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Thrive Summer Camp LESSON # 1

LESSON TITLE: Identity Boxes (outside) GRADE LEVEL: 4-11 SUBJECT AREA: How the world sees me TIME ALLOCATION: 2 hours

OBJECTIVES: Interns will get to know students in small group setting/more personal Students will practice English in comfortable environment Students will analyze how others see them & how they feel about it Students will collage the outside of their box representing how others see them GROUPING OF STUDENTS & RATIONALE: Small groups, each with an intern/co-teacher MATERIALS: Magazines Shoe boxes Scissors Glue Foam brushes Styrofoam plates SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: n/a PROCEDURE AND ACTIVITIES o Put plates, magazines, boxes, scissors, glue & brushes on tables Welcome: schedule and explain word wall: Everyday when we come to class, one of you will be assigned to add a word to the word wall —saying the Karen word and the English translation. This to teach the Americans words in your language. We want you guys to teach us too this summer—not just us teach you! It is also for you guys to look at if you forget how to say a word in English. So, pick words that you forget easily or words that are useful for us to know or fun and silly words. (WHATS A DEFINITION?) 2 minutes Look through a magazine and make a list of 10 words that you don’t know & your best guess of a definition of the word Give list to intern They will pick 5 words that are most useful for daily English Ask 3 friends if your definition is correct. Pick 3 words to write on 3 note cards. Write the word in English, definition in English and in your language. 2 minutes TIME ALLOCATIONS PRIOR KNOWLEDGE NEEDED: Understand concept of a person’s “inside” and “outside”

10 min

2 minutes 1 minute

1. PRE-ACTIVITY: ADVANCE ORGANIZER o Assess understanding of “inside/outside of a person” with questions to whole group o Explain activity: Decorate outside to represent who we are on the outside & inside to represent who we are on the inside; show example box

45 minutes-1 hour

o o

Explain purpose of activity: get to know them, us & each other better, practice English in a safe environment Instructions: how to use brush & paste, don’t paste on the bottom, can paste the top, use 5 words and pictures (can draw or write)

2. ACTIVITY o 1 intern at each table o Interns make a box as well o Get to know the kids & tell them about self (ask open-ended questions like: Why are you putting that picture on your box? How do you think Americans see you? How would your friends describe you? If I asked your family member what you’re like, what would they say? How does it make you feel that this is what other people think about you? Tell me about what you are gluing to your box. How do you say that in your language? Let’s put it on the Word Wall!) o Encourage the children to make connections with one another (ask questions like: How old are you guys? Where do you go to school? What do you like to do? When did you come to America? What neighborhood do you live in? Do you have siblings?) o Collage magazine paper & glue onto box 3. POST ACTIVITY When a table of students finishes, students will play hangman with intern at their table.

15-30 min

ASSESSMENT: By asking students why they cut out the picture they did, the teachers will be able to identify their understanding of how people view them. The boxes themselves will speak to how students view themselves.