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17, 2007



By Staff Sgt. Mark S. Patton

1st Armored Division Public Affairs Office

WIESBADEN ARMY AIRFIELD, Germany -- V Corps' 1st Armored Division

welcomed a new assistant division commander for support in a ceremony on Minue Field
here Aug. 16.

Col. Tony Thomas comes to the division as

a veteran of multiple deployments and
extensive service in Army special
operations. In his remarks at the ceremony,
division Commander Maj. Gen. Mark P.
Hertling said that background will serve
Thomas well in his new role.

“He’s going from the light and the special

operations world into our world of the
heavy force, and that will be an opportunity
for him to display what is obviously his
great skill and courage,” Hertling said.

Thomas, who is awaiting Senate approval

of his nomination for promotion to
brigadier general, said he believes his
background will complement the diversity
reflected in the division's leadership.

SPC ALFREDO JIMENEZ “Typically the ADC-S does the combat

Maj. Gen. Mark P. Hertling, commanding support and combat service support for the
general of V Corps' 1st Armored Division division,” explained Thomas.
(left), shakes hands with Col. Tony
Thomas, the new assistant division
commander for support, during a
ceremony to welcome Thomas to the
division conducted on Minue Field at
However, with the division headquarters' upcoming deployment to northern Iraq, he
added, that role has been adjusted.

“I’m more inclined to be another deputy commander with Brig. Gen. (James) Boozer (the
assistant division commander for maneuver), given the distributed nature of our
command and control structure.”

In Iraq, the division will be responsible for command and control of Multinational
Division - North, and Thomas said that mission presents many unique challenges.

“MND-N is roughly the size of the state of Georgia, without any of the transportation
infrastructure that Georgia benefits from," he explained.

This large area, a diverse cultural composition, and the challenges of governments and
training Iraqi security forces, are the driving forces behind the distribution of
responsibilities, which differ from the classic ADC-M and ADC-S roles, said Thomas.

“He and his wingman (Boozer) will be faced with some of toughest operational, political
and diplomatic tasks you can imagine when we deploy to Iraq,” said Hertling.

While Thomas and his family have been busy settling into the Baumholder, Germany
community, he has taken time to visit "Iron Soldiers" in Baumholder and Wiesbaden, and
those troops have already made a strong impression on him.

“I got a great buzz from meeting most of the Soldiers in this division,” Thomas said.
Their energy, professionalism and motivation were off the charts."