Hoe het komt dat banken, bedrijven en corporatieve overheden wereldwijd failliet zijn en iedereen zijn eigen waarde

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The OPPT, One People’s Public Trust submitted its last filing in the UCC on March 18, 2013 Reconciling everything back to Absolute Eternal Essence

http,**i-uv-com*oppt-absolute*oppt-tool-complete* Toen de O T zi+n.haar doel had bereikt$ werd op (/ 'aart 012 opgericht .geregistreerd en de O T werd opgeheven: 1 and the 34 /5change 366 71819: ;arch &<, &'%( http,**i-uv-com*i-uv*i-and-the-uv-e5change* Op 0 oktober ()%* volgde de verklaring van 1234 =/68A>AT1"9 "7 1, The ?ill and The ?ord of 1 http,**i-uv-com*i-uv*i-declaration-the-will-and-the-word* Op % nove'ber ()%* kwa'en er nieuwe docu'enten van Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf$ o' de veranderingen te ondersteunen: Heather Ann Tucci- arraf >eleases, @anking =ocuments =eclaration of =eposit and Her >eceipt http,**i-uv-com*heather-ann-tucci-jarraf-releases-banking-documents-declaration-ofdeposit-and-her-receipt* 5eer infor'atie en updates hierover zi+n te vinden op: @??//, HAT 9ew 1 =eclaration of =eposit /5ample =ocs and =iscussion
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"%I&'eid (l)er * Nederland+e vertalin, van (%--dom (l)er .: http,**opptnederland-info*inde5-php*nederlands*vertaald-uit-het-engels*%AB-vrijheid-fl+ernederlandse-vertaling-van-freedom-fl+er CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC C Onderstaand transcript ko't van: @??//, HAT 9ew 1 =eclaration of =eposit /5ample =ocs and =iscussion http,**i-uv-com*bwwee-hatj-new-i-declaration-of-deposit-e5ample-docs-and-discussion* en beschri+ft alleen Heather!s op'erkingen in deze radioshow: Transcript The "ne #eople $how ul+ % &'%( Heather: 7es8 9hat we have here is : essentiall; we went in and the banking s;ste's "inaudible# that ever;one has seen$ in the different news$ the different 'edia8 The;<ve had so'e proble's8 2n ())&$ ;ou saw a lot of bubbles and ever;thing else and +ust nothing 'oved8 =o 'one; 'oved$ because that<s what ever;one was told was the value$ was the 'one;4 currencies$ paper$ gold$ silver8 >eall; the; shied awa; fro' the gold and the silver and reall; tried to have people focus on the paper and the coins8 ?o essentiall; what has happened is that there was a public trust and it was at one ti'e called The One eople<s ublic Trust$ which was the tool that was used to be able to go in and grab ever;one<s value and return it to the' near si'ultaneous to the grab8 @ssentiall;$ the onl; thing that the; could take was the title and ownership$ but through deceptive acts and practices and fraud8 ?o it all boils down to banking8 Aanking is the one thing that crosses all borders$ whether perceived planetar;$ perceived universal8 This$ what so'e call the slaver; s;ste'$ was actuall; 'uch greater than what ever;one saw or had eBperienced8 That<s reall; the cap of what occurred up to this point$ was that a few of us who knew the s;ste' and knew people within the s;ste's$ ever;one worked together in a collaborative effort4 so'e Cuite anon;'ousl;$ so'e with certain a'ounts of deniabilit;$ but ever;one worked ver; hard to bring this to a close8 ?o what happened was basicall; ever;thing runs on co''ercial : what is called the co''ercial registr; : ,nifor' -o''ercial -odes in the ,?$ however all banks$ all the central banks : each countr; actuall; is a corporation operating under the guise of the people<s govern'ents$ fro' an; nation that ;ou can think of8 D fro' >e'oving the ?hackles$ A'erican Dabuki$ Dauilapele$ Arian$ Eisa$ Aob$ -hris F ever;one brought that to light4 was able to actuall; show people the docu'entation and where to go on these purported govern'ent sites to actuall; grab the corporate registries8 Heather: ?o basicall; 2 started with that public trust on 5arch G of ()%%8 Hro' there : 2 can onl; speak to the eBperience that 2 had : it<s been a wild ride8 There have been a lot of banker resignations8 There have been whole govern'ents that : purported govern'ents : that have resigned after lunch8 "Eaughs#8 Eots of 5inistr; officials$ lots of arrests$ so ;ou can actuall; see

the 'ove'ent8 2f so'eone were to put all those dots in one place where ;ou can actuall; see the'$ ;ou would see the effects8 The trust tool was a huge tool and then it was retired$ reconciled actuall;8 >econciled into what is$ which is essentiall; ever; being on the planets and actuall; ever; e'bodi'ent in the universe is value8 The; are eternal essence8 2 don<t get into the religions$ because those are basicall;: for '; knowledge base and eBperience in bank$ trade and finance:are +ust tools that were used for harvesting energ;$ control$ 'anage'ent of the actual value and their assets$ is that ever; A@<ing is the value8 ?o eternal essence : so'e people call it a soul : but it reall; is about energetics8 @ver;thing is about energetics8 All of that value was returned$ title$ ownership$ full custod;8 2t never left the e'bodi'ents$ but it<s sorta like a house8 2f ;ou steal a house ;ou either go in and possess it$ but it<s alwa;s there4 ;ou don<t 'ove it8 Or ;ou steal it b; title and paper essentiall;$ which is what all the banks have been doing8 Heather: >ight8 On Jul; (I$ ()%($ last ;ear$ ever;thing that was on the co''ercial registr; : ever;thing operates under a co''ercial registr; : ever;thing is co''ercial : Heather: Hro' the people who are put under co''ercial$ the purported courts$ purported corporations operating under the guise of govern'ents are all corporate$ ever;thing is corporate8 ?o ever;thing to ;our religions$ ;our schools$ ;our hospitals and actuall; a nu'ber of hospitals have their own banks8 A lot of universities are heav; into the financial area as well$ finance co'panies8 Here<s what 2 can tell ;ou is that the approach that we took$ whether it was the public trust$ there were 'an; before us$ but the ones that actuall; went in to close ever;thing F all the purported s;ste's down$ so that what is could actuall; operate absent li'it$ was -aleb ?kinner$ Hollis >andall Hilner$ and then ';self and through the: Heather: Heather Tucci-Jarraf: and through our various backgrounds and eBperiences$ like -aleb<s : he<s got a successful co'pan; that does a lot of code writing$ progra' writing : he works in a lot of different areas$ because that<s also another sector that has no borders8 Then >andall was around : >andall<s older than -aleb and 2$ so he was around during 'an; different 'ove'ents and has been in the bank$ trade and finance in so'e fashion or for'8 ?o with all of that basic knowledge$ we were able to go in : and 'ine is legal$ law$ bank$ trade$ and finance and contracts : which ever;thing is a contract8 @ver; event in ;our life is a contract$ whether ;ou know it or not8 The; get basicall; a contract or an agree'ent8 The wa; that the s;ste'$ as D had said$ is basicall; the; take ;our eternal essence fro' birth$ because ;our bod; is +ust ;our vehicle that ;our eternal essence operates through and what it operates$ is actuall; energ; and energ; 2? the value s;ste'8 Heather: >ight$ eBactl;8 ?o what our approach that we took was nu'ber one$ +ust go in and get done the parts that : instead of sitting there tr;ing to teach ever;one how to go do it$ we realized that it could be done b; one$ because it<s all the sa'e facts$ the sa'e scenario$ the sa'e s;ste'8 Once ;ou know the te'plate$ the; all are unifor'8 ?o that was all closed down and essentiall;$ all this corporate or representations were cancelled$ for cause4 deceptive acts and practices and fraud8 There was a certain wa; that we did that and =o$ we did not use the lien

'echanis'8 9e actuall; went in and did it a different wa;4 it<s all in the paperwork8 9e can go over that later8 There<s been a nu'ber of interviews on that$ so 2<ll leave that to the side for now8 @ssentiall; what ever;one is wanting to know at this 'o'ent is$ the; have all this value and nothing<s ever been taken fro' the'$ but it has been taken b; title$ b; paper Heather::b; paper and process and through 'anage'ent8 2f ;ou look at where the;<ve invested all of their ti'e$ their 'one;$ their efforts$ their energ;$ it<s in controlling the population$ the public8 Heather: ?chools$ hospitals : Heather: 9ell$ the wa; that the; go in and fro' the 'o'ent that the bod; is created4 because that<s actuall; the notice of eternal essence in bod; : people sa; e'bodi'ents$ 2 sa; 2n bod;$ 2n<bodi'ent : and that<s when the eternal essence$ the soul$ whatever ;ou would like to call it$ goes in and reall; it<s about that particular soul or eternal essence being able to use the energ; and 'anifest and create8 And that 2? the value8 ?o what the; do is the; go in and basicall; the birth certificate is one eBa'ple where the; go in and the; take over the bod; and here ;ou think ;ou<re +ust registering ;ourself so people know that ;ou actuall; are a hu'an A@<ing$ a live bod;8 That<s all sent off to the 9orld Aank and 25H and fro' there$ ever;thing ;ou do$ ;ou do actuall; under$ ;ou<re a corporation operating under the guise of hu'an8 Then ;our account at the central banks is charged$ basicall; for ever;thing8 All the s;ste's : that<s where all the courts$ purported courts$ send all their paperwork is up to the central banks8 The; get credits for ever; transaction and contract that the; do8 Heather: 2t<s b; consent8 =o one goes to +ail without their consent8 Heather: 9ell$ that<s fine$ Aob8 Here<s the thing4 there<s a lot of contracts that people aren<t 'ade aware of8 ?o a contract is where ;ou know the 'aterial facts8 There<s certain ele'ents to a contract in order to have a binding contract8 Then there<s agree'ents$ which legall; and factuall;$ conceptuall;$ are different8 ?o agree'ents$ ;ou don<t have to disclose ever;thing8 2f ;ou can get their consent and it<s an unknowing$ unwilling and unintentional consent$ it<s still an agree'ent8 2t<s reall; about asking the right Cuestions8 ?o the best thing to do is : if so'eone co'es up to ;ou$ Aob$ with a contract that has a signature that sa;s Aob 9right$ but ;ou know ;ou didn<t sign it and ;ou don<t even know this person$ what would ;ou sa; to the'J Heather: 2f the; tried to enforce itJ Heather: >ight8 And 2 didn<t sign that: whatever it 'ight be8 ?o here<s the thing$ if an;one 'akes ;ou sign an;thing$ +ust ;our signature is whatever ;ou want to 'ake of it8 Oka;$ it can be an KL<$ it can be a thu'bprint$ it can be a sCuiggl;$ it can actuall; be Aob 9right oka;M Hor 'e what 2 do is in law and then in legal s;ste's because there<s a difference between law and legal s;ste's8 Alright$ so what happens is when 2 go to sign so'ething '; signature$ because ;our signature is an;thing ;ou intend to represent ;ou8 5; signature is K9ithout re+udice$ Heather

Ann Tucci-Jarraf8 And 2 do that because 2 don<t know what contracts$ or agree'ents4 what kind of dealings have been done$ so when 2 sign so'ething 2<' +ust signing 17es sure$ ;ou need this piece of paper oka;$ but 2<' DO<ing it without pre+udice3$ which 'eans 2 can<t be har'ed$ da'aged or pre+udiced or held to a binding contract that 2 have never seen and don<t know all the facts to8 That<s what K9ithout re+udice< 'eans8 ?o 2<ve had$ '; husband in fact$ was in a situation where +ust out of the blue all these cops show up and he<s in ?pain and ?pain happens to not think that it<s part of the @uropean ,nion4 it<s ?pain$ it<s @spana8 Heather: 2n that town8 And so the; were like 17ou have to sign this83 ?a'e kind of attitude that Aob ;ou were +ust illu'inating to with the:8 Heather: :traffic police8 7ou know the; were like 17ou have to sign this$ ;ou have to sign thisM3 And the; were getting reall; aggressive$ reall; push; and '; husband<s not s'all he<s siB four$ and no he<s not an @thiopian he<s not actuall; 5oroccan8 "Eaughter#8 And he was like 12 will sign an;thing ;ou put in front of 'e38 And then when he went to go sign he signed K9ithout re+udice< and the; flipped out8 And all the wa; fro' the cops to the law;ers to the 'agistrate to the +udges were flipping out that he signed K9ithout re+udice< and he was ver; respectful and said K=o proble': ;ou put an;thing before 'e and 2<ll go ahead and sign it38 Aut that<s what he signed with and the; were all flustered and frustrated but there was nothing that the; could do8 And: Heather: 7eah because he kept sa;ing that he wanted to talk to his e'bass; and the; were like 17ou can<t8 7ou have no rights8 7ou<re not ?panish38 And he was like$ 17ou are part of the @uropean ,nion right4 because 2 a' 2talian8 2 a' part of the @uropean ,nion and he goes 19e<re @spanaM3 And so he told the' to Noogle things and the; told the' 19hat<s this K9ithout re+udice<3 and he told the' Noogle itM ?o ;eah it was Cuite an interesting stor;$ but here<s the point8 The point is 7O, are the value8 That<s what A@<ing when we talk about A@<ing and DO<ing which is a lot of: it<s +ust reall; si'ple$ it<s reall; basic: 2 use those words A@ and DO because those are si'ple8 Heather: >ight$ so that<s wh; it<s so i'portant to A@ and to DO8 2t<s +ust a ver; si'ple state'ent8 The point is if ;ou A@ and DO$ especiall; after what was referred to as the O T4 the eople<s Trust: went in and returned ever;thing to ever;one4 an;ti'e ;ou A@ and DO it is now 7O,>8 There is no corporate or hidden representation that the; can actuall; charge to because ;ou are a full custodian8 7ou are the sole "soul# custodian of ;our bod;$ which is ;our vehicle and ;our A@<ing which is ;our eternal essence and that is where the value 2?8 Heather: Oka;8 ?o first off the value has alwa;s been in ;ou8 2t<s +ust been a 'atter of what hasn<t been told8 9hat hasn<t been transparent is nu'ber one Kwhat the value is< and now that

;ou all know what the value is and it lawfull; and legall; has been returned8 2s that ;ou<ve alwa;s been able to access it8 ?o right now it<s a 'atter of people: ;ou can either give the' a fish for a da;$ or ;ou can teach the' how to fish4 and reall; this is +ust re'inding ;ou how to fish8 -ause ever;thing that<s about to be said has alwa;s been4 which is wh; the; reall; don<t want people to be focused on knowing the'selves or going within and using their tools of resonance8 The; need ;ou distracted so ;ou don<t think about this stuff8 ?o when ;ou go in to access ;our value what is ver; i'portant is to know this4 the tools that are in the Kfinancial s;ste'< are the tools4 the;<re representations$ the;<re usuall; a written or a ph;sical representation of the energetics8 Oka;8 ?o the financial s;ste' as far as the tools and the 'echanis's are beautiful8 And the; are ver; correct because the; needed to use the correct tools in order to transfer and use8 The proble' was the; co''andeered and stole things that weren<t theirs8 And when 2 sa; Kthe;< 2<' not talking about the purported corporations operating under the guise of govern'ent oka;8 2<' talking about those who actuall; use those tools in order to co''andeer8 =or'all; people know the' as the thirteen fa'ilies and even within the thirteen fa'ilies there were 'an; that were tr;ing and have assisted in 'aking sure this all co'es out8 ?o 2<d reall; like to point that out8 And there are a lot of people within those s;ste's4 agents and beneficiaries that also have been working to 'ake sure all of this co'es out8 ?o the tools4 t;picall; people are ver; fa'iliar with Kthe bond< oka;8 A cheCue4 ;ou know the cheCues ;ou write to ;our grocer$ or that ;ou write for ;our gas$ or that ;ou write for the school$ rent or whatever8 -heCues are a bond4 it<s actuall; a bill of eBchange8 Oka;8 2 don<t like the word Kbond< because Kbond< is Kbondage<8 Heather: Oka;$ in the value s;ste' what the; did was the; took a part of the value s;ste'$ put it into a vacuu' and it happened when it<s in the value s;ste' and it<s whole it actuall; is the enforce'ent and accountabilit;4 self accountabilit; feature of the value s;ste'8 9hen ;ou separate it$ it ends up creating a debt s;ste'4 which is what people toda; know as the Kfinancial s;ste'<8 ?o it looks like there<s li'ited resources8 2t looks like there<s not enough8 And: Heather: : and each person is not the value and the; actuall; have to borrow the value oka;8 That<s a huge part and so what 2 have focused on with -aleb and >andall throughout this entire ti'e was not to +ust give a fish and if so'ething happens to the person teaching how to get a fish$ ever;one<s kind of screwed8 ?o reall; it<s about ever;one knowing all the data so that the; can A@ creative$ since it is their value$ it is their bod;$ their vehicle that the; are DO<ing this to and 2 love all the D=A conversations and the supre'e court in the ,? went in and dealt with this too8 D=A is +ust a part of ;our vehicle right: it<s part of ;our bod;8 And N9 Hardin brought up it<s not +ust D=A$ ;ou hear >=A$ ;ou hear all these acron;'s: +unk D=A: that<s going to be an interesting revelation here ver;$ ver; shortl; of what that actuall; all is8 Aut what 2 can sa; is this4 the tools are still the sa'e as far as accessing8 Aut 2 don<t like the word KAond<8 2t<s an instru'ent oka;8 Eike the public trust when we went in to test the different

'echanis's on how to return ever;thing to ever;one there was an Kacceptance perfor'ance bond<8 And that<s a Kbondage< rightM 2t<s a voluntar; co''ercial indenture8 7ou<re agreeing to be a co''ercial servant for whatever period of ti'e for whatever the ter' of contract and ter's and conditions are8 ?o instead what 2 would like to do and this is what 2<ve been working on for release for toda;$ which will be released toda;4 is giving ever;one the data of the value s;ste':the whole8 And ;ou<ll be able to recognize the part that was the financial s;ste'8 And 2<' actuall; breaking it down so ;ou can see how the; actuall; 'ade ph;sical representations of the energetics and the; didn<t tell ;ou about the energetics8 And the whole value s;ste'8 Then also the tools and the instru'ents4 ;ou<ll see how value actuall; works4 which is value for value8 And ;ou<ll also be able to see the different tools8 Aecause if ;ou know what the actual value s;ste' is ;ou know how the value for value works$ like currencies for instance as an eBa'ple$ the;<ll sa; 1Oh it<s for instance in 5orocco it<s so'ething like eight and a half Dirha' per dollar$ or eight point two Dirha' per @uro8 That<s the value eBchange8 9e<ll value for value is one to one unit8 2t doesn<t 'atter what the units are because the;<re all representations of energ;8 ?o ever;thing is actuall; standard across the board$ 2 don<t care what representation one chooses to use as long as it<s 'utuall; acceptable8 ?o it doesn<t 'atter if there are these current s;ste's8 9hat 2 would like to do is show ;ou the bond that we actuall; put together for the slaver; s;ste' actuall; to use within it because at the ti'e: Heather: : it was still standing and those that choose that the; want to let other people take their value that<s the tool that the; can actuall; go in and use8 And ;ou can see the evolution of to where we are =O94 where it<s basicall; K2< which is the eternal essence and ever;one is eternal essence and ever;one controls their value and their bod;8 Then ;ou can see the evolution of how that bond reall; is +ust an instru'ent4 it<s a trans'itting utilit; or trans'itting vehicle of the energ;$ of the value that ;ou<re going to transfer8 =ow it could be in the for' of a Hederal >eserve note$ it could be in the for' of a 7en$ a ?wiss Hranc$ it could be in the for' of: Heather: >ight$ it could be in the for' of a service8 Oalue co'es in 'an;$ 'an; different for's8 2t could +ust be a straight energetic eBchange as well8 >ight: energ;8 And that wa; people can 'ake an infor'ed choice of how the; want to operate their value$ operate their vehicles and actuall; create and 'anifest and co-create and co-'anifest8 That was the approach and 2 want to 'ake sure ever;one knew it was about giving the' the knowledge4 the actual infor'ation8 Aecause in bank$ trade and finance the knowledge is the currenc;8 The paper and the coins and the natural resources are =OT8 Those are +ust the boot; if ;ou will4 fro' the knowledge oka;8 ?o that<s what the docu'ents will be8 And once ;ou know the value s;ste' ;ou know what kind of docu'ents ;ou need to have in place8 2f ;ou think about it when ;ou go to do a credit card application for instance$ that<s a declaration8 2t sa;s 12 declare the foregoing is true and correct38 Oka;$ so the application is actuall; the underwriting for a piece of plastic that shows up at ;our

door and then the acceptance of the contract$ or the agree'ent reall;$ because the; don<t tell ;ou all of the 'aterial facts$ so it<s actuall; an agree'ent$ is ;ou using that piece of plastic8 And ;ou<re bound ever; ti'e ;ou use that piece of plastic4 so ;ou have 'ultiple contracts going on ever; ti'e ;ou use that piece of plastic8 7our signature is actuall; the signature on the contract8 ?o$ what 2 wanted to 'ake sure was that ever;one had the basic tools and that reall; it is +ust declarations and then it<s also deposits8 There are two representations of eternal essence which is what the; have been using is business and bank8 @ver; 2'<bodi'ent is their O9= bank8 The wa; the s;ste' works is not +ust planetar; it<s universal actuall;8 @ver;one has eBperience with +ust the planetar; and then what happens is A2? was the 'ain one that would actuall; take things universal8 And so a lot of infor'ation is going to be co'ing out about that as well8 9e have -aleb who went in and basicall; created the progra''ing and coding so that tools that we use toda; that we know as Kharvesting tools< such as ?k;pe$ Twitter$ Hacebook$ 5; ?pace: all of these give ;ou free accounts but what people don<t know is all ;our data is being sold8 ?o the;<re 'aking Cuite a bit of 'one; on ;our data4 even if ;ou have a free account and ;ou<re using all this$ the;<re selling it over8 2t<s like ;our 'edical records8 9hen ;ou go in and ;ou are with the doctor$ if ;ou read the actual paperwork$ ;ou<ll see where ;ou give the' per'ission to sell ;our 'edical records$ sell ;our data$ sell ;our infor'ation8 The; 'ake Cuite a bit of 'one;$ the; get a lot of stipends fro' corporations$ fro' big phar'a and all that data is ;ours8 ?o -aleb went in and he called it the O@L? protocols8 One is ;ou own ;our own data8 Two is if ;our data is out in the public it<s alwa;s encr;pted8 And three is that if it<s not in ;our control then there is an acco''odation agree'ent contract in place4 'eaning ;ou give the' ter's and conditions of how the; can use ;our data8 ?o reall; ;ou now have +ust 'ade: took all those deceptive acts and practices which 'ake ;ou revenue strea's ;ou don<t know about off ;ou and ;our data and ;our value and the;<re =O9 7O,>?8 7ou get to choose who ;ou want to share ;our infor'ation8 2f ;ou want those revenue strea's$ then ;ou get those revenue strea's8 Aut the point was with taking that$ giving ;ou the ke; to ;our own account$ which usuall; those harvesting tools the; +ust keep the' and that wa; the; can give the infor'ation and usuall; corporation operating under the guise of govern'ents would co'e in and even corporations$ straight corporations would co'e in and do warrants for ;our infor'ation on ;our cell phone carrier$ ;our cell phone provider$ ;our internet provider8 The; go in and serve these warrants and ;ou have no idea that the;<ve gone in and actuall; asked for ;our data and ;our infor'ation8 And so it<s funn; because there was that big disclosure about =?A using all of those particular harvesting tools that 2<ve na'ed and going and getting ;our data8 ro+ect L222 which is what -aleb created was a wa; for the' to Kdo it right<8 2nstead of going to a place where there<s possibl; 'illions of accounts and 2'<bodi'ents sitting there and +ust grabbing up batches or bulk$ the; actuall; now have to go to each person and let the' know 1He;$ 2 want ;our data38 And then ;ou sit and ;ou<re responsible for going in and being confident and:

Heather: 7eah and negotiating the price: or sa;ing 19hat<s this forJ3 7ou know +ust asking the Cuestions8 And so 2 love the concept of ever;one A@<ing in charge of their own value8 7ou are ;our own bank8 7ou run ;our own bod;$ ;our own business8 7ou need to be responsible for it8 7ou need the s;ste' to be able to do that8 ?o it was reall; i'portant to also have the law be what it is and that<s wh; that last ,-- filing which reconciled all of the co''ercial registries so that the; no longer eBist: the; 'a; still have the' up and operating$ but at the sa'e ti'e nothing that goes in there is valid at this point and hasn<t been for a while8 Heather: =o$ no8 2t<s the sa'e as when ;ou write K9ithout re+udice< and '; na'e$ that<s '; signature8 And +ust because the; ask 'e to sign the docu'ent doesn<t 'ean 2<' a part; to their hidden contracts8 Oka;8 ,nless it<s discoverable and unless it<s actuall; disclosed to ;ou how can ;ou be a part; to it8 ?o even if the; are still filing things the; are about ;ou Eisa for instance$ ;ou<re not held accountable for it8 7ou<re not held responsible for it8 Aecause the;<re not disclosing it to ;ou and ;ou<re not signing on it8 Heather: >ight8 Oka; so these tools$ what 2 wanted to do and what 2<ve done is actuall; disclose the value s;ste' and how it actuall; works8 And also show ;ou how the; took a part of it and 'ade it what is the past financial s;ste'8 ?o that ;ou know the difference and ;ou can 'ake an infor'ed choice4 because if ;ou still want to operate in that wa;: greatM The; don<t have an;thing to pa; ;ou with "laughing# at this point unless the; bring$ continue a ponzi sche'e and bring others in and use their value to pa; ;ou so it looks like the; actuall; have so'ething$ or ;ou<re going to have that Kbond< for instance$ that Ktool< that 'ain operating tool: Heather: 9ell$ it was the te'plate that we used that we were going to go use prior to taking ever;thing to K2<8 @ven before fatho'ing and following the trail back to K2<$ back to zero point8 And so 2 would like ever;one to see that8 Aecause 2 want ever;one: it<s about absolute data$ not one piece 'issing8 The; need to see the difference4 if the; want to work in a co'part'entalized financial s;ste' that is a debt driven s;ste'$ or if the; want to work in the value s;ste'4 which is the absolute energetics8 And the; now can actuall; work universal at that point8 =ot +ust planetar; but universal8 And then see the tools and how the; actuall; work8 How the; create their bank$ how the; create their business and then how the; actuall; do the transactions and transfer the energies8 Those docu'ents are what will be released tonight along with the value s;ste' data8 Then ;ou can go in$ whether it<s ro+ect L222 for instance$ that ;ou choose to actuall; do ;our banking and ;our business transactions where ;ou actuall; own ;our own ke; to ;our own account4 which -aleb is$ 2 think it<s an A?A or so'e kind of a ke; where the data goes on the server for three da;s so that people can actuall; receive it and then he<s actuall; 'aking it so it<s an >?A ke;4 which 'eans nobod; sees it at an; 'o'ent8 Just the people ;ou send it to4 who 7O, choose8 >ightM Heather: >ight8 And so ;ou can use ro+ect L222 but 2 also want to 'ake sure that it<s not li'ited8 @ver;one should be able to pla; and ;ou should be able to 'ake ;our own choice of who ;ou want to pla; with8 ?o if ;ou want to walk into a bank or ;ou want to walk into an; purported

govern'ent$ corporation operating under the guise of govern'ent 2 should sa;$ or corporation$ ;ou should be able to know how it all works so that ;ou can walk in knowingl;$ willingl; and intentionall; and sa; 12 would like to pla; with ;ou under these ter's and conditions38 Then negotiate fro' there if ;ou choose$ or +ust start to pla;$ but have the sa'e tools so the;<re all unifor'8 ?o ;ou can walk into a bank and let<s sa; ;ou do a declaration of deposit4 which is +ust basicall; a declaration of value8 9hich was all O T the tool went in and recovered basicall; or set a li'it$ set an a'ount 2 should sa;$ at %) billion8 2t was I billion for ever; in<bodi'ent and then I billion eBtra for an;one who declares the; were da'aged b; the s;ste's8 And ;et that<s onl; a fraction of what the; actuall; took$ but that was enough to go in and be able to stop the s;ste's fro' flowing illegall; and unlawfull; and allowing ever;one the chance to breathe and get caught up with what the heck has been going on8 There<s that to start with but there<s actuall; 'ore and if that<s what ;ou choose then basicall; ;ou +ust 'ake a declaration of what it is$ and then the; would have to rebut it8 Heather: 9ell not % 'illion dollars but % 'illion units:8 Heather: Aecause the Dollar$ the 7en$ an; kind of those current$ what the; call current funds and 2 love the word current because it<s all about energ;$ rightJ -urrent funds8 And so if ;ou go in$ 2 want to 'ake sure that people have the choice of what s;ste's the; want to use$ so the tools need to be unifor' across the board and when we use the value s;ste' the; are8 @ven in the financial s;ste' those tools are the sa'e tools$ it<s +ust that ;ou<re declaring and the; have to rebut it8 Heather: =ice wording8 Heather: 9ell how about 2 do this$ how about 2 actuall; walk it through as 2 believe ;ou could do it8 Heather: ?o essentiall;$ 2<' going to use ro+ect L222 because what people don<t know ;et is ro+ect L222 is actuall; the first that 2 know of entit; or representation that<s sitting in K2<$ in the governing law8 ?o -aleb$ the co'panies that he<s actuall; running ro+ect L222 through are representations of hi'8 And so those are also in K2<8 And that<s what people would usuall; refer to as a corporation8 ?o for instance 2<' going to give ;ou an eBa'ple of how to do '; 2,O 2=change on ro+ect L222 as well as '; 2,O 2=change with tools of the for'er s;ste's8 Oka;J Heather: ?o on ro+ect L222 for instance$ 2 go in and 2 create an account with ro+ect L222 and then what 2 do is$ 2 do a declaration of representation sa;ing 2<' creating whatever representation na'e ;ou want to use$ 2 can either use Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf$ 2 can use AA- -orporation$ 2 can use whatever it is as long as 2 declare what it is$ and 2 put that declaration of representation so ever;one knows it<s there$ it<s established and 2<' responsible for it8 2<' responsible for it with '; full personal liabilit; and responsibilit; for an;thing and ever;thing that particular

representation does because it<s reall; +ust 'e DO<ing8 That wa; 2 can co''unicate with an; of the old tools that still 'a; be up and running and still haven<t 'ade that switch$ so it<s a bridge8 Heather: Oka;J ?o then 2 would also do a declaration of representation for a bank8 2 can call it whatever 2 want8 Again$ Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf$ ;ou know$ bank is$ whatever8 And$ but 2 do a declaration of representation so ever;one knows that is a representation of 'e8 2<' full; responsible and liable for an;thing and ever;thing that bank does because it is 'e8 Heather: 2n full transparenc;: and 2 post that on '; ro+ect L222 as well8 And then what 2 do is 2 go in for each of those$ because ;ou have to have so'e value in there to actuall; DO$ rightJ Aecause +ust as ;ou have value in ;ou$ and ;our bod;<s the vehicle$ well$ ;our bank and ;our representation which we discussed is a bank and a business$ are +ust representations of ;ou$ so ;ou need to deposit so'e value in there8 ?o ;ou do a declaration of deposit$ of value deposit8 And then ;ou choose whatever su'$ whatever a'ount of value ;ou want8 =ow this is all energetics$ oka;$ but the docu'ents are the written representation of those energetics and it<s what we call in bank trade and finance the underwriting8 And it<s ver; si'ilar to when ;ou go in$ sa'e wa; ;ou actuall; create a brick$ a 'ortar and brick bank8 7ou first establish it$ ;ou go in and incorporated it$ in corp$ which is in bod;8 Then ;ou go in and ;ou have to put value or what the; call Kcapital< into that bank$ rightJ ?upposedl;8 Heather: And then fro' there ;ou can have custo'ers8 7ou can open ;our door and then ;ou ask the' to please bring their value to ;our bank8 9ell$ in this particular instance ;ou are the value4 an;thing that ;ou do in the value s;ste' ;ou draw energetic units behind ever;thing that ;ou do depending$ and it<s in various a'ounts because it<s value for value$ oka;J ?o what happens is 2 +ust declare what value4 and for those that who are not too keen or too co'fortable or into the energetics of it ;et$ the O T went in and did that I billion and that I billion8 ?o reall; out of that %) in gold and silver$ cause gold and silver actuall; are +ust representations8 The gold and 'ore will be disclosed about this co'ing up in various different wa;s$ but gold is actuall; the representation of the eternal essence or what so'e people call the soul$ and silver is actuall; the representation$ the ph;sical representation of the bod;$ the vehicle8 And 'ore will be said about that8 Heather: And so$ ever;thing4 that I billion and that I billion was reserved in gold and silver$ or not reserved but returned in gold and silver because that<s what the; all agreed to$ would be pa;'ents for debt8 Debt would be paid in gold and silver$ and one of the 'ost fa'ous places to find that is the purported ,nited ?tates of A'erica$ -onstitution of the ,nited ?tates of A'erica8 And then all the central banks$ when the; cut their currencies$ the; have actual dollars sent over b; the Hederal >eserve$ the; have H>=<s$ Hederal >eserve notes$ sent over to the Hederal >eserve$ the; deposit it into their central banks and the; can cut as 'uch currenc; for as 'an; Hederal >eserve notes as the; have8

?o the; all agreed to that particular debt$ shall be paid in gold and silver as well8 That was the connection and that was the lineage between all of the purported$ or the corporations operating under the guise of govern'ent8 That<s wh; ever;one has the gold and the silver8 2 want that to be clear8 7ou can choose$ what 2 would do is 2 would go in and sa; 1Oka;$ 2 want to 'ake a declaration of value deposit in '; bank3$ that 2<ve done a declaration or a representation for8 And 2 would sa; 1Oka;$ in this particular declaration of value deposit 2<' putting in %)) 'illion in gold and silver38 And that<s what<s in '; bank8 =ow$ 2 also a' sub+ect to audit for an; kind of business dealing or dealing that 2 want to do with an;bod; else8 The; have to be able to have access to '; records8 And we have that in the for'er s;ste's$ or had that in the for'er s;ste's alread;8 That<s what ;our auditors$ ;our accounting fir's$ ;our banks would supposedl; do was go in and audit ;our transactions ever; ;ear8 ?upposedl; in the ,8?8 for instance$ the; had what was called the 2nternal >evenue ?ervice$ and that was supposedl; their purpose$ their purported purpose was to go in and 'ake sure that ;ou paid taBes$ 'ade sure that ;ou$ ;our books were clean$ and ever;thing else$ and there was actuall; a nu'ber of 'echanis's for that$ ;our state depart'ent was another one$ and then ;ou have the international eCuivalents8 ?o reall; the s;ste's the'selves were beautifull; designed eBcept for the fact that the; didn<t tell ;ou who the value reall; was and that the; were co''andeering ever;thing8 ?o reall; the tools the'selves$ it<s sort of like people sa;$ 1Oh a gun kills38 9ell$ a gun doesn<t killM 2t<s the people operating the gun that can kill$ rightJ 2t<s the sa'e thing here8 These tools are actuall; great tools if the; are done in transparenc;8 2f ;ou add transparenc; to the s;ste'$ and it goes back and is reunited with the value s;ste'$ those tools actuall; operate correctl; and ;ou reunite the ;in and the ;ang and it changes the for'ula$ or the har'on;$ of those particular co'part'entalized points and the ones that the; don<t tell ;ou about$ oka;J ?o 2 would go into ro+ect L222 and that<s how 2 would handle it8 Hro' there$ an; doing 2 wanted to do through those representations: and 2<ll re'ind ;ou$ for 'e right now$ those representations are a bridge tool for an;thing that still appears to be re'aining fro' this for'er s;ste'8 Oka;J ?o that wa; the; can co''unicate$ 2 can co''unicate$ ever;one<s happ;$ we can still get lots done8 7et ever;thing 2 do is '; intentions$ as far as what 2$ who 2 choose to pla; with$ who 2 engage with$ ;ou should all find so'eone that<s like 'inded that wants to 'ake things transparent and create beautiful things for the highest good of all$ so: Heather: That will be after8 Heather: Doing the eBa'ple of creating$ ;es8

Oka;$ so$ its< i'portant that if 2 can<t$ if 2 won<t use these tools but 2<' telling so'eone to go use the'$ that<s never been the approach that 2<ve ever done$ because for 'e that would be deceptive in itself8 ?o 2<d rather go and do this and it can be an eBa'ple$ +ust an eBa'ple$ one eBa'ple8 Oka; because so 'an; people are 'uch 'ore creative than 2 a'8 And 2 would reall; love to eBperience their creativit;$ but 2 will go in and show$ and DO$ because 2 know this$ 2 believe this$ and '; 'olecular structure will eBplode if 2 don<t: go in and actuall; do this so people can rel; upon it8 As far as$ this is so'ething she<s chosen to do$ she<s standing behind it$ she<s standing within it$ and that wa; if there<s an; proble's4 ;ou<ll definitel; know$ won<t ;ouJ Heather: 2t<s been usuall; the tact we<ve taken with the O T and ever;thing else8 ?o that<s how 2 would do that$ and then an; transaction that 2 go to DO or pla; with others$ it would be b; contract8 1Here<s the eBpressed written ter's83 =ow for 'e it +ust depends$ like there<s savv; investors$ or institutional investors in the old s;ste's$ and then ;ou have non-institutional investors8 9ell that<s +ust a 'atter of knowledge and database$ rightJ Heather: ?o for 'e$ when 2 go in to do a contract$ depending on the savviness or the co''it'ent of the other person in the energetics$ then that depends on how 'uch of a written representation ;ou need of the energetic doing and transfer8 That co'es down to a trust issue$ what 'ost people would sa; trust in all of the for'er s;ste's$ which are the financial s;ste's which was +ust a part of the value s;ste'$ was all based on non-trust8 And ;et it was because there was no transparenc;8 However when there<s transparenc;$ it<s not even a 'atter of trust at that point$ trust beco'es irrelevant because ever;thing<s clear8 Heather: 2 hadn<t even finished law school ;et and the +udge 2 worked for$ Judge ?;polt:2 loved that 'an8 Judge ?;polt asked 'e$ 19hat would ;ou like to acco'plishJ3 2 said$ 12 would love that nobod; would ever need another law;er ever again38 ?o$ please help 'e acco'plish '; goal8 Heather: 7eah eBactl;8 ?o$ that<s how 2 would do ro+ect L222 with '; bank$ '; representations$ which 2<ve designated or 2<ve identified as a business in order to have that bridge$ tool between the old tools while the;<re closing out$ or +ust redefining the'selves to what the; reall; are which is a representation of eternal essence and the 2=<bodi'ent$ and then 2 would +ust do '; transactions8 Then what happens is all the declarations that 2<ve put on '; account for ro+ect L222$ that<s the underwriting8 2t<s the sa'e as a bill of eBchange$ it<s the sa'e as an insurance contract because if so'eone needs to collect upon that:ever;thing is digital$ whether ;ou think things are digital or not$ 2 can tell ;ou ever;thing in bank$ trade and finance is digital8 The written representations or the ph;sical representations that ;ou have the; are still accounted for digitall; and the; actuall; are tracked digitall;8 Those are +ust for ;our co'fort so that ;ou feel that ;ou have so'e kind of sa; over either:;ou have so'e securit;8 That ;ou have cash in ;our pocket or coin in ;our pocket and ;et the; pla; with that ever; da; which is what we saw with the E2AO> scandal8 One da; ;ou have ten dollars in ;our pocket and the neBt it<s not worth ten dollars$ it<s worth ten cents8

?o$ that<s how 2 would do it$ and that<s how 2 a' going to do it$ and these are actuall; the docu'ents that 2<' talking about$ these declarations$ the underwriting which is also the ph;sical asset and originals would be delivered to whoever ;ou<re working with8 =ow$ there is an interesting patent two actuall;$ one was fro' Aank of A'erica$ the other was fro' Oisa8 Aank of A'erica purportedl; in ()%% filed a patent for$ regarding the universal value eBchange8 Heather: >ight$ and ;ou know 2 was working with intel at that ti'e$ ver; closel; in ()%% and ;et$ and there was a period of ti'e when there was like$ no co''unication$ it was through -ourts'art$ which the; would listen through all the different cases as we were in there and ever;thing else8 Aut basicall; that patent was never disclosed8 ?o$ ;ou know$ could it have been backdatedJ 7es8 -ould it have eBisted and 2 +ust didn<t know about itJ 7es8 However$ it was ver; interesting that it was the ,O @Bchange and that<s when 2 changed ever;thing to 2Bchange$ and now 2<' +ust$ ;ou know$ 2<' having fun with it but at the sa'e ti'e reall; want things to represent what the; actuall; are$ which is 2=change8 =ot @'power but 25<power8 =ot @=bodi'ent but 2=<bodi'ent8 There<s so'ething energeticall;$ that<s taken awa; when ;ou use the @L or the @=8 ?o reall; it<s a 'atter of getting creative$ and that<s what 2 reall; desire$ and a' 'anifesting for ever;one else is that the; can be creative and know that the; are safe$ know that the; are the power and the value to actuall; be creative8 Oka;J ?o all of these docu'ents are what<s going to be released tonight$ and those actuall; are the sa'e kind of tools that the; use when ;ou go to sign up for a credit card8 9hen ;ou go to sign up for an account at a bank$ when ;ou go to sign for a car$ or a house$ these are the sa'e tools4 the;<re all declarations8 The onl; thing that<s different is ;ou know who the value is$ ;ou know where the value is$ plus all the underwriting for at least the I billion and I billion were done b; O T8 ?o 2<' going to 'ake sure that on ro+ect L222 there<s an account for K2<$ with all of the for'er O T$ all the filings that were done$ that<s all the underwriting for at least that I billion and that I billion so people can actuall; point to it8 9e retired O T$ we reconciled it to the K2<$ and so energeticall; we need to take down the website but it<s all sitting there$ all that docu'entation is still out there$ but it<s in the transition phase as far as 'e 'aking sure that the tools are out so ever;one has the'$ the; can use the' without undue influence$ oka;J And then 2 want to 'ake sure that all that<s 'irrored so ;ou don<t have to have an account on ro+ect L222 to access that8 That<s ver; i'portant$ it<s choice8 Heather: Hreedo' of choice8 ?o now let<s 'ove to$ what 2 a' going to do$ and this is going to be fun$ 2 love this part8 ?o ;ou have these for'er tools rightM The; appear to still be operating and ;ou can hear 'e now and believe 'e later8 ?o'e actuall; have access to this infor'ation and are alread; calling8 ?o it<s a 'atter of 'aking sure that the; can operate a certain DOing is about to be done between Deutsche "Aank# which ends up with not such a good situation for H?A- "Aank#$ 9ells Hargo

"Aank#8 H?A- "Aank# +ust took over I%P 'ini'u' of the ownership of 9ells Hargo "Aank#$ -itibank$ J 5organ and there were a couple others8 ?o$ reall; it<s all +ust H?A- "Aank#8 7et on the inside since ())Q$ the insiders have been tr;ing to sell those H?A- "Aank# branches for ever8 Then 2<ve been contacted$ or we at the public trust have been contacted$ in ()%% tr;ing to get us to 'eet with 9ells Hargo "Aank#$ H?A-$ the ?audi<s$ the akistani fa'il; was involved that s'elters all of the gold8 The; were tr;ing to get us to 'eet and nothing was transparent so none of the 'eetings happened8 2 bring all of this out because a lot of disclosure will be co'ing out about those here ver; shortl; and how basicall; the; plan on taking the sa'e Kgirl< and putting a different part; dress on her$ and ;et having certain banks fall8 =ow here<s the thing: if certain tools$ if a tool sector falls all of it has to fall8 7ou can<t +ust sa; 1One of the' is going to survive38 ?ort of like that bad bank situation that the wonderful purported ,? Treasur; our Ti'oth; Neithner supposedl; thought up8 He was going to create a Kbad bank<$ and put all the Kbad assets< in it and then leave the banks health;8 >ightM Heather: And so this all goes into Aasel 2228 Aasel 222 is a A2? "Aank for 2nternational ?ettle'ents# tool when the corporations were lawfull;$ legall;$ well let<s +ust sa; the; where eBisting purportedl; lawfull; and legall; and ;et it +ust took a 'atter of one person recognizing the; weren<t and doing so'ething about it8 ?o Aasel 222 reall; was a 'atter of keeping things supposedl; in-ground because there<s nothing that the; could actuall; pull out8 2t was alwa;s being pulled out and then gone$ taken off planetM Oka;$ so for gold$ silver$ natural resources$ ever;thing else$ so that was reall; a wa; for the' to sort of have even 'ore non-transparenc;8 And$ actuall; one of the testers$ the Aasel 222 certified testers$ 2 call hi' KDoctor Death<8 @sse ?egundo released so'e files within the bank$ trade and finance eBperiences that 2 had8 ?o people can actuall; see and have transparenc; and conteBt$ 'ore absolute conteBt to what we are talking about with the value s;ste' verses a part of the value s;ste' that<s been in a vacuu'8 Oka;$ so what happens is that 2 would like to reall; go in and 'ake sure that the; aren<t putting a different Kpart; dress< on the sa'e girl and then tr;ing to tell ;ou that it is so'ething totall; different8 ?o what 2 would do is actuall; take those sa'e docu'ents that 2 was talking about on ro+ect L222 and 2 would actuall; take the' into a bank and sa;$ 12 want to assist ;ou8 Aut we are going to do this transparentl; and ;ou are going to do it under the ter's and conditions that 2 dee' oka;38 2n bank$ trade and finance it was known in the upper echelons that ;ou could +ust take a pro'issor; note$ secure it on the co''ercial registr;$ take those two docu'ents in and basicall; ;ou loan 'one; over to the banks8 =ow the banks are reCuired to convert that$ because if the; can<t convert that the;<re insolvent8 9hich 'eans the; can<t actuall; be open for business8 ?o$ in ()%) 2 got a lot of calls because gu;s that were actuall; doing that and where within the s;ste'$ or within the Kclub< all of a sudden started having a reall; hard ti'e8 Heather: 7epM -ouldn<t get there stuff 'onetized an;'ore$ or converted reall; is what it was8 ?o in the ,? the; would issue what is called a %)QQ O2D "Original 2ssue Discount#8 ?o$ Heather

goes in$ does a pro'issor; note$ does a securit; agree'ent$ not even a securit; agree'ent but a registr; on notice of that value and the bank would send that up to the Hederal >eserve and the Hederal reserve would have to account for the Hederal >eserve notes that the;<d have to print-off in order to convert that to Hederal >eserve notes for 'e8 7ou usuall; had a one to one$ but the; would do an actual discount so the; would 'ake 'one;8 ?o basicall; that %) percent we alwa;s hear about$ the' getting %) per cent interest out of an; notes that co'e out of the Hederal >eserve4 well that would be ;our discount8 ?o if 2 did one for %))$))) then 2<d get one for Q)$)))8 7ou know Q)$))) would be deposited into '; account8 ?o it is kind of the sa'e thing here8 7ou go in and sa;$ 1He; 2<ll do this$ but it should be value for value3 and 'a;be those will be '; ter's8 1Nive 'e %))$)))$ 2<ll deposit value8 ?o here<s '; Declaration of >epresentation$ so that ;ou know$ these are '; representations and it<s so'ething that ;our s;ste' can actuall; co''unicate with38 Then 2 give the' '; Declaration of Oalue deposit and 2 sa; 1Open 'e an account and here<s the value38 ?o 2 don<t even have to deal with the central banks an;'ore$ 2 don<t have to deal with Hederal >eserve =otes because it<s value for value8 Aut if the bank feels 'ore co'fortable$ that<s fine8 Heather: Oka;$ so 2 would go into the bank and 2 would sa; 1Here<s '; Declaration of >epresentation$ here is '; Declaration of Oalue Deposit8 9hat 2<' willing to deposit into ;our bank: and here<s all of the underwriting38 ?o 2 would probabl; +ust use the O T underwriting for the I billion and the I billion until that was either gone8 2 don<t plan on not DO<ing an;thing$ so 2<' going to actuall; increase that value8 However$ 2 can go in and deposit whatever 2 want in there8 ?a;$ 1Open 'e an account$ here<s '; under writing$ here<s '; value38 The; don<t even have to go to the Hederal >eserve or an; purported central bank$ because it is the actual value8 Aut if the; feel 'ore co'fortable converting it and 2 know the Hederal >eserve notes are e'pt;$ so what 2 a' willing to do is sa;$ 17ep 2 will take ;our funn; 'one;$ 2 will take the paper and 2 will use it as a tool83 Aut 2 know it is '; value that<s in that tool8 ?o 2 will go ahead and underwrite that tool$ but 2 get the use of it and 2 deter'ine the use 2 will use it for8 And the; have =O sa; over how 2 a' going to use it$ ;et 2 a' responsible for how 2 use it$ because if 2 da'age an;one 2 a' going to end up pa;ing so'eone in whatever tool that 2 have that<s de'anded b; the da'aged part;8 2 a' responsible for that oka;8 ?o here we have this ver; different scenario with the value s;ste' verses the financial s;ste' ;et the financial s;ste' is actuall; 92TH2= the value s;ste'8 2t<s +ust har'onized when it<s in the whole8 Heather: 9ell we<re going to find that out aren<t weJ

Here<s the thing$ 2<ve discussed this several ti'es especiall; over the last two weeks8 9e know that at this point$ and 2 a' low balling this$ there is an esti'ated that %& to () 'illion people who know about the O T files right now8 ?o let<s +ust sa; that if even +ust one 'illion people take this and run with this$ if even ())$))) people in the ,?A all walk in to'orrow to their bank and put this down on the counter and sa;$ 1Hi$ 2<d like to deposit so'e of '; value please and thank ;ou38 9hat do ;ou think is going to happenJ @ven better ;et$ what if ever;one gets together and the; all decide$ 1He; let<s all go to such and such a bank83 And such and such a bank has in the twelve hour period$ like 2 sa; has ())$))) people all show up sa;ing$ 1Nuess whatM 9e are going to deposit our value38 All it takes is one bank to pla;8 As soon as Eisa goes in and sa;s$ 12 went into the 5u' and op bank here and the; did it83 @ver; single person on this planet is going to be fl;ing into the sa'e bank and sa;ing 19e wanna pla; too83 Heather: 9ell here<s the aweso'e thing4 when ;ou go in and the; sa; 1=oM3 The; +ust prove that the; are insolvent8 Aecause ever;thing ;ou<re presenting to the' are actuall; things that are in their s;ste' and that<s what their s;ste' ran on8 ?o when the; re+ect it and the; sa; 1Oh no$ this isn<t valid$ this isn<t this or that38 The; actuall; dee' their own paper and their own s;ste' invalid$ because it<s the sa'e paper and it<s the sa'e stuff that ;ou<re doing8 Heather: 9ell it doesn<t 'atter if the; re+ect it$ or the; don<t$ either wa; it<s screwed oka;4 because the; +ust invalidated all their own paper8 ?o the;<re watching this ver; carefull;8 Eet<s sa; ;ou take the -ourtes; =otice tool that had gone out that -hris Hales talks about all the ti'e and Den and ?cott Aartle:2 love the' so 'uch8 The; went in and created this tool Kcause ?cott<s gone through a lot of these eBperiences rightJ And this is the tool that he ca'e up with8 9hat 2 loved about the -ourtes; =otice$ and before that the O T at one point had pla;ed around with what<s called KThe ledge<8 ?o it<s alwa;s kinda the sa'e thing and 2 think -hris Hales talks about a Aond and a =ote$ oka;J 2<' not hip on KAonds<$ it<s +ust bondage for 'e8 The; forgot the Kage<8 >ightJ And so for 'e the -ourtes; =otices were an eBcellent tool to go in and on one side show the for'er s;ste's how awake the people were beco'ing and 2 can tell ;ou out of all the countries were given$ well not countries$ the corporations operating under the guise of govern'ents$ were freaking out8 =ow the; weren<t gonna show ;ou that$ but it started to co'e out and all of the sa'e collection agencies$ purported collection agencies knew about the -ourtes; =otices8 eople started to report the different kind of eBperiences and reactions that the; were getting8 2t created a huge tidal wave$ because all of a sudden what was beautiful about it was it showed the' how 'an; people were not +ust awake$ but the; were A@ing and DOing8 And because of those ,-filings$ which even if people don<t understand what happened$ the point was the s;ste's D2D8

And when ;ou A@ and DO the; can<t A@ and DO8 The; can<t steal ;our A@ing and DOing8 And then on the flip side it was a great tool because it actuall; helped the people eBercise their A@ing and their DOing 'uscles8 Heather: >ightM ?o now at this point what<s beautiful is that 2 never did a -ourtes; =otice8 2 will sa; that right now$ 2 never did a -ourtes; =otice8 2 did$ during the investigations to; around$ pla; with and actuall; eBperience certain 'echanis's that were si'ilar to it and reall; it was +ust a notice8 Aut stuff that<s in the notice$ all the co'part'entalized points$ 2 had gone into eBperience and so that<s wh; 2 could reco''end the tool -hris$ ?cott and Den Aartle put together and 2 was reall; interested to watch how it actuall; went and 2 did go over it and 'ake sure that at least the O T filings were in there so that it wasn<t +ust fluff the; were bringing in8 2t was actuall; a beautiful 'echanis' and so the thing is though$ when it<s ti'e$ when ;ou decide what ;ou reall; want to acco'plish$ the tools 'a; change8 The; 'a; not serve after a certain point$ or the; 'a; evolve into so'ething else8 Hor 'e the -ourtes; =otice was great to watch ;ou gu;s eBercise and watch the s;ste's actuall; have notice of how 'an; people were waking up around the world8 Australia was$ purportedl; the last report fro' the intel gu;s was that Australia was freaking the' out the 'ost at that point8 Heather: 9ell ;ou gu;s had too 'an; K'ove'ents< Cuote unCuote$ and that<s what 2 never$ never resonated with the concept O T was ever a K'ove'ent<$ 2 onl; saw it as a tool$ and ;et 2 think that the 'ove'ent is the energ;8 Heather: Alright; then8 ?o here<s what 2 would like to sa; is that when$ for 'e$ this isn<t about destro;ing things$ this is about building8 And this is about repurposing8 ?o what 2 would like to do is 2 know certain plans$ which is to basicall; have H?A- be the sacrificial la'b and with that$ because of the 'ergers that recentl; took place and the takeovers$ is ;ou have a lot of banks in there ;et Deutsche Aank is supposedl; the golden child which is all the Austrian fa'ilies and ever;thing else8 And the; have -learwire4 which is basicall; like @uro$ aaah is it @uroclearJ 9hich is like a clearing house$ it<s a digital clearing house and ?wift8 And basicall; -learwire was Deutsche Aank$ AA= A5>O or Deutsche Aank and so'eone else$ and that<s their Kinhouse<8 The; don<t even tell ;ou that it<s actuall; the'8 7ou have to do so'e digging to be able to find that out8 ?o the; have their hands in ever; single part of it which 'eans the; can control the distribution8 And if one bank is going to fall$ legall; and lawfull; all of the' should fall8 And what 2<d like to do is ;ou have such great people that have a lot of eBperience in that sector +ust like accounting$ law$ education$ 'edical8 Just because so'eone<s in a field that 'a; have not been operating transparentl; doesn<t 'ean the actual people within it are all bad8 Heather: Or all have bad intent8 Oka;J ?o what 2 would like to do is be able to go in and sa; 17epM 2 would love to have ;our eBpertise$ ;our eBperience$ 2<' willing to pa; ;ou a service fee and 2<' actuall; willing to go in and venture with ;ou8 Eet<s go in and 'ake so'e 'one;$ let<s go in and create38 2 don<t even need to have lineages acts as a custodian Kcause wh;J 2 A5 the custodian of '; value8 Aut 2 would like to have so'e people to go pla; with8 ?o if the;<re willing to pla; 2 will

go ahead and 'ake sure that the; have value in their bank$ but the;<re going to do things transparentl; and we<re gonna do it together8 ?o that 2 know ever; step that<s being taken and the; can grow and the; can actuall; heal all the other intent that<s been operating there8 Heather: Oh well$ 2 told ;ou what 2 was gonna go do8 2<' personall; a' gonna go and H?Aand 2 have not alwa;s had the best relationship8 7ou can see in the aradig' >eport where H?A- and those investigations that 2 didn<t put into aradig' >eport which were -itibank$ andeet and the Alack Ops accounts8 As well it was with Oillarreal 5arcos and things that were stolen b; >euben8 And then ;ou have 9ells Hargo which was under the guise of 5arca >itso4 which was in ana'a$ a ana'a shell co'pan; and that<s Dnights of 5alta and all of that8 And so that went all the wa; up to the directors$ the; brought it in ?witzerland8 2 didn<t put those in because the; were still pending at the ti'e8 7et$ here 2 have 9ells Hargo now that is basicall; H?A- operating b; the fa'ilies8 The old 'an<s taking basicall; all the banks in and then basicall; going to let the' die$ which was part of the ferreting out plan$ the shaking it out8 Eike ?wiss-2ndo is +ust a tool to ferret out all those with certain agendas8 The Kold 'an< and a lot of the elders$ a lot of people have been working on 'aking sure this all endsM The eBperi'ent<s ended and the interrupted purpose proceeds again8 ?o 2 wanna go in and 2 would like to have so'e fun$ those that wanna have fun$ greatM 2 know that H?A- and 2 have not had the best relationship$ 2 have no hard feelings with the 'anoeuvres that the; took$ especiall; against '; fa'il;$ although breaking down the door with ten ar'ed 'en was a little unnecessar; with Eoie who was on che'o at the ti'e and alone at ho'e$ ver; sick8 Heather: 7eah it was$ ;ou know$ and then we had the whole ?eattle D and the test site for 'ilitarizing ;our police depart'ent8 2t was +ust:it wasn<t a good thing8 ?o what 2 would like to do is go in and clear the air and +ust sa;$ and transparentl; so ever;one can see what it is 2<' going to do8 There is no Cuestions8 The; can see8 And when 2 sa; there<s no Cuestions$ 2 'ean 2 give the data and do the DOing transparentl;8 Hor instance$ '; ro+ect L222 -aleb 'ade public8 2t<ll +ust be 'ade public so ever;one can see and 2 stand behind and people know that whatever 2 post on there 2 stand behind8 2 want ever;one to be able to see and watch8 7ou know at that point8 ?o what 2 would like to do is go in and sa; 1H?A- here we go38 2 know it<s the sacrificial la'b$ but at the sa'e ti'e it is not acceptable for 'e to have this Kpick and choose< and Kput a different dress on the sa'e girl<8 =ow the ferreting out tools have been aweso'e8 And ;es$ that was a part of the Absolute lan was used to have the banks basicall; consolidate and then have it ferret out who was doing what8 9hat was itJ 5ada' 9oo was supposed to be the head of 9ells Hargo and then that got taken of the table the 'inute: Heather: : the 'inute that we started talking about 5ada' 9oo "laughing# being the head of 9ells Hargo8 ?o what 2 would like to do is +ust go in and sa; 1Eet<s go pla;8 Eet<s be creative8 Eet<s be i'aginative38

And 2<' willing to go ahead and repurpose things8 And if things don<t choose to be repurposed that<s oka; too$ because 2<' +ust gonna stand b; their side as the; walk out8 As the; cease to eBist b; their own choice8 At the sa'e ti'e$ for 'e$ this is what 2 know for K'e<$ within4 is that ever; perceived role pla;ed a part in 'aking sure we got here8 ?o for 'e there is no Kbad< or Kgood< there is no Kevil< or Khol;<8 There 2? +ust what 2?4 which is eternal essence is having a si'ultaneous eBperience through 'an; 25<bodi'ents8 There<s no$ for 'e$ there are perceived galactics$ perceived angelic real's and ;et for 'e it<s all O=@ densit;8 ?o these are +ust what 2 know for K'e< within$ so 2<' going to act accordingl;8 9h; would 2 go in and tr; to destro; an;thingJ 2 +ust want to 'ake sure it<s all transparent and that it is$ ever;one has access to the sa'e transparenc;8 And then ever;one can have fun as the; choose8 ?o that<s what 2<' going to be DO<ing with ro+ect L2228 All of these instru'ents$ 2<ll call the' Kinstru'ents< or trans'itting utilities or vehicles$ written representations of who 2 A5 and what 2 DO8 And an;one who wants to pla; the sa'e: or we can figure out a wa; we can 'utuall; EA7 together$ then great 2<' all for it8 Heather: 7eah$ well 2 'ean a lot of people have asked 'e this whole ti'e about enforce'ent$ rightM And with the value s;ste' being disclosed toda; the;<ll be able to see what 2 call 2=force'ent8 And it<s about the energetics8 ?o reall; all the banks have not: the; don<t sa; 1Aoo3 without fa'il; approval8 Aecause there<s onl; supposedl; thirteen fa'ilies$ but there<s the value$ or the energies$ the 25<bodi'ents behind the' that actuall; 'anage the'8 ?o reall; ;our fa'ilies end up being the eCuivalent in bank$ trade and finance of a broker right$ or an agentM ?o what 2 reall; strived to do was to 'ake sure that ever;thing was transparent so that all the perceived roles were seen for what the; were4 roles8 Heather: 7ou know we<re either AEE O=@ and 2 do and 2 sa; and 2 think O=@$ or 2<' +ust full of$ eBcuse '; language$ bullshit8 ?o 2<' not there8 2 a' there for all the perceived roles8 2 love pla;ing with and then all ;ou gu;s found that out when ;ou ca'e to 5orocco8 The Divines$ 2 don<t care whether it<s Divines and as 2 define KDivine<4 it<s so'eone who sees the'selves as Kdivine< and reCuires so'ething less than divine to support that role8 >ightM ?o 2 don<t care who co'es before 'e$ and 2<' still willing to pla;$ but it<s gonna be done transparentl;8 And the results have alwa;s been wonderful8 And 2<ve had a great eBperience4 at least on '; end$ didn<t 2J 2 guess it wasn<t so fine for the others$ but ;ou know$ 2 had a great ti'e8 And 2 love each and ever; one of the' no 'atter what the perceived role is8 ?o 2<' gonna go and have so'e fun$ an;one who wants to have fun4 let<s do it$ but let<s do it transparentl;8 2<ll 'ake sure that ever;one has access to at least the value s;ste' and the tools and at least the stuff that 2 know8 And there<s a lot of stuff out there that other people know that the;<re going to be bringing out as well8 9h;4 because ;ou gu;s are willing to A@ and DO and ;ou<ve alread; shown the' that8 That<s what this whole Dece'ber (I onwards has been8 7ou<ve been showing and giving the' notice that ;ou gu;s are A@<ing and DO<ing and it<s not the old adage that the fa'ilies would use$ or that agents would use$ 1The people are stupid8 The people are irresponsible38 2<ve seen such beautiful responsible$ such beautiful intelligence$ both what people would call Kspirituall;< and Kintellectuall;<8 2t<s gorgeous8 2<ve had such$ the best ti'e and 2 reall; thank ever;one with '; eternal energ;$ '; eternal love$ peace$ gratitude8 2<ve had the best ti'e and 2 would love to have so'e 'ore fun8

Heather: And what 2 would like to see is because the public trust site we took that down so that energeticall; ever;thing could be closed and the words$ the thoughts and the actions were all har'onious$ so what 2 will sa; is this$ 2<' going to put these out on the K2< logo8 These are docu'ents that 2 a' actuall; using and that wa; people can +ust see an eBa'ple and the; can recognize the docu'ents for what the; are in the for'er financial s;ste'8 The; can actuall; see those and recognize the' fro' that s;ste'8 And 2 reall; want people to 'ake an infor'ed choice8 ?o 2<' not telling people to go and DO an;thing8 DO what resonates 92TH2=8 Aut 2 will put the docu'ents out and the tools that 2 know$ that 2<ve used and that 2 know the value s;ste' to be8 And then ever;one dissect it8 Discuss it8 Take it apart and figure out what is true for 7O, using ;our tools of resonance 92TH2=8 Oka;8

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