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Nama Npm Kelas Mata Kuliah Dosen

: Triana Maharani : 0110U073 :B : Academic English : Eryanti Putri Siahaan, S.S., M.Hum.

Unit 2 : Noun Clause 1. Noun clause as appositive, yaitu ada keterangan tambahan atau kalimat tambahan Contohnya: a. The book shelf, a modern piece of furniture was moved into the house first. b. The insect, a large and hairy creature, scared the children as they walked out side. c. My brother, a human garbage disposal consumed five cheese burger in one sitting last night. Keterangan: yang di garis bawah itu adalah kata atau kalimat tambahan ( as appositive). 2. Noun clause as subjects Contohnya: a. b. c. d. Anyone who say that english teachers are boring will be punished. What the english teacher said was right. what i had for breakfast give me heartburn. Why he said, he would not get married no body knows.

Keterangan: yang di garis bawah itu yang termasuk as subjects. 3. Noun clause as complement adalah kalimat atau kata pelengkap Contohnya: a. b. c. d. I heard the evidence that he did it. I am sure that he did it. I am not certain what he did. For you to come would be a mistake.

Keterangan: yang di garis bawah itu yang termasuk kalimat atau kata pelengkap (as complement). 4. Noun clause for yes/no question

The book whose author won a publisher has become a best seller. is mine. As subject of preposition Contohnya : a. housed 300 people. Can you drive as? Unit 2 : Adjective clause 1. c. This is the house in which i lived when i first come to united states. g. Lives in Berlin. who is an architect. Hans. who is Widyatama student. lives in Bandung. d. Are you coming with us? b. h. The desk in corner which is covered in book. The visitor for whom. b. f. e. The theater. in which the play debuted. you were waiting has arrived. As subjects Contohnya: a. 2. . b. The package that arrived this morning is on the desk. Is your brother coming too? c. Maria is decorating a house that Hans designed. The woman to whom you have just spoken is my teacher. Triana.Contohnya: a.

(“who is” dihilangkan) e.who is a grammar teacher. Put the flower where everyone can see them. I saw a man who was carrying an umbrella. The building that he works is new. f. The theory that was introduced at the meeting was innovative. The books which were published that year are expensive. (“which were” dihilangkan) g. John could swim well.lives in jakarta. h. (“who was” dihilangkan) d. While the rest of the city sleeps. after he fumbed with the words for a minute. When they arrive. d. john finaly proposed to jane. b. c. the garbage man work. after he took lessons. (“who is” dihilangkan) b. if you want to write well. You must practice. (“on which” dihilangkan) h. your serving of ice cream is biggen than mine. The woman who is talking to mary is her sister. An was the only teacher who was in charge of the curriculum. after he worked on the project all evening. Unit 5 : Reduced adjective and adverb clauses Adjective clauses to adjective phrases (reduce to a phrase only) Contohnya : a. e.Unit 4 : Adverbial clause Contohnya : a. g. j. the student collapsed in bed. (“that was” dihilangkan) c. Mr john. You should visit whenever you can. I will never forget the day on which i graduated. His brother is late as he is. (“who was” dihilangkan) f. (“that” dihilangkan) . show the guest to their seats. i.

(“that was” dihilangkan) .Adverb clause Contohnya : a. I ran into an old friend who was walking down street. We saw a bear that was hiking through the woods. (“who was” dihilangkan) b.