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123 K-1st Street Kamuning, Quezon City Philippines 1103

Mobile: 0 2!"3!#$"3 %ome: &02' $13-###1 (mail: )*llorenzo+gmail,*om

Kristoffer Corbin De Leon Lorenzo

October 2011 - March 2011 Hinduja Global Solutions Customer Care Professional Certified Level I: Handled customer general account maintenance, billing, credit analysis, and disputes for North American Region. September 2010 – October 2011 Extension Corporation Customer Service/Supervisor: In charge of creating and executing project wor plans and ma e proper re!isions as needed, tas ed in identifying potential resources and disseminates responsibilities. In charge of "anaging daily operational aspects of our project. Re!iews deli!erables prepared by team before passing to client. #ffecti!ely applies and enforces project standards. $repares for engagement re!iews and %uality assurance procedures. "inimi&es our exposure and ris on project. #nsures project documents are complete. o!ember 200" – #une 2010 $merican Express %ra!el& Customer Service Resolutions Team Leader: 'or ed with bac office of the ban , recei!ed case letters( conducted case in!estigations, pro!ided feedbac and solutions for customers !ia telephone, email, and postal letters, managed teams, coached and maintained %uality accordingly to )$Is. $pril& 200' – September 200" (ehman )rothers Holdin*s +nc& Customer Service/Product Specialist : *onducted trainings and facilitated + days a wee of product nowledge to new hire employees. "anaged and monitored new hires during training period as well as ,-.( i.e attendance, performance %uality and %uantity. #xperience in facilitating calibrations. ,ther tas to prepare monthly, wee ly, and daily progress reports as well as training updates. /upported ,perations 0loor, when needed handled super!isor calls and pro!ided ops support.

<8C7< 4race 1arcellona >6uality Assurance . Chica*o ■1achelor of /cience 1usiness "ar eting 1//0 – 2000 #ames )& Conant Hi*h School 1//0 – 1//0 Michael Collins Elementar. Antoinette $once 5e =eon >.School *hicago. Illinois Skills Enhanced in )usiness 1e!elopment 2 ● ● ● ● ● ● *reating strategic business 3 mar eting plans. 0ilipino /te!e 'arren #scober 789+::9:.<+ "a.Education 2000 – 200' %he .perations 4uidelines 5e!eloping #ffecti!e .eam =ead@ 78<A+<<99C.fficer?. Illinois /chaumburg. Illinois /chaumburg.eam =ead?0acilitator@ 78AA<77BA<< )atherine $asion >HR #mployee Relations@ 789B+.o. Kristoffer Corbin D Lorenzo .ni!ersit. I certify that the abo!e information true. $rocess /tructure .raining "ethods 3 "aterials #nhanced in *ustomer /er!ice 0ulfillment 5e!eloping #ffecti!e 6uality /core *ards Language Reference 0luent in #nglish.