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Medal of Honor recipients. One of that esteemed

formation of 40 heroes, Sgt. 1st Class Paul Roy Smith, UNITS LISTED ON THE

was posthumously honored with America’s highest
tribute for his heroic actions while serving with the U.S. Panel 1
3rd Infantry Division under CJTF-7 command in April V Corps Headquarters

2003. Victory Park also contains portions of the famed

1st Infantry Division
1st Armored Division
Victory Park, Cambell Barracks, Heidelberg, Germany
Berlin Wall, placed there in honor of the corps’ contribu- 3rd Infantry Division
4th Infantry Division
tion to helping America win the Cold War of the mid- to 82nd Airborne Division
late 20th century. 101st Airborne Division
1st Marine Division

n the fall of 2002, as the
focus of the global war

he front of the the 7-foot-tall granite CJTF-7 Panel 2
memorial, created by German designer Udo Bauer 1st Marine Expeditionary Force on terror was turning to
2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment Southwest Asia, V Corps
and sculptor Henning Wittmann, bears a prayer in 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment
honor of those who gave their lives, and four carved 3rd Corps Support Command Soldiers began deploying to
V Corps Artillery the Persian Gulf region to
panels. Each panel depicts a phase of V Corps’ partici- 17th Field Artillery Brigade
pation in OIF – deployment; marshalling in Kuwait; 41st Field Artillery Brigade conduct exercises with the
214th Field Artillery Brigade U.S. Central Command. By
combat operations, and post-combat stability and
support operations. On the opposite side, the listing of Panel 3
December of that year, the
U.S. and coalition units that served under V Corps and 173rd Airborne Brigade corps started moving units
11th Aviation Regiment from across Europe to
CJTF-7 command are inscribed, along with a brief 12th Aviation Regiment
recounting of those units' participation in Operation Task Force 171 Kuwait to prepare for
4th Air Support Operations Group combat.
Iraqi Freedom. 18th Military Police Brigade
220th Military Police Brigade
800th Military Police Brigade On March 19, 2003, Opera-
“In every war, there are terrible costs, and this war on 18th Soldier Support Group
terror is no different. This is a noble cause that has tion Iraqi Freedom began.
brought together an international coalition that has Panel 4 V Corps crossed from
endured in an effort to bring democracy, peace and 30th Medical Brigade
Kuwait into Iraq in com-
stability to the people in Iraq,” said Sanchez during the 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade mand of the 3rd Infantry Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, V Corps commander, speaks at the dedication of
130th Engineer Brigade
memorial's dedication ceremony. 205th Military Intelligence Brigade
Division and 101st Airborne the Combined Joint Task Force-7 Memorial, May 25, 2005, on Victory Park
352nd Civil Affairs Command Division in addition to its on Campbell Barracks in Heidelberg, Germany.
308th Civil Affairs Brigade own subordinate units, and
“We will prevail. We must prevail, and it is only with a 455th Chemical Brigade
strong coalition of nations committed to democracy and Coalition partners assumed command of
freedom that we will overwhelm this brutal enemy and elements of the 82nd
emerge victorious.” Airborne Division, 4th Infantry Division, 2nd Cavalry more than 500 kilometers from the Kuwaiti border into
Regiment, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment and the 173rd the center of the Iraqi capital.
Airborne Brigade on its way to Baghdad. Over the next
16 days the corps executed the longest and fastest The assault on Bahgdad may have been fast, but it
armored assault in the history of warfare, thrusting wasn't easy. Along the way, V Corps units encountered

The inscription that appears below the listing of CJTF-7 organizations on the front of the memorial. The inscription that appears below the four reliefs on the front of the memorial.
virtually every conceivable style of conventional battle, took on a second role as CJTF-7's commander. Over the
from meeting engagements with Iraqi heavy forces to following seven months a force of more than 135,000
sharp guerrilla-like encounters with non-uniformed active and reserve component troops in Iraq were
paramilitary groups. In spite of the demanding terrain assigned to live, work and fight under task force
and terrible weather conditions -- including one of the command. Those forces came from a tapestry of
worst sandstorms in recent memory -- units under corps organizations: the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force; all
command defeated the 11th Infantry Division of the 10 active U.S. Army divisions; both U.S. armored
Le haut commandement allemand exploite le terrain difficile Iraqi Regular Army; crushed the Medina Republican cavalry regiments; the 173rd Airborne Brigade; two
de la forêt de l’Argonne et organise sa défense sur quatre Guard Division, the Hammurabi Republican Guard multinational divisions composed of troops from 25
lignes. Sur leur secteur, les américains sont six fois supérieurs Division, and elements of the Adnan Republican Guard coalition nations; a joint inter-agency task force, and
en nombre mais l’armée allemande a soigneusement préparé Division; defeated the Baghdad Republican Guard special operating forces.
ses positions et quinze divisions sont prêtes à venir en renfort Division; and annihilated many thousands of irregular
si nécessaire. and paramilitary forces. On May 15, 2004, after nearly a year of service in Iraq,
L’offensive démarre leSTAFF SGT MANUEL
26 septembre TORRES-CORTES
avec 2700 fusils CJTF-7 was replaced with two organizations -- the

nourrissant un barrage d’artillerie pendant trois heures. A 5 ntering Baghdad, V Corps decisively defeated Multi-National Corps-Iraq and Multi-National Force-
heures et demie du matin, l’infanterie avance sur les lignes de the remaining Iraqi armed forces and toppled the Iraq -- to better manage the tremendous tasks CJTF-7
défense allemandes. Le V Corps commande trois divisions Baath Party regime of Saddam Hussein. Thus, had been assigned.
relativement inexpérimentées - la 92ème, la 37ème et la 79éme. major unit combat operations were complete by June 14,
Pershing compte sur le I et le III Corps pour déborder et 2003, when V Corps was given command of coalition “CJTF-7 was a mighty coalition, almost certainly the
couper, respectivement par la gauche et par la droite, les fortes forces in Iraq under the sword-and-shield banner of largest combined force fielded since World War II. In its
défenses allemandes de Montfaucon afin que le V Corps Combined Joint Task Force-7. CJTF-7 immediately one-year existence, history will show that CJTF-7
puisse les capturer. Les alliés pourraient alors utiliser les began the huge task of continuing military operations accomplished an amazing series of Herculean tasks that
hauteurs de Montfaucon comme position pour l’artillerie en to pacify the remainder of Iraq while creating demo- set the conditions for the transfer of sovereignty (of
appui de l’attaque du deuxième jour visant à prendre Cunel et cratic institutions and rebuilding the country's physi- Iraq to its citizens on June 28, 2004),” said Sanchez.
Romagne. cal, political and economic structure.
L’attaque commence plutôt bien mais le V Corps ne During V Corps' combat period and the task force's
dispose que d’une seule route pour organiser tous les V Corps Commanding General Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez lifespan, 945 men and women lost their lives bringing
mouvements de troupe ainsi que tous les déplacements de freedom and stability to Iraq. One year after CJTF-7
l’artillerie et des unités de soutien au front. Se heurtant à une cased its colors forever, V Corps and coalition members
forte résistance, les divisions inexpérimentées ne peuvent gathered on Victory Park at the corps headquarters in
avancer jusqu’à Montfaucon. Au moment où elles atteignent Heidelberg, Germany to honor those fallen warriors
enfin leur objectif, les allemands ont eu le temps de faire with the dedication of a memorial to their sacrifice. The
parvenir des renforts. 945 honored include more than 850 Americans; 53
Après une courte pause, l’offensive reprend le 4 octobre. Britons; 18 Italians; 10 Spaniards; five Bulgarians; two
La bataille se présente bien les quatre premiers jours, mais une each from Thailand, Poland and Ukraine, and one each
fois encore l’allure se ralentit, et Foch ordonne un nouvel arrêt from El Salvador, Denmark and Estonia.
le 11 octobre. Le Corps recrute les très expérimentées 42ème et

32ème divisions, ainsi que la 89ème comme division de uring the memorial's dedication ceremony,
réserve. coalition forces representatives Lt. Gen. Freddy
La nouvelle attaque du 21 octobre déborde les défenses Viggers and Maj. Gen. Andrew Figgures of the
allemandes aux alentours de CunelRICHARD BUMGARDNER
et coupe leur troisième (6) United Kingdom; Maj. Gen. Janos Isaszegi of Hungary,
ligne. Les alliés sont prêts à attaquer la dernière ligne and Brig. Gen. Edward Gruska of Poland, joined
TOP: Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez (third from left) and V Corps Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Bush (fourth from
allemande. Sanchez in laying wreaths in honor of those 945 who
left) were joined by (left to right) Maj. Gen. Janos Isaszegi of Hungary; Brig.
La phase finale Gen. Edward
de l’offensive commenceGruszka of Poland,
le 1er novembre. gave their lives while serving with CJTF-7.
and Lt. Gen. Freddy Viggers and Maj. Gen. Andrew Figgures PFC BRYCE S. DUBEE
Le V Corps s’avance vers les défenses allemandes avant the
of the United Kingdom, in dedicating
memorial. CENTER ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Each panel on theetfront
Sedan, of the
les enfonce memorial
vers depicts commencent
midi. Les allemands a phase ofàV Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez prepares to case the The memorial stands in a fitting place, encircled by
Corps’ participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom: deployment; battre en retraite, avec les américains à leur poursuite. Dansand
marshalling in Kuwait; combat operations, la colors of Combined Joint Task Force-7 at the unit’s placards describing key moments in V Corps’ history
post-combat stability and support operations. BOTTOM ROW: nuit du 6Theau 7front (left)lesand
novembre, rear
unités du VofCorps
the monument.
prennent les inactivation ceremony in Baghdad on May 15, 2004. and bronze plaques that pay tribute to the corps’ 40