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don'tnecd woodl oil almg}6"piece You Btores deconce box. md paper the roll to desirc.d size! and tightly updrc to with bit and 1. Seal end your ribbon asma[ ofglue st aside &y. one of pioc€. mctmguht pieces one pry€r and l-uget skinny of 2, You 3pieccs untching - 2lmgand have piec,ec cut Ghtc two piece flre Fold rodangular inhalftoforn2square and along crcug. llrese lhe apedectfit! pieces topand bonomofyouwoodpicc, tothe excesspryetfq andtimoffftc piac,Trimarccss prfec fitl paper for siilcs 3. Glue larger tlre skinny picetofteround of&ewood next one oftho top rim. along bhr linemdjustshy 4. Crd piecc indsr foryoubox's side Cut a of oard piece. glue last piece toone of side tre nkinny ofprper blue Crtpiece fit around wood line. to Ilen fre

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Iris Flowers
C-908,Maryland Miniatures Unlimited, Towson,MD

(Fig 1), found at scrapbooking Flower punchby EK SuccessrM store l/4" round punch 1/8" round punch Light weight vellum or rice paper(or paperof your choice) Acrylic paint: lraves & stem-sage green,lt. gray, medium or lt. blue, Flowers-bright yellow , and othersof your choice Paintbrushes Cloth coveredwire,22 gauge Wire snips Crafter's PickrMUltimate glue (or white glue) Scissors, cuticleor similar Styrofoam(to usefor a drying station) Toothpicks 1/8" ball stylus Foam pad

Cut wire abott2 112"long. Placea drop of glue along eachend to preventunraveling. Paint the paperwith the color(s)for the flowers, Let dry. Paint the reverseand let dry, Make a mix of sagegreen,lt. gray andjust a small drop of blue paint for the leavesand stems. Paint both sidesof anothersheetof paperor vellum with this mix. Paint wires with this color. 4. For eachflower, punch from paper I eachofthe circle punches and 2 flower shapes.Cut2 leavesfroml/4" circle punch. 5. Glue the 1/8" circle flat on the top of a wire. Placein Styrofoamto dry. (fig. 2) 6. Cut the petalsfrom the flower shapes.You will need6 petalsfor eachflower. (fig.3) 'cup' them. 7. Placepetalson the foam pad. Run the stylusball along the petal edgesto ruffle, and in the centerto 'glue' on the outside, Creasingthe petal at the 8. Glue 3 petalsevenly spaced aroundthe center,curved down with cut edgea tiny bit may help in gluing the petal to the center. Let dry. (fig.4, two petalsshownin example.) 9. Using the tip of a toothpick or a very fine paint brush,paint a br4ight yellow line from the middle of the centerto abouthalf way down the petals. Lrt dry. 10. Glue the next 3 petalsupright and evenly spaced aroundthe centerandbetweenthe lower petals. After the flower (fig. 5) is dry, touch up the yellow centerif needed. L 2. 3. Adding buds: Emergingflower bud theleafcolor. 11. Rollupthe l/4"circlepunchof theflowercolor.Thenfoldinhalf oneof the ll4" circlepunchof Put a drop of glue on one end of the rolled up circle and placeit centered, half inside the folded circle. Now glue the bottom of the folded circle aroundthe wire stem l/4" below the flower to form a bud. (fig. 6, 7, 8) Immature bud 12. Now just fold in half the other greencircle and glue it to the stem l/8" to ll4" below the bud. (fig. 9) Leaves 13. Cut a strip of the leaf coloredpaperabout 314"wide. 14. Cut long triangularspikes,at least5 for eachflower. 15. Glue fannedout leaf spikesto bottom of stem,above"ground level". Dry. (fig. ll,l2) 16. Plant and enjoy


FIG. 1





F,G. 1




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Ft€. 11


By Amy Rauchand Bev Corder
C-987 That "Other" spacers spacers


Illustrationboard-10"X 10" Flooring-3" X4" Brick paper-3" X4" Wallpaper-3" X4t' YES glue Backgroundpicture -3" X 4" Foamcore -1" X4" Wood for door -ll8" X l/8" Index card Wood for window trim -1132"X l/8" Printabletransparency sheet Candy tin White paint Gray paint Acrylic spray Wood stain Wood for stairs:ll8" XVr"

1. Cut out patternsfor wall and floor of box. Trial fit into your box, and adjustas needed.If you printed the picture , flooring, or brick on a home computer,then spraythem with a coupleof coatsof clear background acrylic spray. 2. Cut one floor from illustration boardand one from flooring. Cut one wall from illustration board and one from brick paper. You will also usethe top patternto cut your backgroundpicture,so don't get rid of it yet. 3. Transferthe door and window patternsto your wall piece. 4. Hold the lid of the candytin at a 90 angle,and checkthe height of your door. You may needto raiseor lower the door or the window a bit so it lines up with YOUR tin. 5. Glue flooring to bottom piece,andbrick paperto the top piece with YES glue. When they are dry, trim excesspaper, behindthe 6. Cut 2 piecesof foam core, about%" wide by the width of your wall. Thesewill be the spacers wall. One needsto be paintedto look like a sidewalkor street,sinceit can be seenthroughthe door and the window. The other spacergoesbehindthe top of the wall. You may needto adjustthe size of thesespacers picture,and give someperwill hold the wall away from the background to fit YOUR tin. Thesespacers spectiveto the scene.
Check door height here


Back of wall

tl ll



Cut transparency film to sizeof window opening. Glue into window, then cut wood window trim to cover edgesof opening. Painttrim white, and glue over window opening. 8. Make door from 1/8" squarewood. Door Use door openingto mark and cut wood. NN Assemblethe door, paint white, N N ./ and then cut transparency fit. to ^/ N N TNN film before 9. Print your candyshop'snameon the transparency kN you cut it out. Glue door into opening picture to fit your tin, and glue onto the index card. Trim to fit, and glue insidethe lid of 10. Trim background your tin. 11. The stairsare madeof stackedpiecesof 1/8" Xr/+" wood, Cutl %" wide. Stainthe wood beforegluing together. You could also cut stairsout of foam core. and cover with wood paper. 12. Glue the wall (with spacers) into the lid, and the floor into the base. Glue the lid so that it staysopenat the correct anele. Glue in the stairs.

wall floor


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