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CITIZEN U uses a Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) 4-H Signature Program, Youth Community Action (YCA), as a model for promoting civic engagement, workforce preparation, and asset development among youth.

October 2013 Issue No. 28
CITIZEN U is part of the Children, Youth and Families At-Risk (CYFAR) Program, Sustainable Community Projects (SCP). The CITIZEN U Newsletter serves as a communications link for the project team. The newsletter contains "Project Updates" from Cornell University as well as Broome and Monroe counties, "Youth Voice News," "Upcoming Events," "CYFAR and CYFERnet News," "Check This Out!" (websites with relevance to Youth Community Action), SHOUT OUT (CITIZEN U Teen Leaders speak out on issues), "$$ Grant Opportunities $$" and Where Are They Now? (alumni updates). The newsletter is distributed at the end of each month. The CITIZEN U newsletter is based on work supported by Smith Lever funds from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the view of the USDA. To receive the newsletter, email June Mead, State Project Director

! CITIZEN U Newsletter
CCE Broome County Update
Kelly Mabee reports that October has been a busy month recruiting and interviewing new Teen Leader groups for Years 3 and 4, and working with our new community partners, the Boys and Girls Clubs Binghamton, and Roberson Museum and Science Center. The new CITIZEN U Teen Leaders came together at the Roberson for a series of team building activities (see photo right) and learned from former and continuing Teen Leaders what they have to look forward to as they begin their two-year commitment to the program. A warm welcome all new CITIZEN U Teen Leaders from Binghamton High School!
New Teen Leader groups work on team building activities with On October 15, CITIZEN U Teen Leader Nosa Akol Katie Debach (front left), Roberson Museum and Center flew to Des Moines, Iowa to represent New York Center Educator. State as a delegate to the 2013 World Food Prize (see photo above). At the event, Nosa presented a research paper on womens rights and agriculture in South Sudan, the country in which Nosa was born. The distinguished audience included Former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair, Dr. Yogesh Shah, Associate Dean of Global Health at Des Moines University, and Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, founder of Marys Meals, an internatonal hunger relief organization, among many other world dignitaries. Congratulations to Nosa!

CCE Monroe County Update

Keith Alexander reports CITIZEN U is moving forward with new Years 3 and 4 partners at Vanguard Collegiate High School, Integrated Arts and Technology High School, and the Rochester Career Mentoring Charter School. The CITIZEN U new groups will be starting soon. The Teen Leaders participated in Make a Difference Day (photo right) at one of Rochester most famous landmarks, Mt. Hope Cemetery, helping rake leaves and clear debris. Looking ahead, the Teen Leaders will host a workshop at the Steppin Up to Solutions Conference at Nazareth College. Youth and adults in this workshop will learn about ways to incorporate healthy treats into their diet, learn easy exercises that can be done in a classroom or office setting, and make healthy fruit nd smoothies. In addition, CITIZEN U will host the 2 Annual Multicultural Potluck later in November.

Teen Leaders participated in Make a Difference Day at a famous Rochester landmark, Mt. Hope Cemetery.

October 2013 Issue No. 28

CITIZEN U Newsletter


Cornell Research Program on Self-Injury and Recovery launches new website This new website summarizes the work of the Cornell Research Program on Self-Injury and Recovery, part of the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research and provides links and resources to self injury information. The aim of this program is to translate the growing body of knowledge about selfinjury into resources and tools useful for those seeking to better understand, treat, and prevent it. Janis Whitlock, Ph.D., MPH, is the director.! CITIZEN U featured in the Cornell Chronicle Program puts at-risk youth on a path to college This article in the Cornell Chronicle focused on how CITIZEN U is helping at-risk youth prepare for college careers and become engaged citizens. Shaniyah (photo left) told the Chronicle that CITIZEN U gave her the self-confidence to pursue a college education. 100% of the young people who successfully completed their two-year commitment to CITIZEN U and graduated from high school are now in college! That spells success!

CYFERnet webinar: Citizen Science: Taking It Local November 6, 1:00-2:30 p.m. (Eastern) This webinar showcases the processes needed to engage youth in meaningful independent research. Ethical and safe research practices will be discussed, as will the role of the science community as mentor. For information, or to register: CITIZEN U featured in Binghamton Universitys Center for Civic Engagement Blog Last months STEM and workforce development event, Outta the Box Science that Rocks at the Roberson Museum and Science Center is featured in BUs Center for Civic Engagement blog. Check it out!
CITIZEN Us Project Team June P. Mead, Ph.D. State Project Director & Evaluator Cornell Cooperative Extension, Broome County JM62@CORNELL.EDU Jamila Walida Simon, M.S. Technology Coordinator State 4-H Program Office JWS62@CORNELL.EDU Valerie Adams-Bass, Ph.D. Principal Investigator State 4-H Program Office, Cornell University VNA4@CORNELL.EDU In Broome County Vicki Giarratano, Community Project Director VLG4@CORNELL.EDU Kelly Mabee, Community Project Coordinator KSM25@CORNELL.EDU In Monroe County Susan A. Maney, Community Project Director SAM497@CORNELL.EDU Keith Alexander, Community Project Coordinator KJA64@CORNELL.EDU

At CITIZEN University Teens submit applications to be accepted at one of the CITIZEN U campuses Teens are trained in Public Adventures Teens select a CITIZEN U major and enroll in universitystyle seminars Teens attend seminars taught by Cornell faculty, subject matter experts and other visiting professors from the community Teens plan and conduct projects based on community needs assessments During summers, teens are employed and conduct community development projects Teens explore careers, build resumes and increase the likelihood of going to college

The Schools at CITIZEN U School of Business & Entrepreneurship School of Community Development School of Environmental Studies School of Food & Nutrition School of Performing Arts School of Technology & Media Arts

October 2013 Issue No. 28

CITIZEN U Newsletter

From the CITIZEN U Teen Leaders in Binghamton What does youth voice mean to you? To me, youth voice means to respect and listen to different perspectives and ideas that we have, and to encourage us to collaborate with others to better our community. Sunny, Binghamton Youth voice means that we have the ability to make change within our communities. It means that we work with adults to come together, form ideas and make things happen. AJ, Binghamton

Youth Voice News

NEW "OUTTA THE BOX SCIENCE THAT ROCKS" VIDEO This video, produced by Nick Wan, beautifully captures the joy of discovering the world of STEM at "Outta the Box Science that Rocks" at the Roberson Museum and Science Center. The event was conducted and sponsored by Cornell Cooperative Extension Broome County's 4-H Tech Wizards, CITIZEN U and Samsung Summer Science Program. NOT IN OUR TOWN / SCHOOL On, you will find over 100+ short films to view and discuss with your community, more than 50 school films with accompanying lesson plans and activity guides, and sample materials from towns who have stood up-and worked to prevent hate and intolerance. HOW YOUTH LEARN: A PORTFOLIO TO INFORM AND INSPIRE EDUCATORS, STUDENTS, PARENTS & MORE What Kids Can Do and our Next Generation Press have championed powerful learning with public purpose. Through research, documentation, storytelling and multimedia, this site provides a portfolio on how youth learn and what motivates students to learn and do their best amid complications of poverty, race, and language.! MAKE A STAND AGAINST BULLYING Through the Youth Violence Project, young people are taking action and making a stand against bullying. Matthew Kaplan, 16, decided he wanted to change bullying in his school so he puts together an interactive workshop addressing bullying through team building activities and games. Check out what young people are doing to prevent bullying using youth voice!

Check This Out!

SUCCEEDING IN THE CITY: A REPORT FROM THE NYC BLACK AND LATINO HIGH SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENT STUDY In this report, a group of Black and Latino male researchers from the University of Pennsylvania interviewed students who figured out how to foster productive relationships, resist pressures to join gangs and drop out of high school, and succeed in environments cyclically disadvantaged by structural inequities. ENHANCING YOUTH-SERVING MENTORING PROGRAMS THROUGH E-MENTORING The Urban Youth What It Takes E-Mentoring Lesson Learned Guide from the Knight Foundation recommends e-mentoring as a way to positively influence youth in the digital age. E-mentoring uses e-mail, text messages, cell phones and social media to connect youth with mentors anywhere in the world. The model aims to revolutionize traditional mentoring and to enhance such programs, especially among African-American males. MENTORING BEYOND FORMAL PROGRAMS Check out Mentoring Beyond Formal Programs a research brief on mentoring by Dr. Stephen Hamilton, Professor of Human Development and Associate Director of the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research.

Upcoming Events
EXPLORING AND PREVENTING CYBERBULLYING December 10, 3:30-5:00 p.m. EST. Registration deadline: December 3 This webinar from Michigan State University will feature Kay Stephens, co-author of an award-winning cyberbullying book. Registration link:! THEATRE ARTS: IMAGINATION IN ACTION WEBINAR November 14, 2:00 p.m. Eastern This curriculum opens the world of theatre to youth in grades 5-8 (can be adapted for younger and older youth). Revised and new, these materials offer extended activities in communication, improvisation, pantomime, script writing, cultural and historical influences, stage design, and costume design. Life skills and workforce development concepts are woven throughout the curriculum. HEALTH ROCKS! (REVISED) WEBINAR November 21, 2:00 p.m. Eastern The Health Rocks! curriculum activities use hands-on experience to facilitate youth learning, including concepts review and learning assessment at each chapters end. A retrospective impact evaluation is included. To access the webinar at the scheduled time STATE TEEN ACTION REPRESENTATIVE RETREAT (STARR) April 11-13, 2014, Syracuse. STARR is a three-day, fun-filled event where 4-H teens participate in a variety of workshops and activities meant to challenge, excite and further develop life skills. The event is planned by teens and adults serving on the youth/adult STARR planning committee. STARR is open to all NYS 4-H Teens. Cost: $75.00 per person covers lodging, meals, and workshop supplies.

$$ Grant Opportunities $$
IF YOU DONT DRINK ALCOHOL TODAY WHAT COULD YOUR TOMORROW BE? Enter MADD's Power of You(th) Video Contest by answering the question, "If You Don't Drink Alcohol Today, What Could Your Tomorrow Be?" with a 15-second Instagram video. The contest winner and the school with the most submissions will EACH win $1,500! Entrants must be U.S. citizens between the ages of 13 and 18. Deadline: December 20 SODEXO FOUNDATION YOUTH GRANTS Do you know where your next meal is coming from? One in five children in America don't. But this is a problem that can be solved, and kids are a part of the solution. That's why YSA (Youth Service America) and Sodexo Foundation are offering Sodexo Foundation Youth Grants, funding of up to $500 for youth that live in the U.S. to lead projects focused on ending childhood hunger in their communities. Deadline: January 31, 2014 WORLD WE WANT FOUNDATION GRANTS The World We Want Foundation promotes and supports Young Global Citizens making positive social change in their communities and around the world. They help young people design and conduct meaningful Social Action Projects and acquire substantive knowledge and 21st-century skills while creating social value. Deadline: Rolling COUNTESS MOIRA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION GRANTS The Countess Moira Charitable Foundation's mission "is to aid the well-being of youth anywhere in the world by supporting charitable organizations that focus on the betterment of youth." The foundation accepts proposals from eligible non-profit organizations working towards this betterment of youth.!Deadline: None BLOCKBUSTER! Requests must meet one or more of the following requirements: Project has film/video industry focus; impacts children/families; supports a particular Blockbuster business objective, i.e., employment; or has clearly defined and measurable goals. Deadline: None DO SOMETHING SEED GRANTS Do Something grants can be used towards project ideas and programs that are just getting started, or to jump-start your program, or be used towards projects that are already developed, to help you as you look to expand your project and grow your impact. Amount $500. Deadline: None

October 2013 Issue No. 28

CITIZEN U Newsletter

So many of the alumni and graduates of our CYFAR projects are attending college, starting new careers, contributing to their communities and making a difference in the world that we thought youd enjoy finding out Where Are They Now? This month we feature Pooja Roka, one of New York Citys Community Improvement Through Youth (CITY) Project Teen Leaders who worked withMichele Luc and Jackie Davis-Manigaulte, Cornell University Cooperative Extension, NYC. Today Pooja is a sophomore at Pace Universityand on the New York City Deans List! We know youll be as impressed as we are by this young womans achievements.

Michele Luc, former CITY Project Coordinator, CUCE-NYC tells us about some of Poojas contributions to CITY and 4-H: During her two years in the CITY Project, Pooja helped create and co-facilitate workshops on bullying for youth in the neighboring surrounding the Central Queens Y, a sustained NYC CITY Project program. Pooja raised funds for and participated in the AIDS Walk the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk. She helped start a 4-H Club at her school, Forest Hills High School, and participated in several 4-H events such as the State Teen Action Representative Retreat (STARR) and 4-H Career Explorations at Cornell University. In addition, Pooja took part in the Reducing the Risk Project, an ongoing research project headed by Cornell University Professor, Dr. Valerie Reyna. In her own words . . .


Then . . .!

Pooja with some of theother CITY Project Teen Leaders at Central Queens YM & YWHA.

My name is Pooja Roka. I am a full time sophomore at Pace University, working towards earning a BBA in Business Management and leaving my mark on the business world. I also work part time at the Bank of New York Mellon. I am proud to say that I am a CITY Project alumna. I was part of CITY Project for two years and in those two years I gained a wealth of knowledge. CITY gave me the opportunity to work side by side with dedicated and passionate individuals to come up with solutions for problems existing in our society. CITY opened up so many doors for me and widened my horizons. It helped me learn how to conduct myself in a working environment, manage my time, and taught me how to work well in a group setting. CITY polished my professional skills and brought out the best in me.
Pooja Roka

And now . . .!

Pooja was named to the to the 2012 New York City Deans List in conjunction with her studies in the Lubin School of Business at Pace University.