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Please note there are four worksheets in this document (see bottom of page) Capital Costs Costs: Boiler Costs (installed) Fuel Feed System Bespoke Design Fuel Store Boilerhouse Foundation Costs Sub Total Less funding @ 40% Total Running Costs (per yr) Biomass System (scenario 1) Biomass System (scenario 2) Current System Oil System NPV Results (25yrs, 6% DF) Kob Biomass System (scenario 1) Kob Biomass System (scenario 2) Froling Biomass System (scenario 1) Froling Biomass System (scenario 2) Current System Oil System Payback Period (compared to current heating portfolio) Kob Biomass System (scenario 1) Kob Biomass System (scenario 2) Froling Biomass System (scenario 1) Froling Biomass System (scenario 2) Capital Costs Running Costs £ 98,613.00 £ £ 98,613.00 £ £ 80,613.00 £ £ 80,613.00 £ 11,201.50 18,060.22 11,201.50 18,060.22 PV Value 12.78335616 12.78335616 12.78335616 12.78335616 12.78335616 12.78335616 Lifetime Investment Costs £ 241,805.76 £ 329,483.22 £ 223,805.76 £ 311,483.22 £ 436,083.23 £ 359,849.80 Fuel £ £ £ £ 9,201.50 16,060.22 25,913.36 23,199.42 Maintenance £ £ £ £ 2,000.00 2,000.00 8,200.00 1,000.00 Biomass System: Froling Turbomat 320 Kob Pyrtec 350 £ 70,000.00 £ £ 13,855.00 £ £ 10,000.00 £ £ 20,500.00 £ £ 20,000.00 £ £ 134,355.00 £ £ 53,742.00 £ £ 80,613.00 £

100,000.00 13,855.00 10,000.00 20,500.00 20,000.00 164,355.00 65,742.00 98,613.00

199.50 18.22 34.36 £ 34.36 24.36 £ 34.00 £ £ £ 15.500. £ 34.ANALYSIS this document (see bottom of page) Fossil Fuel System Current System Oil System (300kW) £ £ 15.00 £ £ 50.14 3.00 £ £ £ £ £ £ 20.000.42 Current Running Costs PBP (years) £ 34.02 .00 Total £ £ £ £ 11.500.500.113.113.30 6.36 4.52 5.

8 Oil System Costs (annual) 763138.060.581.50 2.00 1.00 9.50 £ £ £ £ 3.8 0.850.201.22 16.00 12.0304 23.Fuel Elec Oil LPG Total Current Fuel Costs (annual) Units (kWh) 46750 582500 133888.199.210.8 Tonnes required Scenario 1 Green Roundwood: Cost Green Roundwood Chipping Costs Summer Oil Costs Total Scenario 2 Woodchips Purchased: Transport Cost Chips Summer Oil Costs Total 30% MC = 3475 kWh tonne £ £ £ £ 5.42 Biomass Fuel Costs (annual) Units Cost per Unit (£) Total Costs (£) £ Cost Chips Units (kWh) 763138.8 763138.420.22 .200.

913.8 220 since assumed to be included in previous demand .0304 £ 0.708.36 em Costs (annual) Biomass Fuel Costs (annual) Chips @ 30% MC Cost per Unit (£) Costs (£) 0.016 £ 12.0664 £ 0.22 Total kWh required (boiler efficiency excluded) No. Tonnes needed 763138.104.00 5.101.0381 £ £ 3.210.20 17.Fuel Costs (annual) Cost per Unit (£) Costs (£) 0.16 25.

to pay off the additional capital investment required it can be seen that a biomass system is very competitive. costs. close the gap between investing in a biomass system. this discounts these costs and savings dependant on how long it will take to realise them. In doing this a biomass system represents the best value investment. Even withconsidering no associated capital costs the current system is still significantly Pay Back Periods: When how long it will take for the reduced running costs of amore biomass system.199. A 100% Oil system comprising of the new boiler and the present 335kW system in Kirkmichael House is the second most expensive at £23. Continuing to utilise the current system has no associated capital expenditure.42. It is possible to purchase a biomass system within the budget set out for the project. However it can seen that the biomass proposals arecosts well Running Costs. at least initially.36. Furthermore this figure does not take into account the extra staff time costs and difficulties associated with an unreliable heating system. will be those associated with two. This is a bit misleading however since it should be taken into account that the current heating portfolio will require replacement (most likely in the next 5-10 years). However it is thought that due to the significant drying time and need to develop skills in these activities the more likely fuel Costs.Financial Analysis Conclusions: Capital Costs: From viewing the capital costs it can be seen that the biomass systems represent a larger initial outlay than the alternative fossil fuel system. this option is included to highlight the running cost benefits which could be incurred from biomass over the lifetime of the system.913. purchasing woodchips from a Running Maintenance: As regards maintenance the scenario current system again fares worst. The biomass maintenance costs are slightly higher than that for the oil system due to the need for activities such as disposing with ashCalculations: and cleaning the Net Present Value (NPV) By grate. compared with the current arrangement. in this context the range of payback periods Overall Conclusion: a purely perspective replacing the current heating portfolio is essential. The cheapest scenario is the purchase of green roundwood to dry and chip on site. Most business investments will seek a payback period from 3-5 years however public sector bodies have more freedom toFrom accept longer financial investment returns. The £8200 annual value is also likely to increase as the system become older. applying a discount rate it is possible to sum the additional savings/costs which would be accrued over the systems lifetime into one figure. From performing this analysis it can be shown that independent of what combination of system and fuel scenario is used biomass represents a better investment than either purchasing an equivalently sized oil system or sticking with the current heating portfolio. Fuel:or In fossil termsfuel of fuel the current system isbe the most expensive to run with annual calculated at £25. if only partially. It should be noted however that oil prices are highly volatile and can fluctuate significantly. . Utilising biomass therefore is far cheaper in terms of fuel costs. ranging from approximately three and a half to six years. The prospect of capital funding for a biomass system does.

50 Oil Boiler Costs (£15.7km) Funding at 40% Include oil in green roundwood biomass scenario existing pipework utilised i.000 Efficiency of systems .500 Woodchip at 1. no additional pipework costs Fuel Scenario 1: Buy in green roundwood.36p/kWh Current System Maintenance £8200 Biomass O & M approx £2000 Costs green tonne roundwood £18.000 Cost Froling System at £100.Data / Info used: Components of current heating system LPG. Cost of decommissioning current system ignored Bespoke Design Fuel Store £10.e.3. Fuel Scenario 2: Buy in chips from local supplier away.000 Additional Foundation Costs . dry and chip on site.000 Assumptions No consideration of FF gas system No consideration of FF Electric system No consideration of FF LPG system Life New System 25 yrs Transport Distance (41.Oil £15.000) Transport Costs £3850 Green Roundwood Costs at £5420.6p/kWh Discount Rate at 6% Cost Kob System at £70. Oil. Elec.475 mWh/tonne Additional Foundation Costs .5 Chipping Costs £2200 Summer Oil Costs £1581 Oil system maintenance £1000 Boilerhouse Costs £20. Current Oil/LPG Fuel Costs Current Fuel Costs Electricity 7.855 Calorific Value of chips at 30% MC .Biomass £20.000 Fuel feed system £13.

It is accepted the efficiency level will not be exactly correct however.lanchashire. Oil in Kirkmichael House/Nith Cree. LPG 3. LPG Systems £ Russell Merchant. Explanation No mains gas on site (Pearl Edgar) Electric wet system not an option as this is what is due to be replaced Predicted LPG costs higher than oil (SDCS. £18. from Pearl Edgar estimated from 'Lanarkshire Biomass Project O & M Summery Site Info' (Econergy Ltd).2p/kWh) to day (8. as was the case with the animal care centre. Biomass .uk. Electric wet system £6000 (repairs) + £900 pressurisation unit. Oil at Kirkmichael £1000. The foundation costs are likely to be lower since an oil system would not require a large fuel store to be constructed.Lanarkshire project boilerhouse costs Cannot calculate exact efficiency of current systems. average taken based on the average distance from Barony to 16 local suppliers Support available from SBSS and LCBP Phase 1. Lanarkshire project 'Palacerigg Country Park' to house 300kW system From SDCS 2005 .Source/Explanation from Barony College bills Elec wet system in Teaching LPG in boilerhouse two and three Oil at 3p/ www. Forestry Commission Scotland inc transport costs Based on 300kw system installed at Capenwray.6p/kWh from Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution 'Biomass as a Renewable Energy Source' From Supplier 3G Energi From Supplier Highland Wood Energy From data supplied by 3G Energi 8x5m system Various inc.swwf. although current demand figure intrinsically holds this. This is specific to this particular area and therefore may not be applicable should these be build elsewhere. the most likely funding streams Biomass heating recommendation to keep oil system to satisfy summer HW demand at 12kW (constant) Enforced assumption due to the complexity in estimating what % of current pipework is suitable and additional requirements needed Group suggestions Group suggestions This will have to be done at some point anyway and will be the same whatever prospective system is selected Assumption estimated from per tonne delivery (Buccleuch Bioenergy) x 220 tonnes over six month heating season 1 tonne green roundwood = . Based on current 335 kW system in place for Kirkmichael House From costs at 17.50 per green tonne. Since biomass and oil fuel costs are estimated through using current demand it is assumed that the inefficiencies of these systems is already taken into account. 220 tonnes rqd = 293 green tonnes. 2005) so only oil alternative considered "expected life biomass system 20-30yrs" www. 220 tonnes required six months (April-Sept) = 183 days or 4392 hours x 12kw constant demand at 3p/kWh Oil (SDCS 05) From Pearl Edgar.8p/kWh) 30% MC £77/odt = 1. It is thought that the proposed sight of the boilerhouse & fuel store could incur additional foundation costs. £10/odt (Scottish Executive).opet-chp.81 p/kWh taken as average from range of values in SDCS 2005 Taken from energy bills based on observations suggesting a 60/40 night (5.videncenter.75 tonne at 30% MC (www. www.

LPG in boilerhouse two and three. from Pearl Edgar tonnes.e. £18. and additional requirements needed .50 per green tonne. urisation unit.