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Curriculum Vitae

ZTE Telecom India Pvt Ltd, Millennium Business Park, A/8, Sector-1, nd !loor, B-"in#, Ma$a%e, &avi Mum'ai-())*1)+


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To strive ,or E-cellence in t$e ,ield o, Telecommunications develo%ment . /it$ dedication, ,ocus, %roactive a%%roac$, %ositive attitude and %assion+ And to utili0e m1 kno/led#e and skills in t$e 'est %ossi'le /a1 ,or t$e ,ul,illment o, or#ani0ational #oals+ Educational Qualification:  B+Tec$+ 2I&!34MATI3& TE56&3L3789 !rom Institute o, Tec$nolo#1 27uru 7$asidas 5entral :niversit1, in 1ear ))8 ,rom Bilas%ur 25+79+

Current Employer:- ZTE Telecom India Pvt Ltd. ;esi#nation- BSS-TA5 En#ineer ;uration<- ( Au# ))= . till no/ Previou Employer: !ute" India Ltd ;esi#nation <- Site En#ineer ;uration <-)1 >une ))8 to 18 Au# ))= Company: ZTE Telecom India Pvt Ltd 5om%an1 %ro,ile< As one o, t$e ,irst 5$inese telecom e?ui%ment %rovider to %ursue 'usiness in overseas markets, ZTE no/ $as a'out @),))) em%lo1ees and 8,))) o, t$em /ork in a'out 1 ) re%resentative o,,ices around t$e /orld+ Since 1==A, t$e com%an1 $as %rovided its %roducts and services to 1B@ countries and re#ions, servin# maCor telecom o%erators in Asia Paci,ic, Sout$ Asia, &ort$ America, Euro%e, Latin America, A,rica and t$e 5ommon/ealt$ o, Inde%endent States+ Current Project: L# upport $%LL I!&I% 4ole<- BSS Su%%ort En#ineer2&S;-TA5 Team9 Location<- Mum'ai 'ob (e pon ibilitie :     Providin# level su%%ort ,or 7SM %roCects-4eliance 7:, L33P Mo'ile Anal10in# and trou'les$ootin# o, issues escalated ,rom t$e level-1+ Providin# solutions ,or t$e %ro'lems /$ic$ /ere not resolved ,rom t$e circle team+ 3r#ani0in# circle teams D Pre%aration o, tec$nical issue tracker D /eekl1 ;as$'oard re%orts+ ;a1 to da1 interaction /it$ customer to solve tec$nical issues in t$e net/ork+

. %atc$ u%#rades. t$e s1stem+ Providin# instant su%%ort '1 takin# remote lo#in o.or t$e s/a% sites usin# 'atc$ . L33P En#+ and 3M54+  E-%ansion o. 4e#ular Interaction /it$ 4D.ication and resolution o. all t$e %o/er #enerated %ro'lems and %rovide t$e solution all t$e %ro'lems+ 5o-ordinate /it$ t$e vendor team to /ork %ro%erl1+ . customer e?ui%ment via EP& or team vie/er to solve maCor issues+ T$e issue is . 4&5/&ode B as %er 5ustomerFs re?uest+ 4es%onsi'le .BS5 . B7 3M54 e?ui%ment 2M-I&3S9+ . .ault+ :%#radation/ addin# %atc$ so.t/are u% #radation o.)-./0%1EI -)OTO .ormance mana#ement. ZTE BTS D BS5+  Monitorin# starts 'e.. unsolved. BTS+ Solvin# 7P4S/E. tra.irst escalated to &&35 directl1 '1 customer . all t1%es o. it /ill 'e escalated to me .rom 3M54+  5$eckin# dail1 GPI 4EP34T to $andle t$e &et/ork %ro'lem+  M1 ot$er maCor res%onsi'ilities include alarm $andlin# and .or L su%%ort 25ustomer &M5 Mana#er9+ Anal10in# t$e call lo#s and tra.ore and a.ull1 /it$ co-ordination o.t/are u% #radation . 4&5/&ode B Per.BSS En#ineer Location<.ault mana#ement and monitorin#+ Per. an1 .ormance o.irect interaction /it$ customer .1%P2 4ole <.ic data ac?uisition. con.i#uration.orm B7 :T4A& Testin# and Trou'les$ootin# :T4A& in case o. commissionin# and A55EPTA&5E TEST o.ter t$e activities+  3%erate !ault Mana#ement D Per. and lon# term %lannin#+  &ei#$'or 5reation D . BTS.iles+            t$e So. %ro'lem areas usin# net/ork re%orts and $andlin# customerFs %ro'lem /it$ %ro%er co ordination /it$ 4! o%timi0ation team+ 6andlin# call lo#s re#istered '1 customer service centre and closin# call lo#s /it$ as %er t$e SLA+     Project: Loop )obile *(eliance +.i#uration mana#ement.or 5ommissionin# and inte#ration o.or L su%%ort+ .or 45A.ormance Mana#ement in ZTE 3M54+  Eersion u% #radation o. activates and deactivates .t/are /$enever necessar1+ Installation and 5ommissionin# o.or maintain t$e GPI+ Anal10in# t$e &et/ork '1 Alarm monitorin# and trou'les$ootin#+ 4outine Backu% and 6ealt$ c$ecku% 2Preventive Maintenance9 Installation and %re-testin# o. Eersion u%#rades to deliver 'etter %er.or L1 anal1sis+ I.ic re%ort.Mum'ai 'ob (e pon ibilitie : +  4es%onsi'le .or BSS o%eration and maintenance+  6ave done s/a%%in# activit1 2M3T3 to ZTE9 success.unctions. con. BTS as %er customer re?uirement+  Inte#ration.eletion . identi.7E data connection %ro'lem on cell level+ Gee%in# t$e track record o.

rom t$e 5ustomer+ "it$out an1 tra.or t$e 0-#1) i'sc in 3M54+ Success..2S.(S.t/are version in 1@ BS5+ 7ot a%%reciation mail .ull1 inte#rated over 1 )) BTS 88)) .ull1 . Sola.B trainin#+ ZTE :niversit1. Ban#lore. S() B%S. *C(M+. 8906.rom t$e Loo% mo'ile 4! lead and 5T3 to t$e 3M54 team+ I success..28=)A9.ull1 s/a% 1 )) sites /it$ 1 BS5 and * iT5 in Mum'ai metro cit1 /it$ di.Si0'.4 8 ))H88A)9.ull1 u%#raded t$e so. S$ .T(%I!I!+.8 )A D 8=))+ !irst time /e used di. &e'-o. BSC: ZXG10 iBSC. Software: i!"#. our 3M54 team+         Company: !uTe" India t$e APS 2Automatic %rotection s/itc$in# 9 testin# .8206..8800./i!0 OPERATING SYSTEM : i!"#.ic con#estion and 'lockin# durin# .28 )A D 8=))9 in 3M54+ "e success.erent con.or 1@ iBS5 and E:IP 21H19 testin#+ I $ave success. ISMG. TECHNOLOGY: GSM.MA-4&S Level .erent com'ination 2BTS as /ell as T4I also 9 in a same site+ Besides t$is I $ave #ot t$e all Ats si#ned .7SM EB BSS Level . Co""i##ioning !$gra%e & A'T' of (TE E)!i$"ent' I $ave success.erent transmission scenario ional E3perience: BTS: 8200.8900. i%C. .Mo!i'o. .eatures  Profe 1 "eek trainin# in :MTS %rotocols and Its use in di.)(S.8=)A. &e'!"me!.B trainin#+ B /eek Trainin# in ZTE . onfig!ration.a4e.i#uration like as 88)) .i1 2 *I&(3*S 98 TOOLS : M%."5.or 7SM BSS E?ui%ments and ZTE advance 7SM E?ui%ment .i/ali and &e/ 1ear Eve due to t$e constant maintenance o. HARDWARE PLATFORM : iBSC.    ZTE :niversit1. I.ull1 com%leted t$e ca'inet e-%ansion . M%..8 ))H88A).i!0 'ool1 Integration.

t$e ProCect as %er 4eliance In. : .ite En6ineer : !o"ia . 2&S& Plat. : %nd9ra Prade 9 S:MMA48 "it$ t$e ra%id evolution o. as /ell as .... and e.orm9 • 5ommissionin# and trou'les$ootin# o. sites needed . .ast #ro/in# Telecommunication 5om%an1.eliver1 t$e material on t$e sites . .or covera#e and ca%acit1+ 4es%onsi'ilities<• Site surve1 o.4 en#ineers+ • 5ross c$eck t$e material on t$e site on t$e 'asis o. includin# cellular 'ack$auls /it$ small and medium ca%acit1.icientl1. s%eed1 service introduction. !le-i BTS D u% t$e s1stem+ • Tec$nical su%%ort to t$e Trainee en#ineer+ • E-tinctions o.ile< &uTek is a . !le-i BTS.ocom Ltd+ • Installin# t$e micro .rastructure %roCects+ 3ver t$e 1ears &uTek $as earned a re%utation o.or installation 24!I9 re%ort on t$e standard o. alarms o..ind ne/ ones and re-use e-istin# sites.ite en6ineer : !EC )icro7ave : %nd9ra Prade 9 .its ali#nment and commissionin#+ • Trou'les$ootin# D Acce%tance testin#+ • 5o-coordinatin# /it$ 4eliance %eo%le .icienc1+ !le-i BTS $olds t$e ans/er+ &okia Siemens &et/orks !le-i BTS %lat.icient economical solutions .rom t$e /are $ouse accordin# t$e desi#n %lan as /ell as t$e .iemen !et7or" 8le3i 5T. site deliver1 re%ort as /ell as desi#n data+ • Su%ervisin# t$e 6ard/are Installation team o.5om%an1 Pro.erent communication and in.icienc1 is more im%ortant in ac$ievin# overall net/ork e. ena'les sim%le installation.or re?uired %roCects+ Project 4 (ole Platform Location : !. activel1 involved in di.!$T%T% 5T.orm o.. o%erational site e.or 1our dail1 transmission needs.or installation 24!I9 D Pre%are t$e 4ead1 . t$e BTS+ • 5learin# t$e documentations o. 4ead1 . multi%le radio access tec$nolo#ies.orm t$at is #iven '1 t$e &okia Siemens &et/ork • Pre%arin# t$e site deliver1 re%ort on t$e 'asis o.or Site a%%roval D !ield Pro'lems : (eliance micro7ave : .orm ena'les o%erators to use sites more e. t$e site+ Project # (ole Platform Location S:MMA48 &E5Js PAS3LI&G S1stems are desi#ned to %rovide s$ort-$aul access links. maCor telecom %la1er in India and a'road+ T$is $as 'een ac$ieved '1 takin# s%ecial care in 'rin#in# resources /it$ a%%ro%riate skills . site surve1 and send it to &S& S. o%eratin# /it$ t$e lo/est num'er o.SI #iven '1 t$e reliance en#ineer+ • Maintainin# t$e desi#n %arameters o.or more e-i#ent situations+ 4es%onsi'ilities<• 6andlin# t$e installation team And$ra Prades$+ • . !le-i BTS+ • Surve1 s$ould 'e done '1 standard .

.Per onal Profile &ate of 5irt9 8at9er= !ame )ot9er= !ame )arital .ud9a"ar &umbare : )r .tatu Lan6ua6e Pa port !o.)arat9i : /<>4?<@A . "undan "umar &umbare : :t9 &ec 4:. : En6li 9. : )r./indi.in6le. m1 kno/led#e+ . % 9a &umbare : .<.ate< Place:)umbai 8ours trul1.urnis$ed details are #enuine to t$e 'est o. &eclaration I $ere '1 declare t$at t$e a'ove-.