Choose the correct answer

_______ 1) a) ant b) rant c) grant

_______ 2) a) cat b) bat c) pat

_______ 3) a) cat b) cut c) but d) bat

_______ 4) a) lox b) fox c) fix

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_______ 5) a) how b) sow c) cow

_______ 6) a) log b) fog c) dog

_______ 7) a) cat b) bat c) rat d) sat

_______ 8) a) fig b) pig c) rig

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_______ 9) a) pig b) elk c) bat

_______ 10) a) fly b) ply c) pry

_______ 11) a) fly b) bee c) fee

_______ 12) a) ape b) elk c) fly

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Geography quiz
_______ 1) Magyars are the people of which country? a) Hungary b) Romania c) Moldovia d) Slovakia

_______ 2) What is the capital of Armenia? a) Bataysk b) Baku c) Yerevan d) Tbilisi

_______ 3) Lebanon gained independence from which country in 1943? a) Spain b) United Kingdom c) France d) Germany

_______ 4) Rarotonga is an island of which country? a) Tonga b) Australia c) New Zealand d) Fiji

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_______ 5) Within which country can two other independent countries be found? a) Italy b) South Africa c) Spain d) Russia

_______ 6) Which island is a New Zealand island? a) Stewart Island b) Fraser Island c) King Island d) Flinders Island

_______ 7) Which country does not border the Arabian Sea? a) Iran b) India c) Afghanistan d) Pakistan

_______ 8) Which country has the longest coastline on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea? a) Slovenia b) Croatia c) Bosnia and Herzegovina d) Montenegro

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