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A roman cross, ya Jesus died on that I don’t care what you believe, read history; it’s a historical fact

So the question is what will you do with this man of misery? Only six hours on that wood, yet it completely changed history. What’s weird though is we’ve pimped Jesus out, made his sacrifice foolery, We just come to church on Easter, and make his cross nice jewelry. The cross though wasn’t a symbol of faith; it was a symbol of death, I mean imagine if someone wore an electric chair around their neck? So we have to ask what was different about that man on that day, That could turn an instrument of death, to something that saves? See His cross is unique, because He was innocent, God actually became a man?! Now that is different. So on the cross he says I’m not dying because of me, I’m dying because of you, Not just for your sins of the past, but for the ones you will do. See on the cross God treated Jesus like He was us, Poured out his wrath on the son, so He might show He’s just. He took all your filth; he took all your sin, The beauty is when you trust in jesus, you were included in him But first, walk with me what it must have been like that night, When the son of God looked like He lost the fight, No breathe, no heartbeat, no sign of life, God tasted death, and it didn’t feel right. Have you ever let that sink in, that God died? No, really, God actually died. 3 days in the tomb. Lifeless laid his remains, the king had no crown, looks like he had given up his reigns, but suddenly on Sunday something started to change, you heard a *thump, thump*…blood started pumping in his veins. heart beating, blood pulsin, instantly satan felt his power break because the son of God was dead, but now the son of God was awake And every breathe he took, was like a punch to satan’s face Because the resurrection proves you are no longer under law, you are under grace so celebrate because when jesus went to the grave, you did too And when he raised from the grave, you became new saying, “my job is finished. Let the new life begin. You can actually walk in freedom, stop wallowing in your sin,” Because the chains have been broken, the stones been rolled away God doesn’t love a future you, He loves you today You are clean you are blameless, the curse has been squashed, That’s what baptism is, just showing you’ve been washed So church rejoice with me, that we aren’t waiting for the verdict,

Turned around. now proclaiming you are children of the king So give thanks back to him. No break. So live in freedom. and resurrection is payment accepted. And said sin. in fact God doesn’t even expect it.) . ya that’s where you’re gunna stay. and the resurrection just proves he assured it Because our whole lives we’ve feasted on sin.Righteous. saying it’s a guarantee A royal decree. and we couldn’t pay the tab Yet jesus walks over to our bill. looked at where his body lay. Because the cross is payment given. (immediately go into worship song after last line. and as a church let’s sing…. Because when he walked out of the grave. from spiritual whores. The resurrection made us perfectly spotless. and says ill take care of that we don’t have to pay for our debt. he left our sin on the floor. because you are free The resurrection is just the stamp.