WISDOM THE A BOOK OF By LORENZO SOSSO FOR WISE PROVERBS Author of Proverbs for the people Wisdom More than for the the wise babes " who to need we it whom feed it. New York Dodge 220 Publishing Company East 23d Street .

iLmflARYofCONGRESst Two CoDies Receivod SEP 0 190/' Copyrrrht ^ Inliy COPY B. by Dodge Publishing Company . Copyright. 1907.

.The present volume contains a numerous lection se- from the author's "Proverbs of the People'' and "Wisdom for the Wise" with the addition of more than fifty new and iginal or- proverbs nozv published for the first time.


Many Has a delicate suggestion man helped a to ''pop" the question. . which wisdom We A all consider find venial vice we congenial. The Is gift that the fool refuses chooses.

There would one The The noblest noblest life " the life love of labor. If all would practice be no what they left to preach teach. love " to your neighbor. Assists gratitude's acquaintance. . A dole of in thanks. though but a pittance.here's In modern little of divinity feminity.

No Which sin will never need knew acquittal committal. . Seen through is a a sceptic's prism Religion schism.They Know only the who full have loved of or haled meaning mismated. We We always never play think the game to win. about the sin. A Is little every indiscretion man's possession.

. are through sieve siftedo Some The women are a blessing: others " keep you guessing! Insult not through dreams or indignity old's Youth's benignity. or proud Death's or gifted. All poor. of gifts thou Rich.Lament If few the present Fortune's not the past hast.

The wisdom of life is to Tested in Mammon's crucible To what is Love reducible! 'Tis strange with what asperity We entertain sincerity. ." neither shirk. and play that is work."Work that is play.

The virtue of not society piety. However All great. Even When the greatest wisdom love in fails even weighing scales. Is certainly Hdom is martyrdom or attended I By any pomp pageant splendid. made however out little. clay are gods of brittle. Too As of many a maidens think in a of marriage journey carriage. .

f^ 5"$* Cunning Those who has are always most cheated conceited.Nothing Than can be more hateful friendship turned ungrateful. What We glittering generality make of liberality We easily dissever from Performance endeavor A hundred not years one of slight of Make hour Right .

Much Who must he deal in courtesies one every alike would please. Do thou good deeds. presume speak A pigmy dwelling with the giants to Is apt boast of self-reliance.Death To speaks the valedictory or Life's defeat victory. . 'Tis Than deeper to wisdom to to refrain in vain. they will and bear in the doing Remember renewing.

By far wealth more than merit The children of the rich inherit. Who speaketh with authority Still speaks with the minority. To charge self-love with blindness Is justice but unkindness. .

Whenever Be not too you would give advice a liberal. Some With men presume austere to greatness too sedateness. "^ "^ Vain Who is the toil of any not man endeth what he began. keep slice.^^^ It is Who not only in foxes deal paradoxes. . 'Tis not the makes splendor the of the blade Which enemy afraid.

Upon Vanity the is a peaks of culture vulture.They Who preach of life's amenities profit by its lenities. There Than is no heavier v/hich fetter that binds a debtor. A little of timidity intrepidity Should temper A better life of laughter hereafter. May better life .

Better Than to speak a platitude your not express gratitude.The coward still finds may cause to fear near. They Are who seldom spend found life in dancing advancing. to have also things tell. The When foolish are contented by a fool they're represented. . Though danger be never Seek The not stars all wisdom in a well.


greatness The cow were enough soon for h-ire one would the outrun. . There's A many too torments waiting to tongue prone prating."^ 'Tis The only his reverses speculator curses. Sessions Never see presided cause o'er by hate to arbitrate. Always Who the greatest about quack 'tis boasts his practice.

than a however lawsuit bad. had. Eve t?* c5* A compromise. Is better The rock a sea of faith is founded Upon unsounded The folly of often a jester that fester Speaks words I Pity That the man whose deal in trust is I lawyers justice .God's Until precept fair only was mattered flattered.

If A only given sinner does the occasion not need persuasion. hath she to lend. to get to give. precious lore It is the wise man's fools folly Which makes melancholy. To misconstrue veracity sagacity. Is deemed in law Make Much of Adversitya friend.y This is the law by which To to live " give to get . .

.Give not the praise of meekness To indolence or weakness. jT ^ Better a mite of gumption Than mountains of presumption. Millions are spent for pride: a pence Suffices for benevolence.

Although vice The The hate hate of of man woman is frightful: spiteful.To Is trust reason to an illusion in confusion. honey-cup . Dilute Love's with some discreetness of sweetness. With There's genius a disease or blunder wonder. little left in life of Virtue should from be commended descended.

If manners will not make can. Poison is in the chalice Touched by the lips of malice. The Of cap for all humanity " universal fit is Vanity. a man Effrontery surely never Better Than poor independence royalty's resplendence. . The road of the friendless Is lonely and endless.

law for its evasion. Another No To wind him is good of any sort who steereth for no port. 'Tis when That we toil for seems a guerdon virtue burden.All wisdom Must to be popular learn the art of being jocular. If death were less procurable seem more Life would endurable. There is a law for each occasion. .


Compels a sinner's Many Has a seed a worth sowing in proved weed growing. . sign a saint's It would To mask be folly for the rabbit itself in lion's habit. i The charity of Some To sinners would adventure indenture. 'Tis fear as much as feeling kneeling.No interdict can leaven heaven.

to our how striking! pathos liking. Character. Distinguishes Sympathy The should of outrun fleet steeds the sun . What's worth worth the cost of gaining Is also retaining. How Some true! we cry.If quality be Nature's still should law rule Then Jacob Esau. God's creatures. not features.

I hold To kiss it still 'permissable a woman " if she's kissable. We're The always game from sure of winning the beginning. Why To should it seem surprising find Wealth patronizing? 1^ . The Is not weathercock the upon the steeple pastor of the people. 'Tis That not by mental churning their men increase learning.

placed between two brothers' Man's greatness and endurance Need no divine assurance. A landmark good protection yields Though fields. .That mountains are removeable Must still remain unproveable.

alone its A To brave know^ man never pauses cause w^hat valor's is. any a present man's mystery future Will solve history. . However A fortune much is not a beggar to choose his lose. The Is beauty not of a building gilding.An Is -K amity convivial generally trivial.

. Many Has a costly jewel used for Folly fuel The Can followers form no of Hypocrisy aristocracy. Quickly With is love's a duration reckoned.We The may die with we thirst once at the brink to of of. with man a woman minute. fountain scorned drink AH men are dreamers dreams of " but a fraction f'ulfill the men with action. second.

Who buys nor sell what pays for what he got not.For every The grainof common sense I are heaps of folly immense.7* Think The not all are playthings for boys. oldest dotard hath his toys. May he would rather Who would soon lick have honey from cause a thorn to mourn Will enough . "5W t.


than Knows things better the seen The Than earth that no worse a water keepeth which in the shadow sleepetif Wisdom And one begat is but and children one twain.Men in women opinion are vary. is Pain. But contrary' A fool. . .however some young in years. Joy.

Many Was an ancient riddle fiddle.Too Knows oft the hand neither which wears a glove charitynor love. vainly pleads O vain pursuit!to angle would not for a fish Which fill the poorest b( gar'sdish. Folly Where sometimes Wisdom an audience draws its cause. solved by Nero's Every Of a one at least a pair outwear fool's shoes must .

thinks ne'er calf. Vain The thought cow to make she was the wisest a laugh. The Oft art which the makes character demeanor gracious makes mendacious. leaf has pearl will sink where a floated. .'Tis Which sorrow more than a jollitytrue proves heart's quality.n^ . The A riddle of many a name unnoted.

^ s Man's Is a faith in his futurity bond without security. 3 s The The more 'tis rainbows madden in that the we chase more we race.A woman's even tongue Vulcan can raise more clamor Than with his hammer. .

to very how play it! . The Life How is a game: few though know none gainsay it. Whether We leave we lead the world or lag behind much as we it find it.Ignorance Should never misguided be derided. ^ How great thorn their adds folly who richness to suppose the rose.

'Tis Which but a poor repentance after sentence. but perverting . follows The Makes title of respectable to some life delectable. To Is call a goose a gander slander.


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Kings But not dignify their their station occupation. The Make victims virtue of of obesity necessity ."" ^ Tis Within useless seeeking nettles a lily's petals. ".

devil Not Are all the Lord's or anointed chosen appointed. "^ tiX 'Tis The not in haunted most houses carouses.The devil laughs who audits Man's mortuary plaudits. .

Think That not by and beating wealth of to a drum :hee fame will come. . ""5w ^* Truth Of is Truth. irrespective personal invective.

. "Jw 4$5 We often are indebted To things we have regretted.If lacking it in ability civility. Redeem with Better be poor and needy and Than gourmandized greedy.

We In clothe both or truth in and fable ermine sable. 'Tis The from the wealth of sages world pays folly's wages. . No Was woman's born to beauty surely die obscurely.When fools a have will come to blows Only fool interpose. Better Than equivocating quarreling in debating.

When Don't charity extending seem too condescending. .'Tis To nothing find a new or novel a I genius in hovel. What is the world's him who hath derision the vision? To Love whose a affection which ranges Is soon love changes. When wrongs are to be righted Law should be expedited.


The Are virtues those that most we nourish to apt flourish. God Man's weigheth virtues in the not balance talents. . his We seldom think are it curious That poets penurious.The Is not spirit of negation renunciation.

Instead growing .From Reason every exacts gnomic statement rebatement. Some To men require the art no schooling learn of ruling. Following Is Fortune's calling enthralling. certainly Silence For hath many ways winning wisdom's praise^ Absence makes of many wandei fonder.

When What follyis commended fool can feel offended? ^ The matrimonial function Is often Love's disjunction. .Many Has a stupidblunder with wonder. filledthe world A single penny a fairly got that are Is worth thousand not The steps are better counted After they are surmounted.

How To easily waste vice can win within us the good us. . Who Will seeks know the the joy joy of of giving living. Sometimes it too proves expensive To be apprehensive.

. Misfortune The maketh more stumble than the great humble. . The Is but creed a which poor needs apology doxologj. Why Is men are not more sensible still incomprehensible.God Free loves from hilarity vulgarity. Who Wail sip not the at cup of pleasure overmeasure.

Both cowardice and at cunning Are very apt running. Travel with a an attorney May prove costly journey There To human is no perpetuity ingenuity. It would the be detrimental to To tiger be gentle .

.It is the Which pinions eagle's dominions. give it wide The The more more covetous the wish is the grievous dish. All The women soon discover a way to win lover.


Law Forever with mysterious weaves shuttle rebuttal. A superstition be deeply refuted.Credulity Society's still fosters impostors. rooted Cannot easily .

folly growing No No want want of will of will always be opportunity. The The greater less his man's pomposity generosity It is When too late to falter at standing the altar. This world on is not a boulder Carried God's shoulder. .Some Seem novels called romantic frantic.

t3* "JS Many Would a saint's reflection hardly bear inspection.The spiritof conformity breed some May strange enormity. "5* "$" That Which cause is seldom moral a quarrel. instigates .

.Some Whose women seem adorable morals are deplorable. a t5* "5* This marrying not for money so May be quite funny.

^ ^ . No Can genius stand merely upon cynical Fame's pinnacle. Deceit still mantle wears upon her The of dishonor.The Is spirit also dutiful beautiful.

its Not leaves quiver. . The virtue of a woman Proclaims her truly human The The love between still the sexes devil perplexes. To build not to a church or buy it Is sanctify it. A Ere thousand one die of of drinking bitter first w^ill die thirst.Not every every rill becomes arrow a river.

. Who stirs a pot to make a it bubble May get for scalding his trouble. How some lovingly people handle of a The tainted morsel scandal. {5* t5* If poverty could make would Prosperity men cheerful feel less fearful.To Too win success we must on our not stack many burdens back.










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worms Don't prove by you trample. We For still hold what fate accountable. proves unsurmountable. it for the example.. There's Than many things more edifying lying. The devil surely gets his portion Without resorting to extortion. man's precocity in .If you're a hero.

When The some dead lie is resurrected liar is the most affected. t^ 1^ The The more incredible a the fool's fiction conviction. greater grows Persuasion The will from not wheedle a eye-hole needle. .

In Life's great the volume every of leaf Reveals water-mark grief."^ To Is v^ trust to intuition reason's superstition. helps to . Not Over even fate can claim of control soul. man's fortitude Mankind The arm should it never lengthen strengthen.

honor. In In law love too little much brevity.Because Proves a sword 'tis is pliable not unreliable. of too levity The The gift is not the the donor. giving not .

Never in 'Tis little use rebelling earthlydwelling. Against our ^Afe. .14 He Who buys his life too dearly takes it too severely. When going forth go forth to borrow sorrow.


. Dismiss not with impunity The god of opportunity. The rainbows of existence Are always in the distance.Love's greatest price Is sacrifice.

v$* ""5* The Is but gift the of prophesying of gab lying. A modicum of sauvity depravity.The Is road to Fruit Forbidden woefully overridden. Can gild even .

Disputing Cause and borrowing bitter sorrowing.r No reason is conclusive reasoner Whose is abusive. Never Of be pusillanimous too being magnanimous. .

folly of .The Is essence of and all holiness reverence lowliness. t^ "^ Dissenters The never mention dissention.

Plenty Thinks with its bin is full Poverty sinful.Justice never begrudges to Compassion its judges The mantle of moralityrascality. . May cover deep Connubial Is based on felicity some duplicity.

A virtuous but inclination ration. Provides meager . Not Needs truthfulness but lying ever fortifying.An oath is not an act of in daring. There's truer virtue forbearing. V?* t^ Defeat becomes a noble shun master When teaching us to disaster.

Linked E'en to a virtue that is vicious love itself grows meretricious. Follydoth Of every stillattend the birth on mortal the earth. J8 ^ The devil's virtuous a intention Is but in pin-point dimension.To-morrow's The wealth cannot outweigh value priceless of to-day. .


wrong.A sordid thought Is easily bought. Challenge fool do thee . for him will "^ t^ There is dishonor in detraction sex or Spoken by either faction.$" t^ This adage no learn and to treasure long. do. one sells. ". Who Who buys hath always eye eyes too few.

Each guide-post onward to of correction Points Perfection. folly envieth sage.The While youth is apt to mock the at age. That Is God's ways are inscrutable certainly irrefutable. 'Tis For folly to importune all the giftsof Fortune. Sometimes Is worth a an ounce of of knowledge pound college. .

'Tis Who those think who fate trust their all to Chance rules all circumstance.Who Wisdom goeth softly safely goes walks on ." It is Some through what men they instigate in succeed being great. velvet toes. i^i^- . He was not all cannot a fool be who blurted. ^'The devil converted.

Friendship who hath two edges Is prone to cut its pledges. They are not always free from care Who dance unto some joyful air. .There are some fashions fools Invent Which wise men come to supplement.

The cap many of folly can be wise fitted and On heads both witted.ir The Is virtue its of gentility respectability. To To change bend not always to means to better. is not break the fetter. . Better Than the to envy looked of the upon witty with be pity.

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