I< see%ers are advised "o medi"a"e' many may #o a3ay sa"is<ied 3i"h "he advi-e. 6he e#o may "a%e di<<eren" and sub"!er <orms a" "he di<<eren" s"a#es o< one9s $ra-"i-e' bu" is i"se!< never des"royed. Des"roy "he e#o by see%in# i"s iden"i"y. 6ha" is "he <ina!i"y. #$ *hy is se!<DenEuiry more dire-" "han o"her me"hodsK A$ A""en"ion "o one9s o3n e!<' 3hi-h is ever shinin# as 8I9' "he one undivided and $ure rea!i"y' is "he on!y ra<" 3i"h 3hi-h "he individua!' 3ho is de!uded by "hin%in# 8I am "he body9' -an -ross "he o-ean o< unendin# bir"hs. 8I am9 is "he #oa! and "he <ina! rea!i"y. 8I am9 is "he rea!iJa"ion. I< one !eaves aside vi-hara' "he mos" e<<i-a-ious sadhana' "here are no o"her adeEua"e means 3ha"soever "o ma%e "he mind subside. Rea!i"y is sim$!y "he !oss o< e#o. #$ Is no" dhyana Lmedi"a"ionM one o< "he e<<i-ien" $ro-esses <or rea!iJa"ionK A$ Dhyana is -on-en"ra"ion on an obCe-". 6ha" 3hi-h 3i!! be on "he day you !au#h is a!so here and no3. e!<D enEuiry is "he one in<a!!ib!e means' "he on!y dire-" one' "o rea!iJe "he un-ondi"ioned' abso!u"e bein# "ha" you rea!!y are. 6here is no #rea"er mys"ery "han "his – "ha" bein# "he rea!i"y 3e see% "o #ain rea!i"y. Medi"a"ion di<<ers <rom vi-hara in "his 3ay. A!! our a""em$"s are dire-"ed "o !i<"in# "his s-reen and "hen rea!iJa"ion is revea!ed. // . Bu" rea!iJa"ion is no"hin# ne3 "o be a-Euired. I" is ridi-u!ous. 2e sha!! be dea!" 3i"h summari!y9' "he %in# 3as rea!!y re<errin# "o "he e#o or "he mind. Bu" someone amon# "hem may "urn round and as%' 8*ho am I "o medi"a"e on an obCe-"K9 u-h a one mus" be "o!d "o <ind "he e!<. #$ Bu" "he "hie< may 3e!! be a$$rehended by "he o"her sadhanas as 3e!!. 2avin# rea!iJed "he e!<' no"hin# remains "o be %no3n' be-ause i" is $er<e-" b!iss' i" is "he a!!.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ 6he Eues"ioner mus" admi" "he eBis"en-e o< his e!<. 6o $ursue "he -!ue "i!! rea!iJa"ion is vi-hara. #$ *hy shou!d se!<DenEuiry a!one be -onsidered "he dire-" means "o CnanaK A$ Be-ause every %ind o< sadhana eB-e$" "ha" o< a"maDvi-hara Lse!<DenEuiryM $resu$$oses "he re"en"ion o< "he mind as "he ins"rumen" <or -arryin# on "he sadhana' and 3i"hou" "he mind i" -anno" be $ra-"ised. I< made "o subside by o"her means' i" 3i!! remain as i< subsided bu" 3i!! rise a#ain. #$ I" is e!usive. *e "hin% "ha" "here is some"hin# hidin# our rea!i"y and "ha" i" mus" be des"royed be<ore "he rea!i"y is #ained. 6ha" is vi-hara. I" <u!<i!s "he $ur$ose o< %ee$in# a3ay diverse "hou#h"s and <iBin# "he mind on a sin#!e "hou#h"' 3hi-h mus" a!so disa$$ear be<ore rea!iJa"ion. 5i-hara and rea!iJa"ion are "he same. I" is a!ready "here' bu" obs"ru-"ed by a s-reen o< "hou#h"s. *hen Hana%a eB-!aimed' 8No3 I have dis-overed "he "hie< 3ho has been ruinin# me a!! a!on#. A"maDvi-hara a!one -an revea! "he "ru"h "ha" nei"her "he e#o nor "he mind rea!!y eBis"s' and enab!e one "o rea!iJe "he $ure' undi<<eren"ia"ed bein# o< "he e!< or "he abso!u"e. 6o ho!d "o i" 3i"h e<<or" is vi-hara. *hen s$on"aneous and na"ura! i" is rea!iJa"ion. In "hose $a"hs "here arise so many doub"s and "he e"erna! Eues"ion 8*ho am IK9 remains "o be "a-%!ed <ina!!y. *ha" sha!! I medi"a"e u$onK A$ Medi"a"ion reEuires an obCe-" "o medi"a"e u$on' 3hereas "here is on!y "he subCe-" 3i"hou" "he obCe-" in vi-hara. #$ *i!! vi-hara a!one do in "he absen-e o< medi"a"ionK A$ 5i-hara is "he $ro-ess and "he #oa! a!so. A day 3i!! da3n 3hen you 3i!! yourse!< !au#h a" your $as" e<<or"s. No sadhanas are ne-essary <or en#a#in# in "his Eues".

e. 6he body and "he mind: reEuires -on"inuous men"a! e<<or"' even "hou#h "he e<<or" is near!y a!3ays a" a sub-ons-ious !eve!. I" is no" an eBer-ise in -on-en"ra"ion' nor does i" aim a" su$$ressin# "hou#h"sI i" mere!y invo%es a3areness o< "he sour-e <rom 3hi-h "he mind s$rin#s. #$ You say one -an rea!iJe "he e!< by a sear-h <or i". Bein# 3ha" one a!ready is is e<<or"!ess sin-e bein#ness is a!3ays $resen" and a!3ays eB$erien-ed. *ha" remains is an eB$erien-e o< bein# in 3hi-h "he sense o< individua!i"y has "em$orari!y -eased "o o$era"e. /4 . I" is no" e!<Drea!iJa"ion sin-e "he 8I9D"hou#h" $eriodi-a!!y reasser"s i"se!< bu" i" is "he hi#hes" !eve! o< $ra-"i-e. &e" us -a!! "his 8I9 "he <irs" "hou#h". ri Ramana sa3 no -on<!i-" be"3een 3or%in# and se!<DenEuiry and he main"ained "ha" 3i"h a !i""!e $ra-"i-e i" -ou!d be done under any -ir-ums"an-es. 2e su##es"ed various aids "o assis" "his $ro-ess – one -ou!d as% onese!< 8*ho am IK9 or 8*here does "his I -ome <romK9 D bu" "he u!"ima"e aim 3as "o be -on"inuous!y a3are o< "he 8I9 3hi-h assumes "ha" i" is res$onsib!e <or a!! "he a-"ivi"ies o< "he body and "he mind. 2e did some"imes say "ha" re#u!ar $eriods o< <orma! $ra-"i-e 3ere #ood <or be#inners' bu" he never advo-a"ed !on# $eriods o< si""in# medi"a"ion and he a!3ays sho3ed his disa$$rova! 3hen any o< his devo"ees eB$ressed a desire "o #ive u$ "heir mundane a-"ivi"ies in <avour o< a medi"a"ive !i<e. "i-% "o "his 8I9D"hou#h" and Eues"ion i" "o <ind ou" 3ha" i" is. 6he eB$erien-e may be in"ermi""en" a" <irs" bu" 3i"h re$ea"ed $ra-"i-e i" be-omes easier and easier "o rea-h and main"ain. 6he me"hod and #oa! o< se!<D enEuiry is "o abide in "he sour-e o< "he mind and "o be a3are o< 3ha" one rea!!y is by 3i"hdra3in# a""en"ion and in"eres" <rom 3ha" one is no". *ha" is "he -hara-"er o< "his sear-hK A$ You are "he mind or "hin% "ha" you are "he mind. 6hey 3ou!d be "o!d "ha" i< "heir a""en"ion 3as dis"ra-"ed by o"her "hou#h"s "hey shou!d rever" "o a3areness o< "he 8I9D"hou#h" 3henever "hey be-ame a3are "ha" "heir a""en"ion had 3andered. In "he ear!y s"a#es e<<or" in "he <orm o< "rans<errin# a""en"ion <rom "he "hou#h"s "o "he "hin%er is essen"ia!' bu" on-e a3areness o< "he 8I9D<ee!in# has been <irm!y es"ab!ished' <ur"her e<<or" is -oun"erD $rodu-"ive. *hen "his Eues"ion "a%es s"ron# ho!d on you' you -anno" "hin% o< o"her "hou#h"s. On "he o"her hand' $re"endin# "o be 3ha" one is no" 7i. *hen se!<DenEuiry rea-hes "his !eve! "here is an e<<or"!ess a3areness o< bein# in 3hi-h individua! e<<or" is no !on#er $ossib!e sin-e "he 8I9 3ho ma%es "he e<<or" has "em$orari!y -eased "o eBis". 6his is "he <ina! and irreversib!e s"a"e o< e!<Drea!iJa"ion.Self-enquiry – practice Be#inners in se!<DenEuiry 3ere advised by ri Ramana "o $u" "heir a""en"ion on "he inner <ee!in# o< 8I9 and "o ho!d "ha" <ee!in# as !on# as $ossib!e. U!"ima"e!y' "he e!< is no" dis-overed as a resu!" o< doin# any"hin#' bu" on!y by bein#. In "he ear!y s"a#es o< $ra-"i-e a""en"ion "o "he <ee!in# 8I9 is a men"a! a-"ivi"y 3hi-h "a%es "he <orm o< a "hou#h" or a $er-e$"ion. I" "here<ore <o!!o3s "ha" in "he hi#her s"a#es o< se!<DenEuiry e<<or" "a%es a""en"ion a3ay <rom "he eB$erien-e o< bein# 3hi!e "he -essa"ion o< men"a! e<<or" revea!s i".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 5 . Re$ea"ed eB$erien-e o< "his s"a"e o< bein# 3ea%ens and des"roys "he vasanas 7men"a! "enden-ies: 3hi-h -ause "he 8I9D"hou#h" "o rise' and' 3hen "heir ho!d has been su<<i-ien"!y 3ea%ened' "he $o3er o< "he e!< des"roys "he residua! "enden-ies so -om$!e"e!y "ha" "he 8I9D"hou#h" never rises a#ain. 6he mind is no"hin# bu" "hou#h"s. 6his $ra-"i-e o< se!<Da""en"ion or a3areness o< "he 8I9D"hou#h" is a #en"!e "e-hniEue 3hi-h by$asses "he usua! re$ressive me"hods o< -on"ro!!in# "he mind. @rom "hen on i" is more a $ro-ess o< bein# "han doin#' o< e<<or"!ess bein# ra"her "han an e<<or" "o be. No3 behind every $ar"i-u!ar "hou#h" "here is a #enera! "hou#h" 3hi-h is "he 8I9' "ha" is yourse!<. As "he $ra-"i-e deve!o$s "he "hou#h" 8I9 #ives 3ay "o a subCe-"ive!y eB$erien-ed <ee!in# o< 8I9' and 3hen "his <ee!in# -eases "o -onne-" and iden"i<y 3i"h "hou#h"s and obCe-"s i" -om$!e"e!y vanishes. As ri Ramana himse!< on-e remar%ed? 8Do no" medi"a"e – beO Do no" "hin% "ha" you are – beO Don9" "hin% abou" bein# – you areO9 e!<DenEuiry shou!d no" be re#arded as a medi"a"ion $ra-"i-e "ha" "a%es $!a-e a" -er"ain hours and in -er"ain $osi"ionsI i" shou!d -on"inue "hrou#hou" one9s 3a%in# hours' irres$e-"ive o< 3ha" one is doin#.

Is i" soK A$ 6his is a mis"a%e "ha" $eo$!e o<"en ma%e. *i"hou" #ivin# room even "o "he doub"in# "hou#h"' 8Is i" $ossib!e "o des"roy a!! "hese "enden-ies LvasanasM and "o remain as e!< a!oneK9' one shou!d $ersis"en"!y -!in# <as" "o se!<Da""en"ion. A!"hou#h "enden-ies "o3ards senseDobCe-"s Lvishaya vasanasM' 3hi-h have been re-urrin# do3n "he a#es' rise in -oun"!ess numbers !i%e "he 3aves o< "he o-ean' "hey 3i!! a!! $erish as medi"a"ion on one9s na"ure be-omes more and more in"ense. I< one "hou#h" is reCe-"ed' ano"her -omes and "here seems "o be no end a" a!!. A$ No" on!y "ha"' i" is im$ossib!e <or you "o ma%e an e<<or" beyond a -er"ain eB"en". I" may be ne-essary <or a "ime or <or some.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ *hen I do "his and -!in# "o my se!<' "ha" is' "he 8I9D"hou#h"' o"her "hou#h"s -ome and #o' bu" I say "o myse!< 8*ho am IK9 and "here is no ans3er <or"h-omin#. #$ And so reCe-"ion o< "hou#h"s is no" ne-essaryK A$ No. 6o be in "his -ondi"ion is "he $ra-"i-e. 6his is "he sum and subs"an-e o< a!! "ha" an as$iran" needs "o %no3. In "ru"h' "hese "3o Ldesire!essness and %no3!ed#eM are one and "he same. A" "ha" !eve! i" is no" ne-essary "o ma%e an e<<or" "o reCe-" "hou#h"s. I" is "he su$reme bein# i"se!<. As !on# as "here are "enden-ies "o3ards senseDobCe-"s in "he mind' "he enEuiry 8*ho am IK9 is ne-essary. 6hus' 3hen "he vasanas be-ome eB"in-" "he mind a!so disa$$ears' bein# absorbed in"o "he !i#h" o< "he one rea!i"y' "he 2ear". *ha" is im$era"ive!y reEuired o< him is an earnes" and oneD$oin"ed enEuiry in"o "he sour-e o< "he ahamDvri""iK #$ 2o3 shou!d a be#inner s"ar" "his $ra-"i-eK A$ 6he mind 3i!! subside on!y by means o< "he enEuiry 8*ho am IK9 6he "hou#h" 8*ho am IK9' des"royin# a!! o"her "hou#h"s' 3i!! i"se!< <ina!!y be des"royed !i%e "he s"i-% used <or s"irrin# "he <unera! $yre. /1 . #$ 6hen i" is $ossib!e "o be 3i"hou" e<<or"' 3i"hou" s"rain. I" is no" "he e#o. No" !eavin# e!< is %no3!ed#e LCnanaM. *hen your in"eres" %ee$s you "o "ha" sin#!e idea' o"her "hou#h"s 3i!! au"oma"i-a!!y #e" reCe-"ed and "hey 3i!! vanish. As and 3hen "hou#h"s rise' one shou!d annihi!a"e a!! o< "hem "hrou#h enEuiry "hen and "here in "heir very $!a-e o< ori#in. You <an-y "ha" "here is no end i< one #oes on reCe-"in# every "hou#h" 3hen i" rises. I< one resor"s unin"erru$"ed!y "o remembran-e o< one9s rea! na"ure Ls3aru$aDsmaranaM un"i! one a""ains e!<' "ha" a!one 3i!! be su<<i-ien". By re$ea"ed!y $ra-"isin# "hus' "he $o3er o< "he mind "o abide in i"s sour-e in-reases. #$ *ha" is "his some"hin# e!seK A$ 6ha" is "he rea! e!<' "he im$or" o< 8I9. 6he !i#h" o< "he e!< <a!!s on "he vasanas and $rodu-es "he $henomenon o< re<!e-"ion 3e -a!! "he mind. *ha" ha$$ens 3hen you ma%e a serious Eues" <or "he e!< is "ha" "he 8I9D"hou#h" disa$$ears and some"hin# e!se <rom "he de$"hs "a%es ho!d o< you and "ha" is no" "he 8I9 3hi-h -ommen-ed "he Eues". Hus" as a $ear!Ddiver' "yin# a s"one "o his 3ais"' dives in"o "he sea and "a%es "he $ear! !yin# a" "he bo""om' so everyone' divin# dee$ 3i"hin himse!< 3i"h nonDa""a-hmen"' -an a""ain "he $ear! o< e!<. #$ Bu" you have o<"en said "ha" one mus" reCe-" o"her "hou#h"s 3hen one be#ins "he Eues" bu" "he "hou#h"s are end!ess. I< o"her "hou#h"s rise one shou!d' 3i"hou" a""em$"in# "o -om$!e"e "hem' enEuire 86o 3hom did "hey riseK9 *ha" does i" ma""er ho3ever many "hou#h"s riseK A" "he very momen" "ha" ea-h "hou#h" rises' i< one vi#i!an"!y enEuires 86o 3hom did "his riseK9' i" 3i!! be %no3n 86o me9. #$ I 3an" "o be <ur"her en!i#h"ened. No" a""endin# "o 3ha"DisDo"her LanyaM is nonDa""a-hmen" Lvaira#yaM or desire!essness LnirasaM. +!in# "o yourse!<' "ha" is' "o "he 8I9D "hou#h". *hen you #o dee$er' i" is im$ossib!e <or you "o ma%e any e<<or". A$ I do no" say "ha" you mus" #o on reCe-"in# "hou#h"s. I" is no" "rue' "here is an end. I< "he mind be-omes in"rover"ed "hrou#h enEuiry in"o "he sour-e o< ahamDvri""i' "he vasanas be-ome eB"in-". hou!d I "ry "o ma%e no e<<or" a" a!!K A$ 2ere i" is im$ossib!e <or you "o be 3i"hou" e<<or". I< one "hen enEuires 8*ho am IK9' "he mind 3i!! "urn ba-% "o i"s sour-e L"he e!<M and "he "hou#h" 3hi-h had risen 3i!! a!so subside. I< you are vi#i!an" and ma%e a s"ern e<<or" "o reCe-" every "hou#h" 3hen i" rises you 3i!! soon <ind "ha" you are #oin# dee$er and dee$er in"o your o3n inner se!<.

Bu" he 3i!! no" admi" "ha" "he seer' "he seen and "he seein# are a!! mani<es"a"ions o< "he same -ons-iousness – name!y' 8I' I9. #$ I< a $erson is en#a#ed in 3or%' "here 3i!! be !i""!e "ime !e<" <or him "o medi"a"e. +on"em$!a"ion he!$s one "o over-ome "he i!!usion "ha" "he e!< mus" be visua!. A$ e""in# a$ar" "ime <or medi"a"ion is on!y <or "he meres" s$iri"ua! novi-es. Rea!iJe i" and "ha" is "he "ru"h. #$ 2o3 is "ha" doneK A$ You have "o as% yourse!< "he Eues"ion 8*ho am IK9 6his inves"i#a"ion 3i!! !ead in "he end "o "he dis-overy o< some"hin# 3i"hin you 3hi-h is behind "he mind. A man 3ho is advan-in# 3i!! be#in "o enCoy "he dee$er bea"i"ude 3he"her he is a" 3or% or no". I< you medi"a"e in "he ri#h" manner "hen "he -urren" o< mind indu-ed 3i!! -on"inue "o <!o3 even in "he mids" o< your 3or%. #$ 6hen you do no" a#ree 3i"h "he yo#isK A$ A man shou!d surrender "he $ersona! se!<ishness 3hi-h binds him "o "his 3or!d. #$ Do you mean "ha" one -an -on"inue a!! "he o!d a-"ivi"ies in one9s $ro<ession' <or ins"an-e' and a" "he same "ime #e" en!i#h"enmen"K A$ *hy no"K Bu" in "ha" -ase one 3i!! no" "hin% "ha" i" is "he o!d $ersona!i"y 3hi-h is doin# "he 3or%' be-ause one9s -ons-iousness 3i!! #radua!!y be-ome "rans<erred un"i! i" is -en"red in "ha" 3hi-h is beyond "he !i""!e se!<. Bu" i" does no" sa"is<y me. Your a-"ions 3i!! "end "o <o!!o3 your medi"a"ions o< "heir o3n a--ord. A$ Be-ause you are a--us"omed "o iden"i<y yourse!< 3i"h "he body and si#h" 3i"h "he eyes' "here<ore you say you do no" see any"hin#. A!3ays %ee$in# "he mind <iBed in e!< a!one is -a!!ed 8se!<DenEuiry9' 3hereas medi"a"ion LdhyanaM is "hin%in# onese!< "o be "he abso!u"e LBrahmanM' 3hi-h is eBis"en-eD-ons-iousnessDb!iss Lsa"D-hi"DanandaM. 6he eviden-e o< his senses 3i!! be "he sea! o< au"hori"y. *ha" is "here "o be seenK *ho is "o seeK 2o3 "o seeK 6here is on!y one -ons-iousness 3hi-h' mani<es"in# as 8I9D"hou#h"' iden"i<ies i"se!< 3i"h "he body' $roCe-"s i"se!< "hrou#h "he eyes and sees "he obCe-"s around. 2o3 do you <ee! "he 8I9 no3K Do you ho!d a mirror be<ore you "o %no3 your o3n bein#K 6he a3areness is "he 8I9. I" is as "hou#h "here 3ere "3o 3ays o< eB$ressin# "he same ideaI "he same !ine 3hi-h you "a%e in medi"a"ion 3i!! be eB$ressed in your a-"ivi"ies. #$ *ha" 3i!! be "he resu!" o< doin# "ha"K A$ As you #o on you 3i!! <ind "ha" your a""i"ude "o3ards $eo$!e' even"s and obCe-"s #radua!!y -han#es. #$ 6he yo#is say "ha" one mus" renoun-e "his 3or!d and #o o<< in"o se-!uded Cun#!es i< one 3ishes "o <ind "he "ru"h. I< you medi"a"e <or an hour or "3o every day you -an "hen -arry on 3i"h your du"ies. In "ru"h' "here is no"hin# visua!. #$ ee%in# "he 8I9 "here is no"hin# "o be seen. /> .Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman EnEuirin# 8*ho am I "ha" is in bonda#eK9 and %no3in# one9s rea! na"ure Ls3aru$aM a!one is !ibera"ion. #$ On enEuiry in"o "he ori#in o< "hou#h"s "here is a $er-e$"ion o< 8I9. A$ 6he !i<e o< a-"ion need no" be renoun-ed. o!ve "ha" #rea" $rob!em and you 3i!! so!ve a!! o"her $rob!ems. 6he individua! is !imi"ed in "he 3a%in# s"a"e and eB$e-"s "o see some"hin# di<<eren". Givin# u$ "he <a!se se!< is "he "rue renun-ia"ion. #$ 6hen you do no" "ea-h "he 3ay o< yo#aK A$ 6he yo#i "ries "o drive his mind "o "he #oa!' as a -o3herd drives a bu!! 3i"h a s"i-%' bu" on "his $a"h "he see%er -oaBes "he bu!! by ho!din# ou" a hand<u! o< #rass. #$ 2o3 is i" $ossib!e "o be-ome se!<!ess 3hi!e !eadin# a !i<e o< 3or!d!y a-"ivi"yK A$ 6here is no -on<!i-" be"3een 3or% and 3isdom. *hi!e his hands are in so-ie"y' he %ee$s his head -oo! in so!i"ude.

I< "ha" is he!d <irm i" does no" ma""er even i< "he 3or!d is seen. 6he e!< is "he unasso-ia"ed' $ure rea!i"y' in 3hose !i#h" "he body and "he e#o shine. *ha" is "he e#o "henK I" is some"hin# in"ermedia"e be"3een "he iner" body and "he e!<. *ou!d I be -orre-" in -on-!udin# "ha" a!! "ha" 3as ne-essary "o se-ure e"erna! ha$$iness' "ha" is <reedom or sa!va"ion or 3ha"ever one -a!!s i"' 3as "o -on"inue "he $ra-"i-e "i!! "his eB$erien-e -ou!d be main"ained <or hours' days and mon"hs "o#e"herK A$ 6his does no" mean sa!va"ion. On one o< "hese o--asions a s"ran#er 3as mis"a%en <or "he bes" man by "he bride9s $ar"y and "hey "here<ore "rea"ed him 3i"h s$e-ia! re#ard. A!! "ha" is reEuired is "o !oo% -!ose!y and "he #hos" vanishes. 6he s"ran#er had a!"o#e"her a ha$$y "ime o< i". I< !oo%ed <or' i" disa$$ears. I" is an in"an#ib!e !in% be"3een "he body and $ure -ons-iousness. /0 . #$ 2o3 -an I #e" $ea-eK I do no" seem "o ob"ain i" "hrou#h vi-hara. *ha" shou!d I doK A$ Persis" in "he enEuiry "hrou#hou" your 3a%in# hours. In 2indu marria#e <un-"ions "he <eas"s o<"en -on"inue <or <ive or siB days. 6a%e u$ "he enEuiry a#ain as soon as you 3a%e u$. 6he $er-e$"ion o< 8I9 is asso-ia"ed 3i"h a <orm' maybe "he body. I" is "he mind "ha" obs"ru-"s "he na"ura! s"a"e. 6he e!< is $ure -ons-iousness and nonDdua!. 6he seer remains una<<e-"ed by "he $henomena. I< you %ee$ on ma%in# "he enEuiry "i!! you <a!! as!ee$' "he enEuiry 3i!! #o on durin# s!ee$ a!so. Mano!aya means -on-en"ra"ion' "em$orari!y arres"in# "he movemen" o< "hou#h"s. Due "o "he absen-e o< a $ro$er #uide a" "his s"a#e o< s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-e' many have been de!uded and <a!!en a $rey "o a <a!se sense o< !ibera"ion and on!y a <e3 have mana#ed "o rea-h "he #oa! sa<e!y. A$ Pea-e is your na"ura! s"a"e. #$ I< I "ry "o ma%e "he 8*ho am IK9 enEuiry' I <a!! in"o s!ee$. #$ *hen I am en#a#ed in enEuiry as "o "he sour-e <rom 3hi-h "he 8I9 s$rin#s' I arrive a" a s"a#e o< s"i!!ness o< mind beyond 3hi-h I <ind myse!< unab!e "o $ro-eed <ur"her. I" has no !o-us s"andi. A mi!d !i#h" $ervades and I <ee! "ha" i" is myse!< bodi!ess. 6here shou!d be no"hin# asso-ia"ed 3i"h "he $ure e!<. 2o!d on "o i" 3i"hou" s!ee$in# or 3i"hou" a!!o3in# "hou#h"s "o $ossess you. I< he does no" !oo% -!ose!y "he #hos" may "erri<y him. I< he !oo%s -!ose!y he dis-overs "ha" "he #hos" is no" rea!!y "here' and 3ha" he ima#ined "o be a #hos" 3as mere!y a "ree or a $os". 6he body is insen"ien" and -anno" say 8I9. *ha" is "he e#oK EnEuire. On s"i!!in# a!! "hou#h"s "he $ure -ons-iousness remains. *hen you $robe "o see 3ha" i" is' you <ind "here is rea!!y no su-h "hin# as mind. Hus" on 3a%in# <rom s!ee$ and be<ore be-omin# a3are o< "he 3or!d "here is "ha" $ure 8I' I9. *i"hou" "his enEuiry he 3i!! #o in"o a !on# "ran-e or dee$ s!ee$ Lyo#a nidraM. I" -anno" say 8I9. I have no "hou#h" o< any %ind and "here is an em$"iness' a b!an%ness. A" ni#h" a man may ima#ine "ha" "here is a #hos" by his side be-ause o< "he $!ay o< shado3s. 2e 3as a!so a!! a!on# a3are o< "he rea! si"ua"ion. Immedia"e!y he s-en"ed "roub!e and made himse!< s-ar-e. As soon as "his -on-en"ra"ion -eases' "hou#h"s' o!d and ne3' rush in as usua!I and even i< "his "em$orary !u!!in# o< mind shou!d !as" a "housand years' i" 3i!! never !ead "o "o"a! des"ru-"ion o< "hou#h"' 3hi-h is 3ha" is -a!!ed !ibera"ion <rom bir"h and dea"h. I have nei"her -o#ni"ion nor vision o< body and <orm. Never"he!ess' be-ause o< "he emer#en-e o< "hou#h"' you surmise some"hin# <rom 3hi-h i" s"ar"s and "erm "ha" "he mind. 6ha" 3ou!d be Eui"e enou#h. 6here is no su-h "hin# as mind a$ar" <rom "hou#h". I" is no" rea!. o i" is 3i"h "he e#o. On one o--asion "he #room9s $ar"y 3an"ed "o re<er "o him on some $oin" and so "hey as%ed "he bride9s $ar"y abou" him. I< sou#h" <or i" vanishes !i%e a #hos". o a!so 3i"h "he e#o. 6he $ra-"i"ioner mus" "here<ore be ever on "he a!er" and enEuire 3i"hin as "o 3ho has "his eB$erien-e' 3ho rea!ises i"s $!easan"ness. Inves"i#a"e 3ha" "he mind is' and i" 3i!! disa$$ear. 6here is ano"her s"ory 3hi-h i!!us"ra"es "his. I< no"' i" -on"inues "o #ive "roub!e. Bu" 3hen one !oo%s <or i"' i" is <ound no" "o eBis". No one says 8I9 in s!ee$. 6he eB$erien-e !as"s near!y ha!< an hour and is $!easin#. I< you do no" eB$erien-e $ea-e i" means "ha" your vi-hara has been made on!y in "he mind. u-h a -ondi"ion is "ermed mano!aya or "em$orary s"i!!ness o< "hou#h". eein# him "rea"ed 3i"h s$e-ia! re#ard by "he bride9s $ar"y' "he bride#room9s $ar"y -onsidered him "o be some man o< im$or"an-e re!a"ed "o "he bride9s $ar"y and "here<ore "hey "oo sho3ed him s$e-ia! res$e-". o !on# as one does no" !oo% -!ose!y a" i"' i" -on"inues "o #ive "roub!e.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ Nui"e ri#h". 6he #hos" 3as never "here. *hen "he mind has "hus vanished' you rea!iJe e"erna! $ea-e.

As soon as "he -ause is 3i"hdra3n "here is a re-rudes-en-e o< "hou#h"s. 6he momen" one eB$erien-es "his' one mus" revive -ons-iousness and enEuire 3i"hin as "o 3ho i" is 3ho eB$erien-es "his s"i!!ness. Bu" I do no" %no3 "he e!<. 2o3 "hen -an "he bene<i" be made !as"in#K I" is by <indin# "he -ause o< misery. One mus" no" a!!o3 onese!< "o be over"a%en by su-h s$e!!s o< s"i!!ness o< "hou#h". 6he "rue 8I9 is no" a$$aren" and "he <a!se 8I9 is $aradin# i"se!<. Yo#a "ea-hes -hi""a vri""i nirodha L-on"ro! o< "he a-"ivi"ies o< "he mindM. You 3i!! "hen be on!y 3ha" you are' "ha" is' abso!u"e bein#. I< "hey are no" "here' "here 3i!! be no -on"in#en" "hou#h"s and so misery is 3i$ed o<<. #$ 2o3 "o do i"K I have no" su--eeded so <ar. O< 3ha" use is i" "henK In "he s"a"e o< s"u$or "here is $ea-e and no misery. 6hen i" 3i!! disa$$ear. A#ain $eo$!e o<"en as% ho3 "he mind is -on"ro!!ed. You 3ho s!e$" are a!so no3 a3a%e. By su-h enEuiry' you 3i!! drive "he "hou#h" <or-e dee$er "i!! i" rea-hes i"s sour-e and mer#es "herein. One day' be<ore #oin# in"o dee$ -on-en"ra"ion' he <e!" "hirs"y and -a!!ed "o his dis-i$!e "o brin# a !i""!e drin%in# 3a"er <rom "he Gan#es. *hen he 3o%e u$ <rom "his eB$erien-e he immedia"e!y -a!!ed 8*a"erO *a"erO9I bu" "here 3as nei"her his dis-i$!e nor "he Gan#es in si#h". o nirodha L-on"ro!M is use!ess and -anno" be o< !as"in# bene<i". Bu" be<ore "he dis-i$!e arrived 3i"h "he 3a"er' he had #one in"o yo#a nidra and remained in "ha" s"a"e <or -oun"!ess years' durin# 3hi-h "ime mu-h 3a"er <!o3ed under "he brid#e. 6he mind 3i!! "hen <ade a3ay o< i"s o3n a--ord. 6he <irs" "hin# 3hi-h he as%ed <or 3as 3a"er be-ause' be<ore #oin# in"o dee$ -on-en"ra"ion' "he "o$mos" !ayer o< "hou#h" in his mind 3as 3a"er and by -on-en"ra"ion' ho3ever dee$ and $ro!on#ed i" mi#h" have been' he had on!y been ab!e "em$orari!y "o !u!! his "hou#h"s. *ha" is i" "ha" has ha$$ened no3 so "ha" "his di<<eren-e is eB$erien-edK 6here 3as no 8I9D"hou#h" in your s!ee$' 3hereas i" is $resen" no3. +hi""a vri""i nirodha is brou#h" abou" in s!ee$' s3oon' or by s"arva"ion. A yo#i 3as doin# $enan-e L"a$asM <or a number o< years on "he ban%s o< "he Gan#es. 82o3 3i!! obCe-"s -ease /( .Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman 6he <o!!o3in# s"ory i!!us"ra"es "he $oin" very 3e!!. 6his is "he $ra-"i-a! 3ay. I say "o "hem' 8 ho3 me "he mind and "hen you 3i!! %no3 3ha" "o do. One mus" "here<ore 3a"-h one9s s$iri"ua! $ro#ress -are<u!!y.9 6he <a-" is "ha" "he mind is on!y a bund!e o< "hou#h"s. *hi!e no" a!!o3in# any "hou#h"s "o in"rude' one mus" no"' a" "he same "ime' be over"a%en by "his dee$ s!ee$ Lyo#a nidraM or se!<D hy$no"ism. *hen he re#ained -ons-iousness "his "o$mos" "hou#h" <!e3 u$ 3i"h a!! "he s$eed and <or-e o< a <!ood brea%in# "hrou#h "he dy%es. 6he easy 3ay' "he dire-" 3ay' "he shor"es" -u" "o sa!va"ion is "he enEuiry me"hod. I< "ha" ends "here is an end "o misery a!so. Misery is due "o "he $er-e$"ion o< obCe-"s. 6his <a!se 8I9 is "he obs"a-!e "o your ri#h" %no3!ed#e. A$ ear-h <or "he sour-e o< "he 8I9D"hou#h". 6here -anno" be a brea% in your bein#. I< annihi!a"ion o< "hou#h"s is !ibera"ion -an he be said "o have a""ained sa!va"ionK adha%as Lsee%ersM rare!y unders"and "he di<<eren-e be"3een "his "em$orary s"i!!in# o< "he mind Lmano!ayaM and $ermanen" des"ru-"ion o< "hou#h"s LmanonasaM. I< "his is "he -ase 3i"h re#ard "o a "hou#h" 3hi-h "oo% sha$e immedia"e!y be<ore he sa" <or medi"a"ion' "here is no doub" "ha" "hou#h"s 3hi-h "oo% roo" ear!ier 3ou!d a!so remain unannihi!a"ed. Bu" misery re-urs 3hen "he s"u$or is removed. A$ A!! "hese are on!y men"a! -on-e$"s. Bu" I say a"ma vi-hara Lse!<Dinves"i#a"ionM. 6he mind is sim$!y <a""ened by ne3 "hou#h"s risin# u$. 6he on!y 3ay o< doin# i" is "o <ind i"s sour-e and ho!d on "o i". 6he <a!se 8I9 3i!! end on!y 3hen i"s sour-e is sou#h". 2o3 -an you eB"in#uish i" by "he "hou#h" o< doin# so or by a desireK Your "hou#h"s and desires are $ar" and $ar-e! o< "he mind. You are no3 iden"i<yin# yourse!< 3i"h a 3ron# 8I9' 3hi-h is "he 8I9D"hou#h". In mano!aya "here is "em$orary subsiden-e o< "hou#h"D3aves' and "hou#h "his "em$orary $eriod may even !as" <or a "housand years' "hou#h"s' 3hi-h are "hus "em$orari!y s"i!!ed' rise u$ as soon as "he mano!aya -eases. 6here<ore i" is <oo!ish "o a""em$" "o %i!! "he mind by means o< "he mind. @ind ou" <rom 3here "his <a!se 8I9 arises. 6here is no unha$$iness in your dee$ s!ee$ 3hereas i" eBis"s no3. 6hou#h "his is a si#n o< $ro#ress "o3ards "he #oa!' ye" i" is a!so "he $oin" 3here "he diver#en-e be"3een "he road "o !ibera"ion and yo#a nidra "a%es $!a-e. #$ 6his 8I9D"hou#h" rises <rom me. 6ha" is a!! "ha" one has "o do. I" is "hen "ha" you 3i!! have "he res$onse <rom 3i"hin and <ind "ha" you res" "here' des"royin# a!! "hou#h"s' on-e and <or a!!. 6he universe eBis"s on a--oun" o< "he 8I9D"hou#h". *hen he had a""ained a hi#h de#ree o< -on-en"ra"ion' he be!ieved "ha" -on"inuan-e in "ha" s"a#e <or $ro!on#ed $eriods -ons"i"u"ed !ibera"ion and $ra-"ised i". 6his 8I9D"hou#h" rises and sin%s' 3hereas "he "rue si#ni<i-an-e o< 8I9 is beyond bo"h.

In <a-" i" is a!ready rea!iJed and "here is no"hin# more "o be rea!iJed.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman "o beK9 is "he neB" Eues"ion. 6he resu!" 3i!! be "he -on-!usion "ha" "he obCe-"ive 3or!d is in "he subCe-"ive -ons-iousness. I" is you 3ho say' 8I am "he body9. 6his is -a!!ed "he ou"#oin# mind. 6he 8I9D"hou#h" is !i%e a s$iri" 3hi-h' a!"hou#h no" $a!$ab!e' rises u$ simu!"aneous!y 3i"h "he body' <!ourishes and disa$$ears 3i"h i". ee%in# i"s sour-e i" 3i!! vanish. Uni"y in "he 2ear" is re$!a-ed by a varie"y o< $er-eived $henomena. I< rea!iJa"ion is no" e"erna! i" is no" 3or"h havin#. 6he <ee!in# "ha" I have no" rea!iJed is "he obs"ru-"ion "o rea!iJa"ion. Bu" ins"ead o< se""in# abou" sayin# "here is a mind' and I 3an" "o %i!! i"' you be#in "o see% "he sour-e o< "he mind' and you <ind "he mind does no" eBis" a" a!!. 6he i#noran-e is iden"i-a! 3i"h "he 8I9D"hou#h". 6he bodyD-ons-iousness is "he 3ron# 8I9. *hen one dai!y $ra-"ises more and more in "his manner' "he mind 3i!! be-ome eB"reme!y $ure due "o "he remova! o< i"s de<e-"s and "he $ra-"i-e 3i!! be-ome so easy "ha" "he $uri<ied mind 3i!! $!un#e in"o "he 2ear" as soon as "he enEuiry is -ommen-ed. 6hey have no subs"an"ive bein#. I" is 3e!! %no3n and admi""ed "ha" on!y 3i"h "he he!$ o< "he mind -an "he mind be %i!!ed. Inves"i#a"e "he ma""er and as-er"ain "he "ru"h o< "he s"a"emen". 6his is rea!iJa"ion o< "he e!<. @ind i"s sour-e and i" 3i!! vanish. #$ Is i" $ossib!e <or a $erson 3ho on-e has had "he eB$erien-e o< sa"D-hi"Dananda in medi"a"ion "o iden"i<y himse!< /= . O"her3ise' "he rea!iJa"ion 3i!! be ne3. 6he mind' "urned ou"3ards' resu!"s in "hou#h"s and obCe-"s. 2o3 "o e!imina"e "he 3ron# 8I9K A$ You need no" e!imina"e "he 3ron# 8I9. #$ *hy is -on-en"ra"ion ine<<e-"iveK A$ 6o as% "he mind "o %i!! "he mind is !i%e ma%in# "he "hie< "he $o!i-eman. Your e<<or"s -an eB"end on!y "hus <ar. #$ I< 8I9 am a!3ays' here and no3' 3hy do I no" <ee! soK A$ 6ha" is i". I" has "o be removed in order "ha" "he "rue 8I9 may no" be hidden. 6hen "he beyond 3i!! "a%e -are o< i"se!<. 6he e!< is e"erna! and so a!so is rea!iJa"ion. 6urned in3ards' i" be-omes i"se!< "he e!<. 6he 2ear"D#oin# mind is -a!!ed "he res"in# mind. *ha" is born 3i!! a!so die. Ge" over "he i#noran-e and a!! 3i!! be 3e!!. *ho says i" is no" <e!"K Does "he rea! 8I9 say i" or "he <a!se 8I9K EBamine i". I" is done by see%in# "he sour-e o< "he 8I9. #$ Even so' I do no" unders"and. 8I9' you say' is "he 3ron# 8I9 no3. 6he 3ron# 8I9 is "he obs"ru-"ion. I" is on!y "ha" 3hi-h is e"erna! bu" no" no3 %no3n due "o obs"ru-"ions. Give u$ "his bodyD-ons-iousness. I" is no" -on-en"ra"ion or des"ru-"ion o< "he mind bu" 3i"hdra3a! in"o "he e!<. 2o3 -an 8I9 e!imina"e i"se!<K A!! "ha" you need do is "o <ind ou" i"s ori#in and abide "here. I#noran-e is "he obs"ru-"ion. @ind ou" 3ho "his 8I9 is. 6he body does no" say 8I am9. I" is "ha" 3hi-h 3e see%. 6ha" 3hi-h is e"erna! is no" %no3n "o be so be-ause o< i#noran-e. You 3i!! <ind i" is "he 3ron# 8I9. o you mus" "urn in3ard and see <rom 3here "he mind rises and "hen i" 3i!! -ease "o eBis". You are he!$!ess "here. 6he sru"is Ls-ri$"uresM and "he sa#es say "ha" "he obCe-"s are on!y men"a! -rea"ions. 6he e!< is "hus "he on!y rea!i"y 3hi-h $ermea"es and a!so enve!o$s "he 3or!d. I< i" has no" eBis"ed so <ar' i" mus" "a%e $!a-e herea<"er. A!! "ha" 3e need do is remove "he obs"ru-"ion. No e<<or" -an rea-h i". 2e 3i!! #o 3i"h you and $re"end "o -a"-h "he "hie<' bu" no"hin# 3i!! be #ained. #$ *ha" ha$$ens a" "he end o< "he $eriodK A$ 6he mind re"urns "o "he $resen" norma! s"a"e. #$ In "urnin# "he mind in3ards' are 3e no" s"i!! em$!oyin# "he mindK A$ O< -ourse 3e are em$!oyin# "he mind. Abhyasa Ls$iri"ua! $ra-"i-eM -onsis"s in 3i"hdra3a! 3i"hin "he e!< every "ime you are dis"urbed by "hou#h". in-e "here is no dua!i"y' no "hou#h"s 3i!! arise "o dis"urb your $ea-e. #$ 2o3 !on# -an "he mind s"ay or be %e$" in "he 2ear"K A$ 6he $eriod eB"ends by $ra-"i-e. 6here<ore 3ha" 3e see% is no" "ha" 3hi-h mus" ha$$en a<resh.

I" is rea! and no bhavana. No one 3i!! enEuire in"o "he sour-e o< "hou#h"s un!ess "hou#h"s arise. #$ Do "hese "enden-ies #o #radua!!y or 3i!! "hey sudden!y a!! disa$$ear one dayK I as% "his be-ause a!"hou#h I have remained here <or a !on# "ime I do no" $er-eive any #radua! -han#e in me. Bu" e!<D rea!iJa"ion i"se!< does no" admi" o< $ro#ress' i" is ever "he same. Un"i! you rea!iJe "ha" s"a"e o< $ure bein# you shou!d $ursue "he enEuiry. I" eBis"s as i" a!3ays does. 6he Eues"ion rea!!y means' 3ha" is "he sour-e or ori#in o< "his e#oK You need no" have any bhavana La""i"udeM in "he mind. 6he obs"a-!es are "hou#h"s. 2en-e my Eues"ion. Ano"her arises and "ha" is -!eared' ma%in# 3ay <or ye" ano"herI and so i" #oes on. *e have "o -on"end a#ains" a#eD!on# men"a! "enden-ies. 6here is no need "o have a bhavana abou" your rea! na"ure. 6ha" is ho3 doub"s are "o be -!eared. 6hen "hey -ease "o arise. #$ Is i" enou#h i< I s$end some "ime in "he mornin#s and some "ime in "he evenin#s <or "his a"maDvi-haraK Or shou!d I do i" a!3ays' even 3hen I am 3ri"in# or 3a!%in#K A$ *ha" is your rea! na"ureK Is i" 3ri"in#' 3a!%in# or bein#K 6he one una!"erab!e rea!i"y is bein#. 4) . o !on# as you "hin% 8I am 3a!%in#9 or 8I am 3ri"in#9' enEuire 3ho does i". Mu-h !ess is se!<DenEuiry an em$"y <ormu!a' <or i" invo!ves an in"ense a-"ivi"y o< "he en"ire mind "o %ee$ i" s"eadi!y $oised in $ure e!<Da3areness. #$ Doub"s are a!3ays arisin#. A!! "ha" is reEuired is "ha" you mus" #ive u$ "he bhavana "ha" you are "he body' o< su-h and su-h a des-ri$"ion' 3i"h su-h and su-h a name' e"-. E<<or"s mus" be made "o eradi-a"e "he vasanasI %no3!ed#e -an on!y remain unsha%en a<"er a!! "he vasanas are roo"ed ou". 6he very $ur$ose o< se!<DenEuiry is "o <o-us "he en"ire mind a" i"s sour-e. I" is no"' "here<ore' a -ase o< one 8I9 sear-hin# <or ano"her 8I9. #$ I< I #o on reCe-"in# "hou#h"s -an I -a!! i" vi-haraK A$ I" may be a s"e$$in# s"one. On!y "hey #o -om$ara"ive!y soon in "he -ase o< "hose 3ho have made sadhana in "he $as" and !a"er in "he -ase o< o"hers. EB$erien-e #ained 3i"hou" roo"in# ou" a!! "he vasanas -anno" remain s"eady. o "here is no $ossibi!i"y o< -!earin# a3ay a!! doub"s. 6he e!< remains a!3ays in rea!iJa"ion. In "he <!ood!i#h" o< "he e!< "he dar%ness o< i!!usion dissi$a"es <or ever. #$ hou!d I #o on as%in# 8*ho am IK9 3i"hou" ans3erin#K *ho as%s 3homK *hi-h bhavana La""i"udeM shou!d be in "he mind a" "he "ime o< enEuiryK *ha" is 8I9' "he e!< or "he e#oK A$ In "he enEuiry 8*ho am IK9' 8I9 is "he e#o. Pro#ress is measured by "he de#ree o< remova! o< "he obs"a-!es "o unders"andin# "ha" "he e!< is a!3ays rea!iJed. Go "o "heir sour-e and abide in i". ee "o 3hom "he doub"s arise. #$ Bu" is i" no" <unny "ha" "he 8I9 shou!d be sear-hin# <or "he 8I9K Does no" "he enEuiry 8*ho am IK9 "urn ou" in "he end "o be an em$"y <ormu!aK Or' am I "o $u" "he Eues"ion "o myse!< end!ess!y' re$ea"in# i" !i%e some man"raK A$ e!<DenEuiry is -er"ain!y no" an em$"y <ormu!a and i" is more "han "he re$e"i"ion o< any man"ra. I< on-e you are es"ab!ished in i" "here 3i!! be no <ur"her 3orry. o "hou#h"s mus" be -he-%ed by see%in# "o 3hom "hey arise.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman 3i"h "he body 3hen ou" o< medi"a"ionK A$ Yes' i" is $ossib!e' bu" he #radua!!y !oses "he iden"i<i-a"ion in "he -ourse o< his $ra-"i-e. o you #o "o "heir sour-e' 3here "hey do no" arise. Bu" rea!!y vi-hara be#ins 3hen you -!in# "o your e!< and are a!ready o<< "he men"a! movemen"' "he "hou#h" 3aves. A$ A doub" arises and is -!eared. A$ *hen "he sun rises' does "he dar%ness #o #radua!!y or a!! a" on-eK #$ 2o3 -an I "e!! i< I am ma%in# $ro#ress 3i"h my enEuiryK A$ 6he de#ree o< "he absen-e o< "hou#h"s is "he measure o< your $ro#ress "o3ards e!<D rea!iJa"ion. I< "he enEuiry 8*ho am IK9 3ere a mere men"a! Eues"ionin#' i" 3ou!d no" be o< mu-h va!ue. 6hey 3i!! a!! #o.

6he "ru"h o< onese!< a!one is 3or"hy "o be s-ru"inised and %no3n. Go dee$er. 41 . Bu" I do no" $er-eive any"hin#.9 hou!d I do any"hin# <ur"herK A$ Be 3ha" you are. 8I am "ha" I am9 sums u$ "he 3ho!e "ru"h. 6he me"hod is summed u$ in "he 3ords 8Be s"i!!9.9 6he re$!y 3as "o "his e<<e-"? 86he a""i"ude is ri#h". Be-ause any <orm or sha$e is "he -ause o< "roub!e. 6here is no"hin# "o -ome do3n or be-ome mani<es". #$ I as%ed Mo"her in ri Aurobindo Ashram "he <o!!o3in# Eues"ion? I %ee$ my mind b!an% 3i"hou" "hou#h"s arisin# so "ha" God mi#h" sho3 himse!< in his "rue bein#. Bu" 3ha" is mind a<"er a!!K I" is a $roCe-"ion o< "he e!<. ee 3ho you are and remain as "he e!<' <ree <rom bir"h' #oin#' -omin# and re"urnin#.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ 6hen vi-hara is no" in"e!!e-"ua!K A$ No' i" is an"ara vi-hara' inner Eues". I< you rea-h i" you re"urn a!so. #$ 2o3 is one "o %no3 "he e!<K A$ Kno3in# "he e!< means bein# "he e!<. Be as you are. You are no" a$ar" <rom i". u-h 3ron# iden"i"y has <or#ed "he di<<i-u!"y o< no" %no3in# "he obvious e!< be-ause i" -anno" be obCe-"i<ied. Give u$ "he no"ion "ha" 8I am so and so9. I" is a dire-" eB$erien-e. Kno3 "ha" "he -ons-iousness 3hi-h a!3ays shines in "he 2ear" as "he <orm!ess e!<' 8I9' and 3hi-h is %no3n by one9s bein# s"i!! 3i"hou" "hin%in# abou" any"hin# as eBis"en" or nonD eBis"en"' a!one is "he $er<e-" rea!i"y. Even no3 you are "ha". 6he $o3er 3i!! -ome do3n <rom above. 2o!din# "he mind and inves"i#a"in# i" is advised <or a be#inner. Be yourse!< and no"hin# moreO On-e born you rea-h some"hin#. A!! "ha" is reEuired "o rea!iJe "he e!< is "o be s"i!!. 6his %no3!ed#e o< onese!< 3i!! be revea!ed on!y "o "he -ons-iousness 3hi-h is si!en"' -!ear and <ree <rom "he a-"ivi"y o< "he a#i"a"ed and su<<erin# mind. 6he e#o says a!! "hese and no" you. 6he 8I9D"hou#h" 3i!! be <ound "o be "he roo"D-ause. ee <or 3hom i" a$$ears and <rom 3here i" rises. +an you say "ha" you do no" %no3 "he e!<K 6hou#h you -anno" see your o3n eyes and "hou#h no" $rovided 3i"h a mirror "o !oo% in' do you deny "he eBis"en-e o< your eyesK imi!ar!y' you are a3are o< "he e!< even "hou#h "he e!< is no" obCe-"i<ied. 6ha" 3hi-h is is a!3ays "here. 6he 8I9D"hou#h" disa$$ears and "here is an in<ini"e!y eB$anded 8I9D-ons-iousness. *ha" do you 3ai" <orK 6he "hou#h"' 8I have no" seen9' "he eB$e-"a"ion "o see and "he desire o< #e""in# some"hin#' are a!! "he 3or%in#s o< "he e#o. You are "here "o see "he b!an%. 6a%in# i" as "he "ar#e" o< one9s a""en"ion' one shou!d %een!y %no3 i" in "he 2ear". You have <a!!en in"o snares o< "he e#o. *ha" does s"i!!ness meanK I" means des"roy yourse!<. Or' do you deny your e!< be-ause i" is no" obCe-"i<iedK *hen you say 8I -anno" %no3 "he e!<' i" means absen-e in "erms o< re!a"ive %no3!ed#e' be-ause you have been so a--us"omed "o re!a"ive %no3!ed#e "ha" you iden"i<y yourse!< 3i"h i". And "hen you as% 8ho3 is one "o %no3 "he e!<K9 #$ You "a!% o< bein#. *ha" -an be easier "han "ha"K 2en-e a"maDvidya L e!<D %no3!ed#eM is "he easies" "o a""ain. 6he b!an% is seen by you. 6here<ore !eave o<< a!! "his verbia#e. Bein# 3ha"K A$ Your du"y is "o be and no" "o be "his or "ha". A!! "ha" is ne-essary is "o !ose "he e#o.

6his 3ide!yDhe!d vie3 resu!"s <rom a misin"er$re"a"ion o< some o< ri Ramana9s s"a"emen"s on "he 2ear"' and "o unders"and ho3 "his be!ie< has -ome abou" i" 3i!! be ne-essary "o "a%e a -!oser !oo% a" some o< his ideas on "he subCe-". ri Ramana -ri"i-ised "his a$$roa-h by sayin# "ha" 3hi!e "he mind 3as -ons"an"!y en#a#ed in <indin# or re$ea"in# so!u"ions "o "he Eues"ion i" 3ou!d never sin% in"o i"s sour-e and disa$$ear. In des-ribin# "he ori#in o< "he 8I9D"hou#h" he some"imes said "ha" i" rose "o "he brain "hrou#h a -hanne! 3hi-h s"ar"ed <rom a -en"re in "he ri#h"Dhand side o< "he -hes". Ano"her 3ides$read misunders"andin# arose <rom "he 2indu be!ie< "ha" "he e!< -ou!d be dis-overed by men"a!!y reCe-"in# a!! "he obCe-"s o< "hou#h" and $er-e$"ion as no"D e!<. D in "he eB$e-"a"ion "ha" "he rea! 8I9 3i!! even"ua!!y be eB$erien-ed in i"s $ure un-on"amina"ed <orm.eBam$!e o< "his is "he be!ie< "ha" se!<DenEuiry invo!ves -on-en"ra"in# on a $ar"i-u!ar -en"re in "he body -a!!ed "he 2ear"D-en"re. 6radi"iona!!y "his is -a!!ed "he ne"iDne"i a$$roa-h 7no" "his' no" "his:. 6he Eues"ion 8*ho am IK9' he said' is no" an invi"a"ion "o ana!yse "he mind and "o -ome "o -on-!usions abou" i"s na"ure' nor is i" a man"ri. 2e a!so said "ha" 3hen "he e!< is -ons-ious!y eB$erien-ed' "here is a "an#ib!e a3areness "ha" "his -en"re is "he sour-e o< bo"h "he mind and "he 3or!d. ri Ramana reCe-"ed "his in"er$re"a"ion many "imes by sayin# "ha" "he sour-e o< "he mind or "he 8I9 -ou!d on!y be 4.Self-enquiry — misconceptions ri Ramana9s $hi!oso$hi-a! $ronoun-emen"s 3ere very simi!ar "o "hose u$he!d by "he <o!!o3ers o< advai"a vedan"a' an Indian $hi!oso$hi-a! s-hoo! 3hi-h has <!ourished <or 3e!! over a "housand years. 6he $ra-"i"ioner o< "his sys"em verba!!y reCe-"s a!! "he obCe-"s "ha" "he 8I9 iden"i<ies 3i"h D 8I am no" "he mind9' 8I am no" "he body9' e"$resen"a"ions 3hi-h 3ere #iven "o "hose $eo$!e 3ho $ersis"ed in iden"i<yin# 3i"h "heir bodies. In his s"andard re$!y "o Eues"ions abou" "he e<<e-"iveness o< "his $ra-"i-e he 3ou!d say "ha" "he 8I9D"hou#h" is sus"ained by su-h a-"s o< dis-rimina"ion and "ha" "he 8I9 3hi-h e!imina"es "he body and "he mind as 8no" I9 -an never e!imina"e i"se!<. ri Ramana and "he advai"ins a#ree on mos" "heore"i-a! ma""ers bu" "heir a""i"udes "o $ra-"i-e are radi-a!!y di<<eren". . 2o3ever' "hese s"a"emen"s are no" s"ri-"!y "rue and ri Ramana some"imes Eua!i<ied "hem by sayin# "ha" "hey 3ere on!y s-hema"i. Be-ause ri Ramana o<"en said 8@ind "he $!a-e 3here "he 8I9 arises9 or 8@ind "he sour-e o< "he mind9' many $eo$!e in"er$re"ed "hese s"a"emen"s "o mean "ha" "hey shou!d -on-en"ra"e on "his $ar"i-u!ar -en"re 3hi!e doin# se!<DenEuiry. In ri Ramana9s o$inion' "he so!u"ion "o "he Eues"ion 8*ho am IK9 is no" "o be <ound in or by "he mind sin-e "he on!y rea! ans3er is "he eB$erien-e o< "he absen-e o< mind. *hi!e ri Ramana advo-a"ed se!<D enEuiry' mos" advai"i."ea-hers re-ommended a sys"em o< medi"a"ion 3hi-h men"a!!y a<<irmed "ha" "he e!< 3as "he on!y rea!i"y. 2e said "ha" "he 2ear" is no" rea!!y !o-a"ed in "he body and "ha" <rom "he hi#hes" s"and$oin" i" is eEua!!y un"rue "o say "ha" "he 8I9D"hou#h" arises and subsides in"o "his -en"re on "he ri#h" o< "he -hes". 6hese a<<irma"ions su-h as 8I am Brahman9 or 8I am he9' are usua!!y used as man"ras' or' more rare!y' one medi"a"es on "heir meanin# and "ries "o eB$erien-e "he im$!i-a"ions o< "he s"a"emen". 2induism -a!!s "his $ra-"i-e 8se!<DenEuiry9 and' be-ause o< "he iden"i"y o< names' i" 3as o<"en -on<used 3i"h ri Ramana9s me"hod. 6his be!ie< "ha" "he mind -an' by i"s o3n a-"ivi"ies' rea-h "he e!< is "he roo" o< mos" o< "he mis-on-e$"ions abou" "he $ra-"i-e o< se!<DenEuiry. 2e -a!!ed "his -en"re "he 2ear"D-en"re and said "ha" 3hen "he 8I9D"hou#h" subsided in"o "he e!< i" 3en" ba-% in"o "he -en"re and disa$$eared. 6he <o!!o3ers o< "he 8I am Brahman9 and 8ne"iDne"i9 s-hoo!s share a -ommon be!ie< "ha" "he e!< -an be dis-overed by "he mind' ei"her "hrou#h a<<irma"ion or ne#a"ion. Be-ause se!<DenEuiry o<"en s"ar"s 3i"h "he Eues"ion 8*ho am IK9' many o< "he "radi"iona! <o!!o3ers o< advai"a assumed "ha" "he ans3er "o "he Eues"ion 3as 8I am Brahman9 and "hey o--u$ied "heir minds 3i"h re$e"i"ions o< "his men"a! so!u"ion. ri Ramana9s a""i"ude "o "his "radi"iona! sys"em o< se!<D ana!ysis 3as 3ho!!y ne#a"ive and he dis-oura#ed his o3n <o!!o3ers <rom $ra-"isin# i" by "e!!in# "hem "ha" i" 3as an in"e!!e-"ua! a-"ivi"y 3hi-h -ou!d no" "a%e "hem beyond "he mind.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 6 . 2e 3as eEua!!y -ri"i-a!' <or "he same reason' o< "hose 3ho "ried "o use 8*ho am IK9 as a man"ra' sayin# "ha" bo"h a$$roa-hes missed "he $oin" o< se!<D enEuiry. A -!assi.<ormu!a' i" is sim$!y a "oo! 3hi-h <a-i!i"a"es redire-"in# a""en"ion <rom "he obCe-"s o< "hou#h" and $er-e$"ion "o "he "hin%er and $er-eiver o< "hem.

Your $ro-ess is on!y in"e!!e-"ua!. You see' "he one 3ho e!imina"es a!! "he 8no" I9 -anno" e!imina"e "he 8I9. A!"hou#h "here are severa! $o"en"ia!!y ambi#uous -ommen"s o< "his %ind abou" "he 2ear" and "he 2ear"D-en"re' in a!! his 3ri"in#s and re-orded -onversa"ions "here is no" a sin#!e s"a"emen" "o su$$or" "he -on"en"ion "ha" se!<DenEuiry is "o be $ra-"ised by -on-en"ra"in# on "his -en"re. @ind ou" 3ho is. 6he <ormer -anno" eBis" a$ar" <rom "he !a""er. You $ro-eed "o dis-ard "hese' and "his is ne"i. #$ I be#in "o as% myse!< 8*ho am IK9 e!imina"e "he body as no" 8I9' "he brea"h as no" 8I9' and I am no" ab!e "o $ro-eed <ur"her. You mus" rea-h "he sour-e 3i"hou" <ai!. You say 8I am9. O"her3ise do you deny your eBis"en-eK You do no". @ind ou" i"s sour-e' and "hen a!! "hese o"her ideas 3i!! vanish and "he $ure e!< 3i!! remain. #$ *hen I "hin% 8*ho am IK9' "he ans3er -omes I am no" "his mor"a! body bu" I am -hai"anya' a"ma L-ons-iousness' "he e!<M. 6he <a!se 8I9 3i!! disa$$ear and "he rea! 8I9 3i!! be rea!iJed. #$ ha!! I medi"a"e on 8I am Brahman9 Laham BrahmasmiMK 4/ . 6he 2ear" 8as i" is9 is no" a !o-a"ion' i" is "he immanen" e!< and one -an on!y be a3are o< i"s rea! na"ure by bein# i".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman dis-overed "hrou#h a""en"ion "o "he 8I9D "hou#h" and no" "hrou#h -on-en"ra"ion on a $ar"i-u!ar $ar" o< "he body. 6o say 8I am no" "his9 or 8I am "ha"9 "here mus" be "he 8I9. Ins"ead he said "ha" one shou!d medi"a"e on "he 2ear" 8as i" is9. A$ *e!!' "ha" is as <ar as "he in"e!!e-" -an #o. 6here is no3 3ron# iden"i<i-a"ion o< "he e!< 3i"h "he body' senses' e"-. 6ha" is i"i L"ha" 3hi-h isM. #$ I medi"a"e ne"iDne"i Lno" "his – no" "hisM. 2e a!so o--asiona!!y said "ha" medi"a"ion on "he 2ear" 3as an e<<e-"ive 3ay o< rea-hin# "he e!<' bu" a#ain' he never said "ha" "his shou!d be done by -on-en"ra"in# on "he 2ear"D-en"re. 2e did some"imes say "ha" $u""in# a""en"ion on "his -en"re is a #ood -on-en"ra"ion $ra-"i-e' bu" he never asso-ia"ed i" 3i"h se!<D enEuiry. 8*ho am IK9 is no" a man"ra. I" -anno" be rea-hed by -on-en"ra"ion. In <a-"' by -!ose!y eBaminin# his s"a"emen"s on "he subCe-" one -an on!y -on-!ude "ha" 3hi!e "he eB$erien-e o< "he e!< -on"ains an a3areness o< "his -en"re' -on-en"ra"ion on "his -en"re 3i!! no" resu!" in "he eB$erien-e o< "he e!<. 6his -an be done on!y by ho!din# "o "he one 3hi-h -anno" be dis-arded. I< "he roo" is $u!!ed ou" a!! o"hers are a" "he same "ime u$roo"ed. 6he "ru"h -anno" be dire-"!y $oin"ed ou". #$ 2o3 "o do i"K A$ 6he 8I9 is a!3ays "here – in dee$ s!ee$' in dream and in 3a%e<u!ness. *e shou!d no" #ive s-o$e "o o"her "hou#h"s' su-h as you men"ion' bu" mus" %ee$ "he a""en"ion <iBed on <indin# ou" "he sour-e o< "he 8I9D"hou#h" by as%in#' as ea-h "hou#h" arises' "o 3hom "he "hou#h" arises. A<"er "he risin# u$ o< "his 8I9D"hou#h"' a!! o"her "hou#h"s arise. @ind "he sour-e.9 And sudden!y ano"her Eues"ion arises' 8*hy has a"ma -ome in"o maya Li!!usionMK9 or in o"her 3ords' 8*hy has God -rea"ed "his 3or!dK9 A$ 6o enEuire 8*ho am IK9 rea!!y means "ryin# "o <ind ou" "he sour-e o< "he e#o or "he 8I9D "hou#h". Indeed' a!! "he s-ri$"ures men"ion "he $ro-ess on!y "o #uide "he see%er "o %no3 "he "ru"h. 6he one in s!ee$ is "he same as "ha" 3ho no3 s$ea%s. 6he 8I9D"hou#h" is "here<ore "he roo"D"hou#h". 6here<ore see% "he roo" 8I9' Eues"ion yourse!< 8*ho am IK9. ee%in# "he sour-e o< 8I9 serves as a means o< #e""in# rid o< a!! o"her "hou#h"s. I< "he ans3er is 8I #e" "he "hou#h"9 -on"inue "he enEuiry by as%in# 8*ho is "his 8I9 and 3ha" is i"s sour-eK9 #$ Am I "o %ee$ on re$ea"in# 8*ho am IK9 so as "o ma%e a man"ra o< i"K A$ No. A$ No – "ha" is no" medi"a"ion. I" means "ha" you mus" <ind ou" 3here in you arises "he 8I9D "hou#h" 3hi-h is "he sour-e o< a!! o"her "hou#h"s. 6here is a!3ays "he <ee!in# o< 8I9. 6his 8I9 is on!y "he e#o or "he 8I9D"hou#h". 2en-e "his in"e!!e-"ua! $ro-ess. You are no" "o "hin% o< o"her "hou#h"s' su-h as 8I am no" "his body9.

A$ 6his 8I9D"hou#h" is no" $ure. You need no" "hin% so. Ye" my "roub!es are no" ended. #$ Is no" dis-ardin# o< "he KKKeK Lne"iDne"iM men"ioned in "he sas"rasK A$ A<"er "he rise o< "he 8I9D"hou#h" "here is "he <a!se iden"i<i-a"ion o< "he 8I9 3i"h "he body' "he senses' "he mind' e"-. 6he mind and in"e!!e-" do no" remain a$ar" <rom you. I" is "o "he 8I9D"hou#h". @ind ou" "he 8I9. #$ Yes.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ 6he "eB" is no" mean" <or "hin%in# 8I am Brahman9. 6hen "he o"her "hou#h"s vanish. 8I9 is 3ron#!y asso-ia"ed 3i"h "hem and "he "rue 8I9 is !os" si#h" o<. I" is e"erna!. Moreover' i" indi-a"es se$ara"eness. 6hey are di<<eren". #$ 6here mus" be a s-ien"i<i. 6he e!< a!one 3i!! remain. Even "o re$ea" aham Brahmasmi or "hin% o< i"' a doer is ne-essary. In "he Eues"ion 8*ho am IK9' 8I9 re<ers "o "he e#o. 6he <ormer is obCe-"ive' 3hereas "he !a""er is subCe-"ive. 5i-hara is di<<eren" in me"hod <rom "he medi"a"ion sivoham or soham L8I am iva9 or 8I am 44 . 2o!d i". Be "ha" 8I9. 6hey 3i!! be <ound "o arise a<"er "he 8I9D"hou#h". im$!y <ind ou" "he 8I9. I" is -on"amina"ed 3i"h "he asso-ia"ion o< "he body and senses. #$ I mean "here mus" be a #radua! e!imina"ion' <irs" o< "he mind' "hen o< "he in"e!!e-"' "hen o< "he e#o. #$ I am a3are o< "he 8I9. Bu" 3ha" is "he $ra-"i-eK A$ 6he o"her me"hods are mean" <or "hose 3ho -anno" "a%e "o "he inves"i#a"ion o< "he e!<. One is soham. ee "o 3hom "he -han#in# "hou#h"s be!on#. 2o!d "he 8I9D"hou#h" and "hey subside. 6ha" 8I9 is $er<e-"ion. Aham L8I9M is %no3n "o every one. A$ 6hin% 8I' I9' and ho!d "o "ha" one "hou#h" "o "he eB-!usion o< a!! o"hers. 6he Bib!e says' 8Be s"i!! and %no3 "ha" I am God. #$ Is no" a<<irma"ion o< God more e<<e-"ive "han "he Eues"' 8*ho am IK9 A<<irma"ion is $osi"ive' 3hereas "he o"her is ne#a"ion. A$ 6he e!< a!one is rea!. 6he rea! e!< is "he in<ini"e 8I9. You see "he di<<i-u!"y. 6ra-e ba-% "he sour-e o< "he 8I9D"hou#h". 2o3 "o do i"K 6ha" is "he 3ho!e "roub!e. 6he o"her me"hods a!so 3i!! u!"ima"e!y !ead everyone "o "his me"hod o< "he inves"i#a"ion o< "he e!<. #$ Is no" medi"a"ion be""er "han inves"i#a"ionK A$ Medi"a"ion im$!ies men"a! ima#ery' 3hereas inves"i#a"ion is <or "he rea!i"y. I" has no ori#in and no end. #$ Is soham L"he a<<irma"ion I am 8he9M "he same as 8*ho am IK9 A$ Aham L8I9M a!one is -ommon "o "hem.9 "i!!ness is "he so!e reEuisi"e <or "he rea!iJa"ion o< "he e!< as God. Brahman abides as aham in every one. 6he o"her is %oham 8*ho am IK9. *ho is i"K I" is 8I9. 6ryin# "o "ra-e i" and <ind i"s sour-e' 3e see i" has no se$ara"e eBis"en-e bu" mer#es in "he rea! 8I9.a$$roa-h "o "his subCe-". 6he 8I9 is a!ready Brahman. *hy shou!d 3e #o on sayin# sohamK One mus" <ind ou" "he rea! 8I9. Bu" i" does no" mean eBa-"!y dis-ardin# o< "he nonD e!<' i" means "he <indin# o< "he rea! e!<. #$ I" is di<<i-u!" "o <o!!o3. A$ o !on# as you see% "o %no3 ho3 "o rea!iJe' "his advi-e is #iven "o <ind your e!<. I" is im$ermanen". A$ 6o es-he3 unrea!i"y and see% "he rea!i"y is s-ien"i<i-. I" is "he dire-" me"hod. ee "o 3hom "he "roub!e is. Your see%in# "he me"hod deno"es your se$ara"eness. In order "o si<" "he $ure 8I9 <rom "he -on"amina"ed 8I9' "his dis-ardin# is men"ioned. A!! o"hers are unrea!. I unders"and "he "heory. @ind "ha" one. #$ Is i" no" be""er "o say I am "he su$reme bein#9 "han as% 8*ho am IK9 A$ *ho a<<irmsK 6here mus" be one "o do i". 6he o"her 8I9 is born and a!so dies.

In "he dire-" me"hod' as you -a!! i"' in as%in# yourse!< 8*ho am IK9' you are "o!d "o -on-en"ra"e 3i"hin yourse!< 3here "he 8I9D"hou#h"' "he roo" o< a!! o"her "hou#h"s' arises. #$ I do no" unders"and 3ha" I shou!d do. *ha" -an be more easy "han #oin# "o yourse!<K Bu" "he <a-" remains "ha" "o some "his me"hod 3i!! seem di<<i-u!" and 3i!! no" a$$ea!. Bu" in Bha#avan9s me"hod' "here is no su-h "hin#' and "o see% "he e!< a" on-e' "hou#h dire-"' is di<<i-u!". You are yourse!< in "he be#innin# and "he end. 6ha" is 3hy so many di<<eren" me"hods have been "au#h". 6he soham medi"a"ion or 8I am Brahman9 medi"a"ion is more or !ess a men"a! "hou#h". #$ 2o3 is "his deve!o$men" $ossib!eK A$ 5arious ans3ers are #iven. I< 3e #o on as%in#' 8*ho am IK9' 8*ho am IK9 !i%e a Ca$a Lre$e"i"ion o< "he name o< GodM or a man"ra' i" be-omes du!!. 6his is subCe-"ive.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman he9M. #$ May I %no3 "he 3ayK A$ Do as you have no3 been "o!d and see. As "he e!< is no" ou"side bu" inside you' you are as%ed "o dive 3i"hin' ins"ead o< #oin# 3i"hou". In o"her me"hods "here is some"hin# $re!iminary and $osi"ive 3i"h 3hi-h one -an be#in and "hen #o s"e$ by s"e$. Bu" 3ho is "he %no3er' "he seerK9 *ha"ever o"her me"hod may be -hosen' "here 3i!! be a!3ays a doer. I am deve!o$ed and so I am sui"ab!e <or "he Eues" bu" "he Eues" i"se!< -auses me "o deve!o$. #$ Am I "o "hin% 8*ho am IK9 A$ You have %no3n "ha" "he 8I9D"hou#h" s$rin#s <or"h. A!! "ha" 3e have "o do is "o #ive u$ iden"i<yin# "he e!< 3i"h "he body' 3i"h <orms and !imi"s' and "hen 3e sha!! %no3 ourse!ves as "he e!< "ha" 3e a!3ays are. One mus" <ind ou" 3ho "he doer is. A$ You yourse!< -on-ede i" is "he dire-" me"hod. A$ I< i" is any"hin# obCe-"ive "he 3ay -an be sho3n obCe-"ive!y. #$ 6ha" is ar#uin# in a -ir-!e. *e iden"i<y "he 8I9 3i"h a body' 3e re#ard "he e!< as havin# a body' and as havin# !imi"s' and hen-e a!! our "roub!e. #$ *ha" -er"ain"y is "here "ha" some"hin# e!se 3ai"s "here "o 3e!-ome meK A$ *hen one is a su<<i-ien"!y deve!o$ed sou! L$a%viM one be-omes na"ura!!y -onvin-ed. 6ha" -anno" be es-a$ed. You %no3 you eBis" a!3ays' 3hereas "he body does no" eBis" a!3ays' <or eBam$!e in s!ee$. Bu" 3ha"ever "he $revious deve!o$men"' vi-hara Eui-%ens "he deve!o$men". Bu" i" is so di<<i-u!". Bu" "he Eues" <or "he e!< I s$ea% o< is a dire-" me"hod' indeed su$erior "o "he o"her medi"a"ion. 2e is a!3ays "he e!< and no"hin# e!se. !ee$ revea!s "ha" you eBis" even 3i"hou" a body. I< you are here and "he e!< some3here e!se' and you have "o rea-h "ha" e!<' you may be "o!d ho3 "o s"ar"' ho3 "o "rave! and "hen ho3 "o rea-h. 6hen 3ha"ever is done is done by some"hin# e!se and you have no hand in i". You say 8*ho am IK9 be-omes a Ca$a. #$ No doub" "he me"hod "au#h" by Bha#avan is dire-". Bu" "o some' no"hin# eB-e$" "he vi-hara mar#a L"he $a"h o< enEuiryM 3i!! a$$ea!. I ra"her !ay s"ress u$on e!<D%no3!ed#e' <or you are <irs" -on-erned 3i"h yourse!< be<ore you $ro-eed "o %no3 "he 3or!d and i"s &ord. 6ha" is a--ordin# "o "heir $a%va or <i"ness. Rea!!y' no "heory is ne-essary <or "he man 3ho serious!y desires "o a$$roa-h God or "o rea!iJe his o3n "rue bein#. 6hey 3i!! as%' 8You 3an" me "o %no3 or "o see "his or "ha". I" 3an"s a -er"ain "heory "o sa"is<y i"se!<. u$$ose you 3ho are no3 in Ramanasramam as%' 8I 3an" "o #o "o Ramanasramam. A$ 6he mind has a!3ays "his sor" o< di<<i-u!"y. Ea-h o< "hem 3i!! a$$ea! "o some as "he bes" and easies". o even"ua!!y' a!! mus" -ome "o <ind ou" 8*ho am IK9 You -om$!ain "ha" "here is no"hin# $re!iminary or $osi"ive "o s"ar" 3i"h. 41 . I" is "he dire-" and easy me"hod. I" is no" mean" "ha" you shou!d #o on as%in# 8*ho am IK9 In "ha" -ase' "hou#h" 3i!! no" so easi!y die. 6i!! "hen' "he sadhana -anno" be ended. 6he momen" you s"ar" !oo%in# <or "he se!< and #o dee$er and dee$er' "he rea! e!< is 3ai"in# "here "o "a%e you in. 2o!d "he 8I9D"hou#h" and <ind i"s sour-e. *hen #oin# a<"er o"her "hin#s "ha" are a!ien "o us is so easy' ho3 -an i" be di<<i-u!" <or one "o #o "o one9s o3n e!<K You "a!% o< 8*here "o be#inK9 6here is no be#innin# and no end. In "his $ro-ess' a!! doub"s and dis-ussions are au"oma"i-a!!y #iven u$ Cus" as one 3ho s!ee$s <or#e"s' <or "he "ime bein#' a!! his -ares. You have "he 8I9 "o s"ar" 3i"h. *e do no" %no3 ho3 "o be#in i". 2o3 sha!! I s"ar" and ho3 "o rea-h i"K9' 3ha" is one "o sayK A man9s sear-h <or "he e!< is !i%e "ha".

I" is <rom "his $oin" o< vie3 "ha" any re<eren-e "o a $hysi-a! body -omes "o be made. 2o3 -an "ha"' in 3hi-h every"hin# is -on"ained' be i"se!< -on<ined as a "iny $ar" 3i"hin "he $hysi-a! body 3hi-h is bu" an in<ini"esima!' $henomena! mani<es"a"ion o< "he one rea!i"yK Bu" $eo$!e do no" unders"and "his. #$ In "ha" -ase' ho3 -an i" be !o-a!ised in any $ar" o< "he bodyK @iBin# a $!a-e <or "he 2ear" 3ou!d im$!y se""in# $hysio!o#i-a! !imi"a"ions "o "ha" 3hi-h is beyond s$a-e and "ime.9 Bu" "ha" is no" "he "ru"h. Pure -ons-iousness' 3hi-h is "he 2ear"' in-!udes a!!' and no"hin# is ou"side or a$ar" <rom i". #$ You have said "ha" "he 2ear" is "he -en"re o< "he e!<. 6he 2ear" is "here ever o$en "o you i< you -are "o en"er i"' ever su$$or"in# a!! your movemen"s even 3hen you are una3are. A$ Yes' i" is "he one su$reme -en"re o< "he e!<. A$ *ha"O Do you no" unders"and "ha" you areK #$ P!ease "e!! me "he 3ay. #$ In no boo% have I <ound i" s"a"ed "ha" i" is "here. 6here is no 8ri#h"9 or 8!e<"9 <or i". Bu" you shou!d "ry "o have ra"her "han "o !o-a"e "he eB$erien-e. A$ Is i" ne-essary "o sho3 "he 3ay in "he in"erior o< your o3n homeK 6his is 3i"hin you. You need have no doub" abou" i". *here is 8-omin#9 or 8#oin#9 or any movemen" 3ha"ever' <or "he one' a!!D$ervadin# s$iri" 3hi-h you rea!!y areK You are 3here you have a!3ays been. 6hey -anno" he!$ "hin%in# in "erms o< "he $hysi-a! body and "he 3or!d. 6his is "he -en"re' "he 2ear"' s$o%en o< in "he s-ri$"ures as hri"D#uha L-avi"y o< "he hear"M' aru! L#ra-eM' u!!am L"he 2ear"M. @rom "his abso!u"e s"and$oin"' "he 2ear"' e!< or -ons-iousness -an have no $ar"i-u!ar $!a-e assi#ned "o i" in "he $hysi-a! body. A$ &on# a<"er I -ame here I -han-ed u$on a verse in "he Ma!aya!am version o< Ash"an#ahridayam' "he s"andard 3or% on ayurveda L2indu medi-ineM' 3herein "he oCas s"hana Lsour-e o< bodi!y vi"a!i"y or $!a-e o< !i#h"M is men"ioned as bein# !o-a"ed in "he ri#h" side o< "he -hes" and -a!!ed "he sea" o< -ons-iousness Lsamvi"M. #$ +an I be sure "ha" "he an-ien"s mean" "his -en"re by "he "erm 82ear"9K A$ Yes' "ha" is so. I" has no <orm and sha$e' no 83i"hin9 and 83i"hou"9.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ Bu" I do no" unders"and. 6ru!y s$ea%in#' $ure -ons-iousness is indivisib!e' i" is 3i"hou" $ar"s. I" is your body "ha" moved or 3as -onveyed <rom $!a-e "o $!a-e "i!! i" rea-hed "his ashram. 6his is "he sim$!e "ru"h' bu" "o a $erson 3ho -onsiders himse!< a subCe-" !ivin# in an obCe-"ive 3or!d' i" a$$ears as some"hin# a!"o#e"her visionaryO 4> . 6ha" is "he u!"ima"e "ru"h. Bu" I %no3 o< no o"her 3or% 3hi-h re<ers "o i" as bein# !o-a"ed "here. *hi!e $u""in# "he Eues"ion no3' 3ou!d you say "ha" your body a!one is here bu" you are s$ea%in# <rom some3here e!seK No' you a--e$" your bodi!y eBis"en-e. A$ 6ha" is ri#h". Rea!!y' "he e!< is "he -en"re i"se!<. I" is every3here' a3are o< i"se!< as 82ear"9' "he e!<D a3areness. A$ You -anno" %no3 i" 3i"h your mind. *ha" is "he reasonK 6he body is i"se!< a mere $roCe-"ion o< "he mind' and "he mind is bu" a $oor re<!e-"ion o< "he radian" 2ear". Bu" "he $erson 3ho $u"s "he Eues"ion abou" "he $osi"ion o< "he 2ear" -onsiders himse!< as eBis"in# 3i"h or in "he body. #$ No3 be $!eased "o "e!! me 3here i" is in "he body. 6he on!y dire-" 3ay "o rea!iJe i" is "o -ease "o <an"asise and "ry "o be yourse!<. @or ins"an-e' you say' 8I have -ome "o "his ashram a!! "he 3ay <rom my -oun"ry beyond "he 2ima!ayas. *hen you rea!iJe' you au"oma"i-a!!y <ee! "ha" "he -en"re is "here. 6he rea! e!< is "here in "he 2ear" behind "he Civa or e#oDse!<. A man need no" <ind ou" 3here his eyes are si"ua"ed 3hen he 3an"s "o see. You -anno" rea!iJe i" by ima#ina"ion' 3hen I "e!! you here is "he -en"re L$oin"in# "o "he ri#h" side o< "he -hes"M. I" is $erha$s more $ro$er "o say "ha" "he e!< is "he 2ear" i"se!< "han "o say "ha" i" is in "he 2ear".

*ha" remains a!! "hrou#h dee$ s!ee$ and 3a%in# is "he same. On!y "he Eues" 8*ho am IK9 is ne-essary. 6he 2ear" is "he e!<. 6here -an be no in or ou" <or i"' sin-e i" a!one is. *i"h su-h di<<eren-es o< o$inion ho3 are 3e "o medi"a"e on i"K A$ You are and i" is a <a-". 8I am9 D "ha" is a!!. Bu" i" is "he sea" o< medi"a"ion. Dhyana Lmedi"a"ionM is by you' o< you' and in you. A!! des-ri$"ions o< i" are on!y men"a! -on-e$"s. 40 . #$ 2o3 -an 3e -on-eive o< su-h a 2ear"K A$ *hy shou!d you -on-eive o< any"hin#K You have on!y "o see <rom 3here "he 8I9 s$rin#s. Doub"s arise on!y 3hen you iden"i<y i" 3i"h some"hin# "an#ib!e and $hysi-a!. #$ 6he 2ear" is said "o be on "he ri#h"' on "he !e<"' or in "he -en"re. o a!! %inds o< e<<or" are !o-a"ed "here on!y. #$ hou!d I medi"a"e on "he ri#h" -hes" in order "o medi"a"e on "he 2ear"K A$ 6he 2ear" is no" $hysi-a!. Everyone %no3s 8I am9. #$ You say "he 8I9D"hou#h" rises <rom "he 2ear"D-en"re. 6here is no"hin# se$ara"e <rom i". Bo"h mean ei"her "he same "hin# or no"hin#. *ho is "he 8I9K I" 3i!! be nei"her 3i"hin nor 3i"hou"' nei"her on "he ri#h" nor on "he !e<". I" -anno" be ou"side you.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman I" is by -omin# do3n "o "he !eve! o< ordinary unders"andin# "ha" a $!a-e is assi#ned "o "he 2ear" in "he $hysi-a! body. 6hey $er"ain "o "he body. I" 3i!! do i"s 3or% i< you en#a#e in "he Eues" <or "he e!<. Medi"a"ion shou!d be on "he e!<. 2ear" is no -on-e$"ion' no obCe-" <or medi"a"ion. 6here is no need "o %no3 3here and 3ha" "he 2ear" is. Bu" in 3a%in# "here is unha$$iness and "he e<<or" "o remove i". I" is on!y a $ra-"i-e and no" inves"i#a"ion. Medi"a"ion shou!d no" be on "he ri#h" or "he !e<". As%ed 3ho 3a%es u$ <rom s!ee$ you say 8I9. o you are "he -en"re o< dhyana and "ha" is "he 2ear". 6ha" <rom 3hi-h a!! "hou#h"s o< embodied bein#s issue <or"h is -a!!ed "he 2ear". O< -ourse "here is a!so "he $ra-"i-e o< medi"a"ion on "he 2ear"D-en"re. 6he 2ear" is ano"her name <or "he rea!i"y and i" is nei"her inside nor ou"side "he body. &eave a!one "he idea o< ri#h" and !e<". Rea!iJe i" and "hen you 3i!! see <or yourse!<. You see "he body in "he 2ear"' "he 3or!d is a!so in i". On!y "he one 3ho medi"a"es on "he 2ear" -an remain a3are 3hen "he mind -eases "o be a-"ive and remains s"i!!' 3hereas "hose 3ho medi"a"e on o"her -en"res -anno" be so a3are bu" in<er "ha" "he mind 3as s"i!! on!y a<"er i" be-omes a#ain a-"ive. Inves"i#a"ion o< 8I9 is "he $oin" and no" medi"a"ion on "he 2ear"D-en"re. hou!d 3e see% i"s sour-e "hereK A$ I as% you "o see 3here "he 8I9 arises in your body' bu" i" is rea!!y no" Eui"e -orre-" "o say "ha" "he 8I9 rises <rom and mer#es in "he 2ear" in "he ri#h" side o< "he -hes". 6here is no"hin# !i%e 3i"hin or 3i"hou". 6he e!< remains a!! a!one. I" mus" #o on 3here you are. No3 you are "o!d "o ho!d <as" "o "his 8I9. hou!d 3e "hen ima#ine i" "o have a sha$e and medi"a"e on i"K A$ No. #$ *ha" is "he 2ear" re<erred "o in "he verse o< U$adesa aram 3here i" is said' 8Abidin# in "he 2ear" is "he bes" %arma' yo#a' bha%"i and CnanaK9 A$ 6ha" 3hi-h is "he sour-e o< a!!' "ha" in 3hi-h a!! !ive' and "ha" in"o 3hi-h a!! <ina!!y mer#e' is "he 2ear" re<erred "o. #$ 2o3 "hen sha!! I unders"and ri Bha#avan9s s"a"emen" "ha" "he eB$erien-e o< "he 2ear"D -en"re is a" "he $ar"i-u!ar $!a-e in "he -hes"K A$ On-e you a--e$" "ha" <rom "he "rue and abso!u"e s"and$oin"' "he 2ear" as $ure -ons-iousness is beyond s$a-e and "ime' i" 3i!! be easy <or you "o unders"and "he res" in i"s -orre-" $ers$e-"ive. I< i" is done "he e"erna! bein# 3i!! revea! i"se!<. #$ 6here are said "o be siB or#ans o< di<<eren" -o!ours in "he -hes"' o< 3hi-h "he 2ear" is said "o be "3o <in#erDbread"hs "o "he ri#h" o< "he midd!e !ine. Bu" "he 2ear" is a!so <orm!ess.

4( . 2o3ever' "he be!oved 2ear" a!one is "he re<u#e <or "he risin# and subsidin# o< "ha" 8I9. 2ear"' "he sour-e' is "he be#innin#' "he midd!e and "he end o< a!!. 2ear"' "he su$reme s$a-e' is never a <orm. Kno3 "ha" "hou#h i" is said "ha" "he 2ear" eBis"s bo"h inside and ou"side' in abso!u"e "ru"h i" does no" eBis" bo"h inside and ou"side' be-ause "he body' 3hi-h a$$ears as "he base o< "he di<<eren-es 8inside9 and 8ou"side9' is an ima#ina"ion o< "he "hin%in# mind. I" is "he !i#h" o< "ru"h.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman In 3ha"ever $!a-e in "he body one "hin%s e!< "o be residin#' due "o "he $o3er o< "ha" "hin%in# i" 3i!! a$$ear "o "he one 3ho "hin%s "hus as i< e!< is residin# in "ha" $!a-e.

6he <irs" me"hod is -!ear!y se!<DenEuiry masEueradin# under a di<<eren" name. +om$!e"e!y surrenderin# a!! res$onsibi!i"y <or one9s !i<e "o God or "he e!<. 2e "o!d his devo"ees "ha" i< "his 3as done re#u!ar!y 3i"h !ove and devo"ion "hen "he mind 3ou!d be-ome e<<or"!ess!y absorbed in "he obCe-" o< medi"a"ion. Even"ua!!y "he 8I9D"hou#h" is redu-ed "o mana#eab!e $ro$or"ions and 3i"h a !i""!e se!<Da""en"ion i" -an be made "o sin% "em$orari!y in"o "he 2ear". ri Ramana o<"en eEua"ed "he $ra-"i-es o< surrender and enEuiry ei"her by sayin# "ha" "hey 3ere di<<eren" names <or "he same $ro-ess or "ha" "hey 3ere "he on!y "3o e<<e-"ive means by 3hi-h e!<Drea!iJa"ion -ou!d be a-hieved. In <o!!o3in# "his $ra-"i-e "here shou!d be a -ons"an" a3areness "ha" "here is no individua! 8I9 3ho ar"s or desires' "ha" on!y "he e!< eBis"s and "ha" "here is no"hin# a$ar" <rom "he e!< "ha" is -a$ab!e o< a-"in# inde$enden"!y o< i". 6radi"iona!!y "he $a"h o< surrender is asso-ia"ed 3i"h dua!is"i. On-e "his has been a-hieved -om$!e"e surrender be-omes mu-h easier. . In bo"h -ases "he aim is "o iso!a"e "he 8I9D"hou#h" and ma%e i" disa$$ear in i"s sour-e. 6o a-hieve "his #oa! he re-ommended "3o dis"in-" $ra-"i-es? 1 2o!din# on "o "he 8I9D"hou#h" un"i! "he one 3ho ima#ines "ha" he is se$ara"e <rom God disa$$ears.devo"iona! $ra-"i-es' bu" su-h a-"ivi"ies 3ere on!y o< se-ondary im$or"an-e "o ri Ramana. ri Ramana a--e$"ed "he va!idi"y o< su-h an a$$roa-h and o<"en said "ha" "his me"hod 3as as e<<e-"ive as se!<DenEuiry. Ins"ead he s"ressed "ha" "rue surrender "rans-ended 3orshi$$in# God in a subCe-" – obCe-" re!a"ionshi$ sin-e i" -ou!d on!y be su--ess<u!!y a--om$!ished 3hen "he one 3ho ima#ined "ha" he 3as se$ara"e <rom God had -eased "o eBis". 6he -ons"an" a3areness o< God $reven"s "he mind <rom iden"i<yin# 3i"h o"her obCe-"s and enhan-es "he -onvi-"ion "ha" God a!one eBis"s.Surrender Many o< "he 3or!d9s re!i#ious "radi"ions advo-a"e surrender "o God as a means o< "rans-endin# "he individua! se!<. I" a!so $rodu-es a re-i$ro-a! <!o3 o< $o3er or #ra-e <rom "he e!< 3hi-h 3ea%ens "he ho!d o< "he 8I9D"hou#h" and des"roys "he vasanas 3hi-h $er$e"ua"e and rein<or-e i"s eBis"en-e. *hen <o!!o3in# "his $ra-"i-e' 3henever one be-omes a3are "ha" one is assumin# res$onsibi!i"y <or "hou#h"s and a-"ions – <or eBam$!e' 8I 3an"9 or 8I am doin# "his9 F one shou!d "ry "o 3i"hdra3 "he mind <rom i"s eB"erna! -on"a-"s and <iB i" in "he e!<. 6his insis"en-e on "he subCe-"ive a3areness o< 8I9 as "he on!y means o< rea-hin# "he e!< -o!oured his a""i"ude "o3ards $ra-"i-es o< devo"ion Lbha%"i: and 3orshi$ 3hi-h are usua!!y asso-ia"ed 3i"h surrender "o God. 6his is ana!o#ous "o "he "rans<er o< a""en"ion 3hi-h "a%es $!a-e in se!<DenEuiry 3hen one rea!ises "ha" se!<Da""en"ion has been !os".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 7 .: 3as an i!!usory one sin-e God a!one eBis"s. 6he se-ond me"hod' o< surrenderin# res$onsibi!i"y <or one9s !i<e "o God' is a!so re!a"ed "o se!<D enEuiry sin-e i" aims "o e!imina"e "he 8I9D"hou#h" by se$ara"in# i" <rom "he obCe-"s and a-"ions "ha" i" -ons"an"!y iden"i<ies 3i"h. 6rue devo"ion' he said' is "o remain as one rea!!y is' in "he s"a"e o< bein# in 3hi-h a!! ideas abou" re!a"ionshi$s 3i"h God have -eased "o eBis". Mos" o< "hese $ra-"i-es invo!ved "hin%in# o< or medi"a"in# on God or "he Guru ei"her by -ons"an"!y re$ea"in# his name 7Ca$a: or by visua!isin# his <orm. *hen a!! "he ou"#oin# "enden-ies o< "he mind have been disso!ved in "he re$ea"ed eB$erien-es o< bein#' "he e!< 4= . 2e never dis-oura#ed his devo"ees <rom <o!!o3in# su-h $ra-"i-es' bu" he $oin"ed ou" "ha" any re!a"ionshi$ 3i"h God 7devo"ee' 3orshi$$er' servan"' e"-. As 3i"h se!<DenEuiry' <ina! rea!iJa"ion is brou#h" abou" au"oma"i-a!!y by "he $o3er o< "he e!<. @or su-h se!<Dsurrender "o be e<<e-"ive one mus" have no 3i!! or desire o< one9 o3n and one mus" be -om$!e"e!y <ree o< "he idea "ha" "here is an individua! $erson 3ho is -a$ab!e o< a-"in# inde$enden"!y o< God. 6his is Eui"e -onsis"en" 3i"h his vie3 "ha" any $ra-"i-e 3hi-h invo!ved a3areness o< "he 8I9D"hou#h" 3as a va!id and dire-" rou"e "o "he e!<' 3hereas a!! $ra-"i-es 3hi-h didn9" 3ere no". ri Ramana himse!< admi""ed "ha" s$on"aneous and -om$!e"e surrender o< "he 8I9 by "his me"hod 3as an im$ossib!e #oa! <or many $eo$!e and so he some"imes advised his <o!!o3ers "o under"a%e $re!iminary eBer-ises 3hi-h 3ou!d -u!"iva"e "heir devo"ion and -on"ro! "heir minds.

#$ No3 "ha" I am sa"is<ied on "ha" $oin"' I 3an" "o %no3 3ha" "he s"e$s are by 3hi-h I -ou!d a-hieve surrender.9 By "his me"hod one #radua!!y deve!o$s "he -onvi-"ion "ha" God a!one eBis"s and "ha" "he e#o does no" -oun". o by 3ha"ever $a"h you may #o' you mus" -ome "o Cnana or oneness. A$ 6here are "3o 3ays. A$ By 3ha"ever $a"h you #o' you 3i!! have "o !ose yourse!< in "he one. 6he o"her is <ee!in# 8I am he!$!ess by myse!<' God a!one is a!!D$o3er<u! and eB-e$" by "hro3in# myse!< -om$!e"e!y on him' "here is no o"her means o< sa<e"y <or me. One is !oo%in# in"o "he sour-e o< 8I9 and mer#in# in"o "ha" sour-e. +om$!e"e surrender is ano"her name <or Cnana or !ibera"ion. In surrender "here is advai"a LnonDdua!ismM. #$ *ha" is "he bes" 3ay o< %i!!in# "he e#oK A$ 6o ea-h $erson "ha" 3ay is "he bes" 3hi-h a$$ears easies" or a$$ea!s mos". A$ urrender on-e <or a!! and be done 3i"h "he desire. #$ *ha" is "he dri<" o< "he mind a<"er surrenderK A$ Is "he surrendered mind raisin# "he Eues"ionK #$ By -ons"an"!y desirin# "o surrender I ho$e "ha" in-reasin# #ra-e is eB$erien-ed. 1) . 6hese are "he on!y "3o 3ays <or rea!iJa"ion. I< i" is done 3i"h a desire <or #ra-e or e!<Drea!iJa"ion i" -an never be more "han $ar"ia! surrender' a business "ransa-"ion in 3hi-h "he 8I9D"hou#h" ma%es an e<<or" in "he eB$e-"a"ion o< re-eivin# a re3ard. #$ Does no" "o"a! or -om$!e"e surrender reEuire "ha" one shou!d no" have !e<" even "he desire <or !ibera"ion or GodK A$ +om$!e"e surrender does reEuire "ha" you have no desire o< your o3n. I 3an" "o ado$" "ha" $a"h. One o< "3o "hin#s mus" be done. #$ *ha" is un-ondi"iona! surrenderK A$ I< one surrenders onese!< "here 3i!! be no one "o as% Eues"ions or "o be "hou#h" o<. 6his <ina! des"ru-"ion o< "he 8I9 "a%es $!a-e on!y i< "he se!<Dsurrender has been -om$!e"e!y mo"ive!ess. #$ I <ind surrender is easier. A!! "he 3ays are eEua!!y #ood' as "hey !ead "o "he same #oa!' 3hi-h is "he mer#in# o< "he e#o in "he e!<. urrender a$$ears easy be-ause $eo$!e ima#ine "ha"' on-e "hey say 3i"h "heir !i$s 8I surrender9 and $u" "heir burdens on "heir &ord' "hey -an be <ree and do 3ha" "hey !i%e. o !on# as "he sense o< doershi$ is re"ained "here is "he desire. God never <orsa%es one 3ho has surrendered.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman des"roys "he ves"i#ia! 8I9D"hou#h" so -om$!e"e!y "ha" i" never rises a#ain. Ei"her 3ay you 3i!! be <ree <rom misery. Bu" "he <ar" is "ha" you -an have no !i%es or dis!i%es a<"er your surrenderI your 3i!! shou!d be-ome -om$!e"e!y nonD eBis"en"' "he &ord9s 3i!! "a%in# i"s $!a-e. Bo"h me"hods !ead "o "he same #oa!. *ha" "he bha%"a Ldevo"eeM -a!!s surrender' "he man 3ho does vi-hara -a!!s Cnana. 6ha" is a!so $ersona!i"y. In "he rea!i"y "here is nei"her dvai"a nor advai"a' bu" "ha" 3hi-h is. urrender unreserved!y. Ei"her surrender be-ause you admi" your inabi!i"y and reEuire a hi#her $o3er "o he!$ you' or inves"i#a"e "he -ause o< misery by #oin# "o "he sour-e and mer#in# in"o "he e!<. 6he s"a"e is no" di<<eren" <rom Cnana. I< "his #oes "he e!< is <ound "o shine <or"h $ure. #$ +anno" #ra-e has"en su-h -om$e"en-e in a see%erK A$ &eave i" "o God. 6he dea"h o< "he e#o in "his 3ay brin#s abou" a s"a"e 3hi-h is no" di<<eren" <rom Cnana. urrender is -om$!e"e on!y 3hen you rea-h "he s"a#e 86hou ar" a!!9 and 86hy 3i!! be done9. You mus" be sa"is<ied 3i"h 3ha"ever God #ives you and "ha" means havin# no desires o< your o3n. In soham L"he a<<irma"ion o< 8I am he9M "here is dvai"a Ldua!ismM. Bo"h are "ryin# on!y "o "a%e "he e#o ba-% "o "he sour-e <rom 3hi-h i" s$ran# and ma%e i" mer#e "here. Ei"her "he "hou#h"s are e!imina"ed by ho!din# on "o "he roo"D"hou#h" 8I9' or one surrenders onese!< un-ondi"iona!!y "o "he hi#her $o3er.

"i!!ness 3i!! $revai! and "here 3i!! be no a#i"a"ion o< mind. I< you as% him "o do as you $!ease' i" is no" surrender bu" -ommand "o him. A$ Yes. Do no" de!ude yourse!< by ima#inin# su-h a sour-e "o be some God ou"side you. 6hin#s may "urn ou" di<<eren"!y <rom "he 3ay "hey !oo% a$$aren"!y. A$ Yes.M 6hey say "ha" one -an ob"ain every"hin# i< one "a%es re<u#e in God 3ho!!y and so!e!y' and 3i"hou" "hou#h" o< any"hin# e!se. One o< "hese "3o 3ays is o$en "o "he as$iran". 2e %no3s 3ha" is bes" and 3hen and ho3 "o do i". u-h is surrender. #$ Is "he "hou#h" 8I am God9 or 8I am "he su$reme bein#9 he!$<u!K A$ 8I am "ha" I am. #$ Is surrender' by i"se!<' su<<i-ien" "o rea-h "he e!<K A$ I" is enou#h "ha" one surrenders onese!<. #$ *e surrenderI bu" s"i!! "here is no he!$.9 2ere s"i!!ness is "o"a! surrender 3i"hou" a ves"i#e o< individua!i"y. I" is no" "he re!a"ive %no3!ed#e invo!vin# "he "riads' %no3!ed#e' %no3in# and %no3n. *e -anno" i#nore "heir eBis"en-e and resi#n ourse!ves "o divine 3i!!' 3i"hou" re"ainin# some !i""!e o< "he $ersona!i"y in us. *ha" -an 3e doK A$ 6rus" God. #$ Men o< "he 3or!d "ha" 3e are' 3e have some %ind o< #rie< or ano"her and do no" %no3 ho3 "o #e" over i". 6ha" means "ha" you shou!d see% "he sour-e and mer#e in i". You say you o<<er your body' sou! and a!! $ossessions "o God. *e!!' i< surrender is im$ossib!e' 3ha" -an be doneK 6here is no $ea-e o< mind. urrender is "o #ive onese!< u$ "o "he ori#ina! -ause o< one9s bein#. Bha%"i is Cnana ma"a or "he mo"her o< Cnana. +om$!e"e surrender is im$ossib!e in "he be#innin#. *ere "hey yours "ha" you -ou!d o<<er "hemK A" bes"' you -an on!y say' 8I <a!se!y ima#ined "i!! no3 "ha" a!! "hese 3hi-h are yours 3ere mine. You mus" on!y "rus" God. urrender "o him and abide by his 3i!! 3he"her he a$$ears or vanishes. You -anno" have him obey you and ye" "hin% "ha" you have surrendered. Par"ia! surrender is -er"ain!y $ossib!e <or a!!. Your sour-e is 3i"hin yourse!<. #$ Bu" 3e are 3or!d!y. #$ urrender is im$ossib!e. I" -an be done on!y by surrender. 6here is "he 3i<e' "here are "he -hi!dren' <riends and re!a"ives. *e $ray "o God and s"i!! are no" sa"is<ied.9 6his %no3!ed#e "ha" "here is no"hin# bu" God or e!<' "ha" I and mine don9" eBis" and "ha" on!y "he e!< eBis"s' is Cnana. &eave every"hin# en"ire!y "o him. A$ 6ha" means you have no" surrendered as $ro<essed by you. 2is is "he burden' you have no !on#er any -ares. No3 I rea!iJe "hey are yours.9 A!! "a!% o< surrender is !i%e $in-hin# bro3n su#ar <rom a bro3n su#ar ima#e o< &ord Ganesa and o<<erin# i" as naivedya L<ood o<<erin#M "o "he same &ord Ganesa. You are he!$!ess "o brin# i" abou".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman 6he sense o< doershi$ is "he bonda#e and no" "he a-"ions "hemse!ves. A#i"a"ion o< mind is "he -ause o< desire' "he sense o< doershi$ and $ersona!i"y. Does i" mean si""in# s"i!! in one $!a-e and -on"em$!a"in# God en"ire!y a" a!! "imes' dis-ardin# a!! "hou#h"s' in-!udin# even "hou#h"s abou" <ood' 3hi-h is essen"ia! <or "he sus"enan-e o< "he bodyK Does i" mean "ha" 3hen one #e"s i!!' one shou!d no" "hin% o< medi-ine and "rea"men"' bu" 11 . Dive dee$ in "he 2ear" and remain as "he e!<. Dis"ress o<"en !eads men "o <ai"h in God. 8Be s"i!! and %no3 "ha" I am God. A3ai" his $!easure.9 8Kno3 I am God'9 i" is said' and no" 86hin% I am God. I< "ha" is s"o$$ed "here is Euie". A!! your -ares are his. Give yourse!< u$ "o i". 6his is bha%"i. 6hus "here is no di<<eren-e be"3een bha%"i and Cnana. I< you have surrendered' you mus" be ab!e "o abide by "he 3i!! o< God and no" ma%e a #rievan-e o< 3ha" may no" $!ease you.9 8I am9 is God' no" "hin%in# 8I am God. In -ourse o< "ime "ha" 3i!! !ead "o -om$!e"e surrender. #$ LGiven "o ri Ra"nana in "he <orm o< a 3ri""en no"e. Or' enEuire "o 3hom "hese Eues"ions arise. 6here 8%no3in#9 means 8bein#9. I sha!! no more a-" as i< "hey are mine.9 Rea!iJe 8I am9 and do no" "hin% 8I am.

1. Bu" i" is a mis"a%e. #$ Bu" is God rea!!y "he doer o< a!! "he a-"ions I $er<ormK A$ 6he $resen" di<<i-u!"y is "ha" man "hin%s he is "he doer. 6he <ee!in# "ha" I am doin# i" is "he bonda#e. . Bu" "hin%. I< "he a-"ions o< "he mind' s$ee-h and body are mer#ed 3i"h God' a!! "he burdens o< our !i<e 3i!! be on him. I< "he res$onsibi!i"y is "hro3n on "he hi#her $o3er "hin#s 3i!! #o on o< "heir o3n a--ord. 6he same is "he -ase 3i"h "his !i<e a!so. &e" us "a%e i" "ha" 3ha" 3e have "o ea" -omes o< i"s o3n a--ord.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman en"rus" one9s hea!"h or si-%ness eB-!usive!y "o $roviden-eK In "he Bha#avad Gi"a i" says? 86he man 3ho sheds a!! !on#in# and moves 3i"hou" -on-ern' <ree <rom "he sense o< 8I9 and 8mine9' he a""ains $ea-e9 7. 6a%e' <or ins"an-e' "he s-u!$"ed <i#ure a" "he base o< a #o$uram L"em$!e "o3erM' 3hi-h is made "o a$$ear as i< i" is bearin# "he burden o< "he "o3er on i"s shou!der. #$ 3ami' i" is #ood "o !ove God' is i" no"K 6hen 3hy no" <o!!o3 "he $a"h o< !oveK A$ *ho said you -ou!dn9" <o!!o3 i"K You -an do so. I" means "he dis-ardin# o< a!! desires. I< he a--e$"s "ha" $osi"ion he is <ree <rom "roub!es' o"her3ise he -our"s "hem. Bu" "hen one mus" a" !eas" #o ou" and be# <or i". 6he "o3er is bui!" on "he ear"h and i" res"s on i"s <ounda"ions. I" is "here<ore ne-essary "o -onsider and <ind ou" "he me"hod 3hereby su-h a <ee!in# -an be over-ome' ins"ead o< doub"in# as "o 3he"her medi-ine shou!d be adminis"ered i< one is si-% or 3he"her <ood shou!d be "a%en i< one is hun#ry. I< a!! $eo$!e -!ose "heir eyes and si" s"i!! sayin# i< "he <ood -omes 3e ea"' ho3 is "he 3or!d "o #e" onK 2en-e one mus" "a%e "hin#s as "hey -ome in a--ordan-e 3i"h one9s "radi"ions' bu" one mus" be <ree <rom "he <ee!in# "ha" one is doin# "hem onese!<. 6here<ore shou!d 3e devo"e ourse!ves eB-!usive!y "o "he -on"em$!a"ion o< God' and a--e$" <ood and 3a"er on!y i< "hey are avai!ab!e by God9s #ra-e' 3i"hou" as%in# <or "hemK Or does i" mean "ha" 3e shou!d ma%e a !i""!e e<<or"K Bha#avan' $!ease eB$!ain "he se-re" o< "his sarana#a"i LsurrenderM. u-h doub"s 3i!! -on"inue "o -ome u$ and 3i!! never end. No s$e-ia! e<<or" is made "o inha!e or eBha!e. I" is "he hi#her $o3er 3hi-h does every"hin# and man is on!y a "oo!. *hi!e doin# so' do 3e -onsider a" every s"e$ 3he"her 3e shou!d raise one !e# a<"er "he o"her or s"o$ a" some s"a#eK Isn9" "he 3a!%in# done au"oma"i-a!!yK 6he same is "he -ase 3i"h inha!in# and eBha!in#. I"s $os"ure and !oo% are a $i-"ure o< #rea" s"rain 3hi-h #ives "he im$ression "ha" i" is bearin# "he 3ei#h" o< "he "o3er. Bu" even "hen' 3ho is "o ea"K u$$ose somebody $u"s i" in our mou"h' shou!d 3e no" s3a!!o3 i" a" !eas"K Is "ha" no" an e<<or"K 2e as%s' 8I< I be-ome si-%' shou!d I "a%e medi-ine or shou!d I %ee$ Euie" !eavin# my hea!"h and si-%ness in "he hands o< GodK9 In "he boo% adhana Pan-ha%am 3ri""en by an%ara' i" is s"a"ed "ha" <or "rea"men" o< "he disease -a!!ed hun#er one shou!d ea" <ood re-eived as a!ms. Even su-h doub"s as 8May I #roan i< "here is $ainK May I inha!e air a<"er eBha!in#K9 a!so o--ur. 6he <i#ure is a $ar" o< "he "o3er' bu" i" is made "o !oo% as i< i" is bearin# "he 3ei#h" o< "he "o3er. +om$!e"e surrender "o God means #ivin# u$ a!! "hou#h"s and -on-en"ra"in# "he mind on him. #$ 6ha" is 3hy I am as%in# you 3he"her God -ou!d be 3orshi$$ed "hrou#h "he $a"h o< !ove.?01:. 2en-e !ove means one has !ove "o3ards one9s o3n e!<. *e 3a!% on "his #round. +a!! i" Is3ara LGodM or -a!! i" %arma Ldes"inyMI some %ar"a Lhi#her $o3erM 3i!! -arry on every"hin# in "his 3or!d a--ordin# "o "he deve!o$men" o< "he mind o< ea-h individua!. Is i" no" <unnyK o a!so is "he man 3ho "a%es on himse!< "he sense o< doin#. A$ LA<"er readin# "he no"e ri Ramana addressed everyone in "he room. +an 3e #ive u$ any"hin# i< 3e 3an" "o' or do any"hin# as 3e $!easeK Nui"e a number o< "hin#s are done au"oma"i-a!!y 3i"hou" our bein# -ons-ious o< i". Bu" 3hen you "a!% o< !ove' "here is dua!i"y' is "here no" – "he $erson 3ho !oves and "he en"i"y -a!!ed God 3ho is !ovedK 6he individua! is no" se$ara"e <rom God. I< 3e -an -on-en"ra"e on him' o"her "hou#h"s disa$$ear.M Ananya sarana#a"i L-om$!e"e surrenderM means "o be 3i"hou" any a""a-hmen" "o "hou#h"s' no doub"' bu" does i" mean "o dis-ard even "hou#h"s o< <ood and 3a"er 3hi-h are essen"ia! <or "he sus"enan-e o< "he $hysi-a! bodyK 2e as%s' 8 hou!d I ea" on!y i< I #e" any"hin# by God9s dire-"ion' and 3i"hou" my as%in# <or i"K Or shou!d I ma%e a !i""!e e<<or"K9 A!! ri#h".

#$ +an s$iri"ua! see%ers a""ain "his #oa! in !i<e i< "hey #o abou" "he 3or!d absorbed in sin#in# son#s in $raise o< GodK Or shou!d "hey s"ay a" one $!a-e on!yK A$ I" is #ood "o %ee$ "he mind -on-en"ra"ed on one "hin# on!y 3herever "he $erson 3anders. A<"er -am$hor burns a3ay no residue is !e<". I 3an" more o< "his !on#in#. *hen i" has reso!ved i"se!< in"o "he e!< 3i"hou" !eavin# even "he s!i#h"es" "ra-e behind' i" is rea!iJa"ion o< "he e!<. &ove i"se!< is "he a-"ua! <orm o< God. Kno3 "ha" "he $er<orman-e o< "he un-easin#' "rue and na"ura! 3orshi$ in 3hi-h "he mind is submissive!y es"ab!ished as "he one e!<' havin# ins"a!!ed "he &ord on "he 2ear"D"hrone' is si!en-e' "he bes" o< a!! <orms o< 3orshi$. 6ha" is devo"ion' "ha" is rea!iJa"ion and "ha" is every"hin#. 6he ans3er is 8I9' "ha" is' "he e!<. 6he mind "hen be-omes one 3i"h "he obCe-" o< medi"a"ion' and "his ma%es i" Eui"e $ure. 6he -om$!e"e -essa"ion o< any "hou#h" o< a desired obCe-" is "he <irs" $rereEuisi"e in a mind 3hi-h 3ishes "o a""ain "he s"a"e o< iva. 6he mind is "he -am$hor. #$ I !on# <or bha%"i. 6he eB$erien-e o< no" <or#e""in# -ons-iousness a!one is "he s"a"e o< devo"ion Lbha%"iM 3hi-h is "he re!a"ionshi$ o< un<adin# rea! !ove' be-ause "he rea! %no3!ed#e o< e!<' 3hi-h shines as "he undivided su$reme b!iss i"se!<' sur#es u$ as "he na"ure o< !ove. Even rea!iJa"ion does no" ma""er <or me. 6he $ure s"a"e o< bein# a""a-hed "o #ra-e L e!<M' 3hi-h is devoid o< any a""a-hmen"' a!one is one9s o3n s"a"e o< si!en-e' 3hi-h is devoid o< any o"her "hin#. #$ I have <ai"h in mur"i dhyana L3orshi$ o< <ormM. In "his 3ay "he e!< is u!"ima"e!y #ained. @orm!ess 3orshi$ is $ossib!e on!y <or $eo$!e 3ho are devoid o< "he e#oD<orm. *orshi$$in# God <or "he sa%e o< a desired obCe-" is 3orshi$$in# "ha" desired obCe-" a!one. One 3ho %no3s "he se-re" o< "ha" !ove <inds "he 3or!d i"se!< <u!! o< universa! !ove. Kno3 "ha" a!! "he 3orshi$ done by $eo$!e 3ho $ossess "he e#oD<orm is on!y 3orshi$ o< <orm. Bu" 3hen one is no" <i" <or su-h <orm!ess 3orshi$ o< God' 3orshi$ o< <orm a!one is sui"ab!e. U$asana Lmedi"a"ionM he!$s -on-en"ra"ion o< mind. *hen one has -om$!e"e!y surrendered onese!< a" "he <ee" o< iva' "hereby be-omin# o< "he na"ure o< "he e!<' "he resu!"in# abundan" $ea-e' in 3hi-h "here is no" even "he !eas" room 3i"hin "he 2ear" <or one "o ma%e any -om$!ain" abou" one9s de<e-"s and de<i-ien-ies' a!one is "he na"ure o< su$reme devo"ion. 6he evi! <or#e"<u!ness o< e!< 3hi-h -auses one "o s!i$ do3n <rom "ha" si!en-e' a!one is nonDdevo"ion Lvibha%"iM. i!en-e' 3hi-h is devoid o< "he asser"ive e#o' a!one is !ibera"ion.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ 6ha" is eBa-"!y 3ha" I have been sayin#. 6he eB$erien-e o< e!< is on!y !ove' 3hi-h is seein# on!y !ove' hearin# on!y !ove' <ee!in# on!y !ove' "as"in# on!y !ove and sme!!in# on!y !ove' 3hi-h is b!iss. Kno3 "ha" abidin# as "ha" si!en-e 3i"h "he mind subsided as nonDdi<<eren" <rom e!<' is "he "ru"h o< iva bha%"i Ldevo"ion "o GodM. I< you "hus reCe-" every"hin#' 3ha" remains is "he e!< a!one. 6hen "he mind is <ree <rom o"her "hou#h"s and is <u!! o< "he medi"a"ed <orm. u-h is "he hear" o< a!! re!i#ions. &e" me be s"ron# in my !on#in#. On!y i< one a""ains "he hei#h" o< !ove 3i!! !ibera"ion be a""ained. *ha" is "he use o< %ee$in# "he body a" one $!a-e i< "he mind is a!!o3ed "o 3anderK #$ Is ahe"u%a bha%"i Ldevo"ion 3i"hou" a mo"iveM $ossib!eK A$ Yes i" is $ossib!e. One9s "hus be-omin# a s!ave "o "he &ord and one9s remainin# Euie" and si!en"' devoid even o< "he e#o"is"i-a! "hou#h" 8I am his s!ave9' is e!<Dabidan-e' and "his is "he su$reme %no3!ed#e. 1/ . On!y i< one %no3s "he "ru"h o< !ove' 3hi-h is "he rea! na"ure o< e!<' 3i!! "he s"ron# en"an#!ed %no" o< !i<e be un"ied. 6hen "hin% 3ho is "he 3orshi$$er. &on# <or i" in"ense!y so "ha" "he mind me!"s in devo"ion. I< by sayin#' 8I do no" !ove "his' I do no" !ove "ha"9' you reCe-" a!! "hin#s' "ha" 3hi-h remains is s3aru$a' "ha" is "he rea! <orm o< "he e!<. Kno3 "ha" one9s ever abidin# as "ha" si!en-e' havin# eB$erien-ed i" as i" is' a!one is "rue men"a! 3orshi$ Lmanasi%aD$uCaM. 6ha" is $ure b!iss. 6ha" is rea! !ove. +a!! i" $ure b!iss' God' a"ma' or 3ha" you 3i!!. *orshi$$in# "he <orm!ess rea!i"y by un"hou#h" "hou#h" is "he bes" %ind o< 3orshi$. A$ I< "he !on#in# is "here' rea!iJa"ion 3i!! be <or-ed on you even i< you do no" 3an" i". *i!! i" no" he!$ me "o #ain CnanaK A$ ure!y i" 3i!!.

6he very seed o< $ossession is !os". Is he "o be "au#h" "ha" "here is on!y "he e!<' no" a 3orshi$$er and "he 3orshi$$edK A$ O< -ourse' God is reEuired <or sadhana. Rea!iJa"ion -an on!y be in and o< "he e!<. Dis$assion Lvaira#yaM mus" be very s"ron# "o do "his. Is "his "he ri#h" $a"h !eadin# "o e!<Drea!iJa"ionK Is i" no" easier "o adore Bha#avan in 3ha"ever mee"s "he mind' "han "o see% "he su$ramen"a! "hrou#h "he men"a! enEuiry 8*ho am IK9 A$ Yes' 3hen you see God in a!!' do you "hin% o< God or do you no"K You mus" -er"ain!y "hin% o< God i< you 3an" "o see God a!! round you. *ha" does i" mean' eB-e$" "ha" e<<a-emen" o< "he e#o resu!"s in e!< remainin# as i" a!3ays has beenK *ha"ever $a"h one may -hoose' "he 8I9 is ines-a$ab!e' "he 8I9 "ha" does "he nish%ama %arma Lmo"ive!ess a-"sM' "he 8I9 "ha" $ines <or Coinin# "he &ord <rom 3hom i" <ee!s i" has been se$ara"ed' "he 8I9 "ha" <ee!s i" has s!i$$ed <rom i"s rea! na"ure' and so on. 6hus "he evi! is ni$$ed in "he bud or -rushed in "he #erm i"se!<. You 3an" "o see God in a!!' bu" no" in yourse!<K I< every"hin# is God' are you no" in-!uded in "ha" every"hin#K Bein# God yourse!<' is i" a 3onder "ha" a!! is GodK 6his is "he me"hod advised in ri Bha#ava"am' and e!se3here by o"hers. 6he sour-e o< "his 8I9 mus" be <ound ou". #$ 6he bha%"a reEuires a God "o 3hom he -an do bha%"i. 14 . I< you #ive u$ 8I9 and 8mine9 ins"ead' a!! are #iven u$ a" a s"ro%e. 6he rea!iJed do no" see any -on"radi-"ion in i". u-h is "he $aradoB o< e!<D rea!iJa"ion. I a$$roa-h Is3ara and $ray "o be absorbed in him. *ha" remains a<"er3ardsK In $!a-e o< "he ori#ina! 8I9' $er<e-" se!<Dsurrender !eaves a residuum o< God in 3hi-h "he 8I9 is !os". 6a%e "he -ase o< bha%"i. 6his is "he hi#hes" <orm o< devo"ion L$arabha%"iM and surrender and "he hei#h" o< vaira#ya LnonDa""a-hmen"M. You -anno"' by any means' es-a$e "he e!<. 6hen a!! Eues"ions 3i!! be so!ved. You #ive u$ "his and "ha" o< 8my9 $ossessions. Ea#erness "o do i" mus" be eEua! "o "ha" o< a man %e$" under 3a"er "ryin# "o rise u$ "o "he sur<a-e <or his !i<e. 6here is no a!! a$ar" <rom God <or him "o $ervade. I" -an never be a$ar" <rom "he e!<. Kee$in# God in your mind in "his 3ay be-omes dhyana Lmedi"a"ionM and dhyana is "he s"a#e be<ore rea!iJa"ion. Bu" even <or "his $ra-"i-e "here mus" be "he seer or "hin%er.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ ri Bha#ava"am ou"!ines a 3ay "o <ind Krishna in "he 2ear" by $ros"ra"in# "o a!! and !oo%in# on a!! as "he &ord himse!<. *ho is heK #$ 2o3 "o see God 3ho is a!!D$ervasiveK A$ 6o see God is "o be God. #$ I< 8I9 a!so is an i!!usion' 3ho "hen -as"s o<< "he i!!usionK A$ 6he 8I9 -as"s o<< "he i!!usion o< 8I9 and ye" remains as 8I9. 2e a!one is. Dhyana mus" $re-ede rea!iJa"ion' bu" 3he"her you ma%e dhyana on God or on "he e!< is imma"eria!' <or "he #oa! is "he same. I "hen surrender myse!< 3i"h <ai"h and -on-en"ra"e on him. Bu" "he end o< "he sadhana' even in bha%"i mar#a L"he $a"h o< devo"ionM' is a""ained on!y a<"er -om$!e"e surrender.

6hey are ade$"s in samadhi and i" has be-ome easy' na"ura! and $er$e"ua! 3i"h "hem. 6hose movin# 3i"h "hem -!ose!y' and in sym$a"he"i.-on"a-"' #radua!!y absorb "he samadhi habi" <rom "hem. I" is en"ire!y u$ "o him.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman %ART T-REE ( The Guru God and Guru are in "ru"h no" di<<eren". 11 . I" is no use -om$!ainin# o< "he ni##ard!iness o< "he o-eanI "he bi##er "he vesse! "he more he 3i!! be ab!e "o -arry. One me"hod o< se-urin# "he "em$orary -essa"ion o< men"a! a-"ivi"ies is asso-ia"ion 3i"h sa#es. I< he -omes 3i"h a -u$ he 3i!! on!y #e" a -u$<u!. Hus" as "he $rey "ha" has <a!!en in"o "he Ca3s o< a "i#er -anno" es-a$e' so "hose 3ho have -ome under "he #!an-e o< "he Guru9s #ra-e 3i!! sure!y be saved and 3i!! never be <orsa%enI ye" one shou!d <o!!o3 3i"hou" <ai! "he $a"h sho3n by "he Guru. @rom Bha#avan9s $oin" o< vie3 "here are no dis-i$!es bu" <rom "he $oin" o< vie3 o< "he dis-i$!e "he #ra-e o< "he Guru is !i%e an o-ean.

6here is no di<<eren-e be"3een God' Guru and "he e!<. #$ *ha" is Guru9s #ra-eK 2o3 does i" !ead "o e!<Drea!iJa"ionK A$ Guru is "he e!<. @rom "he in"erior he $u!!s "he mind "o3ards "he e!< and he!$s in "he Euie"enin# o< "he mind. A$ 6he mas"er is 3i"hinI medi"a"ion is mean" "o remove "he i#noran" idea "ha" he is on!y ou"side.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 8 . @rom "he eB"erior he #ives a $ush "o "he mind "o "urn i" in3ards. I< no su-h a""em$" is made' "he Guru is he!$!ess. Be-ause you "hin% you are 3i"h a body' you "hin% he a!so has a body and "ha" he 3i!! do some"hin# "an#ib!e "o you. *hen "he 3ron# iden"i<i-a"ion o< onese!< 3i"h "he body -eases' "he mas"er 3i!! be <ound "o be none o"her "han "he e!<. ri Ramana o<"en said "ha" God' Guru and "he e!< are iden"i-a!I "he Guru is God in human <orm and' simu!"aneous!y' he is a!so "he e!< in "he 2ear" o< ea-h devo"ee. 6he -a"a!y"i. I< "he individua! see%er ma%es a serious a""em$" "o dis-over "he e!<' "hen "he #ra-e and $o3er o< "he Guru 3i!! au"oma"i-a!!y s"ar" "o <!o3. 6hen' God9s #ra-e be#ins "o mani<es". 6he Guru is bo"h eB"erna! and in"erna!. Be-ause he is bo"h inside and ou"side' his $o3er 3or%s in "3o di<<eren" 3ays."ene" o< ri Ramana9s "ea-hin# "ha" a Guru is ne-essary <or a!mos" everyone 3ho is s"rivin# "o3ards a $ermanen" a3areness o< "he e!<. I" is a basi. ome"imes in his !i<e a man be-omes dissa"is<ied and' no" -on"en" 3i"h 3ha" he has' he see%s "he sa"is<a-"ion o< his desires "hrou#h $rayer "o God. #$ In "he 6heoso$hi-a! o-ie"y "hey medi"a"e in order "o see% mas"ers "o #uide "hem. 2is 3or% !ies 3i"hin' in "he s$iri"ua! rea!!e o< "he Guru in s$iri"ua! deve!o$men" is "here<ore -ru-ia!I eB-e$" in rare ins"an-es' i#noran-e o< "he e!< is so dee$!y roo"ed "ha" individua! see%ers are unab!e "o es-a$e <rom i" by "heir o3n e<<or"s. 6ha" -a!m eB$anse is "he e!<. By medi"a"ion i" is <ur"her $uri<ied and i" remains s"i!! 3i"hou" "he !eas" ri$$!e. @or him' a "rue Guru is someone 3ho has rea!iJed "he e!< and 3ho is ab!e "o use his $o3er "o assis" o"hers "o3ards "he #oa! o< e!<Drea!iJa"ion. 2is mind is #radua!!y $uri<ied un"i! he !on#s "o %no3 God' more "o ob"ain his #ra-e "han "o sa"is<y his 3or!d!y desires. 6ha" is Guru9s #ra-e. 6he -onversa"ions in "his -ha$"er summarise ri Ramana9s vie3s on "he na"ure o< "he Guru and "he ro!e he $!ays in brin#in# abou" rea!iJa"ion o< "he e!<. I< he is a s"ran#er 3hom you a3ai"' he is bound "o disa$$ear a!so. 6he devo"ee9s mind #ains s"ren#"h and is "hen ab!e "o "urn in3ard. God "a%es "he <orm o< a Guru and a$$ears "o "he devo"ee' "ea-hes him "he "ru"h and' moreover' $uri<ies his mind by asso-ia"ion. A!"hou#h ri Ramana "au#h" "ha" a Guru is indis$ensab!e <or "hose see%in# e!<Drea!iJa"ion' he a!so $oin"ed ou" "ha" "he Guru has no $o3er "o brin# abou" rea!iJa"ion in "hose 3ho are no" ener#e"i-a!!y see%in# i". 6he ou"er Guru #ives ins"ru-"ions and by his $o3er enab!es "he devo"ee "o %ee$ his a""en"ion on "he e!<I "he inner Guru $u!!s "he devo"ee9s mind ba-% "o i"s sour-e' absorbs i" in "he e!< and <ina!!y des"roys i". #$ 2o3 is "he Guru <oundK A$ God' 3ho is immanen"' in his #ra-e "a%es $i"y on "he !ovin# devo"ee and mani<es"s himse!< a--ordin# "o "he 1> .The Guru 6he "erm Guru is o<"en !oose!y used "o des-ribe anyone 3ho #ives ou" s$iri"ua! advi-e' bu" in ri Ramana9s vo-abu!ary "he 3ord has a mu-h more res"ri-"ed de<ini"ion. *ha" is "he use o< a "ransien" bein# !i%e "ha"K Bu" so !on# as you "hin% you are se$ara"e or "ha" you are "he body' an eB"erna! mas"er is a!so ne-essary and he 3i!! a$$ear "o have a body. #$ *i!! "he Guru he!$ us "o %no3 "he e!< "hrou#h ini"ia"ionK A$ Does "he Guru ho!d you by "he hand and 3his$er in "he earK You may ima#ine him "o be 3ha" you are yourse!<. 6he dis"in-"ive 3ay in 3hi-h ri Ramana u"i!ised his o3n $o3er 3i!! be eB$!ored in #rea"er de"ai! in -ha$"er nine.

#$ 6here are a number o< s$iri"ua! "ea-hers "ea-hin# various $a"hs. #$ I< i" is "rue "ha" "he Guru is one9s o3n e!<' 3ha" is "he $rin-i$!e under!yin# "he do-"rine 3hi-h says "ha"' ho3ever !earned a dis-i$!e may be or 3ha"ever o--u!" $o3ers he may $ossess' he -anno" a""ain e!<Drea!iJa"ion 3i"hou" "he #ra-e o< "he GuruK A$ A!"hou#h in abso!u"e "ru"h "he s"a"e o< "he Guru is "ha" o< onese!< L"he e!<M' i" is very hard <or "he se!< 3hi-h has be-ome "he individua! LCivaM "hrou#h i#noran-e "o rea!iJe i"s "rue s"a"e or na"ure 3i"hou" "he #ra-e o< "he Guru. #$ hou!d 3e no" a!so -onsider his "ea-hin#sK A$ 2e 3ho ins"ru-"s an arden" see%er "o do "his or "ha" is no" a "rue mas"er. #$ *ha" is "he si#ni<i-an-e o< "he sayin# "ha" "he na"ure o< "he rea! Guru is "ha" o< "he su$reme &ord LsarvesvarayMK A$ @irs"' "he individua! sou! 3hi-h desires "o a""ain "he s"a"e o< Godhood' or "he s"a"e o< "rue %no3!ed#e' $ra-"ises in-essan" devo"ion. 6he see%er is a!ready a<<!i-"ed by his a-"ivi"ies and 3an"s $ea-e and res". Bu" "he Guru 3ho is God or "he e!< in-arna"e 3or%s <rom 3i"hin' he!$s "he man "o see "he error o< his 3ays and #uides him on "he ri#h" $a"h un"i! he rea!ises "he e!< 3i"hin. Even as "he e!e$han" 3a%es u$ a" "he mere si#h" o< "he !ion' so "oo is i" -er"ain "ha" "he dis-i$!e 3a%es u$ <rom "he s!ee$ o< i#noran-e in"o "he 3a%e<u!ness o< "rue %no3!ed#e "hrou#h "he Guru9s benevo!en" !oo% o< #ra-e. 2e a$$ears in human <orm 3i"h "he he!$ o< sa"D-hi"Dananda' his "hree na"ura! <ea"ures' and <orm and name 3hi-h he a!so #ra-ious!y assumes. #$ 2o3 "hen did some #rea" $ersons a""ain %no3!ed#e 3i"hou" a GuruK A$ 6o a <e3 ma"ure $ersons "he &ord shines as "he <orm!ess !i#h" o< %no3!ed#e and im$ar"s a3areness o< "he "ru"h. 6he devo"ee "hin%s "ha" he is a man and eB$e-"s a re!a"ionshi$ be"3een "3o $hysi-a! bodies. *hen "he individua!9s devo"ion has rea-hed a ma"ure s"a#e' "he &ord' 3ho is "he 3i"ness o< "ha" individua! sou! and iden"i-a! 3i"h i"' mani<es"s. #$ 2o3 is one "o de-ide u$on a $ro$er GuruK *ha" is "he s3aru$a Lna"ure or rea! <ormM o< a GuruK A$ 2e is "he $ro$er Guru "o 3hom your mind is a""uned. u-h a $erson -anno" !ibera"e "he as$iran"' he -an on!y s"ren#"hen his <e""ers.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman devo"ee9s deve!o$men". I< a "ea-her "e!!s him "o do some"hin# in addi"ion "o' or in $!a-e o<' his o"her a-"ivi"ies' -an "ha" be a he!$ "o "he see%erK A-"ivi"y is -rea"ion. A-"ivi"y is "he des"ru-"ion o< one9s inheren" ha$$iness. #$ 2o3 -an I <ind my o3n GuruK A$ By in"ense medi"a"ion. #$ *ha" are "he mar%s o< a rea! "ea-her Lsad#uruMK A$ "eady abidan-e in "he e!<' !oo%in# a" a!! 3i"h an eEua! eye unsha%eab!e -oura#e a" a!! "imes' in a!! $!a-es and -ir-ums"an-es. I< you as%' 82o3 "o de-ide 3ho is "he Guru and 3ha" is his s3aru$aK9' he shou!d be endo3ed 3i"h "ranEui!!i"y' $a"ien-e' <or#iveness and o"her vir"uesI he shou!d be -a$ab!e o< a""ra-"in# o"hers even 3i"h his eyes Cus" as a ma#ne" a""ra-"s ironI he shou!d have a <ee!in# o< eEua!i"y "o3ards a!!. In su-h -ir-ums"an-es ei"her "he -rea"or LBrahmaM or dea"h LYamaM may be said "o have -ome in "he #uise o< a mas"er. #$ *ha" are "he mar%s o< "he Guru9s #ra-eK A$ I" is beyond 3ords or "hou#h"s. A--ordin# "o "his do-"rine "he Guru -an "ru!y be -a!!ed "he &ord. I< a-"ivi"y is advo-a"ed "he adviser is no" a mas"er bu" a %i!!er. In o"her 3ords he 3an"s -essa"ion o< his a-"ivi"ies. 2e 3ho has "hese vir"ues is "he "rue Guru' bu" i< one 3an"s "o %no3 "he s3aru$a o< "he Guru' one mus" %no3 one9s o3n 10 . In "he #uise o< b!essin# "he dis-i$!e he absorbs him in himse!<. *hom shou!d one "a%e <or one9s GuruK A$ +hoose "ha" one 3here you <ind you #e" shan"i L$ea-eM. #$ I< "ha" is so' ho3 is i" "ha" i" is said "ha" "he dis-i$!e rea!ises his "rue s"a"e by "he Guru9s #ra-eK A$ I" is !i%e "he e!e$han" 3hi-h 3a%es u$ on seein# a !ion in i"s dream.

I< a man is anBious <or de!iveran-e' "he in"erna! Guru $u!!s him in and "he eB"erna! Guru $ushes him in"o "he e!<. #$ *ha" is "he si#ni<i-an-e o< Guru9s #ra-e in "he a""ainmen" o< !ibera"ionK A$ &ibera"ion is no" any3here ou"side you. 6he 3or!d -on"ains many #rea" men.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman s3aru$a <irs". #$ ome $eo$!e re$or"ed you "o have said "ha" "here 3as no need <or a Guru. 6he one in 3hom you have <ai"h is your Guru. You mus" !oo% u$on a!! obCe-"s as God9s ru$a L<ormM. #$ ad#uru is ne-essary "o #uide me "o unders"and i". #$ H. A$ I" a!! de$ends on 3ha" you -a!! a Guru. A$ urrender and you 3i!! <ind i". A$ 6ha" visib!e Guru says "ha" he is 3i"hin. *ha" does Maharshi sayK A$ I have never said "ha" "here is no need <or a Guru. 2e is no" $hysi-a!. God "hen a$$ears "o him in some <orm or o"her' human or nonDhuman' "o #uide him "o himse!< in ans3er "o his $rayer and a--ordin# "o his needs. 2o3 -an one %no3 "he rea! na"ure o< "he Guru i< one does no" %no3 one9s o3n rea! na"ure <irs"K I< you 3an" "o $er-eive "he rea! na"ure or <orm o< "he Guru you mus" <irs" !earn "o !oo% u$on "he 3ho!e universe as Guru ru$am L"he <orm o< "he GuruM. #$ +an ri Bha#avan he!$ us "o rea!iJe "he "ru"hK A$ 2e!$ is a!3ays "here. #$ I am a!3ays a" your <ee". 6he U$anishads say "ha" none bu" a Guru -an "a%e a man ou" o< "he Cun#!e o< in"e!!e-" and senseD$er-e$"ions. 6his is "he #ra-e o< "he Guru. Krishnamur"i says' 8No Guru is ne-essary. One mus" see "he Guru in a!! !ivin# bein#s. I" is "he same 3i"h God. #$ ri Aurobindo and o"hers re<er "o you as havin# had no Guru. #$ 6hen "here is no need "o as% Eues"ions. Every obCe-" in "his 3or!d 3as his Guru. @irs" a man $rays "o God "o <u!<i! his desires. #$ I 3an" a visib!e Guru. I" is on!y 3i"hin. *i!! Bha#avan #ive us some u$adesa L"ea-hin#M "o <o!!o3K O"her3ise ho3 -an I #e" he!$ !ivin# >)) mi!es a3ayK A$ 6he sad#uru L"he Guru 3ho is one 3i"h bein#M is 3i"hin. 2e need no" be in a human <orm. #$ *hen !oya! "o one Mas"er -an you res$e-" o"hersK A$ Guru is on!y one. 1( . Bu" did I no" sin# hymns "o Aruna-ha!aK *ha" is a GuruK Guru is God or "he e!<.9 A$ 2o3 did he %no3 i"K One -an say so a<"er rea!isin# bu" no" be<ore. A$ 6he sad#uru is 3i"hin. 6he Guru is abso!u"e!y ne-essary. #$ I mean a human Guru F Maharshi did no" have one. A "ime -omes 3hen he 3i!! no more $ray <or "he <u!<i!men" o< ma"eria! desires bu" <or God himse!<. I do no" <ee! "he everD$resen" he!$. &oo% u$on him as your Guru 3i"h 3hom your mind #e"s a""uned. Da""a"reya had "3en"yD<our Gurus in-!udin# "he <ive e!emen"s – ear"h' 3a"er' e"-. o !on# as "here is 3ea%ness "he su$$or" o< s"ren#"h is needed. 2o3 -an he 3ho does no" %no3 his o3n e!< $er-eive "he rea! <orm o< God or "he rea! <orm o< "he GuruK 2o3 -an he de"ermine "hemK 6here<ore' <irs" o< a!! %no3 your o3n rea! <orm and na"ure. A$ I mi#h" have had one a" one "ime or o"her. #$ Isn9" a Guru ne-essary "o %no3 even "ha"K A$ 6ha" is "rue. o "here mus" be a Guru. O"hers #ave "he o$$osi"e re$or".

o !on# as dua!i"y $ersis"s in you "he Guru is ne-essary. #$ May I have Guru9s #ra-eK A$ Gra-e is a!3ays "here. Bu" isn9" a Guru reEuired <or "ha" -on-en"ra"ionK A$ +er"ain!y' bu" a<"er a!!' Guru on!y means #uri' -on-en"ra"ion. You are "he e!< and so is "he Guru. 6a%e Guru "o be "he rea! e!< and your se!< as "he individua! se!<. Is no" your $ra-"i-e i"se!< due "o su-h #ra-eK 6he <rui"s are "he resu!" o< "he $ra-"i-e and <o!!o3 i" au"oma"i-a!!y. 2e sim$!y removes "he obs"a-!es "o i". Guru is "he e!<. #$ Is i" abso!u"e!y ne-essary "o have a Guru i< one is see%in# e!<Drea!iJa"ionK A$ o !on# as you see% e!<Drea!iJa"ion "he Guru is ne-essary. A$ I< you had surrendered "he Eues"ions 3ou!d no" arise. 6he Guru does no" brin# abou" e!<Drea!iJa"ion.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ Is su--ess no" de$enden" on "he Guru9s #ra-eK A$ Yes' i" is. 6he e!< is a!3ays rea!iJed. #$ Bu" I do no" <ee! i". You are no" "he body' nor is "he Guru. #$ 2o3 -an a !i<e!ess $i-"ure he!$ in deve!o$in# dee$ -on-en"ra"ionK I" reEuires a !ivin# Guru 3ho -ou!d sho3 i" in $ra-"i-e. "i!! I do no" <ee! "he #ra-e. I" is $ossib!e $erha$s <or Bha#avan "o a""ain $er<e-"ion 3i"hou" a !ivin# Guru' bu" is i" $ossib!e <or $eo$!e !i%e myse!<K A$ 6ha" is "rue. Be-ause you iden"i<y yourse!< 3i"h "he body you "hin% "ha" "he Guru is a!so a body. #$ I" is said "ha" "he Guru -an ma%e his dis-i$!e rea!iJe "he e!< by "ransmi""in# some o< his o3n $o3er "o himK Is i" "rueK A$ Yes. I" may be "o some eB"en" an eBer-ise in -on-en"ra"ion. #$ I have surrendered hear" and sou!. #$ ome dis-i$!es o< hirdi ai Baba 3orshi$ a $i-"ure o< him and say "ha" i" is "heir Guru. #$ 2o3 -an one %no3 3he"her a $ar"i-u!ar individua! is -om$e"en" "o be a GuruK A$ By "he $ea-e o< mind <ound in his $resen-e and by "he sense o< res$e-" you <ee! <or him.9 6he e!< mani<es"s eB"erna!!y as "he Guru 3hen "he o--asion arises' o"her3ise he is a!3ays 3i"hin' doin# 3ha" is ne-essary. @or "ha" enEuiry' a Guru9s he!$ is ne-essary. I am "he bes" Cud#e o< my hear". 1= . "i!! "he Eues"ions arise. 6he disa$$earan-e o< "his sense o< dua!i"y is "he remova! o< i#noran-e. Even so' by 3orshi$$in# a !i<e!ess $or"rai"' "he mind #e"s -on-en"ra"ed "o a -er"ain eB"en". 6ha" -on-en"ra"ion 3i!! no" remain -ons"an" un!ess one %no3s one9s o3n e!< by enEuirin#. #$ I< "he Guru ha$$ens "o "urn ou" in-om$e"en"' 3ha" 3i!! be "he <a"e o< "he dis-i$!e 3ho has im$!i-i" <ai"h in himK A$ Ea-h one a--ordin# "o his meri"s. 2o3 -ou!d "ha" beK 6hey -an 3orshi$ i" as God' bu" 3ha" bene<i" -ou!d "hey #e" by 3orshi$$in# i" as "heir GuruK A$ 6hey se-ure -on-en"ra"ion by "ha". #$ 6ha" is a!! very 3e!!' I a#ree. 6here is a s"anJa in Kaiva!ya 3hi-h says' 8O GuruO You have been a!3ays 3i"h me' 3a"-hin# me "hrou#h severa! rein-arna"ions' and ordainin# my -ourse un"i! I 3as !ibera"ed. #$ I have surrendered. A$ urrender 3i!! ma%e one unders"and "he #ra-e. 6his %no3!ed#e is #ained by 3ha" you -a!! e!<Drea!iJa"ion.

You are never ou" o< i"s o$era"ion. 6here<ore a!3ays see% "ha" #ra-e 3i"h a oneD$oin"ed mind. 2e 3ho bes"o3s "he su$reme %no3!ed#e o< e!< u$on "he sou! by ma%in# i" <a-e "o3ards e!<' a!one is "he su$reme Guru 3ho is $raised by sa#es as "he <orm o< God' 3ho is e!<. 6he e!< does no" move' "he 3or!d moves in i".$a"h ei"her due "o <or#e"<u!ness or due "o some o"her reasons' %no3 "ha" "hey shou!d no" a" any "ime #o a#ains" "he 3ords o< "he Guru. I reEues" Bha#avan9s #ra-e. 6here is no -han#e in you. 6he mas"er is one <rom 3hom one !earns any"hin#. 6he <amous an-ien" sain" Da""a"reya said "ha" he had more "han "3en"yD<our mas"ers. 6hese s-enes shi<". Even su$$osin# you are "he body' has your body -ome <rom &u-%no3 "o 6iruvannama!aiK You sim$!y sa" in "he -ar and one -onveyan-e or ano"her moved. I shou!d no" be !e<" "o my individua! e<<or"s 3hi-h are a<"er a!! on!y 3ea%. #$ I mean "ha" 3hen I remember your <orm' my mind shou!d be s"ren#"hened and a res$onse shou!d -ome <rom your side "oo. 6he Guru may be some"imes inanima"e a!so' as in "he -ase o< Da""a"reya. And <ina!!y you say "ha" you have -ome here. Your Cud#men" is "he variab!e. A$ *here are you #oin#K You are no" #oin# any3here. I "oo 3ish "o have "ha" #ra-e.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ Gra-e is -ons"an". 2o3ever' he "ea-hes you "he "ru"h and you #ain "he insi#h". *here e!se shou!d "he <au!" !ieK #$ May one have more "han one s$iri"ua! mas"erK A$ *ho is a mas"erK 2e is "he e!< a<"er a!!. Possib!y I may no" be ab!e "o re"urn. A s$iri"ua!!yDminded man "hin%s "ha" God is a!!D$ervadin# and "a%es God <or his Guru. 6he 3ords o< sa#es assure "ha" i< one does a 3ron# "o God' i" -an be re-"i<ied by "he Guru' bu" "ha" a 3ron# done "o a Guru -anno" be re-"i<ied even by God. 6he <a-" is "ha" you are no" "he body. A$ Gra-e is "he e!<. #$ I" is said in rimad Bha#avad Gi"a? 8Rea!iJe "he e!< 3i"h $ure in"e!!e-" and a!so by servi-e "o "he Guru and by enEuiry. I< i" is eB"erna! i" is use!ess. @or one 3ho' due "o rare' in"ense and abundan" !ove' has -om$!e"e <ai"h in "he #!an-e o< #ra-e bes"o3ed by "he Guru' "here 3i!! be no su<<erin# and he 3i!! !ive in "his 3or!d !i%e Puruhu"a La name o< Indra' "he %in# o< "he #odsM. God' Guru and "he e!< are iden"i-a!. I have a!ready said' i< you remember Bha#avan' you are $rom$"ed "o do so by "he e!<.9 2o3 are "hey "o be re-on-i!edK A$ 8Is3aro Gurura"me"i9 D Is3ara' Guru and e!< are iden"i-a!. You are on!y 3ha" you are. A--ordin# "o "he s"a#es o< deve!o$men" o< "he mind "he e!< mani<es"s as "he mas"er eB"erna!!y. Kno3in# "hen "ha" "hese are due "o one9s s"rayin# <rom e!<' i" is bes" "o abide <irm!y as e!<. o !on# as "he sense o< dua!i"y $ersis"s in you' you see% a Guru' "hin%in# "ha" he is di<<eren" <rom you. A!"hou#h "hose 3ho have embra-ed and are s"ead<as"!y <o!!o3in# "he $a"h "o sa!va"ion may a" "imes ha$$en "o s3erve <rom "he 5edi. &as"!y "he same man is made by "he #ra-e o< "he mas"er "o <ee! "ha" his e!< is "he rea!i"y and no"hin# e!se. #$ 6here are dis-i$!es o< Bha#avan 3ho have had his #ra-e and rea!iJed 3i"hou" any -onsiderab!e di<<i-u!"y. Gra-e is a!3ays "here. Pea-e' "he one "hin# 3hi-h is desired by everyone' -anno" be a""ained in any 3ay' by anyone' a" any "ime or in any $!a-e' un!ess s"i!!ness o< mind is ob"ained "hrou#h "he #ra-e o< "he sad#uru. Gra-e is "he e!<. *hen I am ba-% in my $!a-e' I 3an" "o remember Bhava#an. Bein# a 3oman and !ivin# a" a !on# dis"an-e I -anno" avai! myse!< o< Maharshi9s ho!y -om$any as mu-h as I 3ou!d 3ish and as o<"en as I 3ou!d. +!in# "o him. 6hus he <inds "ha" "he e!< is "he mas"er. May Bha#avan be $!eased "o #ran" my $rayer. Is no" >) . o "hen' even a<"er 3ha" !oo%s !i%e de$ar"ure <rom here' you are here and "here and every3here. &a"er' God brin#s him in -on"a-" 3i"h a $ersona! Guru and "he man re-o#nises him as a!! in a!!. By a$$roa-hin# "he Guru and servin# him <ai"h<u!!y one shou!d !earn "hrou#h his #ra-e "he -ause o< one9s bir"h and one9s su<<erin#. As <or #ra-e' #ra-e is 3i"hin you.

You are a!3ays in your e!<. I" is e<<u!#en" in "he 2ear"' "he inner bein#' "he rea! e!<. #$ +an I dis$ense 3i"h ou"side he!$ and by my o3n e<<or" #e" "o "he dee$er "ru"h by myse!<K A$ 6he very <a-" "ha" you are $ossessed o< "he Eues" <or "he e!< is a mani<es"a"ion o< "he divine #ra-e. You mus" "a%e $i"y on me >1 . Bu" su-h #ra-e is vou-hsa<ed on!y "o him 3ho is a "rue devo"ee or a yo#i. "ayin# in "he e!< by one9s e<<or"s is !i%e "rainin# a ro#uish bu!! -on<ined "o his s"a!! by "em$"in# him 3i"h !us-ious #rass and $reven"in# him <rom s"rayin#. 6ha" is 3hy I say "here is no rea! Eues" 3i"hou" #ra-e' nor is "here #ra-e a-"ive <or him 3ho does no" see% "he e!<. You have "o a""em$" "o #e" in <rom ou"side. I" is #iven on!y "o "hose 3ho have s"riven hard and -ease!ess!y on "he $a"h "o3ards <reedom. #$ Is divine #ra-e ne-essary <or a""ainin# rea!iJa"ion' or -an an individua!9s hones" e<<or"s by "hemse!ves !ead "o "he s"a"e <rom 3hi-h "here is no re"urn "o !i<e and dea"hK A$ Divine #ra-e is essen"ia! <or rea!iJa"ion. 6his !eads "o in"roversion o< mind and <ina!!y "o rea!iJa"ion. 2avin# on-e eB$erien-ed "he b!iss o< $ea-e no one 3an"s "o be ou" o< i" or "o en#a#e in any o"her a-"ivi"y. #$ I< #ra-e is so im$or"an"' 3ha" is "he ro!e o< individua! e<<or"K A$ E<<or" is ne-essary u$ "o "he s"a"e o< rea!iJa"ion. 6here is no -ause <or anBie"y. #$ I have re-en"!y -ome a-ross a 6ami! son# in 3hi-h "he au"hor !amen"s he is no" !i%e "he "ena-ious youn# mon%ey "ha" -an ho!d on "o i"s mo"her "i#h"!y' bu" ra"her !i%e a $u!in# %i""en "ha" mus" be -arried by "he ne-% in i"s mo"her9s Ca3s.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #ra-e a!ready "hereK Is "here a momen" 3hen #ra-e is no" o$era"in# in youK Your remembran-e is "he <orerunner o< #ra-e. Even "hen "he e!< shou!d s$on"aneous!y be-ome eviden"' o"her3ise ha$$iness 3i!! no" be -om$!e"e. I" is as #ood as sayin# "ha" one ne-%Ddee$ in 3a"er <ee!s "hirs"y' or "ha" a <ish in 3a"er <ee!s "hirs"y' or "ha" 3a"er <ee!s "hirs"y. God' on bein# 3orshi$$ed' bes"o3s s"eadiness in devo"ion 3hi-h !eads "o surrender. U$ "o "ha" s"a"e o< s$on"anei"y "here mus" be e<<or" in some <orm or ano"her. #$ 2o3 !on# is a Guru ne-essary <or e!<Drea!iJa"ionK A$ Guru is ne-essary so !on# as "here is i#noran-e. Does i" ma%e any di<<eren-eK A$ No. 8Dis$assion -anno" be a-Euired' nor rea!iJa"ion o< "he "ru"h' nor inheren-e in "he e!<' in "he absen-e o< Guru9s #ra-e9. On "he devo"ee surrenderin#' God sho3s his mer-y by mani<es"in# as "he Guru. A$ 6ha" sho3s "ha" a!! are one. I" !eads one "o God rea!iJa"ion. I#noran-e is due "o "he se!<Dim$osed bu" 3ron# !imi"a"ion o< "he e!<. 6he Guru' o"her3ise God' #uides "he devo"ee' sayin# "ha" God is 3i"hin and "ha" he is no" di<<eren" <rom "he e!<. Un"i! i" is rea!iJed e<<or" is ne-essary. 6here is a s"a"e beyond our e<<or"s or e<<or"!essness. Gra-e is a!3ays "here. #$ Even "hou#h"s are read by o"hers. Bu" $ra-"i-e is a!so ne-essary. Your a""em$" is "he earnes" Eues"' "he dee$ inner movemen" is #ra-e. #$ Does dis"an-e have any e<<e-" u$on #ra-eK A$ 6ime and s$a-e are 3i"hin us. I" dra3s you <rom 3i"hin. Bo"h are ne-essary. You are 2indu' 3e are Ameri-an. 6he au"hor "here<ore $rays "o God "o "a%e -are o< him. #$ Does Bha#avan <ee! <or us and sho3 #ra-eK A$ You are ne-%Ddee$ in 3a"er and ye" -ry <or 3a"er. 6ha" is "he res$onse' "ha" is "he s"imu!us' "ha" is "he e!< and "ha" is #ra-e. My -ase is eBa-"!y "he same. 2o3 do "ime and s$a-e a<<e-" i"K #$ On "he radio "hose 3ho are nearer hear sooner. A<"er "as"in# su-h b!iss' even on-e' one 3i!! re$ea"ed!y "ry "o re#ain i".

Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman

Bha#avan. 2o!d me by "he ne-% and see "ha" I don9" <a!! and #e" inCured. A$ 6ha" is im$ossib!e. I" is ne-essary bo"h <or you "o s"rive and <or "he Guru "o he!$. #$ 2o3 !on# 3i!! i" "a%e <or one "o #e" "he #ra-e o< "he GuruK A$ *hy do you desire "o %no3K #$ 6o #ive me ho$e. A$ Even su-h a desire is an obs"a-!e. 6he e!< is ever "here' "here is no"hin# 3i"hou" i". Be "he e!< and "he desires and doub"s 3i!! disa$$ear. Gra-e is "he be#innin#' midd!e and end. Gra-e is "he e!<. Be-ause o< "he <a!se iden"i<i-a"ion o< "he e!< 3i"h "he body "he Guru is -onsidered "o be a body. Bu" <rom "he Guru9s ou"!oo% "he Guru is on!y "he e!<. 6he e!< is one on!y and "he Guru "e!!s you "ha" "he e!< a!one is. Is no" "hen "he e!< your GuruK *here e!se 3i!! #ra-e -ome <romK I" is <rom "he e!< a!one. Mani<es"a"ion o< "he e!< is a mani<es"a"ion o< #ra-e and vi-e versa. A!! "hese doub"s arise be-ause o< "he 3ron# ou"!oo% and -onseEuen" eB$e-"a"ion o< "hin#s eB"erna! "o onese!<. No"hin# is eB"erna! "o "he e!<.


Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman

Chapter 9 - Silence and sat-sanga
A!"hou#h ri Ramana 3as ha$$y "o #ive his verba! "ea-hin#s "o anyone 3ho as%ed <or "hem' he <reEuen"!y $oin"ed ou" "ha" his 8si!en" "ea-hin#s9 3ere more dire-" and more $o3er<u!. 6hese 8si!en" "ea-hin#s9 -onsis"ed o< a s$iri"ua! <or-e 3hi-h seemed "o emana"e <rom his <orm' a <or-e so $o3er<u! "ha" he -onsidered i" "o be "he mos" dire-" and im$or"an" as$e-" o< his "ea-hin#s. Ins"ead o< #ivin# ou" verba! ins"ru-"ions on ho3 "o -on"ro! "he mind' he e<<or"!ess!y emi""ed a si!en" $o3er 3hi-h au"oma"i-a!!y Euie"ened "he minds o< everyone in his vi-ini"y. 6he $eo$!e 3ho 3ere a""uned "o "his <or-e re$or" "ha" "hey eB$erien-ed i" as a s"a"e o< inner $ea-e and 3e!!Dbein#I in some advan-ed devo"ees i" even $re-i$i"a"ed a dire-" eB$erien-e o< "he e!<. 6his me"hod o< "ea-hin# has a !on# "radi"ion in India' i"s mos" <amous eB$onen" bein# Da%shinamur"i' a mani<es"a"ion o< iva 3ho brou#h" <our !earned sa#es "o an eB$erien-e o< "he e!< "hrou#h "he $o3er o< his si!en-e. ri Ramana <reEuen"!y s$o%e o< Da%shinamur"i 3i"h #rea" a$$rova! and his name -ro$s u$ in many o< "he -onversa"ions in "his -ha$"er. 6his <!o3 o< $o3er <rom "he Guru -an be re-eived by anyone 3hose a""en"ion is <o-used on "he e!< or on "he <orm o< "he GuruI dis"an-e is no im$edimen" "o i"s e<<i-a-y. 6his a""en"ion is o<"en -a!!ed sa"Dsan#a' 3hi-h !i"era!!y means 8asso-ia"ion 3i"h bein#9. ri Ramana 3ho!ehear"ed!y en-oura#ed "his $ra-"i-e and <reEuen"!y said "ha" i" 3as "he mos" e<<i-ien" 3ay o< brin#in# abou" a dire-" eB$erien-e o< "he e!<. 6radi"iona!!y i" invo!ves bein# in "he $hysi-a! $resen-e o< one 3ho has rea!iJed "he e!<' bu" ri Ramana #ave i" a mu-h 3ider de<ini"ion. 2e said "ha" "he mos" im$or"an" e!emen" in sa"Dsan#a 3as "he men"a! -onne-"ion 3i"h "he GuruI sa"Dsan#a "a%es $!a-e no" on!y in his $resen-e bu" 3henever and 3herever one "hin%s o< him. 6he <o!!o3in# Euo"a"ion #ives an indi-a"ion o< "he $o3er o< sa"Dsan#a. I" -onsis"s o< <ive s"ray ans%ri" verses 3hi-h ri Ramana -ame a-ross a" various "imes. 2e 3as so im$ressed by "heir -on"en"s "ha" he "rans!a"ed "hem in"o 6ami! and in-or$ora"ed "hem in U!!adu Nar$adu Anubandham' one o< his o3n 3ri""en 3or%s 3hi-h dea!s 3i"h "he na"ure o< rea!i"y. 1 By sa"Dsan#a "he asso-ia"ion 3i"h "he obCe-"s o< "he 3or!d 3i!! be removed. *hen "ha" 3or!d!y asso-ia"ion is removed "he a""a-hmen" or "enden-ies o< "he mind 3i!! be des"royed. 6hose 3ho are devoid o< men"a! a""a-hmen" 3i!! $erish in "ha" 3hi-h is mo"ion!ess. 6hus "hey a""ain Civan mu%"i L!ibera"ionM. +herish "heir asso-ia"ion. , 6he su$reme s"a"e 3hi-h is $raised and 3hi-h is a""ained here in "his !i<e by -!ear vi-hara' 3hi-h arises in "he 2ear" 3hen asso-ia"ion 3i"h a sadhu La nob!e $erson' or one 3ho has rea!iJed "he e!<M is #ained' is im$ossib!e "o a""ain by !is"enin# "o $rea-hers' by s"udyin# and !earnin# "he meanin# o< "he s-ri$"ures' by vir"uous deeds or by any o"her means. / I< one #ains asso-ia"ion 3i"h sadhus' o< 3ha" use are a!! "he re!i#ious observan-es LniyamasMK *hen "he eB-e!!en" -oo! sou"hern breeJe i"se!< is b!o3in#' 3ha" is "he use o< ho!din# a handD<anK 4 2ea" 3i!! be removed by "he -oo! moon' $over"y by "he -e!es"ia! 3ishD<u!<i!!in# "ree and sin by "he Gan#es. Bu" %no3 "ha" a!! "hese' be#innin# 3i"h hea"' 3i!! be removed mere!y by havin# "he darshan Lsi#h"M o< in-om$arab!e sadhus. 1 a-red ba"hin# $!a-es' 3hi-h are -om$osed o< 3a"er' and ima#es o< dei"ies' 3hi-h are made o< s"one and ear"h' -anno" be -om$arab!e "o "hose #rea" sou!s Lmaha"masM. Ah' 3ha" a 3onderO 6he ba"hin# $!a-es and dei"ies bes"o3 $uri"y o< mind a<"er -oun"!ess days' 3hereas su-h $uri"y is ins"an"!y bes"o3ed u$on $eo$!e as soon as sadhus see "hem 3i"h "heir eyes. #$ *hy does no" Bha#avan #o abou" and $rea-h "he "ru"h "o "he $eo$!e a" !ar#eK A$ 2o3 do you %no3 I am no" doin# i"K Does $rea-hin# -onsis" in moun"in# a $!a"<orm and haran#uin# "he $eo$!e aroundK Prea-hin# is sim$!e -ommuni-a"ion o< %no3!ed#eI i" -an rea!!y be done in si!en-e on!y. *ha" do you "hin% o<


Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman

a man 3ho !is"ens "o a sermon <or an hour and #oes a3ay 3i"hou" havin# been im$ressed by i" so as "o -han#e his !i<eK +om$are him 3i"h ano"her' 3ho si"s in a ho!y $resen-e and #oes a3ay a<"er some "ime 3i"h his ou"!oo% on !i<e "o"a!!y -han#ed. *hi-h is "he be""er' "o $rea-h !oud!y 3i"hou" e<<e-" or "o si" si!en"!y sendin# ou" inner <or-eK A#ain' ho3 does s$ee-h ariseK @irs" "here is abs"ra-" %no3!ed#e. Ou" o< "his arises "he e#o' 3hi-h in "urn #ives rise "o "hou#h"' and "hou#h" "o "he s$o%en 3ord. o "he 3ord is "he #rea"D #randson o< "he ori#ina! sour-e. I< "he 3ord -an $rodu-e an e<<e-"' Cud#e <or yourse!<' ho3 mu-h more $o3er<u! mus" be "he $rea-hin# "hrou#h si!en-e. #$ 2o3 -an si!en-e be so $o3er<u!K A$ A rea!iJed one sends ou" 3aves o< s$iri"ua! in<!uen-e 3hi-h dra3 many $eo$!e "o3ards him. Ye" he may si" in a -ave and main"ain -om$!e"e si!en-e. *e may !is"en "o !e-"ures u$on "ru"h and -ome a3ay 3i"h hard!y any #ras$ o< "he subCe-"' bu" "o -ome in"o -on"a-" 3i"h a rea!iJed one' "hou#h he s$ea%s no"hin#' 3i!! #ive mu-h more #ras$ o< "he subCe-". 2e never needs "o #o ou" amon# "he $ub!i-. I< ne-essary he -an use o"hers as ins"rumen"s. 6he Guru is "he bes"o3er o< si!en-e 3ho revea!s "he !i#h" o< e!<D%no3!ed#e 3hi-h shines as "he residua! rea!i"y. $o%en 3ords are o< no use 3ha"soever i< "he eyes o< "he Guru mee" "he eyes o< "he dis-i$!e. #$ Does Bha#avan #ive di%sha Lini"ia"ionMK A$ Mouna Lsi!en-eM is "he bes" and "he mos" $o"en" di%sha. 6ha" 3as $ra-"ised by ri Da%shinamur"i. Ini"ia"ion by "ou-h' !oo%' e"-.' are a!! o< a !o3er order. i!en" ini"ia"ion -han#es "he hear"s o< a!!. Da%shinamur"i observed si!en-e 3hen "he dis-i$!es a$$roa-hed him. 6ha" is "he hi#hes" <orm o< ini"ia"ion. I" in-!udes "he o"her <orms. 6here mus" be subCe-"DobCe-" re!a"ionshi$ es"ab!ished in "he o"her di%shas. @irs" "he subCe-" mus" emana"e and "hen "he obCe-". Un!ess "hese "3o are "here ho3 is "he one "o !oo% a" "he o"her or "ou-h himK Mouna di%sha is "he mos" $er<e-"I i" -om$rises !oo%in#' "ou-hin# and "ea-hin#. I" 3i!! $uri<y "he individua! in every 3ay and es"ab!ish him in "he rea!i"y. #$ 3ami 5ive%ananda says "ha" a s$iri"ua! Guru -an "rans<er s$iri"ua!i"y subs"an"ia!!y "o "he dis-i$!e. A$ Is "here a subs"an-e "o be "rans<erredK 6rans<er means eradi-a"ion o< "he sense o< bein# "he dis-i$!e. 6he mas"er does i". No" "ha" "he man 3as some"hin# a" one "ime and me"amor$hosed !a"er in"o ano"her. #$ Is no" #ra-e "he #i<" o< "he GuruK A$ God' #ra-e and Guru are a!! synonymous and a!so e"erna! and immanen". Is no" "he e!< a!ready 3i"hinK Is i" <or "he Guru "o bes"o3 i" by his !oo%K I< a Guru "hin%s so' he does no" deserve "he name. 6he boo%s say "ha" "here are so many %inds o< di%sha' ini"ia"ion by hand' by "ou-h' by eye' e"-. 6hey a!so say "ha" "he Guru ma%es some ri"es 3i"h <ire' 3a"er' Ca$a or man"ras and -a!!s su-h <an"as"i- $er<orman-es di%shas' as i< "he dis-i$!e be-omes ri$e on!y a<"er su-h $ro-esses are #one "hrou#h by "he Guru. I< "he individua! is sou#h" he is no3here "o be <ound. u-h is "he Guru. u-h is Da%shinamur"i. *ha" did he doK 2e 3as si!en" 3hen "he dis-i$!es a$$eared be<ore him. 2e main"ained si!en-e and "he doub"s o< "he dis-i$!es 3ere dis$e!!ed' 3hi-h means "ha" "hey !os" "heir individua! iden"i"ies. 6ha" is Cnana and no" a!! "he verbia#e usua!!y asso-ia"ed 3i"h i". i!en-e is "he mos" $o"en" <orm o< 3or%. 2o3ever vas" and em$ha"i- "he sas"ras may be "hey <ai! in "heir e<<e-". 6he Guru is Euie" and $ea-e $revai!s in a!!. 2is si!en-e is more vas" and more em$ha"i- "han a!! "he sas"ras $u" "o#e"her. 6hese Eues"ions arise be-ause o< "he <ee!in# "ha"' havin# been here so !on#' heard so mu-h' eBer"ed so hard' one has no" #ained any"hin#. 6he 3or% $ro-eedin# 3i"hin is no" a$$aren". In <a-" "he Guru is a!3ays 3i"hin you. #$ +an "he Guru9s si!en-e rea!!y brin# abou" advan-ed s"a"es o< s$iri"ua! a3arenessK


A!! o"her di%shas Lini"ia"ionsM are derived <rom mouna' and are "here<ore se-ondary.9 Bha#avan a!so says' 8+on"a-" 3i"h #rea" men Lmaha"masM is one e<<i-a-ious means o< rea!isin# one9s "rue bein#. O"her "hou#h"s arise a<"er "he 8I9D"hou#h" rises and so "he 8I9D"hou#h" is "he roo" o< a!! -onversa"ion. Mouna vya%hya >1 . 6he Guru9s si!en-e is "he !oudes" u$adesa. In si!en-e one is in in"ima"e -on"a-" 3i"h "he surroundin#s. In "he 3ire i" remains as e!e-"ri. 6hey 3i!! 3or% "hrou#h si!en-e. o "he -on"a-" 3i!! remain even a<"er "he $hysi-a! <orm o< "he Guru vanishes.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ 6here is an o!d s"ory 3hi-h demons"ra"es "he $o3er o< "he Guru9s si!en-e. 6a""varaya -om$osed a bharani' a %ind o< $oe"i.-om$osi"ion in 6ami!' in honour o< his Guru 3aru$ananda' and -onvened an assemb!y o< !earned $andi"s "o hear "he 3or% and assess i"s va!ue. *ha" one <ai!s "o %no3 by -onversa"ion eB"endin# "o severa! years -an be %no3n ins"an"!y in si!en-e' or in <ron" o< si!en-e DDa%shinamur"i and his <our dis-i$!es are a #ood eBam$!e o< "his. A<"er "hree or <our days !i%e "his' "he Guru moved his mind a bi"' and "he $eo$!e assemb!ed immedia"e!y re#ained "heir "hou#h" a-"ivi"y. A$ I" is so <or "he see%er9s si!en-e. 5o-a! s$ee-h obs"ru-"s "he o"her s$ee-h o< si!en-e.9 A$ Yes. #$ ri Bha#avan9s si!en-e is i"se!< a $o3er<u! <or-e. #$ Is "he o$era"ion o< #ra-e "he mind o< "he Guru a-"in# on "he mind o< "he dis-i$!e or is i" a di<<eren" $ro-essK A$ 6he hi#hes" <orm o< #ra-e is si!en-e. 6hese 3ords I am s$ea%in# obs"ru-" "ha" mu"e !an#ua#e. A!3ays men"a! -on"a-" is "he bes". *hen one remains 3i"hou" "hin%in# one unders"ands ano"her by means o< "he universa! !an#ua#e o< si!en-e. I" is a!so #ra-e in i"s hi#hes" <orm. $ee-h is a!3ays !ess $o3er<u! "han si!en-e' so men"a! -on"a-" is "he bes". 6he $andi"s raised "he obCe-"ion "ha" a bharani 3as on!y -om$osed in honour o< #rea" heroes -a$ab!e o< %i!!in# a "housand e!e$han"s in ba""!e and "ha" i" 3as no" in order "o -om$ose su-h a 3or% in honour o< an as-e"i-. i!en-e is mos" $o3er<u!. #$ 5ive%ananda has a!so said "ha" si!en-e is "he !oudes" <orm o< $rayer. I" is a!so "he hi#hes" u$adesa L"ea-hin#M. By s$ea%in# "heir $o3er is redu-ed. I< "he Guru is si!en" "he see%er9s mind #e"s $uri<ied by i"se!<. A$ +on"a-" 3i"h "hem is #ood. i!en-e is everDs$ea%in#. Mouna is "he $rimary <orm. @or eBam$!e' "here is e!e-"ri-i"y <!o3in# in a 3ire. 6he Guru sa" si!en" and a!! "he o"hers a!so remained in mouna.ener#y. *ha" is "he -on"radi-"ionK Hnani' #rea" men' maha"mas – do you di<<eren"ia"e be"3een "hemK #$ No. 6he si!en-e o< Da%shinamur"i removed "he doub"s o< "he <our sa#es. 6hey "hen de-!ared' 8+onEuerin# a "housand e!e$han"s is no"hin# beside "his Guru9s $o3er "o -onEuer "he ru""in# e!e$han"s o< a!! our e#os $u" "o#e"her. I" brin#s abou" a -er"ain $ea-e o< mind in us. 6his is "he hi#hes" and mos" e<<e-"ive !an#ua#e. One -an #o "o ano"her Guru a<"er one9s Guru $asses a3ay' bu" a!! Gurus are one and none o< "hem is "he <orm you see. *i"h resis"an-e "o i"s $assa#e' i" #!o3s as a !am$ or revo!ves as a <an. #$ Does "his ho!d #ood even a<"er "he disso!u"ion o< "he $hysi-a! body o< "he Cnani or is i" "rue on!y so !on# as he is in <!esh and b!oodK A$ Guru is no" "he $hysi-a! <orm. imi!ar!y a!so' si!en-e is "he e"erna! <!o3 o< !an#ua#e' obs"ru-"ed by 3ords. A$ i!en-e is neverDendin# s$ee-h. 6he 3ho!e day $assed' "he ni#h" -ame' and some more days and ni#h"s' and ye" a!! sa" "here si!en"!y' no "hou#h" a" a!! o--urrin# "o any o< "hem and nobody "hin%in# or as%in# 3hy "hey had -ome "here. I" is a $erennia! <!o3 o< !an#ua#e 3hi-h is in"erru$"ed by s$ea%in#.9 6hey 3en" "o "he Guru and' a<"er "hey had a!! "a%en "heir sea"s' "he au"hor "o!d his Guru "he $ur$ose o< "heir visi". o -er"ain!y he deserves "he bharani in his honourO9 #$ 2o3 does "his si!en" $o3er 3or%K A$ &an#ua#e is on!y a medium <or -ommuni-a"in# one9s "hou#h"s "o ano"her. #$ Bha#avan says' 86he in<!uen-e o< "he Cnani s"ea!s in"o "he devo"ee in si!en-e. 6hereu$on "he au"hor said' 8&e" us a!! #o "o my Guru and 3e sha!! have "his ma""er se""!ed "here. I" is -a!!ed in on!y a<"er "hou#h"s arise.

I< i#noran-e is 3i$ed ou" "he -on<usion 3i!! -ease "o eBis" and "he "rue %no3!ed#e 3i!! be un<o!ded. 6hus "he dis-i$!e #ains "rue %no3!ed#e and ri#h" eB$erien-e in "he $resen-e o< "he mas"er. adhu seva Lservin# a sadhuM 3i!! brin# i" abou". I< "he dis-i$!e <inds "he Guru in"erna!!y' "hen i" does no" ma""er 3here he #oes. *ha" does "he Guru doK Does he hand i" over "o "he dis-i$!eK Is no" "he e!< a!3ays rea!iJedK *ha" does "he -ommon be!ie< mean "henK Man is a!3ays "he e!< and ye" he does no" %no3 i". I" is "he $er<e-" u$adesa. "ayin# here or e!se3here mus" be unders"ood "o be "he same and "o have "he same e<<e-". I am in sear-h o< a <or-e "o he!$ me. I" does no" admi" o< eB$!ana"ion. Gra-e is ne-essary. I have been here <or "hree mon"hs' bu" I do no" %no3 ho3 I have been bene<i"ed by "he !oo% o< Maharshi. 6he o"hers are unab!e "o dra3 <u!! ins$ira"ion <rom i". Individua!!y 3e are in-a$ab!e be-ause "he mind is 3ea%. #$ I am no" ab!e "o -on-en"ra"e by myse!<. Puri<i-a"ion -anno" be visua!ised. ervi-e is $rimari!y "o abide in "he e!<' bu" i" a!so in-!udes ma%in# "he Guru9s body -om<or"ab!e and !oo%in# a<"er his $!a-e o< abode.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman $ra%a"i"a "a""vam means "he "ru"h eB$ounded by si!en-e. 6ha" 3hi-h is is on!y #ra-eI "here is no"hin# e!se. 6he <ire o< 3isdom -onsumes a!! a-"ions. #$ I< "he sear-h has "o be made 3i"hin' is i" ne-essary "o be in "he $hysi-a! $roBimi"y o< "he Mas"erK A$ I" is ne-essary "o be so un"i! a!! doub"s are a" an end. A$ Yes' "ha" is -a!!ed #ra-e.' are no" so e<<e-"ive. Even"ua!!y "he dis-i$!e 3i!! %no3 i" "o be his rea! bein# and 3i!! "hus be !ibera"ed even 3hi!e a!ive. I" is sui"ed on!y <or "he mos" advan-ed see%er. Hus" as a $ie-e o< -oa! "a%es a !on# "ime "o be i#ni"ed' a $ie-e o< -har-oa! "a%es a shor"er "ime' and a mass o< #un$o3der is ins"an"aneous!y i#ni"ed' so i" is 3i"h #rades o< men -omin# in"o -on"a-" 3i"h maha"mas. Ins"ead he -on<ounds i" 3i"h "he nonD e!<' "he body' e"-. 6he sa#e has a!ready over-ome "he mind and remains in $ea-e. 6he Guru $rovides "he needed s"ren#"h <or "his' unseen by o"hers. 6o remain unsha%en in i" <ur"her e<<or"s are ne-essary. Bu" "he o"her s$ee-h !ies even beyond "hou#h". #$ Is i" ne-essary "o serve "he Guru $hysi-a!!yK A$ 6he sas"ras say "ha" one mus" serve a Guru <or "3e!ve years in order "o a""ain e!<D rea!iJa"ion. Hus" as a 3ea% man -omes under "he -on"ro! o< a s"ron#er one' "he 3ea% mind o< a man -omes under -on"ro! easi!y in "he $resen-e o< s"ron#Dminded sadhus. *isdom is a-Euired by asso-ia"ion 3i"h "he 3ise Lsa"Dsan#aM or ra"her i"s men"a! a"mos$here. Asso-ia"ion 3i"h sa#es shou!d be made be-ause "hou#h"s are so $ersis"en". Bein# in his $roBimi"y he!$s "o brin# abou" "his -ondi"ion in o"hers' o"her3ise "here is no meanin# in see%in# his -om$any. +on"a-" 3i"h "he Guru is a!so ne-essary' bu" "his means s$iri"ua! -on"a-". #$ You say "ha" asso-ia"ion 3i"h "he 3ise Lsa"Dsan#aM and servi-e o< "hem is reEuired o< "he dis-i$!e. By remainin# in -on"a-" 3i"h rea!iJed sa#es "he man #radua!!y !oses "he i#noran-e un"i! i"s remova! is -om$!e"e. 6he e"erna! e!< is "hus revea!ed. A!! "ha" i" is $ossib!e "o do is "o indi-a"e i". i!en-e is so $o"en". I" is in shor" "rans-enden" s$ee-h or uns$o%en 3ords L$ara va%KK #$ +an everyone bene<i" <rom "his si!en-eK A$ i!en-e is "he "rue u$adesa. A$ 6he !oo% has a $uri<yin# e<<e-". A$ Yes' "he <irs" rea!!y means asso-ia"ion 3i"h "he unmani<es" sa" or abso!u"e eBis"en-e' bu" as very <e3 -an do "ha"' "hey have "o "a%e se-ond bes" 3hi-h is asso-ia"ion 3i"h "he mani<es" sa"' "ha" is' "he Guru. 6here is ho3ever no"hin# ne3 "o #e". >> . 6here<ore "hey reEuire 3ords "o eB$!ain "he "ru"h. Bu" "ru"h is beyond 3ords. @or vo-a! s$ee-h' or#ans o< s$ee-h are ne-essary and "hey $re-ede s$ee-h. #$ I" is said "ha" one !oo% o< a maha"ma is enou#h' "ha" ido!s' $i!#rima#es' e"-. u-h -on<usion is due "o i#noran-e. #$ +an "he Guru9s si!en-e brin# abou" rea!iJa"ion i< "he dis-i$!e ma%es no e<<or"K A$ In "he $roBimi"y o< a #rea" mas"er' "he vasanas -ease "o be a-"ive' "he mind be-omes s"i!! and samadhi resu!"s. i!en-e is said "o be eB$osi"ion.

6ha" is sa"D san#a. a"Dsan#a means san#a Lasso-ia"ionM 3i"h sa". 6hen sa" is revea!ed. a" is on!y "he e!<.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ My $ro<ession reEuires me "o s"ay near my $!a-e o< 3or%. 6he sadhu is "ha" e!< o< se!ves. A$ @irs" you mus" de-ide 3ha" is sa"Dsan#a. >0 . in-e "he e!< is no" no3 unders"ood "o be sa"' "he -om$any o< "he sa#e 3ho has "hus unders"ood i" is sou#h". #$ Is $roBimi"y "o "he Guru he!$<u!K A$ Do you mean $hysi-a! $roBimi"yK *ha" is "he #ood o< i"K 6he mind a!one ma""ers. u-h asso-ia"ion is bo"h men"a! and $hysi-a!. an%ara has said "ha" in a!! "he "hree 3or!ds "here is no boa" !i%e sa"Dsan#a "o -arry one sa<e!y a-ross "he o-ean o< bir"hs and dea"hs. I" means asso-ia"ion 3i"h sa" or rea!i"y. u-h asso-ia"ion 3i"h sa" or 3i"h one 3ho %no3s sa" is abso!u"e!y ne-essary <or a!!. +an I have rea!iJa"ion even in "he absen-e o< sa"Dsan#aK A$ a" is aham $ra"yaya saram' "he e!< o< se!ves. I -anno" remain in "he vi-ini"y o< sadhus. One 3ho %no3s or has rea!iJed sa" is a!so re#arded as sa". o no one is a3ay <rom sa"Dsan#a. a"Dsan#a 3i!! ma%e "he mind sin% in"o "he 2ear". +an anyone remain 3i"hou" "he e!<K No. 6he mind mus" be -on"a-"ed. 2e is a!so in "he 2ear" o< "he see%er and so he dra3s "he !a""er9s in3ardDben" mind in"o "he 2ear". 6he eB"reme!y visib!e bein# o< "he Guru $ushes "he mind in3ard. #$ A!! "ha" I 3an" "o %no3 is 3he"her sa"Dsan#a is ne-essary and 3he"her my -omin# here 3i!! he!$ me or no". In"roversion resu!"s. 2e is immanen" in a!!.

2avin# made "he !i%in# "o see "hrou#h "he de-ei"<u! senses subside' and havin# "hereby ended "he obCe-"ive %no3in# o< "he mind' "he Cum$in# e#o' "o %no3 "he !i#h"!ess !i#h" and "he sound!ess sound in "he 2ear" is "he "rue $o3er o< yo#a Lyo#aDsa%"iM.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman %ART 3&4R ( Meditation and yoga 6he bes" medi"a"ion is "ha" 3hi-h -on"inues in a!! "he "hree s"a"es. I" mus" be so in"ense "ha" i" does no" #ive room even "o "he "hou#h" 8I am medi"a"in#9. >( .

In medi"a"ion "he as$iran" <or#e""in# himse!< medi"a"es 8I am Brahman9 or 8I am iva9 and by "his me"hod ho!ds on "o Brahman or iva. o' in "he end' "he as$iran"s mus" ado$" "he <irs" $a"h. @iBin# "he mind in "he e!< so "ha" "he unrea! seed o< de!usion 3i!! die is enEuiry. 6he <irs" !eads "o "he e!<' "he o"hers e!se3here. 6he <ormer "a%es a !on#er "ime' bu" in "he end a""ains "he e!<. Men"a!!y ima#inin# onese!< "o be "he su$reme rea!i"y' 3hi-h shines as eBis"en-eD-ons-iousnessD b!iss' is medi"a"ion.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 10 . 2e 3i!! "hen rea!iJe "ha" "his is $ure bein#' "ha" is' "he e!<. 6hose $ea-e<u! ones >= . A<"er !is"enin# -are<u!!y "o ri Ramana9s eB$!ana"ion "he Eues"ioner 3as s"i!! un3i!!in# "o a--e$" "ha" se!<DenEuiry 3as "he on!y rou"e "o "he e!< and so he as%ed i< "here 3ere any o"her me"hods by 3hi-h "he e!< -ou!d be rea!iJed. 6his !a""er $ra-"i-e is rea!!y ano"her name <or se!<DenEuiry' <or' as he eB$!ained in one o< his ear!y 3ri""en 3or%s' 8A!3ays %ee$in# "he mind <iBed in e!< a!one is -a!!ed se!<DenEuiry' 3hereas medi"a"ion is "hin%in# onese!< "o be Brahman. 6hese re$!ies' 3hi-h indi-a"e "ha" me"hods o"her "han se!<DenEuiry or surrender -ou!d resu!" in e!<Drea!iJa"ion' shou!d no" be "a%en a" <a-e va!ue sin-e "hey 3ere on!y #iven "o $eo$!e 3ho 3ere no" a""ra-"ed "o se!<DenEuiry and 3ho 3an"ed "o <o!!o3 "heir o3n me"hods. *hen he s$o%e "o o"her devo"ees 3ho 3ere no" a""a-hed "o 3ha" he -a!!ed 8indire-" me"hods9' he 3ou!d usua!!y rea<<irm "ha" se!<Da""en"ion 3as u!"ima"e!y indis$ensab!e. 2e 3ho en#a#es in inves"i#a"ion s"ar"s by ho!din# on "o himse!<' and by as%in# himse!< 8*ho am IK9 "he e!< be-omes -!ear "o him. 6his is i!!us"ra"ed by a -onversa"ion in ri Ramana Gi"a 7an ear!y -o!!e-"ion o< his Eues"ions and ans3ers: in 3hi-h ri Ramana eB$!ained in de"ai! 3hy se!<DenEuiry 3as "he on!y 3ay "o rea!iJe "he e!<. In ri Ramana9s vie3 any me"hod is be""er "han no me"hod sin-e "here is a!3ays "he $ossibi!i"y "ha" i" 3i!! !ead "o se!<DenEuiry. No" 3an"in# "o sha%e "he <ai"h o< a man 3ho had a %no3n $redi!e-"ion <or subCe-"DobCe-" medi"a"ion and' havin# a!ready as-er"ained "ha" he 3as un3i!!in# "o "a%e u$ se!<D enEuiry' ri Ramana en-oura#ed him "o <o!!o3 his o3n -hosen me"hod by "e!!in# him "ha" i" 3ou!d enab!e him "o rea-h "he e!<. One s"rives "o a""ain some"hin#I "he o"her see%s "he one 3ho s"rives "o a""ain. 2e #ave many o"her simi!ar re$!ies "o o"her $eo$!e <or simi!ar reasons. A!"hou#h ri Ramana vi#orous!y de<ended his vie3s on se!<DenEuiry he never insis"ed "ha" anyone -han#e "heir be!ie<s or $ra-"i-es and' i< he 3as unab!e "o -onvin-e his <o!!o3ers "o "a%e u$ se!<DenEuiry' he 3ou!d ha$$i!y #ive advi-e on o"her me"hods. ri Ramana main"ained "ha" o"her "e-hniEues -ou!d on!y "a%e one "o "he $!a-e 3here se!<DenEuiry s"ar"s and so he never endorsed "hem un!ess he <e!" "ha" $ar"i-u!ar Eues"ioners 3ere unab!e or un3i!!in# "o ado$" se!<DenEuiry. 6hose un<i" <or inves"i#a"ion mus" $ra-"ise medi"a"ion. One a""ains s"i!!ness "hrou#h medi"a"ion' "he o"her "hrou#h %no3!ed#e. In "he -onversa"ions in "his -ha$"er he is mos"!y ans3erin# Eues"ions <rom devo"ees 3ho 3an"ed advi-e on -onven"iona! <orms o< medi"a"ion 7dhyana:. ri Ramana re$!ied? 6he #oa! is "he same <or "he one 3ho medi"a"es Lon an obCe-"M and "he one 3ho $ra-"ises se!<D enEuiry.Meditation and concentration ri Ramana9s insis"en-e "ha" a3areness o< "he 8I9D"hou#h" 3as a $rereEuisi"e <or e!<Drea!iJa"ion !ed him "o "he -on-!usion "ha" a!! s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-es 3hi-h did no" in-or$ora"e "his <ea"ure 3ere indire-" and ine<<i-ien"? 6his $a"h La""en"ion "o "he 8I9M is "he dire-" $a"hI a!! o"hers are indire-" 3ays.9 #$ *ha" is "he di<<eren-e be"3een medi"a"ion LdhyanaM and inves"i#a"ion Lvi-haraMK A$ Bo"h amoun" "o "he same. *hy no" do so no3K *hy 3as"e "imeK 6ha" is "o say' o"her "e-hniEues may some"imes brin# one "o an inner s"a"e o< s"i!!ness in 3hi-h se!<D a""en"ion or se!<Da3areness inadver"en"!y "a%es $!a-e' bu" i" is a very roundabou" 3ay o< rea-hin# "he e!<. And even i< "he !a""er do arrive a" "he e!< i" is on!y be-ause "hey !ead a" "he end "o "he <irs" $a"h 3hi-h u!"ima"e!y -arries "hem "o "he #oa!. In #ivin# "his advi-e he usua!!y de<ined medi"a"ion as -on-en"ra"ion on one "hou#h" "o "he eB-!usion o< a!! o"hers' bu" he some"imes #ave i" a hi#her de<ini"ion by sayin# "ha" %ee$in# "he mind <iBed in "he e!< 3as "rue medi"a"ion. *hoever medi"a"es u$on "he e!< in 3ha"ever bhava Lmen"a! ima#eM a""ains i" on!y in "ha" ima#e. 6his 3i!! u!"ima"e!y end 3i"h "he residua! a3areness o< Brahman or iva as bein#.

I< one -anno" dire-"!y ho!d on "o "he "hin%er one mus" medi"a"e on God and in due -ourse "he same individua! 3i!! have be-ome su<<i-ien"!y $ure "o ho!d on "o "he "hin%er and "o sin% in"o abso!u"e bein#.. #$ *ha" is "he di<<eren-e be"3een dhyana and samadhiK A$ Dhyana is a-hieved "hrou#h de!ibera"e men"a! e<<or". ee%in# "he e#o' "ha" is i"s sour-e' "he e#o disa$$ears. In samadhi "here is no su-h e<<or". #$ A!"hou#h i" is unders"ood' i" is no" rea!iJed. 6here is "he e#o and "he obCe-" medi"a"ed u$on. 6he me"hod is "here<ore indire-" be-ause "he e!< is on!y one. 6here 3as no mind in s!ee$ 3hereas i" is no3 a-"ive. By -ons"an" medi"a"ion i" #ains s"ren#"h' "ha" is "o say' "he 3ea%ness o< <u#i"ive "hou#h" #ives $!a-e "o "he endurin# ba-%#round <ree <rom "hou#h". 6ha" sin#!e "hou#h" %ee$s a3ay o"her "hou#h"s. #$ Bein# so' 3e are i#noran" o< i". Pra-"i-e o< i" !eads "o se!<DenEuiry 3hi-h -onsis"s in si<"in# "he rea!i"y <rom unrea!i"y. Medi"a"ion is $ossib!e on!y i< "he e#o is %e$" u$. 6he e!< eBis"s in "he absen-e o< "he mind a!so. #$ Medi"a"ion is more dire-" "han inves"i#a"ion be-ause "he <ormer ho!ds on "o "he "ru"h 3hereas "he !a""er si<"s "he "ru"h <rom "he un"ru"h. Medi"a"ion di<<ers a--ordin# "o "he de#ree o< advan-emen" o< "he see%er. #$ 6here is no 3ay <ound "o #o in3ard by means o< medi"a"ion. 6his eB$anse devoid o< "hou#h" is "he e!<. 6he <ee!in# o< !imi"a"ion -anno" be denied. *ha" has no3 ha$$ened is "ha" "here are "hese di<<eren-es be"3een "he "3o s"a"es. A$ *here e!se are 3e no3K Our very bein# is "ha". #$ Medi"a"ion is 3i"h mind. *ha" is !e<" over is "he e!<. *ha" is "he use o< ho!din# on "o "ru"h 3hen you are <i!!ed 3i"h an"a#onis"i. A$ I#noran" o< 3ha"' and 3hose is "he i#noran-eK I< i#noran" o< "he e!< are "here "3o se!vesK #$ 6here are no" "3o se!ves.<a-"orsK e!<DenEuiry dire-"!y !eads "o rea!iJa"ion by removin# "he obs"a-!es 3hi-h ma%e you "hin% "ha" "he e!< is no" a!ready rea!iJed. Due "o !imi"a"ions. You do no" deny your eBis"en-e "hen. Did you <ee! i" in dee$ s!ee$K You eBis" in s!ee$. You are no3 sayin# "ha" "here are !imi"a"ions. A$ &imi"a"ion is on!y in "he mind. A$ I" 3i!! be by and by' 3i"h medi"a"ion. Mind in $uri"y is "he e!<.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman 3ho remain Euie" 3i"hou" any su-h bhava a""ain "he nob!e and unEua!i<ied s"a"e o< %aiva!ya' "he <orm!ess s"a"e o< "he e!<. #$ *ha" is dhyana Lmedi"a"ionMK A$ I" is abidin# as one9s e!< 3i"hou" s3ervin# in any 3ay <rom one9s rea! na"ure and 3i"hou" <ee!in# "ha" one is medi"a"in#. A$ @or "he be#inner medi"a"ion on a <orm is more easy and a#reeab!e. #$ *ha" are "he <a-"ors "o be %e$" in vie3 in dhyanaK A$ I" is im$or"an" <or one 3ho is es"ab!ished in his e!< La"manish"haM "o see "ha" he does no" s3erve in "he !eas" <rom "his absor$"ion. 6he same e!< is here and no3 in "he 3a%e<u! s"a"e. Dis"ra-"ion o< mind is a si#n o< i"s 3ea%ness. I< one is <i" <or i" one mi#h" dire-"!y ho!d on "o "he "hin%er' and "he "hin%er 3i!! "hen au"oma"i-a!!y sin% in"o his sour-e' $ure -ons-iousness. 6he di<<eren-es are due "o "he mind. 6his me"hod is "he dire-" one. 2o3 -an i" %i!! "he mind in order "o revea! "he e!<K A$ Medi"a"ion is s"i-%in# "o one "hou#h"... By s3ervin# <rom his "rue na"ure he may see be<ore him bri#h" e<<u!#en-es' or hear unusua! sounds' 0) .

*ha" is "o be doneK 6his men"a! "enden-y is very an-ien" and has -on"inued <or innumerab!e $as" bir"hs. oon you 3i!! su--eed. Bu" 3hen "hou#h"s -ross "he mind and an e<<or" is made "o e!imina"e "hem "he e<<or" is usua!!y "ermed medi"a"ion. I" reEuires s"ren#"h o< mind "o do so. &e" "hem $ass unno"i-ed. #$ Bha#avan' 3henever I medi"a"e' I <ee! #rea" hea" in "he head and' i< I $ersis"' my 3ho!e body burns. Bu" "he e!< is <orm!ess. 2en-e i" has #ro3n s"ron#. A$ *hy do you 3ish "o medi"a"e a" a!!K Be-ause you 3ish "o do so you are "o!d 8a"ma sams"ham manah %r"va9. #$ I" is said 8a"ma sams"ham manah %r"va9 L<iBin# "he mind in "he e!<M. #$ 2o3 is dhyana $ra-"ised – 3i"h eyes o$en or -!osedK A$ I" may be done ei"her 3ay. I" may a!so be di<<i-u!" "o in"rover" "he mind 3i"h "he eyes o$en. #$ 6here is more $!easure in dhyana "han in sensua! enCoymen"s. *ha" is "he remedyK A$ I< -on-en"ra"ion is made 3i"h "he brain' sensa"ions o< hea" and even heada-he ensue. Bu" 3e have <or#o""en "he e!< and ima#ine "ha" "he body or "he mind is "he e!<. 6he $oin" is "ha" "he mind mus" be in"rover"ed and %e$" a-"ive in i"s $ursui". 6he main <a-"or in dhyana is "o %ee$ "he mind a-"ive in i"s o3n $ursui" 3i"hou" "a%in# in eB"erna! im$ressions or "hin%in# o< o"her ma""ers. Ye"' bein# a "hou#h"' s!ee$ mus" be #o" rid o<' <or "he <ina! na"ura! s"a"e has "o be ob"ained -ons-ious!y in Ca#ra" L"he 3a%in# s"a"eM 3i"hou" "he dis"urbin# "hou#h". #$ *ha" is "o be medi"a"ed u$onK A$ Any"hin# "ha" you $re<er. Medi"a"ion is on!y ne#a"ive in e<<e-" in as mu-h as "hou#h"s are %e$" a3ay. 6ha" is "he aim. Ye" "he mind runs a<"er "he !a""er and does no" see% "he <ormer. Bu" "he e!< is un"hin%ab!e. Remain as you are. #$ 2o3 do I $reven" myse!< <a!!in# as!ee$ in medi"a"ionK A$ I< you "ry "o $reven" s!ee$ i" 3i!! mean "hin%in# in medi"a"ion' 3hi-h mus" be avoided. 6he mind is -on"amina"ed 3hen i" "a%es in obCe-"s. Bu" i< you s!i$ in"o s!ee$ 3hi!e medi"a"in#' "he medi"a"ion 3i!! -on"inue even durin# and a<"er s!ee$. *hy is i" soK A$ P!easure or $ain are as$e-"s o< "he mind on!y. 6ha" mus" #o be<ore "he essen"ia! na"ure' ha$$iness' asser"s i"se!<. *a%in# and s!ee$in# are mere $i-"ures on "he s-reen o< "he na"ive' "hou#h"D<ree s"a"e. O"her3ise' i" is $ure. Kee$ your mind s"eady by #en"!y 3ardin# o<< a!! in"rudin# "hou#h"s bu" 3i"hou" s"rain. 01 . ome"imes i" ha$$ens "ha" 3hen "he eyes are -!osed "he !a"en" "hou#h"s rush <or"h 3i"h #rea" vi#our. A$ Medi"a"ion on <orms or -on-re"e obCe-"s is said "o be dhyana' 3hereas "he enEuiry in"o "he e!< is vi-hara LenEuiryM or nididhyasana Lunin"erru$"ed a3areness o< bein#M. Re!aB and your medi"a"ion 3i!! be easy. #$ Bu" "hou#h"s -ome u$. I" is "ha" 3ron# iden"i"y "ha" #ives rise "o misery.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman or re#ard as rea! "he visions o< #ods a$$earin# 3i"hin or ou"side himse!<. A"manish"ha is your rea! na"ure. Is our e<<or" mean" "o e!imina"e "hou#h"s on!yK A$ Yes. *hy do you no" remain as you are 3i"hou" medi"a"in#K *ha" is "ha" 8manah9 LmindMK *hen a!! "hou#h"s are e!imina"ed i" be-omes 8a"ma sams"ha9 L<iBed in "he e!<M. #$ 2o3 is medi"a"ion "o be $ra-"isedK A$ Medi"a"ion is' "ru!y s$ea%in#' a"manish"ha L"o be <iBed as "he e!<M. Medi"a"ion bein# on a sin#!e "hou#h"' "he o"her "hou#h"s are %e$" a3ay. 2e shou!d no" be de-eived by "hese and <or#e" himse!<. +on-en"ra"ion has "o be made in "he 2ear"' 3hi-h is -oo! and re<reshin#. #$ I< a <orm is #iven I -an medi"a"e on i" and o"her "hou#h"s are e!imina"ed. Our essen"ia! na"ure is ha$$iness.

6hey are a!! eEua! in "heir e<<e-". You -onsider yourse!< as "he subCe-"' "he seer' and "he $!a-e 3here you <iB your a""en"ion be-omes "he obCe-" seen. *hose "hou#h" is i"K A!! "hou#h"s are <rom "he unrea! 8I9' "ha" is "he 8I9D"hou#h". .Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ iva' 5ishnu and #aya"ri are said "o be eEua!!y e<<i-a-ious. #$ *hy does no" ri Bha#avan dire-" us "o $ra-"ise -on-en"ra"ion on some $ar"i-u!ar -en"re or -ha%raK A$ Yo#a as"ra says "ha" "he sahasrara L"he -ha%ra !o-a"ed in "he brainM or "he brain is "he sea" o< "he e!<. o !on# as "here is "hou#h" "here 3i!! be <ear. @irs" "here is "he "hou#h" 8I am Brahman9' "hen <or#e"<u!ness su$ervenes. *ha" shou!d I doK A$ 8I am Brahman9 is on!y a "hou#h". One 3an"s "o rid onese!< o< misery. #$ I $ra-"ise ha"ha yo#a and I a!so medi"a"e 8I am Brahman9. *ha" remains over is "he rea! 8I9 and "ha" is "he e!<. As soon as you be#in medi"a"ion o"her "hou#h"s 3i!! -ro3d "o#e"her' #a"her <or-e and "ry "o sin% "he sin#!e "hou#h" "o 3hi-h you "ry "o ho!d. *i"h re#ard "o <or#e"<u!ness' so !on# as "here is "hou#h" "here 3i!! be <or#e"<u!ness. e-ond!y' 3ha"ever be "he means ado$"ed' "he <ina! #oa! is "he rea!iJa"ion o< "he sour-e o< 8I am9Dness 3hi-h is "he $rimary da"um o< your eB$erien-e. 6hey' "he subCe-" and obCe-"' be-ome "he one e!<' and "ha" is "he 2ear". A<"er i" has #ro3n s"ron# "he o"her "hou#h"s 3i!! be $u" "o <!i#h". I" reEuires $ea-e o< mind' 3hi-h means absen-e o< $er"urba"ion o3in# "o a!! %inds o< "hou#h"s. #$ As I #o on "hin%in# o< i" "here is <or#e"<u!ness' "he brain be-omes hea"ed and I am a<raid. Be-ause' <irs"!y' i" is im$ossib!e <or anybody "o en"er"ain any doub" abou" "his 8I9 no"ion. Purusha u%"a de-!ares "ha" "he 2ear" is i"s sea". 6ha" is "he 2ear". *hen' on "he -on"rary' you see "he seer himse!<' you mer#e in "he e!< and you be-ome one 3i"h i". 2o!d on "o i" and i" 3i!! disa$$ear !i%e a $han"om. 6o be sayin# i" is on!y a "hou#h". 6his is "he ba""!e roya! a!3ays "a%in# $!a-e in medi"a"ion. 6here<ore ho!d on "o one "hou#h" on!y. Pea-e o< mind is brou#h" abou" by dhyana a!one. Dhyana is "he -hie< $ra-"i-e. 6he #ood "hou#h" mus" #radua!!y #ain s"ren#"h by re$ea"ed $ra-"i-e. I< you "here<ore $ra-"ise se!<DenEuiry' you 3i!! rea-h "he 2ear" 3hi-h is "he e!<. #$ Is "he $ra-"i-e o< -on-en"ra"ion be"3een "he eyebro3s advisab!eK A$ 6he <ina! resu!" o< "he $ra-"i-e o< any %ind o< dhyana is "ha" "he obCe-" on 3hi-h "he see%er <iBes his mind -eases "o eBis" as dis"in-" and se$ara"e <rom "he subCe-". o !on# as diversi"y $revai!s "here are bad "hou#h"s. 6his is mere!y bhavana Lmen"a! ima#eryM. I< a sin#!e "hou#h" $revai!s' a!! o"her "hou#h"s are $u" o<< and <ina!!y eradi-a"ed. *ho says i"K Brahman i"se!< does no" say so. #$ 2o3 do I medi"a"eK A$ +on-en"ra"e on "ha" one 3hom you !i%e bes". 8I am Brahman9 is an aid "o -on-en"ra"ion sin-e i" %ee$s o<< o"her "hou#h"s. *ha" need is "here <or i" "o say i"K Nor -an "he rea! 8I9 say so. @or 8I9 a!3ays abides as Brahman. Bu" you shou!d s"i-% "o one. 6o enab!e "he sadha%a "o s"eer -!ear o< $ossib!e doub"' I "e!! him "o "a%e u$ "he "hread or "he -!ue o< 8I9Dness or 8I am9Dness and <o!!o3 i" u$ "o i"s sour-e. *hen "he obCe-" o< !ove $revai!s on!y #ood "hou#h"s ho!d "he <ie!d. A$ Yes' "he mind is -on-en"ra"ed in "he brain and hen-e you #e" a ho" sensa"ion "here. I" is be-ause o< "he 8I9D"hou#h". Dhyana means <i#h". #$ in-e ri Bha#avan says "ha" "he e!< may <un-"ion a" any o< "he -en"res or -ha%ras 3hi!e i"s sea" is in "he 2ear"' is i" no" $ossib!e "ha" by "he $ra-"i-e o< in"ense -on-en"ra"ion or dhyana be"3een "he eyebro3s "his -en"re may be-ome "he sea" o< "he e!<K A$ Any -onsidera"ion abou" "he sea" o< "he e!< is "heore"i-a! i< you <iB your a""en"ion on a $!a-e in "he body. *hen "he 8I9D"hou#h" arises <ear o< dea"h arises simu!"aneous!y. *hen "ha" one "hou#h" a!one $ersis"s' see 0. A<"er a <e3 momen"s o< "his medi"a"ion' a b!an% $revai!s' "he brain #e"s hea"ed and a <ear o< dea"h arises. Remain 3i"hou" "hin%in#. @or#e"<u!ness and "hou#h" are <or "he 8I9D "hou#h" on!y. *hi-h shou!d I medi"a"e u$onK A$ Any one you !i%e bes".

6hey are aids and $ra-"i-es reEuired <or %no3in# "he e!<. A$ @or 3hom is i" disas"rousK +an "here be disas"er a$ar" <rom "he e!<K Unbro%en 8I' I9 is "he in<ini"e o-ean. Is "his ri#h"K A$ Everyone is a3are D 8I am9. #$ +an one -on-en"ra"e a" one "ime on one -en"re and a" ano"her "ime on ano"her or shou!d one -on-en"ra"e a!3ays -onsis"en"!y on "he same -en"reK A$ As I have Cus" said' "here -an be no harm 3herever you -on-en"ra"e' be-ause -on-en"ra"ion is on!y a means o< #ivin# u$ "hou#h"s. And some"imes 3hen I -on-en"ra"e on one -en"re "he "hou#h" o< i"s o3n a--ord #oes and <iBes i"se!< in ano"her. *ha"ever "he -en"re or obCe-" on 3hi-h you -on-en"ra"e' he 3ho -on-en"ra"es is a!3ays "he same. I" is a he!$ "o -on-en"ra"ion. *hy is "ha"K A$ I" may be be-ause o< $as" $ra-"i-es o< yours. &eavin# aside "ha" a3areness one #oes abou" in sear-h o< God. 6he bubb!e "oo is 3a"er <or 3hen i" burs"s i" on!y miBes in "he o-ean. #$ I do no" a!3ays -on-en"ra"e on "he same -en"re in "he body. I" 3i!! be <ound "o be <rom 8I9. No aids are needed "o %no3 one9s o3n e!<. 6he aim o< su-h advi-e is "o he!$ "he mind "o -on-en"ra"e. *ha" is "he use o< <iBin# one9s a""en"ion be"3een "he eyebro3sK I" is mere <o!!y "o say "ha" God is be"3een "he eyebro3s. 0/ . On!y one9s o3n a3areness is dire-" %no3!ed#e' and "ha" is "he -ommon eB$erien-e o< one and a!!. Bu" in any -ase i" is imma"eria! on 3hi-h -en"re you -on-en"ra"e sin-e "he rea! 2ear" is in every -en"re and even ou"side "he body. Brea"h -on"ro! "em$orari!y benumbs "he 3i!! bu" i" is no" $ermanen". Bu" "he bes" means o< rea!iJa"ion is "he enEuiry 8*ho am IK9 6he $resen" "roub!e is "o "he mind and i" mus" be removed by "he mind on!y. I" may be disas"rous i< one -ons"an"!y see%s "o %i!! "he mind. #$ *e are advised "o -on-en"ra"e on "he s$o" in "he <orehead be"3een "he eyebro3s. @rom 3here is "he 8I9D "hou#h"K Probe in"o i"' "he 8I9D"hou#h" 3i!! vanish' and "he su$reme e!< 3i!! shine <or"h o< i"se!<. +an any"hin# be as dire-" as "he e!< Da!3ays eB$erien-ed 3i"hou" "he aid o< "he sensesK enseD $er-e$"ions -an on!y be indire-" %no3!ed#e' and no" dire-" %no3!ed#e. o a!so are "he re!i#ions and se-"s and do#mas. I#noran" o< "his sim$!e "ru"h' innumerab!e me"hods under di<<eren" denomina"ions' su-h as yo#a' bha%"i' %arma' ea-h a#ain 3i"h many modi<i-a"ions' are bein# "au#h" 3i"h #rea" s%i!! and in in"ri-a"e de"ai! on!y "o en"i-e "he see%ers and -on<use "heir minds. 6he e#o' "he 8I9D"hou#h"' remains on!y a bubb!e on i" and is -a!!ed Civa or individua! sou!. I" is one o< "he <or-ib!e me"hods "o -he-% "he mind and $reven" i"s dissi$a"ion. *ha" are "hey a!! <orK On!y <or %no3in# "he e!<.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman 3hose "hou#h" i" is. #$ ome say "ha" one shou!d $ra-"ise medi"a"ion on #ross obCe-"s on!y. I" is <or-ib!y dire-"ed in"o one -hanne!. I" is "he same 3i"h !is"enin# "o sounds' un!ess "he man"ra is sa-red and se-ures "he he!$ o< a hi#her $o3er "o $uri<y and raise "he "hou#h"s. ome"imes I <ind i" easier "o -on-en"ra"e on one -en"re and some"imes on ano"her. #$ *hy shou!d one ado$" "his se!<Dhy$no"ism by "hin%in# on "he un"hin%ab!e $oin"K *hy no" ado$" o"her me"hods !i%e #aJin# in"o !i#h"' ho!din# "he brea"h' hearin# musi-' hearin# in"erna! sounds' re$e"i"ion o< "he sa-red sy!!ab!e om or o"her man"rasK A$ &i#h"D#aJin# s"u$e<ies "he mind and $rodu-es -a"a!e$sy o< "he 3i!! <or "he "ime bein#' bu" i" se-ures no $ermanen" bene<i". ObCe-"s $er-eived by "he senses are s$o%en o< as immedia"e %no3!ed#e L$ra"ya%shaM. On 3ha"ever $ar" o< "he body you may -on-en"ra"e or on 3ha"ever eB"erna! obCe-"' "he 2ear" is "here. *hen "he one rea! 8I9 remains a!one' i" 3i!! no" be sayin# 8I am Brahman9. *hen i" remains a bubb!e i" is s"i!! a $ar" o< "he o-ean. Does a man #o on re$ea"in# 8I am a man9K Un!ess he is -ha!!en#ed' 3hy shou!d he de-!are himse!< a manK Does anyone mis"a%e himse!< <or an anima! "ha" he shou!d say' 8No' I am no" an anima!' I am a man9K imi!ar!y' Brahman or 8I9 bein# "he on!y eBis"in# rea!i"y' "here is no one "here "o -ha!!en#e i" and so "here is no need "o be re$ea"in# 8I am Brahman9. No <ur"her e<<or" is needed.

On!y a<"er su-h surrender is "he name o< God -ons"an"!y 3i"h "he man. I< "he Guru has a--umu!a"ed s$iri"ua! $o3er as a resu!" o< his rea!iJa"ion or medi"a"ion' some o< "his $o3er is "ransmi""ed in "he man"ra. No o"her e<<or" is ne-essary. #$ My $ra-"i-e has been a -on"inuous Ca$a o< "he names o< God 3i"h "he in-omin# brea"h and "he name o< ai Baba 3i"h "he ou"#oin# brea"h.9 6his Euo"a"ion -omes <rom a shor" 3or% by Namdev en"i"!ed 6he Phi!oso$hy o< "he Divine Name and "he <u!! "eB" is #iven in one o< ri Ramana9s ans3ers !a"er in "he -ha$"er.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 11 Mantras and japa A man"ra is a 3ord or $hrase 3hi-h has been #iven "o a dis-i$!e by a Guru' usua!!y as $ar" o< an ini"ia"ion ri"e. *hen you rea!iJe you are no" name and <orm' "hen name and <orm 3i!! dro$ o< "hemse!ves. ri Ramana re-ommended Ca$a as an e<<e-"ive 3ay o< -u!"iva"in# "his a""i"ude sin-e i" re$!a-es an a3areness o< "he individua! and "he 3or!d 3i"h a -ons"an" a3areness o< "his hi#her $o3er. 6his u!"ima"e s"a#e is on!y rea-hed a<"er "he $ra-"i-e o< Ca$a mer#es in"o "he $ra-"i-e o< se!<D a""en"ion. 6his is -!ear!y sho3n in "he "ea-hin#s o< Namdev. *hen by -ons-ious e<<or" o< Ca$a or dhyana' as 3e -a!! i"' 3e $reven" our mind <rom "hin%in# o< o"her "hin#s' "hen 3ha" remains is our rea! na"ure' 3hi-h is Ca$a. In -ha$"er I i" 3as $oin"ed ou" "ha" surrender "o God or "he e!< -ou!d be e<<e-"ive!y $ra-"ised by bein# a3are a" a!! "imes "ha" "here is no individua! 8I9 a-"in# and "hin%in#' on!y a 8hi#her $o3er9 3hi-h is res$onsib!e <or a!! "he a-"ivi"ies o< "he 3or!d. 6his s"a#e is no" rea-hed by -on-en"ra"ion a!one bu" on!y by -om$!e"e!y surrenderin# "o "he dei"y 3hose name is bein# re$ea"ed? 86o use "he name o< God one mus" -a!! u$on him 3i"h yearnin# and unreserved!y surrender onese!< "o him. 1 6he Name $ermea"es dense!y "he s%y and "he !o3es" re#ions and "he en"ire universe. 2e did' on "he o"her hand' s$ea% hi#h!y o< "he $ra-"i-e o< namaDCa$a 7"he -on"inuous re$e"i"ion o< God9s name: and he o<"en advo-a"ed i" as a use<u! aid <or "hose 3ho 3ere <o!!o3in# "he $a"h o< surrender. *e "urn our mind ou"3ards on "hin#s o< "he 3or!d and are "here<ore no" a3are o< our rea! na"ure bein# a!3ays Ca$a.4 mi!!ionM o< 04 . *ho -an "e!! "o 3ha" de$"hs in "he ne"her re#ions and "o 3ha" hei#h" in "he heavens i" eB"ends. *ha" is no3 re#arded as "he means' Ca$a' 3i!! "hen be <ound "o be "he #oa!. 6he i#noran" under#o "he (4 !a%hs L(. Name and God are no" di<<eren". *hen "he Ca$a be-omes -on"inuous' a!! o"her "hou#h"s -ease and one is in one9s rea! na"ure' 3hi-h is Ca$a or dhyana. 2e 3ou!d s$ea% o< "he iden"i"y o< "he name o< God 3i"h "he e!< and some"imes he 3ou!d even say "ha" 3hen "he e!< is rea!iJed "he name o< God re$ea"s i"se!< e<<or"!ess!y and -on"inuous!y in "he 2ear". imu!"aneous!y 3i"h "his I see "he <orm o< Baba a!3ays. Ha$a or dhyana 3i!! na"ura!!y and as a ma""er o< -ourse !ead "o i". No3' shou!d I -on"inue "his or -han#e "he me"hod' as some"hin# <rom 3i"hin says "ha" i< I s"i-% "o "he name and <orm I sha!! never #o above name and <ormK Bu" I -an9" unders"and 3ha" <ur"her "o do a<"er #ivin# u$ name and <orm. *hen one9s o3n name is no" re-o#niJed' i" is im$ossib!e "o #e" "he a!!D$ervadin# Name. *i!! Bha#avan en!i#h"en me on "his $oin"K A$ You may -on"inue in your $resen" me"hod. I< "he dis-i$!e re$ea"s "he 3ord -on"inuous!y' "he $o3er o< "he Guru is invo%ed in su-h a 3ay "ha" i" he!$s "he dis-i$!e "o $ro#ress "o3ards "he #oa! o< e!<Drea!iJa"ion. ri Ramana usua!!y i!!us"ra"ed "he ne-essi"y o< "his "ransi"ion by Euo"in# <rom "he 3ords o< Namdev' a <our"een"hD-en"ury Maharash"ra sain"? 86he a!!D$ervadin# na"ure o< "he Name -an on!y be unders"ood 3hen one re-o#nises one9s o3n 8I9. Even in Bha#avan' I see Baba. 2e <irs" dis-overed i" in 1=/0 and <or "he !as" "hir"een years o< his !i<e he %e$" a -o$y o< i" on a sma!! boo%she!< by his bed. ri Ramana a--e$"ed "he va!idi"y o< "his a$$roa-h bu" he very rare!y #ave ou" man"ras himse!< and he never used "hem as $ar" o< an ini"ia"ion -eremony.9 *hen ri Ramana "a!%ed abou" "his advan-ed s"a#e o< Ca$a "here 3as an a!mos" mys"i-a! dimension "o his ideas. o !on# as you "hin% you are name and <orm' you -an9" es-a$e name and <orm in Ca$a a!so. 2e <reEuen"!y read i" ou" 3hen visi"ors as%ed him abou" "he na"ure and use<u!ness o< Ca$a and <rom "he number o< "imes he s$o%e o< i" 3i"h a$$rova! i" is reasonab!e "o assume "ha" he <u!!y endorsed i"s -on"en"s. In i"s ear!y s"a#es "he re$e"i"ion o< "he name o< God is on!y an eBer-ise in -on-en"ra"ion and medi"a"ion' bu" 3i"h -on"inued $ra-"i-e a s"a#e is rea-hed in 3hi-h "he re$e"i"ion $ro-eeds e<<or"!ess!y' au"oma"i-a!!y and -on"inuous!y.

urrender yourse!< <irs" a" "he <ee" o< "he Guru and !earn "o %no3 "ha" 8I9 myse!< is "ha" Name. 6ha" 3hi-h $ervades beyond dvai"a Ldua!i"yM and dvai"a"i"a L"ha" 3hi-h is beyond dua!i"yM' "ha" Name has -ome in"o "he "hree 3or!ds. *e are 3ron#!y $ersis"in# in unrea!i"y' "ha" is' a""a-hmen" "o "hou#h"s and 3or!d!y a-"ivi"ies. I reEues" Bha#avan "o #ive me some sim$!er and easier me"hod. *hen na"ura! i" is -a!!ed rea!iJa"ion. Be3are "here is no man"ra beyond "he Name.9 4 No one -an rea!iJe "he Name by $ra-"i-e o< %no3!ed#e' medi"a"ion or aus"eri"y. 2en-e "he Name "he 5edas es"ab!ished. / 6he a!!D$ervadin# na"ure o< "he Name -an on!y be unders"ood 3hen one re-o#nises one9s o3n 8I9. 6here<ore "here is no need <or doub"in# 3he"her one -ou!d !ose or #ain "he e!<. 6he Name is Parabrahman i"se!< 3here "here is no a-"ion arisin# ou" o< dua!i"y. *ha" 3e do rea!!y amoun"s "o "he remova! o< obs"a-!es <or "he reve!a"ion o< our "rue bein#. 01 . *hen 3e rea!iJe "he e!< "hen Ca$a #oes on 3i"hou" e<<or". I am a 3oman 3i"h seven -hi!dren and a !o" o< househo!d -ares and i" !eaves me !i""!e "ime <or medi"a"ion. 6hose 3ho say o"her3ise are i#noran". A!! o< "hem <ina!!y reso!ve "hemse!ves in"o "ha" one sin#!e rea!i"y. Namdev says "he Name is immor"a!. *hen e<<or"!ess -ons"an" Ca$a #oes on' i" is rea!iJa"ion. 6here is no dis"in-"ion be"3een Name and @orm. #$ I am no" !earned in "he s-ri$"ures and I <ind "he me"hod o< se!<DenEuiry "oo hard <or me. A$ No !earnin# or %no3!ed#e o< s-ri$"ures is ne-essary "o %no3 "he e!<' as no man reEuires a mirror "o see himse!<. *ha" is ne3 -anno" be e"erna!. 6his is %no3n on!y "o "he !ovin# devo"ees o< "he &ord. Ha$a is our rea! na"ure. A!"hou#h i" is our "rue na"ure i" !oo%s as i< 3e are "hin%in# o< i" 3hi!e doin# "hese $ra-"i-es. #$ 2o3 !on# shou!d I do Ca$a <orK hou!d I a!so -on-en"ra"e on an ima#e o< God a" "he same "imeK A$ Ha$a is more im$or"an" "han eB"erna! <orm. #$ Is i" #ood "o do Ca$a 3hen 3e %no3 "ha" enEuiry in"o "he e!< is "he rea! "hin#K A$ A!! me"hods are #ood sin-e "hey 3i!! !ead "o "he enEuiry even"ua!!y. @orms are innumerab!e' bu" "he Name is a!! "ha".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman s$e-ies o< bir"hs' no" %no3in# "he essen-e o< "hin#s. 6he unrea!i"y is an obsession a" $resen" bu" our "rue na"ure is rea!i"y.9 #$ o "he "rue name o< God 3i!! u!"ima"e!y be revea!ed by se!<DenEuiryK A$ in-e you yourse!< are "he <orm o< "he Ca$a' i< you %no3 your o3n na"ure by enEuirin# 3ho you are' 3ha" a 3onder i" 3i!! beO 6he Ca$a 3hi-h 3as $revious!y #oin# on 3i"h e<<or" 3i!! "hen -on"inue un"irin#!y and e<<or"!ess!y in "he 2ear". I" s"ar"s 3i"h e<<or" and is -on"inued un"i! i" $ro-eeds o< i"se!<. God be-ame mani<es" and assumed Name and @orm. *ha" is "he means a" one s"a#e be-omes "he #oa! a" ano"her. *hen one9s o3n name is no" re-o#niJed' i" is im$ossib!e "o #e" "he a!!D$ervadin# Name. Namdev says "he Name is Keshava LGodM 2imse!<. 6ha" 3hi-h is' is "he one rea!i"y. #$ Are our a""em$"s sure "o su--eedK A$ Rea!iJa"ion is our na"ure. I" may be re$resen"ed by a <orm' a Ca$a' man"ra' vi-hara' or any %ind o< a""em$" "o rea-h rea!i"y. Bha%"i' vi-hara and Ca$a are on!y di<<eren" <orms o< our e<<or"s "o %ee$ ou" "he unrea!i"y. I" is no"hin# ne3 "o be #ained. Ha$a may be done even 3hi!e en#a#ed in o"her 3or%. 6he Name i"se!< is @orm. A<"er <indin# "he sour-e o< "ha" 8I9 mer#e your individua!i"y in "ha" oneness 3hi-h is se!<DeBis"en" and devoid o< a!! dua!i"y. +essa"ion o< "hese 3i!! revea! "he "ru"h. I" mus" be done un"i! i" be-omes na"ura!. 6he same idea is a!so <ound in "he Bib!e? 8In "he be#innin# 3as "he *ord and "he *ord 3as 3i"h God and "he *ord 3as God. *hen one %no3s onese!<' "hen one <inds "he Name every3here. . 6o see "he Name as di<<eren" <rom "he Named -rea"es i!!usion. Our a""em$"s are dire-"ed "o3ards %ee$in# "hem ou" and "his is done by "hin%in# o< "he rea!i"y on!y. Namdev says' 8As% "he ain"s.

A$ *here is "he brainK I" is in "he body.. Dhyana is your "rue na"ure.9 +on"inue "o re$ea" i" 3ha"ever 3or% you may be doin#' 3he"her you are si""in#' s"andin# or 3a!%in#. I" is ho3ever -a!!ed dhyana be-ause i" is made 3i"h e<<or". I" is "he mind 3hi-h -rea"es "he body' "he brain in i" and a!so as-er"ains "ha" "he brain is i"s sea". You s$ea% o< "he brain 3hen you "hin% o< "he body. I say "ha" "he body i"se!< is a $roCe-"ion o< "he mind. Is i" no" "he mind "ha" is mean"K A$ A!! "hese are on!y "he 3or%in#s o< "he mind. A!! o"her "hou#h"s are <irs" subordina"ed un"i! "hey disa$$ear. i< one in-essan"!y "hin%s 8I' I9' i" 3i!! !ead "o "ha" s"a"e L"he e!<M. #$ hou!d 3e no" -on"em$!a"e "he Ca$a and re$ea" i" ora!!y a!soK A$ *hen "he Ca$a be-omes men"a!' 3here is "he need <or "he soundsK Ha$a' be-omin# men"a!' be-omes -on"em$!a"ion.. #$ ri Bha#avan has said "ha" "he Ca$a mus" be "ra-ed "o i"s sour-e. I< you %no3 3ho i" is "ha" is doin# Ca$a you 3i!! %no3 3ha" Ca$a is. Kno3in# "his' ho3 -ou!d "ha" 3hi-h is re$ea"ed by mou"h be aCa$aK 6he vision o< "he rea! e!< 3hi-h $er<orms Ca$a o< i"s o3n a--ord invo!un"ari!y and in a neverDendin# s"ream' !i%e "he <!o3in# do3n -on"inuous!y o< oi!' is aCa$a' #aya"ri and every"hin#. 0> . 6ha" e!< 3i!! by i"se!< be re$ea"in# a!3ays 8aham' aham9 L8I' I9M. On!y "he di<<eren-es and "he meri"s and demeri"s o< ea-h 3i!! have "o be "o!d' !oo%in# "o "he s"a#e o< deve!o$men" o< "he $erson -on-erned. 8I9 is "he name o< God. 6he sounds arise <rom "hou#h"s' <or one mus" "hin% be<ore one eB$resses "he "hou#h"s in 3ords. Dhyana' -on"em$!a"ion and men"a! Ca$a are "he same.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A!! %no3!ed#e is reEuired on!y "o be #iven u$ even"ua!!y as no"D e!<. Pranayama means <irs" -!osin# "he mou"h' doesn9" i"K I<' by s"o$$in# "he brea"h' "he <ive e!emen"s in "he body are bound do3n and -on"ro!!ed' 3ha" remains is "he rea! e!<. 6ha" is aCa$a. #$ Is "here no bene<i" a" a!! in doin# Ca$a 3i"h "he mou"hK A$ *ho said "here is no bene<i"K u-h Ca$a 3i!! be "he means <or -hi""a suddhi L$uri<yin# "he mindM. Even om is se-ond "o i". 6ha" means' <irs" do $ranayama Lre#u!a"in# o< brea"hM and "hen be#in re$ea"in# "he man"ra. Good or bad' 3ha"ever is done never #oes "o 3as"e. 6he e!<' "he mind en#a#es in Ca$a and "hen sin%s in"o i"s o3n sour-e. 6he obCe-" o< Ca$a or dhyana is "he eB-!usion o< severa! "hou#h"s and -on<inin# onese!< "o one sin#!e "hou#h". As "he Ca$a is done re$ea"ed!y "he e<<or" ri$ens and sooner or !a"er !eads "o "he ri#h" $a"h. Ha$a he!$s "o <iB "he mind on a sin#!e "hou#h". *i"hou" %no3in# "his rea! meanin# $eo$!e "hin% "ha" i" means re$ea"in# 3i"h "he mou"h "he 3ords 8soham' soham9 hundreds o< "housands o< "imes' -oun"in# "hem on "he <in#ers or on a s"rin# o< beads. #$ Is no" men"a! Ca$a be""er "han ora! Ca$aK A$ Ora! Ca$a -onsis"s o< sounds. #$ 6he mind is said "o be <rom "he brain. 6hen "ha" "hou#h" "oo vanishes in"o i"s sour-e Dabso!u"e -ons-iousness. Be<ore be#innin# a Ca$a brea"h -on"ro! is $res-ribed. *hen "hou#h"s -ease "o be $romis-uous and one "hou#h" $ersis"s "o "he eB-!usion o< a!! o"hers' i" is said "o be -on"em$!a"ion. Nor is househo!d 3or% or -ares 3i"h -hi!dren ne-essari!y an obs"a-!e. 6here<ore men"a! Ca$a is be""er "han ora! Ca$a. 6he "hou#h"s <orm "he mind. *hen i" be-omes men"a! i" is -a!!ed dhyana. #$ @or -on"ro!!in# "he mind' 3hi-h o< "he "3o is be""er' $er<ormin# Ca$a o< "he aCa$a Luns$o%enM man"ra or o< om%ar L"he sound o< 8om9MK A$ *ha" is your idea o< uns$o%en and invo!un"ary Ca$a LaCa$aMK *i!! i" be aCa$a i< you #o on re$ea"in# 3i"h "he mou"h 8soham' soham9 L8I am he' I am he9MK ACa$a rea!!y means "o %no3 "ha" Ca$a 3hi-h #oes on invo!un"ari!y 3i"hou" bein# u""ered "hrou#h "he mou"h. I< you -an do no"hin# more a" !eas" -on"inue sayin# 8I' I9 "o yourse!< men"a!!y as advised in *ho am IK9. I" is "he <irs" and #rea"es" o< a!! man"ras. I< you sear-h and "ry "o <ind ou" 3ho i" is "ha" is doin# Ca$a' "ha" Ca$a i"se!< be-omes "he e!<.

6he minis"er !au#hed and said "ha" "he in-iden" 3as "he eB$!ana"ion reEuired by "he %in#. I" is "he na"ura! s"a"e. 6he %in# 3ai"ed <or him' and on mee"in# him' as%ed 3ha" "he man"ra 3as. o I "ry a#ain. *hen I ordered' "he e<<e-" 3as ni!' 3hereas' 3hen you ordered' "here 3as immedia"e e<<e-". 6he misery o< bir"h and dea"h 3i!! no" -ease by vo-a!!y re$ea"in# -oun"!ess "imes 8I am "ha"9' bu" on!y by abidin# as "ha". #$ *hi!e ma%in# Ca$a <or an hour or more I <a!! in"o a s"a"e !i%e s!ee$. 6he %in# <!e3 in"o a ra#e and ordered "he same man "o ho!d "he minis"er' and i" 3as immedia"e!y done. 6he order 3as no" obeyed. Your $resen" doub" is due "o "ha" <a!se iden"i"y' name!y o< iden"i<yin# yourse!< 3i"h "he mind "ha" does "he Ca$a. I< "ha" dhyana be-omes e<<or"!ess i" 3i!! be <ound "o be your rea! na"ure. By -ons"an" a""en"ion "o i"' you 3i!! even"ua!!y be-ome a3are o< "he in"erna! man"ra 3hi-h is "he s"a"e o< rea!iJa"ion and is e<<or"!ess. I< you are no" a3are o< "his in"erna! man"ra' you shou!d "a%e "o i" -ons-ious!y as Ca$a' 3hi-h is a""ended 3i"h e<<or"' "o 3ard o<< a!! o"her "hou#h"s. #$ I am "au#h" "ha" man"ra Ca$a is very $o"en" in $ra-"i-e. imi!ar!y' God9s name is e<<e-"ive. Bu" your body 3as no" born 3i"h "ha" name 3ri""en on i"' nor did i" say "o anyone "ha" i" bore su-h and su-h a name. 6he %in# desired "o be ini"ia"ed by "he $remier bu" "he $remier -on<essed his inabi!i"y "o ini"ia"e him. 6he order 3as o<"en re$ea"ed' and s"i!! no" obeyed. A$ 6he e!< is "he #rea"es" o< a!! man"ras – i" #oes on au"oma"i-a!!y and e"erna!!y. Be-ause you are no3 asso-ia"ed 3i"h "he e#o' you -onsider "ha" "he na"ura! s"a"e is some"hin# 3hi-h in"erru$"s your 3or%. #$ +an anyone #e" any bene<i" by re$ea"in# sa-red sy!!ab!esPman"rasM $i-%ed u$ -asua!!yK A$ No. Ha$a means -!in#in# "o one "hou#h" "o "he eB-!usion o< a!! o"her "hou#h"s. o you mus" have "he eB$erien-e re$ea"ed un"i! you rea!iJe "ha" i" is your na"ura! s"a"e. Be-ause you are 3i"h o"her "hou#h"s' you -a!! "he -on"inui"y o< a sin#!e "hou#h" medi"a"ion or dhyana. Re$e"i"ion o< "he name is remembran-e o< 3ha" i" si#ni<ies. imi!ar!y' "he bonds o< bir"h and dea"h 3i!! no" -ease mere!y by doin# many re$e"i"ions o< mahava%yas su-h as 8I am iva9. 6here<ore "he name si#ni<ied some"hin# and i" is no" a mere <i-"ion. 6his is i!!us"ra"ed by "he s"ory o< "he %in# and his minis"er. 6here he 3as "o!d "ha" "he $remier 3as en#a#ed in re$e"i"ion o< sa-red sy!!ab!es. 00 . 6here<ore "he %in# !earned i" <rom someone e!se' and' mee"in# "he minis"er !a"er' he re$ea"ed "he #aya"ri and 3an"ed "o %no3 i< i" 3as ri#h". 6ha" is i"s $ur$ose. 6he minis"er said "ha" "he man"ra 3as -orre-"' bu" i" 3as no" $ro$er <or him "o say i". @irmness in "his a3areness 3i!! %ee$ you -on"inua!!y and e<<or"!ess!y in "he -urren"' ho3ever mu-h you may be en#a#ed in o"her a-"ivi"ies. 2en-e i"s meri". #$ 2o3 shou!d I -arry on Ca$aK A$ One shou!d no" use "he name o< God me-hani-a!!y and su$er<i-ia!!y 3i"hou" "he <ee!in# o< devo"ion. 6he minis"er re$!ied' 86he order 3as "he same and "he eBe-u"or a!so' bu" "he au"hori"y 3as di<<eren". 6he $remier said "ha" i" 3as "he ho!ies" o< a!!' #aya"ri. Ins"ead o< 3anderin# abou" re$ea"in# 8I am "he su$reme9' abide as "he su$reme yourse!<. #$ o me-hani-a! re$e"i"ion is un$rodu-"iveK A$ A-u"e diseases 3i!! no" be -ured mere!y by re$ea"in# "he name o< "he medi-ine bu" on!y by drin%in# "he medi-ine. A %in# visi"ed his $remier in his residen-e. A$ 8&i%e s!ee$9' "ha" is ri#h". I" !eads "o dhyana 3hi-h ends in e!<D rea!iJa"ion or Cnana. On 3a%in# u$ I re-o!!e-" "ha" my Ca$a has been in"erru$"ed. imi!ar!y 3i"h man"ras. +an i" be "rueK A$ *hy no"K You bear a name "o 3hi-h you ans3er. *hen $ressed <or an eB$!ana"ion' "he minis"er -a!!ed "o a $a#e -!ose by and ordered him "o "a%e ho!d o< "he %in#. #$ Peo$!e #ive some names "o God and say "ha" "he name is sa-red and "ha" re$e"i"ions o< "he name bes"o3 meri" on "he individua!. You 3i!! "hen <ind "ha" Ca$a is eB"raneous bu" s"i!! i" 3i!! #o on au"oma"i-a!!y. 2e mus" be -om$e"en" and ini"ia"ed in su-h man"ras. And ye" a name is #iven "o you and you ans3er "o "ha" name' be-ause you have iden"i<ied yourse!< 3i"h "he name. 82o3K9 as%ed "he %in#.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman E<<or" is ne-essary so !on# as "hou#h"s are $romis-uous.

*hen "he sy!!ab!es o< "he man"ra be-ome one 3i"h "he $rana' i" is "ermed dhyana' and 3hen dhyana be-omes dee$ and <irm i" !eads "o sahaCa s"hi"i L"he na"ura! s"a"eM.M. 6ha" man"ra is "he $erson9s rea! na"ure. 6ha" is samadhi.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman By re$e"i"ion o< man"ras' "he mind #e"s -on"ro!!ed. I" is on!y $ranava Lom. #$ +an "he b!iss o< samadhi be #ained "husK A$ 6he Ca$a be-omes men"a! and <ina!!y revea!s i"se!< as "he e!<. Peo$!e <ri#h"en me by sayin# "ha" i" may have un<oreseen resu!"s i< re$ea"ed. 0( . #$ I have re-eived a man"ra. 6he ora! Ca$a be-omes men"a! and "he men"a! Ca$a <ina!!y revea!s i"se!< as bein# e"erna!. 6ha" is a!so "he s"a"e o< rea!iJa"ion. A$ +er"ain!y' i" shou!d be re$ea"ed 3i"h <ai"h. #$ *i!! i" do by i"se!<' or -an you %ind!y #ive me any <ur"her ins"ru-"ionsK A$ 6he obCe-" o< man"ra Ca$a is "o rea!iJe "ha" "he same Ca$a is a!ready #oin# on in onese!< even 3i"hou" e<<or". o I see% advi-e. May I re$ea" i"K I have -onsiderab!e <ai"h in i". 6hen "he man"ra be-omes one 3i"h "he mind and a!so 3i"h "he $rana L"he ener#y "ha" sus"ains "he bodyM.

A!-oho!: are -!assi<ied as "amasi-. 6he on!y $hysi-a! -han#es he ever san-"ioned 3ere die"ary. A" "he -on-!usion o< his s"udies "he as$iran" is eB$e-"ed "o marry and "o dis-har#e his business and househo!d du"ies -ons-ien"ious!y' bu" 3i"hou" a""a-hmen" "o "hem. 6o rea!iJe "his i" is nei"her ne-essary "o resi#n your Cob nor run a3ay <rom home. 2e -onsis"en"!y re<used "o #ive his devo"ees $ermission "o #ive u$ "heir 3or!d!y res$onsibi!i"ies in <avour o< a medi"a"ive !i<e and he a!3ays insis"ed "ha" rea!iJa"ion 3as eEua!!y a--essib!e "o everyone' irres$e-"ive o< "heir $hysi-a! -ir-ums"an-es. 2e a--e$"ed "he $revai!in# 2indu "heory o< die" 3hi-h -!aimed "ha" "he "y$e o< <ood -onsumed a<<e-"ed "he Euan"i"y and Eua!i"y o< one9s "hou#h"s and he re-ommended a modera"e in"a%e o< ve#e"arian <ood as "he mos" use<u! aid "o s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-e.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 12 . 2e <irm!y be!ieved "ha" men"a! a""i"ude had a #rea"er bearin# on s$iri"ua! $ro#ress "han $hysi-a! -ir-ums"an-es and he $ersis"en"!y dis-oura#ed a!! Eues"ioners 3ho <e!" "ha" a mani$u!a"ion o< "heir environmen"' ho3ever s!i#h"' 3ou!d be s$iri"ua!!y bene<i-ia!. RaCas 7a-"ivi"y: RaCasi.<oods in-!ude mea"' <ish and ho" s$i-y <oods su-h as -hi!!ies' onions and #ar!i-. 2avin# no ma"eria!' so-ia! or <inan-ia! en"an#!emen"s "he sannyasi has "heore"i-a!!y removed a!! "he a""a-hmen"s 3hi-h $revious!y im$eded his $ro#ress "o3ards e!<Drea!iJa"ion. 6here is no need "o resi#n your Cob' on!y resi#n yourse!< "o God' "he bearer o< "he burden o< a!!.<oods.s-ho!arshi$.Life in the world 6here is a 3e!!Des"ab!ished 2indu "radi"ion 3hi-h $res-ribes <our s"a#es o< !i<e 7asramas: <or serious s$iri"ua! see%ers? 1 Brahma-harya 7-e!iba"e s"udy:. #$ I have a #ood mind "o resi#n <rom servi-e and remain -ons"an"!y 3i"h ri Bha#avan. In#es"ion o< "hese <oods resu!"s in an overa-"ive mind.' bu" renun-ia"ion o< desires' a<<e-"ion and a""a-hmen". . Grihas"ha 7marria#e and <ami!y:. Ins"ead o< advisin# $hysi-a! renun-ia"ion he "o!d a!! his devo"ees "ha" i" 3ou!d be s$iri"ua!!y more $rodu-"ive <or "hem "o dis-har#e "heir norma! du"ies and ob!i#a"ions 3i"h an a3areness "ha" "here 3as no individua! 8I9 $er<ormin# or a--e$"in# res$onsibi!i"y <or "he a-"s 3hi-h "he body $er<ormed. A die" 3hi-h -onsis"s !ar#e!y o< "hese $rodu-"s he!$s s$iri"ua! as$iran"s "o main"ain a s"i!!' Euie" mind. A$ Bha#avan is a!3ays 3i"h you' in you' and you are yourse!< Bha#avan. *hen a!! <ami!y ob!i#a"ions have been <u!<i!!ed 73hi-h usua!!y means 3hen "he -hi!dren are married o<<:' "he as$iran" may re"ire "o a so!i"ary $!a-e' usua!!y a <ores"' and en#a#e in <u!!D"ime medi"a"ion. A !on# $eriod o< s-ri$"ura! s"udy $rior "o marria#e' usua!!y in an ins"i"u"ion 3hi-h s$e-ia!ises in 5edi. One 3ho renoun-es desires a-"ua!!y mer#es in "he 3or!d and eB$ands his !ove "o "he 3ho!e universe.#. 6he 2indu die"ary "heory 3hi-h ri Ramana endorsed -!assi<ies di<<eren" <oods a--ordin# "o "he men"a! s"a"es "ha" "hey indu-e? 1 a""va 7$uri"y or harmony: Dairy $rodu-e' <rui"' ve#e"ab!es and -erea!s are deemed "o be sa""vi. 6his "imeDhonoured s"ru-"ure sus"ained "he -ommon Indian be!ie< "ha" i" 3as ne-essary "o abandon one9s <ami!y and "a%e "o a medi"a"ive !i<e o< -e!iba"e as-e"i-ism i< one 3as serious!y in"eres"ed in rea!isin# "he e!<. EB$ansion o< !ove and a<<e-"ion 3ou!d be a <ar be""er "erm <or a "rue devo"ee o< God "han renun-ia"ion' <or one 3ho 0= . In "he <ina! s"a#e "he see%er dro$s ou" o< "he 3or!d -om$!e"e!y and be-omes a 3anderin# mendi-an" mon%. / 5ana$ras"ha 7<ores" hermi":. 4 annyasa 73anderin# mon%:. Renun-ia"ion does no" im$!y a$$aren" dives"in# o< -os"umes' <ami!y "ies' home' e"-. / 6amas 7s!u##ishness: @oods 3hi-h are de-ayed' s"a!e or "he $rodu-" o< a <ermen"a"ion $ro-ess 7e. +onsum$"ion o< "hese <oods !eads "o a$a"he"i-' "or$id s"a"es o< mind 3hi-h ham$er -!ear de-isive "hin%in#. . ri Ramana 3as as%ed abou" "his be!ie< many "imes bu" he a!3ays re<used "o endorse i".

#$ 2o3 -an my mind be s"i!! i< I have "o use i" more "han o"her $eo$!eK I 3an" "o #o in"o so!i"ude and renoun-e my headmas"er9s 3or%. 6his raises a doub" as "o 3he"her 3or% -an sa<e!y be !e<" "o i"se!<. Ma%e no e<<or" ei"her "o 3or% or "o renoun-eI i" is your e<<or" 3hi-h is "he bonda#e. o' !eave i" "o "he hi#her $o3erI you -anno" renoun-e or re"ain as you -hoose. 2is a-"ions are God9s and "here<ore ri#h". Bu" "he men"a! obs"a-!es are a!3ays "here <or you. In "he !i<e o< ri +hai"anya i" is said "ha" durin# his !e-"ures "o s"uden"s he 3as rea!!y see%in# Krishna 3i"hin and he <or#o" a!! abou" his body and 3en" on "a!%in# o< Krishna on!y. im$!y be a3are o< i" durin# () . o "ha" is "he rea! sour-e o< your a-"ivi"y. *hen "his eB$ansion -omes' one does no" <ee! "ha" one is runnin# a3ay <rom home' ins"ead one dro$s <rom i" !i%e a ri$e <rui" <rom a "ree. 6hey even in-rease #rea"!y in "he ne3 surroundin#s. A$ A""endin# "o "he e!< means a""endin# "o "he 3or%. You see ho3 "he business o< 3a!%in# #oes on 3i"hou" your a""endin# "o i". Are you a$ar" <rom "he e!<K Or -an "he 3or% #o on 3i"hou" "he e!<K 6he e!< is universa! so a!! a-"ions 3i!! #o on 3he"her you s"rain yourse!< "o be en#a#ed in "hem or no".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman renoun-es "he immedia"e "ies a-"ua!!y eB"ends "he bonds o< a<<e-"ion and !ove "o a 3ider 3or!d beyond "he borders o< -as"e' -reed and ra-e. I< you are des"ined "o 3or%' you 3i!! no" be ab!e "o avoid i" and you 3i!! be <or-ed "o en#a#e yourse!< in i". 6he e#o is "he sour-e o< "hou#h". #$ I< one ho!ds "he e!< in remembran-e' 3i!! one9s a-"ions a!3ays be ri#h"K A$ 6hey ou#h" "o be. I" -rea"es "he body and "he 3or!d and i" ma%es you "hin% o< bein# "he #rihas"ha. o a!so 3i"h o"her %inds o< 3or%. *ha" does i" ma""er 3he"her you a""end "o "he 3or% or no"K *hen you 3a!% <rom one $!a-e "o ano"her you do no" a""end "o "he s"e$s you "a%e and ye" you <ind yourse!< a<"er a "ime a" your #oa!. #$ 2o3 does a #rihas"ha Lhouseho!derM <are in "he s-heme o< mo%sha L!ibera"ionMK hou!d he no" ne-essari!y be-ome a mendi-an" in order "o a""ain !ibera"ionK A$ *hy do you "hin% you are a #rihas"haK imi!ar "hou#h"s "ha" you are a sannyasi L3anderin# mon%M 3i!! haun" you' even i< you #o ou" as a sannyasi. A sonnyasi 3ho a$$aren"!y -as"s a3ay his -!o"hes and !eaves his home does no" do so ou" o< aversion "o his immedia"e re!a"ions bu" be-ause o< "he eB$ansion o< his !ove "o o"hers around him. 6he one obs"a-!e is "he mind and i" mus" be over-ome 3he"her in "he home or in "he <ores". #$ Is i" $ossib!e "o enCoy samadhi La3areness o< rea!i"yM 3hi!e busy in 3or!d!y 3or%K A$ 6he <ee!in# 8I 3or%9 is "he hindran-e. You may remain 3here you are and #o on 3i"h "he 3or%. I< you are des"ined no" "o 3or%' 3or% -anno" be had even i< you hun" <or i". *ha" is "he under-urren" 3hi-h vivi<ies "he mind' enab!es i" "o do a!! "his 3or%K I" is "he e!<. 2o3ever' su-h a $erson is no" -on-erned 3i"h "he ri#h" or 3ron# o< a-"ions. 6hus Krishna "o!d ArCuna "ha" he need no" "roub!e "o %i!! "he Kauravas be-ause "hey 3ere a!ready s!ain by God. #$ Bha#avan said yes"erday "ha" 3hi!e one is en#a#ed in sear-h o< God 83i"hin9' 8ou"er9 3or% 3ou!d #o on au"oma"i-a!!y. *ha" is des"ined "o ha$$en 3i!! ha$$en. I< you -an do i" in "he <ores"' 3hy no" in "he homeK 6here<ore' 3hy -han#e "he environmen"K Your e<<or"s -an be made even no3' 3ha"ever "he environmen". 6i!! "hen i" 3ou!d be <o!!y "o !eave one9s home or Cob. Be-ause you iden"i<y yourse!< 3i"h "he body' you "hin% "ha" 3or% is done by you. A$ No. I" is no he!$ "o -han#e "he environmen". Bu" "he body and i"s a-"ivi"ies' in-!udin# "ha" 3or%' are no" a$ar" <rom "he e!<. *he"her you -on"inue in "he househo!d or renoun-e i" and #o "o "he <ores"' your mind haun"s you. As% yourse!< 8*ho 3or%sK9 Remember 3ho you are. 6hen "he 3or% 3i!! no" bind you' i" 3i!! #o on au"oma"i-a!!y. I" 3as no" <or him "o reso!ve "o 3or% and 3orry himse!< abou" i"' bu" "o a!!o3 his o3n na"ure "o -arry ou" "he 3i!! o< "he hi#her $o3er. I< you renoun-e' i" 3i!! on!y subs"i"u"e "he "hou#h" o< sannyasa <or "ha" o< #rihas"ha and "he environmen" o< "he <ores" <or "ha" o< "he househo!d. #$ Bu" "he 3or% may su<<er i< I do no" a""end "o i". hou!d one %ee$ $ar" o< one9s a""en"ion on "he $hysi-a! 3or%K A$ 6he e!< is a!!. 6he 3or% 3i!! #o on o< i"se!<.

*or% $er<ormed 3i"h a""a-hmen" is a sha-%!e' 3hereas 3or% $er<ormed 3i"h de"a-hmen" does no" a<<e-" "he doer. 6he main "hin# is "o see "ha" "he mind does no" "urn ou"3ard bu" in3ard. @or he %no3s "he "ru"h "ha" a!! a-"ivi"ies "a%e $!a-e in his mere $resen-e and "ha" he does no"hin#. I< you 3or% unhurried!y' re-o!!e-"ed!y' your 3or% or servi-e need no" be a hindran-e. o!i"ude is in "he mind o< man. 6o do "ha"' do no" hurry' "a%e your o3n "ime. #$ Our everyday !i<e is no" -om$a"ib!e 3i"h su-h e<<or"s. Kee$ "he remembran-e o< your rea! na"ure a!ive' even 3hi!e 3or%in#' and avoid has"e 3hi-h -auses you "o <or#e". o!i"ude is a <un-"ion o< "he mind. Iden"i<y yourse!< 3i"h "he -urren". One mi#h" be in "he "hi-% o< "he 3or!d and main"ain sereni"y o< mind. *ho are you and 3hy did you #e" "his body "ha" has "hese !imi"a"ionsK #$ Is so!i"ude ne-essary <or vi-haraK A$ 6here is so!i"ude every3here. 6hey are no" your o3n' "hey are God9s a-"ivi"ies. One 3ho 3or%s !i%e "his is' even 3hi!e 3or%in#' in so!i"ude. #$ Bu" is i" no" $ossib!e <or some"hin# "o be a he!$' es$e-ia!!y "o a be#inner' !i%e a <en-e round a youn# "reeK @or ins"an-e' don9" our boo%s say "ha" i" is he!$<u! "o #o on $i!#rima#es "o sa-red shrines or "o #e" sa"Dsan#aK A$ *ho said "hey are no" he!$<u!K On!y su-h "hin#s do no" res" 3i"h you' 3hereas "urnin# your mind in3ard does. u-h a man -anno" be said "o be in so!i"ude. Is i" soK A$ Yes. Do no" ima#ine i" is you 3ho are doin# "he 3or%. 6he individua! is so!i"ary a!3ays. #$ 2o3 -an -essa"ion o< a-"ivi"y Lnivri""iM and $ea-e o< mind be a""ained in "he mids" o< househo!d du"ies 3hi-h are o< "he na"ure o< -ons"an" a-"ivi"yK A$ As "he a-"ivi"ies o< "he 3ise man eBis" on!y in "he eyes o< o"hers and no" in his o3n' a!"hou#h he may be a--om$!ishin# immense "as%s' he rea!!y does no"hin#. Pra-"ise medi"a"ion "o s"i!! "he mind and -ause i" "o be-ome a3are o< i"s "rue re!a"ionshi$ "o "he e!< 3hi-h su$$or"s i". (1 . I" does no" rea!!y res" 3i"h a man 3he"her he #oes "o "his $!a-e or "ha" or 3he"her he #ives u$ his du"ies or no". 2en-e he 3i!! remain as "he si!en" 3i"ness o< a!! "he a-"ivi"ies "a%in# $!a-e. Is i" "rueK Is i" no" a <a-" "ha" you remained as you 3ere and "here 3ere movemen"s o< -onveyan-es a!! a!on# "he 3ayK Hus" as "hose movemen"s are -on<ounded 3i"h your o3n' so a!so are "he o"her a-"ivi"ies. A man a""a-hed "o desires -anno" #e" so!i"ude 3herever he may be' 3hereas a de"a-hed man is a!3ays in so!i"ude. +on"em$!a"e in "he ba-%#round o< your mind even 3hi!s" 3or%in#. 6hin% "ha" i" is "he under!yin# -urren" 3hi-h is doin# i". 2is business is "o <ind i" ou" 3i"hin' no" "o see% i" ou"side himse!<. A!! "he a-"ivi"ies "ha" "he body is "o #o "hrou#h are de"ermined 3hen i" <irs" -omes in"o eBis"en-e. A!! "hese even"s ha$$en a--ordin# "o des"iny. 6he on!y <reedom you have is "o "urn your mind in3ard and renoun-e a-"ivi"ies "here. u-h a one is in so!i"ude. Be de!ibera"e. A$ *hy do you "hin% you are a-"iveK 6a%e "he #ross eBam$!e o< your arriva! here.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman your 3or% and do no" <or#e" i". 6here<ore his a-"ivi"ies do no" s"and in "he 3ay o< ina-"ion and $ea-e o< mind. #$ o "hen' one mi#h" be en#a#ed in 3or% and be <ree <rom desire and %ee$ u$ so!i"ude. Many $eo$!e desire "he $i!#rima#e or sa"Dsan#a "ha" you men"ion' bu" do "hey a!! #e" i"K #$ *hy is i" "ha" "urnin# in3ard a!one is !e<" "o us and no" any ou"er "hin#sK A$ I< you 3an" "o #o "o <undamen"a!s' you mus" enEuire 3ho you are and <ind ou" 3ho i" is 3ho has <reedom or des"iny. #$ In "he ear!y s"a#es 3ou!d i" no" be a he!$ "o a man "o see% so!i"ude and #ive u$ his ou"er du"ies in !i<eK A$ Renun-ia"ion is a!3ays in "he mind' no" in #oin# "o <ores"s or so!i"ary $!a-es or #ivin# u$ one9s du"ies. You !e<" home in a -ar"' "oo% a "rain' a!i#h"ed a" "he rai!3ay s"a"ion here' #o" in"o a -ar" "here and <ound yourse!< in "his ashram. I" does no" res" 3i"h you "o a--e$" or reCe-" "hem. *hen as%ed' you say "ha" you "rave!!ed here a!! "he 3ay <rom your "o3n. Ano"her may s"ay in a <ores"' bu" s"i!! be unab!e "o -on"ro! his mind.

Lmen"a!!y overa-"iveM and "heir ener#y #oes ou"3ards. #$ +an <as"in# -ure seBua! desireK A$ Yes' bu" i" is "em$orary. #$ 2o3 do 3e roo" ou" our seB ideaK A$ By roo"in# ou" "he <a!se idea o< "he body bein# "he e!<. A$ Even i< you have' i" does no" ma""er so !on# as you do no" "hin% a<"er3ards "ha" you have done so. Be "he e!< and "hen you 3i!! have no seB "roub!es. I< a man has a s"ron# desire <or "he hi#her !i<e "hen "he seB "enden-y 3i!! subside. I< you be!ieve in "he $rob!em o< ano"her' you are be!ievin# in some"hin# ou"side "he e!<. #$ Do you a$$rove o< seBua! -on"inen-eK A$ A "rue brahma-hari L-e!iba"eM is one 3ho d3e!!s in Brahman. 6ry "o rea!iJe "ha" "here is no I' no you' no he' on!y "he one e!< 3hi-h is a!!. A$ *ha" is "he use o< "ha"K I< i" eBis"s in "he mind' 3ha" use is i" "o <or-e $eo$!e "o abs"ainK #$ Is marria#e a bar "o s$iri"ua! $ro#ressK A$ 6he househo!der9s !i<e is no" a bar' bu" "he househo!der mus" do his u"mos" "o $ra-"i-e se!<D -on"ro!. +om$!e"e <as"in# ma%es "he mind "oo 3ea%. 6he e!< is no" a3are o< any sin and renun-ia"ion o< seB is in"erna!' no" mere!y o< "he body a!one. Men"a! <as" is "he rea! aid. Mere abs"inen-e <rom <ood 3i!! do no #ood' i" 3i!! even u$se" "he mind. 6he <or-e se" u$ 3i"hin you 3i!! o$era"e on o"hers a!so. Bu" i<' durin# a <as" o< one mon"h' "he s$iri"ua! ou"!oo% has been main"ained' "hen in abou" "en days a<"er "he brea%in# (. #$ +an one $ro#ress s$iri"ua!!y by <as"in#K A$ @as"in# shou!d be -hie<!y men"a! Labs"en"ion <rom "hou#h"sM. #$ A" ri Aurobindo9s ashram "here is a ri#id ru!e "ha" married -ou$!es are $ermi""ed "o !ive "here on -ondi"ion "ha" "hey have no seBua! in"er-ourse. Bu" even i< you do -ommi" adu!"ery' do no" "hin% abou" i" a<"er3ards' be-ause you are yourse!< a!3ays $ure. . You are no" "he sinner. You 3i!! bes" he!$ him by rea!isin# "he oneness o< every"hin# ra"her "han by ou"3ard a-"ivi"y. @as"in# is no" an end in i"se!<. I" is your senses and body 3hi-h "em$" you and 3hi-h you -on<use 3i"h your rea! e!<. #$ I am -arried a3ay by "he si#h" o< "he breas"s o< a youn# 3oman nei#hbour and I am o<"en "em$"ed "o -ommi" adu!"ery 3i"h her. $iri"ua! un<o!dmen" 3i!! -ome ra"her by re#u!a"in# ea"in#. 6hen "here is no Eues"ion o< desires any more. o <irs" %no3 3ho is "em$"ed and 3ho is "here "o "em$". 6here is no seB in "he e!<. #$ Bu" ho3 -an I he!$ ano"her 3i"h his $rob!em' his "roub!esK A$ *ha" is "his "a!% o< ano"her – "here is on!y "he one. 6here mus" be s$iri"ua! deve!o$men" side by side. Does a man 3ho is a-"in# on "he s"a#e in a <ema!e $ar" <or#e" "ha" he is a manK imi!ar!y' 3e "oo mus" $!ay our $ar"s on "he s"a#e o< !i<e' bu" 3e mus" no" iden"i<y ourse!ves 3i"h "hose $ar"s. #$ 2o3 does one remove "he s$iri"ua! s!o"h o< o"hersK A$ 2ave you removed your o3nK 6urn your enEuiries "o3ards "he e!<. *e mus" be in3ard!y Euie"' no" <or#e""in# "he e!<' and "hen eB"erna!!y 3e -an #o on 3i"h a-"ivi"y. #$ I have -ommi""ed seBua! sin. 6he s$iri"ua! Eues" mus" be %e$" u$ ri#h" "hrou#h a <as" i< i" is "o bene<i" s$iri"ua!!y.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ Is i" harder <or 3es"erners "o 3i"hdra3 in3ardsK A$ Yes' "hey are raCasi. *ha" shou!d I doK A$ You are a!3ays $ure. *hen "he mind is des"royed' "he o"her desires are des"royed a!so.

#$ In "he absen-e o< our usua! die" our hea!"h su<<ers and "he mind !oses s"ren#"h. I had no <ood and no s!ee$. I< you have <ood' you need s!ee$. Bu" remember one "hin#? eB-e$" 3hen one is absorbed in a s"a"e 3here "he mind is mo"ion!ess' i" is no" $ossib!e "o #ive u$ s!ee$ or <ood a!"o#e"her. (/ . Is i" no" ne-essary "o %ee$ u$ one9s $hysi-a! hea!"hK A$ Nui"e ne-essary.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman o< "he <as" 7i< i" be ri#h"!y bro%en and <o!!o3ed by Cudi-ious ea"in#: "he mind 3i!! be-ome $ure and s"eady' and remain so. #$ Is i" no" %i!!in# !i<e "o $re$are mea" die"K A$ Ahimsa LnonDvio!en-eM s"ands <oremos" in "he -ode o< dis-i$!ine <or "he yo#is. A$ *ha" do you mean by s"ren#"h o< mindK #$ 6he $o3er "o e!imina"e 3or!d!y a""a-hmen".<oods. I" is "he mind "ha" ma""ers. 6he 3ea%er "he body "he s"ron#er "he mind #ro3s.m. I" amoun"s "o "his' "ha" s!ee$ and <ood shou!d no" be "a%en in eB-ess. And 3a%e u$ a" . 2o3ever' on-e you have a""ained i!!umina"ion i" 3i!! ma%e !ess di<<eren-e 3ha" you ea"' as' on a #rea" <ire' i" is imma"eria! 3ha" <ue! is added. 6here is no harm in ea"in# "hree "o <our "imes a day. *hen "here is movemen" in "he body' you need <ood. omebody or o"her used "o o<<er me a "umb!er<u! o< some !iEuid die" 3henever I o$ened my eyes. ome say "ha" <our hours s!ee$ is no" enou#h' bu" "ha" i" shou!d be siB hours. A$ 6he Eua!i"y o< <ood in<!uen-es "he mind. 6here<ore' "he sadha%a shou!d do every"hin# in modera"ion. ome say "ha" i" is hea!"hy "o #o "o bed a" 1) $. Does s!ee$ !ead you "o mu%"iK I" is 3ron# "o su$$ose "ha" sim$!e ina-"ivi"y !eads one "o mu%"i. 2e is s"eady and no" in<!uen-ed by "he <ood he "a%es. *hen "he body and mind are en#a#ed in "he ordinary $ursui"s o< !i<e' "he body ree!s i< you #ive u$ <ood and s!ee$. #$ *e Euro$eans are a--us"omed "o a $ar"i-u!ar die" and a -han#e o< die" a<<e-"s "he hea!"h and 3ea%ens "he mind. #$ +ou!d one re-eive s$iri"ua! i!!umina"ion 3hi!e ea"in# <!esh <oodsK A$ Yes' bu" abandon "hem #radua!!y and a--us"om yourse!< "o sa""vi.L$ure and harmoniousM. #$ Rea!!yO 6hen ho3 -an Euro$eans adCus" "hemse!ves "o sa""vi. 6here are di<<erin# "heories -on-ernin# no3 mu-h a sadha%a shou!d ea" and ho3 mu-h he shou!d s!ee$. I< you 3an" "o -u" o<< ei"her o< "hem -om$!e"e!y' your mind 3i!! a!3ays be dire-"ed "o3ards "hem. #$ Are "here res"ri-"ions <or "he rea!iJed man 3i"h re#ard "o <oodK A$ No. 6ha" means "ha" <our hours s!ee$ is enou#h.<ood on!yK A$ 2abi" is on!y adCus"men" "o "he environmen". Moreover' you "a%e "hese mea!s in "3e!ve hours o< 3a%in# 3hereas you are no" ea"in# in "3e!ve hours o< s!ee$. @or "he $ra-"i-e o< any %ind o< yo#a' ve#e"arianism is abso!u"e!y ne-essary sin-e i" ma%es "he mind more sa""vi. 6ha" 3as a!! I ever a"e. 5ery !i""!e <ood is enou#h "o sus"ain !i<e. In "he ear!y days a<"er my -omin# here' I had my eyes -!osed and I 3as so dee$!y absorbed in medi"a"ion "ha" I hard!y %ne3 3he"her i" 3as day or ni#h". 6he <ood ma"eria! is "o be had bo"h in ve#e"arian and nonDve#e"arian die" eEua!!y 3e!!.m. Bu" "he mind desires su-h <ood as i" is a--us"omed "o and -onsiders "as"y. #$ Even $!an"s have !i<e. a. #$ *ha" abou" die"K A$ @ood a<<e-"s "he mind. Bu" on!y do no" say 8I 3an" "his %ind o< <ood and no" "ha" %ind9 and so on. I< "here is no movemen"' you do no" need s!ee$. 6ha" used "o be my eB$erien-e. 6he mind <eeds on "he <ood -onsumed. 6he <a-" is "ha" "he mind has been "rained "o "hin% -er"ain <oods "as"y and #ood.

I" is be""er "o do 3i"hou" i". I" is a!so no" #ood <or medi"a"ion $ra-"i-e. 6he di<<i-u!"y in surrenderin# "hem does no" arise be-ause "hey are rea!!y ne-essary' bu" mere!y be-ause 3e have be-ome inured by -us"om and habi" "o "hem.drin%s be #iven u$K A$ I" is advisab!e "o #ive "hem u$ be-ause "his abs"en"ion is a use<u! aid <or be#inners.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ o "oo "he s!abs you si" onO #$ May 3e #radua!!y #e" ourse!ves a--us"omed "o ve#e"arian <oodK A$ Yes. Bu" "oba--o on!y #ives a "em$orary s"imu!a"ion "o 3hi-h "here mus" be a rea-"ion 3i"h -ravin# <or more. (4 . Men are ens!aved by "oba--o and -anno" #ive i" u$. I" is #ood "ha" you have #iven u$ smo%in#. #$ Genera!!y s$ea%in#' 3ha" are "he ru!es o< -ondu-" 3hi-h an as$iran" shou!d <o!!o3K A$ Modera"ion in <ood' modera"ion in s!ee$ and modera"ion in s$ee-h. 6ha" is "he 3ay. #$ Do you re-ommend "ha" mea" and a!-oho!i. #$ Is i" harm!ess "o -on"inue smo%in#K A$ No' <or "oba--o is a $oison.

Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman

Chapter 13 - Yoga
Pra-"i"ioners o< yo#a aim <or union 3i"h "he e!< 7yo#a is ans%ri" <or union: by under"a%in# dis"in-"ive men"a! and $hysi-a! eBer-ises. Mos" o< "hese eBer-ises -an be "ra-ed ba-% "o "he Yo#a u"ras o< Pa"anCa!i 3hi-h 3ere 3ri""en abou" ,))) years a#o. Pa"anCa!i9s sys"em' %no3n as raCa yo#a' -on"ains ei#h" dis"in-"ive !eve!s and $ra-"i-es. 1 Ya"na +ondu-" o< !i<e in re!a"ion "o o"hers – avoidin# un"ru"h' "he<"' inCury "o o"hers' sensua!i"y and #reed. , Niyama +ondu-" "o3ards onese!< – -!ean!iness' "ranEui!!i"y' aus"eri"y' s"udy and devo"ion. / Asana "re"-hin#' bendin#' ba!an-in# and si""in# eBer-ises. 6hese eBer-ises are no3adays -o!!e-"ive!y %no3n as ha"ha yo#a. 4 Pranayama Brea"hin# eBer-ises 3hi-h aim "o -on"ro! "he mind. 1 Pra"yahara *i"hdra3in# "he a""en"ion <rom "he body and "he senses. > Dharana +on-en"ra"ion o< "he mind. 0 Dhyana Medi"a"ion. ( amadhi Unin"erru$"ed -on"em$!a"ion o< rea!i"y. Mos" o< "hese $ra-"i-es -an be <ound in o"her s$iri"ua! sys"ems. 6he on!y eB-e$"ions are ha"ha yo#a and $ranayama and i" is "hese 3hi-h #ive raCa yo#a i"s dis"in-"ive -hara-"er. *hen visi"ors as%ed ri Ramana abou" "hese $ra-"i-es he 3ou!d usua!!y -ri"i-ise ha"ha yo#a be-ause o< i"s obsession 3i"h "he body. I" is a <undamen"a! $remise o< his "ea-hin#s "ha" s$iri"ua! $rob!ems -an on!y be so!ved by -on"ro!!in# "he mind' and be-ause o< "his' he never en-oura#ed "he $ra-"i-e o< s$iri"ua! dis-i$!ines 3hi-h devo"ed "hemse!ves $rimari!y "o "he 3e!!Dbein# o< "he body. 2e had a hi#her o$inion o< $ranayama 7brea"h -on"ro!:' sayin# "ha" i" 3as a use<u! aid <or "hose 3ho -ou!d no" o"her3ise -on"ro! "heir mind' bu" on "he 3ho!e he "ended "o re#ard i" as a be#inner9s $ra-"i-e. 2is vie3s on "he o"her as$e-"s o< raCa yo#a 7su-h as mora!i"y' medi"a"ion and samadhi: have been dea!" 3i"h in se$ara"e -ha$"ers. In addi"ion "o raCa yo#a "here is ano"her $o$u!ar sys"em -a!!ed %unda!ini yo#a. 6he $ra-"i"ioners o< "his sys"em -on-en"ra"e on $sy-hi- -en"res 7-ha%ras: in "he body in order "o #enera"e a s$iri"ua! $o3er "hey -a!! %unda!ini. 6he aim o< "his $ra-"i-e is "o <or-e "he %unda!ini u$ a $sy-hi- -hanne! 7"he sushumna: 3hi-h runs <rom "he base o< "he s$ine "o "he brain. 6he %unda!ini yo#i be!ieves "ha" 3hen "his $o3er rea-hes "he sahasrara 7"he hi#hes" -ha%ra !o-a"ed in "he brain:' e!<Drea!iJa"ion 3i!! resu!". ri Ramana never advised his devo"ees "o $ra-"ise %unda!ini yo#a sin-e he re#arded i" as bein# bo"h $o"en"ia!!y dan#erous and unne-essary. 2e a--e$"ed "he eBis"en-e o< "he %unda!ini $o3er and "he -ha%ras bu" he said "ha" even i< "he %unda!ini rea-hed "he sahasrara i" 3ou!d no" resu!" in rea!iJa"ion. @or <ina! rea!iJa"ion' he said' "he %unda!ini mus" #o beyond "he sahasrara' do3n ano"her nadi 7$sy-hi- nerve: he -a!!ed amri"anadi 7a!so -a!!ed "he $aranadi or Civanadi: and in"o "he 2ear"D -en"re on "he ri#h"Dhand side o< "he -hes". in-e he main"ained "ha" se!<DenEuiry 3ou!d au"oma"i-a!!y send "he %unda!ini "o "he 2ear"D-en"re' he "au#h" "ha" se$ara"e yo#a eBer-ises 3ere unne-essary. 6he e!< is rea-hed by "he sear-h <or "he ori#in o< "he e#o and by divin# in"o "he 2ear". 6his is "he dire-" me"hod o< e!<Drea!iJa"ion. One 3ho ado$"s i" need no" 3orry abou" nadis' "he brain -en"re LsahasraraM' "he sushumna' "he $aranadi' "he %unda!ini' $ranayama or "he siB -en"res L-ha%rasM. In addi"ion "o "he $ra-"i-es ou"!ined above' 2induism -on"ains ano"her yo#a -a!!ed %arma yo#a' "he yo#a o< a-"ion. Pra-"i"ioners o< "his sys"em aim "o evo!ve s$iri"ua!!y by se!<!ess!y servin# and assis"in# o"hers. A!"hou#h i" is s$o%en o< hi#h!y in "he Bha#avad Gi"a' ri Ramana #enera!!y dis-oura#ed his devo"ees <rom <o!!o3in# "his $a"h sin-e i" $resu$$oses "he eBis"en-e o< an 8I9 3ho is #oin# "o $er<orm "he #ood deeds and 8o"her $eo$!e9 3ho are in need o< assis"an-e. 2e on!y en-oura#ed i" i< he <e!" "ha" $ar"i-u!ar devo"ees 3ere in-a$ab!e o< <o!!o3in# "he $a"hs o< Cnana'


Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman

bha%"i or raCa yo#a. I< an as$iran" be unsui"ed "em$eramen"a!!y <or "he <irs" "3o me"hods LCnana and bha%"iM' and -ir-ums"an"ia!!y on a--oun" o< a#e <or "he "hird me"hod Lyo#aM' he mus" "ry "he %arma mar#a L"he $a"h o< %arma yo#aM. 2is nob!er ins"in-"s be-ome more eviden" and he derives im$ersona! $!easure. 6he man a!so be-omes du!y eEui$$ed <or one o< "he "hree a<oresaid $a"hs. ri Ramana s"ressed "ha" "o be su--ess<u!' "he %arma yo#i mus" be <ree o< "he no"ion "ha" he himse!< is he!$in# o"hers' and "ha" he mus" a!so be una""a-hed and indi<<eren" "o "he -onseEuen-es o< his a-"ions. A!"hou#h he rare!y #ave %arma yo#a more "han a !u%e3arm endorsemen" he did admi" "ha" bo"h o< "hese -ondi"ions 3ou!d be me" i< a!! a-"ions 3ere $er<ormed 3i"hou" "he 8I am "he doer9 idea. #$ Yo#a means union. I 3onder union o< 3ha" 3i"h 3ha"K A$ EBa-"!y. Yo#a im$!ies $rior division and i" means !a"er union o< one "hin# 3i"h ano"her. Bu" 3ho is "o be uni"ed and 3i"h 3homK You are "he see%er' see%in# union 3i"h some"hin#. I< you assume "his "hen "ha" some"hin# mus" be a$ar" <rom you. Bu" your e!< is in"ima"e "o you and you are a!3ays a3are o< i". ee% i" and be i". 6hen i" 3i!! eB$and as "he in<ini"e and "here 3i!! be no Eues"ion o< yo#a. *hose is "he se$ara"ion Lviyo#aMK #$ I don9" %no3. Is "here rea!!y se$ara"ionK A$ @ind ou" "o 3hom is "he viyo#a. 6ha" is yo#a. Yo#a is -ommon "o a!! $a"hs. Yo#a is rea!!y no"hin# bu" -easin# "o "hin% "ha" you are di<<eren" <rom "he e!< or rea!i"y. A!! "he yo#as D%arma' Cnana' bha%"i and raCa – are Cus" di<<eren" $a"hs "o sui" di<<eren" na"ures 3i"h di<<eren" modes o< evo!u"ion. 6hey are a!! aimed a" #e""in# $eo$!e ou" o< "he !on#D -herished no"ion "ha" "hey are di<<eren" <rom "he e!<. 6here is no Eues"ion o< union or yo#a in "he sense o< #oin# and Coinin# some"hin# "ha" is some3here a3ay <rom us or di<<eren" <rom us' be-ause you never 3ere or -ou!d be se$ara"e <rom "he e!<. #$ *ha" is "he di<<eren-e be"3een yo#a and enEuiryK A$ Yo#a enCoins -hi""aDvri""iDnirodha Lre$ression o< "hou#h"sM 3hereas I $res-ribe a"manveshana LEues" o< onese!<M. 6his !a""er me"hod is more $ra-"i-ab!e. 6he mind is re$ressed in s3oon' or as "he e<<e-" o< <as"in#. Bu" as soon as "he -ause is 3i"hdra3n "he mind revives' "ha" is' "he "hou#h"s be#in "o <!o3 as be<ore. 6here are Cus" "3o 3ays o< -on"ro!!in# "he mind. Ei"her see% i"s sour-e' or surrender i" "o be s"ru-% do3n by "he su$reme $o3er. urrender is "he re-o#ni"ion o< "he eBis"en-e o< a hi#her overru!in# $o3er. I< "he mind re<uses "o he!$ in see%in# "he sour-e' !e" i" #o and 3ai" <or i"s re"urnI "hen "urn i" in3ards. No one su--eeds 3i"hou" $a"ien" $erseveran-e. #$ Is i" ne-essary "o -on"ro! one9s brea"hK A$ Brea"h -on"ro! is on!y an aid <or divin# dee$ 3i"hin onese!<. One may as 3e!! dive do3n by -on"ro!!in# "he mind. *hen "he mind is -on"ro!!ed' "he brea"h is -on"ro!!ed au"oma"i-a!!y. One need no" a""em$" brea"h -on"ro!' mind -on"ro! is enou#h. Brea"h -on"ro! is on!y re-ommended <or "hose 3ho -anno" -on"ro! "heir minds s"rai#h"a3ay. #$ *hen shou!d one do $ranayama and 3hy is i" e<<e-"iveK A$ In "he absen-e o< enEuiry and devo"ion' "he na"ura! seda"ive $ranayama Lbrea"h re#u!a"ionM may be "ried. 6his is %no3n as yo#a mar#a L"he $a"h o< yo#aM. I< !i<e is im$eri!ed "he 3ho!e in"eres" -en"res round one $oin"' "he savin# o< !i<e. I< "he brea"h is he!d "he mind -anno" a<<ord "o 7and does no": Cum$ a" i"s $e"s DeB"erna! obCe-"s. 6hus "here is res" <or "he mind so !on# as "he brea"h is he!d. A!! a""en"ion bein# "urned on brea"h or i"s re#u!a"ion' o"her in"eres"s are !os". 6he sour-e o< brea"h is "he same as "ha" o< "he mind. 6here<ore "he subsiden-e o< ei"her !eads e<<or"!ess!y "o "he subsiden-e o< "he o"her. #$ *i!! -on-en"ra"ion on -ha%ras Euie"en "he mindK A$ @iBin# "heir minds on $sy-hi- -en"res su-h as "he sahasrara L"he "housandD$e"a!!ed !o"us -ha%raM' yo#is remain any !en#"h o< "ime 3i"hou" a3areness o< "heir bodies. As !on# as "his s"a"e -on"inues "hey a$$ear "o be immersed in some


Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman

%ind o< Coy. Bu" 3hen "he mind 3hi-h has be-ome "ranEui! emer#es and be-omes a-"ive a#ain i" resumes i"s 3or!d!y "hou#h"s. I" is "here<ore ne-essary "o "rain i" 3i"h "he he!$ o< $ra-"i-es !i%e dhyana Lmedi"a"ionM 3henever i" be-omes eB"erna!ised. I" 3i!! "hen a""ain a s"a"e in 3hi-h "here is nei"her subsiden-e nor emer#en-e. #$ Is "he mind -on"ro! indu-ed by $ranayama a!so "em$oraryK A$ Nuies-en-e !as"s on!y so !on# as "he brea"h is -on"ro!!ed. o i" is "ransien". 6he #oa! is -!ear!y no" $ranayama. I" eB"ends on "o $ra"yahara L3i"hdra3a!M' dharana L-on-en"ra"ion o< mindM' dhyana Lmedi"a"ionM and samadhi. 6hose s"a#es dea! 3i"h -on"ro! o< "he mind. u-h mind -on"ro! be-omes easier <or a $erson 3ho has ear!ier $ra-"ised $ranayama. Pranayama "here<ore !eads one "o "he hi#her s"a#es. Be-ause "hese hi#her s"a#es invo!ve -on"ro!!in# "he mind' one -an say "ha" mind -on"ro! is "he u!"ima"e aim o< yo#a. A more advan-ed man 3i!! na"ura!!y #o dire-" "o -on"ro! o< mind 3i"hou" 3as"in# his "ime in $ra-"isin# -on"ro! o< brea"h. #$ Pranayama has "hree $hases – eBha!a"ion' inha!a"ion and re"en"ion. 2o3 shou!d "hey be re#u!a"edK A$ +om$!e"e!y #ivin# u$ iden"i<i-a"ion 3i"h "he body a!one is eBha!a"ion Lre-ha%aMI mer#in# 3i"hin "hrou#h "he enEuiry 8*ho am IK9 a!on# is inha!a"ion L$ura%aMI abidin# as "he one rea!i"y 8I am "ha"9 a!one is re"en"ion L%umbha%aM. 6his is "he rea! $ranayama. #$ I <ind i" said in Maha Yo#a "ha" in "he be#innin# o< medi"a"ion one may a""end "o "he brea"h' "ha" is' i"s ins$ira"ion and eB$ira"ion' and "ha" a<"er a -er"ain amoun" o< s"i!!ness o< mind is a""ained' one -an dive in"o "he 2ear" see%in# "he sour-e o< "he mind. I have been bad!y in 3an" o< some su-h $ra-"i-a! hin". +an I <o!!o3 "his me"hodK Is i" -orre-"K A$ 6he "hin# is "o %i!! "he mind someho3. 6hose 3ho have no" "he s"ren#"h "o <o!!o3 "he enEuiry me"hod are advised "o ado$" $ranayama as a he!$ "o -on"ro! "he mind. 6his $ranayama is o< "3o %inds' -on"ro!!in# and re#u!a"in# "he brea"h' or sim$!y 3a"-hin# "he brea"h. #$ @or -on"ro!!in# "he brea"h' is no" "he ra"io 1?4?, <or inha!in#' re"ainin# "he brea"h and eBha!in# bes"K A$ A!! "hose $ro$or"ions' some"imes re#u!a"ed no" by -oun"in# bu" by u""erin# man"ras' are aids "o -on"ro!!in# "he mind. 6ha" is a!!. *a"-hin# "he brea"h is a!so one <orm o< $ranayama. Inha!in#' re"ainin# and eBha!in# is more vio!en" and may be harm<u! in some -ases' <or eBam$!e 3hen "here is no $ro$er Guru "o #uide "he see%er a" every s"e$ and s"a#e. Bu" mere!y 3a"-hin# "he brea"h is easy and invo!ves no ris%. #$ Is "he mani<es"a"ion o< %unda!ini sa%"i L%unda!ini $o3erM $ossib!e on!y <or "hose 3ho <o!!o3 "he yo#i- $a"h o< a-Euirin# sa%"i L$o3erM' or is i" $ossib!e a!so <or "hose 3ho <o!!o3 "he $a"h o< devo"ion Lbha%"iM or !ove L$remaMK A$ *ho does no" have %unda!ini sa%"iK *hen "he rea! na"ure o< "ha" sa%"i is %no3n' i" is -a!!ed a%handa%ara vri""i Lunbro%en -ons-iousnessM or aham s$hurana Le<<u!#en-e o< 8I9M. Kunda!ini sa%"i is "here <or a!! $eo$!e 3ha"ever $a"h "hey <o!!o3. I" is on!y a di<<eren-e in name. #$ I" is said "ha" "he sa%"i mani<es"s i"se!< in <ive $hases' "en $hases' a hundred $hases and a "housand $hases. *hi-h is "rue? <ive or "en or a hundred or a "housandK A$ a%"i has on!y one $hase. I< i" is said "o mani<es" i"se!< in severa! $hases' i" is on!y a 3ay o< s$ea%in#. 6he sa%"i is on!y one. #$ +an a Cnani he!$ no" on!y "hose 3ho <o!!o3 his $a"h bu" a!so o"hers 3ho <o!!o3 o"her $a"hs su-h as yo#aK A$ Undoub"ed!y. 2e -an he!$ $eo$!e 3ha"ever $a"h "hey -hoose "o <o!!o3. I" is some"hin# !i%e "his. u$$ose "here is a hi!!. 6here 3i!! be very many $a"hs "o -!imb i". I< he 3ere "o as% $eo$!e "o -!imb by "he 3ay he -ame' some may !i%e i" and some may no". I< $eo$!e 3ho do no" !i%e i" are as%ed "o -!imb by "ha" $a"h' and by "ha" $a"h on!y' "hey 3i!! no" be ab!e "o -ome u$. 2en-e a Cnani he!$s $eo$!e <o!!o3in# any $ar"i-u!ar $a"h' 3ha"ever i" may be. Peo$!e 3ho are mid3ay may no" %no3 abou" "he meri"s and demeri"s o< o"her $a"hs' bu" one 3ho has -!imbed "o "he summi" and si"s "here observin# o"hers -omin# u$ is ab!e "o see a!! "he $a"hs. 2e 3i!! "here<ore be ab!e "o "e!! $eo$!e 3ho are -omin# u$ "o move a !i""!e "o "his side or "ha" or "o avoid a $i"<a!!. 6he #oa! is "he same <or a!!.


6he yo#i is "here<ore bound "o 3a%e u$ <rom "he samadhi be-ause re!ease <rom bonda#e has no" ye" been a--om$!ished. o he $asses do3n <rom "he sahasrara "o "he 2ear" "hrou#h 3ha" is -a!!ed "he Civanadi' 3hi-h is on!y a -on"inua"ion o< "he sushumna. #$ 2a"ha yo#i. 6he e!< does no" -ome <rom any3here e!se and en"er "he body "hrou#h "he -ro3n o< "he head. *hen "he yo#i has rea-hed "he 2ear"' "he samadhi be-omes $ermanen". 6ha" "he brain <un-"ions by !i#h" borro3ed <rom ano"her sour-e is admi""ed by "he yo#is "hemse!ves in "heir <on"ane!!e "heory. 6he vasanas' "ha" is "he !a"en" men"a! "enden-ies' are no" ho3ever des"royed. Kunda!ini is on!y ano"her name <or a"ma or e!< or sa%"i. 6ha" sour-e is "he 2ear"' "he e!<. In <a-" "he body is in "he mind 3hi-h has "he brain <or i"s sea". 6hus 3e see "ha" "he 2ear" is "he <ina! -en"re. 6he yo#is a""a-h "he hi#hes" im$or"an-e "o sendin# "he %unda!ini u$ "o "he sahasrara' "he brain -en"re or "he "housandD $e"a!!ed !o"us. 2e mus" s"i!! "ry "o eradi-a"e "he vasanas inheren" in him so "ha" "hey -ease "o dis"urb "he $ea-e o< his samadhi. A$ &e" "hose 3ho advo-a"e "hem use "hem. 6hey $oin" ou" "he s-ri$"ura! s"a"emen" "ha" "he !i<eD-urren" en"ers "he body "hrou#h "he <on"ane!!e and ar#ue "ha"' viyo#a Lse$ara"ionM havin# -ome abou" "ha" 3ay' yo#a LunionM mus" a!so be e<<e-"ed in "he reverse 3ay. I" s"ar"s <rom "he !o3es" -ha%ra' rises "hrou#h "he s$ina! -ord "o "he brain and <rom "here bends do3n and ends in "he 2ear". 6he Cnani <ur"her ar#ues? i< "he !i#h" is borro3ed i" mus" -ome <rom i"s na"ive sour-e. Go "o "he sour-e dire-" and do no" de$end on borro3ed resour-es. *hen by "his me"hod "he mind is mer#ed in "he e!<' "he sa%"i or %unda!ini' 3hi-h is no" a$ar" <rom "he e!<' rises au"oma"i-a!!y. 6he Cnanis on "he o"her hand $oin" ou" "ha" "he yo#i assumes "he eBis"en-e o< "he body and i"s se$ara"eness <rom "he e!<. A!! diseases 3i!! be e<<e-"ive!y annihi!a"ed by -on"inuous se!<DenEuiry. I" is as i" is' ever s$ar%!in#' ever s"eady' unmovin# and un-han#in#. On!y i< "his s"and$oin" o< se$ara"eness is ado$"ed -an "he yo#i advise e<<or" <or reunion by "he $ra-"i-e o< yo#a. I< you $ro-eed on "he no"ion "ha" hea!"h o< body is ne-essary <or hea!"h o< mind' "here 3i!! never be an end "o "he -are o< "he body. 6he Cnani may no" be havin# "his as his obCe-". 6here<ore' "hey say' 3e mus" by yo#a $ra-"i-e #a"her u$ "he $ranas and en"er "he <on"ane!!e <or "he -onsumma"ion o< yo#a.$ra-"i-es are said "o banish diseases e<<e-"ive!y and are "here<ore advo-a"ed as ne-essary $re!iminaries "o Cnana yo#a.nervesM so "ha" "he %unda!ini may #o u$ "he sushumnaK A$ 6hou#h "he yo#i may have his me"hods o< brea"h -on"ro! <or "his obCe-"' "he Cnani9s me"hod is on!y "ha" o< enEuiry. Bu" bo"h a-hieve "he same resu!"s' "ha" o< sendin# "he !i<eD <or-e u$ "he sushumna and severin# "he -hi"DCadaD#ran"hi. #$ 2o3 "o -hurn u$ "he nadis L$sy-hi. *e "a!% o< i" as bein# inside "he body' be-ause 3e -on-eive ourse!ves as !imi"ed by "his body. I< one -on-en"ra"es on "he sahasrara "here is no doub" "ha" "he e-s"asy o< samadhi ensues. 6he sushumna is "hus a -urve. #$ +an ha"ha yo#a be a--om$!ished a" my a#eK (( . 6he individua! -on<ines himse!< "o "he !imi"s o< "he -han#e<u! body or o< "he mind 3hi-h derives i"s eBis"en-e <rom "he un-han#in# e!<.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ 2o3 -an one dire-" "he $rana or !i<eD<or-e in"o "he sushumna nadi La $sy-hi. A!! "ha" is ne-essary is "o #ive u$ "his mis"a%en iden"i"y' and "ha" done' "he everDshinin# e!< 3i!! be seen "o be "he sin#!e nonDdua! rea!i"y. I" has no" been "he eB$erien-e here. Bu" i" is in rea!i"y bo"h inside and ou"side' bein# no" di<<eren" <rom e!< or "he sa%"i o< e!<.nerve in "he s$ineM so "ha" "he -hi"D CadaD#ran"hi L"he iden"i<i-a"ion o< -ons-iousness 3i"h "he bodyM -an be severed in "he manner s"a"ed in ri Ramana Gi"aK A$ By enEuirin# 8*ho am IK9 6he yo#i may be de<ini"e!y aimin# a" rousin# "he %unda!ini and sendin# i" u$ "he sushumna. #$ Is no" ha"ha yo#a ne-essary <or "he enEuiry in"o "he e!<K A$ Ea-h one <inds some one me"hod sui"ab!e "o himse!<' be-ause o< !a"en" "enden-ies L$urva sams%araM.

(= . #$ *ha" is "he si#ni<i-an-eK A$ I" means "ha" one shou!d a-" 3i"hou" "hin%in# "ha" onese!< is "he a-"or. A$ Yes.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ *hy do you "hin% o< a!! "ha"K Be-ause you "hin% "he e!< is eB"erior "o yourse!< you desire i" and "ry <or i". I" is said in a!! "he s-ri$"ures "ha" you shou!d no" -onsider yourse!< "o be "he a-"or. #$ o %arma yo#a is 8%ar"ri"va buddhi rahi"a %arma9 F a-"ion 3i"hou" "he sense o< doershi$. Even #rea" $andi"s 3e!! versed in "he vedan"a -on"inue "he $ra-"i-e o< i". A-"ions 3i!! #o on even in "he e#o!ess s"a"e. 6ha" asana o< "he 2ear" is $ea-e<u!' and #ives ha$$iness. u-h a $erson does no" unders"and "ha" he himse!< is "he -en"re o< a!! and "hus <orms "he basis <or a!!. 6here is no need <or any o"her asana <or "hose 3ho are sea"ed in "ha" one. Ea-h $erson has -ome in"o mani<es"a"ion <or a -er"ain $ur$ose and "ha" $ur$ose 3i!! be a--om$!ished 3he"her he -onsiders himse!< "o be "he a-"or or no". 6he sea"s are "he "i#erD s%in' #rass' e"-. *herever i" is $!easan"' "here is my asana. A!! a-"ions #o on au"oma"i-a!!y. O"her3ise "heir minds 3i!! no" subside. *hy a!! "hese on!y "o %no3 onese!<K 6he "ru"h is "ha" <rom "he e!< "he e#o rises u$' -on<uses i"se!< 3i"h "he body' mis"a%es "he 3or!d "o be rea!' and "hen' -overed 3i"h e#o"is"i. @ur"hermore "here are "hose 3ho use some medi-ines L%aya%a!$aM 3i"h "ha" end in vie3. #$ *ha" are asanas L$os"ures or sea"sMK Are "hey ne-essaryK A$ Many asanas 3i"h "heir e<<e-"s are men"ioned in "he yo#a sas"ras. o you may say i" is use<u! <or "hose 3ho -anno" o"her3ise s"i!! "he mind. 6hey a!so say "ha" !i<e mus" be $ro!on#ed so "ha" "he enEuiry may be -arried "o a su--ess<u! end. 6he asana Lsea"M is mean" "o ma%e him si" <irm. A$ 6he Gi"a s"ar"s by sayin# "ha" you are no" "he body and "ha" you are no" "here<ore "he %ar"a L"he doerM. 6he $os"ures are "he 8!o"us $os"ure9' "he 8easy $os"ure9 and so on. #$ 6he Gi"a seems "o em$hasise %arma yo#a' <or ArCuna is $ersuaded "o <i#h". A$ Yes. Bu" do you no" eBis" a!! a!on#K *hy do you !eave yourse!< and #o a<"er some"hin# eB"erna!K #$ I" is said in A$aro%sha Anubhu"i "ha" ha"ha yo#a is a ne-essary aid <or enEuiry in"o "he e!<. A$ 6he ha"ha yo#is -!aim "o %ee$ "he body <i" so "ha" "he enEuiry may be e<<e-"ed 3i"hou" obs"a-!es. #$ *ha" is %arma yo#aK Is i" nonDa""a-hmen" "o %arma La-"ionM or i"s <rui"K A$ Karma yo#a is "ha" yo#a in 3hi-h "he $erson does no" arro#a"e "o himse!< "he <un-"ion o< bein# "he a-"or. Bu" is no" "he body i"se!< a $i-"ure on "he s-reen' "he e!<K #$ Bu" ha"ha yo#a is so mu-h s$o%en o< as an aid.-on-ei"' i" "hin%s 3i!d!y and !oo%s <or asanas Lsea"sM. *here and ho3 -an he remain <irm eB-e$" in his o3n rea! s"a"eK 6his is "he rea! asanaI A""ainin# "he s"eadiness o< no" s3ervin# <rom "he %no3!ed#e "ha" "he base LasanaM u$on 3hi-h "he 3ho!e universe res"s is on!y e!<' 3hi-h is "he s$a-e o< "rue %no3!ed#e' "he i!!us"rious #round' a!one is "he <irm and mo"ion!ess $os"ure LasanaM <or eB-e!!en" samadhi. 6heir <avouri"e eBam$!e is "ha" "he s-reen mus" be $er<e-" be<ore "he $ain"in# is be#un. Yes' bu" 3hi-h is "he s-reen and 3hi-h "he $ain"in#K A--ordin# "o "hem "he body is "he s-reen and "he enEuiry in"o "he e!< is "he $ain"in#. Nui"e so. #$ Is i" nonDa""a-hmen" "o "he <rui"s o< a-"ionsK A$ 6he Eues"ion arises on!y i< "here is "he a-"or. 6ha" is -a!!ed su%hasana' "he asana o< ha$$iness. ri Krishna himse!< se" "he eBam$!e by an a-"ive !i<e o< #rea" eB$!oi"s. #$ In 3ha" asana is Bha#avan usua!!y sea"edK A$ In 3ha" asanaK In "he asana o< "he 2ear".

@or "he rea!iJed bein# sees on!y "he e!<' Cus" as "he #o!dsmi"h sees on!y "he #o!d 3hi!e va!uin# i" in various Ce3e!s made o< #o!d. 6he rea!iJed one does no" see "he 3or!d as di<<eren" <rom himse!<. =) . *hen you iden"i<y yourse!< 3i"h "he body' name and <orm are "here. Ye" $ra-"i-a! 3or% <or "he #oa! #radua!!y 3idens "he ou"!oo% so "ha" "he individua! be-omes mer#ed in "he -oun"ry.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ 6he Gi"a "ea-hes "ha" one shou!d have an a-"ive !i<e <rom be#innin# "o end. #$ 2o3 3i!! "he a-"ions #o on i< I do no" a-"K A$ *ho as%s "his Eues"ionK Is i" "he e!< or ano"herK Is "he e!< -on-erned 3i"h a-"ionsK #$ No' no" "he e!<. A$ 2e mus" have in "he -ourse o< his 3or% surrendered himse!< "o "he hi#her $o3er 3hose mi#h" mus" be %e$" in mind and never !os" si#h" o<. 2o3 -an I he!$ o"hersK A$ *ho is "here <or you "o he!$K *ho is "he 8I9 "ha" is #oin# "o he!$ o"hersK @irs" -!ear u$ "ha" $oin" and "hen every"hin# 3i!! se""!e i"se!<. #$ I< s3araC is #ained a<"er a !on# s"ru##!e and "errib!e sa-ri<i-es' is no" "he $erson Cus"i<ied in bein# $!eased 3i"h "he resu!" and e!a"ed by i". Ana!ysin# "hem and enEuirin# in"o "heir "ru"h' one is ob!i#ed "o remain as "he e!< in $ea-e. Never"he!ess even in "ha" s"a"e "he a-"ions 3i!! #o on. A$ Yes' "he a-"or!ess a-"ion. 6he bes" 3ay <or one "o serve "he 3or!d is "o 3in "he e#o!ess s"a"e. I" is ano"her' di<<eren" <rom "he e!<. A$ o i" is $!ain "ha" "he e!< is no" -on-erned 3i"h a-"ions and so "he Eues"ion does no" arise. Bu" 3hen you "rans-end "he bodyD -ons-iousness' "he o"hers a!so disa$$ear. Does my rea!iJa"ion he!$ o"hersK A$ Yes' and i" is "he bes" he!$ "ha" you -an $ossib!y render "o o"hers. Bu" rea!!y "here are no o"hers "o be he!$ed. #$ 6ha" means 8rea!iJe "he e!<. 2o3 "hen -an he be e!a"edK 2e shou!d no" even -are <or "he resu!" o< his a-"ions. #$ I< one remains Euie" ho3 is a-"ion "o #o onK *here is "he $!a-e <or %arma yo#aK A$ &e" us <irs" unders"and 3ha" %arma is' 3hose %arma i" is and 3ho is "he doer. #$ I 3an" "o do %arma yo#a. 6he sa#e he!$s "he 3or!d mere!y by bein# "he rea! e!<. I< God has -rea"ed "he 3or!d i" is his business "o !oo% a<"er i"' no" yours. 6hen a!one "he %arma be-omes unse!<ish. I< i" -an "a%e -are o< you' i" -an simi!ar!y "a%e -are o< "he 3or!d a!so. #$ hou!d I no" "ry "o he!$ "he su<<erin# 3or!dK A$ 6he $o3er "ha" -rea"ed you has -rea"ed "he 3or!d as 3e!!. #$ Is "he desire <or s3araC L$o!i"i-a! inde$enden-eM ri#h"K A$ u-h desire no doub" be#ins 3i"h se!<Din"eres". I< you are anBious "o he!$ "he 3or!d' bu" "hin% "ha" you -anno" do so by a""ainin# "he e#o!ess s"a"e' "hen surrender "o God a!! "he 3or!d9s $rob!ems' a!on# 3i"h your o3n. u-h mer#in# o< "he individua!i"y is desirab!e and "he re!a"ed %arma is nish%ama Lunse!<ishM. 6he e!< is "he on!y rea!i"y. #$ *ou!d i" no" be be""er i< sain"s miBed 3i"h o"her $eo$!e in order "o he!$ "hemK A$ 6here are no o"hers "o miB 3i"h.

6he e!< is -er"ain!y 3i"hin "he dire-" eB$erien-e o< everyone' bu" no" as one ima#ines i" "o be. =1 . I" is on!y as i" is. *ha"ever may be "he eB$erien-es' "he eB$erien-er is one and "he same. 6here are #rades o< eB$erien-e <or "he individua! bu" no" o< rea!i"y.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman %ART 3"5E ( E67erience 6here are no #rades o< rea!i"y.

. 6he -!assi<i-a"ion #enera!!y used by ri Ramana divides "he various samadhis in"o "he <o!!o3in# "hreeD<o!d division? 1 ahaCa nirvi%a!$a samadhi 6his is "he s"a"e o< "he Cnani 3ho has <ina!!y and irrevo-ab!y e!imina"ed his e#o.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 14 .Samadhi 6he 3ord samadhi is 3ide!y used in eas"ern s$iri"ua! !i"era"ure "o deno"e an advan-ed s"a#e o< medi"a"ion in 3hi-h "here is a -ons-ious eB$erien-e o< "he e!< or an in"ense undis"urbed absor$"ion in "he obCe-" o< medi"a"ion. Immersion in a -ons-ious or 3a%e<u! s"a"e is -a!!ed samadhi. *hen e!<Da""en"ion 3avers' e!<Da3areness is obs-ured. =. A Cnani in "his s"a"e is ab!e "o <un-"ion na"ura!!y in "he 3or!d' Cus" as any ordinary $erson does. 6he -on"inui"y o< "he samadhi is 3ho!!y de$enden" on "he e<<or" $u" in "o main"ain i". Nidra or s!ee$ is a!so inheren-e in "he e!< bu" in an un-ons-ious s"a"e. #$ *ha" are %eva!a nirvi%a!$a samadhi and sahaCa nirvi%a!$a samadhiK A$ 6he immersion o< "he mind in "he e!<' bu" 3i"hou" i"s des"ru-"ion' is %eva!a nirvi%a!$a samadhi. @or su-h a $erson' every"hin# is a mani<es"a"ion o< "he indivisib!e e!<. 4 Mer#in# in i#noran-e and remainin# una3are o< "he 3or!d is s!ee$. #$ *ha" is samadhiK A$ 6he s"a"e in 3hi-h "he unbro%en eB$erien-e o< eBis"en-eD-ons-iousness is a""ained by "he s"i!! mind' a!one is samadhi. *hen bodyD-ons-iousness re"urns' "he e#o rea$$ears. 6ha" s"i!! mind 3hi-h is adorned 3i"h "he a""ainmen" o< "he !imi"!ess su$reme e!<' a!one is "he rea!i"y o< God. In "his s"a"e "here is a "em$orary bu" e<<or"!ess e!<Da3areness' bu" "he e#o has no" been <ina!!y e!imina"ed. / avi%a!$a samadhi In "his s"a"e e!<Da3areness is main"ained by -ons"an" e<<or". *hen "he mind is in -ommunion 3i"h "he e!< in dar%ness' i" is -a!!ed nidra Ls!ee$M' "ha" is' "he immersion o< "he mind in i#noran-e. . On!y a<"er "he vasanas have been des"royed -an one a""ain !ibera"ion. A!"hou#h one has a "em$orary a3areness o< "he e!< in "his s"a"e' one is no" ab!e "o $er-eive sensory in<orma"ion or <un-"ion in "he 3or!d. 2o!din# on "o rea!i"y 3i"h e<<or" is savi%a!$a samadhi. Many #rada"ions and subdivisions o< samadhi have been des-ribed' 3i"h di<<eren" s-hoo!s and re!i#ions ea-h "endin# "o $rodu-e "heir o3n dis"in-"ive -a"e#ories and "ermino!o#y. / Mer#in# in rea!i"y and remainin# una3are o< "he 3or!d is nirvi%a!$a samadhi. Even "hou#h one $ra-"ises %eva!a nirvi%a!$a samadhi <or years "o#e"her' i< one has no" roo"ed ou" "he vasanas one 3i!! no" a""ain !ibera"ion. ahaCa means 8na"ura!9 and nirvi%a!$a means 8no di<<eren-es9. #$ *hen -an one $ra-"ise sahaCa samadhiK A$ Even <rom "he be#innin#. Keva!a nirvi%a!$a samadhi 6his is "he s"a#e be!o3 e!<Drea!iJa"ion. Kno3in# "ha" he is "he e!<' "he sahaCa Cnani sees no di<<eren-e be"3een himse!< and o"hers and no di<<eren-e be"3een himse!< and "he 3or!d. 6he <o!!o3in# brie< de<ini"ions <ormu!a"ed by ri Ramana shou!d be su<<i-ien" "o #uide "he unini"ia"ed "hrou#h "he "ermino!o#i-a! Cun#!e o< samadhi? 1 2o!din# on "o rea!i"y is samadhi. In sahaCa samadhi "he -ommunion is -on"inuous. . I" is -hara-"erised by an absen-e o< bodyD-ons-iousness. In "his s"a"e one is no" <ree <rom vasanas and so one does no" "here<ore a""ain mu%"i. amadhi is -on"inuous inheren-e in "he e!< in a 3a%in# s"a"e. 1 Remainin# in "he $rima!' $ure' na"ura! s"a"e 3i"hou" e<<or" is sahaCa nirvi%a!$a samadhi.

Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ May I have a -!ear idea o< "he di<<eren-e be"3een savi%a!$a and nirvi%a!$aK A$ 2o!din# on "o "he su$reme s"a"e is samadhi. Bu" "he mind 3hi-h is des"royed -anno" rea$$ear. Even 3hen i" is a-"ive' i" %no3s i" is a-"ive in "he rea!i"y' "he e!<' "he su$reme bein#. #$ *ha" is "he di<<eren-e be"3een "he b!iss enCoyed in s!ee$ and "he b!iss enCoyed in "uriyaK A$ 6here are no" di<<eren" b!isses. You have no 3orries' no anBie"ies' no -ares' <or you -ome "o rea!iJe "ha" "here is no"hin# be!on#in# "o you. I" may ha$$en in medi"a"ion a!so. In "he $ea-e o< medi"a"ion' !aya some"imes ensues bu" i" is no" enou#h. *hen "hese dis"urban-es are absen"' i" is nirvi%a!$a. *hen i" is 3i"h e<<or" due "o men"a! dis"urban-es' i" is savi%a!$a. I" mus" be su$$!emen"ed by o"her $ra-"i-es <or des"royin# "he mind. 6he yo#i9s aim mus" be "o des"roy i" and no" "o sin% in"o !aya. You rea!iJe "ha" you are moved by "he dee$er rea! e!< 3i"hin. You %no3 "ha" every"hin# is done by some"hin# 3i"h 3hi-h you are in -ons-ious union. @rom here you have samadhana Ls"eadinessM and you remain -a!m and -om$osed even 3hi!e you are a-"ive. 6he "rue des"ru-"ion o< "he mind is "he nonDre-o#ni"ion o< i" as bein# a$ar" <rom "he e!<. 2o3 -an you do i" i< no" in everyday a-"ivi"ies 3hi-h #o on au"oma"i-a!!yK =/ . *ha" is bodyD-ons-iousnessK I" is "he insen"ien" body $!us -ons-iousness. Bu" in Cnana yo#a "his sahaCa s"hi"i Lna"ura! s"a"eM or sahaCa nish"ha Labidan-e in "he na"ura! s"a"eM i"se!< is "he nirvi%a!$a s"a"e. In "uriya "here is "he a3areness "ha" "he mind has mer#ed in i"s sour-e' "he 2ear"' and is Euies-en" "here' a!"hou#h some "hou#h"s s"i!! im$in#e on i" and "he senses are s"i!! some3ha" a-"ive. 6he b!iss enCoyed in "he 3a%in# s"a"e is se-ondD hand' i" is an adCun-" o< "he rea! b!iss Lu$adhi anandaM. Remainin# $ermanen"!y in "he $rima! s"a"e 3i"hou" e<<or" is sahaCa. 6he b!iss 3hi-h is enCoyed un-ons-ious!y in s!ee$ is enCoyed -ons-ious!y in "uriya' "ha" is "he on!y di<<eren-e. I" is sure o< "he "ru"h be-ause i" <ee!s "he $resen-e o< "he rea!. #$ *ha" is "he di<<eren-e be"3een dee$ s!ee$' !aya La "ran-eD!i%e s"a"e in 3hi-h "he mind is "em$orari!y in abeyan-eM and samadhiK A$ In dee$ s!ee$ "he mind is mer#ed and no" des"royed. #$ Is nirvi%a!$a samadhi abso!u"e!y ne-essary be<ore "he a""ainmen" o< sahaCaK A$ Abidin# $ermanen"!y in any o< "hese samadhis' ei"her savi%a!$a or nirvi%a!$a' is sahaCa L"he na"ura! s"a"eM. I" sees no vi%a!$as Ldi<<eren-esM o< any %ind.samadhi 3i"h a "ri<!in# "hou#h" and a<"er a !on# "ime a3a%ened in "he "rai! o< "he same "hou#h". #$ I< "his sahaCa samadhi is "he mos" desirab!e -ondi"ion' is "here no need <or nirvi%a!$a samadhiK A$ 6he nirvi%a!$a samadhi o< raCa yo#a may have i"s use. 6ha" b!iss is "he b!iss o< "he e!<. 6uriya is ob"ainab!e in savi%a!$a samadhi. Bu" "he samadhi I s$ea% o< is di<<eren". In nirvi%a!$a "he senses are ina-"ive and "hou#h"s are "o"a!!y absen". Re-o#nise i". In "he mean"ime #enera"ions have $assed in "he 3or!d. 6he <our"h s"a"e is e"erna! and "he o"her "hree s"a"es -ome and #o in i". u-h a yo#i has no" des"royed his mind. Even no3 "he mind is no". In "his na"ura! s"a"e "he mind is <ree <rom doub"s. 6here is on!y one b!iss 3hi-h in-!udes "he b!iss enCoyed in "he 3a%in# s"a"e' "he b!iss o< a!! %inds o< bein#s <rom "he !o3es" anima! "o "he hi#hes" Brahma. 6uriya !i"era!!y means "he <our"h s"a"e' "he su$reme -ons-iousness' as dis"in-" <rom "he o"her "hree s"a"es? 3a%in#' dreamin# and dream!ess s!ee$. 6ha" 3hi-h mer#es rea$$ears. ome $eo$!e have #one in"o yo#i. #$ Is samadhi' "he ei#h"h s"a#e o< raCa yo#a' "he same as "he samadhi you s$ea% o<K A$ In yo#a "he "erm samadhi re<ers "o some %ind o< "ran-e and "here are various %inds o< samadhi. 2en-e "he eB$erien-e o< $ure -ons-iousness in "his s"a"e is in"ense and b!iss<u!. *ha" does i" "hen ma""er 3he"her "he bodyD -ons-iousness is !os" or re"ained' $rovided one is ho!din# on "o "ha" $ure -ons-iousnessK 6o"a! absen-e o< bodyD-ons-iousness has "he advan"a#e o< ma%in# "he samadhi more in"ense' a!"hou#h i" ma%es no di<<eren-e "o "he %no3!ed#e o< "he su$reme. Bo"h o< "hese mus" !ie in ano"her -ons-iousness 3hi-h is abso!u"e and una<<e-"ed and 3hi-h remains as i" a!3ays is' 3i"h or 3i"hou" "he bodyD-ons-iousness. I" is sahaCa samadhi. #$ Is samadhi "he same as "uriya' "he <our"h s"a"eK A$ amadhi' "uriya and nirvi%a!$a a!! have "he same im$!i-a"ion' "ha" is' a3areness o< "he e!<. I" has no need "o s3in# be"3een a!"erna"ives o< $ossibi!i"ies and $robabi!i"ies.

#$ 2o3 -an I re$ea" "he eB$erien-e o< samadhi or "he s"i!!ness "ha" I ob"ain here in your $resen-eK A$ Your $resen" eB$erien-e is due "o "he in<!uen-e o< "he a"mos$here in 3hi-h you <ind yourse!<. 6he eB$erien-e o< 8I am9 is 8bein# s"i!!9. I" is s"i!! a!ive and -an' as a<"er dee$ s!ee$' a" any momen" be a-"ive a#ain. #$ Is samadhi an eB$erien-e o< -a!mness or $ea-eK A$ 6he "ranEui! -!ari"y' 3hi-h is devoid o< men"a! "urmoi!' a!one is "he samadhi 3hi-h is "he <irm base <or !ibera"ion. In sahaCa' "he mind has sun% -om$!e"e!y in"o "he e!<' !i%e "he bu-%e" 3hi-h has #o" dro3ned in "he de$"hs o< "he 3e!! a!on# 3i"h i"s ro$e. #$ Is "he eB$erien-e o< %eva!a nirvi%a!$a "he same as "ha" o< sahaCa' a!"hou#h one -omes do3n <rom i" "o "he re!a"ive 3or!dK A$ 6here is nei"her -omin# do3n nor #oin# u$ – he 3ho #oes u$ and do3n is no" rea!. One9s a-"ivi"ies "hen resemb!e "ha" o< "he -hi!d 3ho su-%s i"s mo"her9s mi!% in s!ee$' and is hard!y a3are o< "he <eedin#. *hy do you as% a!! "hese Eues"ionsK Go on $ra-"isin# "i!! you have "he eB$erien-e yourse!<. ahaCa is !i%e "he river "ha" has !in%ed u$ 3i"h "he o-ean <rom 3hi-h "here is no re"urn. 6here is "he s"i!!ness o< a 3ave!ess o-ean. +an you have i" ou"side "his a"mos$hereK 6he eB$erien-e is s$asmodi-. 6hou#h"s -as" a vei! over rea!i"y' and so i" is no" rea!iJed as su-h in s"a"es o"her "han samadhi. In samadhi "here is on!y "he <ee!in# 8I am9 and no "hou#h"s. #$ 2o3 -an one <un-"ion in "he 3or!d in su-h a s"a"eK A$ One 3ho a--us"oms himse!< na"ura!!y "o medi"a"ion and enCoys "he b!iss o< medi"a"ion 3i!! no" !ose his samadhi s"a"e 3ha"ever eB"erna! 3or% he does' 3ha"ever "hou#h"s may -ome "o him. 6hose 3ho are in "he sahaCa nirvi%a!$a s"a"e are !i%e a !i#h" in a 3ind!ess $!a-e' or "he o-ean 3i"hou" 3avesI "ha" is' "here is no movemen" in "hem. ahaCa nirvi%a!$a is nasa L"o"a! des"ru-"ion o< "he mindM 3hereas %eva!a nirvi%a!$a is !aya L"em$orary abeyan-e o< "he mindM. Un"i! i" be-omes $ermanen"' $ra-"i-e is ne-essary. *ha"ever is done by su-h $eo$!e is Cus" in-iden"a!' "hey 3i!! never s!ide do3n <rom "heir hi#h s"a"e. By earnes"!y "ryin# "o des"roy "he de-e$"ive men"a! "urmoi!' eB$erien-e "ha" samadhi as "he $ea-e<u! -ons-iousness 3hi-h is inner -!ari"y. I" is -om$ared "o a bu-%e"' 3hi-h' a!"hou#h -om$!e"e!y submer#ed under 3a"er' -an be $u!!ed ou" by a ro$e 3hi-h is s"i!! a""a-hed "o i". #$ *ha" is "he di<<eren-e be"3een in"erna! and eB"erna! samadhiK A$ EB"erna! samadhi is ho!din# on "o "he rea!i"y 3hi!e 3i"nessin# "he 3or!d' 3i"hou" rea-"in# "o i" <rom 3i"hin. A$ Bo"h o< you are ri#h". #$ +an "he medi"a"or be a<<e-"ed by $hysi-a! dis"urban-es durin# nirvi%a!$a samadhiK My <riend and I disa#ree on "his $oin". =4 . 6ha" is ho3 "he mind is des"royed. In sahaCa "here is no"hin# !e<" "o be dis"urbed or $u!!ed ba-% "o "he 3or!d. 6hose "ha" are in "he %eva!a nirvi%a!$a s"a"e are no" rea!iJed' "hey are s"i!! see%ers. One o< you is re<errin# "o %eva!a and "he o"her "o sahaCa samadhi.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Kno3 "ha" "he mind $romo"in# "hem is no" rea! bu" is on!y a $han"om $ro-eedin# <rom "he e!<. I< "he mind is des"royed' as i" is in sahaCa samadhi' i" 3i!! never s$rou" a#ain. 6hose 3ho are in "he !aya samadhi s"a"e 3i!! have "o brin# "he mind ba-% under -on"ro! <rom "ime "o "ime. 6he in"erna! samadhi invo!ves !oss o< bodyD-ons-iousness. In %eva!a nirvi%a!$a "here is "he men"a! bu-%e" s"i!! in eBis"en-e under "he 3a"er' and i" -an be $u!!ed ou" a" any momen". 6hey -anno" <ind any"hin# 3hi-h is di<<eren" <rom "hemse!ves. 6ha" is sahaCa nirvi%a!$a. @or "hose 3ho do no" rea-h "ha" s"a"e' every"hin# a$$ears "o be di<<eren" <rom "hemse!ves. #$ *ha" is "he use o< samadhi and does "hou#h" subsis" "henK A$ amadhi a!one -an revea! "he "ru"h. In bo"h -ases "he mind is immersed in "he b!iss o< "he e!<. In "he <ormer' $hysi-a! movemen"s may -ause dis"urban-e "o "he medi"a"or' be-ause "he mind has no" -om$!e"e!y died ou".

no"ions abou" nirvi%a!$a' 3ho -an b!ame a 3es"erner <or simi!ar no"ionsK ome yo#is by brea"hin# eBer-ises a!!o3 "hemse!ves "o <a!! in"o a -a"a!e$"i. 6here<ore' siddhis are no" 3or"h a "hou#h". *hy s$ea% o< Romain Ro!!andK I< "hose 3ho have a!! "he U$anishads and vedan"i. A$ And 3ho says "ha" i" is no" soK I" is s"a"ed no" on!y in "he Mandu%yo$anishad bu" in a!! "he an-ien" boo%s. 2o!d "he e!< even durin# men"a! a-"ivi"ies. "i!! o"hers "a%e nirvi%a!$a "o be a""ainab!e on!y "hrou#h a "ran-e in 3hi-h "he 3or!dD-ons-iousness is "o"a!!y ob!i"era"ed' as in a <ain"in# <i". *hen "he e#o <ina!!y dies and "he sahaCa is 3on' "hese sym$"oms and "he e-s"asies -ease. Hnana a!one is "o be aimed a" and #ained. @ur"her $ra-"i-e renders "he s-reen $ermanen"!y eB$osed. Is "ha" soK A$ Ri#h"!y unders"ood' "hey are "he same. Kno3 "ha" "he nonDrisin# o< di<<eren-es Lvi%a!$asM in "he dead mind a!one is "he "rue nirvi%a!$a. ome o"hers "hin% "ha" on-e you di$ in"o nirvi%a!$a you be-ome an a!"o#e"her di<<eren" bein#. u$$ose =1 .s"a"e <ar dee$er "han dream!ess s!ee$' in 3hi-h "hey are a3are o< no"hin#' abso!u"e!y no"hin#' and "hey #!ori<y i" as nirvi%a!$a. #$ Is samadhi a b!iss<u! or e-s"a"i. Bu" 3hen "his dies -om$!e"e!y' 3i"hou" !eavin# even a "ra-e' one abides as "he vas" s$a-e o< mere -ons-iousness 3here b!iss a!one $revai!s' and "he Eua%in# s"o$s. #$ On rea!isin# samadhi' does no" one ob"ain siddhis Lsu$erna"ura! $o3ersM a!soK A$ In order "o dis$!ay siddhis' "here mus" be o"hers "o re-o#nise "hem. #$ I have read in a boo% by Romain Ro!!and abou" Rama%rishna "ha" nirvi%a!$a samadhi is a "errib!e and "erri<yin# eB$erien-e.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ 6he mind does no" sin% in"o "ha" s"a"e even <or a se-ond."radi"ion a" "heir dis$osa! have <an"as"i. E-s"asy -omes 3hen "he mind revives a" "he end o< samadhi' 3i"h "he remembran-e o< "he $ea-e o< samadhi. Bu" i" is "rue samadhi on!y i< you %no3 your e!<. Is nirvi%a!$a so "errib!eK Are 3e "hen under#oin# a!! "hese "edious $ro-esses o< medi"a"ion' $uri<i-a"ion and dis-i$!ine on!y "o end in a s"a"e o< "errorK Are 3e #oin# "o "urn in"o !ivin# -or$sesK A$ Peo$!e have a!! sor"s o< no"ions abou" nirvi%a!$a. Nirvi%a!$a is -hi" – e<<or"!ess' <orm!ess -ons-iousness. A$ *ha" does i" ma""er i< "he mind is a-"iveK I" is so on!y on "he subs"ra"um o< "he e!<. A!! "his is due "o "heir vie3in# i" in"e!!e-"ua!!y. #$ Bu" i" is said in "he Mandu%yo$anishad "ha" samadhi mus" ne-essari!y be eB$erien-ed be<ore a""ainin# !ibera"ion.9 #$ Never"he!ess' "he mind $roves "o be an unyie!din# obs"a-!e 3hi-h "h3ar"s any a""em$"s "o sin% in"o "he e!<. *here does "he "error -ome in' and 3here is "he mys"ery in bein# onese!<K 6o some $eo$!e 3hose minds have be-ome ri$e <rom a !on# $ra-"i-e in "he $as"' nirvi%a!$a -omes sudden!y as a <!ood' bu" "o o"hers i" -omes in "he -ourse o< "heir s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-e' a $ra-"i-e 3hi-h s!o3!y 3ears do3n "he obs"ru-"in# "hou#h"s and revea!s "he s-reen o< $ure a3areness 8I9D9I9. I" is mani<es"ed by "ears o< Coy' hair s"andin# on end and vo-a! s"umb!in#.s"a"eK A$ In samadhi i"se!< "here is on!y $er<e-" $ea-e. #$ I" is s"a"ed in "he Mandu%yo$anishad "ha" un!ess samadhi' "he ei#h"h and !as" s"a#e o< yo#a' is a!so eB$erien-ed' "here -an be no !ibera"ion Lmo%shaM ho3ever mu-h medi"a"ion LdhyanaM or $hysi-a! aus"eri"ies L"a$asM are $er<ormed. A$ A s"ron# -onvi-"ion is ne-essary "ha" 8I am "he e!<' "rans-endin# "he mind and "he $henomena. 6his is e!<Drea!iJa"ion' mu%"i' or sahaCa samadhi' "he na"ura!' e<<or"!ess s"a"e. #$ *hen "he mind be#ins "o subside in"o "he e!< "here is o<"en a sensa"ion o< <ear. *ha" is "he use o< si""in# s"i!! <or some "ime !i%e a !i<e!ess obCe-". 6ha" means' "here is no Cnana in "he one 3ho dis$!ays "hem. Mere nonD $er-e$"ion o< "he di<<eren-es Lvi%a!$asM ou"side is no" "he rea! na"ure o< <irm nirvi%a!$a. 6ha" 3hi-h is s"eady' -on"inuous !i%e "he <!o3 o< oi!' is aus"eri"y' medi"a"ion and absor$"ion. In devo"ion "he e-s"asy -omes <irs". I" ma%es no di<<eren-e 3he"her you -a!! i" medi"a"ion or aus"eri"ies or absor$"ion' or any"hin# e!se. A$ 6he <ear and "he Eua%in# o< one9s body 3hi!e one is en"erin# samadhi is due "o "he s!i#h" e#oD-ons-iousness s"i!! remainin#. 6o be one9s o3n e!< is samadhi.

Un"i! one a""ains mounaDsamadhi' "he s"a"e in 3hi-h one is "he e#o!ess rea!i"y' see% on!y "he annihi!a"ion o< 8I9 as your aim. And ho3 -an you %no3 i" 3i"hou" %no3in# your e!<K I< "he e!< is %no3n' samadhi 3i!! be %no3n au"oma"i-a!!y. 6he dis"in-"ion be"3een -ons-iousness and un-ons-iousness be!on#s "o "he rea!m o< mind' 3hi-h is "rans-ended by "he s"a"e o< "he rea! e!<. amadhi is one9s na"ura! s"a"e. I< 3e #e" samadhi in our 3a%in# s"a"e' "ha" 3i!! $ersis" in dee$ s!ee$ a!so. => . One has "o %no3 3ha" samadhi is. I" is "he under-urren" in a!! "he "hree s"a"es o< 3a%in#' dreamin# and s!ee$in#. You don9" <ee! any $ain a" "he "ime' bu" does "ha" mean "ha" you 3ere in samadhiK I" is "he same 3i"h "his "oo.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman you #e" a boi! on your hand and have i" o$era"ed on under anaes"he"i-. #$ o one shou!d a!3ays be "ryin# "o rea-h samadhiK A$ a#es say "ha" "he s"a"e o< eEui!ibrium 3hi-h is devoid o< "he e#o a!one is mounaDsamadhi L"he samadhi o< si!en-eM' "he $inna-!e o< %no3!ed#e. 6he e!< is no" in "hese s"a"es' bu" "hese s"a"es are in "he e!<.

#$ I on-e be<ore "o!d ri Bha#avan ho3 I had a vision o< iva abou" "he "ime o< my -onversion "o 2induism."eB" on yo#a' !is"s severa! eBer-ises 3hi-h a--e!era"e "he deve!o$men" o< ei#h" siddhis ran#in# <rom invisibi!i"y "o 3a!%in# on 3a"er. A$$earan-e im$!ies disa$$earan-e a!so. Every"hin# has i"s bein# in iva and be-ause o< iva. 5ision is a!3ays o< an obCe-". I< visions -ame s$on"aneous!y he 3ou!d some"imes admi" "ha" "hey 3ere a si#n o< $ro#ress bu" he 3ou!d usua!!y add "ha" "hey 3ere on!y "em$orary eB$erien-es in "he mind and "ha" "hey 3ere 8be!o3 "he $!ane o< e!<Drea!iJa"ion9. 6he seer -anno" see himse!<. Bu" iva is e"erna!. +an "here be "he individua! 3i"hou" ivaK Even no3 he is you. 6he $o3ers on!y mani<es" 3hen "here is "he e#o.eBer-ises. Do no" eB$e-" "o have visions o< him re$ea"ed. 6hese visions are momen"ary bu" "hey are b!iss<u!. I 3an" "o %no3 ho3 "hey mi#h" be made $ermanen" and -on"inuous. Psy-hi. A$ You s$ea% o< a vision o< iva. P!ease "e!! me ho3 his vision may be ever!as"in# "o me. 6ha" is "o say' "he na"ure o< "he vision is on "he same $!ane as "ha" o< "he seer. 6he seer -anno" deny "he eBis"en-e o< "he e!<. No"hin# e!se -an be 3i"hou" him. 6he e!< is beyond "he e#o and is rea!iJed on!y a<"er "he e#o is e!imina"ed. Bo"h o< "hese e<<e-"s -an be de!ibera"e!y $rodu-ed. 6he $o3ers are sou#h" by "he mind 3hi-h mus" be %e$" a!er" 3hereas "he e!< is rea!iJed 3hen "he mind is des"royed. I am so ha$$y "o "hin% o< him. +on-en"ra"ion on a men"a! ima#e 3i!! some"imes resu!" in visions' $ar"i-u!ar!y i< "he -on-en"ra"ion is done 3i"h devo"ion or i< "here is a s"ron# desire <or "he visions "o a$$ear. *ha" is "he di<<eren-e be"3een "he obCe-"s you see and ivaK 2e is bo"h "he subCe-" and "he obCe-". *ha"ever a$$ears mus" a!so disa$$ear. Bu" ho3 sha!! I e<<e-" i" as Eui-%!y as $ossib!eK A$ 6his is "he obs"a-!e <or rea!iJa"ion. 6he va!ue o< "he vision is "he same as "ha" o< "he seer. A simi!ar eB$erien-e re-urred "o me a" +our"a!!am. 6he vision im$!ies "he seer. 6here is no momen" 3hen "he e!< as -ons-iousness does no" eBis"' nor -an "he seer remain a$ar" <rom -ons-iousness. 6here<ore enEuire 8*ho am IK9 in% dee$ 3i"hin and abide as "he e!<. 6his is "he obs"a-!e <or rea!isin# iva. 2en-e 8I am "ha" I am9. A vision -an never be e"erna!. iddhis are a-Euired by e<<or" 3hereas "he e!< is no". 6here is no =0 . Does he deny his eBis"en-e be-ause he -anno" see himse!< 3i"h "he eyes as in a visionK No. 6ha" is iva as bein#.$o3ers 7siddhis: may a!so be a""ained by s$e-ia! yo#i. 6he e!< is "he mos" in"ima"e and e"erna! bein# 3hereas "he siddhis are <orei#n. Pa"anCa!i9s Yo#a u"ras' "he -!assi. o $ra"ya%sha Ldire-" eB$erien-eM does no" mean seein#' bu" bein#. I< you "hin% you have no" rea!iJed him i" is 3ron#.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 15 - isions and psychic powers Medi"a"ion some"imes brin#s abou" s$e-"a-u!ar side e<<e-"sI visions o< #ods may a$$ear and o--asiona!!y su$erna"ura! $o3ers su-h as -!airvoyan-e and "e!e$a"hy are deve!o$ed. Give u$ "ha" "hou#h" a!so and rea!iJa"ion is "here. 8I am9 is iva. I< siddhis a$$eared s$on"aneous!y he 3ou!d ou"!ine "he dan#ers o< be-omin# a""a-hed "o "hem' eB$!ain "ha" su-h $o3ers 3ere more !i%e!y "o in<!a"e "he e#o "han e!imina"e i"' and em$hasise "ha" "he desire <or siddhis and "he desire <or e!<Drea!iJa"ion 3ere mu"ua!!y eB-!usive. #$ Yes. 6ha" im$!ies "he eBis"en-e o< a subCe-". 6his -ons-iousness is "he e"erna! bein# and "he on!y bein#. 6o be is "o rea!iJe. ri Ramana dis-oura#ed his devo"ees <rom de!ibera"e!y $ursuin# ei"her visions or siddhis by $oin"in# ou" "ha" "hey 3ere $rodu-"s o< "he mind 3hi-h mi#h" im$ede ra"her "han <a-i!i"a"e e!<D rea!iJa"ion. You -anno" be 3i"hou" iva be-ause iva is a!3ays rea!iJed here and no3. *i"hou" iva "here is no !i<e in 3ha" I see around me.

#$ Is i" $ossib!e "o s$ea% "o Is3ara LGodM as ri Rama%rishna didK A$ *hen 3e -an s$ea% "o ea-h o"her 3hy shou!d 3e no" s$ea% "o Is3ara in "he same 3ayK #$ 6hen 3hy does i" no" ha$$en 3i"h usK A$ I" reEuires $uri"y and s"ren#"h o< mind and $ra-"i-e in medi"a"ion. Un!ess "he rea!iJa"ion is e"erna! i" -anno" serve any use<u! $ur$ose. Every"hin# 3i!! be more or !ess !i%e "his. A$ You see' you "hin% he is a human bein# or one 3i"h a human <orm' "he son o< so and so' 3hereas he himse!< has said' 8I am in "he 2ear" o< a!! bein#s' I am "he be#innin#' "he midd!e and "he end o< a!! <orms o< !i<e. =( . 6hen "hese Eues"ions 3i!! no" arise. In o"her 3ords' 3hen you iden"i<y yourse!< 3i"h "he body' as in "he 3a%in# s"a"e' you see #ross obCe-"s. Bu" as i" is' you -anno" be 3i"hou" him. *ha" ma""ers is $ea-e o< mind. I" de$ends on "he individua!s and no" u$on "he universa! $resen-e. o i< you see "his en"i"y L"he e!<M or have sa%sha"%ara o< i"' you 3i!! have sa%sha"%ara o< Krishna. Do "hey rea!!y eBis"K A$ +er"ain!y. Dire-" rea!iJa"ion o< "he e!< and dire-" rea!iJa"ion o< Krishna -anno" be di<<eren". 6he same a$$!ies "o visions o< God. 6hey 3i!! as% some"hin# and he 3i!! say some"hin# in re$!y.9 2e mus" be 3i"hin you' as he is 3i"hin a!!. #$ Peo$!e "a!% o< 5ai%un"ha' Kai!asa' Indra!o%a' +handra!o%a L"he 2indu heavensM. Is i" be-ause I am un3or"hy o< your #ra-eK A$ 5isions and "hou#h"D-urren"s are had a--ordin# "o "he s"a"e o< mind. 6here mus" be a seer. *hen in "he sub"!e body or in "he men"a! $!ane as in dreams' you see obCe-"s eEua!!y sub"!e. I< "here is a momen" o< nonDrea!iJa"ion' "he Eues"ion o< rea!iJa"ion -an arise. 2e is a!ready rea!iJed' ever rea!iJed and never nonDrea!iJed.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Eues"ion o< "ime. 2e is your e!< or "he e!< o< your e!<. *here is shan"i L$ea-eMK I< shan"i is reEuired' "he on!y -orre-" me"hod o< se-urin# i" is by se!<DenEuiry. +an "he a$$earan-e o< God 3i"h <our hands be e"erna! rea!iJa"ionK I" is $henomena! and i!!usory. 6here a!so a s3ami !i%e me 3i!! be <ound sea"ed on a -ou-h and dis-i$!es 3i!! a!so be sea"ed around him. &e" God a$$ear as "he !i#h" o< a mi!!ion suns. In "he absen-e o< iden"i<i-a"ion in dee$ s!ee$ you see no"hin#. By !on# $ra-"i-e "he <i#ure o< God' as medi"a"ed u$on' a$$ears in dreams and may !a"er a$$ear in "he 3a%in# s"a"e a!so. *ha" is rea!iJa"ionK Is i" "o see God 3i"h <our hands' bearin# a -on-h' a 3hee! and a -!ubK Even i< God shou!d a$$ear in "ha" <orm' ho3 is "he dis-i$!e9s i#noran-e 3i$ed ou"K 6he "ru"h mus" be e"erna! rea!iJa"ion. 6he obCe-"s seen bear a re!a"ion "o "he s"a"e o< "he seer. I have been here <or "he !as" mon"h and a ha!< and s"i!! I have no" "he s!i#h"es" eB$erien-e o< any %ind. I" does no" mean "ha" he a$$ears be<ore "he devo"ee in some $ar"i-u!ar <orm. 6he sour-e o< every"hin# is one9s o3n e!<' and i< one rea!ises "he e!<' one 3i!! no" <ind any"hin# di<<eren" <rom "he e!<. 2o3ever' "o #o your o3n 3ay' surrender -om$!e"e!y "o Krishna and !eave i" "o him "o #ran" "he sa%sha"%ara you 3an". I< one rea!ises "he e!<' one -an see a!! "hese 3or!ds 3i"hin one9s e!<. 6he seer a!one is $ra"ya%sha. You -an res" assured "ha" "hey a!! eBis". 6he dire-" $er-e$"ion is everD$resen" eB$erien-e. #$ Many visi"ors here "e!! me "ha" "hey #e" visions or "hou#h"D-urren"s <rom you. *ha" shou!d I do "o #e" i"K A$ *ha" is your idea o< ri Krishna and 3ha" do you mean by sa%sha"%araK #$ I mean ri Krishna 3ho !ived in Brindavan and I 3an" "o see him as "he #o$is Lhis <ema!e devo"eesM sa3 him. *ha" o< "ha"K I< one sees +handra!o%a' one 3i!! as% <or Indra!o%a' and a<"er Indra!o%a' 5ai%un"ha and a<"er 5ai%un"ha' Kai!asa' and so on' and "he mind #oes on 3anderin#. #$ I 3ish "o #e" sa%sha"%ara Ldire-" rea!iJa"ionM o< ri Krishna. #$ Does God be-ome eviden" i< "he above -ondi"ions eBis"K A$ u-h mani<es"a"ions are as rea! as your o3n rea!i"y. Moreover' "hey are imma"eria!. 6he seer a!one is rea! and e"erna!. 6hrou#h se!<DenEuiry e!<Drea!iJa"ion is $ossib!e. God himse!< is %no3n 3hen he is dire-"!y $er-eived. I" is indire-" %no3!ed#e' 3hereas "he seer is dire-" eB$erien-e. Is i" $ra"ya%sha Ldire-" eB$erien-eMK 6o see a vision o< God "he eyes and "he mind are ne-essary.

#$ 6hen 3ha" use are "he siddhisK A$ 6here are "3o %inds o< siddhis and one %ind may 3e!! be a s"umb!in# b!o-% "o rea!iJa"ion. 6hou#h siddhis are said "o be many and di<<eren"' Cnana a!one is "he hi#hes" o< "hose many di<<eren" siddhis' be-ause "hose 3ho have a""ained o"her siddhis 3i!! desire Cnana. 6hey -ome a--ordin# "o one9s des"iny bu" 3he"her "hey -ome or no"' "he Cnani' 3ho is se""!ed in "he su$reme $ea-e' is no" dis"urbed by "hem. Bu" "hese siddhis do no" -ome by "ryin# <or "hem. A!! "hese 3onders are -on"ained in "he one -han#e!ess e!<. #$ *ha" is "he o"her %indK A$ 6hey are mani<es"a"ions o< $o3er and %no3!ed#e 3hi-h are Eui"e na"ura! "o you 3hen you rea!iJe "he e!<. Kno3 "ha" i< as$iran"s 3ho are ma%in# e<<or"s on "he $a"h "o !ibera"ion se" "heir hear" u$on o--u!" $o3ers' "heir dense bonda#e 3i!! be s"ren#"hened more and more' and hen-e "he !us"re o< "heir e#o 3i!! 3aB more and more. *hen you are in "he s"a"e o< rea!iJa"ion' you 3i!! %no3 3ha" "hese $o3ers are. #$ Are "he siddhis men"ioned in Pa"anCa!i9s su"ras "rue or on!y his dreamK A$ 2e 3ho is Brahman or "he e!< 3i!! no" va!ue "hose siddhis. Bu" "hese $o3ers are no" a means "o e!<D%no3!ed#e' <or even 3hen you a-Euire "hem' you may Eui"e 3e!! be in i#noran-e. Greedi!y be##in# <or 3or"h!ess o--u!" $o3ers LsiddhisM <rom God' 3ho 3i!! readi!y #ive himse!<' 3ho is every"hin#' is !i%e be##in# <or 3or"h!ess s"a!e #rue! <rom a #enerousDna"ured $hi!an"hro$is" 3ho 3i!! readi!y #ive every"hin#. Pa"anCa!i himse!< says "ha" "hey are a!! eBer-ised 3i"h "he mind and "ha" "hey im$ede e!<Drea!iJa"ion. I" is use!ess "o as$ire <or "ha" 3hi-h is "ransien".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman 6here may or may no" be a 5ai%un"ha or a Kai!asa bu" i" is a <a-" "ha" you are here' isn9" i"K 2o3 are you hereK *here are youK A<"er you %no3 abou" "hese "hin#s' you -an "hin% o< a!! "hose 3or!ds. @ind ou" 3ho "ha" is. #$ *ha" abou" "he $o3ers o< soD-a!!ed su$ermenK A$ *he"her $o3ers are hi#h or !o3' 3he"her o< "he mind or o< a su$ermind' "hey eBis" on!y 3i"h re<eren-e "o "he one 3ho has "he $o3er. @or he %no3s "he e!< and "ha" is "he unsha%eab!e siddhi. 6here<ore as$ire on!y <or Cnana. I" is said "ha" by man"ra' by some dru# $ossessin# o--u!" vir"ues' by severe aus"eri"ies or by samadhi o< a -er"ain %ind' $o3ers -an be a-Euired. 6hey are siddhis 3hi-h are "he $rodu-"s o< "he norma! and na"ura! "a$as Ls$iri"ua! $ra-"i-eM o< "he man 3ho has rea-hed "he e!<. #$ Are siddhis "o be a-hieved on "he s$iri"ua! $a"h or are "hey o$$osed "o mu%"i L!ibera"ionMK A$ 6he hi#hes" siddhi is rea!iJa"ion o< "he e!<' <or on-e you rea!iJe "he "ru"h you -ease "o be dra3n "o "he $a"h o< i#noran-e. 2o3ever' 3i"h a hear" "ha" has be-ome a -om$!e"e $rey "o "he <ee" o< "he &ord' "he devo"ee 3i!! no" have any desire <or "hose siddhis. 6hose 3ho have a""ained Cnana 3i!! no" desire o"her siddhis. 6hey -ome o< "heir o3n a--ord' "hey are God #iven. == . 6he a""ainmen" LsiddhiM o< e!<' 3hi-h is "he $er<e-" 3ho!e' "he radian-e o< !ibera"ion' a!one is "he a""ainmen" o< "rue %no3!ed#e' 3hereas "he o"her %inds o< siddhi' be#innin# 3i"h anima L"he abi!i"y "o be-ome as sma!! as an a"omM be!on# "o "he de!usion o< "he $o3er o< ima#ina"ion o< "he <oo!ish mind. #$ Does "he sa#e use o--u!" $o3ers <or ma%in# o"hers rea!iJe "he e!<' or is "he mere <a-" o< his e!<Drea!iJa"ion enou#h <or i"K A$ 6he <or-e o< his e!<Drea!iJa"ion is <ar more $o3er<u! "han "he use o< a!! o"her $o3ers. A!"hou#h "he $o3ers a$$ear "o be 3onder<u! "o "hose 3ho do no" $ossess "hem' ye" "hey are on!y "ransien". In "he 2ear" 3hi-h -a"-hes <ire 3i"h "he b!aJin# <!ame o< su$reme devo"ion' a!! "he o--u!" $o3ers 3i!! #a"her "o#e"her.

I <ee! myse!< !o-%ed u$ in "his body and no"hin# more. O--u!" $o3ers 3i!! no" brin# ha$$iness "o anyone' bu" 3i!! ma%e one a!! "he more miserab!e. *hen a man is born he is no bi##er "han "his e!e-"ri. 6he !a""er are "he <un-"ions o< "he mind. Moreover 3ha" are "hese $o3ers <orK 6he 3ou!dDbe o--u!"is" LsiddhaM desires "o dis$!ay "he siddhis so "ha" o"hers may a$$re-ia"e him. *hy "hen shou!d "here be a #!amour abou" -!airvoyan-e or -!airaudien-eK Moreover' 3ha" is a-Euired 3i!! a!so be !os" in due -ourse. *hi-h is "he rea! $o3erK Is i" "o in-rease $ros$eri"y or brin# abou" $ea-eK 6ha" 3hi-h resu!"s in $ea-e is "he hi#hes" $er<e-"ion LsiddhiM. Rea!i"y is on!y one and "ha" is "he e!<. *i"hou" "he hearer or "he seer' "here -an be no hearin# or seein#. 6he seer' "he obCe-"s and "he si#h" a!! are "he e!< on!y.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Peo$!e see many "hin#s 3hi-h are <ar more mira-u!ous "han "he soD-a!!ed siddhis' ye" do no" 3onder a" "hem sim$!y be-ause "hey o--ur every day. 6hey are a!! "he same' hearin# and seein#. 6hey are no" na"ura! "o "he e!<. 2e see%s a$$re-ia"ion' and i< i" is no" <or"h-omin# he 3i!! no" be ha$$y. A!! "he res" are mere $henomena in i"' o< i"' and by i". 6here mus" be o"hers "o a$$re-ia"e him. 1)) . Bu" -onsider i< i" 3i!! be so. #$ I have been in"eres"in# myse!< in me"a$hysi-s <or over "3en"y years. Bu" I have no" #ained any nove! eB$erien-e as so many o"hers -!aim "o do. 6he <undamen"a! <a-"or is "he hearer' "he subCe-". 6hey -an never be $ermanen". 6he o--u!" $o3ers LsiddhisM are "here<ore on!y in "he mind. *he"her one hears <rom near or <ar does no" ma%e any di<<eren-e "o "he one 3ho hears. I have no $o3ers o< -!airvoyan-e' -!airaudien-e' e"-. 6ha" 3i!! -ause Cea!ousy and breed unha$$iness. A$ I" is ri#h". A man is $ossessed o< !imi"ed $o3ers and is miserab!e. 6hese siddhis deno"e eB"ended $o3ers. 6ha" 3hi-h is no" na"ura!' bu" a-Euired' -anno" be $ermanen"' and is no" 3or"h s"rivin# <or.bu!b' bu" "hen he #ro3s u$ and be-omes a #ian" 3res"!er' or a 3or!dD<amed ar"is"' ora"or' $o!i"i-ian or sa#e. None o< "hem -an be dis$ensed 3i"h in ei"her -ase. Peo$!e do no" vie3 "his as a mira-!e bu" "hey are 3onders"ru-% i< a -or$se is made "o s$ea%. 2e may even <ind ano"her $ossessor o< hi#her $o3ers. #$ Is i" no" #ood "o a-Euire $o3ers su-h as "e!e$a"hyK A$ 6e!e$a"hy or radio enab!es one "o see and hear <rom a<ar. +an anyone see or hear' !eavin# "he e!< asideK *ha" di<<eren-e does i" ma%e "o see or hear anyone in -!ose $roBimi"y or over enormous dis"an-eK 6he or#ans o< si#h" and hearin# are needed in bo"h -ases and so "he mind is a!so reEuired. Be-ause o< "his he 3an"s "o eB$and his $o3ers so "ha" he may be ha$$y. 6here is de$enden-e one 3ay or ano"her. I< 3i"h !imi"ed $er-e$"ions one is miserab!e' 3i"h eB"ended $er-e$"ions "he misery mus" in-rease $ro$or"iona"e!y.

Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman

Chapter 16 - !ro"lems and e#periences
Physi-a! $ain and dis-om<or"' men"a! anar-hy' emo"iona! <!u-"ua"ions and o--asiona! in"er!udes o< b!iss<u! $ea-e are <reEuen"!y eB$erien-ed as byD$rodu-"s o< s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-e. u-h mani<es"a"ions may no" be as drama"i- as "he ones ou"!ined in "he $revious "3o -ha$"ers bu" "hey "end "o be o< #rea" in"eres" "o "he $eo$!e 3ho eB$erien-e "hem. 6hey are usua!!y in"er$re"ed as ei"her mi!es"ones or obs"a-!es on "he road "o "he e!< and' de$endin# on 3hi-h in"er$re"a"ion is <avoured' #rea" e<<or"s are eB$ended in "ryin# "o $ro!on# or e!imina"e "hem. ri Ramana "ended "o $!ay do3n "he im$or"an-e o< mos" s$iri"ua! eB$erien-es and i< "hey 3ere re$or"ed "o him he 3ou!d usua!!y s"ress "ha" i" 3as more im$or"an" "o be a3are o< "he eB$erien-er "han "o indu!#e in or ana!yse "he eB$erien-e. 2e 3ou!d some"imes di#ress in"o eB$!ana"ions abou" "he -auses o< "he eB$erien-es and he o--asiona!!y eva!ua"ed "hem as bein# ei"her bene<i-ia! or de"rimen"a! "o e!<Da3areness' bu" on "he 3ho!e he "ended "o dis-oura#e in"eres" in "hem. 2e 3as more <or"h-omin# 3hen devo"ees as%ed his advi-e abou" $rob!ems "hey had en-oun"ered durin# medi"a"ion. 2e 3ou!d !is"en $a"ien"!y "o "heir -om$!ain"s' o<<er -ons"ru-"ive so!u"ions "o "heir $rob!ems and' i< he <e!" "ha" i" 3as a$$ro$ria"e' "ry "o sho3 "hem "ha" <rom "he s"and$oin" o< "he e!< a!! $rob!ems 3ere nonDeBis"en". #$ One has a" "imes vivid <!ashes o< a -ons-iousness 3hose -en"re is ou"side "he norma! se!<' and 3hi-h seems "o be a!!Din-!usive. *i"hou" -on-ernin# ourse!ves 3i"h $hi!oso$hi-a! -on-e$"s' ho3 3ou!d Bha#avan advise me "o 3or% "o3ards #e""in#' re"ainin# and eB"endin# "hose rare <!ashesK Does "he abhyasa Ls$iri"ua! $ra-"i-eM ne-essary <or su-h eB$erien-es invo!ve re"iremen"K A$ You say 8ou"side9? <or 3hom is "he inside or ou"sideK 6hese -an eBis" on!y so !on# as "here are "he subCe-" and obCe-". @or 3hom are "hese "3o a#ainK On inves"i#a"ion you 3i!! <ind "ha" "hey reso!ve in"o "he subCe-" on!y. ee 3ho is "he subCe-" and "his enEuiry 3i!! !ead you "o $ure -ons-iousness beyond "he subCe-". You say 8norma! se!<? "he norma! se!< is "he mind. 6he mind is 3i"h !imi"a"ions. Bu" $ure -ons-iousness is beyond !imi"a"ions' and is rea-hed by inves"i#a"ion in"o "he 8I9. You say 8#e""in#9? "he e!< is a!3ays "here. You have on!y "o remove "he vei! obs"ru-"in# "he reve!a"ion o< "he e!<. You say 8re"ainin#9? on-e you rea!iJe "he e!<' i" be-omes your dire-" and immedia"e eB$erien-e. I" is never !os". You say 8eB"endin#9? "here is no eB"endin# o< "he e!<' <or i" is as i" a!3ays is' 3i"hou" -on"ra-"ion or eB$ansion. You say 8re"iremen"9? abidin# in "he e!< is so!i"ude' be-ause "here is no"hin# a!ien "o "he e!<. Re"iremen" mus" be <rom one $!a-e or s"a"e "o ano"her. 6here is nei"her "he one nor "he o"her a$ar" <rom "he e!<. A!! bein# "he e!<' re"iremen" is im$ossib!e and in-on-eivab!e. You say 8abhyasa99? abhyasa is on!y "he $reven"ion o< dis"urban-e "o "he inheren" $ea-e. You are a!3ays in your na"ura! s"a"e 3he"her you ma%e abhyasa or no". 6o remain as you are' 3i"hou" Eues"ion or doub"' is your na"ura! s"a"e. #$ 6here are "imes 3hen $ersons and "hin#s "a%e on a va#ue' a!mos" "rans$aren" <orm as in a dream. One -eases "o observe "hem <rom ou"side' bu" one is $assive!y -ons-ious o< "heir eBis"en-e' 3hi!e no" a-"ive!y -ons-ious o< any %ind o< se!<hood. 6here is a dee$ Euie"ness in "he mind. Is "he mind a" su-h "imes ready "o dive in"o "he e!<K Or is "his -ondi"ion unhea!"hy' "he resu!" o< se!<D hy$no"ismK hou!d i" be en-oura#ed as a means o< #e""in# "em$orary $ea-eK A$ 6here is -ons-iousness a!on# 3i"h Euie"ness in "he mind. 6his is eBa-"!y "he s"a"e "o be aimed a". 6he <a-" "ha" "he Eues"ion has been <ramed on "his $oin"' 3i"hou" rea!isin# "ha" i" is "he e!<' sho3s "ha" "he s"a"e is no" s"eady bu" -asua!. 6he 3ord 8divin#9 is on!y a$$ro$ria"e i< one has "o "urn "he mind 3i"hin in order "o avoid bein# dis"ra-"ed by "he ou"#oin# "enden-ies o< "he mind. A" su-h "imes one has "o dive be!o3 "he sur<a-e o< "hese eB"erna! $henomena. Bu" 3hen dee$ Euie"ness $revai!s 3i"hou" obs"ru-"in# "he -ons-iousness' 3here is "he need "o diveK


Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman

#$ *hen I medi"a"e I <ee! a -er"ain b!iss a" "imes. On su-h o--asions' shou!d I as% myse!< 8*ho is i" "ha" eB$erien-es "his b!issK9 A$ I< i" is "he rea! b!iss o< "he e!< "ha" is eB$erien-ed' "ha" is' i< "he mind has rea!!y mer#ed in "he e!<' su-h a doub" 3i!! no" arise a" a!!. 6he Eues"ion i"se!< sho3s rea! b!iss 3as no" rea-hed. A!! doub"s 3i!! -ease on!y 3hen "he doub"er and his sour-e have been <ound. 6here is no use removin# doub"s one by one. I< 3e -!ear one doub"' ano"her doub" 3i!! arise and "here 3i!! be no end o< doub"s. Bu" i<' by see%in# "he sour-e o< "he doub"er' "he doub"er is <ound "o be rea!!y nonD eBis"en"' "hen a!! doub"s 3i!! -ease. #$ ome"imes I hear in"erna! sounds. *ha" shou!d I do 3hen su-h "hin#s ha$$enK A$ *ha"ever may ha$$en' %ee$ u$ "he enEuiry in"o "he se!<' as%in# 8*ho hears "hese soundsK9 "i!! "he rea!i"y is rea-hed. #$ ome"imes' 3hi!e in medi"a"ion' I <ee! b!iss<u! and "ears -ome "o my eyes. A" o"her "imes I do no" have "hem. *hy is "ha"K A$ B!iss is a "hin# 3hi-h is a!3ays "here and is no" some"hin# 3hi-h -omes and #oes. 6ha" 3hi-h -omes and #oes is a -rea"ion o< "he mind and you shou!d no" 3orry abou" i". #$ 6he b!iss -auses a $hysi-a! "hri!! in "he body' bu" 3hen i" disa$$ears I <ee! deCe-"ed and desire "o have "he eB$erien-e over a#ain. *hyK A$ You admi" "ha" you 3ere "here bo"h 3hen "he b!iss<u! <ee!in# 3as eB$erien-ed and 3hen i" 3as no". I< you rea!iJe "ha" 8you9 $ro$er!y' "hose eB$erien-es 3i!! be o< no a--oun". #$ @or rea!isin# "ha" b!iss' "here mus" be some"hin# "o -a"-h ho!d o<' mus"n9" "hereK A$ 6here mus" be a dua!i"y i< you are "o -a"-h ho!d o< some"hin# e!se' bu" 3ha" is is on!y "he one e!<' no" a dua!i"y. 2en-e' 3ho is "o -a"-h ho!d o< 3homK And 3ha" is "he "hin# "o be -au#h"K #$ *hen I rea-h "he "hou#h"!ess s"a#e in my sadhana I enCoy a -er"ain $!easure' bu" some"imes I a!so eB$erien-e a va#ue <ear 3hi-h I -anno" $ro$er!y des-ribe. A$ You may eB$erien-e any"hin#' bu" you shou!d never res" -on"en" 3i"h "ha". *he"her you <ee! $!easure or <ear' as% yourse!< 3ho <ee!s "he $!easure or "he <ear and so -arry on "he sadhana un"i! $!easure and <ear are bo"h "rans-ended' "i!! a!! dua!i"y -eases and "i!! "he rea!i"y a!one remains. 6here is no"hin# 3ron# in su-h "hin#s ha$$enin# or bein# eB$erien-ed' bu" you mus" never s"o$ a" "ha". @or ins"an-e' you mus" never res" -on"en" 3i"h "he $!easure o< !aya L"em$orary abeyan-e o< "he mindM eB$erien-ed 3hen "hou#h" is Eue!!ed' you mus" $ress on un"i! a!! dua!i"y -eases. #$ 2o3 does one #e" rid o< <earK A$ *ha" is <earK I" is on!y a "hou#h". I< "here is any"hin# besides "he e!< "here is reason "o <ear. *ho sees "hin#s se$ara"e <rom "he e!<K @irs" "he e#o arises and sees obCe-"s as eB"erna!. I< "he e#o does no" rise' "he e!< a!one eBis"s and "here is no"hin# eB"erna!. @or any"hin# eB"erna! "o onese!< im$!ies "he eBis"en-e o< "he seer 3i"hin. ee%in# i" "here 3i!! e!imina"e doub" and <ear. No" on!y <ear' a!! o"her "hou#h"s -en"red round "he e#o 3i!! disa$$ear a!on# 3i"h i". #$ 2o3 -an "he "errib!e <ear o< dea"h be over-omeK A$ *hen does "ha" <ear seiJe youK Does i" -ome 3hen you do no" see your body' say' in dream!ess s!ee$K I" haun"s you on!y 3hen you are <u!!y 8a3a%e9 and $er-eive "he 3or!d' in-!udin# your body. I< you do no" see "hese and remain your $ure e!<' as in dream!ess s!ee$' no <ear -an "ou-h you. I< you "ra-e "his <ear "o "he obCe-"' "he !oss o< 3hi-h #ives rise "o i"' you 3i!! <ind "ha" "ha" obCe-" is no" "he body' bu" "he mind 3hi-h <un-"ions in i". Many a man 3ou!d be on!y "oo #!ad "o be rid o< his diseased body and a!! "he $rob!ems and in-onvenien-e i" -rea"es <or him i< -on"inued a3areness 3ere vou-hsa<ed "o him. I" is "he a3areness' "he


Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman

-ons-iousness' and no" "he body' he <ears "o !ose. Men !ove eBis"en-e be-ause i" is e"erna! a3areness' 3hi-h is "heir o3n e!<. *hy no" "hen ho!d on "o "he $ure a3areness ri#h" no3' 3hi!e in "he body' and be <ree <rom a!! <earK #$ *hen I "ry "o be 3i"hou" a!! "hou#h"s' I $ass in"o s!ee$. *ha" shou!d I do abou" i"K A$ On-e you #o "o s!ee$ you -an do no"hin# in "ha" s"a"e. Bu" 3hi!e you are a3a%e' "ry "o %ee$ a3ay a!! "hou#h"s. *hy "hin% abou" s!ee$K Even "ha" is a "hou#h"' is i" no"K I< you are ab!e "o be 3i"hou" any "hou#h" 3hi!e you are a3a%e' "ha" is enou#h. *hen you $ass in"o s!ee$ "he s"a"e 3hi-h you 3ere in be<ore <a!!in# as!ee$ 3i!! -on"inue 3hen you 3a%e u$. You 3i!! -on"inue <rom 3here you !e<" o<< 3hen you <e!! in"o s!umber. o !on# as "here are "hou#h"s o< a-"ivi"y "here 3i!! a!so be s!ee$. 6hou#h" and s!ee$ are -oun"er$ar"s o< one and "he same "hin#. *e shou!d no" s!ee$ "oo mu-h or #o 3i"hou" i" a!"o#e"her' bu" s!ee$ on!y modera"e!y. 6o $reven" "oo mu-h s!ee$' 3e mus" "ry and have no "hou#h"s or -ha!ana Lmovemen" o< "he mindM' 3e mus" ea" on!y sa""vi- <ood and "ha" on!y in modera"e measure' and no" indu!#e in "oo mu-h $hysi-a! a-"ivi"y. 6he more 3e -on"ro! "hou#h"' a-"ivi"y and <ood "he more 3e sha!! be ab!e "o -on"ro! s!ee$. Bu" modera"ion ou#h" "o be "he ru!e' as eB$!ained in "he Gi"a' <or "he see%er on "he $a"h. !ee$ is "he <irs" obs"a-!e' as eB$!ained in "he boo%s' <or a!! sadha%s. 6he se-ond obs"a-!e is said "o be vi%she$a or "he sense obCe-"s o< "he 3or!d 3hi-h diver" one9s a""en"ion. 6he "hird is said "o be %ashaya or "hou#h"s in "he mind abou" $revious eB$erien-es 3i"h sense obCe-"s. 6he <our"h' ananda Lb!issM' is a!so -a!!ed an obs"a-!e' be-ause in "ha" s"a"e a <ee!in# o< se$ara"ion <rom "he sour-e o< ananda' enab!in# "he enCoyer "o say 8I am enCoyin# ananda9' is $resen". Even "his has "o be surmoun"ed. 6he <ina! s"a#e o< samadhi has "o be rea-hed in 3hi-h one be-omes ananda or one 3i"h rea!i"y. In "his s"a"e "he dua!i"y o< enCoyer and enCoymen" -eases in "he o-ean o< sa"D-hi"Dananda or "he e!<. #$ o one shou!d no" "ry "o $er$e"ua"e b!iss<u! or e-s"a"i- s"a"esK A$ 6he <ina! obs"a-!e in medi"a"ion is e-s"asyI you <ee! #rea" b!iss and ha$$iness and 3an" "o s"ay in "ha" e-s"asy. Do no" yie!d "o i" bu" $ass on "o "he neB" s"a#e 3hi-h is #rea" -a!m. 6he -a!m is hi#her "han e-s"asy and i" mer#es in"o samadhi. u--ess<u! samadhi -auses a 3a%in# s!ee$ s"a"e "o su$ervene. In "ha" s"a"e you %no3 "ha" you are a!3ays -ons-iousness' <or -ons-iousness is your na"ure. A-"ua!!y' one is a!3ays in samadhi bu" one does no" %no3 i". 6o %no3 i" a!! one has "o do is "o remove "he obs"a-!es. #$ 6hrou#h $oe"ry' musi-' Ca$a' bhaCans Ldevo"iona! son#sM' "he si#h" o< beau"i<u! !ands-a$es' readin# "he !ines o< s$iri"ua! verses' e"-.' one eB$erien-es some"imes a "rue sense o< "he a!!D $ervadin# uni"y. Is "ha" <ee!in# o< dee$ b!iss<u! Euie" in 3hi-h "he $ersona! se!< has no $!a-e "he same as "he en"erin# in"o "he 2ear" o< 3hi-h Bha#avan s$ea%sK *i!! under"a%in# "hese a-"ivi"ies !ead "o a dee$er samadhi and so u!"ima"e!y "o a <u!! vision o< "he rea!K A$ 6here is ha$$iness 3hen a#reeab!e "hin#s are $resen"ed "o "he mind. I" is "he ha$$iness inheren" in "he e!<' and "here is no o"her ha$$iness. And i" is no" a!ien and a<ar. You are divin# in"o "he e!< on "hose o--asions 3hi-h you -onsider $!easurab!e and "ha" divin# resu!"s in se!<DeBis"en" b!iss. Bu" "he asso-ia"ion o< ideas is res$onsib!e <or <ois"in# "ha" b!iss on o"her "hin#s or o--urren-es 3hi!e' in <a-"' "ha" b!iss is 3i"hin you. On "hese o--asions you are $!un#in# in"o "he e!<' "hou#h un-ons-ious!y. I< you do so -ons-ious!y' 3i"h "he -onvi-"ion "ha" -omes o< "he eB$erien-e "ha" you are iden"i-a! 3i"h "he ha$$iness 3hi-h is "ru!y "he e!<' "he one rea!i"y' you -a!! i" rea!iJa"ion. I 3an" you "o dive -ons-ious!y in"o "he e!<' "ha" is "he 2ear". #$ I have been ma%in# sadhana <or near!y "3en"y years and I -an see no $ro#ress. *ha" shou!d I doK @rom abou" <ive o9-!o-% every mornin# I -on-en"ra"e on "he "hou#h" "ha" "he e!< a!one is rea! and a!! e!se unrea!. A!"hou#h I have been doin# "his <or abou" "3en"y years I -anno" -on-en"ra"e <or more "han "3o or "hree minu"es 3i"hou" my "hou#h"s 3anderin#. A$ 6here is no o"her 3ay "o su--eed "han "o dra3 "he mind ba-% every "ime i" "urns ou"3ards and <iB i" in "he e!<. 6here is no need <or medi"a"ion or man"ra or Ca$a or any"hin# o< "he sor"' be-ause "hese are our rea! na"ure. A!! "ha" is needed is "o #ive u$ "hin%in# o< obCe-"s o"her "han "he e!<. Medi"a"ion is no" so mu-h "hin%in# o< "he e!< as #ivin# u$ "hin%in# o< "he no"D e!<. *hen you #ive u$ "hin%in# o< ou"3ard obCe-"s and $reven" your mind <rom #oin# ou"3ards by "urnin# i" in3ards and <iBin# i" in "he e!<' "he e!< a!one remains.


A" o"her "imes -on"em$!a"ion is im$ossib!e even 3i"h re$ea"ed a""em$"s. 6he mind' havin# been so !on# a -o3 a--us"omed "o #raJe s"ea!"hi!y on o"hers9 es"a"es' is no" easi!y -on<ined "o her s"a!!. #$ A man some"imes <inds "ha" "he $hysi-a! body does no" $ermi" s"eady medi"a"ion. *hy shou!d "he "hou#h" ariseK #$ +an one remain 3i"hou" "hou#h"s risin# a!! "he "3en"yD<our hours o< "he dayK hou!d I remain 3i"hou" medi"a"ionK 1)4 . 6here are. Bu" <or "hose 3ho -an $ra-"ise "his me"hod a!! ru!es and dis-i$!ine are unne-essary. A$ 6his "hou#h"' 8I am no" ab!e "o -on-en"ra"e9' is i"se!< an obs"a-!e. 2o3ever mu-h her %ee$er "em$"s her 3i"h !us-ious #rass and <ine <odder' she re<uses "he <irs" "ime. #$ Is i" in<!uen-ed by one9s a-"ivi"ies and -ir-ums"an-esK A$ 6hose -anno" in<!uen-e i". 6he "ime <or my !eavin# "he $!a-e is dra3in# near. *hen you see 3ho "his 8I9 is and <ind ou" 3here i" -omes <rom a!! "hou#h"s #e" mer#ed in "he e!<. 2ere I <ind $eo$!e ob"ainin# $ea-e by medi"a"ion in "he ha!! 3hereas I am no" b!essed 3i"h su-h $ea-e. One man 3i!! $ra-"ise ha"ha yo#a <or -urin# his bodi!y i!!s' ano"her man 3i!! "rus" "o God "o -ure "hem' a "hird man 3i!! use his 3i!!$o3er <or i" and a <our"h man may be "o"a!!y indi<<eren" "o "hem. #$ My mind remains -!ear <or "3o or "hree days and "urns du!! <or "he neB" "3o or "hree daysI and so i" a!"erna"es.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ *ha" shou!d I do "o over-ome "he $u!! o< "hese "hou#h"s and desiresK 2o3 shou!d I re#u!a"e my !i<e so as "o a""ain -on"ro! over my "hou#h"sK A$ 6he more you #e" <iBed in "he e!< "he more o"her "hou#h"s 3i!! dro$ o<< o< "hemse!ves. Re#u!a"ion o< !i<e' su-h as #e""in# u$ a" a <iBed hour' ba"hin#' doin# man"ra' Ca$a' observin# ri"ua!' a!! "his is <or $eo$!e 3ho do no" <ee! dra3n "o se!<DenEuiry or are no" -a$ab!e o< i". I made a de"ermined e<<or" "o -on-en"ra"e my mind even "hou#h I 3as "roub!ed by shor" and Eui-% brea"hs. I" is "he $!ay o< $uri"y Lsa""vaM' a-"ivi"y LraCasM and iner"ia L"amasM a!"erna"in#. Bu" a!! o< "hem 3i!! $ersis" in medi"a"ion. 6he mind is no"hin# bu" a bund!e o< "hou#h"s' and "he 8I9D"hou#h" is "he roo" o< a!! o< "hem. #$ *hy -anno" "he mind be "urned in3ard in s$i"e o< re$ea"ed a""em$"sK A$ I" is done by $ra-"i-e and dis$assion and i" su--eeds on!y #radua!!y. Under hea!"hy -ondi"ions I am more su--ess<u! and my brea"h -omes "o a s"ands"i!! 3i"h dee$ -on-en"ra"ion. 6his i"se!< has a de$ressin# e<<e-" on me. 6hou#h $ar"!y su--ess<u! i" does no" sa"is<y me. 6hen my "hou#h"s a!so rush ou" and "he mind be-omes un-on"ro!!ab!e. A" "imes "here is i!!umina"ion and "hen -on"em$!a"ion is easy. On bein# re$ea"ed!y "em$"ed by "he o3ner' she a--us"oms herse!< "o "he s"a!! un"i! <ina!!y' even i< !e" !oose' she does no" s"ray a3ay. I< on-e i" <inds i"s inner ha$$iness i" 3i!! no" 3ander ou"3ard. 6he Eues" <or "he e!< is "he essen"ia! <a-"or and a!! "he res" are mere a--essories. 6hen she "a%es a bi"' bu" her inna"e "enden-y "o s"ray a3ay asser"s i"se!< and she s!i$s a3ay. I -ou!d no" medi"a"e and so I <e!" de$ressed. *ha" is i" due "oK A$ I" is Eui"e na"ura!. I" is "he sense o< doershi$ – %ar"ri"va buddhi – "ha" <orms "he im$edimen". #$ My a""em$"s a" -on-en"ra"ion are <rus"ra"ed by sudden $a!$i"a"ions o< "he hear" and a--om$anyin# hard' shor" and Eui-% brea"hs. I had !on# been anBious "o #e" "he bene<i" o< ri Bha#avan9s $roBimi"y <or "he su--ess<u! -u!mina"ion o< my medi"a"ion and so -ame here a<"er -onsiderab!e e<<or". imi!ar!y 3i"h "he mind. 6his is due "o "he 3or%in# o< "he "hree #unas Lsa""va' raCas and "amasM. I <ee! more and more de$ressed as I -on"em$!a"e !eavin# "he $!a-e. #$ Are "here no" modu!a"ions in -on"em$!a"ion a--ordin# "o -ir-ums"an-esK A$ Yes. hou!d he $ra-"ise yo#a <or "rainin# "he body <or "he $ur$oseK A$ I" is a--ordin# "o one9s sams%aras L$redis$osi"ionsM. Do no" re#re" "he "amas' bu" 3hen sa""va -omes in"o $!ay' ho!d on "o i" and ma%e "he bes" o< i". I <e!! i!! here.

6here is no #rea"er remedy "han "his -on"inuous yo#a or union 3i"h God or a"man. *henever a "hou#h" arises' do no" be -arried a3ay by i". 1)1 . 6here is no reason "o be de$ressed. I" is ever ha$$y. ma!! desires su-h as "he desire "o ea"' drin%' s!ee$ and a""end "o -a!!s o< na"ure' "hou#h "hese may a!so be -!assed amon# desires' you -an sa<e!y sa"is<y. *i!! Bha#avan eB$!ain "his and say i< i" is "rueK A$ 6here is no Bha#avan ou"side you and no "es" is "here<ore ins"i"u"ed. o "he e!< is no" de$ressed' nor is i" im$er<e-". Bu" desires #enera!!y are no" eradi-a"ed by sa"is<a-"ion. Bu" "he body does no" -ome and "e!! you "ha" i" is $ossessed by "he disease. You be-ome a3are o< "he body 3hen you <or#e" "he e!<. 6hose a-"ivi"ies are Cus" ne-essary "o -arry on !i<e and are no" !i%e!y "o deve!o$ or !eave behind vasanas or "enden-ies. Ea-h Eues"ion o< yours is $rom$"ed by a "hou#h". 6he disease is no" o< "he e!<' i" is o< "he body. #$ In "he $ra-"i-e o< medi"a"ion are "here any si#ns in "he rea!m o< subCe-"ive eB$erien-e 3hi-h 3i!! indi-a"e "he as$iran"9s $ro#ress "o3ards e!<Drea!iJa"ionK A$ 6he de#ree o< <reedom <rom un3an"ed "hou#h"s and "he de#ree o< -on-en"ra"ion on a sin#!e "hou#h" are "he measures "o #au#e "he $ro#ress. As a #enera! ru!e' "here<ore' "here is no harm in sa"is<yin# a desire 3here "he sa"is<a-"ion 3i!! no" !ead "o <ur"her desires by -rea"in# vasanas in "he mind. I" is you 3ho say so. ome $eo$!e -a!! "his a disease and some -a!! i" a "es" o< God. #$ u$$ose "here is some dis"urban-e durin# medi"a"ion' su-h as mosEui"o bi"es. *ha" you be!ieve "o be a "es" or a ne3 disease resu!"in# <rom s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-es is rea!!y "he s"rain "ha" is no3 brou#h" "o $!ay u$on your nerves and "he <ive senses. You "hin% "ha" your hea!"h does no" $ermi" your medi"a"ion. Be rid o< "hou#h"s. 6he "hin# is "o a""ain oneD$oin"edness and "hen "o a""ain manoDnasa Ldes"ru-"ion o< "he mindM. Pain is inevi"ab!e as a resu!" o< dis-ardin# "he vasanas Lmen"a! "enden-iesM 3hi-h you have had <or so !on#. A" "he same "ime' "he $ro$er remedy is no" <or-ib!e su$$ression' sin-e su-h re$ression is bound "o rea-" sooner or !a"er in"o a <or-e<u! sur#in# u$ o< desires 3i"h undesirab!e -onseEuen-es. *he"her you do "his by $u""in# u$ 3i"h "he mosEui"o bi"es or drivin# "he mosEui"oes a3ay is !e<" "o you. Bu" -an you <or#e" "he e!<K Bein# "he e!< ho3 -an you <or#e" i"K 6here mus" be "3o se!ves <or one "o <or#e" "he o"her.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ *ha" is 8hours9 a#ainK I" is a -on-e$". hou!d one $ersis" in medi"a"ion and "ry "o bear "he bi"es and i#nore "he in"erru$"ion' or drive "he mosEui"oes a3ay and "hen -on"inue "he medi"a"ionK A$ You mus" do as you <ind mos" -onvenien". *hy shou!d one a""em$" medi"a"ionK Bein# "he e!< one remains a!3ays rea!iJed. 6he body i"se!< is a "hou#h". *hyK Be-ause you have 3ron#!y iden"i<ied yourse!< 3i"h "he body. 6he -on"rary <ee!in# is a mere "hou#h" 3hi-h has a-"ua!!y no s"amina in i". 6his de$ression mus" be "ra-ed "o i"s ori#in. 6ryin# "o roo" "hem ou" "ha" 3ay is !i%e "ryin# "o Euen-h a <ire by $ourin# in<!ammab!e s$iri"s on i". I" is absurd. 6his is s"a"ed "o be a "es" by God. #$ *ha" is "he bes" 3ay o< dea!in# 3i"h desires and vasanas 3i"h a vie3 "o #e""in# rid o< "hem sa"is<yin# "hem or su$$ressin# "hemK A$ I< a desire -an be #o" rid o< by sa"is<yin# i"' "here 3i!! be no harm in sa"is<yin# su-h a desire. A!! "hese $ains 3i!! #o i< you -on"inue your medi"a"ion' bes"o3in# your "hou#h" so!e!y on unders"andin# your e!< or on e!<Drea!iJa"ion. Be as you rea!!y are. On!y be <ree <rom "hou#h"s. I< you are -om$!e"e!y absorbed in your medi"a"ion you 3i!! no" %no3 "ha" "he mosEui"oes are bi"in# you. 6he $ro$er 3ay "o #e" rid o< a desire is "o <ind ou" 8*ho #e"s "he desireK *ha" is i"s sour-eK9 *hen "his is <ound' "he desire is roo"ed ou" and i" 3i!! never a#ain emer#e or #ro3. 6he mind 3hi-h 3as hi"her"o o$era"in# "hrou#h "he nadis LnervesM "o sense eB"erna! obCe-"s' main"ainin# a !in% be"3een i"se!< and "he or#ans o< $er-e$"ion' is no3 reEuired "o 3i"hdra3 <rom "he !in%9 and "his a-"ion o< 3i"hdra3a! na"ura!!y -auses a s"rain' a s$rain or a sna$ a""endan" 3i"h $ain. 6he ori#in is "he 3ron# iden"i<i-a"ion o< "he body 3i"h "he e!<. 6hey 3i!! no" im$!an" vasanas in your mind' ne-essi"a"in# <ur"her bir"h. You 3i!! no" a""ain mu%"i sim$!y be-ause you drive "hem a3ay. 6i!! you a""ain "ha" s"a#e 3hy shou!d you no" drive "hem a3ayK #$ Peo$!e $ra-"isin# medi"a"ion are said "o #e" ne3 diseasesI a" any ra"e' I <ee! some $ain in "he ba-% and <ron" o< "he -hes".

A!! -on"roversies abou" -rea"ion' "he na"ure o< "he universe' evo!u"ion' "he $ur$ose o< God' e"-. 6hey are no" -ondu-ive "o our "rue ha$$iness. 1)> .Theory A!! me"a$hysi-a! dis-ussion is $ro<i"!ess un!ess i" -auses us "o see% 3i"hin "he e!< <or "he "rue rea!i"y.' are use!ess. Peo$!e "ry "o <ind ou" abou" "hin#s 3hi-h are ou"side o< "hem be<ore "hey "ry "o <ind ou" 8*ho am IK9 On!y by "he !a""er means -an ha$$iness be #ained.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman PART SIX .

I" is a -om$!e"e denia! o< a!! -ausa!i"y in "he $hysi-a! 3or!d. 2is $rin-i$a! -on-ern 3as "o brin# $eo$!e "o an a3areness o< "he e!< and' "o a-hieve "his end' he a!3ays insis"ed "ha" $ra-"i-e 3as more im$or"an" "han s$e-u!a"ion. 2e advo-a"ed a!! o< "hem a" di<<eren" "imes bu" i" is -!ear <rom his #enera! -ommen"s on "he subCe-" "ha" he on!y -onsidered "he <irs" "3o "heories #iven be!o3 "o be ei"her "rue or use<u!. A!"hou#h ri Ramana some"imes said "ha" drish"iDsrish"i 3as no" "he u!"ima"e "ru"h abou" -rea"ion he en-oura#ed his <o!!o3ers "o a--e$" i" as a 3or%in# hy$o"hesis. ri Ramana endorsed "his vie3 by sayin# "ha" i" is "he Cnani9s eB$erien-e "ha" no"hin# ever -omes in"o eBis"en-e or -eases "o be be-ause "he e!< a!one eBis"s as "he so!e un-han#in# rea!i"y. 6his is an an-ien" 2indu do-"rine 3hi-h s"a"es "ha" "he -rea"ion o< "he 3or!d never ha$$ened a" a!!. ri Ramana $oin"ed ou" "ha" "his vie3 o< "he 3or!d has no more rea!i"y "han a dream sin-e i" su$erim$oses a -rea"ion o< "he mind on "he rea!i"y o< "he e!<. O--asiona!!y he 3ou!d re!en" and #ive de"ai!ed eB$osi"ions on various as$e-"s o< $hi!oso$hy' bu" i< his Eues"ioners $ersis"ed "oo !on# 3i"h "heir Eueries' or i< "he -onversa"ion veered "o3ards s"eri!e in"e!!e-"ua!ism' he 3ou!d -han#e "he subCe-" and dire-" "he a""en"ion o< his Eues"ioners "o3ards more $ra-"i-a! ma""ers. / rish"iDdrish"i vada 7#radua! -rea"ion:. Many o< "hese $hi!oso$hi-a! -onversa"ions -en"red around "he na"ure and ori#in o< "he $hysi-a! 3or!d sin-e ri Ramana 3as %no3n "o have vie3s 3hi-h 3ere "o"a!!y a" varian-e 3i"h "he -ommonD sense vie3 o< "he 3or!d. 1 ACa"a vada 7"he "heory o< nonD-ausa!i"y:. 6his is "he -ommonDsense vie3 3hi-h ho!ds "ha" "he 3or!d is an obCe-"ive 1)0 . ri Ramana ado$"ed "hree di<<eren" s"and$oin"s 3hen he s$o%e abou" "he na"ure o< "he $hysi-a! 3or!d.$reation theories and the reality of the world ri Ramana had !i""!e or no in"eres" in "he "heore"i-a! side o< s$iri"ua!i"y. 2e dis-oura#ed Eues"ions o< a "heore"i-a! na"ure ei"her by remainin# si!en" 3hen "hey 3ere as%ed or by as%in# "he Eues"ioner "o <ind "he sour-e o< "he 8I9 "ha" 3as as%in# "he Eues"ion. 2e Cus"i<ied "his a$$roa-h by sayin# "ha" i< one -an -onsis"en"!y re#ard "he 3or!d as an unrea! -rea"ion o< "he mind "hen i" !oses i"s a""ra-"ion and i" be-omes easier "o main"ain an undis"ra-"ed a3areness o< "he 8I9D "hou#h". Drish"iDsrish"i vada I< his Eues"ioners <ound "he idea o< aCa"a or nonD-ausa!i"y im$ossib!e "o assimi!a"e' he 3ou!d "ea-h "hem "ha" "he 3or!d -omes in"o eBis"en-e simu!"aneous!y 3i"h "he a$$earan-e o< "he 8I9D"hou#h" and "ha" i" -eases "o eBis" 3hen "he 8I9D"hou#h" is absen". 6he "heory is "rue in so <ar as "he mind does -rea"e an ima#inary 3or!d <or i"se!<' bu" <rom "he s"and$oin" o< "he e!<' an ima#inary 8I9 -rea"in# an ima#inary 3or!d is no -rea"ion a" a!!' and so "he do-"rine o< aCa"a is no" subver"ed. 2e summarised "he di<<eren-e be"3een "he Cnani9s and "he aCnani9s s"and$oin" by sayin# "ha" "he 3or!d is unrea! i< i" is $er-eived by "he mind as a -o!!e-"ion o< dis-re"e obCe-"s and rea! 3hen i" is dire-"!y eB$erien-ed as an a$$earan-e in "he e!<. . 6ha" is "o say' "he 3or!d is no" rea! "o "he Cnani sim$!y be-ause i" a$$ears' bu" on!y be-ause "he rea! na"ure o< "he a$$earan-e is inse$arab!e <rom "he e!<. As 3i"h mos" o"her "o$i-s he "ai!ored his s"a"emen"s "o -on<orm "o "he di<<eren" !eve!s o< unders"andin# he en-oun"ered in his Eues"ioners' bu" even so' a!mos" a!! his ideas 3ere radi-a! re<u"a"ions o< "he -on-e$"s o< $hysi-a! rea!i"y "ha" mos" $eo$!e -herish. $ea%in# <rom his o3n eB$erien-e ri Ramana said "ha" "he Cnani is a3are "ha" "he 3or!d is rea!' no" as an assemb!a#e o< in"era-"in# ma""er and ener#y' bu" as an un-aused a$$earan-e in "he e!<. 6his "heory is no" a denia! o< "he rea!i"y o< "he 3or!d' on!y o< "he -rea"ive $ro-ess 3hi-h brou#h" i" in"o eBis"en-e. 2e en!ar#ed on "his by sayin# "ha" be-ause "he rea! na"ure or subs"ra"um o< "his a$$earan-e is iden"i-a! 3i"h "he bein#ness o< "he e!<' i" ne-essari!y $ar"a%es o< i"s rea!i"y. 6his "heory is %no3n as drish"iDsrish"i' or simu!"aneous -rea"ion' and i" says' in e<<e-"' "ha" "he 3or!d 3hi-h a$$ears "o an aCnani is a $rodu-" o< "he mind "ha" $er-eives i"' and "ha" in "he absen-e o< "ha" mind i" -eases "o eBis".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 17 . 6he aCnani' on "he o"her hand' is "o"a!!y una3are o< "he uni"ary na"ure and sour-e o< "he 3or!d and' as a -onseEuen-e' his mind -ons"ru-"s an i!!usory 3or!d o< se$ara"e in"era-"in# obCe-"s by $ersis"en"!y misin"er$re"in# "he senseD im$ressions i" re-eives. I" is a -oro!!ary o< "his "heory "ha" "ime' s$a-e' -ause and e<<e-"' essen"ia! -om$onen"s o< a!! -rea"ion "heories' eBis" on!y in "he minds o< aCnanis and "ha" "he eB$erien-e o< "he e!< revea!s "heir nonDeBis"en-e.

A$ I do no" "ea-h on!y "he aCa"a do-"rine. 6he abso!u"e -an on!y be one. 6he same "ru"h has "o be eB$ressed in di<<eren" 3ays "o sui" "he -a$a-i"y o< "he hearer. 2o3ever' e!< does no" a-" as "he e<<i-ien" -ause Lnimi""a %aranaM' -rea"in#' sus"ainin# and des"royin# i". 6here is no bir"h or dea"h' no $roCe-"ion or dra3in# in' no see%er' no bonda#e' no !ibera"ion. #$ Is no" "he e!< "he -ause o< "his 3or!d 3e see around usK A$ e!< i"se!< a$$ears as "he 3or!d o< diverse names and <orms. O"hers say i" is "he &ord9s !ee!a or s$or".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman rea!i"y #overned by !a3s o< -ause and e<<e-" 3hi-h -an be "ra-ed ba-% "o a sin#!e a-" o< -rea"ion. I" is Eui"e simi!ar "o "he -rea"ions in dream 3here "he eB$erien-er s$rin#s u$ simu!"aneous!y 3i"h "he obCe-"s o< eB$erien-e.9 6his is -a!!ed "he drish"iDsrish"i vada or "he ar#umen" "ha" one <irs" -rea"es ou" o< one9s mind and "hen sees 3ha" one9s mind i"se!< has -rea"ed. One 3ho is es"ab!ished in "he e!< sees "his by his %no3!ed#e o< rea!i"y. 6he aCa"a do-"rine says' 8No"hin# eBis"s eB-e$" "he one rea!i"y. ome $eo$!e -anno" #ras$ even "his and "hey -on"inue "o ar#ue in "he <o!!o3in# "erms? 86he dream eB$erien-e is so shor"' 3hi!e "he 3or!d a!3ays eBis"s. *ha" is "he "ru"hK A$ 5arious a--oun"s are #iven in boo%s. 6he dream eB$erien-e 3as !imi"ed "o me.9 *hen $eo$!e ar#ue in "his 3ay "hey -an be #iven a srish"iDdrish"i "heory' <or eBam$!e' 8God <irs" -rea"ed su-h and su-h a "hin#' ou" o< su-h and su-h an e!emen"' and "hen some"hin# e!se 3as -rea"ed' and so on. #$ 2o3 has srish"i L-rea"ionM -ome abou"K ome say i" is $redes"ined. A$ar" <rom "he seer' "here is no seen. *hy no" %no3 "he 8I9 and "hen see i< "here is a -rea"ionK #$ In "he vedan"a o< ri an%ara-harya "he $rin-i$!e o< "he -rea"ion o< "he 3or!d has been a--e$"ed <or "he sa%e o< be#inners' bu" <or "he advan-ed "he $rin-i$!e o< nonD-rea"ion is $u" <or3ard.9 #$ Bu" a!! "hese -anno" be "rue. ri Ramana on!y invo%ed "heories o< "his na"ure 3hen he 3as "a!%in# "o Eues"ioners 3ho 3ere un3i!!in# "o a--e$" "he im$!i-a"ions o< "he aCa"a and drish"iDsrish"i "heories. 6he one uni"y a!one eBis"s.9 6his s!o%a a$$ears in "he se-ond -ha$"er o< Gauda$ada9s %ari%a. Even "hen' he 3ou!d usua!!y $oin" ou" "ha" su-h "heories shou!d no" be "a%en "oo serious!y as "hey 3ere on!y $romu!#a"ed "o sa"is<y in"e!!e-"ua! -uriosi"y. A!"hou#h "he <ormer "heory sounds $erverse' ri Ramana insis"ed "ha" serious see%ers shou!d be sa"is<ied 3i"h i"' $ar"!y be-ause i" is a -!ose a$$roBima"ion "o "he "ru"h and $ar"!y be-ause i" is "he mos" bene<i-ia! a""i"ude "o ado$" i< one is serious!y in"eres"ed in rea!isin# "he e!<.9 6o su-h as <ind i" di<<i-u!" "o #ras$ "his "ru"h and 3ho as%' 82o3 -an 3e i#nore "his so!id 3or!d 3e see a!! around usK9' "he dream eB$erien-e is $oin"ed ou" and "hey are "o!d' 8A!! "ha" you see de$ends on "he seer. A$ A!! "hese "heories are on!y "o sui" "he -a$a-i"y o< "he !earner. &i"era!!y' drish"iDsrish"i means "ha" "he 3or!d on!y eBis"s 3hen i" is $er-eived 3hereas srish"iDdrish"i means "ha" "he 3or!d eBis"ed $rior "o anyone9s $er-e$"ion o< i". 6his is "he abso!u"e "ru"h. Do no" as% 8*hy does "he -on<usion o< e!<' no" %no3in# "he "ru"h "ha" i" i"se!< a$$ears as "he 3or!d' ariseK9 I< ins"ead you enEuire 86o 3hom does "his -on<usion o--urK9' i" 3i!! be dis-overed "ha" no su-h -on<usion ever eBis"ed <or e!<. *ha" is your vie3 on "his ma""erK A$ 86here is no disso!u"ion or -rea"ion' no one in bonda#e' nor anyone $ursuin# s$iri"ua! $ra-"i-es. #$ You seem "o be an eB$onen" o< aCa"a do-"rine o< advai"a vedan"a. 6hey see% "o <ind ou" ho3 "here -an be sudden 1)( . *hen "his is "o!d' some $eo$!e are no" sa"is<ied <or "hey are dee$!y roo"ed in obCe-"ive %no3!ed#e. 6here is no one desirin# !ibera"ion nor anyone !ibera"ed. Bu" is "here -rea"ionK On!y i< "here is -rea"ion do 3e have "o eB$!ain ho3 i" -ame abou".9 6ha" a!one 3i!! sa"is<y "his -!ass. *e -anno" -a!! su-h a 3or!d nonDeBis"en". 6heir minds are o"her3ise no" sa"is<ied and "hey as% "hemse!ves' 82o3 -an a!! #eo#ra$hy' a!! ma$s' a!! s-ien-es' s"ars' $!ane"s and "he ru!es #overnin# or re!a"in# "o "hem and a!! %no3!ed#e be "o"a!!y un"rueK9 6o su-h i" is bes" "o say' 8Yes' God -rea"ed a!! "his and so you see i". I" in-!udes vir"ua!!y a!! 3es"ern ideas on "he subCe-" <rom "he 8bi# ban#9 "heory "o "he bib!i-a! a--oun" in Genesis. 6his is said "o be yu#a$a"Dsrish"i Lins"an"aneous -rea"ionM. On!y one do-"rine -an be "rue. *e may no" %no3 abou" a!! "hese "heories bu" 3e -er"ain!y %no3 "ha" 3e eBis". Bu" "he 3or!d is <e!" and seen no" on!y by me' bu" by so many o"hers. I a$$rove o< a!! s-hoo!s. 6he vedan"a says "ha" "he -osmos s$rin#s in"o vie3 simu!"aneous!y 3i"h "he seer and "ha" "here is no de"ai!ed $ro-ess o< -rea"ion.

6hou#h"s are your $roCe-"ions. Ye" o"hers say' 86he 3or!d is rea!i"y. 6here may be any number o< "heories o< -rea"ion. 6hey ar#ue "ha" an e<<e-" mus" be $re-eded by a -ause. I" is Bha#avan "ha" says' 8Be-ome inde$enden" and so!ve "he ridd!e yourse!<. 6hen "he sru"is Ls-ri$"uresM "ry "o sa"is<y "heir -uriosi"y by "heories o< -rea"ion. *hy do you 3orry abou" "heir -on<!i-"in# s"a"emen"sK 6he essen"ia! aim o< "he 5edas is "o "ea-h us "he na"ure o< "he im$erishab!e a"man and sho3 us "ha" 3e are "ha". o 3here is i"K +!ear!y "he 3or!d is your "hou#h". 6here 3i!! be no !imi" "o "hem be-ause "ime and s$a-e are un!imi"ed. 6he ridd!e o< "he -rea"ion o< "he 3or!d is "hus so!ved i< you so!ve "he -rea"ion o< "he 8I9. 2e mus" admi" "ha" "he 3or!d is his o3n ima#ina"ion. #$ I <orm $ar" o< "he -rea"ion and so remain de$enden". 6here is no -rea"ion in "he s"a"e o< rea!iJa"ion. +rea"ion is eB$!ained s-ien"i<i-a!!y or !o#i-a!!y "o one9s o3n sa"is<a-"ion.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman -rea"ion. On "he o"her hand' drish"iDsrish"i Lsimu!"aneous -rea"ionM is yu#a$a"Dsrish"i. A!! o< "hem eB"end ou"3ard!y. *hen one sees "he e!<' "he 3or!d is no" seen. E"her is said "o be "he <irs" -rea"ion in one $!a-eI vi"a! ener#y L$ranaM in ano"her $!a-eI some"hin# e!se in ye" ano"herI 3a"er in s"i!! ano"her' and so on. 6he diversi"ies in su-h "heories -!ear!y sho3 "he use!essness o< see%in# su-h eB$!ana"ions. u-h eB$!ana"ions are $ure!y men"a! or in"e!!e-"ua! and no"hin# more. #$ Brahman is rea!. I" is <or you "o do i". 2o3 are "hese "o be re-on-i!edK Do no" "hese im$air "he -redibi!i"y o< "he 5edasK A$ Di<<eren" seers sa3 di<<eren" as$e-"s o< "ru"h a" di<<eren" "imes' ea-h em$hasisin# one vie3. A#ain' does "he 3or!d -ome and as% you 8*hy do 8I9 eBis"K 2o3 3as 8I9 -rea"edK9 I" is you 3ho as% "he Eues"ion. o I say' <ind your e!<. Bu" is "here any <ina!i"y abou" i"K u-h eB$!ana"ions are -a!!ed %ramaDsrish"i L#radua! -rea"ionM.9 *hi-h is "rueK 1)= . o see "he e!< and rea!iJe "ha" "here has been no -rea"ion. 6hey are ho3ever on!y in "he mind. I< you see "he mind' "ime and s$a-e are "rans-ended and "he e!< is rea!iJed. 6he 3or!d LCa#a"M is 8i!!usion9 is "he s"o-% $hrase o< ri an%ara-harya. @ind "he seer and "he -rea"ion is -om$rised in him. *hen one sees "he 3or!d' one does no" see onese!<. #$ *ha" is "he $ur$ose o< -rea"ionK A$ I" is "o #ive rise "o "his Eues"ion. *ho ima#ines i"K &e" him a#ain <ind "he 8I9 and "hen "he e!<. Bu" "he "rue see%er -an be -on"en" 3i"h yu#a$a"Dsrish"i' ins"an"aneous -rea"ion. *i"hou" "he seer "here are no obCe-"s seen. *hy !oo% ou"3ard and #o on eB$!ainin# "he $henomena 3hi-h are end!essK #$ 6he 5edas -on"ain -on<!i-"in# a--oun"s o< -osmo#ony. 6he 3or!d a$$ears 3hen you 3a%e u$.9 A#ain' 3here are you no3 "ha" you as% "his Eues"ionK Are you in "he 3or!d' or is "he 3or!d 3i"hin youK You mus" admi" "ha" "he 3or!d is no" $er-eived in your s!ee$ a!"hou#h you -anno" deny your eBis"en-e "hen. 6he inves"i#a"ion 3i!! reso!ve i"se!< in"o a Eues" <or "he e!< and i" 3i!! -ease on!y a<"er "he nonD e!< is si<"ed a3ay and "he e!< rea!iJed in i"s $uri"y and #!ory. 6his me"hod o< dea!in# 3i"h "he subCe-" o< -rea"ion is -a!!ed %ramaDsrish"i L#radua! -rea"ionM. 6he Eues"ioner mus" es"ab!ish "he re!a"ionshi$ be"3een "he 3or!d and himse!<. "i!!' a!! o< "hem are "rue a--ordin# "o "he s"and$oin" o< "he individua!. #$ I am sa"is<ied 3i"h "ha" $or"ion. A$ 6hen "rea" a!! "he res" as ar"ha vada LauBi!iary ar#umen"sM or eB$osi"ions <or "he sa%e o< "he i#noran" 3ho see% "o "ra-e "he #enesis o< "hin#s. 6he 8I9 is <irs" -rea"ed and "hen "he 3or!d. I -anno" so!ve "he ridd!e o< -rea"ion un"i! I be-ome inde$enden".and "heo!o#i-a! eB$!ana"ions do no" harmonise. Ye" I as% ri Bha#avan' shou!d he no" ans3er "he Eues"ion <or meK A$ Yes. 6he 3or!d is -rea"ed by "he 8I9 3hi-h in i"s "urn rises u$ <rom "he e!<. Inves"i#a"e "he ans3er "o "his Eues"ion' and <ina!!y abide in "he su$reme or ra"her "he $rima! sour-e o< a!!' "he e!<. In shor"' "hey desire an eB$!ana"ion <or "he eBis"en-e o< "he 3or!d 3hi-h "hey see around "hem. Moreover' a!! "he s-ien"i<i.

On!y "hose $eo$!e 3hose minds are devoid o< "he evi! $o3er o< maya' havin# #iven u$ "he %no3!ed#e o< "he 3or!d and bein# una""a-hed "o i"' and havin# "hereby a""ained "he %no3!ed#e o< "he se!<Dshinin# su$reme rea!i"y' -an -orre-"!y %no3 "he meanin# o< "he s"a"emen" 86he 3or!d is rea!. #$ ri Bha#avan o<"en says "ha" maya Li!!usionM and rea!i"y are "he same. 2en-e maya and rea!i"y are one and "he same. #$ o "he 3or!d is rea! 3hen i" is eB$erien-ed as "he e!< and unrea! 3hen i" is seen as se$ara"e names and <ormsK A$ Hus" as <ire is obs-ured by smo%e' "he shinin# !i#h" o< -ons-iousness is obs-ured by "he assemb!a#e o< names and <orms' "he 3or!d. *hen a man <or#e"s "ha" he is Brahman' 3ho is rea!' $ermanen" and omni$resen"' and de!udes himse!< in"o "hin%in# "ha" he is a body in "he universe 3hi-h is <i!!ed 3i"h bodies "ha" are "ransi"ory' and !abours under "ha" de!usion' you have #o" "o remind him "ha" "he 3or!d is unrea! and a de!usion. Kno3 "his "ru"h by abidin# in "he s"a"e o< e!<. *e see on!y "he s-ri$"' and nobody no"i-es "he $a$er on 3hi-h "he s-ri$" is 3ri""en. I< you "a%e "he a$$earan-e "o be rea! you 3i!! never %no3 "he rea! i"se!<' a!"hou#h i" is "he rea! a!one "ha" eBis"s. Is "he 3or!d "ha" is seen' <e!" and sensed by us in so many 3ays some"hin# !i%e a dream' an i!!usionK A$ 6here is no a!"erna"ive <or you bu" "o a--e$" "he 3or!d as unrea! i< you are see%in# "he "ru"h and "he "ru"h a!one. Bein# absorbed in "he rea!i"y' "he 3or!d a!so is rea!. 6o "hose 3ho !oo% u$on "he s-ri$" as rea!' you have "o say "ha" i" is unrea!' an i!!usion' sin-e i" res"s u$on "he $a$er. 6he as$iran" LabhyasiM s"ar"s 3i"h "he de<ini"ion' "ha" 3hi-h is rea! eBis"s a!3ays. 2e did no" s"o$ a" "he se-ond' be-ause "he "hird eB$!ains "he o"her "3o.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ Bo"h s"a"emen"s are "rue. 6he ori#ina! s"a"e o< "his em$"y 3or!d' 3hi-h is be3i!derin# and -ro3ded 3i"h many names and <orms' is b!iss' 3hi-h is one' Cus" as "he e##Dyo!% o< a mu!"iD-o!oured $ea-o-% is on!y one. 6hey re<er "o di<<eren" s"a#es o< deve!o$men" and are s$o%en <rom di<<eren" $oin"s o< vie3. 6he 3ise man !oo%s u$on bo"h "he $a$er and s-ri$" as one. *hyK Be-ause his vision 3hi-h has <or#o""en i"s o3n e!< is d3e!!in# in "he eB"erna!' ma"eria! universe. 6here is no o"her 3ay. o a!so 3i"h Brahman and "he universe. *hen on-e he rea!ises his o3n e!< he 3i!! %no3 "ha" "here is no"hin# o"her "han his o3n e!< and he 3i!! -ome "o !oo% u$on "he 3ho!e universe as Brahman.9 I< one9s ou"!oo% has been "rans<ormed "o "he na"ure o< rea! %no3!ed#e' "he 3or!d o< "he <ive e!emen"s be#innin# 3i"h e"her La%asaM 3i!! be rea!' bein# "he su$reme rea!i"y' 3hi-h is "he na"ure o< %no3!ed#e. 2o3 -an "ha" beK A$ an%ara 3as -ri"i-ised <or his vie3s on maya 3i"hou" bein# unders"ood. 6hen' "ha" 3hi-h 3as ori#ina!!y reCe-"ed as bein# unrea! is <ound "o be a $ar" o< "he uni"y. #$ o "he 3or!d is no" rea!!y i!!usoryK A$ A" "he !eve! o< "he s$iri"ua! see%er you have #o" "o say "ha" "he 3or!d is an i!!usion. #$ I -anno" say i" is a!! -!ear "o me. 2e said "ha" 71: Brahman is rea!' 7.: "he universe is unrea!' and 7/: 6he universe is Brahman. 6his 11) . o !on# as a man does no" see "he e!< 3hi-h is "he ori#in o< a!!' bu" !oo%s on!y a" "he eB"erna! 3or!d as rea! and $ermanen"' you have "o "e!! him "ha" a!! "his eB"erna! universe is an i!!usion. 6he see%er u!"ima"e!y rea-hes "he e!< and "here <inds uni"y as "he $revai!in# no"e. *hen by -om$assiona"e divine #ra-e "he mind be-omes -!ear' "he na"ure o< "he 3or!d 3i!! be %no3n "o be no" "he i!!usory <orms bu" on!y "he rea!i"y. 6he $a$er is "here 3he"her "he s-ri$" on i" is "here or no". 6here is no universe 3i"hou" "he e!<. 6here is on!y bein# in e!<Drea!iJa"ion' and no"hin# bu" bein#. 6a%e a $a$er. #$ *hy soK A$ @or "he sim$!e reason "ha" un!ess you #ive u$ "he idea "ha" "he 3or!d is rea! your mind 3i!! a!3ays be a<"er i". I" 3i!! no" "urn in3ards in"o in"ros$e-"ion un!ess you im$ress on him "ha" a!! "his eB"erna!' ma"eria! universe is unrea!. You -anno" he!$ i". I" si#ni<ies "ha" "he universe is rea! i< $er-eived as "he e!<' and unrea! i< $er-eived a$ar" <rom "he e!<. 6hen he e!imina"es "he 3or!d as unrea! be-ause i" is -han#in#.

I<' on "he -on"rary' you 3i"hdra3 your mind -om$!e"e!y <rom "he 3or!d and "urn i" 3i"hin and abide "here' "ha" is' i< you %ee$ a3a%e a!3ays "o "he e!< 3hi-h is "he subs"ra"um o< a!! eB$erien-es' you 3i!! <ind "he 3or!d o< 3hi-h you are no3 a3are is Cus" as unrea! as "he 3or!d in 3hi-h you !ived in your dream. Even no3' 3hi!e you are a3a%e' is i" "he 3or!d "ha" says 8I am rea!9' or is i" youK #$ O< -ourse I say i"' bu" I say i" o< "he 3or!d. Is "ha" no" enou#h "o $rove "he obCe-"ive rea!i"y o< "he 3or!dK A$ A!! "his "a!% abou" in-onsis"en-ies in "he dreamD3or!d arises on!y no3' 3hen you are a3a%e. 6hey are no" men"a! -rea"ions as in dreams' 3hi-h di<<er no" on!y <rom $erson "o $erson bu" a!so 3i"h re#ard "o "he same $erson. I" -anno" deny "he rea!i"y o< "he dream 3or!d 3hi!e i" is dreamin# and i" -anno" deny "he rea!i"y o< "he 3a%in# 3or!d 3hi!e i" is a3a%e. 2o3 -an "he mind 3hi-h has i"se!< -rea"ed "he 3or!d a--e$" i" as unrea!K 6ha" is "he si#ni<i-an-e o< "he -om$arison made be"3een "he 3or!d o< "he 3a%in# s"a"e and "he dream 3or!d. #$ Nei"her do I deny "he 3or!d9s eBis"en-e 3hi!e I am as!ee$. *hi!e you are dreamin#' "he dream 3as a $er<e-"!y in"e#ra"ed 3ho!e. You 3an" someho3 or o"her "o main"ain "ha" "he 3or!d is rea!. In o"her 3ords' "he dream as a dream does no" $ermi" you "o doub" i"s rea!i"y. A$ *e!! "hen' "ha" 3or!d' 3hi-h you say is rea!' is rea!!y mo-%in# a" you <or see%in# "o $rove i"s rea!i"y 3hi!e o< your o3n rea!i"y you are i#noran". A$ 6o say you eBis"ed 3hi!e as!ee$' 3as i" ne-essary "o -a!! in "he eviden-e o< o"hers so as "o $rove i" "o youK *hy do you see% "heir eviden-e no3K 6hose o"hers -an "e!! you o< havin# seen "he 3or!d durin# your s!ee$ on!y 3hen you yourse!< are a3a%e. I<' on "he -on"rary' "he 3or!d is a se!<DeBis"en" rea!i"y 7"ha" is 3ha" you eviden"!y mean by i"s obCe-"ivi"y:' 3ha" $reven"s "he 3or!d <rom revea!in# i"se!< "o you in s!ee$K You do no" say you did no" eBis" in your s!ee$. *i"h re#ard "o your o3n eBis"en-e i" is di<<eren". *hi!e you ima#ine "ha" "he ro$e is a sna%e you -anno" see "he ro$e as a ro$e. You may be de-eived in"o be!ievin# "ha" a $ie-e o< ro$e is a sna%e. #$ *e see' <ee! and sense "he 3or!d in so many 3ays. I" has been eBis"in# a!! "he 3hi!e. 6hese sensa"ions are "he rea-"ions "o "he obCe-"s seen and <e!".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman $oin" is i!!us"ra"ed by "he ana!o#y o< "he sna%e in "he ro$e. *ha" is "he s"andard o< rea!i"yK 6ha" a!one is rea! 3hi-h eBis"s by i"se!<' 3hi-h revea!s i"se!< by i"se!< and 3hi-h is e"erna! and un-han#in#. 111 . o !on# as "he dream !as"s every"hin# you see and <ee! in i" is rea!. 6ha" is "o say' i< you <e!" "hirs"y in a dream' "he i!!usory drin%in# o< i!!usory 3a"er Euen-hed your i!!usory "hirs". #$ Is "hen "he 3or!d no be""er "han a dreamK A$ *ha" is 3ron# 3i"h "he sense o< rea!i"y you have 3hi!e you are dreamin#K You may be dreamin# o< some"hin# Eui"e im$ossib!e' <or ins"an-e' o< havin# a ha$$y -ha" 3i"h a dead $erson. On 3a%in# u$ you say you had a sound s!ee$' and so "o "ha" eB"en" you are a3are o< yourse!< in "he dee$es" s!ee$' 3hereas you have no" "he s!i#h"es" no"ion o< "he 3or!d9s eBis"en-e "hen. 6he noneBis"en" sna%e be-omes rea! "o you' 3hi!e "he rea! ro$e seems 3ho!!y nonDeBis"en" as su-h. #$ I" is easy "o a--e$" "en"a"ive!y "ha" "he 3or!d is no" u!"ima"e!y rea!' bu" i" is hard "o have "he -onvi-"ion "ha" i" is rea!!y unrea!. 6he sensa"ions you no3 have #e" -oDordina"ed "o #ive you "he im$ression "ha" "he 3or!d is rea!. Bu" a!! "his 3as rea! and no" i!!usory "o you so !on# as you did no" %no3 "ha" "he dream i"se!< 3as i!!usory. I< durin# my s!ee$ I did no" see i"' o"hers 3ho 3ere no" s!ee$in# sa3 i". A$ Even so is your dream 3or!d rea! 3hi!e you are dreamin#. I" is "he same in "he 3a%in# s"a"e' <or you are unab!e "o doub" "he rea!i"y o< "he 3or!d 3hi-h you see 3hi!e you are a3a%e. Bo"h are -rea"ions o< "he mind and' so !on# as "he mind is en#rossed in ei"her' i" <inds i"se!< unab!e "o deny "heir rea!i"y. Hus" <or a momen"' you may doub" in "he dream' sayin# "o yourse!<' 8*as he no" deadK9' bu" someho3 your mind re-on-i!es i"se!< "o "he dreamDvision' and "he $erson is as #ood as a!ive <or "he $ur$oses o< "he dream. imi!ar!y 3i"h "he 3a%in# 3or!d.

In dee$ s!ee$' %no3er' %no3!ed#e and %no3n are absen". 6here<ore a""ain "he %no3!ed#e o< "ha" 3hi-h is rea! <or a!! "ime. 6he 3or!d nei"her eBis"s by i"se!<' nor is i" -ons-ious o< i"s eBis"en-e. I< you are -ons-ious o< any"hin# you are essen"ia!!y -ons-ious o< yourse!<. 2o3 -an you say "ha" su-h a 3or!d is rea!K And 3ha" is "he na"ure o< "he 3or!dK I" is $er$e"ua! -han#e' a -on"inuous' in"erminab!e <!uB. #$ @rom 3here did "he %no3er and his mis$er-e$"ions -omeK A$ *ho is as%in# "he Eues"ionK #$ ! am. In bo"h s"a"es on %no3in# "his 8I9 you %no3 every"hin# and no"hin# remains "o be %no3n. #$ Are "he names and <orms o< "he 3or!d rea!K A$ You 3on9" <ind "hem se$ara"e <rom "he subs"ra"um Ladhish"anaM. Unse!<D-ons-ious eBis"en-e is a -on"radi-"ion in "erms. *hen you "ry "o #e" a" name and <orm' you 3i!! <ind rea!i"y on!y. A$ @ind ou" "ha" 8I9 and a!! your doub"s 3i!! be so!ved. *ha" does "his invariab!e -on-omi"an-e meanK You are <ami!iar 3i"h "he $rin-i$!es o< indu-"ive !o#i. 6ha" is' your eBis"en-e is no" mere eBis"en-e' i" is eBis"en-e o< 3hi-h you are -ons-ious. Hus" as in a dream a <a!se %no3!ed#e' %no3er and %no3n rise u$' in "he 3a%in# s"a"e "he same $ro-ess o$era"es.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Does "he 3or!d eBis" by i"se!<K *as i" ever seen 3i"hou" "he aid o< "he mindK In s!ee$ "here is nei"her mind nor 3or!d. I" is no eBis"en-e a" a!!. 6he 3a%in# s"a"e is !i%e "his. *ha"ever you see ha$$enin# in "he 3a%in# s"a"e ha$$ens on!y "o "he %no3er' and sin-e "he %no3er is unrea!' no"hin# in <a-" ever ha$$ens. #$ 6he 3or!d may no" be -ons-ious o< i"se!<' ye" i" eBis"s.inves"i#a"ion. A de$enden"' unse!<D-ons-ious' everD -han#in# 3or!d -anno" be rea!. *hy do you no" de-ide "his Eues"ion o< "he rea!i"y o< "he 3or!d in "he !i#h" o< "hose a--e$"ed $rin-i$!es o< !o#i-K O< yourse!< you -an say 8I eBis"9. Rea!!y' i" is eBis"en-e iden"i-a! 3i"h -ons-iousness. In "he same 3ay' a" "he "ime o< eB$erien-in# "he rea! 8I9 "hey 3i!! no" eBis". #$ *hy does "he 3a%in# s"a"e !oo% so rea!K A$ *e see so mu-h on "he -inema s-reen' bu" i" is no" rea!.3hi-h are -onsidered "he very basis o< s-ien"i<i. Kno3!ed#e o< "he 3or!d is %no3!ed#e o< "he %no3er o< "he 3or!d LCa#ra"D$rama is "he $rama o< Ca#ra"D$rama"aM. 6he s"a"ionary a$$earan-e is an error o< $er-e$"ion. Bo"h #o a3ay in s!ee$. In "he same 3ay in "he 3a%in# s"a"e' "here is no"hin# bu" adhish"ana. No"hin# is rea! "here eB-e$" "he s-reen. #$ Is "he !i#h" 3hi-h #ives "he 8I9Dsense iden"i"y and %no3!ed#e o< "he 3or!d i#noran-e or -hi"' -ons-iousnessK 11. On !oo%in# "3i-e a" "he bri#h"ness o< a <!ame a man says "ha" he sees "he same <!ame' bu" "his <!ame is -han#in# every momen". . In <a-" "he %no3er and his mis$er-e$"ions a$$ear simu!"aneous!y' and 3hen "he %no3!ed#e o< "he e!< is ob"ained' "hey disa$$ear simu!"aneous!y. #$ *here is "he errorK A$ Prama"a L"he %no3erM. I" is "he vas"u Lrea!i"yM. A$ +ons-iousness is a!3ays e!<D-ons-iousness. #$ *hy do 3e see su-h $ermanen-y and -ons"an-y in "he 3or!dK A$ I" is seen on a--oun" o< 3ron# ideas. #$ 2o3 did "he %no3er -omeK A$ On a--oun" o< "he error o< $er-e$"ion. *hen a3a%e "here is "he mind and "here is "he 3or!d. I" is mere!y a""ribu"ed eBis"en-e' 3hereas "rue eBis"en-e' "he sa"' is no" an a""ribu"e' i" is "he subs"an-e i"se!<. *hen someone says "ha" he "oo% a ba"h in "he same river "3i-e he is 3ron#' be-ause 3hen he ba"hed <or "he se-ond "ime "he river is no" "he same as i" 3as 3hen he ba"hed <or "he <irs" "ime. Rea!i"y is "here<ore %no3n as sa"D-hi"' bein#D -ons-iousness' and never mere!y "he one "o "he eB-!usion o< "he o"her.

6here<ore $hysi-a! eBis"en-e and $er-e$"ion de$end u$on "he !i#h" o< "he mind 3hi-h is re<!e-"ed <rom "he e!<. Hus" as -inema $i-"ures -an be made visib!e by a re<!e-"ed !i#h"' and on!y in dar%ness' so a!so "he 3or!d $i-"ures are $er-e$"ib!e on!y by "he !i#h" o< "he e!< re<!e-"ed in "he dar%ness o< avidya Li#noran-eM. 6his re<!e-"ed !i#h" o< -hi" a!so ma%es "he 8I9 -rea"e obCe-"s' bu" <or "his re<!e-"ion "here mus" be a sur<a-e on 3hi-h "he re<!e-"ion "a%es $!a-e. 6here is "he 3or!d' 3hi-h reEuires !o-a"ion <or i"s eBis"en-e and !i#h" "o ma%e i" $er-e$"ib!e. #$ *ha" is "ha" sur<a-eK A$ On rea!iJa"ion o< "he e!< you 3i!! <ind "ha" "he re<!e-"ion and "he sur<a-e on 3hi-h i" "a%es $!a-e do no" a-"ua!!y eBis"' bu" "ha" bo"h o< "hem are one and "he same -hi". 6he 3or!d -an be seen nei"her in "he u""er dar%ness o< i#noran-e' as in dee$ s!ee$' nor in "he u""er !i#h" o< "he e!<' as in e!<Drea!iJa"ion or samadhi. Bo"h rise simu!"aneous!y.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ I" is on!y "he re<!e-"ed !i#h" o< -hi" "ha" ma%es "he 8I9 be!ieve i"se!< di<<eren" <rom o"hers. 11/ .

Do you %no3 3ha" you are no3K Bir"h and rebir"h $er"ain "o "he body. Kno3 "he e!< and don9" be $er"urbed by doub"s. @rom "he s"and$oin" o< "he e!<' "here is no bir"h or dea"h' no heaven or he!!' and no rein-arna"ion. #$ 2o3 !on# does i" "a%e a man "o be reborn a<"er dea"hK Is i" immedia"e!y a<"er dea"h or some "ime a<"erK A$ You do no" %no3 3ha" you 3ere be<ore bir"h' ye" you 3an" "o %no3 3ha" you 3i!! be a<"er dea"h. Amon# "hose 3hose minds are $ossessed 3i"h <or#e"<u!ness o< e!<' "hose 3ho are born 3i!! die and "hose 3ho die 3i!! be born a#ain. Nor 3i!! "here be any herea<"er. In re$!yin# "o su-h $eo$!e he 3ou!d say "ha" i< one ima#ined "ha" "he individua! se!< 3as rea!' "hen "ha" ima#inary se!< 3ou!d $ersis" a<"er dea"h and "ha" even"ua!!y i" 3ou!d iden"i<y 3i"h a ne3 body and a ne3 !i<e. Bu" %no3 "ha" "hose 3hose minds are dead' havin# %no3n "he #!orious su$reme rea!i"y' 3i!! remain on!y "here in "ha" e!eva"ed s"a"e o< rea!i"y' devoid o< bo"h bir"h and dea"h. Kno3 your rea! bein# and "hese Eues"ions 3i!! no" arise. 6he <u"ure 3i!! "a%e -are o< i"se!<. 6hey re!a"e "o "he body and no" "o "he e!<. ome -!aim "ha" "he sou! #oes "o heaven or he!! 3hi!e o"hers -!aim "ha" i" is rein-arna"ed in a ne3 body. Even 3i"h our $resen" !imi"ed %no3!ed#e' you su<<er so mu-h. You be!ieve "ha" "he body has been born and 3i!! die' and -on<ound "he $henomena re!a"in# "o "he body 3i"h "he e!<. #$ Is rein-arna"ion "rueK A$ Rein-arna"ion eBis"s on!y so !on# as "here is i#noran-e. @or#e""in# e!<' mis"a%in# "he body <or e!<' "a%in# innumerab!e bir"hs' and a" !as" %no3in# e!< and bein# e!< is Cus" !i%e 3a%in# <rom a dream o< 3anderin# a!! over "he 3or!d. &e" him 3ho is born "hin% o< dea"h and $a!!ia"ives <or i". #$ +an a yo#i %no3 his $as" !ivesK A$ Do you %no3 "he $resen" !i<e "ha" you 3ish "o %no3 "he $as"K @ind "he $resen"' "hen "he res" 3i!! <o!!o3. I" is a 3ron# iden"i<i-a"ion. Be-ause you say you are born' "here<ore "hey say' yes' and add "ha" God -rea"ed you. #$ *ha" ha$$ens "o a $erson a<"er dea"hK A$ En#a#e yourse!< in "he !ivin# $resen". Do no" 3orry abou" "he <u"ure. On-e "he !imi"in# i!!usion o< mind is "rans-ended' iden"i<i-a"ion 3i"h "he body -eases' and a!! "heories abou" dea"h and rein-arna"ion are <ound "o be ina$$!i-ab!e. Bir"h and rebir"h are men"ioned on!y "o ma%e you inves"i#a"e "he Eues"ion and <ind ou" "ha" "here are nei"her bir"hs nor rebir"hs. 6his is "he "ru"h. ri Ramana "au#h" "ha" a!! su-h "heories are based on "he <a!se assum$"ion "ha" "he individua! se!< or sou! is rea!I on-e "his i!!usion is seen "hrou#h' "he 3ho!e su$ers"ru-"ure o< a<"erD!i<e "heories -o!!a$ses. *hy shou!d you burden yourse!< 3i"h more %no3!ed#eK Is i" "o su<<er moreK *hen seen "hrou#h "he si#h" o< "he su$reme s$a-e o< e!<' "he i!!usion o< "a%in# bir"h in "his mira#eD!i%e <a!se 3or!d is <ound "o be no"hin# bu" "he e#o"is"i-a! i#noran-e o< iden"i<yin# a body as 8I9.Reincarnation Mos" re!i#ions have -ons"ru-"ed e!abora"e "heories 3hi-h $ur$or" "o eB$!ain 3ha" ha$$ens "o "he individua! sou! a<"er "he dea"h o< "he body. As a -on-ession "o "hose 3ho 3ere unab!e "o assimi!a"e "he im$!i-a"ions o< "his "ru"h' ri Ramana 3ou!d some"imes admi" "ha" rein-arna"ion eBis"ed.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 18 . 6here is rea!!y no rein-arna"ion a" a!!' ei"her no3 or be<ore. 6he s"a"e be<ore -rea"ion and "he $ro-ess o< -rea"ion are dea!" 3i"h in "he s-ri$"ures in order "ha" you may %no3 "he $resen". 6he 3ho!e $ro-ess' he said' is sus"ained by "he "enden-y o< "he mind "o iden"i<y i"se!< 3i"h a body. You are iden"i<yin# "he e!< 3i"h "he body. Bu" do you see God or any"hin# e!se in your s!ee$K I< God is rea!' 3hy does he no" shine <or"h in your s!ee$ a!soK You 114 . #$ Do no" one9s a-"ions a<<e-" "he $erson in !a"er bir"hsK A$ Are you born no3K *hy do you "hin% o< o"her bir"hsK 6he <a-" is "ha" "here is nei"her bir"h nor dea"h.

. 6hen "here 3i!! be an end o< su-h doub"s. 6he $resen" s"a"e o< i#noran-e is due "o "he iden"i<i-a"ion o< -ons-iousness L-hi"M 3i"h "he insen"ien" LCadaM body. #$ *ha" be-omes o< "he Civa Lindividua!M a<"er dea"hK A$ 6he Eues"ion is no" a$$ro$ria"e <or a Civa no3 !ivin#. Am I ri#h"K A$ 6here is nei"her $as" nor <u"ure.. *henever iden"i<i-a"ion 3i"h "he body eBis"s' a body is a!3ays avai!ab!e' 3he"her "his or any o"her one' "i!! "he bodyDsense disa$$ears by mer#in# in"o "he sour-e – "he s$iri"' or e!<. $a-e is simi!ar!y men"a!. A dead Civa may as% me' i< he 3ishes "o. 6here<ore bir"h and rebir"h' 3hi-h "a%e $!a-e in "ime and s$a-e' -anno" be o"her "han ima#ina"ion. Rein-arna"ions are due "o a s$urious o<<shoo". 6he e!< is a!! and a!! is b!iss. 6he s"one 3hi-h is $roCe-"ed u$3ards remains in -ons"an" mo"ion "i!! i" re"urns "o i"s sour-e' "he ear"h' and res"s.. *hen you are as!ee$ do you "hin% o< rebir"hs or even "he $resen" eBis"en-eK o <ind ou" <rom 3here "he $resen" $rob!em arises and in "ha" $!a-e you 3i!! <ind "he so!u"ion. @u"ureO. Even no3 3e are <ree <rom rebir"h so 3hy <re" over "he misery o< i"K #$ Is "here rebir"hK A$ Do you %no3 3ha" bir"h isK #$ Oh yes' I %no3 "ha" I eBis" no3' bu" I 3an" "o %no3 i< I9!! eBis" in "he <u"ure. I" is "rans-ended by e!<Drea!iJa"ion. @ind ou" 3ho is born and 3ho no3 has "he "roub!e o< eBis"en-e. 111 .Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman a!3ays are' you are "he same no3 as you 3ere in s!ee$. 6here<ore' eB$erien-e "a%es $!a-e on!y in "he $resen"' and beyond eB$erien-e no"hin# eBis"s. #$ Yes' "oday is "he resu!" o< yes"erday' "he $as"' and "omorro3' "he <u"ure' 3i!! be "he resu!" o< "oday' "he $resen". Bu" 3hy shou!d "here be di<<eren-es in "he <ee!in#s or eB$erien-es o< "he "3o s"a"esK Did you as%' 3hi!e as!ee$' Eues"ions re#ardin# your bir"hK Did you "hen as% 8*here do I #o a<"er dea"hK9 *hy "hin% o< a!! "hese Eues"ions no3 in "he 3a%in# s"a"eK &e" 3ha" is born "hin% o< i"s bir"h and "he remedy' i"s -ause and u!"ima"e resu!"s. #$ Do no" 3e #o "o heaven Lsvar#aM as "he resu!" o< our a-"ionsK A$ 6ha" is as "rue as "he $resen" eBis"en-e.. . 6he rein-arna"in# e#o be!on#s "o "he !o3er $!ane' name!y' "hou#h". Bu" i< 3e enEuire 3ho 3e are and dis-over "he e!<' 3ha" need is "here "o "hin% o< heavenK #$ hou!d I no" "ry "o es-a$e rebir"hK A$ Yes.. You 3i!! dis-over "ha" "here is no bir"h' no $resen" "roub!e or unha$$iness. 6here<ore "hey are denied by "he Buddhis"s. A$ Pas"O. 2eada-he -on"inues "o #ive "roub!e' "i!! "he $reDheada-he s"a"e is re#ained. 6here is on!y "he $resen". #$ Are "hen $as" and <u"ure mere ima#ina"ionK A$ Yes' even "he $resen" is mere ima#ina"ion' <or "he sense o< "ime is $ure!y men"a!. #$ *ha" is "he -ause o< "anha' "he "hirs" <or !i<e and "he "hirs" <or rebir"hK A$ Rea! rebir"h is dyin# <rom "he e#o in"o "he s$iri". In "he mean"ime !e" "he embodied Civa so!ve i"s $resen" $rob!em and <ind 3ho he is. You are no" di<<eren" <rom "ha" one in s!ee$. Yes"erday 3as "he $resen" "o you 3hen you eB$erien-ed i"' and "omorro3 3i!! be a!so "he $resen" 3hen you eB$erien-e i". 6his is "he si#ni<i-an-e o< "he -ru-i<iBion o< Hesus. Presen"O. #$ Is "he Buddhis" vie3' "ha" "here is no -on"inuous en"i"y ans3erin# "o "he ideas o< "he individua! sou!' -orre-" or no"K Is "his -onsis"en" 3i"h "he 2indu no"ion o< a rein-arna"in# e#oK Is "he sou! a -on"inuous en"i"y 3hi-h rein-arna"es a#ain and a#ain' a--ordin# "o "he 2indu do-"rine' or is i" a mere mass o< men"a! "enden-ies – sams%arasK A$ 6he rea! e!< is -on"inuous and una<<e-"ed.

A!"hou#h indes"ru-"ib!e by na"ure' by <a!se iden"i<i-a"ion 3i"h i"s des"ru-"ib!e ins"rumen"' "he body' -ons-iousness imbibes a <a!se a$$rehension o< i"s des"ru-"ibi!i"y. I" is $ossib!e' as i!!us"ra"ed by Hada Bhara"a – "he s-ri$"ura! ane-do"e o< a roya! sa#e havin# been reborn as a deer. #$ A doub" has Cus" no3 arisen in a <riend o< mine9s mind. Bu" ho3ever !on# "hese bodies may !as"' "hey even"ua!!y -ome "o an end and yie!d "o "he e!<' 3hi-h a!one e"erna!!y eBis"s. Bu" i" mus" be dis"in-"!y unders"ood "ha" i" is no sou! 3hi-h -omes and #oes' bu" on!y "he "hin%in# mind o< "he individua!' 3hi-h ma%es i" a$$ear "o do so. Be-ause o< "ha" <a!se iden"i<i-a"ion i" "ries "o $er$e"ua"e "he body' and "ha" resu!"s in a su--ession o< bir"hs. I" is "he same a<"er dea"h – "he individua!i"y o< "he $erson 3i"h sams%aras is no" !os". I" is "rue "ha" some individua!s "a%e more "ime and some !ess. Bu" "he Cnani' "he e!<Drea!iJed man' 3hose mind has a!ready -eased "o a-"' remains una<<e-"ed by dea"h. On 3ha"ever $!ane "he mind ha$$ens "o a-"' i" -rea"es a body <or i"se!<I in "he $hysi-a! 3or!d a $hysi-a! body and in "he dream 3or!d a dream body 3hi-h be-omes 3e" 3i"h dream rain and si-% 3i"h dream disease. 6ha" is ho3 Civas Lindividua!sM are reborn. o a!so "he individua!i"ies durin# s!ee$ !ose "heir se$ara"eD ness and ye" re"urn as individua!s a--ordin# "o "heir sams%aras or $as" "enden-ies.9I9. o !on# as "he roo"s o< "he "ree remain unim$aired' "he "ree 3i!! -on"inue "o #ro3. #$ Is "he individua! -a$ab!e o< s$iri"ua! $ro#ress in an anima! bodyK A$ No" im$ossib!e' "hou#h i" is eB-eedin#!y rare. #$ 6heoso$hy s$ea%s o< <i<"y "o 1)'))) year in"erva!s be"3een dea"h and rebir"h. A$ Give u$ "he <a!se iden"i<i-a"ion and remember' "he body -anno" eBis" 3i"hou" "he e!<' 3hereas "he e!< -an eBis" 3i"hou" "he body. #$ Is i" $ossib!e <or a man "o be reborn as a !o3er anima!K A$ Yes. I" is no" "rue "ha" bir"h as a man is ne-essari!y "he hi#hes"' and "ha" one mus" a""ain rea!iJa"ion on!y <rom bein# a man. A$ &e" him 3ho "a%es bir"h as% "his Eues"ion. #$ 2o3 -an "ha" beK A$ ee ho3 a "ree 3hose bran-hes have been -u" #ro3s a#ain. @ind ou" <irs" 3ho i" is "ha" is born' and 3he"her "here is a-"ua! bir"h and dea"h. #$ 2o3 -ou!d "he innumerab!e Civas and "he 3ide universe 3hi-h "hey $rodu-e s$rou" u$ <rom su-h sub"!e sams%aras 11> . I" is "he mind 3hi-h -rea"es and main"ains "he i!!usion o< rea!i"y in "his $ro-ess' "i!! i" is des"royed by e!<Drea!iJa"ion. A!! su-h measuremen"s are hy$o"he"i-a!. In <a-" i" is a!3ays 3i"hou" i".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman 6hirs" <or !i<e is inheren" in "he very na"ure o< !i<e' 3hi-h is abso!u"e eBis"en-e – sa". he has Cus" heard "ha" a human bein# may "a%e an anima! bir"h in some o"her !i<e' 3hi-h is -on"rary "o 3ha" 6heoso$hy has "au#h" her. I" shou!d no3 be -!ear "ha" "here is nei"her rea! bir"h' nor rea! dea"h. #$ Does no" dea"h disso!ve "he individua!i"y o< a $erson' so "ha" "here -an be no rebir"h' Cus" as "he rivers dis-har#ed in"o "he o-ean !ose "heir individua!i"iesK A$ Bu" 3hen "he 3a"ers eva$ora"e and re"urn as rain on "he hi!!s' "hey on-e more <!o3 in "he <orm o< rivers and <a!! in"o "he o-ean. imi!ar!y' "he sams%aras 3hi-h have mere!y sun% in "he 2ear" on dea"h' bu" have no" $erished <or "ha" reason' o--asion rebir"h a" "he ri#h" "ime. *hy is "his soK A$ 6here is no re!a"ion be"3een "he s"andard o< measuremen"s o< one s"a"e o< -ons-iousness and ano"her. 6he -hain o< i!!usions has sna$$ed <or ever <or him. You 3i!! <ind "ha" bir"h $er"ains "o "he e#o' 3hi-h is an i!!usion o< "he mind. #$ Yes' 8Give u$ "hy !i<e i< "hou 3ou!ds" !ive9' says "he 5oi-e o< "he i!en-e o< 2. Even an anima! -an a""ain e!<Drea!iJa"ion. B!ava"s%y. 6he mind o< "he Cnani has -eased "o eBis"I i" has dro$$ed never "o rise a#ain "o -ause bir"hs and dea"hs. Bu" soon i" be-omes a-"ive a#ain in a ne3 3or!d and a ne3 body – "he as"ra! – "i!! i" assumes ano"her body in 3ha" is -a!!ed a 8rebir"h9. A<"er "he dea"h o< "he $hysi-a! body' "he mind remains ina-"ive <or some "ime' as in dream!ess s!ee$ 3hen i" remains 3or!d!ess and "here<ore bodi!ess.

6he mind a" on-e "a%es ho!d o< ano"her body' and i" s3in#s "o and <ro be"3een "he "3o' un"i! a""a-hmen" is <u!!y "rans<erred "o "he ne3 body. #$ I <ind "his very -on<usin#.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman sun% in "he 2ear"K A$ Hus" as "he bi# banyan "ree s$rou"s <rom a "iny seed' so do "he Civas and "he 3ho!e universe 3i"h name and <orm s$rou" u$ <rom "he sub"!e sams%aras. I" is "he e#o "ha" is "he -ause o< a!! "he 3or!d and o< "he -oun"!ess s-ien-es 3hose resear-hes are so #rea" as "o ba<<!e des-ri$"ion' and i< "he e#o is disso!ved by enEuiry a!! "his immedia"e!y -rumb!es and "he rea!i"y or e!< a!one remains. On "he o"her hand I 3an" "o remove your -on<usion "ha" you 3i!! be reborn. #$ Do you mean "o say "ha" I 3as never even bomK A$ Yes' you are no3 "hin%in# "ha" you are "he body and "here<ore -on<use yourse!< 3i"h i"s bir"h and dea"h. ome say "ha" i< one9s meri"s and demeri"s are eEua!' "hey are dire-"!y reborn here. One remains on!y as 3ha" one rea!!y is. Meri"s ou"3ei#hin# demeri"s' "he sub"!e bodies #o "o heaven and are "hen reborn hereI demeri"s ou"D 3ei#hin# meri"s' "hey #o "o he!!s and are a<"er3ards reborn here. A!! "hese are des-ribed in "he sas"ras. #$ o you do no" u$ho!d "he "heory o< rebir"hK A$ No. A$ Yo#abrash"a Lone 3ho has s!i$$ed <rom "he $a"h o< yo#aM is said "o <are in "he same manner. ee <or 3hom "he Eues"ion arises. #$ 2o3 does "he Civa "rans<er <rom one body "o ano"herK A$ *hen one be#ins "o die' hard brea"hin# se"s inI "ha" means "ha" one has be-ome un-ons-ious o< "he dyin# body. 110 . Un!ess "he Eues"ioner is <ound' su-h Eues"ions -an never <ina!!y be ans3ered. Bu" a Cnani does no" under#o any su-h -han#esI he mer#es in"o "he universa! bein#. #$ 2o3 !on# is "he in"erva! be"3een one9s dea"h and rein-arna"ionK A$ I" may be !on# or shor". Are bo"h bir"hs and rebir"hs u!"ima"e!y unrea!K A$ I< "here is bir"h "here mus" be no" on!y one rebir"h bu" a 3ho!e su--ession o< bir"hs. 6he "ransi"iona! s"a"e o< "he mind is some3ha" !i%e a dream. 6he boo%s #ra$hi-a!!y des-ribe ho3 a!! san-hi"a %arma L%arma a--umu!a"ed <rom $revious bir"hsM' 3hi-h 3ou!d "a%e -oun"!ess !ives "o eBhaus"' is burn" u$ by one !i""!e s$ar% o< Cnana' Cus" as a moun"ain o< #un$o3der 3i!! be b!o3n u$ by a sin#!e s$ar% o< <ire. *hy and ho3 did you #e" "his bir"hK @or "he same reason and in "he same manner you mus" have su--eedin# bir"hs. Bu" in <a-"' "here is nei"her bir"h nor dea"h. 6his is "he on!y "ru"h. Bu" you are no" "he body and you have no bir"h and dea"h. I" is you 3ho "hin% "ha" you 3i!! be reborn. Bu" i< you as% 3ho has "he bir"h and 3he"her bir"h and dea"h are <or you or <or somebody dis"in-" <rom you' "hen you rea!iJe "he "ru"h and "he "ru"h burns u$ a!! %armas and <rees you <rom a!! bir"hs. ome say "ha" "hose 3ho a<"er dea"h $ass in"o "he $a"h o< !i#h" are no" reborn' 3hereas "hose 3ho a<"er dea"h "a%e "he $a"h o< dar%ness are reborn a<"er "hey have enCoyed "he <rui"s o< %arma in "heir sub"!e bodies. Mean3hi!e "here are o--asiona! vio!en" brea"hs' and "ha" means "ha" "he mind s3in#s ba-% "o "he dyin# body.

2e admi""ed "ha" a<"er rea!iJa"ion "hey shared "he same <a"e as Is3ara' bu" $rior "o "ha"' he seemed "o re#ard "hem as senior o<<i-ia!s in a -osmo!o#i-a! hierar-hy 3hi-h !oo%ed a<"er "he a<<airs o< "he 3or!d. I" 3i!! no" arise i< 11( . 6hese -on"radi-"ory s"a"emen"s are !ar#e!y a re<!e-"ion o< "he di<<erin# !eve!s o< unders"andin# he en-oun"ered in his Eues"ioners. 6hus rea!iJa"ion o< "he e!< is rea!iJa"ion o< GodI i" is no" an eB$erien-e o< God' ra"her i" is an unders"andin# "ha" one is God. ome"imes he 3ou!d say "ha" God is Cus" an idea in "he mind' 3hi!e a" o"her "imes he 3ou!d say "ha" God is "he on!y eBis"in# rea!i"y. 6his Eues"ion arises be-ause you are ho!din# on "o "he e#o se!<. As "he <ormer he is said "o in-!ude "he 3or!d as a $ar" o< his bein#. ri Ramana sur$rised many $eo$!e by sayin# "ha" su-h bein#s 3ere as rea! as "he $eo$!e 3ho be!ieved in "hem. On a !o3er !eve! he s$o%e abou" Is3ara' "he 2indu name <or "he su$reme $ersona! God. 6hey 3ou!d be "o!d "ha" God -rea"ed "he 3or!d' "ha" he sus"ains i" by his divine $o3er' "ha" he !oo%s a<"er "he needs o< a!! i"s inhabi"an"s and "ha" no"hin# ha$$ens "ha" is -on"rary "o his 3i!!. Besides Is3ara' 2induism has many dei"ies 3hi-h resemb!e "he #ods and demons o< Norse and Gree% my"ho!o#y. #$ Is God $ersona!K A$ Yes' he is a!3ays "he <irs" $erson' "he I' ever s"andin# be<ore you. 8I am9 is God. A" "he hi#hes" !eve! o< his "ea-hin#s "he "erms 8God9 and 8 e!< are synonyms <or "he immanen" rea!i"y 3hi-h is dis-overed by e!<Drea!iJa"ion. #$ Is God a$ar" <rom "he e!<K A$ 6he e!< is God. I< "ha" is so' 3e as $ar" o< "ha" 3or!d shou!d have easi!y %no3n him in "he mani<es"ed <orm. God never a-"s' he Cus" is. I< you #ive u$ a!! e!se and see% him a!one' he a!one 3i!! remain as "he 8I9' "he e!<. $ea%in# <rom "his u!"ima"e !eve!' ri Ramana9s s"a"emen"s on God -an be summarised in "he <o!!o3in# 3ay? 1 2e is immanen" and <orm!essI he is $ure bein# and $ure -ons-iousness. #$ 6hen' 3ha" s"ands in "he 3ay o< my %no3in# myse!< or GodK A$ Your 3anderin# mind and $erver"ed 3ays. *hen individua!i"y $ersis"s "here is a God 3ho su$ervises "he a-"ivi"ies o< "he universeI in "he absen-e o< individua!i"y Is3ara is nonDeBis"en". #$ Does %no3in# myse!< im$!y %no3in# GodK A$ Yes' God is 3i"hin you. 6hose 3ho 3orshi$$ed $ersona! Gods 3ou!d o<"en be #iven an"hro$omor$hi. / Individua!i"y is "he i!!usion "ha" 3e are no" iden"i-a! 3i"h GodI 3hen "he i!!usion is dis$e!!ed' 3ha" remains is God. Be-ause you #ive $re-eden-e "o 3or!d!y "hin#s' God a$$ears "o have re-eded "o "he ba-%#round. Mani<es"a"ion a$$ears in him and "hrou#h his $o3er' bu" he is no" i"s -rea"or. u-h dei"ies are a -en"ra! <ea"ure o< $o$u!ar 2induism and "heir rea!i"y is s"i!! 3ide!y a--e$"ed.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 19 .eB$!ana"ions. A$ Kno3 yourse!< be<ore you see% "o de-ide abou" "he na"ure o< God and "he 3or!d. 2e has nei"her 3i!! nor desire. 2e said "ha" Is3ara eBis"s as a rea! en"i"y on!y so !on# as one ima#ines "ha" one is an individua! $erson.The nature of God A" <irs" si#h"' ri Ramana9s s"a"emen"s on God a$$ear "o be ridd!ed 3i"h -on"radi-"ions? on one o--asion he mi#h" say "ha" God never does any"hin#' on ano"her "ha" no"hin# ha$$ens eB-e$" by his 3i!!. On "he o"her hand' "hose 3ho 3ere no" a""ra-"ed "o su-h a "heory 3ou!d be "o!d "ha" a!! su-h ideas abou" God and his $o3er 3ere men"a! -rea"ions 3hi-h on!y obs-ured "he rea! eB$erien-e o< God 3hi-h is inheren" in everyone. #$ God is des-ribed as mani<es" and unmani<es". .

O< a!! "he de<ini"ions o< God' none is indeed so 3e!! $u" as "he Bib!i-a! s"a"emen" 8I am "ha" I am9 in EBodus /. As a resu!" o< one $hase o< su-h a-"ivi"y "he -osmos has be-ome mani<es". Bu" none is so dire-" as "he name Hehovah 3hi-h means 8I am9. In "he mere $resen-e o< "he sun' "he ma#ni<yin# !ens emi"s <ire' "he !o"usDbud b!ossoms' "he 3a"erD!i!y -!oses and a!! "he -oun"!ess -rea"ures $er<orm a-"ions and res". A!! $ro-eed <rom him' have "heir s"ay in him' and <ina!!y reso!ve in"o him. Even i< one un-easin#!y medi"a"es u$on "ha" name 8ID9I9 3i"h one9s a""en"ion on "he <ee!in# 8I9' i" 3i!! "a%e one and $!un#e one in"o "he sour-e <rom 3hi-h "hou#h" rises' des"royin# "he e#o' "he embryo' 3hi-h is Coined "o "he body. #$ Is God "he same as e!<K A$ 6he e!< is %no3n "o everyone' bu" no" -!ear!y. Brahman is -er"ain!y no" divisib!e. A$ o "he <a-" is "ha" Brahman is a!! and remains indivisib!e. imi!ar!y' "he s"a"emen" in Purusha u%"a' 8A!! "he bein#s <orm his one <oo"9' does no" mean "ha" Brahman is in severa! $ar"s. 6he beDin# is "he e!<. #$ God seems "o be %no3n by many di<<eren" names.):. 6his idea mus" #o. Kno3in# "he e!<' God is %no3n.. 6hus God is no" on!y in "he hear" o< a!!' he is "he $ro$ o< a!!' he is "he sour-e o< a!!' "heir abidin# $!a-e and "heir end. O< a!! "he %no3n names o< God' "he name o< God 8I9 D 8I9 a!one 3i!! resound "rium$han"!y 3hen "he e#o is des"royed' risin# as "he si!en" su$reme 3ord LmounaD$araDva%M in "he 2ear"D s$a-e o< "hose 3hose a""en"ion is e!<3ardD<a-in#. @or God is no" se$ara"e <rom you or "he -osmos. You no3 "hin% "ha" you are an individua!' "ha" "here is "he universe and "ha" God is beyond "he -osmos. #$ I unders"and "ha". I< God be a$ar" <rom "he e!< he mus" be a e!<D!ess God' 3hi-h is absurd. imi!ar!y a!! a-"ions are done by "he &ord 3i"hou" any vo!i"ion or desire on his $ar". 6he rise and noon o< every <orm' I am i"s <ina! doom as 3e!! 7Bha#avad Gi"a' G. God' 3ho seems "o be nonDeBis"en"' a!one "ru!y eBis"s' 3hereas "he individua!' 3ho seems "o be eBis"in#' is ever nonDeBis"en". 6he obs"a-!es "a%en "o#e"her <orm your idea o< se$ara"eness as an individua!. Kno3!ed#e means "he over-omin# o< obs"a-!es 3hi-h obs"ru-" "he reve!a"ion o< "he e"erna! "ru"h "ha" "he e!< is "he same as Brahman. You a!3ays eBis". 2is sa%"i L$o3erM is a-"in#. @or "he rea! e!< 3i!! no" and -anno" as% any"hin#. #$ 2o3 are 3e "o unders"and "his $assa#e in "he Gi"a 86his 3ho!e -osmos <orms a $ar"i-!e o< me9K A$ I" does no" mean "ha" a sma!! $ar"i-!e o< God se$ara"es <rom him and <orms "he universe. #$ *ha" is "he re!a"ionshi$ be"3een God and "he 3or!dK Is he "he -rea"or or sus"ainer o< i"K A$ en"ien" and insen"ien" bein#s o< a!! %inds are $er<ormin# a-"ions on!y by "he mere $resen-e o< "he sun' 3hi-h rises in "he s%y 3i"hou" any vo!i"ion. I" is "he e!<. 2e mus" -ome "o %no3 "his. o "here is "he idea o< se$ara"eness. 6he Gi"a a!so says? 6he e!< am I' O &ord o< !ee$' In every -rea"ure9s hear" enshrined. 6he order o< "he #rea" mu!"i"ude o< 3or!ds is main"ained by "he mere $resen-e o< God in "he same manner as "he 11= . In <a-" God is none o"her "han "he e!<.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman you ho!d on"o "he "rue e!<. 6here<ore he is no" se$ara"e. I" is ever rea!iJed bu" man is no" a3are o< "his. a#es say "ha" "he s"a"e in 3hi-h one "hus %no3s one9s o3n nonD eBis"en-e LsunyaM a!one is "he #!orious su$reme %no3!ed#e. 6here are o"her s"a"emen"s' su-h as Brahmaivaham LBrahman am IM' aham Brahmasmi LI am BrahmanM and soham LI am heM. I" is God. Are any o< "hem Cus"i<iedK A$ Amon# "he many "housands o< names o< God' no name sui"s God' 3ho abides in "he 2ear"' devoid o< "hou#h"' so "ru!y' a$"!y' and beau"i<u!!y as "he name 8I9 or 8I am9. 6he abso!u"e bein# is 3ha" is. 8I am9 is "he name o< God.

Bo"h "his reserve $o3er $!us "he mani<es"ed $o3er as ma"eria! 3or!d "o#e"her -ons"i"u"e Is3ara. #$ o u!"ima"e!y Is3ara is no" rea!K A$ EBis"en-e o< Is3ara <o!!o3s <rom our -on-e$"ion o< Is3ara.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman need!e moves in <ron" o< a ma#ne"' and as "he moons"one emi"s 3a"er' "he 3a"erD!i!y b!ossoms and "he !o"us -!oses in <ron" o< "he moon. 2is essen-e is "he same as ours' "he rea! e!< bein# on!y one and 3i"hou" <orm. 6here is no meanin# in a""ribu"in# res$onsibi!i"y and mo"ive "o "he one be<ore i" be-omes many.) . #$ You say "ha" even "he hi#hes" God is s"i!! on!y an idea. On!y "he abso!u"e bein# is rea!. 6here is a $o3er ou" o< 3hi-h a sma!! <ra-"ion has be-ome a!! "his universe' and "he remainder is in reserve. Is3ara is immanen" in every $erson and every obCe-" "hrou#hou" "he universe. @ind ou" 3ho you are and "he o"her $rob!ems 3i!! so!ve "hemse!ves. 2en-e' no" on!y "he 3or!d' no" on!y "he e#o' bu" a!so "he $ersona! God are o< unrea!i"y. 6he a-"ions o< !ivin# bein#s -er"ain!y do no" #o and a<<e-" God' 3ho "rans-ends "he mind' in "he same manner as "he a-"ivi"ies o< "he 3or!d do no" a<<e-" "ha" sun and as "he Eua!i"ies o< "he -ons$i-uous <our e!emen"s Lear"h' 3a"er' <ire and airM do no" a<<e-" "he !imi"!ess s$a-e. @rom "he abso!u"e s"and$oin" "he sa#e -anno" a--e$" any o"her eBis"en-e "han "he im$ersona! e!<' one and <orm!ess. #$ *hy is samsara F -rea"ion and mani<es"a"ion as <ini"ised F so <u!! o< sorro3 and evi!K A$ God9s 3i!!O #$ *hy does God 3i!! i" soK A$ I" is ins-ru"ab!e. #$ Does every"hin# ha$$en by "he 3i!! o< GodK A$ I" is no" $ossib!e <or anyone "o do any"hin# o$$osed "o "he ordinan-e o< God' 3ho has "he abi!i"y "o do every"hin#. Bu" "his is "rue on!y <rom "he re!a"ive s"and$oin" o< "hose 3ho have no" rea!iJed "he "ru"h' "hose $eo$!e 3ho be!ieve in "he rea!i"y o< individua! sou!s. #$ Is "here a se$ara"e bein# Is3ara L$ersona! GodM 3ho is "he re3arder o< vir"ue and $unisher o< sinsK Is "here a GodK A$ Yes. I" -an be seen in visions in "he <orm -rea"ed by "he devo"ee. #$ *ha" is he !i%eK A$ Is3ara has individua!i"y in mind and body' 3hi-h are $erishab!e' bu" a" "he same "ime he has a!so "he "rans-enden"a! -ons-iousness and !ibera"ion in3ard!y. God is un"ou-hed by a-"ivi"ies' 3hi-h "a%e $!a-e in his $resen-e. +om$are "he sun and "he 3or!d a-"ivi"ies. 2en-e <orms he assumes are on!y -rea"ions or a$$earan-es. Does "ha" mean "ha" "here is no GodK 1. 6he <orms and names o< God are many and various and di<<er 3i"h ea-h re!i#ion. *e mus" <ind "he abso!u"e – no"hin# !ess. In "he mere $resen-e o< God' 3ho does no" have even "he !eas" vo!i"ion' "he !ivin# bein#s' 3ho are en#a#ed in innumerab!e a-"ivi"ies' a<"er embar%in# u$on many $a"hs "o 3hi-h "hey are dra3n a--ordin# "o "he -ourse de"ermined by "heir o3n %armas' <ina!!y rea!iJe "he <u"i!i"y o< a-"ion' "urn ba-% "o e!< and a""ain !ibera"ion. Is3ara has a $hysi-a! body' a <orm and a name' bu" i" is no" so #ross as "his ma"eria! body. No mo"ive -an be a""ribu"ed "o "ha" $o3er – no desire' no end "o a-hieve -an be asser"ed o< "ha" one in<ini"e' a!!D3ise and a!!D$o3er<u! bein#. 6he -on-e$" 3i!! be on!y a--ordin# "o "he one 3ho -on-eives. Is3ara' God' "he -rea"or' "he $ersona! God' is "he !as" o< "he unrea! <orms "o #o. &e" us <irs" %no3 3hose -on-e$" he is. 6he "o"a!i"y o< a!! "hin#s and bein#s -ons"i"u"es God. Is3ara' "he $ersona! God' "he su$reme -rea"or o< "he universe rea!!y does eBis". 6here<ore "o remain si!en" a" "he <ee" o< God' havin# #iven u$ a!! "he anBie"ies o< "he 3i-%ed' de<e-"ive and de!usive mind' is bes".

*here are "heyK A$ Persons 3ho have seen "hem say "ha" "hey eBis" some3here.' eBis"K A$ Individua! human sou!s are no" "he on!y bein#s %no3n.1 . 6he re!i#ions are a--ordin# "o "he vie3D$oin" o< "he see%er. hou!d no" Is3ara a!so dis-ard his $ar"i-u!ar -hara-"eris"i-s su-h as a!!D$ervadin# vision and %no3!ed#eK 6hey "oo are i!!usions' aren9" "heyK A$ Is "ha" your doub"K @irs" dis-ard your o3n !imi"ed vision and "hen "here 3i!! be "ime enou#h "o "hin% o< Is3ara9s a!!D$ervadin# vision and %no3!ed#e.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ No' "here is an Is3ara. 6hou#h he "hus assumes end!ess names' "he rea! <orm!ess -ons-iousness a!one is God. #$ Do 5ishnu' iva' e"-. #$ *here do "hey eBis"K A$ In you. #$ Does he eBis" in any $ar"i-u!ar $!a-e or <ormK A$ I< "he individua! is a <orm' even e!<' "he sour-e' 3ho is "he &ord' 3i!! a!so a$$ear "o be a <orm. @irs" #e" rid o< your o3n !imi"ed %no3!ed#e. *i"h re#ard "o his !o-a"ion' God does no" reside in any $!a-e o"her "han "he 2ear". 6he e!<M' 3hi-h shines sudden!y' in a!! i"s <u!!ness' 3i"hin "he 2ear" o< a hi#h!y ma"ure as$iran" durin# "he s"a"e o< -om$!e"e absor$"ion o< mind' as i< a <resh and $revious!y un%no3n eB$erien-e' is "he rare!yDa""ained and "rue ivaD!o%a L"he %in#dom o< GodM' 3hi-h shines by "he !i#h" o< e!<. 2as he no" #o" as mu-h -a$a-i"y as 3e haveK *hy shou!d 3e 3orry abou" 3he"her he $ossesses a!!D$ervadin# vision and %no3!ed#e or no"K I" is indeed a #rea" "hin# i< 3e -an "a%e -are o< ourse!ves. #$ I< so' "hey mus" be some3here. 6o %no3 "his is a!one Cnana. o 3e mus" a--e$" "heir s"a"emen". 6here<ore' "he %in#dom o< God is 3i"hin you. I" is due "o i!!usion' -aused by "he e#o' "he I am "he body9 idea' "ha" "he %in#dom o< God is -on-eived "o be e!se3here. #$ Bu" does God %no3 every"hin#K A$ 6he 5edas de-!are God "o be omnis-ien" on!y "o "hose 3ho i#noran"!y "hin% "hemse!ves "o be $eo$!e o< !i""!e %no3!ed#e. I" is a!so said "ha" Civa and Is3ara be-ome iden"i-a! i< "he individua! dis-ards his !imi"ed vision and %no3!ed#e. *hy do you 3orry abou" Is3araK 2e 3i!! !oo% a<"er himse!<. Kno3 "ha" you are "he $er<e-"' shinin# !i#h" 3hi-h no" on!y ma%es "he eBis"en-e o< God9s %in#dom $ossib!e' bu" a!so a!!o3s i" "o be seen as some 3onder<u! heaven. Bu" i< one a""ains and %no3s him as he rea!!y is' i" 3i!! be <ound "ha" God does no" %no3 any"hin#' be-ause his na"ure is "he everDrea! 3ho!e' o"her "han 3hi-h no"hin# eBis"s "o be %no3n. I< one is no" a <orm' sin-e "here "hen -anno" be %no3!ed#e o< o"her "hin#s' 3i!! "ha" s"a"emen" "ha" God has a <orm be -orre-"K God assumes any <orm ima#ined by "he devo"ee "hrou#h re$ea"ed "hin%in# in $ro!on#ed medi"a"ion. Be sure "ha" "he 2ear" is "he %in#dom o< God. #$ 6hey say "ha" "he Civa Lindividua!M is subCe-" "o "he evi! e<<e-"s o< i!!usion su-h as !imi"ed vision and %no3!ed#e' 3hereas Is3ara has a!!D$ervadin# vision and %no3!ed#e. #$ *hy do re!i#ions s$ea% o< Gods' heaven' he!!' e"-. #$ And "heir sa-red re#ions Kai!asa or 5ai%un"ha' are "hey rea!K A$ As rea! as you are in "his body.e.K A$ On!y "o ma%e "he $eo$!e rea!iJe "ha" "hey are on a $ar 3i"h "his 3or!d and "ha" "he e!< a!one is rea!. #$ 6hen i" is on!y an idea 3hi-h I -an -rea"e and -on"ro!K 1. #$ Do "hey $ossess a $henomena! eBis"en-e' !i%e my bodyK Or are "hey <i-"ions !i%e "he horn o< a hareK A$ 6hey do eBis". 6he un!imi"ed s$a-e o< "uriya"i"a Lbeyond "he <our s"a"es' i.

Even "he #rea"es" e#o"is" -anno" deny his o3n eBis"en-e' "ha" is "o say' -anno" deny "he e!<. Bu" <rom "he s"and$oin" o< "he e!< a!! "hese #ods are i!!usory and mus" "hemse!ves mer#e in"o "he one rea!i"y. May I %no3 ho3 "o in-rease "his <ai"hK A$ @ai"h is in "hin#s un%no3n' bu" "he e!< is se!<Deviden". #$ hou!d I no" have any idea abou" GodK A$ On!y so !on# as "here are o"her "hou#h"s in "he 2ear" -an "here be a "hou#h" o< God -on-eived by one9s mind. #$ *henever I 3orshi$ God 3i"h name and <orm' I <ee! "em$"ed "o "hin% 3he"her I am no" 3ron# in doin# so' as "ha" 3ou!d be !imi"in# "he !imi"!ess' #ivin# <orm "o "he <orm!ess. A" "he same "ime I <ee! I am no" -ons"an" in my adheren-e "o 3orshi$ God 3i"hou" <orm. 6he des"ru-"ion o< even "ha" "hou#h" o< God due "o "he des"ru-"ion o< a!! o"her "hou#h"s a!one is "he un"hou#h" "hou#h"' 3hi-h is "he "rue "hou#h" o< God. #$ Is God subCe-" "o $ra!aya L-osmi. #$ 6hese dei"ies' 3ha" is "heir s"a"us re!a"ive "o "he e!<K A$ iva' Gana$a"i and o"her dei"ies !i%e Brahma' eBis" <rom a human s"and$oin"I "ha" is "o say' i< you -onsider your $ersona! se!< as rea!' "hen "hey a!so eBis". Do "he Gods Is3ara or 5ishnu eBis" !i%e "ha"K A$ Yes.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ Every"hin# is !i%e "ha". #$ Bu" I -an -rea"e $ure <i-"ions' <or eBam$!e' a hare9s horn' or on!y $ar" "ru"hs' <or eBam$!e a mira#e' 3hi!e "here are a!so <a-"s irres$e-"ive o< my ima#ina"ion.disso!u"ion and be-omes !ibera"ed. Bu" I -an be!ieve in an im$ersona! God' a divine <or-e 3hi-h ru!es and #uides "he 3or!d' and i" 3ou!d be a #rea" he!$ "o me' even in my 3or% o< hea!in#' i< "his <ai"h 3ere in-reased. #$ I <ind i" di<<i-u!" "o be!ieve in a $ersona! God.disso!u"ionMK A$ *hyK Man be-omin# a3are o< "he e!< "rans-ends -osmi. Hus" as a #overnmen" has i"s hi#h eBe-u"ive o<<i-ers "o -arry on "he #overnmen"' so has "he -rea"or.. *hy no" Is3ara 3ho is in<ini"e!y 3iser and ab!erK #$ Do devas Lan#e!sM and $isa-has Ldevi!sM eBis" simi!ar!yK A$ Yes. 1. A$ As !on# as you res$ond "o a name' 3ha" obCe-"ion -ou!d "here be "o your 3orshi$$in# a God 3i"h name or <ormK *orshi$ God 3i"h or 3i"hou" <orm "i!! you %no3 3ho you are. In <a-" I <ind i" im$ossib!e. You -an -a!! "he u!"ima"e rea!i"y by 3ha"ever name you !i%e and say "ha" you have <ai"h in i" or !ove <or i"' bu" 3ho is "here 3ho 3i!! no" have <ai"h in his o3n eBis"en-e or !ove <or himse!<K 6ha" is be-ause <ai"h and !ove are our rea! na"ure. .

*ha" does i" avai! you "o a""ribu"e "o "he ha$$enin#s in !i<e "he -ause o< misery 3hi-h is rea!!y 3i"hin youK *ha" ha$$iness -an you #e" <rom "hin#s eB"raneous "o yourse!<K *hen you #e" i"' ho3 !on# 3i!! i" !as"K I< you 3ou!d deny "he e#o and s-or-h i" by i#norin# i"' you 3ou!d be <ree.Suffering and morality 6he $aradoBes inheren" in "heis"i. 2e said "ha" 3ron# a-"ions -om$ound "he su<<erin#' and are "here<ore "o be avoided' bu" "hey are no" i"s ori#ina! -ause. #$ I< "ru!y "here is nei"her bonda#e nor !ibera"ion' 3ha" is "he reason <or "he a-"ua! eB$erien-e o< Coys and sorro3sK A$ 6hey a$$ear "o be rea! on!y 3hen one "urns aside <rom one9s rea! na"ure. A!! unha$$iness is due "o "he e#oI 3i"h i" -omes a!! your "roub!e. @or eBam$!e' i< God is $er<e-"' 3hy is "here evi! in "he 3or!dK *hy does an omni$o"en" God a!!o3 su<<erin# 3hen he has "he $o3er "o abo!ish i" a" a s"ro%eK ri Ramana sideDs"e$s su-h -onundrums by s"a"in# "ha" "he 3or!d' God and "he individua! 3ho su<<ers are a!! inven"ions o< "he mind. #$ Is "he 3or!d -rea"ed <or ha$$iness or miseryK 1./ . 6hey do no" rea!!y eBis"."heories have en#a#ed "he minds o< 3es"ern "heo!o#ians and $hi!oso$hers <or -en"uries. I" is a!! "ha" is ne-essary. 6o be "he e!< "ha" you rea!!y are is "he on!y means "o rea!iJe "he b!iss "ha" is ever yours. On a more $ra#ma"i.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 20 . u<<erin# is "hus a $rodu-" and -onseEuen-e o< "he dis-rimina"ive mindI 3hen "he mind is e!imina"ed' su<<erin# is <ound "o be nonDeBis"en".!eve! he said "ha" $rior "o e!<Drea!iJa"ion one shou!d a--e$" "he rea!i"y o< o"her $eo$!e9s su<<erin# and "a%e s"e$s "o re!ieve i" 3henever one -omes a-ross i". Be-ause o< "his he rare!y s$o%e abou" "he -onven"iona! -anons o< mora!i"y' and 3henever he 3as $ressed "o o<<er an o$inion on "hem' he 3ou!d usua!!y sideD s"e$ "he issue by sayin# "ha" "he on!y 8ri#h" a-"ion9 3as dis-overin# "he e!<. 6his s"and$oin" shou!d no" be in"er$re"ed "o mean "ha" ri Ramana en-oura#ed his <o!!o3ers "o i#nore "he su<<erin# o< o"her $eo$!e. #$ In "his !i<e bese" 3i"h !imi"a"ions -an I ever rea!iJe "he b!iss o< "he e!<K A$ 6ha" b!iss o< "he e!< is a!3ays 3i"h you' and you 3i!! <ind i" <or yourse!<' i< you 3ou!d see% i" earnes"!y. 6he -ause o< your misery is no" in "he !i<e ou"side you' i" is in you as "he e#o. You im$ose !imi"a"ions on yourse!< and "hen ma%e a vain s"ru##!e "o "rans-end "hem. I" is "he mind "ha" -rea"es "he i!!usion o< se$ara"eness and i" is "he mind "ha" su<<ers "he -onseEuen-es o< i"s i!!usory inven"ions. 2e main"ained "he vie3 "ha" a!! -onven"iona! ideas abou" ri#h" and 3ron# 3ere va!ueDCud#men"s made by "he mind' and "ha" 3hen "he mind -eases "o eBis"' ideas abou" ri#h" and 3ron# a!so -ease. A!! re!i#ions <irs" $os"u!a"e "hree $rin-i$!es' "he 3or!d' "he sou! and God. 6o say "ha" one $rin-i$!e a!one a$$ears as "he "hree $rin-i$!es or "ha" "he "hree $rin-i$!es are a!3ays "hree $rin-i$!es is $ossib!e on!y as !on# as "he e#o eBis"s. Many Eues"ioners -ou!d re!a"e "o "his idea on an individua! !eve! bu" "hey <ound i" hard "o a--e$" "ha" a!! "he su<<erin# in "he 3or!d eBis"ed on!y in "he mind o< "he $erson 3ho $er-eived i". 2o3ever' he a!so $oin"ed ou" "ha" su-h remedia! a-"ions 3ou!d on!y be s$iri"ua!!y bene<i-ia! i< "hey 3ere done 3i"hou" "he <ee!in# "ha" 8o"her $eo$!e !ess <or"una"e "han me are bein# he!$ed9 and 3i"hou" "he <ee!in# "ha" 8I am $er<ormin# "hese a-"ions9. Ins"ead o< a""ribu"in# su<<erin# "o "he -onseEuen-e o< 3ron# a-"ions or "o "he 3i!! o< God' ri Ramana "au#h" "ha" i" on!y arises be-ause 3e ima#ine "ha" 3e are se$ara"e individua!s in"era-"in# 3i"h ea-h o"her and 3i"h "he 3or!d. On "he 3ho!e' "he Eues"ion o< 3ha" one shou!d or shou!d no" do in "he 3or!d 3as o< !i""!e in"eres" "o ri Ramana. 6a%in# "his idea "o i"s !o#i-a! -on-!usion' ri Ramana o<"en said "he mos" e<<e-"ive 3ay o< e!imina"in# o"her $eo$!e9s su<<erin# 3as "o rea!iJe "he e!<. ri Ramana 3as Eui"e adaman" abou" "his and he re$ea"ed!y said "ha" i< one rea!ises "he e!< one 3i!! %no3 "ha" a!! su<<erin#' no" Cus" one9s o3n' is nonDeBis"en". #$ *ha" do you -onsider "o be "he -ause o< 3or!d su<<erin#K And ho3 -an 3e he!$ "o -han#e i"' 7a: as individua!s' or 7b: -o!!e-"ive!yK A$ Rea!iJe "he rea! e!<. I< you a--e$" i"' i" 3i!! im$ose !imi"a"ions on you and "hro3 you in"o a vain s"ru##!e "o "rans-end "hem.

I< "he -onvi-"ion $revai!s a!3ays' "here 3i!! be no su<<erin# ei"her. 6hese va!ueDCud#men"s are "he -ause o< a!! "he misery in "he 3or!d. Men !ove 3omen' ha"e sna%es' and are indi<<eren" "o "he #rass and s"ones by "he roadside. Is a!! "his due "o "he sins o< $as" !ivesK A$ You say "he mind and body su<<er. Ye" "he "ree -on"inues "o !ead i"s Euie" !i<e' un-on-erned 3i"h and una3are o< a!! "he uses i" is $u" "o. Bu" do "hey as% "he Eues"ionsK *ho is "he Eues"ionerK Is i" no" "he one "ha" is beyond bo"h mind and bodyK You say "he body su<<ers in "his !i<e and as% i< "he -ause o< "his is "he $revious !i<e. I< "ha" is so "hen "he -ause o< "ha" !i<e is "he one be<ore i"' and so on. I" is "he human mind 3hi-h $u"s a!! sor"s o< -ons"ru-"ions on i"' seein# "hin#s <rom i"s o3n an#!e and in"er$re"in# "hem "o sui" i"s o3n in"eres"s. #$ I su<<er in bo"h mind and body. o' !i%e "he -ase o< "he seed and "he s$rou"' "here is no end "o "he -ausa! series. A$ One9s o3n rea!i"y' 3hi-h shines 3i"hin everyone as "he 2ear"' is i"se!< "he o-ean o< una!!oyed b!iss. In "ru"h no one has ever eB$erien-ed any su-h "hin# o"her "han "ha" unrea! i!!usion.4 .Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ +rea"ion is nei"her #ood nor badI i" is as i" is. I< bo"h "he #ood and bad a-"ions are his' 3hy shou!d you "hin% "ha" "he enCoymen" and su<<erin# are yours a!oneK 2e 3ho does #ood or bad' a!so enCoys $!easure or su<<ers $ain. #$ *hen 3i!! "he su<<erin# -easeK A$ No" un"i! individua!i"y is !os". 8*hy and "o 3hom did "his su<<erin# -omeK9 I< you Eues"ion "hus you 3i!! <ind "ha" "he 8I9 is se$ara"e <rom "he mind and body' "ha" "he e!< is "he on!y e"erna! bein#' and "ha" i" is e"erna! b!iss. I" is "he human mind "ha" -rea"es i"s o3n di<<i-u!"ies and "hen -ries <or he!$. I" has "o be said "ha" a!! "he !ives have "heir <irs" -ause in i#noran-e. &eave i" "here and do no" su$erim$ose su<<erin# on yourse!<. Is God so $ar"ia! as "o #ive $ea-e "o one $erson and sorro3 "o ano"herK In -rea"ion "here is room <or every"hin#' bu" man re<uses "o see "he #ood' "he hea!"hy and "he beau"i<u!. Ins"ead' he #oes on 3hinin#' !i%e "he hun#ry man 3ho si"s beside "he "as"y dish and 3ho' ins"ead o< s"re"-hin# ou" his hand "o sa"is<y his hun#er' #oes on !amen"in#' 8*hose <au!" is i"' God9s or man9sK9 #$ I< God is a!! 3hy does "he individua! su<<er <or his a-"ionsK Are no" "he a-"ions <or 3hi-h "he individua! is made "o su<<er $rom$"ed by himK A$ 2e 3ho "hin%s he is "he doer is a!so "he su<<erer. @rom "he day o< my bir"h I have never had ha$$iness. My mo"her "oo su<<ered <rom "he "ime she -on-eived me' I hear. A 3oman is Cus" a 3oman' bu" one mind -a!!s her 8mo"her9' ano"her 8sis"er9' and s"i!! ano"her 8aun"9 and so on. *hy do I su<<er "husK I have no" sinned in "his !i<e. A$ 6his !o#i. 1. #$ Bu" "he a-"ions are $rom$"ed by God and "he individua! is on!y his "oo!. +rea"ion is !i%e a $ee$u! "ree? birds -ome "o ea" i"s <rui"' or "a%e she!"er under i"s bran-hes' men -oo! "hemse!ves in i"s shade' bu" some may han# "hemse!ves on i".is a$$!ied on!y 3hen one su<<ers' bu" no" 3hen one reCoi-es. 6ha" same i#noran-e is $resen" even no3' <ramin# "his Eues"ion. 6ha" is Cnana. I< one s-ru"inises one9s o3n e!<' 3hi-h is b!iss' "here 3i!! be no misery a" a!! in one9s !i<e. in-e one9s o3n rea!i"y' 3hi-h is "he sun o< Cnana "ha" -anno" be a$$roa-hed by "he dar% de!usion o< i#noran-e' i"se!< shines as ha$$iness' misery is no"hin# bu" an i!!usion -aused by "he unrea! sense o< individua!i"y. #$ 2o3 -an you say "ha" su<<erin# is nonDeBis"en"K I see i" every3here. 6ha" i#noran-e mus" be removed by Cnana. #$ I su<<er <rom 3orries 3i"hou" endI "here is no $ea-e <or me' "hou#h "here is no"hin# 3an"in# <or me "o be ha$$y. 6here<ore !i%e "he unrea! b!ueness o< "he s%y' misery does no" eBis" in rea!i"y bu" on!y in mere ima#ina"ion. One su<<ers be-ause o< "he idea "ha" "he body' 3hi-h is never onese!<' is 8I9I su<<erin# is a!! due "o "his de!usion. A$ Do "hese 3orries a<<e-" you in s!ee$K #$ No' "hey do no".

You see o"hers su<<erin# hun#er. 6he <e!!o3 bein#s you <ound so hun#ry in "he dream had "o be $rovided 3i"h <ood in "ha" dream. *hen you see% "o redu-e "he su<<erin# o< any <e!!o3 man or <e!!o3 -rea"ure' 3he"her your e<<or"s su--eed or no"' you are yourse!< evo!vin# s$iri"ua!!y es$e-ia!!y i< su-h servi-e is rendered disin"eres"ed!y' no" 3i"h "he e#o"is"i<ee!in# 8I am doin# "his9' bu" in "he s$iri" 8God is ma%in# me "he -hanne! o< "his servi-eI he is "he doer and I am "he ins"rumen".1 . I am su$erior and he in<erior.9 You mus" he!$ "he man as a means o< 3orshi$$in# God in "ha" man. You mi#h" have ea"en "o "he <u!! and #one "o s!ee$. 2e needs he!$. In <a-" none o< "hese "erms has any meanin# eB-e$" in so <ar as "he o$$osi"e "o i" eBis"s. You -an never miB u$ "he "3o s"a"es' "he dream and "he 3a%in# s"a"e. A!! su-h servi-e "oo is <or you "he e!<' no" <or anybody e!se. #$ *e see $ain in "he 3or!d. 6ha" is enou#h. 6i!! you rea-h "he s"a"e o< Cnana and "hus 3a%e ou" o< "his maya' you mus" do so-ia! servi-e by re!ievin# su<<erin# 3henever you see i". o !on# as "he dream !as"s' a!! "hose hun#er $ains are Eui"e as rea! as you no3 "hin% "he $ain you see in "he 3or!d "o be. Bu" a!! "his is no" "o say "ha" 3hi!e you are in "he dream you -an a-" as i< "he $ain you <ee! "here is no" rea!. I< "he $erson %ee$s -on"inuous!y "hin%in# o< any one o< "hese' i" 3i!! be enou#h. 6hen you #e" u$ and <ind your s"oma-h is <u!! and you have no" s"irred ou" o< your bed. Bu" "ha" does no" mean "ha" 3hen you -ome a-ross anyone 3ho is !ess ha$$y or more miserab!e "han yourse!<' you are no" "o be moved "o -om$assion or "o see% "o re!ieve him as bes" you -an.9 I< one %no3s "he "ru"h "ha" a!! "ha" one #ives "o o"hers is #ivin# on!y "o onese!<' 3ho indeed 3i!! no" be a vir"uous $erson and $er<orm "he %ind a-" o< #ivin# "o o"hersK in-e everyone is one9s o3n e!<' 3hoever does 3ha"ever "o 3homever is doin# i" on!y "o himse!<. I" is a $hysi-a! rea!i"y' and as su-h' i" is very rea! "o him. Good' God' !ove' are a!! "he same "hin#.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ Are you "he very same man no3' or are you di<<eren" <rom him "ha" s!e$" 3i"hou" any 3orryK #$ Yes' I am "he same $erson. 6he idea o< #ood 3i!! be in "heir hear". #$ 6here are 3ides$read disas"ers s$readin# havo. 6he hun#er in "he dream has "o be assua#ed by "he <ood in "he dream. #$ o one shou!d "ry "o ame!iora"e su<<erin#' even i< one %no3s "ha" u!"ima"e!y i" is nonD eBis"en"K A$ 6here never 3as and never 3i!! be a "ime 3hen a!! are eEua!!y ha$$y or ri-h or 3ise or hea!"hy. A$ 6hen sure!y "hose 3orries do no" be!on# "o you. Bu" even "hen you mus" do i"' as 3e are "o!d' 3i"hou" aham%ara' "ha" is 3i"hou" "he sense 8I am "he doer9' bu" <ee!in#' 8I am "he &ord9s "oo!. I" is your o3n <au!" i< you assume "ha" "hey are yours.9 imi!ar!y one mus" no" be -on-ei"ed and "hin%' 8I am he!$in# a man be!o3 me. *ha" is "he -ause o< "his s"a"e o< a<<airsK A$ 6o 3hom does a!! "his a$$earK 1. #$ In "he -ase o< $ersons 3ho are no" -a$ab!e o< !on# medi"a"ion' 3i!! i" no" be enou#h i< "hey en#a#e "hemse!ves in doin# #ood "o o"hersK A$ Yes' i" 3i!! do. #$ *hen 3e su<<er #rie< and -om$!ain and a$$ea! "o you by !e""er or men"a!!y by $rayer' are you no" moved "o <ee! 3ha" a $i"y i" is "ha" your -hi!d su<<ers !i%e "hisK A$ I< one <e!" !i%e "ha" one 3ou!d no" be a Cnani. Are 3e "o -a!! i" a dream and remain unmoved by his $ainK A$ @rom "he $oin" o< vie3 o< Cnana or "he rea!i"y' "he $ain you s$ea% o< is -er"ain!y a dream' as is "he 3or!d o< 3hi-h "he $ain is an in<ini"esima! $ar". I" is on!y 3hen you 3a%e u$ "ha" you dis-over "ha" "he $ain in "he dream 3as unrea!. A!! medi"a"ion is <or "he $ur$ose o< %ee$in# ou" a!! o"her "hou#h"s. A man is hun#ry. In "he dream a!so you yourse!< <ee! hun#er. You dream "ha" you 3or% hard and !on# in "he ho" sun a!! day' are "ired and hun#ry and 3an" "o ea" a !o". On "he -on"rary' you mus" !ove a!! and he!$ a!!' sin-e on!y in "ha" 3ay -an you he!$ yourse!<.in "he 3or!d' <or eBam$!e <amine and $es"i!en-e. I am in a $osi"ion "o he!$. You <eed yourse!< and' moved by $i"y' <eed "he o"hers "ha" you <ind su<<erin# <rom hun#er. You are no" he!$in# anybody e!se' bu" on!y yourse!<.

I< you are "he e!< "he 3or!d a$$ears as Brahman. 2is 3or% a!so is $er<e-"ion. #$ *ha" is "he bes" 3ay "o 3or% <or 3or!d $ea-eK A$ *ha" is "he 3or!dK *ha" is $ea-e' and 3ho is "he 3or%erK 6he 3or!d is no" in your s!ee$ and <orms a $roCe-"ion o< your mind in your Ca#ra" L3a%in# s"a"eM. Be-ause you iden"i<y yourse!< 3ron#!y 3i"h "he body you see "he 3or!d ou"side' and i"s $ain be-omes a$$aren" "o you. I< "hey remained in "he e!< "hey 3ou!d be di<<eren". I< you !oo% 3i"hin "here 3i!! be no $ain. #$ *hy did "he e!< mani<es" as "his miserab!e 3or!dK A$ In order "ha" you mi#h" see% i". #$ Bu" "ha" is se!<ishness. *hen you remain as "he e!<' as in s!ee$' "he 3or!d and i"s su<<erin#s 3i!! no" a<<e-" you. I< you -onsider yourse!< as "he body "he 3or!d a$$ears "o be eB"erna!. #$ hou!d I no" see "he 3or!d a" a!!K A$ You are no" ins"ru-"ed "o shu" your eyes "o "he 3or!d. 6o brin# abou" $ea-e means "o be <ree <rom "hou#h"s and "o abide as $ure -ons-iousness.s$ee-hes' $hysi-a! a-"ivi"y and ma"eria! he!$ are a!! ou"3ei#hed by "he si!en-e o< maha"mas. #$ *ha" is "o be done by us <or ame!iora"in# "he -ondi"ion o< "he 3or!dK A$ I< you remain <ree <rom $ain' "here 3i!! be no $ain any3here. Bu" you see i" as im$er<e-"ion be-ause o< your 3ron# iden"i<i-a"ion. Pea-e is absen-e o< dis"urban-e. A$ 6he 3or!d is no" eB"erna!. P!a-e a mirror be<ore "hem and "hey see "hemse!ves. 6hey a--om$!ish more "han o"hers. #$ 6here are #rea" men' $ub!i. A$ You 3ere no" a3are o< "he 3or!d and i"s su<<erin#s in your s!ee$ bu" you are -ons-ious o< "hem no3 in your 3a%in# s"a"e. Bu" bo"h "he 3or!d and "he $ain are 3i"hin you. #$ *hy do no" maha"mas he!$K A$ 2o3 do you %no3 "ha" "hey do no" he!$K Pub!i. #$ God is $er<e-". 6here<ore !oo% 3i"hin. Your eyes -anno" see "hemse!ves. 6he dis"urban-e is due "o "he arisin# o< "hou#h"s in "he individua!' 3hi-h is on!y "he e#o risin# u$ <rom $ure -ons-iousness. Bu" here i" is no" so. I" is "here<ore an idea and no"hin# e!se. A$ 6hey are e#oD-en"red and "ha" a--oun"s <or "heir inabi!i"y. I see misery every3here. I< one remains a" $ea-e 1. You are on!y "o 8see yourse!< <irs" and "hen see "he 3ho!e 3or!d as "he e!<. God is $er<e-"ion. 6he "roub!e no3 is due "o your seein# "he 3or!d eB"erna!!y and a!so "hin%in# "ha" "here is $ain "here.> . 8 ee yourse!< <irs" and "hen see "he 3ho!e 3or!d as "he e!<. 6ha" is "o say' 3hen you are no" a3are o< "he 3or!d' i"s su<<erin#s do no" a<<e-" you. *hy did he -rea"e "he 3or!d im$er<e-"K 6he 3or% shares "he na"ure o< "he au"hor. A$ *ho is i" "ha" raises "he Eues"ionK #$ I F "he individua!. A$ Yes. A$ Are you a$ar" <rom God "ha" you as% "his Eues"ionK o !on# as you -onsider yourse!< "o be "he body' you see "he 3or!d as eB"erna! and "he im$er<e-"ions a$$ear "o you. imi!ar!y 3i"h -rea"ion.9 #$ o i" amoun"s "o "his – "ha" I shou!d a!3ays !oo% 3i"hin.3or%ers' 3ho -anno" so!ve "he $rob!em o< "he misery o< "he 3or!d. ee% "he rea!i"y and #e" rid o< "his unrea! <ee!in#. Bu" "hey are no" rea!. ee "he e!<O 6hen "here 3i!! be an end o< "he 3or!d and i"s miseries.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman #$ 6ha" 3on9" do. +on"inue in "ha" s"a"e in 3hi-h you 3ere no" a<<!i-"ed by "hem.

Every"hin# 3hi-h is done 3i"h "he s"ain o< desire and 3i"h a#i"a"ion <i!!in# "he mind is -!assi<ied as a bad a-"ion. I< "he diseased $ar" is no" -u" o<< i" 3i!! <es"er. You -anno" es-a$e "hem. #$ an%ara says 3e are a!! <ree' no" bound' and "ha" 3e sha!! a!! #o ba-% "o God <rom 3hom 3e have -ome as s$ar%s <rom a <ire. o' even"ua!!y' Cnana mus" be rea-hed' "ha" is' "he e#o mus" be "ra-ed "o i"s sour-e. I< i" is no" -ured by ordinary "rea"men"' "he do-"or mus" -ome' -u" o<< "he a<<e-"ed $or"ion 3i"h a %ni<e and remove "he im$uri"ies. 6he $ure mind a""ains Cnana' 3hi-h is 3ha" is mean" by sa!va"ion. I< a man bea"s you' "hen' -an you say' 8I am <ree' I am no" bound by "hese bea"in#s and I don9" <ee! any $ain.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman onese!<' "here is on!y $ea-e every3here. #$ *ha" abou" mo"ivesK Are "he mo"ives <or $er<ormin# a-"ions no" im$or"an"K A$ *ha"ever is done !ovin#!y' 3i"h ri#h"eous $uri"y and 3i"h $ea-e o< mind' is a #ood a-"ion. *ho denies "ha" #ood -ondu-" is #ood or "ha" i" 3i!! even"ua!!y !ead you "o "he #oa!K Good -ondu-" or sa" %arma $uri<ies "he -hi""a or mind and #ives you -hi""a suddhi L$ure mindM. #$ o one shou!d adhere "o "he -onven"iona! -odes o< behaviourK A$ in-e "he $res-ribed observan-es <or se!<Ddis-i$!ine LniyamasM he!$ one "o a -onsiderab!e eB"en"' "hey are 3or"hy "o be a--e$"ed and <o!!o3ed. *ha" is "he use o< mere!y sayin# 3i"h your !i$s 8I am <ree9K #$ I" is said "ha" "he 3ho!e universe is God9s $!ay o< -ons-iousness and "ha" every"hin# is <u!! o< Brahman. 6hey are a#ain ideas and no"hin# more. Do no" $er<orm any #ood a-"ion L%armaM "hrou#h a bad means' "hin%in# 8I" is su<<i-ien" i< i" bears #ood <rui". Bu" "o "hose "o 3hom "his does no" a$$ea!' 3e have "o say "ha" sa" %armas !ead "o -hi""a suddhi' and -hi""a suddhi 3i!! !ead "o ri#h" %no3!ed#e or Cnana' and "ha" in i"s "urn #ives sa!va"ion.0 . 6hen 3hy shou!d 3e say "ha" bad habi"s and bad $ra-"i-es shou!d be dis-ardedK A$ u$$ose "here is some 3ound inside "he human body. A$ I" is said so in boo%s. 6he bes" -ourse is "o <ind ou" 3ho 3an"s "his sa!va"ion. I< you do no" banda#e i" a<"er o$era"in#' $us 3i!! <orm. &e" him bea" on9K I< you -an <ee! !i%e "ha"' you -an #o on doin# 3ha" you !i%e. Do no" 3orry abou" "hem bu" #e" rid o< "hou#h"s ins"ead. 6ra-in# "his 83ho9 or e#o "o i"s ori#ina! sour-e is "he ri#h" -ondu-" <or everyone. Bu" mean3hi!e' i< you -ommi" sins' as you -a!! "hem' you 3i!! have "o <a-e "he -onseEuen-es o< su-h sins. Bad habi"s and bad -ondu-" are !i%e a 3ound in "he body. O$inions di<<er a--ordin# "o "he na"ure o< "he individua! and a--ordin# "o "he surroundin#s. #$ *i!! no" ri#h" -ondu-" be enou#h "o se-ure sa!va"ionK A$ a!va"ion <or 3homK *ho 3an"s sa!va"ionK And 3ha" is ri#h" -ondu-"K *ha" is -ondu-"K And 3ha" is ri#h"K *ho is "o Cud#e 3ha" is ri#h" and 3ha" is 3ron#K A--ordin# "o $revious sams%aras' ea-h one re#ards some"hin# or o"her as ri#h".9 Be-ause' i< "he means is bad' even a #ood a-"ion 3i!! "urn ou" "o be a bad one. #$ *i!! no" "he $ra-"i-e o< #ood -ondu-" Lni"ya %armasM !ead "o sa!va"ionK evera! boo%s s"a"e "ha" i" 3i!!. I< you ne#!e-" i"' on "he assum$"ion "ha" i" is on!y a sma!! $ar" o< "he body' i" -auses $ain "o "he 3ho!e body. 6hen 3hy shou!d 3e no" -ommi" a!! sor"s o< sinsK A$ I" is "rue 3e are no" bound and "ha" "he rea! e!< has no bonda#e. On!y 3hen "he rea!i"y is %no3n -an "he "ru"h abou" ri#h" and 3ron# be %no3n. I" is "rue "ha" you 3i!! even"ua!!y #o ba-% "o your sour-e. #$ I< i" is a Eues"ion o< doin# some"hin# one -onsiders 3ron#' and "hereby savin# someone e!se <rom a #rea" 3ron#' shou!d one do i" or re<rainK A$ *ha" is ri#h" and 3ron#K 6here is no s"andard by 3hi-h "o Cud#e some"hin# "o be ri#h" and ano"her "o be 3ron#. I< you a!3ays remain in "he ri#h"' "hen ri#h" 3i!! $revai! in "he 3or!d. Every disease mus" be #iven a$$ro$ria"e "rea"men". I" is "he same "hin# 3i"h re#ard "o -ondu-". Bu" i< "hey are <ound "o obs"ru-" "he su$erior $ra-"i-e o< enEuiry <or "rue %no3!ed#e' #ive 1. 6here<ore' even "he means o< doin# a-"ions shou!d be $ure.

1.( .Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman "hem u$ immedia"e!y as de<i-ien".

I" is some"hin# !i%e a s!ide sho3 3here "he $roCe-"ionis" $i-%s a <e3 s!ides "o be eBhibi"ed a" a $er<orman-e' "he remainin# s!ides bein# reserved <or ano"her $er<orman-e. 6he "heory a!so s"a"es "ha" "he -onseEuen-es o< a-"ions La!so %no3n as %armasM need no" ne-essari!y be eB$erien-ed in "he $resen" !i<e' "hey -an be -arried over in"o <u"ure !ives. A <e3 o< "hese a!one 3i!! be -hosen <or "his bir"h and he 3i!! have "o enCoy "heir <rui"s in "his bir"h. 2o3ever' on-e one rea!ises "he e!< "here is no one !e<" "o eB$erien-e "he -onseEuen-es o< a-"ions and so "he 3ho!e s"ru-"ure o< %armi. In i"s mos" $o$u!ar <orm i" s"a"es "ha" "here is a universa! a--oun"in# sys"em in 3hi-h ea-h individua! mus" eB$erien-e "he -onseEuen-es o< a!! his a-"ions L%armasMI #ood a-"ions brin# #ood resu!"s and bad a-"ions inevi"ab!y resu!" in su<<erin# "o "he one 3ho does "hem. Be-ause o< "his' severa! subDdivisions o< %arma have been $os"u!a"ed. 6he $roCe-"or mus" be des"royed so "ha" "here 3i!! be no <ur"her re<!e-"ion and no <ur"her bir"hs and no dea"hs. A!! "his %arma -an be des"royed by a-Euirin# %no3!ed#e o< "he e!<. 6he on!y 3ay "o be-ome <ree o< his au"hori"y is "o "rans-end %arma -om$!e"e!y by rea!isin# "he e!<. ri Ramana a--e$"ed "he va!idi"y o< "he !a3s o< %arma bu" said "ha" "hey 3ere on!y a$$!i-ab!e as !on# as a $erson ima#ined "ha" he 3as se$ara"e <rom "he e!<. I< "he a#en" u$on 3hom "he %arma de$ends' name!y "he e#o' 3hi-h has -ome in"o eBis"en-e be"3een "he body and "he e!<' mer#es in i"s sour-e and !oses i"s <orm' ho3 -an "he %arma 3hi-h de$ends u$on i" surviveK *hen "here is no 8I9 "here is no %arma. Is "his "rueK A$ A man mi#h" have $er<ormed many %armas in his $revious bir"hs. / A#ami %arma Ne3 %arma a--umu!a"ed in "he $resen" !i<e"ime 3hi-h is -arried <or3ard in"o <u"ure !ives.deb"s a--umu!a"ed <rom $revious bir"hs. #$ Is i" $ossib!e "o over-ome' even 3hi!e "he body eBis"s' "he $rarabdha %arma 3hi-h is said "o !as" "i!! "he end o< "he bodyK A$ Yes. #$ I" is said "ha" $rarabdha %arma is on!y a sma!! <ra-"ion o< "he %arma a--umu!a"ed <rom $revious !ives. Does "his mean "ha" 3e rea$ "he 1. A" "his !eve! 7"he !eve! o< "he aCnani:' he said "ha" individua!s 3i!! $ass "hrou#h a series o< $reDordained a-"ivi"ies and eB$erien-es' a!! o< 3hi-h are "he -onseEuen-es o< $revious a-"s and "hou#h"s. 6he di<<eren" %armas are "he s!ides' %armas bein# "he resu!" o< $as" eB$erien-es' and "he mind is "he $roCe-"or. Is3ara -hooses <rom "his 3arehouse 3ha" he sees 3i!! bes" sui" "he s$iri"ua! evo!u"ion a" "he "ime o< ea-h man' 3he"her $!easan" or $ain<u!.!a3s "hen be-omes redundan". 2e said "ha" $rior "o e!<Drea!iJa"ion "here is a $ersona! God' Is3ara' 3ho -on"ro!s ea-h $erson9s des"iny. #$ *ho is "he $roCe-"ionis"K *ha" is "he me-hanism 3hi-h se!e-"s a sma!! $or"ion o< "he san-hi"a %arma and "hen de-ides "ha" i" sha!! be eB$erien-ed as $rarabdha %armaK A$ Individua!s have "o su<<er "heir %armas bu" Is3ara mana#es "o ma%e "he bes" o< "heir %armas <or his $ur$ose. 6hus "here is no"hin# arbi"rary.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman Chapter 21 .%arma& destiny and free will 6he "heory o< %arma is -ommon "o many orien"a! re!i#ions. . 6he <o!!o3in# -!assi<i-a"ion 3hi-h 3as used by ri Ramana is -ommon "o many 2indu s-hoo!s o< "hou#h"? 1 an-hi"a %arma 6he s"ore o< %armi. ri Ramana re#arded "he !a3 o< %arma as a mani<es"a"ion o< God9s 3i!!.= . Be-ause "he !a3 o< %arma im$!ies de"erminism in human a-"ivi"ies' $rarabdha is o<"en "rans!a"ed as des"iny. God mani$u!a"es "he <rui"s o< %arma bu" he does no" add or "a%e a3ay <rom i". Prarabdha %arma 6ha" $ar" o< one9s san-hi"a %arma 3hi-h mus" be 3or%ed ou" in "he $resen" !i<e. 2e o--asiona!!y even said "ha" every a-" and eB$erien-e in a $erson9s !i<e is de"ermined a" bir"h and "ha" "he on!y <reedom one has is "o rea!iJe "ha" "here is no one a-"in# and no one eB$erien-in#. One -anno" es-a$e <rom Is3ara9s Curisdi-"ion 3hi!e one s"i!! iden"i<ies 3i"h "he a-"ivi"ies o< "he body. 6he sub-ons-ious o< man is a 3arehouse o< #ood and bad %arma. I" is Is3ara 3ho has ordained "ha" everyone mus" su<<er "he -onseEuen-es o< his a-"ions and i" is Is3ara 3ho se!e-"s "he seEuen-e o< a-"ivi"ies "ha" ea-h $erson mus" under#o in ea-h !i<e"ime. #$ In U$adesa aram you say "ha" %arma bears <rui" by "he ordinan-e o< God L%ar"aM.

@ind "he roo" o< %arma and -u" i" o<<. ' #$ Bu" sin-e I am no" "he body I am no" rea!!y res$onsib!e <or "he -onseEuen-es o< #ood or bad a-"ions. #$ I< I am no" "he body 3hy am I res$onsib!e <or "he -onseEuen-es o< my #ood and bad a-"ionsK A$ I< you are no" "he body and do no" have "he idea 8I am "he doer9' "he -onseEuen-es o< your #ood or bad a-"ions 3i!! no" a<<e-" you. I< you as% su-h $eo$!e 3ha" "he ori#in o< %arma is' "hey say "ha" su-h a Eues"ion is no" be raised as i" is !i%e "he e"erna! Eues"ion' 8*hi-h is ear!ier' "he seed or "he "reeK9 Deba"es su-h as "his are mere ar#umen"s 3hi-h -an never arrive a" "he <ina! "ru"h. *hy do you say abou" "he a-"ions "he body $er<orms 8I do "his9 or 8I did "ha"9K As !on# as you iden"i<y yourse!< 3i"h "he body !i%e "ha" you are a<<e-"ed by "he -onseEuen-es o< "he a-"ions' "ha" is "o say' 3hi!e you iden"i<y 3i"h "he body you a--umu!a"e #ood and bad %arma. 6he more you $rune a $!an"' "he more vi#orous!y i" #ro3s. A$ I< one mis"a%e is re-"i<ied "here ye" remains "he 3ho!e san-hi"a %arma <rom <ormer bir"hs 3hi-h is #oin# "o #ive you innumerab!e bir"hs. I< "he <ee!in# 8I am doin# "he Ca$a9 is "here' "he -onseEuen-es o< bad a-"ions 3i!! $ersis". 2o3 is i" $ossib!e "o 3i$e ou" one a-" 3i"h ano"herK *hen "he <ee!in# "ha" 81 am doin#9 is !os"' no"hin# a<<e-"s a 1/) . 6ha" is 3hy "hese $eo$!e say "ha" one shou!d s"ren#"hen $urusha%ara. In o"hers i" is said "ha" i" is a!! divine #ra-e. 6ha" is a!!. 6ha" means "ha" he is "he mani<es" Brahman. I< 3e %no3 "he mis"a%es -ommi""ed be<ore' 3e -an re-"i<y "hem. #$ Does "he %arma "heory mean "ha" "he 3or!d is "he resu!" o< a-"ion and rea-"ionK I< so' a-"ion and rea-"ion o< 3ha"K A$ Un"i! rea!iJa"ion "here 3i!! be %arma' "ha" is a-"ion and rea-"ion.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman -onseEuen-es o< %arma so!e!y be-ause God 3i!!s i"K A$ In "his verse %ar"a LGodM means Is3ara. A<"er rea!iJa"ion "here 3i!! be no %arma and no 3or!d. 6ha" is 3hy I say <irs" <ind ou" 3ho you are. A$ Yes' some s-hoo!s o< $hi!oso$hy say "ha" "here is no God o"her "han "he %armas o< "he $revious bir"h' "ha" "he %arma done in "he $resen" bir"h in a--ordan-e 3i"h "he s-ri$"ures is %no3n as $urusha%ara Lhuman e<<or"M' "ha" "he $revious and $resen" %armas mee" <or a headDon <i#h" !i%e rams and "ha" "he one "ha" is 3ea%er #e"s e!imina"ed. #$ Does no" $unya Lmeri" a--umu!a"ed <rom vir"uous a-"sM eB"in#uish $a$a Ldemeri" a--umu!a"ed <rom sin<u! a-"sMK A$ o !on# as "he <ee!in# 8I am doin#9 is "here' one mus" eB$erien-e "he resu!" o< one9s a-"s' 3he"her "hey are #ood or bad. *hy even ob"ainedK 6he e!< remains as i" is. I" is no" -!ear 3hi-h o< "hem is -orre-". 6he essen-e o< %arma is "o %no3 "he "ru"h o< onese!< by enEuirin# 8*ho am I' "he doer' 3ho be#ins "o do %armasK9 Un!ess "he doer o< %armas' "he e#o' is annihi!a"ed "hrou#h enEuiry' "he $er<e-" $ea-e o< su$reme b!iss' 3hi-h is "he resu!" o< %arma yo#a' -anno" be a-hieved. 6he rea! Brahman is unmani<es" and 3i"hou" mo"ion. o "ha" is no" "he $ro-edure. 6ha" is 3hy %arma is said "o be on i"s o3n' iner". I< one does "his $ro$er!y "he idea o< dosha 3i!! be e!imina"ed and $ea-e 3i!! be ob"ained. #$ 6he $resen" eB$erien-es are "he resu!" o< $as" %arma. I< one as%s 8*ho am IK 2o3 did I #e" "his dosha L<au!"M o< !i<eK9' "he 8I9 3i!! subside and one 3i!! rea!iJe "he e!<. 2e is "he one 3ho dis"ribu"es "he <rui"s o< a-"ions "o ea-h $erson a--ordin# "o his %arma. A$ I< you are no"' 3hy do you bo"her abou" "he Eues"ionK #$ In some $!a-es i" is s"a"ed "ha" human e<<or" is "he sour-e o< a!! s"ren#"h and "ha" i" -an even "rans-end %arma. #$ +an $eo$!e 3i$e ou" "he -onseEuen-es o< "heir bad a-"ions by doin# man"ras or Ca$a or 3i!! "hey ne-essari!y have "o eB$erien-e "hemK A$ I< "he <ee!in# 8I am doin# Ca$a9 is no" "here' "he bad a-"ions -ommi""ed by a man 3i!! no" s"i-% "o him. 6ha" means "ha" Is3ara is on!y an a#en" and "ha" he #ives 3a#es a--ordin# "o "he !abour done. 2e #ives "he <rui" "o ea-h $erson a--ordin# "o his a-"ions L%armaM. 6he more you re-"i<y your %arma' "he more i" a--umu!a"es. *i"hou" "his sa%"i L$o3erM o< Is3ara' "his %arma 3ou!d no" "a%e $!a-e. I" is on!y "he mani<es" Brahman "ha" is named as Is3ara.

Every a-" mus" have i"s -onseEuen-es. Does "he Cnani say he has a bodyK 2e may !oo% "o you as i< he has a body and he may a$$ear "o be doin# "hin#s 3i"h "he body' as o"hers do' bu" he himse!< %no3s "ha" he is bodi!ess. You are no3 under "he im$ression you are "he body and so you "hin% "ha" "he Cnani a!so has a body. Bu" "he "ru"h is "he Cnani has "rans-ended a!! %armas' in-!udin# "he $rarabdha %arma' and he is no" bound by "he body or i"s %armas. *ha"ever a Cnani does is <or o"hers on!y.9 An i!!us"ra"ion made use o< in "his -onne-"ion is "ha" o< an arro3 a!ready dis-har#ed 3hi-h 3i!! -on"inue "o advan-e and s"ri%e i"s "ar#e". 6he burn" ro$e s"i!! !oo%s !i%e a ro$e' bu" i" -an9" serve as a ro$e i< you "ry "o bind any"hin# 3i"h i". #$ 6he $resen" is said "o be due "o $as" %arma. I< "here are "hin#s "o be done by him <or o"hers' he does "hem bu" "he resu!"s do no" a<<e-" him. A Cnani is !i%e "ha" – he may !oo% !i%e o"her $eo$!e' bu" "his is on!y an ou"er a$$earan-e. 2e is no" bound by his %arma. *ha"ever be "he a-"ions "ha" su-h $eo$!e do' "here is no $unya and no $a$a a""a-hed "o "hem. Des"iny is "he resu!" o< $as" a-"ion. 6hose 3ho %no3 "ha" 3ha" is "o be eB$erien-ed by "hem in "his !i<e is on!y 3ha" is a!ready des"ined in "heir $rarabdha 3i!! never <ee! $er"urbed abou" 3ha" is "o be eB$erien-ed. Is "ha" "rueK A$ o !on# as you have "he <ee!in# o< e#o"ism a!! "ha" is "rue. &e" "he body a-" as may sui" i".Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman man. On "he o"her hand' i< you enCoy i" 3i"h #rea" a""a-hmen" and na"ura!!y desire <or more o< i"' i" is bound "o !ead "o more and more bir"hs. @or one 3ho rea!ises "he e!< 3here is "he need <or Ca$aK *here is "he need <or "a$asK O3in# "o "he <or-e o< $rarabdha !i<e #oes on' bu" he 3ho has rea!iJed "he e!< does no" 3ish <or any"hin#. Un!ess one rea!ises "he e!<' "he <ee!in# 8I am doin#9 3i!! never vanish. o !on# as one iden"i<ies onese!< 3i"h "he body' a!! "his is di<<i-u!" "o unders"and. #$ Does i" mean "ha" as"ro!o#y 3on9" be "rue in "he -ase o< "hose 3hose e#o"ism is des"royedK A$ *ho is "here !e<" "o say i" 3on9" be "rueK 6here 3i!! be seein# on!y i< "here is one 3ho sees. I< any"hin# -omes your 3ay by reason o< $rarabdha' you -an9" he!$ i". #$ A--ordin# "o "he as"ro!o#i-a! s-ien-e' $redi-"ions are made abou" -omin# even"s "a%in# in"o a--oun" "he in<!uen-e o< "he s"ars. I" -on-erns "he body. *hy shou!d he s"i!! remain 3i"hin his bodyK A$ *ho as%s "his Eues"ionK Is i" "he rea!iJed man or "he aCnaniK *hy shou!d you bo"her 3ha" "he Cnani does or 3hy he does any"hin#K &oo% a<"er yourse!<. *hy are you -on-erned 3i"h i"K *hy do you $ay a""en"ion "o i"K hou!d any"hin# ha$$en' i" ha$$ens as "he resu!" o< one9s $as" a-"ions' o< divine 3i!! and o< o"her <a-"ors. In "he -ase o< "hose 3hose e#o"ism is des"royed' even i< "hey a$$ear "o see "hey do no" rea!!y see. No" even an io"a o< $rarabdha eBis"s <or "hose 3ho unin"erru$"ed!y a""end "o "he s$a-e o< -ons-iousness' 3hi-h a!3ays shines as 8I am9' 3hi-h is no" -on<ined in "he vas" $hysi-a! s$a-e' and 3hi-h $ervades every3here 3i"hou" !imi"a"ions. 6ha" is 3hy i" is some"imes said in re$!y "o su-h Eues"ions' 86he body o< "he Cnani 3i!! -on"inue "i!! "he <or-e o< $rarabdha 3or%s i"se!< ou"' and a<"er "he $rarabdha is eBhaus"ed i" 3i!! dro$ o<<. Prarabdha %arma is o< "hree -a"e#ories' i-hha' ani-hha and $are-hha L$ersona!!y desired' 3i"hou" desire and due "o o"hers9 desireM.9 #$ I< a "hin# -omes "o me 3i"hou" any $!annin# or 3or%in# <or i" and I enCoy i"' 3i!! "here be no bad -onseEuen-es <rom i"K A$ I" is no" so. *hen "ha" e#o"ism #e"s des"royed a!! "ha" is un"rue. +an 3e "rans-end "he $as" %arma by our <ree 3i!! no3K 1/1 . u-h a!one is "he meanin# o< "he an-ien" sayin#' 86here is no <a"e <or "hose 3ho rea-h or eB$erien-e "he heavens. Bu" "hey do on!y 3ha" is $ro$er a--ordin# "o "he a--e$"ed s"andard o< "he 3or!d – no"hin# e!se. #$ 6he rea!iJed man has no <ur"her %arma. @or "he one 3ho has rea!iJed "he e!<' "here is no i-hhaD $rarabdha bu" "he "3o o"hers' ani-hha and $are-hha' remain. I< you "a%e 3ha" -omes' 3i"hou" any s$e-ia! a""a-hmen"' and 3i"hou" any desire <or more o< i" or <or a re$e"i"ion o< i"' i" 3i!! no" harm you by !eadin# "o <ur"her bir"hs. Kno3 "ha" a!! one9s eB$erien-es 3i!! be "hrus" u$on one 3he"her one 3i!!s "hem or no".

#$ I -an unders"and "ha" "he ou"s"andin# even"s in a man9s !i<e' su-h as his -oun"ry' na"iona!i"y' <ami!y' -areer or $ro<ession' marria#e' dea"h' e"-. 6rue surrender is !ove o< God <or "he sa%e o< !ove and no"hin# e!se' no" even <or "he sa%e o< !ibera"ion. 6he body 3i!! #o "hrou#h "he a-"ions rendered inevi"ab!e by $rarabdha and a man is <ree ei"her "o iden"i<y himse!< 3i"h "he body and be a""a-hed "o "he <rui"s o< i"s a-"ions' or "o be de"a-hed <rom i" and be a mere 3i"ness o< i"s a-"ivi"ies. I< you do "his you 3i!! unders"and 3ha" is a<<e-"ed by or has a $as" or a <u"ure' 3ha" is everD$resen" and a!3ays <ree and 3ha" remains una<<e-"ed by "he $as" or <u"ure or by any $as" %arma. #$ I< 3ha" is des"ined "o ha$$en 3i!! ha$$en' is "here any use in $rayer or e<<or" or shou!d 3e Cus" remain id!eK A$ 6here are on!y "3o 3ays "o -onEuer des"iny or be inde$enden" o< i". 6he o"her 3ay is "o %i!! "he e#o by -om$!e"e!y surrenderin# "o "he &ord' by rea!isin# one9s he!$!essness and sayin# a!! "he "ime' 8No" I bu" "hou' O &ord9' #ivin# u$ a!! sense o< 8I9 and 8mine9 and !eavin# i" "o "he &ord "o do 3ha" he !i%es 3i"h you. urrender -an never be re#arded as -om$!e"e so !on# as "he devo"ee 3an"s "his or "ha" <rom "he &ord. @a"e is over-ome by Cnana' e!<D%no3!ed#e' 3hi-h is beyond 3i!! and <a"e. I< you do "his' bo"h o< "hem are "rans-ended. 6ha" is "he on!y $ur$ose o< dis-ussin# "hese Eues"ions. As !on# as individua!i"y !as"s "here is <ree 3i!!. *ha"ever "his body is "o do and 3ha"ever eB$erien-es i" is "o $ass "hrou#h 3as a!ready de-ided 3hen i" -ame in"o eBis"en-e. In o"her 3ords' -om$!e"e e<<a-emen" o< "he e#o is ne-essary "o -onEuer des"iny' 3he"her you a-hieve "his e<<a-emen" "hrou#h se!<DenEuiry or "hrou#h bha%"i mar#a. #$ o <ree 3i!! is a my"hK A$ @ree 3i!! ho!ds "he <ie!d in asso-ia"ion 3i"h individua!i"y. Bu" i< "his sense is !os" "hrou#h "he $ra-"i-e o< vi-hara' "he divine 3i!! 3i!! a-" and #uide "he -ourse o< even"s. A!! "he s-ri$"ures are based on "his <a-" and "hey advise dire-"in# "he <ree 3i!! in "he ri#h" -hanne!. +an i" be "ha" i" 3as a!ready de-ided "ha" on su-h and su-h a day' a" su-h and su-h an hour' I shou!d move "he <an !i%e "his and $u" i" do3n hereK A$ +er"ain!y. . 1/. 6o 3hom do "hese Eues"ions ariseK @ind ou" and be a" $ea-e. #$ Is "here su-h a "hin# as <ree 3i!!K A$ *hose 3i!! is i"K o !on# as "here is "he sense o< doershi$' "here is "he sense o< enCoymen" and o< individua! 3i!!. One is "o enEuire <or 3hom is "his des"iny and dis-over "ha" on!y "he e#o is bound by des"iny and no" "he e!<' and "ha" "he e#o is nonDeBis"en".' are a!! $redes"ined by his %arma' bu" -an i" be "ha" a!! "he de"ai!s o< his !i<e' do3n "o "he minu"es"' have a!ready been de"erminedK No3' <or ins"an-e' I $u" "his <an "ha" is in my hand do3n on "he <!oor here. @ind ou" "o 3hom <ree 3i!! or des"iny ma""ers. @ind ou" 3here "hey -ome <rom' and abide in "heir sour-e.Ramana Maharshi – Be As You Are – by David Godman A$ ee 3ha" "he $resen" is. #$ *ha" be-omes "hen o< man9s <reedom and res$onsibi!i"y <or his a-"ionsK A$ 6he on!y <reedom man has is "o s"rive <or and a-Euire "he Cnana 3hi-h 3i!! enab!e him no" "o iden"i<y himse!< 3i"h "he body.