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Herminder Ohri
Taposhi Ghoshal
Illustrated by

Written by


r. een doo a gr use with red doors. a ho d lives in dows an r. She ou win girl of f t yellow ittle righ ani is a l a school with b B to he goes S

Bani loves her school. Along with lessons, she dances, sings and plays with her friends.


One night, B ani wa s real her eyes to sle ly tired . As she closed ep, sh e felt herself out of the house, foating away, down the hi ll into a grove of trees.

Wake up ! Wake up Bani ! Bani woke up with a start. She saw many strange children with funny faces and hats standing in front of her.


ing. began sing Th and Bani e ch r nearly a year.” ildren made a ring around r you fo “W fo aited elco me ! Welcome ! We have w “F i. or a ed Ban whole year !” whisper “Y es ! Yes !” they shouted.

!” uch ep.” O r sle u lf, “ e yo ers t in h oa ng can f ” hi “We know you .” eep. i nc nything r sl ip a ou Ban d or ng in y u id “May be si clo ,” sa ng. a a eep ey s i. rd, not asl i th “But I am ab an ep,” B sle like ked n your y “Even fy i as s, f re?” g he win a nd w e “Fly? How ut lik o r ar ms “Stretch you

Bani stretched

They few over

out h

the f nd ores sh ta she saw hundr ew s. nd eds o iend as r wh f li g fyi ew f hts ng with her n nB . an i lo oked down,

er a r

ms a



llowed the ch . She fo ildren d lights own towards the w a town al a . l m a de Bani s of giant mushrooms were green m There ushroom s, llow, white, purple an ye d red mus oms. hr o n each mushroom was a I house.


w into one ho n i fe use. Ba as like any oth use w ho rs were mush er hou e room se, Th he foo fo t Softer than ut o – soft. any ors b s – ren skipped an carp so he child d e – T i the mushroo ran t. an mt ng B wi ow ho n. s



. “Come ! Le ms t us o eat,” All Bani co hr o s said t uld s mu er. he children togeth g “What funn ee wer okin lo e feld y mu s and felds of odd . shro “Oh ! those d oo oms,” d ar e l said Bani. a la addo Bani was su s o mu wa rpris shrooms.” m ed t There were hroo o see s yello that on top of each mu too. w, g fs reen and white laddoos and bar


. ught ho he t it. ate licious, s shrooms nd oo a addoo– saw mu mselves. d e e lad uite l on She g by th wn, . f o ke of cious. Q called turnin nd d i br o a g eli Ban o...d bein s were ping up ... e m was so er nam page It h e e ju r h rd s. T es we ni hea Ba ok e bo se pag lik he haped s on t th us.” s fgure ad wi T he e me r co “Bani


Bani went to the book mushrooms. The fgures told her stories of kings, queens, fairies and brave warriors. She listened while eating mushroom chips. Soon she was very thirsty. The children took her to a stream of sparkling water. It was lemonade. The next stream was orange juice and another mango juice. Bani drank a little from all the streams. It was nice and cold.


There was wonderful music coming from the music mushrooms. Bani found herself dancing with a little boy in a pointed hat and pointed shoes. “What is your name?” asked Bani. “I am Pointy,” said he. Even his face was pointed. Then Bani danced with a little girl who wore a heart-shaped hat and shoes to match her heart-shaped face. “I am Little Heart,” she sang.


e children. “I a ith all th B an i m sang and danced w No time ! Take a si tired,” said Ba n i, p of “Can time ! tter. lemonad we rest?” “No e.” t be B an i he fel took a sip and s hey said. “Let tains,” t us fy to the moun made of cake, ice c ream They ntains and cand few past mou y.

n. they came to the very last m untai T he n ountain. It was a toy mo never seen so many toys ! The children played with a ni h a d B y coloured magic balls tha brightl t bounced here e making the children er jump. and th hizzed up to them rs w and took them for rides. Toy ca

There were magic jigsaw puzzles that spoke, “Put us together !” Coloured blocks shouted, “Build us up and you can knock us down.” Bani had a great time. Now it was time to go home. They all few over the forest to Bani’s home.


“Bye Bye Bani ! Come again !” The children few back to mushroom town.


Bani got into her bed and fell fast asleep. ovely dream, n the morning she thought she had such a l I till she opened her hand and saw a .............. What do you think Bani saw in her hand? out Bani. hy don’t you make your own little story ... ab W

My name is Harnarayan and I really enjoy sports. I like people who invent new things. Comics are my favourite books. Thank you for buying this book. My friends and I will get to read many more books in our library because you bought this book.

Herminder Ohri has been a professor of Zoology. She has always had an interest in painting and writing. Her grandsons have turned her into a popular author of children’s books.

Taposhi Ghoshal graduated from the College of Art, New Delhi in 1989. She has illustrated several books for children as a freelance illustrator and designer. Presently she is working for many NGOs and leading publishing houses.

Bani can float in her sleep and reach the most amazing amusing places. Would you like to float along?

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