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IAS Syllabus | Welfare schemes and instituions for vulnerable sections notes | IAS MAINS


Welfare schemes for vulnerable sections of the population by the Centre and States and the performan

Hindu notes 14-21 June 2013
Posted on June 21, 2013 by admin

Following topics are covered which were in news in The Hindu paper last week ILO’s World of Work report, 2013 Proposed Judicial Appointment Commission – why it is threat to indepedence of Judiciary Need of reforming existing collegium system of selection of SC judges A project monitoring group within cabinet secretariat formed to fast track big infra projects – CCI Update on Mental Health Bill 1. widens Definition of Metal illness 2. World Health Assembly adopted Mental Health action plan 2013-2020 – what are its objectives and policy guidelines 3. Main features of Mental health bill 4. Status of mental health in India Tianhe -2 – World’s fastest super computer – ~ 34 pentaflops speed next best is USA’s Titan at ~17.5 pentaflops Katta panchayats in TN and Khap in North India – Rise of castiest political parties Fifth and sixth schedule of constitution – special administrative measures for Tribal dominated areas. Why Baxar wants a place in 6th schedule Mayaram Committee recommendation of changing existing FDI caps India’s Cyber Security Architecture – CMS- NCCC(covered in previous week’s notes), Cyber operation centers, National critical Infrastructure protection centers Another man made disaster – Flash flood in Uttarakhand and HP – causes – global and local Carbon nanotube find application in saving water in steel industry Dynamic photo therapy to treat skin and stomach cancer – a promising molecule developed indigenous By 2050 – food production will be inadequate to feed population – projections

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internal secutiry Posted on June 2/9 . current affairs. General Studies III. Roshini | Leave a reply www. Sharp depreciation of rupees. robotics. biotech and IPR. Welfare schemes and instituions for vulnerable sections | Tagged depreciat'ion. terrorism. Welfare schemes and instituions for vulnerable sections | Tagged carbon nanotubes. Following is fb gallery It covers Roshini. IT. extem i sm – state’s N SA th rou gh pri sm . sh arp de… rol e PRISM Rosh i n i N ccc pri sm u sa-ch i n a sebi N ccc pri sm u sa-ch i n a sebi N ccc pri sm u sa-ch i n a sebi N ccc pri sm u sa-ch i n a sebi N ccc pri sm u sa-ch i n a sebi Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher 2 Posted in General Studies III. mental health bill | 1 Reply Newspaper notes. com m u n i cati on data don e by v i ol en ce. PRISM. Executive and the Judiciary.reasons and nanotech. PRISM – NSA. cyber security. indian constitution. posted by Iasmains New Pattern on 6/08/2013 (9 items) Bri tai n too secretl y gath eri n g A com m en tary ov er terrori sm .9/26/13 IAS Syllabus | Welfare schemes and instituions for vulnerable sections notes | IAS MAINS Posted in Environment and disaster management. Internal security. a polio case registered in Maharashtra. judicial appointment commision. hindu notes. agencies. From Hindu newspaper notes – 8 june 2013.Roshini.iasmains. Inidan Society. A editorial piece on internal security etc. 2013 by admin I have prepared notes of today’s Hindu newspaper. laundering.

No income ceiling for pre metric scholarship and for post-metric scholarship. Financial assistance under these schemes include maintenance allowance. nomadic. SSC.iasmains. OBCs are provided for group A and B exams conducted by UPSC. state PSC. higher schools. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for SC students for pursuing MPhil and Phd courses selected through UGC is being run.23% of the total population suffer on account of severe socioeconomic deprivation arising out of poor asset base. 2013 by admin SCs constituting 16. colleges and universities. dependence on wage labour. technology and science only. semi-nomadic tribes landless agricultural laborers and traditional artisan students for pursuing higher studies of master level courses and phd programmes abroad in specified fields of Engineering. www. income ceiling is kept at 1 lakh per annum. reimbursement of nonrefundable compulsory fee.9/26/13 IAS Syllabus | Welfare schemes and instituions for vulnerable sections notes | IAS MAINS Welfare and development of Scheduled Castes Posted on April 3/9 . book bank facility and other allowances. Free coaching of SCs. denotified. subsistence level of farming. From 1st april 2010. etc. Babu Jagjivan Ram chhatrawas Yojana is run to provide hostel facilities to SC boys and girls studying in middle schools. Following specific measures are taken for their overall development: Scholarships and other schemes for Educational advancements Scheme of pre-metric scholarship for chldren of those engaged in Unclean Occupation and Scheme of post metric scholarship are being implemented to encourage SC students for continuing their education for school to higher levels. National overseas scholarship is meant to provide assistance to selected SC. engagement in scavenging and other unclean occupations and related social evils.

National Safai Karmcharis Finance and Development corporation extends concessional financial assistance to the Safai Karmchary beneficiaries for establishments under ‘Mahila Samriddhi Yojana’ Constitutional and legislative Measures National Commission for SC is a constitutional body that monitors the safeguardes www. provide financial assistane in the form of margin money at low rate of interest and subsidy in order to reduce repayment liability and provide necessary tie up with other poverty alleviation programmes SCDC finances projects by dovetailing loan component from NSFDC/banks along with margin money out of their own funds and subsidy out of Special Central Assistance. National SC Finance and Developement corporations(NSFDC) provides financial assistance in form of concessional loans to all SC families living below Double poverty line (presently 44000 in rural areas and 55000 in urban areas per annum). State SC development corporations(SCDC) main functions are to identify eligible SC families and motivate them to undertake economic development schems. Rehabilitation of manual scavengers and their dependents into alternative occupations is done through Self-employment scheme for rehabilitation of manual 4/9 . sponsor the schemes to financial institutions for credit support. The main objective of the plan is to five a thrust to family oriented schemes of economic development of SC families living below the poverty line.iasmains.9/26/13 IAS Syllabus | Welfare schemes and instituions for vulnerable sections notes | IAS MAINS Economic Empowerment Special central assistance to SCs sub plan(SCSP) is a major scheme for economic advancement of SCs.

1989. 1955 and Scheduled castes & Schedules tribes (Prevention of atrocities) Act. poa 1989. welfare schemes | Leave a reply www. pcr 1955. scsp. UP and Bihar government’s failure to prevent steep rise in atrocities against people from weaker sections. Posted in General Studies II.iasmains. 1989 with the help of 22 special courts under PCR act. Worried over situation in Haryana. 1955 and also 137 special courts under SC&ST(PoA) Act. Welfare schemes and instituions for vulnerable sections | Tagged national commission of sc. receiving evidence on affidavits. To abolish the practice of untouchability and curb the high incidence of crimes and atrocities against SCs. to summon and enforce the attendance of any persons and examining on oath. scheduled caste . National Commision for Safai Karmacharis is statutory body that has been empowered to investigate into specific grievances and matters relating to implmentation of programs and schemes for the welfate of Safai Karmcharis. efforts are made for implementation of Protection of Civil Rights Act. Rate of conviction in such cases is only 6-8% and is cause of concern. nsfdc. Relevant news pieces The Hindu National Commission for SC expressed displeasure over Haryana. In many case witnesses are pressurized or not allowed to reach court. NCRB report says that a crime is committed against Dalits every 15 minutes in this country. Punjab. Commission has been conferred powers of a civil court truing a 5/9 . the commission had suggested that the state government set up fast track courts. special police stations and SC commissions to settle cases of atrocities against SCs.9/26/13 IAS Syllabus | Welfare schemes and instituions for vulnerable sections notes | IAS MAINS provided for SC and also review issues concerning their welfare.

requiring discovery and production www. 2013 by admin The National Commission for Women (NCW). Investigation and examination of the safeguards provided for women under the Constitution and other laws and making recommendation to Government on measures for their effective implementation. and taking up the issues with appropriate authorities. remand homes etc. among others. Participation and advice in the planning process for socio-economic development of women. to the extent of summoning and enforcing attendance of any person from any part of India and examining him on oath. etc.iasmains. As per Section (10) of the National Commission for Women Act. Looking into complaints and taking suo-moto notice of matters relating to deprivation of women’s rights. 1990. the Commission shall perform any function to safeguard and promote the interest of women in the country. which was constituted as a statutory body in 1992 has a wide mandate to safeguard and promote the interests of women. The Commission has been given powers of a Civil Court while investigating matters relating to safeguards for women under the Constitution and other laws and deprivation of women’s rights.9/26/13 IAS Syllabus | Welfare schemes and instituions for vulnerable sections notes | IAS MAINS National Commission for Women Posted on April 26. inadequacies or shortcoming in such laws. These include. where women are kept under custody and seeking remedial action wherever necessary. Reviewing the existing provisions of the Constitution and other laws affecting women and recommendation of amendments and remedial legal measures to meet any lacunae. Inspection of 6/9 . identifying the constraints so as to recommend strategies for their removal.. evaluation of the progress made thereof. Calling for special studies or investigations into specific problems or situations arising out of discrimination and atrocities against women.

2013 by admin Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) was launched by Ministry of Labour and Employment. and it budget allocation has been increased to 1137 Cr. issuing Commissions for examination of witnesses and documents and any other matter which may be prescribed. the benfits of RSBY is extended to few other categories like the rickshaw pullers. It provides annual hospitalisation cover up to Rs. PIB Posted in General Studies II.iasmains. www.000 for a family of five members through health insurance companies. requisitioning of any public record or copy thereof from any court or office.9/26/13 IAS Syllabus | Welfare schemes and instituions for vulnerable sections notes | IAS MAINS of any 7/9 . Government of India in 2008 to provide health insurance cover to Below Poverty Line population and informal sector workers of India. 1. Welfare schemes and instituions for vulnerable sections | Tagged nation commission for women. Families pay only a registration fee of Rs. Transportation expenses up to Rs.000 per year are provided in cash for travelling to the hospital. auto taxi drivers. 30. The objective of the scheme is to protect these families from shocks related to catastrophic expenditures on health by improving access to health and reducing out of pocket expenditure. receiving evidence on affidavits. Main Features of RSBY This is a Smart Card based cashless and paperless social health insurance scheme. The scheme is today the world’s largest medical insurance programme covering over 120 million poor people in the country. ncw | Leave a reply Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana Posted on March 25. 30 and get a RSBY smart card which helps in accessing empaneled hospitals across the country for in-patient treatment. In 2013-14 budget.

745 per family per year in a district. Around 12. was involved in designing the scheme) in its January 2013 report has found that based on data from three states—Bihar. There is no age limit to enrol in the scheme. package rates have been fixed for around 1. However. The premium charged by insurance companies has large variations ranging from Rs. the scheme has spread into 486 districts across 28 States and Union Territories as of December 2012.000 hospitals are empanelled under RSBY to provide hospitalisation benefits to the enrolled members in RSBY – 70 per cent are private hospitals and 30 per cent are public hospitals. State Governments can top-up the coverage amount beyond Rs.9/26/13 IAS Syllabus | Welfare schemes and instituions for vulnerable sections notes | IAS MAINS All pre-existing diseases are covered from day one. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and International Labour Organization (ILO) picked it up as one of the top 18 social security schemes in the world. For most part. the review panned the policies for their faulty design and sloppy implementation. the World Bank came out with its first-ever review of social welfare policies in India. or the national health insurance scheme. 600 in 2008 has come down to Rs. 30. 224 to 8/9 . Uttarakhand and Andhra Pradesh—90 percent of the respondents were satisfied with the scheme. The RSBY has received rave reviews even from international organisations. The criticism against RSBY is at two broad levels: www. Though almost all cases of hospitalization are covered. there was one exception—the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna (RSBY). along with the World Bank.iasmains. 75 % of the cost (premium) of the scheme is borne by Central Government (90% in case of Jammu & Kashmir and North-Eastern States) and the rest is borne out by respective State government.000. 350 in 2012. RSBY has garnered an enviable position in India’s policy space. The GIZ (or the German Agency for International Cooperation that.100 procedures. Started in few districts in 2008.In June 2011. The average premium which was Rs.

in/study_material/topics/general_studies_ii/welfare_schemes_and_instituions_for_vulnerable_sections 9/9 . it increases the tendency among patients to get hospitalised at the first instance. in the absence of a strong primary and secondary health infrastructure. As an off-shoot. Welfare schemes and instituions for vulnerable sections | Leave a reply www.9/26/13 IAS Syllabus | Welfare schemes and instituions for vulnerable sections notes | IAS MAINS The first concern is that. Social Sector related to Posted in General Studies II. Read more: http://forbesindia. insurance companies will ask for higher premiums from the government. or how hospitals conducted unnecessary hysterectomies on patients to make easy money through the cashless insurance schemes. In time. Providing insurance not only gives the poor a chance to access private care but also provides a business case for private players to service remote areas. as more and more people use insurance to pay their bills. Should health care be provided through government channels or through giving out medical insurance? One public health expert says that while you could combine both approaches. Second. education and HR. this trend could make the scheme unviable. it would be better if the government manages the demand. it leads to increased frauds. Various studies and reports have shown how empanelled hospitals did not have adequate facilities. India has failed miserably in managing supply since its independence.iasmains.

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