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Profession - Indian Administrative Service - KP Analysis
An indepth analysIS-on numerous natal charts has revealed that 'RAHU' the ascending node has a prominent role to play in carving an IAS officer. Shri OVN Murthy and Sri 1. Seshagiri Rao have done a joint KP research in understanding the metal of IAS from the horoscopes of renowned bureaucrats.

Indian Administrative

Service (IAS) is a unique

A sample of 12 Natal Charts of LA.S Officers was taken up for study. It revealed a uniform pattern, predominantly Pahu Mars involving Planets Ven Mer JuP level as well as

civil service in the country. They are responsible for planning and execution of Government Policy both at Centre and State. The function of LA.S officer is multidimensional, pressure, demands quick decisions expected coupled with work monitoring and

at Star-Sub

signification of 1,6,10,11,3 1,3,6,10,11 Ascendant represents

& 9 cusps.
- 1 represents 3 up


cusps are considered the character not only

and disposals. front

The Officer is which requires

of the Native, to take

to lead from


courage, leadership qualities, wise and judicious temperament. A native to possess all such

challenging jobs but also IAS profession involves frequent movements, 6 cusp is for salaried

qualities requires supports from the planets like Venus, Mercury, Jupiter Mars and Rahu (Earthly pleasures). exhibiting Though unique every individual qualities in IAS is

income, 9th cusp represents change of assignments,

higher education, transfers. wisdom,

intuition, etc.

but there are few

commonalities which we found in our research.

Ketu-Ke. Venus-Ve.Chart 1st cusp Ju->Sa-Su Ma->Su-Sa Ma->Me-Ve Su->Ra-Me Mo->Ju-Ju Me->Ju-Su Ke->Ve-Ju Ve->Ma-Ra Me->Ju-Ve Ra->Mo-Me Ju->Ma-Me Ra->Sa-Ju 3rd cusp 6th cusp 9th Cusp 10th c~sp 11thcusp 1 2 3 4 Me->Ju-Mo Su->Su-Su Sa->Me-Sa Ve->Me-Ra Ve->Ma-Ve Ve->Me-Ju Sa->Su-Ju Ju->Ve-Mo Ve->Sa-Ma Su->Ve-Mo Ju->Ma-Me Ra->Sa-Ju Me->Ju-Mo Me->Ve-Ra Me->Ju-Ve Me->Ma-Me Me->Mo-Me Sa->Su-Me Ma->Ma-Ju Ju->Ve-Mo Me->Ju-Ve Ra->Mo-Me Ma->Ra-Mo Ju->Ra-Me Me->Ju-Mo Ma->Su-Sa Me->Ju-Ve Ke->Ju-Me Ma->Ra-Ma Me->Ju-Su Me->Ma-Ju Ra->Ma-Me Ve->Sa-Ma Ma->Ra-Mo Ju->Ma-Me Ra->Sa-Ju Ve->Mo-Ve Me->Ve-Ra Ra->Su-Ju Ra->Ve-Me Ma->Ra-Ma Ra->Ju-Ke Ve->Me-Ve Ve->Ma-Ra Ve->Sa-Ma Ve->Ma-Ra Ve-> Sa-Ju Ju->Ra-Me Ve->Mo-Ve Mo->Su-Sa Su->Ma-Mo Sa->Me-Ra Me->Mo-Me Ra->Ju-Ke Su->Ma-Ve Me->Ma-Ve Sa->Ke-Me Ma->Ra-Mo Ke->Ke-Ju Ma->Ju-Ju 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 • Sun-Su.10. Saturn-Sa. as under: The significators for profession viz. Rahu-Ra : Jupiter-Ju.6.11 cusps are tabulated Significators: Chart 2nd Cusp 6th Cusp 10th Cusp 11 Cusp 1 2 3 4 Me MeMo SuRa Ve Ra Sa Me KeMoVe Ju Ra J(e Mo Sa VeMoJuSaMe Mo RaJu Sa Ve MeMa Su Mo Ma RaJu Me KeVe Ju Sa MeJuKe Ve Sa Me Ve RaSa Ke Su Mo Ma RaJu Ke Me Ve KeVeMo Su Mo Ma Ra Me Ve Ma Su Sa Ve VeMoJu Ve SaSunJu M~Ve VeSuMoMaRa MaMe Su Mo Ma Ju Sa Ve MeKe Mo SuMoMaMe Ju Su KeMe Me Mo Ma Ra Ju Sa Ke JuMeKEMO Me Ve KeMarJuMe Sa Ke Sa Su RaJu Su Mo Ma Ra Ju Me Ve Su Ra Me Ket Su Ju Ve Sa Su JuMa 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 . Moon-Mo. Mars-Ma. 2. Mercury-Me.

Rahu is in the star & Saturn. In the present case all the Ascendant Sublords or its starlord are connected directly to 6. Thus it can be seen that there is a strong While in majority of cases Venus is found as 10th cusp sublord. magisterial powers. Mercury. Basically a native can achieve high status in any field only when especially the Ascendant is strong and to connectivity of Rahu to the 10th cusp in all the Further IAS Officers charts under consideration.10th Sublord Jupiter and Rahu is in Jupiter sub. in improving control. 12. mind. Venus (which has emerged as a strong planet the combined Dasa Bhukthi Antara Services. and self confidence. Another important point noticed is the role of nodes especially Rahu. government. Venus. 1st Chart . 10 and 11. fairness. analytical Jupiter sign. These planets referred to will fructify the events during periods. in all probability Venus. 1110th Sublord is Venus and Rahu is in Venus sign Libra. for concentration masses. 8-10thsublord Venus is in the sub of Rahu From the above analysis of twelve charts we can 10 10th sub lord Venus is in the sub Rahu.Rahu in conjunction with Mars in along wi th Mercury) is for all comforts attached to the post and also adds glamour to the post held. Rahu is for profession and for base jobs. 9 10th Sublord Venus. Venus & Mercury cannot be ignored while considering the charts for this profession. memory. frequent transfers in the jobs. Rahu is in the sub of Sub ofJupiter. administration. Jupiter is in the Star & sub of Mercury. Mars stands for leadership qualities. grasping of subject matter fast. Mercury and Rahu the connectivity of the sublord connection to 6 & 10 will mainly determine the natives chances for getting selected for Civil relevant cusps under consideration. \ conclude that for IAS officers the connection of . Therefore the Role of Rahu. dealings with 7 Mercury is 10th Starlord. Jupiter. 3 -10th Sublord Rahu effective communicative intelligence. Jupiter represents Judicious & discriminative discipline. It is seen that in almost all Charts Rahu is directly or indirectly connected to 10th cusp. It is the star lord for 10th cusp.These charts reveal the emergence of Venus as a key planet apart from Mercury and Jupiter.l. helps represents skills. elegance. Mercury is in 6th cusp sublon. Mars and to some extent Saturn are connected to the relevant houses. courage. 210thSublordMercuryisinRahusub. holding status. approaches. of public Mercury office.

It is also found that Venus.Lat 16:18:00North Long 80:27:00East -----------------Vol. it is almost impossible for anyone to tell confidently whether the native will get through the examination will become an IAS officer. 1 4 .TQB: 4.09. As the as a KP astrologer you can easily predict on getting IAS service to the native with confidence. CHART 1 Pin-R Su Mo Ma Me Ju Ve Sa Ra-R Ke-R Rasi Seo Lib Sag Lib Seo Vir Aqu Sag Gem Degree 8:27:57 20:20:50 27:22:26 29:38:15 10:33:10 21:54:01 10:52:51 20:38:54 20:38:54 R-L Ma Ve Ju Ve Ma Me Sa Ju Me N-L Sa Ju Su Ju Sa Mo Ra Ve Ju Sub Ve Ju Mo Mo Su Ve Sa Ju Ju S-S Ve Sa Mo Ra Ra Sa Me Me Me Cusp 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Rasi Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Seo Sag Cap Aqu Pis Ari Degree 26:59:53 22:14:45 18:05:27 17:11:54 20:18:34 24:44:35 26:59:53 22:14:45 18:05:27 17:11:54 20:18:34 24:44:35 R-L Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma N-L Ma Ju Me Ve Mo Ju Me Ve Mo Ra Me Ve Sub Ju Sa Me Mo Ke Me Ju Sa Me Ve Ve Me S-S Ve Me Ju Ve Sa Mo Ve Me Ke Me Ra Su CHART Pin-R Su Mo Ma Me Ju-R Ve Sa-R Ra-R Ke-R Rasi Leo Vir Cap Leo Pis Leo Ari Lib Ari Degree 27:19:05 4:08:31 3:52:48 19:36:33 12:39:32 29:30:15 7:3230 6:53:23 6:53:23 2 Cusp 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 R-L Su Me Sa Su Ju Su Ma Ve ma N-L Su Su Su Ve Sa Su Ke Ra Ke Sub Su Sa Sa Ra Ma Ra Ra Ra Ra S-S Ve Su Ve Ve Ve Ra Ma Ra Ve Rasi Leo Vir Lib Seo Sag Cap Aqu Pis Ari Tau Gem Can Degree 5:28:20 4:02:33 4:59:26 6:16:22 6:32:07 6:04:20 5:28:20 4:02:33 4:59:26 6:16:22 6:32:07 6:04:20 R-L Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju ma Ve Me Mo N-L Ke Su Ma Sa Ke Su Ma Sa Ke Su Ma Sa Sub Ma Sa Su Me Ra Me Su Sa Ma Me Mo Me S-S Su Ve Ma Mo Me Ma Ve Ke Ju Ra Ve Ve DOB: 14. Mercury and Jupiter strongly connected as explained in this article. However. Venus.28.1939. mercury and Jupiter has a strong connection with the 10th and 11th houses in these charts. compete for about 60 to 70 IAS posts.Rahu with the tenth cusp is prominent either at aspirants are about 3 to 4 lakhs every year to star or sub level. and Astrologer friends can guide the native to pursue career as civil servant particularly IAS officer if he finds Rahu.

36.55 Note: Based on the above theory the readers are requested to browse for the charts at www. 8. 7.27.05 79.22 30.58 78.34 17. 12.CHART 3 Pin·R Rasi Degree R·L N-L Sub S-S Cusp Rasi Degree R·L N-L Sub S-S Su Mo Ma Me Ju Ve Sa Ra-R Ke-R Lib Cap Can Lib Seo Lib Can Tau Seo 6:30:29 25:42:44 19:31:56 28:10:46 6:54:01 19:43:55 28:04:55 1:27:07 1:27:07 ve Sa Mo Ve Ma Ve Mo Ve Ma Ma Ma Me Ju Sa Ra Me Su Ju Mo Ra Ve Ve Me Ma Sa Ju Ra Ve Ve Ve Sa Ju Ke Sa JuRa 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Can Leo Vir Lib Seo Sag Cap Aqu Pis 23:31 :05 18:38:05 17:43:32 20:02:19 22:55:22 24:14:30 23:31 :05 18:38:05 17:43:32 20:02:19 22:55:22 24:14:30 Ari Tau Gem Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Me Ve Mo Ju Me Ve Ma Ra Me Ve Mo Ju Ma Ra Sa Ju Mo Me Ma Mo Me Ra Su Me Ju Ju Ju Ju Me Me Ju Sa Ra Ma Ju Ke CHART 4 Pin·R Rasi Degree R-L N·L Sub S-S Cusp Rasi Degree R-L N-L Sub S-S Su Mo Ma-R Me-R Ju Ve Sa-R Ra-R Ke-R Aqu Vir Leo Aqu Sag Pis 14:16:00 15:58:49 1:16:25 0:35:15 2:27:43 25:00:44 24:47:25 24:45:54 24:45:54 Sa Me Su Sa Ju Ju Mo Ma Ve Ra Mo Ke Ma Ke Me Me Ve Ju Me Sa Ve Me Ve Ra Ra Me Me Sa Sa Mo Ve Sa Me Sa Su Mo Can Ari Lib 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Cap Aqu Ari Tau Tau Gem Can Leo Lib Seo Seo Sag 22:54:17 27:59:44 1:53:51 1:38:59 28:07:34 24:06:38 22:54:17 27:59:44 1:53:51 1:38:59 28:07:34 24:06:38 Sa Sa Ma Ve Ve Me Mo Su Ve Ma Ma Ju Mo Ju Ke Su Ma Ju Me Su Ma Ju Me Ve Su Ve Ve Ju Sa Me Mo Mo Ke Ra Sa Me Ju Sa Ra Sa Sa Me Me Me Ke Ju Sa Me SI.54 76. No. 9.00.comjkpij-2 for the following examples.00 07. 28-02-1949 12-03-1951 19-06-1951 13-06-1952 01-03-1959 30-04-1959 13-05-1958 14-09-1962 11-06-33 20-57-00 23.26 76.58 28.00 16.44 30. 10.53 77.00 00.39 31. DOB TOB Latitude Longitude 5.06 18.astrouser.48. .33 22.13 77.10 73. 6.42 28.00 22.16 77. 11.50 27.