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That is called the ribbon. It has all the tools you need!

Formatting Fun


File  Save As  Word  ID# (J:)  Click Documents  Save

1. Page margins are the white space on the left and right of all the words/text. This PAGE LAYOUT needs some CUSTOM MARGINS! Change all the PAGE margins [NOT THE GUTTERS!] to .9 ********************************************************** 2. Insert your first name using Word Art. Change the color! Change the design! JAZZ it up!!!

********************************************************** 3. Color these words to match their names: Red Blue Green Yellow Orange

********************************************************** 4. Move these words to the places that match their meaning – NO “Tab”, NO space bar!!! [HINT: Home
tab  Paragraph box]

Right Left Center ********************************************************** 5. Many cannot do this. CAN YOU? Correctly space these words: Bob was a frog. He did not like to hop. Bob liked to walk on his tiptoes. Silly Bob! ********************************************************** 6. FONTS & BULLETS A. Change the font sizes of each line below to match the numbers

Make this size 12

Make this size 24

Make this size 36
B. Make it a bulleted list: Highlight all three lines  Click the bullets icon [in Home]  Can you find cool characters for your bullets?? [You can even IMPORT an image to use as a bullet!]

 ********************************************************* 7. Page Layout will lead you to page borders. Add a page border (anything you like). You choice. [For fun … click “Art”]!

********************************************************* 8. CLIPART A. Insert a Clipart picture of a person. B. Find Callout Shapes and insert a design. In the shape, type something that person would say. C. CHALLENGE: Shade the speech bubble and change its border!
Yo! I’m looking at YOU and talking with my ear!

********************************************************** 9. TABLE CHALLENGE: A. Insert a 3 by 3 table.

B. Make the OUTSIDE BORDER (not inside cell borders) of the table look like this:

Try different things to make it work! Explore! HINT:

C. Make each row of the table a different color. [Highlight the row  right click  Borders & Shading.]

********************************************************** 10. FONTS, BOLD, ITALICS
Arial 10

Chiller 12

Courier Bold

Euphemia Purple Italics

Your own choice (type what you did!)
Your own choice (type what you did!) 11. TEXT BOXES A. Insert a text box & type something in it. B. Click on it  Format  Decorate it, play with text box styles, add text, change the text direction, etc.) C. While you’re clicked on it  Text Wrapping  Tight  Grab the box and slide it to the very bottom of this Kaine alexander japuntich assignment!

Paste the home page web address of your blog web here:


Explore & see what else you can do! Surprise me!
* * * Show an image and its flipped version. Insert an image from the Internet. Try Shapes!

* Can you put text in an AutoShape? * Can you insert & decorate a cube or other 3dimensional shape? * Type two paragraphs. Highlight. Click Drop Cap!


a ba ba sheep have you any wool? Yes sir yes sir 3 bags full