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April 13, 2007


By Spc. Alfredo Jimenez Jr.
1st Armored Division Public Affairs Office

WIESBADEN ARMY AIRFIELD, Germany -- Soldiers, civilian employees and

family members filled the Reunion Center here April 10 to get a look at some of the

Army’s latest weapons systems and clothing systems.

The gear came to the airfield courtesy of the

Army's Program Executive Office Soldier at

Fort Belvoir, Va. Eleven PEO staff members

set up the exhibit to show what the

organization is doing to better equip Soldiers.

Soldiers and family members look over some of the
latest Army equipment and uniform items during a
visit by a team from the Army’s Program Executive
“This event allowed us to show Soldiers what
Office Soldier to Wiesbaden Army Airfield, Germany
April 10.
we are doing to improve their fighting

capabilities,” said Sgt. 1st Class Jerry Lutz, PEO equipment modernization NCO-in-

charge. “I am glad I was able to answer questions (from) the Soldiers.”

“We’re here to educate Soldiers on equipment they will be using when they deploy in

harm's way,” added Debi Dawson of the PEO strategic communications office. “We

are excited to show them what their feedback has done to improve items.”
Major items on display at the event included the XM26 Modular Accessory Shotgun

System; an improved first aid kit; the Cupola Protective Ensemble; the Advanced

Combat Helmet; Interceptor Body Armor, and Army Service Uniforms.

"We received a lot of response to the M240B medium machine gun,” said Maj. Marc

Meeker, PEO assistant project manager for crew-served weapons. “I suspect they

are looking forward to the improved version in their arsenal.”

With deployment pending for many Germany-based Soldiers in the coming months,

PEO representatives said they were eager to show what is being used in the field or

may be in use in the near future.

“It is important to relay this information to troops and their families because it will

make them proud to know (PEO) is trying to properly equip them,” said Master Sgt.

Robert Lainhart, senior enlisted advisor for the Army's Rapid Fielding Initiative

program. “We are committed to protecting and saving lives by providing them with

the very best.”

PEO Soldier officials say the organization, created by the Army to develop the best

equipment and field it as quickly as possible, is responsible for designing,

developing, procuring and sustaining virtually everything Soldiers wear and carry.