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ENGLISH Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate word, from the given lettered choices (A to E) below each.
1. Although the stock market has experience strong !!!!!!!!! in the past t"o #ears$ there ha%e &een short perio s in "hich the market has !!!!!!!! precipitousl#. A. '. (. *. E. expansion ... stagnate augmentation ... stea ie extension ... sta&ili)e e%elopment ... increase gro"th ... +allen

,. Gi%ing un+air !!!!!!!! to one-s relati%es in the matter o+ appointments an such other &ene+its is !!!!!!!. A. '. (. *. E. punishment . parochialism a %antage . nepotism &ene+its . pragmatism pre+erences . chau%inism le%erage . communalism

Five lettered pairs (A to E) follow a related pair of words given in capitals. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair in capitals.
/. RAMPAR01 23R0RESS11 A. '. (. *. E. &ic#cle1 "heel ri%er1 lake cage1 animal la er1 roo+ +ence1 house

4. 56*GE1 A*56*I(A0E11 A. '. (. *. E. SAMPLE researcher1 emen ate me iator1 reconcile appellant1 implore a %ocate1 7ur# stu ent1 classroom 2

Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.
8. ENER9A0E1 A. '. (. *. E. A. '. (. *. E. strengthen sputter arrange scrutini)e agree remo%e out+it &urn lose con+use



=. A +orm o+ proportional representation in "hich elector %otes not +or in i%i uals &ut +or parties "ho ha%e lists o+ can i ates running +or o++ice is kno"n1 A. '. (. *. Stare ecisis List s#stem Part# s#stem Proportional representation

>. ?Shergo@@ is the parliament o+1 A. '. (. *. Ethiopia 0unisia Estonia Lat%ia

A. A theor# "hich stresses the rule o+ la" is1 A. '. (. *. Regulati%e la" 0otalitarianism Li&eralism None o+ the a&o%e

1B.<hat is proclamationC A. '. (. *. Announcement o+ the o++icial ate on "hich a ne" la" "ill take into e++ect Su en o%erthro" o+ a go%ernment Hostile acts per+orme +or others None o+ the a&o%e


11.Inherent po"er o+ court is gi%en un er "hich pro%ision o+ (i%il proce ure co eC A. '. (. *. E. Section Section Section Section Section 18B 181 18, 141 14, pecuniar# limits o+ the 7u icial o++icer@s

1,.0he territorial an authorit# are1 A. '. (. *.

3ne an the same thing Separate entities Exercise separatel# as per noti+ication 'oth ' an (

1/.E%er# criminal act in la" has three stages. Please in icate "hich o+ the +ollo"ing is a correct option1 A. 0he preparationD the taking steps +or the commissionD an consummationEcompletion o+ criminal act '. (ompleting o+ the actD go to the hi ing to sa%e onesel+D con%iction o+ the o++en er (. Intention to commit crimeD era icate the impression o+ crimeD isrupt e%i ence *. 0o commit crimeD run a"a# +rom the scene o+ crimeD to seek &ail &e+ore arrest E. None o+ the a&o%e 14.Another name +or a states criminal La" is1 A. '. (. *. E. A ministration La" (i%il La" Penal La" (ommon La" International La"

18.Article 1AA o+ the constitution is a&out the A. '. (. *. E. SAMPLE 5uris iction o+ the supreme court (onstitution o+ the high court 5uris iction o+ high court 0rans+er o+ high court 7u ges A %isor# 7uris iction 5