Preparing Recycling Tonnage Reports

Registration fee: $50

Recycling Public Policy
March 6, 2014 Course code: ER0101CA14
Registration fee: $140 Multi fee: $120 Course Coordinator: Wayne DeFeo

NJAES Office of Continuing Professional Education Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 102 Ryders Lane New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8519 Ph: 732.932.9271 Fax: 732.932.8726 Email: Web:




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New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Office of Continuing Professional Education

February 26, 2014 (AM Only)

Course code: ER0313CA14

Preparing Recycling Tonnage Reports
February 26, 2014 (AM Only)

This course has been developed to help recycling coordinators, public works officials, and solid waste management personnel efficiently prepare and file their required reports. Topics will include: •Using Excel or other spreadsheet programs to collect and summarize the required data •Use of the traditional “blue book” tonnage grant forms, bonus form and summary sheet and •Tips and short cuts to make filing just a bit easier! Course Coordinator Joe Davis has served as the recycling tonnage grant administrator for the NJDEP since 1996.
CRP’s earn three (3) recertification credits. This course has been submitted for Certified Public Works Manager credits.
Note: This is a half-day program, only continental breakfast will be served.



Recycling Public Policy
March 6, 2014 The “Alternate” Recycling Certification Series March 26 & April 3, 8 & 24, 2014 Recycling Health & Safety (Bordentown, NJ) April 30, 2014 (AM Only) New Jersey Compost Operator Certification May 1, 2014 Understanding Sustainability Management June 18, 2014 CRP’s - Become a Certified Sustainable Resource Management Professional see inside for details!

This course will provide the information you and your business, school or recycling program need to know to be ahead of the crowd. Speakers from the public and private sectors and regulatory agencies will lead cutting edge discussions of current policies, implementation processes, impacts and what might lie ahead. Learn what is going on today and what you can expect for tomorrow. Certified Recycling Professionals - take this opportunity to catch up with recent policy and legislative changes – and earn six (6) classroom recertification credits in the process! This course is also approved for CPWM continuing education credits. NOTE: This class will be held in Bordentown, NJ.

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New Brunswick, NJ Permit No. 153

Want to become a Certified Recycling Professional? Contact Carol Broccoli at (732) 932-9271 x618 or email 732.932.9271 732.932.9271

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The “Alternate” Recycling Certification Series
March 26 & April 3, 8 & 24, 2014 Exam on May 1, 2014 (New Brunswick, NJ) Course code: ER0201CA14 Cost: $395/$95 for individual dates This course is intended for county, municipal or other government employees who have significant experience (generally more than ten years) in the fields of recycling and/or solid waste or who have completed another professional certification program, such as those offered for health officers or public works managers. Upon completion of the four classes, attendees who wish to receive certification are required to sit for and pass a written exam based on the information presented. Active CRP’s may take one or more of the single day sessions to earn recertification credits (six credits per day) and the course has been approved for Certified Public Works Manager (CPWM) continuing education credits.
March 27, 2014 (S1) AM: The Recycling Coordinator’s Primer PM: NJDEP Regulations/Facts/Figures April 3, 2014 (S2) AM: Effective Communication/Promotion Using Reporting Data PM: Filing/Reporting/Enforcement—Municipal and County April 8, 2014 (S3) Recycling Economics, Markets and Marketing April 24, 2014 (S4) AM: Collection Techniques/Contracting PM: Case Studies For admission information, please contact Carol Broccoli at (732) 932-9271 x 618.

Recycling Health and Safey
April 30, 2014 Course code: ER0108CB14
Registration fee: $115 Multi fee: $85 Course Instructor: Howard Spencer CRP’s earn three (3) classroom recertfication credits Workers involved in the recycling field face a variety of health and safety issues on a daily basis. This half-day course was developed to present information on these hazards and to outline the “good practices” that everyone should participate in to make the workplace safe. Specific topics include: • Hazards associated with recycling • Regulatory requirements • Worker safety and equipment (field and facility) • Equipment maintenance procedures/recordkeeping • Emergency planning/plans (including hazardous wastes) and • How to make a recycling facility the safest it can be. (including public access and drop-off issues). Sustainable Resource Management Professional Certification OCPE and the Association of NJ Recyclers (ANJR) are in the process of applying to the Recycling Organizations of North America (RONA) to have the CRP program certified as a “Sustainable Resource Management, Professional” (SRMP) training program. When approval is received, those currently in the certification series will automatically receive the SRMP designation. Individuals who are already certified or who became certified via the “alternate” program will need to complete “Recycling Health & Safety” and “Understanding Sustainability Management” to become certified as an SRMP. For more details, please visit the recycling portion of OCPE’s website (www.

New Jersey Compost Operator Certification
May 1, 2014 Course code: ER0303CB14 Course Instructor: Wayne DeFeo
Registration fee: $270 Multi fee: $235

Understanding Sustainability Management
June 18, 2014 Course code: ER0113CB14
Registration fee: $145 Multi fee: $125 Course Coordinator: Gray Russell

Bordentown, NJ

N.J.A.C. 7:26A - 1.4(a)(14)(xiv) states that all operators of composting facilities in New Jersey must “attend a composting course....approved by the Department.” The NJAES Office of Continuing Professional Education, in conjunction with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection and in cooperation with the Association of New Jersey Recyclers, has developed a course which meets the requirements of the regulations and will help you to improve your facility’s operation. Specific topics will include: • NJDEP regulatory requirements • The scientific principles of composting, or “Why compost happens” • How to avoid Murphy’s Law of composting and what to do when the law strikes (health and odor issues).
This course is approved for 5.5 technical credits for Certified Public Works Managers (CPWM) and 6.0 credits for New Jersey Certified Recycling Professionals (CRP’s).

CRP’s earn six (6) classroom recertification credits

This program was developed to help individuals better understand how economic activity – and the programmatic decisions it drives – may impact the health of the environment and society. The course examines how and why natural resources are often undervalued or ignored completely by traditional accounting practices and economic data. It also will discuss why natural assets, such as clean air and water, tend to be abused precisely because they are the “common property” of society at large. Specific topics will include: · What is sustainability—and why should we care? · Why people, communities and nations overwhelm natural resources · Global climate change—real numbers and predicted costs · Industrial ecology—how does it fit in · Systems analysis and process improvement—evaluating what YOU do.

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