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SYNTHITE CTS Tell us about your previous work experience About projects which you have been a part

ut projects which you have been a part of How was your summer internship project? What did you do there? Situation analysis questions Why CTS? For Marketing specialization: Selling a product Tell us about yourself Why did you opt for an MBA after work experience? Explain about your role in your previous organization. How would you define a typical day at work? Failure and success situations What is innovation according to you? What do you want to become in life? Do you have anything to ask us? Questions on Domain Integration between verticals What attracts you to IT? What do you find interesting about CTS? Tell us about your summer internship Updates on the latest trends in IT Why do you want to join Synthite? What will be your contribution to the company? Tell us about your previous work experience. What are your expectations from the company? Can you tell us about any awkward situation that happened in your work life? Did you face any conflicting situations with your boss? If so, how did you tackle it? How did you handle people under you and your peers? What will you do if you are getting married tomorrow? Tell me about yourself/General questions based on that. Can you tell us about a stressful situation you have faced? Would you prefer Cochin as the location?/What do you think about relocating stations? Tell us about summer internship Why did you take Marketing? Why did you do your engineering? Do you think that you have risk taking ability? Questions about deisgning and PR (It was for Herbert, so may be it was interviewee specific) Can you elaborate on the importance of training? What do you know about NDTV?


What was the most impressing thing in our PPT? What difference does an MBA make to your job? Location constraints What would be your contributions to the company other than work? What will happen if you are put on bench for 10 months? Will you quit? Why IT again? Will you fit into a BA role? Will you handle pressure? How would you do that? CTS GD: Impact of facebook is good or bad? Govt or service lovers (good or bad)? What are your achievements? Can you tell us about your previous job experiences? Where did you work earlier? How was it? What is lifes biggest failure? What do you want to become? Tell us about summer internship? Now with an MBA what difference can you make to the same project?

Questions on financial ratios Ratios for lending Inventory turnover ratio Relationship management What does a Credit risk analyst do? Succession planning LC What are the three modes of payment for exports? Why should we take you? What are the finance subjects that you studied last year? Net worth of the company What will you do for the company? What are the parameters to look for, while lending to a company? What do you know about Sales and Marketing in a bank? What is the most attractive feature of HSBC? Location preference Difference between balance sheet and P&L What do you mean by turnover of a company? How does an MBA add value to you? How do you think you will fit in here?

Give us three reasons for why we should take you? What are the different roles you have performed so far? Why did you do your internship in HR?

CATERPILLAR Questions related to work experience Tell us about yourself Whats your opinion on your summer internship experience? What do you feel about the Work from home facility? Will you fudge data if the situation demands it? What is your favourite sub system in HR? Which subsystem would you like to handle in your job? How will you communicate a paycut to the employee? How will you work with blue collared workers? Will you move to the North given an opportunity? How would you adjust there? What do you think are the competencies that a HR manager should possess? What are your strengths? What do you consider as the biggest failure in life? What is the most striking thing about HR that you love? When you enter our organization, you will be treated as a fresher. Will it affect your morale given the fact that you already have work ex? What is group dynamics according to you? How will you relate theory to your work experience? What is the competency potential grid? Explain. Is induction process relevant/ needed for a new employee? How would you deal with attritions and terminations? Success story of HR Why do you want to join Caterpillar? How will you fire someone (on what basis)? What do you consider as the major reasons for firing personnel? Where do you see yourself i five years from now? Is title important to you? Can you name a few significant books on business? Technology change How to communicate job change to employees? Do you think we need to hire consultants from outside? Industrial Relations Can you work on it? What are you profound weaknesses? Would you learn SAP? About extra curriculars

Training needs Given a situation, how would you communicate to employees Iam your boss, she is your boss, would you fudge the data. Chennai people are blue collared people- comment Project ( his project was on attrition), so related to that and bell curve on the project Why are you joining? Will you fudge a company What do you think about reading and cooking Did technology change communication

DELOITTE IREVNA Security Analysis Risks and returns If I give you 100 Crores and ask you to lend it for gold, two wheeler loan,car loan, personal loan, for which willyou lend? Which interest will you charge for each? Do you invest in stocks? Can you talk five stocks that you analyse? Can you tell about the Revenue model of Infosys? Factors thatcan affect it? What is the equation to calculate the revenue of the company? Income Assets multiples

SAMSUNG Sales: Case study About yourself- positives and negatives Internship: 3 Good things and 3 Bad things about it Ethics: gave a situation: Contrasting situations where you will be forced to forego your ethics Data Analysis Decision Making Strengths, Regrets in Life, Internship Black market Views on financial fudging. Will you do it? Will you tocuh targets? Ethical practices How different is school life, UG life and PG life form each other? How can you control the outcome of fakes



Internship questions How would you relate your internship project to marketing? Questions on work experience What made you choose marketing? Concepts of marketing 4Ps (Linking them) What are the skills required for marketing? What do you know about the company?

Case study on Globalization (Seimens) MNCs Strategies to focus on, Outsourcing Internship Labour laws Factories act, Maternity benefits, Wages Mergers and Acquisitions Emotional Intelligence Daniel goldman Which book? the theory Attitude, Subjective, behavioural theories Theory of reasoned action MBO Conflict resolution mechanism Favourite subjects; About project Types of power Matrix organizational structure About work experience Which act do IT companies follow? EPF act What have you done in LIBA so far? About yourself Why did you take a break to study? What is your contribution to LIBA? UG project: What role did you play? Competency: Measuring competency What do you know about Oracle? Policy deployment (Hoshimi Cann) Explain strategic HRM through a case Why is strategic HRM important? Labour unions Research methodology Who came up with the balanced scorecard?

PCMM Hobbies; how do hobbies act as a value add? Can you dismiss a pregnant lady if she does something wrong? About internship organization, Key learnings from internship, Have they implemented your recommendations? What changes have you brought about In the company?

PHOTON GD : Case study Work experience , Internship What kind of role do you want here? Why Business Analyst? Why did you leave your previous job for MBA? Why do you want to join us? What platform do you know? Current trends in IT Latest technologies Midsize organization EVPs How would you quantify results? Roles of HR in an organization Agile methodology Situation questions How will you fit in here? What do you know about us? What are your strengths? What is your take on innovation and creativity Technology based questions Cloud computing; What is cloud? Questions on their website Latest products in the market Any other things about photon? How would you say that you are tech savvy? Competition (MICA) Why B2B? How are you related to technology? Why do you want to be here?

INAUTIX SAPM: Risk, Return, Beta , Alpha Derivatives: SWAP, Call, Put options


Bond markets

GD: Hollywood Vs Indian movies Anna Hazares fight against corruption Are women safe in India? Explain about the wipro logo in laymans terms How has Wipro established itself as a brand? Define Wipro in marketing terms. How would you promote products to people from North? General HR questions

Is Ethics important for an organization? Can you name a few expenses that HDFC does? What are the risk factors involved when you invest in HDFC? What factors will you consider if you want to decide between HDFC and ICICI? Two problems (small ones) involving permutations and combinations. Family background Tell me abt yourself Why HDFC Internship How do you convince people to fill the questionnaire How do you sell insurance How you would be 10 years down the lane How will you connect with selling insurance

Favourite HR subject Why ICICI, Why HR? Big Five theory and trends What did you study in IPD? Leadership difference between manufacturing and transformational leaders Industrial Relations What has LIBA given to you? How do you show your interest in HR in other ways? Why not your summer intern company? Competency mapping

OB based questions What is motivation, personality Industrial dispute act Flexibility of work What else in OB Motivation theories-any 2 and its drawback

Videoconference Life at liba Proj Why should there be compensation in the organization? Location Profile

Branch manager ( Fin & Mark) only GD & PI TCS Shop Establishment act, Bonus act, Wage payment Mechanistic, Organic companies ERG theory, Blake and buttons managerial grid, Mc clenens theory, Maslows hierarchy, MBO ESI, EPF, Factory acts, Labour laws Validity of tests GD: Education system in India Given a situation, career and future ambition 5 years getting an offer, would you go to other place? Interest Location constraint Politicians are helpful in sports? Express your feelings and not impress them

VEDANTA IGATE Project related questions Key strengths required as a HR Labour laws Proudest achievement in your life Latest trends in HR Questions based on Hobbies


Why MBA? WHY this role? Comment on the GDP of India What value will you add to the organization Where is IT going, in future? How will you apply your finance knowledge in this role? What are the things that you look for in a project (finance terms) Values, Strengths and weaknesses IS MBA better or a continuous work experience better? How are you better from the others here? Any latest trend in IT Major client countries What do you know about IGATE? What do you understand by a Business analyst? How was the interview experience? What did you find the toughest, to answer?

Calculate NPV Profit and loss questions Write how you can measure a companys strength.

For a situation, how would you fit 200 people, in different scenarios-> invoice scenario Extra curricular activities Relate the extra curricular with situations Why MBA Why the specialization combo What is the toughest decision youd taken Strength and weakness If college is giving 1 lakh USD how would you utilise What is the profit/loss on this Why this kind of job GD topic-> are you ready to take a salary dip for a better goal What are the steps of research

GD topics

Caterpillar: Deloitte HSBC WIPRO Love vs arranged marriage Delhi or mumbai (which should be the capital) FDI in retail Strategies Is it important for a company in a volatile market? MBA education is not a necessity Should telecom license be auctioned or given on an FCFS basis? Depreciating rupee is a boon or bane? CWG scam has hurt Indias image? HR metrics Is it necessary? Process Vs Results How would you value Taj mahal? One vs all Facebook and Maslows theory Competency VS attitude Infinity

Synthite: (operations) direct interview-> shortlist-> final interview in cochin CTS: (open for all) Came with shortlist-> 3 rounds of interview Deloitte: (Finance& Marketing) GD-> written test-> interview Caterpillar: (HR) came with a shortlist-> GD was both abstract and concrete-> interview HSBC: Finance & Marketing came with shortlist-> GD-> PI Photon Systems, Marketing, Finance for the role of BA; For systems: Case study-> GD-> PI Oracle: (HR) Test-> GD-> PI(2) iNautix: (finance) many rounds of interview including telephonic CBS : (open for all) For research analyst: shortlist->only PI Samsung: Marketing shortlist->GD-> test (psychometric)-> PI ICICI bank ( HR, finance and marketing) GD-> PI HR-> GD-> case study-> PI ( 2 interviews, 2nd is video conferencing) Branch manager ( Fin & Mark) only GD & PI Wipro: (open for all) shortlist->GD-> PI

Aachi shortlist-> PI (marketing, operations, finance) HDFC (fin&Marketing) GD& PI Mahindra & mahindra (HR) case study and PI IMRB marketing test and PI iGate- except core HR- shortlist and PI HDFC- Fin & Mark GD and PI Maverick systems PI KVB- finance- test and PI

Also in finance questions about how to calculate net worth, what is sensex, nifty and other financial ratios were asked.