Good afternoon Professionals, November is Here!

Are you as excited as we are about #SmallBusinessSaturday which is scheduled for Saturday, November !th this year" Are you #ettin# ready for that bi# day of savin#s$ %f you need some assistance, &lease let us 'now" (han' you for your continued su&&ort" )or archive eblast and newsletter, follow us on Scribd and download all you need to include a&&lications, flyers and more all in one &lace"
We appreciate your feedback. We have several ways to share your concerns, suggestions, and successful connections made through our eblasts/events. ~ Leave an Endorsement on *in'ed%n ~ Share a omment on )aceboo' ~

!he basis of the e"last is to alert you, the entrepreneur, of marketing opportunities to include advertising, vending, e#hibiting and networking events. $ am so e#cited that you are letting your momentum take you on the best marketing %ourney&


Professionals Spotlight … #LaJeProBeautyTeam Now Branding a New You in 20 !
*a+e Professionals ends the year with a #rand announcement of the new and im&roved #*a+eProBeauty(eam" ,ith members ran#in# from fashion stylist to &roduction assistant- the team &lans to enhance your .!/0 with affordable &ac'a#es suited for a 1%P" (hese members are hi#hly recommended throu#h the *a+e Professionals directory and currently have the &leasure of &rovidin# to& notch services to yours truly, *a2Shaun +enice" Please su&&ort the team by visitin# their websites and3or )aceboo' &a#es below" 4ou can also 5oin the )aceboo' Grou&6 #*a+eProBeauty(eam News to #et exclusives u&dates on events, &hotoshoots, s&ecials and holiday s&ecials &rovided by each member and as a team" (o &artici&ate in an u&comin# 7e8Brandin# &hotoshoot, contact *a+e Professionals via email at &erfect&ro0u9#mail"com" (he first round of team members are listed below"
(eam *eader3*ead )ashion Stylist : ;lothin# on ,heels by +uan S&ears )ashion Stylist Assistant : 1enus Bi#by of Samella < Shoes =a'e >& and )acial Artistry : 1eda ?dwards of =ary @ay =a'e >& and )acial Artistry : @alani Howell of @alanistry Aesi#ns =a'e >& and )acial Artistry : P" *arrie the =>A Hair Stylist B Beauty Su&&ly Aistributor : Phil =artin of Philmore*uxe Nail Artistry : ;hristine of ;reations)romPH%A Photo#ra&her : +ose&h +imerson of +"=ar' Photo#ra&hy Production Assistant : Ni'el ,ilson

'o you have news about an award, new product launch, or milestone for your business( Shout it out here& )or more information contact our virtual assistant by clicking here.

"#ent Spotlight … $u%y &onferen'e of Prayer and &onse'ration (nnual Ban)uet
7;P; C7uby ;onference of Prayer and ;onsecrationD honors, em&owers, encoura#es and ins&ires women at their annual banEuet at &onfetti*s "#ent &enter in (owson, =aryland on Saturday November /F startin# at three o2cloc'" )ounder of 7;P;, Shannon ?dwards, has selflessly be#un a ministry dedicated to em&owerin# those that may feel for#otten" (his formal affair is sure to brin# tears of restoration and tears of 5oy as the 'eynote s&ea'er, Ar" @aren Bethea of Set the ;a&tives )ree <utreach ;enter brin#s her words of wisdom as 7;P; honors local women im&actin# the church and community as well as the women of House of 7uth Baltimore" (o touch the hearts of many and ins&ire all, a testimony by =s" =ichele ?n#lish, a domestic abuse survivor with brin# the ni#ht to a climax" ,ith host, *a2Shaun +enice of *a+e Professionals and #Pur&l&in'News Blo#, you are sure to lau#h at least one #ood time" ,e loo' forward to seein# you there" )or more information and to &urchase your tic'ets visit www"rc&cofmaryland"yolasite"com"
Want *our Event )eatured +ere( ,ur e"last reaches over -./ contacts in less than 01 hours. )or pricing and availability email the promotion team here.

Networ'in# B ,or'sho& ?vents
Stay 'onne'ted with us #ia +a'e%oo, for our #-or,shop-ednesdays at LaJe Professionals.
'o you have networking events coming up( Let us share your event with our distribution list. )or all the details click here.

.!/ Advertisin#, S&onsorshi& B 1endin# ?vents
Have Euestions about a &articular event$ Better yet, are these events worth your time and money$ Si#n u& for our Event Liaison 2ackage and we can com&lete the lo#istical items needed to ma'e a sound economic decision" )or more details, email &erfect&ro0u9#mail"com"

A#a&e ?mbassy =inistries ,omen of Noble ;haracter Brea'fast B 1endor BaGaar ?vent Aate6 Saturday, Aecember Hth 3 (ime6 Ia8.& *ocation6 Hilton =ar' ;enter Hotel, J!!! Seminary 7oad, Alexandria, 1A Aeadline6 November .. (ic'ets K0J &er &erson Cincludes full hot brea'fast, conference, and access to vendor hallD 1endor (ables6 K/!J Cincludes full hot brea'fast and conferenceD Par'in# )ee6 KH L Attire6 ;asual L Annual ?vent )or more information6 htt&633www"a#a&embassy"or# A" 7enee )ashion )irst Holiday ;elebration ?vent Aates6 Saturday, Aecember ./st 3 (ime6 /& : 0& *ocation6 Si#nature Blue ?vents, *andover =aryland Aeadline6 Aecember / 1endor (ables6 KHJ )or more information6 ;ontact Ashlei#h Holmes via email at areneefashions9#mail"com, or see attached vendin# &ac'et"

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