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ROAD, NAIROBI Members present Name Chapter Tabitha Njau Nairobi Francis Ngunjiri Nairobi Lydia W Ngunjiri Nairobi Juster Muindi Nairobi Samwel Nyaga Nairobi Elizabeth Kinyua Nairobi James Munene Nairobi Isaac W Mugo Nairobi Carol Moses Nairobi Raytone Mmbaka Nairobi Veronica Wangui Nairobi Nelius N Maina NairobI Nairobi Joses Munyithya Nairobi Stephen Mwanzia Nairobi Emmy Wanjohi Nairobi William W Kamiri Nairobi Solomon Kirimi Nairobi Grace Gatwiri Nairobi Elizabeth Ndungu Nairobi Peter Mwangangi Nairobi Daniel Mwangi Maina Nairobi Christine Macharia Nairobi Wambua Dennis K Nairobi Agreffina G Muriuki Embu Anne Musyimi Nairobi Absalom Karumba Nairobi Lincy Kinai Nairobi Keneddy Wangome Nairobi Ann Keneddy Nairobi Elijah Waini Mombasa Monicah Waini Mombasa Justin Munah Nairobi Elizabeth Njeru Nairobi Daniel Kamau Kiroko Nairobi Nathaniel Mwangi Kirathe Nairobi Muendo J. Kioko Nairobi Joseph Muthee Mutua Embu Joe Moses Mugendi Embu Ephantus Nganga Mwangi Nairobi Mitala Johnmark Nairobi Teresiah Nyambura Nairobi Blessing Ndanu Nairobi Samuel N Charangu Nairobi Paul Macharia Nairobi Mary Njoki Nairobi 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. Dorcas Njoki Samuel W Mbugua Job R Njeru Moses Mwangi Paul Mukundi Gabriel Okondo Mercy Munyua Beatrice Kungu Alex Mukui Emily Kamau James Njau Nairobi Nairobi Nairobi Nairobi Nairobi Nairobi Nairobi Nairobi Nairobi Nairobi Nairobi

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Absent with apologies Name Chapter Phyllis Muthee Embu Brian Murimi Embu Miki Kuria Embu Jeff Mwangene Embu Ben Mwangi Embu Obadiah Ngondi Embu Phyllis Kiura Embu Christine Mbula Nairobi Joyce Njagi Nairobi Maggie Nyambura Nairobi Samson Kinai Nairobi Joseph Munyua Nairobi Winny Nyambura Nairobi Jane Onsongo Nairobi Monicah Muna Nairobi Lucy Wangombe Nairobi Grace Wangombe Nairobi Charity Wangombe Nairobi Kevin Mwangi Nairobi Sarah Waiganjo Nairobi Kent Muindi Nairobi Duncan Njoroge Nairobi

COMMISSIONERS FOR CHRIST MINISTRY 2013 AGM Agenda Action by Anne Musyimi Reading & confirmation of previous minutes All Matters arising Committee Reports Justin Munah Land Pastor Njagi Election All AOB Minute Deliberation Action by No 01/2012 The secretary took members through the minutes. Joses proposed and Grace Anne M Gatwiri seconded. 02/2012 Matters arising. Publicity committee The publicity committee had not done a profile of the commonly asked questions but an attempt had been done during Thursday fellowship to address it. A member wanted to know whether follow-up had been done to those Prayer getting saved. The prayer coordinator reported that it had not been done coordinator, since other issues coming up were given priority. The follow-up coordinator & follow-up reported that there is a challenge in follow-up because reports are not coordinator submitted after missions and where reports have been submitted follow-up has been done. Mandove follow-up had not been done The chairman reported that structures for charitable project had been set. All fees for the Mandove girl had been paid and she is doing her final exam. A committee had been set for charitable project only within the ministry. Members of the committee are; Jane Onsongo, Alex Mukui, Julius Rugah & Lucy Wangombe. On constitutional amendments, it was reported that most of the work has been done. Samuel Nyaga to follow it up A liaison office with KSCF had been appointed with Samson Maeke as the link person. The chairman reported that the reason why KSCF was chosen is because they had a memorandum of understanding with the government and the ministry of education for all spiritual matters in schools to be addressed through them. 03/2012 Reports 1. Prayer coordinators report Prayer coordinator noted in his report that there has been prayer issues among members which were not communicated to the office. The prayer coordinator reported that there was a lack of an assistant in the office. He encouraged members to engage the office of the prayer coordinator, form prayer cells, organizer prayer lessons, revive night or day time prayers a call to pray. A summary of prayer activities done in the year should be captured in the report. Beatrice Kungu proposed & Daniel Kamau seconded. 2. Missions coordinators report It was reported that the missions board had worked together making the mission work a success. He said that if every member of CFCM would commit to 1 weekend challenge & 2 Sunday services per term, the missioners would be more than enough. He commended members for the support they accorded him during the year. He reported that counseling had been done well in school missions. On praise & worship, he encouraged more members to join in and train on 2 Alex Nyaga Maeke



COMMISSIONERS FOR CHRIST MINISTRY 2013 AGM the area of playing instruments. The annual mission to Soy was a great success. He commended the members of the Annual missions committee for a work well done. Chapter growth on missions was noted Missions for the year were as follows; Term one 32, Term two 28 & Term three 28. A total of 1500 souls come to Christ during the year. Embu chapter had attended missions which had not been captured in the report. All missions should be captured and reported. An introduction letter by the ministry to schools should be send for purposes of consideration for missions Members were encouraged to take counseling classes. Reports should be done and submitted promptly after missions. Members should check and respond to mails Every mission leader is charged with the responsibility of spear heading and ensuring order in the mission. Sisters were encouraged to participate in the missions as most missions are attended by brothers. On communication, it was reported that a soft ware had been purchased to help in broadcasting messages to all. It was noted that there was a decline in invitations for missions. Members were advised to be careful on the way we conduct ourselves in the mission. There should be gender balance in all the missions to ensure that all are represented well and adequately. Married sisters were encouraged to be available for missions especially in girls schools. A suggestion to have transport organized for sisters especially on Saturdays was proposed. There is a need for all to be conversant with the mission ethics which must be followed and adhered to. The missions coordinator encouraged members to be prepared for missions by praying and seeking God before attending missions. S.K Nyaga proposed the report & Lydia Ngunjiri seconded. 3. Follow-up coordinator The follow-up coordinator noted that there is a need for an effective secretariat for follow-up. Follow-up after every annual mission is always planned. It was suggested that use of unclear words like several schools, several members etc should be avoided and the report should be specific giving actual figures for purposes of hand over. Carol Moses proposed & Pastor Njagi seconded. 4. Chapters coordinators report All chapters had held there AGMs and new office bearers for each chapter were introduced to the AGM. New members from Embu chapter were introduced plus those who had send apologies. Evans proposed and G. Onsongo seconded 5. Convention committee report Bro. Munene gave a verbal report on 2011 convention. He reported that there were some challenges observed during the convention due to attendance of unsaved students. One of difficult students gave is life to Christ on the last day of the convention. All the budget of the convention was met Over 30 members of CFCM attended the convention. He commended the convention team for a work well done. 3


Missions coordinator All All All Mission leader Sisters


Mission board

Missions coordinator All All

Central committee

COMMISSIONERS FOR CHRIST MINISTRY 2013 AGM 6. Treasurers report S.K. Nyaga took members through the report. Expenses on missions in 2012 has gone up compared to 2011 despite the fact that missions have declined in 2012 due to fuel costs and mission to rift valley. He reported that only about 30% of members give monthly. He encouraged all members to be committed to giving money to the ministry every month. He thanked members who have been faithful in their commitment for monthly giving. Members commended the treasurer for a work well done and encouraged the incoming treasurer to follow his footsteps. James Munene proposed & Elizabeth Kinyua seconded. 7. Chairmans report In his report, the chairman urged members to be zealous for God and hit the road by fulfilling scripture. He encouraged the members to chase the missions coordinator for missions and not the other way round. The chairman reminded the members the need to be committed to the committees they have been appointed to serve in. He reminded the members to serve with commitment and in the event that one is not able to deliver by not attending meetings, one should re-evaluate him/herself and remember the constitutional clause on attending meetings. He encouraged members to get strategies for growth and keep CFCM growing (be strategic in growth). He thanked the members for contributing towards the school fees of Josephine. On secretariat, he reported that Bro. Kamiri had been recruited and has been assisting a lot in the office. He encouraged the incoming committee to ensure a functional secretariat is in office for smooth running of CFCM activities. The chairman the proposed to the incoming committee that a patrons meeting need to be organized. This idea came from some of the patrons we closely work with. He thanked the members for the opportunity they gave him to serve in CFCM as chairman. He encouraged the members to accord other leader all their support because we are closer now than when we first begun. It was reported that equipment had been send to Mombasa chapter to help them improve the quality of their fellowship. There was a recommendation to have such details as number of registered members in the year, missions, summary of the years activities in CFCM should not be ignored. A letter should be written appreciating the companies who donated drugs for our annual mission medical camp. The letter must be signed by the ministry chairman and the doctor. Beatrice Kungu proposed & Joses seconded. 04/2012 05/2012


Central committee


Land Bro. Muna who is the chairman of the land committee reported that the CFCM land is still there The land committee is considering sale of the current land and buying of land at a more convenient place. He reported that KPLC will compensate us for the power lines passing through our land once the land is registered. It was agreed that consideration be made before settling for the sale to avoid a situation where the ministry keeps on changing its goals. A recommendation to organize a second visit to the land was made and Muna adopted. Elections 4

COMMISSIONERS FOR CHRIST MINISTRY 2013 AGM Elections were conducted through a secret ballot presided over by pastor Njagi. The following were elected; 1. Chairman James Munene 2. Vice chair Elijah Waini 3. Missions coordinator Job Neru 4. Secretary Beatrice Kungu 5. Ass. Missions coordinator Phyllis Kiura 6. Treasurer Justin Muna 7. Prayer coordinator Absalom Karumba 8. Chapters coordinator Joses Munyithya 9. Follow-up coordinator Francis Ngunjiri 10. Auditor Bernard Muchiri 06/2012 AOB Members were encouraged to participate in the forth coming convention through giving and attendance. There is a kasha planned for 25th November and members were All encouraged to attend Members were encouraged to be attending AGM on time. A need for an auditor as a constitutional requirement in CFCM was Committee raised.

Having no other agenda, the AGM ended at 18:40 Hrs with a word of prayer from Anne Wagechi

Having no other business the meeting was closed with a word of prayer by Phyllis Kiura at 9:40am and the next meeting was scheduled for 23rd March, in Embu

. Secretary

. Chairman


Chairman Report
We look back to an exciting year FY13 that was characterized with a transformational focus on the strategic direction of the ministry. We started the year with a one day planning meeting that incorporated the chapters and youth leadership. This was a time to think through, pray and plan for the year. The focus of the year was on the following key areas: Growth of the missions in numbers and coverage Spiritual renewal and growth Transforming our financial support model for the ministry Operational efficiency and effectiveness Our activities were geared towards addressing these key areas. Annual Retreat Our annual retreat was combined with a strategy session providing the leadership opportunity to share with the team on key strategic focus areas building on the previous strategy document done in 2011. The attendance was overwhelming and we thank God for it. The team building time served to break the barriers and promote team spirit and unity of purpose. The leadership facilitated an interactive session on the strategy covering missions, the secretariat and the funding. Missions One of the key areas of focus for year was the deliberate decision to engage with patrons to: Learn from them on specific areas of need and interest for us to shape our evangelistic ministry focus Generate more missions Encourage and inspire the patrons being the key pillars of this work. In this regard, we had a very successful one day patron workshop in Muranga where we effectively partnered with KSCF. The worship team did a splendid job. We appreciate the coordinating team led by Alex Mukui. As a consequence of that day, we have had numerous mission invitations to new schools outside our traditional coverage. Kiambu is the next target. The engagement with various other High School ministries under the Strategic Forum for High School Ministries (SFHM) of which we are chairing, is a strategic step for further engagement with patrons through the National Christian Teachers Conference (NCTC). This year, CFCM was a major participant and we look forward to a greater results. Ministry funding transformation Whereas over the years we have shied away from a predictable funding/ expense model, this year, under the direction of Justin Muna, we prayed and decided to undertake the process of transforming the ministrys thinking and execution of its giving towards a regular monthly commitment. I am glad that today we have achieved this to a great extent as will be highlighted by our treasurer. Secretariat To effectively deal with the administration of the office and the activities coordination, the central committee, after a lot of deliberation proposed that we move to a full time manned secretariat. The proposal was accepted by the members during the retreat. The implementation is in progress and we anticipate to have a full time resource by Jan 2014. This shall initially run as a short term experience program for college graduates who have a call to serve in ministry. Prayer and reflection retreat


This year we made a conscious decision to replace the annual mission with a prayer and reflection retreat running for two days at Mariopolis retreat centre. This targeted a team of 40 people. The retreat was an amazing time of revival, re-commitment and personal reflection. It was also a time of open frank discussions on the issues of the ministry.

Discipleship The ministry made a deliberate effort to get the discipleship and follow-up guide finally published for use in the mission field. A thousand copies of the book 1 have just been printed and are available in this AGM. This is a great step in our ongoing review and transformation of our outreach. We intend to work with the patrons to adopt it for their own internal discipleship and follow-up ministry. We will also be making it available to other teams at an agreed price. We appreciate the work that the team has done. Annual calendar As part of transforming the way we run our calendar, the committee decided to run the AGMs in October to allow the new committees start off within the first month as opposed to the traditional arrangements where the AGM is held in late Nov and the first meeting of the new ministry leadership is held in January losing two months of the ministry calendar. Ministry Juja Farm land The issue with KPLC was finally resolved and compensation done for the land occupied for the way leave. The revised title is under process and should be through soon. We now need to embark on the future plans for the land. As we come to the end of the year, we as the central committee express our sincere appreciation to every member in this ministry for your participation towards the work that was achieved in the year. We acknowledge it is a great privilege to serve as co-heirs with Christ. When we step into heaven and behold the great harvest that you participated in bringing home, great shall be our joy and reward. We thank God for the support and encouragement that members extended to each other in times of need and pain, truly demonstrating the love of Christ. Lets not grow weary knowing well that our labours in the Lord are not in vain.

James Munene Chairman 2012/2013


Greetings in the Name of the Lord, I hereby thank the Lord God almighty who in His divine design has brought us this far in CFCM ministry. Needless to say our service with the Lord in the ministry is guided by our core statements: The mission and the vision. They state as follows. Mission: To make and develop effective disciples in fulfillment of Christ mission by encouraging, equipping, mobilizing and mentoring those using biblical principles as inspired by the Holy Spirit. Vision: To be a model evangelistic ministry in soul winning and discipleship. In our endeavor to full fill the mission and vision of the ministry we have had the following main activities taking place in the year.
SUMMARY TABLE OF MISSIONS FORT THE YEAR 2012-2013 1st Term January February March Sub-total 2nd Term May June July Sub-total 3rd Term Sept Oct Nov Sub-total Grand Total Weekend Challenges 4 4 8 Weekend Challenges 4 2 6 Weekend Challenges 4 4 18 Sunday services/Rallies/evening meetings 3 6 2 11 Sunday services/Rallies/evening meetings 4 9 2 15 Sunday services/Rallies/evening meetings 4 1 9 35 Weekday meetings 1 1 2 Weekday meetings 2 2 Weekday meetings 0 4 Total meetings 4 11 6 21 Total meetings 6 13 4 23 Total meetings 8 1 9 53

6 missions were post phoned

SOULS THAT HAVE GOT SAVED SO FAR TERM First Second Third Total Number of souls 650 620 180 1450


In the process of carrying out the activities we have develop the missions team through mentorship and on the job experience by strategically structuring the composition of missioners and sessions in the mission board The youth have been involved more in planning, mobilizing, going and preaching during the missions. The older brethren and the couples have been involved in mentoring the younger brethren and the work has been done. We have had brethren from our churches getting involved in the mission field and what a joy it was as we blend together in the service of the Lord. Challenge Balance there has been a good challenge for all of us to maintain a balance between the ministry and other blessings that the Lord has given, Academics, family, associations, church etc especially in the weekends when most of the missions happen. Though so we have forged ahead are we are not going to stop. Way forward As I pass on the mantle of leadership of missions to the next leaders, Lets keep the fire burning in season and out of season. Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. Keep on being available for missions for God does not work with the qualified but He qualifies the available and uses them to His Glory. Conclusion May I take this chance to appreciate all of you cfcm members, Thank you for being available to go minister, thank you for praying and preparing yourself to go and serve. I appreciate the youths for bringing the presence of the Lord down during the meetings especially by your service in praise and worship. The couples and the older brethren for being there to mentor and encourage all of us in the service. The Missions board for being available and for organizing the missions, the central committee lead by our chairman for guidance and leading us in the service. Thanks too to the immortal God for entrusting mortal men with such a great commission and honoring it by his signs and wonders. Finally 1 Corinthians 15:58 Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. God bless you, God bless CFCM Mombasa Mission Report The brethren from the coastal region carried out the following missions Ribe Boys high School Ribe Girls High school Maziras Girls Memorial Maziras Boys High School Aldinah Vislam High School Kasindi Secondary School In total 70 (seventy) students gave their lives to Jesus Christ Job Njeru Missions Coordinator

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.



A. Preamble At the beginning of this calendar year the baton of CFCM follow up work was passed on with a five point recommendation by the year 2012 follow-up coordinator. Allow me to list them down, while I underline the key points. a) We need to develop a standard guide of topics or manuals on what we share with the new believers whenever we get opportunity to share with them in a very brief way. b) Each ministry member should be assigned a school to follow up in order to develop mature Christians. c) Patrons and teacher (born again) play a very crucial role in the walk of Christ among the young people. Its therefore important to equip them to take up this role of follow up in their respective schools by introducing new believers ministry in their schools. d) Equipping patrons and teachers on Christian ethics and discipline so that they can equip the new believers. e) Developing and strengthening Bible study groups among believers so that the mature Christian can impact on the new believers. In an effort to try and direct the energy of 2013 follow-up office(FUO), in line with the above recommendations, as well as with the ministrys strategic plan (re-launched afresh in May 2013), the office kicked off by drawing its agenda to prioritize the work. B. Follow-up Strategic Activities in 2013 Strategic activities were broadly classified in three core areas of ministry where follow up work is expected. Table 1 shows these activities and their status. Table 1: Follow- Up Agenda in Year 2013 and their Status
Activity Status Missions Schools and Colleges: 1) Conduct survey on the existences or practices of C.U. Incomplete activities in schools. 2) Remarks






-Survey questions ready need to be edited -Surveying design to be tabled Coordinate sourcing, publication and distribution Incomplete of -Connected with book of Hope, discipleship materials such as books, magazines etc. Scripture union. -1000 copies of The Disciple booklet in printing progress - The Fruitful disciple, a level II booklet manuscript in preparation - Working on a CFCM magazine, shelved production briefly in favour of The Disciple Pursue and make recommendations for the establishment I Incomplete -In progress of effective Bible Studies in schools especially where -Further progress tied to Item 1, column there are none. 1 Pursue and make recommendations to the editorial Done board -Done and in progress for critical areas of attention. -Further progress tied to Item 1, column 1 Participate in or make recommendations on areas Not of done -Not done training to CFCM members on follow up (discipleship) -Give way to counseling plans activities. Strengthen association of patrons and Christian teachers Incomplete in -Did Muranga area patrons meeting schools done May 2013 -Kiambu area not yet -Other areas being pursued by Mukui Committee Advice on running effective weekend challenge programs Incomplete -Not done (or revival meetings) in schools or colleges - Further progress tied to Item 1, column 1



1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Facilitate follow up of new-born believers (NB) from Incomplete school/college missions. Annual Convention 1) Make recommendations to the convention committee on Not done the areas for attention or in need. 2) Make a list of students who may need sponsorship forNot the done attendance of convention- proposal forwarded to convention committee. 3) Facilitate follow up of NB from the convention event Not done Annual Mission Follow up department will seek to put up a follow-up desk N/A in every mission field, aimed at overseeing the activities of discipleship work. Key activities include:Facilitate capturing and recording of new believers, N/A and ,, onward handing them over to the local pastoral team. Facilitate management of new believers or the fully filled N/A ,, decision cards from door to door evangelism, open air and revival meetings. Facilitate the breaking of ice of salvation decisions at N/A ,, homesteads for some of the new-believers. Facilitate a follow up seminar with new believers before N/A ,, completion of the annual mission in the mission field.

- Incomplete - Need to check on the system of receiving reports from missions field - F.U.O was late in forwarding its input suggestion. -F.U.O did not compile the list -A system of tracking the needy students for sponsorship need to be developed. - F.U.O is ready for the coming Convention

-No Annual mission scheduled in the year 2013.

1) 2)

3) 4)

From the Table 1, column II shows the status as at the close of the year 2013, while column III gives a brief comment on each of the strategic activities. C. Follow up Budget for the Year 2013 Follow up office and editorial committee presented a combined budget of Ksh70, 4000 for the year 2013. This was as a result of the central committee decision that nominated the follow up coordinator as the chairperson of the editorial committee. The treasure agreed to this and funded the same on demand basis. Table 2 shows the years budgetary position. Table 3: Budget for the Follow up and Editorial functions year 2013



Code Items 1 2 3 4 6 7 8

Budget(Ksh) p.a Cover design & typesetting booklet 5000.00 Printing Manuscripts 1000.00 Communications emails, phone credit 1000.00 Meeting Refreshments 1000.00 Miscellaneous 1000.00 Transport 2100.00 The Disciple book publication(AIC 60,000.00 Kijabe Printers) Total 70,000.00

Expenditure (Ksh )p.a 6000.00 1000.00 1000.00 900.00 3000.00 40,000.00 48,900.00

A major expenditure item in the budget included the production of The Disciple booklet (Item 8) which is at the printers. It is expected that the treasure will provide the remaining amount so as to cater for the pending expanses.

D. Editorial Committee Achievement As already hinted, editorial committee complemented greatly the office of follow up. This rhymed well with its goal as it had focus on the preparedness for the follow up work in schools. We are indebted to the members who included Daniel Kamau (Secretary), Elijah Waini (Coordinator), Blessings Ndanu (Member), Elizabeth Ndungu(member), Samwel Mbugua (member), Monica Muna (member) and Evans Njoroge (member). E. Year 2012 Annual Mission Follow up in Soy This event did not take place due to some misfortune that befell the hosting church, as well as adjustments that came with the misfortune. However, the proposed plan had been well discussed and communicated. Key highlights of the plan include. Have a weekend follow up visit by a team of 7-14 CFCM brethren (dates to be agreed), with agenda (a) hold a pastors fellowship (Prayer Breakfast), (b) minister in a new believers rally, (c) minister in Sunday services, (d) donate Bibles & other simple Christian literature. The tentative budget was held at Ksh24, 000.00, which could be revisited again. Office is very grateful to Bro Vincent Wandera and the family for steering this exercise this far. F. Conclusion To sum it up, FUO energies were majorly consumed by the discipleship booklet publication. We have left many incomplete tasks, but are grateful that we have a good reference point for the incoming team. To all thank you for your support, God mightily bless you. Francis Ngunjiri (Follow Up Coordinator, Year 2013)




Greetings in Jesus name. I thank God, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ for the far He has brought us as a ministry. It has taken the Lord for us to be gathered here for our AGM after another year. God has chosen each one of us to be used in a unique way for the advancement of his kingdom. He has given us CFCM as a channel through which we can be used to accomplish this. It has been a blessing to see each one of us together serve the Lord in our areas of gifting through this ministry. Matthew 9:37says The harvest indeed is plenteous but the harvesters are few. Thank God you are a part of the Few One of our objectives for the year 2012/2013 was to grow one more chapter either in central or Rift valley/Western regions of our nation. This was not accomplished mainly due to frequent job transfers of the brethren who were our point men in those regions. However we have continued to experience growth in all of our chapters in the past one year and we thank God for that. We also thank our members who have continued to invite their saved friends to join with us and also encourage all of us to do the same for the sake of our growth God has continued to bless us in our three chapters in different ways. We thank God for the many opportunities He has put before us as a ministry. Both chapters have participated in our regular missions to schools, the annual convention, our ministry retreat, and other activities. We also had activities organized at chapter level which also got overwhelming support from the members including youth and couples activities which have been a blessing for us all. Without us all, there would be no ministry to talk about. The success of each activity in the ministry depends on the support we get from each chapter, i.e. giving, missions, attendance etc. The support we get from each chapter depends on the support you as an individual give to your chapter. Therefore each one of us has a role to play to make this ministry what God wants it to be. I challenge each one of us to Endeavour to leave a legacy in CFCM that will be a testimony to many generations to come. Remember your works are like fingerprints and you leave them wherever you go. The three chapters i.e Nairobi, Embu and Mombasa had their AGMs successfully convened on 5th, 12th and 17th October 2013. We thank God for the leadership that has been in place in each chapter for the last one year and for the excellent work they have done. We also thank God for the current leadership for the year 2013/2014 in the three chapters. I take this opportunity to introduce the current leadership in each chapter; MOMBASA CHAPTER Chairperson Elijah Waini Secretary Monica Elijah Treasurer Ellen Mueni Prayer coordinator Purity Kavuri Missions Fred Kimani Follow-up David Itubia NAIROBI CHAPTER Chairperson Alex Mukui Secretary Lincy Kinai Treasurer Miriam Waita Prayer Coordinator Sarah Waiganjo Member Evans Njoroge

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

EMBUI CHAPTER 1. Chairperson Peter Kiura 2. Secretary Agriffina Muriuki 3. Treasurer Phyllis Kiura It is my prayer that the next one year will be a success in each chapter under the leadership of the men and women God has chosen and that we are going to give them all our support for the honor and glory of the name of the Lord. God bless us all. Prepared by J M Munyithya (Chapters Coordinator 2012/13)



Beloved brethren, greeting in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, I sincerely thank God for having brought us this far as a ministry, in all, the Lord has been very gracious to us may his name be praised. It has been a blessing serving the Lord among you, for the term ending. The office of the ministry prayer coordinator is charged with the task of coordinating ministrys prayer programs and related activities in conjunction with the chapters prayer coordinators. Currently the prayer coordinators team consist of Sarah-Nairobi, Purity-Mombasa, Aggrifina- embu/kirinyaga and Moses intercessory team. Among the prayer programs and activities held and some are currently on going across the chapters and the ministry as a whole includes prayer retreats, chain prayers, prayer breakfast, half keshas, zonal or regional prayers, fasting and intercessory prayers and prayers sessions in the Thursdays fellowship, In the term ending we have had improved planning and participation of prayer activities as a ministry and as noted in the financial report the expenditure on prayer activities went up in comparison to previous year, indicating there were more engagement in prayer activities. However we have had less if any national or joint prayer activities at the national level, this has mainly been due to logistical challenges opting to otherwise encourage prayer activities and creativity at the chapter level for greater effectiveness and efficiency, while not entirely ruling out the planning of purely prayer-national-activities at the ministry level. Among the notable prayer activities that took place while others are ongoing mainly at chapter level include Mombasa-prayer chain, embu/kirinyaga - planned prayer & fasting for missions as they were received, Nairobi zonal prayers, half keshas, prayer breakfast, and the very important ministry- intercessory prayer with encouraging response and attendance from members. Finally brethren, I appreciate recommendations and suggestion received from cfcm members in previous forums on prayer activities at the national level e.g. a call to revamp the a-call-to-pray program, hosting prayer seminars and teaching session for personal development and the mission field. My approach and preference in light of the logistical and financial constraints, was to have these prayer activities capitalized on and developed further at the chapter level through the prayer coordinators, where the impact would be most felt and would be progressive unlike having to plan a one or two times prayer event for the ministry in a whole year. My suggestions to the in-coming prayer coordinator, from observation and experience made, would be i) Stress on developing the existing prayer activities at chapter level ii)Encourage chapters to come up with more creative idea to develop prayer activities in view of developing devotional prayer lifestyle among the chapter and ministry members. iii)In cooperation of dedicated prayer time however short in our national or chapter joint activities program as a way of holding joint prayer activities inexpensively. iv)Dedication of some of our weekly fellowship to being trained or holding discussion on prayer lines as a way of equipping our member in handling of prayer related queries in the mission field. I salute you all for the support accorded this office, God bless you and have a great festivity season ahead, beloved lets pray ..

Absalom Karumba (CFCM-prayer coordinator)



Convention 2012 Report

The focus of the 2012 convention to achieve an optimal impact on CUs. In light of this, the convention was geared specifically towards the CU leadership.

Schools and Churches

2012 Convention had a myriad of challenges. We however, by the grace of God, managed to host a life changing and transformational event. Initially it was the challenge of patrons not receiving our invitation letters on time (though we sent out both letters in July and brochures in Sep). As the day of the convention drew near, over 114 schools within central province, our key source area, closed by the beginning of the month of November. Finally there was matatu strike that almost crippled public transport in our nation making it difficult and unsafe for the students to travel. Despite all this, we managed to put together a very successful convention attended by 108 CU leaders from 46 schools. The program was broken down into morning devotion, two morning plenary sessions with a bible study in between and an afternoon group discussion. A team building and an evening session followed. We had excellent preachers/ teachers of the word who had a lasting impact on the participants. Below is a breakdown of the participants demographic characteristics and assessment of the convention.

30 25 Number of 20 schools 15 10 5 0 Girls Schools Boys schools Churches Girls and Boys schools Series1

We had more girls schools (31) sending their representatives compared to boys school (15). In addition we should appreciate a number of churches like KAG Uthiru, Full gospel Zimmerman and ACK Wahundura that were strongly represented in our convention



Series1 Ladies

Girls Boys






GENDER The number for both girls and boys were almost the same. We had 60 girls representing 51% and 58 boys representing 49% of the participants.

We also appreciate the ministry members that sacrificed so much to come and serve in leadership convention 2012. As indicated above we continue to struggle in pulling the ladies to such forums. We had almost twice the gentlemen (23) attending the convention compare to the ladies (12). A number of factors would be attributed to the low turnout among ladies; some are young mothers and the ministry has more male members compared to the ladies. Its upon the leadership of the ministry to work towards achieving this balance. 15

COMMISSIONERS FOR CHRIST MINISTRY 2013 AGM The last special category that we cannot miss in this report is the children belonging to the ministry members. We were able to pull 22 children belonging to the ministry members which give hope to the continued service in the ministry if we could work towards allowing them catch the ministry vision. We had 14 preschoolers and primary school children, 5 high schools children and 3 belonging to universities and colleges as described below
Ministry Children

organized. However its worth if next time we could try to find out the reasons for dissatisfaction among the less than 5% who expressed dissatisfaction SATSIFIED- 33 VERY SATSIFIED- 57 NOT SURE- 3 DISSATISFIED- 4 MEALS: The meals were well balanced and they came in sufficient quantities especially the day that we had Chapatis. The high level of satisfaction would be attributed to the above mentioned factors among many other, however much of the credit goes to Ann who ensured that all was well for our participants including the host. SATISFIED37 VERY SATISFIEDDISSATISFIED- 6 NOT SURE- 4 50

Preschoolers and Primary school High Schoolers University and College

FEEDBACK FROM THE PARICIPANTS Just before the conclusion of the convention we sought feedback from the participants concerning various aspects of the convention. Below is a summary of the feedback VENUE: From the numbers below, we can conclusively allude that most of the participants were happy with the venue. Just to give a little feedback, we managed to secure comfortable chairs for our participants including the velvet armchairs and plastic chairs of which would be some of the probable reasons for this level of satisfaction. SATISFIED 47 VERY SATSIFIED 37 NOT SURE 10 DISSATSIFEID 3 BOARDING: Majority of the participants were happy with the boarding facilities provided by the institution. You must have noted that for once the gentlemen side accommodated both the host and the participants making the participants to feel more comfortable because of being treated equally with the host. This could be one of the probable reasons for the high numbers of satisfied participants. SATSIFIED- 50 VERY SATSIFIED- 47 CONVENTION ORGANIZATION: Over 90% of the participants felt that the convention was well 2

TOPICS: The topics were good and relevant to all Christians. In addition they were practical / relevant to our daily application. Further the interactive sessions of discussion would bring the reality of the issue to a practical magnum. From an observation point, I felt that this was a better approach compared to the past whereby we have had a congested program with no room for discussion SATSIFIED36 VERY DISSATISFIED- 2 NOT SURE- 9 SATSIFIED-50

TIME ALLOCATIONS; overall there was sufficient time for each speaker and the figures speaks on their own. SATSIFIED- 50 VERY SATSIFIED- 31 NOT SURE- 9 DISSATISFACTION- 7 GAMES: Very fulfilling and informative with key focus to teamwork and communication. From the reaction of the participants, the games were fulfilling unlike in our past conventions where we failed to achieve much. There was enhanced teamwork among the participants creating even more cohesion and breaking the barriers among people who had not known each other. SATSIFIED34 VERY SATSIFIEDDISSATISFIED- 6 NOT SURE- 10 47

GROUP DISCUSSION: The objective of the group discussion was to synthesize and enhance what the speaker had already presented. It forms the basis of breaking even the most complex of the message to

COMMISSIONERS FOR CHRIST MINISTRY 2013 AGM simple dissectible facts that we can carry home. Based on the numbers below, to a large extent we achieved this. SATSIFIED- 52 VERY SATSIFIED- 34 NOT SURE-12 DISSATISFIED- NO CONVENTION FEE: The fact is our charges are low and are meant to enhance attendance even from those that come from disadvantaged backgrounds. SATISFIED- 35 VERY SATSIFIED- 32 NOT SURE- 9 DISSATISFIED- 5 PROGRAM ORGANIZATION: Except for a few hitches the program was handled in a good way. Not so squeezed therefore permeating time for discussion, praise and worship and games SATISFIED- 45 VERY SATISFIED- 31 NOT SURE- 5 DISSATISFIED- 3 PRAISE AND WORSHIP: There was good coordination among the praise and worship capped with good leadership SATISFIED- 21 VERY SATISFIED- 61 NOT SURE- 3 DISATSIFIED- 6 AVAILABILITY OF ORGANIZERS; Members of the ministry and especially the convention committee were available to ensure success of this whole event. We can only give God all the glory for supplying sufficient grace to all and especially the Chair. SATISFIED- 21 VERY SATISFIED-58 NOT SURE- 6 DISATSIFIED- 5 COMMUNICATION: The communication based on the responses below was efficient and effective. All that was meant to be communicated was done in a simple, clear and understandable way SATISFIED- 39 VERY SATISFIED- 44 NOT SURE- 11 DISSATISFIED- 4 N/B- there were a number of suggestions that the venue needs to be changed.

Convention funding Below is the summary of the resources income and expenditure Recommendations We recommend that we: Focus on leadership of the CUs towards empowering them to effectively evangelize their schools Use the convention as strategic ground to source for the future members of the ministry. We follow them and walk with them through college and engage them in the ministry.
Convention Financial Report Expenses Brochure and other Stationery Token of appreciation to speakers Secretariat and meeting expenses Communication Charges Meals and associated items Kesha Books for Sale (FOCUS) First Aid Games & Instruments Finance Costs (MPESA) College payments Total Financed by: Paid Up Pledges Students registration Sale of books and unused items Surplus (remmitted to Central Treasurer) 300850 87600 21,110 409,560.00 13,934.00 43,395.00 39,350.00 11,568.00 17,500.00 119,563.00 4,000.00 7,600.00 790.00 4,120.00 740.00 147,000.00 395,626.00