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HAL electronics and electrical
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HAL Sample Test Paper

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1. When length of a wire increases its resistance a. doubles b. half c. remains same Ans: ( a ) 2. When a 50 Hz ,6-pole Induction Motor runs at 975rpm,the rotor emf frequency is a. 12.5Hz b. 1.25Hz c. 4Hz Ans: ( b ) 3. When a 6 pole 50Hz Induction Motor runs at 1450 rpm , it’s working mode is a. motoring b. braking c. generating Ans: ( a ) 4. Slips for Different modes of operation of Induction Motor are answer: motoring -0<S<1,generating- S<0,braking - S>1 5. Damping ratio ( ? ) is 0.75, natural frequency is 12 rad/s are given & asked to find peak time 6. In electrodynamo-meter type wattmeter a. pressure coil is made fixed b. current coil is made fixed c. both the coils are made fixed Ans: ( a ) 7. In flux meter control torque is produced by a. weights attached to it. b. Springs c. No control torque is there Ans: ( c )

HAL Question Paper
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HAL Electronics
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Dual scope oscilloscope has a. two separate horizontal and two separate vertical plates b. delta-delta d. two separate horizontal and one vertical plates d. some thing is given d.Manganin is a a. Semi-conductor c.8. mega ohm c. 3VLILcos F c.The input resistance of the CRO is of the order of a. VLILcos F Ans: ( a ) 11. MI meter b. star-star Ans: ( b ) 12. delta-star c. fraction of an ohm Ans: ( b ) 17. MC meter c. contact resistance c. KVAR c. Alloy 14. all of the above 18. one horizontal and two separate vertical plates c.In 3-F system total power is given by a. the secondary current will be minimum when the transformer is a.Transformer rating is expressed in a. v3VLILcos F b.From supply one 3-F step-down transformer is drawing 10 A.HRC fuse and circuit-breaker combination is used CB operates for a. high over-load currents c. square of the current b. KVA b. Potentiometer 16. tens of ohm b.freshersworld. one horizontal and one vertical plates 15. KW Ans: ( a ) 13. lead resistance b. combination is never used Get help on Admission from HTCampus Student Name Email Mobile Number Select C urrent Location Select C ourse C ategory Select Sub C ategory Select C ourse Type Select Highest Qualification Select Year Of Entrance I agree to T&C and allow htcampus to contact me placement.Standard Cell voltage is measured by a. square of the voltage Ans: ( a ) 10. low over-load currents 2/6 .Errors are introduced in Wheatstone bridge due to a. In MI meters deflecting torque is proportional to a. star-delta b. Insulator b. One question regarding hot wire instrument 9. kilo ohm d.

prob. Machine is supplied 220v. etc. In order to eliminate 5th harmonic from o/p voltage.By increasing gain of the system root locus will a. 12) Relay current setting & Ct ratio was given you have to find out Relay Pick up Current. the turn off time & reverse blocking voltage of an asymmetrical thyristor will be10) A step-up chopper is feed from an 220v dc source to deliver a load voltage of 66o v.C = 0.Inverted V curves are drawn between ________ Ans: field current Vs power factor 1) The purpose of feedback transformer & diode in complementary commutated inverters is to2) In order to obtain static voltage equalization in series connected SCR’s connection r made of.01µF and L = 1 mH and current is 10 A and asked to find the voltage drop 23.When the load current is high while measuring power using wattmeter a. 13) One question from Dc shunt motor. the phase angle between e1&e2 will be7) A single phase fully controlled line commutated ac-dc converter operates as an inverter when8) An SCR has half cycle surge current rating of 3000A for 50Hz. SCR.G(s) = K / s(s+5)(s+1) is given to find the value of K for stable operation 20. 14) In aptitude part see through series completion there was a 5-6 no of that. If the non conducting time is 100micro-sec then reqd pulse width will be. pressure coil is connected near load 22. current coil is connected near load 3/6 . moves away from poles b. find out the null current. %.5 ohm in series with arm where rest of arm is 0. 6) The oop voltage e1 & e2 of 2 full-bridge inverters added using o/p transformer. proff-loss.One question regarding shunt ohm-meter and seriea ohm-meter 25. (get duty cycle only) 11) There were some 5-6 numerical problems which I could not remember totally but they consist of firing angle & power transfer of inverter.Transmission line is terminated by R and no reflection is there . One cycle surge current will be. 15) No aptitude questing like avg. then the value of R is _________ Ans: 400 ohm 24.5 ohm. (double of that) 9) When compared to an symmetrical thyristor. moves away from zeros c.(this question repeatedquestion) 3) In phase controlled rectification PF= 4) Why sector winding is used in synchronous motor? 5) A calculation of making current where MVA & KV was given.freshersworld. Go llok for a resistance is added of 4. crosses imaginary axis Ans: ( a ) 21. placement.19.

39) Lowest reading in moving iron meter is40) In galvanometer damping is provided by41) In electrodynamic meter a battery & a resistance is provide for42) Megger is used for43) A question like an ac is applied against a moving coil meter it will reads44) Rectifier type instrument measureswhat value . Now its prime mover is go slow by ½. 22) There was a question from definition of Nyquist criteria.8 PF lag & at efficiency of . 23) Standing done up to the frequency range of? (audio) 24) If a square waveform if given to the supply side of a 2wdg transformer its o/p waveform will be25) SC test done on transformer because.freshersworld. 10 deg & 1.17) Why rotor of SCIM is skewed? 19) Good transformer oil contains how much amount of water in ppm? 20) Lightning over voltage create how much volt? 21) K/s(s+1)(s+5) then find out the value of K so that system become stable. 0 deg resp. Change in its exiting current to held in synchronism..(Rms) 45) Advantage of electrostatic instrument is46) Creeping occurs because47) Why 2 holes are drilled oppositely in disc of energy meter.0.surge imp 33) Power transmitted is related to system voltage as34) Delay creator ckt name (multivibrator name actually) 35) In tachogenerator adjustment is done by36) Surge wave is attended by.L. 27) Interpoles are connected for? 28) Dielectric strength of air? 29) A alternator is connected to a grid. placement.(C. if now P is . the generator acts as a – 32) A wave will not experience any reflection when impedance of line is equal to...8 lead the efficiency will become. 26) If a transformer is operating in .92. 30) Is the strength of capacitor in LPF is increased the op voltage will31) The voltage of a generator and an infinite bus are given 4/6 .R) 37) there was 10 question related to measurement38) Read all electrostatic instrument related question from any competitive exam book.

. Placement Papers By Company Previous Papers HAL/Placement-Paper-Chemical-Engineering.Com Jobs BBA / BBM Jobs BCA Jobs B.StationeryGreetings. 52) Potentiometer is which type of instrument53) Which type of motor is used in refrigerator? 54) Reflection coefficient based problem 1 55) Corona’s advantageHAL free onl i ne m ock t est . Next Papers HAL Placement-Paper-Electrical-Engineeri.NET / C# C C++ List your Institute here 5/6 .freshersworld.Sc Jobs Diploma Jobs JOBS BY CITIES Ahmedabad Jobs Bangalore Jobs Chennai Jobs Delhi / NCR Jobs Hyderabad Jobs Kolkata Jobs Mumbai jobs Pune Jobs Placement Preparation SAMPLE PLACEMENT PAPERS Placement Papers Selection Procedure Company Profiles Latest Test Patterns POWER PLACEMENT PREPARATION Aptitude Preparation Interview Preparation Company Based Preparation Career & Courses HIGHER STUDIES IN INDIA M..Jobs Job Results Internships Scholarships Success Stories JOBS BY COURSES BE / B.48) Energy meter is a _____ type equipment (recording) 49) There was a question related to selection of a voltmeter based on accuracy50) Advantage of hay bridge over anderson bridge51) Inductance is measured by – (all the 3 bridge name) .. Get Free Quotes Now ! Jobs JOBS BY CATEGORY IT / Software Jobs Core Technical Jobs Government Sector Jobs Defence Jobs Research Jobs BPO Jobs MBA Jobs Dream Jobs> 5 lpa Walk-ins Jobs BSc / BCA / BBM Jobs Teaching Jobs 1-3 Years Exp.Tech MBA MCA TEST PREPARATION GRE GMAT CAT / MAT IELTS / TOEFL GATE Defence Civil Services STUDIES ABROAD USA Australia UK New Zealand Canada Singapore TRAINING COURSES Java / J2EE PHP / MySQL SEO / Web Designing Assembly Language Android Development BlackBerry Development iPhone Development Mobile Testing Wireless Technology MicroSoft(MS) SQL Microsoft(MS) Access HTML / JavaSript / CSS / Ajax Joomla / Drupal / Wordpress ASP ASP.Tech Jobs MCA Jobs MBA / PGDM Jobs ME / M..Tech Jobs M. Question-Paper .Sc Jobs B. English. Quantitative.Try i t free >> Practice Questions from reasoning. Computer Stationery Get Computer Stationery Suppliers in India. Technical >> Fully solved Questions with answer and explanation >> Free online test just same as HAL pattern Found the similar paper in recruitment ? : Yes No You might also be interested in :HAL Placement Papers . Services placement. right from your campus interview preparation till the final selection in your dream 6/6 .2013 Freshersworld.1 Jobsite for Freshers in India Freshersworld.1 Jobsite for freshers in India with more than 3500+ top companies hiring through Freshersworld. Get in Touch About Us | Blog | FAQs | | Advertise With Us Copyright | Recruitment Solutions | Contact Us Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Sitemap © 2000 . Freshersworld is a one-stop shop for all your career is the : The No.