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By John Neville
Army News Service

FORT KNOX, Ky. -- The Army continues moving units in Europe to the United States

as part of the ongoing plan to give the nation's fighting force more flexibility to meet

future threats.

Beginning this summer, the headquarters for

the 3rd Corps Support Command, based in

Wiesbaden, Germany, will begin moving to

Fort Knox, Ky. The unit will also receive a

new name -- the 3rd Expeditionary

Sustainment Command. Sgt. Elsira Wedderburn, retrograde NCO in
charge from the 317th Maintenance Company of
V Corps' 3rd Corps Support Command, directs a
forklift at the General Support Hub at the Q-West
The 3rd COSCOM has evolved into the Army's base complex in northern Iraq during the
COSCOM’s deployment in Iraq in 2006. The
only forward-deployed corps support command, currently based in Wiesbaden,
Germany, is slated to move to Fort Knox, Ky.
command. In February 2003, COSCOM units

– then part of V Corps -- deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and took on

the command of more than 17,000 Soldiers providing logistical support to Combined

Joint Task Force-7, the organization that later evolved into today’s Multi-National

Corps – Iraq and Multi-National Force – Iraq. The COSCOM returned to Iraq in late
2005, as most of V Corps major units moved out for a second deployment in support

of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Today, when a Soldier in central Germany drives a vehicle, flies a helicopter, fires a

missile or turns on a radio, chances are that 3rd COSCOM men and women have

already ensured that the equipment is in working order.

"Our mission is to be able to deploy to a new theatre of operations and provide the

logistical support -- refueling, ammunition, feeding and maintaining -- for the combat

forces in that theatre," said 3rd COSCOM commander Brig. Gen. Michael Lally said.

"We are the higher headquarters, so we are command and control for other units

that actually go in and provide that sustainment, maintenance or refueling


The word expeditionary is more than just a new moniker. As it transitions from corps

support to an expeditionary sustainment command, Lally said the unit will be

smaller, more mobile and more ready to deploy, as opposed to being stationary.

Lally and 3rd COSCOM Command Sgt. Maj. Willie Tennant will bring more than 250

Soldiers with them. The two recently visited Fort Knox to scope out facilities and

services their and their families will be using.

"I'm looking at the single Soldier quarters, and seeing what plan they have as far as

signing for quarters. Does it go through the first sergeant? Does it go through the

installation? And I'm checking out the housing areas, the junior enlisted as well as

the senior enlisted," Tennant said. "I'm also checking out the fitness centers, the PX,

the commissary and all the life-support facilities, as well as the headquarters.
"I always tell folks that if you set up a facility for success and you set the conditions

for success, then the Soldier will come to work and he'll work hard for you, because

they're going to a facility that's clean, warm, dry, and all the amenities are there for

the accomplishment of their mission," Tennant added.

Tennant, who had never before been to the installation, said he was impressed with

what he saw on his first day.

"You take the housing area (Anderson Greens) we were in today; it was awesome,"

he said. "You would never believe in a million years that was a housing area. It's just

not your traditional housing area."

(John Neville writes for the Fort Knox "Turret.")