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DATE 08:30 - 10:00 History of Pakistan Thu 31-Oct-13 Organizational Behavior 10:30 - 12:00 Computer Programming Software for Mobile Devices 12:30 - 14:00 Islamic & Religious Studies International Relations 15:00 - 16:30 Linear Algebra Mass Communication Design & Analysis of Algorithms Comp. Organization & Assembly Lang. Fri 1-Nov-13 Professional Issues in IT Introduction to Computing Data Structures Operating Systems Calculus - I Sat 2-Nov-13 Discrete Structures Software Engineering Arabic Language (5:30-7:00) Philosophy (5:30-7:00) Mon 4-Nov-13 Network Security (5:30-7:00) Comparative Religions (5:30-7:00) Total Quality Management (5:30-7:00) Tue 5-Nov-13 French Language (5:30-7:00) Artificial Intelligence (5:30-7:00) Probability & Statistics (5:30-7:00) Wed 6-Nov-13 Software Testing (5:30-7:00) Theory of Automata English Language Computer Logic Design Computer Networks Object Oriented Analysis & Design Computer Architecture Information-Cyber Security Web Programming Critical Thinking 17:00 - 18:30 Database Systems Data Warehousing & Data Mining

I Islamic & Religious Studies Wave Propagation & Antenna Theory Physics for Engineers Fri 1-Nov-13 Feedback Control Systems Signals & Systems Digital Signal Processing Embedded Systems Computer Logic Design Sat 2-Nov-13 Digital Design Basic Mechanical Engineering Electronics .18:30 Complex Variables & Transforms Electronic Circuit Design Instrumentation & Measurements (5:30-7:00pm) Mon 4-Nov-13 Computer Organization & Architecture (5:30-7:00pm) Engineering Management (5:30-7:00pm) Tue 5-Nov-13 Wed 6-Nov-13 Industrial Processes Control (5:30-7:00pm) Digital Communications (5:30-7:00pm) .10:00 Pakistan Studies Thu 31-Oct-13 Renewable Energy Systems 10:30 .I Data Communication & Networks Power Electronics English Language Fundamentals of Databases Microwave Engineering Applied Calculus Data Structures Electromagnetic Theory Telecom Law & Regulations Electrical Power Engineering System Programming 15:00 .12:00 µP Interfacing & Programming Analogue & Digital Communication 12:30 .14:00 Circuit Analysis .) FALL 2013 SEMESTER DAT E 08:30 .DATE SHEET FOR MID TERM .II EXAMINATION (EE DEPTT.16:30 Probability & Random Processes Digital Image Processing 17:00 .

14:00 Islamic Studies 15:00 .I Investments .) FALL 2013 SEMESTER DATE 08:30 .I Global Marketing Accounting for Decision Making Financial Management Sat 2-Nov-13 Business Maths .I Marketing Research (5:30-7:00) Mon 4-Nov-13 Organization Development and Change Management (5:30-7:00) Investment Valuation (5:30-7:00) Tue 5-Nov-13 Business Ethics (4:00-5:30pm) Business Law (5:30-7:00) Wed 6-Nov-13 .12:00 Business Communication .16:30 Macroeconomics Financial Institutions & Markets 17:00 .18:30 Marketing Management Human Resource Management Fri 1-Nov-13 Econometrics Fundamentals of Management English .I Strategic Management 12:30 .DATE SHEET FOR MID TERM .II EXAMINATION (MG DEPTT.I Audit & Taxation Fundamentals of Accounting Economy of Pakistan Operations Management Statistical Inference Psychology Comparative Employment Relations Management Accounting Corporate Accounting .10:00 Sociology Thu 31-Oct-13 History of Pakistan 10:30 .

18:30 Fri 1-Nov-13 Engineering Drawing (Sec A) Advanced Engineering Surveying Engineering Drawing (Sec B) Applied Calculus Civil Engg.16:30 Probability & Statistics 17:00 .14:00 Civil Engineering Materials Islamic Studies 15:00 .II EXAMINATION (CV DEPTT.DATE SHEET FOR MID TERM . Drawing &Graphics English Literature Basic Electro Mechanical Engineering Sat 2-Nov-13 Mechanics of Solids-I Plain & Reinforced Concrete-I English Language Skills Engineering Economics Technical Communication Skills Mon 4-Nov-13 .12:00 Advanced Fluid Mechanics 12:30 .10:00 Pakistan Studeis Thu 31-Oct-13 10:30 .) FALL 2013 SEMESTER DATE 08:30 .

Organization & Assembly Lang. CS-G2) CS-2012 Comp. CS-F) Intro. (CS-B) Comp.E2) English Language (CS-A2. CS-B1) English Language (CS-F1. CS-H) Calculus . CS-C) Linear Algebra (CS-D. (CS-D) Data Structures (CS-A) Data Structures (CS-B) Data Structures (CS-C) Data Structures (CS-D) Discrete Structures (CS-A. CS-E) Arabic Language (CS-A) Arabic Language (CS-B) . CS-B.I (CS-C. CS-B2. Organization & Assembly Lang. CS-B.I (CS-F) Calculus . CS-E) History of Pakistan (CS-A. (CS-C) Comp.CS101 CS101 CS101 CS101 MT101 MT101 MT101 MT101 MT101 SS138 SS138 SS138 SS138 SS138 SS111 SS111 SS111 SS111 SS111 SS102 SS102 SS102 SS102 SS102 SS102 EE213 EE213 EE213 EE213 CS201 CS201 CS201 CS201 MT217 MT217 MT217 EE105 CS103 CS103 MT104 MT104 SS103 SS103 Intro. CS-D1. Organization & Assembly Lang. CS-B. CS-H) Calculus . to Computer Science (CS-E. CS-B) Islamic & Religious Studies (CS-D. to Computer Science (CS-D. Organization & Assembly Lang.I (CS-G) History of Pakistan (CS-B.I (CS-E) Calculus . to Computer Science (CS-G) Intro. CS-H2) English Language (CS-D2. CS D) Calculus . CS-E) Islamic & Religious Studies (CS-C CS-F) Islamic & Religious Studies (CS-G) Islamic & Religious Studies (CS-H) English Language (CS-A1. CS-C) Intro. CS-F2) English Language (CS-G1. CS-D) History of Pakistan (CS-C. CS-C2. CS-H1) English Language (CS-E1. CS-C1. CS-B) Computer Programming (CS-A) Computer Programming (CS-B) Linear Algebra (CS-A. CS-B) Discrete Structures (CS-C. CS-H) History of Pakistan (CS-G) History of Pakistan (CS-F) Islamic & Religious Studies (CS-A . CS-D) Discrete Structures (CS-E) Computer Logic Design (CS-A.CS.I (CS-A. (CS-A) Comp. to Computer Science (CS-A.

CS-C) Computer Architecture (CS-A. CS-B) Operating Systems (CS-A) Operating Systems (CS-B) Data Warehousing & Data mining (CS) Web Programming (CS-A.I/II Software Testing Network Security MS(CS)/MS(SPM) Advanced Analysis of Algorithms (MS) Advanced Artificial Intelligence Advanced Computer Architecture . CS-B) Web Programming (CS-C) Fundamental of Computer Vision (CS-A. CS-D) Database Systems (CS-A. CS-B) Professional Issues in IT (CS-A) Professional Issues in IT (CS-B) Design & Analysis of Algorithms (CS-A) Design & Analysis of Algorithms (CS-B) Compiler Construction (CS) Software for Mobile Devices (CS-A. CS-B) Object Oriented Analysis & Design (CS-C. CS-B) Probability & Statistics (CS-A) Probability & Statistics (CS-B) Probability & Statistics (CS-C) Probability & Statistics (CS-D) Mass Communication (CS) Comparative Religions (CS) International Relations (CS) Critical Thinking (CS) French Language (CS) no Exam CS-2010 Computer Networks (CS-A. CS-B) Computer Architecture (CS-C) Software Engineering (CS-A. CS-E) Theory of Automata (CS-B) Theory of Automata (CS-C.SS206 SS207 MG211 CS301 CS301 CS301 CS313 CS313 CS204 CS206 CS206 CS409 CS406 CS406 CS495 MT206 MT206 MT206 MT206 SS217 SS211 SS301 SS213 SS104 CS314 EE204 EE204 CS303 SS201 SS201 CS302 CS302 CS402 CS440 CS401 CS491/2 CS497 CS411 CS501 CS528 EE502 Organizational Behavior (CS) Philosophy (CS) Total Quality Management (CS) CS-2011 Theory of Automata (CS-A. CS-B. CS-D) Object Oriented Analysis & Design (CS-A. CS-B) Artificial Intelligence (CS-A. CS-B) Project .

MS-B) MS Thesis .I/II Software Project Management (MS) Software QA & Management (MS) Academic Writing (MS) Marketing Management (MS) MS Research Project I/II (MS) .Mobile Robotics Cyber Security CS577 CS319 CS591-2 CS517 CS519 SS303 MG220 CS587-8 Multimedia Security with Digital Watermarking (MS) Applied Programming (MS-A.

I .B Macroeconomics .B Marketing Research Global Marketing Investement Valuation Comparartive Employment relations Organizational Behavior and Change Management BBA 2012 Marketing Management .A Strategic Management.B Comparartive Employment relations Marketing Research Global Marketing Investement Valuation Business Ethics Islamiat BBA 2011 Operations Management .A Macroeconomics .C Busienss Communication .B Busienss Communication .C .B Marketing Management .B Human Resource Management .A Fundamentals of Management .A Economy of Pakistan.Code Course Title BBA 2010 Strategic Management.A Statistical Inference .A Marketing Management .B Management Accounting .I .A Human Resource Management .B Economy of Pakistan.A Operations Management .I .A Financial Management .B Financial Management .C Statistical Inference .B Statistical Inference .A Busienss Communication .C Fundamentals of Management .B Fundamentals of Management .A Management Accounting .C Management Accounting .

I Audit & Taxation Business Elective .BS-A Fundamentals of Management .BS-A Corporate Accounting .I Strategic Management Final Year Project .BS-AF 2010 Financial Institutions & Makrets Investments .BS.BS-B Business Communication .II BS-AF 2011 Business Law Econometrics Accounting for Decision Making Financial Management Macroeconomics BS-AF 2012 Marketing Management .BS-A Statistical Inference .BS-B MBA 2.5 2011 Business Law Strategic Management Elective IV .BS-B Fundamentals of Management .BS-A Marketing Management .I.BS-A Business Communication .B Corporate Accounting .I.BS-B Statistical Inference .I.I.

MBA 1.5 2012 Elective IV MBA 1.5 2013 Strategic HR & Leadership Business Research Methods Strategic Marketing Financial Reporting & Analysis BBA 2013 Fundamentals of Accounting Fundamentals of Accounting Fundamentals of Accounting Business Maths I Business Maths I Business Maths I English I English I English I Islamic Studies Islamic Studies Islamic Studies Psychology Sociology Sociology BS AF 2013 Fundamentals of Accounting .

Fundamentals of Accounting Business Maths I Business Maths I English I English I History of Pakistan History of Pakistan Psychology Psychology .

II EE314 System Programming EE413 Telecom Law & Regulations .I + Lab SS101 English Language SS113 Pakistan Studies NS/NL110 Physics for Engineers + Lab Batch 2012 MT220 Complex Variables & Transforms EE/EL105 Computer Logic Design + Lab EE/EL214 Electronics .I EE488 Renewable Energy Systems Batch 2008 & 2009 EE313 Digital Communications EE308 Microwave Engineering EE483 Project .Batch 2013 MT117 Applied Calculus EE/EL216 Circuit Analysis .I + Lab ME102 Engineering Drawing [2012] EE211 Engineering Workshop SS111 Islamic & Religious Studies EE/EL223 Signals & Systems + Lab Batch 2011 EE/EL303 µP Interfacing & Programming + Lab ME101 Basic Mechanical Engineering EE/EL302 Digital Signal Processing + Lab EE408 Electrical Power Engineering EE305 Electromagnetic Theory ME102 Engineering Drawing [2011] EE/EL304 Feedback Control Systems + Lab EE/EL220 Instrumentation & Measurements + Lab EE319 Probability & Random Processes Batch 2010 EE/EL323 Analogue & Digital Communication + Lab EE/EL215 Computer Organization & Architecture + Lab EE/EL317 Data Communication & Networks + Lab CS201 Data Structures EE/EL320 Digital Design + Lab EE402 Digital Image Processing EE224 Electronic Circuit Design EE/EL419 Embedded Systems + Lab MG330 Engineering Management CS/CL213 Fundamentals of Databases + Lab EE/EL426 Industrial Processes Control + Lab EE324 Power Electronics EE482 Project .

EE/EL407 MS(EE) EE502 CS524 EE545 EE504 EE523 EE519 Wave Propagation & Antenna Theory + Lab Advanced Computer Architecture Advanced Computer Networks Advanced Probability Theory Advanced Wireless Communications Analog & Discrete Electronics VLSI Testing & Design for Testability .

Sr. 1 2 3 Semester 1 4 5 6 Subjects Civil Engineering Materials Basic Electro Mechanical Engineering Engineering Drawing English Language Skills Applied Calculus / Maths-I Pakistan Studies Total: NGINEERING COURSES OFFERED IN FALL 2013 1 2 Semester 3 3 4 5 Pakistan Studies Islamic Studies Civil Engg. No. Drawing &Graphics Advanced Engineering Surveying Mechanics of Solids-I Engineering Economics Total: 1 2 Semester 5 3 4 5 Probability & Statistics/ Maths V Advanced Fluid Mechanics Technical Communication Skills English Literature Plain & Reinforced Concrete-I Total: .