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Clara Fernandez Dr. Griffin English Communications 12 25 October 2013 A New Beginning Saturday, it was chilly outside.

The beginning of spring, there was a low fog surrounding everything around the house. Inside, she was crying in her room. My mother was crying her heart out and I felt impotent in being unable to help her, make her feel better, stop her tears. I knew who the cause was but, I never understood why, I was nine at the time. My father was speaking in a low, low voice, and I couldnt make out what he was saying. All I could hear was my mother ask him Why? Why now? What about the kids? I was sick and my brother was still in bed sleeping, it was seven forty-five in the morning and I had recently woken up, thanks to a really stuffy nose. There was a silence, the type of silence that makes every single hair on your body stand up straight, wondering what was going to happen next. My dad swung the door open, tears in his eyes and looked down at me. What are you doing up so early honey? he asked, I couldnt breathe so I wanted to ask mommy if she had some Vicks I said to him. He picked me up and carried me to my room then put me in bed. Daddys going away and I need you to be a big girl and take care of mommy I... his voice cracked, I need you to be in charge okay? I stared at him for a while and like any child I asked him Can I go with you? He shook his head. When will you be back? I asked, tears started running down his cheeks, he was uneasy.

I dont know he said. He then got up and just wiped his eyes with his sleeve, took a deep breath, then bent down to kiss my forehead. I love you princess and no matter what anybody says Im always going to love you. I got scared, unaware of what was happening, my mother opened my door crying and said Your father is leaving us, he doesnt want us anymore, he has another she couldnt say it. My father shook his head at her, as if telling her not to tell me something. Then after a moment of silence and strong tension in the room she said it, he has another wife, Clara we dont mean a single thing to your father anymore, hes leaving for good and hes not coming back. My heart raced, tears swelling up in my eyes, my face getting red from me holding my breath, trying to hold back the pain. Why was he leaving? Why didnt we mean anything to him anymore? Was it my fault? It was all I could ask myself. Is it true daddy? I asked my dad, the tears now running down my cheeks as were theirs. You are my world sweetheart but he looked down, searching for words. How else can you explain a separation to a nine year old girl? I am leaving, I do have another wife, but Ill see you on the weekends, hows that sound? I started to cry hard, the same way my mom did when they were in their room, well her room now. I got up and wrapped my small body against my dad. My arms wrapped tightly around his neck and my legs around his waist. He pulled away, put me down and he went to the living room. Picked up his bags and headed for the door but something stopped him. Me. I wrapped myself around his leg, begging him not to go. My father did something that, just made me break down. GET OFF! he yelled and I quickly let go afraid that he would hit me or do something. He then, walked out, tears in his eyes. We were so happy before your brother and you were born, I dont know what happened to us my mother said standing in the doorway, watching him drive off. I laid on the floor where I had let go of my fathers leg, still crying.

May came and I had only seen my father once after he left that Saturday. My birthday was right around the corner, I wasnt happy. I was assigned two social workers Mrs. Hernandez and Ms. Arancio, both sweet, tender, beautiful women who felt sympathy towards me. I was in fifth grade now, attending the Mulligan Intermediate School here in Central Islip, NY. Going to their office everyday fifth period. They would ask me questions and mark me down as unresponsive because I never responded to their questions. I was so quiet, I had no friends, and I was bullied a lot and picked on by the rest of the fifth and sixth graders, boys and girls. The day of my birthday came. I woke up with a little bit of hope, looking forward to my birthday party, and actually seeing my dad because he had promised me that he would come and see me for my birthday. I went to kitchen as always, to eat my breakfast and found my mom at the table with what seemed like a thanksgiving feast. I sat down and started to eat steamy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, warm toast with butter and orange juice. I then, asked my mom if I could invite a few of the people from my class to the party and then, the first blow came. Were not celebrating youre birthday today honey, Im sorry maybe well do your party in June or July. I looked at her dumbfounded, a piece of bacon still on my fork. Why? My birthday isnt in June or July, its today I told her swallowing back the tears. Sorry honey, Im not in the mood for parties, and besides its one birthday we wont celebrate on time, youll have more. I pushed my plate away and got up I understand mom. I said. Arent you going to finish? she asked. Im not hungry anymore I replied. I went to my room and started to get ready for school, then the phone rang. It was my dad. Hey, how are you? Umm, I wont be able to see you today, I have to go to the city and meet up with someone He said. Hello... Hello? I didnt respond I was hurt, my voice shaky. Okay dad, but do you know what today is? I asked. No honey, I cant recall, why? Is it

something important? he replied. The second blow Okay daddy have fun in the city maybe next time youll remember your baby girls birthday my voice was trembling. Honey, I... I hung up before he could continue. Going into school, I wondered how kids around me could be so happy, laughing and playing, it was as if they were mocking my pain. Fifth period came and Mrs. Hernandez was outside of her office and told me to turn around. I did as I was told and she put some type of cloth around my eyes, then she led me inside the room. The room smelled sweet, like cinnamon, frosting. Then the cloth came off, Surprise! Happy Birthday! both women said happily. I looked around, a banner of rainbow colored letters saying Happy Birthday Clara was hanging on the wall. A big cake was on Ms. Arancios desk with my name on it written with teal frosting, it had white cream cheese frosting, with a petal design. There were two objects the corner of the room and they were wrapped in shiny teal and silver gift wrap. They were presents for me, these women still strangers to me, had bought me presents. I sat down to open them and said, Thank you, it was all I could say in that moment. The first one was a Hasbro Easy-Bake Oven, the second was a recipe book for baked goods. I was surprised and then Mrs. Hernandez called the main office, then told them I was ready and my whole first period class sang happy birthday to me through the loud speaker. I looked up, I was ready? It was just too much to take in, overwhelming, and I couldnt help but cry. I buried my face in my hands and cried, how could these people do all of this for me? What was their motive? When the song stopped everyone was cheering but I felt horrible because these people, these strangers were doing this for me and my family wasnt. I went home after that and a few family members did call to wish me a happy birthday, and for my dreams to come true. I had finished my homework when I spotted the easy-bake oven

out of the corner of my eye. It was on my dresser, still in its box. A sudden urge to set it up came over me, so I set it up. Inside there was the oven, a pan tool, a small pan, and a mix for red velvet cupcakes with a pink frosting mixture. I read the instructions and followed it completely, after doing so, the time was up and the oven binged. I opened the oven and took the cupcakes out carefully, decorated them with the pink frosting I had made. They were so small and fragile, like me I thought. I then, tried one. It was good, really good, the cupcake itself was so soft, warm, and the frosting was sweet, it just melted in my mouth. I started to get a warm feeling inside (and it wasnt because of the warm cupcake in my tummy!) it was a good feeling. One that made me smile for the first time since my dad had left. Thats when I got into baking. The following year I had learned how to bake cookies, different cupcakes, breads, how to make frostings, and cakes. I sold my easy-bake oven to buy more things to bake with, so I could make bigger sized baked goods. I was only twelve. Baking helped me overcome my parents separation and other family and personal problems. At age fourteen, I learned how to cook a few things and kept going from there. Baking and cooking are what makes me happy and to see others enjoy what I made, gives me great joy and happiness because I know what I made is special. When someone enjoys what I made, it shows me that they appreciate the hard work and effort I put into it. Even when the individual doesnt like it, I still enjoy the criticism because it gives me a challenge, a challenge to improve and come out better. I am determined, smart, and a quick thinker. I learn quickly and learn better when I do things hands-on. I get good grades in school and get my things done on time. I feel I should be accepted to this college the reason being that, I love baking and cooking and even though Ive had obstacles in my life. I still was able to overcome them and move on. I was able to succeed and improve who I am today. I am sweet, outgoing, well-mannered, and unique, overall I am

special. No one can say otherwise, a quote that I live by is by Meg Cabot The brave may not live forever but, the cautious do not live at all. I can relate to this quote because I have taken chances, over the years and not regretted a single one because they are lessons. Lessons that have help me learn to be a better person. Without these lessons I would not be who I am today. I love to help others whenever I can, because what comes around, goes around right? If you do good deeds, good deeds will come to you. I do in fact hope that this essay and the help of my recommendation letters I am accepted into your college. I would be honored to have the opportunity to study there and experience new and exciting courses. Thank you for your time and consideration, Clara A. Fernandez