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If the United States was interested in punishing the TTP terror group after the murder of seven CIA

agents in Khost in 2009, all that the US arm and the CIA had to do was pull a few strings within the Afghan sp servi!e, the "#S, and flush out TTP terrorists from the man !amps that thrive on the Afghan soil and are used to plan and e$e!ute terror atta!%s inside Pa%istan& 'ven now one of those !amps hosts (ullah )a*lullah, the terrorist who ordered the atta!% on (alala +ousaf*ai& )a*lullah and his gang were su!!essfull flushed out , the Pa%istani militar from Swat ,ut he ironi!all found a pla!e to hide in Ameri!an!ontrolled Afghanistan& If the CIA reall wanted to do us a favour, it !ould start with the TTP terror !amps in Afghanistan& .ut it didn/t& Instead, when the TTP showed willingness to tal% a,out ending terrorism, the CIA intervened and hit the group !iting a list of 0ustifi!ations& The agen! is tr ing hard to underpla the timing ,ut there is no wa to wal% around the fa!t that the TTP !hief was ta%en out pre!isel ,e!ause the terror group showed willingness to ta%e the first step toward possi,le pea!e in Pa%istan& 'ven 1amid Kar*ai has said as mu!h& 2ashington realises this fa!t, whi!h is wh the offi!ial media spinners in #C have gone on the defensive, laun!hing a !ampaign to 0ustif the 1a%eemullah assassination& Ameri!an offi!ials have even !ited the attempted amateur !ar ,om,ing in "ew +or% Cit in 2030 as a reason for the assassination, even though the eviden!e in that !ase is tenuous at ,est& This is not a,out defending the TTP or its terrorist !hief 1a%eemullah& This is a,out Pa%istan/s right to e$tri!ate itself from the US/ mess and failed war in Afghanistan& The US needs to reign in the CIA and !oordinate a!tions with Pa%istan& Ameri!an poli! in Afghanistan !annot su!!eed without ta%ing Pa%istani !on!erns and interests along& Tal%ing to the disparate and odd groups that we !olle!tivel !all the TTP is an integral part of the pro!ess to sta,ilise our western ,order& To end the TTP, we need to engage with those misguided Pa%istanis who 0oined the group in the ,elief that %illing Pa%istanis would somehow help end the foreign o!!upation of Afghanistan& If the engagement is su!!essful, it would help isolate the !ore group of terrorists within TTP who re!eive weapons and funding from a!tors in Afghanistan as part of a regional pro$ war& The TTP militants are no angels, ,ut it is important to neutralise misguided Pa%istanis ,efore ta%ing on the !ore group that wants to go down fighting& This is wh engaging willing groups within the TTP in pea!e tal%s is a good option& 2h is the CIA tr ing to distur, this option and di!tate poli! 4 Pa%istan should put on the ta,le a !redi,le threat of ,lo!%ing "ato transit routes and a!tion against CIA drones if 2ashington tries to o,stru!t our efforts to end the !ivil war

lame on to Pa%istan for the Afghan defeat and portra Islama.on our western .le Pa%istanis& 'mail6 a78pro0e!tpa%istan23&org .stantial responsi.ama should ma%e it !lear to the CIA that it !annot di!tate poli! options to Pa%istan or a!t on matters that !on!ern us without our !onsent& 5ne of the .out to engage in dialogue with the Pa%istani government amounts to an attempt .an& 2e !an de!lare neutralit while still supporting the pea!e pro!ess in Afghanistan& This will destro one of the main e$!uses the TTP uses to re!ruit gulli. the CIA to hi0a!% our internal poli! options and for!e the US government to ta%e a stand on an internal Pa%istani matter& The CIA .est things Pa%istan !an do to neutralise willing groups within the TTP and isolate the hard!ore elements is to de!lare neutralit in Afghanistan and announ!e that it won/t ta%e part in militar operations to fight against Afghan groups.ilit for Ameri!a/s militar defeat in Afghanistan and for worsening Pa%istan-US ties& CIA/s present and former offi!ials love to shift the . in!luding the Afghan! opinion on tal%s with the TTP& This group is un!onditionall defending Ameri!an poli! & Another thing we need to point out to US offi!ials is the danger of allowing the CIA to on!e again lead the Ameri!an poli! on Pa%istan& The assassination of the TTP !hief when he was a.ears as the ar!hite!t of that defeat& President 5.order& It is unfortunate that an influential group of !ommentators is out to !onfuse the Pa%istani pu.