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Tome of the Damned

Version 2.0 - Enticement of the Dead

Editor and Creator:

Brennan Brooks ( The Dark Paladin ) Everybody ho contrib!ted" and other #et Book kee$ers listed belo .

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Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________


The %ea of &isery %acrifice is o!r key to the Damnable's divine ($en !$ yo!r so!l and o$en !$ yo!r mind. The lives of lost s$eak $ast the )rave *each o!t to them ith a conscience brave. +lear them $aths, !nlock their doors %et !$on their %ea a stable moor. %acrifice is o!r key to the Damnable's divine ($en !$ yo!r so!l and o$en !$ yo!r mind - The Dark Paladin


Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

COPY-RIGHTS Copyrights and Other Legal Stuff #ote that a lot of the st!ff contained in the The Tome of the Damned have been co$yri)hted by their res$ective a!thors. -n this edition" these a!thors - hen kno n - have been mentioned alon) ith the items they contrib!ted. Permission has been )ranted by these a!thors to co$y their st!ff for yo!r $ersonal !se. .lso" yo! may freely distrib!te co$ies of their ork" so lon) as yo! do not $revent others from doin) the same" and no commercial or barter considerations are obtained in e/chan)e for s!ch co$ies. This incl!des $rintin) o!t co$ies and char)in) money for them. 0hen yo! distrib!te this st!ff" yo! m!st distrib!te them in hole" !nchan)ed. %$ecifially" this file containin) the co$yri)ht conditions" and the names of the editors m!st be incl!ded. &ake s!re that yo! distrib!te the entire $acka)e the ay yo! have received it yo!rself. 1o! may not claim this st!ff as havin) ori)inated from yo!rself. - have been )iven $ermission from the editor of The Great Net Prayer Book, and The Great Net Spell Book to !se the res$ective s$ells from these books. .ll co$y-ri)hts to the a!thors of these s$ells co-e/ist ith the r!les above. Permission has also been )ranted by the editor of the Gallery of Magical Blades to !se the blades hich fit into my Tome. The co$y-ri)hts of these a!thors also a$$ly to the above r!les. .ll other co$y-ri)hts si)nified ithin this Tome a$$ly. D&D" Dungeons & Dragons" D&D" d!anced Dungeons & Dragons" TS"" Dragonlance" Greyha#k and $robably lots of other ords !sed here are either re)istered or non-re)istered trademarks o ned by T%*" -nc. They are !sed in this ork itho!t $ermission" b!t this sho!ld not be re)arded as an attem$t to challen)e their ri)hts. #ote that this ork can and sho!ld not be !sed itho!t T%*2s e/cellent Player$s %and&ook and Dungeon Master$s Guide" hich have ins$ired a hole )eneration of role$layers. 3et me 4!ote a $assa)e from the Player$s %and&ook" hich says5 6The .D7D )ame is contin!ally evolvin) - each $layer and each D& adds his o n to!ch to the hole. #o list of s$ecial thanks can be com$lete itho!t reco)ni8in) the most im$ortant contrib!tors of all - the millions of $layers ho" over the years" have made the .D7D )ame hat it is today.6 3et2s all coo$erate to make the )ame even )reater9 %ee belo " !nder '"(D)TS" for an attem$t to thank at least a fe of the millions mentioned above.


Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

CREDITS People Brennan Brooks ( The Dark a!adin " #aron Bo$man #aron %ia&!!is #aron ,her #ki Taskinen #! ,in-!eton ( ,am&e! .i-!e/ " #!!an 0. %ikko!a #!e1 )in#!e1ande ,hternshain #ndre$ 2. %/ers #rmand ,&are3 4 +. 2ob %ason 555 #&-&st (e6erman Ben7amin E. ,ones ( The Bard " Bernard +ook 8ee Bi!! .incks Bo&de$i7n +a/ers Bret %ikea! *9(ea! :har!es #nthon/ 8eone :hris (or$ood :hristo;her 2. 5n6idiata Dan #!e1ander Thom;son Danie! Vitti ( T/6erian ,tarstone " Darkni-ht Da6id )e!k Denis )ramer Dennis <. %aher Dimitris =anthakis Ed$ard )e/es Eric +a/ne ,$ett >abrie! *&imet >arinthra!! >eoffre/ Ed$ard <a-an .&-o %. (i7hof 0ames Errico 0ac?&es %. %a!!ah 0ason :hoi 0ason :ook 0ason (e!son 0.D. <a!k 0eff Vo-e! 0im 0im Vassi!akos 0oe :o!!eran '()*+( eaay@catcc.bitnet s1105 7 @techst0 ! suare"@on.rim.or.#p git"laff@u! krf$300 bwl clg & "csn1@etsu.east'tenn' dant@cs.ute! st051$11@va! fs337 d!anth@leon.nrcps.ariadne' keyesea@ctrva! 4$% av%$ alvalent@husc gefagan@uokma! sbbehn@hlerul57 #(m15)4@is u#choi@u! #wc3@ns .**.+ehigh.,-. pargwe@morekypr.bitnet


Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

0ohn D&;&/ 0ohn (ether/ 0ohn %. %art3 0ohn %c)ni-ht 0onathon ,a!a3ar 0ose :ar!os de ,o&3a ,antos )ai 2ottenbacher uwagner@orville."dv.uni'main".de )eith Ta/!or )e6in 8an-!e/ )ris )&rki 2isto )$i )im %arc :ar!son %arc ,herman %ario 2. Bore!!i %ark :harke %a1 Becherer %ichea! 0. )or6ak %ichae! Thomas <assbender %.8.Bark!am (athan #med (ikadeemo&s@ The Dark %aster (ir .ener (oska Trades a&! D. +a!ker eter >o&r!a/ 2ick/ 0a/ e!t3 2obert 0ohan Enters 2obert #. .o$ard ( %/ste " ,a6antha!as ,cott D. 8a$ ,.:. 8a$!e/ ,ir 0i!es ,te6e Barte!! ,te6e <er-&son Teh ,. :henThe +ar!ord of .ea6en The 0ade i;er Thomas .&i7er Tim Dickinson Tim 2i-htno&r Tom D&!!emond Aa1ar&s '()(*+( '()(*+( '()(*+( '()(*+( '()(*+( '()(*+( '()(*+( #ohn_mart" '()(*+( c0o/'// ktaylor@phoeni! k13$70) erdrick@i! imc@va! msherman@" csai$ a!dmk@asuacad.bitnet s $0$)00@techst0 '()(*+( ssa$ kumm777$@snyplava.bitnet law@! u0e00@se( tsc0 fsmtw1@alaska.bitnet schmidea@clut! v$1 buck@gil.ipswichcity.( ! muallema@ecuvm1 pfrey@drew.bitnet kmhk@maristb oprdcs@gsuvm1


alen-uela Great Net Prayer Book & Great Net Spell Book Editor Previo!s Editor (-ra !an (!er&roeck Boude#i.0 Editor Brennan Brooks * The Dark Paladin + Scriptures of the Damned Editor Da!id .Tome of the Damned Version 2.n /ayers ~C~ .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Net Books Tome of the Damned 2.

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ TABLE OF CONTENTS ~7~ .

P >: .car!eton. War >abrie! *&imet D a6CF0@freenet.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Easily !sed o!tdoors" b!t a bit cram$ed in the d!n)eon $laces" this scythe needs B feet of room to mane!ver. As!ally !sed as a farmin)" it comes in 4!ite handy for slicin) !$ monsters as ell.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ MUNDANE WEAPONS Weapon %cythe %cythe" 0ar Cost : . Doin) a considerable mo!nt of more dama)e to creat!res" this scythe is !s!ally !sed on monsters" rather than farmin) )ro!nds. ~G~ . .P Weight (lb. Scythe. hard oaken staff ith a shar$ c!rved blade $rotr!din) form the end is the ea$on of Death himself9 Be are all those ho eild this farmin) E The %cythe.) < >: Size 3ar)e 3ar)e ype P=% P=% Speed < >0 !a"age ( S#$ ) >d? @ > >d< @ > !a"age ( L ) >d< 2d? Scythe )e6in 8an-!e/ D k!an-!e/@!arab/ E The 0ar %cythe is a scythe" b!t cost!med for those ho ish to slice and dice their enemies.

(n a killin) stroke" Blackra8or tem$orarily adds the n!mber of levels of the dead foe to its bearer2s levels (in terms of fi)htin) ability).rdcs@-s&6mH E Ty$e5 -ntelli)ence5 E.::. Blackrazor Blackra8or is a @E chaotic ne!tral s ord ith an intelli)ence of >B and an e)o of >?. .Tome of the Damned Version 2. -f the creat!re is h!manoid or h!man the ielder ill also )ain the levels=hit dice of said $erson. The sheath and baldric are made of black dra)on skin ith mithril toolin) and stitchin).ED' E -t2s a @: da))er that is $artic!larly nasty a)ainst !ndead" s!ch as vam$ires. +an2t remember all of the stats" b!t the c!rse is5 m!st take control of the da))er( ill$o er checks over a eek $eriod). -t ill do this each time that it strikes. Ander these conditions" the ielder ~F~ . D&2s discretion on ho lon). This can also occ!r if in battle the ielder looses eno!)h hit $oints to lose control.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ MAGICAL WEAPONS Bane of the Dead 0ason :ook D 7$c3@ns2.8ehi-h.ll s!bse4!ent dama)e to the s ord ielder is removed from the added hit $oints first. A$on feedin)" its e)o ret!rns to >?. A$on the killin) stroke" the ielder ill tem$orarily )ain the n!mber of hit $oints of the killed creat!re. This ill last for a n!mber of t!rns the creat!re has levels or hit dice. -ts $!r$ose is to s!ch so!ls. The bearer also tem$orarily )ains the f!ll hit $oints of the victim. Go ever" if it even strikes a ne)ative ener)y bein) like an !ndead (e/ce$t )ho!ls and )hosts) it ill ork in reverse" transferrin) one level and corres$ondin) hit $oints from the ielder to the creat!re attacked. (ver the ne/t fe days" he ill become convinced he is a vam$ire" stayin) o!t of the s!n and slayin) others for blood. For every three days the s ord remains 6!nfed6" its e)o increases by one $oint" !ntil it can com$el its bearer to kill a h!man or h!manoid bein). -f failed" the ielder be)ins to believe he=she is a vam$ire. The D& ill note that Blackra8or is a ne)ative-ener)y entity that e/ists by absorbin) $ositive life ener)y levels from those it kills. -t2s a black s ord that shines like a $iece of ni)ht sky filled ith stars" and it is sheathed in a black scabbard decorated ith $ieces of c!t obsidian. The e/tra levels and hit $oints last a n!mber of t!rns e4!al to the n!mber of levels received. The so!ls of all entities killed by blackra8or are s!cked o!t and devo!red" so those killed by the black s ord cannot be raised. Black Blade D o. The voice it s$eaks in is a dee$ omino!s cracklin) 3on) % ord >B >< @2 <:D +haotic #e!tral Black ony/ obsidian blade ith mithril inlaid alon) the blade and r!ne carved. -t talks tele$athically and can s$eak d arven" black dra)on" stone )olem" orc and of co!rse" common.dC!stment5 &a)ic *esistance5 . -t also has a black diamond $ommel. The victim ill event!ally be driven to his death by the da))er2s !r)in)s. The black blade acts as a dancin) s ord and also heals > $oint $er day. -f the s ord does not kill in three days" its e)o ill rise one $oint a day !ntil it controls the ielder and makes him kill. -t can detect tra$s" secret doors" and evil.(5 &a)ical .

-f the ielder s!rvives" he ill need a restoration s$ell or t ice the !s!al n!mber of levels received from $ositive 6kills6 to re$lace the lost levels. To dislod)e s!ch a dart ca!ses >h$d $er ro!nd the dart has had time to b!rro . >00D ma)ic resistance to charm and fear (e/act $ercenta)e chance of resistance ill de$end !$on the level of the o$$onent castin) the s$ell. %ave vs breath ea$on or dro$ all holdin)" save vs $aralisys or lose 2 $oints of con $er ro!nd (i.hermanI msherman@3e&s.Tome of the Damned Version 2.::. -nitial dama)e is dH@2 (the darts are @2 to hit and dama)e)" and an additional >h$ $er ro!nd of b!rro in). Th!s these darts only ork on arm blooded creat!res.) the da))er ill a!tomatically )ro barbs and b!rro itself to the hilt inside the tar)et. -t2s s$ecial abilities incl!de5 a!tomatically strikes first(faster than s$eed ea$ons)" acts as a bracer of blindin) strike ith that ea$on(so" at >Eth level" a s$eciali8ed fi)hter o!ld )et : attacks=ro!nd-al ays)" acted as vam$iric rin) of re)eneration" and hen first hit o!ld start to shriek.ED'E This thro in) da))er is @E to hit and dama)e. Go ever" if the ielder does not have the same ali)nment" it ill attem$t to $ossess the ielder(e)o check). Bloodshriek D0ason :ookI 7$$. -n addition to the above" the s ord has the follo in) $o ers5 %$eech and tele$athy (common and hatever ton)!es its ielder kno s" hich it learns tele$athically) Detects livin) creat!res (so!ls)" ?02 r.e. Every ro!nd after the ro!nd in hich it has str!ck" the da))er ill drain an additional 2dH h$ !ntil the creat!re dies or the da))er is removed.caE ~ H0 ~ . *emoval of the da))er ill ca!se the victim an additional EdH h$ dama)e d!e to the e/tensive barbs.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ can act!ally die and have his so!l s!cked o!t by his o n s ord.+ 5. The D& m!st remember that Blackra8or e/ists solely to feel $o er and so!ls co!rsin) thro!)h itself" and sometimes it may not be too $icky abo!t here the ener)y is comin) from. Blowpipe Darts of A ony D2obert 0ohan EntersI $his. not !ndead or slimes or crystalline or stone creat!res etc. These darts are act!ally small creat!res $!t in stasis" that a aken inside arm blood.ED'E These darts" hen hittin) a tar)et" ill b!rro into that tar)et in 2dH ro!nds.e.+ 5. %aste s$ell (bearer only" >0 ro!nds) once $er$.'+ater!oo. A$on hittin) a creat!re that is $ossessive of blood as life force (i. Those killed for re$lacement m!st be of the same race as the s ord ielder.i. Blackra8or may very ell kee$ this little dra back a secret !ntil the first time the s ord bites into a i)ht or vam$ire.8ehi-h. Blood Claw D2obert 0ohan EntersI $his. (nce con dro$s belo E" the tar)et loses conscio!sness !ntil the dart is removed" and > ho!r has $assed $er $oint of con lost (by then all con $oints ill have ret!rned). .i. Chaos Blade D%arc . save each ro!nd).ED'E Bloodshriek is a very thin lon) s ord of @: val!e" this s ord is nasty. (nce the b!rro in) is com$lete" the tar)et ill s!ddenly feel an intense $ain" screamin) o!t at to$ of voice.ltho!)h evil ali)ned" anyone can $ick it !$. This shriek o!ld ca!se different affects for different level o$$onents" some res!ltin) in death.

-t as for)ed in the de$ths of the . The ielder may take advanta)e of this by !sin) the s ord to $arry s$ells hich are cast at her. . %he ill be detectable by detect evil or detect balance s$ells" ill be adversely affected by $rotection from evil" and may s!ffer any other effects the D& finds desirable (e/treme mental an)!ish" inability to alk on sacred )ro!nd" etc. #o )!arantee is made as to the tar)et's safe arrival.ora! rift o.). The res!lts are !s!ally banef!l" and )enerally are orse the fe er items are $olymor$hed.+ of the caster (not an .byss by the demonic ild ma)e kno n as 3ord Vlaior. The Blade has one final $o er. The ielder of the Blade may" by s$innin) it abo!t" create a $rismatic all" one color at a time" at the rate of one color $er ro!nd. The Blade is $o erf!lly evil. The dama-e ca&sed b/ the B!ade remains. %he is affected by Anl!ck (B:D) or its reverse effect (2:D) at the >2th level of e/$erience. This $rocess is brief b!t $ainf!l to the ne ielder. Vlaior !sed the Blade as his $ersonal ea$on !ntil it as stolen from her shortly before his im$risonment by the elven ild ma)e Paithan I!inthani. d? randomly selected items ithin >02 are $olymor$hed into other thin)s. The )ri$ of the ea$on is made of the hide of some evil fiend of the nether $lanes" and is also inscribed ith r!nes.+ ->" hile a Jth level s$ell has . F!rthermore" the Blade is im$ervio!s to ma)ic of any kind.+ e4!al to 8ero min!s s$ell level). #!! time is shifted back$ards one ro&nd@ and e6er/thin. -f the $arry is s!ccessf!l" the s$ell is converted to a ild s!r)e and sent back in the )eneral direction of the caster. The $robabilities of the tar)et2s f!t!re are shifted. %$ells delivered by to!ch ill a!tomatically strike the ori)inal caster directly if $arried. The critical hits are as follo s5 ercent 0HJ02 0E-0< 0J->0 >>->? >B-20 2es&!t # tem.ny s$ell cast directly at it is converted into a ild s!r)e" and reflected back at the caster. The +haos Blade is a hi)hly ornate ea$on.m&st take . Parryin) s$ells !ses the same $rocess as $arryin) ea$ons does (see The +om$lete Fi)hter2s Gandbook). Each $arry takes one attack" and m!st s!ccessf!lly hit an .a!! $ithin C09 thro&-h. 0aves of entro$y radiate o!t from the tar)et" ar$in) all in their $ath.+ -J). . s$ell or be deafened for 2d? ro!nds. Tar)et is tele$orted to another location. The blade is for)ed of an !nkno n )rayish metal" and is inscribed ith r!nes of arcane $o er.byss)" b!t has many other $o ers. -t only )ains a @> bon!s to hit and dama)e (this increases to @E in its native . . The ea$on may be !sed by anyone ith lon) s ord $roficiency at no $enalty to hit. 0henever it hits an o$$onent ith a nat!ral roll of 20" roll dD and cons!lt the +haos Blade +ritical Git Table.s a res!lt of this att!nement" the ielder of the +haos Blade ill have the mark of +haos !$on her so!l. ~ HH ~ . The ielder (b!t not anythin) she $ossesses) is !naffected. For all of its dra backs" the +haos Blade is a very $o erf!l item. The r!nes on the ea$on2s hilt ill also be re$rod!ced on the $alm of the ne ielder2s s ord hand. #ote that not all s$ells can be $arried5 a ma)ic missile certainly can be" as can a chain li)htnin)" b!t an earth4!ake or a $hantasmal force cannot be. 0hen first $icked !$ by an a$$ro$riate ielder" it ill !nder)o an att!nement ith her. The colors m!st be created in order" and the all ill )ain its blindin) ability hen f!lly constr!cted.Tome of the Damned Version 2.ens@ dra$in.!ace a-ain. The ielder m!st remain stationary d!rin) this $rocess. -f the $arry hits by H or more" the reflected s!r)e strikes the ori)inal caster directly. 0hen $arryin) s$ells delivered by to!ch" the D& may ish to r!le that the $arry m!st s!ccessf!lly hit the . . The all ill be in a circle ith abo!t an ei)ht-foot diameter.ll eli)ible items in this radi!s are affected by a shatter s$ell.ltho!)h the mark of +haos has no $o er to infl!ence the victim2s ali)nment directly" it ill ca!se a sli)ht ali)nment chan)e to ard chaotic every time the victim commits a chaotic act" event!ally ca!sin) most ielders to become chaotic in ali)nment. As!ally" the tar)et of the critical hit is entitled to a savin) thro to avoid the critical hit.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The +haos Blade is a lon) s ord enchanted ith ild ma)ic.+ e4!al to 8ero min!s the s$ell level (so a >st level s$ell has . -t is abo!t the same si8e as a lon) s ord" b!t has a c!rved" hatchet-like blade that is shar$ on one ed)e only. #ote that this is $artic!larly horrifyin) to a $aladin (and this is reflected in the fact that the $aladin ill no be $enali8ed by her o n $rotection from evil).

$araly8ation or colla$se as above. The tar)et2s body is corr!$ted by the Blade. Ty$ically this body ill reflect the most ne)ative $ersonality traits or orst fears of the character.e. .Tome of the Damned Version 2.ll ithin 202 (e/ce$t the ielder) m!st save vs. The Blade drains the body of the victim" $ermanently removin) one $oint of +onstit!tion. Ger blood may boil" or her body may be inverted" or her bones may t!rn to Celly" or she may sim$ly e/$lode messily" etc. The e/act effect is left to the . Anless reversed" this ill ca!se her to die a slo " $ainf!l death. The tar)et2s entire body is drastically ar$ed by the blade. rift o$ens in reality" sendin) the tar)et to another $lane. (ther ise" she is feebleminded (!nless the D& has somethin) else in mind).ll mind-affectin) s$ells cast by or at affected creat!res are ne)ated for d? t!rns (after hich they ret!rn at f!ll effect). -f the tar)et $asses a save vs. .lso" she m!st save vs. The Blade drains the mind of the victim" $ermanently removin) one $oint of -ntelli)ence. . The tar)et sees a clear vision of the chaotic madness of the orld and herself.ll items on or to!chin) the tar)et are h!rled a ay as tho!)h by an avoidance s$ell. Entro$ic effects in the affected area are at a ma/im!m (i. This incl!des the Blade and its ha$less ielder. The $artic!lar nat!re of her deran)ement is left !$ to the D&" and sho!ld fit the character. The Blade corr!$ts the so!l of the victim" $ermanently removin) one $oint of 0isdom." anythin) the D& ants to ha$$en can). The tar)et is tele$orted or )ated else here.&5 the tar)ets s eat may t!rn to acid" or the blood of her o!nds may b!rst into flame" or her armor may )ro in ard-$ointin) s$ikes" etc. Ger face" alon) ith all her sensory or)ans" is removed. death or fall !nconscio!s. .)ainst all $robability" the tar)et is affected by a totally !ne/$ected so!rce of dama)e.s above" the tar)et sees chaos. vorte/ is o$ened" and remains for d>0 ro!nds" destroyin) all in its $ath. . #o affected creat!re may cast a s$ell or !se $sionics for d>0 ro!nds. (ther ise" create an a$$ro$riate effect. 0hatever it is" it inflicts >0d?" ith a save allo ed for half. The tar)et is sim$ly disinte)rated. The reality of the tar)et is ar$ed in some harmf!l ay. The tar)et is $hysically maimed by a horrible chan)e in her o n body. %omeone ho has no notable fla s" b!t is hydro$hobic" may be transformed to look like a bloated" dro ned cor$se. Dama)e from all so!rces is ~ H2 ~ . . -f she saves s!ccessf!lly vs.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 2>-2: 2?-2J E0-EE EH-E< EJ-H2 HE-HB H<-:0 :>-:H ::-?0 ?>-?H ?:-?J B0 B>-BE BH-B< BJ-<E <H-<? <B-J> J2-J: J?-JB J<-JJ 00 . Everyone affected may save for half dama)e e/ce$t for the tar)et" ho )ets no save" and the Blade2s ielder" ho may save for half dama)e or none. The tar)et is $olymor$hed into some small" harmless" vermin. The Blade tears thro!)h the very fabric of reality" makin) a 8one of entro$y. The ild ma)ic ener)y s!mmoned by the Blade e/$lodes !ncontrollably. Go ever" she )ets a m!ch clearer look" and is driven mad. For e/am$le" a )l!tton may be h!)ely fat and )reasy" ith ten h!)e mo!ths. 0aves of $sychic $ain and tra!ma are emitted in a deafenin) mental shriek. 0hatever the effect" it ca!ses <d? dama)e" either all at once" or over a $eriod of ro!nds. The tar)et )ets a )lim$se of $!re chaos" and is mentally disabled by it. %imilarly" a mani$!lative $erson may )ro a forked ton)!e and scales. %he a!tomatically falls !nconscio!s as above and her ali)nment is chan)ed to chaotic evil. %omethin) from the other $lane may come thro!)h the rift in ret!rn. The Blade corr!$ts the mind of the victim" $ermanently removin) one $oint of +harisma. This may be a bolt of li)htin) from a clear sky" a fallin) comet strikin) her from the heavens" or even a $assin) roc s!fferin) a s!dden death and crashin) ato$ the !nfort!nate victim. %he is com$letely transformed into a body of chaos. $araly8ation" she mercif!lly colla$ses into !nconscio!sness for d? ho!rs. The entro$ic chan)e in the tar)et kills her s$ectac!larly.ll ithin 202 take <d? dama)e. +reat!res that e/ist sim!ltaneo!sly on 2 $lanes are renched (as the $sionic $o er). . $araly8ation" she is merely left $araly8ed and in horrible $ain for d? ho!rs. .

The area affected is :0 feet in radi!s" and the rent ill last one t!rn before normality is re$aired. (n a nat!ral 20" Darkenbane ill absorb a hit 0i)ht" even if it isn2t dead" ith no save allo ed.ed&. -t s$eaks ith Tele$athy" b!t !nderstands all lan)!a)es.ossessor. (ne of the lesser so!ls ords is Darkenbane.ect for other .. -t is @? to Git and dama)e a)ainst 0i)hts.%#.ises . . .. Darkenbane is @E to Git" @0 to Dama)e./.riests and ma-es@ and $i!! force them to s&rrender it o6er to a fi-hter (. (nce $er t!rn it can +hill a str!ck o$$onent" this ca!ses E->< $oints of frost dama)e and drains three stren)th $oints" drained stren)th ret!rns at one $oint $er day. The only $ermanent death for them is the s$ell *aise Dead" tho!)h on Kyriell a Paladin of &arashieb can hit them ith a *estf!l %lee$ s$ell hen they die" and they stay dead. .eo. Chill Short Sword D1. Darken!ane D2obert #. Darkenbane Ks.eaksK in a !o$@ hissin6oice@ and has !itt!e!e6e!s. s ord" @>" c!rsed).+ 5.2:(.e !i6es on!/ to ki!! +i-hts@ tho&-h he $i!! -!ad!/ s!a/ other of the Dead.ED'E -n my )ame" e have so!ls ords" s ords ho can absorb the so!l of the $erson they hit. #eedless to say" the +haos Blade is a $o erf!l and dan)ero!s ea$on" and sho!ld not be introd!ced frivolo!sly by a D&. -t can comm!nicate tele$athically" and ill al ays )oad its ielder to ard evil acts. Darkenbane has a hi)h intelli)ence" and an E)o of 2J. The +haos Blade has an -ntelli)ence of >B and an e)o of >?" b!t rarely dominates its ielder. . Death &a)ic to resist the drain.. Demon Bane D2obert 0ohan EntersI $his.#0C@2:(V%.o$ard (%/ste"I .&nisa. Darkenbane is a lon) s ord ith a s$ecial hatred of i)hts" hich it calls the Dark ($.ED'E ~ H3 ~ .Tome of the Damned Version 2. Darkenbane can detect 0i)hts in a >202 radi!s (and ill do so itho!t !r)in)). Darkenbane $rovides its $ossessor ith some $rotection a)ainst ener)y drains" )ivin) its $ossessor a savin)s thro vs.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ increased by t o dice. ..i.#F45. -t also emanates a $o erf!l scare s$ell to all those ithin :0 feet hen dra n" even those ho $ass their saves )et -> to hit hile ithin :0 foot of the dra n ea$on.!e@ e6en its . Darkenbane is male" and $refers female fi)hters. -t a$$ears to be indestr!ctible by normal means" and sho!ld be treated as an artifact=relic. -t is also hard to )et rid of" since it ill ca!se remove c!rse s$ells to bo!nce back at the ielder.ny attem$t to enter or leave the area re4!ires a one-half -ntelli)ence check. -t2s an e)o thin). .ettin) rid of this item is likely to re4!ire a len)thy and dan)ero!s 4!est. The +haos Blade is of chaotic evil ali)nment" b!t ill allo itself to be !sed by a ielder of any ali)nment.-) Darkenbane $i!! to!erate a thief@ b&t des. -t is considered @: for to hit $!r$oses" b!t in fact is a @E ea$on to hit and dama)e.referab!/ fema!e@ and &s&a!!/ someone it can contro! if necessar/". F!rthermore" hen ielded by someone ho is not chaotic evil" it ill al ays eld itself to its ielder2s hand at the first si)n of battle (tele$ortin) there if necessary) and force its ielder to fi)ht !ntil all foes are dead (cf.s anyone ith kno led)e of i)hts kno s" hen a i)ht dies" it2s so!l )oes o!t and $ossesses a ne body.a&E This is an e/tremely evil ea$on" !sable only by those of ne!tral or evil ali)nment.

nr!. The blade is made of Black cold -ron on one side and is silver ed)ed on the other" hile the handle itself is made of carved . The blade has no active bon!s @2s to hit or dama)e"b!t it can affect any creat!res re4!irin) a @ to affect it. The ielder sho!ld not be told this.s$ells or s!ffer from a %$irit 0rack s$ell (on a nat!ral 20) Demon Sword D. The ielder of this s ord absorbs the stolen ener)y from all of his or her victims. 8a$I !a$@1i. The blade ill do do!ble dama)e to s!ch creat!res as Demons" -m$s" Daemons" and the like. (n a hit of a nat!ral 20" if intended" the s ord ill hit and shatter the Demon2s am!let.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ This bastard s ord is @E for all normal $!r$oses" b!t has several $o erf!l f!nctions hen !sed a)ainst Demons.ed&E +ertainly this t o handed % ord lives !$ to its namesake.mi!E This @2 bastard s ord is a $olymor$hed Ty$e -V Demon (or Tanar2ri" Tr!e .. -n fi)htin) Demons" the s ord is @:.b-&.ed& E This s ord as for)ed by a Dro #oble ho feared treachery from the Demons the $riestesses of 3loth often conC!red from the .na6/. Those of +E ali)nment ieldin) DoomBrin)er )ain a e/tra ed)e.. B!t the evil d eomer of DoomBrin)er allo s it to steal the lifeforce of its victims (on a >B or better score) The victim m!st make a save vers!s s$ells or 3ose his so!l forever to the ever h!n)ry Demonic s$irit of the s ord.damanti!m. 0hile it $ossesses no bon!ses to hit or dama)e"the s ord can affect any creat!re re4!irin) a @ to affect it.ecn. Dunamis ~ H4 ~ . Dark Elven *!nes are en)raved !$on the len)th of the blade" hich )lo s blood red in the darkness.#alfeshnee if yo! ish) and can thro all the s$ells that s!ch a creat!re co!ld thro .The blade ill be considererd 2+!rsed2 hile in the hands of an Evil $erson"and cannot be removed by normal means. -t is 4!ite an e/trordinarily evil ea$on"bearin) the $o ers of black ma)ic in its overall creation. The s ord )lo s a dee$ bl!e henever a Demon )ets ithin >202. The Elven Blade is delicate" lon)" and e/tremley ell balanced. 1o! co!ld scale this !$ to reflect the different s$ell levels" if the character can take the losses.b-&. The blade detects E/tra Planar creat!res of Evil ali)nment ithin >00 Distance" and ill be)in to vibrate and $oint to ards the )eneral direction of the other orldly entity.Tome of the Damned Version 2. The s ord comm!nicates thro!)h tele$athy. The ielder of the s ord is imm!ne to all ma)ical effects and s$ells ca!sed or cast by any demon" directed s$ecifically at the ielder. The s ord is only !sable by 3a f!l . The s ord ill e/act its $ayment each midni)ht in hit $oints (>h$ @>h$ for each $o er !sed).They are )ranted a s$ecial resistance to &a)ic casted at them"a H:D &*.ecn.. For any other effects" the ielder )ains a @H on any savin) thro s" and ill even )et a savin) thro if there as none before. The ielder can only be rid of the s ord if *emove +!rse releases the demon from its im$risonment in the s ord" free to ca!se mayhem on the $arty.byss. The demon ill cast hatever the ielder asks. DoomBrin er D0ason :hoiI &7choi@&1a. Demon Slicer D 0ason :hoi J &7choi@&1a. -f s!ch a creat!re is str!ck by this s ord it m!st make a save vs.cott D.ood char2s. -t is a rare 2Final 0ord2 Ty$e s ord" hich means any o$$onent ho strikes the master of this *!nes ord ill be a!tomatically hit by it event!ally.

0are in callin)" for it ill e/tract a terrible $rice from friends abo!t the. -t ca!ses E GP of dama)e $er ro!nd !ntil the o!nd is bo!nd or c!red by ma)ical means. #o other like them in the orlds.saskatoon. -ts ori)ins are lost to history b!t it is r!mored to be a mi)hty force for evil.T.ED'E This is a $lain lon) s ord hose hilt is ra$$ed in Black Dra)on hide. -f the ielder is to )o ne)ative the s ord ill drain off more h$ to sto$ this from ha$$enin). The blade as created in a demi-$lane (in the book the elves are akin to the idea of fairy land elves) off the $rime.if they fail then they are a)ed. The radi!s of effect . The blade is also made of dark silveron.s to hat constit!tes life . @H ($aired) short s ords. "leshSlayer DDanie! Vitti (T/6erian .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ D:hris (or$oodI 3csnH@ET. death.TJTE((J.ras$in) it by the hilt and tr!e name it and it ill )lo ith a bl!e li)ht and serve the" tr!e name it a)ain and it ill ret!rn to $lains. Flesh%layer is a @E lon) s ord hich acts as s ord of o!ndin). -t as for)ed by D (n each fin)er of the )loves" there is a lon) $ointed )ho!l nail. (intelli)ence and e)o !nkno n) 0henever a killin) blo is str!ck ith one of these blades" the victim2s so!l is destroyed" and the hit $oints of the victim are added to a r!nnin) total of $oints stored in the s$!tably the )reatest blacksmith of all.T.tarstone"I . . -n mech.. To effect the a)in) o!ld )rant those in the area of effect a save vs. the h$ (or hatever lost) by friends of the ielder sho!ld be transferred over to the ielder. #lo$es of the #houl D Brennan Brooks J ab347@sfn.ED'E From the novel "The Eye of the H nter" This lon) s ord is sheathed in a )reen scabbard" ith a tooled harness for back slin) or aist.D7D and Tolkien)sho!ld life itself be dra n.'2. -t shines as if starli)ht itself as ca$t!red ithin). .. death or contract a disease similar to m!mmy E These )loves seem to be made of a soft rottin) leather that seems to stay in )ood eno!)h sha$e to ear.a name seldom !sed.lso" the caster may ill the s ords to )lo ith b!rnin) r!nes de$ictin) the names of all the so!ls they have destroyed.Tome of the Damned Version 2.they ill be eakened and mayhems be !nable to defend themselves and mortals may loose years from their s$an (elves are immortal in the books" similar to . The )ri$ of the blade is inade ith $ale Cade" crosshatched for a firm )ras$.think o!ld be aro!nd E02 to ?02. "an Blades Dm&a!!ema@ec&6mHE Ani4!e -tem.'. The blade2s tr!e name -D!namis.T0BHFHH@V#=H. These GP are lost before dama)e is done to the ielder2s o n h$. The $ommel and cross)!ard are of dark silveron (a ty$e of silver-iron mi/t!re that is rare b!t kno n to elves.2*:). 0henever this total e4!als or e/ceeds >"000 $oints" the ielder may add a @> to any of his abilities (@> or @:D) $ermanently. terms -t dra s life form friends. To s$eak the tr!e name dra s stren)th and ener)y from allies near and yields it !$ to the ielder.E#.s!$$ose yo! co!ld have it be either con" levels" or C!st h$. -t is made of a stran)e black metal hich never sho s blood either on the blade or hilt. . The ed)es of the o!nd t!rn black and corr!$ted" and the victim m!st make a savin) thro vs. The common name is V!l)bane.ny livin) thin) that is to!ched by these )ho!l nails falls $araly8ed here it stands for >d? ro!nds !nless a save vers!s $araly8ation ith a -2 ~ HB ~ . .

!ehi-h. #od Slayer D.ed&E &y D& )ave the $arty a really cool s ord called Hell &a'or.ood Do!ble dama)e vs.ed&E This is a three bladed broad s ord. Don2t blame me9) %ell Beater D. (f co!rse the ielder of the s ord asn2t ~ HC ~ .smode!s disarmed the Paladin and is !sin) rin)s of lon)evity and re)eneration to kee$ him alive for eternal tort!re and torment. .ny bein) attacked and hit by these )loves s!ffer >dH dama)e" $l!s the $araly8ation effect. Everytime someone hits anyth"n( ith the s ord a ? GD fireball er!$ted at $oint of contact.5 -ntelli)ence5 E)o5 . >-blade ea$on acts as a ma)ical @: broad s ord that that does 2d20 $oints of dama)e vs.asn. The interestin) $art is that the t o o!tside blades can be fired as $roCectile ea$ &a)ical abilities5 @E (@: vs. 2-blades ea$on acts as a ma)ical @H broad s ord doin) do!ble dama)e.fre/@dre$. devils) (also see belo ) >2 20 3a f!l .ir 0i!esI 7mcco/@asnts&. . (This ea$on as tho!)ht !$ by a friend of mine b!t it looks a lot like a s ord from a movie . (rc!s removed the memory of this s ord as ell.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ hinderance is made. )ods and demi-)ods. !Note th"# $ond"t"on%! De!ils #ill recogni-e this s#ord as smodeus$s lure and #ill &reak from regular melee to attempt to &ring the possessor &ack to %ell #ith them1 They are promised greater status as a re#ard and kno# that smodeus is sincere regarding promises of this nature1 %ell &azor DBernard +ook 8eeI b$!2@nsH.stral Deva and another Paladin.once sa .bitnetE &a)ical!s sold the s ord to (rc!s for the head of a . &elee5 E-blades ea$on acts as a ma)ical @H broad s ord doin) tri$le dama)e. Both can be fired at the same time" b!t they have to have the same tar)et.smode!s.Tome of the Damned Version 2. devils (additional to the @:) Destroys devils on a nat!ral 20 if on Prime &aterial Plane Detect $resence of a devil (>00 feet) Tele$athic in ali)nment ton)!e *Note0 can only &e possessed &y a paladin+ Go 6Gell Beater6 came to be $ossessed by (rc!s5 like its t o brother s ords" this conceited s ord )oaded its $ossessor !ntil he challen)ed . They have a 202 ran)e and do 2d< dama)e (They are @2 to hit). . #ote5 the blades ret!rn to the hilt after 2H hr.

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

imm!ne to the effects of the s ord and )ot hit at )ro!nd 8ero of the fireball. %o e )ave the s ord to the halflin) $sioncist that had telekinesis. Ge as the only one ho co!ld really !se the s ord and only at a far F.* distance. 'ecrucia the Thirsty D#aron %ia&!!isE 3ecr!cia is a ma)ical da))er of )rey stone. The da))er as crafted by an ancient" matronly" o)re ma)e for really $ainf!l rites of s!mmonin). The o)re cast her so!l into the da))er hen her tem$le as over helmed by troo$s of the )ood order. %he has been ca!sin) more tro!ble ever since. 3ecr!cia has intelli)ence of >B" isdom of >B" e)o of >B. Ger $o ers are5 >) @0 base to hit=dama)e 2) @2 vs. hi)h elves E) @E vs. )rey and dro elves H) @> vs. thin)s ith blood :) @? vs. vam$ires (they have a lot of blood) ?) 2d>2 blood drain .T 3E+*A+-.2% 0-33 (s!stains her life force) 8ecr&cia $i!! t&rn a-ainst her master if he $on9t !et her drink. 5f she -ains contro!@ she $i!! ;!&n-e herse!f into her s!a6es heart and drain him or her com;!ete!/. 8ecr&cia is 8a$f&! E6i! and $i!! tr/ to ;er6ert an/one $ho &ses her. ,he can on!/ drain b!ood ei-ht times ;er da/@ the n&mber of the diamonds on the hi!t. +hen she drains b!ood a diamond t&rns red. Necormancer(s Blade D 0ames Errico J E This blade ill a$$ear to act identically to a lon) s ord @>. -ndeed" it is" e/ce$t in one res$ect. 0hen !sed a)ainst any !ndead" -t ill reinstate the !ndead to his=her $revio!s state of bein). The blade can be !sed in this manor to brin) back com$anions (P+ or #P+) that ere t!rned into an !ndead in any manor. -f !sed a)ainst re)!lar !ndead (those hich the D& has $laced randomly)" !se the follo in) chart to determine hat the !ndead ill become. % %a o ce l l ( & d ' ( ) > G! - ma > n 0 %o ll (&d ) t*i ce) +l ig n " en t (,i rst rol l) 3a f !l +li gn "e nt (Se con d roll ) ;o od


~ H7 ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

Galflin) >:->? D&2s +hoice

20 E-a"ple: *ath" a Hth level Fi)hter has !sed his blade a)ainst a 8ombie" not kno in) it2s effects. The D& rolls the vario!s tables. Gis first roll is a >:" a halflin). #e/t he rolls a : -- +haotic" and a 2 -- ;ood. Then he rolls a :. The D& kno s that Galflin)s can2t be Paladins" so he rerolls a >? -- . theif. .lso note that )enerally the revived ill be some hat )ratef!l to the $erson ho freed it" and !s!sally on2t attack - ri)ht a ay. PeopleSmasher Dkmhk@maristbE -ntelli)ence5 E;(5 .li)nment5 &a)ical adC.5 >: VE*1 hi)h +haotic #e!tral (b!t loyal to his master... %ee belo ) @H (lon) s ord) and see belo ...

Peo$le%masher is the favorite ea$on of Kohran Valkinarde" ;od of Battle and Boastin). The s ord can talk and ill sin) Kender t!nes if ar)!ed ith. The follo in) is a breakdo n of it2s ma)ical adC!stments5 @H @: @? @B @< normally vs. re)eneratin) creat!res vs. cold-!sin) and inflammable or avian creat!res vs. !ndead and fire !sin)=d ellin) creat!res vs. $eo$le Kohran cannot ste$ on or are better lookin) than himself (this is serio!s9 anyone ith a comeliness of 2>@)

Short Sword of Darkness DDennis <. %aherI maherd@stricom.arm/.mi!E

~ HG ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

This short s ord is a @2 ea$on. -t has the additional $o er of creatin) a darkness E02 radi!s the first time it is dra n after ni)htfall (even if this does not ha$$en !ntil noon the ne/t day). This darkness is accom$anied ith a 2ear s$ell that covers the same area. The ielder is imm!ne to the 2ear s$ell. .nyone ieldin) the ea$on can see in any ma)ical darkness as if it ere d!sk. Shorty D0im Vassi!akosE This lon)" thin-bladed da))er $ossesses its ielder ith a desire to steal and kill" t!rnin) the ielder to ard a shade of selven evil. -n the hands of a thief" the blade allo s a $l!s :0D on o$enin) locks (!$ to a ma/im!m of JJD). &oreover" it can c!t thro!)h most ma)ical seals (< char)es). The blade does a base d? dama)e" is @H in term of ma)ic" and attacks t ice $er ro!nd hether thro n or held in melee. -t may dance for E ro!nds and may e/crete a ma)ical $oison once $er day (save vs. $oison5 lethal vs. la f!l creat!res" others take ?d?). The da))er has a $layf!l mentality b!t a limited intelli)ence. Skin Shreader D Brennan Brooks J E This sythe has a $olished black ooden handle" ith a r!sty bro n blade. -f s!ccesf!lly hit" the victim s!ffers normal sythe dama)e (%=& ->d?@> 3 ->d<@>)" $l!s" if the command ord of 6Desolation6 is so$ken at the time of the hit" the victim ill s!ffer f!rther ma)ical inC!ries !nless a save vers!s *od = %taff = 0and is made. &) (n the first ro!nd after bein) hit" the victim2s skin starts to itch !ncontrolably" ca!sin) no dama)e" b!t a -H to attack. ') (n the second ro!nd after bein) hit" the victim2s skin break2s o$en into sores" oo8in) $!s for >dH dama)e" and the -H to attack. .) (n the third ro!nd (and every other before )ettin) c!red) after bein) hit" the victim2s skin ill activly decom$ose and fall from the body in ch!nks" ca!sin) HdH dama)e" $l!s the victim ill not be able to attack that ro!nd. To co!nteract the effects of the sythe" a 'ure Disease s$ell or t o Dispel Magic s$ells m!st be cast - (* - the victim2s sores m!st be bathed in one vial of holy ater for every : hit$oints of dama)e taken. These treatments only halt the contin!in) of the decom$osition. Go ever" a 'ure /ounds s$ell" $otion" etc. or rest" ill restore the skin. Spirit(s &each D%ichea! 0. )or6akI <,%T+HL#8#,)#.bitnet@'T#28V%H.'T#.ED'E This ea$on is a t o handed s ord. -ts handle and hilt are done in a bird motif" the $rimary elements are ivory and silver in a bird sha$e. The blade is nondescri$t and made of a d!ll )rey metal that holds a keen ed)e" its com$osition is indeterminable by mortal ma)ic. %$irit2s *each is @E"@: vs. o!ter $lanar evils. -ts $rimary $!r$ose is to defeat both a)ents of the blood ar" it accom$lishes this thro!)h the $o er of disinte)ration (as D&; section for s$ecial $!r$ose). -ts most remarkable ability is that it carries dama)e across $lanes to the tr!e body of the fiend it is slayin)" so if it is killed in a hit $oint for hit $oint fi)ht on this $lane it ill die on it2s home $lane. The disinte)ration $o er does not carry across the $lanes. %$irit2s *each is $ossessed by the s$irit of a +oatl" )rantin) its o ner the ability to )o ethereal as the $si devotion E times a day for a d!ration of 2 t!rns. -t s$eaks alo!d and tele$athically to its o ner and can translate any lan)!a)e. %$irit2s *each is +; ali)ned and ill not allo itself to fall into evil $ossession. Demons $an sense the nat!re of this dama)e and ill take a$$ro$riate action a)ainst the ielder.

~ HF ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

Sword of Arak D0ose :ar!os de ,o&3a ,antosI 7cdssant@cat.cce.&s;.brE Evil dro i8ards in the domain of .rak in *avenloft created this s ord" and no h!man as ever meant to hold it. The dro have lost the s ord" ho ever" and as of this ritin) " no one kno s its c!rrent location. To any $hysical and ma)ical e/amination" the item a$$ears to be a 3S#ord of Sharpness 453. -ndeed" it $erforms as one. B!t the s ord also carries an evil c!rse- a horrid thirst for blood. (nce a day" it m!st kill or hel$ to kill a creat!re no smaller than a lar)e do). The s ord is not re4!ired to deal the fatal blo " b!t blood m!st s$ill from the o!nd of the blade" and the victim m!st die no more than an ho!r after those first dro$s follo ed. Each day the s ord2s thirst is not 4!enched" its o ner s!ffers. Ge loses > $oint from each of his mental attrib!tes (-#T" 0-%" +G.) and )ains > $oint in each of his $hysical attrib!tes (%T*" DEL" +(#). .fter the first s!ch adC!stment" the o ner becomes so fond of the blade that he dares not let it from his si)ht. -f someone forcibly se$arates him from the s ord" he ill do anythin) to re)ain it. 0hen one or more of the character2s mental attrib!tes dro$s to E" the conversion is com$lete. Ge is no bestial- a monster that looks like an o)re. The D& r!ns the character. As!ally" the beast ill have s!$erh!man $hysical abilities at this $oint" ith scores above ><. -ts only )oal is to satisfy the blade2s thirst for blood. The creat!re may embark on a mindless ram$a)e or- if he has any shred of -ntelli)ence leftbe)in a series of clever" fiendish m!rders. -f the s ord is removed from the character $ossession before a mental attrib!te dro$s to E" he be)ins to recover )rad!ally. Each day" he re)ains > $oint to each mental ability" and loses > from each inflated $hysical score. Antil this $rocess is com$lete" he still covets the covets the s ord" ho ever" and is !nable to resist the !r)e to $!rs!e it. (nce the conversion is com$lete" even removin) the s ord ill not c!re the monster. (nly $o erf!l ma)ic- or the monster2s death- can remove the c!rse at this $oint. The *emove +!rse s$ell may at first a$$ear s!ccessf!l" b!t it can $rovide only tem$orary relief. Sword of )as D;fre/@dre$.bitnetE (#ote5 These $o ers sho!ld be ke$t secret by the D&...see belo ) -ntelli)ence5 E)o5 .li)nment5 >: >J +E @? defender Tele$athy (even hen not held) Do!ble dama)e a)ainst all creat!res hich are from a $lane other than the Prime &aterial (b!t only normal dama)e hen on any $lane other than the Prime &aterial) nimate dead *6 figure--&y touch+ 7 times per #eek -arkness/3545/1045/or/154/radius6''3/times/per/day )n!isi&ility *impro!ed+--8 time per day 9no# alignment *#hen held+--6 time per day Protection 45 *#hen held+ 2ire giant strength *ST"0 55 4:;46<+ *#hen held+ "egeneration 5hp;round *&ut not if killed1 lso, see &elo#+ Slays opponent up to 6= %D on an unad.usted 6> or higher *no sa!e+

&-#(* P(0E*%5

&.M(* P(0E*%5 P*-&.*1 P(0E*%5

~ 20 ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

Total immunity from cold *#hen held+ Gints on $lay5 Antil the !ser conscio!sly acce$ts the s ord by committin) himself to the ays of chaotic evil" the s ord ill not let the !ser ever kno abo!t the follo in) abilities5 4? defender0 tell him only that it is a 4: defender, &ut take the rest into consideration during com&at1 Protection 450 simply take this into account #hen &eing struck Slay opponent up to 6= %D0 simply tell them that they struck an incredi&le &lo# and the opponent is slain1 2ire giant strength0 simply take this into account #hen he strikes an opponent1 "egeneration 5hp;round0 secretly accumulate the hit points regained since &eing damaged, up to the amount of damage suffered1 /hen he gets damaged in the future, this amount is su&tracted, and he takes no damage *note0 the @ua-it$s regenerati!e po#ers are conferred through the s#ord and 'hris #ill gain additional points used to#ards neAt #ound1 This healing also causes undead flesh to appear around the #ound+1 (Acess hit points are carried o!er to#ards the neAt #ound1 /hen an amount e@ual to the damage suffered is reached, this total is stored as potential for the neAt #ound1 Bf course, this assumes that enough time #ill pass in order to regenerate1 See a&o!e for all details1 Dou&le damage !s1 creatures from other planes0 do not tell him this po#er1 Simply take it into account during com&at #ith such creatures1 )mmunity from cold0 #hene!er he is holding the &lade, tell the character that he someho# did not take damage from the cold *he #as out of the area of effect, his arm or protected him, etc1+1 /hen he does enter a cold en!ironment, tell him he does not feel cold #hene!er he holds the &lade1 By that time, he may ha!e fallen prey to the s#ord1 "emem&er0 he must &e holding the s#ord to gain the &enefits of this po#er1 )f it is at his &elt, it #ill not #ork1 This #ill force him to al#ays carry the s#ord during cold ad!entures, thus pre!enting him from casting spells1 But, since the s#ord al#ays seems to &e #orking and spells not, then he #ill not mind this and al#ays attack #ith the s#ord #hen it ad!ises him1 s a result, the s#ord #ill appear as0 4: defender, telepathic, kno# alignment, and darkness of !arying radiuses1 Purpose0 to fulfill the @uest1 Gi!es eAtra eAperience points1 %as po#ers to re#ard him #ith1 )t #ill not re!eal its intelligence, ego, or alignment, as it #ill tell the user that this is insulting to ask1 )t #ill say, indignantly, that it is eAceptionally intelligent and !ery proud of this fact *truth+1 )t #ill kno# telepathically the alignment of the possessor and take it for its o#n alignment *lieC+1 Side Effects: &) 1earnin) for item forces $ossessor to never be a ay from the item for more than > day if at all $ossible5 tell the !ser that somethin) terrible ill ha$$en if the s ord is not ke$t ith him at all times. E/am$les5 the $o ers of the s ord ill no lon)er f!nction ith him" it ill be mad and Cealo!s and hate him" it mi)ht be lost" another mi)ht take=steal it" etc. Feed the $ossessor all sorts of ideas to ca!se him to be $aranoid. ') -tem has $o er to affect its $ossessor hen a Primary Po er is !sed if the $ossessor has not follo ed the ali)nment or $!r$oses of the artifact. This is tricky. -f the character is not killin) monsters or actin) chaotic" it ill threaten to take a ay its $o er (see also several $ara)ra$hs belo ). -f the character does not follo its 6advice6" the s ord ill also threaten. .) The item is $o erless a)ainst and hates most sylvan creat!res and all ran)ers. %ylvan creat!res incl!de5 Bro nies" +enta!rs" +himeras" +ockatrices" Dryads" Forest Elves (those in the $arty are Gi)h and ;rey Elves" b!t make s!re of hat they are immediately9)" ;riffins" Gar$ies" Gi$$o)riffs" &anticores" Pe)asi" Perytons" Pi/ies" %atyrs" %$rites" %ta)s" %yl$hs" and Anicorns. .)ainst these" #(#E of its s$ecial $o ers ill ork. -f any of these creat!res come ithin >00 feet=yards of the s ord" it ill become a @>0

~ 2H ~

. -t ill $!lse ith ma)ic in the hand of the one ho does claim it.lso" other ea$ons that the $ossessor !se ill never hit. The s ord ill feel cold and lifeless in the hands of any that do not claim it as their o n. For e/am$le" a li)htnin) bolt cast by the !ser ill do no dama)e. The inscri$tion as $!t there by (rc!s and ill fade hen its tr!e nat!re is made kno n. -f it does reveal itself" all $o ers ill become evident to the $ossessor" and if the s!m of its ne e)o" intelli)ence" and $l!s (@>0) is )reater than the s!m of the $ossessor2s intelli)ence" isdom" and charisma" it ill $ossess the !ser. heal s$ell on a com$anion" as it is not bein) !sed a)ainst his enemies. 0ish and other similar s$ells can reverse the $rocess. -f in the rare occasion that someone asks" be va)!e" 6-t a$$ears to be an ordinary short s ord.nother side effect of the s ord is that it ill ca!se all ma)ic cast by the !ser a)ainst his o$$onent(s) to be ineffective.byss" hen in reality it is the slicer for the . These t o effects are ca!sed by the s ord so as to become the only ea$on he !ses. The s ord ill tell the !ser that it as sent by (his )od) to slice the . -f divine information is so!)ht" the fact that it is !ndead flesh ill be revealed" b!t not the so!rce of this chan)e (the s ord). .6 -t radiates a faint ma)ic if detected for. re)enerate s$ell ill c!re the flesh as if it as dama)e. 0hen hit $oints e4!al to : times his amo!nt have been 6re)enerated6" he ill become an !ndead kni)ht of the same level of ability as his maCor $rofession. This is c!m!lative" so that by the time H times has been reached" it is !nlikely that he can resist. The % ord of Kas ill kno of the $arty2s 4!est both thro!)h (rc!s and thro!)h its tele$athic abilities. The $arty ill not likely ask hat it looks like in detail" so do not )ive any details. . -n the above case" there is a 2:D chance that the s ord ill reveal itself for hat it is. The flesh aro!nd the o!nd ill a$$ear )hastly.s soon as he becomes +E d!e to this effect" the !ndead disease instantly cree$s over his entire body. Try not to aro!se any s!s$icion hatsoever9 . (rc!s has $lanted this ~ 22 ~ . Details5 The s ord ill select the most )reedy and corr!$tible $layer to $ossess. %!ch chan)e is $ermanent and cannot be reversed e/ce$t thro!)h the removal of the s ord. -t ill tell the one it $ossesses that it fo!nd its ay to him thro!)h (his )od) and that he sho!ld kee$ this secret no matter hat9 Ge sho!ld not reveal the s ord2s s$ecial $!r$oses or abilities to anyone. #ote5 the $ossessor cannot be t!rned !ntil he has com$letely become !ndead. /) This is the most deadly side effect of all. -t is very faint and smells of dead flesh. Each time an amo!nt of hit $oints e4!al to his ori)inal amo!nt is re)enerated" there is a 20D chance of him becomin) +E. 0) . 0hen he becomes +E" his charisma instantly becomes >J5 the e)o of the s ord. -f it is removed the effects ill no lon)er contin!e. -f he fails" he becomes $ossessed.s soon as it seems that the s ord is $!shin) too hard" let off a little. Body odor also becomes a factor ith this disease. -t ill force the $ossessor to attack. Go$ef!lly" the $arty ill attrib!te the effect to the ea$on or $o er of the creat!re attackin) him. -t ill be $ale and very !nattractive. . Ge ill be chaotic evil if not already. Antil this $oint" the $ercenta)e that he has become !ndead ill become 4!ite evident. . The flesh is act!ally !ndead flesh.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ short s ord (note5 not of defendin)) and both its e)o and intelli)ence ill increase to 20.ll ne dama)e ill be removed from this !ndead flesh and healed as normal flesh. Antil he becomes +E" his charisma dro$s E $oints" !ntil a charisma of E is reached" for every time the hit $oints re)enerated matches his ori)inal amo!nt. character $ossessed can only be saved by a deity. . -t has an inscri$tion on it5 2. The s ord ill allo its $o ers to be learned slo ly.s this disease $ro)resses" there is a c!m!lative $ercenta)e that he ill become +E.byss %licer2.byss. ? t!rns after the s ord is first !sed in combat" so as to thro off ri)htf!l s!s$icion" henever the !ser takes dama)e" he ill be adversely affected by the re)enerative $o er of the item.cce$tin) it res!lts in his $ossession. -f he s!cceeds" he )ets the o$tion of castin) it a ay or acce$tin) it. it is thin and of a d!ll )ray metal. The $ossessor2s charisma also tem$orarily s!ffers. 0hen fo!nd" it a$$ears as a short s ord. Ge can t!rn )ood clerics at his level of ability. They are not likely to intervene" ho ever. &ean hile" it ill corr!$t him and dra him to its ali)nment. -t ill al ays defend its actions thro!)h the above e/$lanation. . Ge sho!ld !se the s ord in battle and cons!lt ith it henever he can. -t is very shar$. -f the $ossessor2s s!m is )reater" he )ets a savin) thro vers!s ma)ic ith a @> bon!s for every $oint his s!m is above that of the s ord (this is the only adC!stment he )ets).Tome of the Damned Version 2. Ge can then be t!rned as a s$ecial monster. .

The familiar ill back !$ all messa)es sent by (rc!s and send similar messa)es to s!$$ort those of the s ord.e. Then a)ain" it mi)ht not. 0here before the deity as inactive ith the $ossessor" no 6messa)es6 ill come to the $ossessor in s!ch forms as 6ins$irations6 and 6dreams6. The 4!a8it ill be $olymor$hed to a$$ear e/actly like the $revio!s one. Besides antin) its $ossessor to kill" it ill also ant its !ser to take as m!ch treas!re and ma)ic items as he can. This $ercenta)e is >0D chance $er level of caster above >:th. Ge ill become the e4!ivalent of a D!ke of Gell. 0hen comm!nicatin)" the s ord sho!ld refer to himself and the !ser as 6 e.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ as a seed of destr!ction ithin the $arty. 0hen it $resents itself" he ill c!t the throats of his o$$onents hile they slee$. The s ord has a ay of alterin) comm!ne s$ells seekin) its nat!re directly" !$ to >:th level of s$ells. Ge ill r!le the $lane hen (rc!s is a ay.s soon as the character o$enly acts +E" the $aladins ill detect an evil so )reat that it ill st!n them for >-: ro!nds !nless they make a save vers!s ands at -:. (f co!rse" the s ord has ideas of its o n and does not like to be !sed by (rc!s.6 Sword of the Cursed #auntlet -t is a black bladed s ord ith a )a!ntlet attached to the hilt. Ge ill !se the s ord2s $o ers to their f!llest and kill everyone and everythin). The s ord ill im$rove the !sers thief abilities by 2:D if !sed for the $o ers of chaos and evil" and $enali8e by the same amo!nt hen not. left hand for a ri)ht handed fi)hter) and can only be be !sed by fi)hters and ~ 23 ~ . -nform the $ossessor that" by !sin) this s ord" he ill )ain more e/$erience $oints. -f the character $ossesses a familiar" a 4!a8it ill re$lace it. %im$ly tell them that they do not detect his ali)nment to be any different than before. . This is so that after a hile" the thief ill tend to e/ercise his more s!ccessf!l $ractices. -nstead" he ill follo $arty c!e" aitin) for an o$$ort!nity. Anfort!nately" the )a!ntlet only )oes on the ron) hand (i. The s ord and (rc!s ill $revent the $ossessor from kno in) the loss of his deity. The )a!ntlet is made in s!ch a ay that the only ay to !se the s ord is to $!t on the )a!ntlet. -f it is revealed $remat!rely" it is d!e to its im$atience. The thief sho!ld not be a are of this.s soon as the character takes the s ord as his o n" he has lost the s!$$ort of his deity. (nly a comm!ne by a cleric of over >:th level ill discern the tr!e nat!re of the s ord. 0hen !sed a)ainst the minions of (rc!s" -t ill miss every strike and dra attention tele$athically to the $arty. This is another lie of the s ord. he does not ant his $lans to come to an end $remat!rely. -f the $ossessor calls !$on his deity" the s ord and (rc!s ill ans er his call in his deity2s name" $retendin) to be that deity. -n fact" the s ord ill $!sh all actions that make the $ossessor more chaotic and evil. -t ill bide its time" b!t it ill be hard $ressed to do so. Paladins2 detect evil also a$$lies to these restrictions and is considered at 2 levels belo their level as a $aladin. 0hen he is thro!)h ith a >-? eek bin)e of killin) everythin) (d!rin) this time the $l!s of the s ord increases to @>0)" he ill s!mmon (rc!s and become their chief henchmen. The s ord ill es$ecially $!sh the !ser to kill hel$less victims" sayin) that it ill offer more $o ers. -f a character fails to detect it" he or she does not have a chance of s!ccessf!l detection !ntil he or she attains a hi)her level. 0henever the !ser does act more chaotic and evil" the s ord ill tele$athically con)rat!late him" $romisin) him more re ards in terms of its $o ers. The !ser ill al ays be detected as his ori)inal ali)nment !ntil he becomes +E s$ells cast by a character of over >:th level do have a $ercenta)e chance of detectin) his chan)in) ali)nment. -f asked hy it lied abo!t its $o ers to be)in ith" it ill defend himself by sayin) that it does not ant the $ossessor to become too $o erf!l. The minions of (rc!s and ill al ays kno of the s ord2s $resence.Tome of the Damned Version 2. -f a very direct 4!estion is asked re)ardin) the s ord" s!ch as" 6-s the $ossessor of this s ord actin) in a ay that he o!ld not believe >0 years a)oN6 mi)ht ork. -t ill $rom$t him to be more )reedy" tellin) him he needs it to be more $o erf!l. The $ossessed character ill become crafty" 4!iet" and ithdra n. (rc!s ill kno everythin) abo!t the $arty as lon) as the s ord is ith them. Ge ill no lon)er $artici$ate in the conversation. The s ord ill act as a )ate thro!)h hich they and all their minions can enter the Prime &aterial Plane. . -f the $ossessor is a thief" it ill s!))est to him to $erform more backstabs" more $ick $ocketin)" more takin) of treas!re hen none is lookin).

+ 5. 0hen strikin)" they do Hd? h$ dama)e" drainin) the life force of the creat!re hit directly.. so in the first ever !nion of )ood and evil forces one blade as stolen from the . They have no bon!ses to hit $er se.rey +ircle and )iven over to the force of Dark. The Black Blade is a corr!$ted version of the blades ielded by the ..introd!ced it as this5 try !sin) a bo ith a s ord in one hand" and the hand firmly ra$$ed aro!nd the hilt. and they ere ri)ht. lon) s ord @> ith the hilt hich has the look of some creat!re b!t as !nreco)ni8able e/ce$t d!rin) the time of the f!ll moon. . D!rin) this time" the ielder had all the abilities and control of a ere$erson that had been 2 ere2 for 20 years.bitnet@'T#28V%H. .'T#. The 3e)ions of 3i)ht co!nted on their intervention bein) elcomed after 3an-%karr2s assa!lts.Tome of the Damned Version 2.s a t ist" yo! co!ld make the s ord ma)ical in s!ch a ay that the !ser becomes addicted to it. 0hen the s ord comes off" the )a!ntlet stays on" and the s ord is !n!sable by anyone else d!e to a shar$ ed)ed hilt that ill c!t thro!)ho!t anythin) e/ce$t the )a!ntlet. D!rin) the f!ll moon" the s ord hilt o!ld form into the head of a olf" ti)er" bear or rat (*andomly determined or co!ld be s$ecific for one s ord).. 0hile the hilt as in the sha$e of an animal" the ielder can transform into the animal at ill" as lon) as the moon is !$ (and is f!ll). There ori)inal $!r$ose as the enforcement of Diamet2s ill. Those str!ck by this kind of s ord for more than >? h$" m!st save vs.relented and let him take the s ord off" b!t only by $!ttin) it into a s$ecial sheath.. Swords of Darkness D2obert 0ohan EntersI $his.i. . 0hen $assin) thro!)h armor or other $hysical obCects" it leaves a trail of ice crystals and coldness behind. )or6akI <.ED'E These bastard s ords2 blades are not made of steel of any kind" b!t from the very st!ff of darkness" ne)ative material. #o " the main reason . very fe (>D at best) of these s ords has s!ch a stron) cond!it to the ne)ative material" that they do ?d? h$ dama)e" save vs. P!ttin) chain mail and other thin)s on are also very diffic!lt. De$endin) !$on ho recently it has been !sed to kill somethin)" it ill ran)e in color from a d!ll" )rayish black to a Cet black )lossy color.lso" try $!ttin) on shirts itho!t c!ttin) them !$. $araly8ation or be st!nned for dH ro!nds. .er@$.)#. death ma)ic or lose a level and save vs. Sword of Were .s lon) as the $erson doesn2t retain the sha$e hen the moon )oes do n (chance to be $ermanent 2st!ck2 that ay) or have the sha$e hen the moon )oes o!t of f!ll $hase. The Black Blade of Tyrants D%ichea! 0. The le)ions of 3i)ht needed to s$read their ord" and the force of 3an-skarr merely anted to rava)e the land.fter a co!$le of eeks )ame time" .. .rey +ircle" a $o erf!l force in Diamet2s army on the second 0orld. Diamet the t o sided" lord and r!ler of the second orld as a )reat force for ne!trality" and contin!ally ke$t the forces of 3i)ht and darkness at bay ith his armies. These blades i)nore any kind of armor" slicin) ri)ht thro!)h it (tho!)h not destroyin) it). -t has all of the standard . ~ 24 ~ .rey Blade abilities (marked by a O) and a fe more )ranted it by 3an-%karr" the Demon *!ler of the Erd 0orld.%T+HL#8#. (nce on" it ill not come off" e/ce$t in rare" !ne/$lainable cases. $araly8ation" or be st!nned for the ne/t ro!nd.ED'E The (rder of the Black Blades as established over H00 years a)o on the 2nd orld (of E that e/ist o!t of $hase ith one another). The Black Blade is a @E lon) s ord" hose handle is made of blasted mithril (to )ive it a d!ll a$$earance) and a )leamin) black blade" hose com$osition is similar to adamantine" b!t is able to stand the li)ht of day" it looks slick at all times" as if it had C!st been dra n o!t of a o!nd.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ s ashb!cklers..

.. 3e)end lore s$ells sho!ld reveal that all of the $revio!s o ners ere la f!l )ood kni)hts.ed&E The Demon % ord of 1ar)ash as created h!ndreds of years a)o" hen a $artic!lar $o er of the lo er $lanes )re an)ry ith one of his balor servants.rad!ally" it )ets the ielder to make small moral com$romises as sit!ations $revent themselves. &a)ical5 The Black Blade" for the $!r$ose of ca!sin) strife and )rief ill cast Disinte)rate E times a day" standardly directin) these blasts at5 +hildren" Favorite &a)ic -tems of the 0ielder" The 0ielders enemies" and any bein) of )ood ali)nment. . (bsc!re references to va)!e do nfalls may be )leaned ith re$eated s!ccesses at divinin) the history of the item.mcit. ..drenaline +ontrol on its is nearly everythin) else the s ord tells the o ner). This )ives the demon free rei)n to !se its 2s!))estion2 ability and the o ner sho!ld )enerally not receive a savin) thro (e/ce$t in acts of com$lete self-destr!ction). %ome $oor sots )et c!t do n by the forces of )ood and the blade has $assed thro!)h the hands of E $lanets and one %olar. 1ar)ash" the balor tra$$ed ithin the s ord" comm!nicates only tele$athically and only ith its o ner.. -t finds )reat $leas!re in bein) ielded by la f!l )ood kni)hts on the road to $!rity and layin) them lo .&mich.. &en that come to o n the black blade either strike a )reat blo for evil" or die horribly at the hands of their o n ea$on. . They tho!)ht it o!ld torment the beast tra$$ed ithin if he ere to be !sed by a ri)hteo!s and la f!l arrior for the $!r$ose of )ood. $artic!larly mischievo!s D& mi)ht )rad!ally transform the o ner into a demon himself. Psionically the blade can !se the Psychometabolic $o ers of +a!se Decay on strike and . The Demon Sword of *ar ash D. Three times daily it can +a!se Blindness on strike in any #e!tral Bein)" they save at half level" on acco!nt of the blades dee$ !nderstandin) of the heart of ne!trality. -t first tells the kni)ht that the $o ers of the s ord m!st remain secret and that he (the kni)ht) m!st not tell anyone of the s ord2s tr!e ma)ical nat!re. This" accordin) to the s ord" is beca!se even the o ner2s tr!est com$anions o!ld fall to infi)htin) beca!se of their desire for s!ch a $o erf!l ea$on (that is b!ll . -t has &a)ical and Psionic abilities that it !ses to enforce its ill on its ielder. .ll ho fell into the Black ( ays of evil). The res!lt as that the balor" s!fferin) the rath of his lord" as transformed into a s ord. The s ord ill !se its $o ers in line ith the ielder2s )oals at first. The s ord" !sin) it2s tele$athic ability and !ltimately s!$erior intelli)ence as able to d!$e its o ner.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The Blade is intelli)ent (>?) and can s$eak the >st" 2nd" and Erd ton)!es (all other lan)!a)e is !nim$ortant" or !sed for treachery in it2s o$inion). The blade can dra on 200 $si $oints.!nless they are already $redis$osed to do so .med.te6e <er-&sonI ste6e@m$. &ost notable amon) the $o er is the ea$on2s ability to b!rst into flame as a flameton)!e s ord (altho!)h not the same ~ 2B ~ . kni)ht ho illin)ly a)rees at this $oint is virt!ally doomed. The servants" bein) the chaotic ones they ere" chose not a $atron of evil. . -f yo!r $layer is not $artic!larly shar$" he may even do these thin)s illin)ly at the be4!est of the s ord" not reali8in) hat is ha$$enin). The ea$on has a n!mber of $o ers" all derived from the ma)ical $o ers of the balor. This ea$on as )iven to other servants to deliver to the $rime material $lane and $lace it in the hands of homever they chose.s time )oes by" ith the assistance of s!))estions" the s ord increases the si8e of these moral com$romises !ntil the character has committed several heino!s chaotic acts..t some $oint d!rin) their initial enco!nter" the demon ill tell its ne o ner that it can assist him in achievin) !nheard of )lory and honor if only the o ner ill tr!st the ea$on and its $o er itho!t reservation.c.Tome of the Damned Version 2. tho!)h not in any $artic!lar order. The chaos hich the s ord ca!sed hile in the hands of this 2virt!o!s2 kni)ht as incredible" the kni)ht ever thinkin) he as com$letely innocent" !ntil he as e/comm!nicated from the ch!rch for his heino!s acts. *ather" they decided to ens!re that the s ord as fo!nd by a kni)ht" a $ara)on of )oodness. The scores are as a 20th level $si $enali8ed by t o. -t does this thro!)h d!$licity.

!se the flame ability" detect evil=ma)ic=)ood" dis$el ma)ic" and tele$ort itho!t error. -t is an evil blade. This ea$on ill never overtly threaten a P+2s life. +ampireBlade . The only creat!res ho can !nmake the ea$on are )reater $o ers of the abyss. As!ally" it ill coo$erate ith the character2s ishes. &ischievo!s D&2s antin) a nice treat for their $o er )amers can have a )reat time ith this. 0itho!t $ro$er $rotections" this )"ll destroy the kni)ht2s body.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ bon!ses). This does some amo!nt of additional dama)e (>-H" >-?" 2-<" hatever yo! deem a$$ro$riate) to creat!res harmed by fire. . ~ 2C ~ .Tome of the Damned Version 2. . B!t ith )reat $o er comes )reat res$onsibility.have.kno . 1o! can make it as $o erf!l as s!its yo!r taste. Galf of all dama)e ca!sed by the s ord is !sed to heal the ielder. The disadvanta)e is that the s ord )ets h!n)ry if it doesn2t kill anyone for more than 2H ho!rs" in hich case it drains all b!t >dH hit $oints from the ielder" as food of co!rse. 0hen ielded by a thief" it does vam$iric to!ch (Ed? dm)) once $er day. .s for s$ecific $o ers" $ick hichever ones of the tan2ari yo! ish to !se. +ampiric Arrows These arro s ere formed by a #ecromancer named 3asher ho $ossesses a rather sadisitic dis$osition to ards life in )eneral"and ho created these deadly missiles for his assassins. (ccasionally" it ill !se a $o er at an ino$$ort!ne time to )et the P+ into tro!ble. (nce str!ck by a Vam$iric . .s a matter of fact" it is a nice ea$on (@H enchantment in my )ame" yo! decide based on yo!rs). &ost P+2s for)et that.t that $oint" 1ar)ash may (at the D&2s o$tion) take control of the o ner as a host and transform his body entirely into a balor demon. %ome versions of these missiles ill drain > level $ermenatley. Go ever" it ill seek to ca!se chaos and diffic!lty for its o ner" very # *tly" at every t!rn. As!ally" by this time" even the most daft of $layers fi)!res o!t hat is )oin) on and seeks to destroy the s ord. +ampiric Crysda er This is a @> da))er hich sheds no li)ht. The ea$on chooses if and hen to !se the $o ers. -f the P+ later 4!estions it" the s ord ill a$olo)i8e if it did anythin) ron) and fei)n i)norance of $ro$er behavior. The s ord2s )oal is to lead its o ner on a )lorio!s 4!est to slay the $o er ho created it. This contin!es !ntil the kni)ht is no lon)er in the favor of his deity and=or )overnment and becomes an o!tcast. This "# meant to be a ea$on of )reat $o er. Personally" .rro "the !nfort!nate victim m!st make a save vers!s %$ells or lose one >dH E/$erience 3evels for 2->2 ro!nds. #ote that in no circ!mstance is the character ever in control of the ea$on. ma)ical lon) s ord that is intelli)ent and had this $o er to )rant re)eneration to the ielder by vam$iric re)eneration.

ncient E itle: )ntrepids or 2earless Bnes Sy"bols: . :th level 2earless Bnes and )ntrepids can t!rn into shado -form once $er eek for every : levels. ~ 27 ~ . Summoning. 'harm. Monster lore. . .enom handling 6ranted 2o*ers: 0orshi$$ers of . %eraldry. Spirit lore.-ntelli)ence >E . the #od of the Damned D #aron Bo$man J aaron@bo$man.ny arriors or d!al-classed characters orshi$in) .o) m!st be earin) their robes to command these $o ers5 7 7 7 )ntrepids can command t ice as many Andead as charted on the T!rnin) Table in the DMG.ny Evil ( 3E" #E" +E ) Weapons +llo*ed: .o) m!st here blackened armor.ranted Po ers).o) ear heavy black robes ith red r!nes on them that allo them to $erfom s$ecial tasks (see . natomy..M(* .0isdom >H 2ri"e %e1uisites: . -f they fail the save and don2t !se 'ure Disease. The enemy )ets a save vers!s death to ne)ate the disease" b!t they still take >d>2 $oints of dama)e.dia!. coiled snake or a sk!ll +bility %e1uire"ents: .Necromantic./riting.inter. %ealing *re!ersed forms only+ Protection *re!ersed #here possi&le+. they ill die in >d>0 ro!nds..-ntelli)ence" 0isdom +lign"ent: . <th level )ntrepids can inflict a $o erf!l ma)ical disease !$on an enemy by to!ch.ath..++E%% &-#(* . 5on#*eapon 2roficiencies: *EIA-*ED5 Necrology or ncient history *E+(&&E#DED5 Nether#orld kno#ledge..ny bl!d)enin) 7 ceremonial=rit!al da))er Spheres of 3nfluence: &. Bre#ing.Tome of the Damned Version 2. "eading.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ THE FANATICS PATHOS #o . Spellcraft. nimal.++E%% ll. 'om&at !ress 4 +r"or: The orshi$$ers of .

A$on becomin) a 2earless Bne or an )ntrepid. Speak #ith Dead F(A*TG 3EVE35 'ause. Destruction. Slay Ei!ing.o)2s orshi$$ers 2earless Bnes are the d!al-classed = arriors of . Negati!e Plane Protection. 77 >2th level )ntrepids learn ho to create C!-C! 8ombies or m!mmies. /ither IAE%T5 Dndead Plague Li"itations: . Deaths Door. Slo# Poison TG-*D 3EVE35 nimate Dead. 7 )ntrepids are the clerical as$ect of . )m&ue Dndead #ith Spell &ility. "esist Turning. ~ 2G ~ .o)s orshi$ is r!mored to incl!de stran)e rit!als that involve5 'anna&alism of the dead" Necrophilia and Self-mutalation.o)2s orshi$$ers 77 For each of the above learned" the orshi$$er m!st sacrifice >d20 cor$ses and >"000 >00"000 )old $ieces.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 77 Jth level )ntrepids learn ho to create )ho!ls or )hasts. Dndead lacrity %E+(#D 3EVE35 id. $hysical deformities are inflicted !$on them" b!t most orshi$ers concider these blessin)s (roll a >d>2)5 %oll (&d&') > 8lessing Gair t!rns hite or falls o!t 3o " evil" inh!man voice >2 The orshi$$ers )ain one on the start of their orshi$" then there is a E0D chance every H levels for another one. Poison. Dndead "egeneration %-LTG 3EVE35 sphyAiate.Neutrali-e Poison F-FTG 3EVE35 Dispel Good. They can learn one $er month 6ranted Spells: F-*%T 3EVE35 )n!isi&ility to Dndead.'ure )nsanity. Mindkiller.Tome of the Damned Version 2. 77 >:th level )ntrepids can learn Vam$irism or 3ichdom. Summon Dndead %EVE#TG 3EVE35 Death Pact. Scourge. Spectral Senses. Eife Drain. Skeletal Ser!ant. (nergy Drain. 2eign Death.

/e (only) 5W2 %e1uired: #=.ncient Gistory W2 %e1uired: # 3on)s ord or Gand . The *avieran reli)ion" like the $eo$le come from a far distant $lanet kno n as *aveiros Prime.0isdom >E O . Too many si)ns of com$assion are also fro ned !$on.%tren)th >2 O /isdom 6? means a 46<F eAperience1 %aces allo*ed: G!man 5on*eapon and Weapon 2roficiencies: 5W2 %e1uired: # End!rance" *eli)ion 5W2 %eco""ended: # *eadin)=0ritin)" Blind Fi)htin)" .oliath ~ 2F ~ . $ini"u" +bility Scores: . &any +r!saders ride into enemy lands for the sake of slayin) the infidels and conc4!erin) entire cities in Khaine's name" demandin) that the $o$!lation bo do n to him. -f a arrior kee$s comin) close to death in battle" better he die for his incom$etence co!ld ti$ the balance in the enemies favo!r.Tome of the Damned Version 2.od of %!fferin)" Bloodshed" 0ar and Disci$line) Aa1ar&s 5W2 Crosso9er: # Priest" 0arrior D!ties of Priest5 Prayer once a day or loss of po#ers1 Guidance of the populace Marriage ceremonyGs 7issions/to/spread/8haine9s/influence Khaine is the only acce$ted reli)ion amonst the *avier" and the combined efforts of the $riests and in4!isition have made Khaine's name one hich $eo$le dread to s$eak of. The $riests are e/$ected to ins$ire racial hatred and bitterness to ards the enemies of the *avier" incl!din) other h!man races.ll the $riests follo the ritten la s from the Book of the %antantiathi!s" $enned by an ancient *aveiran $ro$het" lon) before the *aveir be)an thier con4!est of 0ild %$ace.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Priests of )haine (&aCor . Priests of Khaine m!st $ray h!mbly to him at da n" or they ill lose all thier $o ers" !nrecoverable itho!t atonement (never easy).a&E +lign"ent: The deity is 3a f!l Evil. The $riests have some le ay" b!t the monks are itho!t a sin)le $ossession to call thier o n. -t is beca!se of thier enormo!s . Gis demands of his follo ers are very strict" e/$ectin) them to sacrifice m!ch of hat they take for )ranted. Gis $riests may be of any 3a f!l ali)nment and tho!)h )ood characters may a)ree ith the o!tcome" the means by hich they ish to achieve it ill ca!se them some moral dillemas. .

Tome of the Damned Version 2.)mmunity to 2ear. )ncite Berserker "age 8 times a day )th Le9el . There is an <0D chance that a com$any of ? Bl!e . They may only ever !se one ea$on. Sun ~ 30 ~ . /ar. Other %estrictions: They m!st al ays ear )enerally hite dark bl!e clothin). -f the $riest ever !ses armo!r not constr!cted th!s" they ill lose all their $o ers.++E%% 6ranted 2o*ers: )nspire 2ear. Spheres of 3nfluence: &. Weapon and +r"our %estrictions: The $riest may never here armo!r that as not blessed by the ch!rch. This is to re$resent self restraint and disci$line. %ealing.++E%% &-#(* .+ E. Detect Good . (!il . Guardian.uto Sa!e !s (!ocation . Priests of Erd level or hi)her m!st remain chaste !ntil married.!ard on his advent!res. The $riest ill receive t ice the n!mber of follo ers if he b!ilds and establishes a ne border to n or if he is to b!ild a +atherdral. The $riesthood ill f!nd half the cost. Ea#. Turn Dndead. To )ain the follo ers" the $riest m!st b!ild a ch!rch. The $riest may take > third level $riest" H >st level acolytes and 2 Bl!e . -m$osin) s!ch $enalties enables Khaine to eed o!t the !n orthy. 2ire. Necromantic.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %kycities that trans$ort them to other orlds" that the *aveir are startin) to brin) thier reli)ion to other orlds. 2ossible Sy"bols: Trian)le ith a star formation $ointin) do n. These are all tasks of dedication" and loyalty. Those over <th level ho are not already married m!st remain chaste and celibate.!ard ill s ear alle)ience to the the $riest. 0hen in common clothes" the $redominant colo!r m!st remain dark bl!e.M(* . ll. -t )ives an . Summoning stral. -t is constr!cted from )reen steel and ei)hs half that of a s!it of $late mail. Num&ers. The armo!r they are )iven is al ays a ma)nificently en)raved breast$late ith mystic enchantments layed on it. 'om&*ers and Strongholds: The follo ers are received at <th level" and consist of E third level $riests and >2 >st level $riests all of the same order.rd Le9el . 'reation.

Thal is the )od of 3ife in Death (afterlife) and Kal is the )od of Death in 3ife. . This involves to!chin) the obCect in hich life is to be detected" and concentratin) for E ro!nds.ood restrictions: . . The Book of Kal s$ecifically states" 6&eat e/ists to die" not roast6" and all meat eaters are considered cor$se-devo!rers" and scorned.The Priest of this (rder only !se sin)le handed s ords. heology: Thal2Kal is seen to be t o bein)s" and yet one (m!ch like the +atholic Trinity).rder of Thal()al -the #od of Death.ll those ho ascend into the $riesthood are )iven their o n blades" black iron lon) s ords (no s$ecial $o ers).#o armo!r is allo ed of any kind" for they believe that this is cheatin) death. .To assist in their d!ties of slayin) those close to death" all $riests may Detect 3ife at ill. lon) life" ho ever" can be a si)n of Thal2Kal2s blessin). .-o6. +bilities: . %!icide" ho ever" is an attem$t to esca$e yo!r $!nishment" and $!nished harshly by a lon)er sentence ($riests consider elves and other s!ch lon)-lived races to be the ret!rned so!ls of s!icide victims). They ill ref!se to be healed or heal anythin)" beca!se this" more than earin) armo!r" $erverts Thal2Kal2s ishes.They ill not banda)e or attem$t to save that $erson" ho ever.Tome of the Damned Version 2.. +r"our restrictions: . 3ife is a cleansin)=$!nishin) $eriod for so!ls not considered $!re eno!)h to remain in eternal Death.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The .ll $riests of Thal2Kal are ve)etarians.s$ichcit/. ~ 3H ~ .a& E 2redo"inant align"ent: # 3a f!l Evil Weapon restrictions: . Bein) slain" therefore" ret!rns yo!r so!l m!ch 4!icker to Thal2Kal" and is seen to be desiro!s. . -n the case of someone they like" a $riest may be moved not to end their life him=herself" b!t instead allo Thal2Kal to decide. . .ltho!)h the $riests of Kal do not eat meat" they care little for the $hysical remains once the so!l has left the body. -nstead" if someone is dyin)" the $riest of Thal2Kal ill kill them 4!ickly and $erform last rites.ll s$ells" $otions" or effects that allo one to be healed $hysically are scorned by the (rder of Thal2Kal.fter last rites" a cor$se is !s!ally b!rnt or dis$osed of in some other ay.?!d.ltho!)h it involves a lon)er $!nishment" this allo s one to serve Kal better" by brin)in) more and more $eo$le to the Peace of Kal (e!$hemism for death" of co!rse).Priests of Thal2Kal believe !ndead to be the most dis)!stin) abominations in e/istence. The $riesthood2s holy symbol is affi/ed to the $ommel (see Goly %ymbol belo ).. .i. -n this ay" $!nishment is a small $rice to $ay for the hono!r of servin) Thal2Kal. D Tom D&!!emond J b&ck@-i!. . %estrictions: .)ainst these mockeries of life" and defilers of death" all $riests )ain a @> to the roll hen T!rnin).

The yo!n) acolyte hereby f!lfils t o re4!irements5 *e ardin) his=her master for their efforts" and $rovin) that they have been ta!)ht ell eno!)h to s!rvive. :oly Sy"bol: This is constr!cted from the 6ball6 of an !$$er arm (fleshless). Ge as not killed for his $reachin)" ho ever" as so many other &essiahs" b!t sim$ly rose from the dead" lived for several years (not as $!nishment b!t as choice) and ret!rned to the dead. This 6ball6 is hollo ed o!t" and filled ith the consecrated blood of the Gi)h Priest" then sealed. Th!s $resentin) the holy symbol involves dra in) the holy s ord. Th!s a miniat!re" noseless sk!ll is formed. ~ 32 ~ .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The (rder2s bible is the Book of Kal" a ritten acco!nt of Kal2s $hysical incarnation" hen Ge alked the earth in the )!ise of &an.Tome of the Damned Version 2. -n combat" these livin) sk!lls" combined ith the black blades of their reli)ion" convey to the enemy that they are the harbin)ers of death. -n reli)io!s combat" or ceremonies" the $riests of Thal2Kal $aint their shaven heads ith hite face $aint" then $aint on h!)e black eye sockets and a )a$in) mo!th (from one ear to the other) in mimickry of their holy symbol. . %ituals: -nitiation into the $riesthood involves" very sim$ly" the slayin) of one2s master=teacher in combat. T o obsidian eyes are )l!ed onto the a$$ro$riate s$ot" and a se)ment of bone is carved into a A-sha$e and attached" to re$resent the mandible.fter this" the acolyte receives their reli)io!s ea$on" the black s ord" and their holy symbol" attached as a $ommel. This is the $ommel of the reli)io!s s ord" and ei)hted ith additional metal for a $ro$er balance.

the &lood dissipates and tra!els to the Negati!e Material Plane1 The blood ma)e2s s$ell castin) can still be dist!rbed in the normal ay" b!t inflictin) dama)e on himself does not disr!$t his s$ell castin) in any ay. 2ishing */i-ard+ Spellcraft */arrior+ Sur!i!al E1uip"ent: The blood ma)e starts o!t ith a set of dark robes" a finely crafted silver da))er" and the normal startin) )old. so he cuts himself and inflicts 8 points of damage1 The &lood mage must announce he is going to cast the spell. . %er&alism *General+ 'ooking. and then #ait until he can cast the spell1 Dpon casting the spell.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Every level thereafter" the blood ma)e receives an additional @> GP bon!s. They never have to s$end their money on b!yin) s$ell com$onents" they C!st !se their o n blood.Tailor. This secret is the ability to cast s$ells !sin) only one material" their o n blood.*EIA-*ED5 5on*eapon 2roficiencies: . blood ma)e also )ets a @2 bon!s" in addition any +onstit!tion bon!ses" to his initial Git Points. Special 8enefits: Blood ma)es do not cast s$ells the ay normal i8ards do.ny ali)nment is allo ed.lad is going to cast 'one of 'old spell. ~ 33 ~ . Seamstress.lso" blood ma)es may cast s$ells at one level hi)her than they normally can if they $ay an additional > hit $oint hen they c!t themselves.B(#A%5 . a =th le!el spell. D!e to this fear" blood ma)es are forced to live on the o!tskirts of society. .rodi-/. %/ers J 1ftnH0b@. E/am$ E +bility %e1uire"ents: # -ntelli)ence >E .*E+(&&E#DED5 Dagger %ealing.lso" the blood ma)e m!st be h!man" elves and half-elves cannot take this kit beca!se they cannot harness the ne)ative ma)ical ener)ies that a blood ma)e re4!ires. They learn and memori8e s$ells the same ay as other i8ards" b!t to cast s$ells" the blood ma)e c!ts himself and inflicts dama)e e4!al to one-half (ro!nd fractions !$) the level of s$ell he is castin). D!e to the 4!ick $re$aration time of their com$onent" blood ma)es may cast their s$ells at one-half (ro!nd fractions !$) the normal castin) time.+onstit!tion >E .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ THE DEADLIEST SINS OF MAGIC Blood /a e D #ndre$ 2. cut himself. %ome blood ma)es have formed secret societies in order to better $rotect themselves from 6 itch-h!nters6.. !escription: The blood ma)e $ossesses one of the )reatest ke$t secrets in all the orld of ma)ic. Weapon 2roficiencies: . . 0ith this secret" characters of this kit are $erha$s some of the most feared and reviled ma)ic-!sers in all of the realms.

0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The blood ma)e receives a @2:D to learn any s$ells from the #ecromancy school. The scarrin) $rocess is irreversible. Special :indrances: Beca!se the blood ma)e m!st c!t himself to cast s$ells" this ca!ses e/tensive scarrin). D!e to the scarrin)" blood ma)es lose > $oint of +harisma every time they )ain a level.E. Blood ma)es can never learn s$ells from the Enchantment=+harm school. This +harisma loss can be lo ered to a ma/im!m of E.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Wealth Options: %tandard for 0i8ards. ~ 34 ~ . . D!e to the lar)e amo!nts of blood the blood ma)e loses" they m!st s$end one day of com$lete rest for every : hit $oints of dama)e they inflict on themselves" at each level" this increases by one $oint" -. 2nd level every ?GP" Erd every BGP etc.lso" in addition to any reaction $enalties im$osed by lo +harisma" the blood ma)e receives an additional -2 reaction $enalty.

ehenna. (ther %hado &a)es form c!lts and teach yo!n)er c!ltists these secrets in e/chan)e for adoration and servit!de.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Shadow /a ic Aa1ar&s Dmarathon@-ist. The ma)es themselves often become t isted and evil" or be)in to develo$ $ersonality traits that o!ld mark them as s!ch. -t's $o er stems from the lo er $lanes" here evil is at its $eak" b!t !ntil recently" the only sorcerers to ta$ this evil ener)y have been ma)es on the orld of Tethi!s" most notably the northern reaches. Co""on <its 0ith the e/ce$tion of -n4!isitors" the most common kit for this class are 0arlocks and .net. ~ 3B ~ . These ma)es st!dy in h!)e monastaries and citadels !nder the t!ition of the elders and archma)es ho teach the yo!n) ma)elin)s and acolytes ne s$ells and skills that ill aid them in their task of controllin) the !se of ma)ic in Katahkis lands.Tome of the Damned Version 2. and the .a9oured Schools #ecromancy is the favo!red school for %hado &a)es. Their ma)ic is rarely of benevolant nat!re and are most often !sed to brin) destr!ction or sorro to enemies.h!l 3ords. The vile ener)ies she !ses have not affected her $hysically like some" b!t have had some stran)e sideffects any ay.s Eyes %hado ma)es are often des$erate individ!als ho ant to be better than the common man and make $acts ith e/tra$lanar creat!res like the (!ter (nes" or Demons. These sorcerers have a nat!ral affinity to ards this school and are imm!ne to the dibilitatin) effects of it's !se if they choose. %hado &a)es )ras$ these strands and !se it to $o er their ma)ic. Those that cross her often don't live lon) and she is not ell kno n for her mercif!l nat!re. This eb of ener)y s kno n as %hado &a)ic. 8enefits: %hado &a)es are imm!ne to the dibilitatin) effects of the !se of #ecromancy ma)ic if they choose. %olene hates ith a $assion. They discovered that evil is not only a belief" it is a force that reaches o!t thro!)ho!t the m!ltiverse and manifests itself" and feeds !$on" the evil tho!)hts of all bein)s. %olene %ilvaila is one s!ch ma)e. force of ma)ical $o er as discoverd h!ndreds of years a)o by ma)es on the orld of Tethi!s. This $o er ca!ses even )ood" noble creat!res to $erfomr actions that may be deemed by others as evil.rcanaloth of .a&E +bility %e1uire"ents: -ntelli)ence >E 0isdom >2 -ntelli)ence G!man" Elf" Galf-Elf 2ri"e %e1uisites: %aces +llo*ed: . Opening One. Finally" there is the Be2thra Kai of Katahkis" or The -n4!isition2s Black (rder. These entities teach the %hado &a)es these secrets in e/chan)e for services. %he has no res$ect for the dead and al ays reanimates fallen soldiers and enemies into !ndead creat!res to serve her. .

-f failed" she is str!ck ith insanity !nless c!red nothin) short of a heal s$ell. %$irits are only interested in ha!ntin) $o erf!l i8ards. This is raised as a 8ombie or skeleton" hichever is a$$ro$riate. 0hen the ma)e s!mmons a s$irit" they may only !se them for $!r$oses if they can bind them to thier ill. . For every 2 s$irits over <" an e/tra GD or level may be added to this n!mber. %ame r!les as above.s noted above" beneficial s$ells !sed on others (b!t not the ma)e herself) receive a $enalty.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Anfort!nately" for s$ells that are beneficial to others or that ill be !sed for benevolant $!r$oses" a -> $enalty is a$$lied. These skeletons ill serve the ma)e beca!se they are bo!nd to her" b!t they are some hat intelli)ent and have an avera)e intelli)ence of B and are all of some evil ali)nment. -f s!ccessf!l" the s$irit is eCected from the body and attaches iteself to the ma)e ho s!mmoned it.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %$ells that can ca!se harm" or are !sed to the detrement of others" receive a @> bon!s to all rolls. . The chance for this is e4!al to the ma)e2s chance to learn s$ells score. s$irit cannot enter a Protection From Evil s$ell" or a Paladin's holy a!ra. &ay be !sed to inhabit and ha!nt an area. They !s!ally manifest as a $olter)eist" b!t sometimes" they C!st ca!se terror to the inhabitants. This may be beneficial" for they sometimes teach ne s$ells and reveal the tho!)hts of those ho $lot a)ainst them" b!t other times they sim$ly take $erverse $leas!re o!t of drivin) a ma)e into madness. The h!man mind is entitled to an -ntelli)ence check ith a $enalty of > $er day" every day to break free of the s$irits. .easy. Players sho!ld act this ay and try as they mi)ht" they find it diffic!lt to tr!st anyone beca!se tr!st is dan)ero!s hen $o erf!l bein)s ant thier blood. &ay cast s$eak ith dead once a day at their level of ability. -f >? s$irits are !sed" a Hth level arrior may be $osessed. 2 Spirits or mor ! Spirits or mor %$irits ill remain ith the ma)e for > year $er level. %o a Hth level ma)e may s$eak ith the dead of Hth level of ability . The area may not be a ch!rch or tem$le of any )ood )od" beca!se s!ch )oodness is re$ellant to the evil s$irits. $osession may be c!red by a la f!l $riest of over <th level @> level $er e/tra s$irit inhabitin) the body. Ty$es of insanity are covered in the #ecromancer's Gandbook. . They may s!mmon > s$irit $er level $er day. (nce s$irits have arrived ho ever" they rarely leave and constantly his$er dark ords in the ears of the ma)e. For every month a ma)e has s$irits s!rro!ndin) them" they m!st make a isdom check modified by -> for every 2 s$irits ha!ntin) her each eek. &any are 4!ite melancholy or $aranoid and ri)htf!lly so. Thro!)h the contin!ed e/$os!re to the evil" $rimal forces" Paladins" clerics of )ood ali)nment" and creat!res of e/ce$tionally )ood ali)nment (incl!din) archons) recieve a $enalty of -> to hit and dama)e" and s$ells or s$ell-like abilites have a 2:D chance of failin) (re)ardless of hether it as beneficial or not) %hado &a)es also have the o$tion of !sin) the s$irits of the dead to inhabit bodies or areas. +ons!lt the table belo to determine the !sees that s$irits may be $!t to5 1 Spirit &ay be !sed to inhabit a dead body. %ole#2laying the Shado* Sorcerer %hado %orcerers often have stran)e habits and vie s. ma)e ho is ha!nted by s$irits $ercieves an almost !nnoticable maelstrom of t isted" rithin) bodies s irlin) aro!nd them. ~ 3C ~ . &ay be !sed to $osess a 0th-level h!man or h!manoid. :inderances: %hado &a)es tend to ards evil ali)nments" and re)ardless of tr!e ali)nments" creat!res like Ki*in ill attem$t to make life e/ce$tionally diffic!lt for them beca!se of their dim vie s to ards them.

To the s$ell caster" he sees lines of ener)y ra$$in) aro!nd them like a s$ider eb and he feels throbbin) $ains echoin) thro!)ho!t the body" radiatin) from the heart and head.Tome of the Damned Version 2. ~ 37 ~ .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 0hen castin) a s$ell" describe to the others that the tem$erat!re dro$s momentarily aro!n) the ma)e as he casts the s$ell. This hoosh can be heard on the ethereal $lane ho ever. 0hen the ma)ic is realeased" there is a lo!d hoosh in the ears of the sorcerer hich cannot be heard by anyone in the vicinity.

Sa9ing hro* ables used: #ecromancers make all saves as $riests" b!t )ain certain modifiers5 7 #ecromancers are 4!ite fearless and so make saves at @> here fear is the $rinci$le emotion. this is &est represented &y a high #isdom1 %ace: .8. Ge may" ho ever" em$loy (or force into servit!de) s!ch devoted a)ents of destr!ction as orcs" )nolls and trolls. . 3on) before his charisma reaches 8ero" ho ever" he is !s!ally chased from the to n he is residin) and starts a solitary life. Class +bility $ini"u"s: . Ge is f!rtive and recl!sive as to nsfolk distr!st and abhor the necromancer and all that he stands for.bham. . Ge $refers to s!rro!nd himself ith the dead (and !ndead)" not ith the livin).0isdom >: . Even animals smell the necromancer2s devotion to death and try to avoid him herever $ossible. Gi)h level necromancers are !s!ally the obCect of 4!ests for $aladins" ran)ers and hi)h level clerics. The necromancer ill need the services of the livin)" ho ever" if he ishes to erect a tem$le of death (see belo ) and so it is handy to have fe aro!nd.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The Necromancer D %. The necromancer detests s!nli)ht and o$en $laces (e/ce$t moonless ni)hts). a high stamina and health are essential to perform some of their tasks1 >2 .Tome of the Damned Version and so a high #illpo#er is re@uired to resist them and control them.necromancer needs to &e intelligent to &e a&le to comprehend the arcane forces in!ol!ed.s e/$lorers of death" all saves vs. Ge rarely s!bordinates himself to anyone and o!ld $refer to r!le his o n kin)dom of the dead. Co"bat =alue used: #ecromancers fi)ht as $riests. much as a #i-ard does1 >H . ~ 3G ~ . necromantic ma)icks and affects of !ndead they are not already imm!ne to. for 6creatin) a ne character class6 altho!)h this class as not created !sin) that method.The demands of a necromancer$s art are physically demanding and draining.Bark!am J csaiF4@cs.The po#ers the necromancer #ields are po#erful. lo -level necromancer ill $robably need to live in a to n so as to have access to the materials he needs to $ractice his art.ttem$ts to maintain secrecy are ham$ered by the loathsome nat!re of the necromancer2s ork and so" in effect" for each level the necromancer $ro)resses" he looses > charisma $oint as his a!ra of death becomes more and more $al$able" !ntil it reaches 8ero. 7 .&k E This class is com$letely se$arate from the normal s$ecialist i8ard" altho!)h there are certain overla$s. death ma)ic are made at @2" as are all saves vs. The necromancer is a loner.+onsit!tion . This loss also hel$s re$resent the )ro in) s!s$icion of ac4!aintances" and the )eneral reaction of $eo$le as he becomes imb!ed ith death.-ntelli)ence .s ith the s$ecialist i8ard necromancer" all necromancers m!st be h!man. The descri$tion belo conforms to that laid o!t in the D&.

+ontrol can also be broken by the s!ccessf!l castin) of a dis$el evil s$ell. :it 2oints 2er Le9el 8eyond >th: The necromancer )ains 2GP !$on attainin) each level beyond Jth.lternatively" there are s$ells the necromancer has access to that allo him to directly drain the life forces of others and add them to his o n (Vam$iric To!ch is one) as ell as some )ranted abilities hich ill be detailed later.s s!ch" any !ndead controlled by the necromancer cannot be t!rned hile the necromancer is $resent. The first of the necromancer2s abilities concerns his control over !ndead5 #ecromancers can comm!nicate ith !ndead" friendly or not" and may befriend !ndead" C!st as evil clerics can" !sin) the !ndead matri/. . :ealing: Anfort!nately for the necromancer" his association ith death makes it im$ossible for his o!nds to heal nat!rally" or thro!)h the !se of healin) ma)icks. . -f" ho ever" the necromancer rolls a >" then the !ndead immediately attack the necromancer.tho!)ht it best to $!t them to)ether as some abilities also co!nt as restrictions. Volitionless !ndead like skeletons and 8ombies are e/em$t from this ran)e restriction and may be left in an area ith some sim$le instr!ctions. 6D6 res!lt" means that the !ndead is $ermanently !nder his control" !ntil s!ch time as it is t!rned or killed. The ma/im!m n!mber of !ndead the necromancer may control is e4!al to >0GD=level. necromancer is also imm!ne to the $o ers of !ndead ith fe er GD than his level. The only other ay to )et !ndead to serve the necromancer $ermanently" is for the necromancer to $resent himself to friendly !ndead and if the res!lt is s!ccessf!l" then >->2 are $ermanently !nder his control.t second level" the necromancer )ains the ability to see in infravision" b!t his normal eyesi)ht deteriorates ith each s!ccessive level !ntil" at tenth level" it is no better than normal si)ht !nder a f!ll ~ 3F ~ . . Weapons +llo*ed: #ecromancers can !se any ty$e of non-ma)ical ea$on" and may !se all ma)ic items available to other classes e/ce$t s ords. . Git $oints m!st be re)ained by sacrificin) (demi-) h!mans in a rit!al re4!irin) a bra8ier" candles and a rit!ally $re$ared knife. (nly one rit!al can be $erformed $er day.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ :it !ice per le9el: #ecromancers !se a D< for determinin) hit $oints $l!s any constit!tion bon!ses 2roficiencies: #ecromancers )ain $roficiencies as $riests of the same level do +r"our +llo*ed: #ecromancers can !se any ty$e of armo!r and shields and !se their s$ecial talents" b!t cannot cast i8ard s$ells hile so adorned. +bilities and %estrictions: 0hile these sho!ld $robably be se$arate cate)ories" . Sight: . The rit!al takes one ho!r to $erform and heals the necromancer >GP for every GD or level of the creat!re sacrificed. -f the necromancer is $hysically $resent d!rin) the attem$ted breakin) of his control over the !ndead" then the attem$t ill a!tomatically failed. #ormal control lasts !ntil a )ood cleric t!rns them" the !ndead moves o!t of a ran)e of 202=necromancer2s level or o!t of line of si)ht.Tome of the Damned Version 2.

0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ moon. Curses: . Even destr!ction of the body ill not $revent this.$.Tome of the Damned Version 2. e"ple of !eath: . 7 /hile in his temple. The necromancer retains his abilities" b!t no lon)er advances in level. #ecromancers may also take i8ard s$ells from the school of necromancy as skills" too.ny remove c!rse or dis$el evil orks on this c!rse as a dis$el ma)ic orks on ma)ic. The tem$le bones are ma)ically resistant to dama)e and is treated as the hardest ty$e of stone. -f level >0 s$ells are !sed" these are also considered of )rade : ability. Skills: The necromancer" d!rin) his st!dies" ill come across methods of doin) necromantic thin)s. to b!ild. Ge may only $osses one tem$le of death at any one time" b!t if one is destroyed" he may create another. >:th level necromancer comes back as a lich. this ability is e4!ivalent to the clerical c!rse s$ell" b!t not a!tomatically removable. (nce learned" they may be !sed once a day" e/ce$t here noted in the skill descri$tion" a necromantic skill may be learned more than once" th!s allo in) the necromancer to !se it more than once $er day. 3evel > and 2 s$ells co!nt as )rade > skills" levels E and H co!nt as )rade 2" : and ? as )rade E" B and < as H" and J as )rade :. -6 if the target is not also in his temple1 7 The necromancer heals 6%P per turn #hile in his temple1 7 2inally. The necromancer $laces the c!rse as a cleric fo!r times his o n level (a >0th level necromancer $laces the c!rse as a H0th level cleric). #ecromantic abilities" once learned" cannot be for)otten and re$laced by other abilities" b!t nor need they be memorised to be !sed. . . The tem$le m!st be created o!t of the bones of creat!res killed by the necromancer or his servants" bonded to)ether ith a $aste made o!t of blood and vario!s thickeners. Andead slaves lack the de/terity to b!ild the tem$le" so livin) en)ineers m!st be bro!)ht in. These need not be memorised" sim$ly learned" and can be !sed once $er day" itho!t the need of com$le/ castin)s or s$ell com$onents. #ecromancers )ain these abilities $er level based on the belo table5 ~ 40 ~ . the necromancer can call up to one skeleton from the #alls of his temple per 6< cu&ic feet of &one per day1 These skeletons cannot &e called out #ithin =$ of each other and can ne!er lea!e the temple1 ?ndeath: 0hen the necromancer is killed" he can come back in a eek as a free. These s$ells can (#31 be taken from the school of necromancy" not all the s$ells necromancer s$ecialist i8ards have access to. This ability also allo s the necromancers to have an increased chance to see invisible" ith a :D chance $l!s >D $er level in addition to his normal chance.t >0th level" the necromancer may b!ild a tem$le of death. Each cleric has one try only. .illed !ndead of e4!al GD as he had levels in life. necromancer may c!rse his killer as he dies (ass!min) he has chance to s$eak it and kno s ho killed him). Bone alls m!st be at least >2 thick" and ceilin)s and floors" P2 thick.t the same time" his infravision becomes more acc!rate" losin) all of its characteristic 6f!88iness6 by tenth level" !nfort!nately" it cannot be !sed in s!nli)ht" or other bri)ht li)hts. The tem$le may be of any si8e" b!t every >0 c!bic feet costs >0 man-ho!rs and >0). These skills are learned in a similar ay to $roficiencies" b!t do not take !$ $roficiency slots" instead a necromancer may have a n!mber of them $er level de$endin)" C!st as ma)es may memorise a n!mber of s$ells. This 6reincarnation6 only orks once" if his !ndead form is killed too" he is $ermanently dead and cannot be res!rrected. sa!ing thro#s against his po#ers are at an additional -5. The necromancer also )ains the ability to see into other $lanes that to!ch the $rime material" es$ecially the ne)ative material" allo in) him to make o!t !ndead easily. This is not a$$licable in some cases" and sho!ld be obvio!s from the descri$tion.

s s$ell . . Process takes > eek" c!lminatin) in a ? ho!r rit!al. (nly orks hile eyes locked. s$ells a$$lies.. #ecromancers rarely do this" ho ever" as they $refer to have a broad base of necromantic kno led)e.Tome of the Damned Version 2.same as Erd level clerical s$ell. -ntelli)ence does not limit the n!mber of ma)ic s$ells he can learn as it does for a i8ard" beca!se the necromancer isn2t learnin) s$ells" b!t skills that sim$ly ha$$en to d!$licate ma)ic effects.. . .s &an!fact!re ..#ecromancer2s eyes act as those of vam$ire" e/ce$t hold instead of charm. brief descri$tion follo s each5 6rade & Skills 'ause Darkness 2ind Necromantic 2amiliar ura of (!il (!il (ye nimate Dead Detect Eife 6rade ' Skills Speak /ith Dead Manufacture Ghoul Manufacture Ghast . . ~ 4H ~ .ho!l" b!t a )hast is created. #ot a!tomatically !nder control.same as darkness >:2 radi!s s$ >st level i8ard s$ell" b!t familiar is necromantic (!ndead=demonic) in nat!re.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Le9el of 5ecro"ancer & >J ' >? 6rade . %ave vs.. &an!fact!re . . . >2 / : 0 E &0 . .nimates one skeleton or 8ombie to a ma/im!m of > skeleton or 8ombie $er level. .ho!l is $rere4!isite.+reates a )ho!l.cts as $rotection from )ood" at ill.s can be seen" if a necromancer sim$ly s$ecialised in i8ard s$ells" he o!ld be a formidable o$$onent for any reasonable ell armed $arty. .at ill. The e/tra abilities are listed belo " these can be chosen in addition to ma)ic s$ells.

save at -H..s s$ell .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ /raithform (motion 2ear Besto# 'urse 'ause Disease Speak /ith Dead 6rade . .... 6rade 0 Skills Summon ngel of Death ..s s$ell" save is at -H. .s E02 radi!s from caster" fear as s$ell at ill .save at -H.s man!fact!re . . .al ays on. %ave vs. +bilities 'ontact Bther Plane Dismissal "epulsion Dispel Good Manufacture /ight Manufacture Mummy Paralyse Possession . . Possession lasts !ntil s!nrise or the necromancer ends it.... .s man!fact!re i)ht" b!t man!fact!res a m!mmy" man!fact!re i)ht is $rere4!isite.s s$ell .hast is $rere4!isite. .no save.$ermanently on.#ecromancer2s stren)th is increased to ><=00 $ermanently" follo in) a ? ho!r rit!al d!rin) hich a $aladin ith ><=00 stren)th (ho the necromancer divines this ill be interestin) indeed) m!st be sacrificed to the )od of death. Death ma)ic at -? a$$lies ~ 42 ~ .s s$ell.s s$ell .. .s s$ell" ne)ative emotions only. . %ave vs.s s$ell. .at ill. . *e4!ires a ? ho!r rit!al d!rin) hich the necromancer m!st slo ly drain and drink the blood of a vir)in female. .s s$ell. . . Dnholy Strength rmour of Bone .s $riest s$ell ...#ecromancer2s to!ch ca!ses $aralysis for t o t!rns . death ma)ic a$$lies. .... .al ays on. .#o chance of )oin) insane.#ecromancer2s body $rotected by a s!$$le" yet stron)" e/oskeleton" )rantin) .hast" b!t man!fact!res a m!mmy" man!fact!re .+ 0 $ermanently. #ecromancer has access to kno led)e $ossessed does... s$ells a$$lies.Tome of the Damned Version 2..#ecromancer s!mmons an an)el of death and orders it to slay a sin)le individ!al !$ to E02 a ay.. 6rade / +bilities True Sight ura of 2ear Drain Eife 'reeping Doom Dnholy /ord /ither Touch Mind Blank Trap the Soul ge .This ability com$letely drains a to!ched victim of life. .)e +reat!re" e/ce$t a)ein) is 2 years=necromancer level for every >00 years of lifes$an..#ecromancer2s s$irit leaves his body and attem$ts to $ossess another" save vs..s s$ell. .s s$ell . .s s$ell .can2t )o above ma/im!m.s s$ell" b!t d!ration is > t!rn=level.s s$ell" necromancer co!nts as H levels hi)her. .s s$ell. #ecromancer )ains GP .s ither s$ell .s s$ell. .

rade =.%imilar to the animate dead skill" b!t the ma/im!m n!mber animatable is infinite. -t o!ld al ays be $ossible to im$ose f!rther restrictions on the necromancer5 The +om$lete Book of #ecromancers has some $rices for bein) a necromancer (and some e/tra abilities" if yo! care to !se them). P+ o!ld make a $oor necromancer any ay" not only d!e to the solitary distr!stf!l nat!re of the necromancer" b!t" at hi)her levels" necromancers rarely .( any here or D( anythin)" they stay in their tem$les" sendin) their !ndead o!t to do their ork" and researchin) f!rther necromantic skills and $ractisin) e/tant skills. . 3ndi9idual Class +*ards: (#ecromancer) Asin) a skill to overcome foes or $roblem5 %kill %!ccessf!lly researched5 %!ccessf!l +reation of Andead +reat!re5 %!ccessf!l +ontrol of Andead +reat!re5 %!ccessf!l Permanent +ontrol of Andead +reat!re5 :0LP :00LP >00LP >0LP 2:LP =. E-perience: #ecromancers )et e/$erience for anythin) they accom$lish as ell as anythin) his animated !ndead do in his $resence. To some this may a$$ear to be over$o erf!l" b!t hen yo! consider the restrictions on the activities of the necromancer" it almost seems to $ale in com$arison. #ecromancers also" $otentially" have access to the death s$ell at :th level. etc.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ nimate Dndead rmy Magic "esistance .rade =GD =GD =GD The necromancer $ro)resses !sin) the follo in) e/$erience table5 Le9el E-perience :it !ice (!@) > 0 > 2"2<<"000 J@>2 >: ~ 43 ~ . This class is chiefly desi)ned to make a very )ood arch-nemesis for a )ro!$ of )ood-ali)ned characters" and not to be !sed as a P+ class.:D = level .s can be seen" #ecromancers have the $otential to be VE*1 $o erf!l (at >0th level they co!ld !se a Jth level s$ell" or a )rade : ability). *e4!ire a rit!al sacrifice of some livin) creat!re ()ettin) more s$ecialised as the necromancer )oes !$ in level) to a$$ease the dark )ods he follo s.Tome of the Damned Version 2. .

D&.>>). (m!lt.s can be seen" the necromancer re4!ires more LP to )et to >:th level than a $aladin does9 -t can also be seen that this LP table follo s the $ro)ression )iven the 2nd Ed.Tome of the Damned Version 2. . ~ 44 ~ . they are more akin to )ranted $o ers once they have researched and learned a skill.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ >:th level is the ma/im!m attainable. $agic 3te"s: #ecromancers can !se ma)ic items belon)in) to all other classes" e/ce$t s ords" b!t there are no necromancy s$ecific ma)ic items that these necromancers can create as their $o ers are not ma)ical in nat!re (altho!)h they do d!$licate their effects).

(nly h!mans have the ild" !ntamed $assions to make a Demon Kni)ht. There no ay to chan)e ~ 4B ~ .Tome of the Damned Version 2. &any Demon Kni)hts are former heros and $aladins ho have decided to sh!n thier live of chivalry and hono!r and heed the dark his$ers of some Tanar'ri 3ord or another. . The minimim scores m!st be %tren)th >2 and +onstit!tion >H.a&E +bility %e1uire"ents: ...0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ WARRIORS OF THE NIGHT Demon )ni ht Aa1ar&s Dmarathon@-ist..+onstit!tion >H 2ri"e %e1uisites: %tren)th" +onstit!tion %aces +llo*ed: G!man Le9el > E-perience 0 :"HH:"000 :it !ie ( &d@ ) 2 >0 @ >E 20 Demon Kni)hts are a vile class of arriors dedicated to s$readin) the ills of thier dark Tanar'ri 3ords and $!rs!in) thier o n hedonistic desires. Demon Kni)ht &A%T be +haotic >2 . There is only one la amon)s the Demon Kni)hts5 Do 0hat Tho! 0ilt" %halt Be the 0hole of the 3a .

Demon Kni)hts deli)ht in )oin) into battle" screamin) ildly at the to$ of thier l!n)s and s$rayin) themselves ith )ore. They have no moral code of ethics and are des$icable creat!res ho m!st hide thier alle)ience in most maCor cities. #hen he disappoint him.Tome of the Damned Version 2.byss.afflictionH or.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ this" and any com$assionite and mercif!l actions from them are sim$ly e/ce$tions. . hey ha9e the follo*ing special benefits: .Demon 9night recei!es dark gifts from their patron /hen the Demon 9night pledges thier soul to their demonic lord. They enCoy $leas!res and hen not fi)htin)" ill ind!l)e in self )ratifyin) actions5 Drink" Prostit!tes" Fine Food and )amblin). he may choose to grant only an affliction111 . #hen a Demon 9night performs a great ser!ice to his lord. the lord may choose to grant another &enefit. 0hen thier master calls them to do battle" they m!st ans er or face the rath of thier lord..Demon 9night can harm &y laying on hands1 The 9night can cause 5 hit point per eAperience le!elGs #orth of damage #ith a successful attack #ith his fist1 . Failin) that" the Baba! ill arrive to take him" kickin) and screamin)" into the .Demon 9night recie!es a 45 &onus on all sa!ing thro#s .'annot associate #ith Paladins or Blue Guard they attack each other on sight1 8enefit able !ie %oll (&d&( ) > +ffect Drain 3evels D&'s ($tion !escription The Demon Kni)ht ill" on a s!ccesf!l !n-)a!ntletted $!nch attack or by layin) on hands" can drain an e/$erience level as a i)ht >0 +ffliction able Die *oll (>d20 ) Descri$tion ~ 4C ~ . the lord gifts them #ith signs of fa!our1 These are kno#n as The Badges of 'haos and come #ith thier o#n set of penalties and &enefits1 )f the DM chooses.May Backsta& assume normal rules for &acksta&&ing as per thief1 .. This ven)ence !s!ally comes in the form of a vile disfi)!ration and affliction. Demon Kni)ht hose %tren)th and +onstit!tion scores are >? or more recives a >0D bon!e to e/$erience $oints. Bein) chaotic" they are entitled to do hatever $leases them.Demon 9night is surrounded &y an aura of protection #ith a 6< foot radius1 ll summoned and specifically good creatures *like asimons+ suf %ealing *re!ersed+ and Protecti!e1 The ac@uisition of these spells are identical to a cleric of the same le!el1 ..

+reat!res affected by this a!ra can s$ot it's so!rce easily even if the Demon Kni)ht is dis)!ised. The 2d< h$ may seem e/cessive" b!t atch as the standard fi)hter's h$ )rad!ally $!lls a ay and far e/ceeds the Demon Kni)hts. Demon Kni)ht !sin) a hellblade $roCects a circle of $o er >0 feet in diameter hen the s ord is !nsheathed and held. Beacon of Evil5 These bein)s are #(T !nder the Kni)ht's command !nless he tries to control them ith his t!rnin) ability" other ise" they C!st follo him and )et in the ay. Demon Kni)ht )ains the $o er to t!rn $aladins" +elestials and Baate8! hen he reaches Erd level. Ge affects these monsters the same as does a cleric t o levels lo er. This a!ra of devestation is >0' $er level of the Kni)ht. (see the artifacts section in Tome of the Damned for stats of the hellblades) .ll hair t!rns hite or falls o!t Voice so!nds evil" lo " his$ery" or inh!man 20 5ote: .for e/amle" at Erd level he has the t!rnin) $o er of a >st level cleric. ~ 47 ~ .s yo! can see" the l!res of +haos and Evil are very tem$tin) to the yo!n). Demon Kni)ht can cast $riest s$ells from one of the follo in) s$heres (chosen !$on )eneration) #ecromancy" 0ar" +haos" +ombat"arts demandin) more and more. . The corr!$tin) evil takes it's toll on the arrior's health.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Fish are kno n to sim$ly die in the sea. They offer alot to first level characters" b!t this slo ly anes as time )oes by as the 3ord stfer a -> $enalty to thier attack rolls" re)ardless of hom they attack. . #ot that this t!rnin) also ca!ses $lants of non-ma)ical or monstero!s nat!re to ither and die aro!nd him.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ > . This $o er dis$els hostile ma)ic of a level !$ to the Kni)ht's e/$erience level.

They all )ather there" comin) from all across the *ealms" to take and itness the Test. They orshi$ and dra their $o er from the lesser )oddess . The victor ill then )ain the &ace he challen)ed" and his $revio!s &ace ill be itself the obCect of a Test and so on and so forth. . They hold the sacred tomes of the +ode (incl!din) the +ode of the &aces and the +ode of the Blood" the order2s history etc).the lake" thro!)h ma)ic (and $hysics) ill let no other bein) tread its aters" disinte)ratin) (no save) those of evil intent" re$!lsin) those ho mi)ht st!mble across it.Tome of the Damned Version 2. This is not to say that the hardy and st!bborn D arves don2t $lay $o er )ames" b!t there is an !ns$oken consent on the matter of $ride and $o er.. %till" the TE%T )oes on in the centre of the 3ake of dark merc!ry. 6a"e $echanics O The Brothers rise in levels like Paladins" the !se 0arrior attack ~ 4G ~ .t the bottom of the 3ake" or so the le)end )oes" is the %i/teenth &ace" the most $o erf!l &ace of all" holdin) the Goly Essence of . Tho!)h no-one besides the contestants" ho are honor-bo!nd never to reveal" kno hat the test as" it is said it involves time=s$ace=$lanar travel since it takes b!t an instance to the eyes of the observers and the contestants al ays ret!rn ith an o!tcome and !nharmed. There is no shame to the defeated in the Test" and s=he has a $riority in claimin) the ne victor2s old &ace.DacnkH@&kc.ddra. The t o contestants" in dark ceremonial robes" enter the 3ake and alk to its center. Vario!s $ro$hecies e/ist" foretellin) of dire dan)ers hen the %i/teenth &ace ill rise to the hands of &oradin and save the faihf!l of .one %layer challen)es the other for control of a &ace.$$rentices can only challen)e the BoneBrother" b!t other Brothers can challen)e any $osition e/ce$t one of the three (verBrothers" the most $o erf!l and senior members of the (rder" ho act as +ommanders and Gi)h Priests. Both male and female d arves can Coin the %layers.ddra.ddra" &oradin2s Gandmaiden of 3ife" and the 3ake of &erc!ry" an !nder)ro!nd lake ith $o erf!l ma)ical $ro$erties. +hallen)es m!st be defended or else the $osition is forfeit" b!t this is a little-!sed section of the +ode" since com$etition is fierce.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The Dark Brotherhood of Addra #!e1 )in.&kE The Dark BrotherGood" other ise kno n as the %layers" the Blood Brothers or the Kni)hts of .ddra for)ed the &aces" is the holy centre of the Brothers. Be))inin) as a$$rentices" they follo the Brothers on their 4!ests and advent!res" !ntil they are deemed othy of the. Dee$" hidden in !nkno n and shielded caverns some here in Faer!n" the 3ake is the meetin) $lace of the %layers every >0 years. %ince there are b!t >E &aces available to the Brothers" only the fittest m!st have the $rivile)e of ieldin) them.ddra" are an e/cl!sively d arven Kni)hly (rder devoted to the destr!ction of Andead" 3o er Planar +reat!res and their s!mmoners and makers. The (verbrothers" ho cannot be challen)ed" are ordained or confirmed by the total ill of the The TE%T is a challen)e. . ES of the L+<E The 3ake of &erc!ry" from here le)end has it ..

"emo!e 'urse.Tome of the Damned Version 2. The have the follo in) Bon!s #0P5 BlindFi)htin)" Andead 3ore. from!$5 &aces" Flails" Gammers) only once. They !s!ally ear sk!ll.s Le9el 77 A @ > &( && > &' > &. Glyph of /arding. / 0 ) - 8rother of +ddra. Sanctuary. 'reate 2ood & /ater1 'loak of Bra!ery. Slo# Poison Speak #ith Dead. The Brothers have the follo in) %$ells available to them5 Bless. (rdinary Brothers may be more $o erf!l in levels" b!t never in ma)ic or &ace.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ val!es" Priest savin) thro s" 0arrior $roficiencies. Titled Brothers ith a &ace m!st be at least 2nd 3evel" b!t other than that" Paladin level need not coincide ith &ace level. 'ure Disease. 2ind Traps. #ote that a BoneBrother can theoretically be E0th 3evel ( . They can !se any ea$ons" and !s!ally carry a normal mace or flail" an a/e and crossbo .h!man adavancement) and a BloodBrother 2nd level" b!t that o!ld never act!ally ha$$en. The )ain the Priest2s &D. The Brothers can s$ecialise (!s!ally in Ti)ht .or demon-sha$ed red 7 hite helms. Neutralise Poison O O O O LE=EL 3 LE=EL 33 LE=EL 333 LE=EL 3= They Brothers have the follo in) %$ell Pro)ression 3evel5 Spell Le9el & ' . They can ear any armo!r" and !s!ally $refer silver-chased $late armo!rs" or chain mail ith ma)nificent breast$lates and blood red tabards. O O *e4!isites for Coinin) the (rder are >?@ +(#" >H@ %T*" >E@ 0-%. 2lame Blade. 'ontinual Eight. ~ 4F ~ . They can 2track2 !ndead or discover the so!rces of infestation" as ell as detect !ndead in a 20 yard radi!s )lobe. Negati!e Plane Protection.!se a semi-slo b!t !nlimited demi. )n!isi&ility to Dndead. "emo!e 2ear. Detect (!il. Eight Spiritual %ammer. > &/ > &0 2 &) E / OO (nly (verBrothers can achieve >?th +astin) 3evel. P!r$le" red" hite and silver are their favored colors. Protection from (!il.

*.rimar/ -oa! the destr&ction of the most and most .T-(# $aces of the 8rother hood Ske Bo" 6hl Sha Wig 6hs ?ndead ype Wra $u" Spe =a" 6ho Lic !e9 ~ B0 ~ .*K9 :E $+CES O. .ddra ill dis$el the Fear and Evil. This !ni4!e symbol is )iven to the Brother !$on his )ainin) a &ace" and if lost or destroyed in any ay or for any reason" the Brother m!st offer the blood of a she-Vam$ire hom s=he defeated to the 3ake.ll &aces are ielded as @> 0ea$ons" e/ce$t the DaevilBanes" hich are @2 for the (verBrothers.o$erf&! 'ndead The Brother m!st never leave a battle ith Andead !nless a far )reater destr!ction is $lanned. :E CO!E O.B3E > +G.#+E (F %.some are even Flails" e) . . The more $o erf!l the &ace" the less of a chance the Andead have of savin) vers!s Disinte)ration" as in Table >5 T.ddra The Brother m&st a!$a/s ha6e as .hostbane" on the other hand" o!ld be b!t a r!ne-covered crystal rod (!nbreakable" of co!rse). .VE V% D-%-#TE. The Brother m!st never fear in the face of Andeath.Tome of the Damned Version 2. :E 8%O :E%:OO! There e/ist >: &aces.ddra5 a fist-si8ed red 7 black sk!ll made of 3ake &ithril.ddra is 3a The 0ord of the (verBrother is 3a " second only to .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ &aterial com$onents are al ays a bit of bone" a dro$ of blood and the Goly %ymbol of . This is C!st a sam$le.ll &aces are different. :E 8LOO! O O M O O The 0ord of . .>2" one for each ty$e of Andead" and Three" the &aces of the (verBrothers" hich destroy Devils.dd to it as yo! see fit to cover contin)ecies" b!t al ays kee$ in mind that these D arves are to!)h" $io!s and D. chants to .!s!ally consider BoneBane (vs %keletons) a T o-Geaded Flail" or *otBane (vs &!mmies) is e4!i$$ed ith red-hot s$ikes.

. Kno led)e of the best attack and s!rest defences is im$licitly im$arted to the ielder of the &ace" s$ecific to the chosen ty$e" b!t as s=he a4!ires more $o erf!l &aces" the $revio!s kno led)e is less than com$lete.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ >0 >: 20 2: E0 E: H0 H: :0 :: ?0 ?: : !ae9ilba ne #ote that the chose Andead only has b!t :D chance to save.ttack and Dama)e *olls for the chosen Andead -t can hit any Andead" re)ardless of silver" ma)ical or other ea$ons needed to hit.the %aceJ this does MnotM a.!ication to #ddra.even mi)hty Devils ill fall to the DaevilBanes..ltho!)h not e/$licilty forbitten by the +ode" !se of the &ace in combat a)ainst non-!ndead is fro ned !$on.!/ d&rin.Tome of the Damned Version 2. The ielder2s si)n ill a$$ear on the &ace if he braves immense dan)er to com$lete a heroic task of destroyin) some $o erf!l Andead.+E" $art of the +ode of Blood" hich the %layer m!st !nfailin)ly observe5 M O O O O E6er/ $ie!din. The &ace m!st not fall into the hands of another bein). :E C?%%E5 S + ?S of :E O%!E% ~ BH ~ .anied b/ a chant and s&.batt!e@ b&t the creat&re sti!! has to sa6e. -f it ever is" it ill shock its ielder (:d?) and never a)ain acce$t him. The fe $recio!s si)ns of the $revio!s heroes can be see on the shafts of the ea$ons.of the %ace m&st be accom.oints of dama-e to an/ E6i! or 'ndead creat&re to&chin. Even if the Andead saves" do!ble dice dama)e ill be inflicted. @2 to saves vers!s the attacks of the s$ecific Andead. . The &ace is not to be !sed a)ainst non-evil creat!res. -t allo s the %layer to T!rn the chosen Andead as a +leric of e4!al level" b!t this is es$ecially disco!ra)ed" and destr!ction by ea$ons is the $reffered ay of dealin) ith Andead. . @> to . There is a +(DE of the &. (ther Andead can be t!rned at -2 levels. Other properties include: M O O O O O BdC .n offerin) of blood and bones m!st be made to .ddra once every f!ll moon" and smeared on the &ace held over a fire.

Pero DevaGand (dm) Pal? - +loran MemDee) (dm) Pal< - Gella KernFoot ()f) Pal2 - &eth &oore%taff (dm) Bard<=Pal< - Br!ma . The (verBrothers al ays travel to)ether. Ferrya D!mathallo (df) Pal>J (ld and ise" she is e/tremely !)ly b!t !ncom$arably virt!o!s. These Three hold the Daevil&aces.eaks@ and seems ha&ntinand s. Ge is advent!rin) in East . lot of them are members of advent!rin) com$anies" b!t they mostly )o alone" e/ce$t for the com$any of #ovice Brothers ho accom$any lo -to-medi!m level Brothers. Ge has access to $o erf!l ma)ic. . .ho!lBrother" a very 4!iet" calm" yo!n) d arven maiden.(dm" a!HB J B!oodBrother@ r&mored to ha6e 6isited the demi. +!$$a 0oodG!) (df) Pal>H - .oddess Gerself" and they ill )o to the aid of valiant Brother facin) over helmin) evil. %hado Brother" one of the most $io!s in the (rder" is c!rrently on a 4!est to retrieve his lost Goly %ymbol in the . QombieBrother" a very $romisin) arrior" he is very yo!n) and boistero!s. Ge is advent!rin) ith 2The Five %$ikes2 in the %o!thern % ord +oast.!ace of a fa!!en one. 0raithBrother" a d arf from the Far %o!th" he is a storyteller of )reat fame and charisma" as he !sed to be a Bard in the %o!thern lands before he Coined.ltho!)h yo! can (and $robably ill) make yo!r o n (rder" the (rder as it stands no in my cam$ain) is the follo in)5 -t has been three years since the last TE%T. %he is an initiate" aidin) +loran. .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ .)larond.ormanth VrokBane (dm) Pal2? .is hair is stark $hite@ as his armo&r.tlantar dm Pal>B - 3ichBrother" his armo!r is a master$iece of craftsmanshi$" a s!it of heavily enchanted everbl!e $late ith r!by eye ards and elvish ~ B2 ~ . (ther im$ortant Brothers are5 8eondas %e!ea.The oldest" he is over B00 years old. %he is !ni4!e amon) the Brothers in her love for nat!re" th!s her name. The (verBrothers are never to be seen e/ce$t at the TE%T%" b!t $rayer to the . The only non-d arf" she is a rare half-d arf" half-)nome.e is the /o&n-est and stron-est@ and $as 7&st ordained *6erBrother in the .reat Desert. .!ane of 2a6en!oft.ook/ e6en to his fe!!o$s.e ne6er s.ddra ill reach them as s!rely as it ill reach the .t ined shafts of red mithril" ith the r!nes of $ast (verBrothers" ith a head made of $!re hite bone ith black devil horns as s$ikes. They are5 0&--as Brass%ask (dm" a!22 J .Tome of the Damned Version 2.The brothers are a)ain scattered thro!)ho!t the *ealms in search of Andead and vile ma)ic of !ndeath.

.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ feather-lace helm.. The Blood Brothers kee$ their e/istance a secret even from their fello advent!rers" as many are the s$itef!l Dark 0i8ards hose minions they have th arted.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Be one" or never see one.. ~ B3 ~ . The only Brother to assosciate ith hat the others call scatterbrain elves" he advent!res ith the +om$any of the Three 0hite &oons" mostly Elves" in the &oonsea.

!eath 6lo9es These are the )loves that )o ith Death$s 'loak.ed&E This item is similar to the Decanter of Endless 0ater" from hich it is derived" altho!)h in the case of this item" it is fresh blood" and not ater" that is created. -t can be !sed as a s$ell com$onent" for e/am$le" or to satiate a vam$ire2s thirst.indiana. -f the roll s!cceeds" the victim fells a sli)ht chill alon) the back of his s$ine. This item may be !sed three times $er day (each time lastin) > ho!r)" and then becomes an ordinary cloak for the remainder of that day.. Bein) to!ched by someone earin) these )loves $rovides a 'hill Touch s$ell to be !s!red o!t of them. $araly8ation)" and s!ffer the effects of the s$ell if the roll is failed.dia!.ltho!)h" it drains . the livin) 7 a -2 vs.&cs. ~ B4 ~ E !eath Cloak This cloak is lar)e and black" and hen $laced !$on a character" and the hoood is $!lled !$ over the head" the character2s face o!ld look like death himself (skeletol head). #auntlet of the Necromancer D #aron Bo$man J aaron@bo$man.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ MAGICAL ITEMS Chalice of 0$erlastin Blood %ichae! Thomas <assbender Dmfassben@si!6er. !ndead. They make the hands of the earer a$$ear skeletol" and only add to the ill!sion of the earer bein) Death. This item as first created by an ancient vam$ire" Germann %ie)m!nd von 0alf!erth" ho re)!larly s$ends e/tended $eriods of time in ma)ical research and cannot al ays find time for the h!nt.tiac. The victim may roll a)ainst the s$ell (vs. &orales are decreased by H at the si)ht of Death" !nless the victim has (yes of True Seeing or somethin) similar. -t can be rechar)ed by castin) . .#1 o ner2s GP" for evil characters it2s not eno!)h to affect them. These can !s!ally be fo!nd in a hidden rear $ocket of Death$s 'loak. Beca!se of the ma)ics !sed to create the item" the blood is fresh for all $!r$oses to hich the !ser can $!t it. -t ill drain Ed? h$ from any one to!ched by it (by the o ners re4!est) 7 add it to the o ners GP" even over his=her ma/ (see the vam$iric to!ch) as lon) as it2s on their hand or taken a ay by normal dama)e. 0hen activated by its command ord" the +halice fills ith blood" and no matter ho m!ch is $o!red o!t" it remains f!ll !ntil de-activated by command. -t may be !sed a)ain in the same manner for the ne/t day" and so on after that. (nly evil characters may !se this item itho!t bein) drained of >d? GP every ro!nd the )a!ntlet is in contact ith the earer. These can be activated only ith the cloak on the earer" and for the limited time mentioned above.ampiric Touch !$on E (20-:0 char)es) This )a!ntlet is 6dra n6 to the livin)" $rovidin) a @E to hit vs. -t thrives on the life force of the livin).inter. #ote" ho ever" that the +halice rarely if ever can s!ffice to f!lfill rit!al $!r$oses" since s!ch rit!als (as in &ayan blood offerin)s) ty$ically em$hasi8e the Osheddin)O of blood" and not merely its $resence.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Death(s #arments D )e6in 8an-!e/ J k!an-!e/@!arab/.

e/.cr!.co.) The level at hich the rin) o$erates is determined as follo s. To !se one a ma)e has to dress it in the style of the intended victim. -t doesn2t have to be $erfect b!t sho!ld at least resemble a fi)hter if the victim is a fi)hter etc. -t2s last kno n ielder as . They )!ard the secret of their creation Cealo!sly and are loathe to let them fall into the hands of the (!tsiders. Gil$ar as Kin) F!stan2s 6dirty little secret"6 and des$ite the $olitical e/$ediency of elimatin) the evil $riest from the Third 3and" F!stan2s $ast dealin)s ith Gil$ar (and his $resent fear of the man) ere C!st too dan)ero!s to see the li)ht of day. Gater is a lar)e b!t ieldy da))er.&kE These dolls are re$!ted to be made by the recl!sive s am$ itches of Kithask.aec!.. The ma)e may no !se the follo in) abilities5 7 +lairvoyance=claira!dience three times a day on the victim2s location. 7 By $rickin) the doll ith a $in the ma)e may ca!se > $oint of dama)e to the victim. (nce this is done" the secret ords are s$oken and a link is for)ed bet een the doll and the victim. This re4!ires an a$$ro$riate $roficiency roll (or de/-2) check and 2dH ho!rs. &in of the Necromancer 2obert 0ohan Enters D$$. (#ote to D&" it is not necessarily noticed by the earer that h$s are bein) drained" if someone havin) ?0 h$s loses one of them" it ill for e/am$le not be noticed. %o Gil$ar ke$t his icked c!lt of Vesh alive for many years" and many ere the sacrifices that ent to Vesh thro!)h the blade of Gater.ed&E This rin)" besto s !$on any evil creat!re" the ability to control !ndead as an evil cleric. #evertheless" a fe of these dolls have indeed fo!nd themselves in the hands of ma)es from aro!nd the land.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %ater D Tim Dickinson J dickinst@cr!H. (This check sho!ld be made in secret by the D&. ~ BB ~ . %omeone ho only has H h$s ill notice immediately f.i.aro8 Gil$ar" the .ssassin-Priest of Vesh in the Third 3and. voodoo doll" altho!)h e/$ertly made from ood or cloth" (com$lete ith movin) Coints) " is al ays feat!reless and )eneric.@data$orks. %ee belo ).Tome of the Damned Version 2. -ts en)ravin)s and lar)e bloodstone obvio!sly mark it as ceremonial" b!t its balance" sha$e and ed)e also make it an acce$table combat ea$on. &ore im$ortantly" the ma)e m!st incor$orate either some $art of the victim in the doll (blood" fin)ernail cli$$in) etc)" or incl!de some $ersonal $ossession of the E Gater is a ma)ical da))er of !ndo!btedly diabolic creation. 0>-E: lvl < E?-?: lvl J lvl >2 J?-00 +oodoo Doll 2ick/ 0a/ e!t3 Dde6e!o. . *!mo!rs said that in the hands of a death $riest like Gil$ar" its evil ma)ic $o ers came to flo er5 his$ered m!tterin)s of the da))er drainin) all the blood from its victims" or fiendish $hantoms iss!in) forth from it to devo!r the sacrifice. -f tried on by a ne!tral creat!re" the rin) ill sim$ly be inert" if tried on by a )ood creat!re" that creat!re ill be drained for >h$d $er ro!nd orn..

0hen in)ested the victim is allo ed a savin) thro vs $oison to resist the effects. B!t re)!lar in)estion of the $o der ens!res contin!ed loyalty to the itch. . Go ever" any ma)ical tests ill sho that the victim is act!ally still alive). -t is r!mo!red that there e/ist more $o erf!l dolls that allo the ma)e to cast certain s$ells thro!)h the doll to affect the victim s!ch as charm $erson and E%P. -t is im$ortant to note that the itches are caref!l to maintain the $retense that they have act!ally raised the dead. (nce an attack backfires the link is broken (altho!)h it may be refor)ed from scratch). -f failed then after >dH ho!rs the !nfor!nate individ!al ill ra$idly eaken and a$$ear to 2die2. . The 28ombie2 ill follo orders blindly and fi)ht at half his or her normal level.ll $hysical tests ill detect that the victim is dead. (.n initiative roll is re4!ired in a combat sit!ation).@data$orks. 3astly" a victim ho realises hat is ha$$enin) may attem$t to have a dis$el ma)ic s$ell cast !$on himself (for the e/$ress $!r$ose of breakin) the voodoo link).fter >-2 days tho!)h" the itch ill $roc!re the 2body2. The ma)e may break the link safely himself" b!t it takes a fe seconds to do so. &any are able to do this any ay" b!t a 28ombie2 $roc!red by this method has several advanta)es5 First" the itch often tries to !se the $o der on a reasonably $o erf!l individ!al res!ltin) in a stron)er than normal 8ombie.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 7 By stabbin) the doll ith a da))er" the dama)e is conferred to the victim. -f the dis$el ma)ic s$ell orks there is an immediate backlash to the ma)e !sin) the doll ca!sin) Ed? $oints of dama)e (save vs s$ell for half). The victim ill be in a trance and is totally s!))estable to the commands of the itch" actin) C!st like a 8ombie. -f the ma)e failed his ori)inal $rofiency check then altho!)h the clairvoyance = claira!dience $o er orks there is a small chance that any !se of a dama)in) $o er backfires9 This chance is >0D for every $oint that the ma)e failed his $rofiency check by.) ~ BC ~ . The reci$e is" of co!rse" kno n only to the s am$ itches. 1om!ie Powder 2ick/ 0a/ e!t3 Dde6e!o. The itch ill then b!ry the victim or allo him or her to be b!ried.ltho!)h the lack of the smell of decay may ti$ off any o$$onents that somethin) is ron)" this ill $robably not be !ntil all their T!rnin) attem$ts and $rotection from !ndead s$ells have failed9 The victim of the 8ombie $o der remains in a trance for only 2dH days. The victim is allo ed an initial savin) thro (vs s$ell) hen the link is first for)ed (rolled secretly by the D&) b!t is other ise !na are of the link. %econdly" the victim isn2t act!ally !ndead.&kE Ased by the s am$ itches in order to retain servants and to instill fear in the local villa)ers" the 8ombie $o der is a $oison hose man!fact!re re4!ires vario!s creat!res and $lants hich e/ist only in the s am$s. Anlike a normal 8ombie" the victim )ets normal initiative in combat.Tome of the Damned Version 2. (Every time a victim is fed more $o der he receives another save vs $oison b!t at a -? $enalty. (. Go ever the doll may only take Hd>0 $oints of dama)e in this ay before bein) . The same a$$lies if the doll is destroyed before the link is broken.ll the above abilities only ork if the ma)e and victim are ithin : miles of each other (and on the same $lane).

% am$ itches often kee$ several of these $se!do-8ombies as servants and )!ardians" often !sin) ma)ic to enhance their 2!ndead2 a$$earance. .bility $oints are re)ained at the rate of one (in each ability) $er day of com$lete rest. .fter bein) released from the trance (by makin) the savin) thro or by the hel$ of others) the victim ill be e/tremely eak (half stats).0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ .Tome of the Damned Version 2. ~ B7 ~ . victim may be released from the 8ombie trance by others (if they realise hat has ha$$ened) by the !se of a dis$el ma)ic or remove c!rse s$ell follo ed by a c!re $oison s$ell cast at Bth level of ability.

~ BG ~ . The o ner is contin!o!sly fed the so!l and retains the added $o er as lon) as he holds onto the s ord" 3ettin) )o of the s ord 2breaks2 the !mbilical cord of the s ord to the o ner. -t is a Broads ord ith an -#T5 >: and E. -f a Gellblade ever comes ithin :02 of another each $ossessor of the blade m!st make a 0isdom check at -: or be forced to slay the other.. %cimitar that )lo s ith a $!re r!by radiance and can Gaste its $ossessor thrice $er day at the >2th level of ! E -t as r!mored many a year a)o that d!rin) the )reat ars hen the Elves !nited to battle the Dark Elves and to ca!se them to flee to the vast !nder)ro!nd" ." as chosen by the D&.ll that is kno is that they are ea$ons of 4!ite evil $o er. >0. This translates into the victim receivin) one of the victim2s $o ers" attrib!tes" etc.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ ANCIENT MAGICAL ARTIFACTS %ell!lades D 'rk!ore the 5ron J &rk!ore@tiac. . $erverted t isted version of that saintly ea$on. The s ords contin!o!sly feeds on the so!l !ntil it strikes another victim ith a nat!ral 20 here the $rocess starts all over a)ain and the o ner loses the $o er of the old so!l and )ains another. These ea$ons are so $o erf!l and evilly enchanted that if broken they ill sim$ly reform themselves and if ever torn a ay from their o ner they ill sim$ly slide closer to )et ithin the $resence of their o ner" distance not bein) a factor" tho!)h it may take some time to )et to its o ner if the distance is very )reat. They shed li)ht on command of their nat!ral color in a E02 radi!s. This save is made $er ro!nd !ntil one of the other is slain" the s ords are se$arated from the radi!s" or the s ords are some ho se$arated by a different dimension or s!ch (s!ch as $!ttin) it in a Portable Gole or Ba) of Goldin)). Each Gellblade also has an e)o" -nt" and a defensive $o er to hel$ its o ner. -f a Gellblade s!cks an e/ce$tionally $o erf!l so!l (>0@3evel=GD) the $ossessor m!st immediately make a 0is-H check or the s ord ill become 2fren8ied2 and ca!se (act!ally force) the !ser to attack for >dH ro!nds the nearest livin) thin) in ho$e of additional 2feedin)29 Those slain by a Gellblade are dead" and cannot be raised or res!rrected short of a ish.EC : Each s ord f!nctions as a modified % ord of %har$ness" they are all @E ea$ons and sever a random limb (not neck=head tho!)h) on a nat!ral roll of ><->J. The 2>E2 kno n Gellblades are as follo ed5 <5OW5 :ELL8L+!ES 02cali!ur 3unior . #ote that !ndead and the like have no so!l and on a nat!ral roll of 20 only %har$ness %everin) occ!rs.(. 'ifeater . -t has an -#T5 >B and an E. #obody kno s ho many blades ere act!ally for)ed and enchanted and ho many still e/ist after so many cent!ries.rmor ($!r$le )lo ) thrice $er day for its $ossessor at the >2 level of ability. #ote the !ser is a)ed T0( years $er !se of the Gaste $o er.!l)araith" a ell e/$erienced fi)hter=ma)e Dark Elf" for)ed n!mero!s s ords of )reat $o er to hel$ in those ars. Gellblades cannot ho ever talk" !se Tele$athy" and the like. The $ossessor of a Gellblade is also fed by the s ord some of the so!l2s life essence as ell. This is ho The Gellblades came to s!rface on the mortal orld of man. Go ever" their most kno n $o er is the ability" on a nat!ral 20" to s!ck the victim2s so!l form his body" th!s killin) the victim o!tri)ht" and feed !$on it. -t )lo s ith a $!r$le radiance and has the $o er of . O=E%+LL E.Tome of the Damned Version 2.(5 >0.

rayish radiance. 'ifesucker . -t has an -#T5 >: and an E. Broads ord that )lo s ith a colorless radiance9 -t has three $o ers that it can )rant on its $ossessor once a day each instead of one $o er thrice $er day.(5 >0 Soulsucker . Souldrainer . Souleater . %horts ord that )lo s ith a bl!ish radiance that can 0aterbreathe and Bl!r its $ossessor Thrice $er day each at the ?th level of !se. Broads ord that )lo s ith a hitish radiance. Soulswallower . This s ord has the ability to #e)ative Plane Protection its $ossessor thrice $er day at the >2th level of !se. Soultaster .ll $o ers f!nction at the >2th level of ability and are as follo ed5 -m$roved -nvisibility" . This s ord )rants its $ossessor EBD &a)ic *esistance hen held and the ability to &inor .host . Broads ord that )lo s ith a black radiance.rmor its $ossessor thrice $er day at the >2th level of ability. This s ord can *aise Dead its $ossessor (#31 thrice $er day at the >2th level of ability.lobe of -nv!lnerability its o ner thrice $er day at the >2 level of ability. -t can . Broads ord that )lo s ith a blackish radiance" it has the ability to .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'ifelicker . %horts ord that )lo s ith a yello ish radiance" it has the ability to %toneskin its $ossessor thrice $er day at the >2 level of ability. . ~ BF ~ . Broads ord that )lo s ith a sickly $!r$lish=yello ish radiance.(5 >H. The s ord can only do once $er day Tenser2s Transformation on its $ossessor b!t at the >Eth level of !se.(5 >2.lter %elf" and #on-Detection.(5 >B. -t has an -#T5 >B and an E.(5 >:.(5 >0 Soulskinner .nti&a)ic %hell is $ossessor thrice $er day at the >2th level of ability. -t has an -#T5 >? and an E. Soulde$ourer . -t has an -#T5 >B and an E.Tome of the Damned Version 2.(5 >2. -t has an -#T5 >? and an E. -t has an -#T5 >B and E. 3on)s ord that )lo s ith a sickly . -t has an -#T5 >B and an E. -t $ermanently $rotects the !ser as a *esist +old s$ell and can Protection From .(5 >2. -t has an -#T5 >B and an E.(5 >0.reenish=1ello ish radiance. Bastard % ord that )lo s ith a . %ell!earer .ood its $ossessor thrice $er day at the >2th level of !se. -t has an -#T5 >? and an E. -t has an -#T5 >B and an E. massive T o-Ganded s ord that )lo s ith a rainbo m!lti-colored radiance.(5 >E. The $ossessor ill sim$ly 2rise2 back !$ from the dead ith >h$ and one +(# less b!t ill still be able to f!nction normally itho!t the needed rest.

%ho!ld he or any of his $ro)eny fail him" the s ord ill be $assed on to another. -t as )iven to each s!ccessive em$eror of the lands of Katahkis. -t has an -#T5 >B and an E. -t )rants its !ser Fire *esistance and has the $o er to &irror -ma)e it $ossessor thrice $er day at the >2 level of ability. D!e to the recent death of its last ielder" Em$eror Kylos" the s ord as not $assed on beca!se his only s!rvivin) da!)hter" Princess .enevieve o!ld not acce$t r!lershi$ of the evil lands. -ts handle" $ommel and cross bar have been sha$ed o!t of a stran)e ivory material into sha$es of snakes. (nly those ho held the s ord may r!le. 0ith that" he came in $erson to the h!mbled First Em$eror of Katahkis and handed him the mi)hty ea$on" sayin) that the s ord ill remain in his line so lon) as the Em$eror served Khaine ell. Ge looked to his $eo$le" the h!mans kno n as *avier and told them that this s ord ill be the si)n of r!lershi$ of Katahkis. For tho!sands of years" the s ord remained in the family and the lands of Katahkis 4!adr!$led in si8e.ood o$$onents. #o the blade a aits a ne o ner" one ho ill take the blade illin) or not" and claim the throne of Katahkis as their o n.Tome of the Damned Version 2. The *avier became a force to be reckoned ith and soon" became as feared by the so!thern kin)doms of &adras" +!r-Kela and The +radle of 3oren amon)st others. The *avier soon became ~ C0 ~ . 0hen ielded by the Em$eror" Priests of Khaine" or Gell Kni)hts it has the follo in) $o ers5 ma)ic resistance of :0D in a :-foot radi!s" dis$els ma)ic in a :-foot radi!s at the level of the ielder and inflicts @>0 $oints of dama)e !$on +haotic . . The blade is made from cold" silvery hite steel. -ts b!88in) voice can ca!se ears and noses to bleed" so it often s$eaks thro!)h tele$athy hich is no less !ncomfortable.reats ord of $!re black %teel" it )lo s ith a bri)ht red radiance of the fires of hell itself.a&E The blade ielded by the former Em$eror of Katahkis as once kno n as I!iet!s.od of 0ar" Bloodshed" Tyranny and ($$ression lon) a)o. The $ommel is sha$ed like the sk!ll of an abishai" ith si/ snake-like sha$es rearin) o!t. The 0ido maker is the 3a f!l Evil e4!ivalent to the Goly . The five-$ointed star is embla8oned there too" and hen the $o ers of the s ord are invoked" it flares ith a hite li)ht. -t can stay like this indefinitely" b!t its floatin) $o er ceases hen it is )ras$ed.ven)er. -n the be)innin) of creation" the )reater )od of tyranny" bloodshed and ar for)ed a blade in the coldest" dee$est $art of #ess!s" the ninth layer of Baator. #ot only did the s ord smite do n its enemies" it )ave the *avier ho$e kno in) that )lory as bein) delivered to them. This deadly blade as said to have been for)ed by the )reater . -ntelli)ence5 E)o5 20 >J The blade comm!nicates ith %$eech and Tele$athy. Weapon Statistics The blade is a T o-Ganded s ord" @: 0ido maker. 0hen the blade as com$leted" the )od smiled ith deli)ht at his creation. 0hen not sheathed" the s ord floats in the air" blade $ointin) do n.(5 >2. 4uietus 5 The Sword of )haine Aa1ar&s Dmarathon@-ist. :istory This blade has been as m!ch a si)n of r!lershi$ as the cro n. (ther ise" it is only a s ord +ppearance This $o erf!l artifact as for)ed from an alien metal by a divine hand.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Soulzapper .

$inor 2o*ers The follo in) $o ers are contin!o!s even if the s ord is not bein) held. Tho!)h he still r!led" the $eo$le lost res$ect for him and military stren)th s!ffered as a res!lt. 0hen he died" it sho!ld have been his only s!rvivin) child ho o!ld receive the blade" b!t she adamantly ref!sed to acce$t this $osition. The s ord as snatched from him immediately" and slo ly the Em$eror's health be)an to fade alon) ith the $eo$le's res$ect.ood and +haos >0' radi!s *e)enerate H GP a t!rn ~ CH ~ . -t does not tolerate com$assion or disobedience. The $eo$le looked to this forei)ner ith an)er for here as a &adari" their s orn enemy. Dissatisfied ith the ay &adari c!lt!re as cr!mblin) aro!nd him" he acce$ted the s ord and be)an to demand that the I!een of &adras re ork the society into a str!ct!red" ordered !nification. +lign"ent The s ord is 3a f!l Evil. B!t hen they sa I!iet!s in his hand" the ere e/!ltant. Gis actions soon led to the death of a $o$!lar ca$tain" and Kylos and his follo ers ere s!bse4!ently e/iled. . Then" one day" the Em$eror made a dreadf!l tactical error and the s ord as taken from him. Dismayed" Kylos left to Katahkis here he met Fieranna a)ain and to)ether" they Co!rneyed to the north.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ as feared as the demons that $la)!ed $eo$le's dreams. -t seemed that the s ord s$oke to him" tellin) him of his destiny and that his $aradise ill be seen in the hands of his former enemies" the *avier. -n the meantime" Fieranna became his ife and be)an mani$!latin) Kylos. Kylos be)an heed her ords and soon she as tellin) him to be the master of the blade" not its servant. They ere soon mistaken for them.ttack .as ($oisono!s" etc.el!)ons descended on him" b!t he smote them do n ith his mi)hty blade itho!t s!fferin) so m!ch as a flesh o!nd. The s ord rests some here" $erha$s in the tomb of an older Em$eror" $erha$s in #ess!s itself.bishai and . Gavin) al ays tho!)ht Kylos $ossessed a stron) ill" he as dismayed to see that in a fit of conf!sion and sorro " Kylos admitted defeat and s!rrendered. Protection @E Protection from .le/ander Kylos --. Possessin) a mortal oman" she took the s ord and delivered it to a mi)hty lord kno n as 3ord . Finally" he did battle ith the dis)raced Em$eror and smote him do n. The res!lt had not been antici$ated by Khaine. -t aits for the time hen a ne Em$eror ill claim it a)ain as its o n to lead Katahkis to )reatness once a)ain. The blade as ca$t!red by one of the 3ord of the #ine" Fieranna.Tome of the Damned Version 2. -t is dis)!sted by these traits as ell as eakness and ill $!nish the ielder if this occ!rs. Kylos became em$eror and ith the aid of the s ord" so!)ht to con4!er &adras and save it from its o n destr!ction.) &a)ic missile Poison Dama)e F!ll #one F!ll #one Galf F!ll #one The ielder is com$letely imm!ne to all ea$ons of less than @E enchantment. 0hen Khaine realised that the Em$eror as s!cc!mbin) to the s eet ords of Fieranna" he assisted a $arty of advent!rers into the $alace and destroy her. Ge met m!ch resistance as he climbed the layers of Katahkis. %o lon) as the blade is on the $erson" the follo in) $o ers affect them5 -mm!nities to certain forms of attack5 .cid +old Electricity (li)htnin)) Fire (dra)on" ma)ical) .

This al ays s$ells disaster !$on the betrayer. Dispel Good or 'haos at ill. $aCor 2o*ers . The !r)e to hold onto it is too stron). . -f the ielder ever tries to $erform an action that is deemed chaotic" or $erforms too many acts of com$assion and mercy" then the s ord ill attem$t to control the ielder. -f this occ!rs" then the s ord ill mani$!late thin)s that ill make these activities seem !ndesirably. Besto s a B:D ma)ic resistance hich can be lo ered by :0D at ill.asimons" .rchons" Ki-*in or any creat!re s$ecifically chaotic or )ood" it ill com$el the o ner to attack them. Fire a ? GD li)htnin) bolt E times a day. The s ord looks badly !$on self-ind!l)ent activities. #ote the conditions for this !sa)e are listed belo !nder dan)ers. Corrupting Effect ~ C2 ~ . -nform the $layer that if he ishes to dis$ose of the s ord" he finds that he cannot. -f the o ner breaks his ord" the s ord ill fi)ht to control the ielder and !$on failin) for the third time" ill alert Khaine. That is" the s ord m!st be held. -t is the ill of Khaine" and the o ner m!st attack.ll &aCor Po ers may only f!nction hile the s ord is ielded. . I!iet!s al ays informs the ielder of im$endin) dan)er. -n the s ord's mind" the ielder's only s!$erior is Khaine). This is so stron) that the ielder has no control. -n its o$inion" fools ho al ays fall in combat or )et themselves in tro!ble sho!ld not be allo ed to live and re$eat their actions. The blade acts as a f!lly f!nctionin) *od of *!lershi$ and $ossesses all of its $o ers. Dan)ers The blade is intelli)ent and ill drive the !ser to ards his $lace on the -m$erial Throne. -t $romises )lory" $o er and more hich it is in a $osition to )ive.Tome of the Damned Version 2. (nce $er day" may s!mmon !$ to ? least" E lesser and > )reater Baate8! once $er day. I!iet!s makes the $osition of Em$eror seem most desirable. (nly by actively headin) in this direction ill the s ord allo the ielder to access the maCor $o ers. -f makin) love" it ill tem$orarily t!rn the ielders to!ch into $oison. The o ner ill kno this. This is !s!ally dan)er to Katahkis or dan)er to the ielder and his servants and com$anions (tho!)h not s!$eriors. Sym&ol of fear" discord" $ain E times a day. Khaine himself may a$$ear in avatar form to take back the blade. -f over drinkin)" I!iet!s ill transform the ine into blood.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ -mm!nity to fear The follo in) $o ers m!st be invoked. nimate all &odies that ha!e &een slain &y the &lade only as #raiths1 :ly Detect good.chaos at ill %aste ( itho!t a)in)) E times a day. The s ord ill do everythin) in its $o er to $revent its dis$ )rad!ally shifts to ards 3a f!l Evil. (vereatin)" over drinkin) are amon)st them. The s ord can be reasoned ith" b!t only if the o ner )ives his ord that he ill $!rs!e his destiny after a )iven time of no more than a year. 0henever the ielder sees a creat!re like Tanar'ri" .nybody str!ck by the blade is affected by a fin)er of death s$ell.

Staff of Darkstar 2obert 0ohan Enters D$his. Ge transformed the elven oman into this staff.33 ma)ical ener)y" so ma)ical items crossin) the bo!ndary m!st save vs. %echarging: ~ C3 ~ . This shield absorbs all kinds of (ma)ical) ener)y.reyha k)" Tier Breche r!led his estates" and a$$ro$riated the staff as his o n. 2o*ers: The staff acts as a @: ea$on and hits for Ed? hit $oints of base dama)e. #ote that this resistance is #(T conveyed !$on the ielder.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 0hat can one e/$ectN -t is a $o erf!l artifact" and the his$erin)s of the s ord ill event!ally ca!se the ielder to be s!s$icio!s of their friends.ed&E :istory and +ppearance: This staff is the tort!red form of a female elven s$ellfire ielder ho s!ccessf!lly deceived Var . The staff is the tort!red form of the elven maid" lifelike to the f!llest detail. %ho!ld the staff be overloaded (absorbs more than 200 char)es) the effects ill still be absorbed and converted into char)es" ho ever this ener)y ill be released onto the ielder for d? h$d $er char)e. %$ells absorbed rechar)e their s$ell-level" other effects for one char)e $er ten-hit$oints of dama)e val!e. Ge has told no one in all of history. The s ord is tied to the lifeforce of Khaine.8 Gloo as im$risoned on the $rime material (. Weakness (nly Khaine kno s the eakness of this blade. Shield: The staff can form a :ft radi!s )lobe of bl!e. &a)ic resistance ill $rotect the tar)et for the $ercenta)e of his or her resistance. -t is of a $!re hite" and caref!l e/amination ill sho that the eyes are alive and atchin) her s!rro!ndin)s ith an infinite sadness and $ain. These bolts are made !$ of $!re ma)ical ener)y" and can $enetrate any and all defenses safe the anti ma)ic shell. The staff has a ma/im!m of 200 char)$. The shield absorbs . .i. The staff has t o maCor $o ers in the form of s$ellfire bolts and a s$ellfire shield. Even s$ell casters crossin) the bo!ndaries m!st save vs breath ea$on or loose memori8ed s$ells. This sheild takes one char)e $er ro!nd to maintain. Thinkin) them to ant the blade and steal his destiny. Th!s a bolt strikin) a H0D ma)ic resistant creat!re ill still do dama)e for ?0D. %ho!ld Khaine ever Rdie'" then so too shall the s ord. The only other defense is ma)ic resistance. -t f!rthermore has a &a)ic *esistance of J:D. %$ells and effects directed at the ielder ill be absorbed" rechar)in) the staff. Ener)y attacks cannot harm the staff. For s$ell $!r$oses" it co!nts as a Bth level s$ell (hence also $enetratin) the )lobes of inv!lnerability).hite ener)y aro!nd the ielder. -t saves a)ainst ma)ical effects as a 2Hth level &a)e or bone" hichever is better.fter the child as born" the Prince of Dece$tion took his reven)e. li)htnin) is not made" ill loose their ma)ic. -f this ha$$ens" chances are that the *avier ill become a diein) race" so stron) is their faith in this manifestation of their )od's mi)ht. -tems ith char)es drained confer one char)e $er fo!r char)es $osessed hile $ermanent items rechar)e : $oints $er $l!s or effect. 8olts: %$ellfire bolts can be fired of any ma)nit!de desired" as lon) as char)es remain" for d? h$d $er char)e !sed.Tome of the Damned Version 2.8 Gloo (Demon Prince of Dece$tion) into be)ettin) her a child (Tier Breche). 0hen Var .

8 Gloo can !se the staff.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Beside thro!)h the shield f!nction" the ielder may also illin)ly )ive !$ an amo!nt of memori8ed s$ells to rechar)e the staff. ~ C4 ~ . -f saved" the staff ill attack by itself" releasin) s$ellfire bolts on the thief. #o one besides Var .fter all it is his mother). To s itch bet een the t o $o ers" half a ro!nd of inactivity ill be inc!rred. 5otes: The staff is com$letely att!ned to Tier Breche (.Tome of the Damned Version 2. !ra*backs: To !se the staff" it &A%T be held by both hands" $rohibitin) castin) all s$ells ith somatic com$onents" also only one of the t o $o ers can be in effect at any one time. -f another $icks !$ the staff" he or she m!st save a)ainst a charm s$ell at -H or ret!rn the staff to Tier Breche.

o) co!ld be fo!nd any here. . )n!oked0 ( left )em ) ( ri)ht )em ) .can cast %lay 3ivin) = *aise Dead once $er day .dia!.. Ca"paign ?se: The %taff of .can cast Death %hro!d once $er day 'urse0 . . The staff is $ractically $!re evil 7 very fe o!ld benefit from o nin) it. (nly those ho seek .to$ the staff sits a lar)e G!manoid sk!ll" the ood seems to )ras$ the sk!ll as a hand o!ld. .ath.fter the :th !se the P+2s ton)!e becomes forked.o).fter the >0th !se the character can be !sed as a rece$tical for .inter.the staff )rants the control over any !ndead risen !$ by the o ner of the staff" they don2t transfer to a ne o ner (s!mmoned e/tra$lanars too).ood charaters are red!ced to >=2 GP and are $araly8ed for >d? ro!nds. . .+ of ?. #e!tral ali)nment characters are to >=2 GP.o)" some say he as defeated and others say Ge still roams lookin) for his staff.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Staff of #o D #aron Bo$man J aaron@bo$ E The staff is <ft lon) of hideo!s ood. .ltho!)h his ori)in is !nkno n" he had challen)ed 7 even befriended (only for $ersonal )ain) some of the most $o erf!l i8ards. $eans of !estruction: )t must &e separated into : pieces & destroyed0 Eeft Gem0 "ight Gem0 Skull0 Staff0 Thro n into an intense th!nder storm &!st be b!ried on a )lacier Bone Blight m!st be cast !$on it 2: times &!st be incinerated by a red dra)ons breath ea$on ~ CB ~ .fter the Bth !se the o ner hei)ht 7 ei)ht increase !ntil they reach >02" H00 lbs. .o) to transfer his or someone elses life force into.The staff can be !sed by 0i8ards only 7 characters of evil ali)nment. :istory: This staff is the only ea$on of a )reat Andead &aster" .Tome of the Damned Version 2. T o dark red enchanted )ems rest firmly in the eye sockets of the sk!ll. 2o*ers: 'onstant Po#ers0 .fter E !ses of the staff2s $o er the o ners eyes become snake-like.o) himself or those ith a desire for e/treme #ecromantic $o er o!ld seek o!t this item. #o one kno s e/actly hat ha$$ened to . stron) #ecromantic .!ra s!rro!nds the staff. . -t can animate dead by to!ch once $er day and no has a nat!ral .

-t be)ins in the Coints (those infected ill feel some $ain" as arthritis) ithin a eek" then slo ly s$reads thro!)ho!t the body. .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ E"IL BREWS AND CONCOCTIONS Death(s Nectar D Tim Dickinson J dickinst@cr!H.Tome of the Damned Version 2. 3e)ends say that it takes stran)e demon $arts" rotted meat and a month beneath the moonli)ht to reach com$lete efficiency. ~ CC ~ . 0hen in)ested by h!manoids" Death2s #ectar slo ly de)enerates the bone and skin tiss!e.fter 2 eeks" skin discolorations a$$ear" and ithin H eeks lar)e $ortions of skin are marked and be)in to smell very!. They ill event!ally die a $!trescent death" b!t not before s!fferin) lon) as a icked and obscene thin).aec!.ca E -n)estion of this fo!l $oison is a terrible bli)ht indeed5 if imbibed by any livin) h!manoid it ill slo ly t!rn them into a reekin)" rottin) thin). Death2s #ectar is a distillation that re4!ires a )reat deal of time and many damned in)redients to $re$are. 0hen either characteristic reaches 8ero" the afflicted dies. after H eeks they lose E $oints each each eek. Each eek the s!fferer loses > $oint each of stren)th and constit!tion.

mass.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" & %$ecial > t!rn (ne cor$se to!ched $er level #one 0ith this s$ell a i8ard can determine the ca!se of death of a cor$se.ra"e +llo*ed > = >0 ro!nd > ho!r ><@ The ma/im!m time frame allo able is the amo!nt of time that the caster may learn abo!t from the cor$se.). 8leeding ouch (#ecromancy) 2obert #.s Le9el !$ to : $a-i"u" i"e !ead > eek any a)e $a-i"u" i"e ." Deaa/@catcc. The i8ard m!st to!ch the cor$se for the d!ration of the s$ell and concentrate dee$ly. are not allo ed.rcn.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Wizard. . (ne 4!estion every t o levels" startin) at the 2nd" is allo able (none at >st" one at 2-E" t o at H-:" etc.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards V" %" & -nstantaneo!s > (ne creat!re #e)ates ~ C7 ~ . #o lan)!a)e restrictions a$$ly" this is not a comm!nication ith the deceased. .ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The material com$onent is the cor$se (or fra)ment thereof). The 4!estions m!st be ans ered analytically" locations" actions of others.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ MAGICAL SPELLS AND WARDS Wizard Spells 'e$el 6 +utopsy (Divination" #ecromancy) #! .in-!eton (5saac +inthro. 4!estions abo!t intent" feelin)s of $artici$ants" etc. ny interr!$tion ill aste the s$ell and s$ell char)e. To facilitate this" the D& sho!ld ans er as tersely as $ossible.o$ard DssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms.t hi)her levels" the s$ellcaster can learn more of the tar)et2s actions immediately $rior to death.

The victim m!st save vers!s death ma)ic or s!ffer >d? $oints of dama)e for every t o levels of the caster. +reat!res $rotected by Kodak2s Protection From Food cannot be attacked or in any other ay a$$roached closer than >2 hile !nder the infl!ence of the abC!ration. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a needle.8. 0hat the necromancer does ith this ve)etable is !$ to him" the necromancer has com$lete control over its actions. Little !eath (#ecromancy) 0eff Vo-e! D76o-e!@7arth&r.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V"%"& Permanent > ro!nd > dead ve)etable #one This s$ell animates one ve)etable (tomato" $otato" leek" radish" $ea" etc.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 ?0 feet V" % >dH@> ro!nds > (ne creat!re ~ CG ~ .+0 of 20" if it f!mbles" the ve)etable has been s4!ashed for some reason (!s!ally by the tar)et) and the effects of the to!ch s$ell manifest themselves on the caster in the res!ltin) ma)ical backlash" as ell as takin) >DH $oints of dama)e as ith the s$ectral hand s$ell.bham. 0hat the ve)etable can move=carry is obvio!sly de$endant on hat it can )et its tentacles aro!nd. 0i8ards do not have to attack their chosen victim to hit. (ne of the most !sef!l as$ects of this s$ell is that it allo s the necromancer to deliver to!ch attack necromancy s$ells of first" second or third level only thro!)h these thin)s.s +ni"ate !ead =egetable (#ecromancy) D %.) hich immediately )ro s eno!)h a$$enda)es to allo it to move aro!nd (!s!ally a tentacle or t o). The ve)etable m!st be $erfectly $reserved before castin)" or be freshly $icked" b!t !$on castin)" the ve)etable rots and a$$ears to be sli)htly s4!ishy" slimy" mo!ldy" and )enerally icky and horrible.&k E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .ac. Beca!se the ve)etable is !s!ally 4!ite li)ht" it is also tho!)ht that Eldran !sed a different ve)etable to $ick $ockets (altho!)h it co!ld only mana)e" at most" one coin=)em=key=other small obCect at a time). %ince Eldran2s !ntimely demise" ho ever" it has been im$ossible to validate these claims as the alle)ed ve)etables ere never fo!nd. the comm!nication is only one ay" ho ever" the necromancer can tell the ve)etable hat he ants it to do" b!t the ve)etable cannot re$ort anythin) it $erceives. The ve)etable can move aro!nd at s$eed ?" can fetch very small thin)s (of abo!t 2o8.Tome of the Damned Version 2. -f the to!ch s$ell has a d!ration of more than one ro!nd ()ho!l to!ch) and its effects take $lace on the caster" then the necromancer can terminate the s$ell in the follo in) ro!nds if he so desires.c!aremont. The ve)etable m!st" obvio!sly" be close eno!)h to attack the victim and m!st roll to hit ith a TG. Eldran. ma/. The material com$onent for this s$ell" besides the ve)etable to be animated" are a fe c!min seeds to be eaten by the necromancer as $art of the castin).Bark!am J csaiF4@cs. The !ses of this s$ell are not $artic!larly obvio!sly at first si)ht" b!t one !se it as r!mo!red that Eldran !sed this s$ell for as to )et a ve)etable to )ro thorny tentacles and then teach it ho to $ick locks. ei)ht)" and is considered to have a stren)th of > for all other $!r$oses.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ This s$ell ca!ses a bleedin) o!nd to a$$ear on the victim.

.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %avin) Thro 5 #e)ates This s$ell may be cast on any livin) (not )olem" !ndead" etc. 0i8ards do not need to hit their chosen victim. The skeleton may then be controlled as $er animate dead. .rcn. i8ard may have only one skeleton $er level in e/istence thro!)h !se of this s$ell.Tome of the Damned Version 2.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards V" %" & > ro!nd $er 2 levels > (ne creat!re %$ecial This s$ell ca!ses any e/istin) o!nds (ca!sed by &leeding touch" or any blo of H or more $oints of dama)e" or hen the victim is at half its ma/im!m hit $oints or less) to become e/cr!ciatin)ly $ainf!l. The material com$onent is a $inch of $o dered 4!art8 crystal.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The victim m!st make a savin) thro vers!s $aralysation or be !nable to do anythin) b!t roll on the )ro!nd screamin) in $ain. Dis$osin) of skeletons ith ins!fficient hit $oints is $ossible" if e/$ensive.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Skeleton (#ecromancy) 0eff Vo-e! D76o-e!@7arth&r.mass.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & Permanent > ho!r +or$se to!ched #one 0ith this s$ell" a necromancer can t!rn one h!manoid cor$se into a skeleton. 0hen a skeleton created by this s$ell is dama)ed" the dama)e cannot be re$aired.o$ard DssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms." Deaa/@catcc. 2ainful Wounds (#ecromancy) 2obert #.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % >dH t!rns @ > t!rn $er level > 2d? !ndead #e)ates ~ CF ~ .) creat!re native to the $rime material $lane and ith ?@H or less Git Dice. The victim m!st save vers!s death ma)ic at -E or fall $aralysed for >dH@> ro!nds. urn ?ndead D&E (#ecromancy) #! . Git $oints of the skeleton are determined randomly.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .in-!eton (5saac +inthro.c!aremont. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a salve that re4!ires :0 )$ and 2H !ninterr!$ted ho!rs to create.

Whisper. The i8ard receives normal +harisma bon!ses" $l!s an additional :D.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . (bvio!sly" if the i8ard is hostile or a threat" then the reaction roll is meanin)less. ?ndeath .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % %$ecial > The caster #one This s$ell can be e/tremely !sef!l" b!t also e/tremely dan)ero!s to !se.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % -nstantaneo!s > The caster #one This s$ell is similar to a &urning hands" save that it s$!rts ne)ative material instead of fire.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ By means of this s$ell" a necromancer (and no other i8ard) can t!rn !ndead as a $riest of e4!al level.s $agic Sacrifice (#ecromancy) 2obert 0ohan Enters D$his.riendship (#ecromancy) eter >o&r!a/ D-o&r!a/@s!ais. This drain is irrevocable" and ~ 70 ~ .s :ands of !arkness (#ecromancy) 2obert 0ohan Enters D$$. Disinte)ration is also $ossible" b!t an evil i8ard cannot )ain control over the !ndead as an evil $riest co!ld5 this s$ell al ays t!rns.i. .caE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .&$. Whisper.i.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % > t!rn $er level > The caster #one This s$ell creates an em$athetic link ith !ndead" allo in) a normal reaction roll to determine interaction bet een the !ndead and the i8ard.enerally" a friendly reaction roll C!st means a ary acce$tance. Thro!)h the !se of this s$ell" the i8ard can cast another s$ell itho!t losin) that s$ell from memory. -f the caster !ses holy or unholy #ater" the !ndead are not allo ed savin) thro s" other ise the t!rned creat!res are allo ed savin) thro s vers!s s$ell to resist the !r)e to t!rn.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . This s$ell o$ens !$ a link bet een the i8ard2s lifeforce and his ma)ic ener)y. The i8ard th!s )ets drained for an amo!nt of hit $oints e4!al to the s4!are of the s$ell level of the s$ell the i8ard casts s!bse4!ent to the magic sacrifice.Tome of the Damned Version 2. -n stead" the ener)ies for the s$ell are directly dra n from the i8ard himself.

~ 7H ~ .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 E0 yards V" %" & -nstantaneo!s > >00 s4!are feet $er level %$ecial This s$ell kills all normal ve)etation ithin an area of >00 s4!are feet $er level of the i8ard" ho determines the sha$e of that area at the time of castin).Tome of the Damned Version 2.lso" the dama)e th!s s!stained cannot be healed in any other ay than by nat!ral healin)" th!s the i8ard ill re)ain only > GP $er day of rest. Wither (#ecromancy) >eoffre/ Ed$ard <a-an D-efa-an@&okma1.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . #ote that if the caster so ishes" he co!ld cast a s$ell hose drainin) o!ld kill him" in hich case only a res!rrect" ish" or the like o!ld brin) him back to life. +astin) time is e/cl!sive of this administration. The s$ell o$ens this link !ntil the ne/t s$ell is cast" or !ntil an amo!nt of t!rns has ela$sed e4!al to the caster2s level of e/$erience. Trees receive a savin) thro of >>" and s$ecial $lants s!ch as treants s!ffer b!t >d? $oints of dama)e. .ecn.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ bein) drained directly from the i8ard2s life force" there is no manner to shield the i8ard from this dama)e" ma)ical nor m!ndane.&oknor. The material com$onent is acid" s$rinkled over the hole area of effect.

ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Transm!ters re4!ire a vam$ire tooth that they m!st to!ch to the s$ell2s tar)et. (nly necromancer s$ecialists can learn the necromancer version. . -n addition" the lon) term effects are that the tar)et creat!re ill s!ffer the loss of one $oint of %tren)th and +onstit!tion for !$ to a f!ll eek after recovery (any %tren)th >< score ill dro$ to >B).ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 E0 yards V" %" & ~ 72 ~ . There is a minor difference bet een the necromantic and transm!ter versions of this s$ell. #ecromancers do not need a material com$onent for this s$ell.o$ard DssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el 7 +nae"ia (. 8leeding Wounds (#ecromancy) 2obert #.mass. -f cold-blooded" it ill )o catatonic as its body tem$erat!re sinks to room tem$erat!re (?0SF or >?S+ or less). This tooth ill only ork for as many tries (not necessarily s!ccessf!l castin)s or attacks) as the level of the i8ard hen he ac4!ired the tooth. *ecovery ill be)in ith the commencement of eatin) hi)h iron" hi)h $rotein foods.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .). (ther immediate effects ill be that all $iercin) and slashin) dama)e taken ill be at >P times the val!e" this bein) d!e to the fact that these attacks ca!se the victim to lose more of hat they don2t have" blood.&cr.rcn.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 ?0 feet %" & -nstantaneo!s > (ne creat!re #one This s$ell ca!ses a bolt of ma)ical ener)y to fly from the hands of the i8ard and strike an o$$onent doin) a dama)e of >d? GP @ > GP $er level.Tome of the Damned Version 2. *ecovery itself ill take at least a eek. The material com$onent for this s$ell is a dro$ of $oison. +rcane 8olt (#ecromancy) 0im Vassi!akos D7im6@&crmath. the time this takes sho!ld be lo)ically assi)ned by the D& )iven the $revailin) conditions ( indy" !nder)ro!nd" etc. The creat!re immediately be)ins to feel incredibly cold and" if arm-blooded" lose three $oints of De/terity d!e to shiverin) and )eneral lack of ener)y. Th!s the effects of the blood loss ill han) on for at least t o!eton Deaa/@catcc.lteration" #ecromancy) #! .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % Permanent B +reat!re to!ched (!$ to > GD $er level) #e)ates By means of this s$ell a i8ard can ca!se the tar)et creat!re to lose the maCority of its blood" $!ttin) on the borderline of havin) bled to death.

0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 2 To!ch V"%"& > *o!nd=level 2 %elf only #one This s$ell re4!ires the caster to $o!r a s$ecial cream on his body and r!b into in his $o!rs and skin. ~ 73 ~ . 0ea$on attacks do not ca!se the attacker dama)e" only to!chin) the caster ith flesh invokes the ma)ic. M!st as 4!ickly as the face rotted" it re$airs itself" )r!bs fallin) to the )ro!nd and skin )ro in) back. Those ithin the area can smell the rottin) flesh and hear the s4!irmin) )r!bs cra lin) from vario!s orifices.csd.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 %" & > ro!nd 2 E0-foot c!be #e)ates 0hen this s$ell is cast" the caster2s face momentarily bloats and rots. The D& may choose to have the blood )et in his eyes" make it diffic!lt to kee$ a hold on a ea$on" or $ossibly make the )ro!nd sli$$ery" if he so chooses. Then at anytime the caster may invoke the ma)ics of this s$ell and activate the inner hidden in)redients of the +ream +oatin).&$m. !eath +r"our ( #ecromancy ) D 'rk!ore the 5ron J &rk!ore@tiac. Victims m!st be in front of the caster in order to be E 3evel5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The s$ell lasts for > ro!nd $er level before the cream2s in)redients are br!nt !$. This $!trid visa)e is not an ill!sion.Tome of the Damned Version 2. The in)redients for this vile s$ell re4!ire a $!rchase >00 . #on-intelli)ent creat!res those !nable to see" !ndead" and o$$onents ith more Git Dice than the caster are imm!ne. This e$hemeral s$ectacle is so horrifyin) that those seein) it m!st save or stand in shock for >dE@> ro!nds.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . For the d!ration of the s$ell" anyone to!chin) the caster ith e/$osed flesh m!st save vs. 0i8ards do not need to strike their intended foe. %$ell or s!ffer 2d? $oints of dama)e from intense acidic b!rns. -f the victim fails a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic" he ill s!ffer > $oint of dama)e $er ro!nd" not incl!din) any dama)e he may take in combat. The material com$onent for this s$ell is a >0 or more )old $ieces orth diamond. This s$ell is most $otent on $lant life as it sim$ly ithers a ay as the caster alks thro!)h ve)etation life and is to!chin) it. !eath $ask (#ecromancy) Bret %ikea! *9(ea! Dbo@csd4. &!lti$le to!ches ill still harm the attacker and the caster is imm!ne to his o n s$ell of co!rse.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 > ro!nd $er level 2 (ne creat!re #e)ates This s$ell ca!ses any e/istin) o!nds (as in painful #ounds) to start to bleed badly. The caster still s!ffers dama)e of co!rse from the attacks.old Pieces for the $ro$er in)redients.

!eath Star (#ecromancy) Bret %ikea! *9(ea! Dbo@csd4. -f the tar)et fails his savin) thro " !ndead forms resemblin) 8ombies b!rst !$ from the )ro!nd" lashin) o!t at the tar)et to )ras$ and hold him ith !nyieldin) stren)th.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 ?0 yards V" %" & E ro!nds @ > ro!nd $er level 2 >0-foot radi!s #one This s$ell creates a $!lsatin) ball of li)ht floatin) : feet off the )ro!nd that slo ly drains the life from all ithin >0 feet. This s$ell cannot dama)e creat!res itho!t life s!ch as !ndead and a!tomatons.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The material com$onent is a live cater$illar. -f this s$ell is cast in a )raveyard" the soil of the )raveyard ill be more likely to $rod!ce the !ndead forms in a 4!ick" !ne/$ected manner.s !ark 6rasp (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) >arinthra!! Da!6a!ent@h&scE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .&$m. -f the tar)et2s savin) thro is s!ccessf!l" then the arms sink into the earth and the s$ell $ro)resses as $er the s$ell descri$tion. The star cannot be dama)ed. The !ndead forms created are !nt!rnable" and at the end of the s$ell2s d!ration ill sink do n into the earth from hence they came.Tome of the Damned Version 2. !eath. The hit $oints of the !ndead forms created are e4!al to t ice the i8ard2s normal hit $oints !$ to a ma/im!m of H0 GP.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards @ >0 yards $er level V" %" & > ro!nd @ > ro!nd $er level 2 (ne creat!re %$ecial This s$ell is a variant of MaAimillian$s earthen grasp from the Tome of Magic.csd. #ote it does not move. The material com$onents are a dro$ of s am$ ater and a $inch of dirt form a fresh )rave. E/ce$t here noted" this s$ell d!$licates the effects of MaAimillian$s earthen grasp. -t ill only leave if dismissed by the caster or dis$elled.rmo!r +lass of the arms or creat!res is ? (as o$$osed to the . !ust Warriors (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) *an)e5 : yards $er level ~ 74 ~ . Those in the area of effect take >dH dam a ro!nd. The star ill drain life from anythin) ithin its area of effect incl!din) $lants" animals" even the s$ellcaster. The . 0hen this s$ell is cast" rather than $rod!cin) an earthen hand" this s$ell ca!ses many !ndead arms to s$rin) from the )ro!nd !nderneath the tar)et2s feet. Th!s" savin) thro s a)ainst this s$ell o!ld be at -> and the chance that the !ndead hands or forms rea$$ear !nder the tar)et2s feet after a s!ccessf!l savin) thro is >0D $er level of the i8ard rather than :D $er level hich is the !s!al chance for this occ!rrence if cast in other environments.+ : in MaAimillian$s earthen grasp).

Elves" slimes" !ndead" and a!tomatons are imm!ne to this s$ell. The material com$onent for this s$ell is a $o dered o$al of >0 or more )old $ieces val!e. F!rthermore" they ill be imm!ne to the attack ty$e of the dra)on2s breath ea$on. They ill fi)ht for the i8ard !ntil they are t!rned or destroyed" the i8ard is slain" rendered !nconscio!s or moves o!t of s$ell ran)e of the )ro!$" or the ma)ic is dis$elled. They last only hile there is someone to attack (incl!din) each other" if necessary) T any ro!nd in hich there are no tar)ets available the skeletons ill fade back into d!st.mass.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . 6houl ouch (#ecromancy) Bret %ikea! *9(ea! Dbo@csd4. .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 E0 yards V" %" & > day 2 (ne creat!re #e)ates This s$ell ill ca!se any o!nds to become infected" be they scratches or lar)e o!nds. The dama)e is >dE $er cla @ %tren)th bon!s.csd.o$ard DssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms. ~ 7B ~ . savin) thro vers!s $aralysation m!st be rolled by the creat!re hit. The i8ard may then attack ith these decayed hands. The victim m!st make a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic" and if he fails" his o!nds ill not heal nat!rally. #ote that the caster can attack ith both hands ith a$$ro$riate $enalties.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 V" %" & %$ecial E 20-yard lon) s4!are #one The material com$onent for this s$ell is a f!ll set of teeth from a man-si8ed or lar)er carnivore hich m!st be cast on an area of earth" rock" ra stone" sand or )ravel as the s$ell is cast. . -f dra)on2s teeth are !sed as the material com$onent" each skeleton ill have bon!s hit $oints e4!al to the a)e cate)ory of the dra)on (co!nt H GP U > GD for t!rnin) and attack $!r$oses). %$ellcasters may cast other s$ells hile this s$ell is )oin)" b!t any other to!ch s$ell ill ne)ate the )ho!l hands. Gealin) and herbalism ill also fail to heal these o!nds.rcn.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % 2 ro!nds @ > ro!nd $er level 2 The caster #e)ates +astin) this s$ell chan)es the casters hands into )hastly cla ed terminals" m!ch like a )ho!ls. 0i8ards do not need to hit their intended victims. The s$ell )enerates > skeleton @ > $er 2 levels hich rise from the area.Tome of the Damned Version 2.&$m. Those failin) the savin) thro are $aralysed for >dH ro!nds. 3nfected Wounds (#ecromancy) 2obert #.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The !se of ma)ical healin) ill heal the infection" at the cost of a cure light #ounds T no dama)e ill be healed" b!t the infected #ounds ill be ne)ated.

The effects are centred aro!nd death and fear. 2rosthesis (#ecromancy) 0ohn %.6anderbi!t. By concentratin)" more e/$licit effects can also be )enerated5 the caster2s eyes )lo red" E 3evel5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . -n no ay ill these effects ca!se dama)e or distract s$ellcastin)" !nless" of co!rse" the s$ellcaster vol!ntarily sto$s to see hat C!st moved 6over there in the corner6. (nce $er ro!nd" the caster may concentrate and direct these effects T for instance" sendin) a shiver do n someone2s s$ine hile starin) at them" or ca!se a shado to move o!t of the corner of that $erson2s eye to distract him for a second.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ <orel.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % 2 ho!rs $er level 2 >0-foot radi!s #one 9orel$s death aura creates contin!al small ma)ical effects in its area of effect" hich is mobile ith and centred on the caster. .ed&E *an)e5 0 ~ 7C ~ .Tome of the Damned Version 2. The caster may" ith minor concentration" tem$orarily ne)ate the effects. sli)ht cold bree8e seems to blo across the back of one2s neck" for instance. 5ecro"antic :ealing ( #ecromancy ) D 'rk!ore the 5ron J &rk!ore@tiac. %art3 D7ohn_mart3@&nc. For instance" those enterin) the area of effect mi)ht notice a sli)ht st!ffiness in the air" makin) it a little diffic!lt to breathe.t the caster2s o$tion" a!ditory $hantasms may also be created5 a sli)ht sc!fflin) or scra$in) so!nd off in the corner here the shado seemed to move" a distant scream so faint yo!2re not s!re hether yo! heard it or not" the histlin) ind seemin) to be callin) yo!r name" etc.s !eath +ura (-ll!sion=Phantasm" #ecromancy) Ed$ard )e/es Dke/esea@ctr6a1. The mani$!lation of shado s is a favo!rite" as ell. %li)ht movements seen o!t of the corner of the eye ith no visible so!rce sho!ld kee$ $eo$le on ed)e and maybe a bit $aranoid.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . -t is the only kno n 2c!re2 ty$e s$ell that act!ally orks on !ndead flesh9 -n fact" it is the only kno n ma)ic that f!nctions in this res$ect9 +astin) this s$ell on livin) matter sim$ly ca!ses a sli)ht discomfort for a n!mber of ro!nds ( min!tes ) e4!al to the caster. These effects are very s!btle and sho!ld not be immediately reco)ni8ed as ma)ical by the $layer. . The o$tion for a!ditory elements is set at castin) time.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 2 To!ch V"%"& -nstant : +reat!re to!ched #one This s$ell heals !ndead of >d< @ the caster2s level in hit $oints of dama)e. This discomfort is in the form of a sli)ht !$set stomach.

The ne limb" hile f!nctional" has no sense of to!ch and $rovides only 2:D of normal f!nctionin). The limb may be in any state of decom$osition as lon) as the bones are intact. The material com$onent is a bit of )l!e.ea6en Dfsmt$H@a!aska. The skeleton is only cons!med at the end of the d!ration.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . -t is able to take dissertation as ell. 0ith each $assin) eek" the character )ains another :D f!nctionality !$ to a ma/im!m of B:D of normal. F!rthermore" only the bone ithin the limb is affected by this s$ell T the remainder of the limb contin!es to rot !ntil nothin) remains b!t the bone. The material com$onents of this s$ell are a skeleton" a ha k feather" and a red robe.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & > day $er level H %keleton to!ched #one This s$ell creates an !ndead scribe for the i8ard. . The ne limb f!ses ith the tar)et2s skeleton" and he can be)in to !se it as soon as the castin) is finished. -t is !$ to the D& as to the e/act im$act this decreased f!nctionality has on the character T e/am$les incl!ded orsened movement rates" . Skeletal Scribe (Enchantment" #ecromancy) The +ar!ord of .Tome of the Damned Version 2.rmo!r +lass" TG.+0" reaction adC!stments" etc. The limb may be as small as a sin)le di)it" or it may be any amo!nt !$ to an entire arm or le). 0hile the limb is !s!ally taken from a dead body" the caster can !se the tar)et2s o n limb if it is available.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 V" %" & Permanent > ro!nd +reat!re to!ched %$ecial Prosthesis allo s the caster to fashion a relatively f!nctional $rosthetic limb. -f the st!m$ has healed (if it is not a fresh am$!tation)" the i8ard m!st c!t all livin) flesh from the end of the st!m$ before castin) this s$ell T this s$ell $rovides no $ain relief. -n order to cast this s$ell" the i8ard m!st obtain a matchin) limb (of abo!t the same si8e and s$ecies as the missin) limb). Su""on ?ndead (#ecromancy) *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . This s$ell can only be !sed on characters ith missin) limbs (it can2t be !sed to )ive a t o-le))ed character a third le)" for e/am$le).rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 E0 yards V" % > t!rn @ > t!rn $er level 2 %$ecial #one ~ 77 ~ .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .fter the st!m$ has been $re$ared" the caster to!ches the $rosthetic limb to the st!m$ and casts $rosthesis. -t is not $ermanent" b!t is m!ch safer to !se for readin) ne tomes and ritin) do n ords of )reat $o er. Anfort!nately" the tar)et does not re)ain f!ll f!nction of his limb.

=a"piric <iss (#ecromancy) . to-hit roll is re4!ired" b!t is made as a fi)hter at a level of >P times the i8ard2s level" ro!nded !$.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >20 feet V" % -nstantaneo!s 2 %$ecial #one .&-o %. (i7hof Dsbbehn@h!er&!B7E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The caster ill receive one of those hit $oints $er ro!nd if he is not at ma/im!m hit $oints already. . They ill obey his commands !ntil slain" dis$elled" or the s$ell ends.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The s$ell ca!ses E GD of !ndead $er 2 levels of the i8ard to a$$ear ithin ran)e. =eschiul.s Shado*bolt (Evocation) #aron .cc.rochester. The n!mber of dice sho!ld be ro!nded do n in all cases (th!s" a :th-level i8ard at :0 feet does 2dH $oints of dama)e" b!t a ?th-level i8ard does EdH).ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The creat!re m!st make a De/terity check to remain standin)" adC!sted by a -> for every t o levels of the i8ard (a)ain" ro!nded do n)" as ell as by mass5 $ass (lbs.fter the kiss" the victim ill lose 2 hit $oints $er ro!nd. The necromancer cannot s!mmon a creat!re of more Git Dice than his level. .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 % > ro!nd $er level > +reat!re to!ched #one 0hen a i8ard casts this s$ell" he m!st kiss the intended victim on the neck and the victim m!st be able to receive a kiss (cannot be in combat). The i8ard may mi/ and match ty$es as lon) as he does not e/ceed his Git Dice allotment.Tome of the Damned Version 2.her Dars3_cif@&h&ra. Treat a @E or better bon!s to Git Dice as the ne/t die !$" so a i)ht is orth : GD" a raith is ?" a m!mmy B" a s$ectre <" and a vam$ire (the to!)hest !ndead that can be s!mmoned) is orth J GD. The shado#&olt does dama)e by im$act5 at ran)es !nder H0 feet" the dama)e taken is >dH $oints $er level" at ran)es bet een H0 feet and <0 feet the dama)e taken is >dH $oints $er 2 levels" and at )reater ran)es the dama)e is >dH $oints $er H levels.) >-E0 !e-terity +dCust"ent -< !istance 2: feet ~ 7G ~ .eschiul$s shado#&olt allo s the i8ard to mo!ld a bolt of shado from the $lane of shado " and fire it !$ to >20 feet ran)e.

s Shado*curse (. =eschiul.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 E0 yards V" %" & %$ecial E %$ecial #e)ates The shado#curse can affect any creat!re of the orld of li)ht.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 0 V 2 ro!nds $er level 2 ~ 7F ~ . :2 P T Darkness %ee the descri$tion of the shade in the Monster Manual )) for e/act descri$tions of these li)ht conditions.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ @H - E00@ The distance col!mn indicates ho far the tar)et has been knocked a ay from the i8ard if a modified De/terity check as failed. The area of effect is one creat!re for every t o levels of the i8ard above The material com$onent is a $iece of $itch. The effect of the shado#curse is to afflict the victims ith some of the v!lnerabilities of a shade." a Erd-level i8ard can affect one creat!re" a fifth can affect t o" and so on.s !arkstaff (#ecromancy) 2obert 0ohan Enters D$$.e.lteration) #aron .her Dars3_cif@&h&ra.i.Tome of the Damned Version 2. i.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The effects de$end on the li)ht conditions" as sho n on the follo in) table5 Light Bri)ht +bilities -2 -> $o9e P T $a-. Whisper.

The !ndead a$$ear at the end of the castin) and fi)ht to the best of their ability !ntil slain" the d!ration e/$ires" they are released" or they are f!rther than E0 yards from the caster (the caster may not intentionally move o!t of ran)e" nor may the !ndead for they are not!eton (5saac +inthro.s ?ndead Su""oning 3 (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) #! . Th!s" if an archma)e hits ith the staff" the victim m!st make fo!r savin) thro s vers!s death ma)ic" and if the tar)et fails all savin) thro s" he o!ld take re)!lar staff dama)e $l!s : (bon!s) $l!s 2d? (first t o $o ers)" be st!nned for >dH ro!nds" and lose one level of e/$erience.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . . Bo"bie +ni"ation ( #ecromancy ) D 'rk!ore the 5ron J &rk!ore@tiac.illed hile !nder the s$ell).net E ~ G0 ~ . This is act!ally a $iece of the ne)ative material $lane" and its $o ers therefore de$end )reatly on the control a i8ard can e/ert over the arcane matter" hence on his level.s Le9el >-E Staff @> @: Special 2o*ers no $o ers drains one level $er Git Die if the savin) thro failed >B@ The $o ers listed in the ri)htmost col!mn are c!m!lative.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 (ne staff #one The !ltimate s$ell for the i8ard ho does not ant to bother carryin) a staff" b!t mi)ht ant to fi)ht some nasty creat!res ith one since he has the $roficiency any ay." Deaa/@catcc. This s$ell calls into bein) a B-foot staff of $!re blackness. The material com$onent is a lit candle inside a small ba).rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 E0 yards V" %" & : ro!nds @ > ro!nd $er level > %$ecial #one This s$ell is like monster summoning" e/ce$t that the s$ell is for)otten hen the caster learns a hi)her-$o ered version of the s$ell. #ote5 this s$ell mi)ht be seen by some as too $o erf!l as second level s$ell" b!t as $!t there beca!se of the lack of )ood offensive 2nd-level s$ells in the ori)inal T%* lists.t s!ch time" they ret!rn to their $oint of ori)ination. Either 2d? skeletons or 2dH 8ombies may be s!mmoned.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ . The effects and $o ers of the staff are listed as follo s (make a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic)5 Wizard. This ca!ses the caster to lose the ability to cast this lo er-level version and it even disa$$ears from his s$ellbook (this s$ell is normally transcribed from a scroll). Winthrop.Tome of the Damned Version 2.

%!ch a bath can soak ten cor$ses for 200 )old $ieces for the $ro$er in)redients. The cor$se can then be animated at any time the caster choices" even cent!ries years later.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 2 200ft = level V"%"& Permanaent B > +or$se = level #one 0ith the castin) of this s$ell the caster is able to animate dead decayin) bodies into the ability of !ndead. -n order for this s$ell to first ork each cor$se to be animated m!st be immersed in a bath of s$ecial salts for > f!ll ho!r $rior to s$ell castin).Tome of the Damned Version 2. ~ GH ~ .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 3evel5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The caster can animate one cor$se $er his level. The s$ell is casted in the cor$ses are animated into !ndead stat!s !nder the infl!ence of the caster. !sin) this ty$e of s$ell of co!rse is considered an evil act. The cor$ses are only animated if the s$ell is casted ithin the )iven ran)e above" from the caster to the cor$ses.

6rasping :ands of :orror (#ecromancy) The 0ade i.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The material com$onents are a $oisono!s m!shroom and a $inch of mo!ld.c!arkson. The s$ell is so stron) that a $riest may t!rn=control the !ndead only if he is H levels hi)her than the ma)e (c!rrent level not the one the i8ard had hen he cast the s$ell) f!rthermore if the i8ard dies the creat!res ill contin!e theyr ork. .er Dschmidea@c!&t1. The creat!res receive orders by means of a form of tele$athy and ill $erform any task even if it means certain death.l ays attack first i8ards and $riestsW)" it is $ossible for the !ndead to leave the area of effect. creat!res ith decayed limbs are !nable to !se them for > ho!r $er caster level.t Jth level a i8ard s!mmons Ed? %keletons and Qombies" >d? . Tasks m!st be sim$le5 V*esc!e that dro nin) boy.t :th level a i8ard s!mmons 2d? %keletons and Qombies (once the total n!mber is determined the caster may choose ho many of each ti$e).ho!ls and >dH %hado s.ed&E *an)e5 >0 yards $er level ~ G2 ~ . . 6aalFs Legion of !oo" 3 (+onC!ration" #ecromancy) >aa! 4 Darkni-ht Ddark@ne$soft.Tome of the Damned Version 2.ttack that creat!re.ho!ls. The creat!res ill do theyr very best to accom$lish theyr d!ty.W" V. A$ to three of fo!r of these commands may be active at the same time (VProtect this treas!reW" V. The victim m!st save or atch a random limb ither a ay.W" VFollo me. This force ill be seen as a shado y darkness envelo$in) one hand.csd.W" VProtect this treas!re.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & %$ecial E The caster #e)ates 0hen this s$ell is cast" the i8ard collects and controls a $o erf!l ne)ative ener)y force that ill decay flesh !$on contact.. The material com$onent for this s$ell is a sk!ll from a )raveyard ( ich is not cons!med) and a $iece of fine black cloth ( ich is cons!med).t Bth level a i8ard s!mmons 2d? %keletons and Qombies and >d? .llo these friends to take somethin) from it at any timeW" V. Andead" a!tomatons" Cellies and anythin) itho!t limbs are imm!ne to this s$ell. ..&$m.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >00 yards V" %" & Permanent E H00 s4!are yards area #one By means of this s$ell the caster s!mmons a n!mber of !ndead creat!res to do his biddin)s. The s$ell remains in effect for > ro!nd $er level or !ntil the caster to!ches someone. Ase of this s$ell is never a )ood act.W" etc.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el 8 !ecay (#ecromancy) Bret %ikea! *9(ea! Dbo@csd4.itE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . -t is not $ossible to kill a creat!re ith this s$ell since it ill not decay the head or torso.

&are3 4 +.rim.lteration) #rmand . #o !ndead can be affected by this s$ell more than once. The material com$onents for this s$ell is a hand f!ll of soot thro n into the air. %keletons can be made to !se missile ea$ons" and 8ombies melee ea$ons in combat" altho!)h normally they cannot. The check is made at a min!s one for every t o levels of the caster.or. . 6loo" (#ecromancy" -ll!sion) D %atthe$ 8a/cock J matthe$!@s!i. Ge ill be fo!nd t o feet or so !nder the )ro!nd" $aralysed" b!t 4!ite a are of hat ha$$ened. %ince the s$ell is chan)in) the environment and not in any ay effectin) the character" no save is made and ma)ic resistance does not a$$ly.rea of Effect5 %ave5 To!ch V%& Permanent > ro!nd %$ecial #one 0hen cast > skeleton=lvl or > 8ombie=2 lvls become able to !se the ty$e of ea$on they are holdin) at the time of castin) (or another ea$on ithin the same broad cate)ory as defined in the +om$lete Fi)hter2s Gandbook).net E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) time5 . . 2ob %ason 555 Ds&are3@on. <irkheshar.s Elite ?ndead (#ecromancy=.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 V" % -nstantaneo!s > (ne arm $er level #e)ates This s$ell ca!ses a n!mber of arms e4!al to the level of the i8ard to reach o!t of the )ro!nd and )rab at the tar)et. The tar)ets also receive a $ro)ressive $l!s one for every hit die after first.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . -n a )raveyard or similar cor$se-infested area there is an additional -2 to the savin) thro .) every ro!nd a threatenin) action is made or every ro!nd of combat..ll creat!re !nder five hit die make a moral check(see $) ?JD&.E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The material com$onents are the ea$ons (> $er !ndead) and the blood of a arrior. The hands themselves do no dama)e" b!t hen they $!ll a victim !nder" that victim be)ins to s!ffocate. really hi)h-level i8ard co!ld cast this s$ell and affect many $eo$le by )ivin) five arms to this tar)et" fo!r to that one" and so on. Victims have to make a savin) thro every ro!nd they are in the area of effect and for every e/tra hand they have a -> on their savin) thro .rea Effect5 %avin) thro 5 >0 yards $er level V"%"& 2 T!rns $er level 2 202 radi!s $er level #one 0hen cas a )loomy ha8e a$$ears aro!nd the area" creatin) a eerie feelin).Tome of the Damned Version 2.7. (thers can di) the victim o!t" m!ndanely or ma)ically. $ass 8ane (#ecromancy) ~ G3 ~ . -f a victim fails its savin) thro " it is dra))ed !nder)ro!nd and starts to s!ffocate.

Each bolt forms into three va)!ely arro sha$ed $roCectiles that h!rl to ards the i8ard2s o$$onent. This ener)y attacks the life force of any livin) creat!re.her 2.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 E0 yards V" %" & -nstantaneo!s E A$ to ? creat!res #e)ates This s$ell d!$licates on a )rand scale the effects of a &leeding touch X >d? $oints of dama)e for every t o levels of the caster.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .ed&E and 0ohn )irk *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . 5ecro"antic 8olt (#ecromancy) :hristo.b&ffa!o. 5n6idiata Dcri@acs&. The creat!re m!st roll a s!ccessf!l savin) thro vers!s s$ell or s!ffer >dH $oints of dama)e $er level of the i8ard and lose > $oint of %tren)th $er level of the i8ard. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a handf!l of metal shards.o$ard DssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms.rcn. The arro s never miss their tar)et and inflict >d?" >dE" and >dE $oints of dama)e res$ectively. The victims m!st make a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic" and if they fail their savin) thro " s!ffer bleedin) o!nds hich a$$ear randomly on their bodies. Dama)e m!st be c!red ma)ically or healed nat!rally over time. Each bolt can have a different tar)et. The affected creat!re m!st save vers!s $aralysation or be $aralysed in the areas hit by each of the arro s. 3ost %tren)th ret!rns at a rate of > $oint $er ho!r. 5oska rades. *oll >d?5 %oll +rea :it ~ G4 ~ . -t affects >d? victims that the caster can choose.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 B0 yards @ >0 yards $er level V" %" & -nstantaneo!s E (ne creat!re $er bolt #e)ates Ghoul arro# brin)s into bein) one bolt of ne)ative ener)y for every : levels of the i8ard. This s$ell has a s$ecial effect on !ndead creat!res. +reat!res not rated for %tren)th s!ffer a -> $enalty to their attack rolls for every t o i8ard levels.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 ?0 yards @ >0 $er level V" % -nstantaneo!s > (ne creat!re #e)ates 0hen the i8ard com$letes this s$ell" a bl!e )lo encom$asses his hand and then shoots forth" !nerrin)ly strikin) its tar)et. 6houl +rro* (Evocation" #ecromancy) (oska Trades *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 2obert #. -f the savin) thro is s!ccessf!l" the creat!re remains !nharmed.Tome of the Damned Version 2. . Andead str!ck by the bolt s!ffer no dama)e or %tren)th loss" b!t they m!st s!ccessf!lly save vers!s s$ell or flee for >dH ro!nds @ 2 ro!nds $er level of the i8ard.mass.

&oknor.ecn.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ > 3eft le) Body :-? 3imbs $aralysed are rendered !seless.&cr. Body $aralysis eliminates any De/terity bon!s and res!lts in the victim al ays actin) at initiative >0. -f the character is slain by !ndead hile !nder the effects of this s$ell" ho ever" his so!l cannot be corr!$ted and forced to rise as !ndead itself (tho!)h the body can still be animated as a 8ombie or skeleton). 0hile his so!l is th!s $rotected" a character s!ffers a $enalty of -2 to attack rolls and savin) thro s" he does not heal nat!rally" and ma)ical healin) f!nctions on him at only half normal efficacy. The $aralysis lasts for >d?@> ro!nds.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 :0 feet V" % E ro!nds $er level > (ne creat!re #e)ates 0hile !nder the effects of pain" the victim s!ffers from e/cr!ciatin) $ain and is !nable to cast s$ells or to move at )reater than half s$eed. The i8ard m!st concentrate on the tar)et for the s$ell to remain in orkin).ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .&bc. This s$ell affects only races ith so!ls5 d arves" halflin)s" and h!mans. 2ain (#ecromancy) 0im Vassi!akos D7im6@&crmath. Soul Safe (.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & > day $er level > t!rn +reat!re to!ched %$ecial 0ith this s$ell" a necromancer stores the so!l of the reci$ient in a $iece of Cet" the material com$onent.caE *an)e5 +om$onents5 > foot V" %" & ~ GB ~ .Tome of the Damned Version 2.bC!ration" #ecromancy) >eoffre/ Ed$ard <a-an D-efa-an@&okma1. The material com$onents are a handf!l of )ho!l flesh and a dro$ of h!manoid blood. Speak *ith !ead (#ecromancy) eter >o&r!a/ D-o&r!a/@s!ais. -f the so!l safe is destroyed" or if the s$ell e/$ires" the so!l ill ret!rn (across any distance) to its body" !nless that body is dead" in hich case it ill Co!rney to its final restin) $lace.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .

rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & > ho!r $er level > t!rn >00-yard $er level radi!s #one This s$ell ill s!mmon and bind the s$irit of a recently dead $erson to atch over and )!ard the caster or an area s$ecified by the caster at the time of the castin)" for the d!ration of the s$ell. This s$ell is more $o erf!l than the $riest s$ell" b!t the dead tend to be as !nhel$f!l as $ossible. The dead are as evasive as $ossible hen 4!estioned. The dead ill have )reat tho!)h not total kno led)e of the i8ard and his )oals (the D& sho!ld ass!me that hatever he kno s" the dead $erson also kno s).lteration" #ecromancy) >arinthra!! Da!6a!ent@h&scE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 0 V" %" & E t!rns $er level > t!rn ~ GC ~ . Players sho!ld be fore arned of $ossible side effects of castin) this s$ell (loosin) s$irits" attractin) the attention of lo er $lanar $o ers" etc. necromancer s$ecialist al ays casts this s$ell as if he ere one level hi)her. The material com$onent is a recently deceased body. Tho!)h the dead cannot tell o!tri)ht lies" they ill tell half-tr!ths or be very cry$tic. The i8ard m!st have the maCority of the remains of the body" incl!din) the head or sk!ll.) that occ!r at the discretion of the D&.Tome of the Damned Version 2.t&t. Even dead $eo$le ho a)ree ith the necromancer ill dislike bein) s!mmoned. Strength of the !a"ned (. This s$ell cannot be cast more than once $er month on any sin)le creat!re" and any creat!re s!mmoned more than once in any )iven year by the same necromancer receives a @E to its savin) thro . The s$irit is obli)ed to arn the caster" b!t only abo!t any visible and obvio!s threat that it can sense or abo!t any intr!der on the arded area" as s$ecified by the caster. The only $erson able to comm!nicate ith the s$irit is the caster.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 %$ecial > t!rn (ne creat!re %$ecial This s$ell is similar in o$eration to the Erd-level $riest s$ell. WizardFs Le9el A$ to ? $a-i"u" Length of i"e !ead > &onth .ny amo!nt of Time i"e Guestioned E *o!nds 2 T!rns 5u"ber of Guestions E >E 2>@ .fiE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Spirit*atch (#ecromancy) )&rki 2isto DkH3F70G@cs.

The so!nd of cla s scrabblin) over the )ro!nd and teeth sna$$in) are a!dible to all ithin hearin) ran)e.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ .t the end of the s$ell2s d!ration" the reci$ient ill e/$erience a terrible backlash from the e/ertion !$on his life ener)ies and the terrible e/$erience of s!ch close contact ith ne)ative material $lane ener)ies. 0hat follo s is not entirely in its mind. %tren)th )ained is based !$on class as follo s5 Class 0arrior Strength 6ain >d>0 Points >d< Points *o)!e . Anless other ise noted it mimics the effects of strength..rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 Person to!ched #one This is a variant of the 2nd-level strength s$ell.s&. (!tside of the tar)et2s mind" teeth and cla#s has no $hysical body aside from fo!r sets of cla s and a mo!th f!ll of teeth. Fail!re indicates that the life force of the character as dama)ed )reatly and the character takes 2d< $oints of dama)e and also loses one life ener)y level (e/$erience level" Git Dice" etc.fter castin) teeth and cla#s" the caster merely has to advance to ards his intended tar)et" barin) his teeth and hands $redatorily before tossin) a tooth or cla at the tar)et. .s the s$ell2s d!ration ends" the reci$ient m!st make a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic. Teeth and cla#s ill $ace and cla at the barriers. -f the creat!re fails its savin) thro vers!s s$ell" it sees the advancin) s$ellcaster as somethin) or someone inimitable and flee. The material com$onent for this s$ell is a bit of bone from a )iant skeleton or a $inch of vam$ire d!st. %ho!ld these barriers be removed and the victim contin!es to believe in it" teeth and cla#s res!mes ~ G7 ~ . .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 ?0 yards V" %" & %$ecial E (ne creat!re %$ecial . %!ccess means that he takes only 2d< $oints of dama)e. -t is f!elled by the tar)et2s ima)ination and fears" and contin!es $!rs!it !ntil the tar)et s!ccessf!lly disbelieves in it. eeth and Cla*s (-ll!sion=Phantasm" #ecromancy) D!r$B@.Tome of the Damned Version 2. This s$ell !tili8es a creat!re2s o n life force" tem$orarily bindin) it ith ne)ative material $lane ener)ies" channellin) the res!ltin) ener)y flo to $rod!ce !nholy stren)th in the s$ell reci$ient.). This s$ell can only be cast on a illin) reci$ient. Therefore" doors and other barriers o!ld only delay $!rs!it. +reat!res itho!t %tren)th ratin)s receive a bon!s of @2 to attack and dama)e rolls on all attacks. 0arriors" on the other hand" are allo ed to advance as hi)h as >J %tren)th thro!)h the !se of this s$ell. Teeth and cla#s is J0D invisible in shado s and darkness.ll character classes" not C!st arriors" have the chance to C!m$ into e/ce$tional %tren)th ratin)s as if they ere arriors $rovidin) that this s$ell )ives the reci$ient )reater than >< %tren)th. Bri)ht" hite" $in$oints of li)ht ill )lo in the centres of the s!bCect2s eyes as a res!lt of the lar)e 4!antity of ne)ative $lane ener)y that is bein) !tili8ed to a!)ment the character2s %tren)th.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .s&6m. The reci$ient of the s$ell ill !nder)o a minor chan)e in a$$earance as ell hile the s$ell2s d!ration is in effect.

The material com$onent is a lit candle inside a small ba).er@$. -f it catches !$ ith the tar)et" it ill attack as a > GD creat!re (H cla s at >d2" teeth at >dH). This ca!ses the caster to lose the ability to cast this lo er-level version and it even disa$$ears from his s$ellbook (this s$ell is normally transcribed from a scroll). -t does not affect the $hantasm2s a$$earance beca!se it has none o!tside of teeth and cla#s. The creat!re has .ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 ." Deaa/@catcc. ~ GG ~ . -t ill sail ri)ht thro!)h them.s 8olt of !arkness (#ecromancy) 2obert 0ohan Enters D$his.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards @ >0 yards $er level V" % -nstantaneo!s E 20-foot radi!s #one This s$ell is similar to a fire&all" e/ce$t that there is no savin) thro " and the dama)e is only >dH $oints $er level.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 E0 yards V" %" & : ro!nds @ > ro!nd $er level 2 %$ecial #one This s$ell is like monster summoning" e/ce$t that the s$ell is for)otten hen the caster learns a hi)her-$o ered version of the s$ell. Winthrop.s ?ndead Su""oning 33 (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) #! . . . Teeth and cla#s can only be attacked ith @> ea$ons or better. The s$ell e/$ires hen the tar)et s!ccessf!lly disbelieves it or if it takes < $oints of dama)e.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ $!rs!it. (nly ma)ic resistance or an anti-magic shell can $rotect the tar)et(s) of this s$ell.illed hile !nder the s$ell).+ H.ny one of the follo in) !ndead may be chosen to be s!mmoned5 2d? skeletons" 2dH 8ombies" 2dH )ho!ls or >d?@> shado s. The !ndead a$$ear at the end of the castin) and fi)ht to the best of their ability !ntil slain" the d!ration e/$ires" they are released" or they are f!rther than E0 yards from the caster (the caster may not intentionally move o!t of ran)e" nor may the !ndead for they are not free.Tome of the Damned Version 2.t s!ch time" they ret!rn to their $oint of ori)ination.!eton (5saac +inthro.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The material com$onent is the a tooth or cla from some $redatory creat!re X $re$are yo!rself X and t!rns to d!st in either case.i. The s$ell is also not affected by s!ch s$ells as glo&e of in!ulnera&ility" vario!s shield s$ells" #all of force" etc.

s!ccessf!l savin) thro vers!s breath ea$on ill res!lt in only half dama)e.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . . (bvio!sly" a creat!re m!st have a bone str!ct!re in order for this s$ell to be effective.Tome of the Damned Version 2.!a6a. The ne/t as$ect of this s$ell is the release of an electrical dischar)e hen the character to!ches a creat!re. The material com$onent of the s$ell is a bone shard. . . -f the dama)e rolled e/ceeds a tar)et2s remainin) hit $oints" that tar)et is disinte)rated.ny creat!re that is entirely com$osed of bone saves at -E. Chill 6rasp (.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . .s Shado*fire (Evocation" #ecromancy) 0ason (e!son Dt7aden@b!ake. The dama)e ends !$ as >d?@> $er level. creat!re that is imm!ne to fire or to ener)y drain ill s!ffer only half dama)e (a 4!arter if a s!ccessf!l savin) thro is made).rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % %$ecial > +reat!re to!ched #one This s$ell combines shocking grasp and chill touch. There is no savin) thro for dama)e.acs. .a6antha!as Dk&mm777F@sn/.&bc.ll creat!res in the $ath of the s$ell ill s!ffer >dH dama)e $er level of the i8ard" !$ to a ma/im!m of 20dH. . 8one Lock (#ecromancy) eter >o&r!a/ D-o&r!a/@s!ais.lteration" #ecromancy) .caE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .ll attackers sho!ld make a savin) thro vers!s fear or $aralysis.$ashin-ton. The char)e is a little less dama)in) than the ori)inal shocking grasp s$ell d!e to the ener)y bein) diverted to the chill a!ra.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el 9 +lpha. Even if the savin) thro is made" the creat!re is slo ed.s on chill touch" the cold a!ra is )enerated and creates an a!ra aro!nd the caster coverin) him on all sides. ~ GF ~ . The material com$onent is a black o$al orth at least :00 )$.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards $er level V" %" & 2 ro!nds $er level H (ne creat!re %$ecial This s$ell ca!ses the bone Coints of a creat!re to lock" effectively immobili8in) it for the d!ration of the s$ell !nless it makes a s!ccessf!l savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & -nstantaneo!s H >-foot diameter" :-foot $er level lon) ray P This s$ell calls forth a seethin) black ray shot thro!)h ith veins of )reen fire.

t this $oint the so!l finally esca$es its tort!rer. The verbal com$onent to this s$ell is the re$eated cryin) o!t of the so!l2s tr!e name" hile the semantic com$onent involves sim!lated beseechin) of the heavens.&cr. !ire Soul Ento"b"ent (#ecromancy) D Tom D&!!emond J b&ck@-i!. The #ecromancer is then freely able to tort!re the $hysical body in the most )r!esome ays" kno in) f!ll ell that the so!l feels everythin) b!t cannot react or res$ond.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Circle of 2rotection (. . (ther ise destroyin) the body ill also release the so!l.Tome of the Damned Version 2. !eadthought (Divination" #ecromancy) ~ F0 ~ .n -ntelli)ence check m!st be made to determine if the circle as $ro$erly inscribed.lteration" #ecromancy" %!mmonin)) 0im Vassi!akos D7im6@&crmath. !arthus. The so!l is renched from its after life and entra$$ed ithin the rottin) shell of its body.a& E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The only !ses any ma)es have fo!nd for this s$ell" a$art from satisfyin) their l!sts for tort!re on their most hated enemies" is as a tem$orary stora)e for a so!l they may have a !se for. The material com$onent for this s$ell is some incense to be b!rnt" orth at least >000 )$.. Darth!s" the fiendish #ecromancer ho first form!lated this s$ell had only one idea in mind hen he did so5 Tort!re. -t re)ains all senses it had d!rin) life" b!t can in no ay affect its o n body" to comm!nicate or move or anythin).s$ichcit/. (ther s$ells that re4!ire a $erson2s 6lifeforce6 to be $resent ork on the entombed so!l" and so it co!ld be !sed as a $artic!larly convol!ted ay of res!rrection" for ma)es itho!t access to s!ch s$ells. -n this ay" no creat!res may find their ay into the i8ard2s $lane" tho!)h the circle may be easily restored by castin) a restore circle s$ell and inscribin) o!t the break.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & Permanent > t!rn %$ecial #one By means of this s$ell" the necromancer inscribes a circle of protection (!s!ally ith ma)ically $re$ared chalk) to hich he 6ties6 a tha!mat!r)ic trian)le into hich a demon or s$irit or elemental may be s!mmoned by other s$ells. .?!d.rea of effect5 %avin) Thro 5 To!ch V" % %$ecial > ro!nd > body none This s$ell is not $artic!larly $o$!lar ith ma)es" firstly beca!se it does not $rovide m!ch benefit to anyone" secondly beca!se it re4!ires a $artic!larly cr!el and callo!s mind.-o6.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The circle (alon) ith any other mer)ed inscri$tions) may be tem$orarily ne!trali8ed by sim$ly r!bbin) a break.i. (f co!rse" there are tales of Darth!s first embalmin) the bodies of his victims. -nside the circle" the i8ard cannot be h!rt by the s!mmoned creat!re" nor can that creat!re be loosed e/ce$t by the i8ard2s ill. The effect lasts !ntil the body decays to the $oint here it can no lon)er hold the so!l (D&s call).. 0hen the s$ell is first cast" the body of the so!l to be entombed m!st be $resent" in more or less hole condition.

ll the three ability scores start from 0 b!t at least one $oint m!st be s$ended in each.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .Tome of the Damned Version 2.inding J?D 2D i"e %e1uired > >d>0@>0 E-a"ples #ame and $rofession (verheard once For)otten This s$ell ill contin!e as lon) as the i8ard concentrates" b!t on every ro!nd there is a >D chance of that he ill )o insane. 6aalFs Su""on . ype of 3nfor"ation Basic Chance of .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 :0 yards V" %" & > ro!nd $er level H (ne bein) #one By means of this s$ell the caster conC!res $o erf!l bein)s and $!ts theyr essence into a terrifyin) body. The body is al ays man-si8ed and the caster may choose its e/act feat!res (horns" eyes" tentacles" etc. The material com$onent is a $air of metal helmets" linked by a co$$er ire. The D& m!st decide if the information so!)ht is basic" ell kno n" merely kno n" or for)otten.ecn. -n )ame terms the caster has E0 $oints @ one $oint $er level to s$end in the follo in) ays5 O Trade > $oint $er > $oint of de/terity !$ to a ma/im!m of 20 O Trade > $oint $er > $oint of constit!tion !$ to a ma/im!m of 20 O Trade > $oint $er > $oint of stren)th !$ to a ma/im!m of ><" thereafter s$endin) more $oint the stren)th of the body raises to ><=:0" ><=>00" >J"" 8eyond (+onC!ration" #ecromancy) >aa! mai! at Darkni-ht Ddark@ne$soft. The table belo lists the chance of findin) the information and the amo!nt of time re4!ired by the search (if location is in fact $ossible)" b!t the D& can alter these n!mbers if the body is in a $artic!larly advanced state of decom$osition.&oknor..0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ >eoffre/ Ed$ard <a-an D-efa-an@&okma1.itE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . ~ FH ~ .. The $o er of the bein) is related to that of the caster and the s$ell lasts for a relatively short time to $revent the bein) from esca$in) the bonds and the i8ard from )ettin) too m!ch tired" for the same reason a i8ard may have only one of these s$ells active at any time.). The creat!re is e4!al to a fi)hter of a level e4!al to its GDs for thaco" savin) thro s and hit $oints (d>0 hd and bon!ses for hi)h constit!tion).rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & %$ecial > t!rn +or$se to!ched #one This is essentially tele$athy ith a cor$se" as the i8ard $robes the brain of the deceased for s$ecific data. .

Tome of the Damned Version 2. 5n6idiata Dcri@acs&. 3ndependent Spectral :and (#ecromancy) :hristo. The .ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The s$ell lasts for one ro!nd $er level of the i8ard or !ntil dischar)ed" and it cannot be reversed. OO . Caster le9el B :it dice : >< +bilities Tr!e seein) H of attacks 2 : 8est possible +C -2 -< 20 O This is the ty$e of ea$on needed to hit the creat!re ich also hits like if !sin) the same ty$e of ea$on.fter castin) this s$ell" the death master2s hand ill bear a banef!l c!rse" for the ne/t creat!re he to!ches ($ossibly re4!irin) an attack roll) ill instantly become Hd>0 years older.her 2.&oknor.+ of the creat!re may never be better than the listed val!e" the i8ard is other ise able to make it e4!al to that of any one creat!re he has seen for at least some min!tes.ll bein)s ich dama)e the creat!re are a!tomatically tar)eted by a 2ear s$ell.ed&E and 0ohn )irk *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 E0 yards @ : yards $er level V" %" & 2 ro!nds $er level ~ F2 ~ .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % > ro!nd $er level >dH@H +reat!re to!ched #e)ates .ecn. The material com$onents of this s$ell are5 a )em orth at least 2000)$ ich is not cons!med and channels ma)ical ener)y" a cor$se or at least $art of it or $art of a skeleton (h!man-si8ed) to make the body for the bein) (the rest is $added ith matter from the s!rro!ndin) area).b&ffa!o. :and of i"e (#ecromancy) >eoffre/ Ed$ard <a-an D-efa-an@&okma1.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The attacks of the creat!re are those listed into the table (dama)e >d<@>) or >": times that amo!nt (dama)e >d?).

+ -E and may be hit by ma)ic only.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . ~ F3 ~ . .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 feet $er level V" %" & > ro!nd $er level H (ne creat!re #e)ates -n castin) this s$ell" the i8ard severs the victim2s control over one of his arms (B:D chance $rimary hand" even chance if the victim is ambide/tro!s)" makin) the victim2s hand an inde$endent entity hose only )oal is the destr!ction of the victim.7.ny dama)e dis$els it and does >d? $oints to the i8ard. For 8ombies" the dead flesh !nderneath contin!es to rot as !s!al. The material com$onent is a small $iece of the caster2s flesh.&are3 4 +.or. <orel.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ +astin) Time5 .s :and of E9il (Enchantment=+harm" #ecromancy) Ed$ard )e/es Dke/esea@ctr6a1. Gair and teeth cannot be re$licated" b!t non-movin) red eyes can be created. %keletons and 8ombies both receive an e/tra >d? hit $oints" and may )ain the armor class of armor orn for the d!ration of the s$ell (2 ro!nds=level).6anderbi!t.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 2 (ne o$$onent #one This s$ell ca!ses a )hostly" )lo in) hand" sha$ed from the i8ard2s life force" to materialise ithin the s$ell ran)e and move as the i8ard desires.E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The hand is . The flesh has no nerves" veins" etc. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a hand" hich is cons!med in the castin).bility or by the reci$ient of Kirkheshar2s *e$!)nant *ebirth)" the color of the skin and basic a$$earance and )eneral sha$e of facial feat!res can be altered" b!t if cast !$on an animated skeleton or 8ombie" the flesh ill be )rayish in color." and cannot re$air the rotted body of a cor$se for *aise Dead or similar s$ells" ho ever.s Shroud of . -f the s$ell is cast by the !ndead itself (thro!)h -mb!e Andead 0ith %$ell .rim.lesh (#ecromancy=-nvocation) #rmand . 2ob %ason 555 Ds&are3@on. The s$ell attacks as the i8ard at a @2 bon!s to-hit.Tome of the Damned Version 2.rea of Effect5 %ave5 To!ch V%& %$ecial ? > %keleton or 8ombie #one This s$ell is !sef!l in creatin) the sim!lation of flesh aro!nd the bones of a skeleton" or makin) hole the rotted semblence of a 8ombie.ny to!ch attack s$ell of si/th level or less that is s!bse4!ently cast by the i8ard can be delivered by the s$ectral hand. 0hen the s$ell ends" the flesh slo!)hs off the body like a et ra). <irkheshar. . The flesh does not heal" and can only be re$aired thro!)h the !se of s$ells s!ch as Andead *e)eneration" Vam$iric To!ch" or by a recastin) of this s$ell. The i8ard may $erform other actions. -f the s$ell is cast on a cor$se before animation" the flesh and hit $oint bon!s ill be $ermanent" b!t ill radiate ma)ic.

Lesser !eath Spell (#ecromancy) eter >o&r!a/ D-o&r!a/@s!ais. For instance" if the victim as carryin) a da))er" the hand mi)ht )rab that and attack. The material com$onent is a lar)e $inch of s!)ar mi/ed ith bone $o der" hich m!st be s$rinkled over the bodies to be affected. -f the victim is ea$onless" the hand o!ld attem$t to choke instead. 0ith ea$ons" the hand only !ses short ea$ons" since anythin) lon)er cannot be easily t!rned in ard. (bvio!sly" skeletons are imm!ne. The castin) of this s$ell s!mmons a horde of insects hich ra$idly devo!r all the flesh from the cor$ses of a n!mber of creat!res. ~ F4 ~ .6anderbi!t. The material com$onent is fin)ernail cli$$in)s from a 8ombie. -t attacks ith the victim2s o n TG.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards V" %" & %$ecial > ro!nd %$ecial #one This s$ell as desi)ned by Korel the #ecromancer" ho as ea)er to create !ndead" b!t too c!ltivated to acce$t the reek of rottin) flesh $rod!ced by 8ombies.Tome of the Damned Version 2. For chokin)" the hand inflicts >dH $oints of dama)e each ro!nd" $l!s %tren)th bon!s if a$$licable (B:D of this is tem$orary dama)e" b!t remember that the hand can contin!e chokin) the victim even if the victim is !nconscio!s). To determine ho many creat!res can be skeletoni8ed ith one castin)" !se the )!idelines of animate dead (one body $er level of h!mans" less for hi)her Git Dice). The s$ell may also f!nction on animated !ndead" in hich case a savin)s thro is )ranted to ne)ate the effect. (ther attack forms are !$ to the D&2s discretion (bashin) $lates into the victim2s head" etc.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . <orel. Fail!re res!lts in the loss of one Git Die.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards $er level V" % -nstantaneo!s H (ne >0-foot c!be $er level #one This s$ell is identical to the ?th-level death spell (see the Player$s %and&ook)" e/ce$t in the n!mber of creat!res affected. Even tho!)h necromancers )enerally dislike charm s$ells" this s$ell $rovides many a la!)h for them. Each ro!nd" if no other action is taken" the victim has a :0D chance of breakin) the choke hold (the hand may re-establish it ith a s!ccessf!l attack roll).rmo!r +lass" doin) the victim2s normal dama)e" incl!din) %tren)th bon!ses.&bc.). (nly the bare bones are left behind" com$letely clean after a rinsin) of ater.caE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The hand o!ld not" ho ever" be able to )rab a and and fire it at the victim" since a and re4!ires a command ord to activate.s $ass Skeletonize (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) Ed$ard )e/es Dke/esea@ctr6a1.illed !ndead are also imm!ne.+0 a)ainst the victim2s o n . Free.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The hand is almost as intelli)ent as the victim" and ill !se the 4!ickest available method for killin) or disablin) the victim (note that the hand can contin!e attackin) even if the victim is !nconscio!s). #ote that the body m!st be com$letely dead (->0 GP" not C!st !nconscio!s at 0 GP).

Anless other ise noted" follo the descri$tion of fire trap for effects. .nets& > 2 #ote that the death s$ell does not affect lycanthro$es" !ndead or creat!res from $lanes other than the $rime material. 5ecro"antic %unes (.nyone not att!ned to these r!nes (as $er fire trap) ho dist!rbs them" ill ca!se a violent e/$losion of ne)ative $lanar ener)y hich ill sa$ life ener)y from all in the area of effect.bC!ration" Evocation) >arinthra!! Da!6a!ent@h&scE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Dama)e is th!s the same as $er fire trap" b!t as the dama)e is not fire-based it is dama)in) only to livin) creat!res.caE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .Tome of the Damned Version 2. This s$ell has no altered effects !nder ater as does fire trap. The creat!re str!ck m!st save vers!s death ma)ic or lose one level of e/$erience" as if to!ched by a i)ht.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ CreatureFs :it !ice A$ to 2 2@> to H $a-i"u" H +ffected Ed>0 Ed? Con9ersion .deE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 E0 meters %$ecial -nstantanio!s ~ FB ~ .&bc. Le9el !rain (#ecromancy) eter >o&r!a/ D-o&r!a/@s!ais. +hance for detection of these r!nes is as $er detection of a fire trap. 2oisonray (-nvocation) Denis )ramer Dkramer@$o!fsb&r-. The vario!s $rotections a)ainst ne)ative $lane ener)y are also !sef!l for $rotectin) a)ainst this s$ell. The material com$onent for this s$ell is a bit of raith or s$ectre essence.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 : yards $er level V" % -nstantaneo!s H (ne creat!re #e)ates 0hen a i8ard casts this s$ell" a black bolt of ne)ative $lane ener)y shoots o!t to strike one creat!re ithin ran)e. This s$ell $laces mystical r!nes over the area to be arded.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & Permanent !ntil dischar)ed > t!rn (bCect to!ched P This s$ell mimics the Hth-level fire trap in many res$ects.

Soulfire (-nvocation" #ecromancy) ~ FC ~ .o$ard DssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms. The i8ard m!st have at least t ice as many levels as the !ndead has Git Dice. -f at any $oint the i8ard ass!mes the form of an !ndead that drains levels" the i8ard m!st make a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic at the end of the s$ell or lose a level.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & > t!rn $er level > ro!nd The caster #one This s$ell allo s the i8ard to ass!me the form of any !ndead (very rare ty$es of !ndead co!ld be beyond the $o er of this s$ell" at the discretion of the D&). -f the caster fails" he misses and the ray disa$$ears and nothin) is hit.mass. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a bit of rotted flesh.&bc. The ray hits a s$ecial $erson or obCect" ta)eted by the caster. .rmo!r or other non-ma)ical $rotection is !seless. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a diamond of 20 or more )old $ieces val!e. The i8ard also )ains all the v!lnerabilities of the !ndead" and can be t!rned" commanded or even disr!$ted by $riests. &ost to!ch attacks are not considered to be s$ell-like abilities.caE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Peo$le drained to a 0 %tren)th die and come back a day later as a free.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 > ro!nd (ne creat!re Galfs dama)e (a)ainst ma)ic) This s$ell creates a black li4!id" that comes o!t of the caster2s mo!th.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ +astin) time5 . To cast the s$ell the ma)e needs !$ to ? raindro$s of a $oison and the $ossibility to make ability of a )host o!ld not be )ained thro!)h !se of this s$ell. The i8ard can make one chan)e of form for every three levels" b!t cannot ret!rn to normal form !ntil the s$ell d!ration e/$ires or the ma)ic is dis$elled. To be s!ccessf!l" the caster m!st $ass a savin) thro (@H) a)aint ma)ic.Tome of the Damned Version 2. 0hen !sed a)ainst !ndead ith ener)y drain abilities" the i8ard m!st save vers!s death ma)ic or lose t ice as many ener)y levels as normal. This s$ell does not tri))er a negati!e plane protection" and it ill affect creat!res normally imm!ne to !ndead ener)y drains. Sap Strength (#ecromancy" %!mmonin)) 2obert #. The dama)e of the s$ell is HDH. Shape ChangeI ?ndead (#ecromancy) eter >o&r!a/ D-o&r!a/@s!ais. . 0hen !sed a)ainst normal livin) victims" if the victim fails a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic" it loses a $oint of %tren)th. Th!s the fear a!ra of a lich" charm )a8e of a vam$ire and magic .ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rcn. The i8ard m!st roll to hit" and if he fails to hit" he himself m!st save vers!s death ma)ic or be drained of a $oint of %tren)th. The i8ard )ains all the abilities of the !ndead e/ce$t s$ellcastin) and innate s$ell-like abilities.illed shado .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & Permanent E +reat!re to!ched #e)ates This s$ell d!$licates a shado 2s %tren)th drain.

i.ll the hile the caster m!st be concentratin) f!lly on the va$o!r.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 ?0 yards @ 20 yards $er level V" % %$ecial %$ecial (ne creat!re #e)ates 0hen this s$ell is cast" a bl!ish va$o!r snakes over from the caster to the tar)et. Speed %ot (. .ea6en Dfsmt$H@a!aska.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >00 feet @ >0 feet $er level V" %" & -nstantaneo!s H (ne !ndead #e)ates .ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .ny !ndead failin) its savin) thro vers!s s$ell ill find itself takin) do!ble dama)e from all attacks" as its bindin) forces are less $o erf!l no . .t the fo!rth ro!nd" the tar)et ill sink to its knees shiverin). The s$ell can be reversed to have the o$$osite effect of enablin) an !ndead to take only half dama)e.t the end of the si/th ro!nd" the tar)et ill be lyin) on the )ro!nd ith ~ F7 ~ . The castin) of this s$ell ill e/ha!st the caster for e4!al amo!nt of ro!nds that the s$ell lasts" re4!irin) an -ntelli)ence check to concentrate on anythin) s$ecific other than standin)" sittin)" alkin) slo ly" or restin).t this $oint" the tar)et attem$ts to save at -H.t the second ro!nd" the tar)et is forced to shiver" and ill abandon all he holds to h!) himself for armth. The s$ell )ives o!t no visible effects besides the obvio!s $ain of the tar)et creat!re.Tome of the Damned Version 2. . The material com$onent for this s$ell is a dead mo!se stee$ed in fr!it C!ice.s !eci"ater (#ecromancy) 2obert 0ohan Enters D$his. -t takes the va$o!r si/ ro!nds to f!lly envelo$e the tar)et. The va$o!r can be sto$$ed at any time by the caster" or by someone breakin) the concentration of the caster. This is called slo# rot. .lteration" #ecromancy) "e!ersi&le The +ar!ord of . For obvio!s reasons" this s$ell orks only for livin) creat!res ho have a so!l.fiE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .er@$.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 : yards $er level V" % > ro!nd @ > ro!nd $er H levels H (ne livin) creat!re #one The s$ell ill i)nite the so!l of the tar)et creat!re" and try to fry it from ithin !ntil it dies.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Whisper. The tar)et is fro8en in $lace hile the va$o!r be)ins to envelo$ the tar)et. . The dama)e that is inflicted ill be Ed? d!rin) the first ro!nd" and 2d? on each s!bse4!ent ro!nds after the first.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ )&rki 2isto DkH3F70G@cs. Each ro!nd" the va$o!r drains >:D of the tar)ets hit $oints" leavin) the tar)et free8in) cold. -f its savin) thro s!cceeds" the va$o!r dis$erses" else the va$o!r )rabs a hold on the tar)et.t&t.

There is no kno n $rotection a)ainst this s$ell save for ma)ic resistance or an anti-magic shell.illed hile !nder the s$ell).bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .s ?ndead Su""oning 333 (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) #! . . %imilarly" sho!ld the s$ell be centred on an anti-magic shell" it o!ld not ork. Whisper.i. .er@$.ll those in the area of effect are hit for :d>0 $oints of dama)e d!e to these $ackets.Tome of the Damned Version!eton (5saac +inthro. The material com$onent is a lit candle inside a small ba). nice $!nishment for those ho cross yo!r i8ard" b!t yo! do not ant to kill.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . This ca!ses the caster to lose the ability to cast this lo er-level version and it even disa$$ears from his s$ellbook (this s$ell is normally transcribed from a scroll). The !ndead a$$ear at the end of the castin) and fi)ht to the best of their ability !ntil slain" the d!ration e/$ires" they are released" or they are f!rther than E0 yards from the caster (the caster may not intentionally move o!t of ran)e" nor may the !ndead for they are not free. Winthrop.t s!ch time" they ret!rn to their $oint of ori)ination. . . ~ FG ~ .ny one of the follo in) !ndead may be chosen to be s!mmoned5 2d? skeletons" 2dH 8ombies" 2dH )ho!ls" >d?@> shado s" >d?@> i)hts or >dH@> )hasts. The area ill be envelo$ed in a ha8y" t ili)ht dark" here $ackets of ne)ative ener)y hi8 aro!nd. .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards $er level V" % -nstantaneo!s H 20-foot radi!s area #one This s$ell o$ens a )ate to the ne)ative material $lane in the centre of the s$ell2s area of effect.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 E0 yards V" %" & : ro!nds @ > ro!nd $er level E %$ecial #one This s$ell is like monster summoning" e/ce$t that the s$ell is for)otten hen the caster learns a hi)her-$o ered version of the s$ell.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ >0D of its hit $oints left and !nable to do anythin) more than shake !ncontrollable for the ne/t EdH ro!nds." Deaa/@catcc.s Stor" of !arkness (#ecromancy) 2obert 0ohan Enters D$his. glo&e of in!ulnera&ility or like ma)ics ill not $rotect the tar)et" !nless the s$ell as tar)eted to centre inside the )lobe" in hich case the s$ell ill fail com$letely.

a!a3ar (The #de. The body m!st be reasonably intact" and m!st have obtained at least fifth level in any class before death.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el : +ni"ate 6houl (#ecromancy) eter >o&r!a/ D-o&r!a/@s!ais.. they receive only half dama)e from cold and fire.&bc.caE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . -f the i8ard a$$ears eak or v!lnerable" the )ho!l ill t!rn on him. . 0hen the s$ell2s d!ration ends" the skeletons cr!mble into d!st. The material com$onents of this s$ell are h!man (only) skeletons that are reasonably intact and a dro$ of blood from the i8ard.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards V" % Permanent > ro!nd %$ecial #one This s$ell creates a hi)her form of !ndead" a )ho!l" from the body of any h!manoid smaller than an o)re.s !eath Shado* (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) 0onathon .t9s .e!!book" *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . They ill not carry o!t s!icidal re4!ests.caE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . they re)enerate > hit $oint $er ro!nd (even if 6killed65 only fire and acid dama)e is $ermanent)" their )a8e ca!ses $aralysis (savin) thro to avoid. d!ration 2dH ro!nds. The )ho!l !s!ally obeys the commands of its animator" tho!)h it is free illed. This is not a common occ!rrence" as )ho!ls tend to be co ards.&bc.ttacks 2=>" Dama)e $er attack >d< @ chill (-> to-hit" to dama)e and to savin) thro s for >dH t!rns" no savin) thro " m!lti$le hits are c!m!lative)" they have a ma)ic resistance of >0D" they receive only half dama)e from slashin) or $iercin) ea$ons" holy ater inflicts EdH dama)e on them" they are imm!ne to sleep" charm" fear" hold" and paralysis. +zura. others may s!ffer ali)nment chan)es.Tome of the Damned Version 2.rea of Effect5 0 V" %" & > day $er level > ro!nd Person to!ched ~ FF ~ .+ E" < GD" TG.+0 >E" #!mber of . i8ard can animate one skeleton arrior $er five levels of e/$erience (ro!nd all fractions do n).rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards V" %" & >dH ro!nds @ > ro!nd $er level : %$ecial #one This s$ell animates one or more skeletons to serve the i8ard as $o erf!l arriors. These skeletons have the follo in) statistics5 &V >2" . this ability can be !sed every three ro!nds" startin) on the third ro!nd of combat). +ni"ate Skeletal Warrior (#ecromancy) eter >o&r!a/ D-o&r!a/@s!ais. (nly evil i8ards !se this s$ell fre4!ently.

) the shado $!shes him to a $lace of safety and takes the death stroke itself" disa$$earin) in a black $!ff of smoke. -t merely takes one death blo hich o!ld have normally killed the character" and there m!st be an immediate $lace of safety ithin >0 feet for the shado to $lace its host.e!!book" *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The material com$onents for this s$ell are coal" s$ecial incense (val!e 200 )$)" and a dro$ of blood" all of hich are b!rned at the start of castin).nrc.Tome of the Damned Version 2. !arkray. (nce a tendril hits" it remains ra$$ed !ntil the s$ell e/$ires or the tar)et dies. The s$ell creates one tendril $er level above <th. These can then arc to any creat!res in the area of effect" drainin) their life ener)y thro!)ho!t the caster and emittin) it as visible li)ht from the staff.s. -f the i8ard2s hit $oints rise above ma/im!m normal hit $oints" then the e/tra $oints ill remain for only > t!rn. The reci$ient of the death shado feels a chillin) sensation follo ed by armth as it mer)es ith his act!al shado .). +zura. to-hit roll is necessary" b!t the hi$ strikes once $er ro!nd as a monster of the i8ard2s Git Dice" and on an !nmodified roll of 20" the hi$ entan)les its victim for >dH@> ro!nds (no to-hit needed d!rin) that time).s Soul Whip (Evocation" #ecromancy) 0onathon . ~ H00 ~ . Thereafter" once a sit!ation occ!rs here the reci$ient takes a death stroke of any sort (failin) to save vers!s $oison" takin) dama)e from an attack hich ca!ses death etc.ny creat!re ithin ran)e is s!bCect to attack from the tendrils and m!st save vers!s s$ell to avoid bein) hit.a!a3ar (The #de. . . The s$ell may last !$ to one day $er s$ell level of the i8ard before the shado de$arts.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %avin) Thro 5 #one A$on castin) a death shado#" the i8ard brin)s forth a s$ecial creat!re from the elemental $lane of shado . #ote that the death shado# does not $rovide an instant esca$e ro!te from certain death (bein) immersed in acid" fallin) off a cliff" etc.ariadneJt.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & %$ecial : :-foot $er level radi!s %$ecial A$on castin) this s$ell" the staff of the i8ard is covered ith a n!mber of bri)ht ener)y tendrils.t9s . The material com$onent is a small leather hi$.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 20 yards V" %" & > ro!nd $er 2 levels : %$ecial #one 0hen the i8ard casts the soul #hip" he creates a shimmerin) ebony tendril hich lashes o!t at one s$ecific creat!re ithin 20 feet.-rE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .. 0henever the ea$on to!ches its tar)et" it inflicts >d<@E dama)e $oints" and these $oints are immediately )ained by the s$ell i8ard and heals any dama)e $revio!sly inc!rred.s !raining endrils (Evocation" #ecromancy) Dimitris =anthakis Dd1anth@!eon.

.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Doomstar (one lar)e)5 this is a :-foot radi!s ball of s irlin) li)ht. The doom star drains life from all ithin 2: feet of it. (ne day of com$lete" shaded rest restores one $oint of each ability. victim can act ith no $enalties e/ce$t that it is !nable to leave the area of effect.csd. The more hit $oints drained the more intense is the li)ht. This s$ell can create one lar)e star or many small immobile ones. The $rocess is very tiresome and at the end of the s$ell the caster loses t o $oints of +onstit!tion and one $oint of %tren)th.nrc. !arkray. )reater death star enables the caster to create one or more death stars" fist si8ed balls of ne)ative ener)y that slo ly drain the life from all aro!nd them. -f the i8ard casts the s$ell more than once $er day" he s!ffers a c!m!lative -E +onstit!tion" -2 %tren)th each time. ~ H0H ~ .s. This m!st have a n!mber of steel nails on it" at least one nail $er tendril to be released.s Strength of Life (#ecromancy) Dimitris =anthakis Dd1anth@!eon.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % > t!rn @ > ro!nd $er level : The caster #one 0ith this s$ell" the caster can alter his %tren)th to any val!e bet een ? and 2: incl!sive" b!t )reater than his c!rrent %tren)th.ariadneJt. The drain be)ins the ro!nd follo in) a s!ccessf!l ra$.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 J0 yards V" %" & E ro!nds @ > ro!nd $er level > ro!nd %$ecial #one . 0hile !nder the infl!ence of the s$ell" the caster )ains almost all benefits from the altered %tren)th. The caster can move it E0 feet $er ro!nd in any direction (even !$). (n the head of each nail a miniat!re sk!ll m!st be en)raved. The staff is not cons!med in the castin).&$m. -n order to do so" he m!st sacrifice (at the be)innin) of the castin)) a n!mber of hit $oints e4!al to difference bet een his c!rrent %tren)th and the %tren)th he ants. The caster chooses the creat!res to attack b!t can only make one attack $er tar)et $er ro!nd. For e/am$le" a >0th-level i8ard does >d>0@: $oints of dama)e $er ro!nd.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . %!ch a nail costs abo!t one )old $iece.-rE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ -f the tar)et saves" he can act freely that ro!nd b!t is s!bCect to attack the ne/t ro!nd if ithin ran)e. This volatile )lobe drains life force at a rate of >d>0 @ > GP $er 2 caster levels. 6reater !eath Star (#ecromancy) Bret %ikea! *9(ea! Dbo@csd4. For each of the caster2s levels of e/$erience" one hit $oint is drained from every creat!re ra$$ed and emitted as li)ht from the staff. Ge does not )ain any e/tra attacks" tho!)h. The caster can let the s$ell last for as lon) as he ishes" b!t he m!st to!ch the staff and concentrate d!rin) all this time" and cannot even talk. -n any case" he can be ra$$ed by a sin)le tendril only. The s$ell caster is imm!ne to this version of the s$ell. The material com$onent of the s$ell is the staff.

&i&c.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & %$ecial 20 min!tes +reat!re to!ched #e)ates This s$ell inflicts lycanthro$y on a character or creat!re. #ote that the victim m!st be to!ched for the entire castin) time for the s$ell to take effect. +reat!res imm!ne to death star are also imm!ne to this s$ell. These cannot be $laced ithin >0 feet of each other. The dama)e is > GP $er day for the first 2E days and 2 GP $er day for the ne/t H days. The i8ard needs to kno only the name of the reci$ient and m!st $ossess some material of the ty$e of creat!re bein) created and some material that as $ossessed by the s$ell reci$ient ( hich incl!des hair" etc. Physically removin) the im$re)nation $remat!rely instantly kills it b!t also does HdH GP dama)e to the reci$ient.) ithin 2H ho!rs of castin).0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %tar % arm5 this s$ell creates one death star $er level of the caster.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 0 V" %" & %$ecial >d>0 ro!nds ~ H02 ~ .monster of choice.Tome of the Damned Version 2. OuiCa 8oard (Divination" #ecromancy) 0im Vassi!akos D7im6@&crmath. %ee the 2nd-level death star s$ell for a descri$tion. 8izarre 3nse"ination (+onC!ration" #ecromancy) (oska Trades *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . (n the 2<th day the im$re)nation breaks thro!)h the skin of the s$ell reci$ient" doin) :dH GP of dama)e" and a$$ears as an infant of the creat!re chosen. The material com$onent for this s$ell is a lycanthro$e2s tooth or a fresh dro$ of a lycanthro$e2s blood. Dis$el evil cast in the first eek of im$re)nation ill eliminate the effect. (ver a $eriod of one month the im$re)nation )ro s" ca!sin) )reat $ain to the reci$ient. The im$re)nation forms any here on the creat!re" C!st !nder the skin. Lycanthropy (.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .&cr.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 %$ecial V" %" & > month ? ho!rs (ne creat!re #e)ates This s$ell enables the i8ard to im$re)nate the reci$ient" be it man" omen" or beast" ith either the $rodi)y of the i8ard" or a ty$e .cso. 5oska rades.or ty$e -. +om$onents are a dro$ or s am$ ater" a $inch of diamond d!st" and shavin)s from a lodestone. Both versions can be dis$elled by the caster at ill. %ince it is non-ma)ical in nat!re" this lycanthro$y cannot be c!red by a dispel magic" tho!)h it can be c!red in the ay ordinary lycanthro$y can be healed.lteration" #ecromancy) #&-&st (e6erman D-it3!aff@&1a.

Shade Link (Enchantment=+harm" #ecromancy) The +ar!ord of . Skeletal +r"our (+onC!ration" #ecromancy) The +ar!ord of .a &oard and may save vers!s s$ell as they o!ld have saved C!st before they died" and illin) s$irits ill not be able to find the Bui. The material com$onents for this s$ell are demon blood and some black silk scra$.Tome of the Damned Version 2. 3on) dead creat!res ill be more diffic!lt to contact and kee$ 6on-line6 once contacted.a &oard accordin) to the kno led)e of that creat!re. (ther ise" the co-caster is i)nored" tho!)h this individ!al m!st still be a i8ard. Po erf!l s$irits have been kno n to !se s!ch a board as an e/it from their final $laces of rest. The Bui.ea6en Dfsmt$H@a!aska.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 +or$se to!ched %$ecial By means of this s$ell the i8ard and a co-caster may vocally ask 4!estions of the s$irit of a dead creat!re and receive ans ers thro!)h the Bui.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 0 V" %" & %$ecial ~ H03 ~ . #ote that at least one of the i8ards ill need to be able to read that lan)!a)e in order to !nderstand the s$irits ans ers.lso on the board are the ords 6yes6 and 6no6 for ans erin) sim$le 4!estions 4!ickly. -n the first ro!nd this s$ell is cast" the carvin)s on the board ill chan)e to re$resent the letters and n!mbers of the ritin) system of the creat!re bein) called.s a final note" it sho!ld be remembered that the Bui. -f the victim makes his savin) thro " the dama)e is halved before it is carried over to him. The only defense is dispel magic or a continual light to rid the room of shado s.a &oard to)ether" the i8ard2s level is treated as the s!m of both. (ccasionally" the s$irit may be yanked from the board by another" or may )ro disinterested in the conversation. 0hile both i8ards hold o$$osite ends of a mithril trian)le to the face of the board in hich a hollo circle is inscribed" the s$irit $!shes the hollo ed circle over the desired symbols. The chance that a s$irit ill 6stay ith it6 for each min!te of conversation is (>0Ylevel)D for the first min!te min!s a c!m!lative >0D for each additional min!te.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & > ro!nd $er level B %$ecial (ne half This s$ell affects one o$$onent and one friendly creat!re $er E caster levels.ea6en Dfsmt$H@a!aska.a &oard is an oval slab of $olished ood !$on hich are carved the n!mbers and letters of a ritin) system. Gavin) a $art of the skeleton of the creat!re bein) contacted or bein) at the $lace of death or main $lace of livin) or $lace of b!rial also hel$s some hat (@:0D for contact and stayin)).a &oard is a $o erf!l ma)ical item linkin) the $rime-material $lane to the vario!s s$irit domains incl!din) the $lane of the dead.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ . -f t o or more necromancers !se the Bui. . -t )ives the victim2s shado a 4!asi-real e/istence (the victim m!st be to!ched)" and allo s the attackers enchanted by the s$ell to attack the shado for dama)e that ill carry over to the victim. An illin) s$irits may attem$t to fi)ht the $o er of the Bui.a &oard >0D of the time (->D for every ten years dead). These are al ays in the same location" so a i8ard askin) a s$irit yes-or-no 4!estions need not be able to converse in that s$irit2s lan)!a)e. .

or <a"alFs Shado*cage (%hado " . The material com$onents are a $inch of diamond d!st and a small ivory o$en-ended cone. (ne form is hard bone $latin) attached to the i8ard" this $latin) can absorb >0 $oints of dama)e for every +onstit!tion $oint that the caster has.bC!ration" #ecromancy) Darkni-ht Ddark@ne$soft. The s$ell does not affect creat!res itho!t hearin) or)ans" s!ch as $lants and $!ddin)s" b!t inflicts do!ble dama)e vers!s crystalline.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 : The caster #one This s$ell conC!res into bein) one of t o forms of .ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 ." a >0th-level i8ard casts spirit scream that does :dH@: $oints of dama)e" ne/t to invokin) ma)ical fear (no death ever occ!rs)" ith a cone-sha$e area" E0 feet lon) and >0 feet in diameter. 0hile ithin this trian)le" the i8ard cannot be ma)ically infl!enced or controlled by any sort of charm" suggestion" or hypnosis" nor can the i8ard by $sychically or s$irit!ally assa!lted. -t a!tomatically shatters all )lass and thin crystal in its area of effect.Tome of the Damned Version 2.csd.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .&$m. &a)ical )ems and )lass m!st save vers!s disinte)rate or shatter.rmo!r +lass by H $oints. Spirit Screa" (#ecromancy) Bret %ikea! *9(ea! Dbo@csd4.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & Permanent > t!rn %$ecial #one By means of this s$ell" the i8ard may inscribe a spiritual triangle (a trian)le inscribed in a circle).rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & -nstantaneo!s : %$ecial (ne half This s$ell creates a lo -$itched ail" m!ch like a banshee. The ail inflicts >dH@> $oints of dama)e $er t o caster levels.itE ~ H04 ~ . Spiritual riangle (. The material com$onent for this s$ell is a arrior2s sho!lderblade.&cr. Those killed by the ail cannot be raised. . The second form is a bone field (s arm of bones) that effectively lo ers the caster2s . Those ho fail their savin) thro ill also r!n in fear for >dH@> ro!nds. The ail ori)inates at the casters mo!th and e/tends o!t ard in a cone" three feet lon) and one foot in diameter $er caster level. The material com$onent for this s$ell is some incense" orth at least H00 )$.rmo!r. E). it is $ossible to cast s$ells thro!)h either version.bC!ration" #ecromancy) 0im Vassi!akos D7im6@&crmath. The beneficiary of the s$ell ill like ise be !nable to cast s!ch s$ells from ithin the trian)le.n -ntelli)ence check m!st be made to determine if the inscri$tions ere made correctly.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ +astin) Time5 .

-t roars strai)ht thro!)h force fields" shields" etc.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .t this $oint the victim is entra$$ed" ith no chance of esca$e itho!t e/ternal hel$ (s$ellcastin)" $hisical attack or movement and even $sionics do not ork).in-!eton (5saac +inthro. The $risoner may comm!nicate by tele$athy (besto ed by the s$ell) only ith the caster as lon) as he stays ithin : feet from the vial. These )lobes can be tar)eted at one or m!lti$le tar)ets (as many as there are )lobes). -f the tar)et fails to save vs. (nly ma)ic resistance (if s!ccessf!l) or an anti-magic shell or similar ma)ic sto$s s!ch a bolt. Each bolt does dama)e for Ed?@E $oints.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Winthrop.s lon) as it stays into the vial it does not need air" food" ater or rest and does not a)e. Whisper. -f the vial is broken or !sealed the tra$$ed creat!re rea$$ears in a ro!nd ith all its e4!i$$.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards V" %" & %$ecial > ro!nd (ne creat!re #e)ates By means of this s$ell the i8ard entra$s both the body and the so!l of a tar)et creat!re into a s$ecially $re$ared )lass vial.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . -t is f!lly rested and retains the same memori8ed s$ells it had at castin) time f!rthermore 2d? h$ are ma)ically healed d!rin) im$risonment. .s !ark . . The material com$onent for the s$ell is the shado of the tar)et.s ?ndead Su""oning 3= (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) #! . Each )lobe strikes the tar)et !nerrin)ly" like a magic missile" b!t is !nhindered by any defensive s$ells.i." Deaa/@catcc.Tome of the Damned Version 2. . s$ell it is s!cked into its shado ich then enters the vial in a matter of moments m!ch like smoke in a mantis" the i8ard then $!ts a seal on the o$enin) of the vial.ny one of the ~ H0B ~ .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 ?0 feet @ >0 feet $er level V -nstantaneo!s 2 %$ecial #one This s$ell brin)s into bein) one )lobe of ne)ative material for every three levels of the caster. This ca!ses the caster to lose the ability to cast this lo er-level version and it even disa$$ears from his s$ellbook (this s$ell is normally transcribed from a scroll).ury (#ecromancy) 2obert 0ohan Enters D$his.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 E0 yards V" %" & : ro!nds @ > ro!nd $er level H %$ecial #one This s$ell is like monster summoning" e/ce$t that the s$ell is for)otten hen the caster learns a hi)her-$o ered version of the s$ell.

.t s!ch time" they ret!rn to their $oint of ori)ination.illed hile !nder the s$ell). The material com$onent is a lit candle inside a small ba).Tome of the Damned Version 2. ~ H0C ~ . The !ndead a$$ear at the end of the castin) and fi)ht to the best of their ability !ntil slain" the d!ration e/$ires" they are released" or they are f!rther than E0 yards from the caster (the caster may not intentionally move o!t of ran)e" nor may the !ndead for they are not free.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ follo in) !ndead may be chosen to be s!mmoned5 2d? skeletons" 2dH 8ombies" 2dH )ho!ls" >d?@> shado s" >d?@> i)hts" >dH@> )hasts" >dH raiths or >dE m!mmies.

ConCure Succubus or 3ncubus (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) %ario 2.e!!book" *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .t9s . +astin) this s$ell ca!ses >d< hit $oints of dama)e to the caster" and each or)asm ith the s$irit re4!ires a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic.s 8lack Scythe (Evocation" #ecromancy) 0onathon . +reat!res !$ to H@> GD are slain instantly" hile those above H@> GD b!t belo <@E GD m!st save vers!s s$ell or be st!nned for >dH@> ro!nds.comE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % > ro!nd $er 2 levels 2 +reat!re to!ched %$ecial ~ H07 ~ .3@nd.. The s$irit remains !ntil dismissed. This s$ell serves fe $!r$oses e/ce$t as a se/!al $erversion of the i8ard.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el . Failin) this savin) thro $ermanently red!ces the caster2s +onstit!tion by one $oint. The material com$onent is a miniat!re sickle ith an ebony shaft and an adamantine blade costin) :00 )$ to constr!ct.a!a3ar (The #de. The s$ell is 4!ite $o$!lar amon)st Bore!!i Dmario. -t s ee$s a >0-foot lon)" ><0S arc and can hit all tar)ets ithin its area as a monster of the i8ard2s level. .s Cataclys"ic Coronary (-nvocation=Evocation" #ecromancy) #!!an 0. Those ho $ossess <@E GD !$ to >0 GD m!st save vers!s s$ell or be slo ed for >dH ro!nds. -f the s$irit ca!ses someone besides the caster to or)asm" both the caster and the other $erson m!st make the savin) thro .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % %$ecial ? t!rns %$ecial #one This s$ell enables the caster to s!mmon a female or male se/!al s$irit hich is s!bCect to $erform the caster2s se/!al biddin) (this cannot be combat). The scythe inflicts >d>0 dama)e in addition to its other effects.ll effects are c!m!lative. Coradon.Tome of the Damned Version 2.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards V" %" & > ro!nd $er 2 levels ? >0-yard lon)" ><0S arc %$ecial The &lack scythe is a fearsome ea$on to behold" stretchin) < feet and immolated in is$y )reen flames.r.bore!!i. +zura. %ikko!a Da!!anm@6&!can.

The material com$onents for this s$ell are some m!mmy ra$$in)s. Create !ry 8ones (Enchantment" #ecromancy) The 0arlord of Geaven Zfsmt >[alaska.&oknor. The bones blo !$ each time yo! kill them X at least >? times X" and al ays have startin) hit $oints. . ~ H0G ~ .+0 is !sed ith a @2 modifier to-hit.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 :0 yards V" % > ro!nd $er 2 levels ? (ne creat!re %$ecial This s$ell re4!ires f!ll concentration on the $art of the caster for its entire d!ration.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ . Even if this roll s!cceeds" the tar)et s!ffers dama)e e4!al to >dH @ > $er level of the i8ard.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & Permanent 2 ho!rs %$ecial #one This s$ell creates !$ to one )hast $er si/ levels of the i8ard" and these )hasts ill follo the commands of their creator to the best of their ability.hoeni1. The s$ell ill last !ntil a hit is scored" or !ntil the d!ration e/$ires" hichever comes first.s im$lied above" h!mans killed by a )hast ill rise as )ho!ls to follo the $ack. .&-a. These cor$ses are the material com$onents of the s$ell.s :ideous %ending (.lteration" #ecromancy) )eith Ta/!or Dkta/!or@.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .ecn. s!ccessf!l hit ill do 2dH dama)e to the creat!re" as a handf!l of flesh is tele$orted E-: feet from the !nfort!nate2s body.bitnet\ *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .Tome of the Damned Version 2.cs.fter this s$ell is cast" the i8ard m!st make a s!ccessf!l attack in melee to affect the tar)et. !arklight. The i8ard makes )ras$in) and $!llin) motions ith his hands in the direction of a sin)le creat!re ithin :0 yards" and rolls to hit.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 feet V" %" & Antil destroyed H ro!nds (ne skeleton $er level #one Dry bones skeletons are essentially normal skeletons" b!t ill come back to life an e4!al n!mber of times as the caster has levels. For > ro!nd $er t o levels of the i8ard" a )r!esome attack may be carried o!t. Create 6hast (#ecromancy) >eoffre/ Ed$ard <a-an D-efa-an@&okma1. -f a hit is made" the victim s!ffers a massive heart attack and m!st make a s!ccessf!l system shock roll or die. The i8ard2s normal TG. Each )hast is formed from the cor$se of a h!man slain by a )ho!l" or )hast ho has not yet risen as a )ho!l itself. This s$ell has $artic!lar )ood !se ith spirit legionnaire" spell carrier" fire&all" and permanency.

ariadneJt.nrc. (nly hi)h level s$ellcasters can )ather lar)e amo!nts of ener)y. -f this ha$$ens" all ener)y ret!rns to the land and the s$ell is asted.ailure >D E0 D %adius in . . The caster is not able to $erfectly control the collection of ener)y" so there is a $ossibility of s$ell fail!re before com$letion. if the score is e4!al to or !nder the caster2s level in $ercenta)e" the tar)et loses a vital or)an or ch!nk thereof" and m!st save vers!s death ma)ic or e/$ire on the s$ot. The )atherin) of ener)y is diffic!lt.eet 20 E00 $ini"u" Le9el of Caster >2 >B >0 D!rin) the hole castin) time" the caster remains a are of his environment and is able to $erform basic mental actions. This incl!des choosin) a tar)et for Melf$s minute meteors or ceasin) one of his $revio!sly cast s$ells. Ase of this s$ell is not an act in accordance ith a )ood ali)nment. The castin) time of the s$ell e4!als the concentration time.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & -nstantaneo!s %$ecial %$ecial #one This com$le/ s$ell can inflict massive dama)e to o$$onents if s!ccessf!lly cast.s !eath Lightning (Evocation" #ecromancy) Dimitris =anthakis Dd1anth@!eon. check m!st be made for each castin) ro!nd. The caster also rolls a $ercentile on each s!ccessf!l hit.s.-rE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . D!rin) the castin) time" the i8ard )athers ener)y from the s!rro!ndin) land" hich is then released as deadly li)htnin) bolts to all creat!res ithin the area of effect (concealment or somethin) like that can hel$ avoid the bolts). -f a tar)et dies or falls comatose" the i8ard may move his foc!s to a ne victim" and so on" for as lon) as the s$ell contin!es. This fact and all the details above are s!mmari8ed in the follo in) table5 Concentration i"e in %ounds > :2 of !a"age H <: Spell .Tome of the Damned Version 2. -f the savin) thro is s!ccessf!l" they ill la$se into a coma" and can only be revived by a cure serious #ounds or similar )reater healin) s$ell. The tar)et ill be)in bleedin) for 2 $oints of dama)e $er 6rend6 !ntil they receive healin) or serio!s banda)in). The i8ard m!st concentrate for some time and each additional ro!nd a!)ments the $o er of the bolts. Darkli)ht himself ill rarely !se it" d!e to its r!thlessness.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ (ne rendin) attack may be made $er ro!nd hile the s$ell lasts. ~ H0F ~ . The ener)y ret!rns to the land thro!)h the victims2 bodies" hile ca!sin) )reat dama)e. !arkray. if not so healed" they die ithin 2H ho!rs. #ote that this s$ell does not distin)!ish bet een allies and enemies.

The i8ard m!st hold the staff on the )ro!nd ith one hand and hold the orb hi)h ith the other. The orb releases some of the stored ener)y. 0hen the i8ard desires to strike" he m!st first lift the staff and then cr!sh the orb on the )ro!nd (the orb becomes fra)ile and shatters a!tomatically if dro$$ed). Th!s" the orb releases eno!)h ener)y to inflict 22 GP to all creat!res ithin B0 feet.ho!ls" EdH %hado s. The caster takes >> $oints of dama)e or : GP if he saves. The staff is not cons!med. %!btract >0 from the level of the caster and divide by t o.ho!ls" 2dH %hado i8ard s!mmons Ed? %keletons and Qombies" Ed? . -f the caster is $hysically hit or the orb is dama)ed d!rin) the castin)" the s$ell is not totally asted.ho!ls" 2dH %hado i8ard s!mmons Ed? %keletons and Qombies" Ed? . some is lost. The staff )athers ener)y and stores it in the orb.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >00 yards V" %" & Permanent ? H00 s4!are yards area #one This s$ell is e/actly the same as the Erd level one. 6aalFs Legion of !oo" 33 (+onC!ration" #ecromancy) >aa! 4 Darkni-ht Ddark@ne$soft.Tome of the Damned Version 2.hasts.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & Permanent > t!rn Andead to!ched #one This s$ell" hen cast on an already animated !ndead" $res!medly !nder the caster2s control" stren)thens both the body of the !ndead and the animatin) force holdin) it to)ether.itE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .s Strength of !arkness (#ecromancy) Ed$ard )e/es Dke/esea@ctr6a1.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . s and >dH 0i)hts.t >Eth level a O . -t is not cons!med.6anderbi!t.W altho!)h they m!st be al ays VmechanicalW.s a side effect" the caster s!ffers half the stated dama)e as ell" ith a savin) thro for 4!arter dama)e. s" 2dH 0i)hts and The material com$onent for this s$ell is a bone ich as taken from a livin) h!manoid or from a h!manoid ich as tort!red to the death. <orel. This modifier (2 at fo!rteenth level" E at si/teenth level" H at ei)hteenth level) is a$$lied in the ~ HH0 ~ . The res!lt is an increase in most of the $hysical statistics of combat" $rod!cin) an e/cellent skeletal body)!ard or ]lite troo$s. For e/am$le" if the i8ard is disr!$ted in the ?th ro!nd" the orb breaks. . To find o!t ho m!ch ener)y is act!ally released roll >dH@> and s!btract the res!lt from the c!rrent castin) ro!nd. The effects of this s$ell de$end on the caster2s level. +ommands ho ever may be more com$le/5 VP!sh the b!ttons J-<-? hile $!llin) the :th hite lever from left of the Erd ro .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The material com$onents are a ooden staff and a small obsidian orb hich costs aro!nd :0 )$.t >Bth level a >dH .ho!ls" 2dH %hado i8ard s!mmons Ed? %keletons and Qombies" Ed? . s and 2dH 0i)hts.t >:th level a O .t >>th level a O . The >dH rolled )ives >. O . i8ard s!mmons Ed? %keletons and Qombies" 2d? .

) is )ained by the ielder" ro!nded do n. -n a case like this" only the $ermanent dama)e is co!nted for determinin) ho many $oints are re)enerated.+0 as the ne level.illed !ndead are not affected by this s$ell" nor are non-cor$oreal !ndead" since the s$ell stren)thens the $hysical body of the !ndead. The th!s created !ndead is free.h&t.Tome of the Damned Version 2. The material com$onent for this s$ell is a $inch of d!st from a normal !ndead of the ne Git Dice or hi)her ( raith at :" m!mmy at ?" etc. Free.) and a c!$ of blood from a fi)hter ith the same TG.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ $ositive direction to all of the follo in)5 TG.+ :" and a @2 dama)e modifier. The !ndead is $artially controllable by the i8ard.6anderbi!t.+0" Git Dice" .illed" b!t may still be s!bCect to other s$ells that remove this freedom" of co!rse.s =a"piric Strike (Enchantment" #ecromancy) Ed$ard )e/es Dke/esea@ctr6a1.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & > ro!nd $er level ? 0ea$on to!ched #one This s$ell imb!es one ea$on ith a shimmerin) black radiance that makes it f!nction as a #eapon of !ampiric regeneration for the s$ell d!ration. The s$ell enchants the ea$on" not a $erson" so the ea$on may be !sed by the caster or another $erson" or even by several $eo$le in s!ccession ithin the s$ell d!ration.rmo!r +lass" and dama)e modifier. <orel. %keletons" 8ombies" and C!-C! 8ombies are the ty$ical reci$ients of the s$ell. That is" one half of any dama)e inflicted by the ea$on (incl!din) bon!ses for %tren)th" ma)ic" backstab m!lti$liers" etc. Th!s" a >Hth-level caster co!ld stren)then a normal skeleton (TG. $inor +ccursed %ite (#ecromancy) #ki Taskinen Df3B437c@saha. The chan)e takes $lace over a $eriod of t o eeks of )rad!ally orsenin) illness in hich time the s$ell can be dis$elled by a dispel magic" cure disease" ~ HHH ~ . This is a risky s$ell5 each command )iven is a chance for the victim to become a f!lly free !ndead of the ty$e" !nless the i8ard also is a member of the same ty$e of !ndead.+0 >B" E GD" .+0 >J" > GD" .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & Permanent > ho!r 3ivin) creat!re to!ched #e)ates This s$ell t!rns its victim into an !ndead. Git $oints may be )ained by the ielder above the normal ma/im!m" and e/cess $oints are treated as in a !ampiric touch (fades after one ho!r). For the $!r$oses of this s$ell" a ea$on is defined as any non-livin) obCect thro!)h hich dama)e is inflicted.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The ty$e of !ndead is selected randomly from those bet een the $o er of a i)ht and a vam$ire.+ B" no dama)e modifier) to an advanced model ith TG. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a $inch of d!st from a level drainin) !ndead ( raith" i)ht" s$ectre" vam$ire)" hich is s$rinkled over the ea$on to be affected. +ommon ea$ons like s ords and staves are obvio!sly incl!ded" b!t the s$ell co!ld theoretically be !sed to enchant a $air of )loves to re)enerate $!nchin) dama)e. These are mi/ed to)ether and s$lashed on the !ndead to be affected.fiE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .

bC!ration" #ecromancy) )ai 2ottenbacher DcNo &$a-ner@or6i!!e. The mo!nt t!rns Cet-black ith )lo in) red eyes and a$$ears as if its skin as $!lled ti)htly over its bones. The D& sho!ld make !$ some a$$ro$riate material com$onent. -f that $art act!ally as $art of that s$ecific creat!re" that creat!re is t!rned or controlled a!tomatically. -f the i8ard is )ood he destroys or t!rns the !ndead" if he is evil the !ndead are controlled" if he is ne!tral he can choose hich effect is to ha$$en. The mo!nt is allo ed a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic. The material com$onent is a $art of every ty$e of !ndead the i8ard ishes to t!rn or control.e. The effect is rolled on the $riest2s t!rnin) table ith the follo in) addition5 if the level of the i8ard is above the level that is absol!tely necessary to t!rn the !ndead" the i8ard )ains a @> bon!s for every five levels above the necessary level. The mo!nts skin becomes leathery" decreasin) its . -t ac4!ires an additional Git Die and retains its $revio!s movement rate and form (i.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & Permanent > t!rn +reat!re to!ched #e)ates This s$ell enables the i8ard to convert his mo!nt into a )r!esome !ndead creat!re. +ontrollin) re4!ires a common lan)!a)e and s!fficient -ntelli)ence on the $art of the tar)et. $org*ar.deE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . -f this savin) thro fails the mo!nt m!st make a system shock roll" and if it fails this roll it dies before the s$ell is com$leted" thereby ne)atin) the effects of the s$ell.s ?ndead Chaser (.lteration" #ecromancy) (oska Trades *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The $riestly effect of the t!rnin) is de$endant on the ali)nment of the i8ard castin) the s$ell.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ and heal" cast in any order any time d!rin) the t o eeks" not necessarily one strai)ht after the other. The i8ard can affect a ma/im!m of one !ndead $er level" be)innin) ith the lo est $o ered ones.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 feet $er level V" %" & -nstantaneo!s ? >0 feet $er level s4!are %$ecial This s$ell sim!lates the $riestly $o er to t!rn !ndead. The s$ell in itself doesn2t modify statistics s!ch as intellect" even if the !ndead %tren)th of ><=00 on a vam$ire does a$$ly to non-h!manoids as ell. 5ote: the s$ell can create some 4!ite eird !ndead" s!ch as vam$ire snakes. ~ HH2 ~ . 5oska rades.rmo!r +lass by 2.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Th!s" this s$ell is not very !sef!l ith a con)re)ation of !ndead" b!t it can be !sed to )et some nice effects ith lo er level !ndead. -f the i8ard does not s!cceed ith his roll to t!rn any kind of !ndead $resent then all !ndead are not t!rned or controlled5 if the i8ard faces 20 skeletons" >0 i)hts and one s$ecial !ndead and he fails only to t!rn the s$ecial !ndead" he a!tomatically fails to t!rn all !ndead $resent (even the skeletons). This effect ha$$ens !nder the same restrictions. The mo!nts ma/im!m enc!mbrance increases by 200 $o!nds and it also never )ro s tired. The i8ard has to a$$roach the !ndead ith his s$ell com$onents in hand.3d6.&niJmain3. 3""ortal $ount (." flyin) mo!nts can still fly). Th!s" the lo ly !ndead are almost ass!redly !nder the control of a >2th-level i8ard.

&i&c.ea6en Dfsmt$H@a!aska. -f it s!cceeds" he is eakened for one t!rn $er level of the i8ard" s!fferin) a -2 $enalty to all rolls. This s$ell $ermanently drains the caster of one hit $oint.ea6en Dfsmt$H@a!aska. Spirit Legionnaire (Enchantment" #ecromancy) The +ar!ord of . For every three levels the i8ard e/ceeds the victim2s level or Git Dice" a -> $enalty is a$$lied to the savin) thro " and vice versa.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The i8ard needs a vial made from the bones of a creat!re the same as the mo!nt. #ote5 in some $laces" the lens may be hard to )et" as its only kno n !se (besides as a lens) is for death-dealin) s$ells and $oisons.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 ? V" %" & Permanent ? (ne creat!re %$ecial This s$ell concentrates all the $o er of a death spell on one victim.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic is allo ed.cs. This $enalty is c!m!lative. .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards V" %" & Permanent > ho!r (ne mindless !ndead #one This s$ell creates a com$letely obedient !ndead ith the follo in) statistics5 . The material com$onents for this s$ell are a ma)ical blade and a bit of the caster2s blood (both cons!med in the castin)).bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .lteration" #ecromancy) The +ar!ord of . horndeath (. savin) thro hich s!cceeds by more than >0" or is critically made ne)ates any and all effects of that castin) of the s$ell. The vial m!st be filled ith demon ichor.+ H (better than !s!al)" GP5 as caster -:" attacks5 2 for ea$on dama)e" -ntelli)ence5 :" %tren)th5 >?" &V5 ?" &orale5 20. . -f the savin) thro is failed" the victim is slain immediately.Tome of the Damned Version 2.s Certain Slaying (#ecromancy) %a1 Becherer Dbecherer@s&na0.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 feet $er level V" %" & > ro!nd $er E levels ? (ne creat!re #e)ates Failin) a savin) thro (at -2) res!lts in the bones of the victim )ro in) massive bone s$!rs that tear o!t thro!)h the flesh for >d? $er level dama)e" attem$tin) to move (for s$ell d!ration) inflicts an e/tra $oint ~ HH3 ~ . The material com$onent is a black $earl" and the lens from the eye of a catoble$as" costin) a total of >000 )$. Sertan.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .

ho$e yo! never )et hit ith it. That is" if the creat!re fails its savin) thro . . -f the ~ HH4 ~ .er@$. That creat!re ill s!stain all dama)e the i8ard has s!stained so far" and leaves the i8ard itho!t o!nds. This is a s$ell .ea6en Dfsmt$H@a!aska.had cast on me once5 it really s!cks.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 ?0 yards V" % Permanent > (ne creat!re #e)ates This $o erf!l necromantic s$ell is desi)ned for that i8ard ho has s!stained a lot of dama)e" and o!ld like to )ive it to someone else. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a bone rose sc!l$t!re. (lminster$s e!asion saved me.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ of dama)e $er caster level $er motion attem$t.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V %$ecial ? %$ecial #one This s$ell allo s the caster to $lace an area effect s$ell on an !ndead that ill be release !$on the destr!ction of the !ndead.s !a"age ransference (#ecromancy) 2obert 0ohan Enters D$his. The $hantom is .ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .abric 2hanto" (#ecromancy) The +ar!ord of .bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .+ 0. Thro!)h this s$ell all the i8ard2s o!nds disa$$ear" no matter hat their ori)in or ma)nit!de" only s!ch o!nds as severed limbs and the like cannot be healed.Tome of the Damned Version 2. (nly ?th-level or lo er s$ells can be $!t !$on an !ndead. ?ndead Spell Carrier (Enchantment" #ecromancy) The +ar!ord of .s . The i8ard !tters the arcane ords of the s$ell" and $oints at some creat!re. Whisper. -ts to!ch drains one level and it radiates a fear a!ra hich m!st be saved a)ainst at -2" or the victims are affected by fear as if the caster had cast it !$on them.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards V" %" & > t!rn $er caster B (ne $hantom #one This s$ell re4!ires the death shro!d or clothin) of a historically im$ortant $erson of any ty$e ( ise man" kin)" loved n!n) and a handf!l of )rave dirt. y9ek. #o savin) thro is )ranted for the !ndead" b!t hen the s$ell !ltimately )oes off" the !s!al savin) thro s for the carried s$ell a$$ly.ea6en Dfsmt$H@a!aska. -t conC!res into bein) a mindless !ndead ith hit $oints e4!al to three 4!arters of those of the caster2s.i.

.s =a"piric !rain (#ecromancy) 2obert 0ohan Enters D$his.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Dama)e taken after a drain ith e/cess $oints" is first taken from those e/cess $oints.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ amo!nt of dama)e is more than the creat!re can s!stain" the creat!re dies instantly from the dama)e and the shock" even a creat!re ho o!ld not die from the o!nds" b!t s!stains more than half its hit $oints in dama)e" m!st roll a system shock" or die from the tra!ma any ay. .er@$.Tome of the Damned Version 2.illed hile !nder the s$ell).rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 E0 yards V" %" & : ro!nds @ > ro!nd $er level : %$ecial #one This s$ell is like monster summoning" e/ce$t that the s$ell is for)otten hen the caster learns a hi)her-$o ered version of the s$ell. The caster can drain !$ to >d? GP $er t o caster levels from the creat!re" as lon) as the tar)et creat!re has the hit $oints to 6)ive6.i. i8ard drainin) more hit $oints than he ori)inally has" )ains the drained hit $oints any ay" b!t these e/cess hit $oints slo ly ebb a ay at a rate of > GP $er ro!nd. This ca!ses the caster to lose the ability to cast this lo er-level version and it even disa$$ears from his s$ellbook (this s$ell is normally transcribed from a scroll). Winthrop. The !ndead a$$ear at the end of the castin) and fi)ht to the best of their ability !ntil slain" the d!ration e/$ires" they are released" or they are f!rther than E0 yards from the caster (the caster may not intentionally move o!t of ran)e" nor may the !ndead for they are not free.s lon) as there is an !nobstr!cted $ath bet een the tar)et and the caster" the caster can !se this s$ell to drain the life ener)y from another creat!re. . The material com$onent is a lit candle inside a small ba).lso" there is no limit to the amo!nt that can be drained level. -f the tar)et makes its savin) thro " then only half of the $revio!sly determined hit $oint amo!nt is act!ally!eton (5saac +inthro.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 ." Deaa/@catcc.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 20 yards @ > yard $er level V" % -nstantaneo!s E (ne creat!re (ne half This s$ell is similar in effect to !ampiric touch" e/ce$t that the tar)et does not need be to!ched. . ~ HHB ~ .ny one of the follo in) !ndead may be chosen to be s!mmoned5 2d? skeletons" 2dH 8ombies" 2dH )ho!ls" >d?@> shado s" >d?@> i)hts" >dH@> )hasts" >dH raiths" >dE m!mmies" >d2 s$ectres or >d2 a$$aritions.ise5 a 20th-level i8ard co!ld $ossibly drain >0d? GP.s ?ndead Su""oning = (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) #! .t s!ch time" they ret!rn to their $oint of ori)ination. Whisper. .

&i&c.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el < +ni"ate !ead 33 (#ecromancy) %a1 Becherer Dbecherer@s&na0. The s$ell destroys > c!bic yard (E c!bic feet) of blood $er level of the caster. . The reverse of the s$ell creates > c!bic yard of blood $er level of the caster hen cast at an o$en area.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards $er level V" %" & Permanent > ro!nd $er level %$ecial #one This more $o erf!l version of animate dead creates > GD of !ndead $er level of the i8ard. .cs. .ny !ndead not $ossessin) ener)y drain !$ to : GD can be created ith this s$ell.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 ?0 yards V" % > ro!nd $er level B (ne E0YE0-foot clo!d" 20 feet hi)h #e)ates ~ HHC ~ .cmai!. This s$ell ill instantly kill any one creat!re !$on hich it is cast.ny creat!re slain by this s$ell m!st first have the reverse of the s$ell" dust to &lood" cast on them before bein) raised.&bc. +astin) it !$on them ill only chan)e their a$$earance to dried !$" m!mmy-like h!sks. . The material com$onent is identical to that of animate dead" ith the incl!sion of a $inch of d!st from each of the !ndead ty$es to be created. 0hen cast at a free standin) $ool of blood" the s$ell acts like the ?th-level $riest s$ell transmute #ater to dust.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 ?0 yards V" %" & Permanent > ro!nd (ne creat!re or > c!bic yard $er level #one The &lood to dust s$ell converts blood instantly to an inert s!bstance (d!st). 8lood to !ust (#ecromancy) "e!ersi&le 0oe :o!!eran D7nc4.6ir-inia.Tome of the Damned Version 2.caE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . #ote that this s$ell is only effective !$on creat!res hich have blood or hich need blood to s!rvive.. heal s$ell ill accom$lish the same thin)" and a resurrection s$ell ne)ates the need for either.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The material com$onents of this s$ell are a $inch of d!st and a dro$ of the caster2s blood.@&6a. F!rther" all creat!res ith >2 GD or more are imm!ne to this s$ell. Cloud of !eath (#ecromancy) eter >o&r!a/ D-o&r!a/@s!ais.ll !ndead" constr!cts (incl!din) flesh )olems)" creat!res from other $lanes" and any other monsters that do not need blood to s!rvive are not harmed by this s$ell.

!ie %oll ( &d&(( ) >-?0 J>-00 The cor$se )ets a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic" at a level e4!al to the cor$se2s level before death" ith the follo in) bon!ses5 2erson Was $odifier ?ndead Created 0i)ht %$ectre ~ HH7 ~ . The m!mmy follo s orders to the limit of its lo -ntelli)ence" b!t it m!st remain ithin one mile of its $lace of ori)in" so it is $rimarily !sef!l only as a )!ardian.v. -n)redients for this balm cost :00 )$" and one !ninterr!$ted eek s$ent by the s$ell i8ard. Go ever" the clo!d also has a horrible life drainin) effect.ny in the clo!d hen it as created m!st save vers!s death ma)ic or be drained of >d2 levels. The balm only stays )ood for E days.ecn. (ther ise" roll on the follo in) table" addin) the level of the i8ard" $l!s a : bon!s if the i8ard is a necromancer s$ecialist.).lso" if the cor$se as a $erson of level 0" s!btract E0 from the roll (if the adC!sted roll is belo 0" the s$ell fails and the cor$se is destroyed).0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ This s$ell creates a black clo!d of acidic smo). The i8ard has a $ercenta)e chance e4!al to t ice his level of choosin) hich is created.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % Permanent H ho!rs +or$se to!ched #one This s$ell creates one m!mmy from the cor$se of a h!man of at least Bth-level fi)htin) ability. The clo!d is stationary" and restricts vision as a darkness s$ell.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & Permanent > day G!man cor$se to!ched %$ecial (see belo ) The material com$onents of this s$ell are a h!man cor$se (not older than E days)" myrrh (:00 )$ orth) and a s$ecial balm made of certain rare herbs" $ersonally $re$ared by the necromancer. . . This drainin) only occ!rs on the instant after the clo!d is created" b!t is $ermanent. The cor$se of the $otential m!mmy m!st be $ro$erly embalmed ith the a$$ro$riate $roficiency (4.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .Tome of the Damned Version 2. Create $u""y (#ecromancy) >eoffre/ Ed$ard <a-an D-efa-an@&okma1.&oknor. Create ?ndead (#ecromancy) 'nkno$n *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . This s$ell forces back the so!l of the cor$se" and t!rns it into either a i)ht" a s$ectre" or a raith.

This is a D& call. Go ever" d!e to hat these creat!res m!st feed on (i.Tome of the Damned Version 2. !itan. -f the creat!re hit is a $riest" they seem to have lost contact ith their deity for the remainder of the day" and cannot cast $rayers. The i8ard has a >0D chance of bein) affected by this s$ell as ell" since he m!st hold the s$here before it is la!nched. Finally" a created !ndead starts o!t the same ali)nment as the cor$se from hich it came. )ood $riest @H @> #e!tral non-$riest -f the savin) thro is made" the cor$se is destroyed and the s$ell fails. . #ote that after the year is !$" the !ndead may contin!e to serve the necromancer" if it as s!fficiently $ros$ero!s and receives a s!fficient bribe. -f the savin) thro is failed" the !ndead is created. -f it fails" it m!st leave and may never attack the necromancer !nless attacked first.ea6en Dfsmt$H@a!aska. dispel magic is not effective a)ainst the effects of this s$ell.t the end of the year" or hen the !ndead dies or becomes !ncontrolled" the s$ell may be !sed a)ain.rea of Effect5 0 V Permanent B -tem to!ched ~ HHG ~ .bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .lteration" #ecromancy) The +ar!ord of . $eo$le)" an !nsto$$able shift be)ins to ards the !ndead2s normal ali)nment.s $inor 5ullify (.lteration" #ecromancy) Ditan *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Anless a savin) thro at -? is made" the creat!re is affected by this s$ell.(. This s$here is then h!rled at one creat!re ith s$ell castin) abilities. . necromancer can only control one !ndead in this matter at a time. . The effects of this s$ell can only be cancelled by a limited #ish" #ish" or divine intervention.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 20 feet @ >0 feet $er level V" %" & > day B (ne creat!re #e)ates 0ith the castin) of this s$ell" the ielder calls into bein) a s$here of ne)ative ma)ic ener)y. %aid !ndead ill be !nder the control of the necromancer for one year" follo in) any order that is not obvio!sly s!icidal. . %ho!ld this s$ell be !sed d!rin) the year" it ill ork" b!t the fresh !ndead ill immediately attack the i8ard. -f the creat!re hit is a i8ard" the i8ard for)ets the s$ells he had memorised for the day" and cannot seem to memorise any more for the remainder of the day. There is a >0D chance $er month (c!m!lative) of the ali)nment decayin) one ste$.illed" and mi)ht attack the necromancer if it as s!fficiently mistreated.lesh 8o.fter a s itch" the chance ret!rns to 0 and be)ins b!ildin) a)ain.t the end of the year" or !$on s!ch time as the !ndead receives a s!icidal order" it is freed from the necromancer2s control and )ets a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic. . The material com$onent for this s$ell is a one foot lon)" one inch in diameter rod of $!re obsidian.e. -f it s!cceeds" it becomes free.

Tome of the Damned Version 2. They can dis$lay initiative ithin their orders" b!t no more5 an animated ~ HHF ~ .+0. For e/am$le" the animated body of a deceased )eneral o!ld almost certainly retain an !nderstandin) of battlefield strate)y if )iven eno!)h -ntelli)ence. The crystalline str!ct!re of the )em acts as a foc!s to dra to)ether and intensify the dark forces already $resent in the !ndead" )ivin) it an -ntelli)ence of its o n" determined by the si8e and $erfection of the )em (see the table belo ). The item remains !n!sable and ineffective hile stored this ay.s Wisdo" 8eyond !eath (#ecromancy) Ed$ard )e/es Dke/esea@ctr6a1.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %avin) Thro 5 #one This s$ell enables the caster to store an item of smaller si8e than he inside of his body. -n the castin) of this s$ell" the s!bCect2s brain" or the remains thereof" is removed and re$laced ith a s$ecially $re$ared )em. . 6e" =alue >0 )$ 3ntelligence >-2 >J-20 Skills (cu"ulati9e) (ne immediate command E/tremly c!nnin) >0"000 )$ -n any event" )eneral -ntelli)ence is )ained" alon) ith the ability to s$eak ith a hollo " se$!lchral tone (the )em is emittin) the so!nd" hich echoes in the other ise hollo sk!ll). (nly one obCect can be stored at any time. -n no case can the -ntelli)ence of the !ndead meet or e/ceed the caster2s -ntelli)ence at the time of castin). The !ndead have access to the minds of the co!ntless deceased to some e/tent" so other skills a$$ro$riate to the -ntelli)ence level can be $ossessed" $artic!larly if the livin) $erson hose animated body is affected dis$layed them. <orel. Go ever" the added -ntelli)ence enables it to remember and carry o!t more com$le/ commands and" ithin certain limits" even dis$lay some initiative.ltho!)h the !ndead has -ntelli)ence" it does not have free ill X it is still s!bservient to its master (!s!ally the caster).ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .6anderbi!t. The !ndead can $erform at a level )iven by the table above. 3ike ise" an animated arrior o!ld retain his fi)htin) $ro ess" and therefore his ori)inal TG.illed !ndead cannot be affected by this s$ell) ith -ntelli)ence.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & Permanent > t!rn Andead to!ched #one This s$ell imb!es a formerly mindless !ndead (ty$ically a skeleton or a 8ombie X free. *ed!ction in si8e of the body $ast that of the item si8e ill kill the caster. Psionic or s$ellcastin) abilities are not retained" ho ever" since they either re4!ire livin) flesh or have to be e/tensively ada$ted to the ne relation to the ne)ative material $lane. (nly the caster can remove the item.

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ )eneral )iven the order 6take these troo$s and defeat that army6" o!ld do so to the best of his ability" !tili8in) a$$ro$riate battlefield tactics. The clone2s mind overla$s ith the i8ard2s" tho!)h the clone2s is by no means com$lete.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 %$ecial %" & >d? t!rns @ > t!rn $er level > ro!nd %$ecial #one This s$ell creates a clone of the i8ard. ^ The i8ard can comm!nicate tele$athically ith the clone (silently and acc!rately convey conce$ts" as if talkin) to oneself). D!e to the mental overla$ of the clone2s mind ith the i8ard2s" hile ithin >00 meters of the i8ard" the clone has the follo in) $ro$erties5 ^ The i8ard ill sense here the clone is" re)ardless of si)ht and the like (similar to the sense of here one2s arm is)." detect magic or true seeing ill reveal its tr!e nat!re). ^ The i8ard can" at ill" s a$ the clone2s senses ith his o n.t the hi)her levels of intelli)ence" there are r!mo!rs that the !ndead )ain levels of self-conscio!sness. The s$ell is cast normally" ith the i8ard $erformin) all actions necessary for the castin) (the clone ill refle/ively mimic the non-material com$onents)" the only difference bein) the s$ell2s $oint of ori)in" hich is the clone5 all effects" not incl!din) side effects" !se the clone as the i8ard (6side effects6 incl!de s!ch thin)s as the a)ein) ca!sed by certain s$ells).s Lieutenant (-ll!sion" #ecromancy) 8estat *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . %ome casters" ith com$!nctions a)ainst killin) other sentient creat!res" !se their o n blood" b!t this ra$idly becomes im$ractical. The clone is created reathed in sim$le ill!sions hich mimic the i8ard2s $ossessions" tho!)h they serve no other $!r$ose" and can be discarded at the clone2s ill (as the clone may have real clothes or the like available). For e/am$le" the i8ard can s a$ si)ht ith the clone" and see thro!)h the clone2s eyes (and the clone o!ld see thro!)h the i8ard2s). The clone can carry o!t reasonably com$le/ tasks (D&2s discretion)" and is essentially an e/tension of the i8ard. -n the former e/am$le" for instance" a very intelli)ent !ndead )eneral mi)ht order his troo$s to concentrate on the leaders of the friendly army" kno in) them to be friends of the caster. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a )em of the a$$ro$riate si8e that has been soaked in the blood of a creat!re ith at least the -ntelli)ence desired for 2H ho!rs. (ther ise" the )em may be e/tracted and re!sed. Go ever" he o!ld not break off the attack to inform his master that the army is act!ally com$osed of allies. Lestat. The clone itself is a ma)ical constr!ct" and is detectable as s!ch in the normal ays (e). ^ The i8ard can cast memorised s$ells thro!)h the clone. %ho!ld the caster die" the !ndead affected by this s$ell )rad!ally )ain their o n free ill" retainin) the -ntelli)ence" over a $eriod of one year. #evertheless" the dra for necromancers to create s!ch !ndead is immense" since they can be )iven very )eneral commands X a s!$er-)eni!s skeleton (es$ecially a dis)!ised one) sin)le-mindedly $!rs!in) the )oal of killin) a sin)le $erson can do so in !nbelievably c!nnin) ays. The i8ard can of co!rse s a$ back to his normal si)ht at ill. .5 >H GP for a clone of a >Hth-level i8ard)" and all $hysical (non-s$ell) abilities of the i8ard. The clone has hit $oints e4!al to the i8ard2s level (e). They are forbidden by the s$ell from disobeyin) their orders in the sli)htest or takin) actions not s!$$orted by orders" b!t they can !se badly form!lated orders to the disadvanta)e of their master. Defeatin) one of these !ndead in battle has a E0D chance of smashin) the sk!ll of the !ndead" therefore destroyin) the )em in a backlash of ener)ies. ~ H20 ~ .

rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards $er level %" & 2 ro!nds $er level : (ne $erson #e)ates T#ilight$s dark hand of magic is a vastly more $o erf!l form of the s$ells charm person and domination.)" hich ca!se >d? GP dama)e $er level of the caster of the scatterin) s$ell. The clone is in all other ays the same as a normal clone" tho!)h sho!ld the i8ard die" the clone ill )ain f!ll abilities of the i8ard. reincarnation). Fei)nin) creat!res are able to smell and hear normally" b!t can only see in a 20-foot radi!s s$here aro!nd themselves.o$ard DssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms. &odifications are as follo s5 . . Anlike any $revio!s charm" the affected $erson can still cast s$ells" b!t only hen the caster tells him to do so. . *ilight.i8ard2s level)D chance ( ith a minim!m of >D) of creatin) a sentient clone" i.rcn.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % E ho!rs @ > t!rn $er level > +reat!re to!ched #one A$on castin) this s$ell the reci$ient and all his belon)in)s are red!ced to a hea$ of d!st ith a sk!ll restin) on to$. -f" after all modifications" the caster2s total is e4!al to or lo er than that of the victim" then the victim )ains a bon!s to his savin) thro . +om$are the t o. 0ith the savin) thro " the victim )ets an initial savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic" modified as belo .mass.dd the level" -ntelli)ence" and 0isdom of both caster and victim to)ether. Ge also )ains another savin) thro henever the controllin) s$ellcaster demands an action hich o!ld $robably lead to the death of the victim" or to someone dearly loved by the victim. 0hen the s$ell is cast" the fi)!rine is $laced here it is to a$$ear" and it transforms into the clone ( hen the clone disa$$ears at the end of s$ell d!ration" the fi)!rine is )one). Basically" a D& can enCoy some interestin) role$layin) here. ~ H2H ~ .ttem$ts to remove the d!st by other means ill not s!cceed.ect" etc.e. . The sk!ll is act!ally a conC!red one and is not attached to the s$ell reci$ient in any ay. 3ike domination" the caster can control the $erson affected.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . +reat!res fei)nin) d!st are !naffected by any attack form other than scatterin) by ma)ical means (#ind #all" gust of #ind" polymorph any o&. The conC!red sk!ll may or may not be h!man" b!t ill al ays be h!manoid (cf.s !ark :and of $agic (Enchantment=+harm" #ecromancy) 2obert #.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The material com$onents consist of a re$resentation of the i8ard (a carved fi)!re or a clay model" for e/am$le) coated ith the d!st of a cr!shed $earl (made of a $erfectly ro!nd $earl" orth at least >000 )$)" and a dro$ of the i8ard2s blood. Bptional eAtension5 the s$ell has a (2: . 5oska rades.eign !ust (+onC!ration" #ecromancy) (oska Trades *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . (ther ise" the victim has a $enalty. Anlike the former s$ells" Elves and Galf-Elves don2t have any more resistance a)ainst the dark hand than anyone else. %entient clones have the same $ersonality and memories as the i8ard (and th!s kno the s$ell effects" the fact that they ill e/$ire" etc.5 the clone is !nder the control of the D&.).Tome of the Damned Version 2.

e. They cannot be commanded or disr!$ted (command res!lts are i)nored. . -t ill animate !$ to t ice the caster2s level Git Dice of !ndead ithin a ?0 yard radi!s." a i8ard ith -ntelli)ence >?" ill not be able to cast <th-level s$ells hile this s$ell is in effect. #ote that this mi)ht make the caster !nable to cast hi)h level s$ells after this s$ell is cast. The -ntelli)ence of these !ndead allo s them to !se ea$ons to effect" i. These !ndead have f!ll hit $oints and be imb!ed ith some of the -ntelli)ence of the caster. The )ho!ls created by this s$ell are !n!s!ally hard to t!rn5 treat them as if they ere raiths. Whisper. -t animates cor$ses in the same manner as the :th-level s$ell" b!t the ma)ic only lasts for a limited time.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ otal !ifference !$ to -J Sa9ing hro* 8onus or 2enalty @H -E @>2 or more The victim also )ains a 0isdom bon!s" offset by the 0isdom bon!s $ossessed by the caster X th!s" if the caster has an >< 0isdom and the victim has a >2 0isdom" then that is a $enalty of -H to the savin) thro " reflectin) a str!))le of ills.s Legion of !oo" (#ecromancy) 2obert 0ohan Enters D$his.&bc.lso" undead army is very 4!ick" re4!irin) only a sin)le ord and a )est!re. 0hile the s$ell is in effect" or as lon) as any of the !ndead remain" the caster2s -ntelli)ence ill be lo ered by one $oint.Tome of the Damned Version 2.$.i. This s$ell can be made $ermanent" itho!t any threat of loss to the caster2s +onstit!tion." not C!st >d? b!t ~ H22 ~ .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 ?0 yards V" %" & ? t!rns @ > t!rn $er level > t!rn %$ecial #one This is an im$roved version of the animate dead ty$e s$ells. ?ndead +r"y (#ecromancy) eter >o&r!a/ D-o&r!a/@s!ais.caE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The i8ard can animate one of these creat!res for every t o levels (ro!nd !$).rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 E?0 yards V" % 2 ro!nds $er level > %$ecial #one This s$ell is a version of animate dead develo$ed for immediate battlefield !se. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a dark crystal.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Those animated resemble )ho!ls in all ays" incl!din) havin) 2 GD each. disr!$ted res!lts are treated as a t!rn).

bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Winthrop. The material com$onent is a lit candle inside a small ba).s ?ndead Su""oning =3 (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) #! .t s!ch time" they ret!rn to their $oint of ori)ination. The !ndead can !se armo!r" bo s" etc. ~ H23 ~ . .Tome of the Damned Version 2.illed hile !nder the s$ell).0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ by ea$on ty$e for skeletons. The !ndead a$$ear at the end of the castin) and fi)ht to the best of their ability !ntil slain" the d!ration e/$ires" they are released" or they are f!rther than E0 yards from the caster (the caster may not intentionally move o!t of ran)e" nor may the !ndead for they are not free." Deaa/@catcc.ny one of the follo in) !ndead may be chosen to be s!mmoned5 2d? skeletons" 2dH 8ombies" 2dH )ho!ls" >d?@> shado s" >d?@> i)hts" >dH@> )hasts" >dH raiths" >dE m!mmies" >d2 s$ectres" >d2 a$$aritions" one )host or one vam$ire. . The material com$onent is a $iece of bone from a lich. %till" only 8ombies or skeletons can be made ith this s$!eton (5saac +inthro.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 E0 yards V" %" & : ro!nds @ > ro!nd $er level ? %$ecial #one This s$ell is akin to any one of the monster summoning s$ells.

raft Flesh o!ld be !seless. .)e limit" constit!tion score and stren)th score are halved !nless an additional heart is attached. -f a h!man is attached to the body of a lion" then the mind of the h!man )ets the !r)e to h!nt. The caster needs a com$lete set of o$erational tools (like the . There is an <0D chance the m!rderer2s )enetic memory ill be attached. @:000 )$ $er familiar or)an to be attached (that is" an or)an that the host body already has) @>0000 )$ $er different or)an to be attached (Beholder2s eye stalks) -f after the o$eration" the reci$ient has )ained over <0D more body mass" the heart cannot s!$$ly eno!)h blood.raft Flesh" this s$ell allo s flesh from other bodies to be attached to a body of the caster2s choice. .s . The D& sho!ld al ays decide hat kind of bon!ses and $enalties this ill )ive them. -n the m!rderer e/am$le" only >0D of the body as the ori)inal $erson2s. . 0ith it tho!)h" one can $erform miracles. .a&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .Tome of the Damned Version 2.natomist kit from the +om$lete Book of #ecromancers) to o$erate on the body. 0hen the s$ell is cast" the body )oes into a coma for the d!ration of the s$ell. 0ei)ht" ater and food intake )o !$ ever >0D of body mass over the hosts ori)inal re4!irements. +ost to attach ________________________________________________________________________ @>000 )$ $er c!bic foot of familiar limb to be attached @2000 )$ $er c!bic foot of different limb to be attached @E000 )$ if limb is an additional one.lso" a theatre of tools and chemicals is needed" brin)in) the initial cost to aro!nd >0"000 )$. . There is a 2D chance for every $ercent over :0 that the instincts of the former o ner come thro!)h.s ith . hom!nc!l!s may ork !nder circ!mstances" b!t this is !$ to the creativity of the $layer.dditional or)ans may be attached as ell.lesh 8ender (#ecromancy) Aa1ar&s Dmarathon@-ist.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el = +rcanus.rea of effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V"%"& Permanent : ho!rs (ne livin) creat!re #one 0itho!t the . on the other hand" if the head as trans$lanted to the body of a m!rderer" the reci$ient may start to have dreams of his crimes. The body needs to be o$ened !$ and $re$ared. This s$ell cannot be !sed to )raft flesh to the caster itho!t findin) a ay of o$eratin) thro!)h a remote body. For e/am$le" the body of a )iant li8ard may be )rafted to the torso of a h! The caster may attach any kinds of body $arts to the body. snake tail instead of le)s means they can no lon)er alk" and ill have tro!ble )oin) abo!t in h!manoid cities b!t they do )ain the ability to constrict like a marillith o!ld. -f alien body mass co!nts for over :0D of the body" $art of the creat!res essence is attached to the mind of the host body.natomy $roficiency" this enhanced version of the :th level s$ell .raft Flesh tho!)h" it can ork ith body $arts from other creat!res. This is an ~ H24 ~ . . -f this occ!rs" tho!)h the mind is still the o ner2s" homicidal tendencies ill be added meanin) they may contin!e the m!rderer2s crimes. This is !s!ally a manifestation of the ori)inal creat!re2s instincts" or sometimes it2s memories. Anlike .

ttach se/!al or)ans. -f a creat!re makes its savin) thro " it is still stron)ly disoriented" s!fferin) a $enalty of -2 to-hit and @2 to .bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .ny creat!re that is slo ed" $aralysed" charmed or st!nned s!ffers a -E $enalty to its savin) thro " since they are less able to resist its very $o erf!l ener)y. -. The caster can only affect creat!res that $ossess the Git Dice that are ithin ran)e of the caster. The creat!re str!ck m!st save vers!s s$ell or immediately a)e ?d>0 years.lteration) 0im D.ttach another brain. sort of ere olf-like thin). Ander D&2s discretion" this ma only occ!r hen the victim is aslee$ or !nconscio!s. Thin)s this s$ell cannot do5 -. Create :igher ?ndead (#ecromancy) eter >o&r!a/ D-o&r!a/@s!ais.&bc.caE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 0 V" %" & Permanent ~ H2B ~ . 8one to !ust (. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a miniat!re )rinder" hich is cons!med in the castin).0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ o$$ort!nity for the D& to take control.ttach material of incor$oreal" e/tra$lanar or elemental nat!re.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 : yards $er level V" %" & -nstantaneo!s < (ne creat!re %$ecial A$on castin) this s$ell" a black bolt of ener)y shoots o!t form the i8ard2s hand" hittin) one creat!re ithin its ran)e. -. . .rmo!r +lass for one ro!nd $er level of the i8ard.caE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .ar-$e@morek/. +geing (#ecromancy) eter >o&r!a/ D-o&r!a/@s!ais.Tome of the Damned Version 2. The s$ell ill affect > Git Dice $er level of the caster (creat!res ith the lo est Git Dice are affected first).&bc. .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 20 feet V" %" & %$ecial : %$ecial #e)ates This s$ell" hen cast $ro$erly" ill ca!se the livin) creat!re ($rovided its anatomy is str!ct!red ith bones) to have its bones become brittle" and in 2 ro!nds after s!ccessf!l s$ell com$letion" the creat!re colla$ses !nder the ei)ht of its o n body" !nable to f!nction or move X for its bones have cr!mbled to d!st. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a black o$al orth at least :00 )$.r.ny h!manoid ho is a)ed m!st make a system shock roll or die from the internal strain.

3d6. a philtre of persuasion). a solid )old stat!e of an evil E)y$tian )od (!s!ally %et. The !ndead are not !nder the direct control of the necromancer" b!t they do tend to follo his commands. five vials of unholy #ater created by the hi)h $riest of an evil reli)ion (minim!m of fo!rteenth level).deE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ +astin) Time5 . ^ S#ord#raith5 the body of an evil h!man fi)hter ho obtained at least seventh level in life (the fi)hter m!st have been $art of a military or)ani8ation and m!st have fallen in a battle here his side event!ally lost). ^ Spectre5 the body of an e/tremely evil h!man ho obtained at least ninth level in life. minim!m :000 )$ val!e). Create e"ple or Cathedral (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)) )ai 2ottenbacher DcNo &$a-ner@or6i!!e. This incl!des !$ to >0 $e ter benches $er level (each holdin) !$ to >0 $eo$le crammed)" one r!) to cover the com$lete area of effect" one aisle r!) $er f!ll : levels" one altar ith all the necessary reli)io!s re)alia" one chandelier $er 2 levels ith one h!ndred lit candles each (if desired) b!rnin) for the d!ration of the s$ell (can be dimmed" e/tin)!ished" and relit at ill by the caster or the receivin) $riest)" one holy or !nholy ater basin $er level" one holy symbol $er level" one s$eakin) tier" one banner $er level ith the $ict!res of the reli)ion" one alms basket $er level" and one choir tier $er >0 levels !$ to t o feet $er level hi)h each.&niJmain3. ^ Mummy5 the m!mmified body of an evil h!man ho obtained at least seventh level in life. D!e to this contrib!tion of blood" the necromancer ill be eak the day after the s$ell is cast (-2 to-hit and to all savin) thro s)" and the s$ell cannot be cast a)ain before a f!ll eek has $ast. The so!rce of this control is not loyalty b!t fear" and if the necromancer is eak then the !ndead may t!rn on him. ^ Soul Beckoner5 the body of an evil h!man" half-elf or elf that obtained at least ei)hth level in life (the $erson m!st have died of nat!ral ca!ses and m!st have been either a i8ard or a thief. The i8ard m!st have the correct s$ell com$onents (listed belo ) and then cast the s$ell" hich takes abo!t one t!rn $er Git Die of the !ndead. This s$ell creates only the interior of the room. ^ /raith5 the body of an e/tremely evil h!man ho obtained at least seventh level in life. a $aintin) of the $erson bein) animated (the $aintin) m!st have been done hen the $erson still lived). a rack or other tort!re instr!ment on hich a $aladin of at least ninth level has recently ( ithin one year) been tort!red to death. -n addition to the s$ecific com$onents listed belo " the necromancer m!st have a c!$ of dirt from a )rave that is at least one h!ndred years old" and a considerable $ortion of his o n blood.Tome of the Damned Version 2. it doesn2t create the alls" floors" or ceilin)s. This s$ell ill create raiths" m!mmies" s$ectres" s ord raiths" so!l beckoners and in4!isitors. The material com$onents are one holy symbol from the reli)ion" one dro$ of holy or !nholy ater created by a $riest of the reli)ion" one miniat!re bench of maho)any" one > s4!are foot $iece of a sin)le lar)e ~ H2C ~ . ^ )n@uisitor5 the body of an evil h!man or demi-h!man ho obtained at least seventh level in life (the $erson m!st have been a r!thless" sadistic tort!rer ho as in char)e of a tort!re facility).rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 feet V" %" & E ho!rs $er level 2 t!rns (ne >0 feet $er level $er side s4!are formed in any sha$e desired #one This s$ell creates the interior fittin)s of a tem$le or cathedral of any kind de$endin) !$on the caster2s desires. (ther !ndead can be created at the discretion of the D&.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 %$ecial %$ecial #one 'reate higher undead is !sed by evil necromancers to create some of the more $o erf!l !ndead (most of these !ndead can also be created in other ays).

-f that is tried" the creat!re )ains a savin) thro vers!s s$ell to resist the command. Curse of Lycanthropy (. The caster has to make a to-hit roll. if he does not hit the tar)et" the s$ell (and the com$onent) is asted.fter this $oint is reached" the normal chances e/ist for the creat!re to be c!red by the normal means. if it saves" the s$ell is ne)ated. The caster can see thro!)h the creat!re2s eyes" hear thro!)h the creat!re2s ears" and !se all other senses of the creat!re as the creat!re can. -t also has to be h!rled at the o$$onent.3d6. .ea6en Dfsmt$H@a!aska. Go diffic!lt this is is de$endent on the D&. The creat!re is t!rned into a lycanthro$e of the caster2s desires. The head has to someho have stayed in its animal sha$e itho!t chan)in) back to its normal h!manoid sha$e. The effect of this s$ell is $ermanent !nless it is c!red someho . This head has to be treated like a tathl!m (a dr!idic or +eltic ea$on" described in the Eegends and Eore book). ~ H27 ~ .Tome of the Damned Version 2. .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 feet $er level V" %" & Permanent < (ne creat!re #e)ates This s$ell c!rses one creat!re ith one of the most horrible e/istin) c!rses5 the c!rse of lycanthro$y. Note0 d!rin) the time the creat!re is a erecreat!re it has no recollections of hat it as as a h!man" elf" etc. The effects of sellin) and combat $ossibilities are as for the other room s$ells. Antil this $oint is reached" the creat!re has no chance hatsoever of bein) c!red X !nless a f!ll #ish is !sed. The s$ell affects all evil e/tra$lanar creat!res that can see the caster. The d!ration of the control is de$endent as described above. -t mi)ht not even be a$$arent that the creat!re has s!ffered !nder the s$ell X !ntil the ne/t f!ll moon sets in.t that $oint the creat!re ill chan)e into the lycanthro$e desired by the caster and it is !nder the com$lete control of the caster ho is immediately notified that one of his creat!res has chan)ed into a lycanthro$e. The material com$onent is the head of a master lycanthro$e (one ho controls at least ten others of its ty$e) of the ty$e the caster ishes the creat!re to be chan)ed into. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a holy symbol of some evil )od (not necessarily the caster2s o n).lteration" #ecromancy) )ai 2ottenbacher DcNo &$a-ner@or6i!!e.deE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Ge can even force the creat!re to do his ill.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ r!) blessed by a $riest of the reli)ion" a small icker stra " one candle blessed by a $riest of the reli)ion" one $iece of silk (for the banners)" and one > foot c!be of marble (for the tiers).bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . -t is cons!med in the castin).&niJmain3. The creat!re has savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic. and vice versa. (nce it resists one command $er level of the caster" it is free of the caster2s control and the caster cannot !se its senses any more nor can he try to force the creat!re to do his biddin).rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & > ho!r $er level > ro!nd %$ecial #one This s$ell allo s the caster to im$ose a $enalty to t!rnin) e4!al to half his level" so a 20th-level necromancer o!ld totally n!llify the t!rnin) attem$ts of a >0th-level $riest. !efy (#ecromancy) The +ar!ord of . if it fails it is affected as belo .

)ainst other creat!res" it is absol!tely harmless.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 %$ecial V" %" & ~ H2G ~ .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards $er level V" %" & > t!rn B (ne creat!re %$ecial This s$ell slo ly incinerates a victim from the feet !$ t!rnin) him into a $ile of ash (ima)ine a ci)arette).ny fire-resistance or s!ccessf!l savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic ill $revent the conversion to ash" b!t the ember still $ro)resses its ay !$ as normal" inflictin) 2d>2 dama)e" and renders the victim immobile for > t!rn d!e to the intense $ain.lesh o +sh (. -ronically" le)end claims the first victim of this s$ell as the vam$ire that chan)ed Kelennor into his !ndead state. The savin) thro is for half dama)e and the ability to act" des$ite the $ain.-$&. %$ell com$onents incl!de one black smoky 4!art8" orth B: )$ or more (!sed !$ in the s$ell) and a strand of ebbin) from a )ar)ant!an s$ider soaked in its venom (not !sed !$). .drake.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . <a!k D7dfa!k@ca. -f he fails his savin) thro " he )ets a savin) thro vers!s s$ell every ro!nd to red!ce some of the s$ell2s effects. The victim is ke$t alive !ntil the ember reaches the level of the brain (to e/tend the tort!re to its ma/im!m). The material com$onent of this s$ell is a )olden star.lteration" #ecromancy) 0. Life Leech (#ecromancy) "e!ersi&le >eoffre/ Ed$ard <a-an D-efa-an@&okma1. Then the star starts to )lo very bri)htly and ith )reat heat.s . <elennor. The star does >0d? GP of dama)e $er ro!nd" and immobilises the demon ith $ain. The demon )ets to make his ma)ic resistance roll" b!t at -E0D.Tome of the Damned Version 2.. 0hen the s$ell is cast" a star a$$ears in the hand of the i8ard" and travels at very hi)h s$eeds to im$lant itself on the creat!re2s forehead" or the nearest e4!ivalent of a forehead.ed& and be!004@acad.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & > ro!nd $er level < (ne tar)et %$ecial This $o erf!l attack s$ell is !sed e/cl!sively a)ainst natives of the lo er $lanes. -t is a very slo and e/cr!ciatin)ly $ainf!l $rocess. To date" there has been fo!nd no reverse s$ell to co!nter the effects of a conversion to ash.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ !e"onstar (Evocation) 'nkno$n *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The s$ell also blocks any )ate attem$ts by the demon. bri)ht red-oran)e ember slo ly orks its ay !$ from the feet to the head convertin) all flesh into ash. .D.&oknor. .ecn. This s$ell as created by a dro vam$ire (0>J=FJ) named Kelennor. (nce s!ccessf!lly started" the s$ell cannot be sto$$ed short of the !se of a #ish. This blockin) of )ate attem$ts sto$s hen the s$ell d!ration is over or the demon is dead" hichever comes first.

Tome of the Damned Version 2. The material com$onent of this s$ell is an !ndead2s hand.3d6. -f the victim is of lo er level" the n!mber of years transferred is m!lti$lied by the victim2s level and divided by the necromancer2s. (nce the ma/im!m of %tren)th for his level is reached" the i8ard can try to boost the fi)htin) level of the !ndead by one for every five %tren)th and +onstit!tion $oints he donates. ~ H2F ~ .ea6en Dfsmt$H@a!aska. %ince the victim m!st be in the centre of a $enta)ram at the com$letion of the castin)" it is !sef!l to have him held or immobilised in some ay. This s$ell can )rant an !ndead creat!re $hysical stren)ths !$ to a ma/im!m of the level of the caster ith a ma/im!m of 2:.ttem$tin) to make this s$ell $ermanent only orks E0D of the time" the other B0D of the time" it ill transform the caster into said !ndead (so be smart and !se a lich hand if yo!2re feelin) l!cky). $eld !eath (.lteration" #ecromancy) )ai 2ottenbacher DcNo &$a-ner@or6i!!e.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 feet V" %" & Permanent > ho!r $er %tren)th $oint (ne !ndead #one This s$ell increases the $hysical $o ers of an !ndead.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & > ro!nd $er level > ro!nd The caster #one This s$ell allo s the caster to borro all the nat!ral abilities of an !ndead creat!re sam$led by the com$onents.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Vam$ire hands and m!mmy hands are the most $o$!lar.&niJmain3. The reverse s$ell" gi!e life" orks in the same fashion" e/ce$t that the i8ard a)es 2d? years hile the reci$ient becomes yo!n)er" and the reci$ient m!st be illin). $org*ar.s ?ndead Strength (. They can even s$ecialise (even ith their cla s or in $!nchin)" restlin)" even martial arts).lteration" #ecromancy) The +ar!ord of .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 %$ecial < %$ecial #e)ates This s$ell allo s the i8ard to steal 2d? years from a victim and add them to his o n life. -n either case" the material com$onents are a black candle" a hite candle" a dro$ of blood from both $arties" and a s$ecially $re$ared )lass screen. . The caster does not s!ffer from !ndead limitations. The victim m!st be h!man and of a level e4!al to or )reater than that of the i8ard. This is hy yo!2d see necromancers $ackin) skeletal shards all the time.deE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . This can be boosted to the level of a fi)hter of the i8ard2s level. Each $oint of %tren)th increase costs the i8ard one %tren)th $oint and one +onstit!tion $oint each X $ermanently. The !ndead )ain all bon!ses of a fi)hter of that level" incl!din) m!lti$le attacks" ea$on $roficiency slots" etc.

The )em is held in the hand of the i8ard" and is cons!med hen the s$ell is cast. $ystyk. if this roll is s!ccessf!l" the s$ell has no effect and the bolt dissi$ates. %tren)th" De/terity" and +harisma are red!ced by 2. Su""on Wraith (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) >eoffre/ Ed$ard <a-an D-efa-an@&okma1. The material com$onent for this s$ell is an ony/ )em orth at least :00 )$. The afflicted individ!al is immediately stricken ith $ainf!l and distractin) sym$toms5 boils" blotches" lesions" see$in) abscesses" and so on. These lost hit $oints may be re)ained thro!)h normal means. %avin) thro s a)ainst the s$ell s!ffer a $enalty of ->" and if a sin)le creat!re is to be affected" its savin) thro s!ffers a -H $enalty. . -f the savin) thro fails" the victim immediately loses half of his c!rrent hit $oints (ro!nd fractions do n)" and is rendered !nconscio!s by the shock.ttack rolls are decreased by 2.Tome of the Damned Version 2.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 : yards $er level V" % Permanent < (ne creat!re $er level #e)ates This s$ell ca!ses a maCor disease and eakness in one or more creat!res in the same ay as the contagion s$ell.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 >0 yards V" %" & ~ H30 ~ . . The i8ard m!st make a s!ccessf!l to-hit roll ( ith a @2 bon!s) in order to hit the tar)et. The effect $ersists !ntil the character receives a cure disease or s$ends >dE eeks takin) a com$lete rest to recover. A$ to one creat!re $er e/$erience level of the i8ard can be affected" $rovided that all s!bCect creat!res are ithin the s$ell ran)e. 5oska rades.s :alflife (#ecromancy) %/st/k *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 : yards $er level V" %" & -nstantaneo!s < (ne creat!re #e)ates 0hen this s$ell is cast" a cracklin)" black bolt shoots from the i8ard2s $alm to ards its victim.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The material com$onents are a potion of giant strength (of any kind) and a potion of undead control of the ty$e of !ndead to be boosted $er $oint of increase. if this roll misses" !se the )renade scatter dia)ram to determine if anyone else is hit by the bolt. -f anyone is in the area of the miss" a normal to-hit roll ( ith no bon!s) is !sed to determine if the stray bolt hits anyone. +haracters i)norin) the mass contagion for more than a day or so may be s!sce$tible to orse diseases at the discretion of the D&.ecn.&oknor.nyone ho is hit by the bolt m!st make a savin) thro vers!s s$ell. $ass Contagion (#ecromancy) (oska Trades *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .

The effect of s!ch a concentrated )ate inside the tar)et2s body is the follo in).0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The material com$onent of this s$ell is an iron cla .n e/$lodin) ~ H3H ~ . The link is broken by a dispel magic or hen the affected livin) creat!re dies.i. The caster can attem$t to maintain the )ate for !$ to > ro!nd $er three caster levels. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a $iece of black Cet.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 > mile $er level V" %" & %$ecial < (ne !ndead and one creat!re #e)ates This s$ell allo s a necromancer to link the life of a livin) bein) to an !ndead creat!re. -f the creat!re ishes" he co!ld attem$t to resist the s$ell by s!ccessf!lly makin) a savin) thro vers!s s$ell" in hich case the o$enin) of the )ate fails.s !icey :ealing 6ate (#ecromancy) 2obert 0ohan Enters D$his.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 > ro!nd @ > ro!nd $er level : >0 foot hi)h c!be #one This s$ell is identical to the >th-level summon shado#" e/ce$t that it conC!res !$ one raith for every three levels the i8ard has attained. . The victim s!ffers the inC!ries that the !ndead normally o!ld. -f the body e/$lodes in this manner" there is no ay to brin) the creat!re back to life. The !ndead can no dra on the hit $oints of the victim for combat $!r$oses.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 20 yards V" % %$ecial H (ne creat!re %$ecial This $o erf!l s$ell o$ens a small )ate to the $ositive material $lane inside the tar)et creat!re. The $ositive radiance ill add 2d>0 GP to the creat!re $er ro!nd of e/$os!re. -f hit $oints are )ained beyond ma/im!m" itho!t e/$lodin)" those hit $oints ill remain for 20 ro!nds and then recede by one $oint $er ro!nd !ntil re)!lar ma/im!m hit $oints are reached. Go ever" s!ch a )ate is not com$letely stable" and the act!al effect ill be > to 2 ro!nds lon)er or shorter (roll >dH5 > U 2 ro!nds less" 2 U > ro!nd less" E U > ro!nd lon)er" H U 2 ro!nds lon)er). Go ever" if the total amo!nt of hit $oints is e/ceeded (the creat!re is f!lly healed" b!t the )ate remains in effect)" the hit $oints ill tem$orarily be added" b!t ith the c!m!lative chance of 20D $er ro!nd of 6overloadin)6 that the creat!re2s body receives a s!r)e of radiance" ca!sin) the body to e/$lode.$. The caster m!st !$on castin) the s$ell decide for ho lon) the )ate sho!ld remain o$en. There is a limit of one linked victim $er !ndead. This of co!rse makes takin) $risoners m!ch more !sef!l.lteration" #ecromancy) The +ar!ord of .ea6en Dfsmt$H@a!aska. ?ndead Conduit (.Tome of the Damned Version 2. -f the raiths are t!rned" they contin!e to serve in any ca$acity hich does not re4!ire them to confront the $riest ho resisted them. These monsters are !nder the control of the i8ard !ntil they are slain or the s$ell e/$ires.

~ H32 ~ .ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The troo$s ill be $!lled from a $lane that corres$onds to the caster2s ali)nment" and the $o er ho has these troo$s $!lled a ay from his domain may not look too kindly !$on this act.Tome of the Damned Version 2. This s$ell sho!ld only be !sed in dire emer)encies" or can be !sed as an attack s$ell on an as yet !nharmed creat!re. %ince the soldiers can be hi)hly intelli)ent" this force co!ld easily i$e o!t an entire army if !sed isely. The $o ers and e4!i$ment of the individ!al s$irit troo$s are determined as $er the r!les in the Manual of the Planes" $a)e >22.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 ?0 yards V" % > t!rn $er level < %$ecial #one This f!n s$ell s!mmons a le)ion of einheriar" or s$irit soldiers. The !se of the troo$s sho!ld be in accordance ith the tenets of the caster2s ali)nment" or there is a >0D c!m!lative chance $er castin) of this s$ell that the $o er s!$$lyin) the troo$s sends them to fi)ht a)ainst yo! rather than for yo!.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ body ill not h!rt bystanders" other than bo lin) them over" and th!s maybe ca!sin) >d? GP fallin) dama)e or somethin) like that" b!t it ill definitely smear the area aro!nd the e/$loded creat!re ith the creat!re2s blood and itty bitty $ieces. The s$ell ill s!mmon forth >0d>0 s$irit soldiers. -t sho!ld be noted that the !se of this s$ell can have a very $o erf!l im$act if a lar)e amo!nt of nasty classes ith hi)h levels are s!mmoned. (nly livin) creat!res are affected by the healin) $rocess.i. The !ndead ill be allo ed a savin) thro " b!t if the savin) thro fails" it ill e/$lode in a brilliant e/$losion" shatterin) the $hysical body" if any is $ossessed" into tiny shards" and ca!sin) the $syche to be !tterly annihilated. -f the s$ell is !tili8ed on !ndead" the effects ill be s$ectac!lar.s 3nstant Einheriar Legions (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)) 2obert 0ohan Enters D$his.$.

s!ffer Ed< $oints of dama)e Pelvis O -f attackin) from the side" only the nearest a$$enda)e may be tar)eted. 8one Shatter (Evocation) #!!an 0.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards $er level V" %" & Permanent > ro!nd $er level %$ecial #one This more $o erf!l version of animate dead )) allo s the i8ard to create !ndead !$ to _ of his level in Git Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el > +ni"ate !ead 333 (#ecromancy) %a1 Becherer Dbecherer@s& (ther ise it is identical to animate dead )). 'ure critical #ounds is re4!ired to heal one of these effects (e/ce$t for $aralysis" hich m!st be c!red by normal means) as lon) as the victim is still alive" and a heal s$ell ill f!lly restore a livin) victim to f!ll health.a&E ~ H33 ~ .comE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . OO The s$ine may only be tar)eted if attackin) from the rear.cs.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & > ro!nd $er : levels J +reat!re to!ched %$ecial This is a more $o erf!l version of the :th-level &one splinter. movement rate is at one 4!arter of normal. else s!ffer Hd< $oints of dama)e &aCor hi$ fract!re5 -? to De/terity hen !sin) le)s. 8re* Contagion (#ecromancy) Aa1ar&s Dmarathon@-ist.&i&c.-e. %ikko!a Da!!anm@6&!can.Tome of the Damned Version 2. The material com$onents for this s$ell are an intact bone of at least a foot in len)th" and a lar)e metal hammer hich are cons!med hen the s$ell is cast. -t is identical to that s$ell e/ce$t that is has a @E to-hit bon!s and ca!ses a serio!s com$o!nd fract!re hen a hit is scored in melee" ith the follo in) res!lts5 2lace Gead $odifier -< -H Effects &aCor sk!ll fract!re5 save vers!s s$ell or die.

For e/am$le" if they chose air c!rrents" they m!st smash it nearby here they ant the $la)!e to take effect. . -t allo s the necromancer to bre a vile +onta)ion. ~ H34 ~ . ish ill al ays c!re someone ho is afflicted. The material com$onents of this s$ell incl!de a mandrake root" a m!mmy2s banda)e" li4!efied )as e/tracted from a . +!res are al ays determined by the D&.rea of effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #il V"%"& %$ecial Variable %$ecial %$ecial This vile s$ell has no means of bein) $!t to )ood !se.hast2s abdominal cavities and one com$onent determined by the D& that reflects the nat!re of the s$ell (for e/am$le" a s$ell similar to *ed Death o!ld need a dro$ of blood from a $erson ho had died of a similar disease). The modifiers and effects are dealt ith belo 5 Effect %e1uire"ents i"e to Create @2 days Cost $odifier @>:00 )$ Le9el %e1uire"ents @H +a!ses >d? $oints of stat loss The ma)e determines the effects of the $la)!e" be it similar to The *ed Death" or the black $la)!e. The ma)e is never affected by his o n $la)!e.Tome of the Damned Version 2. The cost is totalled above. A$on com$letion of the s$ell" the ma)e has created a vial of li4!id hich they may !se to infect the chosen carrier.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . These diseases s$read 4!ickly thro!)h a n!mber of different means. There are other com$onents hich m!st be $!rchased.

^ -f the barrier is not hit by a s$ell or a ma)ic item or any $sionic disci$line" then the barrier needs ener)y. ^ . ~ H3B ~ .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & > ro!nd $er level 2 ro!nds >0-foot radi!s s$here %$ecial This s$ell as created by +elestarion to be his !ltimate form of $rotection. ^ The i8ard cannot vol!ntarily end the s$ell. Celestarion. blast of scintillatin) ener)y er!$ts from the i8ard2s hands and strikes the tar)et. ^ #o ma)ic items of any sort can $ass thro!)h. These effects can be avoided if the i8ard himself casts a s$ell at the barrier.s 8arrier of 8lack*hite (.ll ma)ic ithin the s$here is !naffected. ^ #ormal $hysical obCects can $ass thro!)h" as can $sionic attacks. The material com$onents of this s$ell are one star sa$$hire" and one black star o$al of at least 20"000 )$ val!e each. Git $oint and level losses are tem$orary and ret!rn at the rate of one $er t!rn each" b!t -ntelli)ence losses are $ermanent. ^ #o livin) bein) can $ass thro!)h the s$here !nless a savin) thro vers!s s$ell is made ith a -? $enalty. -t is nothin) less than a Jth-level blast of totally destr!ctive ener)y. . The s$ell contin!es for as lon) as his initial level in ro!nds. ^ The li)htin) effects of the s$here $revent anyone from seein) thro!)h it" altho!)h those on the inside can see o!t.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 2H0 yards @ >0 yards $er level V" %" & -nstantaneo!s J (ne creat!re $er obCect %$ecial This s$ell as desi)ned as a last line of defense by +elestarion for !se hen all else failed. 0hat ha$$ens is that the s$ell ener)y is dra n into the to$ of the s$here. -f they fail their savin) thro " they are sim$ly !nable to $ass thro!)h. A$on castin)" the follo in) thin)s ha$$en" in the se4!ence )iven. %$ells cannot be cast o!t of it" b!t can be cast ithin it. Both are lost in the castin). -t dra s 2dH of the i8ard2s hit $oints for every ro!nd that it isn2t hit. >.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Celestarion. The barrier has all of the follo in) effects5 ^ -t $revents any s$ells )oin) thro!)h it. %ho!ld the i8ard2s hit $oints )o belo >0D of their ma/im!m" he starts to lose one level $er ro!nd. 0hen cast" a s$here of s irlin) black and hite li)ht a$$ears to s!rro!nd the i8ard and all those close to him.bC!ration" #ecromancy) :e!estarion *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . 0hen he has lost half his levels" then he starts to lose > -ntelli)ence $oint $er ro!nd !ntil the s$ell ends. This res!lts in a -H to-hit $enalty. Ge cannot dis$el it hen he ishes" ho ever.s otal 8last (Evocation" #ecromancy) :e!estarion *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .Tome of the Damned Version 2. 0hether it is or is not is left !$ to the individ!al i8ard" b!t nonetheless it is a $o erf!l s$ell.

3d6. The creat!re ill live a normal life !ntil it dies ( hether of nat!ral ca!ses or !nnat!rally does not matter).3d6. !eath Wind (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) )ai 2ottenbacher DcNo &$a-ner@or6i!!e. The material com$onents are a $inch of bone or a dro$ of the essence of each ty$e of !ndead that e/ists on that $lanet (or in that s$here if !sed off-$lanet).deE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Fail!re indicates instant death" ith only a #ish bein) able to brin) him back.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 feet $er level V" %" & Permanent > ro!nd (ne creat!re #e)ates This s$ell ca!ses a creat!re hich fails a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic to be !nder a horrible c!rse. The material com$onent of this s$ell is an ioun stone" hich is lost in the castin). #ote5 a resurrection is $ossible" b!t if it is not done before the ne/t ni)htfall" the creat!re ill transform into an !ndead bein). Then" the creat!re is transformed into an !ndead creat!re of the caster2s s$ecifications ( ithin s$ecial limits). Fail!re of the savin) thro totally disinte)rates the tar)et. This does not ha$$en !ntil the ni)ht after the creat!re2s death. The tar)et has to make a savin) thro vers!s s$ell at -?. Go to )et the st!ff is the i8ard2s $roblem" not mine. E. (nce the creat!re has s!cceeded at one savin) thro $er caster level" it is com$letely free from the caster2s control and it kno s ho tried to control it and it bears an everlastin) hatred a)ainst the caster. The i8ard" re)ardless of s$ell effects" a!tomatically loses one level $ermanently" and m!st make a savin) thro vers!s s$ell. Th!s" it ill take lots of )host ichor to create the fleetin) s!bstance kno n as )host2s essence in the re4!ired amo!nts.deE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 20 yards $er level V" %" & > ro!nd @ > ro!nd $er E levels > t!rn (no red!ction $ossible) ~ H3C ~ .Tome of the Damned Version 2. The caster has to have an additional f!ll $o!nd of bone or essence of the ty$e of !ndead creat!re he ants to create. The caster can make !se of its senses even if he is on another $lane (note5 this is not $ossible if the caster is fee&leminded" disminded or other ise not in control of his body or mind). The creat!re is com$letely !nder the caster2s control if it fails a savin) thro vers!s s$ell a)ainst each and every one of his controllin) attem$ts. (nce the creat!re is transformed" it cannot be saved" !nless a )od reverses the sit!ation directly (not by sendin) an avatar b!t by bein) there $ersonally and layin) on hands). :. %!ccess of the savin) thro means the tar)et takes >0d20 $oints of dama)e and" if still alive" is st!nned for >dH t!rns. (nce the s$ell is in effect" and the creat!re dies" only the immediate blessin) of the slain body can $revent the transformation to !ndeath.&niJmain3. The creat!re can be a creat!re havin) !$ to the ma/im!m of half the caster2s Git Dice and it may be any kind of !ndead !$ to and incl!din) a )host (note5 it is not $ossible to create a lich or s$ecial !ndead via this s$ell).0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 2.. The creat!re can be c!red ith a remo!e curse" an atonement" and a heal before it dies" all cast ith the e/$licit $!r$ose to remove this s$ell. This s$ell also ca!ses ma)ic resistance rolls to be made at -E0D.. Curse of ?ndeath (#ecromancy) )ai 2ottenbacher DcNo &$a-ner@or6i!!e. %!ccess res!lts in losin) >d>00 of his remainin) s$ell levels" randomly chosen" and bein) !nconscio!s for >dH ro!nds.&niJmain3. H.

cs. if they save only once" they s!ffer 6only6 a >dE@> level loss. .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ . .Tome of the Damned Version 2. 6<-foot radius cast by a $riest of fo!rteenth level or hi)her is also $rotected. The only s$ell he re4!ires is negati!e plane protection or an item hich hel$s him offset the drain of the ne)ative ener)y $lane.bC!ration) 0a/ Dkr3/ston@-arfie!d.nyone ho s!rvives this s$ell ill re)ain the lost levels slo ly (one $er ho!r !ntil the $revio!s ma/im!m is reattained). The caster of this s$ell is rendered inv!lnerable to all demonic $o ers" b!t $hysical attacks are not affected. if they fail t ice" they lose >d?@> levels. -t has a direct connection to the ne)ative ener)y $lane. This ind has a ran)e of 20 yards $er level. For every ro!nd in the ind a character has to save t ice vers!s death ma)ic. !e"onic 3""unity (. #o demonic s$ecial $o ers can harm him at all. those killed by the dama)e (after they lost their levels) are chan)ed into half-$o ered C!C! 8ombies. The dama)e stays the same" as this as additional to the ener)y level loss.nyone ithin the f!ll effect of dispel e!il or a protection from e!il.ny $eo$le killed by the ener)y level loss chan)e into C!C! 8ombies. -n the first ro!nd of castin) the lich ( hose $hylactery is !sed) kno s ith a >00D certainty here" by hom" and for hat the $hylactery is !sed and" if $ossible" it ill most certainly C!m$ in to $revent the destr!ction of its $hylactery.$isc. Negati!e plane protection or a similar s$ell or item effect offers f!ll $rotection a)ainst this s$ell. The material com$onent is a sacrificed baby (less than ? months old)" an active $hylactery of a lich" and the f!ll d!st from a :00 year old vam$ire.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 20 feet $er level $er side c!be %$ecial This s$ell ca!ses a ma)ical black-)reyish ind in the area of effect. . The to!)her the demon2s am!let" the lon)er the s$ell lasts5 !e"on Ty$e !uration H *o!nds >00 *o!nds ~ H37 ~ .s the caster needs direct access to the ne)ative ener)y $lane" he is not able to have any $rotection or other $ermanent s$ells )oin) on his $erson at the time of castin)" as this o!ld disr!$t the frail link. The order in hich they lose their hit $oints is the follo in)5 first" yo! lose any a$$licable level hit $oints lost d!e to ener)y level loss" then yo! lose hit $oints d!e to the dama)e accr!ed by ener)y level loss.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The caster cannot be telekinesed or charmed by demons" their unholy #ords on2t affect him" etc. .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & %$ecial > ro!nd The caster #one +astin) this s$ell re4!ires a demon2s am!let of at least a ty$e one demon" hich is slo ly cons!med and ill be destroyed hen the s$ell ends. The material com$onents are com$letely destroyed d!rin) the castin). For every level lost" the character s!ffers :dH hit $oints additional dama)e (d!e to the e/cr!ciatin) $ain ith hich these levels are lost)" ith a savin) thro vers!s s$ell for half dama)e. -f they s!cceed t ice" they don2t s!ffer any s$ell effects.

ingers (#ecromancy) <en3i!! *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 H0 yards @ : yards $er level V" %" & 2 ro!nds $er level ~ H3G ~ . -f taken over" the i8ard is drained of all s$ell abilities for >dH years.lteration" #ecromancy) Ditan *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . There is a :0D chance of the so!l of the demon bein) released" and tryin) to take over the i8ard.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 E0 feet @ >0 feet $er level V" %" & > eek J (ne creat!re ith his ma)ic items #e)ates This s$ell is a more $o erf!l version of the Bth-level Ditan$s minor nullify. !itan. The material com$onents for this s$ell are a >000 )$ orth ball of obsidian and a >000 )$ diamond" that are both cons!med in the castin). -tems )et a savin) thro vers!s cr!shin) blo " hile artifacts are not affected at all.lteration" #ecromancy) Ditan *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .s 2hantas"al . . The i8ard has a E0D chance of bein) affected" b!t if he is affected" he is affected as by minor nullify. . The s$heres are then h!rled at the victim" and the character )ets a savin) thro at -?" to avoid bein) affected.s 5ullify (. The victim2s savin) thro is at -<. -f affected" the character loses all the abilities of his class or classes.s 2o*er Stripping (. This s$ell sto$s the i8ard or $riest from !sin) their abilities for a eek" as ell as tem$orarily disablin) any carried ma)ic items to f!nction. The material com$onent for this s$ell is a >-foot c!be of obsidian" the eye of a black dra)on" and a tra$$ed so!l of a demon of at least >? GD.Tome of the Damned Version 2.enzill. !itan. . %$ells ill not ork" s$ecialisation is lost" and skills are for)otten.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ #amed The d!ration can be s$lit bet een $eo$le. The only ay to dis$el this effect is thro!)h a #ish or divine intervention.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >00 feet @ >0 feet $er level V" %" & Permanent" !ntil dis$elled 2 ro!nds (ne creat!re %$ecial 0hen this s$ell is cast the i8ard calls into bein) t o s$heres of ne)ative ener)y" one from the realm of ne)ative ma)ic ener)y" and one from the 4!asi-ne)ative material $lane.ll s$ell com$onents are cons!med in the castin). limited #ish ill tem$orarily (>d20 t!rns) restore abilities.

They o!ld also be affected if either h!mans or elves ere tar)eted" altho!)h they o!ld )ain a @2 to their savin) thro s in the latter t o cases. . The bolt C!m$s randomly from one tar)et to the ne/t. 6Galf-breeds6 ill be affected by this s$ell if either of their $arent-race is tar)eted" as ell as hen the cross-breed is s$ecifically tar)eted. -nstead" any hit on the hand inflicts f!ll dama)e on the i8ard (altho!)h a s!ccessf!l savin) thro vers!s s$ell red!ces this dama)e by half). %ikko!a Da!!anm@6&!can. 6enocide (Evocation" #ecromancy) #!!an -f a tar)et2s Git Dice o!ld e/ceed the limit of the s$ell" it is not affected (and the s$ell terminates). . The s$ell ill terminate hen one or more of the follo in) occ!rs5 the Git Dice limit is e/ceeded" there are no more $otential tar)ets in the area of effect" or the bolt strikes a tar)et ith more than >: GD (s!ch a creat!re is !naffected by this s$ell).Tome of the Damned Version 2. The material com$onent for this s$ell is a )love. ~ H3F ~ . ran)e is not a consideration X as lon) as the tar)et is in the area of effect" and it is of the a$$ro$riate race" it may be hit by the bolt. (ther ise" the bolt ill contin!e C!m$in) to other tar)ets. The bolt ill never C!m$ back to the i8ard. it differs from that s$ell in the follo in) ays5 it can be !sed to deliver a to!ch s$ell of any level and it )ives a @E to the attack roll. #ote that the D& may ish to inflict other $enalties on the i8ard d!e to loss of blood (see material com$onents belo )" es$ecially if the s$ell is cast more than once is a short $eriod of time.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 J (ne tar)et #one This s$ell is an enhanced version of the 2nd-level spectral hand.ny creat!re ith more Git Dice than the ori)inal tar)et ill not be affected by the bolt" b!t its n!mber of Git Dice is still co!nted to ards the Git Dice limit of the s$ell. -f this creat!re makes its savin) thro vers!s s$ell at -2 (or if it has >: or more Git Dice) there is no effect and the s$ell terminates.fter this s$ell is cast" the i8ard m!st make a s!ccessf!l system shock roll or fall !nconscio!s for >d>0 ro!nds.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ +astin) Time5 . -f the savin) thro of the initial tar)et fails" the creat!re dies" and the s$ell contin!es as follo s5 if there are no more creat!res of the same s$ecies ithin the area of effect" the s$ell ends at this $oint. #ote that some races are closely related" b!t are not considered identical s$ecies for $!r$oses of this s$ell (i. Each creat!re that is hit ith the bolt m!st make a s!ccessf!l savin) thro vers!s s$ell ( ith no modifiers) or die. The i8ard may end the s$ell ith a sin)le ord. Each tar)et hit ith the bolt co!nts to ards the Git Dice limit" hether its savin) thro as s!ccessf!l or not.comE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 : yards $er level V" %" & Permanent J 20-foot radi!s s$here %$ecial This s$ell allo s the i8ard to kill one or more creat!res of the same s$ecies5 the i8ard chooses a creat!re as the initial tar)et for the s$ell" and after the incantations are com$lete" a black bolt shoots forth from the i8ard2s fin)er to ards the chosen tar)et. This s$ell ill affect a n!mber of Git Dice e4!al to5 >0 GD @ > GD $er level of the i8ard (the n!mber of creat!res is not a factor). The bolt ill never C!m$ to a creat!re of a different s$ecies" or to one that has already been hit ( hether livin) or dead).e. Go ever" if a $arent-race is named as the tar)et" a half-breed of that race earns a @2 to its savin) thro . in addition" the i8ard may choose individ!als to be !naffected by the s$ell sim$ly by namin) them as $art of the incantations (!s!ally !sed to avoid killin) friends or allies). -t has an . )oblinkind).rmo!r +lass of -H" b!t it cannot be destroyed by any attack (it may only be dis$elled).-e. For e/am$le" a half-elf is affected normally if half-elves are named as the tar)et of this s$ell.

s Soul ransfer (#ecromancy) Da6id )e!k Dfs337203@so!.t that $oint" the dama)e becomes even more severe" bein) > ener)y level $er ro!nd.a. .caE ~ H40 ~ .fter 2H ho!rs all that is left of the victim is a cr!sty" b!rnt o!t cor$se.a. The caster $re$ares for this s$ell in a 4!iet and safe $lace and s$ends the ne/t eek castin) the s$ell./ork&. This $erson can never be bro!)ht back to life by any means.$ett D4FC2@ef.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 %$ecial V" %" & %$ecial > eek (ne $erson #e)ates This is the !ltimate reven)e s$ell. Dama)e from the s$ell is 2dH $er ro!nd !ntil the victim falls to 0 GP.fter this eek the s$ell takes effect and the caster sli$s into a heavy slee$ for one month. limited #ish and &less. The effects are ell orth the lost time tho!)h. #ote5 if d!rin) the one eek of castin) the caster is interr!$ted he s!ffers the effects of the hellfire in a backlash ty$e effect.or ice-related s$ell or attack ca$able of inflictin) ?d? or more GP of cold dama)e. The flames not only cons!me the body of the victim" they also cons!me the so!l. <iri. or remo!e curse" &less" and any cold.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >00 lea)!es V" % %$ecial J (ne $erson #one The victim of a hellfire s$ell b!rsts into flame.marico. The victim2s so!l is bein) eternally b!rned" never to be healed.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The victim of hellfire immediately b!rsts into flames. :ellfire `>a (#ecromancy) (athan #med Dnamed@6ikin-. Victims take no cold dama)e hile !nder the effect of a hellfire s$ell.Tome of the Damned Version 2. The caster loses a 4!arter of his hit $oints and > +onstit!tion $oint.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The material com$onents of this s$ell are a $int of the i8ard2s blood and a figurine or statuette of the race to be tar)eted.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . -f this is done" the victim $ermanently loses half of his hit $oints (recoverable by a #ish only) and H +onstit!tion $oints.marico. +om$onents5 a belon)in) of the victim" a :00 )$ r!by and a ma)ic ea$on of @E enchantment or )reater.na6air. :ellfire `2a (#ecromancy) Eric +a/ne . -f all ener)y levels are drained" then the victim becomes a half-%tren)th raith !nder the control of the caster. Note0 *esistance or imm!nity to fire red!ces hellfire dama)e to >dH $er ro!nd b!t does not slo the ener)y drain once it be)ins. .na6/.mi!E and Eric +a/ne . The blood is cons!med at the time of the castin)" and the fi)!rine is also destroyed" !nless the i8ard makes a s!ccessf!l savin) thro vers!s s$ell. The only ay to save the victim is as follo s5 before the 2H ho!rs is !$ the victim m!st have cast !$on him limited #ish" cure disease" remo!e curse" and &less all at the same time.$ett D4FC2@ef. There are several ays to sto$ or e/tin)!ish a hellfire5 #ish" limited #ish" and remo!e curse.-c. .-c.

0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 :0 feet $l!s >0 feet $er level V" % -nstantaneo!s %$ecial %$ecial #e)ates Mass death is a modified version of po#er #ord. -t sho!ld be noted that the final ord m!st be heard by its victims. This s$ell does not affect !ndead or creat!res itho!t f!nctionin) a!ditory or)ans.s ?ndead Spellpo*er (. kill.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .deE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .fter one ro!nd of verbal and somatic $re$arations" the i8ard is ready to !tter the #ord of death. $ass !eath (#ecromancy) %a1 Becherer Dbecherer@s&na0.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 feet V" %" & Permanent > day $er s$ell level imb!ed (ne !ndead #one ~ H4H ~ .ll skills" class abilities" hit $oints" -ntelli)ence" 0isdom and +harisma stay the same as they ere in the ori)inal body. This ord can be !ttered any time ithin one t!rn $er level of the i8ard" $rovided no other s$ells e/ce$t shout or !entrilo@uism" are cast in the intervenin) time. -f trap the soul is cast at the same time" 9iri$s soul transfer is saved a)ainst at -H. The deaf are therefore totally imm!ne to this s$ell. Ase of either s$ell )rants the victims a @H bon!s on their savin) thro d!e to the ma)ical syner)y.ll creat!res (besides the i8ard) ithin the ran)e of the s$ell" incl!din) allies" havin) one third of the i8ard2s level or less" m!st save vers!s death ma)ic or be instantly slain.&niJmain3. This is a )reat s$ell to base advent!res aro!nd X some old evil i8ard lookin) for a ne " yo!n) body.cs.Tome of the Damned Version 2.e. . The $hysical statistics (%tren)th" De/terity" +onstit!tion) are no those of the ne body (note that the hit $oints may have to be adC!sted accordin) to the ne +onstit!tion). shout ill do!ble the ran)e" hile !entrilo@uism ill allo the i8ard to move the centre of effect. The P+s m!st find some ay to reverse the $rocess by findin) the s$ell. savin) thro bon!ses" at the D&2s di)ression. The same occ!rs to the second $erson involved in the s$ell. $org*ar.3d6. &a)ical silence can ne)ate the s$ell2s effect" hile lo!d noises and ear $l!)s ill offer $artial $rotection" i. . An illin) $artici$ants are allo ed a savin) thro vers!s s$ell. . The material com$onents of the s$ell amo!nt to B000 )$ orth of $re$arations takin) 2 days. .&i&c.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & -nstantaneo!s > t!rn The caster and one other $erson to!ched #e)ates This morally 4!estionable s$ell ca!ses t o bein)s or the caster and another bein) to com$letely s itch bodies.lteration" #ecromancy) )ai 2ottenbacher DcNo &$a-ner@or6i!!e.

D!rin) the ? ho!r castin) time" black storm clo!ds form over the i8ard2s location and slo ly $illar to the )ro!nd. The s$ells )iven and im$lanted in the !ndead are )iven by the caster of the s$ell. These s$ells are $ermanently removed from his memory !ntil they relearn this s$ell as if they had never heard of it (roll their chance to learn a ne s$ell). Selecti9e !eath Spell (#ecromancy) (oska Trades *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The sin)le blade of )rass m!st be $icked in the direct li)ht of a f!ll *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The material com$onent for this s$ell is one $otion of !ndead control of the ty$e of !ndead hich is imb!ed ith the s$ell $l!s one scroll of ith the s$ell to be imb!ed X and only that s$ell m!st be ritten on that scroll. 2ilpin.)." !ndead" non-intelli)ent monsters" etc.e.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 Plane of castin) V" %" & %$ecial %$ecial (ne creat!re %$ecial This s$ell allo s the i8ard to enter a creat!re2s dream and attem$t to control it" b!t the s$ell can backfire and destroy the i8ard.s 5ight"are (Enchantment=+harm" #ecromancy) i!. For !ndead hich can already !se s$ells or s$ell-like effects (see above)" it )ives them the ability to cast one s$ell for every level of the caster $l!s one $er Git Die" ma/im!m. This s$ell can be !sed m!lti$le times on these !ndead !ntil they have the $o er to cast one s$ell $er Git Die they $ossess" ma/im!m. ~ H42 ~ . The creat!re m!st have been aslee$ for at least one ho!r before the s$ell ill ork. 5oska rades. A$on com$letion of the castin) the clo!d to!ches the )ro!nd and vanishes and the selected )ro!$ of creat!res slo ly dies over a one-ro!nd $eriod. The first material com$onent is a blade of )rass from the )rave of a creat!re of the ty$e to be selected. The s$ells have to be cast d!rin) the rit!al imb!in) the !ndead ith their s$ell abilities. These s$ells it re)ains at the stroke of midni)ht" hether cast or not. The second material com$onent is :"000 )$ orth of $o dered diamond. +reat!res that do not dream are not affected by this s$ell (i.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ This s$ell is an im$roved version of im&ue undead #ith spell a&ility. For e/am$le" all the first born of a s$ecific race co!ld be slain in the area of effect. -t )ives one !ndead creat!re hich is not normally able to cast s$ells or !se s$ell-like abilities like ener)y drain the ability to cast !$ to one s$ell. For these s$ells" the !ndead don2t need any kind of com$onents (neither verbal" nor somatic" nor material com$onents) b!t the material com$onents have to be $rovided d!rin) the rit!al in addition to those noted belo .Tome of the Damned Version 2.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & > ro!nd ? ho!rs P mile $er level #one This s$ell ill slay a selected ty$e of creat!re in the desi)nated area of effect ith the effectiveness of a do!ble-stren)th death spell ( ith res$ect to n!mbers of creat!res slain).

-f the i8ard chooses to remain" there is a :D chance $er ro!nd that the dream t!rns hostile to the i8ard. E/am$les of creat!res that do not ~ H43 ~ ." the tar)et saves a)ainst the attem$t)" the i8ard is tra$$ed. -f the i8ard chooses to leave" a s!ccessf!l savin) thro vers!s s$ell is re4!ired (leavin) a non-hostile dream does not re4!ire a savin) thro )" if the savin) thro fails" the i8ard is tra$$ed.Tome of the Damned Version 2. . i8ard tra$$ed in a dream hostile to himself cannot make the dream hostile to the tar)et a)ain and m!st make a s!ccessf!l savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic or die for each ro!nd tra$$ed. -f this first savin) thro is s!ccessf!l" the i8ard does not take control of the dream and cannot try a)ain for a eek. -f the i8ard re)ains control of the dream" he can a)ain attem$t to kill the tar)et.e. The i8ard m!st to!ch both creat!res sim!ltaneo!sly at the end of castin) itho!t havin) to make a to-hit roll. The i8ard can a)ain attem$t to take control of the dream or leave. .5 t!rnin) it into a ni)htmare)" the tar)et creat!re m!st make a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic or die in its slee$.t this $oint" the i8ard can leave" or remain as an observer. -f at any time the dream t!rns hostile to the i8ard" the i8ard can attem$t to control the dream in the !s!al manner" or attem$t to leave the dream.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & Permanent !ntil i8ard reverses > t!rn T o creat!res to!ched %$ecial This s$ell ca!ses the life forces of t o creat!res to e/chan)e.lteration" #ecromancy) i!. . The dream no a!tomatically t!rns hostile to the i8ard. -f the creat!re fails the savin) thro " the i8ard takes control of the dream and can make anythin) ha$$en in that dream. The material com$onents are a $ersonal $ossession from the tar)et creat!re and a lock of hair from a ni)ht ha). The i8ard $roCects from the trance into the creat!re2s dream. The i8ard can contin!e to )o thro!)h this" each time the creat!re can either fail its savin) thro and die" or s!ccessf!lly save and take 2:D of its hit $oints in dama)e. The i8ard ill a$$ear in the dream as an observer" !nable to infl!ence the dream or say anythin). The tar)et creat!re ill not a aken d!e to the $hysical dama)e ca!sed by the ni)htmare" b!t may be a aken by another" ho itnesses the dama)e s!ddenly a$$earin) on the creat!re. -f the savin) thro is s!ccessf!l" the i8ard loses 2:D of his hit $oints d!e to $hysical dama)e (a ise i8ard ill have somebody atchin) in case this starts to ha$$en). (nce in the dream" the i8ard attem$ts to take control of the dream.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The i8ard )oes into a dee$ trance for the d!ration of the s$ell and is totally oblivio!s to the s!rro!ndin) environment.) can be affected. -f the i8ard is not a oke by another" he m!st re)ain control of the dream before he can attem$t esca$e. -f !ns!ccessf!l in )ainin) control of the dream" the i8ard ill die in fo!r ro!nds from $hysical dama)e" if not sooner from a failed savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic.fter the first attem$t at t!rnin) the dream to a ni)htmare there is a :0D chance that the dream t!rns hostile to the i8ard. 2ilpin. -f the tar)et saves vers!s death ma)ic a)ain" the i8ard loses control of the dream and the tar)et takes another 2:D of its ma/im!m hit $oints in dama)e." h!mans" elves" animals" birds" dra)ons" fish" etc.e. . -f the i8ard ca!ses the dream to become hostile to the creat!re (i. -f the i8ard !ns!ccessf!lly attem$ts to control the dream (i. -f the tar)et creat!re saves and takes dama)e fo!r times" it dies from $hysical dama)e. -f the creat!re2s savin) thro is s!ccessf!l" the i8ard loses control of the dream" b!t the tar)et creat!re still takes $hysical dama)e e4!al to 2:D of its ma/im!m hit $oints.s Soul E-change (.in *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The tar)et creat!re is allo ed a savin) thro at -H to resist the i8ard2s attem$t. -f the i8ard is dist!rbed" the s$ell ends.ny t o creat!res ith a so!l or s$irit (e). There is a :D chance that the dream $roCected into is hostile to the i8ard (see belo for the effects of a dream hostile to the i8ard).

From the $rime material $lane to an o!ter $lane" for every $lane or $lanar layer traversed" m!lti$ly by five. The non-$hysical abilities can be !sed only if the body has the re4!ired $hysical attrib!tes. -f both reci$ients are !n illin) and tra$$ed in )em $risons" they both save ith a -? $enalty. True seeing ill reveal to a $erson that $revio!sly kne the reci$ient of the soul eAchange that it is no lon)er the same $erson. -f both reci$ients are illin)" no savin) thro is re4!ired. -f a creat!re dies hile in another2s body" it can only be bro!)ht back ith its o n body" so if both creat!res died this co!ld be a reckless ay to reverse the s$ell. . From an o!ter $lane to an o!ter $lane yo! need the $ermission of a )od on both $lanes.). s!ccessf!l savin) thro by any one of the reci$ients ne)ates the s$ell. The savin) thro a)ainst Pilpin$s soul eAchange de$ends on hether both" one" or neither of the reci$ients are illin) to !nder)o the e/chan)e.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 feet $er level V" %" & > ro!nd" ho!r" or day $er level ma/im!m %$ecial (ne )ate ay #one This s$ell has the $o er to o$en a $lanar )ate ay to another $lane X no matter here the caster is ri)ht no . An illin) creat!res that are tra$$ed ithin a )em $rison have an additional -? $enalty on their savin) thro . The ali)nment ill be that of the so!l. The s$ell does not release them from the )em $risons" only e/chan)es their so!ls. Then" the castin) time is m!lti$lied by one h!ndred.3d6. First" the d!ration of the s$ell m!st be chosen by the i8ard. From an inner to an o!ter $lane" for every $lane or $lanar layer times traversed" m!lti$ly by ten.s a character can normally only cast for some >? ho!rs $er day the act!al castin) time ill be even lon)er (!nless the character is illin) to )ive !$ e/$erience levels5 see belo ). Treat indifferent as !n illin). ~ H44 ~ . -f the body has e/traordinary %tren)th" it can only be !sed if a arrior2s so!l enters the body. . This )ate is !nder no one2s control and anythin) can $ass thro!)h" in both directions. The s$ell can only be reversed by a caref!lly orded and e/ec!ted #ish (creat!res m!st be to!chin) each other)" another soul eAchange" or the ill of the ori)inal i8ard. The body ill not radiate ma)ic. Th!s" it is a hi)hly so!)ht s$ell. -f both are !n illin)" then they are both allo ed a normal savin) thro . 2lanar 6ate*ay (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)) )ai 2ottenbacher DcNo &$a-ner@or6i!!e. -f one reci$ient is illin) b!t the other is not" then the !n illin) tar)et is allo ed a savin) thro ith a -2 $enalty.Tome of the Damned Version 2. The material com$onents are a diamond orth >000 )$ and a bit of fresh brain tiss!e from a mind flayer (not necessarily freshly ac4!ired" $ossibly ma)ically $reserved). The castin) time can become 4!ite $rodi)io!s (as yo! ill see) b!t it can be shortened by a very com$licated rit!al.deE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ have so!ls or s$irits (as e !nderstand them) are5 !ndead" demons" devils" a!tomatons s!ch as )olems" and e/tra-$lanar creat!res in )eneral.&niJmain3. %o if one reci$ient is illin) and the other not" and the !n illin) reci$ient is first im$risoned by trap the soul" the !n illin) creat!re saves ith a -< $enalty. From the $rime material $lane to an inner $lane" for every $lane or $lanar layer traversed" m!lti$ly by t o. creat!re2s so!l in a different body has that body2s hit $oints or Git Dice" %tren)th" De/terity" +onstit!tion" and +omeliness" b!t the so!l2s -ntelli)ence" 0isdom" +harisma (modified by the body2s ne +omeliness)" memories" and -ntelli)ence based skills (lan)!a)es" non ea$on $roficiencies" s$ellcastin) ability" etc. This s$ell is m!ch more $o erf!l hen !sed in combination ith the <th-level trap the soul. The castin) time m!st then be calc!lated from the $lanar layer to be reached and the c!rrent location of the caster" as follo s5 a )ate ay from the $rime material to another $rime material $lane takes one ho!r of castin) time $er ro!nd o$en (if the d!ration as stated in ro!nds)" one day of castin) time $er ho!r o$en (if the d!ration as stated in ho!rs)" or one month castin) time $er day o$en other ise. .

#ote that this mi)ht red!ce the ma/im!m d!ration. This can be red!ced by one half for every level offered. Th!s" if o!r character offered ? levels this o!ld be red!ced to E0" >:" BP (ro!nded !$ to <)" H" 2" and > by halvin) si/ times. E/am$le contin!ed5 e event!ally calc!lated a castin) time of ?0 months. Th!s" it is not very often that planar gate#ays are o$ened from an o!ter $lane to an o!ter $lane" b!t if they are o$ened they are o$ened ith a lot of $o er behind them.fter that" the time can be f!rther red!ced by P if : more levels are offered for each f!rther red!ction !ntil the minim!m castin) time of > ro!nd is reached. 0hen the $oint is !sed or the s$ell ends" the o$al disinte)rates.or 4!asi-elemental $lanes are considered to be one ith their $arent $lane (yo! o!ld need fro8en ice to o$en a )ate ay to the $lane of ater" ice" or sl!d)e)" $l!s a f!ll )allon of blood (or another a$$ro$riate li4!id) from inhabitants of the tar)et $lane.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & > ro!nd $er level E +reat!re to!ched #e)ates This s$ell can be !sed to drain someone else2s +onstit!tion $ermanently and !se this ener)y for certain s$ells s!ch as $ermanency. %till 4!ite lon)" b!t mana)eable. +astin) this s$ell is very tirin) for the i8ard" ca!sin) him to lose >d? $oints of +onstit!tion that can be re)ained by havin) E ho!rs of rest for every $oint lost. This ener)y m!st then be !sed ithin the s$ell2s d!ration or it is lost forever.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V Antil tri))ered > day The caster #one ~ H4B ~ .!eiden&ni6.Tome of the Damned Version 2.s the character has offered the levels vol!ntarily" they cannot be re)ained ith restoration" b!t only ith a f!ll #ish $er level lost. -f the savin) thro fails" > $oint of +onstit!tion of the s!bCect is drained and stored in the material com$onent5 a >000 )$ black o$al.bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .ea6en Dfsmt$H@a!aska.s the e/am$le above has sho n" o$enin) )ate ays for a lon) time can take an even lon)er time or many hard earned levels. . 2o*er !rain (Evocation" #ecromancy) )ris Dsimonis@st.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ For e/am$le" a )ate ay from the $rime material $lane to the second level of Gades that is s!$$osed to stay o$en for E days has a normal castin) time of > month $er day o$en U E months" times : times H (astral" concordant" Gades2 first level" Gades2 second level) U E months times 20 U ?0 months or a f!ll : years.n!E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . %eturn (#ecromancy) The +ar!ord of . .$i. The character still has to be able to cast Jth-level s$ells after offerin) those levels" as the levels are drained at the be)innin) of the castin). The castin) time can be red!ced5 for every e/$erience level offered in the castin)" the castin) time is red!ced by a factor of P (ro!ndin) !$) !ntil a val!e of one is reached. . The material com$onents are solidified essence of the tar)et $lane" $ara.c. To do this" the i8ard casts the s$ell and to!ches the s!bCect" ho )ets a savin) thro vers!s s$ell.

bitnetE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . ^ Pervert it" chan)es victim into an e4!al Git Dice !ndead" determined at random.Tome of the Damned Version 2.n interestin) side-effect can be seen by tar)ets ho are i8ards or $riests or creat!res ho have ma)ical ener)ies stored in some other ay (creat!res ith inherent ma)ic abilities" breath ea$ons etc.n affected character makin) its savin) thro " ill still be in rackin) $ain" and lose half of its hit $oints" and ill be inca$acitated (conv!lsin) on the floor) for 2? ro!nds min!s their +onstit!tion" divided by t o and ro!nded do n. The s$ell can affect as many levels or Git Dice as t ice that of the caster. The s$ell can affect all those in si)ht of the caster in some ay or another. Those affected ill fall to the )ro!nd" their minds aflame" their bodies in rackin) $ain" as one or)an after the other r!$t!res" and finally the mind overloads. . The s$ell ca!ses all or)ans in the body to r!$t!re" and the mind to be assa!lted by $sychic ener)ies" makin) the mind essentially e/$lode. The caster needs be com$letely a are of here the tar)ets are e/actly" and the tar)ets have to be $resent on the same $lane as the caster resides. Failin) this savin) thro res!lts in the victims death" !tterly" ith no ho$e of res!rrection !nless a divine bein) raises him. Be it thro!)h real" $hysical si)ht" thro!)h the aid of s!ch devices s!ch as a crystal &all" or a mental contact thro!)h (SP" $sionics" or other ma)ical or mental abilities. %ip Life (#ecromancy) The +ar!ord of . .er@$. This s$ell is Cealo!sly )!arded by those that kno it. The caster can !se this stolen life to do one of : thin)s5 ^ 0aste it" so!l is destroyed" a )reat ho lin) is heard.ea6en Dfsmt$H@a!aska.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" % Permanent J +reat!re to!ched #e)ates This s$ell affects only creat!res !$ to >T the caster2s level or Git Dice.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 %$ecial V Permanent > %$ecial %$ecial This s$ecial s$ell" is one that assa!lts the very core of its tar)ets" both in mind and body. -f the caster has other classes as ell" these ill co!nt to ards his level at half effectiveness" ro!nded do n" and be taken into consideration hen calc!latin) the tar)et levels (a F>B=&>J ill co!nt as a >J@(>B=2) U 2Bth-level character). Whisper.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . ^ Ase to heal self for >d? $er level of victim.s 2enulti"ate !eath Strike (#ecromancy) 2obert 0ohan Enters D$his. -f ~ H4C ~ . The victim of the s$ell m!st make a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic ( ith a -H modifier to the savin) thro ).). ^ Destroy an e4!al n!mber of Git Dice of !ndead ith no savin) thro .i. ^ Ase to h!rt another for >d< $er level victim.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ This s$ell ill remove : GP from the caster2s ma/im!m $ermanently" b!t allo s the caster to defy death once $er castin). (nce he dies from )rievo!s o!nds (dyin) from old a)e isn2t affected)" he ill arise f!lly healed by the ret!rn s$ell. Th!s" a character ith >B +onstit!tion ill be frothin) and t istin) on the )ro!nd for H ro!nds.

~ H47 ~ .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ they fail their savin) thro s" d!rin) the last seconds before their minds e/$lode" all these ener)ies are released in a sin)le b!rst.Tome of the Damned Version 2. D&s sho!ld devise their o n effects for this on an individ!al basis" b!t the effects sho!ld not be anythin) less than s$ectac!lar" e/tremely destr!ctive" and lethal to anythin) near the bein)s so dyin).

There are a fe ste$s to the creation $rocess5 Step &: !esigning The ma)e m!st create a desi)n for his ne avatar. For e/am$le" if a h!man ma)e desi)ns an avatar that is H< feet hi)h and ith >? attacks" each variable has been do!bled three times" so the total time re4!ired for desi)n is ?H months" or : years and fo!r months. ma)e may cast this s$ell in a n!mber of ays.a&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The ma)e m!st s$end > month" do!bled by every increase.: -2 !ays to %eco9er $er dice ty$e $er $l!s Check (all rounded do*n) @> $er dice ty$e @E $er $l!s ~ H4G ~ .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el 6? +9atar (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) Aa1ar&s Dmarathon@-ist. .Tome of the Damned Version 2.thas have $o ers that rival the .net. Characteristic Dice !sed for dama)e Effect on 3ntelligence .rea of effect5 %avin) Thro 5 %$ecial V"%"& Permanent Variable (ne creat!re #=.od2s $o ers incl!din) this!me that the ma)e2s library of books have at least tri$led in si8e. .ods themselves. These checks are modified by the table belo and m!st both be rolled se$arately. . For each month s$ent" >0"000 )$ m!st be s$ent in ac4!irin) the reso!rces and items needed for the $recision desi)n.vatar allo s the ma)ic-!ser to be in more than one $lace at a time. 5e* Creature: This involves creatin) a ne " !ni4!e creat!re from scratch. A$on com$letion of the desi)n" the ma)e m!st make an -ntelli)ence check for the si8e" and a 0isdom check for the n!mber of attacks. The material com$onents for this are or)anic chemical vats of at least >00"000 )$ in val!e. The form takes half the time of it2s creation to )ro " and once com$leted" the ma)e may transfer some of his essence to the ne creat!re.. Fail!re of either roll means the ma)e may not create an avatar !ntil she rises a ne level. 0i8ard 3ords of Kal-Thorn and %orcerer Kin)s of . Characteristic 3ess Effect on +bility Score Check @> Task is im$ossible (ver </ Step ': 3nhabiting (nce the desi)n is com$lete" the ma)e has memorised every min!te detail. &any s$ells e/ist that mimic the .

-f !sed on another sentient bein)" that bein) is able to make a %avin) Thro vs s$ells" modified by >=E of the ma)e2s intelli)ence score to avoid the effects !nless they are illin)" in hich case $ossession is a!tomatic.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 To!ch V" %" & %$ecial > t!rn %$ecial #one %imilar to and yet m!ch more $o erf!l than the <th level +lone s$ell" this s$ell creates a re$lica an e/act $hysioma)ical (see Physioma)ical Transm!tation) d!$licate of the caster (and only the caster). The ori)inal form and the avatar may for e/am$le" both cast fireball at the same time" b!t the n!mber of memorised s$ells are shared bet een the t o forms. %o a H0th level ma)e (a rare thin) indeed) ill destroy the body in !nder t o years. #ote $hysioma)ical . (nce de$arted" the .fter inhabitin) the ne avatar" both forms are v!lnerable for one day modified by the above table.vatar is a se$arate character for the $layer.ll attacks a)ainst them s!cceed.vatar at anytime to avoid this effect. %ho!ld a caster2s .s time )oes by" the body be)ins to de)enerate beca!se the life force inhabitin) it is too stron) and incom$atible. Anintelli)ent !ndead forms are treated like +lones in most cases. .n embalm s$ell (from the #ecromancer2s Gandbook) ill $rolon) the lifes$an by >dH/>0 years. Create %eplica (#ecromancy) DarkB!ade@ %aster of the 'nho!/ :irc!e Ddarkb!ad@$ar$ick. F!rthermore" the re$lica ill not acce$t" either by means of a 3ife Force Transfer s$ell (see +om$lete Book of #ecromancers) or any other effect" the life force of any creat!re other than the caster. The body ill fall into a !seless state in : years" modified by -> month for every level of the caster. D!rin) this time" they may not cast any s$ells or $erform any stren!o!s activities incl!din) fi)htin).vatar at a time. 2ossession . (nce inside the body of the bein)" the ma)e may choose to destroy the inhabitin) life force if they $lease.netE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The .the caster2s mind is not d!$licated" and the re$lica has no mind or life force of its o n" other than the ma)ical ener)y hich s!stains it.vatar reass!mes it2s life force (!nless it as destroyed or created)" or sim$ly falls !selessly to the )ro!nd. -f !sed ith the clone s$ell" the ma)e may inhabit it ith no modifiers or $enalties instantly.vatar is acce$table and the $layer and D& sho!ld decide o!t of )ame time" the movement rate" .vatar is to attem$t a $ossession. Even if the caster is cloned (as $er the +lone s$ell) at a later ~ H4F ~ . This does not a$$ly to !ndead.vatar2s minds are one. The caster may only $osses one . . Spellcasting: . .vatar may cast s$ells so lon) as the caster has access to that s$ell.ny .Tome of the Damned Version 2. . The ma)e may ithdra from the .+ and $hysical attrib!tes. 6a"e ?se: The caster and the .vatar be slain" then the caster immediately dro$s H levels and m!st make a system shock check or die" recoverable only by a ish s$ell.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ -mm!nity to ma)ical ea$ons The D& sho!ld decide if the . far easier and chea$er ay of creatin) an . &ortal forms like this have one maCor dra back" they 4!ickly de)enerate.

+reat!res that are blind" either nat!rally or by blind-fold" are !naffected by this f!nction of the s$ell.nyone" even a creat!re ith ma)ic resistance" $assin) thro!)h the all ill be drained for ?d? $oints of dama)e. 0ithin the crimson flames of the str!ct!re one can see horrible t isted ima)es of evil so!ls de$artin) the $rime material for torment in the abyss.her . -f an individ!al s!rvives the drainin)" he m!st make a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic at -E or be carried ith the so!ls to the abyss. That form is no treated as a re$lica of the caster (tem$oral stasis effect" >00D ma)ic resistance" only caster can transfer life force to it" et cetera).&i&c. Both these effects remain !ntil the caster transfers his life force to the re$lica.Dnether/@hami!ton. A$on the castin) of the s$ell" the caster loses one level $ermanently.nyone" even a creat!re ith ma)ic resistance" m!st save vers!s death ma)ic every ro!nd they are ithin si)ht of the all or they ill flee in fear for one t!rn. . #e/t" the caster2s tr!e name m!st be inscribed !$on the vessel. The vessel m!st be lar)e eno!)h to hold the caster2s c!rrent $hysical form" and constr!cted of $!rest crystal" ith no str!ct!ral fla s. -n $re$aration for the castin) of this s$ell" a vessel m!st be fashioned ithin hich the re$lica ill come into bein).cs!.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ $oint" the clone cannot transfer its life force to the re$lica" as its life force is not that of the ori)inal creat!re hich created the re$lica. Go ever" since the caster ill $robably be close to the all any ay" the attacker m!st contin!e to make savin) thro s vers!s the fear element" re)ardless of hich side of the all faces the intr!der. 0hen the re$lica is created" it enters into a state of tem$oral stasis (as $er the s$ell)" and )ains >00D ma)ic resistance. The material com$onents m!st then be $laced ithin. The caster" and !$ to one $erson $er level of the caster" are !naffected by the fear com$onent of the s$ell. The ener)y of this life level is transformed into ma)ical ener)y hich s!stains the re$lica !ntil the caster transfers his life force to it. The hit $oints can only be recovered by ma)ical means. This s$ell as researched by the $sima)e DarkBlade. -f they are !nable to flee" they m!st save vers!s death ma)ic every ro!nd for the entire t!rn or become $ermanently insane (D&2s choice as to variety). 3astly" in the event of a creat!re bein) thro n into the abyss !$on $assin) thro!)h the all" there is a chance that somethin) from the abyss ill arrive in $lace of the missin) creat!re5 ~ HB0 ~ .Tome of the Damned Version 2. Go ever" anyone is affected by the drainin) and $ossible $lanar trans$ort if they $ass thro!)h the barrier. Cri"son Wall of Lictilon (+onC!ration" #ecromancy) 0ohn (ether/ and :hristo.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .o!ber. %ince the all cannot be sha$ed into a s$here" it is feasible for a creat!re to fly over or di) !nder the all to attack the caster. %ho!ld the caster ha$$en to transfer his life force to the re$lica by means of an effect hich also transfers the re$lica2s 6life force6 to the $hysical form the caster leaves behind" the ma)ical ener)y hich s!stained the re$lica is transferred to that form. items remain on the $rime material. no savin) thro .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 yards $er level V" %" & > t!rn $er level > t!rn %$ecial %$ecial This s$ell creates an immobile all of dark red flame" 20 feet hi)h and >0 feet lon) $er level of the caster. The all can be sha$ed in the form of a circle" b!t not into a dome or s$here. The material com$onents of this s$ell are a dro$ of blood" a bead of s eat" and a tear" all taken from the caster2s c!rrent $hysical form. .

This envelo$e can be vie ed as a shimmerin) a!ra of darkness by any ith the ability to see ma)ic. !eath Contingency (#ecromancy) DarkB!ade@ %aster of the 'nho!/ :irc!e Ddarkb!ad@$ar$ick.Tome of the Damned Version 2. -f the caster dies by any means (this incl!des effects hich state they render the caster forever dead" or dead e/ce$t via revival by a ish or divine intervention)" his life force is instantaneo!sly transferred to the $redetermined re$lica" re)ardless of distance" $lanar bo!ndaries" s$ell effects" or any other factor.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & %$ecial > t!rn The caster #one This incredibly $o erf!l s$ell sets !$ an effect" similar to a +ontin)ency s$ell" that ill instantaneo!sly transfer the caster2s life force to a $redetermined re$lica (see +reate *e$lica) of his sho!ld he be slain. ~ HBH ~ . The only material com$onent for the s$ell is a sanctified bone holy symbol of the $rimary )od of m!rder. (-f the caster does not hand the )ems over to Death" Death slays the caster on the s$ot ith one stroke of his scythe" and de$arts ith three so!ls instead of t o.) 0hile the Death +ontin)ency is in effect" it co!nts a)ainst the caster2s daily limit of >0th level s$ells. The )old coin(s) !$on his eyes vanish" never to be seen a)ain by another mortal.netE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . (Death is a deity in his o n ri)ht.) The t o so!ls t!rned over to Death are !nrecoverable by any means" even thro!)h divine intervention. Ge m!st then entra$ t o creat!res" each of )reater level than himself" ithin a sin)le )em each !sin) Tra$ the %o!l. This e/$ends the ma)ical ener)y hich as created by the caster2s sacrifice of t o life levels. -n $re$aration for the castin) of this s$ell" the caster m!st first cover the o!ter s!rface of a re$lica of his ith non$ermanent necromantic r!nes and markin)s. The caster immediately )ains conscio!sness ithin his ne $hysical form !$on the transfer of his life force. These )ems m!st be $laced ithin the hands of the re$lica.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ !&(( %oll 0>-E0 Creature #one +reat!re is ret!rned ith ne " evil so!l 00 The caster has no control over creat!res that arrive from the abyss.and this time nothin) in all of e/istence can save him from Death2s icy )ras$. The ener)y of these levels is transformed into an invisible envelo$e of ma)ical ener)y hich s!rro!nds the caster at all times. Finally" a )old coin m!st be $laced !$on each of the re$lica2s eyes. The avatar of Death then a$$ears" ordlessly )est!rin) for the caster to t!rn over the t o )ems (and the so!ls tra$$ed ithin) as re$ayment t ice over for allo in) the caster to deny Death his d!e. This s$ell as researched by the $sima)e DarkBlade. -f this is the case" the caster is rendered forever dead . A$on the castin) of this s$ell" the caster loses t o levels $ermanently. A$on handin) over the )ems" Death disa$$ears" and the caster is free to res!me his life. Both the hostile se$aration of the caster2s life force from his c!rrent $hysical form" and the entra$ment of the caster2s life force by effects s!ch as Tra$ the %o!l" are effects hich ill also tri))er the Death +ontin)ency.

rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 %$ecial V" %" & > month $er level > ho!r The caster and one )od #one This s$ell links the life force of the caster ith the $o er of a chosen ) The bind $resents the follo in) $roblems5 ^ -f the reci$ient is killed before the s$ell e/$ires" the )od is killed as ell.ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . if not already. $ossibly a rare )em" artifact" or notable sacrifice. The material com$onent is an a$$ro$riate symbolic offerin) to )et the )od2s attention. ^ The caster kno s all information that comes into the conscio!sness of the linked )od5 this is similar to a 6divine E%P6. ^ -f the linked )od is killed before the s$ell e/$ires" the reci$ient dies as ell. ^ %$ells of hi)her than third level cast by $riests of the 6linked )od6 do not affect the reci$ient" healin) s$ells incl!ded.Dnether/@hami!ton. The s$ell m!st be cast in a sanct!ary of the intended )od.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ !eity 8ind (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)) 0ohn (ether/ and :hristo.lteration) Aa1ar&s Dmarathon@-ist.o!ber.cs!.rea of effect5 %avin) Thro 5 >0 feet V"%"& > day $er level > eek > mile / : miles %$ecial Chance of Success J: D ::D ~ HB2 ~ . 6aping $a* of the +byss (. (nce the link has been created nothin) can break it short of the d!ration ela$sin). (bvio!sly any )iven )od ill not ant to be bo!nd itho!t a$$ro$riate com$ensation.&i&c. -f the s$ell is s!ccessf!l and the link is established" the )od ill" of co!rse" do the best they can to kee$ the s$ell2s reci$ient alive. B!t if the s$ell is cast correctly" the chosen )od cannot $revent the link.her .Tome of the Damned Version 2. ^ The reci$ient $ermanently becomes the ali)nment of the linked )od.a&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Finally" there are al ays those reli)io!s fanatics ho ill seek o!t a )od-linked individ!al to kill them" ho$in) to eliminate a rival )od. The s$ell2s chance of s!ccess is determined by the follo in)5 Category of god Demi)od &aCor )od The bind offers the follo in) benefits to the caster5 ^ The caster cannot be charmed" held" or even so!l tra$$ed.

The ri$ ca!ses fiends of many different ty$es to cra l o!t and most ill be on )ood terms ith the caster (or so it ill seem) for )ivin) them the o$$ort!nity to enter the Prime easily (-t is a stron) likelihood that the fiends ill try to slay the ma)e and steal the s$ell so that they may o$en rifts henever they choose).technion. This is thro n on the )ro!nd that the ma)e ishes to o$en.byssal 3ords are likely to be ne " or eak ones comin) to the $rime to e/ert their infl!ence and make deals ith the ma)e >00D (n the concl!sion of the s$ell" the connection to the .t that $oint" both their life forces are connected ith a s$ecial bond" so a lon) as the caster if still dead" his killer cannot be raised or res!rrected. 0hen the s$ell is cast" the )ro!nd tears o$en and the area is affected by an earth4!ake s$ell as tho!)h cast by a $riest of the same level. (!t of this $it" demons may $o!r" b!t the $!r$ose of the $it is to allo the caster to thro his enemies in as $!nishment or to comm!nicate ith the lords of the $lane. ~ HB3 ~ . The material com$onent of the s$ell is a medallion ith a :000 )$ )em" hich m!st be orn aro!nd the caster2s neck.byssal 3ord. .bC!ration" #ecromancy) #!e1ande .byss itself.i!E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . -t creates a s$ecial bond aro!nd the life force of the caster" aitin) to receive another life force. (nce the caster if back to life" his killer may be bro!)ht to life as ell. layer is added over the first (this acts as a 0th layer of the .byss is removed" b!t the canyon remains. -ts $remat!re destr!ction ends the s$ell. The canyon ill be $la)!ed for many years to come by evil creat!res" feedin) off the resid!al ener)ies left behind.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & : ro!nds $er level > ro!nd %$ecial #one This s$ell as devised by the archma)e &ontero the %ore 3oser. The fiends ill also never for)et that the $o erf!l s$ell is in the hands of the ma)e and ill seek to obtain it for themselves.hternshain DsHH0B272@techst02. 2ercent %oll (d&(() 0>D-:0D Creature(s) +ppearing #othin) !n!s!al . . The D& sho!ld roll once every five min!tes to see if a ne fiend arrives. -f d!rin) the d!ration of the s$ell" the caster is slain" he dies alri)ht" b!t so does his killer (no savin) thro " ma)ic resistance a$$lies).Tome of the Damned Version 2. Gere are a list of fiends that come o!t of the $it. -f the caster as slain in s!ch ay that $revents res!rrection com$letely" the killer is also dead forever. . .byss. lar)e canyon one mile ide and : miles lon) o$ens !$.ac. The material com$onents for this s$ell is soil from the first" the one h!ndredth and the one tho!sandth layer of the .s %etaliation (. $ontero.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ This s$ell ca!ses the )ro!nd to s$lit o$en and act as an e/tension to the . the medallion disa$$ears once s$ell d!ration ends" or once it2s activated.byss) thro!)h hich thin)s may $ass into or o!t of the $lane.

) Third" !nlike Polymor$h (ther" there is no risk of the s$ell reci$ient2s mind bein) altered .th!s a Dis$el &a)ic ill not ca!se the s$ell reci$ient to chan)e back to his 6ori)inal6 form" nor even a ish. The caster m!st then !se the $sionic disci$line Em$o er !$on the vessel in order to make it an inde$endent $sionic entity. $ossible e/ce$tion to this mi)ht be divinations to discover hether the Physioma)ical Transm!tation s$ell as ever cast !$on the s$ell reci$ient.a. (#ote5 -nnate ma)ical traits" for the $!r$ose of this s$ell" are defined as any ma)ical abilities hich are either ac4!ired at birth or at a set a)e by all members of a s$ecies. -f he ishes to transform the s$ell reci$ient into an e/act $hysioma)ical d!$licate of another creat!re" he m!st obtain a %o!l . the $hysical attractiveness of the creat!re)" se/" race" hei)ht" ei)ht" metabolism" bone str!ct!re" eye color" and hair color.ny (bCect in several ays. -n $re$aration for the castin) of this s$ell" a vessel m!st be fashioned to hold the body of the s$ell reci$ient.e. D!rin) the Em$o er $rocess" the vessel m!st be )iven the $sionic disci$lines +ontact and &olec!lar *earran)ement. -t m!st be sha$ed akin to a coffin" and lar)e eno!)h to hold the entire body of the s$ell reci$ient. 0hen this is com$leted" a )em of no less than >00"000 )$ val!e m!st be embedded in the center of the to$ s!rface of the vessel. Ge also retains his class (even if his ne form o!ld not normally allo it) and his c!rrent level. The materials of hich the vessel is constr!cted m!st be of the finest $ossible 4!ality" and befittin) the reci$ient .Tome of the Damned Version 2. Beyond this" a n!mber of )em holders m!st be $laced !$on the sides of the vessel. and no $o ers of divination hatsoever ill reveal that the s$ell reci$ient2s body as not al ays as it is no . %econd" the s$ell reci$ient" follo in) the com$letion of the Transm!tation" is treated in all ays as if his c!rrent form as his ori)inal form . #e/t" the s$ells Enchant an -tem" Tra$ the %o!l" Tem$oral %tasis" Permanency" and 0ish m!st be cast !$on the vessel.the s$ell reci$ient kee$s his -ntelli)ence" 0isdom" +harisma=3eadershi$ (a.) This s$ell differs from s$ells s!ch as Polymor$h . .$$earance (for those of yo! not familiar ith the Player2s ($tion5 %kills and Po ers r!les" +ha=. (#ote5 For the $!r$ose of this s$ell" a %o!l .$$ is also kno n as +omeliness" i.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 2hysio"agical rans"utation (#ecromancy) DarkB!ade@ %aster of the 'nho!/ :irc!e Ddarkb!ad@$ar$ick.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 To!ch V" %" & Variable > t!rn > creat!re #one By means of this s$ell" the caster can $ermanently alter the )enetic make!$ and innate ma)ical traits of a creat!re. First" the s$ell reci$ient does indeed )ain all $hysioma)ical traits of his ne form" if this is hat the caster desires. Physical a)e can also be altered. .em is sim$ly a )em containin) a creat!re entra$$ed by means of Tra$ the %o!l.lso" the tr!e name of the s$ell reci$ient m!st be inscribed !$on both the inner and o!ter s!rfaces of the vessel. )eneral r!le of th!mb is" if it relates to $hysical form" it can be altered.em containin) that ~ HB4 ~ .) The caster m!st then decide hat effect he desires. (%ee Belo )) Follo in) this" it is necessary to trace e/tremely $otent necromantic r!nes !$on the o!ter s!rface of the vessel" connectin) the )em ith all of the )em holders.netE *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . (.k. E/am$les of innate ma)ical abilities are an elf2s infravision" a med!sa2s )a8e attack" and a red dra)on2s breath ea$on. .ny $hysical trait hich is infl!enced by )enetics can be altered" incl!din) (b!t not limited to) %tren)th" De/terity" +onstit!tion" +harisma=. (The total n!mber of )em holders is !$ to the caster" b!t this decision may be )reatly infl!enced by the n!mber necessary for the $roced!re the caster has in mind. standard +harisma)" s$ellcastin) ability" $sionic ability" $ersonality" and all other mentally-based traits.rare" e/otic oods for an elven ran)er" for e/am$le. Fo!rth" the s$ell reci$ient does not radiate ma)ic of any sort (other than ma)ic his ne form o!ld normally radiate).

Vast chan)es to $hysical form" s!ch as addition of e/tra limbs" com$lete re orkin) of bone str!ct!re" and chan)in) the se/ of the s$ell reci$ient" re4!ire :00 %o!l .ems. #ote that any %o!l . -f the innate ma)ical traits of the s$ell reci$ient are to be altered" then the n!mber of %o!l .+ is to be raised or lo ered)) %o!l . %tren)th of >B is desired.ems are re4!ired for each year added to or s!btracted from the s$ell reci$ient2s body.(desired .ems are released and reform their material bodies on the s$ot" and attack the caster ith a morale of 20 !ntil they are all slain" or the caster dies.the creat!res need not be of a certain a)e.s soon as the s$ell reci$ient is $laced ithin the vessel" he is affected by a Tem$oral %tasis effect" hich ends !$on his removal from the vessel (ty$ically at the end of the s$ell .the so!ls of all creat!res involved in the castin) are lost" incl!din) the s$ell reci$ient. O Proced!re is reversed .em holders. -f the nat!ral . D&2s are enco!ra)ed to be devio!s.).ems.ems re4!ired is5 (((>B)b2) O (H)) U 2<J O H U >>:? %o!l . (E/actly hat defines maCor" minor" and trivial is !$ to the D&.ems.+)))b2) O (total n!mber of $oints the ori)inal .Tome of the Damned Version 2. .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ creat!re.) To alter the s$ell reci$ient2s a)e by means of this s$ell" 200 %o!l .ems containin) mortal bein)s ill do for this a$$lication of the s$ell .s$ell reci$ient kee$s $hysioma)ical form" hile ac4!irin) the mind of one of the creat!res ithin the %o!l . ~ HBB ~ .ems containin) creat!res ith that $hysioma)ical trait.ems ( ho ill $robably be hell-bent on reven)e9). The n!mber of %o!l . Possible Physioma)ical Transm!tation -ntelli)ence +heck Fail!re Effects ----------------------------------------------------------------------------O Proced!re sim$ly fails .ems !sed in the castin)" ro!nded !$. The caster need not be the one to $lace the s$ell reci$ient ithin the vessel" nor need he be be the one to remove the s$ell reci$ient from the vessel. O Physical form is some hat botched" e/act effect !$ to D&.ems.the caster m!st either choose to create a $hysioma)ical re$lication of another creat!re" or to alter a sin)le $hysical or ma)ical trait.ems. &inor chan)es to $hysical form" s!ch as eye color" hair color" and sli)ht alterations to bone str!ct!re" re4!ire :0 %o!l .ems. .the res!lts of removin) the s$ell reci$ient from the vessel hile the s$ell is in effect are best not contem$lated). The caster m!st then $sionically contact the vessel" and )!ide the $rocess of molec!larly rearran)in) the s!bCect accordin) to his desires and the $hysioma)ical bl!e$rints of the creat!res ithin the %o!l . -f an ability score is to be altered" the n!mber of %o!l . A$on the castin) of the s$ell" the necromantic r!nes traced !$on the vessel ma)ically link the main %o!l . &aCor chan)es to $hysical form" s!ch as metabolism and moderate alterations to bone str!ct!re" re4!ire >00 %o!l .ems re4!ired o!ld be >000 for a maCor $o er" :00 for a minor $o er" and >00 for a trivial $o er. O %$ell reci$ient is totally !naffected" b!t all the creat!res tra$$ed ithin %o!l . (ther ise" if he is to alter a sin)le $hysioma)ical trait of the s$ell reci$ient" he m!st obtain a n!mber of %o!l .em ith all of the %o!l . (Aample5 The s$ell reci$ient has a %tren)th of >E. This $rocess takes as lon) as if the caster ere molec!larly rearran)in) an obCect ei)hin) as m!ch as the s$ell reci$ient2s $hysical form before or after the com$letion of the s$ell" hichever ei)hs more.rmor +lass of the s$ell reci$ient is to be altered" then each $oint of chan)e o!ld re4!ire (((>0 @ (>0 . -f this check is failed" the D& sho!ld feel free to im$ose any of the follo in) effects" or create one of his o n. O Physical form is totally scre ed !$ ($roto$lasmic m!sh" inside-o!t" etc. (nly one maCor f!nction of this s$ell may be !tili8ed $er castin) . The ill effects of a failed -ntelli)ence effect a!tomatically a$$ly if the caster is interr!$ted by any means d!rin) the castin) of the s$ell. The caster m!st make an -ntelli)ence check ith a -> $enalty for every >00 %o!l .ems re4!ired is e4!al to (((desired ability score)b2) O (total n!mber of $oints the ori)inal score is to be raised or lo ered)).

(bvio!sly" this is a s$ell )ood creat!res ill not tolerate the castin) of !nder any circ!mstances. O The s$ellcaster com$letely loses control of the $roced!re" and the vessel e/$lodes in an !tterly annihilatin) o!t$o!r of released ma)ical ener)y" destroyin) everythin) ithin a radi!s of >0002 (incl!din) the caster) ith no savin) thro hatsoever" and doin) >0d>0 $oints of dama)e to everythin) ithin a radi!s of 20002.Dnether/@hami!ton. re$lica of the caster altered by this s$ell is still a re$lica of the caster !nder the r!les for re$licas.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Soul !isplace"ent (#ecromancy) 0ohn (ether/ and :hristo.cs!. it does not become a re$lica of another bein)" for e/am$le. The base chance of savin) is >D" b!t the follo in) table is cons!lted for any modifiers to the savin) thro 5 ~ HBC ~ .ed&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The vessel is not cons!med" and may be !sed a)ain for the same individ!al" so lon) as the material of of hich the vessel as created is still a$$ro$riate. #othin) can restore them to life once this occ!rs" not even a other effects occ!r.em in a )em holder is cons!med" doomin) the creat!res tra$$ed ithin to oblivion.ll r!les for $ossession a$$ly. This s$ell as researched by the $sima)e DarkBlade. . -f s!ccessf!l" the ne body of the i8ard has the follo in) statistics5 %tren)th5from victim -ntelli)ence5 from i8ard 0isdom5from i8ard De/terity5 from victim +onstit!tion5 from victim +harisma5 avera)ed (ro!nd do n) +omeliness5 from victim" modified by ne +harisma The only savin) thro that the victim receives is based on his savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic" and his level.&i&c. . O (ne (or more) of the tra$$ed creat!res is able to )ras$ on to the caster2s life force and avoid destr!ction" and $ossesses the caster. The instant the s$ell is com$leted" every %o!l . For $!r$oses of creatin) the vessel" the caster is treated as the s$ell reci$ient.dditionally" most deities (save the most icked amon) them) look very dimly !$on mortals 6$layin) )od6.o!ber.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ O The caster2s mind is s itched ith that of the s$ell reci$ient . A$on castin) this s$ell" the i8ard attem$ts to move his so!l (mental ca$abilities" class" ali)nment" e/$erience" -ntelli)ence" and 0isdom) from his old body into another. into the void. .her .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0 V" %" & Permanent E The caster and one other creat!re to!ched %$ecial 0hen this s$ell f!nctions normally" it trans$orts the so!l of the caster into another individ!al" hile sendin) the victims so!l beyond the astral $lane. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------f a re$lica (see +reate *e$lica" >0th level 0i8ard s$ell) of the caster is to be altered" the $enalty is halved (ro!nded !$).

JH-00 The o!tcome of the JH-00 determinate is here the intended victim retains his $hysical attrib!tes hile attainin) an -ntelli)ence and 0isdom e4!al to the hi)her of the t o individ!als involved" $l!s 2. -f the caster and victim2s ali)nments are an !neven amo!nt of $laces a$art" the ne ly created mind2s ali)nment ill be closer to the victim2s than the caster2s.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Condition For every level $odifier @> D @:0 D Vicitim is an immortal -f the victim2s $ercenta)e savin) thro is s!ccessf!l" the follo in) table is cons!lted5 !&(( %oll 0>->2 Effect of Spell +aster $ermantly looses >dE $oints of constitition and all so!ls remain in $revio!s bodies The e/$erienced" kno led)e" level" -ntelli)ence" and 0isdom are transferred to the victim and mi/ed ith hat is already there.Tome of the Damned Version 2. -f the intended victim is already a i8ard" the caster2s e/$erience is added to the intended victim2s" and the caster2s s$ell list is added to the victim2s" !$ to the ma/im!m n!mber of s$ells that the victim2s -ntelli)ence allo s him to hold. -t is im$ortant to note that the ne mind ithin the intended victim is not schi8o$hrenic" b!t rather it is a modified contin!ation of the victim2s ori)inal conscio!sness. The material com$onents for the s$ell are a ?-inch thread of silver" 2 $o dered mindflayer testicles" and the tr!e name of the intended victim inscribed on any demon sk!ll. The caster is then brain dead. Finally" the ali)nment of the victim shifts to the avera)e of the t o individ!als2 $revio!s ali)nments. ~ HB7 ~ . F!rthermore" the intended victim becomes a i8ard of the caster2s level" re)ardless of race" ith the s$ell inventory of the caster. The conscio!sness of the castin) i8ard is forever )one.

Every min!te s$ent in the s$here leaches 2dH GP of dama)e ith no save allo able. (nce cast the )lobe be)ins to s ell and chan)e" a$$earin) to almost dissolve. Their eyesi)ht is $ermanently destroyed" and they m!st make a isdom check or )o insane. The coma lasts for 2d>2 years and may be s$ed !$ ith a ish or restoration s$ell. The s$ell is of s!ch a ma)nit!de that even .fter battlin) the c!rrents of the ocean or inds as they are s!cked into the s$here (remember the de/terity checkN)" the ill fall into a re)enerative coma in 2H ho!rs as their body and so!l re$air. There is no li)ht" and no so!nd save for a maddenin) screechin) so!nd. .lteration) Aa1ar&s Dmarathon@-ist. The bonds of reality itself colla$se in the area" ca!sin) time and s$ace to come crashin) do n in the area. The fact that this s$ell may also be st!died as necromancy s!))ests that the m!ltiverse is a livin) or)anism. Every ho!r s$ent in the s$here" the victim m!st %ave vs %$ells or lose one level as their essence de)enerates. The area affected becomes a s$here of im$enetrable darkness. Those makin) the check still $ermanently lose > $oint of isdom. .Tome of the Damned Version 2. Those savin) m!st still lose half hit$oints >B@ GD Those s!rvivin) the initial attack may attem$t to climb o!t of the crater of the s$here. #o li)ht e/its" b!t the s$here itself seems to act as a form of vac!!m. Those s!ccessf!l in esca$in) ill never be the same a)ain.(" the over$o er of Toril as alerted and )reatly alarmed.a&E *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . (nly $sionics may be !sed in this realm of nothin)ness.t the concl!sion of B days" it e/$ands ra$idly" s ellin) in a second to enormo!s si8e and disa$$earin). -f the i8ard ere to !se it ha$ha8ardly" they co!ld 4!ickly destroy the fabric of the m!ltiverse and ~ HBG ~ .ale-force inds r!sh into the s$here" as does sea ater and debris. The body and so!l sim$ly fall to $ieces and are destroyed !tterly ith no savin) thro allo able &!st save vs s$ells or lose half e/istin) levels and be red!ced to half hit$oints. d!e to a combination of the ener)y drainin) effects and the dama)e from the absol!te-8ero tem$erat!re. . This s$ell as created to destroy the bonds of reality. .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el 66 Solene.s e"poral Collapse (. The !se alerted the chosen of &ystra" b!t there as nothin) they co!ld do b!t force the shocked oman o!t of the crystal s$here before she recovered her senses. &ovement is red!ced to one half and there is a terrible" bitin) This s$ell ho ever has the ca$acity to affect even . Those !nfort!nate eno!)h to be ca!)ht in the s$here2s effects may make savin) thro s as their s$irit and body attem$t to stay hole5 :it !ice E.GD Effect -mmediate destr!ction. %torms al ays form henever a s$here is enco!ntered. The dama)e is a dee$ o!nd in the fabric of the m!ltiverse and has a J0D chance of attractin) the attention of a $o erf!l entity.ll thin)s ithin : miles of the ed)e of the area m!st make a de/terity check to hold onto somethin)" other ise they are $!lled in.ods.rea of effect5 %avin) Thro 5 > mile=level V"%"& %$ecial > eek > mile=level %$ecial This is one s$ell the evil sorceress %olene %ilvaila never fla!nts to anyone. This s$ell has only seen in !se once and as !sed on the orld of Toril. Andead are !naffected by the s$ell. The s$ell re4!ires an intact s$here of annihilation to cast. &a)ic does not f!nction and Divine $resence ($riest s$ells) may not $enetrate the void.

The material com$onent of this s$ell is a %$here of . %he b!ried the s$ell dee$ belo the $lanet" in the safe kee$in) of the .(2s rath" b!t she a)reed ith the (ver$o er of her home orld to never a)ain !se the s$ell any here.ncients" a race of $o erf!l ma)ic-!sin) d arves ho $rotect $otent ma)ic from the !n anted attentions of $o er-h!n)ry sorcerers. ~ HBF ~ . 0hen %olene left the orld" and ret!rned to her home orld" she as s$ared .nnihilation.Tome of the Damned Version 2.ods ca!)ht in the area are affected C!st as tho!)h they ere a livin) bein).0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ .

mass.rcn. . For e/am$le" a la f!l )ood $riest castin) this s$ell on a teena)er itho!t the $ermission of her $arents" ch!rch" etc. ne!tral evil $riest" ne$he of the kin)" mi)ht re$eatedly cast this s$ell on the 4!een in a secret attem$t to !s!r$ the thro n. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a needle. The $riest invokes the name of his deity" to!chin) his holy symbol to the blood. Essentially" it im$edes a fertili8ed ov!m from im$lantin) in the !ter!s.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 V" %" & -nstantaneo!s H +reat!re to!ched #e)ates This s$ell ca!ses a bleedin) o!nd to a$$ear on the victim. %art3 J 7ohn_mart3@&nc. ne!tral )ood $riest mi)ht cast this s$ell on all the maidens of the kee$ before its fall to the orc sie)e .com E ~ HC0 ~ .bC!ration" #ecromancy) D 0ohn %. .s 3"pedi"ent (. 8loodskin (+onC!ration) D Tim 2i-htno&r J -arb!ed@indirect. sho!ld be $re$ared for the rath of his deity.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Priest Spells 'e$el 6 8altasar. The oman m!st then cons!me it" !s!ally mi/in) it ith ine or some other fl!id.o$ard J ssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms. The s$ell remains in effect !ntil the first day of the oman2s ne/t menstr!al $eriod" or !ntil a s!ccessf!l dispel magic is cast !$on her. The victim m!st save vers!s death ma)ic or s!ffer >d? $oints of dama)e for every t o levels of the caster.altho!)h he cannot s$are them from the horrors to come" at least he can $revent the bastardi8ation that mi)ht res!lt. Priests m!st roll to hit" and if they miss" they lose the s$ell. The material com$onents are a dro$ of blood from the tar)et2s last menstr!al $eriod (or an o!nce of her blood" from any here" that has been mi/ed ith d!st and dried in a silver chalice) and the $riest2s holy symbol. .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromancy" Protection 0 V" %" & %$ecial > ro!nd Female mammal to!ched #one This s$ell enables the caster to $revent a female from becomin) $re)nant.ed& E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . 8leeding ouch (#ecromancy) D 2obert #. The castin) of Baltasar$s impediment is not necessarily an evil act" b!t the D& sho!ld $ay $artic!lar attention to the ali)nment of the caster as ell as the social and $olitical (es$ecially reli)io!s) atmos$here. $riest ho orshi$s a fertility )od cannot cast this s$ell. .ed& E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .Tome of the Damned Version 2.

i-!e/ " J eaa/@catcc.s 3n9isible !og (+onC!ration=%!mmonin)" #ecromancy) D #! . The material com$onent of this s$ell is a bit of rotten flesh. :igley.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 V" %" & 2 ro!nds $er level 2 +reat!re to!ched #e)ates The creat!re to!ched by this s$ell ill have his skin ithered" and ill become )hastly !)ly for the s$ell d!ration. The material com$onents of this s$ell are the $riest2s holy symbol" do) f!r (for a non-combative do)) or a do) tooth (for a combative do)).ny creat!re seein) the effected $erson ill have a stron) desire to attack it" and ill do so E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic" Protection 0 V" %" & 2 ro!nds $er level > The caster #one This s$ell ill conC!re !$ blood to a$$ear on the $riest2s body. !eadskin (.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . non-combative do) is !sef!l mostly for arnin) and ill vanish after one arnin) or >d? ho!rs @ > ho!r $er level" hichever comes first. . The material com$onent is a dro$ of the caster2s o n blood.+ >0" level 25 . .am&e! .rmo!r +lass in inverse $ro$ortion to caster level !$ to level >0 (level >5 . Both have an .bitnet E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .Tome of the Damned Version 2.+!eton ( .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic" %!mmonin) >0 feet $er level V" & %$ecial ? %$ecial #one This s$ell s!mmons the s$irit of a dead do) to act as the $riest ishes for the d!ration of the s$ell.+ J" etc. This creates an a!ra of fear" ca!sin) all creat!res ith 2 GD or less ill to flee in terror.). Past level >0 the do)s have . ~ HCH ~ . combative do) fi)hts as a do) ith Git Dice as )enerated by the s!mmonin) and lasts !ntil killed or >d? ro!nds @ > ro!nd $er level.).lteration) D Tim 2i-htno&r J -arb!ed@indirect. The do) has one Git Die for every odd level the caster has (> GD for levels > and 2" 2 GD for levels E and H" etc. . This s$ell has no effect on !ndead.

ed& E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rcn. ~ HC2 ~ .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 V" %" & > ro!nd $er level H +reat!re to!ched %$ecial This s$ell ca!ses any e/istin) o!nds (ca!sed by a &leeding touch or any blo of H or more hit $oints of dama)e" or hen the victim is at half its ma/im!m hit $oints or less) to become e/cr!ciatin)ly $ainf!l.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 2ainful Wounds (#ecromancy) D 2obert #.o$ard J ssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms.mass. To hit the victim" the $riest m!st roll to-hit" and if he misses" the s$ell is lost. The material com$onent is a $inch of salt.Tome of the Damned Version 2. . The victim m!st make a savin) thro vers!s $aralysation or be !nable to do anythin) b!t roll on the )ro!nd screamin) in $ain.

rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 V" %" & 2 ro!nds $er level : +reat!re to!ched #e)ates This s$ell ca!ses any e/istin) o!nds (as in painful #ounds) to start to bleed badly. Curse D'E (#ecromancy) D 0im Vassi!akos J 7im6@&crmath.rcn.ener J s2F0FG00@techst02. The reverse" &ody chill" has the reverse effect !$on arm blooded creat!res (no heartbeat can be fo!nd" detect life )ives ne)ative ans er etc.o$ard J ssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms. -n any case" the s$ell ill not last over a day.i! E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . cold blooded or non-livin) creat!re (!ndead) receivin) this s$ell is becomin) arm" his heartbeat can be felt and all forms of detect life )ive $ositive ans ers.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el 7 8leeding Wounds (#ecromancy) D 2obert #.). The material com$onent for this s$ell is a shard of ) (ther ise" the s$ell can be cast on a illin) reci$ient and is sto$$ed at his ish. The D& may choose to have the blood )et in his eyes" make it diffic!lt to kee$ a hold on a ea$on" or $ossibly make the )ro!nd sli$$ery" if he so chooses.ed& E ~ HC3 ~ . -f the creat!re is not intelli)ent" it is entitled to a savin) thro vers!s s$ell. -f the victim fails a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic" he ill s!ffer > hit $oint of dama)e $er ro!nd" not incl!din) any dama)e he may take in combat.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 V" %" & %$ecial > t!rn +reat!re to!ched %$ecial . The material com$onents are the $riest2s holy symbol and a li)ht so!rce. 8ody War"th (#ecromancy) "e!ersi&le D (ir .ed& " %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Priests m!st roll to hit" and if they miss" the s$ell is lost.Tome of the Damned Version 2. The li)ht ($referably s!nli)ht) is to be reflected !$on the affected creat!re" hile the $riest lays his other hand !$on its heart. -t mi)ht" at the D&2s decision" disable the creat!re from doin) thin)s related to his cold blooded or)anism. .technion.&cr. The s$ell has no effect on arm blooded creat!res" nor does it inflict any dama)e hatsoever to the receivin) creat!re.

The $riest m!st be able to see the victim to c!rse him.kee!e.rcn. The victim m!st make a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic" and if he fails" his o!nds ill not heal nat!rally.:.&k E ~ HC4 ~ .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 V" %" & > day $er level : +reat!re to!ched #e)ates This s$ell ill ca!se any o!nds to become infected" be they scratches or lar)e o!nds. *ed!ce +omeliness by 2d? (do n to a minim!m of E). ^ %eA.ed& E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The !se of ma)ical healin) ill heal the infection" at the cost of a cure light #ounds Gealin) and herbalism ill also fail to heal these o!nds.mass.ll %$ecial V Permanent (!ntil dis$elled) 2 (ne creat!re #e)ates This s$ell allo s the $riest to $lace one of fo!r c!rses on the victim5 ^ geing. -> to to-hit rolls and savin) thro dama)e ill be healed" b!t infected #ounds ill be ne)ated. ^ Bane. Discomfort" !neasiness" inability to slee$ ell. @>0 years to a)e. The material com$onent for this s$ell is a $inch of m!d or dirt from a $i)2s m!d hole. ^ Dgliness. The $riest cannot act!ally $ick one of the above effects5 the effect is determined at random. To hit their intended victims" $riests m!st roll to hit" and if they miss" the s$ell is lost. Su""on ?ndead (+onC!ration" #ecromancy) D .Tome of the Damned Version 2. . 8a$!e/ J &0e00@se?H.o$ard J ssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms. 3nfected Wounds (#ecromancy) D 2obert #..

0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . 0anderin)" !nthinkin) !ndead stay and ait for orders (for hich the caster needs to !se some form of !ndead control s!ch as a $otion" s$ell" or )ranted $o er) !nless there are obvio!s foes besides the s!mmoner to attack. (nce they have arrived at the s!mmoner" the !ndead may t!rn aro!nd and )o back here they came from" attack anyone in their ay" talk to the s!mmoner" or $erform any other action that seems reasonable to them. Anthinkin) !ndead (s!ch as 8ombies and skeletons) ith a $!r$ose immediately ret!rn to their station. The s!mmoner m!st have bone d!st that is scattered to the ind d!rin) the s$ell castin). The s!mmoned !ndead ill not be hostile" nor are they !nder the control of the s!mmoner.Tome of the Damned Version 2. ~ HCB ~ . They may act as they ish.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic %$ecial V" %" & >d< t!rns @ > t!rn $er level > t!rn >00-foot $er level #one The nearest 2d? !ndead of Git Dice e4!al to or less than the level of the caster and ithin >00 foot $er level of the $riest" m!st travel to the caller at normal $ace.

rcn. Bones can be melded to)ether to $rod!ce one final obCect" b!t no more than one obCect may be $rod!ced $er castin).net E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The ne obCect ill be seamless and 4!ite stron).er.ed& E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . .o$ard J ssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms.mass.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 Gealin) 0 V" % Permanent B +reat!re to!ched #one This s$ell is a more $otent version of cure moderate #ounds.incks J $hin3BC0@&riacc.Tome of the Damned Version 2.lteration" #ecromancy) D Bi!! . %tren)thened bone may not be Coined to normal bone" tho!)h it may be Coined to another $iece of stren)thened bone (in this case the bone d!st may be no more then ten min!tes old hen it is s$read on the bone and m!st be made into a $aste ith the blood of the creat!re the d!st comes from" the blood m!st also be fresh). The obCect can not e/ceed the area of effect of the s$ell (tho!)h t o obCects created by the s$ell may be Coined to)ether ith another castin). Cause $ediu" Wounds (#ecromancy) "e!ersi&le D a&! D. $ass 8ane (#ecromancy) D 2obert #. +a!ker J .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 V" %" & Permanent >> ro!nds (bCect to!ched in a E-foot @ >-foot $er level lon) c!be #one 0ith the aid of this s$ell" the caster may take bone and mo!ld it into hatever sha$e is desired.s&.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic E0 yards V" %" & -nstantaneo!s ? A$ to ? creat!res #e)ates ~ HCC ~ .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el 8 8one Shape (. The s$ell takes > ro!nd to cast and an additional >0 ro!nds to sha$e the desired obCect. The material com$onent for this s$ell is fresh bone d!st (no more than > ho!r old) s$read over the bone" the bone may then be sc!l$ted like clay.ed& E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The s$ell ca!ses (or c!res) Ed<@E GP $er a$$lication.d$a!ker@hk.&ri. (ther ise" this s$ell is the same in all res$ects as a cure light #ounds.

bC!ration) D :har!es #nthon/ 8eone J c!-2O@andre$. ~ HC7 ~ . The victims m!st make a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic" and if they fail their savin) thro " they s!ffer bleedin) o!nds hich a$$ear randomly on their bodies.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic" %!mmonin) 0 V" %" & Permanent ? +reat!re to!ched #e)ates This s$ell d!$licates a shado 2s %tren)th drain. 0hen !sed a)ainst !ndead ith ener)y drain abilities" the $riest m!st save vers!s death ma)ic or lose t ice as many ener)y levels as normal. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a handf!l of metal shards. 2rotection fro" ?ndeadI &(#foot %adius (. 6<-foot radius" e/ce$t as noted above" and that it $rotects only from !ndead.mass.ed& E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .>d? $oints of dama)e for every t o levels of the caster.illed shado .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic" Protection 0 V" %" & > t!rn $er level H ro!nds >0-foot radi!s s$here aro!nd creat!re to!ched #one This s$ell is e4!al to the Hth-level $riest s$ell protection from e!il. -t affects >d? victims that the caster can choose.ed& E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Sap Strength (#ecromancy" %!mmonin)) D 2obert The $riest m!st roll to hit" and if he fails to hit" he himself m!st save vers!s death ma)ic or be drained of a $oint of %tren)th.rcn. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a $iece of ice. Priests ho !se val!able metals (>00 )$ or more) ill ca!se one e/tra $oint of dama)e $er die. Peo$le drained to a 0 %tren)th die and come back one day later as a free. This s$ell does not tri))er a negati!e plane protection" and it ill affect creat!res normally imm!ne to !ndead ener)y drains. 0hen !sed a)ainst normal livin) victims" if the victim fails a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic" they lose a $oint of %tren)th.Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ This s$ell d!$licates on a )rand scale the effects of &leeding touch . .o$ard J ssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms.

The cloaked $erson cannot be clearly seen (e/ce$t ith true seeing)" nor can his feat!res be made o!t. The s$ell does not cloak voices" so if the cloaked $erson s$eaks" yo! mi)ht be able to tell ho it is. The s$ell c!res (or ca!ses) Hd<@: GP $er a$$lication.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 Elemental (Fire)" Gealin) 0 V" %" & Permanent B +reat!re to!ched #one By layin) his hand !$on a creat!re" the $riest heals Ed< $oints of o!nd or other inC!ry dama)e to the creat!re2s body. (ther ise" this s$ell is the same in all res$ects as a cure light #ounds.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el 9 Cloak of Shifting Shado*s (.fter the first strike" the cloak )ives a -E to-hit and dama)e a)ainst the shielded $erson. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a cloak.rcn.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 Gealin) 0 V" % Permanent < +reat!re to!ched #one This s$ell is a more $otent version of cure medium #ounds.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic" Protection 0 V" %" & 2 ro!nds $er level > ro!nd Person to!ched #one Shifting shado#s is a s$ell that mimics the abilities of s dis$lacer beast or a cloak of displacement" !sin) shado s to hinder ea$ons and s$ells.ed& E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . +a!ker J . First attacks" incl!din) magic missiles" a)ainst someone cloaked ill miss" altho!)h m!lti$le missiles ill hit (the first one al ays misses).nt&a.mass.lteration" -ll!sion) D 2obert #.ire (#ecromancy) "e!ersi&le Dennis )efa!!inos Ddenison@theseas. Cure Serious Wounds D'E (#ecromancy) "e!ersi&le D a&! D.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Beca!se of the heat the s$ell ca!ses inside its body" the creat!re for this day needs >P times the normal amo!nt of ~ HCG ~ . Cure *ith .er. This s$ell re$laces the cure serious #ounds from the Player$s %and&ook. This healin) cannot affect non-cor$oreal" non-livin) or e/tra$lanar creat!res.s&. %$ells are saved a)ainst at @E.-rE %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .d$a! E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .o$ard J ssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms. . .

fter the remo!e curse or heal" lost hit $oints can be healed normally and lost %tren)th and +onstit!tion $oints recover at a rate of one $er of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 Plant 0 V" %" & Permanent > t!rn %$ecial #one This s$ell allo s the $riest ho casts it (normally a dr!id) to restore the life force of any $lant or monster of ve)etable nat!re that he to!ches.Tome of the Damned Version 2. The material com$onent is the caster2s holy symbol. -t sto$s hen a remo!e curse is cast" hich has >0D chance of c!rin) $er level of the caster hile a heal al ays c!res. Plants hich normally )ro in soil may be revived only in soil.n! E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .comE %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 #ecromantic 0 V" %" & Permanent ~ HCF ~ . Eye of Set (#ecromancy) D Thomas . %e9i9e 2lant (#ecromancy) D )en #rromdee J arromdee@b!a3e. The material com$onent for this s$ell is a bit of d!n).0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ ater (or the follo in) day" if the s$ell is cast at ni)ht).hhs. The material com$onent for this s$ell is an eye of a creat!re killed no lon)er than one ho!r before the s$ell is cast. The s$ell re)enerates all missin) $arts" so it may be !sed to restore a livin) tree from a decades old tree st!m$" or a flo er $atch from a b!nch of dried flo ers. This cannot be healed.ed& E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The tar)et loses > $oint of %tren)th and +onstit!tion $er day and > GP $er day. The reverse of the s$ell" harm #ith fire" o$erates similarly b!t ca!ses dama)e.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 20 yards $er level V" %" & %$ecial : (ne creat!re #e)ates The tar)et of this s$ell comes !nder the eye of %et and ill become sick and slo ly aste a ay. Slo* !eath (#ecromancy) Tim 2i-htno&r D-arb!ed@indirect. The s$ell orks on any one tree or on any area of small $lants or shr!bs of si8e at most 2 s4!are yards $er level.lso" very flammable obCects (lam$ oil" for e/am$le) orn or C!st carried may catch fire. The $lant or area of ve)etation may have been dead for >0 years $er level of the dr!id. . .7h&.&i7er J 6FH24BH@morrien.

Spiritual riangle (.&ri. 0hile ithin this trian)le" one cannot be ma)ically infl!enced or controlled by any sort of charm" s!))estion" or hy$nosis" nor can one be $sychically or s$irit!ally assa!lted.lteration" #ecromancy) D Bi!! .bC!ration" #ecromancy) D 0im Vassi!akos J 7im6@&crmath.rcn.fter this he cannot be bro!)ht back to life short of a #ish" or divine intervention. The material com$onent is a $iece of bone that is a near $erfect match to the obCect of the s$ell. The s$ell takes one ro!nd to cast" and 2 ro!nds of chantin) hile the material com$onent is absorbed into the tar)et of the s$ell. -f the s$ell is detected and identified by a $riest of at least ninth level" it can be removed. There is room for only one creat!re ithin the trian)le. The stren)th of the bone is do!bled by the castin) of this s$ell. There is a 2D chance $er level of the caster that the stren)thened bone ill act as steel.n -ntelli)ence check m!st be made to determine if the inscri$tions ere made correctly. .ed& E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .ed& E %$here5 #ecromantic" %!mmonin) ~ H70 ~ .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 V" %" & Permanent E ro!nds (bCect to!ched in a E-foot @ >-foot $er level lon) c!be #one This s$ell allo s a bone constr!ct to be stren)thened and made denser.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Su""on Shado* (#ecromancy" %!mmonin)) D 2obert #.ed& E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .o$ard J ssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 < +reat!re to!ched #e)ates This ill ca!se a creat!re to slo ly ither a ay and die over a $eriod of >E days.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ +astin) Time5 . . Strengthen 8one (. The material com$onent for this s$ell is some incense" orth at least H00 )$.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 0ards" Protection 0 V" %" & Permanent > t!rn %$ecial #one By means of this s$ell the $riest may inscribe a spiritual triangle (a trian)le inscribed in a circle).incks J $hin3BC0@&riacc. The com$onent is then $laced a)ainst the obCect and absorbed into it.mass. . Go ever" the beneficiary of the s$ell ill like ise be !nable to cast s!ch s$ells from ithin the trian)le.&cr. This can only be done before the ei)hth day" and can only be accom$lished by a $riest of fifteenth level" castin) a remo!e curse. The ne obCect ill be t ice as dense and t ice as stron)" ith re)ards to ea$ons" they receive no $enalties to-hit and dama)e" and they ill not break on a ma/im!m dama)e strike.

The s$ell s!mmons one shado for every fo!r levels of the $riest. -f they fail their savin) thro vers!s $aralysation" they can do nothin) b!t roll aro!nd screamin) in $ain. The material com$onent of this s$ell is :0 )$ orth of diamond d!st" and a $inch of salt. .rcn.&i7er J 6FH24BH@morrien.mass. #o to-hit roll is re4!ired.o$ard J ssaF4isa0C@rcn6ms. Winds of 2ain (#ecromancy" %!mmonin)) D 2obert #. The material com$onent of this s$ell is a black o$al of >00 or more )old $ieces val!e.%hado " Ether).ca!sin) intense $ain in all o!nded bein)s in the area of effect.Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The shado s are !nder the control of the caster" tho!)h an ether shado )ains a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic and" if s!ccessf!l" overcomes the $riest2s control and becomes free. -t ca!ses >dH @ >dH $er t o levels of the caster dama) ~ H7H ~ .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 E0 yards V" %" & > ro!nd $er level B (ne 20-foot c!be %$ecial This s$ell is very different than the e/istin) i8ard s$ell summon shado#.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic" %!mmonin) ?0 yards V" %" & > ro!nd $er level B (ne 20-foot c!be %$ecial This s$ell conC!res a ind hich d!$licates the effects of painful #ounds .hhs. -n addition" in lie! of s!mmonin) E shado s" a >2th-level $riest can s!mmon one ether shado (see belo !nder #e &onsters . D!$licated from Dungeon Maga-ine cE:" $a)e :?5 Wa9e of 2ain (#ecromancy) D Thomas .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic >0 yards $er level V" %" & -nstantaneo!s E (ne creat!re %$ecial The caster of this s$ell selects a tar)et" and that tar)et is str!ck by a ave of $ain. The material com$onents for this s$ell are a $iece of cloth" formerly orn by a lich" and a dra)on2s tooth. -t by$asses all armo!r and can strike from any direction.ed& E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . -f the tar)et fails to save vers!s s$ell it is also st!nned for the c!rrent and ne/t ro!nd.n! E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .

(ther ise" this s$ell is the same in all res$ects as cure light #ounds.. The material com$onents for this s$ell is are $iece of cloth and a s$lint.s&. %ho!ld the s$ell ork" the limb ill be ret!rned" b!t no hit $oints are re)ained.tam&. The s$ell c!res (or ca!ses) :d<@< GP $er a$$lication.lteration" Enchantment) Teh . The caster m!st have the severed limb in his $ossession. +a!ker D. -f the o!nd as ca!teri8ed" the s$ell ill not ork. :hen. The reci$ient m!st be c!rrently alive" ho ever he may have died $revio!sly.ed&E ~ H72 ~ .Tome of the Damned Version!.com E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el : 8ody $ending (#ecromancy) D Tim 2i-htno&r J -arb!ed@indirect.d$a!ker@hk.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 Gealin) 0 V" % Permanent J +reat!re to!ched #one This s$ell is a more $otent version of cure serious #ounds. Cure Critical Wounds D'E (#ecromancy) "e!ersi&le a&! D. :idden Cha"pion (.netE %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 Gealin) 0 V" %" & Permanent H ho!rs +reat!re to!ched #one This allo s the $riest to mend broken or severed limbs of !$ to > day ($er level of the caster) old. This s$ell re$laces the cure critical #ounds from the Player$s %and&ook.

ater" hich is to be smeared !$on the $riest2s li$s before the kiss of death is delivered.@&6a. %ide note5 .t&e. . F!rthermore" the victim may not be !nder the infl!ence of any s$ell from the enchantment=charm school. #ote that the dama)e transfer is t o ay..ed&E ~ H73 ~ . The effect of this link is that half the dama)e s!stained by one is transferred to the other.!sed this for an evil $riest the $arty as tryin) to kill. Selene. This really messed !$ the $arty" since no " they co!ldn2t C!st r!sh in and hack !$ the $riest in an or)asm of hack 2n slash. . <iss of !eath (#ecromancy) Bo&de$i7n +a/ers Ddedos4@$in. The $riest kidna$$ed the betrothed of the $aladin and $erformed this ceremony !$on her. This love m!st be non-ma)ical in nat!re.n!E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 %" & Permanent E Person to!ched #one This s$ell ill instantly kill the tar)et.6ir-inia.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .r!n consecrated )ro!nds as bein) 6home field6 for $riests and very disadvanta)eo!s for o!ld-be desecrators. The material com$onent for this s$ell are the $riest2s holy symbol and some ice. E/am$les5 a -> $enalty on everythin) $er ali)nment difference" c!m!lative &less for $riests and )enerally bad l!ck for the intr!ders.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 V" %" & > day $er level > ho!r %entient creat!re to!ched #e)ates Thro!)h the !se of this s$ell" the $riest establishes a link bet een his life force and the s!bCect creat!re2s.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Those able to $erceive the ethereal $lane can see this link. #ote that this s$ell )rants the victim no savin) thro " b!t has an im$ortant $rere4!isite5 the victim of the s$ell m!st be in love ith the $riest.cmai!.s 3"pro9ed 5eutralize 2oison (#ecromancy) "e!ersi&le 0oe :o!!eran D7nc4. This s$ell may only be cast by a )ood-ali)ned $riest if he himself is also in love ith the victim" and commits s!icide immediately after the castin). -n order for the s$ell to take effect" the $riest m!st kiss the victim. They had to ca$t!re the $riest and remove him from his sanct!ary alive. This link is evidenced by a )olden" $!lsin)" thread connectin) the t o thro!)h the ethereal $lane. d!ly consecrated altar" holy or unholy #ater" an a$$ro$riate sacrifice (D&2s discretion) and the creat!re to be linked ith are the material com$onents for this s$ell. 0hen the link is in e/istence" the t o creat!res cannot be more than > mile $er level of the $riest a$art or the link ill sna$" endin) the s$ell.

8a$!e/ D&0e00@se?H. ?ndead %egeneration (#ecromancy) "e!ersi&le .:.n!E ~ H74 ~ . -t ill brin) back a s!$$osedly dead individ!al if cast !$on the victim ithin a n!mber of t!rns less than or e4!al to the level of e/$erience of the $riest after the $oisonin) as s!ffered ( %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . #either a system shock nor a res!rrection roll is needed for a victim bro!)ht back in this manner and it does not co!nt as a death for $!r$oses of +onstit!tion . Andead 6drain6 dama)e is not )ained as healin) or e/tra hit $oints by the caster.kee!e.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 Gealin) 0 V" %" & Permanent < +reat!re to!ched #one This s$ell combines the effects of the Hth-level $riest s$ell neutrali-e poison and the 2nd-level $riest s$ell slo# poison.Tome of the Damned Version 2. =isions of 2ain (#ecromancy) Thomas . The reversed s$ell" Selene$s impro!ed poison" re4!ires a s!ccessf!l attack roll in combat" and the victim is also allo ed a savin) thro vers!s $oison" b!t at a -> $enalty $er E levels of the $riest.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .&i7er D6FH24BH@morrien. (nly !ndead are affected by either version of the s$ell.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 V" % -nstantaneo!s ? Andead to!ched #one By means of this s$ell the $riest can 6heal6 an !ndead" restorin) to its 6!nlife6 a n!mber of hit $oints e4!al to >d? $l!s the caster2s level. The same $rotections a)ainst !ndead $o ers are )iven to the caster as undead regeneration confers. The material com$onent of this s$ell is the cleric2s holy symbol. The reverse of this s$ell" drain undead" inflicts a like amo!nt of dama) slo# poison). The s$ell $revents normal !ndead attacks or effects of contact ith !ndead from affectin) the caster. Fail!re indicates death. The s$ell ill first revive" then ne!trali8e the $oison in any individ!al !$on hich it is cast.aseo!s and intan)ible !ndead can be 6to!ched6 by a caster reachin) into the s$ace they occ!$y.

The material com$onent for this s$ell is a lens.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic" Protection 0 V" %" & 2 ro!nds $er level > The caster #one The $riest and all carried )ear become $ara-ethereal" and an a!ra of ne)ative ener)y s!rro!nds the $riest. 3ivin) creat!res s!ffer >d? dama)e on to!ch ( hich is the $riests only attack on non-ethereal creat!res d!rin) the s$ell d!ration).Tome of the Damned Version 2. The $riest is not affected by normal inds.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .ed&E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . -f he does think it2s real" he r!ns a ay in terror for >d? ro!nds.s . Andead ill not reco)ni8e the $riest as a livin) bein) !nless they are of hi)her stat!s and -ntelli)ence in hich case they may save vers!s death ma)ic at -H in order to reco)ni8e the necromancer for hat he is.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 20 yards V" %" & %$ecial < (ne creat!re #e)ates This s$ell allo s the caster to reach into the victim2s mind and find his orst fear.&cr. #ote that the victim m!st be intelli)ent5 !nintelli)ent creat!res" s!ch as most !ndead" are not affected by this s$ell. second savin) thro m!st be made to determine if the victim thinks the vision is real or not. ~ H7B ~ . The material com$onent for this s$ell is a bit of cotton ool. -f he doesn2t" he sees that the vision is fake and he isn2t harmed in any ay. The tar)et of the s$ell thinks that the vision is real and dies of fri)ht" !nless a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic is made. . #ote that this s$ell may be cast only from $lanes adCacent to the ethereal (those bein) the $rimes and the s!rface of the inner s$here). The $riest may ne)ate the effects of the s$ell at ill" b!t ill a$$ear to non-ethereal creat!res as a shado y" smoky" semi-trans$arent )host and ill take >d? dama)e $er ro!nd from s!nli)ht. The $riest can only be str!ck by ma)ical ea$ons or by silver ea$ons for half-dama)e and is treated as )aseo!s for movement $!r$oses. Wraith.or" (#ecromancy) 0im Vassi!akos D7im6@&crmath.

-f more creat!res than can be affected are ithin the s$ell radi!s" $reference is )iven to those closest to the $riest. This is as $er the cure light #ounds s$ell (4. .v.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 Gealin) 0 V" %" & Permanent B >0-yard $er level radi!s s$here #one 0hen this s$ell is cast" every creat!re in the area of effect (incl!din) the $riest) !$ to one creat!re $er level of the $riest is c!red for >d< $l!s half the level of the $riest $oints of dama)e.Tome of the Damned Version 2. :hen.&cr.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic >0 feet V" %" & Permanent > ho!r %$ecial #one This s$ell ca!ses the bones or lifeless bodies of animals" h!manoids" or monsters to become animated as skeletons or 8ombies" ca$t!rin) the s$irits of the slain and enslavin) them into an e/istence hich lies in a nether s$here bet een life and death.lso" if a nearby creat!re cannot be affected by the s$ell" it still co!nts to ards the total n!mber of $ossible creat!res c!red. ~ H7C ~ .tam&. The material com$onent for this s$ell is a vial of holy or unholy #ater that m!st be s$rinkled into the air above the $riest2s head hile the s$ell is cast.ed&E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .ed&E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Le9el ype and 5u"ber $aterial Co"ponents && > skeletal animal or non-combative servant skeletons or cor$ses of animals or h!manoids > GD $er level freshly slain monsters 8ombie monsters &/ #ote that there is no !$$er limit on the n!mber of !ndead hich may be controlled by a sin)le $riest once animated. 3"pro9ed +ni"ate !ead (#ecromancy) 0im Vassi!akos D7im6@&crmath.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el . $ass Cure (#ecromancy) "e!ersi&le Teh .Dtsc02CB@ri-e!. The reverse of the s$ell" mass hurt" does the same amo!nt of hit $oints of dama)e to all ithin the s$ell radi!s..). The limitations on hich creat!res can be th!s affected is as $er that s$ell. These 6!ndead6 can be controlled by the $riest thro!)h short" sim$le commands. #ote that once the s$ell is cast" the $riest no lon)er needs to concentrate to maintain control over the !ndead.

The $riest a)rees" and %ir Belvedere )oes o!t in search of the mace. Anlike the Bth-level $riest s$ell #ither (the reverse of regenerate)" the limb does not ~ H77 ~ .Tome of the Damned Version 2. 0hen he delivers the mace to the $riest" they both immediately ret!rn to their normal ma/im!m hit $oint val!e" altho!)h $erha$s not their c!rrent hit $oint val!e" if %ir Belvedere is o!nded. Fail!re indicates that a random limb (b!t not the head) is detached ith the a$$ro$riate $enalties to hit $oints" movement" .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Sacrifice (#ecromancy) %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Gere2s an e/am$le5 s!$$ose a hi)h level $riest ( ith B< GP) ants %ir Belvedere (<0 GP) to retrieve a ma)ical mace that as stolen. (cf.s %eattach"ent (#ecromancy) "e!ersi&le 0oe :o!!eran D7nc4. #o system shock or res!rrection roll is needed for limb reattachment. #o s!$$ose %ir Belvedere as killed before the mission as com$lete. %ir Belvedere a)rees" b!t only if the $riest sacrifices B0 of his hit $oints" to ens!re )ood faith and to hel$ com$lete the mission.rmo!r +lass" attacks" etc. There is no time limit for reattachin) heads to dead bodies" other than that im$osed by a raise dead or resurrection s$ell. The $rocess of reattachment takes b!t > ro!nd" b!t the limb is not !sable for any $!r$ose !ntil after the victim has rested for > day.6ir-inia. The condition is reversed hen the character ret!rns from the 4!est s!ccessf!lly. The s$ell ill allo the $riest to reattach a severed limb to an individ!al $rovided the limb is $resent and the s$ell is cast not more than > t!rn $er E levels of the $riest after the limb as severed. Selene. #o s!$$ose %ir Belvedere is s!ccessf!l in his mission. The reverse of this s$ell" Selene$s detachment" re4!ires a s!ccessf!l attack roll" and f!rther allo s a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic to avoid its effects. The reattachment of the head does" ho ever allo the victim to be raised" instead of res!rrected. -f the character fails" the hit $oints ret!rn to the $riest at the rate of > $er eek. -f cast !$on a creat!re that has had its head severed" the s$ell allo s the head to be reattached" b!t does not in itself brin) a dead victim back to life.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 V" % Permanent > ro!nd +reat!re to!ched #one This s$ell is a less $otent version of the Bth-level $riest s$ell regenerate.@&6a. This is not c!rrent" b!t ma/im!m hit $oints.cmai!.t this $oint %ir Belvedere effectively has >:0 GP" and" for all intents and $!r$oses his ma/im!m hit $oints is no >:0. That means that the $riest ill have to ait B0 eeks !ntil he ret!rns to his normal ma/im!m hit $oint total.ed&E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . 3ike ise" the $riest2s ma/im!m hit $oint total is no <. . +!rrent dama)e to the s$ell reci$ient is s$lit evenly amon) the t o hen hit $oints are ret!rned. s#ord of sharpness).rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 V" % %$ecial E ho!rs The $riest $l!s one other creat!re to!ched #e)ates This s$ell allo s the $riest to )ive !$ some of hit $oints to another character in order that he is be better ca$able to com$lete a 4!est..

) or on creat!res from other $lanes (cf.Tome of the Damned Version 2. +reat!res makin) their savin) thro s still take dama)e e4!al to a cause critical #ounds" i. cure light #ounds). Selene$s detachment has no effect on nonlivin) creat!res (!ndead" constr!cts" etc. ~ H7G ~ . Ed<@E.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ t!rn to d!st b!t falls off.e.

.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromancy" Ven)eance 0 V -nstantaneo!s J E0 foot radi!s s$here #e)ates .Tome of the Damned Version 2.te6e Barte!! Dste6ebar@$ord. 'ure !ampirism is not as sim$le as C!st castin) the s$ell and chan)in) a vam$ire.ed&E %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . Those hearin) the s$ell m!st save vers!s death ma)ic or die instantly. Those creat!res ~ H7F ~ . %ince the !se of this s$ell attracts the attention of the $riest2s deity" and beca!se the deaths res!lt from the deity sharin) in the )rief of the $riest" the s$ell orks only if the $riest is tr!ly mo!rnin) the lost friend" and only if the deity a$$roves and Coins the $riest.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 Gealin) 0 V" %" & Permanent E t!rns Vam$ire to!ched #one By means of this s$ell" a $riest is act!ally able to convert a bein) ho has been chan)ed into a vam$ire back to his mortal self a)ain. . -n many cases" this ill $robably send the characters on a 4!est to destroy the vam$ire.fter castin) this s$ell" the c!red vam$ire m!st rest for a minim!m or 2H ho!rs before en)a)in) in any activity.t the same time" it chan)es the c!rsed bein) from an !ndead stat!s to a livin) creat!re a)ain (since a vam$ire is inherently a dead mortal).t the c!lmination of this dreadf!l s$ell" the $riest !tters a deafenin) cry or shriek hich is heard by one creat!re ithin area of effect $er level of the $riest. The reci$ient vam$ire m!st make a s!ccessf!l res!rrection check or the s$ell ill fail and the victim ill not be able to be raised a)ain. The material com$onent of this s$ell is the heart of the vam$ire ho ori)inally c!rsed the reci$ient of the s$ell ith vam$irism.erfect.) can be tar)ets" b!t are considered to a!tomatically make their savin) thro s.lteration" #ecromancy) . Therefore" if several $eo$le have been inflicted by the same vam$ire" the heart can be divided !$ and !sed as the material com$onent for all to receive the s$ell. +reat!res ho cannot hear (d!e to ear $l!)s" deafness" etc.son Ddant@cs. !eath Wail (#ecromancy) Dan #!e1ander Thom. The altar m!st be decorated ith )ems and $recio!s metals orth >0"000 )$ and is f!sed into a orthless l!m$ of obsidian after castin). This s$ell is most often cast over the body of a slain comrade in an effort to slay those res$onsible for the death and in mo!rnin) for the lost friend. -n addition to the ori)inal vam$ire2s heart" the s$ell also re4!ires the $riest2s holy symbol and a stone altar (on hich the body is laid) as material com$onents.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'e$el < Cure =a"piris" (.comE %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . (nly a fra)ment of the heart is necessary to cast the s$ell. The s$ell m!st be cast ithin : days after the vam$ire to be c!red has been slain or it ill not ork. Go ever" if the vam$ire is destroyed and there is nothin) left (total destr!ction by s!nli)ht" for e/am$le) then the s$ell com$onent is lost and the s$ell cannot be cast.&te1as.

. 2lague of ?ndeath (#ecromancy) (ikadeemo&s@ The Dark %aster Da1dmk@as&acad. +a!ker D. The s$ell cannot be cast if the $riest is knocked belo his level in ne)ative hit $oints in any one ro!nd.bitnetE ~ HG0 ~ . The $riest cannot be bro!)ht back to life" b!t if a )ro!$ of advent!rers ent and $etitioned the deity of the $riest" then the deity may decide to free the $riest2s so!l in e/chan)e for a service (a s!itably lon) 4!est ill !s!ally do). The $riest cannot have more s$ells than his level o!ld normally allo . -f the $riest has fe er than B s$ell levels remainin)" he takes >d? $oints of dama)e for every s$ell level less than B c!rrently The $riest ill fi)ht insanely and attack all foes in si)ht !ntil the s$ell ends" the $riest dies a)ain" the $riest casts another death #arrior s$ell" or the s$ell d!ration ends. 0hen the s$ell finally ends" the $riest immediately dies and the body vanishes" not to be fo!nd a)ain.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 +ombat 0 V" %" & 2 ro!nds $er level > The caster #one -t is only a )od of ar or death" or a $erverse deity that ill allo his follo ers to !se a s$ell s!ch as this.netE %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .Tome of the Damned Version 2. The s$ell" hen cast" ca!ses the $riest2s holy symbol to destroy itself in a dramatic manner (blo s !$ in a flash of li)ht and so!nd" melts" etc. !eath Warrior (-nvocation) a&! D.d$a!ker@hk. The $riest has all his s$ells memorised" and his level and hit $oints are do!bled for the d!ration of the s$ell. The $riest is never the victim of his o n death #ail. The effects of the s$ell occ!r immediately. The deity $ersonally collects the so!l of the $riest.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ most directly res$onsible for the death of the comrade are slain first" thereafter" victims are chosen at random. -f the s$ell is to be cast a second time" then the $riest ill re4!ire a second symbol. 5ikadee"ous. -t is very diffic!lt for the $riest not to )et the s$ell off. The s$ell can be cast even if the $riest had already cast a s$ell in the combat ro!nd.) b!t this ca!ses no other effects. $riest ill normally !se the s$ell only if he thinks that there is a battle that he ill not s!rvive" and th!s try to !se this s$ell for a last reven)e. The s$ell is cast hen the $riest has been str!ck his death blo . This s$ell need never be $rayed for by the $riest" ho ever" seven s$ell levels of available s$ells are drained from the $riest2s mind (be)innin) ith the hi)hest level s$ells available).

rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 V" %" & Permanent > ro!nd %$ecial #one This $o erf!l ma)ic enables the caster to create !ndead from cor$ses and skeletal remains. (ther ise" roll >d>00 and check in the a$$ro$riate col!mn of the follo in) table to determine hat sort of !ndead the carrion is transformed into.Tome of the Damned Version 2.&kE %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . The created !ndead is not other ise !nder the control of the caster.:.ny creat!re ho dies ithin the area of effect" and d!rin) the d!ration of the s$ell" ill arise as an !ndead creat!re of a$$ro$riate stren)th on the ni)ht of the ne/t f!ll moon" $rovided the d!ration does not end before the ne/t f!ll moon. . The caster has a BD chance $er level over >E of s!ccessf!lly choosin) the ty$e of !ndead created. The material com$onent is a $iece of moonstone of at least > $o!nd ei)'0 J0-00 ')#'@ J0-00 '>J J0-00 Other (!$Fs choice) ~ HGH ~ .cc.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic > mile V" %" & > day $er level ? t!rns (ne s4!are mile #one This s$ell brin)s do n a terrible c!rse !$on the area !nder effect.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %$here5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . ?nlife (#ecromancy) "e!ersi&le . ?ndead %esulting after ransfor"ation &/#&) JH-00 &A#&> J2-00 Le9el of Caster '(#'' J0-00 '. Andead take 20 t!rns (min!s the level of the caster) to come to !nlife" and !$on a$$earance" ill attem$t to carry o!t one task or action stated in he s$ell-castin) (ty$ically" to attack the first creat!re other than the caster to enter the $lace here the s$ell as cast).kee!e.. 8a$!e/ D&0e00@se?H.

The material com$onents for both forms of the s$ell are a $inch of d!st" a dro$ of blood" a dro$ of ater" and a fra)ment of bone.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ #ote that the !ndead created m!st be of a Git Dice e4!al to or less than the level the cor$se had hile alive. -f the table indicates a ty$e hi)her than this" the remains are animated as the most $o erf!l ty$e of creat!re they can be" i. The reverse of this s$ell" go do#n" ca!ses a sin)le !ndead to be red!ced to lifeless remains (if non-cor$oreal" it is red!ced to d!st forever). #ormally" only a sin)le !ndead can be created by this s$ell. ~ HG2 ~ . Ty$es of e/tra !ndead cannot be selected by the caster" nor are s!ch e/tra !ndead obli)ated to carry o!t any task or refrain from attackin) the caster" ho may not even be a are of their e/istence. %ometimes (2 in ? chance) t o or three may be inadvertently created if other carrion is ithin 20 feet of the castin).Tome of the Damned Version 2.e. %!ch remains (b!t not d!st) co!ld be reanimated by later ma)ic." an !ndead e4!al (or as near as $ossible) to the victim2s ori)inal level.

rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 +reation" Tho!)ht 0 Permanent 2 eeks %$ecial #one This s$ell creates a ne race. mortal caster loses t o $oints of +onstit!tion" $ermanently. . Create Life (#ecromancy) 0ohn D&. Git $oints" statistics" $ersonality" the hole orks can be chan)ed. -f the caster fails a 0isdom check" he dies.ed&E %$here5 *an)e5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .&/ D7d&. . The e/act details are s$elled o!t d!rin) the very lon) castin) time.&/ D7d&. on a 20 his hit $oints dro$ to >. The caster m!st be >: levels above the creat!re. .rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 Permanent >0 +reat!re to!ched #one This s$ell creates a real chan)e in a creat!re. . F!ll deities are imm!ne to any harmf!l effects. demi)od caster m!st roll >d20. The ne creat!re is al ays level 0" and m!st be trained like a ne baby. Else" he takes >d>2 $oints of dama)e. ~ HG3 ~ . Else" the caster takes 2d>2 $oints of dama)e. The creat!re may have innate abilities" b!t cannot breed.Tome of the Damned Version 2.misso&ri. Else" the caster takes half dama)e.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 4uest Spells Change 2erson (#ecromancy) 0ohn D&. F!ll deities take >d? $oints of dama)e. demi)od caster m!st roll >d20.&/@bi-cat.ed&E %$here5 *an)e5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . s$ell s!ch as this created the elves" for instance.misso&ri. The created creat!re is not ma)ical and is imm!ne to dis$el ma)ic (altho!)h the creat!re may be able to ield ma)ic once trained). This s$ell can be !sed ith resurrection to res!rrect a creat!re ith no more +onstit!tion $oints" b!t findin) the hel$ of a i8ard >: levels above yo! can be tricky9 .misso&ri. on a 20" he takes half dama)e" other ise" he takes none.ed&E %$here5 *an)e5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . mortal caster loses one +onstit!tion $oint" $ermanently.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 +reation" Tho!)ht 0 Permanent 2dH days +reat!re to!ched #one This s$ell create the body and so!l of a ne creat!re.&/@bi-cat. Even the race of the character can be modified.&/ D7d&.&/@bi-cat. -f caster fails a 0isdom check" the caster2s hit $oints dro$ to 8ero and he falls !nconscio!s. The s$ell creates eno!)h creat!res to start the race. Create %ace (#ecromancy) 0ohn D&.

(bvio!sly the deity ill not be as likely to )ive the s$ell. ~ HG4 ~ . A$on akin) from the coma" all statistics ill be E" and they ill be re)ained at the rate of > $oint $er day.ny creat!res ithin the ran)e of the s$ell are forever lost. (bvio!sly the caster m!st be of absol!te ali)nment" in e/treme favo!r ith his deity" and most likely ill have to be the most $o erf!l death $riest on the continent (e/ce$t in s$ecial D& cases).Tome of the Damned Version 2.don2t need to tell yo! ho $o erf!l it can be). The !ser of the s$ell may be held res$onsible for its effects by any ran)ers" dr!ids" or even c!lts entirely i$ed o!t by the s$ell effect. demi)od caster loses 2 +onstit!tion $oints.ny demi-)od ca!)ht in the s$ell effect m!st roll a savin) thro vers!s death ma)ic or be irreversibly destroyed. #ot even a deity may brin) them back. . . %tr!ct!res ithin the area may s!rvive. The $riest can do nothin) b!t concentrate on the s$ell. .fter castin) the s$ell" the $riest ill fall into a coma for >E days. #o sacrifice is needed after this s$ell" beca!se the massive loss of life in the area is more than eno!)h to $lease a deity of death. This s$ell can only be )ranted to a $riest of death (note5 be caref!l ith this s$ell. . The only time the deity ill intervene is if another )od sees fit to div!l)e his rath !$on the caster. . Else" he takes Ed>2 $oints of dama)e.reater and lesser )ods are imm!ne. . on a 20" the demi)od dies.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 #ecromantic 0 Permanent > day >000-yard radi!s $er level #one . -f his +onstit!tion as lo er than >" he cannot be raised.ny other $riests of death near the $riest may Coin hands" and concentrate ith the $riest for the castin) time. #o trace of any life is fo!nd. F!ll deities lose one $oint of +onstit!tion" $ermanently. &is!se of this s$ell is fro ned !$on" to say the least. Vast armies chasin) after the caster is not considered rare.comE %$here5 *an)e5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 . *oll >d20. . -n hich case the deity ill a$$ear to fi)ht off the other deity" or avatars sent by the other deity. The deity ill not s$ecifically assist the $riest in dealin) ith the conse4!ences of the s$ell" b!t he ill not hold back on s$ells. Obli9ion (.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ . -f the $riest2s concentration is broken d!rin) the castin)" the s$ell ill fail" and the $riest m!st ask for the s$ell a)ain from his deity. #e/t" he a)es H0 years" and dies. Trees" animals" insects" h!mans" tarras4!es" demons and microbes are all i$ed o!t. mortal caster loses < $oints of +onstit!tion" $ermanently. -f they do" their levels ill be added to the $riest2s for consideration of ran)e.lteration) Tim 2i-htno&r D-arb!ed@indirect. .t the c!lmination of the s$ell" all life in the area of effect is destroyed. .ll creat!res not castin) the $riest at the c!lmination of this s$ell ill be s!bCect to it.ny break in concentration d!rin) the day ill fail the s$ell.

like the Poison elf in the comic book more than . (ther attrib!tes have the same limitations as the standard elf race (see PGB" >st or 2nd edition).ll other class o$tions have the same limitations as listed for the standard elf race. Poison D 0ohn %c)ni-ht J 7emck@de!. Poison elves $refer !rban life over every sort of life style there is.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Tho!)h 0GH0K !ses a race called Eldar elves" $referred to make one that is sli)htly more 6friendly6 to ards h!mans. -n fact" a Poison elf may chan)e his mind abo!t killin) and ill )ive it !$" chan)e ali)nment" and try to lead a 6normal6 life.ha$$en to be orkin) on. #ote5 For those interested in 0GH0K !nder . D&s sho!ld $lay o!t the lack of tolerance from other h!mans and demi-h!mans as this is one of the race2s $rimary disadvanta)es. Poison elves are tall and lean and are never b!lky (:2:6 to ?2E6" >E: to >?: $o!nds). Elven races ill bribe Poison elves to co!nter-s$y if they ork !nder a h!man (or other race) )! E 4 D )$i )im J erdrick@i1. Their ears are m!ch lon)er (abo!t >2@ in len)th) and look like demon horns from a distance. Poison elf o!ld $robably starve to death o!t in the ild !nless there is someone there to ca$t!re food and find ater for them." (riental . D!e to the nat!ral inborn hostility of a Poison elf" they seem to enCoy killin)" and ill kill friends and relatives henever necessary. #ot all of the Poison elves are this violent. Poison elves hate ma)ic and ill not become ma)ic-!sers. The 6normal6 life ill cost that $layer one level of e/$erience and the elf loses his @2 to hit in the Eldar. Their area of e/$ertise lies in seedy !rban d ellin)s. This kind of elf can be )ood in many cam$ai)ns" b!t has $artic!lar !sef!lness as a character race in a 0arhammer H0k . The reason for s!ch resentment is $robably from bein) $er$et!ally shafted in G!man and Elven society time and time a)ain. Poison elf )ains !nlimited levels in Thief" .ssassin" and other criminal classes.dvent!re cam$ai)n ( orkin) ith 1ak!8a or other ty$es). Beca!se of their inborn need to kill" a Poison elf )ains a @2 to hit in combat. Elven races ill tend to !nite in any dis$!te hen it comes to dealin) ith the Poison variety. -ndeed" the Poison elf seems to be the least liked by most demih!mans" as if they ere dre)s of society. -t is even likely to find Poison elves in an (riental . Poison elves have a fascination ith learnin) the finer arts of killin) from e/otic $laces (e.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ RACES 0lf.D7D role$layin) conversion that . They are very $oor h!nters. %ome ill re$ent a)ainst their o n nat!re and ill become $olitical leaders" or)ani8ers" standard r!n-of-the-mill classes" and other do-)ooders" or r!nnin) the local casinos ()amblers" h!stlers and the like). (ther Elven races see themselves ell above the Poison elvenkind. The Poison elf race is my res$onse to a desi)n need for a $layable $sychotic breed of elf. The Poison elf ill never choose ma)ic-!sers or classes ith ma)ic of any kind. . .s!))est readin) the article in Dragon ma)a8ine called 6(rcs in %$ace6 by Ken *olston.D#D r!les" . -n retros$ect" Elven societies ill !s!ally hire Poison elves for their 6$ec!liar6 abilities ith the !nder orld" in secrecy" of co!rse (they don2t ant to )et their hands dirty). They al ays seem to have a dis)r!ntled look abo!t them. -f the elf later decides to )o back to his old killin) ays" then ~ HGB ~ . This is one of the reasons that they !s!ally take !$ roles as assassins" thieves" and any other lo and deadly criminal characters (offered by the D&).).dvent!re cam$ai)ns) and ill travel there to learn henever $ossible. #ot only that" b!t .netcom. The comic book is c!rrently available as of this ritin) (6Poison Elves"6 s!mmer >JJ:). For e/am$le" -f a Poison elf makes a scene or a s$ectacle of himself in $!blic" any h!mans or other demi-h!mans mi)ht decide to )o over and beat the livin) dayli)hts o!t of the character. . The Poison elves re$resent some of the seedier E The ins$iration for this race comes from the comic book ork of Dre Gayes. Their s$eed and refle/es are m!ch faster so the elf m!st have a minim!m of >: in De/terity.

This is beca!se Poison elves are $athetic hen it comes to o!tdoor s!rvival and they don2t like to de$end on anyone to live. Poison elves $refer ea$ons that that are easy to conceal in a city d ellin)" like hand-held stabbin) ea$ons" or a hand-held crossbo ((r a )!n if they e/ist).5 .ack. Poison elves smoke like chimneys" so one #0P m!st be Tobacco ()ro th and cons!m$tion of). se#er entrances.llocate slots to#ards the kno#ledge of using games such as Poker. The follo in) #0Ps the D& may create or !se for this race5 . and so on1 T(B. three-card Monte1 )f it$s a scam.a The thievin) skills are m!ch )reater than those of the standard elf.D#D material. +oncealable ea$ons are the main selection for ea$on $roficiencies" ith a choice of one 6medi!m6 ea$on ( hen on the road" yo! need more kill $o er).5 . %ee the Techno #et Book available on the -nternet (b!t don2t bother me abo!t it). 0ith the loot an advent!re brin)s in" a Poison elf ill definitely desire to advent!re henever he2s in a bind.Pulling off scams *like a pyramid scheme. Poison elf )ets nervo!s if he has to travel into areas itho!t roads. Poison elf ill never travel alone in any area itho!t a road" if they do they ill $anic and become lost in the area. .9no#ing the locations of alleys.&B3-#. They may travel if they think they can tr!st the $arty they2re ith" other ise they ill head back to the city from hence they came. -)nore the $enalties of climb alls (elves are not short) and read lan)!a)es (or st!$id)" b!t they )et no bon!ses for either of those abilities. or other a&ilities.o!ldn2t kno beca!se . Black.Some skill of learning or finding out #ho is ruler of the local under#orld area.s lon) as the advent!re is near a road or trail" the Poison elf ill not orry beca!se he can al ays follo the road to home. That is the race that the Poison elf ill !se for thievin) abilities. cheating on gam&ling games.++(5 . #on ea$on $roficiencies (#0P) are al ays !rban-based" !s!ally somethin) seedy" b!t it can be a $ositive !rban-based #0P as ell. .Poison el!es like to smoke so they #ill gro# and smoke their stash of to&acco and possi&ly decreasing their life span &y a couple hundred years1 GA%T3-#. Poison elves have all of the standard abilities of other Elven races" they can see ?02 infravision" J0D imm!nity to +harm-related s$ells" advanta)es to detectin) secret doors" etc. in!estment frauds.don2t kno ho m!ch of this already e/ists" $robably all of it" b!t . "oulette *or #hate!er gam&ling games eAist in the campaign+. . The choice for thief bon!ses on the Thief F!nction Table (>st ed. etc1 `#ote5 These #0Ps are only s!))estions. put it here+1 A*B. and other hiding places and @uick paths in to and out of a city1 A#DE*0(*3D5 . #(TE5 -f yo! start off leadin) a 6normal6 life yo! don2t receive the @2 to hit bon!s. . Travelin) in circles" starvin)" and hinin) are $o$!lar $astimes for lost Poison elves..Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ there ill be another one level of e/$erience lost in his c!rrent character class to )o back to the old one. PGB) sho!ld be the race that has the best bon!ses.5 . -n the case of >st edition PGB" it o!ld be the Galflin).only !se >st edition .# G-D-#. ~ HGC ~ .

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

The Dreamwarriors Aa1ar&s This is a very stran)e and !n!s!al set of r!les" so $lease bear ith mi)ht )et a little meta$hysical. 3on) a)o there as a time here The Plane of Dreams be)an to form from the Psychic ener)y of the .stral Plane. .s the ;ods and mortals $ondered" and dreamed" this $lane of Dreams be)an to form and steadily )ro " fed !$on the matter that collected in the Ethereal Plane. 0hen mortals and )ods alike dream" the ima)es and minds form realms ithin this Demi-$lane. This demi-$lane forever cirlces the demi-$lane of ni)htmares" hen one enters the Dream $lane" one may also !n ittin)ly enter the #i)htmare Plane as they $ass from one dream to another. B!t the Dream Plane is no $hysical $lane as s!ch. Gavin) been formed from the astral" it is vast" b!t not a $lane as s!ch. (nly minds of )reat $o er or intelli)ence have the ca$acity to enter the Dream Plane" hich as considered fort!nate for those enterin) it co!ld affect the minds of the dreamers thro!)ho!t the m!ltiverse. Anfort!nately" creat!res of )reat intellect5 Demons" Devils and the like sa the Dream Plane as a ay of f!rtherin) thier o n evil ends. They co!ld $lant dark tho!)hts into the dreams of $eo$le every here" t istin) them from the inside to s!it thier dark $!r$ose. The first of these bein)s as a Demon Prince kno n as .88a8ael. Ge bro!)ht his mind into the Dream Plane and ra$ed a select n!mber of omen hom he deemed orthy of his $lan. These $oor omen )ave birth to monstro!s creat!res that soon )re into a race of fiend that nearly overran the Prime &aterial Plane" had it not been for the bravery of a ne order. 0hen the ;od .sha$olla noticed this" he be)an to )ro des$erate. Ge co!ld not act directly" for his forces ere too fe and the creat!res that ere born ere essentially mortal. Ge co!ld not raise his hand in retalliation t oards mortals nor co!ld the .asimons. -nstead" he searched the &aterial Plane for years ith his messen)er to search o!t the descendants of the first travellers to the Dream Plane" many tho!sands of years a)o. These $eo$le ere normal advent!rers and like a ma)net" they had been dra n to)ether" b!t kne nothin) of thier destiny. .fter bein) a oken to the realities of the &!ltiverse" they ere ready to combat the Demon Prince. 0hen they entered the Dream Plane to fi)ht him" they took on )reat $o ers and as they h!nted each of his fo!l children" thier s$irits )re in stren)th and e/$erience in the Dream Plane. 0hen they fo!)ht .88a8ael" they lost one of their n!mber" b!t s!ceeded in tra$$in) the Demon's life-force and to this day" he had been locked in a holy vessel" b!rried dee$ belo the First +h!rch of .sha$olla" on a orld that is reachin) the end of it's life. The Dream 0arriors soon dis$ersed across the $lane to other orlds and the teachin)s ere $assed do n from )eneration to )eneration. !rea"*arriors and the 2C (ne does not become a Dream arrior" one is a Dream arrior. .nd if one of the P+s are a Dream arrior" chances are the others ill be too. Fate al ays dra s the Dream arriors to)ether. The D& may not ant someone to miss o!t on dream-based advent!res" so he can decide they all are descendants of the earlier arriors. 0hen they are needed" a messend)er of .sha$olla ill come to them and e/$lain hat is needed of them" and thier ori)ins. -t ill teach them the $o ers they have" and ho to enter the Dream Plane by themselves. This messen)er ill !s!ally come to them individ!ally in a form that they o!ld be most comfortable ith. The bein)'s tr!e form" ho ever constantly shifts and a$$ears )enderless. Character Classes .ny class can be a Dream arrior. . $easant ith no class co!ld be one too. The $layers ill be asked to add >d? to thier e/istin) stats and record the res!lts on another sheet. The Dream Plane is very stran)e" and only the s$irits" not the $hysical forms enter it. The s$irits of dream arriors are very stron) and is" thin)s are m!ch clearer to them hile they are free of the flesh.

~ HG7 ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

The s$irit takes m!ch the same form as it does in the flesh" b!t a$$ears m!ch more handsome or bea!tif!l. .ll are e4!i$$ed ith ma)ical ea$ons" b!t they recieve no $l!sses or bon!ses. They can sim$ly hit anythin) that re4!ires a certain level of enchantment to hit. 0hen they first enter the Dream Plane" thier s$irits al ays start at >st level. They rise in e/$erience C!st like any other class" and hen they a aken" half the e/$erience )ained is also added onto the mortal class. For e/am$le5 .le/" a >st level Paladin enters the Dream Plane as Kartyr" also a >st level Paladin. -n the Dream Plane" he fi)hts a Dream Beast and ins" scorin) :00 e/$erience $oints for it. 0hen he a akens" his mortal form recieves 2:0 /$ as a res!lt of his stren)htened s$irit. .s the s$irit stren)htens" so too does the mortal form5 Every fo!rth level of the s$irit" the mortal form recives a @> bon!s to save vs death ma)ic. The chance for res!rrection s!rvival is also increased by >0D. 0hen the s$irit reaches Jth level" they are no able to cast .stral %$ell once $er day. The $layers sho!ld start role-$layin) thier characters as m!ch more ston)- illed than before. 3ess likely to )ive !$" and m!ch more a are of thier s!rro!ndin)s. Entering the !rea" 2lane To enter" the P+ m!st recite a verse three times C!st before they fall aslee$. 0hen this ha$$ens" their s$irits are freed from thier bodies and they are able to fly at a rate of >00 (a) to reach thier com$anions. (nce to)ether" they m!st seek someone ho is dreamin) and enter it... -nside the dreams" it can be as bea!tif!l" or as horrifyin) as the D& chooses. D&'s o!ld like to consider researchin) dream-meanin)s to make them seem more symbolic. 0hile in the Dream Plane" the P+'s m!st realise they are not invincible. To!)h" yes b!t not indestr!ctable. -t is recommended that the P+'s )o in and o!t as fast as $ossible" for )reat disaster a aits them sho!ld the slee$er a aken. Each dreamer is a different realm. . r!le of th!mb is that the P+'s can travel to another realm $rovided they kno ho or hat they are lookin) for. (nce they have an idea" they can conC!re a shimmerin) com$ass to lead them in the ri)ht direction. This com$ass is not al ays ac!rate" b!t it hel$s them )et on the ri)ht track. The amo!nt of time that $asses in the Dream Plane varies from realm to realm. %ome $eo$le dream in min!tes" some dream in years. -t varies from individ!al to individ!al. Time $asses very slo ly in this Plane. For every ho!r in the avera)e realm" a s$lit second $asses in reality. (ne can determine if someone has a oken. The realm be)ins to disolve into lar)e rocks that start floatin) aimlessly. The P+s need to )et o!t of the realm they are in" or risk serio!s tro!ble. To leave" the P+'s m!st ret!rn to thier startin) $lace from hich they entered and leave. -f a P+ is !nable to leave" he ill be tra$$ed in the dream state" totally !na are and lost in a void !ntil the dreamer dreams the same dream hich is very rare. I!ite often" only ma)ical means of infl!encin) the dream ill save their comrade. +ombat in the Dream Plane is as it is on the &aterial Plane" ith the e/ce$tion that a so!l cannot be knocked !nconscio!s. -f a P+ is slain in the Dream Plane" then thier s$irit is destroyed. Thier mortal form ill never a aken a)ain" and ill die of starvation or dehydration. The dan)ers are )reat" b!t the P+'s ill )ain m!ch in the form of a stron)er s$irit. %tron) s$irits are more likely than not to become $ro/ies of the ;od they orshi$. he %ole of the !rea"*arriors Dream arriors are needed henever the safety and sec!rity of $eo$le's dreams are threatened. 0henever bein)s threaten the lives of others" or seek to $l!n)e the m!ltiverse into darkness" the Dream arriors ill be called !$on. There is no str!ct!re to thier order" they have no meetin) $laces or or)anisations. The le)ends and the teachin) are sim$ly $assed do n the family" so that one day" they may be ready to fi)ht a)ainst the darkness that threatens the $rivacy and sanctity of thier dreams...and thier lives.

~ HGG ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

~ HGF ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

Cat, Damned D Brennan Brooks J E Cli"ate 4 errain: .ny 3and ,re1uency: Very *are Organization: %olitary +cti9ity Cycle: .ny !iet: G!man = Demi-G!man Flesh 3ntelligence: 3o (: - B) reasure: #one +lign"ent: +haotic Evil KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 5o. +ppearing: +r"our Class: $o9e"ent %ate: :it !ice: :+C(: 5o. of +ttacks: !a"age 4 +ttack: Special +ttacks: Special !efences: $agic %esistance: Size: L2 =alue: > - E (>d? divided by 2) E >< : >E E - +la = +la = Bite +la - >d?@2 = +la - >d?@2 = Bite - >d>2@E Tree Po!nce" Firery Giss %ee Belo 20 D &edi!m >":00

+ppearance: . Damned +at is the feline e4!ivalent to a Gell Go!nd" e/ce$t that it is a little bit more advanced. -t2s f!r is a r!stic bro n ith bri)ht red stri$es. These cats have coal black eyes" and an even darker ton)!e. -t stands H to : feet tall at the sho!lder" and smell of b!rned flesh. 0here their $a s to!ch the )ro!nd (or tree)" flames s$r!ce !$ leavin) blackened cla marks alon) the s!rface. Co"bat: Damned +ats are very clever h!nters" b!t do not h!nt in more than a $ack of three. They stay 4!iet !ntil si)htin) their $rey. This )ives them a -B bon!s to s!r$rise a)ainst their enemies. Damned +ats lea$ silently from tree to tree (leavin) their scorch marks) !ntil they come in si)ht of their adversary. They then pounce o!t at their enemy from the trees. -f they s!ccessf!lly hit the enemy on the $o!nce" their is a H: D chance the victim ill be knocked o!t" $l!s the initial >d>0 $oints of dama)e the pounce inflicts. The second attack of the Damned +at is !s!ally it2s fiery hiss. The cat2s tail stretches o!t and the cat e/hales a b!rst of flame !$ to >: yards (?0 feet) lon). This does > $oint of dama)e for every yard closer the victim is. E/am$le5 >: yards a ay U >h$ )one. > yard a ay U >:h$ )one. -f the s!bCect of $ain is still alive after the initial attacks" a Damned +at o!ld move in to either ri$ him a$art ith it2s H inch cla s" or tear the flesh from his bones ith it2s ? inch teeth. The defenses a Damned +at has are as follo s5 &) -mm!ne to all fire" and fire-based attacks ') .re only s!r$rised on a > or a 2 on a >d>0

~ HF0 ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

.) Gave a B: D chance to see invisible or concealed creat!res. :abitat 4 Society: These fiery feline beasts are commonly fo!nd in the .byss" and are !s!ally )ated to the Prime &aterial Plane to reak havoc across it for some evil ;od or demon. -n the .byss" they !s!ally roam the heated levels searchin) for tormented so!ls to tease. Damned +ats have : Git Dice" and !se their b!lk to make lesser demons and Gell Go!nds s!ffer. These cats do not re$rod!ce on the Prime &aterial Plane at all" so cannot be tamed by nat!ral ays. (nly ma)ic can brin) these slashin) kittens to order. .fter killin) all of it2s $rey" a Damned +at ill eat G!man or Demi-G!man carcasses first. These are also the ones they attack first. Ecology: Damned +ats have little $lace in the ecolo)y of the Prime &aterial Plane" b!t are very dan)ero!s" and hen tamed" can do maCor dama)e. Fire ;iantess2 !s!ally !se these ferocio!s kitties to destroy their lovers Gell Go!nds. They do not make as )ood )!ards tho!)h" for they seem to ander off and look for somethin) to kill.

~ HFH ~

ny !iet: G!man = Demi-G!man Flesh 3ntelligence: 3o (:-B) reasure: #one +lign"ent: +haotic Evil KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 5o.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Cat. B!rnin) red eyes stand o!t a)ainst the hite bone" and b!rn terror into any ho )a8e !$on them. . *ottin) )reen flesh s!rro!nds the skeletal remains of a )iant cat" standin) H to : feet tall at the sho!lder. (nly livin)" breathin) thin)s ($eo$le" trees" etc. Co"bat: .once a day %ee Belo #il &edi!m E"?00 +ppearance: These cats are an !ndead version of the Damned +at" b!t ith different abilities and a com$letely different look. ') (n the second ro!nd after bein) hit" the victim2s skin break2s o$en into sores" oo8in) $!s for >dH dama)e" and the -H to attack.ho!ls" b!t there can never be t o .ny 3and .+la = +la = Bite +la .ll those ho are ca!)ht in this desolatin) mist s!ffer these conse4!ences" !nless a save vers!s Breath 0ea$on is s!ccesf!lly made.re1uency: Very *are Organization: %olitary +cti9ity Cycle: .sk.>d<@2 = Bite .Tome of the Damned Version E Cli"ate 4 errain: .saskatoon. ~ HF2 ~ .ho!l +ats ithin > mile of each other.ho!l +ats are !s!ally fo!nd in the $resence of . 0herever these creat!res to!ch" the immediate area aro!nd them dies and decom$oses into a blackened ash. They distinctily smell of rottin) cor$ses" and their intelli)ence allo s them to follo orders for those ho have rasied them from their )rave. .) &) (n the first ro!nd after bein) hit" the victim2s skin starts to itch !ncontrolably" ca!sin) no dama)e" b!t a -H to attack. of +ttacks: !a"age 4 +ttack: Special +ttacks: Special !efenses: $agic %esistance: Size: L2 =alue: > > >< < >2 E . This blast has no effect on alls" or dead obCects.>d>2@Paraly8ation Decom$osition &ist .) (n the third ro!nd (and every other before )ettin) c!red) after bein) hit" the victim2s skin ill activly decom$ose and fall from the body in ch!nks" ca!sin) HdH dama)e" $l!s the victim ill not be able to attack that ro!nd. #houl D Brennan Brooks J ab347@sfn. +ppearing: +r"our Class: $o9e"ent %ate: :it !ice: :+C(: 5o. They attack first by blastin) their enemies ith a Decompostion Mist that reaches o!t in a cone sha$ed blast startin) at the creat!re2s mo!th" and then travelin) E0 feet lon)" 20 feet ide" and : feet hi)h.>d<@2 = +la .

-f their enemies are not dead" the cat ill lea$ in and !se it2s $araly8in) byte to disable the remainin) victim2s.ho!l +ats are imm!ne to the cold" ill!sions" hold s$ells" and slee$ and charm s$ells. .Tome of the Damned Version 2. or rest ill restore the skin.ho!l +ats deli)ht in tearin) a$art livin) creat!res" es$ecially G!mans and Demi-G!mans" for they taste the best.ho!l +at becomes a .ho!l +ats are fo!nd in the $resence of .(* . . The only ay to ne)ate this $araly8in) bite is to roll a savin) thro vers!s Paraly8ation ith a ne)ative 2 hinderance.ho!ls" and are fo!nd eatin) cor$ses alon) side their com$anions. These beasts ere $robably once Damned +ats" b!t have no been risen to do an evil i8ard2s or $riests biddin).ho!l in >d20 t!rns !nless blessed by holy ater and lain belo the )ro!nd (b!ried). They o!ld then contin!e to ri$ their o$$onents a$art ith their cla s" ca!sin) >d<@2 dama)e every time they hit.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ To co!nteract the effects of the mist" a +!re Disease s$ell or t o Dis$el &a)ic s$ells m!st be cast . ~ HF3 ~ . Go ever" a +!re 0o!nds s$ell" $otion" etc. Ecology: .the victim2s sores m!st be bathed in one vial of holy ater for every : hit$oints of dama)e taken. These treatments only halt the contin!in) of the decom$osition. :abitat 4 Society: . This $araly8in) bite does an initial >d>2 dama)e" $l!s >d>0@H ro!nds of $araly8ed activity ( hich is none" since the victim is $araly8ed).ny $erson ho is destroyed by a . The immediatly seek o!t the creat!res ho !se ma)ic a)ainst them" seein) as they $ose the )reatest threat to ards their e/sistence.

. (n the lo er $lanes" they fly aro!nd in flocks" occasionally $ickin) off 3arvae and attractin) the hatred of the #i)ht Ga)s ho rely on the )r!bs to make a $rofit. 0hen a +ry$t %$a n is slain" they dissolve into a $!ddle of fo!l smellin)" sticky bro n )oo.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Crypt Spawn Aa1ar&s Dmarathon@-ist.cheron and .ehenna. . This )oo ca!ses )ro!nd to )ro sterile" and even orks on animals. Of +ttacks: !a"age 4 +ttack: Special +ttacks: Special !efences: $agic %esistance: Size: $orale: L2 =alue: :->00 ? Fl E? (D) 2 >J 2 >=>-H @ disease #one -mm!ne to Fire >:D % (H') Ansteady (B) B: +ppearance: These hideo!s creat!res look like in)ed" brain-like bats ith no bodies.ny $lant" or animal to!ched by this either ither a ay (in the case of $lants)" or )o sick and die ( ith livestock and animals). Those ithin E feet of the )oo risk sterility" and m!st save vs s$ells each ro!nd to avoid it" or !ntil they move o!t of the area. This $la)!e is kno n as The %ilver *ot" and ca!ses the afflicted's skin to )o a silvery colo!r (this is act!ally C!st destroyed blood vessels). +ppearing: +r"our Class: $o9e"ent: :it !ice: :+C(: .nyone hit for f!ll dama)e m!st save or be inflicted by a disease not !nlike m!mmy rot. :abitat4Society: These creat!res can be easily s!mmoned by fiends and necromancers from the lo er $lanes of +arceri and . -t is not the dama)e most $eo$le are concerned abo!t" ho ever.a&E Cli"ate 4 errain: 3o er Planes . They are often s!mmoned en masse to flood and over helm an enemy" or set !$on a kin)dom as a $la)!e to des$oil ~ HF4 ~ . Co"bat: +ry$t %$a n have only one" very eak attack.re1uency: +ommon Organisation: % arm +cti9ity Cycle: #i)ht !iet: (mnivore 3ntelligence: %emi (2) reasure: #il +lign"ent: +haotic #e!tral KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 5o.. They fla$ aro!nd madly and chaotically" b!t attack in h!)e n!mbers des$oilin) livestock and cro$s ith their disease-ca!sin) tendrils.Tome of the Damned Version 2. They fly at fast s$eeds to ards a tar)et and hi$ it ith their tendrils and bitin) 4!ickly ith a small" beak like mo!th as they $ass by.

0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ livestock and cro$s or C!st ca!se mayhem" makin) them easy $ickin)s hen the demons come to claim the land. #i)ht Ga)s destroy flocks of +ry$t %$a n herever they find them nestin). (nce the area is clear" they ill head off in a random direction. (ne can al ays track the flock by the $ath of destr!ction and barrenness they leave behind. ~ HFB ~ .m!ch to the #i)ht Ga)'s annoyance. They are not very efficient" often leavin) many animals still alive and missin) them.Tome of the Damned Version 2. They can't des$oil that hich isn't there. 3arvae are thier favo!rite food" and here s arms of 3arva can be fo!nd ri))lin) a ay frantically" one !s!ally finds a flock of +ry$t %$a n circlin) like sea)!lls" $ickin) them off. -n the lo er $lanes" they re)!late the n!mber of larvae and may act!ally hel$ kee$ the n!mber of fiends do n and $revent the Blood 0ar from s$illin) o!t onto the other $lanes" for +ry$t %$a n enCoy nothin) more than 3arvae. They devo!r $lants and ildlife and des$oil everythin) they to!ch. They rarely ever lin)er lon) eno!)h to f!lly devo!r a body" and soon the area becomes the domain of flies and orms. (n the material $lane" ho ever it is different. +reat!res and $lants native to the lo er $lanes like ra8orvine and the %tench Ko are imm!ne to the effects of thier des$oilin). Ecology: There is little a +ry$t %$a n can do on the lo er $lanes to affect the Ecolo)y.

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

Doomwol$es Aa1ar&s Cli"ate4 errain: .ny ,re1uency: Very *are Organisation: Pack +cti9ity cycle: .ny !iet: +arnivore 3ntelligence: 3o (:-B) reasure: +lign"ent: #e!tral Evil KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 5o. +ppearing: +r"our Class: $o9e"ent: :it dice: :+C(: 5o. Of +ttacks: !a"age 4 +ttack: Special +ttacks: Special !efences: $agic %esistance: Size: $orale: L2 9alue: E->2 : >< ? >: > E->< &a!l" Go l -mm!ne to Disease 20D l (B'->2') .vera)e (>0) <00

+ppearance: Doom olves look m!ch like 0or)s to hich they are rleated. They are m!ch lar)er" an are very stron). Their $!$iless eyes )lo bri)htly d!rin) the ni)ht and the ho l of a Doom olf is said to be the st!ff of ni)htmares. Co"bat: These creat!res" hen not servin) ;oblyns" are often fo!nd in $acks led by the stron)est member. These olves like to h!nt thier $rey by tra$$in) them. -n some ays" they enCoy the kno led)e that thier $rey is terrified as they are bein) chased. 0hen a Doom olf ho ls" those hearin) it m!st save vs s$ells or s!ffer -> to hit d!e to fear. .ll herbivores hearin) this so!nd are J0D likeley to bolt and flee. %oothin) on't even chan)e this. The olf attacks ith a sava)e bite doin) Ed? $oints of dama)e. -f ever f!ll dama)e is inflicted by the olf" the olf is ass!med to ma!l it's victim. The olf" still ith the creat!re in it's mo!th" shakes it's head viscio!sly and ca!ses an additional >d< $oints of dama)e. The olf can contin!e this on the ne/t ro!nd" b!t the tar)et is than entitled to an a!tomatic hit if they choose. The olf cannot be made to let )o !nless it chooses. Even after death" the Ca s hold ti)ht and m!st be c!t off. :abitat4Society: Doom olves band to)ether not o!t of loyalty" b!t o!t of $rotection. They ill flee and leave thier comrades behind if the tide of battle t!rns a)ainst them. (nly the most $o ef!l olf of the $ack is able to kee$ disci$line and loyalty o!t of the threat and !se of violence. Doom olves ere bred in Katahkis to serve as mo!nts for the *aveir's dclient' races the ;oblyns. They ere hardy and 4!ick to m!lti$ly in the

~ HFC ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

olf $ens of *etahli!s and ere soon very common$lace in every *aveiran fortress as )!ards. 3ar)e !nits of Doom olves are em$loyed to carry ;oblyn arriors into battle" or as mo!nts for thier messen)ers. Ecology: 0hen a Doom olf esca$es from ca$tivity and enters the ilderness" the are varoscio!s eaters. Beca!se they are not nat!ral creat!res" they tend to stri$ areas of ildlife and )ame !nless a balancin) factor like b!lette are $resent. B!lette and Doom olves cannot stand the scent of one another and ill ri$ each other a$art at first o$$ort!nity.

~ HF7 ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

"o , Screamin Aa1ar&s Cli"ate 4 errain: .ny ,re1uency: +ommon Organisation: %olitary +cti9ity cycle: &idni)ht-mornin) !iet: #il 3ntelligence: 3o (:-B) reasure: #il +lign"ent: +haotic Evil KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 5o. +ppearing: +r"our Class: $o9e"ent: :it !ice: :+C(: 5o. Of +ttacks: !a"age 4 +ttack: Special +ttacks: Special !efences: $agic %esistance: Size: $orale: L2 =alue: > >0 (a!tomatic hit) E > $er c!bic foot %$ecial > $er : c!bic feet 2d>0 %ee belo %ee belo #il Variable Fanatic (>B-><) 20"000

The ori)ins of this terrible force are r!mo!red to be the lifeforce of an individ!al hose hatred of his $eo$le as so )reat that he cl!n) to !nlife hen he died and became this terrible bein). From a distance" a %creamin) Fo) looks like a stran)e" thick mist that s irls to ards yo!. (nce !$ close" $eo$le are over helmed by a cold" clammy feelin). They $ercieve faint obCects movin) ithin" b!t they can't $in$oint them. -f one looks at it ith tr!e-seein) ho ever" it's tr!e form is seen. 0ith tr!e seein)" it looks like a )iant" billo in) yello fo) ith h!ndreds of screamin) faces of tra$$ed so!ls that the fo) has devo!red. (ccasionally" a body ill try to ha!l it's ay o!t of the mass" b!t the event!ally )et s!cked ri)ht back in. &ost $eo$le seein) this si)ht flee in terror" b!t by then it is !s!ally too late and they o!ld already have Coined the screamin) hordes. Co"bat: The %creamin) Fo) attacks everyone that it sees. -t can only move 4!ite slo ly" so it can be easily o!tr!n $rovided the $layers haven't let it circle them com$letely. For every : c!bic feet of fo)" the %creamin) Fo) can attack once ith a tendril. This attack a!tomatically hits !nless the tar)et can make a s!ccessf!l de/terity check. ef s!ccessf!l" the tar)et avoids any dama)e" other ise they are str!ck by a n!min)ly-cold tendril and dra n into the heart of the clo!d. The heart of the clo!d is al ays at the centre and the $erson is dra))ed closer to the centre at a rate of >. Each ro!nd" they can attem$t to break free by makin) a bend bars=lift )ates roll and s!cceedin)" other ise" !$on reachin) the heart of the creat!re" their so!l is devo!red and they Coin the )ibberin) masses. (nce every three ro!nds" the fo) can emit a caco$hany of screams. (ne need not hear to be able to sense those screams" the noise $enetrates the very so!l and shocks one to the core. Those affected m!st

~ HFG ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

save vs. s$ells or immediately flee for >d? ho!rs. This )ives the fo) a chance to h!nt them do n one by one itho!t !nessecary $ersonal risk. . fo) cannot attack someone ho does not look at it" so it !ses it's scream attack. .ll ho flee are ass!med to o$en thier eyes to see here they are )oin). The fo) is com$letely imm!ne to all flame and cold-based attacks. .ny s$ell that re4!ires a $hysical form to strike are !seless a)ainst it. -t is imm!ne to all forms of charm or slee$-related s$ells m!ch in the same ay as an !ndead beast. .ny s$ell that re4!ires a $hysical form to strike fails also. .ny s$ell that affects a bank of fo) ill affect a %creamin) Fo). They have a r!dimentary mind and can be contacted ith $sionics" as any other form of comm!nication is !seless. The only ay to h!rt the fo)s is ith @> or better ma)ical items. Even then" it only does half dam)e. . Goly .ven)er" ielded by a Paladin or 3a f!l ;ood $riest does Tri$le dama)e on the creat!re. The $rescence of s!ch an individ!al al ays makes the fo) flee. :abitat4Society: This evil fo) as first discovered hen an advent!rin) $arty as shi$ recked on an island in the middle of the Tethys (cean on the 0orld of Tethi!s. (n the first day" they discovered an entire cr!mbled civilisation of h!manoids that had sim$ly disa$$eared itho!t any trace. 0hen ni)ht came" the fo) slo ly $icked them off one at a time !ntil finally" only one remained. Ge as forced to blind himself ith b!rnin) embers to avoid )a8in) at the fo) and lettin) himself be cons!med by it. -n the end" he as resc!ed by a )ro!$ of %aran $irates" b!t the mist m!st have follo ed. . eek later" a *aveiran -ronclad discovered the driftin) shi$ C!st off the coast of %kara Brae" and inside" as a blind madman babblin) insanely abo!t a mist that came to devo!r him and scream in his mind. .ll that is kno n is that this evil fo) has travelled to other orlds" seekin) ven)ence a)ainst all ho live for some lon)-for)otten ca!se. Those ho have contacted thier minds sense feelin)s of $!re hatred" bitterness and Cealosy centred aro!nd the livin). Ecology: The %creamin) Fo)s do not need to no!rish themselves. This thro s a ay any conce$t that they can still $osess a shred of reason or h!manity. They kill for the $leas!re. 3ike all fo)s" ho ever" direct s!nli)ht ca!ses it to )o into hidin)" b!t it cannot be destroyed in this ay.

~ HFF ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

#o!lyn, 'esser Aa1ar&s Cli"ate 4 errain: .ny ,re1uency: +ommon Organisation: Tribal +cti9ity Cycle: #i)ht !iet: +arnivore 3ntelligence: 3o (:-B) reasure: M +lign"ent: #e!tral Evil KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 5o. +ppearing: +r"our Class: $o9e"ent: :it !ice: :+C(: 5o. Of +ttacks: !a"age 4 +ttack: Special +ttacks: Special !efences: $agic %esistance5 Size: $orale: L2 9alue: E-E0 (Ed>0) H >2" br ? E@E >H E or 2 >dH = >dH = >d? or by ea$on@2 = >dH @ $oison Battle *a)e #il #il & (H'-?') Elite (>E->H) :B:

;oblyns are distantly related to ;oblins. They look similar to thier co!sins" b!t m!ch more hidio!s. They are lar)er" ith lon) m!scly arms hich end ith Ca))ed" yello nails. Thier heads are bald" and they have lar)e mo!ths f!ll of needle-like teeth. Thier red eyes are lar)e and !nblinkin)" and thier ears occasionally t itch hen they are fr!strated. (The term 3esser ;oblyn is !sed only to differentiate the $rime-material version ith the *avenloft version. The *avenloft version is m!ch more $o erf!l) Co"bat: ;oblyns are 4!ick and fast. Thiere a)ility entitles them to a -2 $enalty to their o$$onent's s!r$rise rolls. ;oblyn tend to attack ith cr!el" $ainf!l ea$ons like hammers" a/es" sco!r)es and hi$s. Beca!se of the ;oblyn's skill at arms" this is al ays done at a @2 to dama)e. -n addition" they !s!ally attack a second time ith a $oisoned da))er in thier left hand. Those hit m!st save vs $oison or be $aralysed for 2->? (2d<) ro!nds. The ;oblyn ill !s!ally finish off a $aralysed o$$onent before movin) onto the ne/t. . ;oblyn often initiates a Battle *a)e hen n!mbers are lo . 0hen in a battle ra)e" a ;oblyn thro s do n it's ea$ons and attacks ith cla s and bite ith a @: to hit (lo erin) thac0 to J9). The battlera)e ill last !ntil the ;oblyn is do n to half of the h$ it had hen enterin) the ra)e. ;oblyn al ays do this if they see a d arf" elf or )nome- three races they des$ise. :abitat4Society:

~ 200 ~

oblyn arriors in to set fire to cro$s and ca!se havoc" then the *aveiran armies come in ith thier ordered $recision to i$e o!t the rest of the rabble. They send tho!sands of .oblyn soon flo!rished and drove o!t the other races of orcs" )oblins and )nolls.Tome of the Damned Version 2.oblyn. T o races they claim have the s eetest" most s!cc!lent flesh of all the races.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ -n the early days of the ar bet een &adras and Katahkis" Katahkan sa the need for mass troo$s.oblyn in the ild tend to )ro!$ to)ether and form small tribes" led by the stron)est arrior of the )ro!$. They looked to )oblins" often disdained beca!se of thier small" co erdly nat!res" and orked !$on them ith t isted ma)ics.oblyn are the $referred !nit for a $leminary attack by the *aveir. They $refer to eat meat and es$ecially savo!r elf meat. ~ 20H ~ . . The test )oblins )re to lar)e si8e and hen they ere finished" the ma)es ere $artic!larly $leased ith thier res!lt5 The .oblyn ill only eat $lants in the most des$erate sit!ations. Thier favo!rite s!braces of elves are the Dro and the -ce Elf. Ecology: . . The reason for elves is beca!se they find elf meat deliscio!s. . &ore .oblyn ere bred and then released into areas to fend for themselves. The small races of )oblins and are o$enly hostile to orcs and b!)bears. Event!ally" they e/ceeded the total $o$!lation of orcs" and almost that of )oblins. They dis$ise d arves and )nomes" beca!se these races think of the )oblyn in the same ay they do the )oblins.

hast does not normally initiate combat" $referrin) to lay tra$s for their enemys ($oisoned drinkin) ater" s$ear tra$s in lairs). Gell . 0hen act!ally initiatin) combat" the Gell . B!t in combat" they are dan)ero!s foes. %taff of Po er does >d< $oints of dama)e and hits as a @E ea$on. D!rin) missions here s!btelty is not r4!ired" they ield %taffs of Po er.hast d!rin) infiltration" !s!ally hides on thier $ossession" an enchanted Da))er@H hich is more often than not $oisoned.hasts" are !tterly imm!ne to charm" slee$" enfeeblement" $olymor$h" cold" electricity" insanity and death s$ells.re1uency: Very rare Organisation: %olitary +cti9ity cycle: .eni!s (>B-><) reasure: A +lign"ent: +haotic Evil KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 5o.ll are ass!med to be >2th level necromancers and $refer the school's s!btle s$ells. .hast is able to emit a horrifyin) ail. . :abitat4Society: ~ 202 ~ .hasts are t!rned as %$ecials. +ppearing: +r"our Class: $o9e"ent: :it !ice: :+C(: 5o.hast can tar)et anythin) ithin >00 feet.a&E Cli"ate 4 errain: .net. Of +ttacks: !a"age 4 +ttack: Special +ttacks: Special !efences: $agic %esistance: Size: $orale: L2 9alue: > : >2 >0@2 >2 %ee belo %ee belo %cream" s$ells @> or better to hit EHD & Elite (>E->H) >0"000 The Gell .hasts are noted for thier $o erf!l sorcery. Gell .hast in it's tr!e form a$$ears to be a tall" thin lich-like creat!re.s ell as thier fi)htin) $ro ess" Gell . Co"bat: The Gell . Finally" a Gell .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %ell #hast Aa1ar&s Dmarathon@-ist. .ny .ny !iet: +arnivore 3ntelligence: . The Gell . 0hen not on missions involvin) infiltration" they !s!ally adorn themselves in black robes and carry thier %taffs of Po er ith them. (n command" it can fire a bolt of ener)y hich does >d>0 $oints of dama)e on a s!ccessf!l attack roll. .Tome of the Damned Version 2. This ail is the e4!ivelent of the $sionic $o er Psionic Blast and affects all ithin earshot ran)e.hast dro$s it's dis)!ise and takes on it's tr!e form. Gell .

hast that is needed. The tome as lost. They have )reatly f!rthered the 3ord's ca!se by the s!bversion of co!ntries in &adras and Katahkis. The entire creation $rocess is ritten in the +ode/ &allevol!s" a #ecromancer from (erth ho as event!ally slain by his o n creation.hasts emer)e from the seethin) li4!id. Ecology: Gell . -n the $it is a fo!l li4!id of stran)e chemicals and the decayin) bodies of >2th level or )reater $aladins" one for every Gell .hast is that they re4!ire an entire year to form in a $it.byssal 3ord Vashna" ori)inally bred the Gell .hast for the ars a)ainst the &adari and the *avier. They al ays ork alone" not illin) to ally themselves ith dlesser creat!res' and hen not com$letin) a mission" they st!dy $o erf!l s$ells by themselves in thier dark layers dotted thro!)ho!t the m!ltiverse.hasts have no $lace in the ecolo)y at all. %-nce then" ho ever" he has revealed the creation $rocess to a n!mber of $o erf!l ..Tome of the Damned Version 2..ods and %orcerers thro!)ho!t the m!ltiverse. They are $o erf!l !ndead creat!res ho can ado$t h!man form at ill. This seethin) mass m!st be blessed by clerics of evil and finally" after one month" the ne ly formed Gell .hast is very intelli)ent and inde$endant.ll that is kno n abo!t the creation $rocess of a Gell . This" co!$led ith their inv!lnerability to normal ea$ons" makes them ideally s!ited to missions of s$yin) and assassination. Their loyalty to thier creators are" ho ever" very 4!estionable as the Gell .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The . ~ 203 ~ . .

They cannot fly ith anythin) bi))er. -t $refers to attack hile divin) and ill snatch man-si8ed creat!re or smaller ith it's cla s.re1uency: *are Organisation: %olitary +cti9ity cycle: .net. :abitat4Society: Kraan are fre4!ently !sed by evil creat!res and h!manoids as steeds. (nce the Kraan has a creat!re in it's talons" it ill sava)e it ith it's bites receivin) a @H to hit !ntil the thin) sto$s movin). (nce all the thin)s are motionless" it ill ret!rn to it's nest ith the bodies and determine if they're edible by eatin) them.Tome of the Damned Version 2. They look like lar)e v!lt!re-like creat!res ith ti)ht skin stretched over a thin" bony frame..cheron" atchin) over thier lairs on the )reat s$innin) c!bes. Ecology: ~ 204 ~ . -t is 4!ite st!$id" and a bo!lder bein) $!shed do n a mo!ntainside a$$ears to be $rey to them. The *aveir often !se them to co!nter and la!nch thier o n attacks on dra)on and terel forces beca!se they are m!ch faster and far more a)ile. Of +ttacks: !a"age 4 +ttack: Special +ttacks: Special !efences: $agic %esistance: Size: $orale: L2 =alue: >-? E E" fl :0 (b) B@B >E > 2->? #il #il #il l (20' lon)) Very %teady (>H) >"000 These fo!l creat!res fly aro!nd the layers and realms of . Thier intestines can be seen to b!l)e in it's emaciated abdomen" and they have )iant" thin bat-like in)s. Co"bat: Bein) not of $artic!larly hi)h intelli)ence" Kraan ill al ays attack movin) thin)s that move in it's lair. +ppearing: +r"our Class: $o9e"ent: :it !ice: :+C(: 5o. -f the creat!re starts to fi)ht back (receivin) a -2 to hit) and ca!ses more than >0 $oints of dama)e" it ill dro$ the $rey from a hi)h hei)ht and deal ith it later.fter a dive" it takes a Kraan a f!ll ro!nd to circle.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ )raan Aa1ar&s Dmarathon@-ist. Thier heads are like those of a $terodactyl" ith a ma of ra8or shar$ teeth.a&E Cli"ate 4 errain: . -nca$able of comm!nication" they can only make a sava)e ca in) like a cro " or shriek hen they're in dan)er. -t is very diffic!lt to train one" b!t once trained" they make faithf!l" if rather thick" steeds.cheron = &o!ntains .ny !iet: +arnivore 3ntelligence: 3o (:-B) reasure: E +lign"ent: 3a f!l evil KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 5o.

~ 20B ~ .Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Kraan have a vorocias a$$etite" often eatin) more than ten to thirteen times thier o n body ei)ht in food over the co!rse of a day. Kraan contrib!te nothin)" even thier flesh and bones cannot be !sed" t!rnin) into a soft" fo!l-smellin) $aste shortly after death. Thier e))s" ho ever" are 4!ite val!able to trainers and fetch bet een :000-B000 )$ for each one of their iron-$lated e))s.

~ 20C ~ . Qlaanbeasts" are !tterly imm!ne to charm" slee$" enfeeblement" $olymor$h" cold" electricity" insanity and death s$ells like all !ndead" and are t!rned as s$ecials.Tome of the Damned Version 2.re1uency: Very rare Organisation: %olitary +cti9ity cycle: +ontin!o!s !iet: +arnivore 3ntelligence: .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ )raan. They s$ort all the same tactics of divin)" b!t thier bite attack ca!ses the loss of > e/$erience level. 1laan!east Aa1ar&s Dmarathon@-ist. The Qlanbeast chick looks m!ch like a Kraan one" e/ce$t the eyes never o$en as it )ets older like a Kraan. These freaks are m!ch lar)er than the Kraan b!t are even more dim.nimal (>) reasure: #il +lign"ent: 3a f!l Evil 5o. (E0' lon)) Fearless (20) >0"000 0hen a slay livin) s$ell from a >Hth level $riest follo ed by an animate dead" c!rse and $!trefy food and drink are cast !$on a Kraan e))" t o months after layin)" the creat!re that hatches from the fo!l smellin) yolk is no lon)er a livin) Kraan chick" b!t an !ndead monster hom the creater named a Qlanbeast. Of +ttacks: !a"age 4 +ttack: Special +ttacks: Special !efences: $agic %esistance: Size: $orale: L2 =alue: -E >2" fl E: (e) >2 B > E-E0 3evel drain Git only by silver or @> or better ma)ical ea$ons #il .net. The head thro!)ho!t it's life retains a skeletal" embryonic state" ith dark black $atches here the eyes sho!ld be. They are often !sed as sentries and )!ards and are f!lly loyal to thier creator.a&E Cli"ate 4 errain: . +ppearing: >-2 KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK +r"our Class: $o9e"ent: :it !ice: :+C(: 5o.itted. .ny .s the creat!re a)es" it seems to )ro faster than it's skin and ri$s in it's skin start to occ!r" releasin) a no/io!s smell of decay and rotten meat as the )rey m!scle tiss!e is e/$osed.

. Go ever" fail!re does not indicate death" b!t rather an eternal c!rse of decay that can only be slo ed by the in)estion of blood. a mer)in) of the lich and the vam$ire. 3e)ends of the san)rol!s2 creation abo!nd in the tomes of lon)-dead sa)es" b!t most of them a)ree that the first san)rol! as a vam$ire ho anted to esca$e the bo!nds of the ni)ht and forever leave the dominion of KanchelsisO" the .Tome of the Damned Version 2.for every >0 hit $oints of blood they drink" they re)ain one hit die."F +lign"ent5 . Broken san)rol! are horrid creat!res of ti)ht" rotted flesh shot thro!)h ith fat" black veins and e/$osed yello in) bones. D madafro@tri. (%ee Ecolo)y" belo ) Vam$ires that imbibe this dark $otion m!st still s!cceed a %ystem %hock check" as m!st a mortal.ny !iet5 %ee Belo 3ntelligence5 %!$ra-. %an)rol! are created hen a vam$ire creates a variant of the black $otion !sed to t!rn a mortal i8ard into a lich" and drinks it. . Blood -San rolu. +ttacks5 !a"age 4 +ttack5 Special +ttacks5 Special !efences5 $agic %esistance5 Size5 $orale5 L2 =alue5 > 0 >2 >2@ J > (s$ecial) >D>0@? (s$ecial) Paralysis" Ener)y Drain" %$ecial %ee Belo %$ecial & (:2-?2 tall) Fanatic (>B-><) >2"000 @ >":00=GD above >2 +ppearance: The Blood 3ich" or %an)rol! is tr!ly an abomination. +ppearing5 +r"our Class5 $o9e"ent5 :it !ice5 :+C(5 5o. 0hole san)rol! are $ossibly the most $o erf!l and so$histicated !ndead.ny Evil ________________________________________________________________________ 5o. Their bodies sim$ly fall a$art hen they reach. The mist is heavier than air" and slo ly falls from their bodies and ashes ~ 207 ~ .net E Cli"ate 4 errain5 . They are even more horrible than the ty$ical lich" for the broken san)rol! are forever c!rsed to decay" ith only the blood of mortal to hold back the inevitable. Th!s" there are t o ty$es of san)rol!" Broken and 0hole. Broken san)rol! decom$ose ra$idly" losin) t o Git Dice $er 2H-ho!r $eriod.od of vam$ires..ll san)rol! in their nat!ral forms contin!o!sly emit a thick mist from their bodies that trails behind them hen they move.ny .re1uency5 Very *are Organization5 %olitary +cti9ity Cycle5 .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 'ich. Go ever" even hen fed" a broken san)rol! is a monster ith ti)ht" rinkled flesh and b!rnin) yello eyes. The only ay to hold back the rot is to drink blood.. They retain their $revio!s vam$iric a$$earance" and do not have the a$$earance of alkin) cor$ses.eni!s (>J-20) reasure5 .

%an)rol! are t!rned as 3iches" b!t ith a -? $enalty to the roll. They cannot transform into a olf or bat" nor can they s!mmon these animals.) . Goly symbols retain their effectiveness" b!t only by a $riest. The faithf!l masses can no lon)er de$end !$on them a)ainst the Blood 3ich. NBT(5 . The mist is s!$ernat!ral in ori)in" and is not affected by ind" or even s!bmersion.("I T(N PB)NTS SP(NT . . The s$ell2s castin) time is decreased by one" and the s$ell im$oses a -> to all saves a)ainst it.("I PB)NT B2 BEBBD SP(NT . %an)rol! of both ty$es can drink the blood of livin) bein)s (b!t only the broken re4!ire it). .lso !seless are mirrors" as the san)rol! are 4!ite able to see their reflection" and are not bothered by the relective )lass at all. 0hole san)rol! retain the blood !ntil they !se it for some $!r$ose.The s$ell2s dama)e is increased by one $oint $er die. 3ike vam$ires" san)rol! make absol!tely no noise hen they move" even if they tread on dry leaves or broken )lass. They retain the vam$iric ability to %$ider +limb and take the form of mist..0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ across the )ro!nd like a )hostly aterfall.lso" they )ain the lich ability to ind!ce $araly8ation ith a to!ch" if a save vs. 2B" (.The s$ell2s ran)e and area of effect are increased by >0D 2B" (.( PB)NTS SP(NT . Broken san)rol! m!st contin!ally re$lenish their s!$$ly beca!se of decay. Go ever" san)rol! do have an aversion to $!re lead. 0ooden stakes are no lon)er a threat.("I 2). They retain the vam$iric ability to drain life ener)y at a rate of 2 levels=GD $er hit. Poisons do not affect them.ll san)rol! may !se stolen blood to )ain many $o ers and abilities5 &) . san)rol! may call !$on the inherent life ener)y in its stolen blood to add $o er to its s$ells. *!nnin) ater is. . %an)rol! have a sta))erin) array of dark $o ers available to them. ~ 20G ~ .Tome of the Damned Version 2. Go ever" a san)rol! can only be $ermanently destroyed if it2s $hylactery is em$tied (%ee Ecolo)y). Th!s. They may enter any str!ct!re itho!t bein) invited. 0hole san)rol! still re)enerate three Git Points $er ro!nd" b!t broken san)rol! do not. The mist event!ally dissi$ates" b!t it adds a distinct" ha!ntin) a!ra to the creat!re. #on-ma)ical lead ea$ons ill do half dama)e to them.r!nnin) ater to them" and s!nli)ht does no more dama)e than the ind to a hole san)rol!.The s$ell2s d!ration increases to the ne/t !nit of time !$ ard. $araly8ation is failed. Broken san)rol! lose 20 $oints of blood (as ell as t o hit dice) to rot $er 2H-ho!r $eriod. Finally" san)rol! no lon)er re4!ire coffins" nor do then need to slee$ d!rin) the day. %an)rol! are imm!ne to charm" slee$" enfeeblement" $olymor$h" cold" electricity" insanity" death" and $aralysis ma)ic. %o $o erf!l are the dark ener)ies s!rro!ndin) a hole san)rol! that it can only be hit by @2 or better ma)ical ea$ons. %an)rol! are not hindered by the eaknesses of a vam$ire. 0hole san)rol! retain the vam$ire2s +harm ability" b!t do not the lich2s fear a!ra. Both kinds can derive )reat $o er from the blood they take. san)rol! may hold hit $oints of blood e4!al to >0 times it2s Git Dice. Broken san)rol! lose the +harm" b!t )ain the fear a!ra. This $enalty is ne)ated if the holy symbol !sed in the t!rnin) is made of $!re lead.ny contact ith this metal ill do >dH@2 $oints of dama)e to them $er ro!nd of contact. 2B" (. Broken san)rol! re4!ire at least @> ea$ons. . san)rol! may not s$end more $oints of blood than it has Git Dice in a sin)le ro!nd.. (Broken san)rol! ill rot a ay one hit die $er ro!nd of e/$os!re to direct s!nli)ht. Co"bat 4 2o*ers: %an)rol! are terrible in battle. %e)ments become ro!nds" ro!nds become t!rns" t!rns to ho!rs" ho!rs to days" days to eeks" eeks to months" months to years" and so forth. -f one is bro!)ht do n to 8ero hit $oints" it does not take on a mist form" as it has no coffin to retreat to.

-f the san)rol! remains still and concentrates" it may control the direction of the mist2s flo " and may see and hear normally in any location here the mist is $resent. The cost of makin) these creat!res is >0 $oints of blood for every Git Die the creat!re(s) is to have. -n addition" a san)rol! may act!ally )rant it2s mist tem$orary sentience" and a $eice of the lich2s o n nether ener)y. Go ever" information cannot be )ained from the blood if the victim didn2t kno it at the time the blood as taken. -n the trance" the san)rol! enters the s$irit of the victim" hich is still contained in the stolen blood" altho!)h it is fadin). %an)rol! can )et aro!nd the time limitation by kee$in) the victim2s blood in a container for later !se. This m!st be done ithin one ho!r of drinkin) the blood" any lon)er means the blood is no lon)er hole and has mi/ed ith that of the san)rol!. -n any case" only fo!r $oints of dama)e may be re$aired $er ro!nd" and this is c!m!lative ith the 0hole san)rol!2s re)eneration ability.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Bear in mind the blood is only fit for 4!estionin) for ? t!rns after drinkin). The s!rface may be vertical or !$side-do n" and the mist can move thro!)h any s$ace that is not airti)ht" s!ch as keyholes or indo sh!tters. Th!s" any bein) that drinks the blood of a san)rol! m!st save vs.fter takin) a creat!re2s blood" a san)rol! may enter a trance" hereby it delves into the lifeforce of the blood it has taken to learn information abo!t the victim. /) . The 4!estions ill al ays be ans ered tr!thf!lly. The san)rol! may )ain the ans er to a n!mber of 4!estions from the victim2s blood" similar to the ay a necromancer speaks #ith dead. %an)rol! may s$end the ener)y in stolen blood to re$air dama)e to itself. Each 4!estion takes at least a f!ll ro!nd to ask and receive ans er (lon) ans ers are !$ to the D& as to ho lon) they take). This ener)y is transferred from the lich to the +rimson Death" so if the Death is destroyed" the $oints are lost.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ ') The necrolo)y of a san)rol! t ists the blood it takes and bonds it to the creat!re2s dark essence. There are a n!mber of limitations to this ability5 +. By concentratin) and s$endin) a certain amo!nt of blood" a san)rol! may create one or more +rimson Deaths from its trailin) mist. The only ay to break the servit!de is to cast a s!ccessf!l *emove +!rse on the victim (a)ainst the san)rol!2s Git Dice)" b!t only after the victim has imbibed a flask of holy ater. The mist is act!ally a $art of the creat!re2s $hysical form and dark essence. Technically" the san)rol! may ask one 4!estion for every fo!r levels=GD it $ossesses. They may only concentrate their senses on one tendril at a time" ho ever. There ill be no deceit" for the san)rol! is not 4!estionin) an intelli)ent creat!re. -n $ractice" it may only )et one ans er for each hit $oint of the victim2s blood that it has drained. The mist2s nat!re $revents it from movin) thro!)h em$ty air" and it m!st remain attached to a s!rface. %an)rol! may e/tend the mist >0 yards from themselves for every Git Die they $ossess" and may create one s!ch 6tendril6 of mist for every H Git Dice. These creat!res are inde$endently intelli)ent" b!t totally s!bservient to the lich. $oison or become the lich2s absol!te slave. 0hole %an)rol! may 6heal6 one hit $oint by s$endin) t o $oints of blood. Broken san)rol! m!st s$end fo!r $oints of blood for one hit $oint of healin). The mist tendrils move at a rate of >0" and may move across any s!rface.s lon) as it is ke$t in li4!id form" and is ke$t $!re" it ill remain !sef!l for 4!estionin). Each Death takes a f!ll ro!nd to manifest" and only one may be created at a time. This $rocess is $ainf!l to the slave" and a %ystem %hock check m!st be made" or the slave ill $ermanently lose > $oint of +onstit!tion" hether or not the $rocess as s!ccessf!l. C. .) . The trance demands absol!te concentration" d!rin) hich the creat!re is immobile and (relatively) defenseless. . The san)rol!2s trailin) mist is far more than a s!$ernat!ral oddity. 8. ~ 20F ~ . #ormally" the blood cost limits the n!mber of Deaths a lich can make" b!t no san)rol! may have more than five Deaths in e/istence at any one time. Each consec!tive time a creat!re drinks a san)rol!2s blood" a c!m!lative -2 $enalty to the save is added.

The $hysical attacks of a san)rol! combine the chill and $araly8ation of a lich ith the ener)y drain of a vam$ire. -t can" ho ever" maintain Deaths $revio!sly created.s if this asn2t bad eno!)h" a san)rol! may increase it2s attack rate and dama)e by s$endin) blood. 0hole san)rol! may enter and leave mist form instantly.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ . -n addition to mist form" a san)rol! can alter it2s feat!res to a$$ear as any h!manoid creat!re. The final horrid ability of these !ndead (not co!ntin) it2s s$ellcastin) ability) is Procreation. E/ce$t for the chan)es noted above" the monsters other ise conform to all statistics )iven for +rimson Death in the &onstro!s &an!al" P). +!rio!sly" a Death created this ay cannot e/ist if a body of r!nnin) ater" even as small as a brook" lies bet een it and the lich. -n this manner" san)rol! may $erfrom 6remote feedin). 0hile they cannot transform into animals by innate $o er (s$ells are another matter)" san)rol! do $ossess incredible control over their $hysical forms. . . %an)rol! can create !ndead in m!ch the same ay as normal vam$ires. The lich may increase it2s n!mber of attacks" as ell. -f it beats an o$$onent at initiative" it may attack (s$ell or melee) and take mist form before the o$$onent can retaliate. ~ 2H0 ~ . The blood is s$ent before the attack is delivered" and is lost even if the lich misses. -n tr!th" they are as every bit as intelli)net as they ere in life" b!t the dark a!ra of the san)rol! has chan)ed their nat!re drastically. Feral vam$ires are absol!tely hairless. Their fan)s are lon)er and shar$er than a normal vam$ire2s" their ears are shar$" and their bro s are more $rono!nced. Three $oints of blood m!st be s$ent $er $oint of %tren)th" $er ro!nd. . This is !sef!l for dis)!ise" b!t also hinders another ability de$endant on the trailin) mist" described belo . Death may be manifested any here that the san)rol!2s trailin) mist is $resent. Feral vam$ires are basically a cross bet een vam$ires and )ho!ls. Th!s" raisin) %tren)th from ><=00 to >J for five ro!nds costs >: $oints of blood. 0hen earin) another form (and th!s not emittin) trailin) mist)" a san)rol! cannot create mist tendrils or +rimson Deaths. NBT(5 0hile broken san)rol! may still alter their forms" their c!rse of decay forces them to s$end a $oint of blood for every ro!nd they remain in another form (e/ce$t mist). -t may then move abo!t on it2s o n" and may travel any distance from it2s creator.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Their limbs are sli)htly lon)er than normal" and more m!sc!lar. Barrin) any skill as a Fi)hter" san)rol! normally attack once $er ro!nd for >d>0 $oints of dama)e" 2 drained levels" and $araly8ation if a save is failed. Dama)e is increased on a $oint-for-$oint basis" ith a ma/i!m!m of >0 s$ent $oints $er attack (Th!s" if B hit $oints of blood are s$ent" one attack2s dama)e is increased by B). Feral vam$ires are named s!ch beca!se their every habit reminds me more of an animal or beast than a h!man or demi-h!man. Then" the cor$se m!st be ke$t o!t of the s!nli)ht for three days and ni)hts" as it transforms. %o )reat is this control that the san)rol! can even alter its fin)er$rints.lso" broken san)rol! re4!ire a f!ll ro!nd to chan)e to or from mist form. (n the third ni)ht" the cor$se ill rise a)ain as a vam$ire !nder the san)rol!2s control. %an)rol! emit no mist hen they have altered their forms. They are more bestial in nat!re" and ill be called Feral Vam$ires from here on. The san)rol! !ses its stolen blood to increase its $o er" and can deliver incredibly hard blo s. 2:E. For every : $oints s$ent" the monster )ains an additional attack. Finally" the san)rol! may increase its %tren)th" already ><=00" to even )reater levels by s$endin) blood.6 Blood transfer is on a one-for-one basis. %an)rol!-born vam$ires are different from the normal variety. They are cannibalistic" seekin) not only the blood of the livin)" b!t the very flesh and bone of the livin) as ell. The Deaths can transfer all blood that they take from mortals to the san)rol! that created them. ma/ of 2: $oints may be allocated to increased attacks in a sin)le ro!nd. They m!st drain a victim of all its blood" and then have the victim drink some of the san)rol!2s o n blood.

Tome of the Damned Version 2. %an)rol! make !se of a $hylactery" the same as other liches do. Broken san)rol! tend to set !$ tem$orary lairs in $laces of lar)e $o$!lations" b!t that ill esca$e the notice of the orld at lar)e. ~ 2HH ~ . -f a san)rol! s$ends a year feedin) $rimarily on the insane" the lich ill start to e/hibit si)ns of mental illness. 0hole san)rol! lair themselves o!tside b!t near lar)e cities. -f it takes the blood of children lon) eno!)h" the mental a)e of the lich ill dro$. The blood comes from abo!t >E different creat!res of ma)ical or e/tra$lanar ori)in" and the ashes come from ancient trees from )raveyards" the cor$ses of the icked" or similar so!rces. %an)rol! also tend to ard kin)doms or $rovinces here slavery e/ists" to easily $!rchase s!$$lies of blood. The san)rol! $otion makes no !se of $oisons" as vam$ires are imm!ne to s!ch s!bstances. Broken san)rol! need blood m!ch more badly than hole" and tend to more drastic meas!res. 0hile 6avera)e6 liches desire secl!sion" san)rol! ant a ready s!$$ly of blood handy. The blood is hat contains the so!l of lich" and the creat!re ill be destroyed if the blood is ever em$tied from it. The blood ill remain li4!id as lon) as it remains in the enchanted container. They ill ty$ically take over (or lair in) a $rison or asyl!m" a lar)e shi$ at sea" frontier villa)es" or se ers of lar)e cities. Ty$ically" a hole san)rol! ill inhabit a lar)e co!ntry estate" a lonely abandoned barn" or any other $lace near b!t o!tside a $o$!lated area. -nstead" the $otion is a mi/t!re of blood and ashes. The $otion is created ith the same s$ells !sed in the normal version.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Ecology: %an)rol! are created hen a vam$ire that has achieved at least ><th level as a 0i8ard creates a s$ecial variant of a lichdom $otion" and drinks it d!rin) a com$le/ rit!al. This is $robably beca!se the san)rol!2s o n $ersonality fades over time" and it more readily ado$ts the mindset and nat!re inherent in the blood it takes. (ne c!rio!s characteristic of the blood lich is that if they take the blood of a sin)le" certain ty$e of creat!re for an e/tended $eriod" they ill be)in ado$tin) mental characteristics of that ty$e of creat!re. M!st after the transformation" a ne san)rol! m!st s$end at least a fe years on a certain 6diet6 before e/hibitin) this $ersonality ado$tion" b!t as the san)rol! )ets older and it2s o n $ersonality fades" this time becomes steadily shorter. OKanchelsis (s$N) can be fo!nd in &onster &ytholo)y. :abitat 4 Society: %an)rol! lairs sho 4!ite a bit more tho!)ht to the environment than those of normal liches. The in)redients are different" tho!)h. Go ever" the $hylactery m!st be an obCect ca$able of holdin) a $int of the $ros$ective vam$ire2s blood. They need never act!ally vent!re into a city d!e to their ability to create +rimson Deaths to feed for them" b!t they try to remain no farther than >0 miles from s!ch $laces.

eni!s (>B-><) reasure: . . Fort!nately" these monsters $refer ne)otiation !nless $rovoked. of +ttacks: !a"age4+ttack: Special +ttacks: Special !efenses: $agic %esistance: Size: $oral: L2 =alue: 2sionic +bility: > -B Fly >< (. They are related to certain other" similar" b!t m!ch lar)er monsters.). They have a sin)le horn abo!t > inch lon)" and a )enerally alien look" by hich they can be distin)!ished from a beetle !$on close e/amination.s monster of 2 hi)her GD > >@ $oison %ee belo @> or better ea$ons to hit.) 2-20 . -n combat" this monster is hard to hit" and es$ecially so ith missile ea$ons" hich face a -B $enalty. %a!!ah D7?mHBG4@is2.nother reason is that it can often remain !ndetected" choosin) caref!lly the time to attack. They can comm!nicate by tele$athy ith any creat!re of lo or hi)her intelli)ence. %ince it can fly" this is one reason the monster is so dan)ero!s.ED'E Cli"ate4 errain: .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Nancir 0ac?&es %. ~ 2H2 ~ .(P'.Tome of the Damned Version 2. ($er maCor lair) +lign"ent: #e!tral Evil ________________________________________________________________________ 5o. The ori)in of these $o erf!l monsters is not kno n" b!t each has memories that )o back tho!sands of years. see belo B0 D T (H inches lon)) Elite (>E->H) 2000 @ ?00 = GD itho!t s$ell-like abilities E000 @ >000 = GD ith s$ell-like abilities -mm!ne to Psionics #ancir resemble Cet black beetles. )!st of ind). -t is obvio!s that these ma)ical monsters are not the $rod!ct of nat!ral $rocesses. Perha$s even more s!r$risin) is that the tiny body ho!ses a very efficient mind. Co"bat: This monster seems to be made of an e/tremely stron) material. +ppearing: +r"our Class: $o9e"ent: :it !ice: :+C(: 5o.) #ote also that their fli)ht is !naffected by ind conditions (e. They have a ma)ical flyin) ability hich is silent" and are hi)hly man!verable. -t is a reci$e for disaster to i)nore the threat these tiny creat!res can $ose" or $erha$s even to come into conflict ith one at all" $artic!larly those of )reater $o er.ny . This fli)ht ill even f!nction ithin an anti-ma)ic area or shell (there are a co!$le of $recedents for this !n!s!al ability.re1uency: Very rare Organization: #one +cti9ity cycle: +ontin!o!s !iet: +arnivoro!s 3ntelligence: . They are never s!r$rised" and !s!ally can s!r$rise their o$$onents" as they can easily take cover.

reincarnated nancir ill emer)e" from a $ool of m!d some here" ith f!ll memories. magic. -t can attem$t to take over an ordinary animated skeleton" hich )ets a save vs. -t can s$eak. The follo in) is a $o erf!ll e/am$le" b!t a $artic!lar nancir may not have all of these abilities" and may have other abilities5 7 Detect *good. suffocation or dro#ning. Those savin) are slo ed for >-? ro!nds.Tome of the Damned Version 2.three times $er day 7 'ircle of stunning *5<$ radius. electricity.once $er day 7 'ause coma *re!ersa&le. mind affecting magic. fire. . nancir has a :D chance $er GD to be reincarnated a year later. energy drain.) #ote that a s!ccessf!l dis$el ma)ic ill deanimate the skeleton. cold. The monster often does this hen dealin) ith h!manoids" !sin) a hooded cloak. causes no penalties to the nancir+.once $er t!rn 7 Teleport *no error.+0 of B" and can attack ith a ea$on t ice $er ro!nd" ith the nancir controllin) it and seein) thro!)h the sockets. poison or gas. This skeleton ill then have < GD" . identify *&y touch. and in!isi&ilityH functions continuously+ dispel magic. (nly dama)e from area effects mi)ht also dama)e the nancir. death magic. then ressurrecting. The n!mber of GD and s$ell like abilities can be different after that" b!t i8ard level is retained. . 73 range. The skeleton can be dama)ed as any animated skeleton" b!t can2t be t!rned. and disease1 cid.three times $er day 7 Disintegrate. continual light *re!ersa&le+ .ect to dehydration and star!ation1 "emo!e coma #ill instantly a#aken any unconcious creature1+ . polymorph. s$ells. -f !ns!ccessf!l" this !ses !$ the s$ecial animation ability for a day.once $er day each 7 Slo# . petrification.other than the nancir and any occupied skeleton take 6-? pts1 of damage and sa!e !s1 spell at a penalty e@ual to that amount or &e stunned for a like num&er of rounds+ . stunning. anti-magic shell.once $er day 7 Suggestion .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ -t can !se its horn" and any creat!re st!n) m!st save vs. sa!e !s1 spell or causes the !ictim drop to one hit point *this can &e healed normally+. #hich lasts until the coma is remo!ed &y a #ish or remo!e coma spell1 9illing. and to fall unconcious. silence 6=$ radius . Go ever" the monster has even more dan)ero!s abilities. The orst $art is that the monster can !se this form to cast s$ells as a i8ard (ty$ically of level >E-><" de$endin) on the nancir" hich can memori8e the s$ells either ith or itho!t a skeleton) (or a nancir co!ld sim$ly !se its s$ell-like abilities" if any. -t can2t animate another for a day after leavin) the skeleton. -t can cra l inside the sk!ll of a dead skeleton" attach to the to$" and animate it.t ice $er day 7 'omprehend languages. or magic missile spells of any type cause half damage1 -f it is slain" the body ill dissa$$ear. T o o!t of three nancir can !se s$ell-like abilities.+ H (!nless earin) armor)" move of >2" a TG. :abitat 4 Society: Each nancir ty$ically divides its time bet een several lairs in vario!s $lanes" hich can be nearly any here. $oison or die instantly. 7 )t can only &e hit &y magical #eapons 7 )t is immune to the follo#ing attack forms0 any psionic attack. to a place on any plane+ . the !ictim #ill not help1 The !ictim is su&. (nce it leaves" the skeleton if still animated becomes a normal !ndead !nder its control.once $er day These abilities" and skeleton animation" are $erformed at a level of ma)ic !se e4!al to the hit dice. creatures . %!ch lairs ty$ically have tiny f!rnit!re for the monster" treas!re ~ 2H3 ~ . The skeleton is imm!ne to mind affectin) s$ells" $oison or )as" $sionics" $olymor$h" death ma)ic" and ener)y drain. unseen ser!ant .

#ote that they have considerable financial reso!rces. -t is not !n!s!al for these monsters to en)a)e in trade ith certain evil h!mans" fiends" or similar creat!res" hich also kee$s them informed abo!t c!rrent events. Ecology: They can eat meat of any ty$e" and re4!ire relatively little food. They can eat hile occ!$yin) a skeleton. Their evil consists less of killin) than of e/tortion and corr!$tion of )ood creat!res. They consider most races to be foolish" b!t are not above formin) alliances" and even the fiends don2t !s!ally attack one. They are sometimes fo!nd travellin)" a$$arently d!e to c!riosity.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ incl!din) rare books" skeletons" and tra$s. They do not slee$" and ill heal >-E hit $oints $er day even if active.Tome of the Damned Version 2. ~ 2H4 ~ .

The tar)et is !nable to move and the nandibear may make an a!tomatic hit ith it's bite each ro!nd. They have lar)e cla s and a set of ra8or shar$ teeth" b!t thier most terrifyin) feat!re is their diet.nimal (>) reasure: * (in lair) +lign"ent: #e!tral KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 5o. Fort!nately" they s$end most of thier time slee$in) in thier filty lairs.fternoon = Early mornin) !iet: +arnivore (brains) 3ntelligence: . -n combat" the bear ill attack ith it's cla s and teeth" rendin) and bitin) the closest tar)et to it. They $refer to ait in the shado s and s!r$rise their o$$onents.a&E Cli"ate 4 errain: Tem$erate forest . :abitat4Society: #andibears are )reatly feared in their habitats. The male and female !s!ally stay for life and have >-H offs$rin) a year. nandibear looks like a cross bet een a bear and a h!nched h!manoid. Of +ttacks: !a"age 4 +ttack: Special +ttacks: Special !efences: $agic %esistance: Size: $orale: L2 =alue: >-2 ? >? J >E E >-< = >-< = >->2 %!r$rise #one #il l (>2') Elite (>E->H) :"000 Go the name cam to be a$$lied to this terrible creat!re ill never be kno n. -n the rare occassion hen t o are seen to)ether" they are !s!ally a mated $air.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Ecology: The reason that this creat!re is hated so m!ch is that their favo!rite food is fresh brain tiss!e from lar)e creat!res. #andibears often feast on the brains of Elves" G!mans and other oodland h!manoids like ~ 2HB ~ . . They attack alone d!rin) the afternoon and mornin) hile they are most h!n)riest" hidin) in the follia)e or dark shado s for a lar)e creat!re to $ass. They al ays s!r$rise e/ce$t on a nat!ral > on the P+'s rolls. Co"bat: #andibears never attack front on if $ossible.re1uency: Very *are Organisation: %olitary +cti9ity cycle: . (n a nat!ral ><" the #andibear can h!) a tar)et for an aditional >d>2 $oints of dama) Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Nandi!ear Aa1ar&s Dmarathon@-ist. Their lairs are !s!ally dee$ $its hich they climb into or o!t of ith their $o erf!l limbs. appearing: +r"our Class: $o9e"ent: :it !ice: :+C(: 5o.

The f!r of a #andibear is 4!ite val!able and can fetch !$ to :000)$ if in fairly )ood condition. ~ 2HC ~ . stran)e trait is that they never eat the dead" if they find a cor$se" 4!ite often they only sniff at it a bit" and b!ry it. . They $refer to knock a victim !nconscio!s and dra) the still livin) body back to it's layer here it cracks o$en the sk!ll like an e))shell on a rock and feasts on the brain tiss!e" before devo!rin) the rest of the body.Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ centa!rs" satyrs and dryads.

n ether shado can chan)e its body at ill into any sha$e it desires" tho!)h that sha$e ill al ays be made of the same shado -st!ff. 3ost %tren)th ret!rns after Ed? t!rns.Tome of the Damned Version 2.a $o er that lends credence to the notion that dreams are an other-$lanar e/$erience. 0ther Cli"ate4 errain: . Ether shado s are created in a dark rit!al that divides a creat!re2s essence into three $arts" ca!sin) it to e/ist sim!ltaneo!sly on the ethereal $lane" the ne)ative material $lane" and the $rime material $lane on ~ 2H7 ~ .ny r!ins or s!bterranean chambers . -n order to combat an ether shado " it2s necessary to follo it to the ethereal $lane or to the $lane on hich it as ori)inally created. h!man or demih!man drained to 8ero %tren)th or hit $oints by an ether shado becomes a shado of the ty$e described in the Monstrous Manual and Monstrous 'ompendium. *e)ardless" the ether shado is al ays black or some shade of )rey. of +ttacks: !a"age4+ttack: Special +ttacks: Special !efenses: $agic %esistance: Size: $oral: L2 =alue: > : Fly >2 (. +ppearing: +r"our Class: $o9e"ent: :it !ice: :+C(: 5o. 0hile an ether shado may ca!se no act!al harm to a dreamer" it can !se this $o er to comm!nicate freely" or more likely to $la)!e the dreamer ith ni)htmares of the orst calibre. Ether %hado s may travel freely thro!)h the ethereal $lane to manifest themselves as a$$aritions on any borderin) $lane.re1uency: Very rare Organization: %olitary +cti9ity cycle: #i)ht or darkness !iet: 3ivin) bein)s 3ntelligence: Gi)hly reasure: F +lign"ent: +haotic Evil ________________________________________________________________________ 5o. -f it chooses to remain its normal" feat!reless black" it is J0D !ndetectable in any li)ht less bri)ht than a contin!al li)ht s$ell.) <@< >> > >d?@> @ s$ecial %tren)th Drain @> or better ea$ons to hit" s$ell imm!nities #il & (? feet tall) %$ecial E"000 Ether shado s" also kno n as )reater shado s" are the $ro)enitors of the more common shado s of monster fame.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Shadow. -t can also vary the e/act shade of its s!bstance and so may a$$ear as the three-dimensional creat!re it is rather than a $atch of darkness like ordinary shado s. . They have no $o er to materiali8e on those $lanes" so can neither $hysically affect nor be affected by anythin) on them. . (n either $lane" it is al ays $artially materiali8ed and may be affected by ma)ical ea$ons and by all b!t a fe s$ells (ether shado s are imm!ne to slee$" charm" and hold s$ells" and all cold-based attacks). 3ike shado s" their chillin) to!ch drains %tren)th at the increased rate of t o $oints $er hit. The only thin) they can do is insin!ate themselves into and control the dreams of any slee$er they discover .

0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ hich the rit!al as $erformed (other information on Ereb!s" the ether shado of the Ghosts of Mistmoor has been deleted).Tome of the Damned Version 2. ~ 2HG ~ .

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

@pcir D 0ac?&es %. %a!!ah J 7?mHBG4@is2.n/&.ed& E Cli"ate4 errain: Desert ,re1uency: Very *are Organization: #one +cti9ity cycle: +ontin!o!s !iet: +arnivore 3ntelligence: ;eni!s (>B-><) reasure: ; +lign"ent: #e!tral Evil ________________________________________________________________________ 5o. +ppearing: +r"our Class: $o9e"ent: :it !ice: :+C(: 5o. of +ttacks: !a"age4+ttack: Special +ttacks: Special !efenses: $agic %esistance: Size: 2sionic +bility: L2 =alue: >-2 -J ? : >0 Bite >d>2 @ Poison %ee Belo @> ea$on or better to hit, %ee Belo B: D % (E feet lon)) -mm!ne to Psionics >0"000

+ppearance: A$cir resemble )iant Cet black beetles. They are related to certain other" similar" monsters. Forecla s ith $rehensile abilities allo them to !se small items (s!ch as rin)s). The ori)in of these $o erf!l monsters is not kno n" b!t each has memories that )o back tho!sands of years. They can comm!nicate by tele$athy ith any creat!re of lo or hi)her intelli)ence. These creat!res can alk on alls and ceilin)s easily at ?6 s$eed. They are never s!r$rised. Co"bat: -n combat" this monster can !se its mandibles" and any creat!re bitten m!st save vs. $oison or die instantly. -t is a skillf!l fi)hter d!e to cent!ries of e/$erience. Go ever" a)ainst several o$$onents or hen other ise a$$ro$riate the monster $refers to attack from above" !sin) its s$ecial abilities. -t has a nonma)ical breath ea$on5 once $er day" it can breathe a E02 diameter clo!d of $oison (save vs. breath or die. The colorless )as also blinds victims for at least one ro!nd" $ermanently 20D of the time. The )as ill 4!ickly de)rade.) -t can !se the follo in)" !$ to one $er ro!nd at ill5 7 Detect *good, magic, or in!isi&ility+, Dispel magic, 'ontinual *light or darkness+, (nce $er day 7 'omprehend languages, )dentify, nimate dead, Dnseen ser!ant, - (nce $er t!rn 7 Teleport *no error, to a place on any plane+, - (nce $er day 7 Suggestion, Disintegrate, - Fo!r times $er day 7 'one of sleep *=<$ long &y 5<$ #ide, sa!e !s1 spell or sleep for 5d? turns+

~ 2HF ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

These abilities are $erformed at the 20th level of ma)ic !se. This monster has a hard e/oskeleton" )ivin) it a lo .+. -t can only be hit by ma)ical ea$ons. -n addition" any inanimate ea$on that is abo!t to ca!se dama)e to it has a > in 2 chance of bein) tele$orted to a random location on the .stral $lane before doin) so. .ny creat!re abo!t to directly strike it for dama)e has a > in 2 chance of instead bein) s!bCect to a ma8e effect. -t is imm!ne to the follo in) attack forms5 any $sionic attack" mind affectin) ma)ic" st!nnin)" $oison or )as" death ma)ic" ener)y drain" $etrification" $olymor$h" s!ffocation or dro nin)" disease" acid" cold" electricity" fire" and ma)ic missile s$ells of any ty$e. -t has savin) thro s of : in all cate)ories. -t a!tomatically feather falls (as rin)). :abitat 4 Society: Each A$cir ty$ically divides its time bet een several lairs in vario!s $lanes" hich can be nearly any here. %!ch lairs ty$ically have f!rnit!re for the monster" treas!re incl!din) rare books" and 8ombies. -t is not !n!s!al for these monsters to en)a)e in trade ith certain evil h!mans or similar creat!res" hich also kee$s them informed abo!t c!rrent events. #ote that they have considerable financial reso!rces. They are sometimes fo!nd travellin)" a$$arently d!e to c!riosity. They are o$$osed to the Blood 0ar on the 3o er Planes" seein) it as a aste of $otentially val!able reso!rces. Ecology: 3airs are al ays near a fresh meat s!$$ly. They can eat meat of any ty$e" b!t the avera)e meal ill be a local animal. They do not slee$" and ill heal >-E hit $oints $er day even if active.

~ 220 ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

+ordak Aa1ar&s Cli"ate 4 errain: .ny ,re1uency: Very *are Organisation: %olitary +cti9ity cycle: .ny !iet: #il 3ntelligence: ;eni!s (><) reasure: V +lign"ent: +haotic Evil KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 5o. +ppearing: +r"our Class: $o9e"ent: :it !ice: :+C(: 5o. Of +ttacks: !a"age 4 +ttack: Special attacks: Special defences: $agic %esistance: Size: $orale: L2 =alue: 2S3O53CS S?$$+%M: Le9el >E !is 4 Sci 4 !e9 H = H = 2> +ttack 4 !efence .ll = .ll Score >< 2S2Fs >d>00 @ 200 > E >2 J >2 > By ea$on or >d>2 Psionics" ither @> or better to hit :0D & (B') Elite (>E->H) 20"000

2sychokinesis: %ciences5 Devotions5 Pro.ect 2orce, Telekinesis 'ontrol Body, )nertial Barrier, Ee!itation, Molecular gitation, Molecular Manipulation, Soften

2sycho"etabolis": %ciences5 Death 2ield Devotions5 ging, Biofeed&ack, 'ause Decay, Dou&le Pain elepathy: ll science and de!otions $etapsionics: %ciences5 Psychic Surgery, Psychic 'lone Devotions5 'anni&ali-e, Gird, )ntensify, Magnify, Prolong, Psionic )nflation, Psionic Sense, Psionic Drain, Splice, Stasis 2ield, /rench Vordak's look like tall" chitino!s bein)s ith a lar)e" brain-like mass here the head sho!ld be. They often dress re)ally and carry enchanted ea$ons and shields" b!t never armo!r

~ 22H ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

Co"bat: 0hen e4!i$$ed ith ma)ical items" they are deadly combat o$$onents" b!t itho!t a ea$on (a state they thankf!lly disdain)" they are terrors. . hand of a Vordak reaches o!t and on a s!ccessf!l hit" )ras$s and o$$onent. Those hit m!st save vs death ma)ic" or be ithered. This ither ca!ses the tar)et to lose m!ch of his life force and th!s" the tar)et essentially becomes of Venerable stat!s itho!t the benefits. This condition may only be reversed by a *estoration. Potions of yo!th or lon)etivity a!tomatically restore the individ!al. Anfort!nately" this is not com$lete restoration " for they m!st immediately start at the eldest a)e for thier former a)e cate)ory. . ish" as al ays" f!lly restores an individ!al. Perha$s the most feared attrib!te is the creat!res $o erf!l $sionic ca$abilites. They are masters of tele$athy and in )ame terms" are ass!med to have all the sciences and devotions in that area. -t is beca!se of this that the Vordak's s$eak no kno n lan)!a)e" $referrin) to comm!nicate ith $sionics. Vordai" are !tterly imm!ne to charm" slee$" enfeeblement" $olymor$h" cold" electricity" insanity and death s$ells. Vordai are t!rned as %$ecials. 0hen a Vordak is slain" it reverts back to it's ori)ianal state" that of a $!r$le- hite crystal kno n as a Vordak ;em. The Vordak ill be)in to re)enerate >dH $oints of dama)e a day if left alone" b!t the )em can be easily cr!shed" endin) the Vordak's rei)n of terror. :abitat4Society: Vordaks ere the first !ndead to be s!mmoned and controlled d!rin) Vashna's early e/$eriments in the laboratories of his balck-steel $alace in the .byss. They are )reatly feared for thier $sychic $o ers and make e/cellent lie!tenants in armies" beca!se they are cable of !sin) force to kee$ thier troo$s inline.They are 4!ite often seen in command of hole armies of Demons as they come $o!rin) from the .byss like a tide of evil. Vordak's love to make !se of tho!sands of hordlin)s" d!e to the $anic they ca!se. Vordai" des$ite thier chaotic nat!re" are lon) caref!l thinkers. Thier thinkin)" reflectin) thier chaotic nat!re" ill vary from cas!al ideas to dee$ concentration. %ometimes they come !$ ith brilliant strate)ies" other times they are inade4!ate. Ecology: Vordai are not creat!res of nat!re. They contrib!te nothin) and take m!ch. Their skeletal bodies are formed aro!nd crystals of $o er kno n as dVordak ;ems' hich are dan)ero!s and time-cons!min) to create. The $rocess involves sacrificial offerin)s and re4!ires that an .byssal 3ord invest a small (insi)nificant" m!ch less than creatin) a )lass of ater) $ortion of thier essence into the crystal.

~ 222 ~

Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________

1om!ie, +enom D %ark :harke J %ark.:harke@ha6en.shi;.net E Cli"ate4 errain: Desert ,re1uency: Very *are Organization: ;ro!$ +cti9ity cycle: .ny !iet: Poisons = To/ins 3ntelligence: .vera)e reasure: . +lign"ent: +haotic Evil ________________________________________________________________________ 5o. +ppearing: +r"our Class: $o9e"ent: :it !ice: :+C(: 5o. of +ttacks: !a"age4+ttack: Special +ttacks: Special !efenses: $agic %esistance: Size: $orale: L2 =alue: >->00 : >2 Varies Varies 2 >dH or ea$on Venom *e)eneration #il & (: feet tall) >: > GD H20 LP 2 GD ?:0 LP E GD JB: LP H GD >H00 LP : GD 2000 LP ? GD H000 LP B GD @>000 LP $er GD above ?

Venom Qombies are similar to Vam$ires. Those of E GD or )reater look m!ch like they did in life ith a sli)htly )reen com$le/tion that is barely noticable. .s s!ch they can be 4!ite charmin). Those of less GD look as they did in death. They are created only in d arves or &!l ho are killed by ma)ical scor$ions before their foc!s can be com$leted. JJD become D arven Banshees b!t >D become Venom Qombies. Go ever s!ch d arves and &!ls can infect any other race. .t first Venom Qombies a$$ear as they did after death" b!t ren)erate all f!rther inC!ries at the rate of >h$ $er ro!nd" incl!din) fire and acid dama)e. They can s$it a deadly $oison or a $oison that $araly8es. .nyone slain by this venom rises >DH ho!rs later as a Venom Qombie. Venom +hart5 :! 4 =eno" >

ype V>

$ethod +ontact

Onset >-H *o!nds

Strength :=0

2araltic 2oison >dH ro!nds

~ 223 ~

#!etrali8e $oison or s$ells that acheive this affect" slay Venom Qombies !nless they save vs s$ell.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ V: +ontact > &in!te Death = 20 >dH t!rns 3ord J@ Venom Qombies m!st feed on $oison once a eek or die. The $oison is the same ty$e as the venom.ny $oison or to/ic s!bstance ill do.) -f bro!)ht to ->0 GP and then b!rned they ill remain dead. They can eat b!t only )ain n!trience from $oisoned foods. (0ea$ons of venom do not harm them. They can detect $oison ithin >00 yards of them at all time and ac!rately locate it.ny livin) $erson they to!ch they can control ith a mind alterin) venom they release thro!)h their skin. . . 3esser Venom Qombies look as they did in life. %lo Poison n!lifies the $oisons in any Venom Qombie for the d!ration of the s$ell !nless they save vs s$ell. Ge has J @ > GD for every . . They are com$letely imm!ne to all $oisons" ma)ical or other ise. Ge has all the $o ers of a . The reverse of %lo Poison heals >D< h$ on a Venom Qombie and the reverse of #!etrali8e Poison heals ED< h$. This va$or han)s aro!nd the body !ntil dis$ersed harmlessly in the ind.reater Venom Qombie. Blessed $oison" if eaten" ill slay then in >D? ho!rs. Thac0 and hit $oints remain even if they only f!nction as a > or 2 GD Venom Qombie.reater Venom Qombie above 2 that he controls.reater Venom Qombie.reater Venom Qombie is created hen he has t o or more 3esser Venom Qombies to command. 3esser Venom Qombies have E-: GD.reater Vemon Qombie and can &etamor$hos li4!ids into either a $aralytic $oison" or any other kind of Venom Qombie $oison. Dr!ids ill also make )reat efforts to destroy these !ndead. 3esser Venom Qombie is created hen he has >0 Venom Qombies to +ommand. Venom Qombie 3ord is created hen he has t o or more . -f slain in a ch!rch they ill not re)erate.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Goly ater ca!ses >D< $ts b!t does re)enerate. This only orks on creat!res and $ersons ith less GD then the . Venom Qombies retain all the abilities they had in life incl!din) GD. ~ 224 ~ . Venom Qombies are very rare and f!nction m!ch like a $la)!e hen they do arise. -n all o!tbreaks" the most $o erf!l clerics in the area have been 4!ick to inetervine and destroy they !ndead as 4!ickly as $ossible. Ge has ?-< GD and *e)enerates t o hit $oints $er ro!nd. Venom Qombies ill not re)enerate dama)e inflicted by holy ea$ons" ea$ons of o!ndin)" shar$ness or vor$al ea$ons.reater Qombies to +ontrol. . The controled $erson may save vs $oison or is com$letely controled by the . .6Geal6 slays Venom Qombies instantly itho!t savin) thro !nless they have the same GD as the $reist. .s of yet" no city has ever been infected" only small villa)es. . The controled $erson looses > $oint of +onstit!tion $er day !ntil he dies and becomes a Venom Qombie. Food that has been $!rified by P!rify Foord 7 Drink is fatal to Venom Qombies if they cons!me it" save vs death ma)ic. . 0hen a Venom Qombie dies it decays ra$idly )ivin) off a small clo!d of $oisono!s va$or.ny time a Venom Qombie creates another" he is master of it and his $ersonal $o er increases.

Even the si)ht or so!nd of a )host is el!sive. -n some rare cases" )hosts have been kno n to be tied to $artic!lar obCects or $eo$le -. &any )hosts can select ho can sense it" and ho can not.!s!ally somethin) it as fond of in life -. The so!nd ill !s!ally seem to be comin) from behind a door or a all" and they ill cease hen someone livin) enters the area. . . Their $resence mi)ht other ise be noted thro!)h a )entle aftin) of air as they $ass by" and some individ!als seem to be able to sense their $resence $sychically. They have no odor" and" ith the e/ce$tions listed belo " cannot mani$!late $hysical obCects.hosts are merely restless s$irits hose $assin) onto the ne/t orld is $revented for a n!mber of reasons5 for instance" the $erson may have died ith an !r)ent need to $ass on an !r)ent messa)e" or to accom$lish some !nfinished task. -n most cases" these s$irits are confined to a limited area. like an hall!cination" they are only seen and heard in a $erson2s mind. (ne cl!e that )hosts are $resent is thro!)h enco!nterin) certain so!nds that are obvio!sly o!t of $lace to their s!rro!ndin)s. )host mi)ht also" thro!)h its misbehavior in life" find itself bo!nd to an !nha$$y e/istence bet een orlds !ntil it finds some sort of ay to atone for its actions. .hosts are the trans$arent ima)e of a $erson" !s!ally at the at the time of their death.hosts leave no trace of themselves on the real orld. . Finally" a )host may C!st not kno that it has died. . ~ 22B ~ . %ince death can be violent" )hosts may have broken necks or )a$in)" fatal o!nds. D!rin) their anderin)s" )hosts are !s!ally nonmaterial.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ THE INTRICACIES OF THE UNDEAD Copyright 5otice: 2Taint none. These creat!res can $roCect the so!nds that ere si)nificant to them in life. . Peo$le ho are imm!ne to $sionics are )enerally imm!ne to )hosts. (h" yes" and lest . This can ran)e from children at $lay to the merriment of balls and dances" or even C!st footste$s. .hosts are !s!ally clothed in the )arments they ore at the time of death" or in hat they ere fond of earin) $rior to that. The a!thor of this article retains f!ll co$yri)ht of the material" hile hereby )rantin) f!ll $ermission for it to be re$rinted in any format hatsoever" ith the $rovisos that his name be forever attached to it" the te/t of the doc!ment be forever !naltered" and if anyone mana)es to fi)!re o!t ho to make bi) b!cks off of it" the belo mentioned a!thor ants a c!t.Tome of the Damned Version 2. .accom$anyin) the obCect hen it is removed else here.nyone ho tries to $!blish it !nder their o n name for $rofit is an idiot. &arc +arlson Z imc[va/2.for)et" this notice m!st remain attached to the main te/t.hosts are !s!ally limited to remainin) near the area of their ori)inal demise. .ed! \ >E Febr!ary >JJH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO #hosts .hosts are noncor$oreal" and are !s!ally noticed only by others in a like state. relatively eak s$irit mi)ht remain !nder the domination of a )reater creat!re" tormented and !nable to rest !ntil the creat!re is destroyed. They may" ho ever" ander abo!t the vicinity" altho!)h their eakness makes it diffic!lt for them to make their $resence kno n.!t!lsa. -n other cases" the )host may be an)ered over its betrayal and m!rder in life" and cannot rest !ntil the one ho committed the crime is $ro$erly $!nished. .t times" a )host may be seen and heard by some $eo$le in a )ro!$" and not others. (thers" ho dies more $eacef!lly or $erha$s as a res!lt of $oison" may sho no o!t ard si)n of tra!ma. little of this info has been lifted from darn near every$lace.

. Polter)eists attack by thro in) st!ff" b!t it is very rare that this st!ff ill do serio!s dama)e. Po es are5 Em$athic" %ee invisible" Detect &a)ic" Telekinetic" &ay animate obCects. -f the second is failed" the character a)es. &ost )hosts can be t!rned by Priests" or re$elled by holy herbs or symbols. The odd little thin) flies abo!t lookin) for a )ood so!rce of $sychic ener)y to feed on. . Priests above ?th level are imm!ne to this effect" and all others above <th level )ain a @2 to their savin) thro . -t is almost oblivio!s to eh activity of the h!mans ho share its home" interested only in h!mans as a so!rce of food or $lay.hosts can move thro!)h most $hysical obCects !nim$eded. -f the save is failed" the $erson is !nder a Fear s$ell" and m!st make another savin) thro . The ma/im!m d!ration of this $ossession is ten min!tes" altho!)h the tar)et may make a savin) thro vers!s s$ell to eCect the )host. The sy$hon can inhabit any form of no livin) matter. . %y$hons ill steal only one or t o Vril Points a day from an individ!al" this can be easily re)enerated. &a)ical thin)s can block )hostly travel. They may" ho ever" $ossess $hysical obCects for !$ to ten min!tes" ca!sin)" for e/am$le" the chines of a clock to rin)" or the strin)s of a m!sical instr!ment to be str!mmed. Syphon+ or Trapped Sp"r"t The sy$hon is an evil entity that inhabits inanimate obCects. These e/tremely rare and terrifyin) ill!sions a$$ear to take $eo$le enco!nterin) them back in time to hen the )host as still alive. They often reveal hy the bein) as t!rned into a )host. The ill!sion may contin!e at different times" or may re$eat itself endlessly. Detect &a)ic. Po ers are5 +oercion abilities. . -t decided to not be visible " moves to a ne s$ot and materiali8es there. Polter(e"#t# The $olter)eist is a mischievo!s s$irit" a ild" anderin)" s!$ernat!ral force ith a min!sc!le intelli)ence. They are sim$le ener)y bein)s ith no real sha$e. The host m!st !s!ally allo the $hysical contact to be made" altho!)h the )host may attem$t to to!ch the tar)et" )ainin) tem$orary $ossession of the body if s!ccessf!l. -t is es$ecially attracted to families ith children" $sychics" occ!ltists" and $laces of $o er. The creat!re ill then feed off of the $sychic ener)y of hoever to!ches it" often creatin) tales of bein) a $o erf!l ma)ical item. The s!$ernat!ral $o er of these creat!res is s!ch" ho ever" that the mere si)ht of them" or reali8ation of their $resence" can be so fri)htenin) (at the )host2s him) as to terrify the observer" sometimes even a)in) them >0-H0 years" !nless a save vers!s s$ells is made.hosts may" for several min!tes" $ossess an individ!al in order to comm!nicate. %ee -nvisible.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Te$ton"$ Sp"r"t ~ 22C ~ . #o one can $redict acc!rately hen a $lace may e/$erience s!ch an effect" by they often occ!r on the anniversary of the )host2s death" or other meanin)f!l dates. %ome )hosts are able to materiali8e into a $hysical sha$e. #ote that hile ecto$lasm (the st!ff that material )hosts are made from) is massless" the )host may be ass!med for the $!r$oses of combat to )enerally have the same mass it $ossessed in life. &ost )hosts have no real means of attack" e/ce$t here detailed belo " other than actin) in a threatenin) manner hen their lair is $enetrated.hosts can )ive the im$ression that they are tele$ortin). &ind Bar. Peo$le in a $hantom shift may freely interact ith the ill!sion" b!t any attem$t to si)nificantly alter the o!tcome can shatter it.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Places here )hosts are $artic!larly stron) have been kno n to have $hantom shifts. -mmediately !$on inhabitin) an obCect the entity is tra$$ed" forever im$risoned" !ntil the obCect is destroyed. Polter)eists steal only one or t o Vril Points a day from an individ!al" this can be easily re)enerated. Telekinesis.hosts may be fo!)ht ith silver or ma)ical ea$ons" b!t only hen they are in a material state. (nce s!ch a $lace or $erson is fo!nd" the )host settles in for a lon) ha!l. -t is only really v!lnerable to attack hile in its free ener)y form.

Ge is sim$ly hel$less to act. (nce inside the body" the s$irit is imm!ne to any s$ell e/ce$t E/orcism" 0ish (F!ll) or &a)ic Mar and banishment" control" or s!mmonin) s$ells are ineffective hile they are in $ossession of a body" altho!)h the body is still 4!ite v!lnerable to harm. Tectonic %$irits ill !s!ally steal only one or t o Vril Points a day from an individ!al" this can be easily re)enerated. Go ever" in combat" they can and ill steal the ener)y needed to $erform any action from anyone ho is not %hielded in the vicinity.ll obCects m!st be small and not c!rrently alive.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ (ne of the most $o erf!l and dan)ero!s of entities that craves and feeds on the s!fferin) and $ain of livin) creat!res. The s$irit can enter the body by enterin) an orifice" s!ch as the mo!th" nose or ears. They can be an intelli)ent and malevolent force that relishes torment and an)!ish. 3ike the others" they can be $sychic vam$ires" feedin) on the ener)y of its victim" and those !nshielded aro!nd it. To b!ild its body" it $!lls these obCects into an h!manoid mo!nd. Thereafter" sho!ld the entity vol!ntarily relin4!ish control over the body" it ill star ith minimal De/ (or Po ). #ote that settin) fire to the animated obCect on2t h!rt the s$irit" and ill create a animated b!rnin) monster" for the d!ration of the fire. The Entity can re)ain control instantly" and" !nlike the victim of the $ossession" al ays has a com$lete a areness of hat is )oin) on hen it isn2t in command. Po ers are5 Em$athic" &ind Bar" %ee invisible" Detect 3ife" E%P" Detect &a)ic" 3evitation" Telekinetic Po##e##"n( Sp"r"t . -f the score reaches 0" the ha!nt enters the body and $ossesses it. . Ge can even comm!nicate mentally ith the s$irit. (nce the body is $ossessed" the scores either ret!rn to normal" or become those of the entity. (f co!rse" the victim may be 6handed the reins6 to a body that is eary at best" and mortally o!nded at orst. Po ers are5 Possession" Em$athic" &ind Bar" %ee invisible" Detect 3ife" E%P" Detect &a)ic" 3evitation" Telekinetic" Tele$athy Ha nt"n( Sp"r"t ~ 227 ~ . %imilarly" the Entity can allo the victim to re)ain his=her facilities and momentary control itho!t leavin) the body" b!t by releasin) its domination over the host.nother method is to try to talk or trick the thin) into leavin)" by it is very diffic!lt.n)er" and hate of those aro!nd it. 3ike the $oor driver ho sits bo!nd and )a))ed in the coach" the $erson hose body has been hi)hCacked is com$letely a are of hat the s$irit is doin). -t feeds on the fear" . The )oals of Possessin) %$irits are often to ca!se mayhem and destr!ction. . %ince it is !nharmed by the death of its host" it considers the host to be e/$endable. . (ften the Possessin) %$irit does not kill its victim or deaden his or her tho!)hts. (ften tho!)h" the essence and intellect of the ori)inal $erson is com$letely s!bmer)ed" as if aslee$" and ill have no idea of the the Entity is doin) ith his or her body. . The entity can )enerally only b!ild or inhabit a body once $er day. 0hen it is inside a body" there is a faint astral a!ra bo!t the face. -nca$acitatin) the body ith dr!)s or ma)ic for lon) d!rations (months or more) may entice the thin) to leave. s!ccessf!l $ossession means the entity has f!lly inhabited the body of a livin) creat!re and totally dominates it. .Tome of the Damned Version 2. Psychic $o ers can be !sed to attack the Entity" b!t these can dama)e the body" and ill likely $rovoke the Entity to violence. -f the s$irit is driven o!t" the $erson ret!rned to normal.s the character is drained" he s!ffers not only the a$$ro$riate $enalties" b!t feels a cree$in) n!mbness over his body. The entity can inhabit and animate small h!manoid or animal sha$ed obCects" s!ch as dolls" $!$$ets" skeletons" manne4!ins" and some stat!es.lso called (den" Ga!nt" or Dybb!k (#ot the same as the monster).ettin) rid of s!ch an Entity is very diffic!lt. The Possessin) Entity is often considered to be the most $o erf!l and dan)ero!s of these entities. The to!ch of a Possessin) %$irit drains 2 $oints of De/ (or Po ) $er hit. These $oints are re)ained at a rate of > for every ho!r of com$lete rest.s if the victim2s body ere a coach" and the mind its driver" the odem o!ld bind and )a) the driver and take the reins himself. (ften to achieve its )oals it trails its intended victims to a secl!ded s$ot" then 6b!ilds6 a body o!t of any available materials or debris (leaves" t i)s and ood" skeletal remains" toys" ra)s" C!nk" dirt and rocks" etc). .

D!llahans !s!ally cannot r!n over livin) obCects or r!nnin) ater" tho!)ht they have no tro!ble ith marshes. . -f they manifest as a Death +oach" the coach may carry headless $assen)ers as ell (These are $art of the D!llahan manifestation and not necessarily se$arate entities. D!llahans are terrifyin)" and" in addition to the a)in) effects of the fear a!ra" there is the $ossibility of ca!sin) and Gere comes &r.enerally" the $sychic im$ressions fade or are so eak that they are im$erce$tible.ltho!)h e may not see it" e leave a $sychic im$ression herever e have been. D!llahan )enerally either carry a hi$" hich hen cracked" can be heard !$ to t o miles a ay" carry e/$losive $roCectiles (s!ch as flamin) $!m$kins). . They can )enerate ecto$lasm" and therefore manifest themselves. D!llahans !s!ally only a$$ear at ni)ht. D llahan 3e)ends are filled ith headless $hantoms that" like the Banshee" herald an imminent death. Po ers are5 Em$athy" Telem$athic ProCection" &ind Bar" %ee -nvisible" Detect 3ife" Ecto$lasm.s a r!le" everythin) abo!t a D!llahan is ins!bstantial" e/ce$t hen it is !sed to attack the livin).host6 as described above.e##er Gho#t These are the )hosts as $ortrayed on TV and in movies s!ch as . . They are not a se$arate monster ty$e" b!t rather a $ersonality ty$e. ha!ntin) entity is sort of a mis)!ided and conf!sed $sychic bloodho!nd. Mordon. they may form do$$el)an)ers" they may alter their sha$e" altho!)h they ill have a 6tr!e sha$e6 to hich they m!st event!ally ret!rn. Go ever" stron) emotions leave a dee$er" lastin) mark. Ga!nts steal only one or t o Vril Points a day from an individ!al to s!rvive" and can be easily re)enerated. any creat!re ithin ?0 yards of a )host is s!bCect to a &a)ic Mar attack" and any creat!re hose life ener)y is so drained" dies. There are a n!mber of lesser variations that are based on these different methods. -f a $erson $asses thro!)h a D!llahan2s )raveyard" or other ha!nted site" the creat!re ill chase them. -f the D!llahan can not force the livin) obCect o!t of its $ath" it ill remain !ntil it is defeated" or !ntil s!nrise hen it ill ret!rn to its $lace of rest" !s!ally a )raveyard.Tome of the Damned Version 2. 0hile they may individ!ally have more $o ers that are listed belo " they ill not have less. The ha!nt ill reenact that fra)ment of a memory endlessly" often beca!se there is somethin) im$ortant that needs to be com$leted (altho!)h C!st hat that thin) is" may not be $art of the memory fra)ment that the entity is made from)" or $erha$s" it doesn2t reali8e that it is dead. Possession" &ind Bar" %ee -nvisible" Detect &a)ic" Telekinetic Gho#t+ D"a*ol"$ These tr!ly evil creat!res feed on the life essences of those aro!nd them thro!)h a variety of different methods. (ther variations of the diabolic )host are the s$ectres" raiths" etc. -f the D!llahan can kill its victim" it ill drain all life ener)y from the cor$se" altho!)h it doesn2t al ays kill its victims.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ . ~ 22G ~ . Po ers are5 Possession" Em$athic" +oercion abilities" &ind Bar" %ee -nvisible" Detect &a)ic" Telekinetic .host (Book or &onster &an!al). &any have si)nificant other ma)ical abilities. These items can blind" or do ma)ical dama)e (as $er >0d? fireball). D"akka These are the comm!nicatin) 7 materiali8in) s$irits of medi!ms and s$irit!alists. For e/am$le" there is the . Greater Gho#t These are the )hosts as $ortrayed on TV and in movies s!ch as BeetleC!ice. They are the 6Basic . (!r homes and ork $laces hold the stron)est emanations" beca!se that is here e s$end o!r time. &ore im$ortantly" these intense emotions can leave $ortions of the so!l of the once livin) locked into those brief snatches of a life. These often drive a black coach or ride a black horse.

Tome of the Damned Version 2. ~ 22F ~ .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 6host ype 2oltergeis t Syphon 4 rppd Spirit ctnc Spirit 2ssng Spirit :aunting Spirit 6reater 6host Lesser 6host !iab 6host !ullahan For .ll5 1es" based on P(0 Varies & & >:00 0 :000 & >000 & B000 &-3 :000 L2 =alue O Val!e of the $hysical body $ossessed.ll5 &a)ical or %ilver 0ea$ons to hit beca!se of .stral = #oncor$oreal nat!re Special !efense #il $agic %esistanc e 2sionics Size #il B: D #il >00 D #il #il #il J: D % (>' dia) ?: % (>' dia) E00 Varies :000 For .

0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ ~ 230 ~ .Tome of the Damned Version 2.

this ill not be the case in most instances as the necromancer and familiar !s!ally )o into this to)ether.) Co"ponents . materials" $l!s constr!ction cost.Earth from the )rave of a no !ndead creat!re .ac. The act!al ty$e of !ndead the familiar comes back as de$ends on the other material com$onents !sed in the castin) of this rit!al and are s!mmarised on the table belo 5 %esulting ?ndead . bone vial containin) essence of the ne)ative material $lane %$ectre" . -f this roll is failed" the i8ard dies" and the rit!al fails. The necromancer m!st then make a system shock roll to s!rvive this (altho!)h there is no loss in constit!tion).+" GP" etc. The remainder of this rit!al animates the dead remains and re-binds the s$irit to the necromancer.rea of Effect5 %avin) Thro 5 2 .8. death ma)ic to resist" if it is tr!ly deserved. -t is orth $ointin) o!t" that the familiar kee$s all the abilities it had in life" movement modes" s$ecial abilities" attack chances" ..0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Necromantic "amiliars D %.bham. The ma)e also benefits in the same ay" for e/am$le" a necromancer ith an !ndead cro familiar still )ets e/cellent vision and the !ndead cro can still fly (even if it becomes a ~ 23H ~ . #ote that if the necromancer asn2t 6nice6 to his familiar in life" the familiar2s s$irit may try to resist this bindin) attem$t. To ac4!ire a necromantic familiar" the necromancer m!st already have a normal familiar and then make it !ndead as $art of some sort of rit!al or s$ell rite (e/am$le second level s$ell )iven belo ).Tome of the Damned Version 2.&k E These can either be !sed ith the necromancer character class . hich is destroyed at this $oint).$.Bark!amJcsaiF4@cs.a"iliar (#ecromancy) 3evel5 *an)e5 +om$onents5 D!ration5 +astin) Time5 .$rovided earlier" or as familiars for necromancer s$ecialist i8ards. The familiar )ets a save vs. D!rin) the rit!al" the caster2s familiar is rit!ally 6killed6 ith a beCe elled bone da))er (costin) no less than 2:00).host" or Vam$ire (+aster2s +hoice) This can $rod!ce s!ch thin)s as vam$ire cats" m!mmified snakes" skeletal bats" 8ombie toads" )host o ls" etc. -f the familiar does save" tho!)h" the rit!al fails" the i8ard2s familiar is dead and the i8ard loses > $oint of constit!tion $ermanently C!st as if the familiar had died nat!rally(N).s find familiar V"%"& Permanent ? ho!r rit!al &a)e2s familiar %$ecial This s$ell allo s a necromancer to t!rn a normal" livin) familiar bo!nd to him thro!)h the find familiar s$ell to become !ndead and besto e/tra abilities !$on him.a"iliar ype %ame as that of the !ndead creat!re (E/cl!din) the i)ht" raith" lich" etc. ?ndead .

~ 232 ~ . and takes > ho!r to set !$" in addition to the rit!al castin) time and cost of the other s$ell com$onents. #either ma)e nor familiar can be a!tomatically destroyed itho!t a savin) thro vs. Andead familiars can be f!rther enhanced by the series of familiar enhancer s$ells" to f!rther enhance their effectiveness at later levels. %$ecific $o ers are as follo s5 ?ndead ype Special 2o*ers %keleton .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ skeleton). The total cost of this is a f!rther 2000). 7 %econdly" both ma)e and familiar" in addition to any other benefits" become imm!ne to all cold based" charm" hold and slee$ s$ells" e/ce$t those that are s$ecifically desi)ned to affect !ndead as stated in the relative s$ell=$o er descri$tions. 7 Firstly" the familiar cannot be t!rned by a cleric ho o!ld ordinarily be able to do so" !nless the cleric rolls to t!rn !ndead e4!al to t ice the combined hit dice of both the ma)e an familiar combined.Tome of the Damned Version 2. death ma)ic. That is to say" that the caster need not be a necromancer s$ecialist i8ard" b!t may be of any ty$e of ma)e able to cast necromantic s$ells. *emember" if this !ndead 6dies6 or )ets lost=ab!sed" etc. This also a$$lies to necromancers ho s!mmon !ndead familiars. -f a cleric mana)es this" then both ma)e and familiar m!st leave the vicinity of the cleric. -n addition to the s$ell com$onents already listed" a silver circle m!st be laid onto stone" vario!s candles made of a/ mi/ed ith e/otic oils m!st be b!rned" as m!st e/$ensive and rare incenses and herbs. -t is" therefore" easier for necromancer to )et an !ndead familiar.#o additional effects . $enalties m!st be a$$lied to the caster as for a livin) familiar.Familiar cannot become a 3ich 3ich There are more !ndead ty$es" b!t these have not been )one into here as the familiar cannot become them. . -f the !ndead familiar is ac4!ired as a necromancer (not a s$ecialist i8ard ty$e)" a similar rit!al is re4!ired (in terms of e/$ense and time)" b!t the necromancer need not already have an alive familiar" th!s dis$ensin) ith the need for a bone da))er" and vario!s system shock rolls and savin) thro s. -n addition to all of these abilities that it besto ed" and had" in life" the familiar also )ains e/tra abilities de$endin) on the ty$e of !ndead it has become as ell as some )eneral abilities. #ote that this is a rit!al s$ell" like many others in the Phb and other man!als.$. -f this is the case" the familiar is !nlikely to !nderstand f!lly the ma)e2s fascination ith death that a necromancer2s familiar o!ld and so is more likely to resist the bindin) $rocess.nother advanta)e a necromancer has over a s$ecialist i8ard ho s!mmoned a familiar" is that the necromancer can choose hat ty$e of animal to animate at the time of the castin) and )et the e/act !ndead familiar animal he desires.

The first of these e/am$les be)ins in $rehistory hen the evil Elder .:0>00"000 B. The conce$t of life-stealin) s$irits of the ni)ht is a !niversal one. There are myriad e/am$les of the re$!ted ori)ins for vam$irism. This or)anism" resemblin) a vir!s" as carried in a stran)ely radioactive meteor" hich str!ck the Earth and e/$loded.nd from this m!tation" the basic" non-ma)ical vam$ire as born. F!rther conf!sin) the iss!e" are the inherent differences bet een the ty$es of vam$ires" as different bloodlines of creat!res have differin) abilities from on another" )oin) so far as to se$arate into vam$ires hose $o ers are ma)ical in nat!re" and those hose $o ers are not. &arc +arlson Z imc[va/2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Copyright 3nfor"ation: The a!thor of this article retains f!ll co$yri)ht of the material" hile hereby )rantin) f!ll $ermission for it to be re$rinted in any format hatsoever" ith the $rovisos that his name be forever attached to it" the te/t of the doc!ment be forever !naltered" and if anyone mana)es to fi)!re o!t ho to make bi) b!cks off of it" the belo mentioned a!thor ants a c!t. -t as they ho discovered the e/treme m!tability of the vir!s. (h" yes" and lest . . (ne of these im$risoned )ods ke$t atch to try and esca$e.ncient .!t!lsa. -t isn2t easy for a researcher to balance bet een the mysti4!e and an e/$lanation of hat is tr!e abo!t these creat!res. Different traditions and c!lt!res thro!)ho!t history have believed a variety of thin)s abo!t vam$ires. -t is often the effect of the le)end-tellin) tradition2s beliefs" and the $o er of those beliefs on the Vril (>) that have $roven most im$ortant to the forms that vam$irism" $artic!larly ma)ical vam$irism" have taken in re)ions here those le)ends are told. (ther c!lt!ral beliefs" s!ch as ho a vam$ire sho!ld react to holy obCects" or hat they feed on" can have an effect on ho a vam$ire ill behave" even hen those beliefs are ron). The )ro!nd aro!nd the im$act site as $ermeated by an obsc!re form of emanation from the broken meteor necessary to kee$ the or)anism or vir!s" and those creat!res event!ally affected by the vir!s healthy. 3ater" the vir!s as located and isolated by the %orcerer-scientists of . Vam$ires are $redators hose nat!ral $rey" h!manity is more !s!ally the h!nter than the h!nted. The final ori)in . -n its basic form" the vir!s is a semi-sentient" $sychically-endo ed )ro!$ or)anism" and harmless to terrestrial life.+.t some $oint" ho ever" the vir!s be)an to m!tate into a self-s!stainin) form that o!ld affect h!manity.ed! \ >E Febr!ary >JJH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO +ampires and +ampirism The vam$ire" as e kno the s$ecies" as ori)inally a creat!re of myths and le)ends told over the flickerin) flames of the cam$fires" first in $rimitive h!ntin) cam$s" then in $easant2s hovels and lord2s castle.ods of Earth fled the Earth" or ere im$risoned or destroyed. This evil )od created the vam$ires for some !ns$eakable reason. %ome of the other ori)ins state that vam$ires are cor$ses $ossessed and animated by demons" or that they are $eo$le ho have been blessed by a )od of the life-death-rebirth cycle" that they are $eo$le ho ere c!rsed by the manner of their death or somethin) that ha$$ened to them after their death" or even that they are $eo$le ho have made $acts ith demons.for)et" this notice m!st remain attached to the main te/t. .shall e/amine" and the one hich is the $remise that this essay is based on" states that an alien or)anism arrived on Earth at some !nkno n time in the $ast. They altered the res!ltin) ~ 233 ~ . &akin) this research more diffic!lt" it is the $o er of the mysti4!e of vam$irism" those s!$erstitions that have cl!stered aro!nd the vam$ires" hich has had a enormo!s effect on hat differences from one vam$ire to another.Tome of the Damned Version 2.tlantis c.

For my $!r$oses" there are only three ori)ins for vam$irism" the Rnormal"2 $hysical transmission of the vam$iric vir!s" divine c!rse" or finally" someone" $referably someone ho has been e/$osed to the vir!s" ho ref!ses to die. vam$ire can $sychically coerce its victims into lyin) back and barin) thier throats to it ith b!t a tho!)ht. &ost" ho ever" share certain common traits.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ or)anism into a form that event!ally became entirely ma)ical in basis before it $ro)ressed onto other forms entirely. . -n $art they sim$ly )ro iser" learnin) ne tactics and tricks. -n addition" they become $hysically to!)her as their $se!doflesh becomes denser and harder to dama)e.Tome of the Damned Version 2. -f the creat!re has fed" its com$le/ion a$$ears sli)htly fl!shed. Vam$ires do not a)e $hysically" and as time )oes by" most vam$ires )ro more $o erf!l. B!t in )eneral" all vam$ires" ma)ical or not" conform to a )eneral $rofile" strayin) from that $rofile only in detail. #ot only can the ma)ical vam$ire do all the thin)s mentioned for the basic vam$ire" it also $ossessed a ide ran)e of s!$ernat!ral $o ers. The stron)est vam$ires" ho ever" can control the eather" and many have even more !ni4!e $o ers. Each different Rbloodline"2 or a )ro!$ of vam$ires ho have descended from the same vam$ire" can have different m!tations or forms of the disease. %o t o vam$ires ho may a$$ear totally the same" can have totally different reactions to the traditional defenses to the !ndead" or have totally different abilities. There are no st!$id old vam$ires. Vam$ires are feared by h!mans beca!se of their dan)ero!sness in combat" beca!se the feed on h!mans" hom many vam$ires consider little more than cattle ri$e for the sla!)hter" and they are feared beca!se" to $ara$hrase" vam$ires don2t re$rod!ce" they recr!it. (ver the ne/t fe days after feedin)" the body be)ins to lose it fresh a$$earance" and the face t!rns )a!nt and ~ 234 ~ . These different bloodlines often have different $o ers and reactions to thin)s" different m!tations from the basic vam$ire. +ppearance Vam$ires !s!ally a$$ear nearly e/actly as they did d!rin) life before they Rdied. &ost vam$ires are sim$ly more $ale in as$ect than are normal $eo$le" altho!)h some vam$ires also have bleached hair and l!mino!sly $ale eyes" and a fe bloodlines have $er$et!ally $!re alabaster skins. There are other )eneral ty$es of vam$ires" and these ill be looked at more closely later.2 The key terms here are R!s!ally2 and Rnearly. Feedin) brin)s abo!t bloody eyes" blood stained tears" and the fetid" tainted breath of a hemo$ha)e" or blood drinker.2 The most obvio!s difference in their a$$earance is the $er$et!ally $ale" faintly l!minescent com$le/ion that is d!e to lack of blood in the circ!latory system. (n the other hand" the more traditional vam$ire" the vam$ire as re$resented in le)end" is a ma)ical creat!re ho is considerably more dan)ero!s than their merely meta$sychic brethren. The vam$ire $ossesses a fri)htenin) array of metaf!nctions" and !sin) them co!ld $!ll o!t that same heart in the middle of a cro d ith no one" incl!din) the victim" ever noticin) the creat!re2s $resence. The Rbasic vam$ire2 is non-ma)ical in nat!re. -f it is c!t or stabbed" the creat!re bleeds. Vam$ires" considered by tradition to be !ndead creat!res ho e/ist off of the blood of their victims" are almost as varied as the ty$es of $eo$le ho become them. There are also different Rbloodlines2 of vam$ires" linea)es stretchin) thro!)h the cent!ries from )eneration of vam$ire to the ne/t. Vam$ires can absorb an ama8in) amo!nt of dama)e before they are h!rt" and they can re)enerate that dama)e very 4!ickly" de$endin) on hat made the o!nd. These $o ers are limited only by the stren)th and $o er of the vam$ire2s ill. For e/am$le" ma)ical vam$ires can s!mmon and control a variety of animals" they can sha$eshift" even ass!min) a )aseo!s form at ill. -n the descri$tion that follo s" it is to be ass!med that hat is bein) $ortrayed is valid for both the ma)ical and non-ma)ical vam$ires" e/ce$t here the te/t is describin) a $artic!lar detail of one form or the other. -t is inh!manly stron)" ca$able of tearin) a h!man bein) in half like a small $honebook" and !nbelievably fast" fast eno!)h to reachinto a $erson2s chest and $!ll o!t the heart bet een t o heartbeats.

D!rin) the feedin) $rocess" the vam$ire often $sychicly tri))ers an o!t$o!rin) of $leas!re from the victim" coercin) the ma/im!m ener)y o!t$!t $ossible from the victim. -f still !nable to feed" or to enter the state of s!s$ended animation" the vam$ire can event!ally be)in to broadcast its h!n)er" fr!stration" and terror in a tele$athic screamin). Finally" ma)ical vam$ires have no reflection in a mirror or simalir item. Vam$ires are addicted to the" to them" dr!)-like ecstasy )ained from absorbin) the Vril of the victim. -f a vam$ire chooses" it can enter a form of s!s$ended animation for !$ to cent!ries at a time. There are some forms of vam$ire that e/ist on other thin)s besides blood" and these ill be covered f!rther on. This screamin) ill contin!e !ntil either the vam$ire is either fed or totally destroyed. The teeth s ell and achieve their f!ll erect si8e" !$ to half an inch lon). The ener)y taken in feedin) is !sed to f!el the vam$ire2s $o ers" as ell as to maintain the creat!re2s e/istence.eeding Vam$irism is a disease" or interlockin) arran)ement of micro-or)anisms" o$eratin) similarly to a retro-vir!s" hich alters the very nat!re of the cells in the vam$ire2s body" one by one" and has e/otic side effects and sym$toms. These are very shar$" fine blades that are !sed for c!ttin) and $enetratin). This screamin) ca!ses serio!s distraction to most farsensors nearby. Vam$ires are ca$able of re)eneratin) themselves" and the vam$iric $se!doflesh can event!ally re$air any dama)e inc!rred by the vam$ire. Vam$ires re4!ire $sychic ener)y at the levels of intensity )enerated by death" terror" $assion" or other e/tremes of emotion. . *e)ardless" most vam$ires can easily $ass for normal h!mans" or hatever s$ecies the creat!re as ori)inally. These chakratic cells are !s!ally !nable to collect Vril from the ambiance" and convert this ener)y into their o n life force. This is an absol!te stillness" as if of a cor$se. -n )eneral tho!)h" hile vam$ires seem to s!rvive by the sheer force of their o n ill" they act!ally maintain their e/istence by feedin) on both the blood and vital life force of their victims. .ltho!)h a fe forms of vam$ire have fi/ed $ermanent fan)s" in )eneral" the teeth a$$ear $erfectly normal" and even L-rays ill sho no si)nificant difference. vam$ire ill !s!ally a$$ear bet een t enty and forty years in a)e. every ni)ht" altho!)h more si)nificant re)eneration of dama)e takes more time. (ther vam$ires !se techni4!es to aro!se )reat $assion in their 6victims6 before feedin). 0here the !$$er canines once e/isted" a ri)id body of erectile tiss!e covered ith finely fra)mented enamel forms. -f they ere elderly before they chan)ed" they ill reC!venate some hat" hile children ill remain children $hysically" in $er$et!ity. This is hy most vam$ires terrori8e their victims" $layin) ith them before feedin). Vam$ires are !s!ally still" hen not movin) intentionally" or breathin) in order to s$eak. Beca!se they have no reflection" nor can they be $hoto)ra$hed. 0hen the vam$ire becomes h!n)ry" or aro!sed" these teeth become en)or)ed ith the ichor that $asses for blood in the body of the vam$ire. Vam$ires themselves e/$erience an intense or)asmic ecstasy hile feedin). -t is $ossible that there are vam$ires o!t ~ 23B ~ . Each cell in the vam$ire2s body becomes a cond!it for ener)y" as if each individ!al cell of the vam$iric $se!doflesh ere $ossessed of its o n chakra. . The more intense the victim2s emotion" the more $sychic ener)y is created" the hi)her the $sychic o!t$!t of the victim" and the better it is for the vam$ire to feed !$on. . Therefore" both ma)ical and non-ma)ical vam$ires are hemo$ha)ic $sychovores ith a h!n)er to live" a h!n)er for life. This inability is d!e to $ost mortem dama)e to the creat!re2s $rimary chakratic system. vam$ire ill re)enerate $hysical details s!ch as hair" nails" etc.Tome of the Damned Version 2. The vir!s is 4!asi-sentient and is a $sychically a are $sychovore" s!rvivin) by cons!min) the life ener)ies of others. &ore addictive than the mere life ener)y tho!)h" is life ener)y that has been tainted ith the $sychic emanations of fear and death.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ )ray. -f the vam$ire is not fed" there is an increasin) chance of the creat!re )oin) berserk !ntil it is able to )l!t itself in a mindless feedin) fren8y" as the beast ithin emer)es.

This inactivity is forced on the vam$ire by its o ns body. (nset is instantaneo!s ith the first contact ith s!nli)ht" and even sim$le b!rns take !$ ard of fifty years to heal.2 This stim!lation is similar to vitamins )iven to a h!man.Tome of the Damned Version 2. Go ever" even those vam$ires ho are able to s!rvive in dayli)ht are less $o erf!l !nder the s!n than they o!ld be at ni)ht as they are forced to commit more of thier stren)th and concentration to controllin) thier bodies. Therefore" the vir!s ill not enter this first vi)oro!s sta)e !nless there is a lar)e amo!nt of the vir!s. Ander the intensity of the f!ll s!n" the chakratic system is stim!lated into intense hy$eractivity that 4!ickly destroys the vam$ire" incineratin) it as each of its cells b!rst into flame. The chaktratic system is most efficiently stim!lated by the amo!nt of Rsolar Vril2 fo!nd in the intensities of reflected moonli)ht at ni)ht.(H) The vir!s ill remain inert in the victim2s bloodstream !ntil there have been si/ or so e/$os!res" or more than J0D of the victim2s blood has been removed by the vam$ire. This !s!ally ha$$ens only if the victim as the $rimary so!rce of food for a vam$ire for an e/tended $eriod of time. . Go ever" this other form ill still b!rn if ca!)ht in the s!n2s li)ht. . tryin) to $rotect itself from the s!n. The blood ill kee$ them alive b!t it ill not )ive them the life ener)y they re4!ire to s!rvive. . %ome vam$ires are also able to cons!me other fl!ids" s!ch as fr!it C!ices" bo!illon" etc. the vitamins are not the $rimary so!rce of life" b!t are im$ortant to the overall health of the bein). The microbes are transmitted thro!)h saliva" or other bodily fl!ids" thereby enter the victim2s bloodstream. . &a)ical vam$ires ho have chan)ed their sha$e" for e/am$le into a bat" or a mist form" are fro8en into that sha$e for the day" if they have not ret!rned to their normal form by the time the s!n rises.(E) rans"ission of the =irus 4 8eco"ing a =a"pire The vam$iric vir!s is transmitted hen a vam$ire feeds from a victim" or en)a)es in se/!al activities" etc. The avera)e vam$ire re4!ires no more than a 4!art of blood every other day" and certainly not less than a c!$f!l every eek" !nless they are in a state of self-im$osed s!s$ended animation. Those vam$ires that need their Rnative soil"2as disc!ssed later" can hide from the s!n any $lace" b!t ill not be able to rest $ro$erly itho!t that soil. This tends to indicate the $ossibility that $oisoned or diseased blood mi)ht have some lon) term effects" s!ch as madness" on the vam$ire.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ there hose chakratic systems have not been so dama)ed" and ho can convert Vril" b!t it is do!btf!l as the $ost-mortem dama)e is a res!lt of the vam$iric transformation. The s!n is the $rimary so!rce of the Vril ener)y !sed by livin) bein)s as life ener)y" and altho!)h the vam$ire can2t absorb this ener)y to s!$$ort its $o ers" the creat!re2s chaktratic system is someho stim!lated by Rsolar Vril.s the vam$ire a)es" it develo$s better control over the e/cessive chakratic ener)y and is able to s!rvive in indirect s!nli)ht" then finally" to alk by day.(2) This blood contains the necessary materials for the vam$ire to $hysically s!rvive. .fter this $oint the vir!s enters its first vi)oro!s sta)e" and takes an active hold on victim2s system. -t is $ossible for vam$ires to become effected by chemicals" s!ch as alcohol or cocaine" that e/ists in their victim2s blood.fter the vir!s has com$leted the )enetic ork in the first vi)oro!s sta)e" it becomes dormant once more !ntil conditions become more favorable for the chan)e into the vam$iric form. These other fl!ids have little" if any n!tritional val!e to the vam$ire" and may be cons!med more o!t of social $oliteness than h!n)er. %tored blood is as bad" or orse than" animal2s blood" and the $ossibility for anti-coa)!lant $oisonin) also e/!min) the victim is still alive" the vir!s becomes a $art of the victim2s )enetic code" and cannot be easily removed. -f a $erson feeds off the blood of a ~ 23C ~ . 0hile vam$ires can s!rvive by feedin) from dead creat!res" or from animals" this diet leads to mental d!llness beca!se they lack the $ro$er $sychic ener)y. This b!rnin) )enerates an intense heat that ill cons!me the vam$ire2s entire body.enerally" the vam$ire becomes absol!tely inactive d!rin) the ho!rs hen the s!n is above the hori8on" locked a ay from all li)ht.

(B) . The vir!s becomes a stim!l!s that revivifies the non-livin) host hile sim!ltaneo!sly ca!sin) maCor modifications to the host2s body. (ther than a meta$sychic or ma)ical rene al of life" there is only one other c!re for the disease" the Tr!e Death.fter the )enetic code has be)!n to be re ritten" all aste materials are forcef!lly eliminated" and all body fats are either converted into re)enerative ra material or else is eCected ith the bodily astes.(?) 0hile the vir!s is hi)hly active and $otentially dan)ero!s" neither the basic vir!s" nor the ma)ical form is really able to defend itself a)ainst the body2s imm!ne system. Pse!doflesh to!)hens a)ainst the aller)ens that effect vam$ires (<) ith time" as the vam$ire2s control over its bodily ener)y increases. 0hen an infected victim dies" the vir!s once more becomes active as the second vi)oro!s sta)e be)ins the metamor$hosis to vam$iric form. -f this doesn2t kill the vam$ire" it co!ld destroy their mind. For e/am$le" cats and do)s can act as carriers for the vir!s" and e/$osin) an infected cor$se to s!ch an animal co!ld tri))er the metamo$hosis.Tome of the Damned Version 2. -f the infected $erson is either a lantent or o$erant meta$sychic" and !nder )reat emotional stress" it is $ossible for them to c!re themselves by b!rnin) the vir!s o!t of their system before it can become established. Then the flesh be)ins its )rad!al conversion to the R$se!doflesh2 of the vam$iric form. -f none of the thin)s mentioned above occ!r" and there is ins!fficent vir!s $resent to enter the first vi)oro!s sta)e" the vir!s can2t become $art of the )enetic code" the vir!s can be metaboli8ed o!t of the victim2s system in a matter of 2-? eeks. Finally" if the cor$se that had been infected or mostly infected by a ma)ical vam$ire is re-e/$osed to even a small amo!nt of the vir!s" this mi)ht tri))er the chan)es in the cor$se.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ vam$ire" then the chan)e can be bro!)ht abo!t immediately. (nce freed of the disease" the $erson may be reinfected. -n some cases" this co!ld be considered a divine )ift" if someone $rays to the $ro$er deity for !ndeath" or has eno!)h 6credit6 ith a deity that the ish for !ndeath is )ranted.(:) -t is $ossible for a $erson ho is killed by a ma)ical vam$ire" even tho!)h in barehanded combat to be transformed.ltho!)h" d!rin) this time the victim can still be controlled by the vam$ire ho infected them. Go ever" if the body had been e/tensively dama)ed before death" or immediately after death" $artic!larly if there had been dama)e to the nervo!s system" then the transformation ill not occ!!min) that there is no e/tensive internal dama)e" the cor$se !nder)oes a maCor metamor$hosis. . This $se!doflesh contains the vam$ire2s cell!lar chakratic system. This often leaves the vam$ire ith an a$$earance of )a!ntness and elon)ation. . -t sho!ld be noted the a vam$ire created by divine c!rse need never have been e/$osed to the vir!s. The $erson2s ref!sal to die" if they have been e/$osed to the vir!s" forces the chan)e" as detailed above" even tho!)h there may be ins!fficient vir!s in their system. &ore !n!s!al is the conce$t of the Rdeadly desire"2 a totally ma)ical transformation" that doesn2t act!ally re4!ire the $resence of the vir!s at all. The vir!s first re rites the body2s )enetic str!ct!re. &inor dama)e ill either be re$aired" or else healed aro!nd" $ossibly leavin) the vam$ire $ermanently m!tilated. . The total conversion from flesh to $se!doflesh takes cent!ries" and is similar to $etrification of fossils. -f so c!red" the vir!s resid!e ill be metaboli8ed o!t of the $erson2s system" b!t !ntil then they can still be controlled by the vam$ire ho infected them. There are t o other ays for a vam$ire to be created" other than the normal transmission of the vir!s5 the $erson ho ref!ses to die" and the divine c!rse. 0hile it is $ossible for a $erson to become a vam$ire hen killed by a sin)le vam$iric bite" this is !nlikely beca!se there is also a chance that the vam$ire ho is drainin) a victim !nto death ill be dra))ed alon) into death by the $sychic connection. ~ 237 ~ . The reci$ient of the c!rse has done somethin) to )ain the attentions of a )od" ho is illin) to ca!se the transformation. -t is only after that imm!ne system has sto$$ed orkin)" can the vir!s be)in the transformation. The older the vam$ire is" the more $se!doflesh it is. c!rse resembles the deadly desire in that the victim2s o n actions ca!se the vam$irism" b!t the $erson does not neccessarily ant to become !ndead. 0ith this" a $erson either is a meta$sychic $o erf!l eno!)h to reCect their o n death" or else the $erson actively seeks the endless e/istence of !ndeath" and is illin) to sacrifice their life to attain that ish.

The vam$ire can force its victim2s mind to )o blank" or into a trance-like state" $rior to" or d!rin)" feedin).0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ 0hen e/$osed to the s!n" the $se!doflesh of older vam$ires b!rns slo ly and more com$letely hile that of the yo!n)er vam$ires b!rns hotter and faster. Finally" there is an alteration to the ne!rolo)ical systems" tri))erin) the vam$ire2s metaf!nctions" as ell as increasin) the s$eed at hich a vam$ire can think" its reaction times" and im$rovin) its memory. Vam$ires can also mesmeri8e or hy$noti8e those aro!nd them. vrykolakas or mindless vam$ire mi)ht also occ!r if the vam$iric vir!s is introd!ced into a cor$se. (ther chan)es that occ!r are an enhancement of the senses to a $reternat!ral level that can allo the vam$ire to co!nt the $eo$le in a b!ildin) from o!tside" merely by the so!nd of their breathin)" or to detect a lie by the tremblin) of the s$eaker2s voice. This link may last ell after the vir!s has been metaboli8ed from the victim2s system. The chan)e to vam$iric form may" b!t not necessarily" ca!se insanity" or other $ersonality chan)e. The res$onse is fairly individ!al and !n$redictable. Gel$in) their enhanced senses" vam$ires also have e/tensive farsenses" and can even taste or feel the minds of others.(>0) . Vam$ires can control and mani$!late the $o ers of other vam$ires nearby" by a s$ecial e/ertion of their coercive ill" becas!e of the similarity bet een the vam$iric forms. The stron)est vam$ires" ho ever" can control the eather" and many have even more !ni4!e $o ers.Tome of the Damned Version 2. (ther" more cosmetic" chan)es to the ma)ical vam$ire can incl!de an increase in hirs!teness" a len)thenin) of the face into a m!88le or sno!tish a$$earance" $ointed ears" etc. This comm!nication may be either one ay" ith the vam$ire able to comm!nicate ith the victim from a distance" or t o ay" the vam$ire able to receive im$ressions from the victim. Vrykolaki are more f!lly disc!ssed else here The chan)e )enerally takes t elve to t enty-fo!r ho!rs" altho!)h transformations takin) !$ to three days aren2t !nkno n.voidance" or $sionic -nvisibility"(>>) the vam$ire can disa$ear from si)ht. The chan)es to the senses also allo the vam$ire to see at )reat distances and f!rther into the !ltraviolet bands of the s$ectr!m. ~ 23G ~ . These are e/em$lified by the vam$iric abilities to charm and sed!ce their victims" to e/ert )reat mental control over other bein)s" and to control vam$ires of lesser stren)th and $o er. The $rocess of feedin) creates a $sychic link bet een victim and vam$ire. These $o ers are limited only by the stren)th and $o er of the vam$ire2s ill. For some ma)ical vam$ires" s!ch a $ersonality chan)e mi)ht be $art of the ma)ical effect" b!t" in )eneral" these $ersonality chan)es have less to do ith hat ha$$ens d!rin) the transformation" than ith ho the $erson bein) transformed reacts to the chan)es. The creat!re2s m!sc!lat!re and skeletal systems are reb!ilt and stren)thened to )rant a stren)th that is >0-20 time hat it had been in life" as ell as increased s$eed" refle/es" de/terity and a)ility. The di)estive tract is redesi)ned to allo the absor$tion of necessary en8ymes and amino acids for the body2s contin!ed e/istence from the circ!latory fl!ids of other creat!res" or" if necessary" to b!ild those n!trients from hatever it can )lean from the fl!ids the vam$ire cons!mes. -t is $ossible that the vir!s mi)ht fail" and create a Vrykolakas or R)ho!l"2(J) or $erha$s a mindless or insane vam$ire.(>2) -f they desire" they can )enerate an a!ra of Fear to terify those aro!nd them" or ca!se other bein)s to fall into a dee$ slee$. (f the vam$iric $o ers" the +oercive $o ers are of the )reatest im$ortance. %ome vam$ires develo$ the PK ability to levitate" then to fly as they )et older. The transformation re4!ires the e/$endit!re of a )reat deal of ener)y" so that once transformed" the vam$ire ill either become active and very h!n)ry" or else slee$ for a n!mber of days. -f a slee$in) vam$ire is dist!rbed" it ill attack (>E) as if a ake" itho!t necessarily akin) !$. By e/tendin) this ability into an a!ra" or field" of . 2sionics of the =a"pire and Special 2o*ers The $rimary $o ers of vam$ires are their $sionics. For e/am$le" ma)ical vam$ires can s!mmon and control a variety of animals" they can sha$eshift" even ass!min) a )aseo!s form at ill. The ma)ical vam$ire may $ossess a ide ran)e of s!$ernat!ral $o ers. The more $o erf!l vam$ire can overide the lesser vam$ire2s control over itself" and its mental and $hysical sytems.

SeEven tho!)h the Vam$ire2s teeth can become erect" most male Vam$ires are not )enerally ca$able of se/!al activity. . (>J) #o !nion bet een a non-ma)ical vam$ire and anythin) else is $ossible. +ertain or)anic materials" s!ch as the oods mentioned above" and metals" silver" have the ability to disr!$t the vam$ire2s chakratic systems" even if they aren2t aller)ens" beca!se those materials interfere ith the nat!ral flo of Vril.s$en" &a$le" 1e " etc. There are no other ill effects from this to!ch.2 Different Rbloodlines2 of vam$ires" incl!din) different ty$es of vam$ires" havin) sli)htly different m!tations of the vir!s" imm!nities to one or t o of these aller)ins" b!t for the reasons e/$lained belo " these aller)ens ill at least strike and dama)e all forms of vam$ire. The term aller)en is !sed only in its definition of Ra s!bstance that $rod!ces and altered body reactivity. ma)ical vam$ire" on the other hand can only be dama)ed at all by ea$ons made from aller)en materials" or that are ma)ical in some ay can even harm them. This is beca!se of the lon) term sacrifices of blood and life ener)y that the body o!ld have to make for the fet!s to )ro co!ld not be allo ed by the body" as this o!ld threaten the overall body2s ell bein) and lon) term s!rvival.(22) ~ 23F ~ . . Female vam$ires are ca$able of se/!al interco!rse at any time. They can identify a vam$ire at any time" and have tremendo!s resistance to all coercive metafac!lties. 3ar)e bodies of ater tend to inhibit the vam$ire2s nat!ral absor$tion of Vril" by dam$enin) the ener)y levels. There is a small chance for ma)ical vam$ires that this 6vam$iric s$erm6 can fertili8e an ova" rather than merely infect the oman ith vam$irism. -f they are not imm!ne to these s!bstances" these aller)ic reactions can easily be lethal to the vam$ire.2(2>) The aller)ens are the %!n" as mentioned before" silver" certain s$ecific herbs s!ch as . Kinetic ener)y dama)e is shr!))ed off" b!llets" knives" etc.lder" 0illo " . can be !sed to dama)e the vam$ire" b!t ill not tri))er an aller)ic reaction in the vam$ire. $erson drained to !nconscio!sness (>:) in this fashion ill fall into a coma" remainin) !nconscio!s !ntil all the ener)y has been re)enerated.(>B) %ho!ld any se/!al !nion bet een a ma)ical male vam$ire and non-vam$iric oman $rove fertile the child mi)ht be vam$iric" or Dham$iric. . This im$otence is ca!sed by the lack of blood act!ally in the vam$iric system. . nonma)ical vam$ire can absorb a tremendo!s amo!nt of dama)e from any $hysical attack aimed at them" as tho!)h they ere earin) armor. *ather than s$erm" the vam$ire eCac!lates bloody semen filled ith the vam$iric vir!s. Potentially" the most dan)ero!s $o er of the vam$ire is the to!)hness of the $se!doflesh and the imm!nities that res!lt from that to!)hness. .nd so these thin)s co!ld be !sed to kill the vam$ire.(>?) Even itho!t that" they re)enerate at a s!fficiently )reat s$eed that ea$ons made from certain ty$es of materials" the aller)ens" can harm them badly eno!)h to ear them do n. %ome other oods" s!ch as (ak" .arlic and 0olvesbane (also called &onkshood or .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ %ome ma)ical vam$ires have the ability to tem$orarily drain life ener)y (>H) merely by a so!l chillin) to!" .Tome of the Damned Version 2. vam$iric child may )ro to ad!lthood before it reali8es its vam$iric tendencies.(20) Weaknesses and !eath Vam$ires" and the vir!s" have a n!mber of Raller)ies. They can !se any ea$on a)ainst any vam$ire as the ea$on ere ma)ical vam$iric aller)in" effectin) even older vam$ires. Go ever" !nions ith female vam$ires are al ays infertile. either $ass thro!)h them as tho!)hthey ere mist" or bo!nce off their skin" de$endin) on the bloodline of the vam$ire. As!ally only hen their system is )l!tted ith blood are they able to en)a)e in se/.conite)" as ell as Ga thorne" 0hitethorn" or Blackthorn oods.(><) . Dham$ir is h!man ith certain affinities for vam$ires. #o !nion bet een t o vam$ires o!ld s!cceed.

lso called .mbient &a)ical Ener)y6 of the Aniverse" as ell as that ener)y hich em$o ers e/istence" the $o er of life. . -n totally ma)ical vam$ires" the divine ener)y" and the ener)y of belief fo!nd in holy obCects acts similarly to s!nli)ht" b!rnin) the vam$ire. Beca!se of this" as ell as the fact that vam$ires s!ffer from the conservatism of a)e" !s!ally only the head vam$ire of an area is allo ed to create fled)lin)s. (E) Blood and ener)y can be considered as 60ill Points. (ther s!))ested ea$ons are silver nitrate inCections" )arlic distillate" etc. Vam$ires of a ma)ical nat!re reflect this symbolism in their need for native soil. -t is the 6dimension6 thro!)h hich the &ind" 3ife and many ma)ical $rocesses o$erate. (2E) %!bmersion !nder a de$th of ater can force the vam$ire into a state of s!s$ended animation" as the Vril flo is disr!$ted" and as the cells be)in to die" event!ally" the re)eneration breaks do n and the vam$ire ill dissolve. $ermanent $sychic bond e/ists bet een the fled)lin) and the vam$ire that created them. -t is the 6.ether" Ether" +h2i" Prana" %hakti" Telesma" Baraka" &ana" animal ma)netism" the Vital 3ife Force" +osmic Fire" K!ndalini" %er$ent Fire" the Dra)on of the Earth" the Force" and many others. -t $ervades the !niverse" bindin) and linkin) all thin)s to)ether as a hole. To kill a vam$ire" tradition states the vam$ire2s mo!th sho!ld be filled ith )arlic" a ooden stake driven thro!)h the creat!re2s heart" and finally deca$itation. c!$f!l is really c!ttin) the bottom ed)e of hat is able to kee$ them )oin). -n the yo!n) vam$ire" aller)ic reactions consist of a)oni8in) s ellin) and b!rin)" lastin for !$ ards of eeks at a time" hile for older vam$ires" the reaction becomes little more than a small b!rn" and event!ally the vam$ire becomes imm!ne to them to the aller)ies over time. %ome ma)ical vam$ires may alk by dayli)ht" if the vam$ire maintains some of its native soil on its $erson. .Tome of the Damned Version 2.arlic deadens the creat!re2s brain" as the herb2s antibiotic $ro$erties attack the vir!s. . . This" of co!rse all" de$ends on their life style as ell.ny vam$ire can R)o to )ro!nd2 or b!ry itself to slee$ in the earth" and s!rvive aslee$ off the life ener)y of the $lanet. Fled)lin)s" $artic!larly ne ly created vam$ires" are hel$less to floodin) im$ressions of the senses" as ell as the eaknesses to s!nli)ht" etc. -n one case" b!llets carved of li)n!m vitae" a hard ood dense eno!)h that it on2t float" ith a silver or lead core as !sed. (2) .) . The stake" or a consecrated da))er st!ck thro!)h the creat!re2s heart sto$s the circ!latory system" and deca$itation disr!$ts the central nervo!s system. This is eno!)h blood to kee$ the vam$ire alive" and sho!ldn2t ca!se a ~ 240 ~ . Vril is a basic ener)y" one of the basic b!ildin) blocks of reality that" by differin) its rates of vibratory motion" is $erceived as matter" motion" )ravitation" ma)netism" $hysical life" tho!)ht" and divine s$irit. Beca!se the amo!nt of $s!doflesh that makes !$ the vam$ire2s body chan)es over time" as ell as the vam$ire2s control over his o n bodily ener)ies" the $hysical res$onse to the aller)ins differs overtime. R#ative soil2 is a symbol of the vam$ire2s links to the $atterns of Vril $o er of the Earth." and they need an older vam$ire to teach them.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ The b!rin) affect of the %!n on the vam$iric chakratic systems has already been disc!ssed. Endnotes and NforeignF Words: (>) Vril (%ynth. Different Rbloodlines2 of vam$ires" incl!din) different ty$es of vam$ires" have different m!tations of the vir!s.6 The avera)e vam$ire ill only drain abo!t >0D of a victim2s 0P $er feedin). &!tations in the bloodlines tend to Rbreed tr!e2 into their Rfled)lin)s"2 or ne ly created vam$ires. %ome of these m!tations )rant imm!nity to silver" )arlic" and=or the other aller)ens" as ell as different $hysical modifications.fter the creat!re is dead" $ost-mortem decom$osition is ra$id as the $se!doflesh disinte)rates. The ma)ical vam$ire needs the soil of the vam$ire2s h!man birth$lace" or $erha$s the soil of the vam$ire2s vam$iric birth$lace" to s!rvive.

60ill Points6 are e4!al to the . .2 Even hen lookin) directly at the obCect" the observer is act!ally lookin) some here else" say at a $oint behind the obCect. . strand" maintainin) m!ch of the old )enetic $ro)rammin)" hile s!$$lyin) a lot of its o n. The victim may not reali8e that they are bein) controlled. This control ears off as the vir!s is metaboli8ed o!t of the victim2s system. .fter a E0D loss the victim receives a -2 6to hit and save6 and then m!st %ave vs.voidence orks by makin) the mind not ant to look at hat ever is Rinvisible.Tome of the Damned Version 2.t a >0D loss the victim receives a -> 6to hit and save6 and then m!st %ave vers!s %$ell or be controlled by the vam$ire. -f more %P ener)y is needed" the vam$ire may feed more from the victim" or else find another victim. -f they do die" there is an <0D chance of becomin) a mindless vam$ire of hatever ty$e killed them" !s!ally !nder the command of the vam$ire that created them. %$ell" or be $ermanently controlled by the vam$ire (at a -:). (:) Besides" most vam$ires reali8e that leavin) obvio!sly e/san)!inated bodies C!st lyin) abo!t co!ld be constr!ed as a statement that there is a vam$ire aro!nd. . -f they do not die" they are infected ith the vir!s. . (H) -n the case of non-ma)ical vam$ires" the transmission of the vir!s" and the safety $reca!tions to $revent it are similar to that of G-V. (B) (r $erha$s $erforms a lo level reformatin) and re$ro)rammin) Cob on the D#.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ noticeable loss from the victim. They can make a cor$se into a vam$ire. -f the victim is drained of all 0P" they m!st roll a system shock check to determine if they die. This is different from +harm. Rcon)enitally2 insane vam$ire on the other hand" is even more dan)ero!s and erratic than the mindless vam$ire" as they have eno!)h concio!sness to think ahead and $lan. (>>) .vera)e of 0isdom and +onstit!tion (0is @ +on = 2) $l!s any P%P the character mi)ht have. They act like ild animals" and are at best as intelle)ent as the avera)e ild do). #ot to be conf!sed ith those other )ho!ls" yo! kno " the do)-faced ones. mindless vam$ire has all the $o ers and attrib!tes of the R$arent2 vam$ire and the mental f!nctions of a inbecile. ~ 24H ~ . This is an absol!te control of the victim by the vam$ire at an !nlimited distance. The ma)ical vam$iric vir!s" on the other hand can remain o!tside the body nearly indefinately" as lon) as it is not e/$osed to s!nli)ht" or any of the other aller)ins. The non-ma)ical vam$iric vir!s can s!rvive o!tside a livin) or !ndead body for a matter of moments itho!t the ancient meteor2s emnations" so one $robably o!ldn2t become a vam$ire merely from sharin) a ater fo!ntain or $ick it !$ from a toilet seat. (>0) . (?) This is act!ally one of the traditional e/$lanations for hy $ets are ke$t from f!nerals and o!t of )raveyards. This control ears off only after the vam$ire has been destroyed.voidence and $sionic -nvisibility both $erform ro!)hly the same f!nction" to kee$ somethin) !nseen. This means that it is $ossible" not likely" b!t $ossible to $ick !$ the vir!s C!st from to!chin) a ma)ical vam$ire. B!t don2t e/$ect any rational conversation from them. (<) (J) &ore abo!t these aller)ens later. There is a -2 6to hit and save6 for every >0D drained after E0D.fter a J0D loss" the victim is $ermanently infected ith the vir!s.

don2t kno . 0 levels. . (>E) (>H) (>:) (>?) Determine initiative. The $sionically -nvisble obCect is totally visible" b!t the observers mind ill ref!se to ackno led)e its e/istance. (22) . > h$ $er hole cent!ry they have been a vam$ire.6 (>J) -t2s $art of the traditional vam$ire lore. (>B) Besides" the vam$ire2s body is already inhabited ith a $arasite" i. (2>) The bi) dictionary in the corner.rtificial insemination of a ma)ical vam$ire s$erm and ova" and )ro in) the fet!s o!tside the mother.. . the vir!s. The normal re)enerative $rocesses that destroy other $arasites in the vam$ire o!ld C!st see the fet!s as somethin) to be destroyed. These lost levels ill re)enerate > $er day thereafter.ct!ally the levels of Vril remain fairly constant. 2 e/$erience levels. -t is only the amo!nt of Asable Vril that is diminished" as the fre4!ency of the ener)y chan)es aro!nd lar)e bodies of ater. (20) .. (>2) This invisibility" hich leaves one v!lnerable to mirror reflections and video cameras" hen linked to the ma)ical vam$ires lack of reflection" and inability to be $hot)ra$hed" brin)s them closer to total nondetectability. (><) . (2E) %aberha)en a)ain. ~ 242 ~ . Gmmm.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Psionic -nvisibility is a little more insido!os.Tome of the Damned Version 2. )ood 4!estion mi)ht be that if the child is a vam$ire" ho can it )ro to ad!lthood before reali8in)" and this is a )ood 4!estion.nother )ood 4!estion is ho co!ld it )ro in to ad!lthood any ay" as vam$ires are fro8en at the a)e they ere hen they ere transformed.e. Even if forced to ackno led)e that there is somethin) $resent" they ill believe it to be somethin) else entirely.. The sole e/am$le of a vam$iric child fo!nd in %aberha)en 6GolmesDrac!la File.

ny ______________________________________________________ %tren)th5 De/terity5 +onstit!tion5 -ntelli)ence5 0ill$o er=0isdom5 Bravado5 Perce$tion5 Po er5 #o.Defence5 &a)ic *esist5 Psi.tt5 %$ . .rmor &aterial5 #il .Tome of the Damned Version 2.ttack5 %$ec.s in life d>0@>0 d?@>H %$ecial >" >-2 By ty$e and De/ Bon!s=>0 H<6 Fi)!re >d<=3evel@+onst Bon!s Fi)!re /2 ?=Fi)!re by s$eed By ea$on and %tren)th Bon!s %ee te/t %ee te/t %ee te/t %ee te/t & Varies %ee table E2 5eeded +9erage +C +9erage H+ 4 % +9erage :2 L2 =alue O to $eet 5ote 0-> :000@ 0-:"000 2: &il @ < (@>) ->0 > ? >> `E00a 22J `H0J00a 0> (00)(00)(00) Fled)l ~ 243 ~ .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ =+$23%E (Ty$e -----) +limate=Terrain5 . .$$ear5 ...V5 &ove=&a/ velocity5 %$eed5 Git Dice5 BP5 #o.ctivity +ycle5 #i)ht Diet5 %$ecial Treas!re5 varies" !s!ally G Food Val!e5 #il .ny Fre4!ency5 *are (r)ani8ation5 %olitary .bility5 %i8e5 &orale5 LP Val!e5 L e 9 e l > +9erage +ge ( M ) %$ecial ><-2> ><-2: (d<@>B) E-><=>J-2: .+=.ttacks5 Dam $er .

>. :0D &*. E. #!mbered #otes" and &a)ical armor class adC!stments for &a)ical Vam$ires are a)e linked" and #(T level. :.ller)ens. .Vam$ires a)e" they become more s!sce$tible to cold and dam$.)e is the a)e that the avera)e vam$ire reached at that level. ~ 244 ~ . . Vam$ires can stand !$ to an ho!r of direct s!nli)ht. 2:D &*. H.)e" .ller)ens.ets save vs c2 .Tome of the Damned Version 2. @: on save vs .+" GP" LPV are #ot &andatory" they are C!st sam$les for those levels.ller)ens in %$ell col!mn (d20 $er ro!nd=death). Total imm!nity to all . Vam$ires become reasonably imm!ne to direct s!nli)ht" in some cases ith certain $reca!tions. .ller)ens. They ill be very badly b!rned. . >:D &*. :D &a)ic *esistance" for &a)ical Vam$ires. Vam$ires can stand !$ to >0 min!tes of direct s!nli)ht.ets save vs c> .s Ty$e . @2 on save vs . The vam$ire can stand !$ to a min!te of direct e/$os!re to dayli)ht before they die.ller)ens in Br0ea$on +ol (d20 $er se)ment=death).0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ E 0 5otes on able . 20D &*.vera)e .+ incl!des any De/ Bon!s. 2. . .t this a)e vam$ires sho a marked tendency to become careless" as their birth $eer )ro!$ be)ins to obvio!sly a)e and die. . -t also sho s the a)e hen certain chan)es occ!r.t this a)e vam$ires sho a marked tendency to become insane.

e. 7. They are !sed by the vam$ire to $erform all $o ers and in sim$ly s!rvivin).) do >-20 $oints=se)ment.ller)ens" vam$ires save at @E vs Poisons" Petrification" Polymor$h" and Death &a)ic.) O%!s$end . 7(ther than .ller)ens (i. -f not" these $oints are slo ly !sed !$ !ntil they are re$laced.) do >-20 $oints $er ro!nd of b!rnin) dama)e" $ain and s ellin)" as ell as lon) term $oisonin) 7c2 .nimation &ind Bar (:D $er 3evel) &ind Blank=+loak of -ns!lation > = Go!r > = T!rn ? > = E T!rns ? : = Ase > ~ 24B ~ . L3. Vam$ires have a base >->00 0ill Points. 7Take >=2 Dama)e from electrical attacks 7&ove %ilently" Gide in %hado s" +limb 0alls as if a Thief. These $oints may be increased by 0ishes.e. 7.E . @>=hit $oint @>=$oint of -ntelli)ence @>=year of vam$iric e/istence (to incl!de time s$ent in s!s$ended animation) These $oints are re)enerated daily if the vam$ire has been feedin) on %entient Bein)s.ttack and make %avin) Thro s as 0arriors.ller)ens (i. %!nli)ht" as ell as the Rbelief2 $o er in Goly %ymbols and +onsecrated Goly -tems for &a)ical Vam$ires" etc. 7Beca!se they are !ndead" vam$ires are invisible to infravision !nless they have fed recently.arlic" %ilver" Ga thorn" etc. 7c> . . 0hen a save is allo ed by the vam$ire2s a)e" s!ccess indicates that no dama)e is taken" and fail!re indicates half dama)e. (Those marked ith an asterisk are ma)ical in nat!re and those in $arens are abilities that are !ncontrollable at best) +oercive abilities skill5 >J Tele$athic and comm!nication skills5 >: Bio_______ > %!rvival #i)ht" or in a shaded area5 #ormal activity 6 6 6 5 +ombat or stress O+ontrol 0eather (Hd?h" HdH s4 &iles) OFly (in G!man Form) ><6 (+) O%ha$echan)e (&ist" Bat" 0olf" *at" ( l" etc.Tome of the Damned Version 2. $353$?$ 2S3O53CS42OWE%S and COS Anless a vam$ire has been ta!)ht to do these thin)s" or other ise kno s that these can be done by vam$ires" The individ!al ill be !nable to do any of them. 7*eact as normal bein)s vers!s the Psychic=Psionic $o ers of Gi)her level Vam$ires. @2 vs %$ells" and @> vs *od" %taff" 0and and Breath 0ea$ons. @> $er every > 0ill Points=%$ell 3evel drained from a victim These $oints may not be drained from s$ells cast.O%CE Blood and ener)y can be considered as 0ill -mm!ne to Gold" %lee$" and +harm s$ells (e/ce$t from hi)her level vam$ires).0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ +ll =a"pires: 7*e)enerate at Eh$=ro!nd.

nimal %!mmonin) (0olves Bats etc) Gy$notism=&esmerism .!ra of Fear Telem$athic ProCection Domination=+ontrol &ind Thr!st Vam$iric -nvisibility=.nalytical=Trackin) %mell Enhanced %enses *ecall=Eidetic &emory Psychometry=%ensitivity to Psi (Tele$athy) 3ife %ense (*adio Gearin)) +oercion +oercion +oercion +oercion +oercion +oercion +oercion Farsense Farsense Farsense Farsense Farsense Farsense Farsense > 2 E H : ? B 0 0 0 E E : : ~ 24C ~ .voidance .Tome of the Damned Version 2.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ .

Striges (. Fled)lin)s are !s!ally !nder the total $sychic domination of creator.Dpierc-i (*!ssia" Poland).ermaine2s bloodline has no aller)y to silver. They need the soil of the vam$ire2s )rave to s!rvive. (kimmu (. Bgol.reece).ny R)ho!ls2 they may create are totally mindless" and have fe " if any $o ers.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ =a"piresI ype 3 These are the Rbasic"2 non-ma)ical vam$ire. They can chan)e their sha$e. The vir!s may be inadvertently transmitted by animals.ssyria). Their R)ho!ls2 are non-$o ered" immortal" day alkers ith f!ll mental $o ers. They have no definite need of V#% to s!rvive. Eangsuir (&alaysia). Dearg-Dul (-reland).lso called Siliconari" Nephilim" Nocnit-" R/ater-'olts$ (+eltic)" Eamia (.reece).lkodlak (%erbia)" etc. (mpusa (.ac (B!l)aria). Mulo (%erbia). =a"piresI ype 333 These are the classical" traditional vam$ire ith ma)ical $o ers. Eo&ishomem (Bra8il). . They have no reflection" and they are not $hoto)ra$hable. Their $o ers are basically nonma)ical in nat!re.en (Bohemia). san&osam (. rib is taken from the ashes of a destroyed Ty$e --.Strigoi (*!mania)" etc. Dpuir. The vam$ire" hen it feeds on others" creates ne vam$ires of its ty$e from the dead" and ~ 247 ~ . This incl!des all !ni4!e or local variations s!ch as the lp (%a/ony). 'iuateteo (&e/ico).ac (B!l)aria).form.reece). 9r!opi. They can be seen in mirrors" are $hoto)ra$hable and recordable. 'atacano (+rete"*hodes).or Ty$e -V vam$ire" and is $lanted in a h!man body.vam$ire. nanngel (Phili$$ines).%antu Penyardin (&alaysia). E/am$les of this vam$iric ty$e are fo!nd in 1arbro" ho ever %aint . This is a s$ecial ty$e of astral vam$ire. They are $sychovoric hemo$ha)es ith enhanced $hysical $ro$erties" and metafac!lties. =a"piresI ype = . /iesc-y (Poland). =a"piresI ype 33 Basic descri$tion of the creat!re remains !naltered from that of the ty$e . Nosferat (*!mania).frica). That these creat!res have any ma)ical s$ecialties is only identifiable by the fact that they need of soil from the vam$ire2s h!man birth$lace to s!rvive. E/am$les are fo!nd in tradition" &arvel" %aberha)en" %toker" Gammer Films" etc. .Blautsauger (Bosnia-Ger8e)ovina).apir (B!l)aria). They have the f!ll ran)e of aller)ies. Eo&ishumen (Bra8il). They $ossess many of the same aller)ies as the Ty$e . These creat!re2s have no reflection" and they are not $hoto)ra$hable. P$B (+hinese). Jilaiya (Bihar). The ne vam$ire is a s$irit creat!re that can foc!s the ambient Vril into a material form. Murohy (*!mania). Stirge ((erth). Pamgri (G!n)ary). Fled)lin)s are !s!ally !nder the total domination of creator. "akshasa (#orthern -ndia).vam$ire" and they still have no aversion to holy obCects. BruAsa (Port!)al). %ome can control the eather. The body )enerates a ne form of vam$ire" hile the h!man )ets immortality for as lon) as the bone is in $lace. Eamia (. Their R)ho!ls2 are either f!lly $o ered vam$ires or vrykololaki" b!t in either case these bein)s are mindless or insane. They m!st be invited into a residence before it is $ossible for them to enter. They are s!sce$tible to the reli)io!s $o er in holy obCects. Moslem (1!)oslavia).reece). E/am$les are fo!nd in *ice and Gambly (altho!)h those bloodlines detailed by *ice seem to have no silver aller)ies). %antu-Pari. 9r!opi. =a"piresI ype 3= This cate)ory incl!des any creat!res created by the m!tation of the vir!s $ast the Ty$e --.Tome of the Damned Version 2. 9atakhana (+rete). They are $sychovoric hemo$ha)es ith enhanced $hysical $ro$erties" and metafac!lties. Fled)lin)s are not !nder any form of Psychic Domination by their creator. They have aller)ies to silver" )arlic" and the s!n" b!t they have no aller)ies to ard holy items. . .

ermaine2s *o)er" to the thin)s from 6#i)ht of the 3ivin) Dead.6 =a"pires . . -n the non-ma)ical form" it is $ossible that the vir!s mi)ht fail" and )enerate a mindless vam$ire" or R)ho!" Other Cultures: lp (%a/ony) . Ge is a normal Ty$e --.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Coins the victim2s mind into the )ro in) cor$orate mind. -n the ma)ical form" it is also $ossible that the vir!s mi)ht fail" and )enerate a mindless vam$ire" or R)ho!l.vam$ires" at the a)e of the ori)inal destroyed vam$ire. They may e/ist on the blood and meat of carrion" rather than the ener)y and blood from livin) thin)s" in $er$et!ity.lso called a mindless vam$ire" these creat!res literally have no minds" or at best their minds have been destroyed. They are livin) $eo$le ho s!bsist of the $sychic emanations of other livin) bein)s. These have all the $o ers and aller)ies of the Ty$e --.or -V.vam$ire.). .ive" . They may have the f!ll meta$sychic armamentari!m of the f!ll vam$ire" b!t have none of the aller)ies. They" too have a myriad forms" the basic form bein) non-ma)ical hile other forms are ma)ical. nanngel (Phili$$ines) %ee Penna)alin san&osam ~ 24G ~ .ny one of these can ass!me the sha$e of any of the dead in the cor$orate mind" as ell as the $hysical sha$e of any of form of vam$ire (3amia" %tri)e" etc. They have a n!mber of the ma)ical vam$iric $o ers" s!ch as re)eneration" b!t they have no aller)ies to thin)s" or to the s!n." b!t they have no aller)ies to thin)s" or to the s!n.2 .ccom$anied by his t in da!)hters" ho constantly cry 6.lso called a mindless vam$ire" these creat!res literally have no minds" or at best their minds have been destroyed. -n )eneral" tho!)h" the Vrykolakas can refer to anythin) from %aint .ll the vam$ires descended from a $artic!lar Rstone2 or rib ill be destroyed if that rib is removed from its host. R)ho!l2 mi)ht also occ!r if the vam$iric vir!s is introd!ced into a cor$se. . vam$ire that a$$ears as a b!tterfly. R)ho!l2 mi)ht also occ!r if the vam$iric vir!s is introd!ced into a cor$se.2 .ive. =rykolakas These are really not vam$ires" so m!ch as they are 8ombies" or animated dead" often $ossessed by a Tectonic %$irit. Those the feed on" or $ossess are bo!nd to the entities" this bondin).6 Ge re$!tedly has a castle hidden in a lar)e )ro!$ of mo!ntains" b!t rarely stays there" $referrin) to ander the Earth. This bondin) enslaves the livin)" and can only be broken by s$ecial rit!als or by visitin) )reat altit!des. . They can $ossess illin) h!man bodies. .Tome of the Damned Version 2. They have a n!mber of the vam$iric $o ers" s!ch as re)eneration" etc. lukah (Gebre ) This is a !ni4!e entity. =a"piresI ype =3 These vam$ires are !nlike the others in that they are not dead" and may never have even been e/$osed to the vir!s. Ty$e --. %!nli)ht or salt ater ill ossify the vam$ire into a solid stone form. *arely" or ith certain ty$es of vam$ire" the vir!s ill )enerate an !nlivin) bein) still ho!sin) its intact mind. They may e/ist on the blood and meat of carrion" rather than the ener)y and blood from livin) thin)s" in $er$et!ity.

(nly a $riest can kill an .sanbosam. Ty$e -V. 'atacano (+rete" *hodes) Ty$e -V vam$ire. Bea!tif!l omen" they coa/ yo!n) men into marryin) them" then kill and feed from them. Gairy" ith no skeleton and lar)e eyes.ltho!)h tho!)ht of as a ty$e of vam$ire" neither of the t o creat!res that !se this name are act!ally vam$ires. Bao&han Sith (-reland) 0hile not technically a vam$ire" it is often considered s!ch. %ee Vrykolakas" as ell as descri$tion else here.ssyria) #ormal Ty$e --. Dearg-Dul (-reland) #ormal Ty$e --. Burkolokas (.Tome of the Damned Version 2.vam$ire.vam$ires.reece) #ormal Ty$e --. (mpusa (. (kimmu (. 'h$ing Shih (+hina) 0hile not technically a vam$ire" it is often considered s!ch.l ays )rinnin) ith very hite teeth" this vam$ire s$its blood" hich ca!ses horrible b!rns. Dy&&uk (Gebre ) .frica) These vam$ires have hooks instead of feet. -t only t!rns it victims into vam$ires by forcin) them to eat dirt from its )rave.vam$ire. Blautsauger (Bosnia-Ger8e)ovina) Ty$e -V vam$ire.vam$ire.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ (.vam$ire. Bhuta (0est -ndia) %ee Vrykolakas. 'iuateteo (&e/ico) #ormal Ty$e --. 2arkaskoldus ~ 24F ~ . BruAsa (Port!)al) #ormal Ty$e --.reece) %ee Vrykolakas. . Bramaparusha (#orthern -ndia) %ee Vrykolakas. %ee Vrykolakas" as ell as descri$tion else here.

Bea!tif!l omen" their $referred form is h!man headed ser$ent or re$tile.%antu Penyardin (&alaysia) Ty$e -V vam$ire.vam$ire.reece) Ty$e -V vam$ire" altho!)h many may be Ty$e V.vam$ire. Vam$ire snakes. 0ear the form of ni)ht birds" sin)in) an eery son). Eangsuir (&alaysia) Ty$e -V vam$ire. 9atakhana (+rete) #ormal Ty$e --. Jilaiya (Bihar) Ty$e -V vam$ire. %he feeds $rimarily off of small children.Tome of the Damned Version (B!l)aria) #ormal Ty$e --. Mulo (%erbia) Ty$e -V vam$ires.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ (G!n)ary) %ee Vrykolakas.vam$ire" alle)edly ith only one nostril. These a$$ear as normal $eo$le earin) hite clothes" ho charm their victims and $lace them into boilin) $ots of ater.vam$ire. Moslem (1!)oslavia) Ty$e -V vam$ires. 9r! (B!l)aria) #ormal Ty$e --. Eo&ishumen (Bra8il) Ty$e -V vam$ire.vam$ire. %antu-Pari. E2 tall invisible vam$ires that s!ck blood from o$en o!nds" and kee$ them from healin). The term can also refer to evil s$irits in )eneral. %ungry Dead (Golly ood) %ee Vrykolakas. They $refer to feed only from $eo$le they kno . Murohy (*!mania) #ormal Ty$e --. Eamia (. This vam$ire looks like a small" st!m$y h!nchbacked monkey ith a yello face" bloodless li$s" black teeth" a b!shy beard and $l!sh covered feet. Eo&ishomem (Bra8il) #ormal Ty$e --. -t is said that they can be defeated by havin) a i8ard or $riest alk over the vam$ire2s )rave" order its so!l into a bottle of blood and then b!rn the bottle. 9r!opi. This is a oman ho dies in childbirth" havin) been e/$osed to the vir!s. ~ 2B0 ~ .

arcolaco (*!menia) %ee Vrykolakas.vam$ire.reece) Ty$e -V vam$ire. Stirge %ee %tri)e.rykolakas ~ 2BH ~ . .0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ Nocnit3ooks like a Ga). Tii (Polynesia) %ee Vrykolakas. . "akshasa (#orthern -ndia) Preferred form is Ti)er.vam$ire. Pamgri (G!n)ary) #ormal Ty$e --. Nosferat (*!mania) #ormal Ty$e --. .vam$ire. &a)ic-!sin) flesh eaters.Dpierc-i (*!ssia" Poland) #ormal Ty$e --. Striges (. Bgol.ltho!)h relatively normal Ty$e -V vam$ires" see descri$tion else here.Tome of the Damned Version 2.vam$ire. P$B (+hinese) Fairly normal Ty$e --. Dpuir.apir (B!l)aria) #ormal Ty$e --. .vam$ires" b!t they can2t sha$e chan)e" and !s!ally remain invisible. They may be a form of Ty$e V" as they are normally astral in form" manifestin) a $hysical body only to attack or to feed. Strigoi (*!mania) %ee %tri)e.vam$ire.lkodlak (%erbia) #ormal Ty$e --. .ilkolak (Poland) %ee Vrykolakas. These ear the form of birds"a nd $refer to feed on yo!n) children.vam$ire.en (Bohemia) #ormal Ty$e --. .

0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ (.vam$ire.reece) %ee Vrykolakas above. /ur#olaka (. They are acc!sed of eatin) the hearts of small children.Tome of the Damned Version 2. They may be a form of Ty$e V" as they are normally astral in form" manifestin) a $hysical body only to attack or to feed. /iesc-y (Poland) #ormal Ty$e --. ~ 2B2 ~ .lbania) %ee Vrykolakas.yestitsa (%erbia) R%orceress2 Vam$ires (any ty$e) ho are also $o erf!l i8ards. K/ater-'olts$ (+eltic) These are !s!ally tho!)ht of as black !nicorns. .

Kee$ yo!r so!l ra$$ed ti)ht abo!t yo!" the chill of death mi)ht steal it a ay to arm its back. Brennan Brooks" The Dark Paladin (ctober E>st" >JJ< ~ 2B3 ~ . The ma)i $yre )ro s ever stron)er in the realm of the Damned" and the shado s )ro ever darker.0 Enticement of the Dead ____________________________________________________________________________ EPILOGUE .Tome of the Damned Version 2.Enitcement of the Dead" has been released !$on (ctober E>st" the eve of all %aints. Demons have been $!t to rest" and the cast iron )ates of damnation have been closed.fter many em$ty years of $atroni8in)ly slo ork" this darkened $iece of kno led)e is finally finished. The final scribe has $assed on" the last blot of ink has dried to its $en's blackened ti$. The Tome of the Damned .