Rules”) govern “THE ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH LIBRARY HOLIDAY DISPLAY CONTEST” (the “Contest”) which is sponsored by The Knopf oubleday !ublishing "roup# a division of Random $ouse %%C (“&ponsor”)' (ll determinations and decisions of &ponsor in connection with the Contest and these Official Rules shall be final and binding for all purposes# and &ponsor has sole and e)clusive discretion and *udgment in all matters regarding the administration# operation and conduct of the Contest' Contest is and shall hereafter be sub*ect to all applicable federal# state# and local laws' 1. Eligibility' Contest is open to legal residents of the fifty (+,) -nited &tates and the istrict of Columbia# who are able and prepared to document that they are eighteen (./) years of age or older at the time of entry' The Contest is not open to officers# directors# employees# or agents of &ponsor# or its respective parents# subsidiaries# and0or affiliated companies# or any of the immediate family members of such individuals or those living in the same households# whether or not related# of such individuals' 1y submitting an entry and0or participating in this Contest# each entrant agrees to comply with and be bound by these Official Rules and by the decisions of &ponsor# which are final and binding in all matters relating to this Contest' The winner and each entrant must comply with all laws# regulations and re2uirements that apply to him or her and to their participation# entry or selection as a winner' (ny and all costs# e)penses# liabilities and obligations incurred by entrants and0or the 3inner in the ma4ing or submission of the isplay (as defined in &ection 5 below) are the sole responsibility of that person and not &ponsor' 6n the event of any dispute regarding the identity of a person submitting an entry# the entry will be deemed submitted by the authori7ed holder of the e8mail account from which the entry was submitted# which is defined for these Official Rules as the natural person who is assigned to an e8mail address by an 6nternet access provider# online service provider or other organi7ation that is responsible for assigning e8mail addresses for the domain associated with the submitted e8mail address' 2. Entry P ri!". The period during which an 9ligible 9ntry (defined in &ection 5) may be submitted shall commence at .:;,. (< (9astern Time)# on =>ovember .# :,.?# and end at ..;+@ !< (9astern Time)# on Aanuary ? :,.5= (the “9ntry !eriod”)' 9ntries received prior to or after the 9ntry !eriod shall be considered void' Time of receipt of the isplay shall be the time when all elements of the 9ligible 9ntry are actually received by the &ponsor# as recorded or documented by &ponsorBs operating systems' !roof that you uploaded# or otherwise submitted an entry does not constitute proof or evidence that all or any portion of your entry was actually received by &ponsor within the 9ntry !eriod' #. T! Ent r' uring the 9ntry !eriod# you must submit at least three (?) photographs of your isplay (defined in &ection 5) in accordance with these Official Rules' The photographs must be submitted to libraryCrandomhouse'com with the sub*ect line “(le)ander <cCall &mith %ibrary $oliday isplay Contest'” (t the time of submission# you agree to the terms and conditions that apply to the Contest' Dour isplay must comply with all re2uirements set forth in &ection 5 below' 6f you enter# attempt to enter and0or participate in this Contest you agree (i) to e)ecute and deliver to &ponsor all forms and documents# releases and agreements as specifically described and re2uired hereunder# as well as any additional documents reasonably re2uested by &ponsor# including# without limitation# those necessary to prove unrestricted ownership in all entry materials and your right to provide these entry materials to &ponsor as described and &ponsorBs right to use such entry materials without limitation for any and all purposes# as its own and as contemplated and described hereunder' $. Eligibl Entry' (n “9ligible 9ntry” means an entry submitted by an eligible person that also includes the entrantBs name# age# mailing address# email address and telephone number together with at least three (?) photographs of your isplay# as described below' (ny entry submitted by someone who is not eligible or that is incomplete# inaccurate# illegible# not viewable# not submitted during the 9ntry !eriod or in any way not in conformity or in compliance with all of the terms and conditions of these Official Rules is not an 9ligible 9ntry and sub*ect to dis2ualification by &ponsor' %imit one (.) entry per person' “ isplay” means an original holiday display in your library inspired by and including titles from (le)ander <cCall &mithBs childrenBs and adult boo4s (the “1oo4s”)' The display can be featured on a table# window# wall# shelving unit# etc' in your library' Eeel free to incorporate materials inspired by any characters and0or locales featured in the 1oo4s' Dour display should include boo4s from (le)ander <cCall &mithBs children and adult series' The term “original” in these Official Rules means the isplay was newly created by you# and is not copied# derived# adapted or otherwise obtained or copied from anyone or anywhere else# regardless of the source# format or medium' Original also means that you# and no one else# have complete# sole# e)clusive and unrestricted right# title and interest in and to the isplay (including# without limitation# rights in the submitted photographs and each and all of the underlying elements of the isplay) when you submit it to the Contest as part of your entry (> that you have the right and authority to give &ponsor all of the rights in and to your isplay and all its elements that are described in these Official Rules and contemplated herein' 6f you cannot legally and properly represent to &ponsor that your isplay is original# do not enter it into the Contest' &ponsor reserves the right to dis2ualify any isplay that does not conform to any of the foregoing re2uirements'


Dou hereby grant &ponsor# its parents# licensees# successors# assigns# agents and affiliates a perpetual and irrevocable# e)clusive# royalty free# worldwide right# title and interest of every 4ind and nature now or hereafter 4nown in the isplay# including but not limited to a) all copyrights therein# b) the right of reproduction of the isplay in any and all media whether now 4nown and0or hereafter devised# in whole or in part# c) the moral rights of authors or artists in the isplay in whole or in part and d) all rights of manufacture# merchandising# recordation# reproduction# translation# adaptation# display and e)hibition of the isplay in whole or in part and the right to ma4e modifications thereto and derivatives thereof# in any and all venues or media whether now 4nown and0or hereafter devised and by any and all means or methods' 1y entering# entrant ac4nowledges acceptance and compliance with these Official Rules including all eligibility re2uirements included herein' &ponsor is not responsible for entries that are illegible# incomplete# lost# delayed# inaccurate# garbled# mutilated and misdirected# or for printing# typographical or other errors in these Official Rules or any other Contest8related materials or any problems or technical malfunctions# human error# lost0delayed data transmission# omission# interruption# deletion# defect# line failures of any telephone networ4# computer on8line systems# servers or providers# computer e2uipment# software# failure on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the 6nternet or at any website or any combination thereof# including in*ury or damage to your or to any other personFs computer related to or resulting from participating or downloading materials contained in this Contest or for other errors or difficulties of any 4ind whether human# mechanical# electronic# computer# networ4# typographical# printing or otherwise relating to or in connection with the Contest# including# without limitation# errors or difficulties which may occur in connection with the administration of the Contest# the processing of entries# the announcement of the 3inner or in any Contest8related materials' 6f for any reason the Contest is not capable of running as planned# including# without limitation# infection by computer virus# bugs# tampering# unauthori7ed intervention# fraud# technical failures# or any other cause beyond the control of the &ponsor which corrupt or affect the administration# security# fairness# integrity or proper conduct of this Contest# &ponsor reserves the right at &ponsorBs sole discretion to dis2ualify any individual who tampers with the entry process# and0or to cancel# terminate# modify or suspend the Contest in any manner' &hould the Contest be terminated or cancelled prior to the stated e)piration date# notice will be posted on the &ponsorBs website# another potential 3inner may be selected from among all non8suspect# 9ligible 9ntries received prior to the termination or cancellation' 9ntries that have been tampered with or altered will be deemed void' &ponsor reserves the right at its sole discretion to dis2ualify any individual it finds to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Contest or any website associated therewith or to be acting in violation of these Official Rules' %. &inn r S l 'ti!n; On or about =Eebruary ?# :,.5# one (.) winner will be selected from the 9ligible 9ntries by the &ponsorBs <ar4eting and %ibrary <ar4eting epartments' 9ntries will be *udged on the basis of creativity# originality and their ability to effectively mar4et and promote the 1oo4s' The determination of the &ponsorBs <ar4eting and %ibrary <ar4eting epartments in declaring a winner shall be final and binding' (. &inn r N!ti)i'*ti!n; The potential 3inners will be selected and notified on or around =Eebruary ?# :,.5 via the e8mail address provided with their entry' The potential 3inner must contact &ponsor within forty8eight (5/) hours after notification has been sent by &ponsor' +. Pri, ; The 3inner will receive a visit to their library from the author (le)ander <cCall &mith as part of his >ovember :,.5 author promotion tour' The e)act date and time of the visit will be determined by &ponsor' The !ri7e is non8transferable' &ponsor reserves the right to substitute the !ri7e with another pri7e of comparable or greater value# at the &ponsorBs sole discretion' T- t!t*l *..r!/i0*t r t*il 1*l2 !) t- Pri, i3 Pr!0!ti!n*l 4*l2 Only. 6n order to be declared the 3inner# the 3inner may be re2uired to sign (a) an affidavit of eligibility and compliance with all of the terms and conditions of these Official Rules# and a comprehensive and complete release from liability in favor of &ponsor and its respective parents# partners# subsidiaries# affiliated entities# advertising agencies and the shareholders# officers# directors# employees and agents (“Related !arties”) of the foregoing# from any and all liability# losses# claims# demands and causes of action# including# without limitation# any personal in*ury and0or property damage# theft# loss# or any other damage or harm suffered in connection with this Contest# or isplay and0or the award# use or acceptance of the !ri7e and# (b) e)cept to the e)tent prohibited by law or regulation# a promotional release granting &ponsor and Related !arties# the right to use his or her name# voice# image# li4eness or other characteristics and attributes for advertising# mar4eting# promotional and publicity purposes without notice and without consideration or compensation in any and all forms of media and communications# now 4nown or hereafter developed' 9ntry into the Contest constitutes an agreement to sign all such releases (unless prohibited by law) and all documents re2uired by &ponsor in connection with this Contest' &ponsor may dis2ualify any entry and entrant and select another potential 3inner from among the remaining 9ligible 9ntries if (a) &ponsor is unable to contact the potential 3inner or receives no response from potential 3inner within forty8eight (5/) hours after notification was sent to potential 3inner or (b) if any potential 3inner is unable# unwilling or does not# for any reason# return all of the re2uired documents# unaltered and fully e)ecuted# within forty8eight (5/) hours of their transmittal to the potential 3inner or otherwise fails to comply with these Official Rules' 5. O6n r3-i. Rig-t37 Rig-t3 t! U3 Entri 3. (ll entrants to agree that; (i) &ponsor and0or Related !arties may use any and all ideas# concepts# material and e)pression# in whole or in part# submitted or contained in an entry# isplay or other material you submit# (ii) all entries and entry materials become the property of &ponsor and will not be returned# (iii) no isplay or other material submitted# nor any part thereof# infringes any trademar4# copyright or other property right# violates anyoneBs right of privacy or publicity# any law# regulation or agreement


or obligation by which he or she may be bound or any other right of any third party and (iv) entrants consent to &ponsor and0or Related !arties displaying# performing# ma4ing available for access# display# performing# using and e)hibiting the isplay# in whole or in part# throughout the universe# in perpetuity# in all media and means# now 4nown or hereafter developed or discovered# for commercial purposes or any other purpose whatsoever' 8. R .r 3 nt*ti!n3 9 &*rr*nti 3. Dou represent# warrant# covenant and agree that; (i) you have full right and authority to enter this ContestG (ii) no rights of any 4ind or nature are being retained or reserved by you or any third party in connection with your isplay or each and all of the elements thereof or the ContestG (iii) neither your isplay nor the use of your submitted isplay by &ponsor or the e)ercise by &ponsor of any of the rights granted by you under these Official Rules# in whole or in part# including without limitation its contents and all visual elements and all names# li4enesses# trademar4s# trade names# or logos used in or as part of the isplay# shall interfere with or infringe under common or statutory law the rights of any third party# including# without limitation contract rights# copyrights# trademar4s# service mar4s# trade names# logos# rights of publicity and privacy# or otherwise violate the rights of any third party' 1:. ; n r*l' The laws of the &tate of >ew Dor4 shall govern the interpretation and enforcement of these Official Rules and this Contest' The courts of the &tate of >ew Dor4 and the Eederal court located in >ew Dor4 County# shall have sole and e)clusive *urisdiction of any controversies regarding these Official Rules and this Contest and entrants submit to the e)clusive and personal *urisdiction of such courts and waive any and all ob*ections to *urisdiction and venue in these courts# including any ob*ection that the forum is inconvenient' 11. &inn r<3 N*0 . To get the name of the Contest 3inner# send a written re2uest# together with a self8 addressed# stamped envelope to; T- =n!.) D!2bl "*y P2bli3-ing ;r!2. .H5+ 1roadway >ew Dor4# >ew Dor4 .,,.@ (ttn; ========================= Re; (%9I(> 9R <CC(%% &<6T$ $O%6 (D 6&!%(D CO>T9&T 12. S.!n3!r3-i.' The Contest is sponsored by The Knopf $ouse %%C# .H5+ 1roadway# >ew Dor4# >ew Dor4 .,,.@' oubleday !ublishing "roup# a division of Random


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