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Creating your own course materials for iBooks with iBooks Author and iTunes U Course Manager. 11:00-3:00 Smashing Math Apps! 8:45-10:45!
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn, Kansas State University As educators we face so many pressures. Traditional textbooks are expensive and outdate almost immediately. Frequent changes in curriculum make it even more important for educators to be adaptable. The solution? Use iBooks Author to create your own interactive mediarich ebooks. In this hands-on session, you will use iBooks Author and a variety of other free tools to customize learning resources for your classroom! We will also explore iTunes U Course Manager to create materials in a web browser and share that content with students online and on mobile devices via iTunes U! iBooks Author and iTunes U can work together to create a powerful rouse of materials for your classroom. Attendees will need to bring an Apple computer with system 10.6 or 10.7 or 10.9 (Lion or Mountain Lion, Mavericks) an iPad and the sync cable. Please have the Free iBooks Author installed before arriving at the workshop.! Mary Frazier, Buhler #313 Buhler! Drill, drill, drill. . . There are many drill and skill math apps available but can they help students truly understand math like the College and Career Ready Standards require? We'll combine both math apps and content neutral apps to make more thought-provoking, higher order thinking activities and products.

Project Based Apps 8:45-11:45!

Driving Paperless with Google Drive ! 8:45-10:45!

Stacy Harris, Susan B. Anthony Middle School, Manhattan! I will be sharing how I have used google drive and google docs. to create a paperless classroom in my science classroom. I will share how to use it on the iPads and the labtops and some of the problem solving we have done to get us passed potential problems. !

Summer Moeckel , Victoria Elementary, Victoria Many teachers have a tendency to get "app happy", loading student iPads with massive amounts of educational games. I tend to have the opposite approach in my classroom, "quality not quantity". I have about 15 go to apps on my student iPads that have completely transformed the way I teach and the way students learn. Strip design, Morfo Booth, Pic Collage, Puppet Pals, Flascardlet, and Good Notes are some of my favorites just to name a few. Teachers need to realize that we are preparing our students for jobs that don't even exist yet. In this new digital age, I have taught myself how to teach smarter, not harder. I would love to be able to share my one-to-one iPad experiences with others.

The Organized, Paperless Classroom 8:45-11:45!

Get comfortable using Edmodo ! 8:45-10:45!

Brenda Hauff, Pleasant Valley Middle School, Wichita! Edmodo is a social learning platform (SLP) that you can use to deliver content to students, and have them deliver content back to you. All on the iPad. This can be your workflow solution. Post announcements, give assignments, quizzes and polls. Handout links, documents and resources. !

Leading With A Bold Vision ! 8:45-10:45!

Kevin Case, USD No. 448 Inman! Many times technology is purchased and passed on without all of the stakeholders actually knowing what IT (Technology Integration) looks like. Spend some time (individually or in teams) beginning to develop your vision, discuss possibilities, develop leadership capacity, and create plans to bring you, your grade level team, building, and or district to shared vision of what can be with technology. !

Kelly Turcotte & Cameron Traxson, Inman Elemenary School Inman, KS Imagine a classroom without missing work, lost papers, and no "my dog ate my homework" excuses. We can make this a reality! Participants will use Showbie on laptops and iPads to create a class for students to access assignments and create projects paperlessly. We will show how teachers and students become more organized and efficient without bags and binders full of papers. This will allow you to keep parents and absent students up to date on assignments. Watch your work completion rates skyrocket! Finally, students feel a sense of ownership in their work. Along with this we will share compatible apps which allow you to import to and export from Showbie, making this a student portfolio, and giving parents access to the work created digitally. Featured apps: Showbie (free) and Notability ($2.99) will also share work in BookCreator, Strip Designer, & Pages.

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Evernote - Everything in One Place ! 8:45-10:45!

Janea Gray, Union Valley, Hutchinson KS! Evernote is a free app that allows you to organize and manage everything that matters the most to you. With Evernote you can create check list, collect emails, use voice notes and pictures. Best of all you an sync up Evernote to keep everything in one place on your trusty iPad, computer, or smart phone! Its great at school for professional work, collecting student work, and you can use it at home too! Learn tips and tricks of setting up your account and getting started, learn about other apps that enhance Evernote and work on ideas you can take with you!

Augmented Reality and Your classroom 11:00-1:00!

Brenda Hauff, Pleasant Valley Middle School, Wichita Using Augmented Reality is getting easier and easier to use in your classroom with any content. We will explore already created classroom lessons, professionally created AR, and examples of how you can take this to the next level in your room. Having students create Augmented Reality Bulletin Boards and projects Identifying Barriers/Creating Solutions ! 11:00-1:00! Kevin Case, USD No. 448, Inman Subtle, seemingly insignificant barriers begin to stack up as it relates to technology integration and 1-1 initiatives. On the surface they appear to be minute, unrelated barriers that all of a sudden create detours that begin to pull you away from your vision. Once common barriers have been identified, attention will be directed toward identifying specific individual and group barriers with a focus on creating solutions and developing Whats Next strategies.

Top 10+ apps for Teachers 1:15-3:00!

Brenda Hauff, Pleasant Valley Middle School, Wichita When using iPads in a classroom it is more than about the apps, but we all love learning new ways to enhance our lessons with creation apps. Some of which will include - iTunes U, Thinklink, storybook apps, Socrative, Doceri, Google Earth, Pocket Informant along with example lessons.

Twitter-I guess I just dont Get It? 1:15-3:00!

Google Docs/ Drive 11:00-1:00!

Kevin Case, USD No. 448 Inman A number of educators are turning to twitter as a way to grow their Professional Learning Network, unfortunately an even larger number have not had the exposure to the unlimited possibilities that twitter has to offer them. Gain an understanding of what twitter is all about, begin developing personal connections, create lists, develop a strategy to manage all of your wisdon, (hootsuite) and find and follow your favorite hashtags. (90 Minutes +/-) Twisdom-knowledge, information and wisdom gained as one becomes more and more proficient with the use of Twitter.

Doug Adams, University of Kansas Lawrence, KS This two hour session will cover all of the basics of Google Docs with an emphasis on sharing documents collaboratively with peers and students. Learn how to manage your Google Drive, create and upload documents including word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, and even create interactive forms.

App Focus with HGSS History, Gov, Social Studies 1:15-3:00!

Lucas Shivers, Director, Manhattan Elementary Education ! 21st Century learners are hard wired for technology. Learn about app for iPad relating to the social science content area for K-12 students. Individuals who attend this session will explore apps that can be utilized in a HGSS classroom to engage students and reinforce the new HGSS standards and topics. Attendees should have a QR Code reader such as Qrafter installed on their iPad. There will be time for attendees to share their favorite applications. Come join the New Generation on learning.

Apps for Anything 11:00-1:00!

Janea Gray Union Valley Hutchinson KS If your tired of buying so many apps that just do one time to look at content neutral apps. Content neutral apps are for students and teachers at any grade level for any subject. So whether you teach first grade, high school science or anything in between these apps are perfect for you. These apps can be used for assessments, projects, resources and much, much more! Look at the features, try it out, and share ideas to take home.

ALTEC Educational Games in the iPad 1:15-3:00!

Doug Adams, University of Kansas Lawrence, KS

Flipping your Classroom 11:00-1:00!

Christie Sander, USD 432 Victoria Victoria, KS Our 1:1 iPads allowed me to flip my classroom. Learn how How I flipped my classroom design, the apps my students an I use and why it works.

Using iPads to Create, Collaborate, & Share in Language Arts 12:00-3:00!

Vicki Sherbert, Kansas State University Manhattan In this session we will explore a variety of apps that allow students to create, collaborate, and share in the Language Arts classroom. Book Creator, Puppet Pals, EduCreations, and Explain Everything are a few of the apps we'll experiment with as we talk about ways iPads can enhance creativity and Language Arts skills.

ALTEC has been instrumental in developing a number of educational games. Although initially designed for a Web browser, most of them are playable on the iPad. The first game to be shown is Reason Racer. Designed to help Middle School science students learn and practice scientific argumentation and critical thinking skills. This multiplayer game features a series of arcade-like activities followed by a scored discussion activity designed to get students thinking about the process of making an argument. Next we will demonstrate a series of skill-based games from Arcademics designed to help students practice basic skills in math and language arts. Finally, we will discuss how to use the reports from both games to direct remediation and plan future instruction.

Visual learning projects with Knowmia and Explain Everything 1:15-3:00!

TMI: Too Much Information 12:00-3:00!

Mary Frazier, Buhler #313 Buhler We are all, including our students, confronted daily with an influx of information and resources. How do we manage it all? How can we help our students manage this overload of information? We'll create a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) by using several iPad apps in order to attempt to manage 'information overload'.

Dean Mantz, Sterling #376 Sterling Participants in this session will take a hands-on, in-depth approach for developing visual learning projects using applications like Knowmia ( and Explain Everything (http:// These two apps are ideal for creating tutorial videos enabling students to learn at their own pace as well as allowing for students to visually and verbally explain their own learning of various concepts. Educators will explore current examples of teacher and student created projects to develop a foundation for ways to use these projects. Then participants will create their own project for classroom integration.

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