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Aum Gung Ganapathaye Namah Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma-sambuddhassa Homage to The Blessed One, Accomplished and

Fully Enlightened In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Energy The Invisible Living Lord An Online Book on Ascetism, Celibacy and Evolution Refe ences (Revised: Wednesday, January 12, 2005) References Edited by raise the !uddha Whats in a name? hat !hich !e ca"" a r#se $y any #ther name !#u"d sme"" as s!eet% & Wi""iam 'ha(es)eare *#)yri+ht , 2002&2010 -raise the $uddha The follo"ing educational "ritings are #T$I%TL& for academic research purposes 'NL&( #hould N'T be used for commercial, political or any other purposes( ( he f#""#!in+ n#tes are sub.ect t# u)date and revisi#n) /#r free distributi#n #n"y% 0#u may )rint c#)ies #f this !#r( f#r free distributi#n% 0#u may re&f#rmat and redistribute this !#r( f#r use #n c#m)uters and c#m)uter net!#r(s, )r#vided that y#u char+e n# fees f#r its distributi#n #r use% 1ther!ise, a"" ri+hts reserved% 2 3%%% /ree"y y#u received, free"y +ive4% & 5atthe! 10:2 :: 6e! 7merican 'tandard $ib"e (67'$) 1ffer unt# 5e a"" thy !#r( and rest thy mind #n the 'u)reme% -erf#rm thy !#r( as an #fferin+ t# 5e%%% & 8#rd 9rishna t# 7r.una in he :ita e;)#undin+ 6ish(ama 9arma 1< 7nd this +#s)e" #f the (in+d#m sha"" be )reached in a"" the !#r"d f#r a !itness unt# a"" nati#ns= and then sha"" the end c#me% & 5atthe! 2<:1< :: 9in+ James >ersi#n (9J>) ?@ $ut #f that day and h#ur (n#!eth n# man, n#, n#t the an+e"s #f heaven, but my /ather #n"y% & 5atthe! 2<:?@ :: 9in+ James >ersi#n (9J>) Af 1ne $y 8and and Af & 7n#nym#us !# $y 'ea%

The greatest purifier ever) *ire %ontents %olor %ode A !rief +ord on %opyright

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3TML %olor) !lue 5ocabulary %olor) 5iolet ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A !rief +ord on %opyright Many of the articles "hose educational copies are given belo" are copyrighted by their respective authors as "ell as the respective publishers( #ome contain messages of "arning, as follo"s) Re)ub"icati#n #r redisseminati#n #f the c#ntents #f this screen are e;)ress"y )r#hibited !ith#ut the !ritten c#nsent #f 6so and so7( According to the concept of 6fair use7 in 8# copyright La", he re)r#ducti#n, redistributi#n andB#r e;)"#itati#n #f any materia"s andB#r c#ntent (data, te;t, ima+es, mar(s #r "#+#s) f#r )ers#na" #r c#mmercia" +ain is n#t )ermitted% -r#vided the s#urce is cited , )ers#na", educati#na" and n#n&c#mmercia" use (as defined by fair use in C' c#)yri+ht "a!) is )ermitted% Moreover,

This is a religious educational "ebsite( o In the name of the Lord, "ith the invisible Lord as the "itness( No commercial9business9political use of the follo"ing material( :ust li-e student notes for research purposes, the "ritings of the other children of the Lord, are given as it is, "ith student highlights and coloring( roper respects and due referencing are attributed to the relevant authors9publishers( I believe that satisfies the conditions for copyright and nonplagiarism( Also, from observation, any material published on the internet naturally gets read9copied even if conditions are maintained( If somebody is too strict "ith copyright and hold on to -no"ledge, then it is better not to publish 6openly7 onto the internet or put the article under 6pay to refer7 scheme( I came across the articles 6freely7( #o I re-publish them freely "ith added student notes and revie" "ith due referencing to the parent lin-, "ithout any personal monetary gain( My purpose is only to educate other children of the Lord on certain concepts, "hich I believe are beneficial for 6'neness7( $eferences #ome of the lin-s may not be active ;de-activated< due to various reasons, li-e removal of the concerned information from the source database( #o an educational copy is also provided, along "ith the lin-( If the lin- is active, do cross-chec-9validate9confirm the educational copy of the article provided along( =( If the lin- is not active, then try to procure a hard copy of the article, if possible, based on the reference citation provided, from a nearest library or "here-ever, for cross-chec-ing9validation9confirmation( $eferences =( Namo tassa, bhagavato, arahato, samma-sambudhassa http)99"""(alansarchery(p"p(blueyonder(co(u-9 anic9namo(htm ;$eference) Namo tassa, bhagavato, arahato, samma-sambudhassa(< Namo tassa, bhagavato, arahato, samma-sambudhassa I have been as-ed several times "hat this phrase means(

It is one of the commonest !uddhist affirmations, found all over the !uddhist "orld( It is in a language of Northern Indian origin called ali, "hich may be similar to that spo-en by #iddharta Gotama, the historical !uddha( Each "ord has many shades of meaning, but "hatever particular flavour is chosen the message is clear) I do this "ith deep respect for the "ise one , "ho con4uered all obstacles, the perfectly self-enlightened !uddha( >( 3orne, +ayne 5an( ;April >00=< #acred +arriors) A %omparative Analysis of the Medieval $eligious Military 'rders of Europe and :apan( http)99"""(mindspring(com9?semartialarts9s"(html ;$eference) 3orne, +ayne 5an( ;April >00=< #acred +arriors ) A %omparative Analysis of the Medieval $eligious Military 'rders of Europe and :apan(< @( The aradise of the 2esert *athers( http)99pharos(bu(edu9%N9articles9 aradise'f2esert*athers(tAt ;$eference) The aradise of the 2esert *athers (<

:oy #ayings) Amma #yncletica said, BIn the beginning there are a great many battles and a good deal of suffering for those "ho are advancing to"ards God and, after"ards, ineffable Coy( It is li-e those "ho "ish to light a fire( At first they are cho-ed "ith smo-e and cry, until they obtain "hat they see-( As it is "ritten, B'ur God is a consuming fireB ;3ebre"s =>)>D<E so "e also must -indle the divine fire in ourselves through tears and hard "or- (B Abba 3yperichius said, B raise God continually "ith spiritual hymns and al"ays remain in meditation and in this "ay you "ill be able to bear the burden of the temptations that come upon you( A traveller "ho is carrying a heavy load pauses from time to time and dra"s in deep breaths E it ma-es the Courney easier and the burden lighter(B rayer #ayings) They as-ed abba Macarius, B3o" should "e prayFB And the old man replied, BThere is no need to spea- much in prayerE often stretch out your hands and say, BLord, as you "ill and as you -no", have mercy on me(B !ut if there is "ar in your soul, add,

63elp meG7 and because he -no"s "hat "e need, he sho"s mercy on us(B Abba Lot "ent to see abba :oseph and he said to him, BAbba, as far as I can, I say my little office, I fast a little, I pray and meditate, I live in peace and as far as I can I purify my thoughts( +hat else can I doFB Then the old man stood up and stretched his hands to"ard heavenE his fingers became li-e ten lamps of fire and he said to him, BIf you "ill, you can become all flame(B Abba aul said, BHeep close to :esus(B

D( 3omer( ;Translated by #amuel !utler< The Iliad( 'range #treet ress %lassics( e!oo- #iIe) =(@M( ages) DJ/( http)99eserver(org9spar-s9boo-s9iliad(html http)99eserver(org9spar-s9boo-s9iliad(pdf ;2o"nload< ;$eference) 3omer( ;Translated by #amuel !utler< The Iliad ( 'range #treet ress %lassics(< /( 3omer( ;Translated by #amuel !utler< The 'dyssey( 'range #treet ress %lassics( e!oo- #iIe) KJK-( ages) @0=( http)99eserver(org9spar-s9boo-s9odyssey(html http)99eserver(org9spar-s9boo-s9odyssey(pdf ;2o"nload< ;$eference) 3omer( ;Translated by #amuel !utler< The 'dyssey ( 'range #treet ress %lassics(< L( Alev, #imeon( +hat the !uddha Taught - An Intervie" "ith !hante 3enepola Gunaratana( +hat Is EnlightenmentF MagaIine( Issue =@( http)99"""("ie(org9C=@9taught(asp ;$eference) Alev, #imeon( +hat the !uddha Taught - An Intervie" "ith !hante 3enepola Gunaratana ( +hat Is EnlightenmentF MagaIine( Issue =@(< K( #amanera , #umana( ;=JM@< Going *orth ; abbaCCa< - A %all to !uddhist Mon-hood - An Essay, and Letters on !uddhism( The +heel ublication No( >K9>M( =0@- siIe( Handy, #ri Lan-a) !uddhist ublication #ociety( ages) @D( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9lib9bps9"heels9"heel0>K(html ;$eference) #amanera , #umana( ;=JM@< Going *orth ; abbaCCa< - A %all to !uddhist Mon-hood - An Essay, and Letters on !uddhism(

The +heel ublication No( >K9>M( =0@- siIe( Handy, #ri Lan-a) !uddhist ublication #ociety(< M( 5enerable iyadassi Thera ;=JMK< The !uddhaNs Ancient ath( ;@ r d $eprint< Handy, #ri Lan-a) !uddhist ublication #ocietyE Taipei, Tai"an)The %orporate !ody of the !uddha Educational *oundation( I#!N) J//->D-00>D-D( ages) >@J ;$eference) 5enerable iyadassi Thera ;=JMK< The !uddhaNs Ancient ath( ;@ rd $eprint< Handy, #ri Lan-a) !uddhist ublication #ocietyE Taipei, Tai"an)The %orporate !ody of the !uddha Educational *oundation(< J( 5edanta, the #acred and Ancient +isdom of the 5edas( http)99"""(cosmicharmony(com9+i9+Imain(htm ;$eference) 5edanta, the #acred and Ancient +isdom of the 5edas (< =0( The Mystic Missal - A 2oor to +ays and Means on the #piritual ath) $amana Maharshi, +ho Am IF ;Nan &arF< http)99mysticmissal(org9"hoamiO"hoOamOiO(htm ;$eference) The Mystic Missal - A 2oor to +ays and Means on the #piritual ath) $amana Maharshi, +ho Am IF ;Nan &arF< < #ee everyone as an eAtension of yourself( !efore meditation, than- your BenemiesB( Love them( it harder to hate anyone as an enemy( retty soon you find

==( Thanissaro !hi--hu( ;Translated from the ali< 8dana 5(@, Hutthi #utta, The Leper( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9-hudda-a9udana9ud/0@(html ;$eference) Thanissaro !hi--hu( ;Translated from the ali< 8dana 5(@, Hutthi #utta, The Leper ( """(accesstoinsight(org (< =>( +hy Ghosts and #pirits ossess Enhanced o"ers on #iA 2ays Each Month http)99"""(-alavin-a(org9Ce"els9nagaCuna9mppu9"ebsila9"hyghost (htm ;$eference) +hy Ghosts and #pirits Each Month (< ossess Enhanced o"ers on #iA 2ays

=@( The atient $ishi and the Hing of Halinga http)99"""(-alavin-a(org9Ce"els9nagaCuna9mppu9"ebpati9-alinga(ht m ;$eference) The atient $ishi and the Hing of Halinga (<

=D( %ultivate the !uddhahood "ithin http)99"""(homestead(com9gotaro92alaiLamaJ(html ;$eference) %ultivate the !uddhahood "ithin (< =/( The LA+Ns 3all of 3orror( http)99"""(duhaime(org9horror(htm ;$eference) The LA+Ns 3all of 3orror (< %apital punishment itself is as old as humanity( The !abylons, 3ammurabi, decreed the death penalty for crimes as minor as the fraudulent sale of beer( Egyptians "ere -illed as punishment for disclosing sacred burial places( The $omans inflicted capital punishment by pushing the accused from a high cliff( %rucifiAion, such as that inflicted on :esus %hrist, "as another popular form of punishment( The idea "as to nail the convict to the cross and to let them die slo"ly, from asphyAiation, shoc- and heart failure( The $omans dealt "ith those guilty of parricide in a uni4ue fashion( There, the convict "as se"n up into a leather sac- "ith an animal and thro"n out to sea ;animal "as included so that, in its attempts to escape, the criminal "ould be torn apart by its cla"s( *or this reason, a dog, cat or chic-en "as preferred<( The penalty for declaring ban-ruptcy "as slavery or being cut to piecesE the option being "ith the creditor( There "as no letup during the Middle Ages, "here convicts "ere crushed under heavy stones or burned at the sta-e( !et"een the years =/00 and =//0 alone, over K0,000 state eAecutions "ere carried out in England alone( As late as =KM0, the !ritish criminal la" contained over @/0 offences for "hich the punishment "as death( Eighteen hundred and seventy mar-ed the end of the last vestige of barbaric punishment in England( At that time, the time-honored punishment of being dra"n and 4uartered "as struc- from the la"

boo-s as the governmentNs response to treason( *ollo"ing conviction on the charge of treason, it "as ordered that the prisoner be hanged from the nec- and then cut do"n alive( 3is stomach "as cut open and his intestines "ere pulled out and burned before his eyes, "hile he "as still alive( Then his head "as cut off and his body cut into four pieces( It "as a custom to stic- the heads of the dead on posts as a reminder and deterrent to others that may be inclined to"ards crime( 'n eye-"itness "rote, in 'ctober =@, =LL0, that he B"ent out to %haring %ross to see MaCor 3arrison hanged, dra"n and 4uartered, "hich "as done there, he loo-ing as cheerful as any man could do in that condition ( 3e "as presently cut do"n and his head and heart sho"n to the people, at "hich there "as great shouts of Coy(B The English la" treated "omen differently for treason( They "ere burned alive( Another English punishment, "hich prevailed during the reign of 3enry 5III, "as being boiled alive( *rench la" "as no better( !urning at the sta-e "as common( In carrying out the official court sentence of the assassin of 3enri I5, the murdererNs s-in "as torn off his chest, arms and legs "ith red hot pinchers( The arm "ith "hich he had -illed the Hing "as burnt off and molten lead "as poured onto the "ounds( *inally, his body "as torn apart by a team of four horses( The pillory "as a device that "as used for hundreds of years( +ith it, a prisonerNs head and limbs "ere pinned bet"een plan-s of "ood in the middle of the to"n s4uare( assers-by "ere invited to assault the prisoner or to thro" things at the prisonerNs head( 'ne lady, in =K@>, "as convicted of inciting another to poison a man( #he "as sentenced to t"o days in the pillory( #he barely survived the first day( #he "as pelted "ith eggs and other proCectiles( 'n the second day, the guards found it difficult to get her head through the opening and, removing her head-dress, they found she had fashioned a concealed bo"l to shield her s-ull( They removed it but it incited the cro"d even more( According to eye"itnesses, she "as pelted until her head bled profusely and only then did the cro"d subside( #he survived( %onviction of a charge of forgery meant that a person had his ears cut off and his nostrils slit "hile in the pillory( The pillory "as finally abolished in =M@K(

The !ritish had a special punishment for those "ho refused to plead one "ay or another in the face of a felony charge( Their bodies "ere pressed by great "eights until they either agreed to plead or they died( The penalty "as called peine forte et dure( The prisoner "as laid on the floor na-ed and his hands and feet "ere tied up and stretched in opposite directions, to"ards the four corners of the room( A board "as laid on his chest( 'n the board, "eights "ere laid( More "eight "as added Btill he die or ans"er(B This form of punishment lasted from =D0L to =KK>( =L( *alse Gurus and #iddhis ;'ccult or #upernatural o"ers< http)99"""(prodigy"eb(net(mA9santhigi9guru9marcos9false(htm ;$eference) *alse Gurus and #iddhis ;'ccult or #upernatural o"ers< < =K( &a-sha rashna ;The Puestions of the &a-sha<, Mahabharata http)99"""(periplusboo-s(com9indiaOteAts9ya-sha9yp=0(html ;$eference) &a-sha Mahabharata (< rashna ;The Puestions of the &a-sha<,

=M( Thanissaro !hi--hu ;Geoffrey 2eGraff<( The !uddhist Monastic %ode 5olume I) The atimo--ha Training $ules Translated Q EAplained( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9lib9modern9thanissaro9bmc=9indeA( html ;$eference) Thanissaro !hi--hu ;Geoffrey 2eGraff<( The !uddhist Monastic %ode 5olume I) The atimo--ha Training $ules Translated Q EAplained( """(accesstoinsight(org (< +hy should one have -no"ledge of the higher rules of trainingF 62hamma-5inaya "as the !uddhaNs o"n name for the religion he founded( 2hamma -- the truth -- is "hat he discovered and pointed out as advice for all "ho "ant to gain release from suffering ( 5inaya -- discipline -- is "hat he formulated as rules, ideals, and standards of behavior for those of his follo"ers "ho "ent forth from home life to ta-e up the 4uest for release in greater earnestness( R2hamma and 5inaya in practice function only together( Neither "ithout the other can attain the desired goal( In theory they may be separate, but in the person "ho practices them they merge as 4ualities developed in the mind and character(

8ltimately, the !uddha said, Cust as the sea has a single taste, that of salt, so too the 2hamma and 5inaya have a single taste) that of release(7 =J( The $eproductive #ystem http)99"""(emc(maricopa(edu9faculty9farabee9!I'!H9!io!oo-$E $'2(html ;$eference) The $eproductive #ystem (< >0( Haren $ae Hec-, 'n the Life of Mary Magdalene( http)99"""(stnina(org9JKsp9JKsp--ec--magdalen(htm ;$eference) Haren $ae Hec-, 'n the Life of Mary Magdalene (< >=( Mary Magdalene( http)99"""(geocities(com9Athens9>>/L9magdalene(html ;$eference) Mary Magdalene (< >>( A8M http)99"""(geocities(com9%apitol3ill9Lobby9J0MJ9hr9aum(html ;$eference) A8M (< >@( #"ami #hivom Tirth Ashram Inc( http)99"""(shivom"orld(org9main(html ;$eference) #"ami #hivom Tirth Ashram Inc (< >D( Moses on Mt Nebo( http)99tinny(eis(net(au9?paulh9eA=Jhp(htm ;$eference) Moses on Mt Nebo (< 6#uccess or failure is not measured in the end by the surface accomplishments of a personNs life, but by the 4uality of spirit to "hich he or she has attained in and through his struggles( +hat matters in the end is not success or failure, but the character that has been "on out of both, and especially out of failure( +e are prone to be obsessed "ith the out"ard appearance of a personNs life( That is not "hat God loo-s at( God loo-s on the heart( It is by ho" the heart is gro"ing, not ho" the record is gro"ing, that 3e rates us( The "hole point of life as God ordained it

is that out of it all, success and failure ali-e, there should be fashioned in us a heart Nfar gone in readiness for 3im(N7 6RBMen are loo-ing for a better lifeE God is loo-ing for better men(B ;E( M( !ounds< +e aspire to success in out"ard achievementsE GodNs successes are in the soul , and often God "ins 3is successes in a personNs soul precisely "hen, and even because, the out"ard shell of their life is in ruins( It is out of tragedy that men gro" big, not out of comedyG7 6R+hat does it matter "hether "e end up a distinguished celebrity or an insignificant nobodyF +hat does it matter "hether "e have realised M1 or M01 of our youthful dreamsF +hat does it matter if "e lead Israel into %anaan, or die "ith the glory given to anotherF +hat does all that matter so long as "e have, in it all and through it all, learned the simplicity and serenity of a spirit rooted in God ((( so long as "e are finally conformed to the image of the #on of God, "ho said at 3is lifeNs out"ardly ruinous end, BIt is finished( *ather into Thy hands I commit my spirit(B +e may pour some %hristian content into HiplingNs familiar lines) BIf you can meet "ith Triumph and 2isaster, and treat those t"o imposters Cust the same ((( youNll be a man, my son(B7 ;material 4uoted "ithout permission< >/( irsig, $obert M( ;=JMD< Sen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance( Ne" &or-, 8#A) !antam !oo-s( I#!N) 0-//@->KKDK>( ages) @M0( ;$eference) irsig, $obert M( ;=JMD< Sen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance( Ne" &or-, 8#A) !antam !oo-s(< >L( #hei-h NefIaoui( ;Translated by #ir $ichard !urton<( ;=MML< The erfumed Garden( http)99"""(sacred-teAts(com9seA9garden9 ;$eference) #hei-h NefIaoui( ;Translated by #ir $ichard !urton<( ;=MML< The erfumed Garden (< 6Rthe boo- contains much useful information and a large number of curious cases, and I have underta-en the translation because , as the #hei-h NefIaoui says in his preamble) T I s"ear before God, certainlyG the -no"ledge of this boo- is necessary( It "ill be only

the shamefully ignorant, the enemy of all science, "ho does not read it, or "ho turns it into ridicule(N 'ne should have -no"ledge of both sides of a coin to achieve erfection( &es, the contents may be taboo, but if you are ignorant of the other side, it is easy for you to "al- into a trap( revention is al"ays better than cure( #o, be MAT8$E( +A$NING) !E+A$EGGG The above boo- is the eAact opposite of the path of %elibacy( Those "ho read the above boo- should read and understand the given concepts only in eAtremely controlled circumstances ( +A$NING $E EATE2GGG True, the boo- contents are offered to the Lord( +hat does it containF It is a seA manual( 6The Hama-sutra of the 2esert7( 3ighly popular among the Arabs( Ideal as a tantric seA guide9teAt( #ince inta-e of eAcess energy, in the form of food, becomes a maCor impediment for mental training, it is "orth to -no" "hy the follo"ing finer staple foods, i(e(, ghee, fresh butter, oil, honey, sugar9molasses, fish, meat, mil-, and curds are officially banned( Eggs also to be included( ;$eference) =M< To be on the practical side, "hich all this hardship to conserve seminal energyF +hy shouldnUt it be "astedF The above t"o relevant 4uestions are ans"ered in this boo-( $ead and understand the boo-( 3o"ever, the implementation of the boo-Us contents are #T$I%TL& $'3I!ITE2 for those on the path of urity and erfection( RI "ent to visit Abou Nouass again, and informed him of all that had happened( 3e "as surprised and stupefied, and his first "ords "ere, T' 2CoVidi, you can have neither authority nor po"er over such a "oman, and she "ould ma-e you do penance for all the pleasure you have had "ith other "omenGN 3o"ever, *adehat el 2Cemal proposed to me to become her legitimate husband, in order to put a stop to the veAatious rumours that "ere circulating about her conduct( I, on the other hand, "as only on the looout for adultery( As-ing the advice of Abou Nouass about it, he told me, TIf you marry *adehat el 2Cemal you "ill ruin your health, and God "ill "ithdra" his protection from you, and the "orst of all "ill be that she "ill cuc-old you, for she is insatiable "ith respect to the coitus, and "ould cover you "ith shame(N And I ans"ered him, T#uch is the nature of "omenE they are insatiable as far as their vulvas are concerned, and so long as their lust is satisfied they do not care "hether it be "ith a buffoon, a negro, a valet, or even "ith a man that is despised and reprobated by society(N 'n this occasion Abou Nouass depicted the character of "omen in the follo"ing verses)

+omen are demons, and "ere born as suchE No one can trust them, as is -no"n to allE If they love a man, it is only out of capriceE And he to "hom they are most cruel loves them mostE !eings full of treachery and tric-ery, I aver The man that loves you truly is a lost manE 3e "ho believes me not can prove my "ord !y letting "omanNs love get hold of him for yearsG If in your o"n generous mood you have given them &our all and everything for years and years, They "ill say after"ards, TI s"ear by GodG My eyes 3ave never seen a thing he gave meGN After you have impoverished yourself for their sa-e, their cry from day to day "ill be for ever, TGiveG Give, Man( Get up and buy and borro"(N If they cannot profit by you theyNll turn against youE they "ill tell lies about you and calumniate you( They do not recoil to use a slave in the masterNs absence, if once their passions are aroused, and they play tric-sE Assuredly, if once their vulva is in rut, They only thinof getting in some member in erection( reserve us, GodG from "omanNs tric-eryE And of old "omen in particular( #o be it( >K( Mabel %ollins ;=JK@< The Idyll of the +hite Lotus( ;J t h $eprint< Adyar, Madras, India) The Theosophical ublishing 3ouse( I#!N) 0-M@/L-K@>L-,( ages) =/> ;$eference) Mabel %ollins ;=JK@< The Idyll of the +hite Lotus( ;J t h $eprint< Adyar, Madras, India) The Theosophical ublishing 3ouse(< 2id ManUs life in this planet, Earth start only "ith the coming of :esus %hrist around >000 years bac-F Archeological evidence indicate, N'( *or thousands and thousands of years, Man lived in this planet( There came many a :esus before :esus %hrist of !ethlehem( Many a !uddha came before the !uddha of Hapilavastu( Many a Thirthan-ara came before Mahavira( Many a Hrishna came before the Hrishna of 2"ara-a, the Lord behind the Mahabharata "ar( 6Rthe Lord informs ArCuna that this system of yoga, the !hagavad-gita, "as first spo-en to the sun-god, and the sun-god eAplained it to Manu, and Manu eAplained it to I-sva-u, and in that "ay, by disciplic succession, one spea-er after another, this yoga system has been coming do"n( !ut in the course of time it has become lost( %onse4uently the Lord has to spea- it again, this time to ArCuna on the !attlefield of Huru-setra(7 - The !hagavadgita, Introduction Many a $ama came before the $ama of Ayodhya, the hero of $amayana( Many a prophet came before rophet Mohammad( Many came, many left, many yet to come(

The Idyll of the +hite Lotus portrays the spiritual life of a highly advanced Adept "ho came a long time before :esus %hrist - his trials, his pitfalls, his redemption . by the 2ivine Goddess9Mother( +orth reading and understanding( >M( Gayatri Mantra http)99"""(geocities(com9%apitol3ill9Lobby9J0MJ9hr9gayatri(html ;$eference) Gayatri Mantra (< >J( Is there a 2evil in 3induism and "hat is the devil in 3induismF http)99"""(-arma>grace(org9+ebcomponents9*AP9indeA(aspF detWD> ;$eference) Is there a 2evil in 3induism and "hat is the devil in 3induismF < @0( If Gayatri is a po"erful mantra "hy should not it be recited during meditationF http)99"""(-arma>grace(org9+ebcomponents9*AP9indeA(aspF detWDL ;$eference) If Gayatri is a po"erful mantra "hy should not it be recited during meditationF < 6The use of rosary beads ;=0M in number< and the repetition of a mantra hundreds, thousands, or even millions of times during Capa is considered a type of sacrifice( It is considered useful in that it focuses the mind or even empties the mind to bring calm(7 @=( 2emonic ossession http)99"""(clam(rutgers(edu9?gmc0K9dempossession(htm ;$eference) 2emonic ossession (<

@>( +hich $eligionF http)99"""(hypno-analysis(co(u-9gc>(htm ;$eference) +hich $eligionF < @@( #atan) Later 3istory) =00 %e To resent-2ay http)99"""(religioustolerance(org9chrOsat/(htm ;$eference) #atan) Later 3istory) =00 %e To resent-2ay (<

@D( 3atred Q Misinformation Against +iccans Neopagans http)99"""(religioustolerance(org9"itchcr=(htm



;$eference) 3atred Q Misinformation Against +iccans And 'ther Neopagans (< @/( Ali, Lu4man( #hariNah ;Islamic La"<( http)99members(oIemail(com(au9?aIma9#hariah(html ;$eference) Ali, Lu4man( #hariNah ;Islamic La"< (< @L( $ogers, :ohn :( +( and *eiss, ( Geoffrey( ;April =JJM< eople and the Earth )!asic Issues in the #ustainability of $esources and Environment( ;=9e(< %ambridge 8niversity ress( I#!N) 0/>=/LMK>>( ages) @/0( aper!ac-( ;$eference) $ogers, :ohn :( +( and *eiss, ( Geoffrey( ;April =JJM< eople and the Earth )!asic Issues in the #ustainability of $esources and Environment( ;=9e(< %ambridge 8niversity ress(< @K( 5ictoria %ombe ;#aturday, :uly 0L, >00>< %hristianity Nis nearly van4uishedN in !ritain( 8H) The Telegraph( http)99ne"s(telegraph(co(u-9ne"s9main(ChtmlE XsessionidX>E&=$8&AA!>I5P*IPM*#**'A5%!P0I50F AmlW9ne"s9>00=90J90L9ncard0L(Aml ;$eference) 5ictoria %ombe ;#aturday, :uly 0L, >00>< %hristianity Nis nearly van4uishedN in !ritain ( 8H) The Telegraph(< 6I have Cust returned from 8ganda and thereNs more %hristianity there than there is here7 @M( Maududi, #yed ANla( Introduction to #urah =( http)99isg-c(org9Maududi9mau=(htm ;$eference) Maududi, #yed ANla( Introduction to #urah = (< @J( Puic-, 2r( Abdullah 3a-im( ;August =JJK< #ee-ing the Inner Muslim( http)99"""(netcomu-(co(u-9?magamiet9MoreO-hutbahs92rOAO3OP uic-9see-ingOtheOinnerOmuslim(htm ;$eference) Puic-, 2r( Abdullah 3a-im( ;August =JJK< #ee-ing the Inner Muslim (<

Rthe rophet ;pbuh< "as visited by the Angel :ibril and as-ed about Islam and Iman( 3e "as also 4uestioned about Ihsan ;righteousness<( The rophetNs response "as that BIhsan is to "orship Allah as though you see 3im and if you cannot do this, then "orship 3im as though 3e sees you(B The rophet ;pbuh< once said to one of his companions, B#ay, I believe in Allah, and then be upright(B Rthe rophet has informed us, B3aste is from the #haitan(B

Rmay Allah help us to embody the "ords and "arnings of the rophet Muhammad ;pbuh< "ho left us in an authentic hadith reported in Al-Tirmidhi) B T"o characteristics are not found together in a hypocrite) good manners and understanding of religion ;fi4h fi-2in<(B D0( 5aishna #ymbols http)99utenti(lycos(it9aum9-undalini9-undaliniOeng9vishnusymb(htm l ;$eference) 5aishna #ymbols (< D=( 5amana, The &oung !achelor http)99"""(freeindia(org9biographies9greatdevotees9bali9pageJ(ht m ;$eference) 5amana, The &oung !achelor (< D>( 2r( ;Mrs(< L(#( 2e"araCa( ;=JM=< The osition of +omen in !uddhism( - The +heel ublication No( >M0( Handy, #ri Lan-a) !uddhist ublication #ociety( e!oo- #iIe) @J-( ages) =@( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9lib9bps9"heels9"heel>M0(html ;$eference) 2r( ;Mrs(< L(#( 2e"araCa( ;=JM=< The osition of +omen in !uddhism ( - The +heel ublication No( >M0( Handy, #ri Lan-a) !uddhist ublication #ociety(< D@( 3ec-er, 3ellmuth( ;Translated by #ister Hhema< ;=JM>< !uddhist +omen at the Time of The !uddha( - The +heel ublication No( >J>9>J( Handy, #ri Lan-a) !uddhist ublication #ociety( e!oo- #iIe) =0L-( ages) @/( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9lib9bps9"heels9"heel>J>(html ;$eference) 3ec-er, 3ellmuth( ;Translated by #ister Hhema< ;=JM><

!uddhist +omen at the Time of The !uddha ( - The +heel ublication No( >J>9>J( Handy, #ri Lan-a) !uddhist ublication #ociety(< DD( :ootla, #usan Elbaum( ;=JMM< Inspiration from Enlightened Nuns( - The +heel ublication No( @DJ9@/0( Handy, #ri Lan-a) !uddhist ublication #ociety( I#!N J//->D-00@>-/( e!oo#iIe) MD-( ages) >J( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9lib9bps9"heels9"heel@DJ(html ;$eference) :ootla, #usan Elbaum( ;=JMM< Inspiration from Enlightened Nuns ( - The +heel ublication No( @DJ9@/0( Handy, #ri Lan-a) !uddhist ublication #ociety(< D/( Therigatha) 5erses of the Elder Nuns( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9-hudda-a9therigatha9indeA( html ;$eference) Therigatha) 5erses of the Elder Nuns (< DL( 5is"amitra( http)99members(rediff(com9saivani95ish"amitra(htm ;$eference) 5is"amitra (< 6The sage "ho eAemplifies the transformation from the $aCasic to satvic 4uality is 5is"amitra( 3is antipathy to sage 5asishta "ent to the eAtentt of even contemplating the destruction of the sage( 5is"amitra "as hovering near the ashram "hen he overheard a conversation bet"eeen 5asishta and his spouse Arundhati( Arundhati eApressed her admiration for the beautiful unblemished light the full moon "as shedding that night( Immediately 5asishta observed, BTonightUs full moon is shining untainted li-e the pure penance of 5is"amitra(B 'n hearing these "ords, 5is"amitra realised ho" mista-en he "as regarding 5asishta and rushed into the ashram, fell at the feet of 5asishta and prayed to him to forgive him( 5asishta lifted 5is"amitra and hailed him as B!rahmarishiB ;a sage "ho has realised the #upreme #elf<( 5asishta, "ho had previously described 5is"amitra as a $aCarishi ;a royal sage<, spontaneously hailed him as a !rahmarishi( 5is"amitra could not contain himself and as-ed 5asishta on "hat grounds "as he called a !rahmarishi( 5asishta said, B5is"amitraG hitherto you "ere filled "ith self-conceit( &ou "ere born "ith ego, gre" "ith ego, and never bo"ed your head to any one( Today you put an end

to your ego and fell at my feet( This is the significance of egolessness( A !rahmarishi is one "ho is free from egoism, ac4uisitiveness, pride and arrogance(B DK( +omen !uddhist priests) Lives dedicated to the Lord( http)99"""(tibet(ca9"tnarchive9>00=9L9=KOL(html ;$eference) +omen !uddhist priests) Lives dedicated to the Lord (< Ta"ang Monastery, Arunachal radesh, North-East India 6It is important, because they have to continue their life "ith all dedication to the lord and no "ay get influenced either "ay( If they are allo"ed to meet lamas or other people, that may ruin their concentration( Also it may lead them for attraction of material "ealth, "hich "e do not "ant7 - an aged nun, Anee Gompa ;lady !uddhist monastery<, Ta"ang Monastery in Arunachal radesh 6+hen as-ed about her aim in life, she ans"ered "ith a spar-le in her beautiful eyes, YTo become a great personality li-e 2alai Lama and devote life for betterment of the man-ind in the globe(U7 - GumIum, a senior lady lama( DM( Ta"ang Monastery - The *ountainhead of #piritual Life( http)99"""(indiaprofile(com9pilgrimage9ta"angmonastery(htm ;$eference) Ta"ang Monastery - The *ountainhead of #piritual Life (< DJ( Ta"ang in Arunachal radesh( http)99users(senet(com(au9?"ingman9ta"ang(html ;$eference) Ta"ang in Arunachal radesh (<

6Arunachal radesh re4uires an Inner Line ermit from Indian citiIens obtainable from their Liaison office in N(2elhi, %alcutta, Gu"ahati and TeIpur7 /0( Tourism in Ta"ang( http)99users(senet(com(au9?"ingman9ta"ang=(html ;$eference) Tourism in Ta"ang (< 6R the presiding deity of the monastery is 2evi or #ri 2evi so selected by the then 2alai Lama(7

/=( !rahmaharshi 5ish"amitra( http)99"""(urday(com9vish"a(htm lin-< ;$eference) !rahmaharshi 5ish"amitra (<

;2e-activated ;2e-activated lin-<

/>( !rahmacharya vrat ;5o" of %elibacy<( http)99"""(godrealiIed(com9glossary9!rahmacharya-vrat(html ;$eference) !rahmacharya vrat ;5o" of %elibacy< (< /@( #ri #"ami #ivananda( Mira !ai( http)99"""(sivanandadlsh4(org9saints9mirabai(htm ;$eference) #ri #"ami #ivananda( Mira !ai (< MiraUs fame spread far and "ide( #o many princesses and 4ueens have come and gone( #o many $anis, Humaris and Maharanis have appeared on the stage of this "orld and vanished( 3o" is it that the 4ueen of %hitore alone is still rememberedF Is this on account of her beautyF Is this on account of her poetic s-illF No( It is on account of her renunciation, one-pointed devotion to Lord Hrishna and God-realisation( #he came face to face "ith Hrishna( #he conversed "ith Hrishna( #he ate "ith HrishnaZher !eloved( #he dran- the Hrishna-prema-rasa( #he has sung from the core of her heart the music of her soul, the music of her !eloved, her uni4ue spiritual eAperiences( And she has sung songs of surrender and rem( Mira had the beautiful cosmic vision( #he sa" Hrishna in the tree, in the stone, in the creeper, in the flo"er, in the bird, in all beings Zin everything( As long as there is the name of Hrishna, there "ill be the name of Mira also( It is eAtremely difficult to find a parallel to this "onderful personalityZMiraZa saint, a philosopher, a poet and a sage( #he "as a versatile genius and a magnanimous soul( 3er life has a singular charm, "ith eAtraordinary beauty and marvel( #he "as a princess, but she abandoned the pleasures and luAuries incident to her high station, and chose instead, a life of poverty, austerity, Tyaga, Titi-sha and 5airagya( Though she "as a delicate young lady, she entered the perilous Courney on the spiritual path amidst various difficulties( #he under"ent various ordeals "ith undaunted courage and intrepidity( #he stood adamant in her resolve( #he had a gigantic "ill( MiraUs earthly life "as full of troubles and difficulties( #he "as persecuted( #he "as tormented and yet she -ept up an undaunted

spirit and a balanced mind all through, by the strength of her devotion and the grace of her beloved Hrishna( Though she "as a princess, she begged alms and lived sometimes on "ater alone( #he led a life of perfect renunciation and self-surrender( Hrishna "as her husband, father, mother, friend, relative and Guru( /D( #ri #"ami #ivananda( Milarepa( http)99"""(sivanandadlsh4(org9saints9milarepa(htm ;$eference) #ri #"ami #ivananda( Milarepa (< //( 2evotee calls the Tune( http)99"""(geocities(com9profv-9gohitvip9D@(html ;$eference) 2evotee calls the Tune (< 6Evidently you do not -no" about me( I am not a free person( I may be able to do anything I li-e( !ut first and foremost, I belong to my devotees( All that is mine belongs to them( They have renounced everything and have chosen me as their sole companion( They have abandoned everything for my sa-e) "ife, home, child, and -insmen) their very lives( They have no thought of this "orld or the neAt( 3eaven holds no charm for them( All they "ant is my grace( In return I have s"orn that I "ill never abandon them( The foremost thought in my mind is the bha-ti they have for me( They have con4uered me "ith their love and I am po"erless against their love( I have no "ill of my o"n( Their sorro" is my sorro" and their happiness is mine( I am famed by the name B!ha-ta-parAdhInaB ;subservient to the devotees<( I am not as fond of myself or even my 2evi La-shmi as I am of my devotees( +hen such is the case, ho" can I treat them casuallyF Any insult offered to my devotee is considered as an insult to me( :ust as good "omen ma-e slaves of their husbands by the eAtreme love they have for them, even so my devotees have made me their slaveB ;from Hamala #ubramanianNs rendering of the bhAgavatamE corresponding to slo-as L@ - LJ of Dth chapter of #-anda J<( The Lord says in so many "ords) 62evotees are my heart( I am the heart of ;my< devotees( They are not a"are of anything other than meE and I also do not -no", even an iota, of anything other than them(7 /L( 2attatreya :ayanti( http)99"""(dattapeetham(com9india9festivals9dattaCayantiJJ9dec>09 dec>0(html

;$eference) 2attatreya :ayanti (< 63o"ever, by his penance, the emperor "as cleansed of his ego( 3ence he eApressed that he had no desire(7 Then the #udarshana %ha-ra "as pacified and it vanished( ; ersonal Note) Living EnergyF< /K( #ri #"ami #ivananda( arsvanatha( http)99"""(sivanandadlsh4(org9saints9parsvanatha(htm ;$eference) #ri #"ami #ivananda( arsvanatha (<

rince arsva "as no" siAteen years old( 3e "as sitting on the throne( 3is father 5isvasena said, BMy son, in order to continue our celebrated royal dynasty, you must marry no"( At the desire of Nabhi $aCa, $ishabha had to marryB( arsvanatha "as very much frightened "hen he heard the "ords of his father( 3e said, BMy life-period "ill not be so eAtensive as that of $ishabha( I am to live only a fe" score years( I have already "asted siAteen years in boyish sports( I must enter the order in my thirtieth year( #hould I then have a married life for so short a period in the hope of getting pleasures "hich are, after all, only imperfect, transient and illusoryFB arsvanathaUs heart "as filled "ith a spirit of renunciation( 3e reflected "ithin himself) B*or long, long years I enCoyed the status of Indra and yet the lust for pleasures did not decrease( EnCoyment of pleasures only increases the lust for pleasures, Cust as the addition of fuel only increases the virulence of fire( leasures at the time of enCoyment are pleasant, but their conse4uences are surely disastrous( BThe soul eAperiences from beginningless time the sufferings of birth, old age, etc(, on account of its attachment to the obCects of this "orld( To satisfy the cravings of his senses, man "anders in the realm of pain( #o that he may have sensual gratification, he does not heed the moral inCunctions and he commits the "orst vices( 3e -ills living animals to enCoy the pleasures of the senses( Lust is at the root of theft, greed, adultery and all vices and crimes( BAs a conse4uence of sinful acts, the soul is forced to migrate from birth to birth in the -ingdom of the lo"er animals etc(, and to suffer the torments of hell( This lust for pleasures must be

shunned ruthlessly( #o long I have "asted my life( I am not going to spend any more time in the vain pursuit of pleasures( I shall be serious and practise right conduct(B /M( &oshi-a"a, EiCi( Musashi( ;$eference) &oshi-a"a, EiCi( Musashi(< 3ighly $ecommended !oo- *or %omplete $eading, 8nderstanding and Transforming The biography portrays in novel form, the life of the greatest s"ords-man of :apanese history "ho lived in =L th -=K t h century :apan( A celibate "arrior "ho by self-eAamination and training under"ent transformation "ith the help of a "andering !uddhist mon- to become the legend of :apan( The "arrior developed the t"o-s"ord fighting techni4ue, to face single-handedly enemies surrounded from all sides( %ombined Sen !uddhism "ith s"ordfighting, to develop 6The +ay of the #"ord7( %ombined #un TIuUs 6The Art of +ar7 "ith his fighting eAperiences, to "rite 6The !ooof the *ive $ings7( /J( !runton, aul( ;=JJ=< A #earch in #ecret India( ;=9e< Ne" 2elhi, India) !(I( ublications rivate Limited9&or- !each, ME, 8#A) +eiser9London, 8H) Messrs $iders Q %o( I#!N) M=-K>>/-00D-/ ages) @=>( ;$eference) !runton, aul( ;=JJ=< A #earch in #ecret India( ;=9e< Ne" 2elhi, India) !(I( ublications rivate Limited9&or- !each, ME, 8#A) +eiser9London, 8H) Messrs $iders Q %o(< 3ighly $ecommended !oo- *or %omplete $eading, 8nderstanding and Transforming Gives an authentic account of the authorUs rendeIvous "ith many Indian mystics and yogis during his Indian travels in the early >0 th century( 3e gives importance to The #eer of Arunachala, #ri $amana Maharshi( 2igest thoroughly the "ords of the follo"ing t"o) The #age +ho Never #pea-s, and The #ilent Anchorite, !rahma( !runton "rote other boo-s also, "hich are all "orth reading and understanding( L0( Goldratt, Eliyahu( The Goal( ;$eference) Goldratt, Eliyahu( The Goal(<

3ighly $ecommended !oo- *or %omplete $eading, 8nderstanding and Transforming A management classic "ritten in novel form( $e-defines the "ay of thin-ing for +hat is the 8ltimate GoalF 6Anything you do, that ta-es to"ards the goal, is productive( Anything you do, that ta-es a"ay from the goal, is un-productive(7 Goldratt "rote other boo-s also, "hich are all "orth reading and understanding( L=( #ome !oo- EAcerpts from 5edas( http)99"""(geocities(com9advaitins9!oo-on5edas(html ;$eference) #ome !oo- EAcerpts from 5edas (< L>( !rean, :oseph( ;#aturday, :uly =@, >00>< LabNs polio virus opens old puIIle) +hat is lifeF %anada) National ost( http)99"""(nationalpost(com9home9story(htmlFidW[>AJ=DK=%=0KL-D=K/-ALK>-=2%2D!LDMDEJ \ ;2eactivated lin-< ;$eference) !rean, :oseph( ;#aturday, :uly =@, >00>< LabNs polio virus opens old puIIle) +hat is lifeF %anada) National ost(< ;2e-activated lin-< L@( !runton, aul( ;=JMM< A #earch in #ecret Egypt( ;>9e< Maine, 8#A) #amuel +eiser, Inc( I#!N) 0-MKK>M-L0@-/ 3ardbound( ;$eference) !runton, aul( ;=JMM< A #earch in #ecret Egypt( ;>9e< Maine, 8#A) #amuel +eiser, Inc(< 3ighly $ecommended !oo- *or %omplete $eading, 8nderstanding and Transforming LD( Nayanar, Na--ira 2eva( ;Translated by Layne Little< Tirumurugarruppadai or NGuide to Lord MuruganN( http)99murugan(org9teAts9tirumuru-arruppadaiOlayneOlittle(htm ;$eference) Nayanar, Na--ira 2eva( ;Translated by Layne Little< Tirumurugarruppadai or NGuide to Lord MuruganN (< L/( rinciples and ractice of 3indu $eligion( Lesson K, %hapter =( http)99"""(bnaiyer(com9hinduism9bas-0K(html ;$eference) %hapter =(< rinciples and ractice of 3indu $eligion ( Lesson K,

LL( About the Temple( http)99"""(indianet(com9ganesh9about(htm ;2e-activated lin-< ;$eference) About the Temple (< ;2e-activated lin-< alani(

LK( Temples of #outh India, #ri 2andayuthapani in http)99"""(theindianculture(com9Indyaculture 1>0temples9southindian1>0Temples9palani(htm ;$eference) alani (< Temples of #outh India, #ri



LM( Murthy, # # ;Ed(< ;=JM/< Night 5ision 2evices( 2elhi, India) 2efence #cientific Information Q 2ocumentation %entre, 2$2', Ministry of 2efence( ages) =@0 aperbac- Edition( ;$eference) Murthy, # # ;Ed(< ;=JM/< Night 5ision 2evices( 2elhi, India) 2efence #cientific Information Q 2ocumentation %entre, 2$2', Ministry of 2efence(< LJ( The aradise of The 3oly *athers( http)99"""(suscopticdiocese(org9frames9magaIine9holyfathers(ht ml ;$eference) The aradise of The 3oly *athers (<

K0( #hort $evie") *eet of %lay-#aints, #inners, and Madmen) A #tudy of Gurus by Anthony #torr( http)99"""(sti(gr9parissis9boo-OfeetOofOclay(html ;2eactivated lin-< ;$eference) #hort $evie") *eet of %lay-#aints, #inners, and Madmen) A #tudy of Gurus by Anthony #torr (< ;2e-activated lin-< K=( 3euvel, %urt van den( $evie" on *eet of %lay-#aints, #inners, and Madmen) A #tudy of Gurus by Anthony #torr( http)99"""(lds-mormon(com9foc(shtml ;$eference) 3euvel, %urt van den( $evie" on *eet of %lay-#aints, #inners, and Madmen) A #tudy of Gurus by Anthony #torr (< K>( $evie") *a"n !rodie - No Man Hno"s My 3istory( http)99"""(lds-mormon(com9brodie(shtml

;$eference) $evie") *a"n !rodie - No Man Hno"s My 3istory (< K@( $evie") $obert 2( Anderson, Inside the Mind of :oseph #mith) sychobiography and the !oo- of Mormon( http)99"""(lds-mormon(com9Cosephsmithmind(shtml ;$eference) $evie") $obert 2( Anderson, Inside the Mind of :oseph #mith) sychobiography and the !oo- of Mormon (< KD( !ahubali - #unset vie"( http)99"""(geocities(com9tamilCain9bahubali9pages9bahubali(htm ;$eference) !ahubali - #unset vie" (< K/( #harma, Asho- Humar( ;=JJ0< +orld *amous rophecies Q redictions( ;=9e< Ne" 2elhi, India) *amily !oo-s rivate Limited( aper) =>M( aperbac- Edition( ;$eference) #harma, Asho- Humar( ;=JJ0< +orld *amous rophecies Q redictions( ;=9e< Ne" 2elhi, India) *amily !oo-s rivate Limited(< KL( 3istory of Astrology - told as timelines) =( Timeline for the Anti4uity( http)99"=(=/LD(telia(com9?u=/LD00===9asmusdoc9history9timeline=( htm ;$eference) 3istory of Astrology - told as timelines) =( Timeline for the Anti4uity (< KK( 2avids, T( +( $hys( ;Translated from the Vli< 2igha Ni-aya ,III ) Tevigga #utta - 'n Hno"ledge 'f The 5edas( http)99"""(vipassana(info9dob-=@tA(htm ;$eference) 2avids, T( +( $hys( ;Translated from the Vli< 2igha Ni-aya ,III ) Tevigga #utta - 'n Hno"ledge 'f The 5edas (< KM( 3o" +ell 2o 2ogs and 'ther Animals 3earF http)99"""(lsu(edu9deafness93earing$ange(html ;$eference) 3o" +ell 2o 2ogs and 'ther Animals 3earF < KJ( #ensing itch or #ound *re4uencies( http)99"""(school-for-champions(com9senses9hearpitch(htm

;$eference) #ensing

itch or #ound *re4uencies (<

M0( %ro"ell, !enCamin( ;>00>< 5ibrations and +aves( """(lightandmatter(com ;>9e<( I#!N 0-JK0DLK0-@-L( ages) J>( %hapter) > $esonance ages) >=-@M( http)99"""(lightandmatter(com9b-@(pdf ;$eference) %ro"ell, !enCamin( ;>00>< 5ibrations and +aves ( """(lightandmatter(com ;>9e<( I#!N 0-JK0DLK0-@-L( ages) J>( %hapter) > $esonance ages) >=-@M(< M=( 5elangani Mada Temple( http)99"""(geocities(com9neravey9velangani(html ;$eference) 5elangani Mada Temple (< M>( Lim, &(#( ;+ednesday, :une =J, >00>< Temple of rare !uddhist relics( enang, Malaysia) The #tar( http)99penang(thestar(com(my9content9focus9>00>9L9=J9ysma(asp ;$eference) Lim, &(#( ;+ednesday, :une =J, >00>< Temple of rare !uddhist relics ( enang, Malaysia) The #tar(< M@( ope "arns of a "orld "ithout spirituality( ;#aturday, :uly >K, >00>< %anada) The Globe and Mail( http)99"""(theglobeandmail(com9servlet9ArticleNe"s9front9$TGAM 9>00>0K>K9"pope>K9*ront9home!N9brea-ingne"s ;$eference) ope "arns of a "orld "ithout spirituality ( ;#aturday, :uly >K, >00>< %anada) The Globe and Mail(< ope :ohn aul II BThe 4uestion "ill not go a"ay) on "hat foundations, on "hat certainties should "e build our lives and the life of the community to "hich "e belongF B'n "hat foundations must "e build the ne" historical era that is emerging from the great transformations of the >0 t h centuryF Is it enough to rely on the technological revolution no" ta-ing place ((( "ithout reference to the individualNs spiritual dimension or to any universally shared ethical valuesF BIs it right to be content "ith provisional ans"ers to the ultimate 4uestions, and to abandon life to the impulses of instinct, to short-lived sensations or passing fadsFB The ope said the >0th century has often tried to do "ithout the cornerstone of %hristianity and %hristian teaching( !ut he said

any attempt to build the city of man "ithout reference to 3im "ould Bactually ]be^ building that city against man(B B%hristians -no" that it is not possible to reCect or ignore God "ithout demeaning man(B Bto build bric- by bric-, the city of God "ithin the city of man(B MD( Murthy, N(H(Narasiha( 2adheechi( http)99"""(freeindia(org9biographies9greatpersonalities9dadheechi 9indeA(htm ;$eference) Murthy, N(H(Narasiha( 2adheechi (< M/( astor +alls, Mi-e( The 2efeat 'f A %hristian ; art =<( http)99"""(mar-beaird(org9sermons9defeatOofOaOchristianO=(html ;2e-activated lin-< ;$eference) =<(< astor +alls, Mi-e( The 2efeat 'f A %hristian ; art

Let me define "hat is meant by flesh( It is not the s-in that stretches over our bones( It is BfleshB is very often used to designate the bodily appetites, propensities, and passions, "hich dra" men a"ay from yielding themselves to the Lord and to the things of the #pirit( The flesh, or carnal principle, is opposed to the spirit, or spiritual principle( The reasons "hy I believe that our flesh is the "orst enemy are as follo"s( &ou had your fleshly nature since birth( &ou develop your habits both bad and good since birth( It is the nature of most people to travel the path of least resistance( +e must remember it is not Cust us that do "rong E it is our sin nature that causes us to do those things "e ought not( ML( !esant, Annie +ood and 2as, !hagavan( ;=JKJ< !hagavad Gita( K th $eprint( Adyar, Madras, India) The Theosophical ublishing 3ouse( I#!N) 0-M@/L-K0/=-=( ages) DL0( 3ardcover Edition( ;$eference) !esant, Annie +ood and 2as, !hagavan( ;=JKJ< !hagavad Gita( K t h $eprint( Adyar, Madras, India) The Theosophical ublishing 3ouse(< MK( Himball, %harles( A %oncise 3istory of India( %hapter =( 2ravidians and Aryans !efore /00 !(%( http)99Aenohistorian(faith"eb(com9india9in0=a(html

;$eference) Himball, %harles( A %oncise 3istory of India ( %hapter =( 2ravidians and Aryans !efore /00 !(%(< MM( Must All !uddhists !e 5egetariansF http)99"""(-msp-s(org9vege(doc ;$eference) Must All !uddhists !e 5egetariansF < MJ( Myths and legends on Ganesh, 3indu god( http)99perso(club-internet(fr9ganapati9anglais9adetmyth(html ;$eference) Myths and legends on Ganesh, 3indu god (< J0( The Ne" aganism) 3o" %hristianity is being replaced by NgreenN religion, goddess "orship, globalism ( ;Thursday, August 0=, >00>< 8#A) The +orldNet2aily(com( http)99"""("orldnetdaily(com9ne"s9article(aspF A$TI%LEOI2W>MDLM ;$eference) The Ne" aganism ) 3o" %hristianity is being replaced by NgreenN religion, goddess "orship, globalism( ;Thursday, August 0=, >00>< 8#A) The +orldNet2aily(com(< Rthe belief that the earth itself is a conscious, living organism R J=( 'nishi, Norimitsu( ;Tuesday, :uly >D, >00=< 'n Mon-sN and NunsN Islands, N&ou 3ave 'nly GodN( 8#A) N& Times, Hebran Gabriel :ournal( http)99"""(nytimes(com9>00=90K9>D9international9>DET3I(html ;2e-activated lin-< 'nishi, Norimitsu( ;#unday, August =>, >00=< $emote monastery offers an escape from lifeNs pleasures( 8#A) Ne" &or- Times( http)99"""(tyler-elly(net9benedict9uploads9ethiopianOmonastery(ht ml ;Alternate lin-< ;$eference) 'nishi, Norimitsu( ;#unday, August =>, >00=< $emote monastery offers an escape from lifeNs pleasures ( 8#A) Ne" &or- Times(< J>( The Mil-y +ay - our galaAy( http)99"""(star(le(ac(u-9edu9m"ay9 ;$eference) The Mil-y +ay - our galaAy (<

J@( Names of Ganesh( http)99perso(club-internet(fr9ganapati9anglais9anoms(html ;$eference) Names of Ganesh (< JD( %ults of Ganesh in 3induismE Tantrism( http)99perso(club-internet(fr9ganapati9anglais9aculte(html ;$eference) %ults of Ganesh in 3induismE Tantrism (< J/( #ister 8palavanna( ;English translation< MaCChima Ni-aaya III(=>D !a--ula #utta) The +onderful Things About 5enerable !a--ula( #ri Lan-a) Metta Net, and 5ipassana(info( http)99"""(vipassana(info9=>D-ba--ula-e(htm ;$eference) #ister 8palavanna( ;English translation< MaCChima Ni-aaya III(=>D !a--ula #utta) The +onderful Things About 5enerable !a--ula ( #ri Lan-a) Metta Net, and 5ipassana(info(< JL( Ganesh in 3induism) !ac-ground( http)99perso(club-internet(fr9ganapati9anglais9ageneral(html ;$eference) Ganesh in 3induism) !ac-ground (< JK( ilgrimsN +ay) the lace of the !uddha( http)99"""(abm(ndirect(co(u-9fsn9DD9"ay(htm ;$eference) ilgrimsN +ay) the lace of the !uddha (<

JM( Angulimala, the !uddhist rison %haplaincy 'rganisation( http)99"""(angulimala(org(u-9angintr(htm ;$eference) Angulimala, 'rganisation (< the !uddhist rison %haplaincy

JJ( #ister 8palavanna( ;English translation< MaCChima Ni-aaya I(@L( Mahaasacca-a sutta( The MaCor 2iscourse to #acca-a ( #ri Lan-a) Metta Net, and 5ipassana(info( http)99"""(vipassana(info90@L-mahasacca-a-sutta-e=(htm ;$eference) #ister 8palavanna( ;English translation< MaCChima Ni-aaya I(@L( Mahaasacca-a sutta( The MaCor 2iscourse to #acca-a ( #ri Lan-a) Metta Net, and 5ipassana(info(<

=00( The MaCChima Ni-aya, or BMiddle-length 2iscoursesB of the !uddha( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9maCChima9indeA(html ;$eference) The MaCChima Ni-aya, or BMiddle-length 2iscoursesB of the !uddha (< =0=( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< MaCChima Ni-aya @L( Maha-#acca-a #utta( The Longer 2iscourse to #acca-a( ;eAcerpt< http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9maCChima9mn0@L(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< MaCChima Ni-aya @L( Maha-#acca-a #utta( The Longer 2iscourse to #acca-a ( ;eAcerpt<< =0>( An 8n-no"n Truth) Great #ouls being persecuted( http)99"""(prodigy"eb(net(mA9santhigi9anOun-no"nOtruth(htm ;de-activated lin-< http)99"""(prodigy"eb(net(mA9santhigi9cosmic9marcos9un-no"n(h tm ;alternate lin-< ;$eference) An 8n-no"n Truth) Great #ouls being persecuted (< =0@( #ubbarayan, H( #an-ara, the :agadguru( http)99"""(svbf(org9sringeri9Cournal9vol=no@9san-ara(html ;$eference) #ubbarayan, H( #an-ara, the :agadguru (< !y eAample and precept Acharya #an-ara eAhorted people to sharpen the s"ord of -no"ledge to cut asunder the veil of ignorance and emerge into the realm of abiding Coy and peace, their birthright( The supreme psychologist that he "as, the Acharya -ne" that man gro"s into reason via emotion( 3ence he cautioned people against a straight flight to reason( Emotional maturity is essential( The Acharya -ne" that human temperaments vary and these decide the natural choice of their favourite deity ;ishta-devata<( 3ence in everyoneUs Ishta 2evata, #an-ara sa" the supreme deity( #an-ara, the peerless commentator on the !hagavad Gita, follo"s in letter and spirit, the command of Gitacharya #ri Hrishna that the vidvan, or the enlightened one, should never disturb the faith

of the ignorant but that he himself should go to the level of the see-er and give him an up"ard push( As in the case of #"ami 5ive-ananda of modern times, acceptance "as his motto, never condemnation( All places of "orship "ill be naturally acceptable to any true #an-arite( Rmany have found deliverance through #an-araUs teachings and then have re-discovered their o"n faiths( The famous saying of #an-ara about the unsurpassed unselfishness and pure love of the mother reverberates through the ages) BThere may be many bad sons, but not one single bad mother(B ;HuputroCaayete Hvachidapi Humaataa na bhavati<( In his celebrated !rahmasutra !hashya, the Acharya cites the eAamples of 2harmavyadha, 5iduran and others "ho "ere born "ith the -no"ledge of !rahman ac4uired in previous births( 3e mentions that the effects cannot be prevented from "or-ing on account of their present birth( The Acharya has stated that the -no"ledge that arises out of the study of the 5edas could also be had through the uranas and the Itihasas, "hich "ere not esoteric teAts but readily "ithin the reach of all( 3e boldly declared) BIt has been established that everyone has the right to the -no"ledge ;of !rahman< and that the supreme goal is attained by that -no"ledge alone(B =0D( Na( 5iCayashan-ar( :ustice delayed is :ustice denied( http)99"""(itsecurity(gov(in9cyberOla"s9more9CusticeOdelayed(htm ;$eference) Na( 5iCayashan-ar( :ustice delayed is :ustice denied (< Indian :udicial system is notorious for the delays that defeat the very purpose for "hich an aggrieved person approaches a court( It is not "ithout reason that there is a proverb in Hannada that in a %ourt battle, B To "in is to lose and to lose is to dieGB( =0/( #ri Aurobindo( The !hagavat Gita, paraphrase( http)99bur(oivta(ru9Integral&oga9#riOAurobindo9!hagavatGita9Gita(html ;2e-activated lin-< http)99"""(aurobindo(ru9"or-ings9sa9=@9gitaOparafras(htm ;Alternate lin-<

;$eference) #ri Aurobindo( The !hagavat Gita, paraphrase (< =0L( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Trans(< The atimo--ha) The !hi--husN %ode of 2iscipline( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9vinaya9bhi--hu-pati(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Trans(< The atimo--ha) The !hi--husN %ode of 2iscipline (< =0K( 2rummond, Loren( #eAual Addictions( http)99"""(um-c(edu9sites9hs"9issues9seAaddict(html ;$eference) 2rummond, Loren( #eAual Addictions (< I( +hat is AddictionF addiction - Bthe act of devoting or giving up oneNs self to a practiceE the state of being devoted E devotion( ;+ebsterNs 2ictionary =JL/, p(==< devoted - Bto give up "holly, or direct the aattention chieflyE to vo" anything to a deityB ;p( >@K<( Addiction is a state of the total person( A "ay of living mar-ed by compulsiveness and9or dependence( %ompulsiveness is driven to the point of a pathological relationship to any mood-altering eAperience "ith a mar-ed propensity to culminating in life damaging conse4uences are the stuff of "hich addictions are made ;!radsha" =JMM p(=/<( These life damaging conse4uences may, and "ill include) familial problems, "or- or career problems, health problems, self esteem or approval problems, financial problems - "hen the addict either spends inordinate amounts of money chasing her BhighB or "henever "or- is missed due to this attempt at mood alteration( eele, ;p( JM=, p( >D< suggests that addictions) =( Tend to eliminate psychological pain9reduce personal a"areness of such "hen the BaddictB is acting out( >( %auses one to be less a"are of, or pay less attention to problems in his9her life and thus precludes their dealing "ith problems constructively( @( +hen not participating in the addiction, mental pain is eAperienced upon thin-ing about his9her life( D( $educed self regard, personal disapproval and lo"ered selfesteem generate further practice of the addictive behavior(


The cycle is repeated - returns to phase one of cycle(

Addictions are thus comprised of these elements) _ 2evotion, to the point of compulsiveness, to a mood-altering eAperienceE _ a cyclical preoccupation "ith achieving the desired effects in spite of life damaging conse4uences( =0M( Abnormal sychology) #eAual 2isorders( http)99"""(byu(edu9?psych"eb9bnc9ab9ab-n=M(htm ;$eference) Abnormal sychology) #eAual 2isorders (<

+oman #tal-er . A rofile have a history of reCection intense insecurities about the status "ith men voyeur9Bpeeping TomB - one "ho achieves seAual arousal through clandestine vie"ing of others( vie" favorite targets undressed The BdangerB of potentially being caught seems to heighten the arousal, and the avoidance of overtly approaching the favorite target, "ith the associated ris- of reCection, simultaneously ma-es it seem safer( =0J( Anderson, Mary :o( ;#aturday, August =0, >00>< %atholic bishops call for rare council( 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com( http)99"""("orldnetdaily(com9ne"s9seeitno"(aspF A$TI%LEOI2W>M//D ;$eference) Anderson, Mary :o( ;#aturday, August =0, >00>< %atholic bishops call for rare council ( 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com(< BThe Nroot causesN are the bishops themselves ( It is a failure of fidelity to the teachings of the %hurch( 'ur bishops have abandoned their role as shepherds in order to accommodate the popular culture(B Ra council is needed to ans"er painful 4uestions) B+hat has happened to the life and ministry of bishops and priests that ma-es us vulnerable to the failings that have humiliated us allF +hat things need to be going on so that in this cultural milieu priests and bishops "ill preserve their celibate chastity along "ith all the other virtues that constitute the life of holiness proper to pastorsF

3o" can the purification upon "hich "e shepherds have embar-ed help us, in turn, support our people in achieving greater holinessFB BNotice the absence of "ishy-"ashy bishop spea-( These men -no" thereNs a problem, and theyNre going to face it s4uarely(B Rthe =JL= 5atican directive that prohibited the ordination of homoseAuals( R on the identity, life and ministry of bishops and priestsE on matters of seAual morality in general Ron celibate chastity as an authentic form of human seAuality rene"ed by grace and a share in %hristNs o"n spousal love for 3is %hurch(B Rsupport the ordination of "omen, a policy counter to %atholic teaching( %atholic theology teaches that the priest is Bli-e %hristB "ho is the BbridegroomB to the %hurch( The marital imagery bet"een %hrist and %hurch is inconsistent "ith "omen priests, according to %hurch doctrine( art of the call for BrestructuringB of the %hurch includes permitting %atholic priests to marry( The bishopNs letter calling for a plenary council, ho"ever, outlines a more stringent observance of celibacy Bto foster the acts of virtue re4uired of pastors and the means needed to achieve those virtues, especially celibate chastity ;e(g(, daily celebration of the Mass, fre4uent %onfession, daily meditation, regular acts of asceticism, obedient submission to %hurch teaching and discipline, simplicity of life<(B Bpurification of the entire %atholic community ((( a holier priesthood, a holier episcopate and a holier church(B ==0( #eA - itNs mon-ey business( ;Thursday, August 0M, >00>< Australia) The Age( http)99"""(theage(com(au9articles9>00>90M90K9=0>M=/KJ/JKMD(html ;$eference) #eA - itNs mon-ey business ( ;Thursday, August 0M, >00>< Australia) The Age(< The eAtra-marital mon-ey-business of men and "omen could be eAplained by studies on gibbons "hich are abandoning monogamy in favour of multiple partners #tudies of gibbon species in Thailand, once -no"n to mate for life, have sho"n the primates moving to"ards multiple partners due to changes in social structures and habitat pressures( B+e discovered there is a variation from monogamy to polygamy in densely populated gibbon areas ,B #ompote #ri-osamart, associate professor of biology at ThailandNs prestigious Mahidol 8niversity, told A* (

Gibbons are primates, and they are closely related to humans, he eAplained( B+hat "e learn from gibbons may reflect the condition that eAplains the dream of humans to be monogamous( !ut "hile the ethical rule is that "e are monogamous, it is obvious that "e are polygamous(B #tudy of the primates may give an insight into the behaviour of humans, #ompote said, but he stressed that a behavioural correlation "as not scientifically proven( #ompote said that as far bac- as =JM0 he has conducted social studies on "ild gibbon populations in eastern ThailandNs Hhao #oi 2ao National ar-, "hich sho"ed the primatesN predilection for polygamy( !ut the issue "as revived by ne" reports that the animals "ere moving further to"ards having multiple partners( And, similar to human trends , increased gibbon populations in some national par-s led to gro"ing habitat pressure and a variation in social organisation( B+e started to discover that in 4uite a fe" groupings, there "as one male and more than one female, or one female and multiple males,B he said( B+hether they breed or not is another matter(B AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 5ocabulary( redilection) an established preference for something ===( Lord 3anuman http)99"""(hanumanmission(com9lord9hanuman(html ;$eference) Lord 3anuman (< ==>( Gods And #ymbols) #hri 3anumanCi http)99"""(urday(com9hanuman(htm ;$eference) Gods And #ymbols) #hri 3anumanCi (< ==@( *ruit of aradise http)99"""(deccanherald(com9deccanherald9may=J9sh/(htm activated lin-< ;$eference) *ruit of aradise(< http)99"""(deccanherald(com9deccanherald9may=J9sh/(htm activated lin-< ;2e-


#harma, Girish( ;+ednesday, 'ctober =K, >00=< !anana !uilds !lood( India) India EApress(

http)99indiaeApress(com9mind9health9banana(html ;$eference) #harma, Girish( ;+ednesday, 'ctober =K, >00=< !anana !uilds !lood ( India) India EApress(< The mon-ey God 3anuman is referred to have lived in Hadalivana or the banana garden on the ban-s of Huberapuh-arni( ==D( Acharyas 9 rincipal Teachers http)99"""(urday(com9Cain>(htm ;$eference) Acharyas 9 rincipal Teachers (<

==/( The 5ictory of the #oul http)99"""(urday(com9Cain@(htm ;$eference) The 5ictory of the #oul (< :ainism To attain Mo-sha, one should control desire and hatred( 3e should renounce the "orld and become detached( The soul can get liberated only if one practices non-violence, penance, abstains from laIiness, spea-s the truth, and maintains celibacy and good conduct( As a result of this, all these imbalances shall cease to eAist and one can attain the divine state or NNirvanaN( `` #ANTI NI55ANAMA3I&AM `` The *ruits 'f Harma ;2eeds< :AMI&AM :AGAE 823' :AGA HAMME3IM L8 ANTI ANIN' ` #AMME5 HA2E3IM GA3AEE, N' TA##A M8%3%3E::A A AT3&A `` All creatures in this universe are loc-ed in the vicious circle of life and death only because of their N#anchitN or accumulated past deeds( Accordingly, one ta-es birth in different &onis ;forms<( 'ne cannot be freed from the vicious cycle "ithout suffering for the -armas commited in the past life( *or eAample, if a vessel is filled "ith "ater, it gradually sin-s because of the "eight, similarly the human body gradually ceases to eAist due to accumulation of bad -armas such as lies, immorality, violence, avarice, greed and sensual pleasure( #imilarly, "hen the soul is freed from the bondage of Harma, it gets liberated forever and attains the divine state (

+in The #oul +ith The #oul :' #A3A##AM #A3A##ANAM #EGAME 28::A&A :I&E AEGAM :INE::A A ANAM, AE#A #E A$AM' :A' `` 'ne can fight and defeat his enemies on the battlefield but he should possess the ability of N"inningN or freeing the soul from the body( This "ould be the personNs real victory( Liberation *rom The 2emerits H'3AM MANAM %3A MA&AM %3A L'!3AM %3A A 5A23ANAM 5AME %3ATTA$I 2'#E 8 E%3%3ANT' 3I&AMA AN' `` The person "ho "ants to attain the divine state shall have to relin4uish D demerits that induce sin and subse4uently misery( ;i< Anger, ;ii< Ego, ;iii< Eros ; leasure Instinct< and ;iv< Greed( 'ne should "in over anger by peace, ego by politeness and humbleness, pleasure instincts by simplicity and greed by contentment( 8ncontrolled anger and ego ;pride<, ever increasing greed and pleasure instincts enhances the chances of rebirth( ==L( Encyclopedia . Indra9Indrani http)99"""(mypurohith(com9Encyclopedia9EnclopI(asp ;$eference) Encyclopedia . Indra9Indrani (< ==K( #tac-house, M L et al ;Ed(< ;=JJ/< 'n Moral !usiness) %lassical and %ontemporary $esources *or Ethics in Economic Life( Grand $apids, Michigan) +illiam !( Eerdmans ublishing %ompany( ages) /J-L>, @MD . @J/ ;$eference) #tac-house, M L et al ;Ed(< ;=JJ/< 'n Moral !usiness) %lassical and %ontemporary $esources *or Ethics in Economic Life( Grand $apids, Michigan) +illiam !( Eerdmans ublishing %ompany(< ==M( Hissane, Haren( ;Thursday, August 0M >00>< Gambling) the factor that almost destroyed a life ( Australia) The Age %ompany Ltd( http)99"""(theage(com(au9articles9>00>90M90K9=0>M=/KJL>M/J(html ;$eference) Hissane, Haren( ;Thursday, August 0M >00>< Gambling) the factor that almost destroyed a life ( Australia) The Age %ompany Ltd(<

==J( Soech, Irene( ;#aturday, August =0, >00>< N'rdainedN "oman to fight papal eApulsion( 8H) Times Ne"spapers Ltd( http)99"""(timesonline(co(u-9article90,,@-@KJ>L/,00(html ;2e-activated lin-< ;$eference) Soech, Irene( ;#aturday, August =0, >00>< N'rdainedN "oman to fight papal eApulsion ( 8H) Times Ne"spapers Ltd(< http)99"""(timesonline(co(u-9article90,,@-@KJ>L/,00(html ;2e-activated lin-< The ope and the $oman %atholic %hurch oppose the ordination of "omen on the grounds that :esus chose only men to be 3is 2isciples( R "omen could not participate in theological training to become deacons or clerics "ho perform many of the same pastoral duties as priests( 6+hether man or "oman, you need to feel a call for becoming a priest( And you simply have to li-e "hat you are doing( And "e do li-e "or-ing as priests( I feel at home in churches( I feel at ease( &ou need to have talent, passion for this Cob( 7 6There are many very good ;male< priests, but there are also many bad ones( And not all the "omen that "ill be ordained as priests in the future "ill be good priests ( ( ( +e "omen "ant to change the %hurch for the better(7 6Not everybody is the same and li-es the same( The road is broad that leads to God( I hope that "hen there is a ne" ope he "ill treat the peopleUs belief in God "ith great respect( It is important to listen and not only spea-(7 =>0( $aman, !( ;Monday, March =J, >00=< #ting 'perations( no( >=>( #outh Asia Analysis Group( http)99"""(saag(org9papers@9paper>=>(htm aper

;$eference) $aman, !( ;Monday, March =J, >00=< #ting 'perations ( aper no( >=>( #outh Asia Analysis Group(< Rbut, in many countries, it is illegal to use them clandestinely against another person in his or her house or office( 'nly the *!I can mount a sting operation( No private individual, not even a Cournalist, can( BIndividuals, any and all entities must and shall comply "ith all applicable local, state, federal la"s and regulations before performing or engaging in any recording, covert surveillance or any transmission of radio fre4uencies( !e a"are of your local la"s prior to using AN& covert devices(

Rbut in India there are no la"s regulating the use of covert investigative9surveillance e4uipment by private individuals( 2espite the legal safeguards in the 8#, there have been gro"ing complaints of the misuse of such covert e4uipment not only by private individuals, but also by the la" enforcement agencies, resulting in a violation or distortion of the rules of natural Custice and particularly of the basic constitutional or legal guarantee that no person can be made to incriminate himself by using force or deceitful means( #ting operations could be mounted only against persons against "hom some evidence of criminality already eAists and a sting operation is considered necessary for getting conclusive evidence( ermission for sting operations must be obtained from appropriate courts or the Attorney-General( This safeguard has been laid do"n since those "ho mount a sting operation themselves commit the offences of impersonation, criminal trespass under false pretences and ma-ing a person commit an offence( The #upreme %ourt has ruled) B The first duties of the officers of the la" are to prevent, not to punish crime R(7 =>=( The Associated ress( ;#aturday, August =0, >00>< $oc-ets to the moon, 5on !raunNs team remembers( 8#A) %NN(com( http)99"""(cnn(com9>00>9TE%39space90M9=09german(roc-et(team(a p9indeA(html ;2e-activated lin-< http)99"""(Cerspage(com9roc-et1>0men(html ;Alternate lin-< ;$eference) The Associated ress( ;#aturday, August =0, >00>< $oc-ets to the moon, 5on !raunNs team remembers ( 8#A) %NN(com(< Rthe only "ay to get the -ind of funding and resources necessary to develop his roc-et science "ould be through the military( B+hatNs the definition of slave laborerFB :acobi said( BIn a certain sense "e "ere slave laborers( 8nder certain dictatorships you have to do certain things(B =>>( $ao, :oe( ;*riday, August 0J, >00>< 5ie"erNs Guide) erseid Meteor #ho"er ea-s #unday Q Monday( 8#A) # A%E(com( http)99space(com9space"atch9perseidsOspace"atchO0>0M0J(html ;$eference) $ao, :oe( ;*riday, August 0J, >00><

5ie"erNs Guide) erseid Meteor #ho"er 8#A) # A%E(com(<

ea-s #unday Q Monday (

=>@( Goodstein, Laurie( ;#unday, August ==, >00>< 'usted Members %ontend :ehovahNs +itnessesN Abuse olicy 3ides 'ffenses( 8#A) The Ne" &or- Times %ompany( http)99"""(nytimes(com9>00>90M9==9national9==+ITN(htmlF eiW/0@MQenWJcdL0b/eKJJaLf@bQeAW=0>JK>JL00QpartnerWA#A3IQp age"antedWallQpositionWtop ;2e-activated lin-< http)99"""(cephasministry(com9C"OseAualOchildOabuse((html ;Alternate lin-< ;$eference) Goodstein, Laurie( ;#unday, August ==, >00>< 'usted Members %ontend :ehovahNs +itnessesN Abuse 3ides 'ffenses ( 8#A) The Ne" &or- Times %ompany(< olicy

BGroups that tend to be very tight--nit and in-gro"n historically have a higher incidence of seAual abuse and incest,B R BThatNs an ethnological fact( +hen a religion tries to be thoroughly holy or godly, itNs not going to ac-no"ledge that people arenNt living up to the ideals of the faith(B =>D( Ahmed, $ashmee S( ;#unday, August ==, >00>< Alcohol and Indians do not really miA( India) The Times of India( http)99timesofindia(indiatimes(com9articlesho"(aspF artOI2W=MKJM=@D ;$eference) Ahmed, $ashmee S( ;#unday, August ==, >00>< Alcohol and Indians do not really miA ( India) The Times of India(< The findings of a ne" study published in the !ritish Medical :ournal confirm "hat many doctors in India already -no" ) Indians may be particularly susceptible to alcoholic liver disease, an alarming possibility for a country "ith a drin-ing population of >0 per cent and "here having a drin- is becoming increasingly socially acceptable( Eighty per cent of the Asian deaths documented "ere of #i-hs, five to =0 per cent 3indus and five per cent or less Muslims,((( The figures,R confirm the Asian communityUs "orst fears ( Indians here ;London< are drin-ing more "ith the second generation cultivating a raging thirst in an attempt to fit in "ith young !ritonsU addiction to a "ider after-"or- and binge-drin-ing culture(

Indians "ho died of alcoholic liver disease "ere in their mid-D0s and at least =0 years younger than the "hite men and "omen "ho also succumbed( =>/( A 2iversity of #-in Types( http)99"""(cdc(gov9eAcite9s-incancer9mod0M(htm ;$eference) A 2iversity of #-in Types (< =>L( An Introduction to #-in %ancer( http)99"""(maui(net9?souths-y9introto(html ;$eference) An Introduction to #-in %ancer (< Rboth the total amount of sun received over the years, and overeAposure resulting in sunburn can cause s-in cancer The effect 85 light has on your s-in is dependent both upon the intensity and the duration of your eAposure( 3o" your s-in reacts to the amount of eAposure received is related to your genetic bac-ground( Even if you rarely sunburn ho"ever, sensitive areas such as your lips, nose, and palms of the hands should be protected( =>K( Losal, 5enerable Lama &eshe( NLiving 2harmaN - Meditation is the Hey to *ulfillment( http)99"""(samyeling(org9!uddhism9Teachings9@Meditation9@medi tation(html ;$eference) Losal, 5enerable Lama &eshe( NLiving 2harmaN - Meditation is the Hey to *ulfillment (< =>M( Mitchell, #teve( ;*riday, :uly >L, >00>< rison rapes spreading deadly diseases( 8#A) 8 I Medical %orrespondent( http)99"""(upi(com9vie"(cfmF#toryI2W>00>0K>L-0/=//J-=D>@r ;$eference) Mitchell, #teve( ;*riday, :uly >L, >00>< rison rapes spreading deadly diseases ( 8#A) %orrespondent(< 8 I Medical

rison rape has become such a common occurrence in federal and state prisons across the 8nited #tates that it could have deadly conse4uences for the inmate population as "ell as the public at large, eAperts in the field told 8nited ress International( Rprison rape has been associated "ith the spread of potentially fatal diseases such as AI2# and tuberculosis( BThe AI2# incidence "ithin prisons is alarmingly high,B

RJ/ percent of people in prison "ill eventually be released bacinto society, so if they contract AI2# or other diseases "hile incarcerated they "ill be a tremendous burden to society due to healthcare costs and the threat they pose for spreading disease( Rvie"s AI2# as an unadCudicated death sentence because people "ho receive only a short sentence for their crime but contract AI2# "hile in prison have essentially had their sentence eAtended to death(Rthe people most li-ely to be raped in prisons are nonviolent and first-time offenders and these are the most li-ely to be released bac- into the general population, "hich ultimately poses a disease ris- to society( In addition to AI2#, herpes and other seAually transmitted diseases have been spread in prisons and hepatitis % is an epidemic in certain prisons R Men as "ell as "omen run the ris- of being raped "hile in prisonR R"omen have become pregnant "hile imprisoned, "hich often is an indication they have been raped by male guardsR rison rape Bthreatens the rest of society, by increasing the spread of 3I5 and other diseases, and by ma-ing individuals, brutaliIed "ithin prison, more li-ely to commit ne" crimes after they are released,B A maCor part of the problem is prison officials condone rape among inmatesR BThere have been correctional officials "ho have tried to deal "ith this but in general the system pretends it doesnNt eAist,B Indeed, sometimes it is used by guards to control or punish inmates( B%orrection officers turn a blind eye,B Raccounts of officers "atching rape on surveillance cameras or hearing screams in the night and not doing anything to help the victims( =>J( 8pagupta) The !uddhist Mon-( http)99"""(hindu-ids(org9grandpa9upagupta(html ;$eference) 8pagupta) The !uddhist Mon- (< B&ou canNt call your body your o"nGB !uddha said in his discourse( B+hen the body is cast a"ay, it becomes food for the vultures( Light the lamp "ithin you, only then, "ill you find true peace(B =@0( Gandhi, Mahatma( ;Gandhi, M H< ;Translation< ;=JJM< The !hagvadgita( ;M th printing< Ahmedabad) NavCeevan Trust 2elhi, India) 'rient aperbac-s( I#!N) M=->>>-000K-J( ages) @=>(

;$eference) Gandhi, Mahatma( ;Gandhi, M H< ;Translation< ;=JJM< The !hagvadgita( ;M t h printing< Ahmedabad) NavCeevan Trust 2elhi, India) 'rient aperbac-s(< =@=( !uddhanet(net) !uddhist information and education net"or-( http)99"""(buddhanet(net9 ;$eference) !uddhanet(net ) !uddhist information and education net"or-(< =@>( +etering, : 5an de( ;=JK@< The Empty Mirror) EAperiences in a :apanese Sen Monastery( London, 8H) $outledge Q Hegan aul( ;$eference) +etering, : 5an de( ;=JK@< The Empty Mirror) EAperiences in a :apanese Sen Monastery ( London, 8H) $outledge Q Hegan aul(< =@@( 3orsebac- N:esusN gathers his floc-( ;Monday, August =J >00>< Australia) The #ydney Morning 3erald( http)99"""(smh(com(au9articles9>00>90M9=M9=0>J==D0/0D@/(html ;$eference) 3orsebac- N:esusN gathers his floc- ( ;Monday, August =J >00>< Australia) The #ydney Morning 3erald(< More than D000 follo"ers have travelled from all over the former #oviet 8nion, and some as far a"ay as Australia, to listen to his sermon and be baptised in the river that runs by etropavlov-a( 3is most loyal follo"ers have abandoned modern life( A core of several hundred have built log huts and yurts R No drin-ing, s"earing or smo-ing is allo"ed, and there is little contact "ith the outside "orld( =@D( ost, :errold M( Narcissism and the %harismatic Leader*ollo"er $elationship( http)99"""(lds-mormon(com9Cosephsmithmind(shtml ;$eference) ost, :errold M( Narcissism and the %harismatic Leader-*ollo"er $elationship (< =@/( Munn, Michelle( ;*riday, August =L, >00>< Military finding it hard to recruit( 8#A) Los Angeles Times( http)99seattletimes(n"source(com9html9nation"orld9=@D/=D/KJOrec ruit=L(html ;$eference) Munn, Michelle( ;*riday, August =L, >00>< Military finding it hard to recruit ( 8#A) Los Angeles Times(<

=@L( #utra !oo-( !odhi Sendo( http)99"""(bodhiIendo(bodhisangha(org9%entreOinOIndia9Informati on9#utraO!oo-9sutraOboo-(html ;$eference) #utra !oo- ( !odhi Sendo(< =@K( %hinese Traveler *a-3ein in India( http)99"""(-amat(com9-alranga9itihas9fa-hien(htm ;$eference) %hinese Traveler *a-3ein in India (< +e -no" of a truth that the opening of ;the "ay for such< a mysterious propagation is not the "or- of manE =@M( *a-3ien( ;Translated and annotated by Legge, :ames< ;March, >000< $ecord of !uddhistic Hingdoms( http)99"""(ibiblio(org9gutenberg9eteAt009rbddh=0(tAt ;$eference) *a-3ien( ;Translated and annotated by Legge, :ames< ;March, >000< $ecord of !uddhistic Hingdoms (< =@J( ope "arns against playing God( ;Monday, August =J, >00>< Australia) The Age( http)99"""(theage(com(au9brea-ing9>00>90M9=J9**,:NL J=/2(html ;2e-activated lin-< %onnolly, Hate( ;Monday August =J, >00>< Millions hear "eary ope "arn against Nplaying GodN( 8H) The Guardian( http)99"""(guardian(co(u-9international9story90,@L0D,KKLK@0,00(ht ml ;Alternate lin-< %onnolly, Hate( ;Monday August =J, >00>< Millions hear "eary ope "arn against Nplaying GodN( 8H) The GuardianE AL# Ne"s %enter( http)99"""(rideforlife(com9MT9archives9stemOcellOresearch9000=0J (html ;Alternate lin-< ;$eference) ope "arns against playing God ( ;Monday, August =J, >00>< 8H) The Guardian(<

=D0( Tolstoy, Leo( ;Translated by Garnett, %onstance< ;=MKK< Anna Harenina( The roCect Gutenberg EteAt( ages) =DJ/( http)99"""(ibiblio(org9gutenberg9eteAtJM9n-rnn==(tAt ;$eference) Tolstoy, Leo( ;Translated by Garnett, %onstance< ;=MKK< Anna Harenina ( The roCect Gutenberg EteAt(< =D=( '"en, $ichard( ;+ednesday, August >=, >00>< EApert attac-s latest tests on Turin #hroud( 8H) Times Ne"spapers Ltd( http)99"""(timesonline(co(u-9article90,,@-@MJK>@,00(html ;2eactivated lin-< ;$eference) '"en, $ichard( ;+ednesday, August >=, >00>< EApert attac-s latest tests on Turin #hroud ( 8H) Times Ne"spapers Ltd(< The shroud, preserved in Turin %athedral, is held by many %hristians to be the cloth in "hich :esus %hrist "as "rapped after the %rucifiAion( 5enerated for centuries as the 3oly #hroud, it preserves the image of a tall man "ith crucifiAion mar-s "hich only came to light "hen the D(@Km-by-=(==m ;=Dft Din-by-@ft Kin< cloth "as first photographed at the end of the =J th century( The eAistence of a 3oly #hroud "as first recorded at Edessa ;no" 8rfa in modern Tur-ey< in the > n d century and again at %onstantinople in the =0 t h century( In the =D th century the 6burial cloth of %hrist7 "as allegedly brought to *rance by %rusader -nights( A linen cloth purported to be the shroud "as later entrusted to an order of nuns in %hambary, "ho repaired it after a fire in =/@>( =D>( $euters( ;Tuesday, August >0, >00>< +oman loses stoning death appeal( 8#A) %able Ne"s Net"or- L , LLL ( http)99"""(cnn(com9>00>9+'$L29africa90M9=J9nigeria(stoning(reut9 indeA(htmlFrelatedbtopOofOpage ;2e-activated lin-< ;$eference) $euters( ;Tuesday, August >0, >00>< +oman loses stoning death appeal( 8#A) %able Ne"s Net"or- L , LLL (< =D@( $euters( ;Tuesday, August >0, >00>< +orld fury at stoning sentence( 8#A) %able Ne"s Net"or- L , LLL ( http)99"""(cnn(com9>00>9+'$L29africa90M9>09nigeria(stone(reut9in deA(html ;2e-activated lin-< ;$eference) $euters( ;Tuesday, August >0, >00>< +orld fury at stoning sentence( 8#A) %able Ne"s Net"or- L , LLL (<

=DD( Anderson, Mary :o( ;#unday, 'ctober >>, >000< Evidence favors #hroud of Turin as real thing( 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com( http)99"""("orldnetdaily(com9ne"s9article(aspF A$TI%LEOI2W=KLMM ;$eference) Anderson, Mary :o( ;#unday, 'ctober >>, >000< Evidence favors #hroud of Turin as real thing ( +orldNet2aily(com(< 8#A)

The #hroud "as dated =>L0-=@J0 A2( R the historical date "hen the revered linen "as first discovered in Europe during the =@/0s in the sleepy hamlet of Lirey, *rance( *urthermore, forensic evidence confirms that the red stains are blood, type A!, and that this blood has elevated levels of bilirubin, presumably caused by the trauma of scourging( scourge( Main Entry) >scourge *unction) transitive verb Inflected *orm;s<) scourgedE scourgcing 2ate) =@th century = ) *L'G, +3I > a ) to punish severely b ) A**LI%T c ) to drive as if by blo"s of a "hip d ) %3A#TI#E - scourgcer noun =D/( #ister 8palavanna( ;Translated from the ali< MaCChima Ni-aaya III(=>/ 2antabhuumi #utta The #phere of Training( http)99"""(vipassana(info9=>/-dantabhumi-e(htm ;$eference) #ister 8palavanna( ;Translated from the ali< MaCChima Ni-aaya III(=>/ 2antabhuumi #utta The #phere Training (< of

=DL( 3orner, I(!( ;Trans(< ;Thursday, #eptember =J, >00>< MaCChima Ni-aya =>/( 2antabhumi #utta( The 2iscourse on the BTamed #tageB( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9maCChima9mn=>/(html ;$eference) 3orner, I(!( ;Trans(< ;Thursday, #eptember =J, >00>< MaCChima Ni-aya =>/(2antabhumi #utta( The 2iscourse on the BTamed #tageB (< =DK( 2avids, T( +( $hys( ;Translated from the ali< Introduction to the Tevigga #utta( http)99"""(vipassana(info9dob-=@in(htm ;$eference) 2avids, T( +( $hys( ;Translated from the ali<

Introduction to the Tevigga #utta (< =DM( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< Anguttara Ni-aya III(=>0( Moneyya #utta( #agacity( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9anguttara9an0@-=>0(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the Anguttara Ni-aya III(=>0( Moneyya #utta( #agacity (< ali<

=DJ( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< Anguttara Ni-aya I5(=M=( &odhaCiva #utta( The +arrior( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9anguttara9an0D-=M=(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< Anguttara Ni-aya I5(=M=( &odhaCiva #utta( The +arrior (< =/0( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< Anguttara Ni-aya 5(K/( &odhaCiva #utta( The +arrior ;=<( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9anguttara9an0/-0K/(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< Anguttara Ni-aya 5(K/( &odhaCiva #utta( The +arrior ;=< (< =/=( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< Anguttara Ni-aya 5(KL( &odhaCiva #utta( The +arrior ;><( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9anguttara9an0/-0KL(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< Anguttara Ni-aya 5(KL( &odhaCiva #utta( The +arrior ;>< < =/>( Ireland, :ohn 2( ;Translated from the ali< 8dana III(=( Hamma #utta( *ormer Action( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9-hudda-a9udana9ud@-0=a(html ;$eference) Ireland, :ohn 2( ;Translated from the ali< 8dana III(=( Hamma #utta( *ormer Action(< =/@( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< 8dana III(=( Hamma #utta( Action( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9-hudda-a9udana9ud@-0=(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< 8dana III(=( Hamma #utta( Action(< =/D( #ri Haruna-ara Guru( An 8n-no"n Truth( Great #ouls being persecuted( India) #anthigiri Ashram(

http)99"""(prodigy"eb(net(mA9santhigi9cosmic9marcos9un-no"n(h tm ;$eference) #ri Haruna-ara Guru( An 8n-no"n Truth( Great #ouls being persecuted ( India) #anthigiri Ashram(< =//( The Courney to :ohannesburg( ;Thursday, August, >J, >00>< 8H) !!% Ne"s( http)99ne"s(bbc(co(u-9>9hi9science9nature9>=LD>D0(stm ;$eference) The Courney to :ohannesburg ( ;Thursday, August, >J, >00>< 8H) !!% Ne"s(< =/L( %arr, :ohn( ;Thursday, August >>, >00>< Gree-s lay claim to AleAanderNs legacy( 8H) Times Ne"spapers Ltd( http)99"""(timesonline(co(u-9article90,,@-@J0KM/,00(html ;de-activated lin-< http)99groups(yahoo(com9group9aleAander-macedon9message9=>0 ;Alternate lin-< ;$eference) %arr, :ohn( ;Thursday, August >>, >00>< Gree-s lay claim to AleAanderNs legacy ( 8H) Times Ne"spapers LtdE &ahoo Groups) aleAander-macedon - AleAander of Macedon *orum(< According to tradition, AleAander the GreatUs architect, 2einocrates, "ished to please his master by carving a colossal figure of him out of the entire southern tip of Mount Athos( 2einocrates envisaged the con4ueror "aist-deep in the sea, holding a city in one hand and a harbour in the other( AleAander himself, perhaps fearful of provo-ing the godsU envy, vetoed the plan( 2einocrates instead designed "hat is no" the Egyptian city of AleAandria( Empire-builder and living god !orn @/L !% in ella, Macedonia, AleAander "as educated by Aristotle( 3is father hilip II "on control of mainland Greece after defeating several city states in battles in "hich the =L-year-old AleAander first commanded an army( In a ten-year campaign AleAander van4uished the once-dominant ersian empire, scoring decisive victories at Issus and Gaugamela against the numerically stronger ersian army under 2arius III( 3e eAtended his empire to include all of modern Tur-ey, Egypt and north"est India, ma-ing great efforts to assimilate local

cultures into his empire( +hen he married a ersian princess he forced M0 officers to do li-e"ise( After visiting a desert oracle in Egypt he demanded to be treated as a living god( 2espite having several "ives, AleAander "as "idely rumoured to be homoseAual( 3e "as especially close to a fello" Macedonian, 3ephaestion( AleAander died in @>@!% aged @@( The empire "as divided bet"een his senior generals, some of "hom "ent on to found long-running dynasties( =/K( MatusIa-, #ascha( ;*riday, August >@, >00>< +hat Tai"anese *ear( 8#A) Anti"ar(com( http)99anti"ar(com9matusIa-9ma0M>@0>(html ;$eference) MatusIa-, #ascha( ;*riday, August >@, >00>< +hat Tai"anese *ear ( 8#A) Anti"ar(com(< In the richer areas of East Asia, the people care not a "hit "hat the foreigner is doing or "ho he is doing it "ith( The poorer the region, the more the police and the populace begin to ta-e notice( No", much of this BinterestB is perfunctory9 obligatory( !ut its the dirty, poor, desperate underbelly that scares them( Its the arrogance and belligerence of a totalitarian leadership, the need to Bregain faceB and end years of humiliation, the need to reclaim that scares %hinaNs neighbors( A#EAN "orries about it, the Horeas, :apan and especially Tai"an( This is "hat Tai"anese spea- of "hen they say Bsharing a house "ith a beggar(B Tai"anese donNt fear "ar as much as they fear a peaceful reunification that comes too 4uic-( An irrational beggar might attac-, regardless of the conse4uences, but this is a simpler situation than the beggar that moves in and sets up shop, demanding a seat at the table( #everal thousand years of %hinese culture "ould re4uire the rich man to feed his beggar cousin( This is "hat Tai"an fears, much more than missiles and threats( =/M( 5eon, :oan( ;*riday, August >@, >00>< utting teeth in the environmental agenda( 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com( http)99"""("orldnetdaily(com9ne"s9article(aspF A$TI%LEOI2W>MK0@ ;$eference) 5eon, :oan( ;*riday, August >@, >00><

utting teeth in +orldNet2aily(com(<



agenda (


The -ey concept behind sustainable development is that the earth has finite resources "ith too many people( This concept "as developed by the !rundtland %ommission in the mid-=JM0s at the re4uest of the 8(N( General Assembly( The environmental agenda and its underlying principles "hich "ere made public =0 years ago in $io are pagan-based( *or the first time in human history . and since the handing do"n of Mosaic La" centuries ago . a group of high-minded globalists, bent on recreating the To"er of !abel, decided to play God( The Earth #ummitNs rogramme of Action, BAgenda >=,B basically inverts9perverts Genesis =, > and @ by ma-ing the earth dominant over man and demoting man to the status of a plant or animal and a destroyer of the ecosystem( A sub-component of sustainable development is biological diversity or bio-diversity( The thesis behind BAgenda >=B is that the "orld has too many people and finite resources( Therefore, the resources must be protected and controlled so that you and I donNt use them all up "ith the 8nited Nations becoming the enforcer and protector of all of the earthNs resources( 2id you -no" that you and I already -no" part of the sustainable development messageF +ithin the last @0 years "e have heard that there are too many people and that the population must be reduced( #chools no" endorse abortion, condom distribution and homoseAuality ;no procreation< as a "ay to reduce the population( 8niversities, colleges and vocational institutions no" teach BAgenda >=B in environmental classes( Most houses recycle plastic bottles and tin cans( 'nce a "ee-, the neighborhood -no"s if you are a good global citiIen by the recycling bin in front of your house( !ut sustainable development is much more than this( 3o" "ould you li-e to be on a permanent +eight +atchers type of diet in everything you doF The bottom line to this T'TAL $E'$2E$ING '* T3E LANET is to Bchange unsustainable patterns of consumption and production(B #ome of this reordering "ill be reasonable . better use of resources through better production patterns . but the rest "ill put each one of us into a global straitCac-et( 3o" "ould you li-e to be fined for thro"ing a"ay food or buying something that you did not needF The "ords of an old hymn say it all , BThereNs not a plant or flo"er belo" !ut ma-es thy glories -no"n, And clouds arise and tempests blo" by order from thy Throne(B

=/J( 8hlig, $obert( ;*riday, August >@, >00>< Ne" brain tumour alert on mobiles( 8H) Telegraph Group Limited( http)99ne"s(telegraph(co(u-9ne"s9main(ChtmlF AmlW9ne"s9>00>90M9>@9"mob>@(AmlQs#heetW9ne"s9>00>90M9>@9iAne "stop(html ;$eference) 8hlig, $obert( ;*riday, August >@, >00>< Ne" brain tumour alert on mobiles ( 8H) Telegraph Group Limited(< As recently as :une a study found for the first time that normal levels of mobile phone radiation had a biological effect on human brain cells, damaging the blood-brain barrier( =L0( The Merc- Manual of 2iagnosis and Therapy( #ection =/( sychiatric 2isorders( %hapter =J=( ersonality 2isorders( Topics ]General^ http)99"""(merc-(com9pubs9mmanual9section=/9chapter=J=9=J=a(h tm ;$eference) The Merc- Manual of 2iagnosis and Therapy( #ection =/( sychiatric 2isorders( %hapter =J=( ersonality 2isorders ( Topics ]General^< %yclothymic personality In persons "ith this personality disorder, high-spirited buoyancy alternates "ith gloom and pessimismE each mood lasts "ee-s or longer( %haracteristically, the rhythmic mood changes are regular and occur "ithout Custifiable eAternal cause( This personality disorder is a spectrum variant of manic-depressive illness ;bipolar disorder<, but most cyclothymic persons do not develop bipolar disorder( %yclothymic personality is considered a temperament, present in many gifted and creative people( Treatment Treating a personality disorder ta-es a long time( ersonality traits such as coping mechanisms, beliefs, and behavior patterns ta-e many years to develop, and they change slo"ly( %hanges usually occur in a predictable se4uence, and different treatment modalities are needed to facilitate them( $educing environmental stress can 4uic-ly relieve symptoms such as anAiety or depression( !ehaviors, such as rec-lessness, social isolation, lac- of assertiveness, or temper outbursts, can be changed in months( Group therapy and behavior modification, sometimes "ithin day care or designed residential settings, are effective( articipation in self-help groups or family therapy can also help change socially undesirable behaviors( !ehavioral change is most

important for patients "ith borderline, antisocial, or avoidant personality disorder( Interpersonal problems, such as dependency, distrust, arrogance, or manipulativeness, usually ta-e d = yr to change( The cornerstone for effecting interpersonal changes is individual psychotherapy that helps the patient understand the sources of his interpersonal problems in the conteAt of an intimate, cooperative, non-eAploitative physician-patient relationship( A therapist must repeatedly point out the undesirable conse4uences of the patientNs thought and behavior patterns and must sometimes set limits on his behavior( #uch therapy is essential for patients "ith histrionic, dependent, or passive-aggressive personality disorder( *or some patients "ith personality disorders that involve ho" attitudes, eApectations, and beliefs are mentally organiIed ;eg, narcissistic or obsessive-compulsive types<, psychoanalysis is recommended, usually for dW @ years( General principles Although treatment differs according to the type of personality disorder, some general principles apply to all( *amily members can act in "ays that either reinforce or diminish the patientNs problematic behavior or thoughts, so their involvement is helpful and often essential( 2rugs have limited effects( They can be misused or used in suicide attempts( +hen anAiety and depression result from a personality disorder, drugs are only moderately effective( *or persons "ith personality disorders, anAiety and depression may have positive significance, ie, that the person is eAperiencing un"anted conse4uences of his disorder or is underta-ing some needed self-eAamination( !ecause personality disorders are particularly difficult to treat, therapists "ith eAperience, enthusiasm, and an understanding of the patientNs eApected areas of emotional sensitivity and usual "ays of coping are important( Hindness and direction alone do not change personality disorders( =L=( 8# firm turns cremated bodies into diamonds( ;*riday, August >@, >00>< India) #ify Ne"s( http)99headlines(sify(com9====ne"sD(htmlF headlineW8#?firm?turns?cremated?bodies?into?diamonds? ;$eference) 8# firm turns cremated bodies into diamonds ( ;*riday, August >@, >00>< India) #ify Ne"s(< BThe traditional methods of burial or having ashes in an urn Cust didnNt sit right "ith him( !ut he realised that man is made of

carbon and diamonds are made of carbon so he Cust put the t"o ideas together(B Technicians collect the carbon created "hen a body is cremated and have it turned into graphite( The graphite is then sent to a lab in Germany that creates the stones by simulating the intense pressure and temperature needed to ma-e diamonds( BAn urn is beautiful in its o"n right, but you certainly canNt ta-e it "herever you go(B =L>( !outin, aul( ;Monday, August =J, >00>< #tudy) o"er Lines robably $is-y( 8#A) +ired Ne"s(com( http)99"""("ired(com9ne"s9technology90,=>M>,/DL@K,00(html ;$eference) !outin, aul( ;Monday, August =J, >00>< #tudy) Lines robably $is-y ( 8#A) +ired Ne"s(com(< o"er

Rthe most credible statement yet on the connection bet"een electric po"er lines and a variety of health problems( BTo one degree or another, all three of the 23# scientists are inclined to believe that EM*s ;electric and magnetic fields< can cause some degree of increased ris- of childhood leu-emia, adult brain cancer, Lou GehrigNs disease and miscarriage ,B states a lea-ed copy of the final report from the %alifornia EM* rogram, a study begun in =JJ@ on behalf of the %alifornia ublic 8tilities %ommission ; 8%<( !ut the authors, a trio of professional epidemiologists "ith bac-grounds in physics, medicine and genetics, also "rote that they "ere not convinced of a connection bet"een EM*s and many other health problems, ranging from cancer to suicide( BNo one can say this thing is settled( !ut "hat theyNre saying is that after all this time, they thin- thereNs something there(B R@/-year lifetime of the e4uipment( =L@( 8hlig, $obert( ;Thursday, :une >0, >00>< Mobile phone radiation alters brain cells( 8H) The Telegraph( http)99ne"s(telegraph(co(u-9ne"s9main(ChtmlE XsessionidX>/'I8*S3D&H NP*IPM*%*GGA5%!P&I50F AmlW9ne"s9>00>90L9>09"phon>0(AmlQOre4uestidW@KLJ0 ;$eference) 8hlig, $obert( ;Thursday, :une >0, >00>< Mobile phone radiation alters brain cells ( 8H) The Telegraph(<

Normal levels of mobile phone radiation have for the first time been found to have a biological effect on human brain cells, according to a t"o-year study by government scientists( $esearch by the $adiation and Nuclear #afety Authority in *inland found that micro"aves from cellphone handsets damaged the blood-brain barrier, "hich prevents materials from the blood entering the brain( It "arned that this might have implications for human health( 3o"ever, rof 2arius LesIcIyns-i, "ho led the team, said that the research had so far been conducted only in laboratory conditions( 3e said) B+e need further study loo-ing at real people to see if the blood-brain barrier is affected( +hat is happening in the human brain is an enigma( If it did happen it could lead to disturbances, such as headaches, feeling tired or problems "ith sleeping(B %ells from blood vessel "alls in the brain "ere placed in culture dishes and subCected in the laboratory to mobile phone radiation of t"o "atts per -ilogram, the maAimum allo"ed internationally for mobile phones( After an hourNs eAposure biochemical changes "ere seen in the cells that could alter the activity of about D00 proteins( In particular, one enIyme, called 3# >K, "hich helps to regulate blood-brain barrier permeability, "as affected( rof LesIcIyns-i said 3# >K affected structures in the cells called stress fibres( The distribution of stress fibres in turn affected lea-age of the blood-brain barrier( rof LesIcIyns-i said) BIf the same thing happened in real life, in people, then it could affect blood-brain barrier permeability by increasing it(B As a result, molecules that caused damage to neurons might be allo"ed to invade brain tissue( B+hat I believe is that "e "ill find these lea-s occur in humans, too( +hat "e do not -no" is the eAtent of these lea-s and "hether they have any effect on our health,B said rof LesIcIyns-i( 3e added that a *rench team also presenting findings at the conference had sho"n that blood-brain barrier lea-age increased in rats eAposed to mobile phone radiation( !ut he added that it "ould be "rong to assume at this stage that mobile phones "ere haIardous to human health( It "as possible that the human body might be able to cope "ith the effects( 2r Michael %lar-e, scientific spo-esman at the National $adiological rotection !oard, said) BIt is important "or- and part of the Cigsa" to see "hether mobile phone radiation really has any health effect( B!ut "e need to remember that all sorts of things - tea, caffeine, red "ine, sugar - have biological effects "ithout necessarily damaging health(B

=LD( hAnluain, 2aithe f( ;Monday, :uly >>, >00>< +hat !uddhists Hno" About #cience( 8#A) +ired Ne"s(com( http)99"""("ired(com9ne"s9medtech90,=>ML,/@M>0,00(html ;$eference) hAnluain, 2aithe f( ;Monday, :uly >>, >00>< +hat !uddhists Hno" About #cience ( 8#A) +ired Ne"s(com(< Thong Len is a meditative techni4ue developed by Tibetan !uddhists almost M00 years before the discovery of anesthesia( ItNs eAplained in that classic of Tibetan !uddhist thought, the Tibetan !oo- of Living and 2ying( It "or-s by imagining someone elseNs pain, li-e a burn, and dra"ing it into oneself( As you ta-e the pain from others, your o"n hurt disappears( Adepts of the techni4ue are constantly practicing Thong Len, every minute of the day, dra"ing pain from those around them and enhancing their o"n sense of "ell-being( TheyNve been described as Bshit filters,B ta-ing negative energy out of the "orld and replacing it "ith positive( Rhumans perceive only "hat they are loo-ing for, not "hatNs there( RTibetans have discovered many scientific truths through empirical observation( They also have many other techni4ues that still mystify scientists, but seem to "or-, li-e Thong Len( #cience is unable to eAplain them and is loath to embrace Tibetan techni4ues in the absence of proof( B+e -no" by the year about >0>0, the greatest disabling phenomenon for the health of the human race "ill be depression,BR BNot cancer, not heart disease, but depression(B +hile Tibetan !uddhism and other ancient practices li-e Taoism have developed scientifically accurate eAplanations of some phenomena, the 2alai Lama has also said !uddhists can abandon scripture that has been reliably disproved by science( No creationist controversies here, then( The 2alai Lama has an intense non-specialist interest in science, and he believes there are points of contact ;"ith !uddhism< in cosmology, neuroscience, physics, 4uantum physics, and modern psychology( 3e has even opened a school of science at his monastery in India( BI feel it is basically the !uddhist tradition to try to see reality( #cience has a different method of investigation( 'ne relies on mathematicsE !uddhists "or- mainly through meditation( #o different approaches and different methods, but both science and !uddhism are trying to see reality,B he said(

B+hen I meet "ith scientists, it has nothing to do "ith religious faith( ItNs Cust theory or the eAperience of eAperiment( #o, todayNs meeting is using reason only, not faith( INm not trying to convert scientists to !uddhism, and they are not trying to convert me into a radical materialistGB ;#omeone "ho believes all phenomena are physical only(< R eminent Australian philosopher *ran- :ac-son sought an eAplanation to the 2alai LamaNs reCection of radical materialismR( +hy "ould you resist going do"n the materialist pathFB The 2alai Lama replied) BI believe that the nature of "hat "e eAperience as mind is something that has to be understood in terms that have direct and intimate connections to our understanding of the "ider "orld, the cosmos, the origin and evolution of the universe(B B+hen "e spea- of consciousness and mind it is, conceptually, an eAtremely difficult problem( +e find it eAtremely difficult to articulate( !ut at the personal level "e all eAperience it on a dayto-day basis,B said the 2alai Lama( B#o I feel that in this interface bet"een the t"o different intellectual traditions, the t"o investigative traditions, there might be t"o levels of dialogue( 'ne is for this issue of "hat eAactly is mind, "hat eAactly is consciousnessF +hat is its natureF This is a hugely compleA issue, and maybe "e can for the time being brac-et it, and see- instead "hat "e can do to create happy minds(B =L/( Glossary( http)99"""(sathyasai(org9refs9gloss(html ;$eference) Glossary (< Aadhishesha ;also #hesha<( 2ivine serpent "ith a thousand heads upon "hich the earth restsE used by demi-gods and demons together to churn the ocean of mil-( Also reposing bed of 5ishnu( AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA %ross-reference #na-e +orship( http)99"""(gurCari(net9ico9Mystica9html9sna-eO"orship(htm #hesha, Adisesha or #eshnaga, "hose name literally means NresidueN, is believed to have been born of "hat "as left after the universe and its inhabitants had been created( $evered as the -ing of the sna-es, he has a =,000 heads ;NsahasrashirshaN< "hich form a massive hood( 3e is believed to be 5ishnuNs couch, and his

hood shelters the god during the periodic deluges( Earth is said to rest on #eshnaga( 3e is believed to spe" venomous fire that destroys all creation at the end of each -alpa, and is "orshipped as a manifestation of 5ishnu( ;%ross-reference) #na-e +orship (< AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA $esidual energy, to be precise( That that hasnUt ta-en any other form( More po"erful than any form( =LL( Thurman, $obert A( *( ;Translated by< ;=JKL< 5imala-irti Nirdesa #utra( 8#A) The ennsylvania #tate 8niversity( http)99hCem(get>net(d-9civet-cat9mahayana-"ritings9vimala-irtinirdesa-sutra(htm ;$eference) Thurman, $obert A( *( ;Translated by< 5imala-irti Nirdesa #utra ( 8#A) The ennsylvania 8niversity(< ;=JKL< #tate

5imala-irti Nirdesa #utra- Another -ey sutra in Mahayana ;#ometimes referred to as the Bcro"n Ce"el of the MahayanaB<, this is about 5imala-irti Nirdesa, the lay !odhisattva and regarded as the main #utra on the topic of non-duality( =LK( $avenUs $evie"s) EiCi &oshi-a"a( http)99tatooine(fortunecity(com9leguin9D0/9ae9eiCiy(html ;$eference) $avenUs $evie"s) EiCi &oshi-a"a (< Musashi is set in the early =Kth century, Cust after To-uga"a Ieyasu unified :apan, ending generations of constant "arfare( +ith the land at peace ;ho"ever uneasy at times<, the samurai "ere forced to adapt to a ne" age "hich needed something more than mere "arriors( Miyamoto Musashi ;=/MDF-=LD/< "as a product of this time, a man of samurai descent "ho strove to perfect his s"ordsmanship as a path to achieving his full human potential( 3e spent most of his life as a "anderer, perfecting the Art of the #"ord by studying "or-s on strategy, by challenging other s"ordsmen and by more esoteric forms of enlightenment( The +ay of the #amurai ;!oo- I of the oc-et !oo-s paperbacversion< begins "ith the aftermath of the !attle of #e-igahara( T"o youths from Miyamoto, #himmen Ta-eIo and Matahachi 3onUiden, had Coined the army to earn names for themselves( 3o"ever, they "ere nearly -illed "hen their side lost, and are forced to go into hiding from To-uga"aUs soldiers( Matahachi falls

afoul of a seductress and fails to return to his family--and to his fiancee, 'tsu( Ta-eIo tries to return to Miyamoto to let the 3onUidens -no" that Matahachi is still alive, but he gets blamed for his friendUs disappearance( 3is punishments at the hands of a Sen mon-, Ta-uan #oho, begin his enlightenment, and -indle his desire to live and become a real human being, rather than dying as a brutal, ignorant beast( $eborn, he changes his name to Miyamoto Musashi, and sets out on his life-4uest of becoming a master s"ordsman( The paperbac- edition continues "ith The Art of +ar, The +ay of the #"ord, The !ushido %ode, and The +ay of Life and 2eath( These later sections continue MusashiUs early career, including his long feud "ith the &oshio-a #chool and his gro"ing rivalry "ith another s"ordsman, #asa-i HoCiro( The fates of Matahachi and 'tsu also play important parts in the novel( The story should be read in order from the beginningE the paperbac-s provide short summaries of previous volumes, but the volume brea-s are rather arbitrary and a reader "ill need the conteAt of the previous sections to avoid being confused( Musashi has the episodic format typical of much :apanese storytelling, but it "as "ritten to be a single, long novel, not a series of stand-alone stories( The novel ends "hile Musashi is still relatively young ;>M or >J<, but even by that age, he had earned a enduring place in :apanese legend( This s"ordsman continued to perfect his art, and near the end of his life, he composed The !oo- of *ive $ings, a treatise on strategy( This "or-, "hich remains popular today "ith :apanese and gaiCin ali-e, has a style and purpose similar to that of #unTIuUs The Art of +ar, one of the "or-s that Musashi revered( =LM( The #"ord olisher from EiCi &oshi-a"aNs Musashi( http)99home(att(net9?hofhine9 olisher(html ;$eference) The #"ord Musashi (< Epic Novel

olisher from EiCi &oshi-a"aNs Epic Novel

BThatNs interesting( I happen to have made the ac4uaintance of your master and his eAcellent mother, Myoshu(B Musashi "ent on to tell ho" he had met them in the field near the $endaiCi and later spent a fe" days at their house( Hosu-e, astonished, scrutiniIed him closely for a moment( BAre you by any chance the man "ho caused a great stir in Hyoto some years ago by defeating the &oshio-a #chool at IchiCoCiF Miyamoto Musashi "as the name, I believe(B BThat is my name(B MusashiNs face reddened slightly(

Hosu-e moved bac- a bit and bo"ed deferentially, saying, B*orgive me( I shouldnNt have been lecturing you( I had no idea I "as tal-ing to the famous Miyamoto Musashi(B B2onNt give it a second thought( &our "ords "ere very instructive( HoetsuNs character comes through in the lessons he teaches his disciples(B BAs INm sure you -no", the 3onNami family served the Ashi-aga shoguns( *rom time to time theyNve also been called upon to polish the EmperorNs s"ords( Hoetsu "as al"ays saying that :apanese s"ords "ere created not to -ill or inCure people but to maintain the imperial rule and protect the nation, to subdue devils and drive out evil( The s"ord is the samuraiNs soulE he carries it for no other purpose than to maintain his o"n integrity( It is an ever-present admonition to the man "ho rules over other men and see-s in doing so to follo" the +ay of Life(B The olisher Hosu-e goes on to describe the sad state of disregard of many s"ords even during the height of the samurai era and provides some interesting insight into the preservation of s"ords((( BAt #u"a #hrine in #hinano rovince there are more than three hundred s"ords( They could be classed as heirlooms, but I found only five that "erenNt rusted( 'mishima #hrine in lyo is famous for its collection, three thousand s"ords dating bac- many centuries( !ut after spending a "hole month there, I found only ten that "ere in good condition( ItNs disgustingGB Hosu-e caught his breath and continued( BThe problem seems to be that the older and more famous the s"ord is, the more the o"ner is inclined to ma-e sure itNs stored in a safe place( !ut then nobody can get at it to ta-e care of it, and the blade gets rustier and rustier(B BThe o"ners are li-e parents "ho protect their children so Cealously that the children gro" up to be fools( In the case of children, more are being born all the time, doesnNt ma-e any difference if a fe" are stupid( !ut s"ords ( ( (B ausing to suc- in the spit, he raised his thin shoulders even higher and "ith a gleam in his eyes declared, B+e already have all the good s"ords thereNll ever be( 2uring the civil "ars, the s"ordsmiths got careless, no, do"nright sloppyG They forgot their techni4ues, and s"ords have been deteriorating ever since(B BThe craftsmen today may try to imitate the older s"ords, but theyNll never turn out anything as good( The only thing to do is to ta-e better care of the s"ords from the earlier periods(B =LJ( Musashi, Miyamoto( ;Translated by 3arris, 5ictor(< A !oo- of *ive $ings ;Go $in No #ho< http)99"""(samurai(com9/rings9

;$eference) Musashi, Miyamoto( ;Translated by 3arris, 5ictor(< A !oo- of *ive $ings ;Go $in No #ho< < =K0( 2ying and being reborn ;Puotations from 5asishtha<( http)99"""(digiserve(com9mystic93indu95asishtha9egoOdeath(html ;$eference) 2ying and being reborn ;Puotations from 5asishtha< < ;p( /=K< The abandonment of egosense is the cessation of ignoranceE this and nothing else is liberation( ;pp( >K0->K=< The infinite self cannot possibly be s4ueeIed into the mind((( The consciousness that, through the process of self-limitation, is confined to finitude ;and therefore to concepts and percepts< is -no"n as the mind((( ;pp( >JK->JK< Thus of the mind and the ego-sense -- if one ceases the other ceases to be( 3ence, instead of entertaining the notion of bondage and that of liberation, abandon all cravings and through "isdom and dispassion, bring about the cessation of the mind( If even the "ish, BMay I be liberatedB arises "ithin you, the mind is revived((( ;pp( DD/-DDK< %udala) +hy did you not abandon everything in total renunciationF #hi-ihidhvaCa) I have renounced the -ingdom, the palace, the country and my "ife, too( 3o" is it then that you thin- that I have not renounced everythingF %udala) +ealth, "ife, palace, -ingdom, the earth and the royal umbrella and your relatives are not yours, ' -ing) renouncing them does not constitute total renunciationG There is something else "hich seems to be yours and "hich you have not renounced, and that is the best part of renunciaiton( $enounce that totally and ((( attain freedom from sorro"( #hi-ihidhvaCa) araphrased) Then I "ill abandon the forest "here I no" live and everything "ithin this forest, and I "ill abandon the hut that serves as my home( #urely no" I have completely renounced everythingG %udala) &ou have not renounced everything, ' -ing((( &ou have something, as it "ere, "hich you have not renounced, that is the

best part of renunciaiton( +hen that is also utterly abandoned "ithout leaving a residue, then you "ill attain the supreme state, free from sorro"( After some thought, #hi-ihidhvaCa said) There is only one more thing left ((( and that is this body((( I shall no" abandon that too and destroy it, and thus achieve total renuncation((( %udala) ' -ing, "hy do you vainly endeavour to destroy this innocent bodyF ((( The body is not responsible for the eAperience of pleasure and pain( *urther, destroying the body does not mean total renunciation( 'n the other hand, you are thro"ing a"ay something "hich is an aid to such renunciationG If you are able to renounce that "hich functions through this body and "hich agitates this body, then you have truly abandoned all sin and evil and then you "ill have become a supreme renouncer( If that is renounced, everything ;including the body< is renounced( 'ther"ise, the sin and evil, even if they remain submerged temporarily, "ill arise again((( #hi-ihidhvaCa) 3oly sir, please tell me "hat that is "hich should be renounced( %udala) ((( It is the mind alone "hich is referred to variously as buddhi, the cosmos, egosense, prana, etc( 3ence its abandonment alone is total renunciaiton( 'nce it is abandoned, the truth is eAperienced at once( All notions of unity and diversity come to an endE there is peace( =K=( Anderson, :ohn +ard( ;+ednesday, May 0>, >00=< N2eath *astersN ut #potlight on Tur-ish risons( 8#A) +ashington ost *oreign #ervice( http)99"""("ashingtonpost(com9ac>9"p-dynF pagenameWarticleQnodeWQcontentIdWA>@/==->00=Apr@0 ;$eference) Anderson, :ohn +ard( ;+ednesday, May 0>, >00=< N2eath *astersN ut #potlight on Tur-ish risons ( 8#A) +ashington ost *oreign #ervice(< BThis is not a suicide,B said #ener, >>, "ho today mar-ed the =LJ th day of her hunger stri-e( BR !ut this is about death, and it can ta-e time( *or us, victory is close, and so is death(B R"hat critics say is Tur-eyNs shameful prison system, particularly its policy of holding political prisoners in isolation( International human rights organiIations say the practice of

isolation is inhumane and often leads to abuse of prisoners by guards( A"ay from the prisons, #ener said, the activists Bdecided to sho" people "hat it loo-s li-e to die cell by cell, but outside the prison(B Li-e the others, #ener drin-s "ater miAed "ith salt, sugar or po"dered Cuice to maintain her strength and hold death at bay( Even the duration of the hunger stri-e is creating some controversy, "ith medical authorities saying it is impossible for people to live so long "ithout food, noting that in most mass hunger stri-es, people begin to die after about L/ days( After Tur-ish police stormed >0 prisons in 2ecember -- a four-day operation code-named $eturn to Life that left @0 inmates and t"o officers dead -- there "ere conflicting reports that the hunger stri-ers had been force-fed( 'thers "ere isolated in hospitals and gave up their fasts after being told that they "ere the only ones continuing the stri-e, doctors said( The 2ecember police action "as designed to "rest control of Tur-eyNs prison system from radical leftist groups that ran dormitory-style prisons li-e ideological indoctrination camps( Guards "ere not allo"ed inside( After police retoo- the facilities, state officials transferred about =,000 inmates to ne" prisons designed to isolate inmates in individual cells, potentially for years( The cells, each "ith its o"n electric, "ater and se"erage systems controlled by guards, "ere in prisons that often had no communal facilities for group meals, eAercise or other activities( %ritics complain that the facilities "ere designed for Bbrain"ashingB political prisoners,R Most doctors are refusing the stateNs call to intervene and physically force food on the fasters, citing the +orld Medical AssociationNs =JJ= declaration on the ethical treatment of hunger stri-ers, "hich states, BIt is the duty of the doctor to respect the autonomy "hich the patient has over his person(B 3a-an Gurvit, a physician "ho is monitoring the condition of numerous inmate hunger stri-ers and the four activists at the Istanbul house, said many are suffering from starvation-induced +ernic-e-Horsa-off syndrome, a neurological disorder that can result in Bforgetfulness "orse than even the most advanced stages of AlIheimerNs disease(B Even if the hunger stri-e "ere ended today, he said, BdoIens "ill be permanently disabled(B =K>( Anderson, #cott( ;#unday, 'ctober >=, >00=< The 3unger +arriors) Investigating a 2ifferent Hind of #uicide Mission( 8#A) The Ne" &or- Times %ompany(

http)99"""(nytimes(com9>00=9=09>=9magaIine9>=38NGE$(htmlF page"antedWallbtop ;2e-activated lin-< http)99"""(bianet(org9>00>90=9=KOeng9ne"s/L@@(htm ;Alternate lin-< ;$eference) Anderson, #cott( ;#unday, 'ctober >=, >00=< The 3unger +arriors) Investigating a 2ifferent Hind of #uicide Mission ( 8#A) The Ne" &or- Times %ompany(< 8ntil a fe" months ago, *atma "ould stand by the "indo" or sit in the yard outside to "atch the constant stream of shipsR *or the past >/0 days, she has eAisted on a diet of "ater, tea, salt and sugar( No", "ith her "eight hovering around K0 pounds, she can no longer "al- and can sit up only "ith assistance, and if she "ants to gaIe out at the !osporus, aides must carry her bed out to the yard and prop her up "ith pillo"s( *atma eAists at the very precipice of death, and she -no"s it( 'n certain days, she can even discuss the end, ho" it might happen, "ith a trace of humor( In a matching single bed a fe" feet a"ay lies another starving young "oman, >M-year-old &ildiI Gemicioglu( *ar more than *atmaNs, &ildiINs body bears the eAternal signs of advanced malnutrition) her chee-s are blotched "ith acne-li-e sores, her slightest gestures are Cer-y and eAaggerated from muscular atrophy and "hen she smiles it seems to pain her( 'ne, a DD-year-old man named 'sman 'smanagaoglu, appears the most frail( After >K/ days "ithout food, his face is so sun-en that it has already ta-en on the loo- of a death mas-, and he suffers memory lapses that sometimes leave him struggling to recall "here he "as born or the name of his father( A hunger stri-e might seem to be an act of ultimate desperation, a "eapon of last resort for the po"erless, but the reality is a bit more compleA( olitically motivated hunger stri-es tend to occur in a very specific -ind of society and at a very specific time) namely, in places "ith a long history of official repression, but "here that repression has gradually begun to loosen( If it is the institutionaliIed nature of abuse that fuels the stri-ers to such eAtreme action, it is the crac-s of liberaliIation that lead them to believe that such a course might shame the government into change -- and often they are right( Mahatma GandhiNs hunger stri-es against !ritish rule in India helped turn !ritish public opinion and hastened Indian independence( Even the =JM0-M= hunger stri-e by the Irish $epublican Army -- abandoned after =0 men died -- could be considered a partial success in that it strengthened a perception of the Thatcher government as callous and s"elled I($(A( recruitment( +hat is remar-able about the

Tur-ish hunger stri-e, by contrast, is both the apparent smallness of the issue that spar-ed it and that it continues despite all evidence that it is and "ill remain a failure( Rthe abandonment of a ne" generation of modern prisons in "hich inmates are housed in one- or three-man cells and a return to the dormitory-style prisons of the past( NNThis is a death fast,NN eAplains $esit #ari, DD, a member of the second "ave( NN+e stay on until "e die, and "hen "e do, another group "ill ta-e our place, and another one after that( It goes on until the government agrees to our demands or all of us are dead(NN To underscore that determination, $esit offers a chilling statisticE according to him, not a single stri-er has voluntarily 4uit the death fast since it began( RI have found myself pondering a some"hat macabre set of 4uestions( +hat ma-es people "illing to die for a causeF 3o" do they sustain their Ieal "hen death is not going to be 4uic-, but rather re4uires intensive planning, "ee-s and months of "aiting as the a"ful day nearsF Not least, ho" does such a group of prospective martyrs maintain its esprit de mort "hen it is constantly eAposed to the temptations of the outside, NNlivingNN "orldF Rchosen a path that harms no one but themselves( +hen I tal- "ith *atma, she has a tendency to slide herself across her bed to get closer to my chair, to gaIe unblin-ingly up into my face( It ta-es me a "hile to realiIe that this is not boldness or flirtatiousness on her part but rather a symptom of her failing health( #he moves closer because her hearing has gro"n "ea-( #he stares into visitorsN faces because she has difficulty focusing( NNI used to read a lot, but I had to stop, because it hurt my eyes,NN she tells me( NNNo" I can only read ne"spaper headlines, the biggest ones(NN Instead of reading, *atma spends her days chatting "ith her roommate, &ildiI, or tal-ing "ith friends on her cellphone or, increasingly, drifting off into long naps( At this advanced stage of starvation, both nausea and pain are almost constant, but "hen I as- *atma if she has ever considered 4uitting, she gives me a 4uiIIical, amused loo-( NNIt must have crossed your mind,NN I persist( NN+hen the pain has been especially bad, "hen a friend has died(NN *atma gives a slight sha-e of her head( NNNever( +e have to continue on until victory -- and victory is coming(NN

What has evolved is, if not yet a full-bore democracy, at least a kind of police-state lite

=K@( #apsted, 2avid( ;+ednesday, November >=, >00=< 5icarNs yoga position is Nnot in my church hallN( 8H) The Telegraph( http)99ne"s(telegraph(co(u-9ne"s9main(ChtmlF AmlW9ne"s9>00=9==9>=9nyoga>=(AmlQs#heetW9ne"s9>00=9==9>=9iAho me(html ;$eference) #apsted, 2avid( ;+ednesday, November >=, >00=< 5icarNs yoga position is Nnot in my church hallN ( 8H) The Telegraph(< R the ultimate aim of yoga "as to enable participants to Bascend to a higher spiritual plainB( &oga, based on a 3indu system of eAercise and philosophic meditation, has supporters in the medical profession "ho say it can relieve stress as "ell as help "ith spinal and muscular ailments( BIt does involve an approach to life but it is not one that in any "ay interferes "ith %hristian teaching,B The concept is to !E #TILL( &ou can sit or stand or lie do"n or "hatever, as long as the posture is held "ithout moving for a sufficient period of time( &ou can even still normally in a chair, in the "estern style of sitting( %ertain adepts of ancient Egypt used to sit in the same posture as modern day chair sitting( &ou can also sit in yogic postures( The lotus posture or padma-asana being the most idle or perfect( 'ther postures li-e siddha-asana or vaCra-asana are also there( There are many other yogic postures "hich you can hold on for a certain time period, li-e sirsh- asana, the Hingly posture or the Hing of the yogic asanas( +hy padma-asana is the most perfectF rovides perfect management and synchroniIation of internal and eAternal energies( Moreover your legs are loc-ed in( &ou cannot be toppled or pushed or moved( In many other postures li-e siddha or vaCra, you can be pushed( There are spirits "ho find happiness, li-e little children, in pushing or toppling a serious meditator, thereby brea-ing his concentration( There used to be a spirit specially fond of Lord Mahavira, "ho fre4uently disturbed the LordUs meditation( &ou can lie do"n straight as a dead body( #ava-asana( Ma-e sure you donUt fall asleep "hen the body is relaAed( Advanced practices "ere done by certain ancient Egyptian adepts in the sava-asana( &ou donUt hold your breath( &ou donUt "orry about the breathing in the initial stages( As the body relaAes, the heavy breathing also slo"s do"n to a faint level( #o donUt forcibly control breathing( In yoga, there is no use of force or forced eAertion( #lo"ly, slo"ly, R

ranayama or controlled breathing is for advanced meditators, not for novices or starters( !ut a certain period or number of times of controlled breathing can be done at any time, even by novices( #o, to summariIe, there is N' religious barrier, to sit still( 3o" can a running car be relaAedF &ou stop the car( #o too the body( Instead of running here and there, you sit still and relaA( After a sufficient level of sitting, ho" about the running thoughtsF 3o" about relaAing the mindF #o stop thin-ing slo"ly, by not follo"ing thoughts( %oncentrate on your breathing . inflo" and outflo"( +henever you feel that you are follo"ing thoughts, come bac- to concentrate on the breathing( #lo"ly you practice thus( 5ipassana in a nutshellG *inally, a relaAed body( A relaAed mind( +hat else is needed to be happyF $ome "as never built in a single dayG 3undreds and hundreds of days( 'f construction( 'f training( #lo"ly bric- by bric-G +hen "e loo- from a certain angle, any serious Cob "ith a certain level of concentration involves !eing #till( 2evotional prayer, chanting, eating, even typing have a certain level of stillness( &ou sit still and type( Not dancing and typing( &ou sit still and say your prayers( Not running here and there and saying your prayers( &ou sit still and eat( Not running and eating( &ou lie do"n still to sleep( Not tossing this "ay and that "ay( Thus, !E #TILL is every"here( #o any person of any religion can be still, "hether sitting, standing or "hatever( =KD( Martin, Nicole( ;Monday, November >L, >00=< More churchgoers approve of living in sin( 8H) The Telegraph( http)99ne"s(telegraph(co(u-9ne"s9main(ChtmlF AmlW9ne"s9>00=9==9>L9nsin>L(AmlQs#heetW9ne"s9>00=9==9>L9iAhom e(html ;$eference) Martin, Nicole( ;Monday, November >L, >00=< More churchgoers approve of living in sin ( 8H) The Telegraph(< T3E practice of couples living together before, or instead of, marrying is becoming increasingly acceptable even to more traditional churchgoers, according to a report published today( They are becoming more tolerant of the changing face of family life, "hich has seen a rise in cohabitation and illegitimate births( Alison ar-, co-author of the study, :ust a iece of aperF Marriage and %ohabitation, said) B%ohabitation is "idely accepted as a prelude to marriage and as an alternative, even "here there are children involved(

ThereNs a clear suggestion that values "ill continue to shift in a more liberal direction in years to come( Marriage is "idely valued as an ideal, but is regarded "ith much more ambivalence in terms of its role in partnering and parenting( Ms ar- said) B5ie"s have changed mar-edly over time and, for many, marriage is no longer seen as having any advantage over cohabitation in everyday life(B !ut campaigners for traditional family values said it "as "rong to "elcome the more liberal vie"s because marriage still provided the most secure environment for children( $obert +helan, director of *amily and &outh %oncern, said there "as gro"ing evidence that children of cohabiting couples "ere more li-ely than children of married couples to perform badly at school, get involved in crime and use drugs( 3e said) BI am surprised that the "hole nation no longer vie"s marriage as a precursor to having children( +e -no" that cohabiting relationships donNt last as long as marriages, "hich means that children in these situations tend to spend many years "ith only one parent(B =K/( 2orries, !en and +ardill, #teven( ;Monday, August >L, >00>< !ishop attac-s celibacy( Pueensland, Australia) The %ourier Mail( http)99"""(thecouriermail(ne"s(com(au9common9storyOpage90,/J@ L,DJK0==D1>//EJ/>,00(html ;2e-activated lin-< ;$eference) 2orries, !en and +ardill, #teven( ;Monday, August >L, >00>< !ishop attac-s celibacy ( Pueensland, Australia) The %ourier Mail(< ;2e-activated lin-< A prominent Australian %atholic bishop has defied the ope in a controversial call for the vo" of celibacy to be made optional in an effort to reduce seAual abuse by clergymen( %anberra !ishop at o"er, the %atholic %hurchNs spo-esman on seAual abuse matters, has urged the church to revie" its celibacy rules in the "a-e of a raft of seAual allegations against clergy in Australia and the 8#( Last night, !ishop o"er said that seAual abuse in the church "as Bvery "orryingB and non-celibate clergy "ere far less li-ely to commit seAual offences( BThe priest living "ithin the safety and the security and the happiness of the family life "ould be less li-ely, I thin-, to be tempted in that "ay,B he said( !ishop o"er, the AuAiliary !ishop of the %anberra-Goulburn diocese, told A!% radioNs #unday rofile program that celibacy

provisions "ere no" outdated( 3e said there "as a vie" that they "ere originally introduced so church property "ould remain in the church, and not be inherited by a priestNs children or spouses( 3e said a "ide-ranging revie" of celibacy by the %atholic church hierarchy should also consider re-admitting priests "ho had left the clergy to marry( #po-es"oman 3etty :ohnston said pedophiles "ould still prey on children in the church even if they could marry( BIf you are a pedophile and you "anted easy access to children, community respect and trust, the best possible vocation "ould be ;as< a priest,B she said( 8niversity of Pueensland seAual abuse eApert Leilani Garland said allo"ing priests to marry "ould not decrease pedophilia or seAual abuse in the church( Ms Garland, "ho lectures in the school of social "or- and social policy, said seA abuse occurred in other professions "here there "as no celibacy rule( The argument that some priests "ere driven to abuse children because of seAual repression "as "rong, she said( The opeNs avoidance of the 8# is seen as symptomatic of the gulf bet"een the free-minded 8# %hurch and $ome( =KL( +eiss, :effrey( ;#aturday, August >D, >00>< $eligious Left says the $eligious $ight is "rong( 8#A) The 2allas Morning Ne"s( http)99"""(dallasne"s(com9religion9stories90M>D0>dnrelconferenc e(Mf@@=(html ;2e-activated lin-< http)99"""(fort"ayne(com9mld9ne"ssentinel9@J//K>0(htm ;Alternate lin-< ;$eference) +eiss, :effrey( ;#aturday, August >D, >00>< $eligious Left says the $eligious $ight is "rong ( 8#A) The 2allas Morning Ne"sE Hnight $idder9Tribune Information #ervices ;H$T +ire<(< $abbi :udith Abrams, founder of a school for Talmudic studies in 3ouston, offered an eAample that she said illustrated the futility of biblical literalism . particularly in English( The first sentence of the !ible is generally translated as starting "ith BIn the beginning (((B !ut the 3ebre" is more accurately translated as Bin a beginning,B she said( The difference bet"een the definite and indefinite article is responsible for myriad interpretations offered by generations of :e"ish sages( BIn :udaism, "e say the #cripture spea-s in K0 tongues,B she said( BItNs deep( ItNs God-given( Li-e, infinite mind versus finite mind(B

2r( Ali Asani, professor of the practice of Indo-Muslim languages and culture at 3arvard 8niversity, said the Muslim movements called BfundamentalistB are actually the product of recent history( BTolerance and pluralism are central to the message of the Puran . "hen properly understood,B he said( 'il money has made a specific strain of Islam . one that asserts an absolute superiority of the Puran and a particular interpretation of the teAt . much more influential that it "ould other"ise be, he said( =KK( 8r4uhart, *ran-( ;Monday, August >L, >00>< #cots scientists challenge rules of evolution( #cotland) The #cotsman( http)99"""(thescotsman(co(u-9indeA(cfmFidWJDLD@>00> ;$eference) 8r4uhart, *ran-( ;Monday, August >L, >00>< #cots scientists challenge rules of evolution ( #cotland) The #cotsman(< A MA:'$ discovery of a so-called missing lin- by researchers at a #cottish university has raised serious doubts about ho" the cells in the human body and other forms of life first evolved( 8ntil no", it has been accepted thin-ing among biologists that the compleA cells of the human body evolved from primitive cells such as bacteria( These contained only a tiny specialised nucleus "hich held and protected the genes of every cell( 'nly later in evolution, it "as believed, did cells ac4uire hundreds of mitochondria - the minute energy generators "hich po"er and -eep compleA cells alive( !ut that vie" is no" being challenged by scientists at 2undee 8niversity and researchers at the National 3istory Museum in London, "ho have used state-of-the-art microscopy techni4ues to identify an uneApected lin- in the evolutionary process( They have discovered tiny mitochondria lying undetected in the cells of primitive parasites( 2r :ohn Lucoc4, of 2undee 8niversity, said the teamUs discovery represented a ne" missing lin- in scientific -no"ledge( 3e added) B#cientists believe that the compleA cells of our body evolved from simple cells li-e bacteria( B rimitive cells first evolved a tiny specialised compartment called a nucleus - "hich is basically a bag for holding and protecting the genes of every cell( B'nly later in evolution did they ac4uire hundreds of minute energy generators that -eep our compleA cells alive - better -no"n to biologists as mitochondria(

BThe main evidence for these t"o steps in evolution came from primitive parasite cells that contain a nucleus but sho" no traces of the po"er-generating mitochondria(B 3e said his team began to have doubts about accepted scientific thin-ing "hen recent research suggested that the typical components of a cellUs Bpo"er pac-B - mitochondria - might be present in primitive cells( Advanced microscopy techni4ues confirmed their suspicions( 2r Lucoc4 said) B+e used po"erful state-of-the-art highresolution electron microscopes at the 8niversity of 2undee to reveal mitochondria that "ere less than ten times smaller than the mitochondria of other cells( B+e no" thin- the tiny mitochondria of these parasites are YleftoversU that have shrun- during evolution, ma-ing them more difficult to recognise(B 3e added) BThis discovery changes the "ay "e thin- about ho" cells evolved( BIf these parasites are a sort of living fossil, then this is a bit li-e a Ymissing lin-U human ancestor turning out to be a present day human(B =KM( This Lama saved #oviet leaderNs life t"ice( ;#unday, August >/, >00>< India) The Times of India( http)99timesofindia(indiatimes(com9articlesho"(aspF artOI2W>0=DMJ== ;$eference) This Lama saved #oviet leaderNs life t"ice ( ;#unday, August >/, >00>< India) The Times of India(< Mosco") A blac- cat, an age old symbol of bad omen, proved to be a BtalismanB "hich brought luc- to the former #oviet %ommunist arty big"ig Leonid !reIhnev, saving his life t"ice in an eerie coincidence( The cat, "hich "as presented to !reIhnev by Tibetan spiritual leader 2alai Lama during the formerNs =JLJ 2elhi visit, "as said to possess eAtraordinary foresight, "hich "ould "ard off any imminent dangers to !reIhnevNs life( The Lama had "arned that the death of the cat "ould also herald the death of its master, and as-ed !reIhnev to feed the cat personally "ith ra" meat everyday, popular youth daily Homsomols-aya ravda reported in its "ee-end supplement( The cat, "ho "as named Lama, sho"ed his eAtraordinary po"ers a fe" "ee-s after its arrival in Mosco", on the morning "hen !reIhnev "as scheduled to be part of a motorcade to "elcome three $ussian cosmonauts, "ho "ere bac- from a successful mission in space(

Lama sho"ed signs of nervousness the "hole morning, and recognising it as a sign of alarm, !reIhnev as-ed his escort to pull his car bac- to the rear of the motorcade and allo" the cosmonauts to enter the Hremlin before him, Cust in time to see an assailant fire =D bullets into the car carrying the cosmonauts( 'n the second occasion as "ell, the cat "as restive and "ould not let !reIhnev go to office at his usual time, holding on to his trousers and me"ing piteously( !reIhnev instructed his guards to go ahead, as they "ere in a hurry, intending to follo" them later( !ut luc- "ould have it other"ise( En route the Hremlin, the car collided "ith a trailer, and "hile the rest of the passengers suffered minor inCuries, the man sitting in !reIhnevNs usual place "as crushed to death almost instantly, the media report said( Even if he had been doubtful before, !reIhnev "as convinced of the catNs eAtraordinary po"er "hen he "as informed of this incident, it said( The story ends as eerily as it begins( Lama died in the spring of =JM>, crushed to death by a car( In -eeping "ith the 2alai LamaNs prediction, !reIhnev passed a"ay the same year, succumbing to a prolonged illness, it said( =KJ( eta, !asildon( ;Tuesday, August >K, >00>< 8#, Australia branded NaAis of evilN by greens( Ne" Sealand) The Ne" Sealand 3erald( http)99"""(nIherald(co(nI9storydisplay(cfmF thesectionWne"sQthesubsectionWQstoryI2W>@/=D/JQreportI2W=L> /KL ;$eference) eta, !asildon( ;Tuesday, August >K, >00>< 8#, Australia branded NaAis of evilN by greens ( Ne" Sealand) The Ne" Sealand 3erald(< %ampaign groups at the :ohannesburg Earth #ummit have branded the 8nited #tates, %anada and Australia an BaAis of evilB for their reluctance to co-operate "ith the rest of the "orld in tac-ling global poverty and environmental degradation( As +ashington opposed the setting of any targets beyond previously agreed 8N goals such as halving the proportion of the "orldNs people "ho live on less than a dollar a day or lac- access to drin-ing "ater, Tony :uniper, the vice-president of *riends of Earth International, said other governments must press ahead on ne" agreements Bfor people and the planetB(

Mr :uniper said the 8#, Australia and %anada had high standards of living, high rates of material consumption, and high per-capita impact on the environment( BThey have been most unconstructive in recognising their impact as rich consumer countries ,B he added( The 8# had "ithdra"n from the Hyoto treaty on climate change, "hile Australia and :apan had sho"n little interest in it, Mr :uniper said( The 8# decision to increase steel tariffs and introduce agricultural subsidies eAemplified its lac- of commitment to free trade and helping poor countries( *looding throughout central Europe, %hina and south Asia had caused thousands of deaths and billions of dollarsN damage( Globalisation had made the Brich richer and the poor poorerB, and chemically-intensive agriculture and biotechnology had Bresulted in looming starvation, social dislocation and a threat to the entire "orldNs food supplyB( =M0( Graphic) robing the Great yramid puIIle( ;Tuesday, August >K, >00>< 8H) Times Ne"spapers Ltd( http)99"""(timesonline(co(u-9article90,,@-@J/KJL,00(html ;2eactivated lin-< ;$eference) Graphic) robing the Great yramid puIIle ( ;Tuesday, August >K, >00>< 8H) Times Ne"spapers Ltd(<

=M=( 3enderson, Mar-( ;Tuesday, August >K, >00>< $obot see-s ans"er to pyramid mystery( 8H) Times Ne"spapers Ltd( http)99"""(timesonline(co(u-9article90,,@-@J/LL/,00(html ;2eactivated lin-< ;$eference) 3enderson, Mar-( ;Tuesday, August >K, >00>< $obot see-s ans"er to pyramid mystery ( 8H) Times Ne"spapers Ltd(< ;2e-activated lin-< A mysterious passage in the Great yramid at GiIa "ill be eAplored by a robot neAt month in an attempt to unravel one of the final secrets of the last remaining "onder of the Ancient +orld( The yramid $over "ill be sent to find out "hat lies beyond a bloc-ed, Min-s4uare shaft that has puIIled researchers since its discovery in =MK>( The custom-built machine "ill climb >=0ft along the channel, "hich leads up"ards from an unused and apparently unfinished room -no"n as the PueenUs %hamber, until it reaches a stone plug "ith t"o copper handles "hich ended a previous attempt to chart the passage a decade ago( 'n arrival, it "ill use the "orldUs smallest ground-penetrating radar antenna to loo- beyond the bloc-age for the first time since the pyramid, built to house the remains of the haraoh %heops, or Hhufu, "as completed about D,/00 years ago( If the radar reveals a structure of interest behind the seal, such as a third great chamber, yramid $over "ill pass a fibre-optic camera through crac-s to capture the first pictures( The entire procedure, "hich is headed by Sahi 3a"ass, director of EgyptUs #upreme %ouncil of Anti4uities, and Mar- Lehner, director of the GiIa lateau Mapping roCect, director of the GiIa lateau Mapping roCect, "ill be screened live on the National Geographic %hannel, starting at =am on Tuesday, #eptember =K( It "ill be repeated at Kpm that night( The yramid of Hhufu contains t"o great rooms) the HingUs %hamber, holding HhufuUs tomb, and the PueenUs %hamber, "hich is smaller and directly belo" it and "hich, despite its name, "as probably not meant for his "ife( It is uni4ue not only for its siIe, but also because it "as built "ith t"o small shafts running diagonally up"ards from the t"o

chambers( The shafts running from the north and south "all of the PueenUs %hamber are especially curious because they are bloc-ed at each end( There are many theories as to their purpose( It seems unli-ely that they "ere for air or "ater, being bloc-ed at both ends( #ome eAperts believe that they are 6star shafts7 pointing to #irius and the constellation 'rion) it is "idely thought that the layout of the three pyramids at GiIa mimics the stars in 'rionUs belt( Another eAplanation is that they are 6soul shafts7, built to allo" a soul to escape to heaven( Again, ho"ever, the passages are bloc-ed, and archaeologists do not thin- that the PueenUs %hamber ever held a tomb( 'ne popular theory is that the room "as originally designed for Hhufu before it "as decided to build a larger chamber for the pharaoh and abandon the lo"er room( #ome eAperts even believe that the southern shaft, the longer of the t"o, leads to a third, undiscovered chamber( It ends /Dft from the outer face, leaving ample space for a room, and the seal is made of Tura limestone, a roc- found only in the central chambers( Hate #pence, of the Mc2onald Institute for Archaeological $esearch at %ambridge 8niversity, said that yramid $overUs mission ought to shed important ne" light on the mystery, even if all it does is to debun- some of the most outlandish theories( 6'pinion is very divided as to "hat the shafts are for,7 she said( 6ItUs the only pyramid that has this sort of shaft so "e have nothing to go on in terms of comparison( The huge 4uestion is "hy they are bloc-ed( It is incredibly difficult to say( 6My o"n eApectation is that there "onUt be anything behind the bloc-age, but "e Cust donUt -no"( ItUs possible they Cust stopped building, but if thatUs the case, "hy did they plug it so elaboratelyF 6The great thing is that "hatever they find, even if they find thereUs nothing there, thatUs absolutely fascinating( &ou canUt lose( ItUs going to be interesting "hether thereUs nothing there or a chamber full of treasure and statues(7 yramid $over "ill build on the achievements of $udolf Gantenbrin-, a German scientist "hose robot, 8puaut >, eAplored the southern shaft and discovered the bloc-age in the early =JJ0s( The ne" probe, based on models used to search for +orld

Trade %entre survivors after #eptember ==, is less than /in high and "ide and about =ft long( Its ground-penetrating radar has a range of more than @ft through concrete and much farther through the more porous limestone of the pyramid( It also carries an ultrasonic transducer that can measure the thic-ness of the stones( A force gauge "ill detect "hether the bloc-ing stone moves, and other tools "ill see- out crac-s through "hich fibre-optic cameras can pass( A conductivity sensor "ill also be applied to the copper handles to determine "hether they form an electrical circuit, "hich "ould sho" that they are lin-ed on the other side( Theories about monumentNs un-no"n heart 5entilation or "ater shafts) at first the obvious eAplanation, this is no" reCected because the shafts are bloc-ed( #tar shafts) the top of the shafts appear to be aligned "ith #irius and a star in 'rionUs belt, mirrored in the layout of the pyramids( The shafts, ho"ever, have several bends, so do not point to any spot in the heavens( Numerology) the angles in the shafts conform to a numerological plan, the details of "hich remain obscure( #oul shafts) the shafts "ere built to allo" the pharaohUs soul to escape( They are bloc-ed, ho"ever, and no pharaoh "as buried in the PueenUs %hamber( #ecret chamber) there is enough space to house another room( The passage, ho"ever, is Cust Min s4uare Z too small for an access tunnel( #tair"ay to the stars) leading the 6pyramaniac7 fringe is Secharia #itchin, "ho believes that the pyramid "as the "or- of aliens from a mythical t"elfth planet( #itchin claims these aliens created humans through genetic manipulation( erhaps the aliens "ere small enough to use an Min tunnel( 'ne 'ne 'ne 'ne should should should should never never never never "atch that, one is not allo"ed to( spea- that, one is not allo"ed to( do that, one is not allo"ed to( thin- that, one is not allo"ed to(

The pyramids are the resting places of certain highly advanced adepts( Mere ignorant mortals disturbing them, "atching inside their home etc may cause many a misery to those "ho go in to disturbG Never disturb the adepts verbally, visually, bodily or mentally( They are living 6dead7 adepts( They also have spirits for guarding Cust li-e the 6d"ar-pala7 on both sides of any 3indu or !uddhist inner temple( Adepts of immense po"er "ho lived physically during the Egyptian civiliIation( Alive even todayG !ut, 6not physically7( Egyptians "ere -illed as punishment for disclosing sacred burial places( ;$eference) =/< 'pening up of the tombs releases the 6evil7 spirits, the spirits of destruction( They need carrier bodies, human bodies, of the right attitude, "ay of life and mentality for furthering their goal, their mission( =M>( Mc%oo-, Alison( ;Monday, August >L, >00>< Good Ne"s, !ad Ne"s on %ancer for %affeine Lovers( 8#A) &ahooG Ne"s( http)99story(ne"s(yahoo(com9ne"sF tmplWstoryQuW9nm9>00>0M>L9hlOnm9cancerOcaffeineOdcO= ;2eactivated lin-< http)99preventdisease(com9ne"s9articles9ne"sOcaffeineOlovers(sht ml ;Alternate lin-< ;$eference) Mc%oo-, Alison( ;Monday, August >L, >00>< Good Ne"s, !ad Ne"s on %ancer for %affeine Lovers ( 8#A) &ahooG Ne"sE preventdisease(com(< NE+ &'$H ;$euters 3ealth< - %affeine in the form of a lotion may help to prevent s-in cancer, according to the results of a ne" study( !ut a separate study found that caffeine may actually promote cancer( In the Bgood ne"sB study, s-in cancer "as prevented in mice at ris- of developing the disease if a lotion containing caffeine "as applied to their s-in( In the Bbad ne"sB study, "hen a dish of hamster cells "as eAposed to tumor-inducing radiation, adding caffeine appeared to inhibit the cellsN ability to repair themselves, increasing their li-elihood of becoming cancerous( !oth studies appear in the online Early Edition of the roceedings of the National Academy of #ciences ;ne"s - "eb sites<(

These studies add to a gro"ing body of contradictory results about the lin-s bet"een caffeine and cancer( *or eAample, one study sho"ed that caffeine may help fight off cancer by bloc-ing an enIyme that is crucial for cell gro"th, thereby potentially inhibiting the uncontrolled gro"th that characteriIes cancer( In contrast, another report sho"ed that drin-ing coffee did not reduce "omenNs ris- of developing colorectal cancer( In the first of the t"o recent studies, 2r( Allan 3( %onney of $utgers, The #tate 8niversity of Ne" :ersey, and his colleagues eAposed mice to ultraviolet light t"ice a "ee- for >0 "ee-s( As a result of this eAposure, the mice--initially tumor-free--had an increased ris- of developing s-in cancers over the neAt several months( *ive days a "ee- for the neAt =M "ee-s, the researchers rubbed an inactive lotion onto the bac-s of some of the mice, one that contained caffeine onto the bac-s of others, and a lotion "ith the compound epigallocatechin gallate ;EG%G<, an ingredient of green tea, onto the rest( The investigators then measured ho" many tumors the mice developed( %onneyNs team found that mice treated "ith a caffeinated lotion developed DD1 fe"er non-cancerous tumors and K>1 fe"er cancerous tumors than those given the inactive treatment( Mice that received the EG%G-filled substance had a reduction in their non-cancerous and cancerous tumors of //1 and L/1, respectively( In the second study, 2r( Theodore uc- and his colleagues eAposed hamster cells to lo" doses of radiation--levels similar to those found in the basements of some buildings and in mines( This type of radiation, -no"n as alpha radiation, has been lin-ed to the development of lung cancer( EAposure to radiation caused a certain number of mutations-alterations to the cellsN genetic material that can increase the risof developing cancer--the authors note( %ells contain natural mechanisms to repair many of these mutationsE ho"ever, "hen uc- and his team added caffeine to the samples, the cells "ere much less able to repair these mutations than "hen they "ere caffeine-free( #pea-ing "ith $euters 3ealth, uc- said that researchers still do not -no" "hy caffeine might inhibit cellular repair( 3e added that

his eAperiment also sho"s ho" radiation eAposure can induce mutations, and recommended that investigators continue "or-ing to pinpoint the sources of this radiation, and try to eliminate them( B+e can detect sources of mutations in the environment "ith eAtremely good sensitivity,B he said( BAnd that ma-es it possible to remove them from the environment(B #'8$%E) roceedings of the National Academy of #ciences >00>E=0(=0K@9pnas(=/>D@@LJJ, =M>D>JMJJ( =M@( 2utt, Ela( ;Tuesday, August >K, >00>< Indian-American brigadier general -eeps 8# troops fit( India) The Times of India( http)99timesofindia(indiatimes(com9cms(dll9html9uncomp9articlesho "FmsidW>0@D==// ;$eference) 2utt, Ela( ;Tuesday, August >K, >00>< Indian-American brigadier general -eeps 8# troops fit ( India) The Times of India(< B+e cannot remain as a guest in somebodyNs house forever( +e have to ta-e the bull by the horn and be part of it( And I did not "ant to be a second-class citiIen( I -no" "e are people of different colour and race, but "e must not hide,B BEvery country or every person or any organisation has al"ays a soft or "ea- side( And a smart enemy al"ays loo-s for that( ThatNs "here they hit us( B+e "ere prepared so that not even a golf ball could come from outside, but "e "ere not prepared for it to come from inside( #o the enemy did outsmart us(B 3e "as not happy "ith Indian AmericansN reactions after the attac-s( BIt "as li-e a last minute sprint( No" that they had done nothing much for the country up till no", they "anted to come into the picture and contribute to the society( That catching up is al"ays bad( &ou can never catch a running train or bus(B =MD( 2ebate rages over biblical mystery( ;Tuesday, August >K, >00>< 8H) !!% Ne"s( http)99ne"s(bbc(co(u-9>9hi9middleOeast9>>=MKL@(stm

;$eference) 2ebate rages over biblical mystery ( ;Tuesday, August >K, >00>< 8H) !!% Ne"s(< The ancients called the 2ead #ea, "ith its great sulphur deposits, B3ayam 3amasriachB - the #tin-ing #ea( Rsite of Pumran, "here the 2ead #ea scrolls "ere found a century ago( R Pumran, on the north"est shore of the 2ead #ea, =@ -ilometres east of :erusalem( R :esusN brother :ames the :ustR Most scholars believe the Pumranites to have been Essenes - a :e"ish sect "hich bro-e a"ay from the :erusalem establishment and thrived bet"een the > n d %entury !% and the > n d %entury A2( The Essenes follo"ed a mystical interpretation of the ancient scriptures, and "ere especially strict about la"s of ritual purity( They are believed to have been the authors and compilers of the 2ead #ea scrolls( The apocalyptic themes and mysticism in the scrolls along "ith their date from the time of :esus suggests the Essenes may have been a lin- bet"een :udaism and %hristianity( At least one scholar believes they have found the grave of the leader of the Pumran sect, "hom the 2ead #ea scrolls call the BTeacher of $ighteousnessB( R some scholars have identified :ohn as an active leader of the Essenes( =M/( !iblical Mysteries) Ar- of the %ovenant( https)99"""(shopnetdaily(com9store9item(aspFITEMOI2W>>M ;$eference) !iblical Mysteries) Ar- of the %ovenant (< After God presented the Ten %ommandments to Moses more than @,000 years ago, the sacred tablets "ere sealed inside the golden Ar- of the %ovenant( +hat happened to itF No one -no"s for sure( The 3oly Ar- Cust disappeared(

Rseveral theories about the Ar-Ns "hereabouts( #ome authorities say the son of Hing #olomon and the Pueen of #heba brought it to Ethiopia( 'thers claim a group of mon-s moved the Ar- to Elephantine Island( The Hnights of Hing ArthurNs court may have played a part, too( !ut ho"F Rstudies ancient teAts and uses modern science to uncover the hidden trail to the Ar-( 2iscover "hat Egyptian tombs reveal about the Ar-Ns location( %lues lead to $amses III "ho may have obtained the Ar- of the covenant along "ith the greatest treasures of :erusalem( =ML( !ur-ett, Larry( ;Monday, August >L, >00>< !an-ruptcy) The last resortF 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com( http)99"""("orldnetdaily(com9ne"s9article(aspF A$TI%LEOI2W>MK@= ;$eference) !ur-ett, Larry( ;Monday, August >L, >00>< !an-ruptcy) The last resortF 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com(< !ut a vo" is a vo" GodNs +ord clearly says that believers should be responsible for their promises and repay "hat they o"e( B+hen you ma-e a vo" to God, do not be late in paying itE for 3e ta-es no delight in fools( ay "hat you vo"G It is better that you should not vo" than that you should vo" and not payB ;Ecclesiastes /)D-/<( Individuals or businesses may be faced "ith no alternative other than to see- court protection from creditors( 3o"ever, even "ith the alternative of court protection, a %hristian must be "illing to accept the absolute re4uirement to repay every debt, unless the creditor has agreed to put all the ris- based on the financial performance of the business( Even after discharge, if the creditor allo"s the debt to be paid, the debtor needs to arrange to pay off the debt, even if it ta-es an entire lifetime to satisfy the debt( =MK( +hittle, #ean( ;Translated from the ali< Anguttara Ni-aya( I(=-=0 ariyadana #utta( 'verpo"ering( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9anguttara9an0=-00=(html ;old lin-< http)99"""(tipita-a(net9tipita-a9an0=-00=(htm ;ne" lin-< ;$eference) +hittle, #ean( ;Translated from the ali< Anguttara Ni-aya( I(=-=0 ariyadana #utta( 'verpo"ering (<

=MM( +hat "as ne" at Access to Insight( ;'ctober >000<( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9oldne"s9ne"s00=0(html ;$eference) +hat "as ne" at Access to Insight ( ;'ctober >000<< =MJ( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< #amyutta Ni-aya III(/( Atta-ra--hita #utta( #elf-protected( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9samyutta9sn0@-00/(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< #amyutta Ni-aya III(/( Atta-ra--hita #utta( #elf-protected (< =J0( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< Anguttara Ni-aya ,(=K( Natha #utta( rotectors( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9anguttara9an=0-0=K(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the Anguttara Ni-aya ,(=K( Natha #utta( rotectors (< ali<

=J=( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< Anguttara Ni-aya ,(>D( %unda #utta( %unda( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9anguttara9an=0-0>D(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the Anguttara Ni-aya ,(>D( %unda #utta( %unda (< ali<

=J>( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< Anguttara Ni-aya ,(DK( #a--a #utta( To the #a-yans ;on the 8posatha<( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9anguttara9an=0-0DK(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< Anguttara Ni-aya ,(DK( #a--a #utta( To the #a-yans ;on the 8posatha< < =J@( Ac-erman, Todd( ;#unday, #eptember 0=, >00>< Teens saying no to seA for the health of it( 8#A) 3ouston %hronicle Medical +riter( http)99"""(chron(com9cs9%2A9story(hts9topstory>9=//KL/D ;2eactivated lin-< ;$eference) Ac-erman, Todd( ;#unday, #eptember 0=, >00>< Teens saying no to seA for the health of it ( 8#A) 3ouston %hronicle Medical +riter(< ;2e-activated lin-<

B!efore I got involved in this, I didnNt do anything to prevent disease, I Cust accepted that -ids "ill have seA,B said #ula-, /0( B!ut I no longer thin- thatNs necessarily true( I thin- thatNs Cust the "ay those of us "ho gre" up during the seAual revolution tend to thin-( +e donNt give -ids enough credit( As I -eep seeing, if "e ma-e them a"are of the ris-s, theyNll ma-e good decisions(B =JD( #teyn, Mar-( ;Tuesday, #eptember 0@, >00>< N#ustainableN developmentF ThereNs no such thing( %anada) National ost( http)99"""(nationalpost(com9commentary9story(htmlF idWJ%M=/ME0-/@>0-DAD*-JA!D-LAJM%M/%@=2= ;$eference) #teyn, Mar-( ;Tuesday, #eptember 0@, >00>< N#ustainableN developmentF ThereNs no such thing ( National ost(< %anada)

BThe sign in the shopping mall said, NNo animals allo"ed(N As I read it, I didnNt -no" "hether to laugh or cry( It reflected a failure to admit or un"illingness to ac-no"ledge our biological nature( +e are animals and have a taAonomic classification) Hingdom -Animalia, hylum -- %hordata, %lass -- Mammilia, 'rder -rimates, *amily -- 3ominidae, Genus -- 3omo, #pecies -saapiens( B'ur reluctance to ac-no"ledge our animal nature is indicated in our attitude to other animals( If "e call someone a "orm, sna-e, pig, chic-en, mule or ape, it is an insult( Indeed, to accuse someone of being a B"ild animalB at a party is a terrible insult(B =J/( #amyutta Ni-aya( The Grouped 2iscourses( ;selected suttas<( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9samyutta9indeA(html ;$eference) #amyutta Ni-aya( The Grouped 2iscourses( ;selected suttas< < =JL( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< #amyutta Ni-aya III(>D( Issattha #utta( Archery #-ills( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9samyutta9sn0@-0>D(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the #amyutta Ni-aya III(>D( Issattha #utta( Archery #-ills (< ali<

=JK( !runton, aul( ;=JM/< A Message *rom Arunachala( ;Indian $eprint< Ne" 2elhi, India) !(I( ublications vt( Ltd( ages) =DD(

;$eference) !runton, aul( ;=JM/< A Message *rom Arunachala( ;Indian $eprint< Ne" 2elhi, India) !(I( ublications vt( Ltd( ages) =DD(< =JM( !ullitt, :ohn( ;Thursday, May >@, >00>< *re4uently-as-ed Puestions about !uddhism( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9bfa4(html ;$eference) !ullitt, :ohn( ;Thursday, May >@, >00>< *re4uently-as-ed Puestions about !uddhism (< +ho is Maitreya ;Metteyya<F 3ave there been other !uddhasF +hatNs the difference bet"een a !uddha and an arahantF +hatNs a B rivate !uddhaB ;pacce-abuddha<F According to Theravada tradition, many !uddhas have come and gone over countless eons( Every once in a great "hile, after a long period of spiritual dar-ness blan-ets the "orld, an individual may be born "ho, through his o"n efforts, rediscovers the longforgotten path to A"a-ening and liberates himself once and for all from the long round of rebirth, thereby becoming an arahant ;B"orthy oneB, one "ho has fully realiIed A"a-ening<( If such a being does not share his discovery "ith others he is called a B#ilentB or B rivateB !uddha ;pacce-abuddha<( If he delivers his message ;sasana<to the "orld he is called, simply, a !uddha( #ome of a !uddhaNs follo"ers may themselves become arahants, but they are not !uddhas, since they relied on a !uddha to sho" them the "ay to A"a-ening( ;All !uddhas and pacce-abuddhas are arahants, but not all arahants are !uddhas or pacce-abuddhas(< No matter ho" far and "ide the sasana spreads, sooner or later it succumbs to the ineAorable la" of anicca ;impermanence<, and fades from memory( The "orld descends again into dar-ness, and the eons-long cycle repeats( The most recent !uddha "as born #iddhattha Gotama in India in the siAth century !%E( 3e is the one "e usually mean "hen "e refer to BThe !uddhaB(]=^ The neAt !uddha to appear is said to be Maitreya ;#-tE ali) Metteyya<, a bodhisatta currently residing in the Tusita heavens( Legend has it that at some time in the far distant future, once the teachings of the current !uddha have long been forgotten, he "ill be reborn as a human being, rediscover the *our Noble Truths, and teach the Noble Eightfold ath once again( Although he plays an important role in some Mahayana !uddhist traditions, "hose follo"ers appeal to him for favorable rebirth and salvation,]>^ he plays an insignificant role in Theravada( I believe heNs mentioned

only once, in the %a--avatti-#ihanada #utta ;2N >LE The LionNs $oar on the Turning of the +heel<) ]The !uddha)^ And in that time of the people "ith an eightythousand-year life-span, there "ill arise in the "orld a !lessed Lord, an Arahant fully enlightened !uddha named Metteyya, endo"ed "ith "isdom and conduct, a +ell-farer, Hno"er of the "orlds, incomparable Trainer of men to be tamed, Teacher of gods and humans, enlightened and blessed, Cust as I am no"( -- BThe Long 2iscourses of the !uddhaB ;formerly BThus 3ave I 3eardB<, Maurice +alshe, trans( ;!oston) +isdom ublications, =JMK<, p D0@( Maitreya is often depicted in %hinese and :apanese art as that Colly fello" "ith the large belly( ]@^ Notes) =( 2N =D and 2N @> mention siA previous !uddhas) 5ipassi, #i-hi, 5essabhu, Ha-usandha, Honagamana, and Hassapa( MN ==L includes a long list of past pacce-abuddhas( >( The !uddhist $eligion) A 3istorical Introduction ;fourth edition< by $(3( $obinson Q +(L( :ohnson ;!elmont, %alifornia) +ads"orth, =JJK<, pp( =0/-L( @( Ibid(, p( =0L( I "ant to become a !uddhist( 3o" do I do thatF It begins "ith one deceptively simple act) ma-ing the inner commitment to Bta-e refugeB in the Triple Gem, to accept the !uddha, 2hamma, and #angha as your source of spiritual guidance(]=^ This act is "hat ma-es one nominally B!uddhistB( !ut going for refuge also implies a "illingness -- if only provisional, at first -- to acccept the cornerstone of the !uddhaNs teachings) the la" of -amma( According to this universal principle, if you act uns-illfully and ma-e poor ethical choices, you are bound to suffer the conse4uencesE if you choose "isely and act in line "ith the noblest ideals, you stand to benefit accordingly(]>^ In other "ords, your happiness ultimately depends on the 4uality of your choices and actionsE you alone are responsible for your happiness( &our first act after see-ing refuge should therefore be to resolve to observe the five precepts -- the five basic principles of living that can help prevent you from ma-ing grossly uns-illful choices( This is "here the practice of !uddhism begins(

&ou donNt need a formal public ceremony or BinitiationB to ma-e any of this official( &ou donNt have to dress differently or "ear a badge that says, BI am no" a !uddhist(B The practice of the 2hamma is a private matter and no one needs to -no" about it but you( Many !uddhists do, ho"ever, find it invaluable to rene" their commitment to the Triple Gem and to the precepts from time to time in a more formal "ay, enlisting the help of a good friend, a respected meditation teacher, or a member of the monastic community ;#angha< as a "itness(]@^ Administering the refuges and precepts to laypeople is a duty that !uddhist mon-s are glad to perform( Many people find it difficult to sustain their commitment to the 2hamma on their o"n, "ithout the support of li-e-minded friends and companions( ;It can be hard to stic- to the precepts if youNre surrounded by people "ho see no harm in telling lies, or in having a secret romantic affair no" and then, or in going out drin-ing all night(< &ou may have to do a little patient detective "or- to find this -ind of support( erhaps someone in your neighborhood hosts a "ee-ly meditation group ;Bsitting groupB< or sutta study group in his or her home( If not, "hy not start one of your o"nF 'r perhaps there is a meditation center nearby that offers "or-shops and retreats( And if there is a !uddhist monastery or temple in your vicinity, "hy not pay the #angha a visitF 3aving ta-en these first steps, you can proceed along the !uddhist path in your o"n "ay and at your o"n pace( Although you can learn a great deal about 2hamma on your o"n, your understanding "ill gro" by leaps and bounds once you find a good teacher -- someone "hom you trust and respect, "ho -eeps to the precepts, and "ho understands the 2hamma and can communicate it clearly(]D^ 'ther aids to progress in understanding the 2hamma are these) deepening your understanding of the preceptsE studying the suttasE]/^ getting to -no" mon-s or nuns ;#angha< and become ac4uainted "ith their traditionsE developing a -een, discerning eye that can recogniIe "hich of todayNs popular spiritual teachings actually ring true to "hat the !uddha taughtE]L^ and learning meditation( 3o" you proceed is entirely up to you, but the bottom line is this) learn "hat the !uddha taught and put it into practice in your life as best you can( If you ever decide that the !uddhaNs teachings arenNt for you, you are free to "al- a"ay at any time and find your o"n "ay( There is no ceremony for renouncing the !uddhaNs teachings( :ust remember) your happiness is in your o"n hands(

Notes) =( #ee $efuge) An Introduction to the !uddha, 2hamma, and #angha by Thanissaro !hi--hu( >( #ee the opening verses of the 2hammapada( @( *or the standard ali formula for re4uesting the refuges and precepts, see A %hanting Guide) ali assages "ith Translations( D( #ee BAdmirable friendship ;-alyanamittata<B in the *reedom pages( ath to

/( #ee B!efriending the #uttas) #ome #uggestions for $eading the ali 2iscoursesB( L( #ee the #tudy Guide B$ecogniIing the 2hamma,B prepared by Thanissaro !hi--hu( +hat "ere the !uddhaNs vie"s on homoseAualityF *rom "hat INve read in the suttas, the !uddha gave no indication that oneNs seAual orientation has any bearing on oneNs spiritual practice( The five precepts, "hich form the most basic foundation of a moral life in !uddhism, encourage the abstention from BseAual misconductB, a term that generally refers to seAual activity bet"een t"o people outside of a long-term committed relationship( It has nothing to do "ith BorientationB( The !uddha did, ho"ever, have strong "ords to say about seAuality9sensuality in general, since it is one of the most po"erful eApressions of human craving and attachment( And craving -- the second Noble Truth -- is a root cause of human suffering( The !uddha "as very clear) if youNre genuinely concerned about your long-term happiness, then itNs "orth reassessing the value of engaging in activities -- be they heteroseAual, homoseAual, or non-seAual -- that feed your cravings) Even if itNs "ith pain, you should abandon sensual desires if you aspire to future safety from bondage( Alert, "ith a mind "ell-released, touch release no" here, no" there(

An attainer-of-"isdom, having fulfilled the holy life, is said to have gone to the end of the "orld, gone beyond( ]Iti =0=^ It is "orth noting that the !uddha eAplicitly discouraged his follo"ers -- men and "omen, ali-e -- from d"elling on their seAual identity ;AN 5II(DM<( Although in this particular sutta he "as describing heteroseAuals, the message clearly applies to everyone( +hat "ere the !uddhaNs vie"s on abortionF racticing !uddhists observe the five precepts as a foundation for the moral life that spiritual progress re4uires( The first of these precepts is to Brefrain from destroying living creaturesB( #ince Theravada !uddhism regards human life as beginning at the moment of conception,]=^ -illing a fetus implies -illing a human being, ma-ing abortion patently incompatible "ith the first precept( 'ne indication of the seriousness "ith "hich the !uddha regarded abortion is found in the 5inaya, the collection of teAts that define the conduct and duties of !uddhist monastics( According to the 5inaya, if a bhi--hu or bhi--huni should facilitate an abortion -- or even recommend that someone get one -- he or she brea-s one of the four cardinal rules of monastic conduct, and is immediately eApelled from the #angha(]>^ Notes) =( According to the ali teAts, conception occurs "hen three things are simultaneously present) the mother ;i(e(, a fertile egg<, the father ;a sperm cell<, and the gandhabba ;the -ammic energy of the being that is see-ing rebirth<( If all three successfully coincide, human consciousness arises in the fertiliIed ovum and rebirth occurs( *or a description of this process, see the Mahatanhasan-haya #utta ;MN @M<( #ee !hi--hu !odhiNs translation of this sutta ;along "ith helpful footnotes< in BThe Middle Length 2iscourse of the !uddhaB ;!oston) +isdom ublications, =JJ/<( >( This rule ; araCi-a b@<, "hich applies e4ually to bhi--hunis as "ell as bhi--hus, states) #hould any bhi--hu ]or bhi--huni^ intentionally deprive a human being of life, or search for an assassin for him, or praise the

advantages of death, or incite him to die ;thus<) BMy good man, "hat use is this "retched, miserable life to youF 2eath "ould be better for you than life,B or "ith such an idea in mind, such a purpose in mind, should in various "ays praise the advantages of death or incite him to die, he ]she^ also is defeated and no longer in communion( The "ord-commentary to this rule ma-es clear that abortion counts as Bintentionally depriving a human being of lifeB( #ee The !uddhist Monastic %ode, 5ol( I Are !uddhists vegetarianF #ome are, some arenNt( I -no" of no evidence in the ali %anon to suggest that the !uddha discouraged his lay follo"ers from eating meat( Although some people may point to the first of the five precepts as evidence that the !uddha as-ed his follo"ers to be vegetarian, this precept only concerns the intentional act of depriving a living being of life, and says nothing about consuming the flesh of an animal that is already dead( Many !uddhists ;and, of course, non-!uddhists< do eventually lose their appetite for meat out of compassion for other living creatures, but from the strict Theravada !uddhist perspective, the choice of "hether or not to eat meat is purely a matter of personal preference( Theravada mon-s are forbidden to eat certain -inds of meat,]=^ but because their food is provided by the generosity of lay supporters,]>^ "ho may or may not themselves be vegetarian,]@^ they are not re4uired to practice strict vegetarianism( Nor are Theravada mon-s re4uired to eat everything that is placed in their alms-bo"lE a mon- intent on pursuing vegetarianism may therefore simply ignore the meat in his bo"l( In parts of Asia "here vegetarianism is unheard of, ho"ever, vegetarian mon-s face a clear choice) eat meat or starve( Ta-ing part in -illing for food ;hunting, fishing, trapping, butchering, etc(< is definitely incompatible "ith the first precept, and should be avoided( !ut "hat if I eat -- or Cust purchase -- meat) arenNt I simply encouraging someone else to do the -illing for meF 3o" can letting someone else do the Bdirty "or-B possibly be consistent "ith the !uddhist principle of non-harming, that cornerstone of $ight $esolveF This is tric-y( Although the suttas are silent on this 4uestion, I personally believe it "ould be "rong to order someone, B lease -ill that chic-en for me,B since it incites that person to brea- the first precept(]D^ #urely this is uns-illful -amma( ;%onsider this "henever youNre tempted to order, say, a

fresh--illed lobster at a restaurantE by placing your order you are, in fact, ordering its death(< !ut purchasing a piece of dead animal meat is another matter( Although my purchase may indeed help -eep the butcher or restaurateur in business, I am not as-ing him to -ill on my behalf( +hether he -ills another co" tomorro" is his choice, not mine( This is a difficult but important point, one that reveals the fundamental distinction bet"een personal choices ;choices aimed at altering my o"n behavior< and political ones ;those aimed at altering othersN behavior<( Each of us must discover for ourselves "here lies the boundary bet"een the t"o( It is crucial to remember that the !uddhaNs teachings are, first and foremost, tools to help us learn to ma-e good personal choices ;-amma<E they are not prescriptions for political action( +e could not survive long in this "orld "ithout bringing harm of one sort or another to other creatures( No matter ho" carefully "e trod, countless insects, mites, and other creatures inadvertently perish under our feet "ith every step( +here, then, do "e even begin to dra" the line bet"een BacceptableB and BunacceptableB harmF The !uddhaNs ans"er "as very clear and very practical) the five precepts( 3e didnNt as- his follo"ers to become vegetarianE he simply as-ed us to observe the precepts( *or many of us, this is challenge enough( This is "here "e begin( Notes) =( Theravada mon-s are forbidden to eat the flesh of humans, elephants, horses, dogs, sna-es, lions, tigers, leopards, bears, hyenas, and panthers( A mon- is also forbidden to eat ra" fish or meat, or any fish or meat that he sees, hears, or suspects "as -illed specifically for him ;see the description of Bstaple foodsB in The !uddhist Monastic %ode<( A mon- "ho eats any of those -inds of meat commits an offense that he must then confess to his fello" mon-s( These rules do not imply that a mon- must not eat meat -- only that a mon- must be careful as to "hich -inds of meat he does eat( >( #ee BThe Economy of GiftsB by Thanissaro !hi--hu( @( Monastics "ithin some schools of Mahayana !uddhism do practice vegetarianism( #ee The !uddhist $eligion) A 3istorical Introduction ;fourth edition< by $(3( $obinson Q +(L( :ohnson ;!elmont, %alifornia) +ads"orth, =JJK<, pp( >=@-=D(

D( This is in -eeping "ith the mon-sN rule about not eating meat that he sees, hears, or suspects "as -illed specifically for him( #ee The !uddhist Monastic %ode Are there any enlightened people in the "orld no"adaysF 3o" can I tell "hoNs really enlightenedF I "ouldnNt be a !uddhist if I didnNt thin- enlightenment "ere possible( The !uddha himself observed that as long there are people practicing correctly in line "ith the noble eightfold path, there "ill continue to be enlightened beings in the "orld ;2N =L<( Even better evidence of the reality of enlightenment lies in the BgradualB nature of the !uddhaNs teachings ( In the suttas, the !uddha spea-s again and again of the many re"ards a"aiting those "ho follo" the ath , long before they reach nibbana) the happiness that comes from developing generosity E the happiness that comes from living according to principles of virtueE the happiness that comes from developing loving--indness ;metta< E the happiness that comes from practicing meditation and discovering the eA4uisite bliss of a 4uiet mindE the happiness that comes from abandoning painful states of mindE and so on( These can be tasted for yourself, to varying degrees, through 2hamma practice( 'nce youNve personally verified a fe" of the !uddhaNs teachings, it becomes ever-easier to accept the possibility that the rest of his teachings are plausible -- including his eAtraordinary claim that enlightenment is accessible to us( ItNs probably best not to spend too much time speculating on someone elseNs degree of enlightenment, simply because our o"n delusion and defilements are bound to cloud our vision( &our time is far better spent loo-ing in"ards and as-ing yourself, BAm I enlightenedF 3ave I made an end of suffering and stressFB If the ans"er is negative, then you have more "or- to do( #ome lines of 4uestioning are, ho"ever, "ell "orth pursuing in regard to someone elseNs purity -- especially "hen deciding "hether or not to accept that person as your 2hamma teacher) B2oes this person seem to be truly happyF 2oes he or she live by the preceptsF Is the interpretation of 2hamma that he or she teaches a valid oneF %an I learn something of real value from him or herFB It can ta-e a long and close association "ith someone before you can begin to ans"er these 4uestions "ith any confidence ;AN I5(=J><( !ut if you do find someone possessing this rare constellation of good 4ualities, stay "ith that person) he or she probably has something of lasting value to teach you( *INALL&, 'NE $8LE '* T38M! T3AT IN5E *'8N2 3EL *8L) #'ME'NE +3' G'E# A$'8N2 %LAIMING T' !E ENLIG3TENE2

;'$ 2$' ING 3INT# T' T3AT E**E%T< $'!A!L& I#NNT -- AT LEA#T N'T IN T3E #EN#E T3E !8223A 3A2 IN MIN2( #ee also) B$ecogniIing the 2hammaB ;#tudy Guide< +hatNs the relationship bet"een BdanaB and BfundraisingBF They are entirely unrelated -- or at least they should be( Alas, in recent years the notion of dana seems to have been co-opted by many !uddhist organiIations in the +est as Cust another fundraising gimmic-, designed to appeal to our better nature( 3o" many times have "e read fundraising letters from !uddhist organiIations that open "ith the familiar preamble) B2ana, or generosity, is the ancient tradition that has -ept the !uddhaNs teachings alive for over >,/00 years(((BF 3o" many times have "e seen long B"ish listsB in these letters detailing eAactly "hat material goods are neededF And ho" many times have "e heard meditation centers as- for Bsuggested donationsB to pay for their teachingsF To my mind, these valiant efforts at drumming up material support for !uddhist causes only dampen the true spirit of dana, that "eightless, heartfelt, and spontaneous up"elling of generous action that lies at the very root of the !uddhaNs teachings( Giving of any -ind is un4uestionably good( The !uddha encourages us to give generously "henever anyone as-s for help ]2hp >>D^( And even the smallest of gifts, "hen offered "ith a generous heart, has tremendous value) BEven if a person thro"s the rinsings of a bo"l or a cup into a village pool or pond, thin-ing, NMay "hatever animals live here feed on this,N that "ould be a source of meritB ]AN III(/K^( !ut the actual re"ards of giving depend strongly on the climate in "hich the giving occurs( The giver and the recipient -- the donor and the organiIation -- share an e4ual responsibility in fostering a climate that ma-es the most of generosity( If both are serious about putting the !uddhaNs teachings into practice, they "ould do "ell to consider the follo"ing points) *irst, the benefits of giving multiply in accordance "ith the purity of the giverNs motives( A gift "e give half-heartedly yields modest re"ards for all concerned, "hereas a gift given "ith genuine open-handedness, Bnot see-ing ]our^ o"n profit, not "ith a mind attached ]to the re"ard^,B is of far greater value ]AN 5II(DJ^( If "e give "ith an eApectation of receiving something from the recipient in return -- membership benefits, a certificate of appreciation, a boo-, a meditation course, etc( -- "e shortchange ourselves, and dilute the po"er of our generosity( !uddhist organiIations should

therefore be cautious about re"arding gifts "ith these sorts of per4uisites( #econd, the !uddha does not encourage us to as- for gifts( In fact, he says 4uite the opposite) he encourages us to ma-e do "ith "hat little "e already have ]AN I5(>M^( This theme of contentment-"ith-little echoes throughout the !uddhaNs teachings( To my mind, a fundraiserNs long B"ish listB of needed items conveys a sense of dissatisfaction, and thus seems at odds "ith this message( 2onors most enCoy giving "hen they -no" that their gift -- no matter ho" humble it may be -- is truly appreciated by the recipient( If I have only a small gift to give, I "onder if it "ill be appreciated -- or even noticed -- by an organiIation "ith ambitious fundraising goals or a long and eApensive list of needs( An organiIation can promote the !uddhaNs teachings most effectively, and inspire the greatest confidence among its supporters, by -eeping its needs modest and its re4uests rare( Third, the purity of the recipient also matters ]#N III(>D^( +hen "e give to virtuous people -- those "ho, at the very least, abide by the five precepts -- "e not only ac-no"ledge their intention to develop virtue ;sila<, but "e also reinforce our o"n resolve( Giving to virtuous people is thus a po"erful -ammic force "hose benefits eAtend far beyond the moment of giving itself( Generosity and virtue are deeply intert"inedE "hen "e learn to eAercise our generous impulses s-illfully, and give "here the gift reaps the greatest fruit, "e ma-e the most of them both( +hether "e are giver or recipient, "e stand to benefit most from generosity "hen "e ta-e virtue seriously( *inally, an appeal to fledgling !uddhist groups and organiIations) please be very, very patient, and resist the temptation to ma-e your organiIation gro"( The success of a !uddhist organiIation should never be measured in conventional commercial terms) number of members, number of do"nloads, number of courses taught, amount of money raised, etc( Its success can only be measured by ho" "ell it embodies the !uddhaNs teachings( If it does good "or- that is rooted firmly in the principles of virtue, people "ho recogniIe virtue "hen they see it "ill inevitably ta-e notice and be inspired to lend a hand "ith unbounded generosity( Any organiIation that can do this much passes on to others, in the most direct "ay possible, the priceless tradition of generosity, "hich is the heart and soul of 2hamma -- the greatest gift of all ]2hp @/D^( #ee also)

BThe Economy of Gifts,B by Thanissaro !hi--hu BGenerosityB in the ath to *reedom pages( +hatNs "rong "ith selling 2hamma boo-sF +hatNs "rong "ith selling 2hamma boo-sF +hatNs the big deal about giving them a"ay free of chargeF ThereNs nothing inherently "rong "ith selling 2hamma boo-s( Indeed, commercially distributed 2hamma boo-s are often easier to find in boo-stores than their free, privately-printed cousins( !ut that accessibility comes at a steep price( A publisher that lives by its bottom line is inevitably forced to ma-e editorial choices based on "hat "ill or "ill not sell boo-s( The result of this pressure is often a boo- that presents a "atered-do"n version of 2hamma, a 2hamma that may sound Coyous, uplifting, and pleasing, but "hich lac-s the cutting edge of truth( It is unli-ely, for eAample, that people "ould floc- to the boo-store and empty their "allets to read about the !uddhaNs crucial teachings on renunciation, the dra"bac-s of sensuality, or the value of reflecting on the unattractiveness of the body( The mar-et for people "illing to spend money on this -ind of truth is, alas, unprofitably small( !ut there is another, deeper reason to thin- t"ice about selling 2hamma boo-s( #ince the !uddhaNs time, the teachings have traditionally been given a"ay free of charge, passing freely from teacher to student, from friend to friend( The teachings are regarded as priceless, and have been conveyed to us across the centuries by an unbro-en stream of generosity -- the very foundation of all the !uddhaNs teachings( That tradition continues "ith the production of free 2hamma boo-s( *rom the author, the stream flo"s on"ards through those "ho give their time to editing, typesetting, and printing the boo-E through the donors "ho sponsor the printingE and through those "ho ta-e care of distribution and mailing( If you are fortunate enough to receive a boo- borne on this stream of generosity, you learn an important lesson of 2hamma long before you even open the cover( The instant someone puts a price tag on a 2hamma boo-, you not only have to pay money for it, but you get less in return) you get a boo- that is merely about 2hamma, instead of one that is itself an eAample of 2hamma in action( +hich one do you thin- has greater valueF #o -eep this in mind the neAt time you find yourself spending money in eAchange for the 2hamma -- "hether it is in the form of a boo-, an audio tape, a %2-$'M, a 2hamma tal-, a meditation class, a retreat( The old adage still applies) caveat emptor -- Let the buyer be"are(

#ee also) +hatNs NfundraisingNF






=JJ( Anguttara Ni-aya( The B*urther-factoredB 2iscourses ;selected suttas<( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9anguttara9indeA(html ;$eference) Anguttara Ni-aya( The B*urther-factoredB 2iscourses ;selected suttas< < >00( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< Anguttara Ni-aya 5II(DM( #aggoga #utta( !ondage( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9anguttara9an0K-0DM(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the Anguttara Ni-aya 5II(DM( #aggoga #utta( !ondage (< ali<

>0=( &aroshevs-y, Mi-hail(, $uth English( ;Translated from the $ussian< ;=JJ0< A 3istory of sychology( Mosco") rogress ublishers( I#!N) /-0=-00=J=J-=( ages) D=L( ;$eference) &aroshevs-y, Mi-hail(, $uth English( ;Translated from the $ussian< ;=JJ0< A 3istory of sychology( Mosco") rogress ublishers(< age JK 3uarte considered that physiological factors, in particular nutrition, played a vital part in the formation of abilities ( 3e even 4uoted #criptural authority in support of this idea) %hrist ;"hile a man< needed 6delicate feeding7 in order to reason "isely( It is hardly surprising that the In4uisition put 3uarteUs boo- on the list of prohibited "or-s( It is needless to describe ho" blasphemous it sounded, in the ears of a feudal society, to eApress in "ords the idea that people should be given their places in society according to their natural gifts( age @0K A particularly age @0M important place "as allotted to 6 the 6'edipus compleA7, a term used to describe a definite motivational-affective model for the relationship of a child to its parents ( *reud considered that the Gree- myth of 'edipus, "ho -illed his father and married his mother, "as the -ey to a compleA of seAual feelings "hich supposedly burdened every man) a boy is attracted to his mother,

seeing in his father a rival "ho inspires both hatred and fear( This concept aroused particularly acrimonious discussion( 5ocabulary acrimonious adC( !itter and sharp in language or toneE rancorous) an acrimonious debate bet"een the t"o candidates( R +ith the aim of refining the techni4ue of psychoanalysis, he ;#andor *erencIi ;=MK@ . =J@@< "ould . if the patient resisted the pursuance of free associations . deprive him9her of food, sleep and opportunity to satisfy other needs, the obCect being to raise the energy of the libido( age @== #ublimation is one of the mechanisms by "hich 6forbidden7 seAual energy discharges itself in the form of an activity "hich is acceptable to the individual and to society( %reative "or- is one form of sublimation( >0>( +riter says all pets have souls( ;#aturday, #eptember 0K, >00>< Ne" Sealand) Ne" Sealand 3erald( http)99"""(nIherald(co(nI9storydisplay(cfmF storyI2W>DJK=D=QthesectionWne"sQthesubsectionWgeneral ;$eference) +riter says all pets have souls ( ;#aturday, #eptember 0K, >00>< Ne" Sealand) Ne" Sealand 3erald(< $ichard +ebster rec-ons his old childhood dog !ruce definitely had a soul( &esterday the Ne" Sealand author set out to prove to a mainly already converted audience at an animal "elfare conference, that all pets have souls, from cats and dogs to parrots( 3e said "hen he "as a child his father accidentally ran over the family cat( B'ur labrador !ruce lay on his grave for hours every day for the rest of his life(B 3e told ho" Cealousy, one of the unattractive human emotions, is shared by animals(

BTry giving more affection to one of your pets than you do to another and youNll 4uic-ly discover ho" Cealous the neglected pet "ill become(B ets eAperienced Coy, sadness and other emotions and had a reasoning ability "hich "as more than Cust instinct , Mr +ebster said( 3e said !ruce "ould apparently ta-e himself off to the vet "henever he "asnNt feeling "ell( B+eNd get a phone call from the vet saying N!ruce is here, please bring XD/ and pic- him upN(B Mr +ebster said surely the emotional and reasoning po"ers of animals indicated the presence of a soul ( >0@( risoners can starve themselves) 8# Cudge( #eptember 0K, >00>< India) The Times of India( http)99timesofindia(indiatimes(com9articlesho"(aspF artOidW>=D@MLL@ ;#aturday,

;$eference) risoners can starve themselves) 8# ;#aturday, #eptember 0K, >00>< India) The Times of India(<

Cudge (

#pringfield ;Illinois<) rison inmates can choose to starve themselves rather than endure years of solitary confinement and that right out"eighs the stateNs duty to -eep them alive , a Cudge ruled( T"o inmates have sometimes refused food to protest conditions at the maAimum-security prison in ontiac( !oth are serving long terms for violent crimes and have been in solitary confinement because of bad behaviour( In his ruling Thursday, Livingston %ounty :udge 3arold *robish allo"ed the prison to -eep feeding the inmates until the state decides "hether to appeal( BThey are in this cubicle >D hours a day, and they read some and then they thin-( And that is all there is to do ,B *robish said( BThis is an eAistence "here I find these defendants suffer from eAtreme sensory deprivation( I find it is a miserable eAistence(B

BI find that if these defendants choose to die in the circumstances rather than live this "ay, that they should have right to do so,B he concluded( Inmates :ohn !arrell and Leon #nipes had burritos for lunch on *riday and the prison has not tried to force-feed them "hen they refused other meals, said !rian *airchild, spo-esman for the %orrections 2epartment( >0D( 3ighfield, $oger( ;#aturday, #eptember 0K, >00>< 3eavens shed light on Einstein theory( 8H) The Telegraph( http)99ne"s(telegraph(co(u-9ne"s9main(ChtmlF AmlW9ne"s9>00>90J90K9"eins0K(Aml ;$eference) 3ighfield, $oger( ;#aturday, #eptember 0K, >00>< 3eavens shed light on Einstein theory ( 8H) The Telegraph(< EinsteinNs claim that gravity acts at the speed of light is to be put to the test tomorro" than-s to a rare alignment in the heavens( Ever since Albert Einstein proposed the general theory relativity in =J=L, physicists have tested its principles( of

3e "as proved right on gravityNs ability to bend starlight , for instance( No", using an eAperiment conceived by a physicist at the 8niversity of Missouri, %olumbia, teams around the "orld have the chance to measure the speed of gravity against the speed of light( 2r #ergei Hopei-in said) B+hile there is indirect evidence that this is true, the speed has never been measured directly and thatNs "hat "eNre trying to do in an eAperiment that "ill not be possible again for another decade(B 'n #unday, :upiter "ill pass very close to a star-li-e 4uasar( The planetNs gravity should nudge the light emitted by the 4uasar, causing its apparent position to shift by a distance that depends on the speed of gravity( 2r Hopei-inNs test involves comparing the position of the primary 4uasar to the position of other 4uasars unaffected by :upiter( *inal results should be available in mid-November(

>0/( #cientist upsets physics la"s "ith light theory( ;Thursday, August 0M, >00>< India) #ify Ne"s( http)99"""(ne"s(sify(com9cgibin9sifyne"s9ne"s9content9ne"sOfullstoryOv>(CspF articleOoidW==M0/@0KQpageOnoW= ;$eference) #cientist upsets physics la"s "ith light theory ( ;Thursday, August 0M, >00>< India) #ify Ne"s(< #ydney) A scientist in Australia said Thursday he had found evidence that the speed of light is slo"ing, a discovery that "ould unravel EinsteinNs theory of relativity and revolutioniIe modern physics ( aul 2avies, a theoretical physicist "ith the Australian %entre for Astro-biology at #ydneyNs Mac4uarie 8niversity, put for"ard his thesis based on measurements of light travelling billions of years from giant stellar obCects called 4uasars( The measurements, ta-en by an astronomer at the 8niversity of Ne" #outh +ales, found that a => billion-year-old stream of light had properties "hich appeared to violate accepted la"s of physics( 2avies said the only possible eAplanation for the unusual data "as that the speed of light had been faster siA to =0 billion years ago than its current speed of around @00,000 -m-per-second ( The theory -- published Thursday in the scientific Cournal Nature, notably raises the possibility that light may have traveled at infinite speed at the time of the so-called !ig !ang, "hich physicists say mar-s the creation point of the universe ( BItNs entirely possible that the speed of light "ould have got greater and greater as you go bac- ;through time< to"ards the !ig !ang and if so it could eAplain some of the great mysteries of cosmology,B he said( BIf the speed of light "ere nearly infinite in the first split second it "ould eAplain "hy the universe is so uniform, for eAample, on a large scale,B he said( If his theory stands up, 2avies said, it "ould be the biggest scientific revolution since Albert EinsteinNs theory of relativity -"hich the ne" hypothesis "ould demolish(

'ne of the most important elements of EinsteinNs theory that energy e4uals mass multiplied by the speed of light s4uared ;EWM%>< is that the speed of light -- N%N in the e4uation -- is an absolute constant( BEinstein "ould have absolutely hated this,B 2avies said( B3is entire theory of relativity "as founded on the notion that the speed of light is an absolute fiAed universal number(B BIf these results hold out, "e need to start re-eAamining the very nature of space and time,B he said( BIt also affects other branches of physics li-e thermodynamics and 4uantum physics, the very basis of all our fundamental physical theories -- if these observations are correct -- seem to be in the melting pot,B he said( 2avies said it also needed to be tested "hether light "as continuing to slo" or "hether it had hit a cosmological Bspeed bumpB billions of years ago( >0L( Mind over matter) Granddaddy Einstein is right again( ;Tuesday, 'ctober 0J, >00=< India) #ify Ne"s( http)99"""(ne"s(sify(com9cgibin9sifyne"s9ne"s9content9ne"sOfullstoryOv>(CspF articleOoidWKL/@@J@QpageOnoW= ;$eference) Mind over matter) Granddaddy Einstein is right again ( ;Tuesday, 'ctober 0J, >00=< India) #ify Ne"s(< It "as an Indian physicist, #atyendra Nath !ose, "ho started things off, eApounding that light came in pac-ets of energy -- a unit that is no" called the photon( !attling against the scientific establishment of his day, !ose had trouble getting his theory accepted or even published, so in =J>D he sent a paper to Einstein, the foremost scientist of the day( Einstein enthusiastically too- the theory a stage further, predicting that atoms and not Cust photons "ould behave the same "ay at a very lo" temperature( At normal temperatures, molecules in a contained gas behave rather li-e billiard balls, bouncing chaotically off each other and the "all of the container(

!ut the behaviour of these particles changes radically if the gas is brought do"n to a very cold temperature, close to absolute Iero( The properties of the atom change, in accordance "ith the principle of 4uantum mechanics( The chief factor here is the spin( articles are categorised into t"o forces named after the force of the spin) they are either bosons ;a unit named after !ose< or fermions ;named after the great Italian-American physicist Enrico *ermi<( In these eAtreme conditions, fermions repel each other, "hile bosons cluster stably together, see-ing the lo"est energy state( The bosons behave as one -- a -ind of Bsuper atomB that is li-e a "ave of coherent matter, rather li-e the coherent light in a laser beam( This state is -no"n as !ose-Einstein %ondensation ;!E%<( 'ver the decades, scientists had suspicions that !E% occurred in suprafluidity ;the state "hen a fluid loses all internal friction< and in superconductivity, "hen a conducting material loses all resistance( !ut efforts to prove the eAistence of !E% "ere frustrated by the challenge of ho" to trap gas atoms and then cool them to such eAtremely lo" temperatures( The brea-through came "hen %ornell, Hetterle and +ieman found a "ay of devising an Batom trapB in "hich lasers and magnets created a field in "hich to contain a cloud of atoms of $ubidium ;an al-ali<, "hich "ere then chilled to less than =K0 billionths of a degree above absolute Iero ;- >K@(=/ %, -D/J(LK *<( More than >0 teams of scientists are no" "or-ing on !E%, and the achievement using rubidium has no" been replicated in sodium, hydrogen and helium( This area of science is naturally in its infancy, but the theoretical --and eventually practical -- potential is great( !E% is being intensely eAplored for insights into ho" atoms pair up and ho" this strange state may manipulate light(

Another oddity is that in certain conditions, !E% appears to mimic the action of cosmic events( !y s"itching the polarity of the magnetic field, the atomic forces can be s"itched from attractive to repulsive, causing the condensate to dissolve in an action remar-ably similar to that of an eAploding star called a supernova ;the phenomenon has been called the B!ose-novaB<( *arther do"n the trac- are possible applications in measurement, holography, computer circuitry and nanotechnology, the science of "or-ing "ith particles smaller than =00 millionths of a metre( >0K( etre, :onathan and #outham, 3aIel( ;#unday, November >/, >00=< %hristians outraged over All #aints prayer for Mohammed( 8H) The Telegraph( http)99ne"s(telegraph(co(u-9ne"s9main(ChtmlFAmlW1>*ne"s 1>*>00=1>*==1>*>/1>*npray>/(Aml ;$eference) etre, :onathan and #outham, 3aIel( ;#unday, November >/, >00=< %hristians outraged over All #aints prayer for Mohammed ( 8H) The Telegraph(< The prayer, originally "ritten for All #aints 2ay, says that both Mohammed and !uddha should be BcelebratedB alongside the li-es of Moses, 2avid and the 5irgin Mary because they Bled GodNs people to GodNs lightB( The prayer begins by remembering Bthe saints in the security of our hearts ( ( ( these great "omen and men of GodB "ho are Bthe ancient foundation of our faith and our inspirationB( It continues) BThe saints "ere not those "ho "ere perfect( They "ere parts of GodNs creation "ho struggled and often failed and yet managed to raise up our faith in God and in one another( Abraham, Isaac, :oseph, #arah, 3annah, :oshua, 2avid, Moses, Mary the Mother of :esus( !uddha and Mohammed and all the prophets of old( They led GodNs people to GodNs light(B 3e added that the prayer had come from an Bofficial sourceB - the Episcopal %hurch in the 8nited #tates , the American e4uivalent to the %hurch of England - and its aim "as to Btransform this "orld for the love of :esusB( >0M( Medved, Michael( ;Monday, #eptember 0J, >00>< 'lder-"oman 9 younger-man fad is a miAed blessing( 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com(

http)99"""("orldnetdaily(com9ne"s9article(aspF A$TI%LEOI2W>MMK@ ;$eference) Medved, Michael( ;Monday, #eptember 0J, >00>< 'lder-"oman 9 younger-man fad is a miAed blessing ( 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com(< Rfe" long-term romances have successfully commenced "hen the "oman is a Iesty >J and the guy is, say, all of =D( *or the most part, older "oman9much-younger man alliances indicate that the lady has left a trail of bro-en marriages or romances in her past, or else "ent through youth "ithout ever establishing a serious relationship( In fact, the trend of accomplished and desirable mature "omen choosing to connect "ith far younger males indicates ho" much the old marital model has already bro-en do"n ( These relationships flo" from the fact that older "omen are not only more attractive than ever before, but also more available( In other "ords, in previous generations the over"helming maCority of "omen above D0 lived "ithin lasting marriagesE "ido"s represented the most important eAception to that rule( Today, ho"ever, tens of millions of aging females have been left unattached through divorce, desertion or career-driven delay of significant relationships( These "omen sometimes incline to"ard youthful suitors in full -no"ledge that the connection may not lead to a permanent alliance or establishment of a family , but the advocates of such relationships R insist that the seA is spectacular( It therefore ma-es sense that BTadpoleB and other recent films sho"ing older-"oman 9 younger-man phenomenon highlight torrid and ris-y seAual adventures rather than fully developed romances( 'f course, men have been pursuing and promoting such unencumbered Bpure seAB relationships forever( AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ersonal $evie"( A satire on modern "estern society( The current state of events, of family life, of relationship bet"een man and "oman( The East tries to imitate the +est( +here to, this societyR3o" many divorces( 3o" many separation( 3o" many fights over property, money, that other "omanR+hat happened to modern man in a "estern societyF >0J( No pardon for stoning case mum) Nigerian state govt( ;Monday, #eptember 0J, >00>< arabia(com(

http)99"""(arabia(com9afp9ne"s9int9article9english90,=0MDL,>MDDM=, 00(html ;2e-activated lin-< ;$eference) No pardon for stoning case mum) Nigerian state govt ( ;Monday, #eptember 0J, >00>< arabia(com(< ;2e-activated lin-< #he confessed to having had eAtramarital seA and an Islamic court sentenced her to be stoned to death( Rthe people of Hatsina state BadoreB the #haria, and called on rights activists, beauty 4ueens and foreign leaders to mind their o"n business( BThe people as-ed for #haria and they "ant it to be applied on them, so "hy should someone "ho is in no "ay affected by it protestFB he as-ed( >=0( +ee-e, #tephen( ;#unday, #eptember 0M, >00>< potential successor bo"s out( 8#A) N!% Ne"s( http)99"""(msnbc(com9ne"s9M0DDJK(aspFcp=W= ;2e-activated lin-< ;$eference) +ee-e, #tephen( ;#unday, #eptember 0M, >00>< opeUs potential successor bo"s out ( 8#A) N!% Ne"s(< ;2e-activated lin-< Rfulfilling a personal dream of living out his life in prayer and contemplation in :erusalem( Rchurch rules hold that any %atholic man can be elected Z and he doesnUt even need to be a priest ( !ut itUs the 6un"ritten rules7 surrounding the election of the "orldUs highest religious office that spea- very loudly even "hen they are only "hispered in the 5aticanUs hallo"ed halls( The un"ritten rules tend to rule out candidates that are too old, and K/ is considered pushing that limit no"adays( Good health is no" seen as essential,R A pope in poor health brings bac- memories of this popeUs predecessor, :ohn aul I, "hose reign lasted a mere @@ days before his heart failed( Then again, a successor should not be too young either, the 5atican "hisperers say,R Rlong papacies as a hindrance to necessary church progress that can only evolve from a change in leadership( opeUs

>==( +ood"ard, *(L( ;Translated from the ali< ;$evised) #unday, May =>, >00>< Anguttara Ni-aya I(@=-D0 ;eAcerpts<( Adanta #uttas( 8ntamed( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9anguttara9an0=0@=(html ;$eference) +ood"ard, *(L( ;Translated from the ali< ;$evised) #unday, May =>, >00>< Anguttara Ni-aya I(@=-D0 ;eAcerpts<( Adanta #uttas( 8ntamed (< >=>( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Trans(< ;$evised) #unday, May =>, >00>< Anguttara Ni-aya I(DJ-/>( abhassara #utta( Luminous( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9anguttara9an0=-0DJ(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Trans(< ;$evised) #unday, May =>, >00>< Anguttara Ni-aya I(DJ-/>( abhassara #utta( Luminous (< >=@( Malayalam the Language( http)99"""(vidhyarambham(com9malayalam(htm ;$eference) Malayalam the Language (< Malayalam no" consists of /@ letters including >0 long and short vo"els and the rest consonants ( The earlier style of "riting is no" substituted "ith a ne" style from =JM=( This ne" script reduces the different letters for typeset from J00 to less than J0( This "as mainly done to include Malayalam in the -eyboards of type"riters and computers( >=D( The !oo- - Ellam 'ndre( ;All is 'ne< http)99"""(cosmicharmony(com9Ellam'ndre9Ellam'ndre(htm ;$eference) The !oo- - Ellam 'ndre( ;All is 'ne< < >=/( Thera, iyadassi( ;Translated from the ali< MaCChima Ni-aya ==L( Isigili #utta( The 2iscourse at Isigili( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9maCChima9mn==L(html ;$eference) Thera, iyadassi( ;Translated from the ali< MaCChima Ni-aya ==L( Isigili #utta( The 2iscourse at Isigili (< >=L( Thera, iyadassi( ;Translated from the ali< 2igha Ni-aya @>( Atanatiya #utta( 2iscourse on Atanatiya( """(accesstoinsight(org( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9digha9dn@>(html

;$eference) Thera, iyadassi( ;Translated from the 2igha Ni-aya @>( Atanatiya #utta( 2iscourse """(accesstoinsight(org(<

ali< on Atanatiya ( suttas<(

>=K( 2igha Ni-aya( The Long 2iscourses( ;selected """(accesstoinsight(org( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9digha9indeA(html

;$eference) 2igha Ni-aya( The Long 2iscourses( ;selected suttas< ( """(accesstoinsight(org(< >=M( rager, 2ennis( ;Tuesday, #eptember =K, >00>< Is God enoughF 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com, Inc( http)99"""("orldnetdaily(com9ne"s9article(aspF A$TI%LEOI2W>MJL0 ;$eference) rager, 2ennis( ;Tuesday, #eptember =K, >00>< Is God enoughF 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com, Inc(< I -no" that God is necessary for morality, that "ithout positing a transcendent obCective source for good and evil, these terms are no more than personal, subCective descriptions of actions that "e li-e or disli-e( I also -no" that faith in God is necessary in order for life to have ultimate meaning, that "ithout the %reator, there is no ultimate purpose to the universe, let alone to our lives ( 3o"ever, as necessary as faith in God is for our ethics , our emotional and psychological "ell being, our sense of purpose and our ability to stand firm in a "orld that pulls us in every direction, God is not enough( +e also need people( T"o relatively recent events have brought this point home particularly strongly( 'ne "as the plight of the ennsylvania miners recently trapped in a mine( Imagine yourself in a mine, in "ater so cold that it could bring on hypothermia and death( Imagine that it is dar-( Imagine that the "ater is gradually rising, leading to a slo" and terrifying death by dro"ning( That is "hat the miners eAperienced( +hy didnNt any of them go craIyF

They "ere -ept sane largely because they had one another( As important as faith in God "as for any of them, the fact that they "ere not alone "as as important( The other event "as the terrorist attac- on the +orld Trade %enter to"ers and perhaps the most frightening deaths therein . of those people "ho "ere forced to Cump from a hundred stories above ground( Nothing 4uite brings home the horror of J-== as does the terror faced by those "ho Cumped( And yet, I have no doubt that those fe" "ho Cumped holding onto someone else, 4uite possibly a total stranger, suffered less than those "ho Cumped alone( If they believed in God, that, too, surely helped( !ut "hatever the CumpersN faith, facing death holding onto another human being brought more comfort( It "as a %hristian pastor ;"hose name unfortunately eludes me< "ho gave the best theological Custification for the notion that even God is not enough( After creating Adam, God ma-es the critically important observation, BIt is not good for man to be alone,B and then 3e creates "oman( There is much to be learned from this statement . not least that God 3imself is saying that 3e is not enough, that the human being needs more than God( +e need other people( At the same time, people are not enough either( +e need God( Many theists and many atheists are so committed to their respective "orldvie"s that they cannot entertain the thought that their belief does not ans"er all human needs( 3umanists are so committed to faith in humanity and to denying GodNs eAistence that they refuse to confront the built-in need people have for the transcendent and that more than people are needed for inner peace and happiness( At the same time, many religious people mirror this vie" "hen they argue that faith in God is all that one needs, that the true believer in God needs nothing more than God for a "holesome life( !oth vie"s are "rong( +e need God and "e need people( That is the "ay "e are made . by God, I believe( May "e never be faced "ith the terror faced by the miners and by the Cumpers of J-==( !ut if "e are ever faced "ith such a terror, may "e be granted at that moment both faith in God, and people to be "ith( >=J( Thousands floc- to see !uddhaNs footprint guarded by frog( ;Monday, #eptember =L, >00>< 8H) Ananova Ltd( http)99"""(ananova(com9ne"s9story9smOLK=LD>(htmlF menuWne"s(scienceanddiscovery(phenomena

;$eference) Thousands floc- to see !uddhaNs footprint guarded by frog ( ;Monday, #eptember =L, >00>< 8H) Ananova Ltd(< They believe the "ater in the puddle "ill relieve pain and bring good fortune and say it is being guarded by a frog( Many visitors to the site have left incense, flo"ers and candles "hen they came to pray "hile others have being as-ing the frog for this monthNs lottery numbers( The frog is said to be "ea- and close to death because many people have being rubbing talcum po"der into its s-in in the hope of seeing the lottery numbers( >>0( !ean, :ames( ;:anuary =JJM< The Mandaean $eligion of Ira4, art 'ne( http)99groups(yahoo(com9group9#piritualA"a-ening9message9=/>/ ;$eference) !ean, :ames( ;:anuary =JJM< The Mandaean $eligion of Ira4, art 'ne (< The story of the Mandaeans ;Man-day-yens< some"hat resembles the eAperience of Native American tribesE may they surviveE may their ancient "isdom be shared "ith humanity( In the =JK0Ns professor Hurt $udolph "rote his definitive boo- on the nature and history of the Gnostic religion called, BGnosis(B In the chapter titled, BA $elic) the Mandaeans,B he recorded that at the time there "ere only about =/,000 Mandaeans left and the number of Mandaean priests "ere rapidly d"indling( 3e described them as a community in some"hat of a state of crisis not only due to a shortage of priests but also because of the gro"ing spiritual and cultural gap bet"een the elders ;"ho are the -eepers of the ancient Hno"ledge< and the younger generations of Mandaean laity( Hurt $udolph "rote, BThe continued eAistence of the community "ill essentially depend on "hether or not it succeeds in solving the problem of a necessary adaptation to the modern "orld( 'nly in this "ay "ill the oldest Gnostic religion, "ith its t"o millennia of history in "hich it developed its independent Aramaic idiom and lifestyle as did no other Gnostic sect of the past, be able to survive in the future(B ;BGnosis,B 3arper %ollins< And those "ords "ere "ritten long before the rise of #addam 3ussein, the Gulf +ar, and the current madness that curses that region(

#ome Mandaeans ;literally, Bpossessors of secret Hno"ledgeB< live in Ira4i cities li-e !aghdad and !asra( ThereNs a large Mandaean population that resides in smaller mar-et to"ns and villages of the marshland in southern Ira4, and near the Euphrates and Tigris rivers( Iran also has a Mandaean populationE many of them d"ell along the river Harun in $huIistan province( The rophet Mohammed called them B#abians,B i(e( Bbaptists or BbaptiIers,B a name "hich occurs in the Puran and "hich enabled them to continue under Islam( Islam also categoriIed them as Ba people of the boo-,B a religion that possesses their o"n ancient scriptures( Another factor that has traditionally enabled them to operate in the Islamic "orld is their affiliation "ith :ohn the !aptist( :ohn the !aptist is one of their greatest prophets( Though the historic connection bet"een :ohn and the Mandaeans is hard to verify, it is indeed possible they are descendents of disciples of :ohn the !aptist, "ho >,000 years ago had a large number of follo"ers "hich believed him to be a great Master if not the a"aited Messiah( After :ohnNs death, the Ne" Testament portrays :esus as being the spiritual successor, but other leaders in :ohnNs community might have seen things differently( Li-e :esus, others might also have claimed to be :ohnNs successor and thus "ould have become the leaders of a :ohn-community that maintained itNs independence from the :esus Movement, instead remaining "hat they "ere -- an unorthodoA baptismal sect of the Trans-:ordan( According to scholars of Mandaean studies li-e +erner *oerster, indeed the origins of the Mandaeans do go bac- to the :e"ish tradition of first century A2 alestine and the region of the :ordan river( *oerster states in BGnosis II,B published by 'Aford 8niversity ress, that in the conteAt of the :e"ish "ar of independence and the consolidation of 'rthodoA :udaism after A2 K0, Bits position as a minority opposition evidently led to the persecution of the community and finally to its emigration from its native :ordan territory to the east, to begin "ith in 3arran and the median hill country, then in the southern regions of Mesopotamia(B Eventually the community settled in the region of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, "here they could continue the ritual of baptiIing initiates in Bliving "atersB ;rivers< symboliIing the connecting of their souls "ith Bheavenly :ordan rivers of Light(B >>=( !ean, :ames( ;:anuary =JJK< The Mandaean $eligion of Ira4, art T"o( http)99groups(yahoo(com9group9#piritualA"a-ening9message9=/>L

;$eference) !ean, :ames( ;:anuary =JJK< The Mandaean $eligion of Ira4, art T"o (< B*AMILIA$,B NE+ TE#TAMENT '$ :E#8#-LIHE #A&ING# This ancient religious community, also -no"n as the NaIoreans, still uses a dialect of the Aramaic languageE they possess a huge 4uantity of "onderful scriptures, mostly in the form of psalms or hymns( !efore I begin a study of some visionary "ritings in the Mandaean scriptures I "ant to share some eAamples of passages that sound some"hat BfamiliarB to our ears -- ne" testament or :esus-li-e passages( These "ould be "ords spo-en by those "ho came from the same Aramaic-spea-ing #emitic milieu as did :esus and other Messiahs of the middle east) I am a shepherd "ho loves his sheepE I protect the sheep and the lambs(((I carry them and give them "ater to drin- from the hollo" of my hand until they have drun- their fill( A fisherman am I, "ho am the elect among the fisherman, the chief of all the fish-catchers( Give bread, "ater and shelter to the poor and persecuted people "ho suffer persecution( Love and support one another( +hen you see anyone "ho is hungry, then satisfy his hunger( +hen you see anyone "ho is thirsty, then give him to drin-, for "hosoever gives, receives( +hoever releases a prisoner "ill find a Messenger of Life advancing to meet him( My chosenG 2o not put your trust in the -ings, rulers, and rebels of this "orld, nor in military forces, arms, conflict, and the hosts "hich they assemble, nor in silver and gold(((their gold and their silver "ill not save them( Their authority passes a"ay and comes to an end( The "ords Bsee- and you "ill findB appear on numerous occasions in the Mandaean scriptures as "ell, in fact, much more often than in the Ne" Testament( And, the term B lace of Life,B

often used in the Mandaean teAts, also appears in the Gospel of Thomas( T3E *I$#T +A5E '* GN'#I# There "as some -ind of transformation in thin-ing that too- place >,000 years ago in the middle east "hich lead to the birth of scores of ne" religious movements both "ithin and outside of :udaism, including the #ethians, the Essenes, and various forms and eApressions of %hristianity( Many of these are categoriIed as BGnostic,B meaning they focused upon spiritual9mystical Hno"ledge( This "as the time of the first "ave of Gnosis in the "estern "orld -- the spar- "as lit( #ome souls started to believe that it "as possible for them personally to HN'+ the Mysteries of God and the 3eavens, and they sought spiritual "isdom Q guidance from various masters, sons of God, heavenly redeemers, mystics, prophets and apostles that "ere around at that time( *or the NaIoreans ;Mandaeans<, :ohn the !aptist "as GodNs Teacher "ho had been sent Bfrom the LightB to baptiIe or initiate souls into the eAperience of the Hno"ledge of Life, the BGreat Life,B a Name for God in the Mandaean scriptures( There are some eAamples of visionary literature in the 2ead #ea #crolls, various descriptions of things going on in the heavens( The Mandaean teAts seem to be a continuation of that visionary tradition of Light-mysticism and Ascension-mysticism( In my vie" the Mandaean scriptures probably represent the most heavenly or other"orldly documents of the "est, brimming "ith out-of-this"orld visions of God, descriptions of the heavens, souls, angels, and life after death( They spea- directly to both the heart and soul of the reader through hymns and prayers of incredible beauty( T3E %'MING '* T3E ME##ENGE$ '* LIG3T The role of the 3eavenly Messenger is to give the mystic eAperience of LIG3T to souls and eventually guide them bac- up to the lace of Light, the Mandaean term for the highest heaven "here the Great Life ;God< resides( 3ere are a couple of passages from Mandaean holy boo-s on Manda-d-3iya -- the great heavenly redeemer) The Illuminator of the +orlds of Light IN T3E NAME '* T3E G$EAT LI*E, #8!LIME LIG3T !E $AI#E2 *rom the lace of Light I came forth, from you, !right 3abitation(

I come to touch hearts, to measure and try all minds, to see in "hose heart I d"ell( +hoever thin-s of me, of him I thin-E "hoever calls my Name, his name I "ill call( +hosoever prays my prayer from the earth, his prayer I "ill offer from the lace of Light( I came and found the truthful and believing hearts( +hen I "as not d"elling among them, yet my Name "as on their lips( I too- them and guided them up to the +orld of Light( I became the Illuminator of the +orlds of Light( I became a -ing to the NaIoreans, "ho receive praise and stability through my Name( And by my Name they ascend to the lace of the Light( As for the elect righteous "ho put me on as a garment, their eyes "ere filled "ith Light, and Manda-d-3iya ]Hno"ledge of Life^ "as established in their hearts( >>>( !ean, :ames( ;:anuary =JJK< The Mandaean $eligion of Ira4, art Three( http)99groups(yahoo(com9group9#piritualA"a-ening9message9=/@L ;$eference) !ean, :ames( ;:anuary =JJK< The Mandaean $eligion of Ira4, art Three (< EM!$A%E2 !& T3E LIG3T The mystical encounters recorded in the scriptures of the Mandaeans may seem at times li-e ancient near-death eAperiences ;N2ENs<, the visions of souls "ho "ere embraced the Light long ago) +hen I arrived at the "ater-broo-s, a discharge of $adiance met me( It too- me by the palm of my right hand and brought me over the streams of death( $adiance "as brought and I "as clothed in it( Light "as brought and I "as "rapped in it((( ] rayer^ #on of the Good 'nes, sho" me the "ay of the divine beings ;spirits, angels< and the ascent upon "hich your father rose up to the lace of Light(

3e ]the discharge of $adiance^ rose and too- me "ith him and did not leave me in the perishable d"elling( ;%anonical rayerboo-< This is my interpretation( In the above account, after this soul crossed over to the other side, it "as met by a Bdischarge of $adiance,B ;according to another translation< a deliverer or guide "ho not only escorted the soul into the beyond, but also gave the soul its heavenly robe of $adiance -- a garment made of Light( ItNs unclear to me if the soul literally "as given a robe to put on, or if perhaps this is another "ay of describing the process of leaving the body at death, ta-ing '** the robe of the physical body, "hich caused the soul to see itself as a being of Light( In any event, the soul then prays for its helper and guide to be escorted up"ard to the lace of Light( In another version of this account it says) I lifted mine eyes to heaven and my soul "aited on the 3ouse of Life( And the Life ;God< "ho heard my cry sent to"ard me a deliverer( This version also describes the encounter "ith the heavenly being ;discharge of $adiance< "ho escorted the soul over the "aters of death, and accompanied it during the ascension up to the Light"orld( The hymn concludes "ith these "ords) Life supported life, Life found its o"n( Its o"n self did Life find, and my soul found that for "hich it had loo-ed( $eno"ned is Life and victorious( ;%anonical rayerboo-< 5I#I'N# '* T3E G$EAT LI*E IN T3E LA%E '* T3E LIG3T #ouls in the lace of the Light are described as luminous beings living in a "orld of infinite Light "ith a #upreme !eing of Light( The heavens of hyperspace are traversed by spiritual streams of BLiving +aters,B tributaries of the 3eavenly :ordan river of Light( And souls are described as radiant beings that shine upon each other li-e stars do in the center of our galaAy) They are a thousand thousand miles distant from one another and yet one is illumined by the otherNs $adiance( The primary name for the highest God in the Mandaean tradition is BThe Great Life(B Many of the hymns in the %anonical rayerboobegin "ith this invocation) In the Name of the Great Life,

#ublime Light be


BLiving 'ne,B a term found in the Gospel of Thomas and in eastern Gnostic "ritings, is used in Mandaean teAts for God( The Great Life is also referred to as the Hing of Light, a limitless $adiant !eing of compassion and love) 3e is the Light, in +hom is no dar-ness, the Living 'ne, in +hom is no death, the Good 'ne, in +hom is no malice, the Gentle 'ne, in +hom is no confusion, the Hind 'ne, in "hom is no venom of bitterness( ;Gnosis II< The term BGreat #piritB is also used on several occasions in the Mandaean scriptures( >>@( !ean, :ames( ;*riday, May 0@, >00>< #piritual Eyes, #piritual Ears -- I +ill Give &ou +hat No Eye 3as #een((( http)99groups(yahoo(com9group9#piritualA"a-ening9message9=/@K ;$eference) !ean, :ames( ;*riday, May 0@, >00>< #piritual Eyes, #piritual Ears -- I +ill Give &ou +hat No Eye 3as #een((( < TatianNs Gospel 3armony, a second century teAt in #yriac ;a dialect of Aramaic<, combined the four gospels into one megagospel( *rom BThe Earliest Life of %hrist -- The 2iatessaron of TatianB) !ut ye, blessed are your eyes, "hich seeE and your ears, "hich hear( !lessed are the eyes, "hich see the things "hich ye see( 5erily I say unto you, Many prophets and righteous men desired to see the things "hich ye seem and sa" them notE and to hear the things "hich ye hear, and heard them not( ;Gorgias ress) http)99"""(Gorgias ress(com < :esus $estores the 3earing of a 2eaf Man, from BThe 3umane Gospel of :esus,B published by the Edenite #ociety) And :esus departed unto another village "here he found a man "ho "as deaf from birth( And this man did not believe in the sound of rushing "ind, or the thunder, or the cries of the beasts, or the birds "hich do complain of their hunger and their hurt, nor did he believe that others heard all these things( 3earing the deaf man spea-, :esus felt great pity, and he breathed into his ears a

deep breath and spa-e a fe" "ords no man understood, and at that moment, the ears "ere opened, and the man did hear for the first time( And no" the man reCoiced "ith over"helming gladness in the sounds he before denied "ere real( And he said unto :esus, BNo", I hear all things, great oneE it is eAceedingly CoyfulGB And :esus perceiving his great Coy and happy to see the man glad, said unto him) B&ea, ye hear much, but ye hear not all things( *or I say unto ye, %anst thou hear the sighing of the prisoner in chains, and the slave in bondage to evil men, or the language of the birds or the beasts of the forest "hen they commune "ith each otherF 'r canst thou hear the voices and singing of holy angels before GodF Thin- no", ho" much thou canst not hear and be thee humble in thy lac- of, -no"ledge and understanding, for I tell ye, earthly man hears only "ith ears of flesh, but the man of God -no"eth "hat others hear not(B MAN& 'T3E$ NE&E 3A# N'T #EEN-EA$ 3A# N'T 3EA$2N #A&ING# G'# EL '* T3'MA# #A&ING =K AN2 A$ALLEL# :esus says) NI "ill give you "hat no eye has seen, "hat no ear has heard, "hat no hand has touched, and "hat has never occurred to the human mind(N ;%optic Gospel of Thomas, #aying b =K< B3o"ever, as it is "ritten) NNo eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived "hat God has prepared for those "ho love him(NB ;I %orinthians >) J, Ne" Testament, #aint aul 4uoting some N"rittenN document< #ince ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, "ho acts on behalf of those "ho "ait for you( ;Isaiah LD) D< And this angel said to me, Isaiah, son of AmoI, I set you freeE for you have seen "hat no mortal man has ever seen before( &et you must return to your garments of the flesh until your days are completed( Then "ill you come up here( ;Ascension of Isaiah ==) @D< #ome other pseudepigrapha contain B"hat no eye has seen, "hat no ear has heardB sayings( According to certain early church documents there "as a version of the Apocalypse of EliCah that contained one that "as close to = %or( >) J and GoT b =K(

:esus) B3o" privileged are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear( I s"ear to you, many prophetsB ]Isaiah, EliCahF^ Band righteous ones have longed to see "hat you see and didnNt see it, and to hear "hat you hear and didnNt hear(B ;Matthe" =@) =L-=K W P9Lu-e =0) >@ - >D< And the righteous "ho have "al-ed in the "ay of righteousness "ill inherit the glory of God( And his po"er "ill be given to them, "hich no eye has seen nor ear heard( And they "ill reCoice in My -ingdom( ;:esus, Testament of the Lord in Galilee< The rest of you shall inherit the -ingdom of heaven, "hose delights no ear has heard described, "hich no eye has seen and "hich has not appeared in the human heart( ;:esus 4uoted in, Apocryphal Gospel of :ohn< As then "e also have ta-en refuge in 3im, and have learnt that it is in 3im alone to give, let us beg from 3im those things "hich 3e said that 3e "ould give us, "hich eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard, and "hich have not entered into the heart of man, the things "hich God hath prepared for them that love 3im(((( ;:esus 4uoted in, Testament of 'ur Lord< B((((that I may redeem you from death and annihilation, I "ill give you "hat you have not seen "ith the eye nor heard "ith the ears nor grasped "ith the hand(B ;Turfan fragments< Thou hast sho"ed us that "hich the eye has not seen, and caused us to hear that "hich the human ear has not heard( Thou has freed us from death and united us "ith Life, released us from dar-ness, and united us "ith Light( Thou hast sho"n us that "hich the eye has not seen, and caused us to hear that "hich the human ear has not heard( ;%anonical rayer !oo- of the Mandaeans< >>D( #ameno", #tanton E( ;:anuary =JMD< Inside the %riminal Mind( Times !oo-s( I#!N) 0M=>J=0M>L( 3ardcover( >M/ pages( http)99"""(amaIon(com9eAec9obidos9tg9stores9detail9-9boo-s90M=>J=0M>L9gl ance9refWlibOrdOneAtO>>900>-D=L/M0D->LMD0>K ;$eference) #ameno", #tanton E( %riminal Mind ( Times !oo-s(< ;:anuary =JMD< Inside the

age =K sychologists stress the importance of parents as role models, especially fathers for their sons and mothers for their daughters (

>>/( !ooth, General +illiam( urity of 3eart) Letters to #alvation Army 'fficers( D@ pages( http)99"""(saboo-s(org(u-9eteAts9 urity'f3eart(pdf ;old lin-< http)99"""(voiceofthenaIarene(org9pdfs9!-*'L2E$932M0LMD( 2* ;ne" lin-< ;$eference) !ooth, General +illiam( urity of 3eart) Letters to #alvation Army 'fficers ( """(voiceofthenaIarene(org(< A M8#T read boo- on 8$IT&( %ontains songs of gratitude to the 3oly LordG No notes ta-en of this short boo-( %over to cover reading( &et, I am forced to include the songs for singing the glory of the Lord( age D Matthe" /)M !lessed are the pure in heart( for they shall see God( #ong = B'h for a heart to praise my GodG A heart from sin set freeG A heart that al"ays feels the !lood, #o freely spilt for meG B #ong > BA heart in every thought rene"ed, And full of Love 2ivineE erfect and right, and pure and good, A copy, Lord, of ThineGB age L #ong @ B3is saints are lovely in 3is sight, 3e vie"s 3is children "ith delightE 3e sees their hope, 3e -no"s their fear, And loo-s, and loves 3is image there(B #ong D B' glorious hope of perfect loveG It lifts me up to things above, It bears on eaglesN "ingsE It gives my ravished soul a taste, And ma-es me for some moments feast +ith :esusN priests and -ings(B age M

3ebre"s =>)=D -- *ollo" ((( holiness, "ithout "hich no man shall see the Lord( age == #ong / NTis done, Thou dost this moment save, +ith full #alvation blessE $edemption through Thy !lood I have, And spotless love and peace(B #ong L B%ome, 3oly Ghost, all #acred *ire, %ome, fill Thy earthly temples no"E Emptied of every base desire, $eign Thou "ithin, and only Thou( BThy sovereign right, Thy gracious claim To every thought and every po"erE 'ur lives to glorify Thy name, +e yield Thee in this sacred hour( B*ill every chamber of the soulE *ill all our thoughts, our passions fill, Till under Thy supreme control #ubmissive rests our cheerful "ill( NTis doneG Thou dost this moment come, My longing soul is all Thine o"nE My heart is Thy abiding home( 3enceforth I live for Thee alone(B age => Lu-e =)KD-K/ That -- 3e "ould grant unto us, that "e ((( might serve 3im "ithout fears in holiness and righteousness before 3im, all the days of our life( >>L( Associated ress( ;Thursday, #eptember =J, >00>< Internet 2ealers of N2ate $apeN 2rug Arrested( 8#A) *', Ne"s Net"or-( http)99"""(foAne"s(com9story90,>J@@,L@/JD,00(html ;$eference) Associated ress( ;Thursday, #eptember =J, >00>< Internet 2ealers of N2ate $apeN 2rug Arrested ( 8#A) *', Ne"s Net"or-(< R predators "ho could spi-e their drin-s "ith the drug( G3! is a miAture of common industrial chemicals that %ongress outla"ed > years ago( The drug and its derivatives G!L and =,D !2 act as central nervous system depressants and cause dro"siness, diIIiness, nausea and loss of inhibition(

eople "ho use G3! refer to it as BGB and BLi4uid ,(B The substance also is abused as a muscle gro"th hormone( >>K( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< ;$evised) Thursday, May =K, >00=< Anguttara Ni-aya 5(=JL( #upina #utta( 2reams( """(accesstoinsight(org( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9canon9anguttara9an0/-=JL(html ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;Translated from the ali< ;$evised) Thursday, May =K, >00=< Anguttara Ni-aya 5(=JL( #upina #utta( 2reams ( """(accesstoinsight(org(< >>M( Tudor, #teven( ;=JJK< A Guide to $esearching and +riting hilosophy Essays( ;plus a bit on philosophy eAams< D t h edition( Australia) The 2epartment of hilosophy, 8niversity of Melbourne( http)99"""(philosophy(unimelb(edu(au9essaygu(html ;$eference) Tudor, #teven( ;=JJK< A Guide to $esearching and +riting hilosophy Essays ( ;plus a bit on philosophy eAams< D th edition( Australia) The 2epartment of hilosophy, 8niversity of Melbourne(< >>J( The %entral !ureau of Investigation ;%!I< - %yber %rime - IT A%T, >000( %hapter I,( enalties and AdCudication( D@( enalty for damage to computer, computer system, etc( India( http)99cbi(nic(in9itact(htm ;$eference) The %entral !ureau of Investigation ;%!I< - %yber %rime - IT A%T, >000 ( %hapter I,( enalties and AdCudication( D@( enalty for damage to computer, computer system, etc( India(< >@0( Mc%ullagh, 2eclan( ;Monday, :uly =/, >00>< 3ouse 'Hs life sentences for hac-ers( 8#A) %NET Ne"s(com( http)99freerepublic(com9focus9ne"s9K=LK@=9posts ;$eference) Mc%ullagh, 2eclan( ;Monday, :uly =/, >00>< 3ouse 'Hs life sentences for hac-ers ( 8#A) %NET Ne"s(com(< The 3ouse of $epresentatives on Monday over"helmingly approved a bill that "ould allo" for life prison sentences for malicious computer hac-ers( The !ush administration had as-ed %ongress to approve the %yber #ecurity Enhancement Act ;%#EA< as a "ay of responding

to electronic intrusions, denial of service attac-s and the threat of Bcyber-terrorism(B >@=( #ister 8palavanna( ;Trans(< MaCChima Ni-aaya( Angulimaalasutta( To Angulimala( http)99"""(vipassana(info90ML-angulimala-e=(htm ;$eference) #ister 8palavanna( ;Trans(< MaCChima Ni-aaya( II(D(L( Angulimaalasutta( To Angulimala (< >@>( ilgrimages . #ravasti( http)99"""(=uptravel(com9pilgrimages9sravasti(html ;$eference) ilgrimages . #ravasti (< II(D(L(

#ravasti ;ancient #avatthi<, the capital of Hosala MahaCanapada, "as the biggest to"n in the Gangetic plains during the !uddhaNs lifetime( #ituated in Gonda district in eastern 8tter radesh, #ravasti is also called #ahetMahet( 3o" to Get There $oad The most convenient "ay to reach #ravasti is via Luc-no", the capital of 8ttar radesh, "hich is "ell connected by air and rail to all parts of India( $ail !alrampur rail"ay station,=J -(ms a"ay( 2uring the time of #a-yamuni, #udatta, a rich and pious merchant, lived in #ravasti, "hile on a visit to $aCgir, he heard the !uddhaNs sermon and decided to become the LordNs disciple( !ut he "as caught in a dilemma and as-ed the Lord "hether he could become a follo"er "ithout foresa-ing "orldly life( To his 4uery, the Master replied that it "as enough that he follo"ed his vocation in a righteous manner( #udatta invited the Lord of #ravasti and began to loo- for a suitable place to build a vihara( A beautiful par- at the southern edge of #ravasti attracted his attention( The par- belonged to :eta, son of the -ing of #ravasti, rasenCit( The par- came to be -no"n as :etavana 5ihara after donation to the #angha( rince :etaNs

#udatta came to be -no"n as Anathapindi-a ;the incomparable alms giver<( The ruins of Ananda-uti and Gandha-uti eAude an aura of sacredness because it "as here that the Lord stayed during his many visits to :etavana 5ihara( In #ravasti, the Master eApounded a maCor part of the Tripita-as( It "as also in #ravasti that the Lord performed the only miracle of his life in response to a challenge from siA non believers( The Lord levitated on a thousand petalled lotus, causing fire and "ater to leap out of his body and multiplied his person in the air( Mahet, to the north of :etavana, "as once a heavily fortified city( All that remains are t"o stupas -no"n locally as a--i Huti and Hachchi HutiE the later identified as #udattaNs #tupa( a--i Huti is said to be AngulimalaNs #tupa( Less than a -ilometre a"ay are the ruins of a medievel :ain temple, revered by the :ains as the brithplace of the third :ain Tirthan-ara, #"ayambunatha( #an-issa is identifed "ith the present village of !asantpur in *arru-habad district of 8tter radesh( It is situated on the ban-s of river Hali, #an-issa is most easily accessible from Agra "hich is =K/ -ms a"ay on the Agra-Mainpuri road( The nearest railhead is a-hna "hich is ==(/ -ms( a"ay( #an-issa is the place "here the !uddha descended from heaven along "ith Lord !rahma and 2evraC Indra after giving a discourse to his mother, Mayadevi( Emperor Asho-a erected a pillar "ith an elephant capital to marthis holy spot( >@@( !uddhaNs Eight Great 5ictories( http)99vayo(tripod(co(Cp9eden0Me(htm ;$eference) !uddhaNs Eight Great 5ictories (< >@D( Transformers may step up cancer ris-) $eport( ;Monday, #eptember >@, >00>< India) The Times of India( http)99timesofindia(indiatimes(com9cms(dll9articlesho"F artidW>@0=0J/K ;$eference) Transformers may step up cancer ris-) $eport ( ;Monday, #eptember >@, >00>< India) The Times of India(<

3yderabad) If your house is located in the vicinity of any one of the J,L00 electrical transformers in the city, it increases your risof developing cancer( $ecent studies in England have sho"n that these transformers generate an electromagnetic field ;EM*<, "hich can cause cancer( Electrical transformers are a big source of EM* "ith eAtremely lo" fre4uency electric and magnetic fields surrounding it( EM*s near the transformers can be 4uite high, but due to its small structure, the field strength diminishes rapidly "ith distance( According to Apollo 3ospitalsU oncologist 2r #rinivas %ha-ravarthy, EM* may lead to cancer by interfering "ith the transmission of calcium across the cell membrane, a flo" that governs such processes as muscle contraction, egg fertilisation, cell division and gro"th( 6Therefore it is advisable to place the transformer at certain distance a"ay from the residential area,7 he said( Though most eAperts agree that limited, non-chronic eAposure to EM* is not a threat, itUs advisable not to live near a transformer( There is also no "ay to bloc- EM*s as they can penetrate even lead shielding and, hence, the only protection is to maintain distance from the source( Epidemiological studies on humans in England indicated a linbet"een EM*s and health problems, 2r %ha-ravarthy said( 6It is li-ely that many childhood cancers and brain tumours come from eAposure to EM*s,7 he said( The po"er line feeding the transformer has bet"een M,000 to =@,/00 volts( The transformer then reduces the voltage to =>09>D0 volts needed by the nearby homes( As these transformers are seen in almost every neighbourhood they are a source of concern, he said( >@/( #top use of soaps, says s-in eApert( ;Monday, #eptember >@, >00>< India) The Times of India( http)99timesofindia(indiatimes(com9cms(dll9articlesho"F artidW>@0LDJ/L ;$eference) #top use of soaps, says s-in eApert ( ;Monday, #eptember >@, >00>< India) The Times of India(<

#ydney) A study has revealed that soaps and hot sho"ers are among leading causes of ecIema in people prone to s-in diseases( A Melbourne s-in eApert has urged Australians to dump soap and hot sho"ers to fight rising ecIema rates( rofessor $obin Mar-s, head of dermatology at #t 5incentNs 3ospital, called on the public to defy Bsociety madnessB and follo" his >/-year eAample by never using soap on the body again( BEverybody should thro" a"ay soap( +hy use itF #oap ta-es a"ay the natural moisture in your s-in and brings about all the problems "e see in the community( All the soap is designed to do is remove oil from s-in, but your body is trying to put oil on your s-in( ItNs a protective barrierB, Mar-s "as 4uoted by The Ne"s as saying( B#oap is not necessary in modern Australian society( ItNs mythologyB, Mar-s said, adding that the only use for soap "as "ashing hands( The study also uncovers the financial, physical and psychological strain on more than >(/ million Australians "ho have ecIema( rofessor Mar-s said about @0 percent of children up to four, =/ percent of adolescents and teenagers, and K percent of adults suffer from the disease( The study sho"ed seven in =0 sufferers blamed stress for the condition( A third said ecIema made them embarrassed and self-conscious about their s-in( Many reported it interfered "ith "or-, school, and social life( >@L( #habnam Min"alla( ;#aturday, #eptember >=, >00>< Neem has a cure for all ills, say researchers( India) The Times of India( http)99timesofindia(indiatimes(com9cms(dll9articlesho"F artidW>>MJK00L ;$eference) #habnam Min"alla( ;#aturday, #eptember >=, >00>< Neem has a cure for all ills, say researchers ( India) The Times of India(< Mumbai) It may seem much ado about a commonplace tree that thrives along diesel-cho-ed high"ays and dusty bac-yards( !ut, come November, delegates from more than /0 countries "ill meet in Mumbai to lecture on the leaves and contemplate the cro"n of the friendly neighbourhood neem(

Most Indians -no" that the hardy evergreen, "ith its ample canopy, has been virtually deified in 3indu tradition Zindeed, planting three neems "as considered an eApress route to heaven( +hat "e donUt realise, ho"ever, is that it is, today, as much an obCect of academic veneration( 6*rom %anada to Australia, Henya to %hina, scientists are "or-ing "ith neem in areas li-e bio-pesticides, cancer research and oral hygiene,UU says ramila Tha--ar of the Neem *oundation, one of the organisers of the +orld Neem %onference( Agrees 3(M(!ehl of the National !otanical $esearch Institute in Luc-no", 6'ur age-old home remedies and ayurvedic literature recognised the effects of neem( !ut after the main metabolite "as eAtracted in =JK0s, there has been a Cump in scientific interest(UU Little "onder, then, that about =/0 papersZmany "ith forbidding names li-e Y%omparative bioefficacy of neem formulations based on aIadirachtin and neem oil content against various stages of spodoptera lituraUZare to be presented at the conference( Neem, if its cheerleaders are to be believed, can banish pes-y mos4uitoes, van4uish termites, protect the TaC Mahal from corrosive gases, act as a contraceptive and tac-le learning disabilities( 6It is a miraculous tree,UU says 2ou 2ou *aye, an entomologist "ho has been popularising neem in #enegal( Adds Areaf #alehIadeh, an Iranian botanist,6+e "ill be seeing even more discoveries involving neem eAtracts(UU None of this "ill, ho"ever, come as a surprise to the farmer in $aCasthan or the grandmother in 8 ( The tree that appears in biology teAtboo-s as AIadirachta indica is described in the 5edas as Ysarva roga nivariniU ;one that cures all ailments<( 6Anyone you meet in India has a neem story,UU says Ms Tha--ar, "ho spent her childhood summers in $aCastan, playing under the shady tree( 6As children they may have bathed "ith the leaves or, once a year, been made to eat the bitter chutney for stronger immunity( +henever "e tal- to villagers about the properties of the neem, they say, Y+oh to maloom hai(UUU

+hy this informal -no"ledge hasnUt translated into a clutch of patents and eAport-"orthy products is another matter(6+e "ant neem to do for India "hat aloe vera has for MeAico or ginseng for Horea,UU says Ms Tha--ar, pointing out that the development of bio-pesticides and fertilisers is an obvious thrust area( 6The research is largely in place and there is a clamour for organic, environmentally-safe products( !ut the government is only bothered about IT and computers(UU Ms Tha--arUs disgust is understandable, given the invariably sluggish official response( $e4uests for a neem census and the elevation of the neem to the Ynational tree of IndiaU have been met "ith silence( Even the eminently practical suggestionZthat the authorities establish an agency to certify organic neem plantations and boost eAports of the oils and eAtracts Zhas been ignored( 6In this age of +T', itUs essential that our traditional "ealth and -no"ledge be recognised and documented,UU "arns Ms Tha--ar( 6+e -no", for eAample, that neem controls diabetes( !ut, Cust as the Horeans did "ith ginseng,"e have to ma-e a concerted effort to organise and publish scientific research(UU A vital scheme, encouraging farmers to plant t"o neem trees and use them to ma-e pesticides, is also barely limping along( 6Most farmers are "orried about soil degradation,UU says Ms Tha--ar, describing a pilot proCect in a =00 villages near Nagpur, "here farmers are enthusiastically ma-ing their o"n neem pesticides( 6Although these are cheaper, eco-friendly and organic, they are not even included in the Ypac-age of practicesU recommended by the agriculture ministry(UU +hile the Indian government dithers, others are surging ahead( Last 2ecember, officials from %hina, "ho had been investigating various bio-pesticides, arrived at the Neem *oundation office( They invited a team of eAperts to visit &unan province and, "ithin months, had laid out vast neem plantations( 'n a smaller scale, too, many individuals have discovered this 6village dispensaryUU( #o $osalind Grant, a farmer in #cotland, uses neem oil to protect her sheep and cattle against infection( +hile some %anadian farmers use the paste on trees that are prone to termites( #ays M( Nishimura, a neem aficionado "ho has been propagating the tree in :apan) 6The time has come to lin- the demand for

natural products in developed countries "ith the ecological -no"ledge systems of third "orld countries(UU Local neem enthusiasts are hoping that the authorities get this message( 6'ther"ise,UU says Ms Tha--ar "ryly, 6"e might Cust end up buying neem products from the "est(UU >@K( 5an !iema, 2avid( ;#unday, #eptember >>, >00>< The Legacy of Abraham( 8#A) Time Inc( http)99"""(time(com9time9"orld9article90,M/JJ,@/@/=0,00(html ;2e-activated lin-< http)99facstaff(u""(edu9rambadtd9globalp9Abraham 1>0folder9legacy(htm ;Alternate lin-< ;$eference) 5an !iema, 2avid( ;#unday, #eptember >>, >00>< The Legacy of Abraham ( 8#A) Time Inc(< :e"s have circumcised for thousands of yearsZever since God ;as the Torah tells it<, having made a history-altering pact "ith Abraham, directed him to Bcut my %ovenant in your flesh(B As biblical pioneer of the idea that there is only one God , he is on a par "ith Moses, #t( aul and Muhammad, responsible for "hat Thomas %ahill, author of the =JJM history The Gifts of the :e"s, calls Ba complete departure from everything that has gone before in the evolution of culture and sensibility(B In other "ords, Abraham changed the "orld( :e"s, "ho consider him their o"n, are largely una"are of AbrahamNs presence in %hristianity, "hich accepts his Torah story as part of the 'ld Testament and honors him in conteAts ranging from the $oman %atholic Mass ;BLoo- "ith favor on these offerings and accept them as once you accepted ((( the sacrifice of AbrahamB< to a rotestant childrenNs song ;B*ather Abraham had many sons9 And I am one of them and so are you ((( B<( RAbrahamNs role in Islam, "hich ac-no"ledges the Torah narrative but "ith significant changes and additions( The Horan portrays Abraham as the first man to ma-e full surrender to Allah( Each of the five repetitions of daily prayer ends "ith a reference to him( The holy boo- recounts AbrahamNs building of the HaNaba, the blac- cube that is MeccaNs central shrine( #everal of the rituals performed in that city by pilgrims ma-ing the haCC recall episodes from his history( Those "ho cannot Courney still Coin in celebrating the *estival of #acrifice, in "hich a lamb or goat is offered up to commemorate the same near sacrifice of a son that

the :e"s feature at their Ne" &ear( It is the holiest single day on the Islamic calendar( In fact, eAcluding God, Abraham is the only biblical figure "ho enCoys the unanimous acclaim of all three faiths, the only one R referred to by all three as *ather( If Abraham is indeed father of three faiths, then he is li-e a father "ho left a bitterly disputed "ill( :udaism and Islam, for starters, cannot even agree on "hich son he almost sacrificed( Then there is AbrahamNs %ovenant "ith God( Many :e"s ;and some conservative %hristians< believe it granted the :e"ish people alone the right to the 3oly Land( That belief fuels much of the Israeli settler movement and plays an ever greater role in IsraelNs hostility to"ard alestinian nationalist claims( B'ur connection to the land goes bac- to our first ancestor( Arabs have no right to the land of Israel,B says $abbi 3aim 2ruc-man, a settler leader and a parliamentarian "ith the National $eligious arty( This argument infuriates alestinian MuslimsZespecially since the Horan claims that Abraham "as not a :e" but IslamNs first believer( BThe people "ho supported Abraham believed in one God and only one God, and that "as the Muslims( 'nly the Muslims,B says #hei- Taysir Tamimi, &asser ArafatNs liaison for religious dialogue( Not eAempt from the tripartite rancor, early %hristians used their understanding of Abraham, "ho they claimed found grace outside :e"ish la", to prove that the older religion begged for replacementZa contention that helped propel almost t"o millenniums of anti-#emitism( Abraham is thus a much more difficultZand more interestingZ figure than at first he seems( 3is history constitutes a -ind of multifaith scandal, a case study for monotheismNs dar-er side, the desire of people to define themselves by eAcluding or demoniIing others( The fate of interfaith stal"arts see-ing to undo that heritage and locate in the patriarch a true symbol of accord should be meaningful to all of us suddenly interested in the apparent chasm bet"een Islam and the +est( #ays Abraham author *eiler) BI believe heNs a fla"ed vessel for reconciliation, but heNs the best figure "eNve got(B *eiler began Abraham after the #ept( == attac-s, see-ing a unifying symbol in a time of strife( Instead, the boo- records his gro"th from a de"y-eyed Abrahamic novice to a more realistic

observer( As he remar-s, B+hen I set out on this Courney, I believed ((( the Great Abrahamic 3ope "as an oasis in the deepest deserts of anti4uity, and all "e had to do "as trac- him do"n and his descendants "ould live in perpetual harmony, dancing Humbaya around the campfire( That oasis, I realiIed, is Cust a mirage(B The sober understanding *eiler ends up "ith, ho"ever, is a more realistic basis from "hich to see- reconciliation( Abraham The :e" Abraham "as born, according to tradition, into a family that sold idolsZa "ay of emphasiIing the polytheism that reigned in the Middle East before his enlightenment( The stirring first "ords of the => th chapter in the TorahNs !oo- of Genesis are GodNs to him and are often referred to as the %all) BGo forth from your native land9 And from your fatherNs house 9 And I "ill ma-e of you a great nation9 And I "ill bless those "ho bless you 9 And curse him that curses you9 And all the families of the earth shall bless themselves by you(B Abraham "ould appear ill suited to the Cob( To ma-e a nation, one must have an heir, and he is a childless K/year-old "hose "ife #arah is past menopause( &et he complies, and he and #arah set off for a desert hinterlandZ %anaanZand a ne" spiritual epoch( As they travel, God elaborates on his offer( AbrahamNs children "ill be as numerous as grains of dust on the earth and stars in the s-y( They "ill spend D00 years as slaves but ultimately possess the land from the Nile to the Euphrates( The pact is sealed in a mysterious ceremony in a dream, during "hich the Lord, appearing as a smo-ing torch, puts himself formally under oath( 3e re4uires a different ac-no"ledgment from Abraham) he must inscribe a sign of the %ovenant on his body, initiating the :e"ish and Muslim customs of circumcision( 3e is no" committed, God notes later, to B-eep the "ay of the Lord to do righteousness and Custice(B AbrahamNs life becomes very eventful( 3e travels to Egypt and bac- and alights in %anaanite to"ns that may correspond to present-day Nablus, 3ebron and :erusalem( 3e gro"s rich, distinguishing himself sometimes as a "arrior -ing and sometimes as an arch-diplomat( At one point, three strangers appear at his tent( A model of Middle Eastern hospitality, he lays out a feast( They turn out to be divine messengers bearing "ord that God intends to destroy #odom, "here his nephe" Lot lives( Abraham initiates an eAtraordinary haggling session , persuading the Lord to spare #odom if =0 righteous people can be found( They canNt(

Mean"hile, the Torah portrays AbrahamNs domestic life as a soap opera( %onvinced she "ill have no children, #arah offers him her young Egyptian slave 3agar to produce an heir( It "or-s( The MLyear-old fathers a boy, Ishmael( &et God insists that #arah "ill conceive, and in a "onder confirming AbrahamNs faith, she bears his second son, Isaac( :ealous of 3agarNs and IshmaelNs competing claims on her husband and his legacy, #arah persuades Abraham to send them out into the desert( God saves the duo and promises 3agar that Ishmael "ill sire a great nation through => sons ;assumed by tradition to be => Arab tribes<( !ut he stipulates that the %ovenant "ill flo" only through IsaacNs line( Then, in one last spectacular test of his faith , God directs Abraham to offer up Byour son, your only one, "hom you love, your IsaacB as a human sacrifice( +ith an obedience that has troubled modern thin-ers from Hier-egaard ;BThough Abraham arouses my admiration, he at the same time appalls meB < to !ob 2ylan ;BAbe says, N+here do you "ant this -illinN doneFN God says, N'ut on 3igh"ay L=NB <Zbut "hich seems transcendentally right to traditionalistsZthe father commences to comply on a mountain called Moriah( 'nly at the last instant does God stay the fatherNs hand and rene" his pledge regarding AbrahamNs descendants( At age =K/, Abraham dies and is laid out neAt to #arah, "ho preceded him, in a plot he has bought in a to"n later called 3ebron( !oth sons attend his funeral( That is the story( +hat is its importanceF 2espite every effort and argument, there is no "ay to -no" "hat century Abraham lived in , or even "hether he actually eAisted as a person ( ;If he did live, it "ould have been bet"een >=00 !(%( and =/00 !(%(, hundreds of years before the date most historians assign to the actual birth of the religion called :udaism(< !ut Abraham represents a revolution in thought( +hile he is not a pure monotheist ; he never suggests that other gods do not eAist <, he is the 8r-monotheist, the first man in the !ible to abandon all he -no"s in order to choose the Lord and consciously move ever deeper into that choice, until the point of no return on Moriah( The implications of his brea-through are almost infinite( To have Bone God that countsB instead of a constellation of gods "ho re4uire occasional ritual appeasement, as %ahill notes in The Gifts of the :e"s, means that AbrahamNs relationship to God Bbecame the matriA of his life,B as it "ould be for millions "ho

follo"ed( A universal God made it easier to imagine a universal code of ethics( ositing a deity intimately involved in the fate of oneNs children overturned the prevalent image of time as an ever cycling "heel, effectively inventing the idea of a future( #ays Eugene *isher, director of %atholic-:e"ish relations for the 8(#( %onference of %atholic !ishops) B+hether you call it submission in Muslim terms, conversion in %hristian terms or tNshuva ;turning to"ard God< for the :e"s, monotheism is a radically ne" understanding, the underlying concept of +estern civiliIation (B #o lin-ed is AbrahamNs name "ith this ne" path that each of the subse4uent t"o monotheistic religions reached bac- hungrily to enfold himZand belittle the othersN claims on him( Abraham The %hristian The church of the holy sepulcher in :erusalem is arguably the most %hristian place on earth, and the gray roc- mass of Golgotha ;or %algary< inside, the most %hristian place in the church( Traditions dating bac- to the @00s A(2( record that :esus "as crucified here( :ust above the roc-Ns leAiglas-protected eApanse is a chapel shared by the Gree- 'rthodoA and $oman %atholic churches( The %atholic side boasts three mosaics ( In the center is Mary MagdaleneE to the left is %hrist, removed from the %rossE and to the right is none other than ((( Abraham, about to slay Isaac( Notes *eiler) BThe image of :esus spra"led on the unction stone is nearly identical to the image of Isaac on the altar(B The Ne" Testament boo- $omans proposes IsaacNs binding and release as a prophetic foreshado"ing of the $esurrection ( The man credited "ith that insight is the Apostle aul( :esus mentions Abraham in the Gospels , but it "as aul "ho did the fine mortise "or-, citing the patriarch in his Ne" Testament epistles more than any other figure eAcept %hrist( erhaps the most strongly self-identifying :e" among the Apostles, aul clearly felt an urgency to connect his ne" movement "ith the :e"ish paterfamilias( 3e did so primarily through AbrahamNs original response to GodNs %all and through the old manNs embattled faith, or Bhope against hope,B as aul famously put it, that God "ould bring him a son( #uch faith, aul "rote, made Abraham Bthe father of all "ho believe(B &et aulNs Abrahamic bou4uet to his birth religion contained poisoned thorns( 'ne of his themes "as that a believer no longer needed to be :e"ish or to follo" :e"ish la" to be redeemed Zthe "ay no" lay through %hrist( AbrahamNs story served these arguments "ell( 3is %ovenant long predated the :e"ish la" as brought do"n from the mountain by Moses, and so, "rote aul,

Bthe promise to Abraham and his descendants ((( did not come through la"(B Nor, aul argued, did it come through tribal inheritance ( The God of the 3ebre" !ible deemed Abraham to be BrighteousB years before his circumcision, he "rote, "hich meant that his listeners didnNt need to become circumcised :e"s to be AbrahamNs inheritors( !aptism in faith "ould more than suffice( aul "affled as to "hether %hristianity rendered :udaismNs Abrahamic %ovenant null and void( !ut his successors assumed so( The > n d century church father :ustin Martyr "rote that far from an indication of grace, circumcision mar-ed :e"s Bso that your land might become desolate, and your cities burned,B something of a self-fulfilling prophecy( !ereft of a divine "arrant for their "ellbeing, :e"s "ere at the mercy of their neighborsN "orst instincts( In a remar-ably fran- assessment, the Gree- 'rthodoA bishop of :erusalem tells *eiler, B+hat the church did "ith Abraham "as bitter and cruel(B Abraham The Muslim No faith is as self-consciously monotheistic as Islam, and its embrace of Abraham is correspondingly Coyful( If many :e"s -no" him best as a dynastic grandfather "hose grandson :acob actually founds the nation of Israel, Muslims regard him as one of the four most important prophets ( #o pure is his submission to the 'ne God that Muhammad later says his o"n message is but a restoration of Abrahamic faith( The Horan includes scenes from AbrahamNs childhood in "hich he chides his father for believing in idols and survives, 2aniel-li-e, in a fiery furnace to "hich he is condemned for his fealty to Allah( And in the Horanic version of AbrahamNs ultimate test, Abraham tells his son of GodNs command, and the boy replies, B' my fatherG 2o that "hich thou art commanded( Allah "illing, thou shalt find me of the steadfast(B Notes the Horan approvingly ) BThey had both surrendered,B using the verb "hose noun form is the "ord Islam( *or passing such trials, Allah tells Abraham, BLo, I have appointed thee a leader for man-indGB !ut not as a :e"( #ome"hat li-e aul, Islam concluded that God chooses his people on grounds of commitment rather than lineage, meaning that AbrahamNs only true follo"ers are true believersZi(e(, Muslims( Moreover, if Allah ever had a pact "ith the :e"s as a race, they bac-slid out of it in episodes such as the "orship of the golden calf in the TorahNs boo- of EAodus( Indeed, the Horan advises Muslims proselytiIed by either :e"s or

%hristians to Abraham(B









Then there is the matter of Isaac and Ishmael( 8nli-e the Torah, the Horan does not specify "hich son God tells Abraham to sacrifice( Muslim interpreters a generation after Muhammad concluded that the prophet "as descended from the slave "oman 3agarNs boy, Ishmael( Later scholarly opinion determined that Ishmael "as also the son "ho "ent under the -nife( The decision effectively completed the :e"ish disenfranchisement( Not only "as their genealogical claim void, but their forefather lost his role in the great drama of surrender( The %ontested atrimony Things devolved from there( :e"s, stung, too- steps to cement AbrahamNs :e"ish identity( The Talmud describes him anachronistically as follo"ing Mosaic la" and spea-ing 3ebre"( And they severely do"ngraded Ishmael( Initially, says #haul Magid, professor of Midrash at Ne" &or- %ityNs :e"ish Theological #eminary, :e"ish parents named their boys after AbrahamNs Arab son, but the custom evaporated as they began living under Muslim rule( !y the == th century the great biblical scholar $ashi, citing earlier authorities, described Ishmael as a BthiefB "hom Beverybody hates,B an insult that can still be found in his prominently placed commentary in many Torah editions today and that is taught in many 'rthodoA religious schools( Ibn Hathir, a =@ t h century Horanic commentator, struc- bac- by claiming the :e"s had Bdishonestly and slanderouslyB introduced Isaac into the Torah story) BThey forced this understanding because Isaac is their father, "hile Ishmael is the father of the Arabs(B That sentiment too survives today on the Muslim side( It is enough to ma-e a gro"n man cry, "hich *eiler nearly does ( BThey too- a biblical figure open to all,B he "rites, Btossed out "hat they "anted to ignore, ginned up "hat they "anted to stress and ended up "ith a symbol of their o"n uni4ueness that loo-ed far more li-e a mirror image of their fantasies than a reflection of the original story(B To his horror, he realiIed that Abraham Bis as much a model for fanaticism as he is for moderation(B The Tomb of the atriarchs, a massive stone structure built by Hing 3erod >,000 years ago, is the grim living metaphor for dueling Abrahamisms( 2espite GodNs promise that this land "ould be his peopleNs one day, Abraham in Genesis ma-es a point of paying Ephron the 3ittite D00 silver she-els for a cave in 3ebron to serve as a burial plot( 3e and #arah "ere laid there, and later,

#cripture adds, so "ere Isaac and his "ife $ebecca, his grandson :acob and his first "ife Leah( 3erod erected a grandiose monument at "hat he thought "as the site( *or most of the past fe" hundred years, its Muslim o"ners, "ho called it the Mos4ue of Abraham, allo"ed :e"s to pray near the entrance( +hen the Israelis too- control in =JLK, believers of both faiths "orshipped side by side( Then in =JJD a radical Israeli settler, 2r( !aruch Goldstein, mo"ed do"n >J Muslims at prayer in the tomb( %ustody shifted to a compleA scheme granting each side access to parts or all of the tomb on different days but avoiding their meeting( #ince the latest intifadeh, the arrangement continues, but the site, hedged about "ith chec-points and raIor "ire in a neighborhood under strict military curfe", presents a message of piety ineAtricable from violence and mistrust( There is an eerie effortlessness to the "ay in "hich fights pic-ed by scriptural revisionists hundreds of years ago feed todayNs psychology of mutual victimhood( The :e"ish Theological #eminaryNs Magid describes a = s t century tradition in "hich Ishmael is a bully and Isaac Bbecomes the persecuted younger brother(B That belief has persisted( BThe Muslims are very aggressive, li-e Ishmael,B an Israeli settler tells *eiler( BAnd the :e"s are very passive, li-e Isaac, "ho nearly allo"s himself to be -illed "ithout tal-ing bac-( ThatNs "hy they are -illing us, because "e donNt fight bac-(B ArafatNs religious liaison #hei- Tamimi snaps that any :e"ish claims based in Genesis are Bpure lies, aimed at achieving political gains, at imposing the sovereignty of Israeli occupation on the holy places(B 3opes *or $econciliation It is a staple premise of the interfaith movement, "hich has been pic-ing at the problem since the late =M00s, that if Muslims, %hristians and :e"s are ever to respect and understand one another, a -ey road leads through Abraham( #ays *isher of the %onference of %atholic !ishops) B+e canNt not tal- to each other about him(B !ut identifying a path does not ma-e it passable( art of the problem, says :on Levenson, a 3arvard :e"ish-studies professor "ho has eAamined affinities and conflicts in the Abrahamic traditions, is that even before they "ent to "or- on him, his story featured a theme of eAclusivity ( BIf you "ant a symbol for universal humanity, go to Adam,B he says( B2onNt go to Abraham, because his "hole story is about the singling out of one guy to found a ne" family, a distinct family mar-ed off from the rest of humanity( 3e "as al"ays a particularist(B Another stumbling bloc- bet"een :e"s and Muslims is that they are "or-ing from t"o different teAts(

Nonetheless, moderate Islamic leaders have periodically enlisted Abraham as a bridge builder( In =JKK EgyptNs resident An"ar #adat, announcing before the Israeli Hnesset the brave initiative that "ould become the =JKJ %amp 2avid peace accords, invo-ed, BAbrahamZpeace be upon himZgreat-grandfather of the Arabs and the :e"s(B #adat noted that Abraham had underta-en his great sacrifice Bnot out of "ea-ness but through free "ill, prompted by an unsha-able belief in the ideals that lend life a profound significance,B clearly hoping that both sides "ould approach Arab-Israeli cohabitation in the same spirit( The accords "ent through, although this time a sacrifice "as completed( #adat "as assassinated in =JM=( More recently, see-ing a "ay to reach out to the 8(#( that "ould pass the scrutiny of his nationNs dogmatic clerics, moderate Iranian resident Muhammad Hhatami proposed a Bdialogue of civiliIations,B "ith Abraham as common ground, in =JJM( ;The 8(N(Ns Hofi Annan subse4uently adopted the gesture(< 'bservers assumed Hhatami "as crafting a smo-e screen for political tal-s( !ut the former professor of Eastern and +estern philosophy seems to regard Abraham as a mascot for his comparatively humanistic, open-minded brand of Islam( A more thoroughgoing theological initiative has been underta-en by the %atholic %hurch( %hristianityNs position on Abraham had remained depressingly consistent since :ustin MartyrNs condemnation of the circumcised, but theologians at the #econd 5atican %ouncil of =JL>-L/, sha-en by the 3olocaust, reread aulNs letters( They noted that at one point aul calls the %ovenant bet"een God and the :e"s irrevocable and that in one passage he compares %hristians to a "ild olive branch grafted onto the tree of :udaism( BIf the %ovenant bet"een God and the children of Abraham dies,B says *isher, Bthe branch "ithers "ith the roots( %hristians "ould be orphans(B The resulting 5atican II document rolled bac- centuries of anti-:udaism and began a rehabilitation of the notion of Abraham as a :e"( No one has pursued its spirit more avidly than ope :ohn aul II, "ho in March >000 pressed a prayer card bet"een bloc-s of :erusalemNs +estern +all) BGod of our fathers, you chose Abraham and his descendants to bring your name to the nations ((( "e "ish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood "ith the people of the %ovenant(B The Effect 'f #ept( ==

#uch rapprochement, especially involving Muslims, has been tric-ier in the past => months( Interfaith advocates say that after the attac-s, many plans for :e"ish-Muslim conversations fell through( 'ne group that buc-ed the trend "as the %hildren of Abraham Institute, a %harlottesville, 5a(, association that organiIes intensive three-"ay scriptural studies modeled on AbrahamNs hospitality to the strangers at his tent( It has held meetings in 2enver and at EnglandNs %ambridge 8niversity and has sent representatives to lecture in %ape To"n, #outh Africa, and parley "ith imams in Malaysia( It has the ear of the incoming Archbishop of %anterbury( At one of its gatherings last 'ctober, 8niversity of 5irginia professor of Islamic studies AbdulaIiI #achedina eApressed an interfaith ideal "hen he contended that people of faith can BcontrolB their respective interpretations of AbrahamNs story Bso that it doesnNt become a source of demoniIation of the other(B As the anniversary of #ept( == passed, several ne" enterprises inaugurated similar efforts( In ortland, 're(, a group called the Abraham Initiative began a t"o-year, city"ide interfaith program( The venerable, rotestant-founded %hautau4ua Institution in upstate Ne" &or- is starting an open-ended Abraham rogram involving lectures and trifaith panels( A participant in several such efforts is *eiler( At the end of Abraham, its author announces that understanding ho" each faith, and seemingly each generation, concocts its o"n Abraham has liberated him to create his o"n, "hom he "himsically calls BAbraham No( >D=(B This Abraham, he says, Bis perceptive enough to -no" that his children "ill fight, murder ;and< fly planes into buildings(B !ut he also -no"s that Bhis children still crave God, still dream of a moment "hen they stand alongside one another and pray for their lost father and for the legacy of peace among nations that "as his initial mandate from heaven(B It is a historical oddity and a hopeful sign that as the three religions battled over Abraham, they continued ;"ithout admitting it< to s"ap Abraham stories( The borro"ings and counterborro"ings, as old as the conflicts, ma-e far more pleasant reading( The most heartening may be an Islamic tale cited by *eiler "hose roots, scholar $euven *irestone hypothesiIed, reach into both :udaism and %hristianity( It is set after AbrahamNs near sacrifice of his son, "hichever son it "as( The moment of truth is Cust pastE the fatherNs hand is stayed( As the boy lies stunned on the altar, God gaIes do"n "ith pride and compassion and promises to grant his any prayer( B' Lord, I pray this,B the boy says( B+hen any person in any era meets you at the

gates of heavenZso long as they believe in one GodZI as- that you allo" them to enter paradise(B Z+ith reporting by AIadeh Moavevi9Tehran, Nadia Mustafa9Ne" &or-, Matt $ees and :amil 3amad93ebron and Eric #ilver9 :erusalem >@M( #o-oloff, 3eather( ;Monday, #eptember >@, >00>< riest "ho imitates Elvis threatens Anglican schism( %anada) National ost( http)99"""(nationalpost(com9home9story(htmlFidW[@/J%0/>AK@DM-DE2E-A!0M-2*/LA//!J*0% \ ;2e-activated lin-< $efer lin- to $everend 2orian !aAter http)99"""(oldies=0==(com9goout(aspF uWhttp)99"""(elvispriestley(com ;$eference) #o-oloff, 3eather( ;Monday, #eptember >@, >00>< riest "ho imitates Elvis threatens Anglican schism ( %anada) National ost(< ;2e-activated lin-< ;$efer lin- to $everend 2orian !aAter (< $everend 2orian !aAter, in Elvis costume at his home in Ne"mar-et, 'nt(, yesterday, has run afoul of Anglican bishops for his unusual approach to the ministry( 3e has been singing Elvis songs to sinners since his first ministerial posting, to Thunder !ay in =JMD( There, he formed a %hristian roc- band, :esus $oc- of 'ur #alvation( +earing red Michael :ac-son Cac-ets, in this case to symboliIe :esusN blood , the band performed in Thunder !ayNs seediest bars, singing Elvis and gospel tunes such as AmaIing Grace to combat "hat he called the #atanic imagery espoused by roc- bands li-e A%92%, !lac- #abbath and Mhtley %rie( The group "as so successful that, occasionally, patrons as-ed $ev( !aAter to baptiIe them on a bar stool( NNI refuse to resign from holy orders,NN he said( NNI have led tens of thousands of people to :esus through the music of Elvis( This man sung gospel better than anyone I -no"( INve told the bishops all they need to do is buy a fe" of his %2s( I donNt -no" "hat they are complaining about( NNI thin- they forget that, "hen :esus lived in Galilee, he preached in the pubs, to prostitutes and drin-ers(NN

$ev( !aAter does not hold up Elvis , "ho died in =JKK, as a model of %hristian living( 3o"ever, he believes Elvis died "ith a pure heart and an unfailing faith in %hrist, eApressed in his soulful music( *or "eddings, $ev( !aAter drives couples to the event in his =JMM "hite %adillac, blaring Elvis tunes and dressed as a late =JK0s version of you--no"-"ho( 3o"ever, he drops the Elvis persona for the ceremony, changing into his priestly vestments to perform a traditional Anglican service according to %hurch protocol ( 3e may sing I %anNt 3elp *alling in Love "ith &ou for the bride and groom, but other"ise maintains the sanctity of the service ( NNI only do velvet suit version of #on, Three Elvis after the ceremony , "hen I put on a "ild red and do a bang-up good sho"(NN 'ften re4uested is his !lue #uede #hoes) NN'ne for the *ather, T"o for the for the 3oly #pirit and your life has Cust begun(NN

The act is much the same for funerals( NNThe ceremony is very serious, but after"ards "e celebrate that person going to heaven(NN Although bishops had previously tolerated the Elvis act, even accepting over X=00,000 he raised for parishes "ith Elvis-themed fundraisers, recently they have attempted to discredit him, said $ev( !aAter( 3e left %olling"ood to participate in Elvis celebrations in Memphis, "here ne"s of his treatment garnered him a Graceland "elcome fit for a -ing, he said, adding that all of the controversy has left him "ith solid international boo-ings and a planned !!% documentary on his ministry( >@J( %ole, A( ;=JJM< Mothers and #ons in %hinese !uddhism( #tanford, 8#A) #tanford 8niversity ress( ;$eference) %ole, A( ;=JJM< Mothers and #ons in %hinese !uddhism( #tanford, 8#A) #tanford 8niversity ress(< A "ell researched boo- on the relationship bet"een mother and son, according to the !uddhist perspective(

>D0( Temple belongs to "ealthiest 3indu sect( ;Tuesday, #eptember >D, >00>< Ne" 2elhi, India) The Times of India( http)99timesofindia(indiatimes(com9cms(dll9articlesho"F artidW>@=JDLLL ;2e-activated lin-< ;$eference) Temple belongs to "ealthiest 3indu sect ( ;Tuesday, #eptember >D, >00>< Ne" 2elhi, India) The Times of India(< Ne" 2elhi) The temple "hich "as attac-ed by militants Tuesday belongs to IndiaNs "ealthiest 3indu sect, the #"aminarain( Members of the eAotic sect are confined mainly to the GuCaratispea-ing diaspora and are devotees of 3indu god Lord Hrishna and his mythical s"eetheart $adha( The #"aminarains o"e their movement to #"amy #hahaCananda "ho, before his demise in =M@0, launched the sect to preach harmony( #hahaCananda, also -no"n as #"aminarain ;Lord of the 8niverse< , "as the first Indian saint-reformer to meet a high-ran-ing %hristian cleric in the person of !ishop 3eber of the %hurch of England( 2uring the meeting he had pressed for religious tolerance( The reclusive #"aminarains, "ho built their A-shardham temple in Gandhinagar "ithout using any metal, are, ho"ever, part of IndiaNs mainstream 3indu religion and also preach universal brotherhood( The theology of the #"aminarains centres on the deification of their guru and his main disciple, Gunatitananda, in a compleA, highly-personalised mystical hierarchy( The compleA ritual and eAtreme asceticism of its monastic leaders, "ho are prohibited from touching or even spea-ing to a "oman, gives the movement a distinct character and ma-es it highly visible in "estern India( >D=( Indian troops end temple siege( ;+ednesday, #eptember >/, >00>< 8H) !!% Ne"s( http)99ne"s(bbc(co(u-9>9hi9southOasia9>>KJLL=(stm ;$eference) Indian troops end temple #eptember >/, >00>< 8H) !!% Ne"s(< siege ( ;+ednesday,

The #"aminarayan organisation, part of the 3indu faith, "as formally established in =J0K( It preaches religious tolerance and practical spirituality( >D>( 2etractors *rom The #implicity 'f #alvation( http)99"""(earthharvest(org9salvation(htm ;$eference) 2etractors *rom The #implicity 'f #alvation (< BThe absorption of the raindrop into the ocean is symbolic of the absorption of the person into the impersonal universe ( After people attain enlightenment, they lose their identities and become one "ith the all( Absorption is the goal of the monist 3induB >D@( !ruce, Tammy( The Ne" Thought olice - !oo- $evie"( 3ardcover( @00 pages( http)99"""(shopnetdaily(com9store9item(aspFITEMOI2W@0/ ;$eference) !ruce, Tammy( The Ne" Thought $evie"(< olice - !oo-

*rom rigid speech codes on college campuses to the -nee-Ceruse of such labels as Bracist,B Bhomophobic,B and BhatefulB in an attempt to socially ostraciIe people "ith opposing vie"points, spea-ing oneNs mind today has become increasingly dangerous( >DD( +abi #abi( http)99profile(sh9pages9+abi#abi ;2e-activated lin-< ;$eference) +abi #abi(< #ince "abi-sabi represents a comprehensive :apanese "orld vie" or aesthetic system, it is difficult to eAplain precisely in "estern terms( According to Leonard Horen, "abi-sabi is the most conspicuous and characteristic feature of "hat "e thin- of as traditional :apanese beauty and it Boccupies roughly the same position in the :apanese pantheon of aesthetic values as do the Gree- ideals of beauty and perfection in the +est(B +abi-sabi is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete( It is the beauty of things modest and humble( It is the beauty of things unconventional(

The concepts of "abi-sabi correlate "ith the concepts of Sen !uddhism, as the first :apanese involved "ith "abi-sabi "ere tea masters, priests, and mon-s "ho practiced Sen( Sen !uddhism originated in India, traveled to %hina in the L th century, and "as first introduced in :apan around the => t h century( Sen emphasiIes Bdirect, intuitive insight into transcendental truth beyond all intellectual conception(B At the core of "abi- sabi is the importance of transcending "ays of loo-ing and thin-ing about things9eAistence( All things are impermanent All things are imperfect All things are incomplete

Material characteristics of "abi-sabi) suggestion of natural process irregular intimate unpretentious earthy simple

>D/( Hul-arni, 5 M ;=J@=< Naturopathy . The Art of 2rugless 3ealing( Medical +isdom #eries No( /( !ombay, India) $oy Q %o(, 3omoeopaths( ages) @0D( ;$eference) Hul-arni, 5 M ;=J@=< Naturopathy . The Art of 2rugless 3ealing( Medical +isdom #eries No( /( !ombay, India) $oy Q %o(, 3omoeopaths(< age >/M ;==< Advice of a !rahmin to his son 2uring his Thread %eremony to lead a Natural Life j#ans-rit 5ersesd Translation( . Avoid staying in closed roomsE give up umbrellas and shoes( Avoid riding in vehicles driven by bulloc-s, horses, camels, etc( and also soft beds( j#ans-rit 5ersesd Translation( . Avoid anointing the body and bathing in hot "ater( Avoid also shaving, singing, dancing and attending the theatre ( Avoid -eeping up at nights and sleeping during the day( age >/J j#ans-rit 5ersesd

Translation( . !e good-naturedE smile "hile you spea-( Eat moderately and avoid avarice, greed, falsehood, anger and censure( j#ans-rit 5ersesd Translation( . Early in the morning ta-e breathing eAercise and drin- a cupful of pure cold "aterE then bathe and perform #andhya meditationE after"ards salute the sun and read vedas( j#ans-rit 5ersesd Translation( . Avoid very sour, pungent, saltish, bitter and astringent foodsE ta-e "holesome food and proper eAercise and practice yoga philosophy( j#ans-rit 5ersesd Translation( . Eat daily tasty food "hich can be easily digested such as mil-, "heat, millet ;Nee"ar<, roots, vegetables and fruits( j#ans-rit 5ersesd Translation( . Avoid fish, flesh, li4uor, and all obCectionable food( reserve your semen assiduouslyE avoid its "aste and control your passions( age >L0 j#ans-rit 5ersesd Translation( . 2o your dutyE obey your religious dictates( Thus observe celibacy for the neAt => years( As a rule a !rahmin celebrates the Thread %eremony of his son "hen he attains his eighth year long before he finishes his eleventh year and he is supposed to observe celibacy for => years and lead a natural life advised above and lead a married life there after( Nearly all of the eight la"s or precepts of the Lord are already in the adviceG >DL( +elcome to 5ipassana(com( http)99"""(vipassana(com9 ;$eference) +elcome to 5ipassana(com (< +hat is vipassanaF In the ali language of the early !uddhist teAts, vipassana means insight( It is often used to describe one of the t"o main categories of !uddhist meditation ;the other being samatha or tran4uillity<( The term may correctly be applied to any !uddhist meditation techni4ue that aims for a complete understanding of the Three %haracteristics du--ha ;suffering or unsatisfactoriness<, anicca ;impermanence< and anatta ;not-#elf<(

>DK( Taylor, %harles( ;*riday, :anuary >=, >000< B$ear +indo"B 8#A) salon(com( http)99dir(salon(com9ent9movies9revie"9>00090=9>=9rearO"indo"9ind eA(html ;$eference) Taylor, %harles( ;*riday, :anuary >=, >000< B$ear +indo"B 8#A) salon(com(< ThereNs a big difference bet"een peeping at strangers and "atching a movie thatNs been made for the eApress purpose of being "atched( !ut 3itchcoc- "as uni4uely suited to eAplore "hat Grace Helly refers to in the film as Brear-"indo"B ethics( Movies are often tal-ed of disapprovingly as a passive activity( ThatNs too easy( In some "ays, 3itchcoc-Ns "hole career, his oft4uoted preference for suspense over surprise, "as a blac- Co-e played on moviegoer passivity( An audience that possesses crucial information that the characters lac- is both desperate to do something and eAcruciatingly a"are of its inability to do anything( In B$ear +indo"B 3itchcoc- presents a hero "ho is in the same position the director put his audiences in) a "atcher "ho sees ;or thin-s he sees< "hat he is po"erless to stop( :eff is bored to distraction( BINm going to do something drastic,B he "arns( And so, "hen he thin-s that one of the neighbors heNs been "atching has murdered his invalid "ife, heNs thrilled( At last something has appeared to rouse him out of the stupor of inactivity and summertime heat( :eff isnNt the ordinary person caught in eAtraordinary circumstances, li-e $obert 2onat in BThe @J #tepsB or %ary Grant in BNorth by North"est,B characters driven to prove their innocence( 3eNs not personally involved in the crime( 3e isnNt horrified or frightened, or motivated by a sense of Custice or outrage over a "omanNs deathE heNs turned on, "hich is made a bit too obvious by his use of a huge, phallic Ioom lens to do his peeping( The possibility of a murder gives :eff the same vicarious thrill that sends him into "ar Iones or onto the trac-s of speed"ays to snap his pictures( ;+hen an editor informs him of "ar brea-ing out in some ne" hot spot, he responds -- "ith pride -- B2idnNt I tell ya thatNd be the neAt place to blo"FB< #oon, :effNs society girlfriend, Lisa ;Helly<, and the insurance company nurse #tella ;Thelma $itter<, both of "hom have been chiding him for spying on the neighbors, succumb to the same fevered curiosity( And

since the promise of a mystery is the thing thatNs lured us into the theater, "e go along too( EAcept that 3itchcoc- doesnNt ma-e it so easy( ut in the position of "atching along "ith :eff, "e see moments so private that our first impulse is to loo- a"ay in embarrassment) A single, middleaged "oman, "hom :eff dubs Miss Lonelyhearts, entertains an imaginary beau at a romantic dinner for t"oE a struggling composer comes home late and scatters his "or- in drun-en selfdisgust( 3itchcoc- ma-es us a"are that :eff feels almost no sense of impropriety at "hat heNs seeing, and he doesnNt leave it at that( 'ne of the most painful things 3itchcoc- sho"s us is the home life of Thorvald ;$aymond !urr<, the salesman :eff comes to suspect of murder( A fat, rumpled man, Thorvald isnNt attractive or agreeable( 3eNs brus4ue and rude during his one interchange "ith a neighbor, and his life loo-s to be hell( 3is invalid "ife, "ho appears to be a hypochondriac, begins berating him as soon as he "al-s through the door( +hen he attempts to be tender to her by placing a fresh-cut flo"er from his lovingly tended flo"er bed on her dinner tray, she laughs at him and tosses it a"ay( And, having made this suspected murderer pitiable, 3itchcoc- goes even further, employing his traditional method of supplying the audience "ith information that his characters donNt possess, but "ith a t"ist) This bit of information "ould seem to suggest that no crime too- place( In the scene "here Thorvald confronts :eff, both of their faces remain in dar-ness( ItNs as if a character has "al-ed out of a movie to demand an accounting from the person "ho has turned his life into entertainment( The screenplay by :ohn Michael 3ayes ;from the %ornell +oolrich story BIt 3ad to !e MurderB< lapses from time to time into a"-"ard topic sentences( At one point, #tella declares, B+eNve become a race of peeping toms(B !ut it isnNt peeping thatNs on trial here as much as the propensity of human beings to detach themselves from one another( The bac-yard "orld of B$ear +indo"B isnNt a neighborhood -- merely a collection of people living in close proAimity( The neighbors barely spea- to one another( :effNs voyeurism is simply the most eAtreme form of that detachment( 3itchcoc- brings that to the fore in an eAcruciating se4uence "here :eff and Lisa and #tella are so intrigued by "hatNs going on in ThorvaldNs apartment that, despite the urgent evidence in front of their eyes, they nearly allo" a "oman to commit suicide( And 3itchcoc- ups the ante Cust a fe" minutes later "hen :eff almost allo"s Lisa to be -illed as he "atches,

acting as if he "ere a man "atching a movie instead of a person "ith the po"er to prevent a murder( >DM( More 8# students are avoiding seA( ;Monday, #eptember @0, >00>< #ingapore) The #traits Times( http)99straitstimes(asia=(com(sg9"orld9story90,=MK0,=DL=>K,00(html F ;2e-activated lin-< ;$eference) More 8# students are avoiding seA ( #eptember @0, >00>< #ingapore) The #traits Times(< ;Monday,

Ne" &or- - The number of high school students in the 8nited #tates engaging in seA has dropped significantly, according to a ne" study by the %entres for 2isease %ontrol and revention( Last year, the study found, high school virgins outnumbered those "ho had engaged in seAual intercourse, /D per cent to DL per cent( A decade earlier, the percentages "ere the opposite( The study, "hich "as based on self-reported data from more than =0,000 students, also found other evidence of more conservative seAual behaviour( Among those seAually active, /K(J per cent said they used condoms "hen they last had seA, up from DL(> per cent =0 years ago( There "as also a decline in the percentage of high school students "ho had four or more seA partners, "ith =D(> per cent reporting this last year, compared to =M(K per cent in =JJ=( N+e have less -ids at ris- than "e used to have - fe"er -ids having seA, fe"er having multiple partners and more using condoms,N said report author Laura Hann( NItNs still too many, but "hatNs especially encouraging is that these trends are pretty strong(N EAperts say this could be due to factors such as abstinence programmes and fear of Aids to an increase in oral seA, "hich teenagers regard as less dangerous than intercourse ( Also, over good economic times, they may feel they have good futures "hich may be derailed by an un"anted pregnancy( --Ne" &or- Times

>DJ( London school to give the ill to girls as young as ==( ;Monday, #eptember @0, >00>< #ingapore) The #traits Times( http)99straitstimes(asia=(com(sg9"orld9story90,=MK0,=DL=>>,00(html F ;2e-activated lin-< ;$eference) London school to give the ill to girls as young as == ( ;Monday, #eptember @0, >00>< #ingapore) The #traits Times(< London - Girls as young as == "ill soon be able to obtain the morning-after birth control pill at a London school "ithout their parentsN -no"ledge( The Electronic Telegraph said that if the scheme at %hestnut Grove #chool "as successful, it could be eAtended to every secondary school in +ands"orth, "hich has the the fifth highest teenage pregnancy rate of inner London boroughs( 3eadmistress Margaret eacoc- said her school "as trying to behave responsibly, the "ebsite reported( #he said under-=Ls could already obtain the ill "ithout their parentsN consent from hospital accident and emergency units and from pharmacies( NThe school governors thought it "ould be better for children to receive counselling from the school nurse at the same time( If the child is underaged, loud bells "ill ring and the case "ill be treated as a child protection issue ,N she said( Government figures in :uly sho"ed that four =0-year-old girls had become mothers from =JJM to >000 ( They sho"ed that another >@ girls aged == had become pregnant and about D00 under-=Ds had conceived( Ms #heila %rouch, %hestnut GroveNs nurse, told the Telegraph) NI can only inform them of relevant clinics( This delays the process( The sooner the young person ta-es the first dose of the Levonelle-> pill the more li-ely it is to prevent a pregnancy(N >/0( +omac-, #arah( ;Thursday, :uly =M, >00>< N!enny 3ill cultureN blamed for teenage pregnancies( 8H) The Telegraph( http)99ne"s(telegraph(co(u-9ne"s9main(ChtmlE XsessionidX+>A@HP'A* 8&*P*IPM*#*GGA5%!P0I50F AmlW9ne"s9>00>90K9=M9nbenny=M(Aml ;$eference) +omac-, #arah( ;Thursday, :uly =M, >00><

N!enny 3ill cultureN blamed for teenage pregnancies ( 8H) The Telegraph(< N!enny 3ill cultureN blamed for teenage pregnancies !y #arah +omac-, #ocial Affairs %orrespondent ;*iled) =M90K9>00>< The Government is blaming !enny 3ill, the comedian famous for his s-etches involving scantily-clad girls, for its failure to cut teenage pregnancies( eopleNs BgigglyB attitude to seA - the B!enny 3ill cultureB - "as sending out miAed messages to young people, %athy 3amlyn, head of the GovernmentNs Teenage regnancy 8nit, said( B'n the one hand they are bombarded by messages through films and the media "hich give the impression that everyone is having seA and they should,B she said( B'n the other, parents have great difficulty tal-ing about it(B 3er comments came as M s and peers demanded an urgent revie" of government policies for reducing schoolgirl births( A study by 2r 2avid aton of Nottingham 8niversity suggested that the GovernmentNs strategy may be increasing pregnancies and abortions among teenage girls( 3e said his figures sho"ed that the number of girls attending family clinics increased by =DD per cent bet"een =JJ> and >000, "hile prescriptions for the morning-after pill tripled in the same period( 3o"ever, the conception rate fell by Cust =(> per cent, "hile seAually transmitted diseases among =L- to =J-year-old females increased by /M per cent( :im 2obbin, Labour M for 3ey"ood and Middleton, said) B This is not about the morality of abortion ( It is not about the morality of distributing contraception to the very young ( It is about the morality of adopting strategies "hen there is no clear indication as to their potential success and a considerable amount of evidence as to the damage they can do(B !ut a 3ealth 2epartment spo-esman said there "as more than one aspect to cutting teenage pregnancies( It included helping young people to resist pressure to have early seA , improving seA and relationship education in schools , improving access to

contraceptive advice services and supporting parents in tal-ing to their children( According to the 'ffice for National #tatistics, there "as a >(D per cent fall in pregnancy rates among under-=Ms bet"een =JJJ and >000 but !ritain still has the second highest teenage pregnancy rate in the developed "orld, after the 8nited #tates( !enny 3ill, "ho died in =JJ>, "as reno"ned for his ris4ue s-etches, "ith seA and s4uealing nymphets the constant theme( 3o"ever, a biography claimed that he maintained a Bfirm distaste for seAual intercourseB( 3is father sold condoms for a living( ersonal $evie") B'n the one hand they are bombarded by messages through films and the media "hich give the impression that everyone is having seA and they should,B There are men and "omen "ho use spy devices to monitor the intimate lifestyle of young men . Is he having emissionF Is he masturbatingF etc They say 6'h, this is a dirty Cob7, and they themselves sit and "atch clandestinely as a voyeur "hether that manUs organ is moving this "ay or that "ay in sleepG Then, on the other side, seAuality is a taboo to tal- about( B'n the other, parents have great difficulty tal-ing about it(B #o "here are "eF +hat actually is going on in societyF >/=( +omac-, #arah( ;Thursday, May @0, >00>< !ritain second "orst country for schoolgirl pregnancies( 8H) The Telegraph( http)99ne"s(telegraph(co(u-9ne"s9main(ChtmlE XsessionidX+>A@HP'A* 8&*P*IPM*#*GGA5%!P0I50F AmlW9ne"s9>00>90/9@09npreg@0(Aml ;$eference) +omac-, #arah( ;Thursday, May @0, >00>< !ritain second "orst country for schoolgirl pregnancies ( 8H) The Telegraph(< !ritain second "orst country for schoolgirl pregnancies !y #arah +omac-, #ocial Affairs %orrespondent ;*iled) @090/9>00>< !ritain has the second highest teenage birth rate in the developed "orld, eAceeded only by America, a 8nited Nations report said yesterday(

The 8nicef report blamed !ritish embarrassment about tal-ing about seA, coupled "ith the disappearance of traditional values( The survey of >M developed countries found that, "hile teenage pregnancies had fallen by up to K/ per cent in many industrialised nations, !ritain still had an Balarmingly highB rate of @= births per =,000 girls aged =/-=J in =JJM( America has /> births per =,000 teenagers , four times the average in the European 8nion( The Tories immediately called for ministers to disband the teenage pregnancy unit and rethin- their policy on schoolgirl births( 2avid +illetts, the shado" social security secretary, said) BThe GovernmentNs approach is clearly not "or-ing and it is a scandal that !ritain has such a high rate of teenage births( BThe teenage pregnancy unit has become bogged do"n "ith too many other 4uangos and has no real purpose( Ministers need to shift from abstract statements to practical measures, "hich are the responsibility of the N3# and schools(B $obert +helan, the director of *amily &outh %oncern, said) BMinisters need to abandon their teenage pregnancy strategy and the teenage pregnancy unit, "hich is in hoc- to too many vested interests(B The 8nicef report said) B%ontraceptive advice and services are formally available in !ritain, but in a closed atmosphere of embarrassment and secrecy( As one !ritish teenager puts it, Nit sometimes seems as if seA is compulsory but contraception has failedN(B The number of girls having under-age seA had doubled in the past =0 years, the report said( Teenagers in the Netherlands "ere five times less li-ely to give birth than !ritish teenagers( The 2utch had the advantages of a Brelatively inclusive society "ith more open attitudes to"ards seA and educationB( :apan, Horea, #"itIerland and the Netherlands had the lo"est teenage birth rates at fe"er than seven per =,000, the report found( In the past @0 years, Austria, 2enmar-, *rance, Germany Italy, Horea, #"eden and #"itIerland have managed to reduce teenage birth rates by three 4uarters( The figure for in the same period is @M per cent(

The 2epartment of 3ealth said that teenage pregnancy rates remained too high, Bbut "e are ma-ing progress "ith a national reduction of more than siA per cent in t"o yearsB( ersonal $evie") IsnUt the same attitude in India alsoF Rthe disappearance of traditional values +ith voyeurism and spy devices, RNit sometimes seems as if seA is compulsoryR And "e have a society Rin a closed atmosphere of embarrassment and secrecyR but doesnUt accept a Brelatively inclusive society "ith more open attitudes to"ards seA and education B( >/>( :ohnston, hilip( ;+ednesday, April 0@, >00>< #eA education advisers ban celibacy group( 8H) The Telegraph( http)99ne"s(telegraph(co(u-9ne"s9main(ChtmlF AmlW9ne"s9>00>90D90@9nact0@(Aml ;$eference) :ohnston, hilip( ;+ednesday, April 0@, >00>< #eA education advisers ban celibacy group ( 8H) The Telegraph(< #eA education advisers ban celibacy group !y hilip :ohnston, 3ome Affairs Editor ;*iled) 0@90D9>00>< 3EA2 teachers "ho boo-ed a youth theatre company to preach a message of seAual abstinence in their schools have been told not to repeat the invitation because it is BunsuitableB for pupils( #eA education advisers in East #usseA have recommended that teachers should consult them before allo"ing actors to give performances about controversial issues such as seAual health( Their advice has led to the resignation of one member of EastbourneNs #eAual 3ealth *orum, #ue $elf, "ho said she "anted to organise further visits by the company this year( The ro" ble" up after eight secondary schools in the resort "ere visited by the %anadian %hallenge Team, an 'tta"a-based volunteer youth group "hich travels the "orld "ith its message that Bthe safest seA is no seAB(

Actors use s-etches and Co-es to present facts and figures intended to offer abstinence as an option to young people "ho may thin- that they are alone in not being seAually active( The concept has been given credibility among teenagers by the "ell-publicised pre-marital celibacy of pop stars such as !ritney #pears and :essica #impson and the actress Lisa Hudro" of the television sitcom *riends( !ut the %hallenge TeamNs performances last November and 2ecember did not find favour "ith the ersonal #ocial and 3ealth Education ; #3E< team for East #usseA( Marilyn #tephens, the #3E adviser, said she "as not told of the visit before it happened and there "ere a number of concerns about the contents of its D/-minute sho"( BMembers of our team "ent to see it and "ere 4uite anAious about some of the messages it "as portraying,B she said( BIn particular, its anti-condom message "as not helpful( There "ere also some "rong facts about 3I5 and Aids( +e "ould be unhappy to support another tour(B Mrs $elf has "ritten to the chairman of the #eAual 3ealth *orum to resign in protest( #he said guidelines had since been circulated by the #3E team Bin order to preclude visits to East #usseA schools by this team, or any similar groups, in the future, as it "as considered they "ere unsuitableB( #he said at least four schools in the to"n "ere planning to invite the team to return this year( The dispute has highlighted the controversy over abstinence teaching, "hich is gro"ing in popularity in America but does not find favour "ith !ritish bodies such as the GovernmentNs Teenage regnancy 8nit, or the #eA Education *orum, part of the National %hildrenNs !ureau( Its report, :ust #ay No - To Abstinence Education, says) B%hildren and young people are entitled to a balanced educational programme of seA and relationships education ( ( ( Abstinence education falls short of this established good practice and fails to meet the needs of children and young people on a number of counts(B These include Bfear-basedB messages and an eAclusion of Bbig groups of young people, including those "ho are gay and lesbianB(

$ebecca 5isser of the %hallenge Team said it had spo-en to more than L00,000 teenagers throughout North America and Europe since it "as founded in =JJ@( B+e are not anti-seA, nor are "e trying to scare -ids a"ay from seA( !ut our message is that chastity is a positive, realistic and healthy lifestyle(B >/@( AI2# a"areness-- ha ha ha( ;#unday, 2ecember 0>, >00=< Luc-no", India) The Times of India( http)99timesofindia(indiatimes(com9cms(dll9articlesho"F artOidW=JKK=>MJLL ;$eference) AI2# a"areness-- ha ha ha ( ;#unday, 2ecember 0>, >00=< Luc-no", India) The Times of India(< AI2# a"areness-- ha ha ha TIME# NE+# NET+'$H ] #8N2A&, 2E%EM!E$ 0>, >00= =>)D>)D@ AM ^ L8%HN'+) Minister for health, $amapati #hastri enlivened the prosaically academic AI2# a"areness symposium on #aturday by his -eynote address "hich had a bit of everythingZ religion, philosophy, Cingoism laced "ith a subtle dose of ba"dy humour( Addressing a motley miA of professionals medicos, nurses, students and officials on the occasion of +orld AI2# 2ay, the minister began "ith a dig on the "ild "est "hich "as struggling to find a cure for AI2# "hile %hara- $ishi had already hit upon the antidote( 'nly the sage gave it a different nameZ oCya -shaya, a disease "hich led to depletion in bodily energy( The difference then "as that the disease only struc- the maharaCas as against the common man no"( 6+ith the passage of time, AI2# has crossed the class barrier and no" "e can see the farm hands, construction "or-ers or even truc- drivers suffering from it ,7 he declared( %hara-Us antidote "as a concoction made from four magic Indian herbZ Tulsi, Neem, #hilaCeet and Ma-ardh"aC, #hastri continued( The first t"o led to decrease in libido "hile #hilaCeet and Ma-ardh"aC reacted in eAactly opposite manner ( 6No" it is for our researchers to probe ho" the sage struc- the balance and "hat 4uantities in "hich forms "ere used( The efforts "ill definitely yield positive results,7 he said adding, 68 thereby has an opportunity in creating history by grabbing the opportunity(7

5ocabulary libido n( pl( libidos =( The psychic and emotional energy associated "ith instinctual biological drives( =( a( #eAual desire( b( Manifestation of the seAual drive( libido n ) ;psychoanalysis< a *reudian term for seAual urge or desire And "hile the researchers toil in the labs to rediscover the magic potion, the youth "ill do "ell to follo" !ramhacharya to -eep the affliction a"ay, advised #hastri before sharing "ith audience a naughty Co-e on a politicianUs visit to a 8# nude club( !y follo"ing faithfully the Indian value system , India could con4uer AI2# and also set an eAample for the rest of the "orld , he said( In his address, !achittar #ingh, proCect director 8 #A%#, said that 8 had a total number of DM@ AI2# cases "hich "as a matter of great concern( The areas of maCor concern still remained certain poc-ets in eastern 8 "ith its migrant labour segment and also the to"ns along the national high"ays, he said( 3o"ever, 8 #A%# "ith the help of NG's had been able to create 3I5 a"areness "hich along "ith the supply of safe blood "ill help the situation, he added( The government, he further pointed out, had resolved to set up >D 3I5 testing centre in the state and the facility "ill soon be available in remote parts of the state also( 'n the occasion at the N!$I la"ns MJ men and t"o "omen gave their blood samples for 3I5 tests( 'n the stalls as many as =0 #T2 patients "ere also treated( >/D( !lac-, Ian( ;Monday, #eptember @0, >00>< E8 caves in to +ashington over international criminal court( 8H) The Guardian( http)99"""(guardian(co(u-9eu9story90,K@LJ,M0=/=@,00(html ;$eference) !lac-, Ian( ;Monday, #eptember @0, >00>< E8 caves in to +ashington over international criminal court ( 8H) The Guardian(< E8 caves in to +ashington over international criminal court Ian !lac- in !russels

Monday #eptember @0, >00> The Guardian The E8 is ready to agree a deal "ith the 8# giving American citiIens a degree of immunity from prosecution by the ne" International %riminal %ourt, having been persuaded by !ritain to step bac- from its hardline opposition to prevent a transatlantic ro"( Its foreign ministers, meeting in !russels today, are eApected to set out the conditions in "hich separate immunity arrangements can be concluded for Americans( 3uman rights groups and the %ouncil of Europe urged the E8 not to ta-e this step( The court, "hich is due to begin "or- in the 3ague neAt year, "as created as a permanent institution to try individuals for genocide, "ar crimes and other human rights abuses( +ashington has refused to bac- the court, fearing its people could become targets for politically motivated charges( It is far from clear "hether it "ill find the ne" E8 position acceptable( BThis is as far as "e can go,B a !russels diplomat said last night( The ro" about the court has added to the strain caused by Ira4 and trade disputes, and underlined the gap bet"een American unilateralism and the E8Ns multilateral approach to international issues( It has also sho"n ho" hard it is to s4uare E8 aspirations for a common foreign and security policy "ith the reality that member states often differ on fundamental issues( 8nder the compromise, individual E8 members may sign immunity agreements "ith the 8# but must respect the I%% statute( The 8# crimes tried in blan-et "ill have to guarantee that there "ould be no impunity for by promising that Americans accused of abuses "ill be their o"n country( It "ill also have to drop its demand for eAemptions(

3uman $ights +atch accused !ritain of slavishly torpedoing a united E8 position(

>//( Medved, Michael( ;Monday, #eptember @0, >00>< 2eath sentence for :esus play sho"s Islamic isolation( 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com( http)99"""("orldnetdaily(com9ne"s9article(aspF A$TI%LEOI2W>J=0@ ;$eference) Medved, Michael( ;Monday, #eptember @0, >00>< 2eath sentence for :esus play sho"s Islamic isolation ( 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com(< 2eath sentence for :esus play sho"s Islamic isolation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------osted) #eptember @0, >00> =)00 a(m( Eastern k >00> +orldNet2aily(com This time, religious conservatives have gone too far) theyNve issued a death sentence on an a"ard "inning gay play"right "ho "rote disrespectfully about :esus %hrist( If fundamentalist %hristians had perpetrated this gesture of murderous censorship, all right-thin-ing people "ould have eAploded in righteous outrage( !ut since itNs a Muslim religious court demanding the eAecution of a prominent artist "hose "orthey disli-e, trendy multi-culturalists face a painful dilemma( #ince theyNve insisted so many times that Islam is a religion of peace, and that itNs no more bac-"ard or oppressive than %hristianity, then ho" do they deal "ith this uni4ue eAample of deadly intoleranceF erhaps the most surprising aspect of this latest controversy involves its origin not in the militant fever s"amps of the Middle East or %entral Asia, but in the purportedly pluralistic precincts of Great !ritain( In late #eptember, the #hariNah %ourt of the 8nited Hingdom issued a Bfat"aB condemning dramatist Terrence McNally to death for "riting the controversial play, B%orpus %hristi(B In the course of that drama, a :esus figure in TeAas enCoys a torrid seAual interlude "ith :udas Iscariot and later endures crucifiAion as BHing of the Pueers(B 5ocabulary torrid adC( torcridcer, torcridcest =( arched "ith the heat of the sunE intensely hot(

>( #corchingE burning) the torrid noonday sun( @( assionateE ardent) a torrid love scene( torridity or torridness n( torridly adv( 3urriedE rapid) set a torrid paceE torrid economic gro"th( torrid =( archedE dried "ith heatE as, a torrid plain or desert( TT!arca or %yreneNs torrid soil(NN --Milton( >( 5iolenty hotE drying or scorching "ith heatE burningE parching( TTTorrid heat(NN --Milton( torrid adC =) characteriIed by intense emotion E Bardent loveBE Ban ardent loverBE Ba burning enthusiasmBE Ba fervent desire to change societyBE Ba fervent admirerBE Bfiery oratoryBE Ban impassioned appealBE Ba torrid love affairB ]syn) ardent, burning;a<, fervent, fervid, fiery, impassioned, perfervid^ >) emotionally charged and vigorously energetic E Ba torrid danceBE Btorrid CaII bandsBE Bhot trumpets and torrid rhythmsB @) burning hotE eAtremely and unpleasantly hotE Bthe torrid noonday sunBE Bsultry sands of the dessertB ]syn) sultry^ interlude n( An intervening episode, feature, or period of time) 6Herens-y has a place in history, of a brief interlude bet"een despotisms7 ;+illiam #afire<( A short farcical entertainment performed bet"een the acts of a medieval mystery or morality play( A =L th century genre of comedy derived from this( An entertainment bet"een the acts of a play( Music( A short piece inserted bet"een the parts of a longer composition( interlude =( A short entertainment eAhibited on the stage bet"een the acts of a play, or bet"een the play and the afterpiece, to relieve the tedium of "aiting( 2reams are but interludes, "hich fancy ma-es +hen monarch reason sleeps( --2ryden( >( A form of English drama or play, usually short, merry, and farcical, "hich succeeded the Moralities or Moral lays in the transition to the romantic or EliIabethan drama( @( ;Mus(< A short piece of instrumental music played bet"een the parts of a song or cantata, or the acts of a dramaE especially, in

church music, a short passage played by the organist bet"een the stanIas of a hymn, or in German chorals after each line( interlude n =) an intervening period or episode >) a brief sho" ;music or dance etc< performed bet"een the sections of another performance ]syn) intermeIIo, entrNacte^ v =) occur as an interlude >) perform an interlude, as on a musical instrument 4ueer adC( 4ueercer, 4ueercest 2eviating from the eApected or normalE strange) a 4ueer situation( 'dd or unconventional, as in behaviorE eccentric( #ee #ynonyms at strange( 'f a 4uestionable nature or characterE suspicious( #lang( *a-eE counterfeit( *eeling slightly illE 4ueasy( 'ffensive #lang( 3omoseAual( 8sage roblem( 'f or relating to lesbians, gay men, biseAuals, or transgendered people( n( 'ffensive #lang( 8sed as a disparaging term for a homoseAual person( 8sage roblem( A lesbian, gay male, biseAual, or transgendered person( tr(v( #lang 4ueered, 4ueercing, 4ueers To ruin or th"art) 6might try to 4ueer the Games "ith anything from troop movements((( to a bomb attac-7 ;Ne"s"ee-<( To put ;someone< in a bad position( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------] erhaps from Lo" German, obli4ue, off-center, from Middle Lo" German d"er( #ee ter-"- in Indo-European $oots(^ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------4ueerish adC( 4ueerly adv( 4ueerness n( 8sage Note) A reclaimed "ord is a "ord that "as formerly used solely as a slur but that has been semantically overturned by members of the maligned group, "ho use it as a term of defiant pride( Pueer is an eAample of a "ord undergoing this process( *or decades 4ueer "as used solely as a derogatory adCective for gays and lesbians, but in the =JM0s the term began to be used by gay

and lesbian activists as a term of self-identification ( Eventually, it came to be used as an umbrella term that included gay men, lesbians, biseAuals, and transgendered people( Nevertheless, a siIable percentage of people to "hom this term might apply still hold 4ueer to be a hateful insult, and its use by heteroseAuals is often considered offensive( #imilarly, other reclaimed "ords are usually offensive to the in-group "hen used by outsiders, so eAtreme caution must be ta-en concerning their use "hen one is not a member of the group( endure v( endured, enduring, endures v( tr( =( To carry on through, despite hardships E undergo) endure an Arctic "inter( >( To bear "ith tolerance) 6+e see- the truth, and "ill endure the conse4uences7 ;%harles #eymour<( #ee #ynonyms at bear=( v( intr( =( To continue in eAistenceE last) buildings that have endured for centuries( >( To suffer patiently "ithout yielding ( endure =( To continue in the same state "ithout perishingE to lastE to remain( Their verdure still endure( --#ha-( 3e shall hold it ]his house^ fast, but it shall not endure( --:ob viii( =/( >( To remain firm, as under trial or sufferingE to suffer patiently or "ithout yieldingE to bear up under adversityE to hold out( %an thine heart endure, or can thine hands be strong in the days that I shall deal "ith theeF --EIe-( AAii( =D( endure v( t( =( To remain firm underE to sustainE to undergoE to support "ithout brea-ing or yieldingE as, metals endure a certain degree of heat "ithout meltingE to endure "ind and "eather( !oth "ere of shining steel, and "rought so pure, As might the stro-es of t"o such arms endure( --2ryden( >( To bear "ith patienceE to suffer "ithout opposition or "ithout sin-ing under the pressure or afflictionE to bear up underE to put up "ithE to tolerate( I "ill no longer endure it( --#ha-( Therefore I endure all things for the electNs sa-e( --> Tim( ii( =0(

3o" can I endure to see the evil that shall come unto my peopleF --Esther viii( L( @( To hardenE to toughenE to ma-e hardy( ]'bs(^ Manly limbs endured "ith little ease( --#penser( #yn) To lastE remainE continueE abideE broo-E submit toE suffer( endure v =) put up "ith something or somebody unpleasantE BI cannot bear his constant criticismBE BThe ne" secretary had to endure a lot of unprofessional remar-sB ]syn) stomach, bear, stand, tolerate, broo-, abide, suffer, put up^ >) face or endure "ith courageE B#he braved the elementsB ]syn) "eather, brave, brave out^ @) continue to live, endure or lastE B+e "ent "ithout "ater and food for @ daysBE BThe legend of Elvis lives onBE BThese superstitions survive in the bac-"aters of AmericaB ]syn) survive, last, live, live on, go, hold up, hold out^ D) be subCected toE B3e suffered the penaltyB ]syn) suffer^ ]ant) enCoy^ /) last and be usableE BThis dress "ore "ell for almost ten yearsB ]syn) "ear, hold out^ L) be longE in time ]syn) last^ K) cease to eAist after resistance or a struggleE BThese stories die hardB ]syn) prevail, persist, die hard, run^ 'utside the opening night performance at the leasance Theatre in North London, representatives of the Islamic %ourt solemnly handed out copies of their fat"a, a religious edict signed by #hei-h 'mar !a-ri Muhammad, Cudge of the #hariNah %ourt of the 8nited Hingdom( The #hei-h reminded the press that Muslims revere :esus as a messenger of God , even though they discount the story of his resurrection ( #hei-h !a-ri Muhammad declared) BThe fat"a is to eApress the Islamic point of vie" that those "ho are insulting to Allah and the messengers of God, they must understand it is a crime(B This declaration accompanied a Muslims) 2onNt-try-this-at-home( cautionary "ord to !ritish

B+e "ould "arn individual Muslims not to try to carry it out,B the shei-h helpfully eAplained( If Mr( McNally travels to an Islamic state, ho"ever, he certainly ris-s arrest and eAecution( B+e do not believe in political assassination, but obviously he "ould face capital punishment,B !a-ri Muhammad affirmed( B3e "ill be arrested and there "ill be capital punishment(B 3e concluded that if Mr( McNally repented of his blasphemy he "ould still be -illed, but his family "ould receive care and protection from the Islamic state( The only "ay that the condemned play"right himself could

escape the fatal fat"a "ould be to undergo conversion to Islam(

an immediate

This biIarre incident represents only the vaguest threat to the physical safety of Terrence McNally . after all, even the far more influential death sentence by the Iranian Ayatollahs against #alman $ushdie failed to end that novelistNs life or career( The Cudgment of the !ritish Islamic court does, ho"ever, speavolumes about the distance bet"een "estern Muslims and the societies in "hich they live( In an odd sense, the fat"a may have represented a pathetic attempt by Islamic authorities . "hoNve received a great deal of negative publicity for their connections "ith al-Paida . to spruce up their public image and to form an alliance "ith !ritish %hristians( They may not understand that in Europe and America, even the most conservative %hristian leaders feel horrified at the idea of a death sentence for blasphemy, not"ithstanding the provocation of openly sacrilegious and salacious "or-s of art( +hen B%orpus %hristiB opened at the Manhattan Theatre %enter three years ago, %hristian conservatives marched in protest and carried angry signs, but no religious authorities threatened the play"right or his actors "ith punishment( In =JMM, the "ildly divisive motion picture BThe Last Temptation of %hristB provo-ed denunciation, boycotts and demonstrations around the "orld, but failed to produce public calls for the eAecution of its creators( *ortunately, 3olly"ood has never produced a movie se4uel called BThe Last Temptation of Muhammad(B Islam, in short, stands out among the maCor "orld religions for its continued criminaliIation of eApression and opinions( *ive centuries ago, %hristians might still burn heretics at the sta-e, but in the last t"o hundred years no %hristian society ;or :e"ish society, for that matter< has punished religious dissenters "ith eAecution or imprisonment( In a-istan, Iran, #audi Arabia and other Islamic states, on the other hand, the death penalty still applies for the crime of blasphemy ( Islam remains the only faith on earth that attempts to impose strictly theocratic rule through the governments it controls( In the 8nited #tates, at $obertson or :erry *al"ell may sound dangerous to suspicious secularists, theyNve never called for applying criminal penalties to those "ho 4uestion the divinity of :esus or violate the #abbath( In other "ords, the ne" fat"a by the !ritish Muslims may have attempted to convince %hristians that they have more in common

"ith their Islamic neighbors than they do "ith their secular leaders, but it "ill inevitably produce the opposite effect( A death sentence for blasphemy should remind believers and s-eptics in +estern societies that they share "ith one another a commitment to pluralism and basic human rights, and that Islam stands alone in the "orld as the last remaining bastion of poisonous religious medievalism( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Michael Medved hosts a nationally syndicated daily radio sho" focusing on the intersection of politics and pop culture( 3eNs the author of eight non-fiction boo-s( ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ersonal $evie") A mysterious 6stand-alone7 episode is given in the Ne" Testament, as follo"s) /= And there follo"ed him a certain young man, having a linen cloth cast about his na-ed bodyE and the young men laid hold on him) /> And he left the linen cloth, and fled from them na-ed( - Mar- =D)/=-/> )) Hing :ames 5ersion ;H:5< This episode occurs "hen %hrist "as betrayed and handed over to the soldiers on behalf of the 3igh riests( !y 6stand-alone7, I mean, no further continuation or lin- to that episode( :ust an instance only( !ut mysterious to "hat actually it could meanG Its true meaning is not interpreted or translated properly( Many a version of interpretation eAist, leaving it open to a sincere trainee to interpret himself( %ertain schools translate the passages as an instance of homoseAuality( #ome other schools translate as an instance of occult practices of 3igher Initiation, as practiced in Ancient Egypt by the 3igher Adepts( $efer the section on A ossibility in 5olume =( In society, clothes . outer garments, inner garments etc are a covering for eti4uette( In spiritual orthodoAy, "hat purpose is clothes givingF 'ne lives na-ed( The 2igambaras( +ithout any attachment to clothes( &et "hen one moves around in society, you Cust cover yourself "ith cloth( Also read $eference) >/K( eriod( Also remember RhomoseAuality, "hich God calls Babomination(B ;$eference) >/L< Intercourse bet"een people of the same seA is forbidden in several teAts in both the 'ld and Ne" Testaments( ;$eference) >L=<

RseAual abstinence from all "ho "ere unmarried ;$eference) >L>< No seA( ure celibate( According to society definition, homoseAuality pertains to seA bet"een men( Lesbian-ism . seA bet"een "omen( No form of seA is involved in practical spirituality( A 6seA-less7 man( A man-"oman( The artha-nari-sh"ara( >/L( Hupelian, 2avid( ;*riday, August 0J, >00>< +hy are %hristians losing AmericaF 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com( http)99"""("orldnetdaily(com9ne"s9article(aspF A$TI%LEOI2W>M/L> ;$eference) Hupelian, 2avid( ;*riday, August 0J, >00>< +hy are %hristians losing AmericaF 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com(< +hy are %hristians losing AmericaF -------------------------------------------------------------------------------osted) August J, >00> =)00 a(m( Eastern k >00> +orldNet2aily(com BI -no" thy "or-s, that thou art neither cold nor hot) I "ould thou "ert cold or hot( #o then because thou art lu-e"arm, and neither cold nor hot, I "ill spue thee out of my mouth(B . $evelation @)=/-=L H:5 5ocabulary spue v( Q n( 'bsolete 5ariant of spe"( spe" v( t( ]+ritten also spue(^ =( To eCect from the stomachE to vomit( >( To cast forth "ith abhorrence or disgustE to eCect( !ecause thou art lu-e"arm, and neither hot nor cold, I "ill spe" thee out of my mouth( --$ev( ii( =L( spue v =( eApel or eCect from the mouth ]syn) spit, ptyaliIe, spe"^

>( eCect the contents of the stomach through the mouthE BAfter drin-ing too much, the students vomitedB ]syn) vomit, vomit up, cast, sic-, cat, regurgitate, be sic-, disgorge, regorge, retch, pu-e, barf, spe", chuc-, upchuc-, hon-, thro" up^ ]ant) -eep do"n^ Most Americans call themselves %hristians( T"ice they chose as their supreme leader !ill %linton . a seAual predator and pathological liar "ho regarded the Breligious rightB as enemies and radical homoseAuals as friends, and "ho by any meaningful and historical measure "as a traitor( After that, millions of %hristians came "ithin a hairNs breadth of electing %lintonNs partner in crime, Al Gore . another pathological liar, a radical environmentalist "ho reveres BGaiaB but believes the internal-combustion engine should be outla"ed ;according to his boo-, BEarth in the !alanceB<( %hristians have stood on the sidelines during the breathta-ing transformation of their once-great :udeo-%hristian culture into todayNs neo-pagan, #odom-and-Gomorrah-style frea- sho"( %hristians have lost the @0-year "ar to protect the unborn( Even easy victories . li-e partial-birth abortion, "hich virtually everyone opposes . have eluded them( %hristians have lost the "ar for AmericaNs schools . "hich have been scrubbed antiseptically clean of the %hristian principles and traditions that once guided those institutions, and are no" filled instead "ith every conceivable form of propaganda and perversion( %hristians have lost their former influence in politics, in the press, in entertainment, in literature . in virtually every maCor area of life( And no", %hristians are losing the "ar for their very o"n institutions . their churches( The clergy seA scandal is the tip of the iceberg( !oth the %atholic %hurch and most of the maCor rotestant denominations are literally being ripped apart . from "ithin . by double agents "ho pretend to be BfaithfulB but actually loathe %hristianityNs historical precepts and values( ItNs a harsh indictment . but hey, the truth hurts(

In his recent boo-, BAbandonment Theology,B author :ohn +( %halfant describes the precipitous decline of :udeo-%hristian influence in la", culture and public policy in America, noting the =JDK #upreme %ourt decision that invented the modern Bseparation of church and stateB and later decisions that outla"ed !ible reading and prayer in the nationNs public schools( 3e "rites) 'nce God "as sho"n the door, America "ent into chaos( #cholastic Aptitude Test scores plummeted( 5iolent crime roc-eted up"ard( The abortion mills did an unprecedented business as they devised ever-more-sadistic "ays to -ill children before and even during birth( !ill %linton, elected president of the 8nited #tates in =JJ>, aggressively advocated homoseAuality, "hich God calls Babomination(B The Abandonment %lergy and their millions of undiscerning follo"ers stood mute "hile AmericaNs sudden loss of greatness became obvious even to the "orld( +hatNs this about an BAbandonment %lergyBF %halfont eAplains) Abandonment Theology is a term devised by the author to describe a faith "hich deceptively pa"ns itself off as %hristianity by operating in the name of %hrist, but "hich produces fruits destructive to AmericaNs God-given freedoms( It comprises "hat is left today of the militant, po"er-filled, full-dimensional %hristian faith of AmericaNs *ounders after decades of erosion, "atering do"n and trivialiIing of GodNs action mandates by AmericaNs Abandonment %lergy( It is a Bfeel goodB theology that patroniIes :esus %hrist and thereby gains legitimacy, "hile at the same time produces disobedience to the commands of God and desertion of %hristian duty( %halfont describes ho" the BAbandonment %lergyB and their follo"ers have responded to increasingly audacious attac-s on %hristian America during the past half-century) Incredibly, this "as the ultimate hour for the Abandonment %lergy to see the light of truth( They faced blatant godlessness at every turn( They could have abandoned their o"n "ays and made a comebac- to the faith of the *ounding *athers( !ut "hat did they doF They observed the horrible, deteriorating conditions in America, determined that she "as headed into rubble Cust li-e pagan $ome and that "e must be living in the prophesied Blast daysB and Bend

times(B Therefore, "ith the end and the Brapture of the churchB so apparently near, "hy fightF BAfter all,B these clergymen said, B+eNre in this "orld, not of it, so to hec- "ith it,B and B%ompared to eternity "eNre here only for an instant(B They told us that all that really counts is that "e Blead as many people as possible to salvation and let our corrupted country continue on its death course(B *aulty %hristian teaching , says %halfant, is the only "ay to eAplain "hy so many "ell-meaning %hristians are paralyIed into inaction) The Abandonment %lergy and their follo"ers have been teaching, preaching and saturating the media and their church members "ith the doctrine of surrender and political non-involvement( They are not teaching us to surrender to %hrist through obedience to the commandments of God( $ather, they tell us that America is finished, that the collapse of our heritage and our freedoms has been predetermined "ithin a definable near-future time frame and is therefore beyond our control( %halfont ta-es direct aim at those obsessed "ith their o"n imminent BraptureB) The legitimate study of eschatology ;the future in prophecy< has been converted into a doctrine of futility and surrender by the clergy "ho, in defiance of %hristNs inCunction ;see Mar- =@)@>,@@<, insist upon assigning near-future dates to the Blast days,B the Brapture of the churchB and the Bsecond comingB of %hrist( R At the very least the clergy should understand that their Blast daysB teachings are nothing more than personal speculations ( %hrist taught that futility of attitude denies the faith and leads to enslavement( 3e promised great re"ards for those "ho endure to the end in 3is cause of freedom( %halfont is right( !ut the problem "ith contemporary %hristianity goes "ay beyond mere political non-involvement( 2o "e dare ta-e an honest loo-F 'ne reason for the multitude of attac-s on %hristianity is that evil al"ays attac-s good . because it is good . because good shines a bright and painful light on the "or-s of dar-ness ( :esus 3imself "arned 3is follo"ers to eApect to be persecuted, Cust as 3e "as persecuted( This is the reason, and a profound one, that

%hristians offer to eAplain "hy they, their values and their institutions are al"ays under attac-( 3o"ever, there is another, and far more decisive, reason for the spectacular decline of %hristianity in our modern era) %hristianity today is very different from "hat it once "as( America is full of people "ho have accepted the idea that :esus %hrist died for their sins, and that this belief guarantees them a place in 3eaven( #ome are very sincere( They are truly mortified at their former sins, genuinely contrite before God and those they have offended, and they grieve over their continuing compulsions( They have a"a-ened from their former life of gross sin, and no" "ant nothing more than to do the "ill of their %reator . "hatever that may be, "herever it may lead them, "hatever they may suffer( They ta-e seriously the commandments and principles given by their #avior, and ma-e their life revolve around emulating 3im, to the best of their ability( They are, 4uite literally, follo"ers of %hrist . that is, %hristians( 'n the other hand, there are countless B%hristiansB "ho believe they have a tic-et to 3eaven, and nothing else really matters very much to them( Their attitude can only be described as braIen( They live lives of shallo"ness and selfishness, of petty emotions and Cealousies, of distraction and escape, of ego and pride, and sometimes of gross corruption and treachery . remember, %linton is a churchgoing B%hristian(B This version of %hristianity, more prevalent than you can imagine, literally Custifies and eAcuses dirty rotten scoundrels( Its adherents, "hile living it up under the smug delusion that theyNre Bsaved,B drive other people craIy ;and a"ay from real %hristianity< "ith their hypocrisy( And then there are, of course, millions of Blu-e"armB %hristians in bet"een these t"o groups( They go to church and sing songs and sometimes read the !ible, and maybe Btry to be a good %hristianB . but theyNre basically clueless( Their marriage is on the roc-s and their children are "earing tongue studs( They believe in societyNs atheistic BeApertsB and theyNre addicted to Internet porn( #ome %hristians are actually "orse off after being BsavedB than before( At least before they "ere Bsaved,B they had a natural respect for, or fear of, ultimate Custice . an inborn sense that someho" "e all reap "hat "e so"( After being Bsaved,B thatNs

gone for the insincere B%hristian(B *or him or her, belief in :esus amounts to a Bget-out-of-3ell-freeB card, a sort of spiritual Bdiplomatic immunity(B ItNs li-e the profligate teenage son of an important Arab diplomat "ho -no"s he "onNt be prosecuted under 8(#( la" "hile living here, so he drives rec-lessly, molests "omen and generally lives it up "ith impunity( And because the natural and necessary fear of conse4uences has been un"isely removed from his life, he falls that much more easily to the temptations of his lo"er nature( *or millions of people, %hristianity has become a bumper-stic-er religion( #imply by saying, one time, a single phrase . BI accept :esus %hrist as my savior and repent of my sinsB . you are guaranteed salvation and eternal life in heaven, no matter ho" insincere or selfish or shallo" your motives for doing so( Is this the -ind of salvation :esus referred to "hen 3e said, B!ut he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved(B ;Matthe" >D)=@ H:5< Endure to the endF +hatNs "ith thatF I thought this salvation thing "as all settled by that altar call bacin NMJ( Is this "hat 3e meant "hen 3e said, BIf ye -eep My commandments, ye shall abide in my loveE even as I have -ept My *atherNs commandments, and abide in 3is love(B ;:ohn =/)=0< Many %hristians donNt bother to pay any attention at all to GodNs commandments( 3ey, "hat the hec- difference does it ma-eF INm already savedG Is this "hat aul referred to "hen he said, BI die dailyBF ;= %or( =/)@=< The apostleNs poignant and intensely meaningful reference to the duty of man to give up the life of pride in all its forms, to die to the Bcarnal mindB . considered central to %hristians of past eras . is all but absent from most of todayNs churches( %hristianity . the deepest, most meaningful and a"e-inspiring religion ever, the magnificent driving force behind +estern %iviliIation, and the transcendent hope of man-indNs future . has been dumbed do"n by these types into a comic-boo- religion( Turn on your radio and listen to some of the pitches) B2o you "ant to go to 3ell . foreverF +ell, thin- about this) +hat if it really is true that :esus is the #on of God, and that 3e is the only "ay to eternal life in 3eavenF 2o you "ant to miss out on eternal lifeF Then "hy not say yes to :esus right no", Cust to ma-e sureF &ouNll li-e it . itNs a natural high(B

#uch altar calls are little more than an insurance pitch( B3ey, buy a little eAtra insurance, then you can go on "ith your selfish life and be guaranteed a place in 3eaven no matter "hat(B :ust repeat the salvation BformulaB . li-e an Eastern mantra . and youNre saved( eriod( *or this type of %hristian, thereNs no need to do good "or-s, because theyNre saved by grace, not "or-s( No need to obey GodNs commands, because theyNre already saved, so "hy botherF They donNt need to try to help ma-e it a better "orld, because theyNre gonna be BrapturedB soon and the rest of the suc-ers "ho are left behind can sort out the mess( Is it any "onder the +est is dyingF +hatNs missing in all of this, of course, is a love of truth( BThis people dra"eth nigh unto Me "ith their mouth, and honoureth Me "ith their lipsE but their heart is far from Me,B said :esus( ;Matthe" =/)M H:5< Truth predates the incarnation of %hrist, it predates the !ible( ItNs the substance of our bond "ith God( If you have a love of truth, youNre Cust not ever really satisfied "ith anything else, and you "ant to -no" the truth about everything . especially about yourself( If youNre "rong about something, you "ant to -no" it( If youNve been living a lie, youNre "illing to see it . no matter "hat the cost( If you donNt have a little bit of this 4uality, you donNt have s4uat . even if you call yourself a %hristian( To a truth-see-ing soul, the story of %hrist . not as told by a plastic minister, but as told by someone, anyone, "hoNs real . has an internal reverberation of truth in the listenerNs soul( It has the 4uality of a "onderful old story you heard long ago, in your childhood, but had forgotten( At the core of this life-changing religion is the individual believerNs love and appreciation and acceptance and embrace of %hristNs sacrifice . the ultimate demonstration of GodNs love for 3is "ay"ard children( !ut the problem "ith the "ay %hristianity is BtaughtB today is that it doesnNt re4uire a love of truth( It doesnNt re4uire honest

introspection, or courage, or self-denial, or patience( The only ingredient it needs is a guilty person "hoNs sic- of feeling guilty, "ho "ants relief, "ants to feel better about himself and doesnNt "ant to go to 3ell( !ut even the most insincere person "ants to feel better about himself, "ants relief from guilt, and fears death and "hat may lie beyond( #o, itNs this compartmentaliIation and trivialiIation of %hristianity . into a mantra of belief . but separated from "or-s, from obedience to GodNs la"s, and even more fundamentally, separated from basic honesty, integrity, love of truth and true repentance, that has ushered in a generation of shallo" and ineffectual %hristians( 2id you ever "onder "hy American founders li-e Thomas :efferson and !enCamin *ran-lin completely reCected institutional %hristianity . "hat some call B%hurchianityBF Maybe even bacthen too many of the churches "ere Cust too pale a reflection of %hristNs true message for them to stomach( The %hristian %hurch in America needs a revival( !ut it doesnNt necessarily need ever-bigger tents "ith tens of thousands of people s"aying bac- and forth, singing songs, giving speeches and getting pumped up . and then going home and "atching television( AmericaNs real revival "ill happen "hen those same people go home, go to their room, close the door, ta-e a deep breath . and ta-e a good, long, hard loo- at themselves in the mirror( And then, 4uietly and humbly and fervently, they as- the living God for help, for insight, for direction . for salvation( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------EditorNs note) The preceding column is part of the eye-opening August issue of +orldNet2ailyNs acclaimed monthly +histleblo"er magaIine( #ubscribe to +histleblo"er, beginning "ith the August issue, BT3E NE+ AGANI#M) 3o" %hristianity is being replaced by NgreenN religion, goddess "orship, globalism(B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------2avid Hupelian is vice president and managing +orldNet2aily(com and +histleblo"er magaIine( editor of

>/K( Na-ed man said he "as doing as God as-ed( ;Tuesday, 'ctober 0=, >00>< 8#A) The +ichita Eagle(

http)99"""(-ansas(com9mld9eagle9D=J0=>D(htm ;$eference) Na-ed man said he "as doing as God ;Tuesday, 'ctober 0=, >00>< 8#A) The +ichita Eagle(< osted on Tue, 'ct( 0=, >00> Na-ed man said he "as doing as God as-ed olice have heard many eAcuses for public nudity, but rarely does someone plead divine intervention( A >L-year-old man caught "al-ing do"n #eneca Avenue early Tuesday "ith his pants around his an-les tried to convince officers he "as doing GodNs "or-( About D a(m(, a driver called J== to report that a man in the =000 bloc- of #eneca "as eAposing himself to cars, police said( +hen officers contacted the man he told them God told him to do it so he could gro" Bmore in touch "ith himself(B The man "as arrested on suspicion of public nudity( >/M( $euters( ;Tuesday, 'ctober 0=, >00>< NNigerians "onNt be stoned for adulteryN( #outh Africa) Independent 'nline( http)99"""(iol(co(Ia9indeA(phpF clic-OidWLMQartOidW4"=0@@DKK>0=/JJ!>LDQsetOidW= ;$eference) $euters( ;Tuesday, 'ctober 0=, >00>< NNigerians "onNt be stoned for adulteryN ( Independent 'nline(< NNigerians "onNt be stoned for adulteryN 'ctober 0= >00> at 0@)@L M Lagos - Nigerian resident 'lusegun 'basanCo gavve assurances on Tuesday that the countryNs higher appeal courts "ould 4uash the death-by-stoning sentences for adultery passed by Islamic courts( 'basanCo said in a radio and television broadcast to marNigeriaNs D>nd independence anniversary that a @=-year-old mother, Amina La"al Hurami, and a couple condemned to death by Muslim courts can launch appeals at the #upreme %ourt "here they "ill be guaranteed Custice( #outh Africa) as-ed (

B+e have never entertained doubts that "hatever verdict a lo"er court may give, the appellate courts "ill ensure that Custice is done,B he said( B+e fully understand the concerns of Nigerians and friends of Nigeria, but "e cannot imagine or envision a Nigerian being stoned to death,B 'basanCo said( BIt has never happened( And may it never happen(B #toning as punishment for seA crimes had dra"n a barrage of international criticism since August "hen a sharia %ourt of Appeals in the northern state of Hatsina confirmed the death sentence on Hurami( 'basanCoNs assurance came a "ee- after former 8# resident !ill %linton and Australian rime Minister :ohn 3o"ard Coined the international pressure on Nigeria to overturn the death verdict on Hurami( Hurami "as condemned to death in March by a lo"er court in Hatsina, "hich li-e more than a doIen others in northern Nigeria has adopted the strict Islamic sharia la"( #he "as granted a t"o-year reprieve to "ean her daughter, no" nine months old, and "ould not be stoned until >00D( 3er la"yers said they have appealed to a higher court( Hurami is the second "oman to be sentenced to death for adultery since >000, "hen sharia la" "as first adopted in Nigeria( In March, an appeals court in north"estern #o-oto state 4uashed a similar sentence on #afiya 3ussaini Tungar-Tudu after "orld"ide appeals for clemency( #he "as made an honorary citiIen of $ome in #eptember( In August, another Islamic court in central Niger state sentenced a pregnant "oman and her lover to be stoned to death after convicting them of adultery( The adoption of sharia la" has polarised Nigeria, AfricaNs most populous country, "hose population of more than =>0 million is almost evenly divided bet"een Muslims and %hristians(

More than @ 000 people have died in religious clashes in the past t"o years in the traditionally secular "est African nation( >/J( Lindsey, 3al( ;+ednesday, 'ctober 0>, >00>< :esus noG #atan yesG 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com( http)99"""("orldnetdaily(com9ne"s9article(aspF A$TI%LEOI2W>J=@@ ;$eference) Lindsey, 3al( ;+ednesday, 'ctober 0>, >00>< :esus noG #atan yesG 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com(< :esus noG #atan yesG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------osted) 'ctober >, >00> =)00 a(m( Eastern k >00> +orldNet2aily(com #tudents and parents have to prepare in advance for the inevitable la"suits that immediately follo" any effort to form a !ible club at a public school( #uch a club "ould instantly be s4uashed by school officials "ho vie" themselves as "atchdogs protecting students from being eAposed to %hristianity( A #an Mateo high school recently formed a club based on the teachings of the *irst %hurch of #atan , founded by Anton Le5ey( They call themselves The #atanic Thought #ociety ( %o-president of the club :ames 2oolittle admits he originally started the club "ith his friend Matt 3eeney Cust to B rile things up a bit(B 5ocabulary rile tr(v( =( To stir to anger( #ee #ynonyms at annoy( >( To stir up ;li4uid<E roil( rile v( t( =( To render turbid or muddyE to stir upE to roil( >( To stir up in feelingsE to ma-e angryE to veA( Note) In both senses provincial in England and collo4uial in the 8nited #tates( rile v

=( cause annoyance inE disturb, esp( by minor irritations ) BMos4uitoes buIIing in my ear really bothers meBE BIt irritates me that she never closes the door after she leavesB ]syn) annoy, rag, get to, bother, get at, irritate, nar-, nettle, gravel, veA, devil^ >( ma-e turbid by stirring up the sediments of ]syn) roil^ !ut no" that the t"o Cuniors have studied the teachings of the late La5ey, they say #atanism helps people to eApress themselves( 2oolittle says, BIts ]#atanismNs^ purpose is to turn man bac- into a natural state and not have him corrupted by religion(B In a flier posted around the school, the club says its goal is to, B2ivide church from state completely(B According to Anton La5eyNs "ebsite, La5ey started the %hurch of #atan in =JLL under the theory that #atan is not a supernatural being, but rather a symbol of defiance and rebellion against a conformist, God-fearing society( !ut I studied Anton La5ey in the early =JK0s, and he certainly seemed to believe that #atan "as a real spirit being( At the clubNs first meeting on +ednesday during the schoolNs lunch hour approAimately @/ students attended( Associate #tudent !ody resident :oe IIIo said, BThe club is about sharing opinions and vie"s(B IIIo attended the meeting and Coined the club( rincipal :ac4ueline McEvoy claims that under the federal E4ual Access Act for #econdary #chools, the school must allo" this club to eAist( It "as even announced on the schoolNs loudspea-er that a #atanism club had formed( Evidently, the only vie"s and opinions not "orthy of being allo"ed on campus are those of the %hristian students ( This proves again that it isnNt the general separation of church and state that is the goal( ublic schools accept all religions as long as they are not %hristian and do not believe the !ible( #atan is still alive and "ell( 3e seems to have found a home in our public school systems( It is because %hristians have stood by and done nothing that the forces of evil have barred %hristianity from our schools( And officials "onder "hy violence has increased so dramatically in our schools( #tudents are literally insulated from the !ible and :esus %hrist( They can tal- about the teachings of Muhammad, !uddha, Hrishna, etc( !ut they cannot discuss :esus %hrist or 3is teachings(

This is "hat :esus %hrist said to those "ho reCect the truth, B&ou belong to your father, the devil, and you "ant to carry out your fatherNs desire( 3e "as a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him( +hen he lies, he spea-s his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies( &et because I tell the truth, you do not believe meG %an any of you prove me guilty of sinF If I am telling the truth, "hy donNt you believe meF 3e "ho belongs to God hears "hat God says( The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to GodB ;:ohn M)DD-DK<( This is the underlying reason "hy #atan %lubs are "elcome and %hristianity is not on our school campuses( If %hristians let this issue pass "ithout a full-blo"n fight, "e "ill deserve to be pushed out of "hat little public eApression "e still have in this country( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------3al Lindsey is the best-selling author of >0 boo-s, including BLate Great lanet Earth(B 3e "rites this "ee-ly column eAclusively for +orldNet2aily and maintains a "ebsite "here he provides up-tothe-minute analysis of todayNs "orld events in the light of ancient prophecies( >L0( The %hurch of #atan( http)99"""(churchofsatan(org9 ;$eference) The %hurch of #atan (< BThe time has come for all to see that life is "hat one ma-es of it( That life is a series of moments one must treasure( Not to treasure them is to miss out on life itself ( Life is meant for one to indulge in oneNs o"n obsessions, for not to indulge is to deprive(((( and to deprive is to sadden oneNs o"n being(B . LE ;Lord Egan< This Manifesto ov Lucifer is for ALL and may be published provided proper credit is given( =( The All is 'ne( 'neness is All, thus I choose to spea-( I am every"here the circumference and every"here the %enter, at all timesE finite and infinite( I am the sum of all possibilities, in endless combinations and endless timelines, no" and forever( >( In my opinion "ords cannot -ill by themselvesE there needs to be

action and reaction( I believe that the fluttering "ings of a single butterfly in Nebras-a %AN raise a storm in the Atlantic ( @( I do believe in the force of +ill and freedom of choice( I choose my reality directly or indirectly "hen and if I "ant to( D( I believe in the #anctity of +omen( I also believe in the #anctity of Men( I do believe in olarity bet"een the #eAes as a "ay to more freedom, despite the apparent paradoA( /( I thin- thereNs no truth but the paradoA( &ouNll be the victim as "ell as the perpetrator( L( I believe that creation cannot stand against itself( It cannot +ill itNs o"n destruction( erfection "ill not be - you can come close but not all the "ay( K( I believe there to be perfection in imperfection ( !eautiful ugliness and ugly beauty( I believe in duality and yet not( ThereNs a paradoA( M( I believe youNll do as you see fit "ith this Manifesto( $ight or +rong( The beauty is that you can add and subtract, divide, and9or multiply this manifesto according to your +ants and needs( ThereNs even the possibility that you choose to ignore this message all together( J( In this Manifesto thereNs both %ompleAity And #implicity( &ou choose to your li-ing( My +ill is that itNll at least raise some eyebro"s( I choose by not choosing( &ou choose( +hat do &'8 believeF This is the End( My +or- is +rought And so mote it be( scribe 2aemon Manuel #teen commentary by Lord Egan >L=( $uth Gledhill( ;+ednesday, 'ctober 0>, >00>< Archbishop fails to condemn unmarried seA( 8H) The Times( http)99"""(timesonline(co(u-9article90,,>-D@>ML=,00(html ;$eference) $uth Gledhill( ;+ednesday, 'ctober 0>, >00>< Archbishop fails to condemn unmarried seA ( 8H) The Times(<

'ctober 0>, >00> Archbishop fails to condemn unmarried seA by ruth gledhill, religion correspondent T3E neAt Archbishop of %anterbury, 2r $o"an +illiams, has refused to sign up to traditional %hristian teaching that seA outside marriage is "rong( Although his comments "ere made in the conteAt of the debate about homoseAuality Z on "hich his vie"s are -no"n Z his failure to condemn adultery and pre-marital seA "ill dismay evangelicals and traditionalists( 2r +illiams, "ho has -no"ingly ordained a practising homoseAual, "as responding to a challenge to recant his vie"s on homoseAuality or step do"n as the neAt Archbishop( 3e turned do"n the re4uest) 6My personal vie"s are on record and I have not found reason to change them( #omeho" I have to try and discern the "ill of God in all this, -no"ing all too "ell the ris-s to the unity of the %hurch(7 3is surprising public avo"al of his beliefs "ill deepen the division that 2r %arey has "arned "ill lead to schism bet"een traditionalists and evangelicals and the liberal "ing of the %hurch( %learly 2r +illiams has yet to come to terms fully "ith his appointment( The issues of homoseAuality and "omen bishops may cast a shado" over his enthronement neAt *ebruary( 3e has disclosed that he does not "elcome his nomination to succeed 2r George %arey as he struggles to reconcile his private liberal beliefs and the public stance of the %hurch( 6The decision to accept this nomination, not sought by me and not "elcome to me, "as not ta-en "ithout reflection and consultation,7 2r +illiams said( The $ev 2avid !anting, chairman of $eform, the influential conservative evangelical grouping "ithin the %hurch of England, "rote to 2r +illiams as-ing him to affirm the traditional teaching that church members should abstain from seA outside marriage ( 2r !anting "as concerned,eAplicitly, to eAtract from 2r +illiams an avo"al that he "ould condemn the practice of homoseAuality(

Intercourse bet"een people of the same seA is forbidden in several teAts in both the 'ld and Ne" Testaments( 2r +illiams refused, saying he "ould not 6set a precedent7 by affirming more than the canons of the %hurch of England re4uire in terms of allegiance to the #criptures and the %reeds( 3omoseAuality is not referred to eAplicitly in canon la" , although all clergy in the %hurch of England must s"ear a 6declaration of assent7 in "hich they assent to belief in the #criptures( In a letter to 2r !anting, 2r +illiams pledges to 6eAercise the discipline of the %hurch as I am bound to do( I canUt go beyond this and say that I believe "hat I do not believe(7 This meant he could not affirm that there should be 6appropriate discipline7 in cases of seA outside marriage( >L>( $uth Gledhill( ;+ednesday, 'ctober 0>, >00>< %hurch rift over homoseAuality set to resurface( 8H) The Times( http)99"""(timesonline(co(u-9article90,,>-D@@>LM,00(html ;$eference) $uth Gledhill( ;+ednesday, 'ctober 0>, >00>< %hurch rift over homoseAuality set to resurface ( 8H) The Times(< 'ctober 0>, >00> %hurch rift over homoseAuality set to resurface !y $uth Gledhill, $eligion %orrespondent A$%3!I#3' $o"an +illiamsUs candid refusal to affirm the %hurch of EnglandUs traditional teaching against seA outside marriage "ill arouse ne" fears of a schism over homoseAuality( The issue "ill be on the agenda today "hen leaders of the %hurch #ociety, EnglandUs most senior evangelical organisation, meet 2r +illiams at his home in Ne"port to discuss similar fears to those held by the evangelical group $eform( The leaders of $eform gave "arning of 6raised tensions7 throughout the %hurch as a result of 2r +illiamsUs liberal stance on the issue( Evangelical parishes are eApected to "rite to their o"n diocesan bishops to demand their vie"s( +here bishops ta-e a liberal stance, parishes could seealternative oversight from a more traditional suffragan or retired bishop(

6It is going to ma-e life in the %hurch of England more difficult,7 the $ev $od Thomas, a spo-esman for $eform and priest-incharge of Elburton, lymouth, said( 6 arishes "ill "ant to distance themselves from those "ho do not hold to the authority of #cripture and associate themselves more "ith those "ho do(7 3e said he -ne" of no one "ho "as planning to leave the %hurch, 6but "ithin the %hurch relationships are going to become more strained7( Anglican teaching on the issue remains confused as bishops seeto maintain unity bet"een liberal, evangelical and traditionalist clergy( 2r George %arey, "ho retires as Archbishop of %anterbury at the end of this month, recently issued a stinging rebu-e to liberal bishops "ith a "arning that the Anglican %hurch "as on the brinof a fundamental split over homoseAuality( !efore 2r %arey retires, %hurch of England bishops "ill debate a draft follo"-up to the controversial =JJ= document Issues in 3uman #eAuality, "hich ruled out practising homoseAual relationships for clergy but permitted them for lay people ( The follo"-up draft, dra"n up by a group of bishops headed by the !ishop of 'Aford, the $ight $ev $ichard 3arries, is understood to bolster the conclusions of the =JJ= document( It is unli-ely to allay the concerns of those "ho accused the bishops of double standards, ho"ever( 2r +illiams, "ho as Archbishop of +ales has not had to sign up to it and "ho has admitted ordaining a practising homoseAual, is among the bishops "ho have been most critical of the =JJ= document( 2r +illiams said that to permit stable homoseAual relations among laity but not clergy "as a contradiction that could not be sustained and forced clergy to be duplicitous( 6If the %hurchUs mind is that homoseAual behaviour is intrinsically sinful, then it is intrinsically sinful for everyone,7 he said in :uly last year( 3e also said that the !ible did not necessarily support a ban on homoseAual partnerships( In =JJM the Lambeth %onference, the ten-yearly meeting of bishops and archbishops of the "orld"ide Anglican %ommunion,

agreed a resolution that declared homoseAual practice "as 6incompatible "ith #cripture7 and ruled out the ordination of practising homoseAuals( The conference demanded seAual abstinence from all "ho "ere unmarried( 2r +illiams "as one of nearly >00 bishops from around the "orld "ho later signed a pastoral statement apologising for 6any sense of reCection7 felt by lesbian and gay Anglicans and insisting that the Lambeth %onference resolution "as not the last "ord( !ut in :uly this year, immediately after his appointment "as announced, he "rote to all the rimates of the Anglican %ommunion to reassure them that his personal opinion on the ordination of practising homoseAuals had 6no authority beyond that of an individual theologian7( 3e accepted that the Lambeth %onference resolution reflected the 6mind7 of the Anglican %ommunion( >L@( #perry, aul( ;+ednesday, 'ctober Islamohomophobia( 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com( http)99"""("orldnetdaily(com9ne"s9article(aspF A$TI%LEOI2W>J=>L ;$eference) #perry, aul( ;+ednesday, 'ctober Islamohomophobia ( 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com(< Islamohomophobia -------------------------------------------------------------------------------osted) 'ctober >, >00> =)00 a(m( Eastern k >00> +orldNet2aily(com +A#3INGT'N . ItNs really no surprise that :ohnny bin +al-erNs alleged gay a-istani lover no" denies their tryst reported in Time( a-istan is the last place a homoseAual "ould "ant to be outed( #odomy carries the death penalty there, according to Amnesty International( Earlier this month, a a-istani religious school teacher "ho sodomiIed a student "as so afraid another student "ould tell police "hat he "itnessed that he cut out the =@-year-old boyNs tongue "ith a raIor( 0>, >00><



a-istan isnNt the only Muslim state "here homoseAual acts are punishable by death( ItNs also Islamic la" in #udan, Afghanistan, the %hechen $epublic, Iran, #audi Arabia, 8nited Arab Emirates and &emen, says Amnesty International( IslamNs apologists on the left must have s-ipped over that chapter in their human-rights guides( Gay-rights lobbyists in #an *rancisco, Ne" &or- and Miami "ho thin- America is bac-"ard because it doesnNt see the need for eAtra-constitutional favors for homoseAuals, and even barbaric because it allo"s some states to still -eep anti-sodomy la"s on their boo-s, "ill ta-e little comfort in -no"ing that stoning and beheading sodomites might be the first order of business if Muslims succeed in their secret agenda of replacing the 8(#( %onstitution "ith the Horan( The Horan is far more severe homoseAuality than the !ible ( in its condemnation of

The MuslimsN sacred boo- calls it an indescribable Bsin and crime,B and clerics interpret from MuhammadNs account of #odom that it should be punishable by stoning , says h(2( historian #erge Trif-ovic, author of BThe #"ord of the rophet) Islam 3istory, Theology, Impact on the +orld(B Thus at least five men convicted a fe" years ago of sodomy by AfghanistanNs shariNa courts "ere lined up under tall stone "alls and then buried under the rubble as the "alls "ere collapsed on top of them, according to a =JJM Amnesty International report( In :anuary =JJ0, at least three homoseAual men and t"o lesbians "ere publicly beheaded in Iran, Amnesty International says( Trif-ovic says Iran has eAecuted as many as D,000 homoseAuals since =JKJNs Islamic revolution( IranNs shariNa is clear on gay punishment( The Islamic enal La" Against 3omoseAuals , approved in :uly =JJ= and ratified in November of that year, states in Article ==0) B unishment for sodomy is -illingE the shariNa Cudge decides on ho" to carry out the -illing(B Lesbians are given more leniency . to a point(

Article =>J) B unishment for lesbianism is =00 lashes for each party(B !ut Article =@= adds, BIf the act of lesbianism is repeated three times and punishment is enforced each time, the death sentence "ill be issued the fourth time(B Last year in #audi Arabia, siA homoseAual men "ere eAecuted on charges of deviant seAual behavior( #ome "ere flogged beforehand( In addition to the Horan, many hadiths condemn li"at, or homoseAual intercourse, Trif-ovic says( B+hen a man mounts another man, the throne of God sha-es ,B says one( BHill the one that is doing it and also -ill the one that it is being done to(B 3omophiles "ho gush tolerance for Islam may argue that these are merely the ancient practices of Third +orld countries that have yet to catch up "ith modern civiliIation( %ertainly, they reason, Muslims in America are more enlightened about homoseAuality and tolerant of homoseAuals( 2onNt be so sure( According to a Sogby International poll of American Muslims ta-en in November and 2ecember of last year, a "hopping K= percent oppose Ballo"ing gays and lesbians to marry legally(B And LM percent support the death penalty( !ut donNt "orry, Islam is a tolerant, nonviolent religion( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------aul #perry is +ashington bureau chief for +orldNet2aily( >LD( Myers, #teven Lee( ;Tuesday, 'ctober 0=, >00>< A $ussian LamaNs !ody, and 3is *aith, 2efy Time( 8#A) Ivolgins- :ournal, The Ne" &or- Times %ompany( http)99"""(nytimes(com9>00>9=090=9international9europe90=!822( html ;$eference) Myers, #teven Lee( ;Tuesday, 'ctober 0=, >00>< A $ussian LamaNs !ody, and 3is *aith, 2efy Time ( 8#A) Ivolgins:ournal, The Ne" &or- Times %ompany(<

I5'LGIN#H :'8$NAL A $ussian LamaNs !ody, and 3is *aith, 2efy Time !y #TE5EN LEE M&E$# 5'LGIN#H, $ussia Z A miracle has occurred here in #iberia( 'r it may be a hoaA( 'thers believe science can eAplain it( It is a 4uestion, it seems, of faith( The story begins in =J>K, "hen a spiritual leader of $ussiaNs !uddhists gathered his students and announced his plans to die( The leader, 2ashi-2orIho Itigilov, the => th andito 3ambo Lama, then K/ and retired, instructed those gathered around him to Bvisit and loo- at my bodyB in @0 years( 3e crossed his legs into the lotus position, began to meditate and, chanting a prayer for the dead, died( The years that follo"ed "ere difficult for all faiths in $ussia, including the !uddhists here in !uryatia, a rugged, impoverished #iberian region on the Mongolian border( The #oviet 8nion, under #talin, repressed most manifestations of religion, eAecuting hundreds of lamas and destroying DL !uddhist temples and monasteries( After +orld +ar II, #talin relented some"hat and allo"ed the !uddhists to rebuild their monastery outside Ivolgins-, along a lo", desolate valley >> miles from !uryatiaNs capital, 8lan-8de( !ut religious practice remained tightly restricted( +hen the @0 years had passed Z it might have been >ME the details are mur-y Z ItigilovNs follo"ers did "hat he had as-ed, eAhuming his remains from a cemetery in Hhu-he-Sur-hen( +hat they found, as the story goes, "as ItigilovNs body, still in the lotus position, still perfectly intact, having defied natureNs imperative to decay( #talin "as dead, but #oviet po"er remained absolute, and so the !uddhists reburied Itigilov Z and the secret Z in an unmar-ed grave, pac-ing his "ooden coffin "ith salt( ;That may be important, or not(< BNobody could tal- about it then,B said the current andito 3ambo Lama, the >/th, 2amba Ayusheyev( BTo bring him bac- to the temple Z it "as forbidden, impossible( #o he "as put bac-(B

8nli-e supreme Tibetan lamas, "ho are considered reincarnations of previous lamas and are enthroned for life, andito 3ambo Lamas are elected by other lamas, serve relatively short terms and are free to step do"n( The story might have ended "ith the reburial had not a young lama, !imba 2orIhiyev, turned his curiosity for history into a 4uest to resolve the mystery of Itigilov( 3e found an MM-year-old believer, Amgalan 2abayev, "hose fatherin-la" had been there "hen the coffin had been opened and "ho himself had seen Itigilov( 3e led them to the grave( 'n #ept( ==, K/ years after ItigilovNs death, the body "as once again lifted from the earth( This time there "as a record of the event) a doIen "itnesses, including t"o forensic eAperts and a photographer( The lamas "ho opened the coffin "ore surgical mas-s, but they need not have( ItigilovNs body remained preserved( The current 3ambo Lama ordered the body brought to Ivolgins-, "here it "as greeted "ith fanfare, ringing bells and lulling chants( 3e ordered the body placed on the second floor of one of the monasteryNs four temples, "here it remains today, secreted behind heavy curtains and loc-ed doors( The monasteryNs =/0 students -eep a vigil on the first floor, praying around the cloc-, though only the lamas may see the body( BTo me it is the greatest miracle in life,B said 3ambo Lama Ayusheyev, the spiritual leader since =JJ/( BIt turns out there are things on "hich time has no po"er(B The => t h 3ambo Lama "as born in =M/> in %Iarist $ussia and orphaned early, according to the !uddhistsN history( At =L he studied to become a lama and served in several monasteries in !uryatia( In =J== he "as nominated along "ith nine other candidates to become the 3ambo Lama and he "as ultimately appointed by the cIarNs governor in Ir-uts-( 2uring his time as 3ambo Lama, Itigilov is said to have strengthened the faith, especially among the !uryats, a nomadic people of Mongol descent "ho have lived in the region for more

than @0 centuries( 3e published religious tracts and teachings and united many of the religionNs factions( Most of $ussiaNs !uddhists Z estimated today at one million Z adhere to the Byello" hatB sect that is predominant in Tibet ( The 2alai Lama is their highest spiritual leader( In the years since the #oviet collapse, !uryatia has remained a republic of the $ussian *ederation( Across $ussia the !uddhists have begun to thrive again, rebuilding lost temples, opening schools and attracting ne" follo"ers, even among ethnic $ussians( The Ivolgins- monastery is $ussiaNs Lhasa , attracting hundreds of believers a day to its temples and monuments( 3ambo Lama Ayusheyev said he had not yet decided "hat to do "ith ItigilovNs body, but others say it "ill become a relic that "ill attract still more visitors( In Mosco", 5ladislav L( HoIeltsev, an eApert at the %enter for !iomedical Technologies, the institute that -eeps the body of Lenin Z "ho died in =J>D Z in state on $ed #4uare , said the salt in the coffin might have slo"ed the decay but could not alone eAplain the preservation of the lamaNs body( 'ther factors may include the soil and the condition of the coffin ( More li-ely, Mr( HoIeltsev said, Itigilov suffered from a defect in the gene that hastens the decomposition of the bodyNs cellular structure after death( 3e added, B&ou cannot rule out some secret process of embalming(B 3ambo Lama Ayusheyev says the body "as preserved because Itigilov achieved a heightened state of eAistence through meditation -no"n as shunyata, or emptiness( 3e ac-no"ledged that there "ould be s-epticism( +hen greeted "ith it, he relented on his o"n order and led a visitor into the temple, up a flight of narro" "ooden stairs, past a loc-ed door and into the dar-ened chamber "here Itigilov sits atop a simple table, surrounded by candles and metal bo"ls holding oils( The lamas have dressed his body in a golden robe, "ith a blue sash laid across his lap( 3is eyes are closed, his features blurred, though the shape of his face and his nose certainly resemble the =J=@ photograph( 3is hands remain fleAible, his nails perfectly

trimmed( 3is s-in is leathery but soft( 3is head is still covered in short-trimmed hair( BMany people donNt see "hatNs obvious,B 3ambo Lama Ayusheyev said( BMany people "onNt understand even if they see him(B >L/( !elinda Goldsmith( ;Tuesday, :une =M, >00>< !eam me up mateG Aussies ma-e teleporting a reality( India) Indian EApress Ne"spapers ;!ombay< Ltd( http)99"""(indianeApress(com9fullOstory(phpFcontentOidWD/D= ;$eference) !elinda Goldsmith( ;Tuesday, :une =M, >00>< !eam me up mateG Aussies ma-e teleporting a reality ( India) Indian EApress Ne"spapers ;!ombay< Ltd(< !eam me up mateG Aussies ma-e teleporting a reality !elinda Goldsmith %anberra, :une =K) In a brea-through out of the realms of #tar Tre-, scientists in Australia have successfully teleported a laser beam of light from one spot to another in a split second but "arn) donUt sell the car yet( A team of physicists at the Australian National 8niversity said on Monday they had successfully disembodied a laser beam in one location and rebuilt it in a different spot about a metre a"ay in the blin- of an eye( YYIn theory there is nothing stopping us from doing it but the compleAity of the problem is so huge that no one is thin-ing seriously about it at the moment,UU Lam told a ne"s conference( 3o"ever Lam said science "as not too far from being able to teleport solid matter from one location to another( YYMy prediction is(((it "ill probably be done by someone in the neAt three to five years, that is the teleportation of a single atom,UU said Lam, "ho has "or-ed on teleporting since =JJK( !ut he said humans posed a near-impossible tas- as "e are made up of Iillions of atoms Z 4uantified by a one "ith >K Ieroes Z so forget #tar Tre- "here the #tarship Enterprise cre" step into a transporter, vaporise, then re-assemble else"here( The laser beam "as destroyed during teleporting "hich is achieved using a process -no"n as 4uantum entanglement( The brea-through opens up possibilities for future super-fast and super-secure communications systems, such as 4uantum computers over the neAt decade( ;$euters<

>LL( Gre"al, ManraC( ;Thursday, 'ctober 0@, >00>< Anonymity starring $ichard Gere and Goldie 3a"n( India) Indian EApress Ne"spapers ;!ombay< Ltd( http)99"""(indianeApress(com9fullOstory(phpFcontentOidW=0L0L ;$eference) Gre"al, ManraC( ;Thursday, 'ctober 0@, >00>< Anonymity starring $ichard Gere and Goldie 3a"n ( India) Indian EApress Ne"spapers ;!ombay< Ltd(< Anonymity starring $ichard Gere and Goldie 3a"n Life goes on in 2haramshala) Nobel Laureate, filmstars discuss Nature of Life ManraC Gre"al McleodganC, 3 , 'ctober >) The subCect "as the star, the stars mere observers( !ut "hen tal- centres on the Nature of Matter, the Nature of Life, and the presiding deity is none other than 3is 3oliness the 2alai Lama, the celeb 4uotient does cease to eAist( #o 3olly"ood heart-throbs $ichard Gere, dashing in an olive Tshirt, and Goldie 3a"n, floating around in a sheer golden cape, occupied the humble position of mere observer( #o, too, did 2an Goleman, author of The Emotional Intelligence , "hile Nobel laureate physicist #teven %hu and Eric Lander, a leading genome eApert, "ere pegged a rung higher as participants here today( A gathering "ith enough star po"er to generate mass hysteria else"here but here at McLeodganC, "here life flo"ed at its placid pace( No heads turned "hen Gere and Goldie decided to "al- to the %honor guesthouse, a good =0 minutes from the 2alai LamaUs residence, after the morning session on 2ay @( 'nly a group of urchins sho"ed any interest, but their sights "ere trained on the $s /00 notes !oston $ussel, 3a"nUs =J-year-old son, "as distributing "ith the best -arma( !ac- in the office of the 2alai Lama, his man *riday, the 5enerable Lha-dor, tried to put things into perspective( YYItUs the dialogue that should be your focus, not the people(UU Adam Engle, the brains behind the 8#-based organisers Mind and Life Institute,

nodded vigorously( #o did Gere, every bit as good-loo-ing in real life in the reel( 8nhappiness, he said, "as "hat had propelled him to"ards !uddhism aeons ago( !ut "asnUt he rich, handsome and supersuccessful, all that "as re4uired to be happyF YY&ou -no" betterUU, he said, "aving a hand( 3is goal is that of Everyman) to attain happiness and cultivate compassion( +hich is "hy he finds no difference bet"een McLeodganC and 3olly"ood( YY eople are the same every"here, "ith the same emotions(UU &es, he admitted, 2haramshala could do "ith a clean s"eep( T"o years ago, his foundation tried to do it, but to no avail( YYI thought things "ould change, "e "ould have one-"ay road, covered se"ers, but nothing has changed, nothing eAcept the 2%, health officer(((UU +hich is "hen you realise that Gere isnUt your ordinary tourist, he -no"s the to"nUs babudom inside out( Also the people( 3ence, the -no"ledge that they alone could help themselves ( YYI donUt have that -ind of timeUU, he shrugged, trotting bac- to the conference hall( Goleman had a fe" moments, Cust enough to tell you that the last such dialogue in March >000 gave him the staple for his boo2estructive Emotions, due for release neAt :anuary( It also gave an impetus to research on meditation at 3arvard, "hich proved that people "ho meditate have much higher positive emotions than the normal( Goldie 3a"n, "hoUd ta-en a short brea- for tea, vouched for it( A self-confessed Indophile Z YYI feel happy, and at home hereUU Z she called meditation her daily fiA( YYIt helps me marshal my mind, choose the right from "rong, become a more compassionate person(UU Later, sitting in the tan-ha-covered room, soa-ing in the sage dialogue, you realise itUs this %-"ord that binds these scientists, actors and mon-s together( %hu, a professor of physics at #tanford and a believer in no religion "ith a name, put it into "ords "hen he said) YYAll of us agree "ith the 2alai LamaUs belief that "e should develop compassion for the "orld around us, for doing good is good for us as "ell(UU

!ut it "as 3is 3oliness "ho had the last "ord) No action, he declared, "as good or bad, itUs the motivation that counts ( 8sing that as the yardstic-, the gathering, "ith the mon-s on the one hand and the scientists on the other, discovered that there "as really no dichotomy bet"een science and religion( None at all, if both "ere used for the human good( That is the bottom line( AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ersonal $evie" +hich is "hy he finds no difference bet"een McLeodganC and 3olly"ood( YY eople are the same every"here, "ith the same emotions(UU #o it is only a matter of having access to the right technology, devices, internet etc, for a criminal to evolve into similar lines to that in the 8#( It also sho"s the urgent re4uirement to implement similar criminal la"s in India also( Technology, access to information, "as "hat that hindered the evolution( No" the internet, internet shopping etc nullifies the evolution barrier into a high-tech criminal( >LK( lato(, :o"ett, !enCamin( ;Trans(< ;@M0 !(%(E < Ion( The Internet %lassics Archive( http)99classics(mit(edu9 lato9ion(html ;$eference) lato(, :o"ett, !enCamin( ;Trans(< ;@M0 !(%(E < Ion ( The Internet %lassics Archive(< >LM( !raIelton, 2r( T( !erry( ;+ednesday, :uly @=, >00>< 3ypersensitive child needs to learn to stand on his o"n( Ne" &or-, 8#A) Ne" &or- Times #yndication #ales( http)99"""(detne"s(com9>00>9homelife90>0M90K9d0@-/DJLMD(htm ;$eference) !raIelton, 2r( T( !erry( ;+ednesday, :uly @=, >00>< 3ypersensitive child needs to learn to stand on his o"n ( Ne" &or-, 8#A) Ne" &or- Times #yndication #ales(< 3ypersensitive child needs to learn to stand on his o"n !y 2r( T( !erry !raIelton 9 Ne" &or- Times #yndication #ales 2ear 2r( !raIleton) My D =9>-year-old son is very sensitive( INm a stay-at-home mom, and heNs very attached to me, though he goes to re-H three days a "ee-(

ThereNs a problem "ith the "ay he treats adults and family members "hen I am present( 3e "ill not greet them, even "hen they are tal-ing to him( +hen he "as younger, "e s"ept it under the rug or "e tal-ed for him -- even though he is 4uite capable and is very verbal "ith his father and me( This situation is no" getting embarrassing( 2ear $eader) It sounds as if your son has a shy temperament and is hypersensitive to ne" situations( &ou need to help him learn ho" to face the "orld in spite of this( It can help to prepare him ahead of time for such situations( romise him that he can clutch your hand but eAplain that you "ant him to learn ho" to greet people and ma-e them li-e him( ractice it at home( ractice it "ith someone he -no"s( As- him to "atch for the smile and the happiness on someoneNs face "hen he can let himself say hello to them or sha-e their hand( Let him learn ho" to gradually manage these steps for himself and "atch for his pride "hen he can( A child li-e this is li-ely to feel more sure of himself and, as a result, more ready to face the "orld "hen he -no"s that his parents can accept him as he is( A shy, fearful or hypersensitive child certainly can lead a parent to try to buffer him from the environment that challenges him( !ut a parentNs efforts, as necessary as they may be at first, ultimately can hinder a childNs efforts to learn to manage the "orld on his o"n( This can reinforce his sense of vulnerability( #ooner or later, it becomes necessary to help him learn to turn to himself, rather than to his parent, to find the protection and coping he needs( +rite to 2r( T( !erry !raIleton, care of the Ne" &or- Times #yndication #ales, =>> E( D>nd #t(, Ne" &or-, N& =0=LM( Puestions also may be sent by e-mail to familieslnytsyn(com ( >LJ( A Ne"s( ;*riday, 'ctober 0D, >00>< 8N urges Government to ban smac-ing( 8H) The Times( http)99"""(timesonline(co(u-9article90,,=-D@/J//,00(html ;$eference) A Ne"s( ;*riday, 'ctober 0D, >00>< Government to ban smac-ing ( 8H) The Times(< 'ctober 0D, >00> 8N urges Government to ban smac-ing by A Ne"s 8N urges

The 8nited Nations today urged the Government to change the la" "hich allo"s parents to smac- their children( In its report on the 8HUs record of protecting children it said the Government should outla" all corporal punishment in the family ( The 8N %ommittee on the $ights of the %hild said it Bdeeply regretsB the 8H retained the defence of Breasonable chastisementB despite the recommendations a damning report it published in =JJ/( The ten-member group of international child "elfare eAperts recommended that the Government should instead promote Bpositive, participatory and non-violentB forms of discipline( It said there should be a public education programme to stress the negative effects of corporal punishment( A spo-esman for the childrenUs charity the N# %% said) BThe 8NUs report is absolutely right( 8H la" on this issue is "rong( It doesnUt protect children from being hit and the Government should act immediately on the recommendations( BThe =ML0 la" of Yreasonable chastisementU is "ell past its sell-by date( It sends out a dangerous message to parents that hitting children is acceptable and safe, "hich it is clearly not( BIt "or-s in other countries( %hildren in Germany, #"eden, 2enmar- and many other countries are protected from being hit by la", "hy not here tooF 2avid 3inchcliffe, Labour M for +a-efield and chairman of the %ommons 3ealth %ommittee, said) BArticle =J of the 8N %onvention clearly re4uires the Government to protect children from all forms of physical violence and our la" as it currently stands simply does not do this(B The Government disappointed campaigners last November "hen it announced it "ould not change the la" allo"ing Breasonable chastisementB of children, covering England and +ales( It has also been criticised for ignoring calls for a %hildrenNs $ights %ommissioner for England despite the post being established in +ales "ith Northern Ireland and #cotland in the process of doing the same(

:ohn 2enham, Minister for &oung eople, rebutted claims that the Government "as not doing enough to protect children( 3e said) BThe vast maCority of parents believe, "hether they smac- their children or not, that a mild smac- is a reasonable thing to do( B!ringing the criminal la" into this area of the difficult Cob of bringing up children is not the right thing to do(B 3e said that it "as a BnonsenseB to suggest that the la" allo"ed violent assaults on children( B+hat I thin- "hat "eNd all "ant to do is to reduce smac-ing as much as possible, but "e do that not by bringing the police or the criminal la" into this but by((("or-ing "ith parents to support good parenting to sho" "hat the options are, the different "ays of dealing "ith disciplining a child , other than smac-ing(B The Government had never believed that the 8N %onvention re4uired the 8H to absolutely outla" smac-ing( It "as unconvinced by arguments for a childrenNs rights commissioner in England, he said, but "ould -eep an open mind( AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ersonal $evie" 2isciplining, taming, beating, smac-ing, torturing etc are hard "ays to subdue, to soften, to convert an arrogant person to a submissive person( The person can be young or old, man or "oman( In short, the conversion of a 6goat7 to a 6sheep7( #oft "ays are higher education, meditation etc( Also refer section 2ual Mind in 5olume = for more of soft and hard "ays of cooling mind( #ome are tamed "ith a stic-, or hoo- or "hip , I "as tamed "ithout a stic- or "eapon, by a such li-e one( ;$eference) >@=< >D 3e "ho spares the rod hates his son, but he "ho loves him is careful to discipline him( - roverbs =@)>D )) Ne" International 5ersion ;NI5< *rom a different angle, if "e ta-e 3e as the invisible Lord and son as any organism, then a strange meaning opens up( The suffering or pain of man or any organism is a form of disciplining by the loved 'ne, the Lord(

>K0( :humari Nigam( ;*riday, 'ctober 0D, >00>< &ou gotta have faithG Ahmedabad, India) The Times of India( http)99timesofindia(indiatimes(com9cms(dll9articlesho"F artOidW>D=J=@/J ;$eference) :humari Nigam( ;*riday, 'ctober 0D, >00>< &ou gotta have faithG Ahmedabad, India) The Times of India(< &ou gotta have faithG TIME# NE+# NET+'$H M ^ ] *$I2A&, '%T'!E$ 0D, >00> 0J)DL)@L

:38MA$I NIGAM 6'NE of my friends used to snea- out "ith her boyfriend in the name of Navratri( 3er parents got to -no" about it and her longtime affair came to an end( #he could neither "in bac- her love nor her parentUs faith,7 recalls Havita Hothari, a >0-year-old collegian "ho feels restrictions bring discipline to your life( *or those "ho are usually restricted, though, Navratri is freedomG Late night outings, 4ueueing at food Coints, going out on long drives, dressing up for the night bash ;and, no it ainUt a secret anymore Z getting intimate under the starlit night< are mucha"aited( #ometimes, through the generation gaps, there are cases "here transparency of thoughts bet"een parents and their children has made their relationship stronger ( *reedom comes "ith a sense of responsibility is "hat Halpana Gandhi, mother of >0-year-old ala- feels( 6+ith mom, I donUt have to -eep a chec- on time, but "ith friends I have to be alert all the "hile,7 says ala- Gandhi( Halpana Gandhi enCoys her daughterUs company at Navratri( The recent upheavals have made some apprehensive about safety( #ays %handni :oshi, a collegian, 6ItUs better to be home early than to give sleepless nights to your family members(7 3er mother 2evi :oshi adds, 6I trust my daughter completely but I donUt trust others( Going out "ith male friends is fine "ith me but only "ith those guys "ho are -no"n to me(7 #hilpa #hah, a teacher and mother of t"o, feels that life is a ris-, 6%hildren should be given opportunities to realise their

responsibility( utting a little faith in their decisions "ill help you understand them better( 7 Then, the age-old 4uestion Z to be;lieve< or not to be;lieve< remains( 3o" do you play itF >K=( Muslim anger at rophet slur( ;Monday, 'ctober 0K, >00>< 8H) !!% Ne"s( http)99ne"s(bbc(co(u-9=9hi9"orld9americas9>@0D=KJ(stm ;$eference) Muslim anger at >00>< 8H) !!% Ne"s(< rophet slur ( ;Monday, 'ctober 0K,

Monday, K 'ctober, >00>, 00)// GMT 0=)// 8H Muslim anger at rophet slur *al"ell has caused offence at home and abroad Iran has added its voice to gro"ing protests over a conservative %hristian evangelist in the 8nited #tates "ho has described the rophet Mohammed as a BterroristB( 'n the issue of bigotry, silence e4uals consent %ouncil on American-Islamic relations The $everend :erry *al"ell, a leading member of the #outhern !aptist %onvention, said in a 8# television intervie" that Mohammed "as a violent man and a man of "ar( BThis insult to the holy rophet Mohammed by a %hristian priest is part of a propaganda "ar by the 8# mass media and the Sionists,B Iranian *oreign Minister Hamal HharaIi said( Mr *al"ell has also been denounced by Malaysian rime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Muslim groups in the 8# "ho urged mainstream American leaders not to remain silent( The intervie" "ith Mr *al"ell "as sho"n on %!# televisionNs BL0 MinutesB programme( Inflammatory *al"ell) No stranger to controversy

BI thin- Mohammed "as a terrorist( I read enough(((by both Muslims and non-Muslims ;to decide< he "as a violent man, a man of "ar,B Mr *al"ell said( BIn my opinion, :esus set the eAample for love, as did Moses, and I thin- Mohammed set an opposite eAample(B Mr *al"ell is "ell--no"n for his inflammatory statements( Last year, he "as "idely criticised for saying pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays and civil liberties groups had contributed to the moral decay of the 8nited #tates, angering God "ho allo"ed the == #eptember attac-s to happen( 3e later apologised( There are bet"een t"o and siA million Muslims in the 8# 'ther conservative %hristian leaders have also made controversial remar-s about Islam in the past year, including T5 evangelist at $obertson "ho labelled it a religion that sought to control, dominate or destroy others( Ibrahim 3ooper of the %ouncil on American-Islamic $elations said) BAnybody is free to be a bigot if they "ant to( +hat concerns us is the lac- of reaction by mainstream religious and political leaders "ho say nothing "hen these bigots voice these attac-s(B NIgnorantN #pea-ing in Tehran, IranNs *oreign Minister Hamal HharaIi urged Islamic nations not to remain silent in the face of Bsuch unashamed accusationsB( They must not, he said, permit Bthe clash of religions and civilisations sought by the eApansionist and aggressive SionistsB( In Malaysia, 2r Mahathir said only an ignorant person "ould ma-e such a remar- and he urged Muslims not to ta-e the matter too seriously( BINm not going to accuse all %hristians, only one person made such a statement(B

>K>( The Ten recepts( dasa-sila( ;$evised) Thursday, March =D, >00>< accesstoinsight(org( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9ptf9dasasila(html ;$eference) The Ten recepts( dasa-sila ( ;$evised) Thursday, March =D, >00>< accesstoinsight(org(< The Ten recepts( dasa-sila These training rules are observed by novice mon-s and nuns( They are derived from the Eight recepts by splitting the precept concerning entertainments into t"o parts and by adding one rule prohibiting the handling of money( A fully-ordained mon- ;bhi--hu< observes the >>K rules of the bhi--hu atimo--haE a fully ordained nun ;bhi--huni< "ould observe the @== rules of the bhi--huni atimo--ha( >K@( *al"ell, :erry( ;#aturday, :une =/, >00>< Muhammad, a Ndemon-possessed pedophileNF 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com( http)99"""("orldnetdaily(com9ne"s9article(aspF A$TI%LEOI2W>KJK/ ;$eference) *al"ell, :erry( ;#aturday, :une =/, >00>< Muhammad, a Ndemon-possessed pedophileNF 8#A) +orldNet2aily(com(< >KD( #eAual Averages( http)99"""(seAualrecords(com9+#$averages(html ;$eference) #eAual Averages (< #eA education) A must read, for any man or "oman, of any age, to prevent false notion or false imagination, on varied topics li-e penis siIe, breast siIe etc( Average enis #iIe Almost MM1 of all men fall bet"een /-K inches "hen erect, and "hen relaAed the maCority ;again, J01< fall "ithin @ to / inches( R Average !ust #iIe The average bust line for American "omen is @/(J inches ;J=(> cm<( The typical bra siIe is @D!, "ith the proportions of "omenNs cup siIes brea-s do"n to the follo"ing) A-=/1, !-DD1, %->M1, 2-=01, "hile the remaining @1 are AA, AAA, 22 and beyond( Interestingly, manufacturers of "omenNs clothing agree that the average American "omanNs bust siIe has eApanded in recent decades, if only by fractions of an inch, due to improved diet and birth control pills(

R Average #perm Length D microns( Average #perm %oncentration >0 million sperm per milliliter( Average #eminal Al-alinity K(0 to M(0 on the p3 scale( Average 2urability of #perm #perm typically survive DM hours "ithin the female body( Average Number of #perm @00-/00 million sperm are released every eCaculation, and =(> trillion sperm are produced during a manNs lifetime( R Average Age of Menarche ;'nset of Menstruation< =>(/ years( Interestingly, a study in =JL> sho"ed that this age has decreased by four months every decade since =M@0( Average Menstrual *lo" ApproAimately /0 to =K/ cc(, or one-4uarter to one-half a cup( Average Menstrual %ycle 2uration >M days( Average / days( eriod 2uration

Average Age of Menopause DM-DJ years( R Average Time to 'rgasm ;male< Hinsey found that K/1 of all males reach orgasm "ithin > minutes of penetration, and felt that it "as normal, though he does note that it Bmay be most unsatisfactory to a "ife "ho is inhibited or natively lo" in response(B +ay to state the obvious, doc( Average 2uration of 'rgasm ;male< @-/ seconds( Average Time to 'rgasm ;female< *emales in HinseyNs studies averaged a little less than D minutes to reach orgasm during masturbation, though for coitus it too- any"here from =0 to >0 minutes(

Average 2uration of 'rgasm ;female< /-M seconds( 'rgasmic contractions in both seAes occur at intervals of 0(M seconds( >K/( hillips, T &( ;#aturday, 'ctober =J, >00>< +ifeNs motives in biting disputed( The Modesto !ee( http)99"""(modbee(com9local9story9DM/K0/Jp-/MK0>==c(html ;$eference) hillips, T &( ;#aturday, 'ctober =J, >00>< +ifeNs motives in biting disputed ( 8#A) The Modesto !ee(< +ifeNs motives in biting disputed hoto Helli ratt 'ctober =J, >00> osted) 0/)@0)=@ AM 2T

!y T& 3ILLI # !EE #TA** +$ITE$ A mother defended her daughter on *riday, saying it "as sheer eAhaustion and not anything to do "ith seA that led to the daughterNs biting attac- on her feeble husband( The L/-year-old man died siA days later( reliminary autopsy results sho" that the attac- may have contributed to his death, a spo-esman for the #tanislaus %ounty coronerNs office said( Helli rattNs mother, "ho as-ed to remain anonymous to avoid further publicity, said her D/-year-old daughter suffers from health problems of her o"n) #he has cerebral palsy, and she is a former Easter #eals poster child( B#he "as very devoted to being near him in "hat I "ould call his debilitated state,B rattNs mother said by telephone( B#he "as "ell a"are of the fact that her husband "as ill, and she respected that( +hen I sa" her today, she told me this definitely didnNt happen over seA(B That is not "hat Arthur ratt told police in a videotaped intervie" in the "a-e of the 'ct( K attac-( ratt, "ho died siA days later at 2octors Medical %enter, said his "ife bit him about >0 times after he said he "as too "ea- to have seA , 2etective Al !rocchini said(

'fficers called to the house sa" lesions and sores all over rattNs body, police said, and at first believed that they "ere all bites( The autopsy revealed only t"o bites, both severe, on his side and stomach( B'n one of the bites, a large chun- of meat "as gone ,B !rocchini said( BThe other bite "as also severe, and the s-in had been bro-en( ;Helli ratt< still had blood in her mouth "hen "e arrested her(B ratt has been in custody since the attac- on charges of elder abuse, domestic violence and assault on a police officer ( #he has pleaded not guilty and is due bac- in court Monday( olice said murder charges could be filed if it is found that the assault directly led to her husbandNs death( An official cause of death has not been determined( The preliminary autopsy results revealed that ratt may have died from a heart attac- suffered as a result of emotional stress and the physical assault, said Helly 3uston, spo-esman for the #heriffNs 2epartment, "hich runs the coronerNs office( Arthur ratt, "ho had been in and out of hospitals and rehabilitation centers for at least the past year, suffered from all sorts of ailments( The alleged attac- occurred at the coupleNs home in the >K00 bloc- of ar- lace( The ratts had no history of domestic violence outside of one county Adult rotective #ervices report in "hich Arthur ratt claimed that his "ife verbally abused him because he "ould not stic- to his diabetic diet, !rocchini said( ratt declined to be intervie"ed *riday on the advice of her attorney( #he gave an intervie" to a #acramento television station the day before( rattNs mother said her daughterNs health ma-es it difficult for her to fully ta-e care of herself( The added burden of her husbandNs care ultimately became more than she could handle, rattNs mother said(

BHelli maintains it happened over the fact she "as so stressed out,B she said( B+hile he "as getting care, she "as home fending for herself( #he Cust didnNt get the care she needed( I feel that sheNs as much a victim as Art "as(B !ee staff "riter Ty hillips can be reached at /KM->@@= or tphillipslmodbee(com ( AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Main oints =( it "as sheer eAhaustion and not anything to do "ith seA that led to the daughterNs biting attac- on her feeble husband( >( his "ife bit him about >0 times after he said he "as too "eato have seA @( still had blood in her mouth "hen "e arrested her D( ;he< had been in and out of hospitals and rehabilitation centers for at least the past year, suffered from all sorts of ailments( ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >KL( +estcott, + +ynn( ;=JJ@< The %haldman 'racles( = s t Edition( Northamptonshire, England) The A4uarian ress( I#!N) 0-M/0@0@@D-L( ages) LD( http)99"""(esotericarchives(com9oracle9oracleI(htm ;$eference) +estcott, + +ynn( ;=JJ@< The %haldman 'racles ( = s t Edition( Northamptonshire, England) The A4uarian ress(< >KK( 'a-land, :ohn #( and *ollo"ell, $oy *( ;=JJ0< #tatistical rocess %ontrol - A ractical Guide( ;> n d Edition< Ne" 2elhi, India) Affiliated East-+est ress vt( Ltd( I#!N) M=-M/@@L-ML-/( ages) D@=( ;$eference) 'a-land, :ohn #( and *ollo"ell, $oy *( ;=JJ0< #tatistical rocess %ontrol - A ractical Guide( ;> n d Edition< Ne" 2elhi, India) Affiliated East-+est ress vt( Ltd(< >KM( Ancient Egypt %lip Art( http)99"""(mcpasd(-=>("i(us9?-ms9!oo-mar-s9Egypt%lipArt>9 ;$eference) Ancient Egypt %lip Art (<

>KJ( !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;=JJJ< The %ustoms of the Noble 'nes( accesstoinsight(org( http)99"""(accesstoinsight(org9lib9modern9thanissaro9customs(ht ml ;$eference) !hi--hu, Thanissaro( ;=JJJ< The %ustoms of the Noble 'nes ( accesstoinsight(org(< >M0( 'm Tat #at . An article on Tantra( http)99"""(-erala(com9tantra9 ;$eference) 'm Tat #at . An article on Tantra (< Tantra discloses secrets of 8niverse, material body and eAternal po"er "hich leads to N#iddhiN( Tantra is both secret and as much #acred( No" fe" people -no" about Mantra #hastra, a better "ing of TantraR hilosophy of Mantra is very simple( i(e, #ound and matter are both derivative constant If "e can reproduce sound from any matter then in the same "ay "e can create matter from the sound also( Mantra is medicine, Mantra is energy and can be used for peace and Mu-thi( Trinity of Mantra, &antra and Tantra if properly combined can create "onders and miracles( N Truth is a myth unless realised(N >M=( Aphrodisiac haggis promotes #cotland to couples( ;*riday, :anuary >/, >00>< 8H) Ananova( http)99"""(ananova(com9ne"s9story9smO/0D==@(html ;$eference) Aphrodisiac haggis promotes #cotland to couples ( ;*riday, :anuary >/, >00>< 8H) Ananova(< Ananova) Aphrodisiac haggis promotes #cotland to couples An aphrodisiac haggis is being launched in time for !urns Night(

*lavours include 3otNnN3orny 2evil 3aggis "ith chilli and %aCun spices and 3eavenly 3aggis "ith apricots, figs and pine nuts( The $omantic #cotland haggis are designed for couples as they are available in special t"o-person portions( The 2aily $ecord says the delicacy has been developed by La"son of #peyside( #ales director 2avid La"son said) B%hillies, curries and other spicy foods have long been vie"ed as aphrodisiacs( BTheir effects - raised heart temperatures - are similar to amorous activity( rate and, sometimes, raised the reactions eAperienced in

BThe $omantic #cotland haggis come in special t"o-person portions, Cust right for a romantic meal for t"o(B 3otels across #cotland "ill be mar-eting the haggis as part of a campaign designed to attract couples for brea-s( %asia SaCa, of 3ighlands Tourist !oard, said) B+ith !urnsNs reputation, "eNre sure he "ould have approved of the $omantic #cotland aphrodisiac haggis(B #tory filed) 0M)>/ *riday >/th :anuary >00> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ersonal $evie"( B%hillies, curries and other spicy foods have long been vie"ed as aphrodisiacs( BTheir effects - raised heart rate and, sometimes, raised temperatures - are similar to the reactions eAperienced in amorous activity( To counter that, it "ill be better to eat fruit and vegetables in a ra" form, as it is( !oiling some of the vegetables, reduces their vitamin content( Imagine, you live in a forest, "ith less access to modern amenities li-e -itchen, heating appliances etc( raised heart rate runs counter to the principle of pranayama, of controlled breathing( ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

>M>( 3otI, $obert Lee( ;*riday, November 0M, >00>< Neuroscientists Mine the 2epths of Emotions( 8#A) Los Angeles Times( http)99"""(latimes(com9ne"s9science9la-scishameMnov0M,0,@/=0>@=(storyFcollWla1>2home1>2todays 1>2times ;$eference) 3otI, $obert Lee( ;*riday, November 0M, >00>< Neuroscientists Mine the 2epths of Emotions ( 8#A) Los Angeles Times(< In a study of ho" even relatively mild emotions influence mental abilities, cognitive neuroscientists at +ashington 8niversity in #t( Louis found that brain areas critical for reasoning, intelligence and other types of higher cognition "ere s"ayed by "atching a horror film or a T5 comedy for as little as =0 minutes( ublished this year in the roceedings of the National Academy of #ciences, the brain-scanning eAperiment sho"ed that the videos affected a region of the prefrontal corteA Cust under the temples, thought to be important for blending cognitive tas-s together "ith emotional signals( After vie"ing the clips, people too- simple tests of memory and mental ability( Their performance "as helped or hindered depending on ho" their mood had been affected by the videos( BMild anAiety actually improved performance on some -inds of difficult tas-s, but hurt performance on others,B said psychologist :eremy Gray, "ho led the research team( It doesnNt ta-e a scientist to -no" that feelings can run ahead of common sense, but no" researchers are learning ho" emotions can trigger errors in Cudgment( ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >M@( lato(, :o"ett, !enCamin( ;Trans(< ;@M0 !(%(E < %harmides, or Temperance( The Internet %lassics Archive( http)99classics(mit(edu9 lato9charmides(html ;$eference) lato(, :o"ett, !enCamin( ;Trans(< ;@M0 !(%(E %harmides, or Temperance ( The Internet %lassics Archive(< <

>MD( lato(, :o"ett, !enCamin( ;Trans(< ;@L0 !(%(E < %ritias( The Internet %lassics Archive( http)99classics(mit(edu9 lato9critias(html

;$eference) lato(, :o"ett, !enCamin( ;Trans(< ;@L0 !(%(E < %ritias ( The Internet %lassics Archive(< >M/( !romage, !ernard( ;=JL0< The 'ccult Arts of Ancient Egypt( > n d Impression( London) The A4uarian ress( ages) >0/( ;$eference) !romage, !ernard( ;=JL0< The 'ccult Arts of Ancient Egypt( > n d Impression( London) The A4uarian ress(< >ML( #"ami #ivananda( ;=JJK< ractice of !rahmacharya( ;+++ Edition< 3imalayas, India) The 2ivine Life #ociety( http)99"""(thedivinelifesociety(org9do"nload9brahmacharya(htm ;$eference) #"ami #ivananda( ;=JJK< ractice of !rahmacharya( ;+++ Edition< 3imalayas, India) The 2ivine Life #ociety(< >MK( #"ami #ivananda( ;=JJM< Mind--Its Mysteries and %ontrol( ;+++ Edition< 3imalayas, India) The 2ivine Life #ociety( http)99"""(thedivinelifesociety(org9do"nload9mind(htm ;$eference) #"ami #ivananda( ;=JJM< Mind--Its Mysteries and %ontrol( ;+++ Edition< 3imalayas, India) The 2ivine Life #ociety(< ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, http)99"""(geocities(com9praisethebuddha9lordenergy9refer(html ublished on internet) Monday, November =M, >00> $e-published on internet) Monday, :uly 0K, >00@ $evised) +ednesday, :anuary =>, >00/ Information on the "eb site is given in good faith about a certain spiritual "ay of life, irrespective of any specific religion, in the belief that the information is not misused, misCudged or misunderstood( ersons using this information for "hatever purpose must rely on their o"n s-ill, intelligence and Cudgment in its application( The "ebmaster does not accept any liability for harm or damage resulting from advice given in good faith on this "ebsite( $ac( t# Ener+y he Anvisib"e 8ivin+ 8#rd 5ain -a+e Ande; $ac( t# -raise the $uddha D#me)a+e Ande; 7 5ini D#me)a+e Ande; Ener+y he Anvisib"e 8ivin+ 8#rd

Eiary 6#tes 5isce""ane#us Writin+s Readin+s

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, F h#u be"#n+est t# hat Which As Cndyin+, and n#t mere"y t# time a"#ne,4 murmured the ')hin;, brea(in+ its muteness at "ast% F h#u art eterna", and n#t mere"y #f the vanishin+ f"esh% he s#u" in man cann#t be (i""ed, cann#t die% At !aits, shr#ud& !ra))ed, in thy heart, as A !aited, sand&!ra))ed, in thy !#r"d% 9n#! thyse"f, 1 m#rta"G /#r there is 1ne !ithin thee, as in a"" men, that c#mes and stands at the bar and bears !itness that there A' a :#dG4 (Reference: $runt#n, -au"% (1H@2) 7 'earch in 'ecret E+y)t% (1I t h Am)ressi#n) 8#nd#n, C9: Rider J *#m)any% -a+e: ?5%) 7men